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As Britain’s ‘politicians’, no longer selected from grammar schools, gave up every principle – Liberals no longer liberal, Labour backing bankers, and Tories quite unable to conserve the Union [desperately needing the help of my old playmate, ex-PM Labourite and grammar-basher Gordon Brown] – finding that the BBC, Times and Guardian worshipped them so long as they were peecee --  a ‘Conservative’ MP provided the newest entertainment – rivalling that of his Conservative predecessors who had outdone even Liberal queers by sharing mistresses with Commie spies and hanging themselves from their own lightbulbs while jerking off in the nude:

"Disgraced Tory MP Brooks Newmark had 'two year affair with young mother' and sent her 'up to 40 sexts' - as he vows to ‘fight his demons’ and wife moves out of family home

‘Tory’ MP Brooks Newmark had a two-year affair with a single mother he bombarded with naked pictures of himself and told her 'I am desperate for sex with you', it was revealed today.

The former Conservative minister, 56, a father of five, yesterday issued a grovelling apology after being caught texting explicit photographs of himself for a second time.

Mr Newmark left his post as ‘minister for civil society’ last month after he was exposed as having exchanged lewd photographs with a male journalist posing as a glamorous 20-year-old Tory PR woman.

Today it emerged that he 'seduced' an unnamed mother on Facebook behind his wife's back, sending her up to forty naked selfies in the past year, his lover said.

It is alleged he also invited her to his Westminster office and to his home, after he offered to pay the rail fare.

His wife, innocently caught up in a humiliating sex scandal has moved out of their constituency home in Essex, it has emerged.

He announced he would quit the Commons at the next election, adding that he had ‘traumatised’ his family with ‘bizarre and abhorrent’ behaviour.

He would be moving in to a psychiatric facility to battle his ‘demons’, he said.

It has now emerged that he also sent a series of explicit ‘selfies’ to a single mother he met online. In one photograph he is seen posing naked while grinning in what appears to be a hotel bathroom.

She claims she did not know he was married because 'he's an MP, he's not going to lie'.

The single mother ended the relationship two weeks ago when it was revealed he had sent naked pictures to someone else.

She told The Sun's Paul Sims: 'He's told the world he was foolish and he engaged in late night flirtations online with other women because he was unwell. But that simply isn't true. We met in 2012 and he seduced me.

'We had a full-on relationship for over two years. I was in love with him.'

On the day he quit the Government he wrote: 'Something awful has happened. I can't talk now but have had to resign from Govt. I will catch up later. So sorry.' She replied she 'thought I was the only one for you'.

The following day he said he was in 'pain' but when his lover asked him if she could ever trust him he responded: 'Please stop thinking about yourself.'"

Messages: The flabby thick-necked old bag ooops woman who had a two-year ‘affair’ with the MP claims she received these texts with up to 40 naked photographs. His sexts to a reporter posing as a Tory activist forced him to resign.


 As the West reeled from America’s chosen Obamaniac incompetence (the Kenyan-born Nobel Peace Prize winner having been elected to solve the problem of the USA having failed to return its enemy Black slaves to their homelands) at controlling psychotic Arabia and lunatic Pakiland) and India flew – funded by UK  taxpayers --  a sputnik around Mars, and China rivalled the oil-enriched Mueslis) by building more skyscrapers and even being pretty gentle with the student rebels of Hong Kong, a Guardian article could not avoid the faxalife (14 x):

"China, once the world’s most egalitarian society, is now even more unequal than the United States – 1% of its population owns one-third of the national wealth – and prone to defuse its increasing social contradictions through a hardline nationalism directed at its neighbours, particularly Japan."

Yes, China had let talent roar ahead – as in the days of early Protestantism in Europe. My art historian wife found herself greeted for her lectures on ‘modern art’ with a hotel room usually costing £170 per night, as well as with luxurious lunches and dinners. (And, yes, the Chinks did have a gripe against the Nipponese, America having failed over seventy years to resolve the historic hatreds between its Asian allies.)

Britain, too, was making slow, if unsteady progress towards higher-IQ rule, despite its useless politicos destroying the grammar schools (D. Mail, 15 x):

The richest 10 per cent of Britons controlled more than half the country's wealth, new research has revealed. {They also supplied 50% of gummint taxation revenue}

The annual Credit Suisse global wealth report said Britain was the only country in the G7 group to have increased inequality the past century.

While inequality had fallen in France, Germany, Canada and Japan - and remained flat in the U.S. and Italy - the share of Britain's richest one per cent had climbed.

The rise meant the nation's super-rich now controlled 54.1 per cent of the country's wealth -- up from 51.5 per cent in 2000 and 52 per cent in 2007.

{One (well-deserved) beneficiary was to be my now-Twickenham-based son who was setting up his own law company – though his father had known nothing but the delectations, arguments, crucifixions and remunerations of academic life.}


The West’s peecee clowns, led by their favourite half-Black Obarmy, having failed to cordon off Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia (since these pathetic Whites’ multicult religion allowed no admittance that ebola was 100% concentrated among Blacks), amusingly deployed their usual PR strategy: with the help of pitiful BBC ‘journalists’ they ran around shouting that ebola – which had arrived in New York and London thanks to their stupidity  -- was ‘well under control’ so long as Whites took to living inside plastic bags which would be provided at taxpayer expense and from which emergence would be draconianly punished (along with any statements that Blacks needed White rule to manage their rubbishy countries – ‘free’ of Western control for 50 years).

{Thank heaven China was arriving to take over – mainly of course to protect its own two million neo-imperialists who were extracting whatever minerals the West had neglected.} As a first token gesture of its ‘good will,’ the UK despatched 700 soldiers (and, doubtless, soldierettes) to West Africa so that they could experience the fun of ebola and quickly bring it into England in large quantities (since they would presumably have the ‘right to family life’ enshrined in EUSSR ‘law’).

‘Good’ politician that he was, America’s beloved Obarmy, having let the cat out of the bag, declared he would adopt a more “aggressive” approach to ebola – though what this would involve remained as unclear as all other Western ‘policies.’ Apparently the main fun was to be for shareholders in companies making plastic bags; and any lefties who had not invested would get their own chance as the plague (itself untreatable, and killing 70% of sufferers) ran out of control and could be blamed by leftists on the West’s failure to provide enough skules’n’hospitaws etc for the Blecks who had wanted independence from Western imperial effort.


 Dealing with a radio question about the left-beloved ‘minimum wage’ (widely circumvented – even by theology students known to me), Freud’s great-grandson, Lord Freud, mentioned the simple truth that this artificial barrier kept many disabled (and kindred ‘disadvantaged’) people out of work entirely – for many disabled were simply not worth £7 per hour. For this dereliction from official egalitarian peecee lingo, the young Freud was promptly front-paged (e.g. Grauniad, 16 x) , even by ‘right-wing’ British newspapers. {Did I make this up? Sadly: No. But Sigmund himself, a biological realist, would surely have been proud of his great-grandson.}


 As the foul Black plague of ebola swept into Dallas, Washington, New York, London and Madrid, since none of the West’s politico maniacs were prepared to ban flights from west Africa, two countries which had no ‘White guilt’ provided a model of good sense: yes, Morocco and Jamaica became the first to secure their borders against loopy ‘aid’ workers who wanted to ‘help’ poor and needy Blecks by dashing out to their ghastly countries, getting infected, and bringing ebola to the West – where outrage would inevitably cancel even the most caring, sensible and imperialistic efforts to bring Africa under decent control.


 The left’s devoutly wished end to the family – so all power could be assumed by twerpish nobodies holding state jobs while wearing baseball caps and waving Coca-Cola cans (as seen at HMRC) – was neatly exemplified as a son of the Vice-President of loopy peecee America was kicked out of the US Navy for undue cocaine use. Yes, this leftist ‘son’ of a leftist father – the two last pictured together worshipping Kenyan (though leftist-White-mothered) Obarmy

Hunter and Joe Biden together in Washington for President Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009

could not even bring himself to avoid besmirching the family name (Guardian, 17 x).

Neither father nor son had ever come out in favour of legalizing (and taxing) cocaine. That would have been too daring for these creeps. How Obarmy and henchmen must have laughed! Obarmy didn’t need to bother to work for a moment to destroy the West – his ambition as symbolized by his first ‘presidential’ act of trashing the White House portrait of Winston Churchill.

No: the loony-lefty-Whites of the West could be relied upon to destroy their countries by themselves. What fun! Even from the endless Scottish referendum [neverendum....], the left had not learned that people liked their own lives rather than be run by foul-mouthed Glaswegian pseudo-socialists or hypocritical Washington ‘Democrats.’


As the g-respecting Brand clan was re-united in E’bro – with star professor Ian celebrating his brother’s new Speccie-acclaimed book, Shiou-yun returning from a successful (and excellently-looked-after) lecture tour in Taiwan and mainland China [Fuzhou], historical and theological whizz Henry back from Macedonia, and Tom Brand set to arrive and explain his latest millionairish business plans in High Holborn -- a visual aid came to hand on the net:

A nearby site (provided by the great London School blonde trooper, Marian Van Court) set out the situation that we all confronted.

{Just how Italy got such a high IQ is a bit beyond me, but Sweden’s Vikings did visit and the country obviously deserves full marks for the Renaissance, Machiavelli and its continuing mastery of style.}

{And the estimate for Britain may be outdated since, facing socialism, quite a few brighter Brits – albeit nourished in a temperate and parliamentary climate (with swearing limited to post-9pm performances) -- had emigrated to Oz, including my ‘rough diamond’ ginger-haired star student Mike Anderson – a terrible but intelligent leftist -- who gloriously got into {guess where?} The Queen’s College and then, after a position at University College London, found his way on to U.Perth [western Oz].}

{Sorry if I digress, but I’m very proud of my top students! Mike was a footba’ hooligan, so able to find recruits for IT/IQ studies that a psychology department virtually never saw. I supplemented his IQ 90s with a few mental defectives and, bingo, we got the correlation for which I had always been waiting – to get an interesting effect up from the usual social-scientific .25 up to .40 – well, .50 in the moderate-IQ range (see TgF, Chap.3).} Oh yes, sorry, here’s the big problem – especially when most of the world’s breeding is done in Africa and Arabia:

Map of IQ Distribution.  Highest in red.  Africa largely in the abyss of the '60s

AMERICANO-LEFTIST BATTLE WITH ‘RACISM’ HOTS UP, a Harvard product, published an article called “America’s virulent racists: The sick ideas and perverted “science” of the American Renaissance Foundation.” It is an excerpt from a book called The Myth of Race, written by a Professor Robert Sussman of Washington University and published in 2014 by Harvard University Press.

“It is the most sloppy, tendentious, deceitful piece of writing I have seen in a long time,” said the gentlemany, well-informed and ultra-rational AmRen honcho, Jared Taylor.


 On the 20th anniversary of the publication of The Bell Curve, the ‘controversial’ Charles Murray was asked whether anything had changed. ‘Nothing,’ he effectively replied (AEI Ideas, 16 x):

What’s happened in the 20 years since then? Not much. The National Assessment of Educational Progress shows a small narrowing of the [B-W IQ] gap between 1994 and 2012 on its reading test for 9-year-olds and 13-year-olds (each by the equivalent of about 3 IQ points), but hardly any change for 17-year-olds (about 1 IQ-point-equivalent). For the math test, the gap remained effectively unchanged for all three age groups.

    On the SAT, the black-white difference increased slightly from 1994 to 2014 on both the verbal and math tests. On the reading test, it rose from .91 to .96 standard deviations. On the math test, it rose from .95 to 1.03 standard deviations.

    If you want to say that the NAEP and SAT results show an academic achievement gap instead of an IQ gap, that’s fine with me, but it doesn’t change anything. The mean group difference for white and African American young people as they complete high school and head to college or the labor force is effectively unchanged since 1994. Whatever the implications were in 1994, they are about the same in 2014.


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Sunday, October 12, 2014


While MSM simpered over remote Conservative aspirations to save England from the European Court of Human Rights (which had been steadily taking over governance of the EU’s British province by insisting that any Black with a London-based cat had a ‘right’ to UK residence in perpetuity so as to be with his ‘family’ and thus contribute to the mongrelisation that Brussels wanted – so as to re-created the Carolingian Empire of Charlemagne), robust support for Queensman Jeremy Bentham was offered by Peter Hitchens (Sunday Mail, 5 x):

"The only way to escape the ‘Human Rights’ curse is to abolish it entirely, and rely (as we did when we were truly free and independent) on our own well-tried laws, forged in centuries of constitutional battle.

    Canada, which has its own homegrown ‘Charter Of Rights And Freedoms’, modelled on the European one, is just as entangled in liberal drivel as we are. It’s not where the Charter comes from that’s the problem. It’s what it is.

    You have deliberately been given a wholly false impression of what is planned – and, alas, much of the media has joined in the deception.

    There are other falsehoods. Perhaps the worst and most wounding for a British patriot is Mrs Theresa May’s plan to ban ‘extremists’ from the airwaves and the internet. What is an extremist? Why, anyone the Government says is one. I might be one. You might be one."

Yes, it was my ancestral room-mate at The Queen’s College (Back Quad 4/3) who had first and famously condemned talk of ‘human rights’ as “nonsense on stilts” – though politicians loved such vague stuff, which could be turned to any purpose they wished. In the case of ECHR, Daft Dave’s PR-crazed ‘Conservatives’ accompanied their conference-pleasing opposition to it with plans for criminalization of any speech they didn’t like, and for their own ‘British Bill or Rights’ which would transfer governance from European leftist lawyers to English leftist lawyers – a change without a difference.

(Sadly, ‘Human Rights’ had been introduced into law by Churchill – though of course his aim had been simply to defend European minorities against any future Nazis and not to provide residence, citizenship and full elfin welfare benefits to Blacks with cats.)


 My first Oxford college, the splendidly accoutred Queen’s College, Oxford’s fifth-richest, with the grandest buildings and especially library in Oxford, renowned for having theologian John Wycliffe, King Henry V, Russia’s Peter the Great, philosopher Jeremy Bentham, Speccie co-founder Joseph Addison and pop-neurologist Oliver Sacks on its books, had done well in recent years, having had penicillin co-discoverer Lord Florey as its Provost and producing comedian Rowan Atkinson (multimillionaire car-crasher ‘Mr Bean’) and worldwide web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee CH, so it was not without gratification that I found myself listed on the net among the fourteen “scientists who studied at Queen’s” – along with top astronomers Edmond Halley* and Edwin Hubble OBE, mathematician Peter Neumann OBE and my fellow students/colleagues, political scientists and constitutional experts Brian Barry and Vernon Bogdanor.

*My last published correspondence with the College was in 2012, when I suggested Halley’s name was properly pronounced ‘Hawley’.


 A survey found that the Queen's English is most associated with nine out of ten positive character traits, including attractiveness, intelligence, honesty, charm, sophistication and reliability (Daily Mail, 9 x). The only category where it fell short was in humour where it came only eleventh, with the Geordie lilt sounding most fun, ahead of Liverpudlian, Irish, Cornish and Essex.

The experiment involved 750 participants listening to sound clips of men and women with 19 different international and regional accents and scoring what they believed of the person based on ten character traits. The poll also identified a phenomenon dubbed the 'Cheryl Cole factor' where celebrities shape our preconceptions about accents.

Despite the reputation of French and Italian men, RP is the real language of love - as well as many other things. Edinburgh came second, overall ahead of Australian, southern Irish, Yorkshire and American. They were followed by Geordie, Mancunian, Glaswegian and Welsh. French was ranked only 16th for attractiveness and Italian came in only slightly higher at 13th. French performed better in the 'romantic' category but was still only placed third, behind RP and Edinburgh.

    Professor Jane Setter, a phoneticist at Reading University, said: 'RP speakers have been rated highly in terms of intelligence - and the accent itself as attractive - since studies like this began. 'Actors with this accent - like Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey) and Richard E. Grant (Withnail and I) - come over as urbane, charming, witty and educated and - well - wouldn't everyone want that from a prospective romantic partner? 'The Edinburgh accent is also associated with culture and intelligence - think Sean Connery or David Tennant and you're already swept off your feet.


  England’s nationalists emerged in the ancient seaside town of Clacton, just N-E of London, where I once, c.1950, enjoyed its candyfloss if not its stony beaches and much-farting pensioners, to give a mammoth 60% vote of confidence to UKIP’s first MP (a strangely slope-jawed ‘Conservative’ renegade who had – after twenty years of loyal service – worked out that PM Daft Dave was in fact a PR fraud).

Fish & chip suppers were thus vindicated – having kept going the brains of Clactonians who saw no sense in voting for Etonians and Jews who had trendily contrived to abolish England’s grammar schools in their quest to appear egalitarian.

In another by-election in ‘Labour’[= non-labouring welfarites backed by patriarchal Marxoid bureaucrites] stronghold Heywood & Something [one of the many unheard-of manufactured committee-contrived ‘areas,’ one of which consigns my wife and myself to waste our votes in gruesome breadbasket ‘East Edinburgh’ though we actually live in between Holyrood Palace and Edinburgh Castle, in what estate agents have long called Newington]. Anyway, there was jubilation all round (except at the BBC) at multiculti peecee ‘Westminster’ taking a drubbing.

{Perhaps some of the political derelicts had been reading this blog? –Though there was no sign of anyone – apart from a few Floridans, Californians, Missourians, Copenhagians, Lisbonians and and Muscovites – ever hearing tell of, let alone reading TgF.... Life had its own slow-moving logic to which books like the Holy Bible, The Origin of Species and Updike’s Rabbit volumes could of themselves make little contribution.}

    Still, one must be thankful for life’s small, if occasional mercies (originating fundamentally from The Queen’s College [home to John Wycliffe, Jeremy Bentham and Sir Tim Berners-Lee CH]) (whether Oz PM Tony Abbott fully appreciated his Oxford college’s key role in creating the modern world was unknown)

(Queen’s was always a modest – if fantastically rich and architecturally superb – college which had even played down its role in supporting Russia’s Peter the Great [with drink] and paranoid religious-maniacal Cambridge orphan Chancellor Isaac Newton [with domiciliary visits from super-sensible-astronomer Edmond Halley (pron. ‘Hawley,’ the Beeb once decided)]:

Yes, Queen’s had lived up to its intellectual reputation!... No wonder that the world – despite peecee religious-maniacal idiots – was gradually becoming healthier and happier.  My ancestral Queen’s room-mate, Jeremy Bentham, would have been pleased that his simple utilitarianism was winning through.


As the BNP’s replacement, UKIP, took the British political class by storm, BBC bleaters could be heard complaining that they ‘didn’t know what UKIP stood for’ (BBCR4, 12 x, 09:45). This was a touching exemplification of Britain’s decades of peecee denial but it was met amusingly by a claim that UKIP’s doorstep canvassers readily discussed matters of race, IQ and third-world immigration in terms that would have got them the sack from Britain’s overwhelmingly peecee workplaces (and banned from the Beeb’s phonelines for life).


 Modest progress towards civilization was made in Tanganyika [Africa]. Seven savages accused of witchcraft were burned alive in ‘Tanzania,’ Bleck police said, adding they had arrested 23 people in connection with the crimes (Yahoo News, 10 x). But at least death was not inflicted on any supposedly bewitched – as had been a common practice in Catholic Europe of the middle ages (the practice going on longest in Scotland, which had wanted to assert its difference from anti-papist England, though England and its south-westerly gales had spared Scotland from the mighty Spanish Armada).

“They were attacked and burnt to death by a mob of villagers who accused them of engaging in witchcraft,” the ‘Tanzanian’ police chief for the western Kigoma region which borders Burundi, Jafari Mohamed, told AFP. “Five of those killed were aged over 60, while the other two were aged over 40,” he added. Among those arrested on suspicion of carrying out the killings was the local traditional healer, or witch doctor. Relatives of those killed described horrific scenes, with the bodies of family members hacked with machetes or burned almost beyond recognition. (Lynn & Vanhanen, Global Inequality, 2006, gave ‘Tanzania’ an average IQ of 72.)


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Monday, October 06, 2014


 The lunatic peecee West, which had sweetly declined to close its borders against even the least urgent travellers from ‘ebola’-torn West Africa, awoke to find it had allowed the lethal virus to be brought to Dallas,* Texas – not by a Black businessman, diplomat or medic but by an entirely casual Liberian-born tourist who had chosen the period of world-wide-known plague as a time for him to visit friends and relatives in the USA, lying about his contacts with ebola sufferers (like his own wife in Monrovia) so as not to interrupt his holiday plans.

Peecee White goon ‘experts’ and the cowed media (dancing to the tune of their globalizing political masters – aka hysterics and ‘postmodernist’ PR liars) promptly ‘assured’ the American public that everything was just fine and dandy and that the little local difficulty would be 100%-contained – though the infected traveller had been wandering around Dallas for five days meeting children (apparently he was some kind of teacher) before reporting to a doctor, so US authorities had to monitor hundreds of Black kids and their extended families.

Within days, another Black, a ‘Texan’ freelance journalist turned out to have been allowed to pop off to West Africa, contract the virus and ‘have to be’ ferried back to homeland US. Evidently the view of Western White-guilt merchants was that West Africa should not suffer alone – which it might not, for the authorities having lost control meant ebola would have longer to mutate into an airborne form.

    In Sierra Leone, failure to implement draconian quarantine of the infected and all recent contacts had yielded a rate of five new cases hourly (BBCR4, 2 X, 08:00) in a country having only 300 hospital beds for its millions of irresponsibly bred Blacks.

(Needless to say, the BBC promptly produced wet belted-earls to blame Britain for the catastrophe. Apparently Sierra Leone – where Britain had managed to stop a vicious and pointless civil war in which tens of thousands had had their hands chopped off by their fellow Blacks – had suffered a ‘terrible’ 0.5% reduction in British largesse, the same cut as had mercifully been imposed on other areas of UK gummint dispensation (apart from the holy bloodsucking National ‘Health’ Service job creation programme for fat middle-aged lesbian sociologists).

    More seriously, the multiculti West’s insistence that it was not at war with Islam allowed the frothing beheaders of Isil to advance to within two miles of Baghdad – evidently little deterred by the occasional GPS-guided Western rocket (costing £250K per each £5K Humvee knocked out) spluttering uselessly into the Arabian sands. (Capturing Baghdad would be a fantastic gift for the Mahommedaniacs, bringing them prestige, treasure, guns, grub and classy women.)

*Yes, I have visited. A remarkable place where beefy chaps sit around in open-necked shirts chewing gum and drinking gnats’ piss ooops Budweisers in their cowboy hats at the airport – outside the air-conditioning of which one is met with a veritable wall of high-temperature humidity.

Texas has some charming spots (notably Austin where gracious fillies ride their horses to the university, and Houston where hundreds of Blacks lie on the streets waiting for buses to take them to – yes – ‘Jensen’); but it has a lot of cockroaches, Blacks and now ebola so, despite its great anti-Washington history, is unsuited to provide a homeland for Whites, who will probably have to relocate to Scotland, where NO-voting Inverness, the Royal Navy town on the fringe of Europe’s biggest desert, could provide a nice base and welcome.


 After centuries of cousinly competition, in which France had relegated its Viking Normans to run Britain but still wanted British support against Germany, France took a hit as Britain’s Tory-led ‘nation of shopkeepers’ economy made a better job of recovering from America’s overlending to Blacks (with the resulting Western banking crash) and gave its Conservatives a poll lead – narrow, but massively superior to the disastrous position of French socialist, polygamist, table-thumper and crazy-mixed-up-kid, Président François Hollande.

The managing director of international economic giant John Lewis described France as “sclerotic, hopeless and downbeat” and advised British entrepreneurs doing business in the country to pull out (Guardian, 3 x). MD Andy Street said France was “finished”, adding: “I have never been to a country more ill at ease … nothing works and nobody cares about it.” {Admittedly, this sounds a bit like peecee Britain....}

He made his comments, reported in the Times, at an event in London marking the end of a John Lewis competition for start-up companies. Earlier, he was in Paris to pick up a retail award for his company. He told the London gathering of entrepreneurs that the award was “made of plastic and is frankly revolting”. “If I needed any further evidence of a country in decline, here it is. Every time I [see it], I shall think, God help France,” he said.

Street advised his audience: “If you’ve got investments in French businesses, get them out quickly.” The eurozone’s second largest economy was struggling for growth under president François Hollande and the country’s own finance minister admitted that it would overshoot the EU’s modest 3% budget deficit target for 2014. The French economy had been hampered by low growth and poor tax receipts in recent years. Flagrant socialism had led to mass emigration of talent, making London the fourth-largest city for housing Frenchies.

    Street also compared the dismal Gare du Nord railway station in Paris as “the squalour pit of Europe”* in contrast to London’s re-vamped St Pancras station at the other end of the Eurostar line.

Street, an Oxford man, later served the cause of diplomacy by saying his remarks had been OTT; but he was backed by UK business leaders, with the head of the Institute of Directors describing France as ‘living on borrowed time’, one economist branding France ‘the sick man of the world’ and a leading commentator accusing the French of being ‘bone idle’.

Still sweeter for critics of the French Republican project, France’s best-known living actor, Gerard Depardieu, stepped forward to say the country was a “filthy mess” and on the way to becoming a second Disneyland, famous only to Chinese tourists; and former President Nicolas Sarkozy said France would need nothing less than himself to save it from “economic disaster” (with its socialist-arranged 35-hour-week, high taxes and bloated civil service) (D.Telegraph, 3 x).

{Apparently, France’s 7M Muesli slaves were not doing much good – indeed, they were a thundering nuisance -- with their propensity to set cars alight whenever the fancy took them. The French formula that all -- whether Catholic, Muslim or Parisian Communist intellectual -- should integrate with the glorious 47th République had passed them by.}

*A Guardian correspondent added: “I've travelled extensively in France, and have noticed a deterioration in recent years, particularly in Paris and the North. I totally agree with his comments on Gare du Nord. It is the worst main station I have ever been to in Europe. Now, all major train stations attract scum; but Gare du Nord actually feels like the cops have lost control and it belongs to the scum. It's a horrible, intimidating place.”


 The Anglosphere’s idiotic ‘educational researchers’ got a kick in the pants as their insane pre-Galtonian scheme to boost intellectual success by the use of cash rewards was exposed as doing nothing for anything apart from the researchers’ own salaries (Guardian, 3 x). Offering rewards such as cash payments or free trips made pupils ‘work harder’ in class but entirely failed to improve their exam results, according to an intensive £1.6m study involving 10,000 children.

The project involved pupils studying for GCSE exams at 63 schools in ‘deprived’ areas across England, and was aided by a team of academics that included superstar professors such as Steven Levitt, the clever-clever co-author of Freakonomics, and John List of the University of Chicago. Professor Simon Burgess of Bristol University, who helped design the study, which was funded by the Education Endowment Foundation {Wot dat? How the quangos multiply!}, said: “I was very disappointed with these results. I thought the incentives would have had an impact on grades.”

    Pupils were randomly offered incentives, including cash payments of up to £160 a term if they met targets for homework, attendance, behaviour and classwork in English, maths and science. Others were offered free outings or trips if they reached the same targets, and a control group was offered no incentives. An independent analysis by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) found no statistically significant improvement in most areas, other than classwork. Homework, behaviour and attendance showed no improvement for cash, and neither did GCSE grades. The offers even failed to improve the results of pupils eligible for free school meals.  {Did these twerps read The g Factor? No chance!}


The inability of primitive peoples to make a success of even a fantastic financial bonanza was dramatically illustrated by the Pacific island of Nauru, which around 1980 had provided the world’s richest few square miles – thanks to bird droppings which, Westerners explained to islanders, could be harvested  for their phosphates. Rolling in riches, the locals quickly abandoned their traditional lifestyles and turned to unhealthy food, obesity [requiring two airplane seats per passenger], alcohol and cigarettes.

It wasn’t long before a health crisis hit, and hard. Life expectancy plunged to just 50, while rates of diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illnesses skyrocketed along with their waistlines. By 2007, 94.5 per cent of Nauru’s residents were identified by the World Health Organisation as overweight, and 71.7 per cent obese–the highest rate in the world (AmRen, 26 ix).

While Nauru was formerly known as “Pleasant Island,” due to its lavish tropical vegetation, it’s a harsh reality that it no longer lived up to this name. Many residents had quit their jobs and gone on huge spending sprees including expensive holiday and shopping trips, and importing sports cars – even a Lamborghini. So there was little cash left. “Hardly anyone thought of investing the money. Dollar notes were even used as toilet paper,” a local told the BBC. “It was like every day was party day.”

By 2014, many homes were run down, and the sports cars were rusted wrecks. With few financial options, in 2001 Nauru entered into an agreement with Australia to house a detention centre in return for foreign aid, on which they became reliant. As of 2014, the amount Australia provided was $27.1Mpa.

    The problems of Nauru had been noted earlier in Personality, Biology & Society:

"The people of the Pacific island of Nauru have had riches thrust upon them because of phosphate mining. Instead of fish and vegetables they eat fat and sugar. Eight out of ten adult Nauruans are diabetics and the island now has one of the shortest life-spans in the world. Perhaps the local genes for susceptibility to sugar were at an advantage in times when starvation was followed by glut. Only when glut became the norm did they become dangerous. A change in the environment has led to genetic disease."

Steve JONES, 1993, 'What makes you you?' Daily Telegraph, 5 vi.
{One might have thought most people would have done better with having “riches thrust upon them”....}


 As a British taxi driver (much photoed cuddling a Muslim infant) was videoed having his head sawn off by the Muslims of ‘Islamic State’ [Syria/Iraq], the Britoid press went into pious-hysterical mode – though entirely failing to explain how the man had got himself so exercised as to rush to undertake humanitarian ops in Syria (where IS captured him within 30 minutes of his crossing the border from Turkey), how Mueslis largely tolerated IS (failing to do the slightest battle with it), and how Britain failed to raze mosques in response to Islamic brutalities (of course, as always, the West’s businesspersons wanted the cheap labour and its socialists wanted the welfare-grabbing votes).

Insistence that ‘Islamic State’ had nothing to do with Islam was studiously maintained while MSM waited for some opportunity to blame the West for the atrocity.


 As the West’s muddled multiculti politicos sent their countries’ high-tech jets flying for hours around the sands of Arabia, searching vainly for anything to bomb (ISIL simply put Kurdish or Red Crescent flags up in any areas it wished to protect) while letting Wahahabi-fundamentalist-crazed Saudi and ‘Club Med for Terrorists’ Qatar fund the Solunni jihadists (including the thousands of homegrown Mueslitunes who were still streaming out from Britain etc – where education in religious mania, elf care and welfare for jihadists’ families were effectively provided by the state), European nationalist parties surged in polls (to 30% for France’s FN, 23% for UKIP* and 14% for Germany’s AfD).

Even the dimwitted peecee-propagandized electors of Britain were wising up to the calamity that their PR-driven politicos had created – these skunks destroying every freedom while (with the help of Eton ‘education’) not even knowing what Magna Carta was.

And UKIP expected a further poll boost from the sudden defection to it of Conservative MP Mark Reckless, and from another ‘Tory’ MP, a self-proclaimed ‘modernized’ champion of wymmin’s ishoos, who had been caught with his pyjamas down on the internet (believing he was face-tubing a fetching blonde Swedish teenagerette when in fact his correspondent was an undercover male Sunday Mirror journalist....).

    Thus did Daft Dave begin Britain’s participation in War on Terror Mark II, or World War III as he sometimes insanely called it, forecast by both DD and Obarmy to last ‘for years, with no visible end’ at a rate of millions of dollars daily.

{Would it not have been cheaper to close and/or raze occasional mosques, to ban the niqab, untidy beards and halal meat (elfin safety could easily supply grounds), to invalidate and stop funding all marriages to non-speakers of English (thereby stopping and even reversing the main Pak supply line) and to restore free speech (in particular, to criminalize officials and employers who persecuted educated outspeakers)?

Ah, well, Britain’s multicultiloons preferred the extravagance of bombing – if they could find something for their £200K-per-sortie jets to bomb; so they invited retribution from UKIP et al. – whatever that might involve if a popular ‘far right’ got bold enough to speak and act frankly about racial/ethnic matters.}

    The Daily Mail’s Peter Hitchens put it well (29 ix):

"As this country now has hardly any soldiers, warships, military aircraft or bombs, Friday’s warmongers resorted to the only weapon they have in plentiful supply – adjectives (‘vicious, barbaric’, etc etc). Well, I have better adjectives. Those who presume to rule us are ignorant and incompetent and learn nothing from their own mistakes. How dare these people, who can barely manage to keep their own country in one piece, presume to correct the woes of the world?

    Before they’re allowed to play out their bathtub bombing fantasies, oughtn’t they be asked to show they can manage such dull things as schools (no discipline), border control (vanished), crime (so out of control that the truth has to be hidden), transport (need I say?) and hospitals (hopelessly overloaded and increasingly dangerous)? None of them will now even mention their crass intervention in Libya, which turned  that country into a swamp of misery and unleashed upon Europe an uncontrollable wave of desperate economic migrants who are now arriving in southern England in shockingly large numbers."

Meantime, while the West fooled around with its state-of-the-art non-bombing aircraft, ISIL forces advanced to within two miles of Baghdad – with expensively America-‘trained’ and –armed multiculti-spirited Iraqis fleeing at every turn.

* In the ‘Rochester & Stroud’ parliamentary constituency, due for a by-election in October thanks to Conservative MP Mark Reckless defecting to UKIP, telephone polling gave UKIP a 9% lead over the ‘Conservatives’ (40% to 31%) (Observer, 5 x). While Britain’s main Westminster-represented parties held their annual conferences – advertising yag marriage and comprehensive schools to ‘Conservatives,’ welfare-benefited lone-motherhood and strikes to ‘Labour’ and peecee and EU tyranny to ‘Liberals’ – UKIP had stolen a march on them by its relentless focus on the joy of a pint of beer and a pie in a pub.

Yes, after years in which BBC-backed PeeCee had broken the National Front and the British National Party, the good-humoured (but suitably abrasive) Mr Garage had got himself into a scoring position.


  As the (moderate-Muslim) United Arab Emirates sent a jet piloted by a (pretty) young woman to try to bomb Islamostatists busy attacking Baghdad, it emerged that this form of aerial fighting was singularly terrifying to Mohammedaniacs. Their religion was one for the family and the fighting man and offered a simple life of few restrictions and complexities – and these quite tolerable in semi-African low-IQ conditions since they cautioned against contact with drink [the Christians’ ‘Holy Spirit’....], out-of-control women, dogs, pigs, dead meat and homosexuals.

(By contrast, Jewry had stuffed itself full of regulations requiring armies of lawyers and Talmudic scholars – finally bringing about the downfall of its own great (bisexual) King David who had had an affair [with Bathsheba] yet not even murdered his love-rival [merely sending him – a signed-up commander -- to the front] and being castigated by Jesus for its Pharisaism; and Christianity, while being generally liberating [dropping crucifixion, circumcision, adulterer-stoning, funny hats, most dietary restrictions and most talk of The Devil], had led to the complexities of forgiveness and its supervision by priests who took confessions and thus organized effective police states – cut back eventually by Protestantism, but then re-organized by socialism and PeeCee.)

Violent Muesli jihadists were told their reward would come in heaven, in the shape of 72 virgins - but not, apparently, if they got themselves killed by women. Thus the increasing number of female soldiers taking to the front line against extremists of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) was sowing fear in Islamomaniac ranks that they would be denied their prize in paradise – at least according to Ed Royce, who chaired the US House International Relations Committee.

    "These Isil soldiers apparently believe that, if they are killed in battle, they go to paradise so long as they are killed by a man," Royce told the New York Post, citing reporters of Kurdish female fighters laughing as they repelled attacks by the extremist group. "And these female soldiers were communicating their satisfaction at the fact that they had taken the fight to Isil and had stopped the advance, turned back the advance - slaying a number of these fighters, who would then run away.”

Koranic verses or poetry promising 72 virgins in paradise to jihadists who died in battle had been used frequently by radical imams and extremist groups as a recruitment tool. However, male fighters were unclear about whether dying at the hand of a woman would yield the coveted reward.

    Women had long been a feature of Kurdish* ‘peshmerga’ forces. Now, many girls from threatened towns and villages were signing up to join all-women units to fend off Isil forces who were threatening to over-run their homeland. "We are being trained to use snipers, Kalashnikovs, rocket-propelled grenades and hand grenades," a woman from the minority Yazidi community told the Telegraph.

*The Kurds were a 25M-strong polyglot people -- legendarily descended from 500 mistresses whom they had assembled for King Solomon -- who sat in control of Iraq’s water supplies. Though of mixed religious influence, they were racially Indo-European rather than Arabic and did not specially respect the fundamental Muslim principle of female subordination.


Despite the gift of Scotland voting to continue the UK, Westminster multicults could not believe their racial luck and went full steam ahead to ‘devolve’ [i.e. dismember] the UK into bits for which they could not be held responsible, and which (with their century-long incompetence in organizing the Glasgow Irish and their latter-day incompetence of the obese lesbian Holyrood ‘Parliament’ and the empty Edinburgh trams) could be handed over to the EUSSR (Scotsman, 30 ix).

The solution to the UK’s pathetic socialist-induced problems was simple: hand over the House of Lords to the country’s leading taxpaying property owners and the House of Commons to under-60s of proven intelligence, while giving the Houses equal powers -- squabbles to be resolved by the Queen’s Privy Council. But the PR people of Westminster preferred to consign the rest of the UK to incompetents while they themselves enjoyed a life of rising property prices on the ‘basis’ of taxpayer-backed casino wanking ooops banking.


 Though Britons had been stripped of free speech (about genes, race and IQ) over fifty years by socialists, ‘liberals’, ‘Tories’ and the BBC, they rejoiced in new freedoms which no-one of 1960 could have imagined: to pop off to Syria to murder Christians, Jews and Yazidis, and then to return to the UK to enjoy full taxpayer-funded council housing, welfare benefits, disablement supplements, plastic surgery for injuries, and babysitting ooops school provision for Muesli-sired sprogs.

Joining the hundreds of disaffected ‘British’ Muesli products who had already taken this path to self-indulgent treachery and stealing, three teenagerettes were reported has having gone missing from their useless Muesli families (in scarcely ‘deprived’ Bristol) which had doubtless given them little confidence as girls and thus driven them to jihad (D.Mail, 30 ix).


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Monday, September 29, 2014


Despite having arranged (at taxpayers’ expense) a two-year-long referendum campaign about Scottish separatism (q.v.), producing the clear race-based result that the Anglo-Saxons of north, east and south Scotland (and even north-west Glasgow) wanted to keep the UK together, Britain’s wretched political vermin – who could never mention such realities as those of the Irish, Blacks and Pakistanis, let alone of their own 60-year suppression of free speech – promptly spurned the happy opportunity for consensus with which they had been provided by the Scottish vote.

In Westminster, PM Daft Dave decided – within just a day of the historic referendum – that he would retrospectively qualify his promise of more powers to Scotland with a requirement of more powers for England (thereby ratting on his ‘Better Together’ allies Grumpy Gordon and Mealy-mouthed Millilitre and their ‘Labour’ party, which would lose 40 Westminster seats); and, not to be outdone, SNP leader Alex Fishpaste, though having appeared honourably to resign, stepped forward to spearhead a Scottish Unilateral Declaration of Independence.

With politicos thus dumping at their convenience the super-lengthy referendum process in which they had appeared to believe (so long as taxpayer-funded), the people of Britain were thus thrown back on to the bedrock of race, promise-keeping and parliamentarianism – though their actual Parliaments had been taken over by slippery charlatans (in Westminster) and obese lesbians (in Holyrood) who would rat on anything to secure their next week in office (or, rather, on holiday, for the Parliaments seldom met and were largely empty when they did so).

Yes, the people had spoken, but they could not be trusted by the shivering suits! Denial of the simple truths of race and IQ had led from one problem to another.


 Truth-telling racism was given a lift, and socialism given another downhill push, as a Labour candidate MP for Preston took it on himself to denounce heroic Nobelist Sir Winston Churchill as a “racist and White supremacist” (D.Mail, 23 ix). The nutty denigrator Benjamin [sic] Whittingham made his comment as Churchill’s face began to be used by the Bank of England on the £5 note.

Like probably many of his ilk, Whittingham probably did not know that all intellectuals of the past were ‘racist’, that most people still were, and that science supported them. In a 2002 BBC poll Sir Winston had been voted the Greatest Briton in history – chiefly for for his role standing up to Nazi Germany. Whether Comrade Benjamin was prepared to denounce Mohammed as a pederast, Henry VIII as a psychopath, Shakespeare as a sodomite or Hitler as a vegetarian was unknown.


 The West having failed to with the ‘diverse’/pacific/demakrazic regimes which it had tried to foster in Afghooniland, Eyeraq and Gadawfuland ooops Libya, manufactured a ‘coalition’ (including Shitite and Solunni countries) to justify having a pop at the 25K Solunni jihadists of ISIL who had taken over a slice of the Arabian peninsula about the size of France.

Not that the Muesloonytunes were likely to be of material assistance to Nobelist Bomber Barry, despite their vast stocks of US-supplied weaponry – with Saudi keeping 690 of its 700 America-supplied jets hors de combat; and the country with the largest army in the area, Solunni Turkey, was conspicuous by its absence from despatches – apparently waiting to set up its own caliphate in the area once the West had got rid of the worst Solunni fanatics (who had an enthusiasm for rape and beheading which quite put Europe of 1914-1945 in the shade in the quality if not quantity of their savagery).

Bombing made great progress, continuing the vast destruction which Mueslis had already wrought on themselves in Libya, Gaza, Syria, Iraq etc; but just what the West’s jets would do once the beardy-weirdy towel-heads disappeared into the vast sands of Arabia was entirely unclear.

Having in 1956 jettisoned the control that Britain and France (and increasingly Israel) had over middle-East Mueslis, America found its supplies of guns, humanitarians and burgers to Arab dictatorships ooops theocracies were insufficient: the US had bombed seven times in the course of Black Barack Hussein’s six-year presidency -- Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and now Syria (Independent, 25 ix).

Britain’s LibCon Coalition (with Labour in tow) was equally wedded to a little multiculti bombing, happy to send six Tornadoes which might sometime bomb from Cyprus so long as it could be made to appear that passable numbers of Shitite and Solunni politicos all ‘agreed.’ {The idea of just letting the Mueslis get on with their own civil war – the West having already spent trillions on ‘helping’ them – scarcely occurred, at least on Western TV screens.

Though the West had completely failed in its project of a multiculti Iraq, its response was an international multiculti coalition in which the Sunnis of Sunni- and Binliner-funding Saudi and Qatar would oblige America by pretending to attack the Sunnis of ISIL... Yes, the latest multiculti wheeze was not to achieve such manageable targets as expelling Madman Insane from Kuwait or stringing him up but to do battle from the air with ideologues spread across a vast desert, accompanied by their selected Yazidi wives. No wonder Pres.Barry had said the ‘war’ would take not months but decades!}


 The fondest idea of socialists and ‘social scientists,’ that poverty was intergenerationally transmitted as cause and effect, was dealt a severe blow as Office of National Statistics figures on 13,500 British kids found that their ending up poor at 30 (without a washing machine, TV, phone etc) was quite unrelated to whether their parents had been poor but was instead massively predicted by whether their parents had ranked as educationally low-level at school (D.Mail, 24 ix).

The report said: “There is no evidence of a relationship between severe material deprivation now and the financial situation of the household as a child once education is controlled for.” {Needless to say, the role of IQ in influencing life chances was not given a mention.}


 As America’s latest ‘coalition of the half-hearted ooops willing’ got going zooming ‘bunker-busting’ (‘Paveway IV,’ ‘Brimstone’ and ‘Storm Shadow’) GPS-guided bombs into occasional undefended or ‘human-shielded’ buildings in the sands of Iraq/Syria, the question arose of what the West had done wrong in the ghastly A(rabia)/A(frica) area – apart from not squashing Catholicism and providing the stimulus to (mainly eugenic) birth control that had helped lift Mao’s China to rival the US economy in just a generation.

As Westernized Muesli feminoid intellectuals falteringly – and unavailingly -- toyed with the equality that ‘modernizers’ had encouraged, an old question arose. Plainly the modern A/A world involved men with AK47s and colourfully-dressed women weeping over their babies; so outright polygamy might have been better – allowing successful men to do most of the breeding. But the West’s policy of backing female emancipation and education had, in particular, proved to be a spectacular failure.

It was, first of all, the gun-toting men of A/A  who needed education – within a structure like the historic Christian church which (especially under Orthodoxy and Protestantism) would promote them (if they succeeded) and make them magnets for women (whose own education would come later as women accepted education as the ideal for themselves and their progeny).

Instead of pouring weaponry into A/A, the West should have provided the much cheaper alternative of subsidized places for bright A/A boys in its ‘universities’ – thus incidentally giving those shelfstacker-producing institutions with a serious function. The ancient demand of the Catholic church that its privileged monks and priests speak Latin should have been matched by a modern Western demand for A/A young men to master grammatical English and household economics – and then to enjoy the life of Riley.

Ukip vs PeeCee

As it campaigned to win a parliamentary by-election in ‘Heywood & Middleton’ (near Manchester), Nigel Farage’s United Kingdom Independence Party gave its anti-EUSSR policies a back seat and concentrated on what was, to most basic White Labour voters, the more immediate problem of weenie-pimping misogynist Pak psychopaths. Statements issued by Farage and leaflets distributed by his party blamed Labour’s “love affair” with “immigration, political correctness and multiculturalism” for the betrayal of “white working-class girls” (Guardian, 26 ix).

Farage told his party’s annual conference (in Doncaster  -- Red Ed Milliband’s constituency): “What we have seen in Rotherham in particular – but there have been other examples of it too – what we have seen within the one-party state [of Rotherham] as a direct result of [Labour’s] national policies and as a direct result of their own political correctness at a local level is child abuse that has taken place on a scale that I think is actually difficult for decent people to even comprehend.’

    The coming by-election, due to be held on 9 October, was triggered when the veteran Labour MP Jim Dobbin died in September. Labour figures were concerned that Ukip could overturn the party’s 5,500 majority. Farage visited the constituency and told the media: “Just look at the local grooming scandal. This is a prime example of the local authority failing to protect vulnerable residents because the people in power were more afraid of being seen as racist.” Two leaflets distributed by the party in the campaign highlighted the grooming scandal as evidence of Labour’s “betrayal of the working classes because of political correctness”.

    Ukip’s candidate, John Bickley, a businessman with historic connections to the area, said the issue of grooming was an issue that regularly came up on the doorstep as he canvassed support for the party. “It is an issue, but immigration and the fact that we are not part of the Westminster establishment are also big here,” he said, while pushing leaflets through the doors of houses.

A Survation poll commissioned by Ukip across the Heywood & Middleton constituency had shown that immigration was the top political concern. Labour insiders had grown increasingly concerned by the response they received on the doorstep. Their candidate, Liz McInnes, a ‘Unite’ [trade terrorist ooops unionist] member and NHS biochemist, was fighting her first by-election. If Ukip’s tactics were successful, there were other seats -- linked to grooming in Rochdale, Derby, Manchester and Oxford -- which would be vulnerable.

    The wretched Guardian carried a 95% admission that talk of the left’s [deliberate and long-standing] ‘mistakes’ and ‘poor practice’ had been allowed by the Guardian so as to avoid talk of ‘racist cowardice’ rather than out of ‘political correctness’ – a distinction without a difference, surely. Apparently, the cops “could not be bothered” to risk charges of racism, so they were just lazy rather than cowardly and subservient to their peecee masters....:

"[Culture/ethnicity is] relevant, but not in the way that the BNP and Ukip would claim. It is relevant because police, already not caring enough about teenage girls being abused, could not be bothered with dealing with the flak of being accused of racism; it is not because they were being ultra-careful not to target an already maligned ethnic group. The reason there was inaction and poor practice in tackling this crime early on is not political correctness but rather racist cowardice combined with a distaste for the victims. It is precisely because the liberal left has refused to tackle the thorny issues surrounding race and ethnicity that the likes of Ukip are able to colonise it so successfully."

    Ukip’s Doncaster conference ended as spectacularly as the modernized multiculti Conservative Party’s Birmingham began, with the defection of CP MP Mark Reckless, who denounced CP leader Daft Dave as quite unlikely to deliver anything conservative, let alone nationalist. The defection was given added spice by the exposure of another CP MP (and Coalition Cabinet minister) who had been exposing himself (on Facetube, Youwatch, Ipod – whatever) to what he thought was a teenagerette but was in fact a Sunday Mirror journalist.


A succinct but action-packed summary of America’s 150-year effort to turn loose Black slaves and integrate them into White society was provided in American Renaissance (Anthony Bryan, 23 ix). The result of the experiment? Complete and demonstrable failure, of course, with US jails half-full of Blacks, and with Whites terrorized into peecee mutism about the project.


 While Britain’s Rev. Tony Blair became the “gay icon” of a Noo Yawk yag magazine, Chad looked set to become the 37th country in Africa to outlaw homosexuality after government ministers voted to make same-sex relations a crime punishable by up to 20 years in prison (Guardian, 22 ix). ‘Human rights’ groups were outraged at such Black misbehaviour. Florent Geel, Africa director of the International Federation of Human Rights, was quoted as saying by the Gay Star News website: “Criminalising homosexuality seems discriminatory, demagogic and counter-productive, as it may turn groups against each other.”

In August, the Gambia passed a bill imposing life imprisonment for “aggravated homosexuality” relating to repeat offenders and people living with HIV/Aids. The Gambia’s president, Yahya Jammeh, had previously told gay men and lesbians to leave the country or risk beheading.


Enthusiasts for Australia’s multicultural madness of recent years were shown the faxalife as prison officers in riot gear had to use tear gas to control maximum security inmates who tore apart Goulburn Jail, New South Wales, in a racially fuelled riot ­described as the country’s biggest in 10 years (D.Telegraph, 22 ix). With shouts of “Allah Akbar”, prisoners armed with home-made weapons {and led by Mustafa Fart and Abdullah Abdullah O’Blimey O’Riley} threatened guards and smashed through an internal fence at the state’s toughest jail, which was put into lockdown.

The rioting had not resulted from actual Muslim terrorists – who were themselves kept in even more expensive conditions of supermax security – but from their supporters repeatedly taunting guards, who had responded by withdrawing privileges {internet and Loaded use etc).

    On a brighter note, Oz was learning the lesson and expanding its latter-day policy of shifting unwanted Muesli ‘refugees’ to its surrounding dirt-poor neighbours. In a low-key five-minute ceremony, marked only by a waiter tripping over with a tray of champagne flutes,* Cambodia agreed to take £5M annually to help relieve Oz of the problems which its homegrown Irish idealists had brought about.

(Cambodia had actually signed up to ‘human rights’ declarations, so the Australian Government hoped it would be able to see off its fleets of taxpayer-funded lawyers who usually protested the country’s diversion of A/A intending immigrants to such hell-holes as Papua New Guinea, where their children might be paedophiled as the cost of their education.)

Scott Morrison (left), Australian Immigration Minister, and Sar Kheng (right), Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, and other farts ooops diners, sign an agreement in Phnom Penh to relocate Oz’s aspirant ‘refugees’ (EPA) (Independent, 27 ix).

* The waiter has my sympathy. In my E.LU.-enforced days of waitering at Scottish castles and palaces, I sometimes had to rescue colleagues kept holding trays of twenty champagne flutes while dignitaries failed to show up on time. I only lost one flute (from a tray with which I had helped an exhausted Australian lass) – though, rather memorably, the flute crashed to the floor at the very moment when the dignitaries made their belated entrance. – Thankfully, both the somewhat obese wench and my ageing self were re-employed, our firm showing more compassion and common sense than Edinburgh University, which had taken £100K of taxpayer dosh to get rid of me for nothing more than the best free-speech and realistic messages which it had had broadcast for years.


Which would explode first? Multiculturalism or paedohysteria? Though the former was fully inflated and ready to burst in the Levant, the latter kept in the race as a multi-million-pound London persecution ooops prosecution of once-top-DJ David Lee Travis on 15 charges of hanky-panky produced only the mouse of a single conviction and 100%-suspended sentence for titty-groping (in the 1970s, of a once-female who had ‘endured’ DLT’s glaze-eyed fondling of her assets for a full 20 minutes).

Needless to say, DLT had suffered calamitous loss of reputation and a personal £2M in lawyers’ bills. But his sufferings might one day seem even more ridiculous to tabloid readers and attendant hacks and politicos than the millions of dead and displaced people in the Levant whose fate had been decided by the West failing to decide whether to back Solunnis or Shitites in Islam’s ethnic civil war


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Sunday, September 21, 2014


A veteran Conservative MP admitted that Enoch Powell had been right to warn against immigration in his controversial 1966 “rivers of blood” speech (D.Telegraph, 27 viii). Sir Gerald Howarth (67 and a pilot, financier and Thatcherite and former defence minister) said that the brilliant Tory MP – subsequently dumped by his party – had been correct in saying that the influx of immigrants of a “non-Christian” faith presented a “challenge” to British society.

In a letter to a constituent, Sir Gerald wrote that the 2014-exposed Trojan Horse plot in which Muslim extremists had attempted to take over schools in Birmingham highlighted the problems. He said: “Clearly, the arrival of so many people of a non-Christian faith has presented a challenge as so many of us, including the late Enoch Powell, warned decades ago.

Recent events have illustrated that some of these new arrivals have a very different ethos from traditional Christian schools and we were right to intervene to prevent them from teaching divisive ideology to children born here.”

Sir Gerald said that he stood by the letter and said his views had been reinforced by the child sex abuse scandal in Rotherham, where gangs of Pakistani men groomed and abused children (q.v.). He said that it was time for England to “fight back” against political correctness, adding: “If you don’t like it, go live somewhere else.

For 40 years we have been subjected to a left-wing political correctness which has stopped the British people from expressing perfectly legitimate and reasonable views. More than 1,400 children in Rochdale have paid the price for decades of political correctness and now people are speaking up.”

Howarth had questioned the conclusion of the Macpherson Report (into Black Stephen Lawrence's 1997 late-night death – probably in an argument over drugs) that the Metropolitan police were "institutionally racist" as "a grotesque over-reaction.”


The happy-clappy multiculturalism of loony British MSM and politicos went on display as ‘aid worker’ David Haines had his head cut off by Muslims of the IS Caliphate – after just three days of him arriving in Syria to ‘help’ the Arab Spring [the collapse of which [e.g. in strife-torn Libya] he knew nothing, his head already in the clouds....] against ‘monster’ London opthalmologist Basher Assad and his Vogue-covered wife and children.

Haines might have dimly expected retribution from a Britain which had superficially backed his ‘aid’ efforts for the fourth world [not just low-IQ, poor and lawless, but also fanatically violent in its superstitions and frank paranoia], but all he got was a ‘Cobra’ committee of suits meeting in Downing Street which decided not to unleash even one of Britain’s few remaining bombing aircraft.

{No wonder the Glasgow Irish had voted YES to independence of Westminster idiots – whose Eton-‘educated’ leader could not even explain to Americans what Magna Carta had been about! Yes, the ‘liberal,’ well-meaning, carin’ and sharin’ pacifist ‘anti-racist’ politicos of Westminster had managed to end up with England being hated and -- worse --  despised by not only America, Ireland, Spain and the Argentine but by the European Union, Russia, Iran and ISIL.

Their only consolation was that England’s worst traditional enemy, France, was in a comparable degree of chaos – with its brightest emigrating to London [making London the third city of France, as it was of Scotland] and its Présidente enjoying nothing but polygamy and its endless recriminations, with which only a true imperial Brit or an African tribal chieftain could cope.)
Further send-up of idealism was imminent as it turned out that the Eyesores had captured and were about to behead another White Brit, Alan Henning, who had made his way with supplies in an old ambulance through Turkey to Syria to help his Muslim pals – though himself a taxi-driver!


The race unrealism of England – which had spent its treasure, empire and a million lives in the twentieth century fighting its German cousins and giving away most of Ireland to the Celts – brought new hilarity as Irish-Catholic Glasgow was given, by London’s peecee-globalized politicos and media, the deciding vote in whether to break up the 307-year-old UK (from which Scotland’s Stewart kings had been ejected by Edinburgers for pretentious Frenchism, not to mention papism).

Not content with upsetting the world’s top anti-Islamicist, Vladimir Putin [compared to Hitler by Prince Charles – known merely as ‘Duke of Rothesay’ by the SNP] and with fawning on Black Muesli Peace Prize Nobelist Obarmy [who had made America the world’s far-and-away leading debtor], England’s political class of peecee maniacs handed a third of UK territory to the illiterate choice of non-central-Glaswegians who had for seven years shown their disaffection for Labour on top of their hatred for Tory Thatcherite England.

Like many English themselves, the wessies of Shcotland were fed up with the boring farts of London who were full of windy verbiage but did precisely nothing to imprison casino bankers, stop third-world immigration or raze mosques, so they understandably prepared to seize their moment.


 As campaigning in Scotland’s interminable, unnecessary and incompetent ‘referendum’ (about which Britain’s politicos had been too lazy to provide any details) was happily interrupted by the country anyhow voting 55% to stay in motherland UK, countless visual aids to the psychotic tendencies of ‘nationalists’ were provided even way outside the nutties’ non-English-speaking but English-subsidized homelands of non-central-Glasgow (D.Mail, 17 ix):

‘NO THANKS’ [to separation] adverts were overwritten with ‘SCUM’ defacements as quickly as they went up, ‘NO’ supporters had ‘COWARD’ scratched on their doors, bekilted upper class Highland Games funders and the upper-middle-classes of bijou Linlithgow reported intimidation, Borders farmers said they had been told their cattle would be let loose, and Hampstead-Jewish Labour leader Milliletre had found himself jostled into silence even in Edinburgh by burly foul-mouthed Scotnats.

A Better Together campaign team in East Ayrshire was confronted by YES supporters who told them if it was a NO vote they would be taken away and have their ‘faces smashed in’. They were told to hand over the details of those voting NO so their houses could be ‘burned down’.

Jayne Baxter, Labour MSP for Mid-Scotland and Fife, said she was called an ‘inbred Tory ****’, while a student who had been leafleting a tenement block in Edinburgh posted a photo on Twitter of him covered in egg. Graffiti that read ‘Vote Yes or Else’ were daubed on walls in Aberdeen.


 While the UK let its future be decided by a half-million Glasgow Irish, and US Pres.Obarmy insisted he was hors de combat with regard to Sharia fanatics, Australia’s Queensman PM Tony Abbottygoodgood got going socking it to the ill-chosen beneficiaries of his country’s Anti-White Oz Policy by arresting Muesloonytunes who had, as ISIL aficionadoes, ordered the beheading (and subsequent photographing) of passers-by on Sydney streets.

3K Muesmorons were promptly produced to demonstrate against Abbott’s fifteen arrests (made from an aboriginal tent in Northern Oz) – providing a visual aid to what the country’s peecee-crazed politicos had contrived. But at least Oz had a CofE bishop was prepared to speak out (Sydney Morning Herald, 18 ix):

The Anglican Dean of Sydney, Phillip Jensen, has written a provocative blog post titled 'The truth behind ISIL'.

He says it is "time to face the truth that Islam itself is in part to blame, and to help our fellow Australians, especially those from Islamic background, to understand that Islam is false".

"We must not try to [compare] Islam to Christian ideals of religion. Jesus and Mohammed were very different in their life as well as in their teaching. Jesus arrived in Jerusalem on a donkey to be executed, a week later, for our sins."

"Mohammed arrived at Mecca in front of an army of 10,000 soldiers to take the city by force. In countries where Christianity has dominated, mosques can be built, the Koran can be read and studied and preached in the streets, and citizens can change religion without fear of persecution, let alone execution. No corresponding freedom is granted to Christians in countries where Islam holds sway."

{This touching story of Christian pacificity rather drew a veil over the persecuted Christians having been taken over c.314AD by Emperor Constantine, who swiftly embarked on raiding the temples of rich Roman pagans to furnish the cash for building Constantinople. But it was true that the 1,200-year-later Protestant Reformation had indeed stripped away much superstition and allowed people to read the Bible for themselves and draw their own conclusions – a freedom leading to Darwinism, science, medicine and atheism, and certainly not available within their own religion to latter-day Mueslis.}


 After two years of crackpot peecee English politicos handing the future of the UK over to resident ‘Scots’ to decide, it mercifully turned out that Scotland did not have enough Irish Catholics to do the damage that UK PM Daft Dave and his ilk had madly invited and richly deserved: though the socialistified and welfare-dependent latter-day Celts around Glasgow (notably in the post-industrial dump of 45K-strong Coatbridge, where 30% actually had Irish surnames – their ancestors hailing from dirt-poor and doubtless low-IQ Donegal) and Dundee (which did not even have a Proddy fitba’ team) enthused themselves and bullied Unionists in their incomprehensible English, Scotland split decisively along its main ethnic faultline and voted 55% to keep the Union (61% in Edinburgh).

Enraged weegies awoke 19 ix to find they inhabited tiny (if over-populated) islets of stupidity quite surrounded by the cheerful Unionists of the Highlands, Islands, Stirling, Aberdeen, Saint Andrews, Edinb*gger and the Borders. Turnout had been 85% (90% in Unionist areas).

Whether Westminsterians could at last rally themselves to rid England of the influence of Greater Glasgow’s 40 gruesome Labour MPs (many of them flabby pasty-faced lesbians, if photos of ‘MSPs’ were anything to go by) on English affairs was the next question. (Needless to say, Scotland’s Irish had never got an MSM mention in the course of the referendum – any more than had England’s Pakistanis.)

    In the most dramatic day of Scotland’s history since the Battle of Flodden [see TgF, p.13], unionists got their first whiff of hope from a midnight YouGov internet poll (of 2,500) which estimated NO support at 54%. The first electoral result of the night was broadcast at 1.30am. In Alloa [near Stirling], the result came in for Clackmannanshire, otherwise known as “YES Country”, the area predicted to have the highest YES vote. Nationalists there had been so confident of victory that they had dubbed the polling booths “Aye pods”. Yet the NO vote had won convincingly, by 19,036 votes to 16,350, or 54 per cent to 46 per cent, exactly in line with YouGov’s prediction.

SNP MSP John Mason refused to accept the evidence, saying Clackmannanshire was “one of the smallest councils in Scotland so I think it’s quite hard to read very much into that”, as if the borough’s voters might have somehow voted NO by accident. The world’s stock markets did not agree: within moments of the Clackmannanshire result, the value of the pound rose sharply on currency exchanges whose traders were already convinced that unionism had won through. And First Minister Fish had re-directed his helicopter and jet from his ‘safe’ Aberdeen seat to Edinburgh, where he soon announced his (most honourable) resignation as top SNP apparatchik of illiterate bully-boys. As the full extent of the 55% NO victory sank in, unionists in Celtic-dominated Glasgow felt brave enough even to take on sobbing separatists in splendid George Square – where police used horses (well used to dealing with Clottish Caff vs Prod derbies) to achieve several arrests.


 The terminology of ‘race realism’ [coined in Edinburgh of 1996] got an outing in Sydney as the leader of a new nationalist party was allowed on TV for a supervised ding-dong with a Sudanese Black who had managed to get himself, his mother and eight siblings into the Workers’ Paradise (AmRen, 17 ix).

‘I am not a racist or bigot, just a race realist,’ insisted Nick Folkes, who himself had an Asian wife. A sociology professor, Andrew Jakubowicz, at a‘university of technology,’ was promptly produced to assert the usual peecee claptrap that there was only one ‘human race’ – if with “biological variants.”

But Folkes maintained – if without academic referencing – that Africans and Arabs had proved unable to contribute positively to ‘Anglo-Catholic Australian culture.’ Mr Folkes appeared alongside Sudanese-born Melbourne-resident Abraham Nouk in an episode of SBS’s latest show, Living With The Enemy:

One Neville Roach, patron of the Australian India Institute and former chairman of the Oz national Multicultural Advisory Council, told the programme that a race realist was ‘a thinly veiled twist on racism’ – neglecting that top race realists Art Jensen and Hans Eysenck had been of substantially Jewish descent [so presumably incapable of the dread ‘racist’ disease which Jews like Franz Boas (1858-1942) had themselves invented].


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Monday, September 15, 2014


Not content with sabotaging Britain with comprehensive schools, third-world immigration, PeeCee, EUSSR, ECHR, unexplainable neo-bankruptcy (in fact due to ‘subprime lending’ and government-backed casino banking), non-policing, telephone abuse (unwanted calls, non-answering numbers), yag marriage, hour-long airport strip searches of pregnant women and children, and useless wars in which few Mueslis got killed by what was left of the country’s soldiery, Britain’s holidaying politicos proposed to bring the lethal Ebola virus in from Africa as soon as possible to finish the job.

A leading academic warned that university students could be at risk from the deadly Ebola virus – because 21,000 students from countries in the affected jungloid region from Sierra Leone to Nigeria were about to arrive in the UK (Sunday Mail, 7 ix).

Anthony Glees, the Professor of Politics at Buckingham University, called for West African students to be held in their home countries until they had been declared clear of Ebola and the 21-day incubation period had passed; but Westminster was pre-occupied with following the break-up of the UK which it had encouraged, and university VCs and their bloated management staff were determined to secure their obscenely fat salaries which depended on a steady supply of (over-optimistically) ‘aspirational’ low-IQ ‘students.’

A Mail correspondent wrote: “Con/Lab/Lib will let them in -- must keep the universities in clover. Fees will be paid by us in the form of a loan which will never be re-imbursed. Now they bring the threat of Ebola -- only a small risk, say the Unis; and our 3 Stooges [Lib, Lab, Con] do nowt as usual, words fail me!”


 Scots awoke shocked to find that their new poll support for separatism had knocked only 1% off London markets and the pound sterling. England was evidently quite resigned to, and even cheerful about its internationalist slave labour policy which recruited from Pakistan to Poland and did not require the socialism-addled products of Clotland’s non-grammar skules.

Yes, the 50-year-fashioned peecee-globalizing money-making Anglo-Saxon religion carried the serious risk that England would find itself in a state of permanent civil war between its Jews, Muslims, Hindoos etc, and without a friend around the Atlantic.

But demakrazy – having wiped out the powers of the monarch and replaced the lords with party hacks -- required only brief thinking ahead till the next election. Scotland could go its own welfarish way even if it did without PeeCee – at least as far as the English were concerned.

    Anyhow, whether bonnie Scotland would long preserve much unity beyond separation was doubtful. A Marxite Guardian columnist summed up the enthusiasm of the present: “On the ballot paper on 18 September, YES seems to read ‘Never live under a Tory government ever again!’” But an ‘independent’ Scotland – hypothetically retaining the Queen, the pound, Nato membership and EU membership – would still find itself divided along west-east (Catholic-Protestant, Glasgow-Edinburgh) and north-central-south (Gaelic-urban-charmingly rural) not to mention its own sponger vs elitist and flat-dwelling vs landowning lines that would prove quite as hard to master as the ethnic divides of England.


Fat bearded Muslim ‘British’ hate cleric Anjem Choudary, drawing benefit for his four children and an unknown number of wives, described the Islamic State as the sort of society he would 'love to live in' with his family, while insisting that he did not himself know the terrorist beheader of White American journalists, 'Jihadi John'. The murderous ‘radical activist’ said he admired the genocidsal makeshift ‘IS’ state set up by militants in Syria and Iraq, believed to be dragooning several million people.

However, the 47-year-old said that, while he viewed his British passport as nothing more than a travel pass, he would not move to Syria as he was born in Britain, and that if he were to try he would be arrested by British police. {For what? 100% of White taxpayers would be delighted to be shot of the traitor – if he could not be hung, drawn and agonisingly quartered.} 'From what I understand from people living there, they have security, schools are now being set up where their children are taught about Islam, and they have the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter,' ChowFarty told the multicult-loving Observer newspaper.


 Faced with noisy Irish-Glaswegian enthusiasm for ‘Scottish independence’ (i.e. for giving Etonian Tories and Jewish-led Labourites a good kicking) and with having to explain to themselves and the Queen how they had been unable to preserve the UK – even when Labour got 40 Westminster seats from it – Britain’s politicos came up with their daftest-ever plan: to give the Scottish ‘parliament’ (of fat lesbian frumps – these kind of wymmin having time for politics) full tax-raising powers to fleece its fellow Jocks and thus provide all the socialism/compassion that Glaswegians could want.

Hang about! Scotland to pay for Scottish welfare? That was England’s job! London’s all-party-backed wheeze of buying off ‘independence’ sentiment by issuing the Scots with self-taxing responsibilities would prove an entirely damp squib – except in so far as Scotland would know it was kicking at an open door, an exercise at which First Minister Fish had already proved himself adept, having for seven years declined to use Scotland’s already-existent income-tax-raising powers and instead taken the money (for free university places, subsidized old folks, prescription charge exemptions, useless Edinburgh trams etc) directly from London.

{The failure of the multicult-addled English to tell Glaswegians where to get off was, of course, par for the course: England had spent the previous century losing India, Africa, Ireland, its church, its law-making, its grammar schools, its counties and its high streets. Now, to save face, its hopeless parties -- which no-one any longer joined (unless bullied by trade unions) -- thought they could bribe Scots with their own money.

The Scots were unlikely to be impressed. As HM Queen sent her dreary peecee Westminster party leaders [Daft Dave, Milliletre and Cleggover] up to Edinburgh to make propaganda, the SNP’s Mr Fish quipped that he would gladly pay their bus fare.}


 The complete inability of Black Africans to run a modern country was exposed as the Ebola virus tore through Liberia – a state created with American largesse to repatriate slaves, though most Blacks had been wise enough not to return to their ghastly motherland. Ebola was spreading fast in Liberia, where many thousands of new cases were expected over the coming three weeks, the World Health Organisation said (Guardian, 9 ix). "Transmission of the Ebola virus in Liberia is already intense and the number of new cases is increasing exponentially," the WHO said.

The organisation noted that motorbikes and regular taxis were "a hot source of potential virus transmission" because they were not disinfected in Liberia, where conventional Ebola control measures were “not having an adequate impact". The UN agency said aid partners {i.e. Western dummies ooops donors} ‘needed’ to scale up efforts against Ebola by three to four times in Liberia and elsewhere in west African countries battling the epidemic.

In Liberia, the disease had killed 1,089 people out of 1,871 cases – the highest national toll, the WHO said. Across Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, a total of 2,097 had died out of 3,944 cases. Inevitably, Black extremists could be found blaming the creation and spread of Ebola on the US Department of Defense....


 Nature (8 ix) provided a full account of C21 work on the genetics of IQ, race, violence and sexuality – by such scholars as Christopher Chabris, Stephen Hsu, Bruce Lahn and Robert Plomin.

 There was much cautious pussy-footing around the ‘sensitivities’ of fanatically dysgenic colleagues who wanted to get on identifying and ‘helping’ foetuses having monstrous genetic problems that could, if preserved, fuel ‘health service’ job creation for generations ahead; but there was no immediate cause for anxiety about eugenics since even IQ had turned out to be rather more polygenic than even the London School had estimated – with no single gene contributing more than a third of an IQ point and with research being likely to require a million subjects before a passably full list of genes for the variation could be provided with scientific authority.

Apparently the strict ‘narrow’ heritability of IQ was reckoned to be about 0.50 – as long estimated by Cyril Burt and in The g Factor – although the ‘broad’ heritability (including G x E interactions and G,E covariance) would be higher. {At least the leisurely pace of advance ensured the researchers would keep their jobs....}


  The state to which English politicos and their lawyer co-traitors had reduced England was dramatically demonstrated as railway staff refused to help an old lady who had fallen down an escalator because they had not been ‘trained’ in elfin safety.

When an elderly woman fell down an escalator at bustling Leeds train station, one might have expected rail staff to rush to her aid. But astonishingly, they refused to help her. And their reason? They had not been trained in ‘people-handling’. The extraordinary excuse was given by Northern Rail workers, who stood just yards away and shamefully let passengers instead tend to the shocked woman (D.Mail, 10 ix).


 The subject of IQ got an unaccustomed mention in MSM as correspondent Kenneth Hynes (of London, N7) was allowed to say (Daily Telegraph, 10 ix):

....A repeated IQ test for all pupils throughout their school careers would allow us to compare actual [exam] results with reasonably expected results and provide a good objective measure of the value added by individual teachers as well as schools.

{Naturally, the need to provide and respond to such value-added educational results had been repeatedly stressed in The g Factor (1996) – pp. 94, 159, 181.}


 Even as Barry Hussein Obarmy told Americans (10 ix) that he would start bombing ISIL fanatics in Iraq and Syria (whom he was already droning), he took the multiculti trouble to insist he would not be bombing Muslims. “Now let’s make two things clear: ISIL is not Islamic,” Obama said, speaking from the state floor of the White House residence. “No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim.”

{How convenient – sparing the President from having to say he planned to go through the motions of defending Christians, Jews, Shitites and Yazids from mass-murdering Sunnis! But fancy Obarmy not knowing that ‘IS’ stood for ‘Islamic State’ and that 100% of its aficionados were Muslim.}


After two decades of unfailing support for PeeCee, the BBC found itself confronted by a Manchester police officer who (under conditions of strict anonymity, his ten-minute statement being read by another – R4, 12 ix, 13:30) was prepared (once) to mention the dread word ‘Pakistani’ when referring referring to the abducters, molesters, pimps, traffickers and rapists of White weenies in Rotherham.

The officer was quite clear that the young ‘scrubbers’ [as cops called them] were given low priority by police, whose politically supplied ‘target’ of ‘community cohesion’ was of far greater importance than arresting Pak taxidrivers, kebab-restauranteurs and grocers who were, after all, giving weenies a better time (with even pretences of love) than the gals {victims of socialist championing of fatherlessness} got in children’s homes {run by brain-addled ‘social workers’}.

Asked about the lately accepted press estimate that 1,400 young slags had been involved around the Manchester-Bradford-Sheffield triangle, the cop reckoned this a massive underestimate – he thought Rotherham and Rochdale alone had one new reported case to consider (and dismiss) every day, with abuse continuing at full steam right up to the present despite occasional convictions.

{Such was Britoid multiculturalism. Watch out, America and Australia – it’s coming your way!}

{These revelations of irrepressible Pak libido came as Pak-trained ‘respected neurosurgeon’ Nafees Hamid, 50, went on trial for fourteen incidents of impromptu unzipping, lewd remarks, lascivious groping, simulated sex and asking for completely irrelevant demonstration of masturbatory techniques while assessing female patients for brain damage at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital c.2012 – D.Mail, 12 ix. By 2014, most British cases of sex abuse by doctors, as adjudicated by the General Medical Council, involved Pakistanis or Arabs.}


 As Scotland approached the Sep.18 referendum on separating from England that had been weirdly arranged for it by Britain’s main political parties, it could be said that no racial issue was involved: for the racial/ethnic divide of the British Isles (Celtic/Catholic vs Anglo-Saxon Protestant) ran principally from west to east, not from north to south. But this would be superficial in two ways.

First, the momentum of the Scotnat campaign came from the SNP having managed by socialist promises to seize 30% of Labour’s traditional Irish-Catholic vote in Glasgow, thus pitting Scotland’s west (and north) in a pretty fair fight with the country’s east (and south).

Second, momentum was maintained, when not by frank racial hostility to ’the English’, then by hostility to ‘Team Westminster’ which had already done so much damage to Britain (not least by mass third-world immigration) as to render the 307-year-old nation a far less attractive entity to which to belong than it had been in the days of Empire (which had supplied so many Scots with jobs).

The SNP had even compared the Scots’ ‘predicament’ to that of South Africa’s Blacks under apartheid. This obviously showed woeful ignorance of the rigours of apartheid; but there was something refreshing about no-holds-barred, PeeCee-disrespecting, nationalist opposition to the ludicrous conventional multicult politics which had brought Britain economic downfall (for the third time since 1945 under Labour) and only a dysgenic prospect of UK-backed casino banking for the long-term future. Every cloud has a silver lining....

    Amusingly, Scotnats in south Edinburgh came up with a slogan that voters should “Follow the Pied Piper of Niddrie on the short march to freedom” – evidently unaware that the Pied Piper of Hamelin had let his hundreds of child followers to perdition.


Unable to admit it was at war with (and indeed had already been invaded by) Islam and kindred low-IQ and superstitious desperadoes, Europe – no longer united against Communism or enjoying the backing of a White America (which had itself twice elected a leftist Black Muslim Kenyan pacifist booby ‘President’ in the hope of thus solving its own homegrown racial problems) – was on the brink of break-up.

A week before Scotland voted on whether to break away from the United Kingdom, Catalan separatists in north-eastern Spain hoped at least 1 million people would take to the streets in Barcelona and across Catalonia to demand a secession vote. The central government in Madrid insisted that would be illegal.

Several hours before protests began, Catalonia regional leader Artur Mas said his government was not wavering from plans to hold a secession referendum on Nov.9, even though experts said an attempt was sure to be blocked Spain's Constitutional Court.

Polls suggesting Scotland's "Yes" independence camp could win their Sep.18 vote had energized Catalan separatists, Corsicans who wanted to break away from France and Flemish speakers in Belgium demanding more autonomy, independence or union with the Netherlands.


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