Monday, August 31, 2015


 Edinburgh’s Book Festival was treated to a well-informed and witty talk about post-1789 France by historian and journalist Jonathan Fenby. Fair-minded, too.

While understandably talking up such ‘achievements’ as funding America’s thirty years of war to get shot of Britain (thus dividing the English-speaking Peoples), having one revolution after another (with no effect but the 35-hour working week, economic decline, over-taxation, the flight of talent to London, and the ceding of European leadership to Germany), and maintaining the country’s unique if mendacious system of quasi-polygyny (with most French politicians dying in the beds of their mistresses or whores), JF frankly admitted that France was a massively divided society whose intellectual, artistic and engineering pretensions had nose-dived (symbolized by existentialism and postmodernism running out of steam, the UK and USA achieving dominance in the arts and education, and the monopolistic Concorde and Channel Tunnel projects proving to be white elephants).

Just one thing. JF could not admit, any more than peecee-addled French politicos, that France had a Mueslie problem. Indeed, the word ‘Muslim’ made no appearance in his 45-minute talk to 300 festivallers; and he (and his French wife) evidently preferred the official elite view that La République would prove adequate to meet the seven-million-strong challenge of unemployable Maghreb Mueslis – just as it had contained Catholicism in the past (though that containment had worked by keeping the wilder religious superstitions out of Paris – as also by the murder of a million Catholics, tied in pairs and thrown into rivers to drown).

JF’s denial of any problem even found an echo with a smartly dressed middle-aged Brit who, though living in Paris (also with a French wife), denied any special awareness of the nightly torching of cars by Mueslis in the banlieus -- despite  Le Figaro reporting 130 burnings in Paris alone on Bastille Day, 14 vii 2015 (just a slight holiday excess on the 80-or-so vehicles burned nightly across France for the previous decade – though 1,000+ at New Year).

Apparently French government demands for press censorship had been heeded, though the Brit’s ignorance would have been assisted by his living on the nicer south side of Paris, near the Eiffel Tower.

{Funnily, JF’s disquisition was given on the same day (23 viii) that France, having no EU border with Belgium, had allowed a mad Muesli from Morocco, to bring in a small armoury – including a Kalashnikov – on a high-speed train headed for Paris. The A/A was only stopped from shooting dozens, and perhaps crashing the train, by the prompt intervention of three American servicemen and a British businessman who managed to restrain him till French railway officials unlocked themselves from the cabin where they had been equally quick to hide.}

{Seeking to appear a wise and far-seeing statesman for his republicanism-ravaged country, President Hollande told Froggies to expect a ‘French 9/11’ at any moment. But, still worse, it could not be long before jihadists learned to explode their bombs on trains in tunnels – thus not only killing hundreds but cutting railway lines for weeks and making France ungovernable.}


As Marxite throwback ‘JezWeCan’ Corbyn prepared to be anointed leader of Britain’s Labour’s Lost Party, evidence trickled out that the 66-year-old allotment keeper might be just the ticket for what remained of the country’s traditional trade unionists (now largely found in state sector sinecures ooops jobs). Not only was he anti-EU (e.g. Guardian, 25 viii, Polly Toynbee) and anti-Israel, thus attracting accusations of xenophobia and racism, but he was sexist enough to say that women who feared ogling and groping in the London Tube should be segregated into separate carriages.

Whether he might be might be seriously willing to keep out migrants competing for lowish-paid employment in Britopia must have crossed the minds of his notably all-White audiences.

Probably migrants paying thousands of pounds for arduous passage to serve as illegal slave labour in the West could be deterred only by closing down jobs in monopolies, welfare benefits, free schools, free medicine, employment law and ‘uman rights (especially to beg, hawk and trespass, and to have the vote, sex or tobacco in prison) for all but English-speaking, tax-paying British citizens of twenty years standing (or related to and living with such citizens); but at least cold baked bean connoisseur Corbyn looked capable of impressing voters with verbalization implying he might just contemplate moving toward some such defence of ‘the working class’ from the A/A hordes streaming into the EU with the full blessing of the West’s multiculticrazy media.


The advantages of well-managed Muesli immigration were on display as stunning Morocco-parented model and PR hostess Ahlam El Brinis, 20,

reached the semi-final round of the annual competition to find a ‘Miss Italia.’ Ahlam had grown up in Padua with her mother as a cook and a “hothouse” convent providing a strict Catholic education.

She counted herself as a non-practising Muslim but spoke no Arabic, did not want to be “defined by her faith” and agreed with her Moroccan grandmother that “religion is in the heart, not in the choice of clothes you wear.”

She had wanted to be a model as early as age 6 – presumably marking early and entirely adequate integration to Western ways. She felt “wholly Italian,” she said. Provocative photographs featuring her in scantily clad bikinis and lingerie had produced a barrage of insults and threats against her on social media for dishonouring Islam.

But “Insults and threats don’t hurt me,” she told La Tribuna di Treviso newspaper. “I will follow my own path. I have the total support of my family and my boyfriend, Christian, who uses social media to defend me.”


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Monday, August 24, 2015


 Slovakia became the first EU country to tell Brussels and Berlin that it would not accept any of the Muesligrants proposed for foisting on it by the EUSSR’s multiculti tyrants. The country’s Interior Ministry explained that Slovakia had no mosques, so Muslim refugees from Syria etc. ‘would not feel at home’ (Wall Street Journal, 19 viii).

Janos Lazar, Prime Minister Viktor Orban's chief of staff, claimed the country was 'under an organised attack' by human traffickers who weren't only transporting migrants but instructing them about how to abuse the European Union's refugee system (which had absorbed 108K Afro/Arab boat people in July alone).

The European Commission expressed its displeasure at the Slovakian plans and suggested they were ‘of dubious legality.’ Germany, Austria and Hungary were seething with protests at EU-recommended government plans to requisition empty flats and buildings to house A/A ‘refugees’ (few of whom had a mark on them or any published criticism of their homelands’ authorities to their names).

    Slovakia’s more general disinclination to accept A/As was agreed in polls by 70%+ of its population and reflected widespread eastern European rejection of any great role in absorbing the tidal wave of A/As which had been unleashed by France (backed by the US, UK and Germany) madly bringing down Libya’s Colonel Gadawfu and creating similar mayhem by trying to crush Syria’s President Basher Assad.

{76% of Slovaks had recorded themselves as Christian and only 0.2% as Muslim in a government survey in 2010. About a third of Slovakia’s Christians attended church at least once a week. How Slovakia proposed to check the religious affiliations of intending immigrants was not known, but presumably Arabic appearance would serve as a guide.}


Fed up with being forced to help Greece bring Muesligrants into the EU, Macedonia declared a state of emergency in an attempt to stem the flow of migrants over its southern border with Greece, deploying riot police in armoured vehicles and calling out the army (Reuters, 20 viii). Authorities said official border crossings remained open, but that they would “reduce illegal border entry to a minimum”.

A Reuters reporter near the border town of Gevgelija said a column of riot police armed with teargas and armoured vehicles had shut off passage for several thousand people now stranded in no-man’s land. “No more Macedonia,” one officer said in English to a Syrian man requesting passage.

    The flow of migrants into Gevgelija, which had hit 1,500 to 2,000 a day, was thus stopped. The clampdown came after days of chaotic scenes at the local railway station as thousands of people tried to board trains to Serbia, young children being passed through open carriage windows. Macedonia took its action as a Greek car ferry docked in Athens carrying 2,400 Syrian refugees from the island of Kos, just some of the 50,000 Middle Eastern, African and Asian migrants and refugees who had arrived in Greece in July alone. Macedonia was not itself an EU member – thanks to Greek objections.


 While Swedish authorities vied with those of Germany in idealism about taking in the wretched of the earth, more people supported the Sweden Democrats than any other political group in Sweden, according to a new poll which put the nationalists in the lead for the first time in history (AmRen, 20 viii). The Sweden Democrat party had been gradually rising in popularity since it scored 12.9% in the country’s last general election in September 2014. But a survey by pollsters YouGov found that 25.2% would vote for the nationalists, who were calling for dramatic cuts in immigration to Sweden.

    Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s Social Democrat party -- which remained in favour of admitting large numbers of refugees from war-torn and otherwise atrocity-ridden and incompetent nations -- scored 23.4% in the poll. The centre-right Moderates, led by previous PM Anna Kinberg Batra saw their share cut to just 21.0%. The Sweden Democrats, with roots in the country’s radical right, had only entered parliament in 2010.

    Reporting from Sweden, where he had spent three weeks with his Swedish wife, Speccie editor Fraser Nelson remarked the drama and even thought the Stockholm government might be losing its grip:

"Even a tourist, walking through Stockholm this summer, would notice something unusual. The city has new visitors, who are changing its character. They sit outside coffee shops and on street corners, outside underground exits and bus stops; friendly people, saying ‘hej hej,’ while holding an coffee cup filled with a crown or two. Their belongings are often kept in large piles in the street, which no one moves. To visitors, it’s baffling: why is this tolerated? Where are the police? Why does no one keep order?"

Thoughtfully, FN saw trouble ahead because the Swedes were keener on ‘immigration’ (good for their self-image) than on actual immigrants (whose undoubted intelligence and motivation were insufficient to master Sweden’s mysterious language and egalitarian culture):

"Swedish is a tricky language to master, even for Europeans – and Swedish employers are notoriously insistent on good language. So if you don’t know your ‘ljus’ (‘candle’) from your ‘jos’ (‘juice’), you may struggle to be hired. Then come the more subtle factors like Sweden’s un-hierarchical employment system, where bosses prefer to drop hints rather than issue instructions.

    To outsiders, it can be tough to play this game of guess-what-the-boss-really-wants. The concept of “lagom” is hard for outsiders to understand, but at least there’s a word for it. No word covers the strange rules of the Swedish workplace.

    Moreover, it’s very hard to fire workers in Sweden – so bosses are wary about hiring. Strong employee protection laws build a wall around the world of employment – great for those inside, but dismaying for those outside. -- Often the young, and immigrants."

    {While the new ‘Conservative’ British Government showed little concern about 3rd-world immigration (except to provide higher fencing for A/As to scale in Calais), the surprise front runner to lead the Labour Party out of months of disaster and incompetence, ‘JezWeCan’ Corbyn, 66, was increasingly said by commentators to be ‘Eurosceptic’ and was thus prepared for the ‘Brexit’ that would provide the only way of freeing Britain from unthinking and presumably guilt-ridden EU multiculturalism.

In America, ‘The Donald’ maintained a healthy poll lead (even matching Hillary Clinton) despite taking ‘sexist’ pot shots at presumptuous blondes and saying undocumented migrants ‘would have to go’ – effectively demanding the same expulsion of dodgy Hispanics as the Hispanics of Dominica provided for the dodgy Negroes [typically Haitians] of their own country.}


A high road to studies of the brain basis of the g factor opened up as researchers at Oxford and Harvard reviewed 24 scientific papers on the effects in normal subjects of the anti-narcoleptic drug modafinil and reported the drug was safe, non-addictive and had wide beneficial effects – at least in the short term -- on attention and intellectual functioning.

The new review found that “the drug has many positive effects in healthy people, including enhancing attention, improving learning and memory and increasing something called fluid intelligence -- essentially our capacity to solve problems and think creatively.

One study also showed that modafinil made tasks seem more pleasurable. The longer and more complex the task tested, the more consistently modafinil conferred cognitive benefits, the authors of the review said” (Guardian, 20 viii, Helen Thomson).

The drug was by 2015 being used by a quarter of UK undergrads to help them prepare for and sit examinations; and it attracted overwhelmingly positive comments from users – some of whom used it to help stay up at night for reading novels, gambling, computer code writing and lorry driving. The new green light from academia would presumably encourage wider experimentation as to the biology of IQ.


 Race got as much of a mention as it was ever going to at the Grauniad-funded E’b*gger Book Festival as the bright and witty academic philosopher and polymath (1960s neuroscience a speciality) A.C.Grayling explained (to a packed tent of 500) that China’s preferences for conservatism, authoritarianism, conformity and predictability might well come to have far wider appeal if its slave-based economy kept booming – for businessmen and tyrants everywhere prefer unchanging stability to the ups and downs of democracy and free speech.

No matter that ACG was not inclined to mention any (London School) psychologists or (Thatcherite) historians who had studied and explained Chinese Himalaya-surmounting intelligence and orderliness, that the world already had plenty of rigid dictatorships to serve businessmen, that China would have to fight imaginatively for oil, that the main modern technology of the internet was of Western provenance, or that millions of Chinese students were choosing universities and careers abroad!

ACG was at least prepared to acknowledge and discuss deep-seated racial and cultural differences – even knowing what few Westerners knew, that Chinese language had no grammar and would thus prove quite unsuitable for reliable high-level communication between ‘globalized’ world citizens when they did not already know each other and each other’s contexts.


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Sunday, August 16, 2015


Though widely condemned as boorish for a possible allusion to the monthly hormonal problems of a blonde Fox News interviewerette who had accused him of rudeness about women, US Republican hopeful Donald Trump found himself stoutly defended by two Black social media artistes (NewsmaxTV, 9 viii).

Not only did they explain that The Donald had given an understandable riposte to a megastarlet who had overgeneralized from his slagging off one particular journaliste who was well known for abusing him, but they threw in commendation of his plan for thousand miles of fortified barbed wire to keep out the “criminals and rapists” which the Mexican authorities – “brighter than Washington politicians” – exported daily to the USA.


The first public call from an elected Western politician for military action to halt the A/A invasion of Europe came from the embattled mayor of Téteghem, near Dunkirk (where British gangs charged £1,500 for each ‘migrant’ they smuggled across the Channel). Saying he and his police found it impossible to discover enough evidence to enable arrests, he called for an Australian-style blockade across the Mediterranean armed with gunships because it was “the only solution” (Daily Telegraph, 12 viii).

The mayor’s call came as Greek islands like Kos and Lesbos had been swamped/swarmed/marauded by thousands of Syrians and Afghans, threatening the islands’ future tourist trade, and police had resorted to fire extinguishers, tear gas, pepper spray, stun grenades and sonic explosions to control madding crowds demanding official EU registration papers so they could proceed with their quest to reach Nordic El Dorado.


After a half century of the West failing to demand single-child policies as a condition of aid to third-world countries, the world’s population was forecast to increase from 2015’s 7.3 billion people to 9.7 billion in 2050 and 11.2 billion at century’s end, John R. Wilmoth, the director of the United Nations Population Division, told a session focused on demographic forecasting at the 2015 Joint Statistical Meetings in Seattle (Science Daily, 10 viii).

The primary driver of global population growth was a projected increase in the population of Africa. That continent’s current population of 1.2 billion people was expected to rise to between 3.4 billion and 5.6 billion people by 2100. The continent’s population growth was due to persistent high levels of fertility and a recent slowdown in the rate of fertility decline.

In Nigeria -- the continent’s most-populous country, with a mean IQ of 69 -- the high fertility rate would result in a more than fourfold projected increase in total population by 2100 -- from 182 million to 752 million people.

Wilmoth said although there was some uncertainty about these future trends, there was a 90% chance Nigeria’s population would exceed 439 million people in 2100, which was nearly 2.5 times its 2015 size.


A miracle was provided at the world trade fair for stand-up comedians, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, as successful young English comic Andrew Lawrence drew packed houses of 400 to hear his sustained mockery of political correctness. Though previously himself a lib-left-mouthing career comic winning Fringe awards, Lawrence had in 2014 picked a fight over UKIP* with the BBC’s ‘fat old baldy ethnic’ Dara O’Briain but found he could still find acclaim – not least from the Daily Telegraph, 11 viii – as he defended cancer expert Sir Tim Hunt (q.v.), feigned sympathy for ISIQ’s quest to establish that Mohammedanism was a religion of peace, and heretically maintained that Britain was ‘full up.’

Admittedly Lawrence did not touch on immigrant problems of low IQ, sexual diseases, incest, illiteracy and benefit dependence; but he did mention the two thousand girls pimped, drugged and raped by Pakistanis in Rotherham – provoking occasional walkouts from his audiences – and was unequivocal in identifying the terrors of PeeCee’s tyranny that required constant “carefulness” at even the once-freedom-loving Fringe.

* In 2014, AL had written on Facetube (25 x) :

"The reason UKIP have resonated with voters is because all the other parties are too spineless to tackle the issue of immigration.

Our elected representatives ceded control of the borders of this country to the EU and it's been catastrophic for us all -- an unmitigated disaster. Nothing works. Public transport infrastructure is dysfunctional. Hospitals and schools are dysfunctional. The housing crisis continues to blight our economic potential and destroy the hopes and dreams of a generation. The benefits system is totally out of control. All because there are far, far too many people living here.

For every wonderful, welcome skilled worker our open borders bring into this country, there are also benefit tourists and criminals. For every person that comes here and contributes richly to our culture, there are those that refuse to assimilate, which breeds distrust and has led to a fractured, broken society, where people have lost all sense of community.

Can't say that I'm a UKIP supporter, but I can see why other people are, and I don't disrespect them for it.

What I don't respect is lazy comedians, who market themselves as 'political' but rather than having the courage of their own convictions jump on the militant liberal bandwagon -- which has been the source of so much shit stand-up over the years -- so that they can get TV work and line their own pockets".


A half century after most intelligent people had realized that suicide was preferable to Alzheimers and the many other pains and problems of old age, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, declared himself in favour of medically assisted suicide (Daily Telegraph, 13 viii, 15 viii) – thus paving the way for recognition, perhaps by 2065, that most people would rather spend the largesse promised them by the modern Western state on useful causes (not least their spouses, grandchildren, churches, clubs and colleges) rather than on paying non-English-speaking nurses and socialism-schooled social workers to keep them barely alive till they were so wretched that even the most hard-hearted do-gooders could agree to put them on the Liverpool Pathway to merciful death.


The West’s best-liked non-Christian ethnic groups, the Jews and Palestinians, brought their tiresome animosities to one of the man-made beaches of the Seine, requiring 500 gendarmes to be drafted into Paris to preserve that capital’s self-image of sweet reason, secularism and lack of superstition and racism.

As the Jews took over the beach nearest Notre Dame in a PR stunt to advertise the delights of Tel Aviv, the Palestinians were determined to provide a reminder of children killed in Gaza (where the Palestinians had used them as human shields during the lobbing of bombs at Israel). Such was the police effort required to prevent violence that there were soon more police than tourists, Parisians and ethnics on the beach (D. Mail, 14 viii).


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Monday, August 10, 2015


Using the work of Richard Lynn, Tatu van Hanen and one Jelche Wicherts, a website for businessmen provided iconic photos of the capital cities of the world’s 35 “smartest countries” – the dullest being apparently too embarrassing to include -- together with pictures of the 11 “smartest people” (who included a sunglass-sporting Greek girl, Albert Einstein, a Chinese ten-year-old boy and an American “bar bouncer, nude model and male stripper”).


As police investigations resumed into whether Sir Edward Heath KG MBE, UK PM from 1970 to 1974, had been a paedophile, an intereresting question arose. The British public had taken it on the chin as the reputations of such popular figures as Gary Glitter, Sir Jimmy Savile and Sir Rolf Harris had been destroyed by evidence of their paedofumbling and kindred internet searches. But would it so easily forget that millions had actually and repeatedly voted for a grammar-school-to-Balliol, liberal-Tory, anti-Nazi (Churchill-worshipping) fastidious loner who had sacked ‘racist’ Enoch Powell from his Tory Shadow Cabinet (and thus opened the highroad to the MSM-fêted diversification of Britain), admitted thousands of Ugandan-Asian refugees (which Labour had not), stood up to the miners who thought they owned the country, given way to the miners in the interests of peace, got Britain into ‘Europe’, got on famously well with Mao Tse Tung and later sulked unrelentingly at the left-loathed Mrs Thatcher (as she replaced him) and opposed the Bush/Blair Iraq war?

    And another question. Might it turn out that some of Bachelor Heath’s youthful playmates from boys’ state ‘care homes’ might have been inspired and helped to tread in his illustrious footsteps and become organists, conductors, international yachtsmen or statesmen – rather than ending drowned off his yacht or incinerated in Jersey school basements (as the wilder – and quite unproven – stories on the net would have it)?

    And another. Defended by some as ‘just a (repressed) homosexual’, might Sailor Heath turn out to have provided illustration of what modern yag propagandists had made MSM and HMG forget: that many male homosexuals allow their tastes to run to youths of below 16 (e.g. research and history summarized here and here).

(Typically, some 40% of male homosexuals admit to having sex sometimes or often with boys under age 16; but yags themselves commonly assume that virtually all of their fellow homosexuals are prone to pederasty.)

    A fine denunciation of the paedohunting of ancient cases on the flimsiest of evidence was provided by top Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins. But the latest outrageous case of Britain’s favourite bloodsport might do some good if it ended in important general questions being at last asked and answered.


Encouragingly for fans of a Nordic League, a German version of the Nordic Cross flag began to be seen at demonstrations of the Mueslisceptic ‘Pegida’ movement (D.Telegraph, 5 viii). Apparently the version chosen had been favoured by von Stauffenberg’s 1944 movement of resistance to Hitler:

According to Wikimedia, versions of the flag had been designed at some time or other for virtually all regions of northern Europe (including the Orkneys, Shetlands, West Riding of Yorkshire, and Calais). “The cross design symbolises Christianity and is depicted extending to the edges of the flag with the vertical part of the cross shifted to the hoist side as opposed to flags where the cross is centred on the flag (known as a Greek cross).”


 As some 7,000 A/As waited in Calais for a chance to stow away as illegal immigrants to El Dorado UK, having the French provide 300 more police in just one week to guard the Channel Tunnel and Daft Dave (from his beach) talk of closing the Tunnel at night, a high-quality survey of 28 relatively advanced countries found that common-or-garden immigration was not favoured by people as much as by politicos.

Nearly one in two people in the better economies of the world believed immigration was causing their country to change in ways they didn’t like, according to a 2015 Ipsos poll (Guardian, 7 viii). In many countries this was true of more than half of the population – in Turkey (84%), Italy (65%), Russia (59%), and in Belgium, France, Israel, South Africa, Great Britain, Hungary and India, the survey reported.

The proportion who agreed immigration was causing their country to change in ways they didn’t like was only below 30% in China, South Korea, Brazil and Japan – countries equally distinguished by having little or no immigration.

At the same time, the peecee BBC admitted that its recent callers had swung markedly to oppose mass immigration (R4, 7 viii, 13:00). {Such news could hardly come at a better time for those trying to nudge the English Labour Party and/or the Tories’ Boris Johnson in a nationalistic/anti-EU direction – leaving cuckservatives holding the howling baby of PeeCee for which they had been so keen to play godparent.

Across the pond, Donald Trump’s nationalism was finding favour; and The Donald happily made it his first priority to denounce PeeCee as he campaigned against lamestream Republicanism.}


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Monday, August 03, 2015


Nordic mid-summer – called ‘the silly season’ because politicos and profs went on holiday – delivered an abundance of riches in Britain as peecee beach-seekers allowed central Kent to become a gridlocked lorry park as France’s illegal A/As (who declined to seek refugee status) and striking transport operatives created massive traffic delays (blockading many in their homes as well as cars); and the Labour Party made an unelectable IRA-, Hamas- and nationalization-supporting Marxist the front-runner in its idiotically long-drawn-out leadership contest – in its excitement neglecting that an anti-French and anti-EU nationalist pose would would provide the only sure way to electoral victory in 2020.

In the latest peecee regulations, it was forbidden to talk of Britain being swamped by hordes or swarms of illegal third-world aliens and their benefit-spongeing polygamous progeny, but quite OK for the Corbynator-backing leftist Communication Workers Union to hope to “purge the virus of Tony Blair” from Labour.

For ‘foreign policy’, the West arranged for Turkey to fight the Kurds, who were fighting ISIQ [pron. I’SSICK] which was fighting everyone except US multiculti ally Iraq [pron. EYERACK] which had run away.

{By contrast, the Antipodes in its mid-winter furnished a modicum of sense as lesbian superstarlet Ruby Rose apologized for having called Queensman PM Tony Abbott (who had restored a semblance of ‘White Australia’ policy) a “moron” and “sexist bigot” (for his rejection of yag marriage) and thus restored some dignity to public political discussion in Oz (Mail Online, 1 viii – with pleasing visual aids of the shapely if rather generously inked Ruby).}


As PM Daft Dave moved faintly towards a slightly tougher stance against Muesli mayhem and mutilation of females, a fine analysis of his new insistence on respect for ‘freedom’ was provided by Sunday Mail columnist Peter Hitchens (26 vii):

"...Our freedom comes from the 1689 Bill of Rights, which he doesn’t seem to know exists, from Magna Carta, which he can’t translate, from Habeas Corpus, which has been whittled away on the excuse of counter-terrorism, and from jury trial, which is fast disappearing. Freedom of speech certainly can’t be defended by banning ‘hate-preachers’, which Mr Cameron is so proud of doing. Freedom of speech is freedom above all for those whose views you dislike most.

Nor can it be strengthened by demanding that people publicly declare that they don’t hold certain opinions. Mr Cameron actually said: ‘We must demand that people also condemn the wild conspiracy theories, the anti-Semitism, and the sectarianism too. Being tough on this is entirely in keeping with our values’.

How on earth is he going to make this happen? Electric shocks until they get their minds right? Personally, I’d much rather know that such people held these frightful views, than have them forced to pretend they didn’t.

Then there is: ‘We need to put out of action the key extremist influencers who are careful to operate just inside the law, but who clearly detest British society and everything we stand for.’

Put out of action? If they are inside the law, which protects the freedom Mr Cameron so values, what does this foggy phrase mean? Sandbagging them as they come out of the mosque?

I’m also not very reassured that we have a Premier who thinks he can advise TV companies on who they should and should not invite on to the airwaves. I think we can all see where that leads.

Mr Cameron and Mr Blair, and their predecessors over decades, have gone a long way towards Islamising this country through uncontrolled immigration and state multiculturalism. They have begun to panic, because they at last realise what they have done, and rightly fear they cannot stop it."


Amidst the Labour leadership crisis, the BBC began to attend to the possibility that the party might turn nationalist or at least anti-EU – e.g. wheeling on the Guardian’s top young lefty, Owen Jones to moot as much (BBCR4, 27 vii, 13:25). But even though the Frenchies were at their most provocative (pouring urine over the British champion of the Tour de France, allowing A/A migrants and homegrown strikers to block the Channel, and even refusing to dish out sweets to console child victims of 5-hour traffic holdups), Labour MPs could not manage a squeak of protest about the conspicuous lunacy of Britain’s EU partners, so busy were they with their chosen project of demolishing socialist electoral hopes for a generation.


 That higher general intelligence is associated with being longer-lived (known since the 1960s and confirmed by Ian Deary in the 1980s) was reported to be a stronger effect in fraternal than in identical twins (D.Telegraph, 27 vii; CityA.M., 27 vii, ‘Intelligent people are genetically programmed to live longer’). A new review of twin studies (in Sweden, the USA and Denmark) by London University’s Rosalind Arden et al. estimated the link to be 95% genetic, attributed the result to the non-identical twins being more different from each other in their DNA, and presumed that brighter/longer-lived twins might eventually be shown to have fewer mutated genes.


 As the asinine authorities of Britain and France allowed a shanty town of 3,000 complete with electric light and restaurants to grow at Calais and the county of Kent to become a lorry park where people were afraid to leave their homes in case blocked roads prevented their return, even correspondents of the Guardian (29 vii) produced a majority pointing out to peecee politicos that:

the A/A arrivals were almost all healthy-looking young males – not the normal profile of ‘refugees’;

if the A/As were refugees, they were legally bound to seek asylum in the first safe country which they reached;

presumably France and Italy were ‘safe’ – like surely one or two north-African countries;

the A/As wanted to come to Britain principally because no identity cards were required, so employers could easily hire cheap illegals;

few of the ‘refugees’ ever gave evidence of having tried to reform the countries from which they wished to ‘escape’;

admitting a few thousand to show compassion would only mean that people traffickers would double their prices;

it was unheard of for the A/As or their leftist sympathisers to urge restoration of Europe’s empires;

China had become the major exploiter ooops trading partner for Africa yet was never asked to provide governance;

Peking had a good understanding of African needs and limitations – even if The g Factor could not be mentioned....

‘CUCKSERVATISM’ EXPLAINED (Washington Post, 29 vii, David Weigel)

....Twitter was the incubator. “Cuckservative,” a portmanteau of “conservative” and “cuckold” (i.e. a man whose wife has cheated on him) burned up Twitter as fans of Donald Trump’s politicking warred with the movement conservatives who opposed it....

What is “cuckservatism?” I’ll defer to Richard Spencer, president of the white nationalist National Policy Institute.

“#Cuckservative” is a full-scale revolt, by Identitarians and what I’ve called the ‘alt Right,’ against the Republican Party and conservative movement,” Spencer explained in an e-mail. “The ‘cuck’ slur is vulgar, yes, but then piercingly accurate. It is the cuckold who, whether knowingly or unknowingly, loses control of his future. This is an apt psychological portrait of white ‘conservatives,’ whose only identity is comprised of vague, abstract ‘values,’ and who are participating in the displacement of European Americans -– their own children.

{The point about ‘values’ is important. Peecee politicos – including lamestream conservatives – like to agree that Western countries should, of course, identify and promulgate their national ‘values.’ But it then turns out that – agreeably to the multiculturalist –countries worldwide have roughly the same official values (freedom, law, peace, democracy etc).

By contrast, Western countries differ at any one time in their preferred economic and political arrangements and institutions; but, whether they be left or right, Catholic or Protestant, cheese-eating or beer-drinking, they all provide a heaven on earth to which migrants would rather flock than to any country in Africa, Arabia or Asia.}


 The 2012 death of top London Schooler Phil Rushton was nicely commemorated in a collection of articles about his work (Nyborg, 2015, The Life History Approach to Human Differences, Ulster Institute for Social Research) – even if the biological “r-K” strategic contrast (between such extremes as bacteria and birch trees – see Brand, 1995, Person.&Indiv.Diffs. 19; McGreal, 2012; Templer, 2012) had only rather slight relevance to actual human racial differences.


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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


 Just as Western thinking about savage Islamolunacy reached a new low ebb – e.g. with UK PM Daft Dave warning Pak gals that IS/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh/Beheadistan could be bad for their health, musing he might toughen England’s Labour-beloved ‘hate speech’ laws, then adjourning to the beaches to mull over a possible RAF bombing sortie into Syria in October – the jiheadists obliged by suicide-bombing just inside Turkey, killing 32 young Kurds and injuring 120 at a cultural centre in Suruc (Daily Mail, 20 vii).

Solunni Turkey, equipped with the largest army in Europe (to be ready to fight its Nato ally, Greece), had apparently been biding its time in the Solunni vs Shitite civil war (which a thousand years of Muesli theological scholarship had failed to settle), waiting for ISIL to make a mess of the Syrians and Kurds before setting up its own Caliphate in the Godforsaken area.

But the Suruc slaughter in Turkey itself – followed by Kurds killing two police in revenge for Turkish tardiness – got Turkey off its bottom sooner than planned (i.e. before Western agreement to a Turkish Caliphate had been achieved). Turkey at last gave permission to the USA to bomb the ISIL jeheadingists from the Incirlik airbase in southern Turkey; it began a little bombing itself – including of the more rebellious and statehood-aspiring Kurds; and it embarked on the construction of a wall on its 700-mile Syrian border that would help stop mad young Mueslis from Europe flocking via Turkey to join ISIL in Syria.

Well-merited and explosive assault by Turkey on ISIL would give the West time to ponder its long-unanswered questions of what to do about Muesli immigration, dress codes, FGM, forced marriage, marital rape, overbreeding (esp. by first cousins), benefit scrounging, deliberate de-literacy, cruelty to animals and the drugging, raping and pimping of White weenies.


Following up the theme of how Britain’s great and good (and not just young Princess Elizabeth, q.v.) went some way along with German Führerworship of the 1930s, Boris Johnson (despite a tiring week of problems for Boris buses, Boris Island and Boris water cannon) quickly came up with the name of Liberal, welfarist and war-winning PM David Lloyd George.

Apparently, even after Hitler’s re-taking the Rhineland 1936 and making his anti-Semitism plain, DLG had paid a call and declared Schicklgruber “a born leader of men, a magnetic dynamic personality with a single-minded purpose, a resolute will and a dauntless heart” and “the George Washington of Germany.”

Yes, a degree of support for AH was not just from conservative aristocrats who feared communism and from Oxford progressives who feared war: it came even from a top Liberal politician and statesman who would rank with Churchill and Wellington as among the very greatest British PMs.


 The bizarre Western effort to keep Burundi multicultural and democratic met a brick wall as the elite minority Tutsi declined to vote in an illegal presidential election aimed to re-appoint Hutu-favouring Pierre Nkurunziza for a third term  (Guardian, 21 vii). In the run-up to the election, some 100 had been killed and 150K displaced; and the future was thought to hold civil war in which the Tutsis would be assisted by many of their fellow ethnics who had escaped previous Hutu killings and found refuge in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of the Congo. Already, 50% of food consumed in Burundi (pop. 10M) was donated by the West.


Writing from Beverly Hills, columnist and mother Celia Walden told Sunday Telegraph readers how peecee and kindred sensitivities began early: among three-year-olds, or at least their mothers (4 vii, Magazine). Quite apart from tales and jokes for tinies having to avoid race, IQ and eugenics, entertaining stories had to avoid kiddie-snatching (‘Rumpelstiltskin’), dwarves (‘Snow White,’ ‘Rumpelstiltskin’) and the topics of pregnancy, childbirth, poisoning and death in which fairy tales tend to abound. Touching on such matters would yield frantic hand gestures from assembled moms.

Fortunately for consensus-seeking mothers, help was at hand in James Finn’s Politically Correct Bedtime Stories – in which modern bowdlerization, for example, Snow White and the Wicked Queen end up opening a spa and women’s conference centre in which to hold “retreats, caucuses and ovariums for the sisters of the world.”


 The folly of multicultural idealism was given an exposure in The Crossing: My Journey to the Shattered Heart of Syria by Samar Yazbek. This brave, pretty and rebellious Syrian-Alawite-Shitite writerette on women’s issues (married at 16 and divorced and a mother by 20), had left Damascus for Paris in 2011 but, despite being threatened with bloody beatings and crucifixion, repeatedly returned to stimulate others to realize her optimistic vision of a country in which “we are all just Syrian, not Sunni, not Shia, not Alawite.”

Only in 2014 did she reconcile herself to a last smuggling into Turkey and to making the best of life in exile (Sunday Times, 28 vi, Culture). (The Alawites, the relatively elite clan who lived chiefly on Syria’s north-western seabord, had long attempted their own multiculturalism, adding a three-in-one godhead, reincarnation and various secret beliefs [possibly including that women did not have souls] to their already Sunnified Shi-ism; but all such ingenious blending would prove vain against the jiheadists of ISIS which Western idealism had unleashed in Iraq.)


How easily could you help run a Nazi death camp? A cheap and pointless prison with only physical violence disallowed? Such a prison where you were paid by a university professor to play your version of a guard with ‘inmates’ who were similarly paid fellow students told to obey? Might you joke in the faces of ‘inmates’, sometimes demand stripping naked for unnecessary de-lousing, or decline requests for medical attention as frivolous?

Forty years after social psychologist Philip Zimbardo ran his infamous Stanford Prison Experiment (q.v.) which stirred anxiety about ‘authoritarianism’ (just as had Stanley Milgram’s pseudo-shock-inflicting students who accepted professorial instructions to punish what they thought were slow learners in a memory experiment), readers of peecee Nature (which had for twenty years found it politick to disdain the hereditarian views of its founder) were given the opportunity to rehearse such anxiety (23 vii, Brendan Maher).

Strange! Would scientists, scholars and students worry more about human greed if paid students agreed to steal from another paid student whose own instructions were to leave his money lying around? Or worry more about lust and female rapism if paid girls agreed to fellate a protesting boy who was paid to offer no physical or angry resistance?

Surely, the only real cause for anxiety would be that ‘social’ psychologists could make an ideological issue out of such farcical ‘experiments.’ What on earth did idealists expect would happen if the elaborately constructed edifice of morality and society were stripped away – as when authority itself was removed in William Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies.’


 In a helpful article about the restrictiveness of modern ‘British’ Muslim families, esteemed Shitite agony aunt Yasmin Alibhai-Brown {who had once kindly used one of her columns to support me against paedohysteria} offered a seldom-heard explanation of the purpose of the burqa (Sunday Times, 12 vii, Magazine):

"....A few years back [in London], a fully veiled woman recognized me and followed me home. She threw off her burkha. She was covered in bruises, bite marks, cigarette burns. A chemistry graduate from a northern town, she [had been] beaten up by her father and brother for speaking to a man at a bus stop. “You see? We are hidden so nobody sees our wounds. Domestic violence is so common in Muslim families, they don’t even think it is wrong.”


As Britain’s electorally devastated Labour Party let its far-leftists loose to parade unreconstructed support for ‘Old Labour’ leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn, 94, who had divorced one of his wives because she didn’t favour comprehensive schools (prompting Rev. Blair to say those whose hearts were with him, needed a transplant), advice to go English nationalist and jack the EU came from Telegraph columnist Allister Heath (23 vii) – urging an empowering consumerism that would champion patients, parents, public transport users and plebiscites (against state capitalism) and provide an alternative to Daft Dave’s determination to champion workers (against welfarist shirkers); and even the mangey Corbyn himself declared he was not averse to ending Britain’s subservient subscription to the Fourth Reich.

{Only problem: the British establishment was quite as dedicated to low-IQ immigration, to cheap labour, to state super-stipends for armchair do-gooders and to peecee tyranny as were the bureaucrats of Brussels.}


Children’s differences in exam results as teenagers are 60% due to genetic differences and only 18% due to environment. Heredity was more than three times as important as school and home life differences combined. Such was the result of analyses by researchers under Bob Plomin at King’s College London of GCSEs sat by 12,500 twins (half identical, half fraternal) (Scientific Reports; Guardian, 23 vii; D.Mail, 24 vii).

About a half of the influence of heredity was attributable to the g [general intelligence, cf. IQ] factor; but the other half was unrelated to g and was presumed by researchers to reflect genetic differences in factors like persistence, imagination, curiosity, memory, conscientiousness, creativity etc.

Said Plomin: “We found that academic achievement in English, mathematics, science, humanities, second languages and art were all affected by the same genes. People may think that they’re good at one subject and bad at another, but in reality most people are strikingly consistent.”

Urging teachers to attend to pupils’ individual differences, Plomin said that, while talking about genetics and education was no longer the taboo that it had been twenty years previously, education professionals were slow to adapt teaching methods in the face of new scientific findings.


 Pursuing his relatively race-realistic US Presidential campaign, The Donald (q.v.), arriving at the Texas border with Mexico, continued his warnings about the Hispanic invasion of America which he provided the last chance of arresting (D.Telegraph, 24 vii):

"Mexico doesn’t want to house someone in a prison for thirty years when the US will do it. Mexico’s leaders are much more cunning than our leaders. I think border guards know that."

Inspired a little by Trump’s effort, American Renaissance came up with an apt new and rude term for America’s ‘conservatives’ who had long ago decided to smile on the invasion when not looking the other way (24 vii): they were ‘cuckservatives’ – political cuckolds who hoped that acceptance of indignity would give them the illusion of control.


 The Swedish Democrats, Sweden’s nationalist party, reached 23% in opinion polls, only 1% behind the front-running Socialists – a dramatic advance from the 6.5% supporting it when it was founded in 2010 (AmRen, 23 vii). Supporters planned a ‘gay pride’ march on 29th July that would pass through ‘Afritard’ areas of Stockholm that were 75% Muslim, aiming to provoke yags and feminoids to come out in their true colours as ‘anti-racists’ who basically sought the end of White culture.

An AmRen correspondent explained: “The story is that in every European nation in which the political class launches a program of massive, uncontrolled third-world immigration, eventually a nationalist anti-immigration party is formed, and grows in strength, purely as a backlash.” {Labour please note how to be electable!}


 As it slid towards dementia in its thoughtless, speechless and long-drawn-out post-Election leadership contest, the Labour Party – not content with a third of its MPs revealing they rather fancied the pro-IRA, pro-Mandela, pro-Martin Luther King, anti-Queen 66-yr-old Jeremy Corbyn – added the new concept of “sexist undertones” to the peecee litany of hate crimes.

When its (Blairite) Lord Falconer ventured that no candidate but his own (unheard-of) Andy Burnham could appeal to all sections of the party, he was promptly denounced by candidate Yvette for the “sexist undertones” of trying to demean Yvette and a Liz and limit the contest to one between men – though Lord Falconer had not in fact mentioned anything about candidates’ sex ooops gender.

Yes, rather than grasp the heaven-sent nationalist opportunities provided by the EU making a 5-year mess of Greece, A/As streaming into Europe, and the West’s deposition of despots around the Med killing, maiming and displacing millions, Labour preferred merely to leave a contribution of naughty disallowed ‘undertones’ to the operation of peecee tyranny. You couldn’t make it up!


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Monday, July 20, 2015


On what would have been the 80th birthday of the genial, generous and g-loaded Nick Mackintosh (q.v.) -- the most eminent modern psychologist to have shifted his focus from animal conditioning to human intelligence (with the help of mounting evidence for the g factor and its substantial link to mental speed of intake) -- a nice note appeared in Scientific American (9 vii).

The memoir – by an American visitor to the great scholar and professor in Cambridge – bestowed the highest praise on NJM’s IQ and Human Intelligence even if it did not quite reach the dizzy height of a 2011 review titled ‘Ignoring Chrissandra’ of comparing The g Factor to George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.

{“If I were to choose the three most important political works of the twentieth century, I think they would be George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique, and Chris Brand’s The g Factor.  Orwell’s novel is the most readable and MacDonald’s trilogy the most radical, but Brand’s polemic is of the most general importance. ....In Greek myth, the prophetess Cassandra was doomed to be always right and always disbelieved.

In twentieth and twenty-first century Britain, Chris Brand has been a Chrissandra: his prognoses and prophecies have been ignored by the political establishment and he has been cast into what East Germans used to call ‘internal exile.’ Ignoring Cassandra led inevitably to the fall of Troy; ignoring Chrissandra is leading inevitably to the death of the West.”}


 An autobiographical memoir by classical pianist James Rhodes (Instrumental, 2015, Edinburgh:Canongate) revealed he had “suffered appalling sexual abuse at the hands of a gym teacher in his primary school between the ages of six and 10 (Sunday Times, 31 v, Culture) apparently resulting in drug use, drinking, illness, self-mutilation, occasional psychiatric hospitalization and girl problems.

Nevertheless, at 40 the author was enjoying a highly successful career (including a profitable ten-year break as a banker in the City, a happy (second) marriage, celebrity friends and special rapport with younger audiences


Amidst the uncertainties, horrors, lunches and incompetences of the Great Five-year EU/Eurozone Trainwreck, just one certainty shone persistently through: the north-south racial divide of Western Europe between the austerity-accepting, centre-right-governed beer-drinking countries that thought Greece should repay its debts and the French-led sun-kissed fun-lovers who guessed a bit more cash could be squeezed out of Germany to support their countries’ proclivities to fascism, communism, socialism, corruption, wine-bibbing, military failure, civil war, military takeovers, reckless driving and general noisiness.

Just how such differences had come about was presumably connected with White Protestantism’s stress on words, reading, truth and honesty as contrasted with Catholic and Orthodox preferences for pictures, visual style, display and superstition; but IQ had to provide a component of the account – with almost all Nordic countries having respectable intelligence (the exceptions being tiny Lithuania and Éire, 80% Catholic countries of IQ 91 and 92 respectively) whereas ClubMed furnished big duds in Greece (IQ 92*) and Portugal (IQ 95) along with 73% Orthodox (and 25% Muslim) Cyprus (IQ 91).

Just why Milkmaid Merkel should wish her country to serve as paymaster in a German Fourth Reich of incompatibles and bad debtors was a mystery except in so far as France needed to be kept on board to provide the EU with the Bomb, an aircraft carrier, champagne, brie cheese and an aura of revolutionary liveliness – however bloodied by the repeated failures of French idealism.

* ”....[the Greeks’] industrial, scientific and technological achievements can be summarised on a postage stamp.” – Historian Max Hastings, ‘Deceitful Greek bailout is sure to end in tears,’ Daily Mail, 14 vii.


 After years of tolerating, enriching and arming Solunni Arabs in the hope that they would at least refrain from new direct attacks on Israel, America {wisely, and as long urged in this blog} decided to beef up the more Europeanized Shitites in Islam’s civil war by letting Iran develop nuclear power so long as it got no nearer to having a Bomb than was Saudi Arabia to purchasing one from Pakilooniland.

Thus was completed the world’s progress under Yankee superpowerdom from the Bomb being in the hands of only Anglo-Saxon people to its being available to a dozen countries having alarming degrees of communism, corruption, slavery and psychoticism; but a Guardian reader noted the bright side of bringing Shitites into Western graces (15 vii – discussing ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ in Washington’s deal with Tehran):

"I will add, as a supporter of the State of Israel, that, though Netanyahu is a looser, with this deal, Israel is a winner. Contrary to the ravings of Bibi, a strong, stable Iran will mean that the Sunni Arab world will have two "ultimate" foes. And won't know which to fight, or try to fight both. And if Israel has the sense to sit back and watch while Islam has its thirty years war, they will be able to enjoy a long period of security. Cynical, I know, but, I think it may well work."


 As Labour’s leadership contest threw up no-one of interest except an elderly pre-Blairite who was backed by the biggest trade unions (which themselves embarked on annoying Londoners), thinking lefties began to toy with the idea that English Labour should become more English and, in particular, anti-EU.

Distressed by Mutti Merkel bearing down on the underdog borrowers of Greece {though these had probably salted their 4th Reich profits in tax-free Swiss bank accounts and the ever-booming London property market}, top Guardian columnists George Monbiot and Owen Jones showed distinct signs of movement {as advocated for Labour in this blog}, with the latter writing (15 vii):

"As austerity-ravaged Greece was placed under what Yanis Varoufakis terms a “postmodern occupation”, its sovereignty overturned and compelled to implement more of the policies that have achieved nothing but economic ruin, Britain’s left is turning against the European Union, and fast.

    “Everything good about the EU is in retreat; everything bad is on the rampage,” writes George Monbiot, explaining his about-turn.

“All my life I’ve been pro-Europe,” says Caitlin Moran, “but seeing how Germany is treating Greece, I am finding it increasingly distasteful.”

Nick Cohen believes the EU is being portrayed “with some truth, as a cruel, fanatical and stupid institution”. “How can the left support what is being done?” asks Suzanne Moore. “The European ‘Union’. Not in my name.” There are senior Labour figures in Westminster and Holyrood privately moving to an “out” position too.

What a roll call of the great, good, wimpish and welfare-crazed! But it would be a way of stemming the haemorrhage of Labour votes to nationalism that had happened at the General Election.


 Amidst the confusions of British party politics – as ‘Conservatives’ supported peecee tyranny, forced through yag marriage and demanded employers shame themselves if they paid less to female staff, and ‘Labour’ advertised itself as being a ‘One Nation’ party and saw its intellectuals prepare to revert to anti-Europeanism – a question was ‘Which party would ever again back educational selection – cf grammar schools?’ This, together with proper experimentation (as in medicine) was the only way to give Britain a chance in a competitive future; but Britain’s politicos – cowardly and ignorant in equal measure -- were virtually unanimous in abjuring such elitism.

Good, then, that at least Mail columnist Peter Hitchens kept on backing school choice at 11 by parents after informed discussion (15 vii) – the German model derived from Sir Cyril Burt and advocated in The g Factor (1996, Chap.4).


 What was to be done about the burgeoning peoples of India – currently 1.3B and due to be 1.7B by mid-century? No problem, said an article given houseroom by the Times of India (16 vii)....:

"....New Delhi needs to facilitate emigration of 300 million or more to allow itself some breathing space and gain greater global heft. It has to be in a formulation that constitutes a win-win to both giver and receiver. Already, it is accepted that fears of a brain drain were overblown. India has benefited more on account of its emigrating population. Emigration may yet be seen as an act of patriotism that carries the syncretic ethos of India worldwide".


Several mysteries accompanied the Sun’s front-page publication of a 1933 photo of the young Princess Elizabeth and her mother giving Hitler salutes for the camera, apparently at the playful behest of the future Queen’s uncle.

How had the picture (one frame of a 17-second video) come to light? Did the Queen (or anyone else) have any recall of the context and motivation of the incident? Who was the cameraman (most likely the Queen’s beloved father, whom she would have happily practised saluting in the latest modern manner)? But, above all, what precisely was the ‘social history interest’ which the Sun claimed for publishing the picture? – Might it be the wide popularity of Adolf Hitler’s elevation to power in Germany of 1933, not just with the anti-communist right and with infatuated German women but with the many socialists, pacifists and progressives (exemplified in the Oxford Union) who would stay broadly loyal to the Führer until he launched Operation Barbarossa against their idealized USSR in 1941?

The left’s post-1945 success in drawing a veil over its substantial erstwhile support for German National Socialism was certainly of the greatest social-historical interest – enabling the left’s ‘long march through the institutions’ towards cultural Marxism [political correctness] without frightening the horses.


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Sunday, July 12, 2015


  This was how top functionaries of University College London found themselves described by top jester Rod Liddle as he savaged the treatment that the “halfwits” had meted out to Nobelist Sir Tim Hunt (whose throw-away dismissal of himself as a “chauvinist” had not prevented his actual sudden dismissal by the dean of faculty at the college where he had worked for a lifetime – q.v.) (Sunday Times, 5 vii).

Other troubles for the luni were that it turned out to have a record of inviting mad Mueslis to hold forth on their views that yags were “dirty dogs who should be murdered” and that Jews, Christians and “filthy non-Muslim doctors” needed seeing to – views hardly concordant with the usual UCL lib-left consensus; and that the eminent American academic, Nassim Taleb, cancelled an invited visit – pointing out as he did so that UCL ran a campus in Qatar where some workers were not allowed passports.

Liddle lashed the “hypocrisy, stupidity and callousness” of a college which had – as it trembled before PeeCee – brought about “the deliberate destruction of a human being” and, despite acrimonious discussions among its bureaufarts, been unable to end the matter with dignity (e.g. the early retirement of its impetuous dean).

    Meanwhile, matching the mega-embarrassing incompetence of UCL, Mueslis of Israel’s West Bank spurned the coalition of minorities and whitewashed a mural of the yag ‘rainbow’ flag – leaving a ‘yag pride’ march of 10K to take place only on the Jewish side of the Jerusalem wall that kept the (once equally left-loved) religionists from each other’s throats.


 Despite daily reminders of deep-seated sex differences – with Wimbledon’s women unable to play five sets, with Japan and America dominating international wymmin’s football (unlike the real thing), and with the Downing Street team preparing the UK Chancellor’s widely acclaimed Budget (for ‘workers not shirkers’) having only one womyn among its six members – bureaucademics of UCL continued to provide amusement by refusing to reinstate ‘sexist’ Sir Tim (D.Telegraph, 9 vii).

They thus flew hilariously in the faces of Richard Dawkins, Lewis Wolpert, Boris Johnson, a dozen Nobelists and a score of the college’s own honorary fellows. Ironically, UCL’s venerated ‘spiritual father,’ Jeremy Bentham, while deploring all prejudicial discrimination (though never himself marrying), as a true liberal had also been a champion of free speech; UCL offered no explanation of why only 33% of its senior academic staff were female; and no agreed account was available of what Sir Tim had said and how he had said it.

{In all this it was of course a pity that Sir Tim had given feminoid hysterics encouragement by joking of himself as a “chauvinist monster,” by offering a placatory apology when none was necessary, and by resigning instead of demanding a proper hearing and trial. – He had perhaps wanted to avoid scrutiny of his own ‘love in the lab’ problems of the 1980s (see Daily Mail, 10 vii).

Sir Tim’s defender, Richard Dawkins, also had a reputation for being a ladies’ man in the lab – at one time having slept with all but one of his female staff.}


 As thousands of Muslim Uighurs were killed by Chinese, a hundred of their compatriots made it out to Thailand, apparently headed to Turkey and perhaps the Jiheadistan of ISIS. But Thailand’s military government of Buddhists was unsympathetic to this operation and, not having signed up to UN refugee pieties, promptly returned them to China, which was likewise uninterested in any moves towards a Greater Turkestan (Guardian + correspondents, 10 vii).

{The Thais evidently took the same dim view of the Uighur Muslim as they and Burma’s Buddhist monks and government did of the Rohingya [q.v.] In this they were well in line with the sentiments of Western publics – if not of the West’s spineless ooops saintly politicos and leftists who had put admiration for Jewish culture and achievement behind them and become protectors of Solunni superstition.}


After several years of casting paedophilic aspersions against MPs of the 1980s, including his own predecessor in Rochdale, Labour MP Simon Danczuk, 48, found himself locked out of his home by his wife, accused by her of being a violent and deceitful alcoholic, signed up with a psychiatrist, and having to abandon his paedohunting due to being overstressed by the tales of abuse that his inquiries had brought him.

By contrast, wife Karen, 32 and a Labour councillor, appeared to be in good shape despite her hubbie’s campaign publicizing that she had been repeatedly tortured and raped from age 6 till 12 by a brother and half-brother, was having affairs with a car salesman, her gym instructor and another stud, and loved nothing better than to ‘twitter’ ‘selfies’ of her considerable cleavage.

Needless to say, Councillor Karen was dubbed ‘Queen of the Selfies’ by admirers and was said to be preparing to appear on Celebrity Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing, Game of Thrones, Married At First Sight etc. Apparently a few years of rampant brotherly abuse were better for the psyche than a dismal obsession with persecuting long-dead paedos


It was presumably the passion for enforced female ‘equality’ of opportunity that resulted in a 54-year-old grandmother being selected as a court guard in charge of such felons as GBH case Humphrey Burke, 22, who put her in a coma as he tried to escape outside London’s Blackfriars Crown Court – a coma from which she never emerged, so Burke found himself on an additional murder charge (D.Telegraph, 11 vii).


Contrary to post-Saddam images of horror – with piles of corpses discovered each morning, Baghdad had become a peaceful city where children skipped and jumped among new greenery and fashionable ladies smoked exotic tobaccos through hubble-bubble pipes. Yes, said the BBC’s World Service (12 vii, 09:05), the famous city had become geographically segregated along Solunni vs Shitite lines, and all the residents had to fear was that Western multicults would attempt to impose peecee brotherly love on tribal sects which had hated each other for a thousand years.


 When theology professor Donald Macleod was stripped of his 20-year weekly column for the West Highland Free Press after he warned against the rise of Islam, he was stoutly defended by the newspaper’s founder, former Labour MP Brian Wilson, by the Moderator [leader] of the Free Church of Scotland, and by two lady journalists who resigned from the paper in disgust (Scotsman, 12 vii) – though Wilson then found his own 40-year column cancelled, moving him to remark ironically on “the joys of employee ownership” (such takeovers having been allowed in socialism-crazed Scotland since 2009).


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Tuesday, July 07, 2015


The exposure on Black Friday (q.v.) of the breadth and depth of the horrors of the West and its gormless peecee ‘leadership’ elicited unwonted realism from an army chief-of-staff (albeit safely retired), one Lord Dannatt, who noted that top Mueslis had been distinctly backward in coming forward to condemn jihadic violence (Sunday Mail, 28 vi); and from PM Daft Dave, who at last admitted that the West was up against not just “terror” (the safe option preferred for years by pundits and politicos) but “Islamic terror.”

Lord Dannatt’s frankness earned him an invitation from superstar interviewer Andrew Neil to a four-man critique on ‘Sunday Politics’ of peecee pussyfooting around Islam’s tendencies to aggression, child prostitution, homophobia, anti-Semitism and misogyny – a shrewd move by the Beeb as it came under fire from the UK’s new Conservative government for its well-known bias towards the left and the left’s favoured minorities.

Boris ‘Bojo’ Johnson (now MP and in hot pursuit of the Tory leadership) warmed to the theme and spelled out in his Telegraph column that some term needed to be found for rabid Mueslis that acknowledged that they had something to do with Islam (29 vi).

    DD followed up by proposing legislation to criminalize ‘disruptive’ ‘extremist’ intolerance of faiths, tolerance of intolerance, yagophobia and public proposals for “the subjugation of women” – though this substitute for mosque closures would probably get used more against Christians than against MISlims (attacks on whom would quickly be condemned as ‘racist’ or Islamophobic by MSM, politicos, lawbugs and kindred Islamapologists)....

DD’s new mouthings did indicate a real smidgeon of a shift towards recognizing there was some kind of problem with Islam, agreed the Guardian (30 vi); but his only practical proposal to bear down especially on Mueslis was a restriction of state funding of translation services -- for Pakistanis usually needed their cases translated into Urdu so they could understand the state-funded work of lawyers, social workers, teachers and medics on their behalf.

    DD received no support against Islam from Britain’s luniversities – twelve of which (mainly in London) hypocritically claimed they would continue to support the ‘free speech’ of murderous Mueslis, even though that high principle had not been applied to the post-prandial jocosity of Nobelist Sir Tim Hunt.

But Tunisia showed resolution that would appal Britoid lib-lefties by announcing it would close within a week those eighty mosques in the country that were not already under government supervision to ensure they did not “spread venom” (Financial Times, 28 vi); and the Governor/Mayor of Lombardy (Italy’s economic engine room, which had already installed security cameras in mosques and banned any new construction of non-Catholic places of worship) promised similar closures.

From 2010, Angola (where 1% of the 19M population was Muslim) was widely reported to be closing and burning mosques and madrasas and halting the construction of new ones (Wikipedia, 2 vii 2015). (Angola granted ‘freedom of religion’ only to cohesive groups of at least 100K having agreed leadership – i.e. not divided into sects.)

Egypt – surrounded by IS – was embarked on closing 27K of its smaller mosques (to suppress extremism, or at least force its preachers into the open) (, iii 2015); and it responded to the Tunisian massacre and IS killing of its top prosecutor by declaring war on IS and sending more troops to secure its province of Sinai, killing 123 IS vermin in two days.

Even harassed Syria managed to kill dozens of rapacious IS jiheadists (in besieged Aleppo), putting the West to shame – though the French National Front at least wanted mosque closures; and Germany had closed at least one mosque (in Bremen) for exhorting youth to join IS (Jihadwatch, xii 2014).

    The Quran contained 100 passages inciting violence, mutilation, killing (esp. beheading) and the insulting of Christians. The Quran was taught to Muslim children as the exact word of God, to be learned by rote from unlettered and self-appointed "Imams." Any person not committed to seeking political Islam (government by Sharia law) for his country was not considered a true Muslim. (Independent correspondents, 2 vii).


 The fat Black female teacher of journalism, Connie St Louis, who had denounced Sir Tim Hunt for sexism and got him sacked (q.v.), turned out to have made faster and looser with the facts than had the great Nobelist. In her CV (provided at London’s City University), the priggish, joke-abjuring Connie claimed to have written articles for “numerous outlets” including the Sunday Times and the Daily Mail and that she “presents and produces a range of programmes for BBC Radio 4”; but the ST could find no such articles in a database search covering the past two decades, and no broadcast programmes in her name since 2007.


 The best-selling children’s authoress, Glasgow-based Julia Donaldson (who wrote The Gruffalo) said adults had become “totally neurotic” about paedophiles to the detriment of offspring’s freedom and ability to explore (Sunday Times, 28 vi).


 The death of education guru Sir Chris Woodhead at 68 of motoneurone disease was nicely lamented by the papers – for he had championed schools wanting to be free of socialist control from local authorities and spoken in favour of bringing back the grammar schools (Sunday Times, 28 vi).

{However, he never seemed to have read TgF – which concluded with more practical suggestions for introducing streaming and differentiation by intelligence using teacher-guided parental choice [the system set up for Germany by Britain in the days of Sir Cyril Burt and continued to the present].}


 As Britons laboured to define their country’s nature and values, and thus some reason why – after 300 years of running itself (1688-1988) – Britain should be providing refuge and welfare for the world and having its people blown up and gunned down by ISlamofanatics (notably the 52 on 7 vii 2005 and 30 on 26 vi 2015), visual aids from London’s Hyde Park memorial to 7/7 handily summed up the modern British story (Daily Mail, 30 vi).

Yes, the Romanian gypsies who nightly camped (including toileting) by the 52 pillars said it all as Britain added Tunisia to its list of concerns with the Mueslis of the Med: a country which had energized, liberated and saved the world had lost its grip – its finest institutions (Monarchy, Parliament, Armed Forces, Civil Service, Police) having surrendered their powers so as to make room for PeeCee and kindred feckless idealism. Yes, once-Great Britain was Going Bust. But it had found its voice – a spineless whimper. {PM DD was due to pay his respects at the memorial 7 vii 2015.}


A fine tirade against University College London was provided by top Mail columnist Bel Mooney (2 vii), who pointed to the wretched luni having given houseroom for ranting by murderous Mueslis to sex-segregated audiences. Bel’s former husband, star broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby, had resigned his Fellowship at the peecee playground ooops college over its forcing the resignation of ‘sexist’ Sir Tim (4 vii).

    Sir Tim’s hysteria-inducing idea that female participation in traditionally male pursuits might not be an unmixed blessing was given further support as England’s Ladies’ Footie Team crashed out of a World Cup competition with an own goal scored in extra time.

And, from the great horse racing Oz state of Victoria, it was reported that a female jockey had fallen while doing track work at Caulfield Race Course and that she died before arriving at a hospital. She was the second jockess to die in a racing accident in a month; and the fourth in 2015; and the ninth in 2014-5. How many male jockeys died in that time? None.


 Britain’s laxity in not banning the burqa was exemplarily exposed as crooks in an east London gang were convicted of a string of heists over a six-year period which had netted millions of pounds in designer watches, shoes and handbags from such high-end retailers as Prada, Selfridges and Jimmy Choo. The gang’s standard equipment for its smash-and-grab raids had included burqas along with motor bikes, sledgehammers and axes (Guardian, 4 vii; photos by Metropolitan Police).

Though did model and beautician Hollie Dowding (for it is she) really need to cover up?... Especially as Hollie readily confessed to providing ‘handling’ services (D.Telegraph, 4 vii)....


 In the topsy-turvy world of modern Britain – where the Queen had no yacht, Prince William needed to fly second-class, most medicine was lavished on those about to die, girls were encouraged to take up rugby and boxing, Oxbridge applicants to the Civil Service were discriminated against, and Scottish universities were told by their Holyrood masters to admit preferentially applicants having poor levels of educational attainment, teachers in England were found (in research by London Metropolitan University) to stigmatize their charges openly (attaching stickers to submitted work) as ‘disadvantaged’ so as to elicit a ‘pupil premium’ [higher grades] from examiners (D.Telegraph, 4 vii).


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Sunday, June 28, 2015


Despite years of lib-left campaigning to enforce peecee religiosity and Kick Racism Out of Football, a Daily Mail reporter – himself a Black from the Caribbean – got the following snaps (and others like them) (19 vi).

At first glance, they look like any bunch of young lads sitting down to a meal. In this case, they happen to be the England Under-20s football squad. Look more closely, though, and you will see a startling fact: one table is entirely inhabited by black players, the other by white.

The same pattern can be seen in other pictures taken at the squad’s training base during a tournament in France [in May].

Exercising in the swimming pool, six white players line up alongside each other, while the black youngsters gather together at the other end of the pool. And on a line of training bikes, it is the same story. Black and white separated by colour.


 In the same week when Oxford received its final instalment of posthumous punishment from Lady Thatcher, as the last of her personal effects (books, handbag etc.) went to Churchill College, Cambridge (in revenge for Oxford hating her and not having given her an honorary degree), students of Magdalen College, Cambridge, took their turn at peecee mania by demanding the cessation of jelly wrestling by bikinied undergraduettes (q.v.) – a demand to which the sorry college’s Provost Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, readily acceded since he too judged such drinking club practices as ‘sexist’ (Sunday Mail, 21 vi).

Killjoy student despots at both Oxford and Cambridge also launched a campaign called No Exclusive And Sexist Societies. The petition called for the for an end to clubs such as the historic Pitt Club, which had counted Edward VII and George V as members, and Oxford's Bullingdon Club, whose alumni of 2015 included Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne.


 With cavalier disregard for the thirty-year pretentiousness of Western leftists, postmodernists, social anthropologists etc to the effect that ‘races’ do not exist, an influential group of Buddhist monks announced it would defend Myanmar/Burma’s “race and religion” against Rohingya (q.v.)

Muslims who had invaded from neighbouring basket-case Bangladesh/Bengal. Meeting in Rangoon, some 1,300 monks of Ma Ba Tha [Organization for the Protection of Race and Religion] said they would encourage Burma’s electorate and military government to ban the wearing of headscarves in schools – they had previously had success in making it a crime for a woman to bear more than one baby in three years, a eugenic measure targeting chiefly the Rohingyas (Guardian, 23 vi).


Guardianistas were shocked to be told that the Spanish clothing retailer Zara was “implementing aggressively racist policies in its New York City stores” (24 vi). In a survey of 251 employees – roughly one-sixth of Zara’s New York workforce – Black employees in particular reported mistreatment from management, and many workers said they were ordered to racially profile customers.

In the survey, conducted by a pro-worker advocacy group, Center for Popular Democracy, employees recalled being instructed to flag certain shoppers as “special orders” over their radio headsets – a code signalling that the customer was a likely shoplifter and should be followed and watched.

According to survey respondents, signs that a customer might qualify as a special order included being African American, being a Black and “dressing a certain way” (cleavage-showing trousers, hoodies).

    Even worse, a peecee sleuth went rummaging in the Australian constitution (Guardian, 24 vi) and found it expressly permitted ‘racist’ legislation to keep “Asiatic and African aliens” from getting their hands on Oz gold (a real anxiety in the 1890s when the Australian constitution had last been reformulated).

Particularly, the constitution stated it enabled “the Parliament to deal with the people of any alien race after they have entered the Commonwealth; to localise them within defined areas, to restrict their migration, to confine them to certain occupations, or to give them special protection and secure their return after a certain period to the country whence they came.”


 Black Friday, when scores of Poms, Krauts, Frogs and Shitites were gunned, bombed or decapitated in Tunisia, France and Kuwait, came and went with the usual junkets for EU politicos (whom jihadists strangely spared from their depradations – perhaps because of incompetence, or perhaps because they wanted continued protection from Western ‘leaders’).

Not a single mosque was closed, let alone burned down; not a single burqa or other hoodie was banned; no suggestion was made of a person’s support for jiheading cancelling UK citizenship; no sanctions were sought against Solunni countries (like Saudi and Qatar) whose mega-rich citizens funded Islamic terror; and not a single Christian minister was told his/her continued pay and emoluments would depend on avoiding sneering at the Crusades.

Instead, under the POTUShip of Black/Muesli Obarmy, yag ‘marriage’ and taxbreaks were forced  (by a 5-4 Supreme Court vote) on every state of the USA to parade before Russia’s President Putin the sheer unlikelihood of the West’s lunchers [sea bass a favourite with Euroscoffers in Brussels] sitting down with him to discuss the problems of the Ukraine, Syria, the Horn of Africa and Chechnya (where IS/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh had earlier in the week declared war on Russia -- in token of which 400 fanatic Chechen Solunnis had already got themselves to Syria/Iraq to help with rape, pillage, beheadings and the blowing up of Mesopotamian ruins).

No: the peecee goons of politics, the polytechnics and MSM were not to be distracted by A/A mayhem from their chosen task of bringing more slave labourers and welfare backers to the West to replace natives who drew disconcerting strength from their families or their own two feet.

    Still, the latest ISlamic atrocity at least drew support for Oz Queensman PM Tony Abbott from noted British historian Michael Burleigh who, writing in the Mail (27 vi), said the West would have to hire Algeria or Morocco as dumping grounds ooops safe havens for boat people whose invading millions might well contain substantial contributions of IS jiheaders.

Perhaps the West would re-learn from Australia how to resume the White man’s burden – though the über-diners of Brussels seemed set to be slow learners as they squabbled about the Muesli invasion throughout three courses, leaving PM Daft Dave only five minutes to present British demands for EU reform (to limit international welfarist free-loading) while the cheese was served.


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Sunday, June 21, 2015


Having easily won re-election as Governor of the northern Italian region of Veneto, Luca Zaia, a star of the surging anti-immigrant Northern League party, wasted little time showing voters that he had heard and understood their demands. Claiming that the sight of African migrants would have a “devastating effect” on the tourism industry, Zaia called for local officials across his region to begin clearing all reception centres and other housing occupied by migrants near tourist areas (Observer, 14 vi).

His decision reflected the dismay that had been expressed to him in “every way and in every place,” Zaia claimed, adding that all further placements should be halted. This was the latest salvo in an escalating standoff between Zaia – together with other rightwing governors in Liguria and Lombardy – and the government in Rome, where argument had broken out over a plan by the centrist Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, to distribute tens of thousands of African migrants and refugees across Italy.

Eritreans wait for food at Milan’s central railway station


 As Eritreans continued to make up 25% of aspirimmigrants crossing (when not dying in) the Med as they fled the brutal dictatorship of President Isaias Afwerki (a Muslim with Marxist episodes who made his money from gun-running to fellow Mueslis at odds with Christians and animists in Somalia and South Sudan), the UK’s lib-left Observer cried out for Western intervention (14 vi):

“The World Bank and IMF should take a fresh look at how best to encourage good governance, job creation and improved living standards for emerging generations of young workers.”

Offering the conclusion that taking Eritrea in hand was the most likely way of persuading Eritreans “to stay at home”, the Observer thus showed the English Labour Party the way to go as it struggled after its Election disaster to find an appeal to voters that was at once new, humane and practical.”

(Of course, there would be no point re-organizing Eritrea et al. if these countries had their brighter young tempted away by copious Western welfare, medical, educational and housing benefits showered on all who so much as got their feet on to tarmac.)


As France, Switzerland, Hungary and Austria took steps towards closing their borders against A/A’s streaming into them from Italy (in France’s case sending 200 heavily padded gendarmes to Ventimiglia, on the Riveria, to force 6K A/A’s back into Italy and seal the border against them), the Italian prime minister, Matteo Renzi, said that, if no “equitable deal” were struck to spread the wretched of the earth across the whole of western Europe, Rome would start issuing migrants with temporary visas allowing them to travel elsewhere in Europe, stop receiving the hundreds of boats arriving from Libya and refuse docking for foreign ships rescuing those stranded at sea (Guardian, 16 vi).

But, meeting in Luxembourg, EU home secretaries could only bring themselves to plan jolly celebrations of the ‘borderless Europe’ thought to have been begun by the Schengen agreement (which Britain, Éire and Denmark had managed to avoid agreeing). It was thought that countries like Poland and Romania might take a few more dinners ooops migrants if the EU pressed ahead with its equally daft policy of irritating Russia over the Ukraine.

    Ukip’s Nigel Farage warned that the hordes of aspirimmigrants crossing the Med could soon be “of biblical proportions” – in the millions; and that Isis would insert its fanatics among the boat people. Even Guardian correspondents were 50% in favour of halting the migration (17 vi).

    The Pope suggested that those opposed to the A/A invasion should “seek forgiveness”; but his comments were rejected by the leader of Italy’s anti-immigration Northern League, Matteo Salvini, who retorted on Italian radio by asking, 'How many refugees are there in the Vatican?'

    Hungary's foreign minister announced plans to close his country’s border with Serbia to stem the flow of illegal migrants. The Hungarians would build a four-metre high, 110-mile long fence along the border in response to the growing number of migrants (Daily Mail, 17 vi). Hungary had the highest inflow of migrants per caput in Europe, taking in 55K in the first half of 2015 – representing a 60-fold increase in immigration in three years (Guardian, 18 vi).

    In Australia, it was revealed that the policy of paying boat people to stay away from Oz had been introduced by the previous Labor government. {This would be helpful news for British Labourites as they searched for new policies – with the aim, if they were wise, of winning back nationalistic, anti-Muslim votes that had gone to Ukip.}


Support for Britain’s spurned* Nobelist Sir Tim Hunt (who, called by South Korean female hostesses to provide post-lunch entertainment about ‘Women in Science,’ had lightheartedly mentioned the problems of love affairs in labs and the female propensity to tears, and thus apparently enraged feminasties – see above) came from Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, in his weekly Telegraph column (15 vi).

Very properly, Boris consulted the work of the world’s leading expert on crying (Professor Ad Vingerhoets of Tilburg University) for empirical demonstration that women cry five times as often and twice as copiously as men.

The politician in Boris could not resist a diplomatic admission that such submissive protection-seeking might reflect ‘social’ factors; but Boris was bold enough to say that Sir Tim “should be reinstated forthwith to his academic positions.”

In this he was joined by the Mail’s Tom Utley who deplored the cowardice of many academics under the “tyranny” of PeeCee (18 vi), by eight Nobelists and even by some 50% of Guardian correspondents; and, on the BBC’s ‘Question Time,’ eminent libertarian Conservative David Davies MP said it was actually the bosses of UCL who should be sacked for ‘bringing the university into disrepute.’

Whether or not because of the Hunt scandal, veteran American stand-up Jackie Mason, 84, chose the moment to join his fellow comic Jerry Seinfeld in noting and deploring the C21 allowance of free speech only to increasingly tyrannous Blacks and gays who could call straight Wasps anything they liked (Chortle Comedy News, 20 vi).

Evolutionist Richard Dawkins said, "Along with many others, I didn't like Sir Tim Hunt's joke, but 'disproportionate' would be a huge underestimate of the baying witch-hunt that it unleashed among our academic thought police....”

*Even British scientists’ weekly, Nature (18 vi), paraded the 20-year gutlessness of British academoids in the face of PeeCee: the magazine whined about Sir Tim’s “dismaying” remarks “belittling women” and urged that women be included in future in laboratories’ expeditions to the pub.


Galvanizing American Republicans’ search for a candidate to win the White House in 2016, billionaire Donald Trump, 69 and father of five and on his third marriage, put his name forward just a day after Jeb Bush had done likewise (New York Times, 16 vi).

DT said he would stay the course – unlike in previous Republican selection campaigns when he had achieved only 5% support. DT flirted with a fine array of conservative/realist positions, having maintained his Presbyterean faith, having said Blacks were born idle, having denounced unwed motherhood, having spurned ‘climate change’ hysteria, having opposed abortion and third-world immigration (wanting a new Great Wall of China against Mexican invaders – whom he called “criminals,” drug peddlers and “rapists”) and having been a pal of flaky rightist Sarah Palin; but he was liberal about trade, believing ‘May the best man win’ (usually himself, except when Muslims were allowed to cheat on oil deals by an Obama-enfeebled USA).

His aim to ‘Make America great again’ might be unexceptionable; but he expressed it with enthusiasm, and his stress on the importance of being “smart,” “bright,” and “talented,” as opposed to being “stupid” was refreshing even if terms like ‘IQ’ and ‘the g factor’ never cropped up. His eldest daughter Ivanka

characterized him as ‘the opposite of political correctness’; and he had even been brave enough to face down comedian Ali G’s faux-naἵve TV interviewing which elicited peecee politeness from most celebrities (the only other notable exception being leftist Tony Benn).

A showman of clear, strong and nicely detailed views, The Donald would surely prove more watchable than most other Presidential hopefuls put together; and thus whittle down the 50% of US voters who claimed to dislike him.


 Taking a couple of hours off from a jaunt to Milan’s ‘Expo’ exhibition, UK PM Daft Dave lunched with his Italian counterpart Matteo Renzi and promised help from British intelligence services (MI5, 6, 7, 8 etc.) to examine, document and discuss the hordes of A/A’s with which Italy was being inundated. Over a meal of risotto alla Milanese and roast veal, washed down with Soave and Bardolino wines, Cameron appeared to have been given a fairly sympathetic hearing for his case that the EU needed changes.

 Both leaders agreed the migrant problem originated outwith Italy {perhaps in Britain with its post-Thatcher idealism and demand for slave labour?...}; and that it would take months if not years of lunches ooops committee work to solve.


At a Q&A in Edinburgh’s Cineworld for his film ‘The Stanford Prison Experiment,’ Californian director Kyle Alvarez surprisingly agreed {with me} that the Stanford University scenario (of a mock prison arrangement where some of the student ‘guards’ and ‘prisoners’ threw themselves over-enthusiastically into their parts – earning a handsome $15 per day in 1970 for their work) was comparable to that of William Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies.’

Surprising because Dr Philip Zimbardo’s ‘experiment’ was usually interpreted by leftish social scientists as illustrating the evils of authority and of obedience to it. But Alvarez insisted ‘The Lord of the Flies’ (where schoolboys run amok after their teachers die in the plane crash that had landed them on a desert island) had indeed been much on his mind – as well he might, for the Stanford study (or simulation, as another Stanford professor called it) essentially involved a lack of authority as Zimbardo allowed his ‘guards’ to swear and shout at ‘prisoners’ and to intimidate and humiliate them (they were made to wear dresses when not stripped), ultimately culminating in the ‘guards’ mock-sodomizing the ‘prisoners’ (at which point the ‘experiment’ was stopped as it dawned on Zimbardo that he had gone too far – if not for leftists -- in his ludicrous caricature of authority as capricious and brutal).


Divine* US journaliste Ann Coulter provided an vigorous account at a signing in Washington of her most recent book which accused American authorities of hiding the vast extent of the problems arising from third-world immigration (AmRen, 18 vi).

A bon mot from Ann: “Unless you’re being called a racist by the New York Times, you’re losing.”

Another: "Roe v. Wade can be overturned. Obamacare can be repealed. Amnesty [for illegal immigrants] is forever."

*An AmRen correspondent (18 vi): There is no one remotely like Ann, part Mort Sahl, part Joan of Arc, the mind of a Harvard Law Professor trapped in the body of a Victoria's Secret model. The proper response is adoration.

The one discrepancy that intrigues me is that she is an ardent Christian (practically demanding martyrdom) and creationist (how ironic that the apogee of evolution denies evolution).. Race realism is based on evolutionary biology. That suggests a fault line, but her outreach to the dissident right has been impressively enthusiastic.

As for money-making, she would make much, much more if she tapered her views ever so slightly. With her looks and her wit, she is prime time material. She could drive a hard Faustian bargain but she'd rather have lunch with Vdare bloggers or even our Jared.


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