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As the USA looked set – barring FBI intervention -- to continue down its path to Mexicanisation (with a left-talking elite enriching itself from a slave-labour people awash with drugs and yaggery), there was plenty of room for wry humour in the one-time country’s ‘far right’ organs.

In VDARE, star columnist Ann Coulter (who should have been The Donald’s intellectual guide and running mate) came up with:

"Every ethnic group except whites bloc-votes for the Democrats. Coincidentally, the Democrats have brought in another 30 to 40 million nonwhite immigrants in the last few decades.

It doesn’t help that white voters can’t agree on what constitutes an acceptable candidate. In 2012, working-class whites sat out the election, rather than vote for the out-of-touch rich guy they saw in Mitt Romney. This year, the out-of-touch rich guys say they’ll vote for Hillary because Trump is tacky and gross.

The sad irony is that the only people who will be better off in our new country are mostly white plutocrats–the top .01 percent. The rest of us will be their servants.

The people who will be worse off are everybody else–the working class, the middle class (who will soon be working class) and, most of all, women, minorities, children, the elderly, the weakest and most vulnerable members of society.

Look to Mexico for your future–or any Third World country. Or to Univision’s Jorge Ramos. The ruling class in Mexico is composed of European-looking, white descendants of Spanish conquistadors who raped the native population, giving them only their Spanish names in return. (British settlers in America brought women with them.)

Explaining Latino culture’s acceptance of incest and child rape, criminal justice researcher Shana Maier writes in a book about rape that “the male is the head of the household, and women are subordinate to men. . . .

Hispanics and Latinos are more likely than other racial/ethnic groups to blame the victim. The victim, not the perpetrator, is blamed for bringing dishonor to the family.”

One American detective said that, today, police are being taught to keep an “open mind” about child rape because “it’s a cultural thing.”

....As described in excruciating detail in Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole, our media already have a totally “open mind” about incest and child rape–and murder!–when it’s committed by immigrants.

....Immigrant women arrive in America, thrilled to have escaped cultures where rape, incest and spousal murder are acceptable, only to discover that those crimes are perfectly acceptable in this country, too–provided the perpetrator is from the very culture they fled.

....Perhaps American men could do better, but, as American women may soon discover: They never had it so good.

Manifestly, the purpose of our immigration policies is not to help Americans–or the immigrants who wanted to live in a place like America. They are designed to funnel welfare-dependent voters to the Democrats and cheap labor to the rich....

Our country will be Zimbabwe, but–if all goes according to the Democrats’ plan–they’ll get to be Mugabe!

That’s Hillary’s dream. If she wins, Joe Sobran’s parody of the typical New York Times headline (about anything) will come true: “Women and Minorities Hit Hardest.

And ex-Brit John Derbyshire had a memorable take on the convenient inability of America’s elite rulers to understand "terrible schools":

We have fun at VDARE with what we call Magic Dirt Theory: the notion that differences in the overall performance of different races are caused by people just being in the wrong place.

. . . See, there are these bad schools. New York's PS 191, for example, has low test scores, and it shows up regularly on New York State's annual list of most dangerous schools.

What makes a school bad? It must be the construction materials it's made from. The bricks and mortar exude invisible, noxious vapors that make the students dull-witted and violent. What else could it be? And look: These bad schools are, quote, "overwhelmingly in minority neighborhoods." How evil is that — to put these bad schools with their poisonous bricks in neighborhoods full of blacks and Hispanics?

Why don't we build good schools in minority neighborhoods — schools made out of good construction materials, that don't make the kids dumb and unruly? Why does nobody think to do that? Don't black lives matter? Look at the injustice!

That is the actual mentality of race denialists. That's what they believe. It's magical thinking, at a level that would disgrace headhunters in the Amazon jungle . . .

The willed self-enstupidation of those who shape public opinion is not amusing, not entertaining. It's depressing and alarming, and bodes nothing but ill for our civilization.


 David Chazan, Telegraph, August 21, 2016:

Thousands of angry Chinese immigrants demonstrated in a Paris suburb yesterday (Sun) to demand police protection from muggers who they say prey on them because they are seen as easy targets.
The death of a 49-year-old Chinese tailor after being badly beaten in a robbery earlier this month has lent new urgency to the long running complaint that Asian immigrants are systematically attacked and robbed in the ‘multicultural’ French capital.

“The Chinese community is dying in silence,” read a slogan on a T-shirt splashed with red to symbolise bloodstains worn by one demonstrator, Maike Song.

He said he joined the protest in Aubervilliers to pay homage to Chaoling Zhang, the father of two who died on August 14 after being punched to ground in the north-eastern suburb that is home to some 4,000 Chinese immigrants.

No arrests have been made over the attack.

About 100 Chinese residents of Aubervilliers have been attacked and robbed since November, according to the Franco-Chinese Friendship Association.

“It is because of prejudices that Chinese people are weak, docile and wealthy,” said Fang, a young female student. “I’ve been attacked three times in three years and my friends are suffering the same thing. Some have moved away from this area because of it. I don’t go out with a handbag any more.”

Community workers say many muggings are committed by members of other minorities living in the area, generally of Arab or African origin.


As America’s hysterically ‘anti-racist’ MSM worked overtime to find ‘links’ between presidentialist Donald and American Renaissance, The Heritage Foundation, Alt-Right and the KKK, AmRen  editor Jared Taylor issued a fine and wise reply.

".....The whole ‘Trump-is-a-racist’ fracas shows just how painfully fragile orthodoxy has become. I may be wrong, but I have no reason to think Donald Trump thinks at all as we do. He has never said or done anything to suggest he is anything more than an ordinary American with normal instincts: He doesn’t want criminals sneaking across the border, he thinks sanctuary cities for illegals are crazy, he doesn’t see why we need more Muslims, and he is angry when immigrants go on welfare.

Millions of ordinary Americans clearly agree with him, and not because they are racially aware. It is because they are decent, fair-minded people who also have a nagging sense that the country is changing in unwelcome ways.

I am convinced that Mr. Trump does not have a sophisticated understanding of race. So far as I can tell, he doesn’t have a sophisticated understanding of much of anything. He has stumbled by instinct onto a few sensible policies that white advocates have been promoting for a long time, but not because he is one of us.

Maybe–just maybe–he will move in our direction. It’s not impossible to imagine a President Trump asking, in an offhand way, “What’s wrong with white people wanting to remain a majority in the United States?” Or he might casually note that you can’t expect as many blacks as Asians in AP classes because they don’t have the same levels of intelligence.

But I can imagine the opposite, too: President Trump so bogged down in Beltway baloney that he never even builds the wall.

There is one thing that Donald Trump has changed. He has proven that Republican bromides about taxes and small government don’t excite people. He has proven that there is tremendous anger against political insiders of both parties. He has proven that Americans do want their country to come first. They don’t want it to try to save the world or to be a dumping ground for people who have wrecked their own countries.

And even if he has not “mainstreamed racism,” he has shown that if you have a backbone you can withstand what is surely the most intense and concentrated program of hate ever directed at an American.

On October 11, Roger Cohen wrote in the New York Times that Donald Trump is a “phony, liar, blowhard, cheat, bully, misogynist, demagogue, predator, bigot, bore, egomaniac, racist, sexist, sociopath,” and a “dictator-in-waiting with a brat’s temper and a prig’s scowl.” This must be one of the most unhinged, hysterical outbursts in the history of American political journalism. And it is unusual only for its wordiness, not its tone.

Don’t the editors of the Times realize that this kind of frothing explains why more Americans believe in Bigfoot (29 percent) than trust newspapers (20 percent)? Virtually the entire industry is so consumed with rage at Donald Trump and contempt for his supporters that it cannot control itself. Open, petulant bias is driving more and more Americans to social media and to sites like for their news.

Despite the concerted shrieking of virtually the entire American ruling class, Donald Trump is going to get close to half of the vote on November 8. Some 60 million people are going to vote for a man for whom Roger Cohen has emptied his dictionary trying to insult.

Only one major newspaper has endorsed Donald Trump. Only one. And this is a man whom the American people might choose as their president. What better proof could we have of the stark difference between printed opinion and public opinion, between what Americans think and what our rulers want us to think?

Donald Trump has ripped away whatever was left of the pretense of media objectivity.

Whether he wins or not, whether he is one of us or not, Donald Trump has laid bare the collusion between big media and a political system in which both parties collaborate to run the country in their interests and those of their big donors.

Voters–finally–have a chance to vote against the entire corrupt system. On November 8th they could bring it crashing down, but even if it still stands, it is visibly weakened, badly discredited. These are the perfect conditions in which our ideas will flourish as never before.


The number of migrants sleeping rough on the streets of Paris has risen by at least a third since the start of the week when the “Jungle” shanty town in Calais was evacuated, officials said on Friday (Reuters, 30 x).

Along the bustling boulevards and a canal in a northeastern corner of Paris, hundreds of tents have been pitched by migrants–mostly Africans who say they are from Sudan–with cardboard on the ground to try and insulate them from the autumn chill.

While the presence of migrants there is not new, it has grown substantially this week, Colombe Brossel, Paris deputy mayor in charge of security issues, told Reuters. “We have seen a big increase since the start of the week. Last night, our teams counted 40 to 50 new tents there in two days,” Brossel said, adding there was now a total of 700 to 750.

This means there are some 2,000-2,500 sleeping in the area, up from around 1,500 a few days before, she said....

After years as serving as an illegal base camp for migrants trying to get to Britain, the “Jungle” at Calais was finally bulldozed this week and the more than 6,000 residents of the ramshackle camp near the English channel were ‘relocated’ to shelters around France; but many preferred to head for Paris.


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Monday, October 24, 2016


Lionel Shriver defends anger of anti-migrant Trump supporters

The ‘tomboy’ Lionel Shriver – married to a Brit -- said she sympathised with White Americans who had rallied to the controversial immigration policies advocated by US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Speaking at the UK’s Cheltenham Literature Festival, the US-born journalist and author said: “I’ve been surprised that somebody like Trump has not come along before. White America has felt p*ssed off for a long time and has been looking for somebody to blame. I know why this type of resentment exists. You feel angry but it is hard to justify. They live in communities which have been radically transformed and so have legitimate grievances.”

Shriver’s latest novel, The Mandibles, tells the story of an American family set between 2029 and 2047 while the country is imploding economically.

The Washington Post accused her of being racist in the book. “It was a serious insult but that was the risk I took,” she said. “You have to take the heat and make a sacrifice for entering touchy topics.”

Shriver, 59, is perhaps best known for We Need to Talk About Kevin, a book about a fictional school massacre that was later turned into a film.

She said most writers struggled to deal with the issue of immigration. “When they do write [about it], it is nearly always on the side of the immigrant,” she said. “It is structurally easier, and we are sympathetic to them in fiction as they have overcome adversity. Native-born people are portrayed sometimes as unfriendly.”

* Her experience as a journalist was wide, having written for The Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, The New York Times, The Economist, contributed to the Radio Ulster program Talkback[12] and many other publications.[13] In July 2005, Shriver began writing a column[14] for The Guardian.


 The folly of throwing ever more taxpayer cash at ‘improving’ troubled families (rather than insisting on eugenics in the first place) was exposed in reputable national research (Sky News, 18 x; Times, 18 x, p.1):

The UK’s Troubled Families Programme was set up to tackle truancy, benefits dependency and anti-social behaviour in the wake of the 2011 Black rioting in London.

But government-commissioned research by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) found there was no evidence it had "any significant or systematic impact."
It cast doubts over ex-PM Daft Dave Cameron's claims of 2015 that the programme he had launched to bring about "social recovery" had "turned around" the lives of 98.9% of the families involved.

The [Lib-Con Coalition] Government had poured £448m into the initiative when it was launched but later extended it for a further five years from 2015/16 to help a further 400,000 families, bringing the cost to the taxpayer to £1.3bn.

The report said: "Across a wide range of outcomes, covering the key objectives of the Troubled Families Programme -- employment, benefit receipt, school attendance, safeguarding and child welfare -- we were unable to find consistent evidence that the programme had any significant or systematic impact."

One author of the NIESR report, Jonathan Portes, wrote on his blog of how the programme was "a perfect case study of how the manipulation and misrepresentation of statistics by politicians and civil servants -- from the Prime Minister downwards -- led directly to bad policy and, frankly, to the wasting of hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers' money."

The report was published quietly after complaints from Whitehall insiders that it was being suppressed. The report found that:

* Forty-five per cent of families who went through the programme were still claiming unemployment benefits 18 months later — no better than comparable families who did not take part.

* There was no reduction in the number of adults and children cautioned or convicted of a criminal offence compared with the control group. Antisocial behaviour was not statistically reduced.

* There was little difference in school attendance records: 20 per cent of children were absent about a fifth of the time compared with 21 per cent of children in similar families who were not involved in the scheme.


As the culturally-Marxist-infiltrated BBC felt it could no longer resist giving a turn at its prestigious Reith Lectures to one half-Black White-hating ‘philosopher’ Barmy UnHappier ‘scholar’ (who showed no sign of having read Jensen, Eysenck, Lynn or Rushton), even the Guardian thought it must supply some basic faxalife (20 x).

Two weeks ago [Britain’s new PM] Theresa May made a statement that, for many, trampled on 200 years of enlightenment and cosmopolitan thinking: “If you are a ‘citizen of the world,’ you are a citizen of nowhere”.

It was a proclamation blasted by figures from all sides, but for Kwame Anthony Appiah, the philosopher who on Tuesday gave the first of this year’s prestigious BBC Reith lectures, the sentiment stung. His life -- he is the son of a British aristocratic mother and Ghanian anti-colonial activist father, raised as a strict Christian in Kumasi, then sent to British boarding school, followed by a move to the US in the 1970s; he is gay, married to a Jewish man and explores identity for a living -- meant May’s comments were both “insulting and nonsense in every conceivable way”.

“It’s just an error of history to say, if you’re a nationalist, you can’t be a citizen of the world,” said Appiah bluntly.
Yet, the prime minister’s words were timely. They were an example of what Appiah considers to be grave misunderstandings around identity; in particular, how we see race, nationality and religion as being central to who we are.

Regarded {by PeeCee} as one of the world’s greatest thinkers on African and African American cultural studies, Appiah has taught at Yale, Harvard, Princeton and now NYU. He follows in the notable footsteps of previous Reith lecturers Stephen Hawking, Aung San Su Kyi, Richard Rodgers, Grayson Perry and Robert Oppenheimer.

The “Mistaken Identities” lectures cover ground already well trodden by the ‘philosopher.’ His mixed race background, lapsed religious beliefs and even sexual orientation have, in his own words, put him on the “periphery of every accepted identity”....


As contrived televised Presidential debates in the US sank to depths involving few facts, quotes or jokes – but merely The Donald and Crooked Hillary calling each other “dupe,” “nasty,” “corrupt”  and “liar” – the descent of the USA to Brazilian levels was statistically revealed by its own Immigration Service:

"A report by the U.S. Center for Immigration Studies (18 x) shows that the number of people who speak primarily a language other than English at home reached an all-time high of nearly 65 million in 2015, with the increases spread throughout every region of the country.

Seven of the top nine states experiencing the largest percentage increases in foreign-language speakers from 1980 to 2015 are located in the southern region of the U.S. But the long-term increases are being felt nationwide: Nevada experienced 1005% growth, Washington 386%, Idaho 228%, and Maryland 335%. More recent large percentage growth in foreign-language speakers, 2010-2015, has occurred in unexpected locations: North Dakota, Wyoming, and Oklahoma.

{Fortunately, as America and The Donald’s ambitions for it, sank beneath the horizon, Russia’s dignified Patriarch Kirill appeared in London (to visit the Queen and consecrate a refurbished Russian Orthodox cathedral) and (a close friend of strongman Putin) declared Russia to be taking most seriously its duty to reign in Islam, just as it had – at immense cost to itself, if with help from the British Empire and America – squashed Nazism. Implicitly, he thus raised the question of whether the West would join Russia to deal with the beastly but West-enriched Mueslis of Solunni Saudi and their intellectually, culturally, morally and economically unsuccessful religion.}


Though the United Kingdom Independence Party – despite its success in organizing Brexit -- was sorely beset by leadership crises, there remained a thread of concern about (very natural) German ambitions going back to the centuries of German funding and domination of Europe’s ‘Holy Roman Empire’ and now re-emerging in Mad Multiculti Merkel’s EUSSR and her reckless, if idealistic wish to fortify the German economy (and military?) with yet more millions of Mueslis.

Sagely, the Times’ Phil Collins traced this concern back to Oxford’s mighty left-wing historian A.J.P. Taylor in the 1950s (21 x) – one of the few Western thinkers who did not attribute Hitler’s ambitions to outright psychopathy.

When Alan Sked established the Anti-Federalist League [the forerunner of Ukip] in 1991, the single expressed aim was that Britain should depart the European racket. Ukip had its little-remarked origins in the writings of AJP Taylor. His masterpiece The Struggle for Mastery in Europe sounds like a Ukip textbook, as does The Trouble Makers, Taylor’s study of dissenters in British foreign policy. The Course of German History  controversially suggested a Germanic impulse to dominate.

    When Taylor started writing journalism for his friend Lord Beaverbrook his first piece was titled “Why Must We Soft-Soap The Germans?” One of Taylor’s most devoted students, who inherited his attitude and turned it into a movement, was Alan Sked.


 A vignette as to where revolutionary ignoracist republicanism leads:

Viry-Châtillon is a town 19 miles south of Paris. Of its population of about 30,000 people, 9,000 are foreign born. Of the remaining 21,000, many are second- and third-generation immigrants who are French by birth [location].

Viry-Châtillon is home to what the French euphemistically call a quartier sensible or “sensitive neighbourhood.” This is the sprawling Grande Borne housing project, where 12,000 people live in 3,600 units. Amedy Coulibaly grew up there–and later went on to take hostages and kill five people at a Paris kosher supermarket at the time of the Charlie Hebdo attack in 2015. It’s “sensitive,” all right: Doctors refuse to make house calls, mailmen do not deliver packages, and even the police enter only in force. Thugs and drug dealers run the place.

The intersection just outside of Grande Borne is notorious for drug trafficking and attacks on motorists. Any car that comes to a stop is fair game for hijacking or to have its windows smashed and occupants robbed.

Several months ago, the mayor of Viry-Châtillon had a surveillance camera installed on a light post at the intersection. He hoped this would reduce crime but it only prompted attacks on the light post. First, drug dealers tried to cut it down with a power saw. Then they stole a truck and smashed it into the post. The city repaired the post, and stationed two squad cars–two officers per car–at the intersection to keep an eye on things.

On October 10, an estimated 20 to 30 hooded thugs launched a coordinated attack on the two cars. They smashed the windscreens with concrete blocks and threw Molotov cocktails into the cars, which were soon blackened shells. All four officers were burned, but the two in one of the cars managed to get out fairly quickly. One of them was expected to be back on the job in three weeks while the other was likely to take three months to recover.

The attackers of the other car appear to have pushed against the doors to trap the occupants inside. The badly burned officers were rushed to the hospital, where one was put into an artificial coma, and is only now, 10 days after the attack, showing some signs of improvement. His partner was released from hospital nine days after the attack but was not expected to be at work for another three months.

France has grown used to attacks on police officers, but not to attempts to burn them alive. President Francois Hollande called the attack “intolerable.” Prime Minister Manual Valls and Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve visited the scene. To the general derision of the French public, Mr. Valls said there are no “no-go zones” in France....


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A report by HMG’s own ‘integration tsar,’ Dame Louise Casey, attacked the government for failing to get a grip on the pace of immigration and its impact on public services until too late (Sunday Times, 9 x). The report criticised the lack of a strategy to integrate communities, in allowing some areas to operate as if they were Muslim-only zones, with state schools closing for Friday prayers; and warned that “liberal tolerance” had gone too far with political correctness that virtually gave a boost to the far right.

     Needless to say, Charlie Edwards, a senior UK Home Office official and adviser to the new Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, told anti-extremism professionals that Casey’s anti-Muesli report would be dramatically re-written and launched in a much lower-key way than had been planned. Several of Casey’s criticisms directly concerned the perform­ance of the Home Office under Theresa Mendacious May, who had been Home Secretary for six years before becoming prime minister. One person who had seen Edwards told the Sun­day Times the official wanted Casey’s review to be “gutted”. Another said: “He told us the Home Office didn’t like it and was trying to find a way to water it down.” One source said Edwards believed the report focused ‘too narrowly on Mus­lim extre­m­ism and integration’ – so the anti-extremism tsar had to be gagged.


 The psychological masculinisation associated with a relatively long ring finger was re-confirmed in research in Norway (Daily Mail, 13 x) – adding the touch that high RF length was associated with mental-rotational ability. 'The relationship between the index finger and ring finger in particular indicates how much testosterone you have been exposed to in utero,' said Carl Pintzka, a medical doctor and researcher at the National Competence Service for Functional MRI for Functional MRI in Trondheim.

{The re-confirmation was a reminder of the racial difference that Whites were more ‘feminized’ – a difference very much on parade as the West chose female leaders for many top political positions and was determined to oust ‘alpha male’ The Donald from any chance of becoming US President (one Australian newspaper calling him “a revolting slug”).} Previous reports of RF length in the present blog had been as follows:

The Finger Book – EVOPSYCHOLOGY HEADS FOR FUN AND FURY  Further to my comments (mid-April, 2012) on Dr John Manning’s work, a Luxembourg supporter kindly sent me Manning’s new book to review – as follows.

MANNING, J. ( 2008), The Finger Book: Sex, Behaviour and Disease Revealed in the Fingers. Pp. 170 + xiii. London : Faber & Faber.

Reviewed by CHRIS BRAND

Published at

This book, by a British evolutionary psychologist at the University of Central Lancashire (formerly Preston Polytechnic), argues that there are links between ring-finger length (RFL), testosteronization in the womb, masculinity, personality, polygamy and race. It gets off to a slow start, but there is drama enough by the finish.

The ring finger is hairier in males than other digits, perhaps reflecting its being more under the influence of the sex hormone testosterone and its being assigned for the wedding ring. In any case, RFL, relative to index-finger length (the normal ratio in Whites is approximately 1:1), is greater in males and also in top athletes and sportsmen, autists, attention-deficit children and butch lesbians; and it correlates negatively with psychologists’ measures of agreeability, gentleness and femininity. Thus goes the first 90% of John Manning’s (rather repetitive) book.

Of course there are some problems. It is not obvious why RFL should be measured from the point of the finger’s lowest skin crease with the palm rather than from the knuckle. The inter-observer reliability for RFL is not stated or even considered. There seems no special reason why testosterone should especially affect the growth of the ring finger. All the associations with RFL mentioned above are pretty slight (Manning does not give correlations but his occasional scattergrams indicate effect sizes of around r = .25). And other efforts to argue for links to RFL don’t really work at all: the promised link to left-handedness doesn’t materialize (though Manning might have tried ‘mixed-handedness’, often associated with mild personality difficulties), and the proposed link to schizophrenia is a mess (with too many complications arising from ‘testosterone inhibitors’ and genes determining the uptake of said inhibitors).

But Manning has had no difficulty finding academic collaborators to undertake empirical work with him over the 15 years since the RFL links were first advertised to psychologists by Hans Eysenck’s ‘first lieutenant,’ Glenn Wilson; and there clearly is a case to answer. Perhaps Manning has homed in, coming from the biological side, on the ‘tough vs tender-mindedness’ dimension long identified by Eysenck and psychometrician-psychologist Raymond Cattell (and summarized as a dimension underpinned by spatio-mechanical practicality vs broad attention and sensitivity in Chapter 1 of my own book, The g Factor, 1996/2000).

Anyway, answered the case will have to be. For, after a few unconvincing excursions into the auto-immune problems (like asthma and eczema) resulting from testosterone which are to explain why Black people suffer AIDS (not because of sexual frequencies and techniques, apparently….) and have black skin, and an extraordinarily inconclusive account of male homosexuality (failing to take the obvious step of looking for RFL/testosterone differences between sodomizers and the sodomized), Manning brings his book to a close with a splendidly engaging claim about race.

All but the most piously anti-racist readers who have got this far with the present review will know of the claims of Philippe Rushton, Richard Lynn and the London School that the main established psychological gradation between the human races is that running from East Asians through Caucasians to Negroes and characterized primarily as one of inherited general intelligence (cf. IQ) though also being linked to law-abidingness and sexual restraint.

Well, Manning likewise has a broad dimensional claim to outline – set out finally in a graph on the penultimate page of his book. Though not especially motivated to study race – and thus apparently never having read any London School work – the empirical studies which he has found or organized have yielded a clear and interesting picture, bringing together Blacks and East Asians (Zulus, Jamaicans, Chinese and Japanese) as high-RFL and distinguishing them from the typically low-RFL Europeans (Polish, Spanish, English and Hungarian – with Germans and Gypsies scoring a little higher, intermediate with Chinese levels).

For just what this means (if it replicates), Manning’s readers are left to refer to the book’s earlier claims. But the finding of a marked and allegedly important similarity between Blacks and East Asians will amaze many – and not just Rushton and Lynn. This is particularly because, having started his book by tending to play up the advantages of early testosterone (good for the heart, supposedly), Manning ends by making the human shift to right-handedness (long called ‘the right-shift factor’ by the equally unmentioned Marian Annette) fundamental to language and civilization as we know it and attributing it to foetal oestrogen and thus linking it to short RFL.

While, in the year of the Peking Olympics, Chinese people might draw some encouragement from being linked with Blacks and their well-known athleticism, and even hope the similarity could assist mutual understanding in China’s growing African empire, it is hard to doubt that East Asian scholars, after their countries’ efforts to Westernize (with evident successes in the field of classical music), will not soon take umbrage at Manning’s story. Hopefully ‘revenge’ will take the happy form of empirical work; and Manning sounds the kind of person who would welcome any number of extra studies of his RFL baby.

But, while East Asians gird their evo-psychological loins, Manning should take a look at London School work, make sure he is happy in his challenge to it, and get ready to dispute with those who will demand his head as a ‘racist.’ – Not that the Europeans will mind too much, embarked as they already are on trying to impose their gentility, liberalism and feminism on immigrant Muslims (without much help from feminists).

Poles will recall their country’s 18th-century idealism as it opted for a (totally unworkable) democracy requiring a 100% level of parliamentary consensus; Spain will recall its long history as the main champion of Holy Roman Catholicism (till the richer Austria and Germany took over); the English will recall their great queens (and Mrs Thatcher); and the Hungarians will know that their astronomical suicide rate reflects high romanticism among a handsome and gracious people. But to lift the origins of civilization from the ‘polygamous’ Chinese will take some doing.



Advancing the links made by Glenn Wilson, myself and John Manning (see above) of ring finger length (relative to index finger length) to masculinity, Cambridge University research fellow John Coates reported a .45 correlation between RFL and trading profits over a 20-month period among 44 high-frequency stock market traders (Independent, 13 i; Financial Times, 13 i). Coates was happy to go along with Manning’s idea that higher RFL was caused by higher levels of foetal testosterone – but RFL was also 70% heritable and there was a substantial racial difference, with Chinese and Blacks outscoring the more ‘civilized’ and ‘feminized’ Westerners. The Financial Times (13 i) pictured the short ring fingers of P.M. Crash Gordon and Daft ‘Conservative’ Dave – and the impressively longer ring finger of Saint Barry Obama (due to take over from Brown on 20 i the job of ‘saving the world’).

Relatively short ring fingers were also noticeable on mother-of-four Cherie Blair, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and Catherine Zeta-Jones; whereas Brad Pitt and George Clooney had long ones…. The links between feminization, yaggery, short ring finger and inability to give good street directions also received some attention in New Scientist, 9 i. {Manning’s own method of measurement takes finger length as being from the tip to the midpoint of the lowest palm crease, and averages index finger / ring finger across the two hands.}


Famed and gorgeous American murderess Amanda Knox, imprisoned for life in Italy for her apparent part in slitting the throat of a British female flatmate who had declined to participate in a sex game involving a Black man, emerged (from a self-portrait) to have a remarkably long ring finger (relative to her index finger), usually thought a sign of a high testosterone level (see Manning, above) (Sun, 1 xi, ‘Weird jail pics by murderer Knox’). The observation provided another score for Relative Ring Finger Length (RRFL) – though this measure’s claimed link to masculinity had proved too much for Guardian readers (31 iii 2000).

      Researchers in Liverpool and Oxford found higher RRFLs in Neanderthals, whose reputation for sex and aggression was thus further attested (Sun, 2 xi).


Ten years after I was lampooned in the social-environmentalistic Guardian newspaper (31 iii 2000) for having taught butch lesbian E.LU. Psychology student Becky Gardiner (some twenty years previously, in a psychology practical class inspired by Eysenckian lieutenant Glenn Wilson) that her relatively long ring finger (RF) was biologically linked (via intra-uterine sex hormone production) to masculinity, competitiveness, athleticism, disagreeability, spatial ability, driving skill and financial success (see previous – esp. Manning, v 2008), the Grauniad got round to giving its readers such facts of life (even admitting racial differences in RRFL – though not precisely pointing out that the West is -- by world standards, whether happily or unhappily -- hyperfeminized) (1 xii, Tim Dowling, ‘What your fingers say about you’).

      New evidence from Binghampton University, NY, showed that the sexual propensity to go for ‘one-night stands’ was genetic – inherited on the DRD4 gene (Physorg, 1 xii).


 Longer ring fingers (more common in males, caused by greater testosterone exposure in the womb, as in the work of Britain’s John Manning [q.v.]) were found in both sexes (in an MIT study) to be linked with navigational skills (i.e. to sense of direction) (PLoS One, vii; Daily Mail, 11 vii) – whereas people with shorter ring fingers much preferred to rely for route-finding on satnav.

WALLS ALL THE RAGE  American Renaissance, 11 x:

Contrary to Western multiculti idealism, Israel had begun lending its counter-terrorism expertise to Kenya by helping that African country build a 440-mile wall along its border with Somalia. The barrier was intended to prevent Muesli terrorists from infiltrating Kenya. During a trip to Kenya, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also promised that Israeli intelligence agencies would cooperate with Kenyan officials to detect terror attacks in the early stages of their planning. Meeting with the press, Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “If you know in advance that an attack is going to happen and can preempt it, it saves lives. Israel is doing this, and we will share intelligence with Kenya and other African countries.”

    The Israeli prime minister warned that Islamic terror groups, such as ISICK and its Nigerian affiliate, Boko Haram, were gaining strength and posed a major threat to Africa and the rest of the world. “There is a raging crisis of terrorism,” Netanyahu said; “where Israel can help, we will.”

    Kenya had been the target of attacks by Somali-based terrorists. Jihadists from the Islamist Al-Shabaab group killed sixty seven people at a Westgate shopping center in Nairobi in 2013. In 2015, Al-Shabaab terrorists attacked Christians attending Garissa University, in northeast Kenya. Seven-hundred students were taken hostage, with 148 of them killed. That attack was the deadliest terror incident in Kenya since the 1998 bombing of the United States Embassy in Nairobi.

    Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto welcomed Israel’s assistance. In a nationally televised speech, he said, “Whatever it is going to cost us and whatever it will take, we are going to make sure that our country is safe.” Interior Ministry Spokesman Mwenda Njoka told the IRIN News Agency that the 700- kilometer barrier will be built by the National Youth Service under supervision of the army and Israeli experts. He explained, “The wall is basically meant to limit illegal crossing and monitor movement of people . . . . It will involve a combination of putting up obstacles and digging trenches, especially in areas which are not navigable, to prevent people from crossing into and from the country. There will be CCTV cameras powered by solar and a control centre manned by border patrol units.”

    Tunisia also announced plans to build an anti-terror wall along its border with Libya. That decision came in the wake of Islamic State’s attack on Sousse Beach, where 30 British tourists were murdered.

    Even Wahhabi-ridden Saudi Arabia was finishing a 600-mile wall to protect itself from ISICK incursions from Iraq. The border barrier had five layers of fencing with watch-towers, night-vision cameras, and radar cameras. Troops were deployed in the area. The Kingdom had also built a 1,000-mile barrier to its south, facing Yemen.

    Israel had been securing its own southern border with Jordan by expanding the fence located alongside the Sinai Peninsula. It had announced plans to add massive concrete walls that extend underground, preventing terrorists from infiltrating the country through tunnels from the Gaza Strip.


Although Western ‘social anthropologists’ and kindred postmodern leftists had long decreed that ‘races’ did not exist -- except in the pernicious minds of racists -- race tribunals were made mandatory in Brazil for all government jobs (American Renaissance, 14 x). One state even issued guidelines in September about how to measure lip size, hair texture and nose width, something that for enlightened multicults had uncomfortable echoes of racist philosophies in the 19th century. But the race commissions had a lot of support from the Black community since they allowed individual job applicants to prove that they should benefit from affirmative racism ooops action. One Afro-Brazilian even went to seven dermatologists who used something called the Fitzpatrick scale that graded skin tone from one to seven, or whitest to darkest. The last doctor even had a special machine for assigning degrees of negritude.


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Monday, October 10, 2016


Accused of “casual racism” for jesting about “half-educated tenement Scots” being over-represented in the running of English newspapers, Fawlty Towers comic genius John Cleese, 75, replied that his remark was not racism but “culturalism” (Huffington Post, 3 x). JC thus offered a solution as to how to describe putatively-fairly-deep-seated group differences without using the heavier and more political terms nationalism and xenophobia -- an example of which was soon ‘twittered’:


{Not that JC had been fair to Speccie editor Fraser Nelson, who had triggered JC’s ire by defending freedom of the press (especially to ‘entrap’ celebrities), for Highlands-born FN had been a distinguished student of gorgeous Dollar Academy, Clackmannanshire, and of mighty Glasgow University (where he took a 2:1).}


To bypass the increasing automatic internet censorship of peecee-decided racist terms on social media sites and search engines, ‘racists’ in the US began using seemingly innocent words in the place of n*ggers, kikes and slants (Times, 4 x). The new code, invented on right-wing forums, used the word “googles” to refer to Blacks, “skypes” for Jews and “yahoos” for Mexicans. The term “skittles” was used for Muslims, because of a tweet by Donald Trump Jr, son of the US presidential candidate, in which he compared Syrian refugees to poisoned Skittles sweets.

    The new vocabulary had sprung up among the ‘alt-right’ in America, whose adherents typically considered mainstream conservative politicians to be too weak on issues such as ‘immigration’ (i.e. third-world Muesli invasion). It had been ‘linked’ by religious-maniacal BEM-lovers to White supremacy groups.

Many of the coded messages had been posted in support of Donald Trump’s run for the White House. In line with ‘liberal’-left hysteria about even the most modest or jokey race realism, Hillary Clinton had accused her Republican rival of “taking hate groups mainstream”. The advantage of the new code was that censorious internet giants who wished to outlaw racism would have to ban internet use of their own names.


 As Britain’s MSM and most politicians settled into steady whingeing about Brexit, the ‘liberal’ tyrants of Brussels provided a handy reminder as to the alternative. A report from the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) deplored there was an increase in ‘hate speech’ and racist violence in the UK from 2009 to March 2016 (Express, 6 x).

Blaming the press for stirring up race realism, ECRI Chair Christian Ahlund said: “It is no coincidence that racist violence is on the rise in the UK at the same time as we see worrying examples of intolerance and hate speech in the newspapers, online and even among politicians.”

The A/A*-lovers’ report made a whopping 23 recommendations to PM Theresa May’s new Government for changes to criminal law, the freedom of the press, crime reporting and equality law. And despite the report not analysing MSM’s fanatically discouraging coverage of the historic Brexit vote, Mr Ahlund saw fit to comment on the UK’s decision to leave the EU. In a sweeping statement, he said:

“The Brexit referendum seems to have led to a further rise in ‘anti-foreigner’ sentiment, making it even more important that the British authorities take the steps outlined in our report as a matter of priority.”

In particular, Ahlund demanded that the British press avoid mentioning that terror episodes and arrests involved Muslies; but, happily, Brexit seemed increasingly likely to be ‘hard’ – including refusal of such Eurodirectives as of the Continent’s supply of gypsies, pumigrants and kindred free-riding welfare seekers.

*The classification ‘Arab/African’ achieved a certain vindication from the White House which put forward a proposal to add a new racial category for people from the Middle East and North Africa (MENAns) under what would be the biggest realignment of Federal racial definitions in decades (USA Today, 1 x). If approved, the new designation could appear on US census forms in 2020 and could have far-reaching implications for racial identity, anti-discrimination laws and health research. (MENAns had long been called White by US officialdom in order to oblige American-naturalized Syrians, who did not want to be classified as Asian.)


A statue of Mahatma Gandhi was scheduled for removal from the top university campus in Ghana after professors launched a petition claiming the revered Indian independence leader and thinker was racist (Guardian, 7 x). The statue of Gandhi had been unveiled only in June at the University of Ghana campus in Accra by Pranab Mukherjee, the president of India, as a symbol of close ties between the two countries.

But in September a group of professors started a petition calling for the removal of the statue, saying Gandhi was racist and that the university should put African heroes and heroines “first and foremost.” The petition stated “it is better to stand up for our dignity than to kowtow to the wishes of a burgeoning Eurasian super power”, and quoted passages written by Gandhi which said Indians were “infinitely superior” to black Africans.

{Another statue of Gandhi was to remain, however – in Parliament Square, London, near one of Churchill even though (when Gandhi had launched his campaign of ‘peaceful resistance’ against White rule), Churchill had raged that he "ought to be lain bound hand and foot at the gates of Delhi, and then trampled on by an enormous elephant with the new Viceroy seated on its back."}


 As American presidentialist ‘The Donald’ provoked outrage among NYTwits and scores of his own Republican supporters when privately taken 10-yr-old video footage disclosed him attributing his occasional fun-loving sexual lewdness to knowing that – when among his fans – he ‘could have any girl he wanted’, a British court heard from ‘rape’-accused young star footballer Ched Evans that he, too, knew he, er...., ‘could have any girl he wanted,’ as could any of his footie pals from girls who pretty literally threw themselves at their loaded idols.

Such were the faxalife among teenage honeys enthused by celebrities, champagne and cheques. Ukip’s Nigel Farage, visiting Missouri, took time off from damping down an ‘altercation’ between senior kippers (one hospitalized) to observe that “alpha male” talk such as Trump’s, though ugly, was commonplace in bars and locker rooms – and not unmatched in some girlie discussions of the opportunities presented by men (Observer, 9 x).

Yet there was no stopping the new moralism – which even allowed Scotland’s First Ministress, Nicola Fish, to call new UK PM Mendacious May “racist” for her Brexiteer ambitions to fight EUSSR high-heidjun Commissar Druncker without revealing her tactics to foreigners at the LSE and to increase the percentage of UK doctors who could speak English.

Yes, while the church declined, the new peeceee-licensed Puritanism of spotting rapism and racism was everywhere. One might have thought hysterics would have learned from the case of Sir Cliff Richard – who, falsely accused of paedophilia by British police and BBC in 2015, looked set to win millions of pounds in compensation.


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Monday, October 03, 2016


The leader of the Hungarian Reformed Church, Hungary’s second-largest religious denomination, blasted Germany’s immigration policies as a “false calculation” and “delayed suicide” in a televised interview.

Speaking on the morning programme of the state all-news channel M1, Bishop István Bogárdi Szabó said that representatives of the Reformed church in Germany have told him that Germans believe that fully 30 years are necessary for a German newborn to grow up to become an earner and tax-paying citizen -- as opposed to only three years in the case of young adult migrants. This, however, the bishop said, is a “false calculation” and amounts to “delayed suicide” for invaded countries, because an additional 8-12 people will be likely “enter the system” (e.g. as  children or other relatives} even if integration of the one individual within three years were possible....

Concerning Hungary’s referendum on the EU’s proposed compulsory refugee quotas on 2 October, the Reformed bishop called upon followers of his church to exercise their right to vote according to their own convictions, but added that Hungary still had “much to learn” in freely answering questions about the merits and drawback of immigration.

11.6 per cent of the Hungarian population declared themselves to be followers of the Reformed Church at the 2011 population census.

{Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, Archbishop of Vienna and tipped to be the next Pope, had chosen September 12, the anniversary of the 1683 Siege of Vienna, when Turkey's Ottoman troops nearly conquered Europe, to deliver a most dramatic appeal to save Europe's Christian roots. "Many Muslims want and say that 'Europe is finished'," Cardinal Schönborn said, before accusing Europe of "forgetting its Christian identity." He then denounced the possibility of "an Islamic conquest of Europe."}


After two decades of abandoning its famous White Australia policy, a half of Australians were becoming aware – like America’s Donald Trump – that there were some putative immigrants who were less desirable than others – even than snobby snivelling Poms (Telegraph 21 ix).

....A new poll showed 49 per cent of the country would support Pauline Hanson’s proposal to ban Muslim immigration Down Under.

Ms Hanson, who shot to fame for her attacks on [East] Asian immigration as an MP in the 1990s, made a return to parliament in July, 20 years after she was first elected.

The firebrand politician who was leader of the One Nation party, had wasted no time placing herself back in the spotlight, using her first speech to the senate to warn that Australia was in danger of being “swamped” by Muslims.

The Essential Poll asked whether Australians would support or oppose Ms Hanson’s proposal to ban Muslim immigration.

A staggering 49 per cent supported the idea -- with the main reason being “they do not integrate into Australian society” -- and 40 per cent opposed it.


The central connection between America’s new ‘alt-right’ and (race) realism was explained in the Daily Caller, 21 i

The failure of conservatism to prevent the left’s takeover of the West is what has driven the emergence of the alt-right. Despite Hillary [Clinton]’s attempts at caricature, the alt-right is not a frog. Neither is it the monolithic entity that goose-steps out of the fevered imaginations of transgender Social Justice Warriors in recently re-segregated campus dorms across the nation. It is an organic reaction to the degenerate and destructive program the left has relentlessly pushed upon the peoples of the West.

Hillary is correct, though, that this new movement from the right has emerged from the fringes of society. All effective counter-cultural movements do. This is where the ‘deplorables’[Clinton’s term] all hang out. It is also where the ideas which are forbidden by the leftist establishment emerge, develop and organise. The alt-right does not have a single philosophy. Instead it is a multi-pronged intellectual attack upon the legitimacy of the ruling establishment in the West. This philosophical diversity is key to its strength.

There are several core tenets of alt-right thinking, however, which unify the different factions within the movement. Key to these is realism when it comes to race, gender, culture and beliefs. Despite the histrionics of the leftist establishment, these views have not been considered controversial historically. For everyone except postmodern Cultural Marxists, it is obvious that there are distinct differences between the races and between the sexes. Some cultures are obviously more successful at creating civilisation than others. If it is sexist that women bear the primary responsibility for raising progeny, then biology is sexist. If it is racist that East Asians have higher IQ’s, lower crime rates and higher incomes than Sub-Saharan Africans, then genetics is racist. Even if reality hurts your feelings, it’s still reality.


A strikingly robust set of flyers warning of Black proclivities made an appearance on campus in Michigan (Mic, 26 ix).

The Black Student Union and others at the University of Michigan shared two images on their social media accounts Monday morning depicting anti-black flyers seen circulating around campus.

One was titled “Why White Women Shouldn’t Date Black Men,” while the other featured a call for European Americans to “stop apologizing” and “living in fear.”

“White people have the right to exist,” read the second poster.

The flyer advocating that white women stay away from black men listed reasons like, “Your kids probably wouldn’t be smart” and “you should probably just avoid black men.”

It goes on to highlight stories about black men who had killed white women, claiming that relationships between black men and white women “[start] with brutal rape, then get much worse.”


The much vaunted chess-grandmasterly ambitions of a BEMLBGTQ Ugandan were exposed as bogus in the Daily Caller, 22 ix.

The wider media has been quick to herald Phiona Mutesi a chess “prodigy.” She certainly faced odds, too: Born into poverty in Uganda, a young girl, learning and then competing in the world’s most competitive and ubiquitous board game. What are the odds? It’s a heart warming, underdog story. It even inspired a movie.

The only problem is it’s not really true.

The Disney movie “Queen of Katwe,” set for U.S. release Sept. 30, describes Mutesi’s meteoric rise from despair in the slums just outside Uganda’s capital to an international figure of prominence, indeed even a “Woman Candidate Master,” (WCM) on the chess scene. But the mythology surrounding her actual performance has reached such heights that chess grandmasters are coming out to weigh in.

They tell The Daily Caller News Foundation her chess performance is no better than an average club player, and that the award is essentially little more than symbolism.

As one grandmaster noted bluntly, “Let me not mince words: by a purely objective standard, Phiona is not a strong chess player; she is equivalent to a weak-to-average club player (class C or B in the U.S.).”

By 2012, the World Chess Federation (FIDE) awarded Mutesi the WCM, the lowest-ranked title, following her performance in the 40th Chess Olympiad in Istanbul. Normally, the WCM title requires that recipients reach–at least once in their career–a rating of 2000, according to the FIDE title handbook.

Her Elo rating at the time was 1686, a massive gap from the required 2000, but it seems as though FIDE officials granted her the title based on her performance at Istanbul.

At the 2012 Olympiad, she won just a single match against a Korean rated 1542. She drew three times and also lost three times. That was enough to receive a WCM.

Since then, the media has inexplicably fawned over Mutesi.... Mutesi’s current ranking out of all world registered players is 176,281. Out of all active registered players in the world, her ranking is 91,051. Even among all female active players, her ranking is similarly unremarkable: 5,422.


 Despite a half of Brits, Frog, Ozzies and Yanks telling pollsters they wanted to get tough on Muesli immigration, the West’s ‘conservative’ (i.e. cuckservative) leaders (May, LePen, Turnbull, Trump) continued to provide only mealy-mouthed acknowledgment of public rejection of the ‘liberal’-left project and its crackpot demands for globalization (universal slavery) and political correctness (speech tyranny) – and they certainly couldn’t bring themselves to discuss Mohamedanism (suppression of women and just about everything else apart from beheading, amputation and FGM).

Of course, the politicians had an excuse in that churchmen and even star political philosophers like Britain’s John Gray (BBC R4, 2 ix, 08:50) declined to say just what Western values (monogamy) they proposed to defend against tax-borrow-and-spend cultural Marxism with its obscene enrichment of do-gooders.


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