Friday, September 23, 2005

Depublication of Professor Fraser on 'Rethinking the White Australia Policy'

Below is an email from Philip Clarke, Dean, Faculty of Business and Law at Deakin University. Following that is the reply Chris sent, which would appear to expose the complete dishonesty of Deakin university in the matter


Sent: Friday, September 23, 2005 7:51 AM

Subject: Andrew Fraser's article 'Rethinking the White Australia Policy'

Dear Chris

Thank you for your recent email regarding the decision by Deakin University not to publish, in the Deakin Law Review, Dr Fraser's article entitled 'Re-thinking the White Australia Policy'. I am grateful to you for your interest in this matter and for taking the time to write to us expressing your opinion.

The decision not to publish was taken following legal advice from counsel that publication would contravene the Commonwealth Racial Discrimination Act 1975 and also, possibly, state and territory legislation dealing with racial and religious vilification. As I am sure you will understand, in these circumstances, publication was not possible.

Yours sincerely

Philip H Clarke

Chris Brand replied:

Thank you for your email. I have read the 1975 Act and note that it actually expressly exempts racial criticism of an academic nature. Please can you tell me which law firm advised you to depublish and what was the precise wording of their opinion and how much Deakin paid for the advice? As things stand, it looks as if Deakin has been exceptionally cowardly in not even attempting to see whether academic free speech is still possible in today's Australia -- the worst that could have happened to it was some small fine which could doubtless have been shared among other Australian universities.

Yours sincerely, -- Chris Brand (author of 'The g Factor').

P.S. I am copying this letter to the editor of American Renaissance which has been keeping a close eye on the cave-ins at Macquarie and Deakin.

Monday, September 19, 2005



David Duke's still franker account of the Black "savagery" in New Orleans was published here

{It transpired that the failure to empty the city of potential victims/looters and to provide prompt relief after the hurricane belonged not, as the left wished, to President Bush, but to Louisiana's officials -- most of them Black. But that did not impede a Black commentator on the BBC's flagship 'Today' programme (Radio 4, 6 ix) who piled into top Independent columnist Bruce Anderson who had had the temerity to suggest it was time for Blacks to drop their "self-pity" about slavery, take personal responsibility and catch up with the rest of America. -- In fact, Blacks show no signs of "self-pity", rather the opposite, at least in their menfolk; but it was brave of Anderson to attribute their grave social problems to anything other than lack of sufficient provision for them by Whitey.}

The Guardian's (Black, 'anti-racist') reporter Gary Younge claimed he could find in New Orleans no confirmation of stories of rape. But such stories, told by returning Brits and Ozzies, were accepted by the (left-wing) Daily Mirror and the (centrist) Australian; and googling for 'rape Superdome' yielded no less than 154,000 webpages (7 ix).

According to Reuters, a National Guard soldier reported finding (along with colleagues) a girl who had been raped and killed in a bathroom (3 ix, also 7 ix). The Jamaica Observer recorded that one chief police spokesman had actually killed himself after the stress of having to report so many rapes in New Orleans -- as well as murders and hostage-takings (7 ix). Troops reported finding 40 mutilated bodies in New Orleans' Convention Centre refugee centre (AmRen, 9 ix


The Lynn & Irwing finding of adult male over-representation at higher-IQ levels reached the online newspaper (5 ix) and India Times (Health) (8 ix) and attracted only statutory derision from the BBC's correspondents (6 ix) -- but remained suppressed by the emasculated peecee liars who ran America's media and


In an effort to have a go at race realist Professor Drew Fraser's supporters in Australia, one Helen Pringle, a senior lecturer at the University of New South Wales trotted out the old canard that Voltaire never actually said he would "defend to the death" the right to free speech of an opponent. Alas, Helen Pringle had not done her homework. Here is what Voltaire wrote in 1770 to M. le Riche: "Monsieur l'Abb‚, I detest what you write, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to continue to write" (quoted in McDougall NewsLetter, 1999). Ms Pringle went on to doubt Voltaire's willingness to stand up for others, but this seemed hard when Voltaire had actually gone to prison at the beginning of his career for supporting the seditious views of the beautiful and ambitious Duchesse de Maine in (1716).


The moment that the West's self-styled anti-racists had dreaded arrived. In September, Chicago University geneticists, led by Peking-educated Bruce Lahn, published data in the prestige journal Science in which two sets of genetic variations were linked at once to brain size (especially cortical size), race and human cultural spurts in evolution. In particular, these variations -- arguably responsible for greater cognitive ability (the modern peecee euphemism for intelligence) -- were found more commonly in Europe and Asia but at substantially lower frequencies in sub-Saharan Africa. Previously, the researchers (led by a young Chinese man who had "fiercely" opposed communism around the time of Tianenmen Square) had shown these genetic variations to be much more pronounced in man than in other mammals -- though chimpanzees (man's closest primate relative) showed some slight sign of evolution in the human direction. (For more, see American Renaissance, November).


A 6,800-word paper by Sydney academic Andrew Fraser (see above) titled `Rethinking the White Australia Policy' was accepted by Deakin Law Review - the high-flying double-blind-reviewing journal of Melbourne-based 32,000-strong Deakin University's law school (The Australian, 14 ix). Two referees had given their acceptance, though another two had refused to go on after realizing the provenance of the paper. Publication was expected by the end of September. The acceptance was a slap in the face for Macquarie University Vice Chancelloress `Lady Di' Yerbury who had deemed topics of race, IQ and criminality to be outwith Professor Fraser's professional competence.

{Battle was promptly joined against Deakin University by Australia's Sudanese Darfurian community - which had already commenced action against Drew Fraser himself, but now had its lawyer, George Newhouse, say it would be coming after Deakin's coffers if publication proceeded (The Australian, 14 ix). But a spokesperson for Deakin said the university had no plan to abandon publication. Fraser acquired a supporter worried that Newhouse might `chill' discussions of race by academics (Crikey! 15 ix) - apparently unaware that such `chilling' had been accomplished 9« years ago as academics failed to support The g Factor and watched with bovine indifference as I was thrown to the lions in Edinburgh.}

At American Renaissance, a correspondent recorded (15 ix):

You know, I was over there for a month, toured half the continent and Tassie, and they're having a hell of a time sorting things out with the Aboriginals. I don't know why the fools that are running the government would want to dump a bunch of Africans on top of that.

The Aussies are great people. The only losers I met were the Arab cab drivers that freely expressed their disgust with Australia and Australians......and the occasional Asian that considered Aussies stupid and lazy. As a matter of fact, a Lebanese man and woman chased an Aussie girl into the lobby of the hotel I was staying in and stabbed her. Probably over drugs, as they and the Asians have started a burgeoning narcotics trade in order to show their appreciation to Oz for allowing them to leave the dumps they were born in.

Oz is a great place, but if Aussies aren't vigilant and limit non white migration soon, they will lose it. I hope they act because, unlike here, their situation is still readily reversible.

A footnote; On a Sydney bus I sat with a very classy blonde lady who had moved to Oz from South Africa because they had to liquidate their holdings and leave before the blacks confiscated everything.


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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


(Updated post)

Differential psychologist Richard Lynn (ex-U. Ulster) and organizational psychologist Paul Irwing (ex-U. Ulster, then Manchester Business School) managed to score big-time in the media by reporting, (apparently from a worldwide literature review of cognitive tests in 57 studies [sampling unknown] involving 80,000 testees and perhaps new material involving some 20,000 students since 1960), that adult males were substantially over-represented at higher levels of IQ (some five-fold at over IQ 145) (Times, 25 viii; Sun, 25 viii; Herald, 25 viii; Daily Mail, 25 viii, p.29; BBC 25 viii [where Lynn & Irwing promptly attracted a score of responses, all critical]; Glasgow Evening Times, 25 viii; The Australian [26 viii -- taking the trouble to mention Lynn's involvement in the (2002) discovery of a clear correlation between national prosperity and national IQ]).

The finding, to be published in the British Journal of Psychology (the flagship journal of the British Psychological Society), due out 4 xi, was in line with Charles Murray's (2004) estimate that only 2% of the world's top 4,000 'achievers' (till 1950) had been women.

{Males also scored on average 5 IQ points higher than women but this may have reflected well-known higher male spatial abilities -- since spatial tests are often used (instead of verbal or numerical tests) to achieve 'culture-fair' assessment of intelligence.}

{Good news for women was that, matching for IQ, women actually achieved more than men -- perhaps because of conscientiousness or better memory due to lower alcohol intake.}

{The Education Guardian (25 viii} did its best to hold the line for sex equality by having Cambridge University professor Simon Boring-Cohen reject Professor Lynn's attempt to rope him in as to a 5-IQ-point average male superiority , saying he still believed "overall intelligence is not better in one sex than in the other" -- Boring-Cohen had become well-known for acknowledging attentional sex differences in breadth of intake (pointed out in Chapter 1 of The g Factor).}

{Some journalists found it odd that, despite Lynn & Irwing's result, female students today excel males at all levels of educational achievement except Ph.D. level -- neglecting that today's "educational achievement" in Britain is largely a matter of rote learning of spoon-fed material together with hyperconscientious application to time-wasting 'projects' undertaken with the help of parents.}

{The Guardian (Sam Jones, 26 viii, p.15) provided a handy summary of Richard Lynn's views over the years on race, sex and class -- including his brave 1996 acknowledgment (in response to my own trials in Edinburgh) that he could be called a 'scientific racist.' (Like William McDougall, Hans Eysenck and myself, Richard is essentially a democratic elitist.) In America, (25 viii) offered a similarly wide attack on Lynn's eugenic views. In South Africa, (26 viii) drew attention to Lynn's being supported by the 'Nazi-connected' Pioneer Fund. In netspace, (26 viii) took the trouble to list 15 objections to IQ tests, agreeing with supporters of Flynnery (though not with James Flynn himself) that 'our ancestors were like dogs.' The American Outside the Beltway (26 viii) settled sensibly enough for doubting any substantial average sex difference in the g factor but agreeing that men have a wider standard deviation and thus produce far more geniuses.}

{Around the same time, top BBC newsman Michael Buerk, 59, and himself 'a man's man,' 'sparked controversy' by complaining that female values were becoming dominant in society (Guardian, 19 viii; Melbourne Herald Sun, 29 viii). -- This was not a problem in Swaziland where portly King Mswati, 37, chose a thirteenth wife from among 50,000 topless virgins paraded in a stadium for his delectation in a traditional annual ceremony called the Reed Dance. In the previous year the king had ended up choosing a 16-year-old, Nothando Dube, a Miss Teen Swaziland finalist; and in 2005 he selected a 17-year-old, Colile Magagula (also known as Titi) who would become a queen after an AIDS test (for 43% of Swazis had AIDS) and satisfactory bedtime performance with the king. For some reason, Western media did not obtain pictures of this ceremony -- perhaps they thought it would be racist to publish such material?}


A leading contender for the Conservative leadership, youthful David Cameron, who had promisingly compared mad Muslims to Nazis, suggested that speaking English should be the main requirement of British citizenship (Daily Torygraph, 25 viii). Cameron thus chose the French model that has sadly allowed millions of French-speaking Muslims to inundate France with a tsunami of criminality, stupidity (partly due to incestuous Muslim practices), grave-smashing and general anti-Semitism. {A mistake by 'centre right' Michael Gove-backed Cameron! The Islamofascists who killed 52 Londoners in July were home-grown English speakers. The requirement of immigrants who come for family reasons should be that they are first-degree relatives or spouses of British citizens at least one of whose parents had UK citizenship. A similar stipulation should be made that foreigners coming for employment should have a fully British employer. The only foreigners otherwise allowed residence and eventual citizenship should be those bringing in £10,000 p.a. and never depending on welfare.}


The Times (26 viii, leader page) carried a brief note of support for Emeritus Professor Richard Lynn. The writer, Barry Heath, from Nova Scotia, said he thought it became known long ago that brain size, IQ, being male and being a genius were linked -- showing perhaps that there were some parts of the world which PeeCee had still to reach... And Times Higher (26 viii) made Lynn & Irwing their front page headline story and gave them a leading article -- albeit saying the argument about a sex difference in g would still be raging a hundred years from now. The story also got a brief mention in Frankfurter Allgemeine (27 viii) -- and without even saying Lynn was 'controversial' or 'notorious' (the usual codewords to alert peecee types to mortal danger). And Sunday Telegraph columnist Melissa Kite accepted the L & I claims while sneering that men were "emotionally illiterate and socially inept."

In the U.S.A., studied indifference was maintained by the media about the story-of-the-day from Britain. Australia's Daily Telegraph dared to cover the story, but only on the condition of highlighting how women do better than men once IQs are matched, and concluding "it's not what you've got, it's how you use it" -- the same approach as appealed to the New Zealand Herald (26 viii) and Scotland on Sunday (28 viii).

But, though the media tried to ignore or re-spin the news, it had not been women's week. It turned out that the commander of the London armed police squad which gunned down an innocent Brazilian (firing an amazing eleven shots into his head over 30 seconds and later apparently attempting to cover up the man's complete innocence by lying that he wore a padded jacket and had leapt over an Underground barricade) was a woman (going by the unlikely name of Cressida Dick); and, in Texas, a Black woman of 40 {IQ similar?} approached execution for murdering her husband and two children in 1987 so as to claim £55,000 from the insurance policies on them which she had taken out just a little time before her crime. Still, nothing daunted, Gail Walker of Belfast wrote to the Belfast Telegraph (27 viii) of the alleged male intellectual superiority: "All that throbbing brainpower and they still can't hit the toilet bowl."

At the apex of Britain's weekend intellectual life, Funday Times (28 viii) columnist Melanie McDonagh had no great complaint about Lynn & Irwing except to whine that female mediocrity and non-extremism should surely be applauded and that IQ did not necessarily bring happiness (failing to note that 'happiness' is principally a product of the 50%-genetic trait of (non-)neuroticism and that, anyhow, most girls prefer love and/or diamonds). In India, the Telegraph (28 viii) also wisely settled for focussing on the well-established phenomenon of female
mediocrity, though throwing in a new finding that females use their frontal lobes more than men {perhaps because men automatize spatial ability in the brain's areas more concerned with direct perception}.

{And what was I doing all this time? Why, translating and proofreading and seeing the fine anti-PeeCee play 'Oleanna' about the hollowing out of universities by feminism-crazed students and cowardly staff and drinking Australian Chardonnay to accompany a Chinese carry-out with the sweetest, merriest and brainiest three East Asian girls one could hope to meet... .}


After a decade of largely keeping quiet about race differences, hoping the public might focus on the central issue of IQ differences, Charles Murray, co-author of The Bell Curve, gave up and publicly asserted his race realism, i.e. that empirically studied B-W differences are deep-seated and surely genetic (American Renaissance, viii 05).

Like myself after 1981 (when the South African Agriculture, Water and Forestries Board offered me superb opportunities to test out Inspection Time on its many Black applicants), Murray had hoped that distancing himself from the race issue would help him get his central views across; but by 2005 (like me in 1996) he found he had had precisely no influence on the many politicians, paparazzi and bureaucrats dancing their dance quite obsessed with the need to be 'anti-racist' -- as I explained in American Renaissance (iii 05).

Murray concluded his article (scheduled in full for Commentary in September): "Let us stop being afraid of data that tell us a story we do not want to hear, stop the name-calling, stop the denial, and start facing reality". (But he still wouldn't cite Galton, Burt or Eysenck in his plea for realism about individual and group differences in psychology; nor call himself a 'race realist,' believing that this term overplays the influence of race in his thinking. In some contrast, Richard Lynn at last accepted my own proposition of April, 1996 that, in believing there are genetic differences between races, he and I actually both 'definitely scientific racists' (Deccan Herald, 28 viii, throwing in that Richard rated Black IQ in subSaharan Africa as around 70). -- For modern use of the term 'scientific racist', see Brand 1998/2002.)

(For Charles Murray's summary of his article and responses from scores of correspondents, see American Renaissance, 26 viii.)


The speaker of Italy's Senate explained to assembled youth groups that Italians risked becoming members of a "mixed race" because of coloured immigration (American Renaissance, viii). -- He was promptly condemned by the Roman Catholic hierarchy.


Germany's Yahoo News! (27 viii) repeated the Lynn & Irwing findings without important criticism but felt obliged to advertise Lynn's racist and eugenic connections. Berlin's Morning Post [Berliner Morgenpost] was more critical (e.g. of the definition of intelligence {they should see Chapter 1 of The g Factor}) and threw in a revealing picture of niftily nippled superstar Sharon Stone (IQ 150) to help make its own points.

The internet's Wikinews (27 viii) linked L & I to the Harvard debate triggered by President Larry Summers and queried whether there was any adequate definition of intelligence... Australia's Sunshine Coast Daily (27 viii) reported the findings without comment -- but elicited doubts from a husband-wife team of restauranteurs.

Human biodiversity leader Steve Sailer pointed out that Charles Murray had defended the 'mediocrity of women' thesis in his wide-ranging Commentary essay urging realism (though not calling himself a race realist) (VDare, 28 viii). In London, the Independent's Rowan Pelling (female) accepted the 'inferiority of women' thesis, but insultingly claimed the higher average scores of adult males were due to autism and obsessionality that allowed them to pursue thinking that "tends to be linear and logical, if not downright monomaniacal" (28 viii). New Zealand TV (29 viii) accepted the Lynn & Irwing story but insisted that IQ tests did not measure anything important -- and certainly not 'social skills' {invented by social psychologist Michael Argyle in the 1960s but remaining unmeasurable ever since except in so far as they correlate at .40 with the g factor (Brand, 'The importance of general intelligence,' 1987, in Arthur Jensen: Consensus and Controversy)}.

Two letters to the Grauniad (29 viii) were unsurprisingly more negative -- one doubting the definition of intelligence and one saying a grand 10% of new fellows of the Royal Society over the previous five years had been wymmin... Equally predictable criticism of Richard's 'Pioneer' funding and eugenicism was provided at Women's BioEthics Blogspot (28 viii). Alabama's JuiceeNewsDaily (30 viii) gave one of the best and most balanced summaries, mentioning particularly the male advantage at tests involving visualization and mental rotation.


Some 50% of Times correspondents re 'sex and IQ' were positive (30 viii,,,564-1749947_1,00.html), and others were often merely general doubts about the usefulness of IQ tests. I wrote to the paper as follows.

That males are over-represented at high levels of IQ is well established in psychology, having been first observed in Lewis Terman's classic study of gifted children in 1925. The finding is well in line with the recent estimate by social scientist Charles Murray that 98% of highly accomplished people (judged by length of encyclopaedia entries) are men. I invite those who doubt the measurement and importance of general intelligence to consult my book 'The g Factor' (available free on the internet) and Richard Lynn's other recent co-authored work, 'IQ and the Wealth of Nations' (summarized in the Times, 10 November, 2003).

Germany's Die Welt was also passably supportive (31 viii), particularly saying that environmentalistic behaviourism was 'in retreat' ["auf dem Rueckzug"].


As the Black folk of New Orleans demonstrated their vast capacities for threatening, thieving, looting, raping (even 4-year-old girls) and murdering in the aftermath of the 'Katrina' hurricane, the West's mainstream media declined even to mention the word 'Black', let alone IQ, so obsessed were they to prop up PeeCee in the face of its manifest falsity and to blame the Big Sleazy's fate on President George Dubya Bush. Covering a situation in which there were some 50 murders over two days in the sheltering Superdome alone, under the eyes of National Guards, the News of the World (4 ix) perhaps got nearest -- yet not colourfully near -- to mentioning the truth when it reported one Marisa, from Guildford, Surrey, as saying: "White tourists were getting picked on by the locals". But Britain's 'right-wing' Sunday Telegraph would not talk about the Blacks even though admitting that "the realisation that New Orleans had become a cauldron of criminality and atavistic excess has sent a shiver of revulsion throughout much of the country" and pointing out that the USA, in its (supposed) neglect of Black needs, was "more vulnerable every day to the fury of the coming storm" [presumably of Black vs White civil war]. Again, most papers declined to mention that the city (with a Black elected) Mayor had ordered a "mandatory evacuation"; instead, the journalists repeated the endless groans of Blacks and lefties essentially indicting President Bush. Property prices tumbled in surrounding towns as Black low life (who forced others out of rescue coaches) moved into them.

{Fortunately Steve Sailer was quickly on hand (VDare, 4 ix) to remedy the above deficiencies of media coverage, to estimate the average IQ of New Orleans' Blacks at around only 80, and to attribute the failure to plan for the entirely predictable (and actually predicted) disaster to PeeCee's insistence that no-one suggest there are any special problems associated with negritude.}


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