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As White British distaste for third-world – and especially for gypsy and Muesli – immigration remained undiminished (with 60% of Whites thinking there was a ‘culture clash’, 15% voting UKIP, and even a few score risking turning out for a noisy Pegida [Patriotic Europeans against the Islamification of the West] confrontation with A-NL/UAF ‘anti-racists’ and anarchists in Whitehall, the Observer’s Kenan Malik provided the latest leftist account of what had gone wrong despite PeeCee’s take-over of the British establishment and suppression of virtually all dissent (5 iv).

Yes, the problems of multicultidom were to be blamed not on stupidity, criminality, hysteria or psychoticism but on Western authorities themselves:

".... [following] the influential 2000 Parekh report on multiculturalism, the authorities attempted to manage diversity by putting people into particular ethnic and cultural boxes, defining individual needs by virtue of the boxes into which people were put, and using those boxes to shape public policy. They treated minority communities as if each were a distinct, homogenous whole, each composed of people all speaking with a single voice, each defined by a singular view of culture and faith. The most conservative figures often came to be accepted as the authentic voices of minority groups.

    The consequence has been to create a more parochial sense of identity. And for a small group of Muslims, tribalism has led them to find their identity and an authentic Islam in Islamism. The attraction of jihadism to some Muslims is an issue that needs confronting. But it does not reveal a problem with Muslim integration as such, or with too much immigration.

    The problem of is not one of too much immigration or diversity. It lies, rather, in the impact of the policies enacted to manage diversity."

That some 60% of third-world immigrants maintained their own religion, language, music, dress code, cuisine, drug regime, misogyny, authoritarianism and sex habits (including female circumcision and cousin marriage) without the slightest insistence or labelling by White “authorities” had evidently escaped KM’s attention.

Even more astonishingly, KM forgot that, since 9/11, Mueslis worldwide had provided televised evidence of the bloodthirstiness (not least towards each other) which had distinguished their religion since its inception. As Ayaan Hirsi Ali said, “"Violence in the name of religion is endemic in the Muslim world today, from Afghanistan to Tunisia, from Yemen to Syria and Iraq."


 Blowing Western multiculti illusions apart, the conquering Iran-backed Shitites of Iraq declined to make much distinction between the Sunnis of ISIS/Daesh and the Sunnis who just wanted a quiet life (Guardian, 5 iv). Sunnis who wanted to return to their homes in battle-scarred areas of Iraq were subjected to intrusive vetting at the hands of militias and security forces, and suffered regular discrimination from officials in Baghdad.

Said one Sunni: “The sheikhs who come to see me from Anbar tell me regularly of the abuse at checkpoints. It is insufferable.” In Baghdad’s Sunni enclave of Adhamiyeh, Sheikh Mustafa, an imam in the Abu Hanefah mosque (a central institution of Sunni learning in Iraq) said discrimination against Sunni residents and refugees was now a “very big problem”. “No [Sunni new arrival] can now live in Baghdad without a guarantor,” he said. “And that guarantor must say that this person is not a member of Daesh [Isis]. We cannot let this get out of control here. If another sectarian war is going to happen, Baghdad will be a pool of blood.”

American academic Juan Cole told the Guardian: “Arabs today are like brothers and enemies at the same time. Each subgroup brandishes its religious or ethnic identity to confront the other subgroup in a futile war, in which all will lose … In short, the fall of Arabism as a unifying identity will mark the start of a series of civil wars among brothers. And once those wars start, nobody knows when or how they will end.”

Meantime, the West continued with its knickers in a twist, bombing to help Shitites in Iraq and arming Saudi Solunnis to fight Shitites in Yemen.


 While Mueslis mounted orgies of killing and destruction in their own lands (Iraq, Syria and Yemen being the latest) and orgies of pimping White teenies in the British Midlands, all funded by Western aid and welfare (since the poor Arabs had money only for guns and tanks....), UK politicos continued to take their ease – not closing a single mosque, cancelling a single traitor’s citizenship or demanding the speaking of English, and actually hob-nobbing with the Islamofascists of ‘MEND’ [‘Muslims for Engagement and Development’] who offered for a fee or somesuch to swing parliamentary elections in Muesli areas of London and Bradford (Sunday Telegraph, 5 iv, Andrew Gilligan).

MEND reckoned it could deliver some twenty seats to selected candidates as a result of Muesli ghettoes concentrating votes. Building a block of Muesli MPs would be further assisted by the standard practice of the BBC using its vast compulsory licence fee income to denounce critics of the Muesli take-over of Britain as ‘racist.’


Blogstar Sun-signed and Oz-bound Katie Hopkins (q.v.), who had criticized the sexual shenanigans of Britain’s Pakistanis, urged keeping dry eyes about Alzheimers, to which she said she would find suicide preferable (Daily Telegraph, 8 iv). After all, she queried, what was the point of continuing one’s life if one did not know one was living it?


 As the followers of The Prophet continued to disgrace themselves by their disgusting murderous brutality in Arabia, the big players Saudi, Turkey and Egypt had top-level discussions. Yet despite these Solunnis agreeing with the Shitites of Iran and Iraq that the over-enthusiastic psychopaths of ISIS had to be squashed, uncertainty and carnage lay ahead for years. The Week, 4 iv:

"A lot of the Gulf countries feel they are being thrown under the bus," said Mishaal Al Gergawi, a commentator in the United Arab Emirates. Saudi King Salman recently met with the presidents of Egypt and Turkey, the two Sunni states with the most military muscle, to discuss uniting against the Iranian threat. The new Great Game, it appears, has just begun — and years of chaos and violent conflict appear inevitable."

In the 20th century, each state had its ‘one-man show,'" said Uzi Rabi, an expert on the region at Tel Aviv University. "We are on a journey to an unknown chapter in the Middle East.''


 Sex offending is written in the genes, an unprecedented study showed, with the brothers and fathers of men convicted of sex crimes being almost five times more likely to commit a rape or sexual assault than ordinary men of similar age and family relationships (Daily Telegraph, 9 iv, Sarah Knapton [Science Editor]; Internat.J.Epidemiology, 9 iv). Researchers at Oxford University and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden said around 40 per cent of the risk of committing a sex crime was straightforwardly genetic, with the remaining 60 per cent down to personal factors [‘unshared’—e.g. birth order, individual appearance, choice of friends] and environmental factors [such as being abused as a child, upbringing, wealth and education].

Said Professor Seena Fazel, of Oxford University’s Department of Psychiatry, “What we have found is high-quality evidence from a large population study that genetic factors have a substantial influence on an increased risk of being convicted of sexual offences.”

The study analysed data from all 21,566 men convicted for sex crimes in Sweden between 1973 and 2009. Being only a paternal half-brother of a sex criminal – so the two did not usually live together -- did little to decrease either risk (from the rate of 0.5% among men in the general population) or similarity with half-siblings. The researchers suggested that genes linked to increased impulsivity, egotism and decreased intellectual ability could be responsible.

    The idea that sexual offending tends to be clustered in families was not new, but typically had been put down to a “cycle of abuse” -- an idea that had probably been given too much weight, the authors argued. Instead, they said, the similarity between relatives was mostly explained by genetics (Guardian, 9 iv).

    In February it had emerged that Jimmy Savile’s brother Jonny had also molested women at a mental health home.

    {For distinction between genetic effects that are straightforwardly additive, multiplicative [epistatic], environmentally interactive and environmentally covariational, see TgF Chapter 3.}


A new but little remarked inspection time estimate, using the exposure time needed for a subject to identify a colour, turned out to have yielded a substantial correlation with IQ – even in a study of Belfast university students having an average IQ of 114 and a restricted IQ range [standard deviation] of 8: C. McCrory, C. Cooper, Overlap between visual inspection time tasks and general intelligence, Learning and Individual Differences 17 (2007) 187–192; Elsevier. The authors’ summary follows.

"The stimulus display duration required for subjects to accurately compare the length of two line lengths (known as Inspection Time: IT), reliably correlates around 0.5 with general intelligence. It is not clear, however, if this correlation reflects general “speed  of processing”, or some other element of the task. There is a consequent need for new experimental paradigms. We describe a novel IT task where participants viewed a sequence of eight briefly-presented coincident coloured circles, the first of which was presented for a variable duration. Participants reported the colour of the first circle. The threshold for perceiving this colour correlated 0.37 and 0.38 (pb0.05) with two conventional IT tasks within a sample of 75 students. It also correlated significantly with scores on a timed measure of the Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices (r= −0.39, p<0 .01="" p="">
{Traditionally, correlations between IT and IQ are higher in subjects of mediocre and lower intelligence -- TgF Chapter 2. And the present authors’ low range of their bright subjects would have further limited the extent of their correlation. So this study provides good confirmation of the generallity of the IT-IQ relation – and thus of the key involvement of ‘speed of intake’ in intelligence.}


‘Revolutionary’ France which had given house-room to 7M Mueslis from whom it had endured welfare demands, nightly car burnings, the murder of journalists and Jews and constant threats to its soldiery, found that even its supply to ISIS of 50% of the West-dwelling Mahometans who had gone to Syria to back jihad was not enough to dissuade fun-loving fanatics from closing down its Paris-based World Service [TV5M] broadcasting for a day and e.g. replacing scheduled programmes with caliphate propaganda (Daily Mail, 10 iv).

{Still, British politicos continued to rest in their beds ooops busy theselves with a general election campaign involving no parliamentary-style debating, no established facts, no jokes and certainly no mention of any foreign country or of the hundreds of A/As crossing the Mediterraean daily to get into Western Europe. What studied insouciance ooops PeeCee!}


 Two of Denmark’s major political parties, the Social Democrats and the Danish People’s Party, started a pre-election race by competing to have the toughest stance on immigration and asylum issues (AmRen, 7 iv). Large posters of a smiling PM Thorning-Schmidt (SD) addressing all newcomers with the words “If you come to Denmark, you should work” appeared, pasted along bike lanes and on buses all over the Copenhagen area.

Analysts said this message was in line with the SD’s traditional ethos of all contributing to society to the best of their abilities before claiming any entitlements. But the hard-line Danish DPP hit back with a demand that asylum seekers in Denmark should only be granted ‘family re-union’ (to bring in illiterate A/A first-cousin arranged wives) once after being granted permanent residency in Denmark (i.e. after 5 years).


Interviewed about his new book Magna Carta, Britain’s top BBC-presentable ‘right-wing’ constitutional historian, the council-house-born, homosexual and doubly club-footed David Starkey, 70, was happy to ponder on questions of ability (Daily Telegraph, 11 iv) – though without mentioning the 110-year old g factor which Spearman and Burt had discovered.

On ‘geek’ Hampstead-dwelling Labour leader Red Ed Mililitre:
“Miliband is a man of high ambition and low talent – the worst possible combination. His whole language at the moment is ‘soak the rich, hate the rich.’ It’s snide, it’s mean-spirited and, of course, it defies the truth that economies depend on the intelligent, the entrepreneurial, those who were created with money. One may not like it, one may disapprove of it, but all the nice things that we want come essentially from their abilities.”

On race and racism: “The term ‘racist’ has become totally without meaning. I think there are cultural differences, there are all sorts of differences. It’s very odd, isn’t it? We’re on the one hand told there are no genetic differences between races and yet on the other hand it is very striking how different -- more or less -- racial groups seem to perform athletically, intellectually, commercially, whatever. Who knows? I don’t know. I’m not a geneticist.”

On wymmin: “I just recognise gender differences. We are biologically different, and in many ways we’re emotionally different. Of course we are. And it’s rather a good thing. There’s overwhelming psychological evidence. It’s not for nothing that on the whole women have not been soldiers. The genders are different. And the whole thing is not just the result of wicked gender grooming. It’s not simply societal. It is the result of biology.

Obviously. I think that the evidence suggests that there are different distributions of intelligence between men and women -- that women tend to cluster more around the mean, men are either very, very bright or very thick.”

Top statesman, Singapore leader Lee Kuan Yew (q.v.) had also picked up some London School ideas:

“The bell curve is a fact of life. The blacks on average score 85 per cent on IQ and it is accurate, nothing to do with culture. The whites score on average 100. Asians score more … the Bell Curve authors put it at least 10 points higher. These are realities that, if you do not accept them, will lead to frustration because you will be spending money on wrong assumptions and results cannot follow.”
– Lee Kuan Yew: The Man & His Ideas, 1997

{LKY resembled Enoch Powell (q.v.) in having won a double-starred First at Cambridge. Like David Starkey, LKY had graduated from Fitzwilliam College – set up in 1869 to help boys from poorer backgrounds. Starkey went on to become a Fellow of the college – his rise to distinction providing some justification for his view that people having mental and physical handicaps should not bellyache about being ‘victims.’}


 In a week when star BBC presenter Jeremy Paxman had queried why males should be over-represented 4-to-1 in teams of students coming forward to compete in the TV quiz ‘University Challenge’, the Boat Race(s) crews of (victorious) Oxford and (defeated) Cambridge showed the women rowers needing 2½ more minutes than the men to complete the Putney-to-Mortlake course. (For the first time, the male and female teams had raced on the Thames on the same day, with the same weather conditions and before the same crowd of cheering onlookers.)


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After local Labour MP Simon Danczuk raised a Pakistani flag over Rochdale town hall as an act of ‘community cohesion’ in an area where eight Paks had been jailed for grooming, drugging, exploiting and prostituting White girls, the Sun’s columnist Katie Hopkins {see below} complained it was “outrageous” and promptly found herself reported to police by SD for “inciting racial hatred” (Guardian, 30 iii).

    The MP had proudly posted a photo of himself on Twitter with two men of Pakistani origin at the flag-raising ceremony. This infuriated Hopkins, who replied with a photograph of eight of the men convicted for offences connected to child exploitation. Above the image, she wrote: “Are these your friends too ‪@SimonDanczuk? Is this why you are raising the Pakistani flag in Rochdale? 77 years inside.”

Another post Danczuk reported to the police said: “Your Pakistani friends saw young white girls as fair game when they abused them. Do NOT lecture me on community cohesion, fool.”

A further tweet from KH said: “Raising a Pakistani flag in Rochdale is not helping community cohesion. It is inflammatory. ‪@SimonDanczuk you & your party disgust me.” But SD was prepared to use the multiculti left’s suppressive and punitive armoury even in a case where paedohysteria would usually have been required.

    A Guardian correspondent noted: The same people who call for someone who makes an insensitive remark to be arrested are the same people who support those who say burning poppies is a "right to free expression." I do not wish to silence any voice, whether of those who revel in being offended, who burn flags, or who draw cartoons. The moment someone is dragged away for something that they have said then the age of words has died and a new, more dangerous, era has started.


Not to be spared paedohysteria was the UK’s most spectacular twentieth-century politician, Enoch Powell (1912-1998),  whose wife, daughters, friends and race-realist supporters learned that Britain’s modern Cassandra had been denounced to police on a double-hearsay claim dating back to 1980 that he had once enjoyed a little ‘satanic child abuse.’ His biographer, Simon Heffer, recorded his own outrage both at the allegation and at its having been relayed by bishops of Enoch’s beloved Church of England (Daily Mail, 30 iii):

These post-Savile accusations bring to mind the hysteria surrounding allegations of satanic abuse in the late 1980s and early 1990s, including notorious cases in Rochdale and the Orkneys that involved social workers and police forcibly removing children from their homes in dawn raids {to ‘spare’ them from their sex- and witch-obsessed parents}.

This was not the first time that Powell had been treated by ‘liberal’-leftists to smears that were just too good to be false: in 1998, the BBC had claimed that the scourge of mass immigration had hypocritically visited the West Indies in 1953 to begin recruiting cheap Black labour for the NHS – a falsehood for which the Beeb eventually issued an apology.


 New claims for a causal effect of parental income on child intelligence issued from the leftist hotbed of  Columbia University (Guardian, 31 iii; Nature Neuroscience). The researchers, led by Professorette Kim Noble, scanned the brains of more than 1,000 children aged three to 20 years old and, “after taking genetic factors into account,” found that the surface area of the children’s cerebral cortex tended to larger as family income rose.

The surface area of the cerebral cortex was typically 6% larger in children from familes with an income greater than $150,000 (£101,000), when compared to families earning $25,000 (£17,000) or less.

{However, even if genetic factors had indeed been controlled for, a 6% extra brainpower seemed small beer for a 600% greater supply of parental cash. Prof. Kim planned to look next at causation by experimentally dishing taxpayer dollars randomly to lucky mothers.}  See also here


 High hopes entertained by environmentalistic idealists were dashed as ten employees of a recruitment company that aimed to get people back into work were proved to have fraudulently claimed nearly £300,000 from taxpayers (Guardian, 31 iii). The staff members – most having foreign names -- worked for Action 4 Employment (A4e), which was contracted by HMG to help people “from difficult backgrounds” gain the necessary training and skills.

The staff made up scores of files, forged signatures and falsely claimed they had helped 167 people find jobs, enabling the fraudsters to hit targets and get bonuses. Some staff even falsified documents, using the names of their own family members; while others offered bribes in the form of vouchers to get people to fill out bogus forms.

Sentencing began in criminal courts in Reading and Oxford. Altogether, A4E, which was headed until the fraud came to light by PM Daft Dave’s ‘back-to-work tsar,’ Emma Harrison, had lifted millions of pounds from the public purse. The crimes came to light as an A4E employee blew the whistle on the scam.

    At the same time, nursery places for infants were found to have no improving effect on educational level by age 5 or subsequently (Daily Telegraph, 31 iii – research by Institute for Fiscal Studies). £1B had been spent annually by Labour on ‘free’ nursery places – taking the percentage of infants registered from 37% to 88% across 1997-2007; but, despite fond hopes of achieving a ‘double dividend’ of improving school readiness and getting womyn out to work, only the latter objective was achieved

I remember my mother, the day that we met,
A thing I shall never entirely forget;
And I toy with the fancy that, young as I am,
I should know her again if we met in a tram.
But mother is happy in turning a crank
That increases the balance in somebody's bank;
And I feel satisfaction that mother is free
From the sinister task of attending to me.

                                      The Song of Education


 That mentions of the likely homosexuality (whether or not ‘repressed’) of GermanWings Airbus mass murderer Andreas Lubitz had to be handled with the utmost ‘sensitively’ (for fear of yag wrath) was indicated by their remaining minimal in MSM – and non-existent in the Guardian.

Instead of pursuing AL’s trawling of the dark side of the internet for gay porn, MSM preferred speculation that Lubitz suffered prolonged ‘depression,’ ‘burn-out,’ ‘retinal detachment,’ ‘suicidal tendencies,’ ‘obsessions,’ ‘psychopathy,’ ‘mania,’ ‘narcissism’ and ‘psychosomatic issues’ as well as bad reports of his temper from two on-off girlfriends (one of whom had somehow got pregnant).

By contrast, internetters freely explained that AL had been nicknamed ‘Tomato Andi’ by his fellow pilot-trainee colleagues from his preparatory months as a flight attendant; and that yags used ‘tomato’ for a presumed queer who was ‘fruit’ mistaken as a vegetable.


A joyous time of feel-good peace and harmony was arranged for Britain by HMG and MSM throughout Christianity’s great Festival by the simple expedients of ignoring all world problems (the agonies of Arabia, Africa, Ukraine etc. supposedly being the distant work of not-true-Muslims and Russian fascists, and emphatically not attributable to race-unrealistic Western interventions), emptying Parliament for five months, holding televised non-debates which ignored such topics as the transformation of the country into one of agrammatical, Cockney-accented, mumbling, iPad-addicted, tieless pseudo-graduates who lived on bankers’ casino gambling, low-wage immigration, ‘free’ elf care and borrowing – they hoped -- from the next generation that Paks, gyps and welfare-dependents would breed.

To fill the time, a General Election was scheduled for May 7 in which punters would vote in complete chaos as to whether they were selecting (or deselecting) a party, a PM, an MP, a UK or a EUSSR from multi-candidate lists in a first-past-the-post system.

Happily, the confusion was fuelled by Belgian chocolate, French nougat and by British-Empire hot cross buns being on sale for six weeks prior to Good Friday; and the pasta-scoffing Pope of homosexualised (though officially paedohysterical) Welfarianity was to provide inspiration for Britain’s fatties by slimming down his increasingly upholstered figure in line with his quacks’ requirements that he diet and exercise.

    With such tomfoolery to hand, the stultifying effect of PeeCee on British comedy and academia could be set aside, along with HMG having spent £50M prosecuting – unsuccessfully, thank heaven (juries refused to convict) – ten London journalists who had done nothing more than provide drinks and pocket money for officials who were all too willing to blab about their contacts with high heidjuns on the country’s merry-go-round.

Along with abolishing council housing, re-introducing payment for medical prescriptions and having all official business and schoolteaching conducted in English – moves which would, after lively discussion, solve Britain’s main voter-perceived problems of national bankruptcy, failing elf services and third-world immigration – killing off PeeCee would, by re-liberating Britain in the year of Magna Carta’s 800th anniversary, immediately improve the nation; but, a low-neuroticism folk, Brits would probably prefer the chaos that their electoral system was likely to multiply – a preference likely to persist so long as HMG and MSM provided a shield against reality-checking and the French managed to stop all but a handful of ISIL aficionados from crossing the Channel.

    Still, killing off the pseudo-religion of PeeCee probably could be done. Christianity might be a bit of a mixed bag despite having love trumping law at its centre: it was an accretion over hundreds of years of stories convenient to the Church and Constantine and even to the Jews themselves (eager to prove to the Romans that they had not demanded the crucifixion of an entirely innocent man – e.g. Ray/Brand 06).

But Christianity had something for everyone: equal rights for socialist improvers (‘consider the lily....’); stability and hierarchy for conservatives (‘render to Caesar....’); respect and nurturance for old and young; sex for heteros and homos (despite Church suppression of Jesus’ involvements with memory-storehouse girlfriend Mary and with next-to-naked boys, and its thousand-year discouragement of marriage itself; worship of the male firstborn allowed for women; and men allowed their most popular karaoke sentiment, ‘I did it my way,’ contemplating the tortures that Jesus (or his Judas-arranged stand-in) had suffered. Compared to such attractions and psychological insights, the illiberalism of boring PeeCee would surely not outrun the tyrannies of Hitler, Stalin and Mao.


  Showing more concern for the future of Christian civilization than did Election-besotted Brits, hundreds of Australians turned out in seven cities (especially Melbourne) to back the anti-Islamic ‘Reclaim Australia’ movement – an exercise involving shouting and spitting between them and supporters of ‘No Room for Racism,’ the two sides separated by mounted police (The Age [Victoria], 4 iv).


 Australia seemed likely to get its favourite glam model idol, Sun ‘trollumniste’ Katie Hopkins {q.v.},

 for several months as she took part in the country’s Celebrity Big Brother. KH had worked up a lucrative line for herself as a ‘controversial’ figure by poking fun at fatties and depressives; and her pointing {as above} to the links between Rochdale, child abuse and Pakistanis achieved more vindication as a ‘Briton’ caught on his way to Syria along with young children turned out to be the son of a Muslim Labour councillor for Rochdale (Guardian, 4 iv)


  The head-shaven Coalition minister and Conservative leader-in-waiting, Sajid Javid, a 46-yr-old banker who had risen via U.Exeter, condemned the unacceptable ‘culture’ of ‘a minority of Asians’ who treated women as third-class citizens – controlling them and knocking them about (Daily Telegraph, 4 iv); and added that “a misplaced sense of political correctness” had prevented police and social workers from “properly investigating” the drugging, raping and pimping of White teenies in his home town of Rochdale.

He said: “Some of the values that certain people in some communities have, in their attitudes to women or on the question of freedom of expression, are just totally unacceptable in British society, and we do no one any favours when we don’t investigate or talk about them.”

SJ had previously told the Spectator that “we should recognize that Christianity is the religion of our country.” {Of course, such unusual courage was a bit easier for SJ than for most of Britain’s sorry politicos, he himself being of Muslim parentage – his father a Pakistani bus driver.)


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 Having destroyed the UK’s constitution by irresponsible and unwanted patchwork semi-devolution (to ‘regions’ recognized only by a few Celts), its economy by over-borrowing, its school system by comprehensivisation, its universities by PeeCee, its health service by non-medical management, its welfare system by excess, its royals by illusory multiculti ambitions, its legislative capacity by E.U.-deputation, its criminal justice system by drugs unrealism, its postal service by egalitarian pricing, its telephone system by ‘cold calling’ and non-answering, and its streets by dog-ends, overflowing bins and non-numbering of residences, Britain embarked on subjecting its armed forces (already denied relevant weapons and policies for coping with elementary terrorism and treachery) to paedohunting – beginning with the super-eminent Army supremo Lord Bramall, 91, who had his country seat infested for hours with self-righteous cops sporting full gear of helicopters, AK47s, nightsticks and mobile televisions ooops telephones even though, at his age, he presumably bore no responsibility for the disastrous Blair Wars which had failed to set back mad Mueslis one iota and left the future of Europe in the hands of Greek socialists, Italian frauds and French countrydwellers (if also, thankfully, of Russia’s Mr Putin) (cf. Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday, 22 iii).


The amazing Singapore leader Lee Kuan Yew died at 91, having – despite his ‘authoritarianism,’ eugenicism* and Confucianism (he had successfully promulgated caning for criminals, children and soldiers and tax breaks for graduate mothers) – turned his country into a well-organized economic powerhouse and magnet for world business talent, if giving a back seat to culture and ‘human rights.’**

Richard Nixon remarked that if Lee had lived in another time and place, he would have attained the world stature of a Churchill, a Disraeli or a Gladstone. Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush respectively called Lee a "remarkable leader and statesman" and "one of the brightest and most effective world leaders that I have ever known" during the launch of Lee’s book, Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher praised “his way of penetrating the fog of propaganda and expressing with unique clarity the issues of our time and the way to tackle them." Her successor, Labour moderate and multiculti multimillionaire Tony Blair, said of Lee: he is "the smartest leader I ever met."

Lee, a Cambridge double-starred First (at Fitzwilliam College, along with his equally brilliant wife of the same Hakka racial origin), had often dismissed ideas of equality as delusions of religious and political fanatics.

LKY was a most flexible politician, getting on with even the post-War Japanese (who had sent him for execution in 1943), the unbusinesslike Malays and the communist Peking-led Chinese and extending his handouts for graduate mothers to all when it seemed expedient. LKY’s conventional multiculti sentiments notwithstanding, the fantastic success of Singapore (which became richer per caput than oil-endowed Scotland) had probably owed as much to its racial unity and attractiveness to southern Chinese as to LKY’s remarkable initiative – in particular to its being 75% Chinese and thus relatively immune from corruption that plagued multiracial societies.

* Guardian, 24 iii: In social as in economic affairs, Lee tried to shape society to an extent attempted perhaps only by Mao Zedong in recent times. What began in the early years as a voluntary family-planning campaign ended up with the state trying to influence marriage choices and “enhance” Singapore’s genetic quality by encouraging graduates to reproduce among themselves. .... Ethnic prejudice lurked just under Lee’s image of technocratic rationalism. He combined assumptions about Chinese cultural supremacy with belief in genetic theories which influenced social policy in Singapore.

** Daily Mail, 24 iii: They might engrave on his memorial one of his many sayings: ‘I tried to be correct, not politically correct.’ Lee was a great man, albeit flawed as all such are, who achieved something wholly remarkable. Our own leaders would be far better employed taking guided tours of Singapore for the next six weeks than mouthing nothings on the hustings.


Britain’s Conservative Party, which had tried to go green, love hoodies, splurge on foreign aid, allow gypsy immigration, support the disastrous Arab Spring, bring in gay marriage, and of course to abjure racism, found its starlet Pakistanie, promoted-to-Baroness Warsi, sharing platforms with Muesli extremists (Sunday Telegraph, 22 iii, Andrew Gilligan); and a Pakistani-grandparented ‘Tory-dream’ candidate, British Army captain Afzal Amin, selected by it for a Birmingham (Dudley North) seat, in secret talks to persuade the ‘far right’ English Defence League into ‘spectacular rallying’ (against the building of a £18M mosque) that the Pak ‘race hero’ would then have magically resolved to general acclaim.

Amin also appeared to tell the former EDL leader, Tommy Robinson, over a Pizza Express meal, that he would be prepared to pay EDL for canvassers because he needed “two white working-class lads” to tell voters that, if they supported the Army, they should vote for him. The crime-plotting retired army captain also pledged to act as the EDL’s “unshakeable ally” in parliament if Robinson were able to help him (Guardian, 23 iii) – but agreed to stand down as Conservative candidate when his wheeze came to light.


 The sorry state of the PeeCee-penetrated universities of the USA – a country supposedly fighting Tallyhoes, alQueerdo and ISIS – was nicely exposed by student pranksters (New York Post, 24 iii). A video sting operation showed Cornell’s assistant dean for students, Joseph Scaffido, agreeing to everything suggested by an undercover muckraker posing as a Moroccan student. Scaffido casually endorsed inviting an ISIS “freedom fighter’’ to conduct a “training camp” for students at Cornell’s upstate Ithaca campus -- bizarrely likening the activity to a sports camp.

    Is it OK to bring a humanitarian pro-“Islamic State Iraq and Syria” group on campus, the undercover for conservative activist James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas asked. Sure, Scaffido said in the recorded March 16 meeting.  Scaffido didn’t even blink an eye when the undercover asked about providing material support for terrorists – “care packages, whether it be food, water, electronics.” How about supporting Hamas? No problem at all, Scaffido replied.


 Diplomatically and majestically surmounting Russian vs American tensions, White leader Jared Taylor addressed a meeting of 300 nationalists in St Petersburg (AmRen, 24 iii). There was good broad agreement on backing Christianity and kindred traditions against Islam and third-world immigration; and on the likelihood of Russia providing once more the only serious defence of European civilization – though the meeting had eventually to be closed down due to a hoax bomb call (probably from one of 40 protesters outside the St Petersburg Holiday Inn).

European Pressphoto Agency; published in New York Times, 22 iii.
 Davidson Yukka of the National Independence Party of Finland pointed out that in some respects Russia was freer than any other country in Europe. Some forms of speech had come under attack in countries such as Finland, where it was possible to lose one’s job for criticizing homosexuals or opposing gay marriage. “The European Union is an idea that has failed,” he said, “but the politicians are still riding this dead horse.” He concluded that if our enemies abuse and denounce us it is because we are right.

    Britain was represented, e.g. by Nick Griffin, the former head of the British National Party who had become active in the new Alliance for Peace and Freedom. He argued that Western leaders have the Midas touch in reverse: Everything they touch turns to blood. He predicted that Europe will either end up as a caliphate or there will be a civil war, and that it is now Russia’s turn to lead the world and prevent catastrophe. To this end, Russia should go on a media offensive to counteract the irrational hostility found in the West. RT television broadcasts were a good first step, but they must be supplemented with a strong social media campaign. Mr. Griffin also argued that Russia should help replace the dollar as the sole means of international exchange.

    JT especially observed that the religion of America is no longer Christianity. Rather, it is “diversity”:

"We are not to believe in Jesus Christ. We are to believe that a crazy mix of races, of languages, of habits, of religions, of manners is a great and wonderful thing. The slogan of America is “diversity is our greatest strength.”

    In 2007, General George Casey, who commanded the American troops in Iraq, announced, “I firmly believe the strength of our Army comes from our diversity.” What is this? Does the strength of an army not from good training? From good weapons? From love of country? No. The US Army is strong because it has soldiers from Guatemala and the Philippines and Haiti and Mexico. This is insanity. But this insanity of diversity is the new religion of America.

    But my country is not content just to commit suicide. It wants every Western country to commit suicide. When the United States was dropping bombs on Serbia in 1999–America loves to drop bombs–General Wesley Clark explained why the bombing was necessary: There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. We are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states. And for Americans, multi-ethnic does not only mean Serbs and Croats and Bosnians. It means Arabs, Africans, Asians, Muslims, Hindus–anything and everything. That is what my country wants for you! Diversity!

    England’s ever-more peecee ‘Ukip’ and France’s yag-‘marriage’-accepting ‘National Front’ were conspicuous by their absence from the St Petersburg conference; but the get-together was subsidized by President Putin’s ‘Rodina’ party.’"


  A questionnaire issued to 400K Brits from the Psychology Department Cambridge University yielded only three recognizably valid results (from those taking the trouble to reply to the online survey, published in PLOSOne): that the university towns of London, Oxford, Cambridge and Brighton were the most ‘open-to-experience’/tender-minded/intellectual/argumentative; that East Anglians were more conscientious/conservative; and that the Welsh and Glaswegians were more neurotic (Daily Mail, 25 iii; DTelegraph, 25 iii).

{The limitations of the g-neglecting ‘Big Five’ personality dimensions which yielded the Cambridge non-result are indicated and corrected in TgF, Chap. 2, which backs extracting g and thus dealing in terms of a ‘Big Six’ (Brand, 1994, ‘How many dimensions of personality?’ Psychologica Belgica 34); R.B.Cattell, passim.}


As worldwide interest focussed on the possible motivation of Germanwings under-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who had crashed his Barcelona-bound Airbus plane in the French Alps, killing 150, authorities and MSM were distinctly slow to remark that Lubitz was single, never sported a steady girlfriend, still lived with his parents at age 28, had argued about something with his Airbus captain, had previously been known as a gay flight attendant, had been photoed in homosexual capitals San Francisco (by Golden Gate Bridge) and Miami, and (as some internetters said) “looked faggoty.”

However, after a day of denying Lubitz (a Jewish name) had any psychological problems (or “issues”), authorities did admit he had been treated for depression – perhaps not unconnected with his six-month suspension from a pilot training programe. Later, he was said to have been repeatedly issued sick notes for a “physical” problem {AIDS?}; and an attempted girlfriend said he was a “tormented soul” who craved fame and would wake with nightmares; but the homosexual possibility remained unmentioned/unmentionable for three days (Independent, 28 iii – which added that Lubitz had received psychiatric treatment from Airbus owner Lufthansa across an 18-month period).

{If mass murderer AL did turn out to be a yag, the case would long provide the star example of the horrors to which PeeCee could lead and of the dominance of peecee censorship in Western public life.}


English universities should be robbed of 25% of their student fee income, opined the ‘tsar’ of the LibCon Coalition’s Commission for Social Mobility, Equality, Harmony and Holiness, one Alan Milburn, formerly a Labour MP (Guardian, 27 iii). The resulting cash would be redirected to increasing salaries for would-be schoolteachers prepared to work in rough areas.

No evidence was offered that the largesse would improve exam results for “disadvantaged” children even on the exercises in rote learning that had become the gateway to luni entrance since 1980; but teachers of the rough should, thought Milburn, enjoy accelerated promotion to headships (and early retirement?...). Mr Milburn owed his own education to a comprehensive school and Lancaster University (formerly Preston Poly). {Yes, Britain’s LibLabCon rulers were united in their g-denying egalitarianism and environmentalism.}


As in the UK, so in the USA: multicultifiends were taking, in 2015, to pretending that they saw the need to discuss – as they always discussed... – the topic of race which they had turned over a generation into one on which the expression of ‘incorrect’ views would lead to criminalization, ostracization, banning and sacking (see Trevor Phillips, above). But, at least across the Pond, reply to conversational pseudo-enthusiasm was on offer (World Net Daily, 26 iii):

"You know just how scholarly a policy paper is when it is studded with a clichéd expression like “We need to have a conversation about . . .” The pop-phrase is familiar from these farcical usages: “We need to have a conversation about race”–when, in reality, we do nothing but subject ourselves to a one-way browbeating about imagined slights committed against the pigmentally burdened. “We need to have a conversation about immigration”–when such a “conversation” is strictly confined to a lecture on how to adapt to the program of Third World mass immigration. This particular “conversation” involves learning to live with a lower quality of life, poorer education, environmental degradation, less safety and security, more taxation and alienation.

    In this mold is a policy paper by Jennifer Bradley, formerly of the liberal Brookings Institute. Bradley had a stroke of luck. Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report found fit to link her essay on his eponymous news site. Titled “The Changing Face of the Heartland: Preparing America’s Diverse Workforce for Tomorrow,” Bradley’s Brookings essay would have been more honestly titled “Get With the Program, Middle American! Demography Is Destiny.”

    Disguised as scholarship, the Bradley essay schools Middle America at length on how to prepare its diversifying workforce for tomorrow. Thus, for example, she states that “America is on the cusp of becoming a country with no racial majority, where new minorities are poised to exert a profound impact on U.S. society, economics and politics.”

    The implication here is that this seismic shift is due to a mystic force beyond the control of the host population, rather than to willful policies in which the native population has never had a say and will likely never have one. Bradley’s particular concern is with “two demographic shifts.” The one is the aging of the predominantly white (and presumably productive) generation of Americans born after World War II. Another is the concomitant influx of “Mexicans, Hmong, Indians, Vietnamese, Somalis, Liberians and Ethiopians.”

    ....As Bradley sees it, a feature of the diversity explosion in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Midwest microcosm is a widening “race-based education and achievement gap” that will “become a drag on workforce growths unless something was done to reverse these trends.”

    Translated, this means the immigrant population isn’t measuring up. I can think of a few unexplored options to narrow the gap described. One is to welcome immigrants who’ll add value to the economy, rather than drain taxpayer resources. Bradley, however, is here not to strike up a true conversation–which would include exploring all options–but to dictate the terms of the “conversation.”

    ...Because the imported population is failing to achieve parity with the host population, Bradley has inferred that the newcomers are “underserved”; that they require more resources, when the fault could just as well lie in the kind of incompatible immigrant being privileged by policy makers. The essay’s premise is that America is “underserving” her immigrant population, when it is the other way round: Averaged out, the immigrant population is underserving the American economy.

    Demographics need not be destiny. The West became the best not by out-breeding the undeveloped world–not due to huge numbers–but because of human capital: people of superior ideas and abilities, capable of innovation, exploration, science, philosophy.


 As the dirt-poor but strategically placed Muesli state of Yemen erupted in the Solunni vs Shitite ethno-sectarian civil warfare that had long been Western people’s only hope (since their politicians were too peecee and slow-witted to abandon their fatuous hopes of bombing the Middle East into demakrazy), at least the American ‘far right’ began to wake up. Pat Buchanan (27 iii):

    "....This week, the Saudis sent their air force against the Houthi rebels who had seized the capital of Sanaa, driven out the president, and have now driven south to Aden to take over half of the country.

Why is the Saudi air force attacking the Houthis?

The Houthis belong to a sect close to the Shiite and are supported by Iran. Yet the Houthis, who bear no love for us, began this war to expel al-Qaida from Yemen. And their hatred for ISIS is surely greater than it is for us or Israel, as, last week, 137 of their co-religionists were massacred in two mosque bombings in Sanaa. ISIS claimed credit.

In summary, though the Houthi rebels in Yemen, Shiite militia in Iraq, Iran, Hezbollah, and the Alawite regime of Assad may not love us, they look on al-Qaida and ISIS as mortal enemies. And, thus far, they alone have seemed willing to send troops to defeat them.

Where are the Turkish, Saudi, Kuwaiti or Qatari troops?

During World War II, the U.S. Navy and Merchant Marine shipped tanks, guns and munitions to a Soviet Union that was doing most of the fighting and suffering most of the casualties in the war against Hitler.

No matter all the "Uncle Joe" drivel at Tehran and Yalta, we were never true friends or allies, and shared nothing in common with the monster Stalin, save Hitler's defeat.

If President Nixon could toast Mao Zedong, can we not deal with Ayatollah Khamenei?"

And why wouldn’t America admit its mistake of backing hypocritical Saudi and its alQueerdo products and instead talk with President Putin about a White/European/Nordic league that would control the Middle East via its relatively Caucasian Shitite allies of Iran and Syria? (And settle the Ukraine in the course of the rapprochement....)


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Monday, March 23, 2015


Black Labourite Trevor Phillips, who had made millions as a peecee watchdog for HMG, admitted (after years of snail-paced approximation to realism) that it was time for straight talk about the problems posed by immigrants (Daily Mail, 16 iii; TV Channel 4, 19 iii, 21:00) – though IQ was unmentioned.

The unusually reasonable Black was willing to provide late-in-the-day low-down on his former colleagues in Britain’s PeeCee-addled bureaucracy. “After 12 months at the Campaign for Racial Equality, I had come to the conclusion that, while beautiful in theory, in practice multiculturalism had become a racket, in which self-styled community leaders bargained for control over local authority funds that would prop up their own status and authority.

Far from encouraging integration, it had become in their interest to preserve the isolation of their ethnic groups. In some, practices such as female genital mutilation — a topic I’d made films about as a TV journalist — were regarded as the private domain of the community. In others, local politicians and community bosses had clearly struck a Faustian bargain: grants for votes.”

Philip Hollobone, Conservative MP for Kettering, said: “For once, Trevor Phillips is right. Political correctness has acted as a huge deterrent to people speaking their mind on the important issues of the day. The vast majority of people in Britain are not racist, but they are concerned about immigration and about crimes committed by certain sections of the community.”


Backing for Sir Cyril Burt (who had wanted 1950s Britain to have technical schools as well as grammars and secondary moderns) and The g Factor (which urged adoption of the German practice of giving parents a say in track choice for their children) was detectable in an exposition of UKIP’s views on schooling by its education spokesman, Paul Nuttall (Guardian, 17 iii).

    Less positive was The Ins and Outs of Selective Schools, edited for Civitas think-tank by Anastasia de Waal, 2015 – mainly written by teachers and giving not a single mention to Burt or g.


According to the Sydney Morning Herald (17 iiii), various Éirish politicians, including Teashoppe Enda McMurphy, and little-watched TV programmes (for most bogdwellers preferred BBC) expressed pious outrage at Oz PM Abbottybad and other well-meaning down-under politicos greeting St Paddy’s Day by remarking pleasantly enough they would ideally like to be enjoying a pint of the black stuff in Dublin.

Queensman Abbott signed off his goodwill message to the papish republic with an apology that "I can't be there to share a Guinness or two, or maybe even three". One Oz-broadcast shot had actually featured defence minister Kevin Andrews tweeting a photo of himself with the Holy Republic’s only ooops best-known product, adding to the apparently now-mortal offence in the once-cheerful alcoholic outback.

That drink was coming well and truly into peecee sights was reflected by luminary Briticized Black job-seeker Trevor Phillips blaming “alcohol-fuelled” crime especially on Whites (q.v). Thus did PeeCee prepare to contribute to the ‘liberal’-left’s accommodation with Islam.


 Lord Bates, a Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords and Home Office spokesman, said immigrant women needed to cut their birthrate – which had grown from 16% of UK births in 2001 to 25% in 2013. He was promptly jumped on by Liberal and Labour peers but stood his ground – while not finding time to specify whether he would exempt English-speaking foreign-born women who had husbands and degrees and money in a British bank (Daily Mail, 17 iii).


As set out and explained in The g Factor (1996/2000, Chap.4, pp.143-5), breastfed babies enjoy an IQ boost of around 5 IQ points compared to matched controls, a new study of 3.5K children in Brazil confirmed (Guardian, 18 iii).

Writing for the Lancet Global Health, Dr Bernardo Lessa Horta from the Federal University of Pelotas reported a follow-up into their thirties of infants born in 1982. Those who had been breastfed proved to be more intelligent, had spent longer at school and earned one third more than the national average -- more than those who had not been breastfed. And the longer they were breastfed as a baby, the better they tended to be doing – with children on the breast till at least twelve months having IQs four points higher than those for whom breastfeeding had lasted only one month or less.

Horta said his tea’s study was free of the major complication of most breastfeeding studies because, when it began in 1982, it was not just the more affluent and educated mothers who breastfed in Brazil. Breastfeeding was not limited to one socio-economic group. It was, he said, evenly distributed across the social classes. So the higher achievers at the age of 30 did not come from better-off homes.

    The study took account of family income at birth, parental schooling, genomic ancestry, maternal smoking during pregnancy, maternal age, birthweight and type of delivery to try to avoid any of those factors skewing the results.

Like The g Factor, Horta pointed to evidence from other studies of the nutritional value of mother’s milk, which is rich in long-chain polyunsaturated acids that are essential for brain growth.

From London, Dr Colin Michie, chair of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health’s nutrition committee, said: “It’s widely known that breastfed babies are better protected against chest and ear infections, are at less risk of sudden infant death and are less likely to become obese, but it’s interesting to see that breastfeeding for a prolonged period of time not only benefits the baby in the early years, but also translates into increased intelligence and improved earning ability later in life.”

{However, controversy was likely to continue as a meta-analysis of 84 breastfeeding studies had yielded no certain conclusion – Walfisch et al., 2013, British Medical Journal.}

See here for a crippling methodological defect of the Brazilian study -- JR


  ‘Race’ might have become unmentionable in polite peecee society; but such demarcations as ‘clan’ and ‘tribe’ were still OK so long as not taken too seriously or involving any distinction between peoples of Black, White and east-Asian descent.

People in Britain were still to a noticeable extent living in the same ‘clans’ as in the 6th century, a genetic study revealed (Nature, 19 iii; Daily Mail, 19 iii). Caucasian British of today could be separated into 17 distinct genetic groups, according to research looking at those whose grandparents had all been born near each other and were white-European in origin. The Oxford University findings suggested rather little had changed in Britain for almost 1,500 years, with the people of Orkney the most distinct -- a result of 600 years of Norwegian rule. By far the most common racial group involved Anglo-Saxon people tending to live towards the south-east of England (though not quite so much in the London area itself) and having a mixture of French and German genes.

    Matters of importance could not however be excluded altogether from this ‘fun’ study. Researchers Sir Walter Bodmer et al. found a concentration of special Briton genes in West Yorkshire (their possessors to be called ‘Elmets’):

.. an area which had been identified by Professor Richard Lynn as having long been one of the highest-IQ in Britain (1979, Brit.J.soc.clin.Psychol. 18, 1, 1-12, ‘The social ecology of intelligence in the British Isles’). (West Yorkshire was home to the three Brontë sisters, William McDougall, J. B. Priestley, Henry Moore and David Hockney.)

Scotland (once a high-intelligence area) was divided genetically along the lines of the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence, with true tribal Scots/Irish in the west and with Picts and Britons in its east and south.


 Despite its efforts to appease its south Asian neighbours by abandoning its White Australia policy, Oz found itself the first country to be threatened with a Camp of the Saints scenario to be officially sanctioned and funded by a previously friendly foreign government. An Indonesian minister warned that a "human tsunami" of asylum-seekers could be unleashed on Australia in retaliation if Canberra kept pressing for clemency for two Australian drug smugglers on death row, as ties between the neighbours frayed (Telegraph, 11 iii).

Several foreigners in Indonesia were due to be executed for drug-related crimes, with Australia among countries pleading with Indonesian President Joko Widodo to show mercy to its citizens. At any given time, there were some 10K would-be migrants waiting for leaky boats that might take them from Indonesia to the Workers’ Paradise. Oz had in 2004 given $1B to alleviate real-tsunami hardship in the 252M-strong, Muesli-dominated, mineral-rich but dirt-poor country.

    The head-in-the-sand West also took a new blow as mad Mueslis let loose in civilized Tunisia, killing twenty tourists and injuring eighty in a top museum; but no threats  whatever could distract peecee Nato politicos from their determination to persist with the delights of the multicultidom which they had imposed.

Whether Oz PM Tony Abbott would prove more assertive as his image was trampled underfoot by seething Indonesians remained to be seen.

    Mad Mueslis also blew up a 4th-century Christian monastery in Iraq without a squeak from the West.

    In Britain, even the influential and left-leaning think-tank Civitas rebuked human-rights-crazed judges for failing to use and handing to Europe powers that would have helped HG and Parliament with restriction of jihadist activities (Daily Mail, 20 iii) – with the law-unto-theselves creatures of PeeCee costing scores of millions of pounds in the process of detaining mad Mueslis for years in luxury jails while their cases awaited hearing.


For any whose paths had kept them away even from the West’s polite, pious, peecee media, Mueslis of the Yemen provided a visual aid of their ‘religion of peace’, with carnage of 600 worshippers as Solunnis killed 150 Shitites and injured 350 more in two mosques which ran rivers of blood once suicide bombers made the only use of Western science that they knew.

The Yemen lent itself to a north-south partition between the Shitite-dominated capital city of Sanaa and the southern Solunni port of Aden; but – not content with killing Christians, Kurds and the occasional Jew, Mueslis preferred the handier route of killing each other.

In an online statement, a group calling itself the media office of ISIS “Sanaa Province” claimed responsibility for the attack, saying that the four Sanaa suicide bombers blew themselves up among crowds of [Shitite] Houthis. “This operation is just a glimpse of an upcoming flood, God willing,” the group said in the statement. “We swear to avenge the blood of Muslims and the toppling of houses of God.” “The soldiers of ISIS ... will not rest until we have uprooted [the Houthis], repelled their aggression, and cut off the arm of the Iranian project in Yemen,” it said, referring to claims that Shi-ite powerhouse Iran was backing the rebels. Western diners ooops diplomats and four-star generals left troubled Sanaa as civil war loomed


 The four-year effort of British politicians to take revenge on journalists who had exposed MPs’s abuse of expense accounts met a sticky end as the High Court cleared Sun newsies of phone hacking – leaving in jail only a handful of the 64 originally charged, though of course also leaving many lives ruined by the shamefully prolonged prosecution and a lawyers’ bill for the taxpayer of £37M (D.Telegraph leader, 21 iii).


 Though an American survey found more ‘tolerance’ of perverts and communists since the 1970s, the liberal revision of attitudes did not extend to ‘racism’; or indeed to jokes about ‘anti-racism’:  an Alabama mayor banned adverts on highways which joked that “Diversity means chasing down the last white person.”

Criticism of cartoon-intolerant Mueslis was also intolerable:  Carol Swain, a black professor at Vanderbilt Law School unleashed demands for censorship when she wrote an op-ed piece saying that the Charlie Hebdo attacks proved critics of Islam were right.

Farishtay Yamin, head of the school’s Muslim Student Association, led hundreds in a raucous protest. Ms Yamin said that if Prof. Swain continued to speak out on “a campus that is so liberal and diverse and tolerant” she would have to be forcibly muzzled (Jared Taylor, VDare, 16 iii).

{Once upon a time, ‘tolerance’ was for views with which one did not agree, and to enforce it would have been immediately noticed as bizarre.}


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Monday, March 16, 2015


 After a century of environmentalism about ‘anxiety’, for the first time scientists demonstrated that a genetic variation in the brain makes some people inherently less anxious, and more able to forget fearful and unpleasant experiences (New York Times, 6 iii, Richard A. Friedman; cf. Brand, 2001*). This lucky genetic mutation produces higher levels of ‘anandamide’–the so-called bliss molecule and our own natural marijuana–in our brains. In short, some people are prone to be less anxious simply because they won the genetic sweepstakes and randomly got a genetic mutation that has nothing at all to do with strength of character.

About 20 percent of adult Americans have this mutation. Those who do may also be less likely to become addicted to marijuana and, possibly, other drugs–presumably because they don’t need the calming effects that marijuana provides.

    We all have anandamide, but those who have won the lucky gene have more of it because they have less of an enzyme called FAAH, which deactivates anandamide. It is a mutation in the FAAH gene that leads to more of the bliss molecule anandamide bathing the brain. People with the variant FAAH gene are less anxious and are thus less inclined to like marijuana.

They actually experience a decrease in happiness when smoking marijuana, compared with those with the normal FAAH gene, who find it pleasurable. If you naturally have more of the real thing you understandably have little use for marijuana.

    Studies show that those without the variant gene suffer more severe withdrawal when they stop using cannabis. Here, at last, is an example of a mutation that confers an advantage: lower anxiety and protection against cannabis dependence–and possibly to addiction to some other drugs, too.

Interestingly, the frequency of the advantageous FAAH mutation differs widely among ethnic groups. According to recent data from the HapMap, an international project that studies genetic similarities and differences in humans, roughly 21 percent of Americans of European descent, 14 percent of Han Chinese living in China and 45 percent of Yoruban Nigerians have been found to carry this gene variant.

* Memory for detail is chiefly linked to Neuroticism, the second-biggest of the ‘Big 5/6 dimensions of human psychological differences, as was explained in 2001, 'What is it to be high-Neuroticism? - Drive, vigilance or personal memory?’ In H.J.Eysenck & S./Jitendra Mohan (eds), Personality Across Cultures. New Delhi / New York : Oxford University Press, pp. 362ff / 376. (For a mention of this "typically incisive" chapter by Brand, see The Tribune, India, 12 viii 2001.)


 After several decades of seeking out and fawning on non-White potential immigrants, Australia showed increasing signs of recognizing its mistake – which had brought it nothing but higher crime and welfare dependency and the anyhow-unceasing condemnation of international do-gooders.

Australians were "sick of being lectured to by the United Nations", said Prime Minister Tony Abbott after a report found Australia's treatment of asylum seekers breached an international anti-torture convention (Sydney Morning Herald, 9 iii).

Queensman Abbott's criticism of the UN followed an attack in February by the Australian Human Rights Commission President, Gillian Triggs. Abbott called the report she commissioned on children in detention a "political stitch-up".

The unusually forthright Abbott came in for more flak as he expressed reservations about whingeing Oz idealists (Telegraph, 11 iii). The Prime Minister faced a wave of criticism, including that he was unfit to be leader, after describing living in remote Aboriginal communities as, properly considered, a "lifestyle choice".

The country's indigenous people had always been the nation's most disadvantaged despite generations of humanitarian largess, with a much shorter life expectancy than other Australians while suffering disproportionate levels of imprisonment and social problems such as unemployment and 24-hour drinking.

Abbott said he supported a plan to close more than 100 remote Aboriginal communities across the vast culture-free state of Western Australia state if essential services could not be provided cost-effectively.


 Austria’s foreign minister rejected criticism of the country’s new law on Islam aimed at cutting off foreign influence and funding, arguing that the legislation (q.v.) should become a model for the rest of Europe.

In an interview with the Guardian (8 iii), Sebastian Kurz, 27, whose role in the Austrian government also included a portfolio for social integration, took particular aim at the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, suggesting Erdogan’s opposition to the law was motivated by fear of losing political influence on Austrian Muslims.

“I’m not surprised by the criticism from President Erdoğan. This was to be expected,” Kurz said. “In our opinion, imams should be role models for young Muslims and must show that it is possible to be a proud Austrian and a believing Muslim at the same time and so there will be no need for Turkish imams in the future.”


Officially Westernized/Westernizing India found itself with an enormous muddle on its hands as an American female film director came out with a reconstruction of a rape on an Indian bus in 2012 (from which the victim died). The film was meant to stir sympathy for rape victims; and the attack itself (and subsequent rapes – running in India at a rate of one every twenty minutes) had sparked much outrage among decent Hindoos (Guardian, 9 iii).

But the film was found to contain a short sequence in which the ‘rapist’ bus driver said girls were more responsible for rape than boys – a view which was soon backed up by a few learned hands from the Indian bar; so authorities banned the film and pleaded with foreign broadcasters to do the same. Whether censorship of India’s problems would work was a moot point – there were after all lots of Hindoos....

Attention to modernizing, progressive, democratic, empire-ending, moon-rocketing [at British expense], multi-faith India was maintained as a 70-year-old nun at a West Bengal school was raped by eight local men (BBC World Service, 15 iii, 02:00). The men tied her up along with two other nuns and the building guard. The robbers then made off with cash worth a few hundred thousand rupees (a few thousand dollars), laptops and other cheap articles.


 As Russia’s President Putin acknowledged that he had ‘gone to work’ in the Crimea to prevent it becoming a bothersome part of a NATO-backed Ukraine in 2013, top Chicago political scientist, 67, followed up his dramatic 2014 ‘neorealist’ article in Foreign Affairs with a sustained fulmination for ‘Russia Today’ TV (9 iii, 16:30GMT) on how the West was foolishly using ‘liberal democracy’ as a pretext for expansion.

The eminent Mearsheimer had long been a critic of British idealism – which stirred up as much trouble as possible though vastly indebted Britain was fresh from military defeats (after decades of fighting in each of Afghooniland and Eyeraq) and did not have even a single aircraft carrier which it could call its own.

{Not that the UK had provided any ‘liberal democracy’ for Kiev – where it had backed its pals Hussein Obarmy and Milkmaid Merkel in actually overthrowing the Russia-friendly democratically elected Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych!}


 That British bureaucracy was little but a job creation programme for Labourites, idealists and petty tyrants was starkly illustrated as freedom-of-information figures showed newsies that cops and kin had managed to lose track permanently, across a decade, of 400 of the jewels in HMG’s crown – paedofumblers who had supplied their names, addresses, contact phone numbers and facetube friends and been given definite times for appointments with Britain’s desk-bound [apart from excursions for café lattés] time-wasters (Guardian, 10 iii).

Just what harm had come from this mass escape of senescent dirty dogs was unknown; but it was plain that Britain’s ‘regulatory’ arrangements were not worth more than the paper they were written on – except to civil service beneficiaries for whom the paperwork filled the time and provided a luxury meal ticket.

{99% of UK ‘regulations’ could usefully be abolished, with remaining disputations settled by graduates having IIi’s from Russell Group unis or by one of the hundreds of MPs whose typical absence from the House of Commons made that once-revered sanctum a ghost town.}

    Providing the ever-demanded visual aid, the Scottish Executive embarked on blowing 100 30-second ads per day for two weeks on Classic FM Radio alone to advise its tyrannized subjects (who had to support worthless roof repairs and an Edinburgh tram ‘service’ costing three times its budget and remaining stubbornly empty except for gawping tourists taking selfies) that the Scottish ‘Parliament’ had been given the right to interfere with income tax – not that it was likely to do so, fearing the wrath of a population which expected all Clottish expenditure to be provided by Westminster.


As Muesli-enamoured leftist George Galloway prepared to fight the Pak seat of West Bradford at the forthcoming UK General Election, it turned out he would face as opponent a glamorous if slightly ravaged Mueslie who had suffered an early-divorcing and child-abusing father, a murderous mother (jailed for fourteen years for killing her drug supplier) and multiple home transplants and forced marriages – and all this without the help of the dreaded Western demon, drink (Daily Mail, 10 iii). Presumably Naz Shah’s perspective on the ‘religion of peace’ would differ from that of GG and his three Mueslie brides.


As £15Mpa TV presenter (of the most successful TV programme on earth) was suspended, together with his motor racing show ‘Top Gear,’ by unheard-of Grauniadista producer Danny Cohen and a sidekick with whom Clarkson had had a “fracas” in a studio (over the sidekick’s making boozer-ensconced JC two hours late for a dinner for him in Newcastle), Jeremy Clarkson – a source of hysteria among peecees for his once reading out the word n*gger and once saying Mexicans tended to laziness – enjoyed an instant barrage of internet support from 900K+ anti-PeeCee fans wishing his show to stay on the road (Independent, 11 iii).

The Independent ruefully observed that JC’s huge popularity was matched on the left only by that of comedian Russell Brand – who actually became less popular the more he talked about politics (12 iii). JC’s catchphrase, expressing his disdain for metroliberalism, was “For heaven’s sake!....” In polls, JC was clear front-runner for PM among first-time voters.

   Wikipedia: Clarkson is in favour of personal freedom and against government regulation, stating that government should "build park benches and that is it. They should leave us alone."[37] He has a particular contempt for the Health and Safety Executive. He often criticised the Labour governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, especially what he calls the 'ban' culture, frequently fixating on the bans on smoking and 2004 ban on fox hunting. In April 2013, Clarkson was among 2,000 invited guests to the funeral of Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

    A new candidate MP for the ultra-safe Conservative-held seat of Kensington & Chelsea was needed....


The official ‘brotherly love’ of the EU’s illusion-ridden multicult politicos took a knock as Greece revealed the hand it intended to play with Germany so as to stay in the euro currency without paying its bills. Greece threatened the rest of Europe with a “wave of economic migrants” that could include Isis militants if the country were allowed to go bust by international lenders (Independent, 11 iii).

In a shock escalation of the rhetoric surrounding bailout talks in Brussels, the Greek defence minister Panos Kammenos vowed: “If they strike us, we will strike them.” Mr Kammenos said: “If they deal a blow to Greece, then they should know the the migrants will get papers to go to Berlin.” “If Europe leaves us in the crisis, we will flood it with migrants, and it will be even worse for Berlin if in that wave of millions of economic migrants there will be some jihadists of the Islamic State too.”

Mr Kammenos, who was also the leader of Syriza’s coalition partners, the Independent Greeks, specifically referred to the Schengen area of free travel in his threat, and said his country would give all comers papers so they “could go straight to Berlin”.

    For good measure, Greece threatened to seize German assets as compensation for Nazi war crimes – 70 years after the end of the Second World War (Independent, 12 iii). The threat, made by the Greek justice minister and reported in the daily Kathimerini newspaper, was supported by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who told the Greek parliament he would pursue the “very technical and sensitive” matter.

Justice minister Nikos Paraskevopoulos had reportedly called for “war reparations, the repayment of a forced loan and the return of antiquities” from Germany, and said that an old court ruling gave him the power to sanction “the foreclosure of German assets in Greece” as a form of compensation.


New government figures showed ‘minority’ youths were 50% more likely to be registered unemployed than in the pre-Coalition days of 2011, while unemployment among White youth had actually decreased by 2% (Guardian, 11 iii). Apparently, Labour wheezes of the noughties had been cut, leaving Blek, Pek etc minorities to find their own level.

Labour said the government was ‘paying the price’ for abandoning many of the measures introduced by the previous government to ‘tackle disadvantage’ in BME communities – including ‘equality impact assessments’  and kindred ‘need’-oriented schemes giving out-of-turn boosts to BMEs.


 In the weirdly quiet non-maelstrom of UK politics, in which no-one dared say anything (except Scots favouring their SNP high road to more years of funding from Westminster), the BBC managed to find shock-horror controversy in a six-month-old suggestion by UKIP’s Mr Garage that he favoured UK employers being able to pick the best man (or womyn) for a job even if he/she was not a Pole or Latvian (BBCR4, 12 iii, 07:30).

This modest sentiment, usually named as ‘British jobs for British workers,’ with which the patriotic Labour ex-PM Gordon Brown had concurred, was re-heated as ‘racist’ by Beeb trusties, provoking NF to deny all racism – as did 100% of his thoroughly bullied ‘kipper’ members. However, this assertion of mainstream virtue was happily accompanied by a surprise new UKIP commitment to repeal the Race Relations Acts – even though these were mainly anti-free-speech and -expression (about race) and had nothing to do with requiring disregard for nationality when hiring.

{Such was the obfuscation of British politics despite politicos having given themselves a leisurely four months of electioneering during which some honesty about race and third-world immigration could reasonably have been expected. Still, a possible repeal of the left’s favourite instrument of terror, the Race Relations Act, was something for which to be thankful.}

    Happily muddying the waters further, a UKIP spokesman said the RRA was itself ‘racist’ since – to his dissatisfaction – there was more racism in the UK than elsewhere, accounting for the high figures of unemployment among Black and Minority Ethnics.... (BBCR4, 12 iii, 13:20).


As both Oxford and Sheffield were exposed as having allowed hundreds of their young slags ooops ‘in-care’ victims of parental abuse to be groomed, drugged, raped and prostituted by minicab drivers and chip shop staff, the BBC provided no mention in hours of broadcast ‘news’ of the word ‘Muslim’ (e.g. R4, 13 iii, 07:00 – 0900)

What with never using the names of even arraigned suspects and digitally blacking out the faces of likely perpetrators of crimes, the Beeb – not without assistance from the rest of Britain’s cowardly and gormless peecee media (which faced its own demise for failing to provide news about Pak crime, Britain’s paedophile-stuffed jails, the UK’s defeat in Eyeraq and Afghooniland, and Europe’s gratuitous assault on the Ukraine) – the dishonesty about race was creating a parallel universe of broadcasting in which discovering what was going on became a parlour guessing game for audiences.

{The revelations of gross official incompetence in Oxford and Sheffield was accompanied by derisorily minimal ‘news’ of another few hundred cases of teenie sexploitation – by the usual unmentionable perps – in Rochdale which had in 2014 provided the first mass demonstration of Mohammadan teaching on how to treat White girls. And police in Rochdale were 100% cleared of impropriety – the culture of PeeCee evidently sufficient to exonerate them from any individual responsibility for female abductions to serve lustful Peks.


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Monday, March 09, 2015


 South Africa reacted with fury to a newspaper column by a female adviser to Shinzo Abe, the Japanese prime minister, in which she praised apartheid as a model for her country's own immigration policy (Daily Telegraph, 15 ii). Ayako Sono, 83, who is also a bestselling conservative author as well as an education adviser to the government, wrote that it was necessary for Japan to accept immigrants, especially in order to care for the growing elderly population, but that they should live separately from the Japanese.

"Since I learned the situation in South Africa 20 to 30 years ago, I've come to believe whites, Asians and blacks should live separately," Miss Sono wrote in her regular column in the conservative Sankei newspaper.

She claimed that black Africans had "ruined" areas previously reserved for whites in South Africa, and would do the same thing in Japan if allowed to live where they chose. She said that opening up to mass immigration, as Japan was considering doing, would only work if the country segregated races. "It is next to impossible to attain an understanding of foreigners by living alongside them," she said.


 As the responsibilities of electioneering approached, the high-heidjuns of UKIP decided to oblige Britain’s piety-pulverised media by playing down the race realism of the party (which stood third in UK polls, but with a still-insufficient vote share of 13%). Vanished from its agenda were any mentions opposing non-English-speaking immigration (notably by Pak wives, Romanian gypsies and Italian doctors) and of obliging already-ensconced welfare seekers to conduct their business in English.

Even leaving the EU and bringing back grammar schools in England seemed to take a back seat as modewation became the watchword. Visiting America to attend a jamboree of GOP no-hopers, UKIP leader Garage found no difficulty in suppressing criticisms of race, low IQ, crime, state dependency and Islam and instead announcing that the conservative goal was to achieve ‘progressive conservatism’ (whatever that might have been). Still, residual antipathy to the unholy conspiracy of the BBC and the Guardian persisted in the lower ranks of the party (Daily Mail, 1 iii):


 Though hamstrung by limitations on phone hacking, by endless judicial hyper-secrecy (even as to the names of Muesli terror suspects) and by their own self-chosen political correctness, British journalists made a little progress with the case of beheader ‘Jihad John’, who turned out to have loony pals from schooldays in London who had themselves made it out to Syria – all without the knowledge of any teachers at their multifaith  institution -- and who, as he was defended as a ‘gentle giant’ by Islamic fanatics of an outfit called CAGE which received money as a charity, had managed to besmirch the name if its distinguished lib-leftist associates such as Amnesty.

British politicos cowered in their bunkers rather than admit and rectify the civil war which they had been creating in England so they could adopt police and snooping powers to rule over the affairs of a fractious empire rather than be content with running a nation based on passable IQ and respect for its parliament.


  New law amending provisions of 1912, which the Austrian government says could serve as a model for the rest of Europe, sought to reduce outside meddling by prohibiting foreign funding for mosques, imams and Muslim organizations in Austria (Gatestone Institute, 27 ii). It also stressed that Austrian law must take precedence over Islamic Sharia law for Muslims living in the country and that German was the official language.

    The Turkish government expressed outrage at the financing ban, which it said amounted to "Islamophobia." "Countries cannot have their own version of Islam. Islam is universal and its sources are clear. ... [E]fforts taken by state leaders to create a version of Islam that is particular to their own countries are futile." — Mehmet Görmez, Head of Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate.

    However, the massive demographic and religious shift underway in Austria, traditionally a Roman Catholic country, appeared irreversible. In Vienna, Muslim pupils already outnumbered Catholic students at middle and secondary schools and were on the verge of overtaking Catholics in elementary schools. At the same, time Austria had emerged as a major base for radical Islam, with hundreds travelling to the Levant to support ISIS/Daesh.


 Schools in England were accused of unloading as many as 4K basket cases so as to improve their exam profiles (Guardian, 2 iii). Too many school exclusions involved children from minorities, with problem pupils jettisoned in schools’ competition for ratings, said busibodies of a ‘Communities Empowerment Network.’ The majority of parents who took part in the CEN research felt that race, class or gender played a role in their child’s exclusion, with young black students “frequently associated with criminality, violence or hyper-sexuality”.

Parents felt schools were favouring a “punitive zero-tolerance approach” rather than rehabilitation, and accused schools of getting rid of “problem” pupils in “the race for better Ofsted ratings”.

According to the report, in 2012-13 pupils with special educational needs were 10 times more likely to be permanently excluded than children from the school population as a whole. Students on free school meals were four times more likely to be excluded; boys were three times more likely to be excluded, as were black Caribbean students.


Just as paedohysteria seemed to have reached the end of its natural life in tireless persecution of the dead humanitarian Jimmy Savile and the 70-yr-old ‘glam rocker’ Gary Glitter for paedofumblings and ‘attempted rapes’ of hysterical fans in the 1970s, a new wheeze hove into few: bowing to the tabloids (which had little news thanks to bans on phone hacking, court information and ‘racist’ reflections), HMG was announced to be introducing 5-yr prison sentences for all those (beginning with police and teachers) who failed to report the merest suspicions of ‘child abuse’ (typically hanky-panky with teenagerettes) (BBC R4, 3 iii, 08:30, item 1).

And this need not be the end of the matter, for further legislation could impale any who failed to report failures to snoop. Verily, the already overworn phrase ‘peecee gone mad’ was just about to come into its own.

    The Guardian’s top columnist, Simon Jenkins, added more objections (3 iii):

"Any professional can make mistakes that might harm others. That is why they are subject to the discipline of their peers. If the discipline becomes brittle and mistakes are criminalised, we know what happens. Everyone goes into defensive mode. Haringey social workers spend a third of their time filing reports. Hundreds more children go into care. GPs and A&E departments inundate the police with suspect injuries. Ethnic minorities are spied on. Decent people laugh when asked to do public service.

    Professional negligence is a just cause for discipline or dismissal. But should a traffic officer go to jail for neglecting a dangerous road, or a doctor who misses a critical symptom, or a judge who lets a murderer go free? And what of an MP who passes a dangerously stupid law?

    We cannot make a free society safe. We can only make it safer. This craze for gesture-jailing will not do that".


 A half million Blecks/Mueslis, including thousands of hidden ISIS/Daesh jihadists, would soon pour into southern Europe, bringing about a new 9/11. Such was the prediction of a nicely-suited cousin of Libya’s Col Gadawfu, speaking from a top-notch Cairo flat where he had taken refuge after the West’s nutty overthrow of his uncle (Independent, 3 iii).

Mr Gaddaf al-Dam also claimed that militias loyal to ISIS in Libya were likely to be in possession of more than 6,000 barrels of uranium that were previously under the guard of the government's army in the desert outside the south-western town of Sabha. “The uranium, I think they already have it, ISIS, because they control this territory,” he said. “They are not stupid any more. They know how to make money. They will try and sell it.”


 Whatever the up-coming threats to Western citizens and (hopefully) their traitorous politicos, real fear of Mueslis remained a largely Muesli speciality. While Western media gawped on as the ‘Iraqi army’ move to re-take the town of Tikrit (Madman Insane’s birthplace and hometown) from ISIS, no doubt destroying much of it in the process, Solunnis reckoned they would get short shrift from conquering ‘Iraqis’ increasingly backed by Shitite Iran; so they headed out of town, leaving only their oldies and kindred infirm, together with a few thousand Solunnis seized by ISIS as a human shield (Guardian, 3 iii). Such was Muslim fraternity!


 Those who ever put their faith in statistics found theselves once more abused as the locale of Ferguson, St Louis, where a Black hoodlum had been shot dead by cops, was paraded by peecee media goons as making 93% of its arrests of Blacks, thus demonstrating ‘racism.’ How awful! No matter that 93% of crime in the area might be (by non-police criteria such as victim reports) by Blacks, who made up 67% of Ferguson’s population! Media bias saw to it that such elementary background interpretations of statistics were not even mentioned (BBC World Service, 4 iii, 02:00).


Cynics about the UK’s absurdly wasteful politico-bureaucratic ‘welfare’ system got a boost as it transpired that beheader ‘Jihad John’ and his family had been supported for twenty years by Westminster City Council at a rate of £450 per week to enjoy flats in Maida Vale, just a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace and Lord’s cricket ground (Daily Mail, 4 iii).

JJ’s taxpayer-provided home c. 2006

The family did not even stop around to enjoy their largesse – the father, for example, having returned to Kuwait (persecution in which for favouring the American/British occupation of Iraq had led to the beginning of the Westminster handout).


 After two generations of environmentalistic piety, including blaming autism on ‘refrigerator mothers’, Britain’s top medical research body estimated that the condition was about 90% genetic (Independent, 5 iii). A new study of 516 twins gave this result; and reckoned that secular increases in autism were the result of more sensitive diagnosis. Lead author for the Medical Research Council, Beata Tick, said: "Our main finding was that the heritability of ASD was high. These results further demonstrate the importance of genetic effects on ASD, despite the dramatic increase in prevalence of the disorder over the last 20 years.”

{The sheer strength of genetic effects apparently led the MRC researchers to discount the ideas of Robin Clarke and others that the tenfold increase in the rate of autism across thirty years was the result of mercury used in dental fillings.}


As new figures from Oxford’s ‘Migration Observatory’ showed England had put on 565K migrants just since 2011 (Independent, 6 iii) {mainly from Eastern Europe}, celebrants like the BBC’s Today programme were given a stark reminder of their revolutionary and civil-war-making efforts by the reliable Leo McKinstry (Daily Express, 2 iii):

"..politicians like to claim that mass immigration is somehow part of our heritage, with Britain portrayed as nothing more than “a gathering of countless different races and communities,” to quote the words of the late Labour left-winger Robin Cook in 2001.

    His statement was historical nonsense.  Until recently, Britain was one of the most homogenous nations in the world.  In 1940 there were just 238,000 foreign nationals in Britains, little more than a third of the current annual influx.  How we have changed.

    Cultural diversity is code for national suicide.{Especially when the immigrants are best known for thieving, dancing and general mayhem.  Tragically, as last week’s figures show, that process of disintegration can only accelerate under our current supine, dishonest rulers."


The finding that IQ test scoring had risen (on tests requiring guesswork) in the twentieth century got another outing as researchers Peera Wongupparaj, Veena Kumari and Robin Morris at King’s College London analysed data from 405 previous studies.  Altogether, they harvested IQ test data from more than 200,000 participants, captured over 64 years and from 48 countries.

 Focusing on one part of the IQ test, the Raven’s Progressive Matrices, they found that on average intelligence had risen the equivalent of 20 IQ points since 1950 (BBC News, 1 iii).

The hypothesis of increasing test sophistication (e.g. Brand, 1996/2000, The g Factor) was accepted by Flynn while noting that that IQ scores had continued to rise even as tests were less commonly used – but this seemed to neglect that a big source for practising test material and learning to guess sensibly had become the internet. Advantages to Chinese and Indians of becoming less hidebound were specially marked – as explained in TgF.

PM versus PC

 Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban denounced multiculturalism and liberalism in a speech and vowed to fight a rising wave of migration that he said was threatening to turn his country into a “refugee camp” (AmRen, 2 iii). In his annual state of the nation speech, Orban called a multicultural society “a delusion” and defended his conservative government’s attempts to abandon “liberal social policies” that he accused of rejecting Christian culture. “[A Hungarian] does not want to see throngs of people pouring into his country from other cultures who are incapable of adapting and are a threat to public safety, to his job and to his livelihood,” Orban said.

    He was referring to the torrent of migrants who had entered European Union-member Hungary in the past year, many of them fleeing poverty in Kosovo and seeking to reach Germany and other Western nations. In his most colorful quote, Orban praised native Hungarians. “The Hungarian man is, by nature, politically incorrect. That is, he has not lost his common sense,” he said.


Having spent a century letting the UK slip away into bits a pieces like ‘Éire’, Ulster, Glasgow, Cardiff&Swansea, the Celtic Fringe and London – and with occasionally aspirational pushes for Greater Hull, Liverpool and Manchester, Britain’s loopy politicos (led in devolutionizing by the lib-left) – found they had given birth to a madhouse where five different ‘parliaments’ ruled and the provinces got double votes (in both their own yawn-inducing non-debating houses and at Westminster where the Scottish National Party was likely to become the third-largest party in May and to make the English terminally fed up and ready to slough off their outback for good).

{So much for multiculturalism!}. The Queen – who had inherited a passably united ‘war-winning’ country and had to put up only with Labour giving 1M Irish the vote and having to have dinner with Gerry Adams, prepared to ‘distance herself’ from the electoral mayhem of May by staying out of the capital, even for VE Day (Telegraph, 6 iii).


As glib, bearded and stinking rich Pakistani jihad apologist, Asim Qureshi, who had shot to UK fame for startlingly calling nutty drink-prone loner ‘Jihad John’ a “beautiful, gentle young man”, he had enough confidence (and stupidity) to be interviewed by the BBC’s near-to-race-realist Andrew Neil’s who quickly drew blood by highlighting Queerhead’s non-answers about whether yags should be thrown from tower blocks, women stoned to death for adultery, and girls submitted to FGM (BBC1, 5 iii, 23:45).

Neil’s guests also put the boot into Asshole’s wherewithals, so it was no wonder that even the leftist charitable foundations Amnesty, Roddick International and Rowntree Trust announced they would would withdraw financial support from QH’s outfit CAGE (short for Caged Prisoner – and, yes, it had funded IRA-linked groups) (Daily Mail, 7 iii).


As ‘International Women’s Day’ was foisted by lesbians on an unsuspecting public, an Oxford court heard of the convolutions involved in the disproportionate hounding of naughty Pakistani taxi drivers (Independent on Sunday, 8 iii). A defence lawyer accused six scrubbers ooops gals of claiming they were sexually abused by an imigrant gang because “it’s better to be a victim than a slag”.

The teenagerettes, aged between 13 and 16-years-old, were giving evidence at Oxford Crown Court in the trial of Ahmed Hassan-Sule, the ringleader of five pesky Pek men and a youth who were convicted of multiple child-sex offences including rape, The Times reported. They were targeted at under-18s parties organised by Hassan-Sule, whose nickname was ‘Fiddy’, known as “Fiddy Events”. The parties were described by one child as “a place where girls would go and the boys would choose their targets”.

    Stuart Trimmer, QC, for the prosecution, said the brothel birds were then groomed and passed between friends for sex at various locations. He described the girls as “emotionally immature” and said some were seeking “friendship”.

Michael Magarian, QC, for the defence, claimed during the trial that the victims may have been “brainwashed by social workers”. He suggested the motivation for the girls coming forward could have been because “it’s better to be a victim than a slag”, adding: “Once you are a victim who has been groomed you no longer have to take any responsibility for anything that you did.”

In his closing speech, he told the jury the trial was a “witch-hunt” and a “police-manufactured case”. Clare Dowse, also for the defence, suggested in her closing remarks to the jury that the children “might be enjoying all the attention from police and social services.”


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