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By 9 ii, US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and BBC Radio 4 began to admit that `Muslim outrage' had actually been sparked not by the original twelve cartoons of Mahomet carried on one page by Denmark's Jylland Posten in September but rather by the 43-page dossier worked up using obscene and sometimes unpublished material by Muslim extremists for touting over four months around the Middle East's elderly and doubtless shockable imams. Malcolm Brabant interviewed Copenhagen imams and ordinary Muslims for a broadcast at 13.30 GMT, 9 ii. The leading imam, Abu Laban, a ranting fanatic, admitted tarting up the dossier with cartoons of Mahomet as a pig, paedophile and bestiality-practitioner (presumably sent to him by members of the public), saying he thought Middle Eastern imams would have had no difficulty realizing that these cartoons had not been published because they were not in colour.. Several ordinary Muslims on the programme expressed serious reservations about Abu Laban's campaign to whip up Muslim sentiment. The Danish Prime Minister dissociated the Government from Denmark's imams, saying they could clearly not be part of the process of integrating immigrants into the country.

{It will be fascinating to discover whether the creators of this dodgy dossier were smart enough to realize back in the autumn of 2005 that their hoax would be mightily assisted by subsequent Western reluctance to re-publish the original twelve cartoons out of sensitivity, responsibility, political correctness etc.}

{In an important plot twist, it turned out that an Egyptian newspaper actually had published all the Jyllen Posten cartoons on 5th October: Had they received criticism or attack? Had Egyptian produce been boycotted? - Of course not! It is clear that Muslim outrage was built up by some other route, presumably the dodgy dossier and its obscene but unpublished cartoons.} {There was no sign of abatement of interest in the Cartoon War in the Lebanon, where a crowd of hundreds of thousands turned out to hear Hizbollah demand that all Western countries pass laws forbidding defamation of Mahomet (ABC News, 9 ii.}


Surprisingly for a magazine that has failed to mention or review either The g Factor or IQ and the Wealth of Nations, the Economist put the boot firmly into such people as Home Secretary Jack Straw who had failed to back Jyllen Posten in its important attempt to show Muslims they could not expect to intimidate Western publishers (9 ii).


In a fine demonstration that it needs no provocation from Christians for Muslims to become hysterical and start killing, Sunni and Shi-ite Muslims took to each other's throats in Pakistan (killing at least 32) and Afghanistan (killing 5 and injuring 50) (Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, 10 ii). In Baghdad, Sunnis killed 21 Shi-ites who were coming out of a mosque. Meanwhile, in grotesque over-reaction to the twelve hardly hard-hitting cartoons, Indonesian crowds chanted, "Destroy Denmark! Destroy Israel! Destroy George Bush! Destroy America!"


Supported by far-out British lefties, London Mayor Ken Livingstone and `Respect' MP George Galloway, many British Muslim groups got together to organize a well-advertised rally in Trafalgar Square on Saturday, 11th February, at which no death threats were allowed in speeches or on placards; but such moderation (as extolled most notably by Sairah Khan, Fareena Alam and Johann Hari) proved so boring to British Muslims that only 4,000 Muslims and a few peacenik Christians (including one-time Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament boss Monsignor Bruce Kent) turned up. (A Populus poll (7 ii) found 25% of British Muslims support raging cleric Abu Hamza (`The Hook', jailed for seven years for incitement to murder).

There were no protesters conspicuously present in Trafalgar Square, perhaps because of police activity but certainly because it had become believed that the police would use any vigorous protest as an excuse to photograph and round up protesters and to ban the British National Party; but protest at worldwide Muslim hysteria of the previous week continued, e.g. in cartoon form at DrawMahommed.com (including one of Mahomet with his child-bride Aisha, age 9 at marriage). Denmark announced the withdrawal of its ambassadors from Iran, Syria and Indonesia. British people were found in a YouGov poll to take a tough line favouring publication of the cartoons and the arrest and deportation of Islamic extremists, and blaming `political correctness' in the police for failure to act against the murderously inclined Muslim demonstrators of the previous Saturday (Manchester Evening News, 12 ii). A fine defence of free speech against the West's cowardly government's (except Denmark's, which depended on the 24 votes of the right-wing Danish People's Party) was provided by Wizbang (13 ii).


My ten-year-old article for young Blacks, `Get real about race,' (published in the smart London hip-hop music magazine downlow and at here) attracted a reply - a masterpiece of ignorance, illiteracy and illogicality:

Dear writer of let's get real about race,

Let's get real about race! There is one race. I've surfed the internet, and found a book called "The Bell Curve" which shows conclusively that on average whites have a higher IQ that african americans. This is an undeniable fact, and, even though I'm African American myself, I concede that point. However, both of you logic is flawed in thinking that blacks have a lower IQ because they are black. This is absurd! Blacks are human. Whites are human. We have the same brains; we have the same variation in intelligence. If you look at the parallell in the K-9 kingdom, you could argue that some dogs are just naturally smarter than others. It doesn't matter how you raise the two breeds of dogs, one will always be smarter than the other. THat is why some dogs are selected as police dogs or to sniff for drugs at the airport or the bus station. However, there are so many types of people you couldn't even begin to label them in breeds like this. It's not simply cut as black and white. There are some people you meet, and you can't imagine that they could've ever been smart while others just seem to have the qualities that make on that way: whether they are black, white, yellow, or whatever.

The only way that a study like this or any analysis like this could remotely be taken seriously is if there was a pilot group of human bigs, choosen of the right size and taken at birth; raised under the same conditions, with the same educational opportunities, and in the absence of descrimination based on physical appearance so that the face the same obstacles and the same doors are open to them. Also, raised by the same quality of parent...I think you can see where I'm going here. There are hundreds of variables besides race. We live in a racist society. Just dealing with the anger and emotion that goes with that can drop you a few IQ points (i.e., your focus growing up is away from education and mental development). It is foolish not to realize that there are more variables involved than just race, which is why you would similarly be stupid to compare the IQ of a white american to that of someone raised in tribal life in Africa. Alot of variables influence the intelliectual development of the two very different human beings, from different cultures, and with different environmental challenges. We are all humnans. The same species.

Having said this, honestly, I could really care less if white people were just naturally smarter or had higher IQ's. If that is the case, then fine. What's the big deal about that? IQ is only one aspect of a person and doesn't make one person better than another. Anyone with an IQ over 115 or 120 can lead a decent life and black people are not retards, although they continue to struggle in todays American society. It is impossible to conduct a study like this. There are simply to many variables.


It transpired that two economists, Garrett Jones and Joel Scheider had published in 2005 on the net to the effect that "workers from countries with lower national average IQ have lower U.S. wages (even after controlling for education)" - another victory for the genetic claims of The g Factor (1996) and IQ and the Wealth of Nations (2002).


Humourless and violent Pakistani Islamofascists who could not see or admit that they had in fact taken over much of the Muslim religion (claimed by moderates to be "peaceful") rioted in their scores of thousands for three days in Lahore, Peshawar and Islamabad, resulting in 2 burned-out cinemas, 200 burned-out cars, 5 deaths and at least 25 injuries (e.g. SFGate.com, 14 ii). {Meanwhile robust U.S. columnist Ann Coulter argued engagingly that the West actually had a solemn duty under NATO to flatten Syria (for its attack on the Danish embassy - technically at least on Danish soil) before disarming Iran (WorldNetDaily, 15 ii).}


Letters welcoming the acquittal of BNP leader Nick Griffin and criticizing London police for not arresting Muslim anti-cartoon demonstrators (who called for beheadings of Western journalists) appeared in Edinburgh's Evening News (13 ii) -- a surprise development in what is normally a liberal-leftish newspaper. (The Evening News and its sister paper The Scotsman had previously published an article deploring the "double standards" applied by police to the BNP and the Muslim demonstrators and demanding that Muslims should rid their ranks of extremists (10 ii).)


My generally unremarked review (for American Renaissance) of the work of Dr Bruce Lahn and colleagues in Chicago, finding two genes for brain size were rather rare in Pygmies and Negroes, achieved repblication and discussion (of a kind..) here.


Disregarding the doubts of White social scientists about the existence of races and racial differences, leading Black Americans began turning in droves to DNA testing to work out their own personal racial and tribal lineages ( Guardian, 17 ii). Top TV personage, Black Oprah Winfrey, was apparently content to find she had some Zulu origins; but top Black Harvard intellectual, historian Henry Louis Gates Jr, was more likely pretty shocked to find that his own ancestry was actually 50% British.

{Hoping to pooh-pooh DNA-based searches, Guardian author Gary Younge implied it would be superior to use the evidence of local historians as did the Black American Alex Haley who famously `traced his roots back through slavery to West Africa' - evidently Younge and the Guardian have not woken up to the fact that Haley's story in his Roots was a hoax, being largely plagiarized by Haley from a Caucasian author (See here).}


After a week of peecee shilly-shallying, police and the media admitted that the attempted murderer of pretty baby-faced Nottingham rookie policewoman Rachel Bown, 23, herself at death's door after being shot in the stomach while answering a 999 call, was in fact a Bleck `hardman' with a druggie Rastafarian hairstyle. {Subsequently, the Bleck, Trevon Thomas, was hauled by police off a Heathrow jet bound for his hometown of Trinidad. He had been living in Nottingham with his girlfriend and supposed daughter, quite often behaving threateningly to neighbours and doubtless extensively funded by British taxpayer-cheating `welfare.'}


Continuing to show the Muslim spirit in the Cartoon War, Libyan Muslims set fire to the Italian consulate in Tripoli, leaving nine killed and many others wounded as police tried to control the rioters. In Pakistan, with the help of jewellers, a reward of more than a million US dollars was offered for the murder of any Danish artist who had drawn caricatures of Mahomet. Protest even came to New York where (as in cowardly Britain) not a single newspaper had published any of the cartoons - though a student newspaper in U. Urbana-Champagne carried half a dozen of them, resulting in the immediate sacking of its editors. Sixteen Muslim loons died in northern Nigeria as mobs of hundreds hurled themselves against local police.


Fulfilling my prediction in American Renaissance, Jean Marie Le Pen's National Front showed serious signs of backing France's 7 million Muslims against globalization, free trade, America and, of course, its old enemy the Jews. If it could pull in lefties (as George Galloway has done in his one `Respect' constituency in Britain), the National Front would thus reorient politics in a sensible fashion as Muslims become (at least in France) the main class of `underdogs' in the West - carefully brought in and nurtured for years by left-wing politicians. {Would liberals be able to stand up to this, with the help of their peecee religion? The French riots, Australian riots and Middle Eastern riots of the past six months haven't produced any sign of a firm response backing freedom - daily reduced in the UK by Rev. Bliar with his insistence on hunting bans, identity cards, smoking bans, and bans on anything that could be construed as "glorification" of terror [e.g. justifying Drake's bombardments of Spanish towns, together with countless British acts of piracy; or justifying the IRA with murals on one's Derry house?].


The Church of England's General Synod formally apologized to the descendents of Africans for Britain's role in the transatlantic Slave Trade, and France's failed president, Jacques Chirac, declared that France would hold a formal day of remembrance for the victims of slavery every May 10. {Whether the scores of millions of victims of Muslim slavery (including hundreds of thousands from Britain) would be remembered was not specified.}


A splendidly up-beat assessment of Europe's willingness to stand up to mad Muslims was provided in Israpundit (19 ii).


Ten years after the censorship of The g Factor began, two British dons castigated the unfreedom of British academics in an article for Time Higher (`Hang together or we will hang separately,' 17 ii). After the failure of academics to support them in outspeaking at the London School of Economics, Simon Davies and Gus Hosein declared (the simple truth) that British university teachers are "obsessed with research criteria and funding relationships." {Not that their obsession bears happy fruit: a survey found 49% of U.K. dons reporting they had required psychiatric treatment - a percentage comparing with one of 44% for Accident and Emergency consultants, 38% for nurses, and 27% for the general population.}


British historian David Irving, 67, author of many books including Hitler's War, original exposer of the Hitler's Diaries fraud, and once praised for his professionalism by Oxford historians Hugh Trevor-Roper and A.J.P. Taylor, was jailed for three years in Austria after admitting he had been a `Holocaust denier' in 1989. The savage sentence on the scholar, who had later come to believe that 2.7 million Jews were killed by Hitler, was meted out despite Irving having changed his mind in the 1990's (thanks to new evidence he unearthed in Moscow archives), never having hurt a hair on anyone's head, and being supported for a non-custodial sentence by his Jewish antagonist Professor Deborah Lipstadt and Jewish Times columnist Daniel Finkelstein (22 ii).

Thus did Austria continue to draw a veil over the fact that its citizenry had been even keener on Mr Hitler than had the Germans themselves. With the full co-operation of the West's lib-leftified press, the role of the left, Oxford's pinko students, Russia and Austria in assisting the rise of Hitler could be forgotten. {Like Oscar Wilde, Irving had to some extent brought his fate on himself by going to law claiming defamation (against Lipstadt). Next, though bankrupted by the costs of that trial, Irving cheekily decided to enjoy some jollies in Austria with far-right fans despite being banned from that country. Strangely, Irving has always preferred to deny being a racist, though that was the descriptor applied to him - along with `falsifier of history,' -- by the judge in his London case against Lipstadt.}

{Vindicating my Adlerian efforts of the 1990's (in which I supported Adler's stress on the importance of sibling rivalry), one big doubter of Irving's conversion from Holocaust denial turned out to be his twin brother - New York Post, 21 ii. Irving did however win the support of a former beauty queen who stood up at his trial and urged that Auschwitz bodies be exhumed to see whether death had resulted from gassing or typhoid - Brisbane Courier-Mail, 22 ii; a strong defence of his right to free speech appeared from Henk Ruyssenaars (of the Foreign Press Foundation) at an Argentinian site (IndyMedia, 21 ii), with which National Review editor William Buckley on balance agreed (21 ii); and an American history professor also backed free speech (History News Network, 21 ii). In Britain, the New Statesman, the voice of the up-market left, wanted Irving caged straight away and reprinted his little piece of doggerel for his daughter to recite in the vicinity of undesirable immigrants:

I am a Baby Aryan
Not Jewish or Sectarian
I have no plans to marry an
Ape or Rastafarian.

But the Independent expressed "grave misgivings" about making Holocaust denial a prosecutable offence (21 ii). And The Times said curbs on free speech were "always regrettable." - The cowardly Torygraph evaded the issue.} {Nothing daunted, Irving repeated in interviews from his prison cell in Vienna that he had his doubts about the Holocaust - prompting prosecutors to say they would come for him again (M&C News, 1 iii).}


‘All teaching will be in English,’ announced the new headmistress of a 1,000-strong Tottenham secondary school where 70% of the pupils had between them 59 languages other than English as their mother tongues (Sun, 22 ii). The announcement constituted a reversal of an expressly NuLabour-approved 2003 policy of pandering to pupils’ wilful failures to integrate into Britain. The headmistress said she was making the change to English-only teaching so as to help pupils with their lives in Britain and because of the school’s dismal performance in public examinations


Following restrictions by Rev. Bliar on jury trials, habeas corpus, smoking, freedom to identify oneself by a method of one’s choice, and freedom to ‘glorify terror,’ a British youth was given an on-the-spot fine of £80 by a policeman for saying the word ‘F***’ when talking (quietly) to friends in a public park. {By contrast, in a blow for British freedoms, the British National Party announced it would be publishing one of the infamous ‘Mahomet’ cartoons – none of them published by Britain’s cravenly peecee press. It thus positioned itself to sweep up the femininnie vote – allowing Britain’s women to continue to contracept, abort, adulterate and divorce in defiance of Muslim demands for Sharia law.}


Embattled Harvard University President, top economist Larry Summers (see this Diary/Blog above, 2005), resigned more than a year after his infamous claim that women were underrepresented in the sciences due to sociobiological—as opposed to sociopolitical—constraints. The move pre-empted a no-confidence vote by the Harvard arts and sciences faculty the next Tuesday. Robert KC Johnson at George Mason University's ‘Cliopatria’ phlegmatically examined the full executive span of the Summers of Discontent: "The original draft of the 2005 faculty resolution listed three specific events justifying a motion of no confidence: the president's remarks about women in science; his handling of the Cornel West matter; and his denunciation of a proposed faculty resolution urging Harvard to divest from firms doing business in Israel. ... Of the three, the women-in-science issue most clearly demonstrated Summers' political and interpersonal failings."

A fourth fight with lefties concerned whether the US Army could be allowed to recruit on campus. For more see New York Times, 22 ii, and Time, 21 ii (the latter retailing accusations of financial impropriety which may well have proved the last straw as Summers pondered resignation); but Alan Dershowitz emphatically laid the blame for the resignation on the egregious political correctness of Harvard staff. The resignation occurred despite Harvard students voting 3-1 that the Jewish Summers should stay – i.e. the pressure had come from the elderly but since 9/11 Muslim-backing leftie ideologues of the arts and social sciences. In the [London] Times, columnist Gerard Baker saw the significance of all this, titling his article ‘Summers’ end marks the start of a long winter in American universities’ (24 ii). Barker percipiently traced the rot back to the arrival in American universities of relativism and multiculturalism, first charted in 1986 by the mighty literature expert Allan Bloom in ‘The Closing of the American Mind.’ According to Barker, Summers is “fiendishly clever” and would have had a Nobel Prize (like two of his uncles) if he had not devoted himself largely to government service alongside Federal Reserve banker Alan Greenspan; apparently Summers is utterly un-smooth and un-co-ordinated and had (till a recent slimming effort) a voracious appetite. Barker concluded by remarking “the poverty of philosophy that characterizes life at so many universities.” Summers was replaced as President by a wringing-wet former President and advocate of affirmative racism, Derek Bok (for whose nonsense see above and McDougall NewsLetters).


‘THE HUN IS AT THE GATE’ – a warning he (John Derbyshire, the top British journalist now based in the USA) could not even get published in National Review.


A succinct history of Mahommedans's ceaseless attempts to colonize the West was discovered: `Jihad in the West.'


As Iraq manifested its civil war in the blowing up of a historic mosque and hundreds of Shiite-on-Sunni killings, the loons of US and UK sat idly by, instead of seizing their chance to pull out their troops and concentrate on the nuclear pulverization of Teheran and its mad democratically elected leader WhoGadMahDinnahJacket.


The mind-blowing extended grip of Bliar-Pushkin PeeCee became clear as even Russia sacked editors who posted cartoons lampooning Islamofascism: See here.


After many years of suspicion that socialism was a mediaeval system of vassalage, i.e. jobs for the boys, crucial evidence was mentioned in a leader in the Daily Telegraph (23 ii). Apparently there are quite a few constituencies in the U.K. where around three quarters of voters derive their income from state employment, state benefits or from firms having their entire revenue from state funds. In the `top ten' of such state-dependent constituencies, no less than nine had a Labour M.P. {For a similar point, powerfully made, see Spectator, (24 ii.}


British Muslims wanting to deny others' free speech and to live under Shari'a law were advised to emigrate - the newsworthiness of which advice being that it came from the Black Trevor Phillips, the boss of the preposterously titled `Campaign for Racial Equality' and a good friend of Prime Minister Tony Blair. Phillips found himself in synch with Australia's Treasurer, who also told Shari'a-lovers to buzz off (American Renaissance, 24 ii).


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In an international study of 600 identical and fraternal twin pairs, Australian researcher Brian Byrne (School of Psychology, U. New England, New South Wales) reported (TVNZ, 8 ii) "What seems to determine most of the differences amongst children, just in the normal school setting in terms of their reading skills, are genetics." Byrne estimated that genes accounted for 70% of variance among age peers.

{The finding that would be partly expected from the .70 correlation between reading age and the g factor that was known to Sir Cyril Burt and confirmed by work in Birmingham linking poor reading strongly to low scores on Raven’s Progressive Matrices (Riding & McQuaid, 1987, Brit. J. Educational Research 13, 1, 51ff.).}

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Denmark’s Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, insisted on the right of his country’s media to criticize and lampoon Islam (as had happened in September in Denmark’s biggest daily, the right-of-centre Jyllands-Posten, which had wanted to test a suggestion [from an author who had failed to find a cartoonist for an intended children’s book about Islam – meant to explain Islam sympathetically to Danish children] as to whether the West was engaged in ‘self-censorship’ about Islam).

Newspapers all over Western Europe (and one in Israel) then re-published as a pro-free-speech protest the cartoons about Mahomet* that had sparked Muslim outrage and led to burning of the Danish flag in the Middle East, withdrawal of Arab ambassadors from Copenhagen and total boycotts of Danish produce.

Ex-US President Willy Clinton called the cartoons “totally outrageous”; but, ironically, it was hard for many to tell because they could not see them – and, later, the Sunday Telegraph (5 ii) said the original twelve cartoons, published on just one newspaper page in September, had been massively supplemented to yield a 43-page dossier for circulation to imams in the Middle East, the dossier including obscene cartoons which had never actually been published in Europe.

In Britain, after pro-free-speech protests from several Muslim, Christian and atheist organizations (letter to Daily Telegraph, 31 i), the Government lost (somewhat accidentally, by one vote) in the House of Commons its measure to criminalize ‘religious hate speech’** which would have impacted on comedians and enthusiastic preachers (though the Commons made an exception to its veto for speech actually intended to and calculated to yield inter-racial violence).

{Subsequently, the editor of Egyptian-owned ailing France Soir was fired for publishing the cartoons, as was an editor in Jordan; but the BBC found the courage to carry them briefly on its flagship TV programme BBC 1 (2 ii). Scores of thousands of Middle-Eastern Muslims indulged their feelings by flag-burning, hate mail and threatening to bomb the offending newspapers, to “bomb Denmark,” to behead journalists and to kidnap foreigners. Westerners fled the West Bank and Gaza.}

{The British Government – joined by the White House – grovelled to the mad mullahs as much as it could; but 500 Islamofascists were turned out in Knightsbridge, London, to burn the Danish flag and chant – despite Britain having caved in -- “Britain, Britain, you will pay / 7’7 is on its way.” The Metropolitan ‘Police’ failed to arrest a single person for such threats and instead concentrated on cautioning and detaining Whites who made objections to the Muslim death-threateners, trying to reassure Whites by saying ‘Don’t worry, we have the photographs.’}

{The left was split down the middle as to whether the Danes were entitled to free speech -- Guardian, 4 ii; and the paper’s editor sheltered behind Home Secretary Jack Straw’s feeble formula that it had ‘no obligation’ to publish the cartoons (Guardian, 4 ii), which had by then been published even in the Holy Republic of √Čireland. Of 70,000 people who responded to an online survey by France’s left-wing Nouvel Observateur, 53% were in favour of publishing the cartoons and 47% were against. }

{On 4 ii, the Danish and Norwegian embassy building in Damascus was burned out by a Muslim mob; on 5 ii the Danish embassy building and a church in Beirut was were ablaze in a protest involving thousands; and elsewhere stones, rocks and bottles were hurled at a European Commission building, a German embassy, and at police trying to control rioters. Braver than the newspapers of Britain and America, New Zealand’s Dominion Post (serving the capital, Wellington) published the cartoons, saying “We will not be intimidated”; and Canada’s centrist Globe and Mail condemned Muslim “over-reaction” and said most of the many problems of Islamic countries were “home-grown.”}

{An imam at the Omari Mosque in Gaza City told 9,000 worshippers that the people behind the drawings should have their heads cut off. 'If they want a war of religions, we are ready,' Hassan Sharaf, an imam in Nablus, said in his sermon. In Ramallah, protesters burnt a Danish flag, chanting: 'Bin Laden our beloved, Denmark must be blown up.' 6th February brought Muslim-on-Muslim killing as Afghan police fired on crowds of thousands of enraged religionists, of whom four died.}

{The Muslim protests were highly ironical, partly in using so much violence to contest their religion being portrayed as violent, and partly because Islam is a clear world leader in violence against other faiths – having from 1998 to 2003 killed 10,000 Christians in Indonesia alone and destroyed ancient Buddhist monuments in Afghanistan.}

* One had Mahomet crying to dead suicide bombers waiting to be admitted to Paradise, “Stop, stop! We ran out of virgins.” The cartoons were reprinted in full by American Renaissance, 1 ii – but not by the British media.

** The Muslim Council of Britain had been baying for such a measure since 1997 – though only to stifle criticism of Islam, not to inhibit flagrant Muslim hatred of Jews (which the MCB has never condemned).

Update -- further updated:

{Key Danish products to support are Danish bacon, Carlsberg Lager and the super-sultry, splendidly leggy and niftily-nippled elitist catwalk queen and photographer Helena Christensen (Miss Denmark, 1986). To sign a petition (and comment if desired) expressing sympathy with Jyllands Posten, Denmark and free speech, go here. There were 25,000 overwhelmingly supportive signatures by 9th February (by which time 13 Muslims had died in rioting, chiefly in Afghanistan).

{Unfortunately, a pro-Islam petition here enjoyed 100,000 apparent signatures….} The petitionline website invited supporters to rally in Trafalgar Square at 12a.m. on Saturday, 11th Feb., just one hour ahead of a rally of ‘Muslim moderates’ planned by the Muslim Association of Britain. Who was running the rally remained to be seen. – The BNP? (The BNP denied any association.) The National Front? MI6, intending to get handy pictures of freedom fighters and perhaps close down the BNP (a revenge after failing to jail Nick Griffin)? (This was the BNP’s view.} {The British embassy in Tehran was stoned even though the only British newspaper to have reprinted the cartoons was a student newspaper in Wales – and was rapidly obliged by the lefties of the National Union of Students to collect and pulp all copies.}

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


A fine critique of environmentalism, "the affirmative action hoax," perpetrated by S. J. Gould and Daniel Goleman (`emotional intelligence'), appeared at http://www.affirmativeactionhoax.com/.


As the British National Party's leader went on trial in Leeds, it transpired that even recommendations that immigrants and asylum seekers be deported were considered by the prosecution as the dreaded `incitements to racial hatred.'

{Contrast previously where Muslim supremo Iqbal Sacranie was not even charged with anything when he said homosexuality was unhealthy for society..}


A major rift opened up in British PeeCee as top cop Sir Ian Blair, head of the Metropolitan Police (which had been busy purging itself of all `institutional racism' since the MacPherson Report of 1999), accused Britain's media of the dreaded `racism' for over-reporting murders of Whites compared to murders of Blacks and Pakistanis. The pressmen themselves took this spinelessly enough; but Ian Blair had specially criticized `over-reporting' of the Soham murders of two pretty ten-year-old girls by sex-mad Ian Huntley, so the Soham community went up in arms and Blair had to apologize for re-opening old wounds.

{Just as witchcraft allegations in `The Crucible' escalated from a single case to much of the community standing accused, so accusations of `racism' against me in 1996 have now spread to the Met and to the British media as a whole.}


The fine article by Croatian philosopher Neven Sesardic accusing S. J. Gould, Ned Block et al. of literally ignoring the arguments and evidence on racial differences put forward by Art Jensen, Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray became available at http://www.ln.edu.hk/philoso/staff/sesardic/POS-2000.pdf.


As Denmark's Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, insisted on the right of his country's media to criticize and lampoon Islamofascism, newspapers all over Western Europe re-published as a pro-free-speech protest the cartoons about Mahomet* that had sparked Muslim outrage and led to burning of the Danish flag in the Middle East, withdrawal of Arab ambassadors and total boycotts of Danish produce. In Britain, after pro-free-speech protests from several Muslim, Christian and atheist organizations (letter to Daily Telegraph, 31 i), the Government lost in the House of Commons its measure to criminalize `religious hate speech'** which would have impacted on comedians and enthusiastic preachers (though the Commons made an exception to its veto for speech actually intended to and calculated to yield inter-racial violence).

* One had Mahomet crying to dead suicide bombers waiting to be admitted to Paradise, "Stop, stop! We ran out of virgins."
** The Muslim Council of Great Britain had been baying for such a measure since 1997.


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