Sunday, June 28, 2015


Despite years of lib-left campaigning to enforce peecee religiosity and Kick Racism Out of Football, a Daily Mail reporter – himself a Black from the Caribbean – got the following snaps (and others like them) (19 vi).

At first glance, they look like any bunch of young lads sitting down to a meal. In this case, they happen to be the England Under-20s football squad. Look more closely, though, and you will see a startling fact: one table is entirely inhabited by black players, the other by white.

The same pattern can be seen in other pictures taken at the squad’s training base during a tournament in France [in May].

Exercising in the swimming pool, six white players line up alongside each other, while the black youngsters gather together at the other end of the pool. And on a line of training bikes, it is the same story. Black and white separated by colour.


 In the same week when Oxford received its final instalment of posthumous punishment from Lady Thatcher, as the last of her personal effects (books, handbag etc.) went to Churchill College, Cambridge (in revenge for Oxford hating her and not having given her an honorary degree), students of Magdalen College, Cambridge, took their turn at peecee mania by demanding the cessation of jelly wrestling by bikinied undergraduettes (q.v.) – a demand to which the sorry college’s Provost Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, readily acceded since he too judged such drinking club practices as ‘sexist’ (Sunday Mail, 21 vi).

Killjoy student despots at both Oxford and Cambridge also launched a campaign called No Exclusive And Sexist Societies. The petition called for the for an end to clubs such as the historic Pitt Club, which had counted Edward VII and George V as members, and Oxford's Bullingdon Club, whose alumni of 2015 included Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne.


 With cavalier disregard for the thirty-year pretentiousness of Western leftists, postmodernists, social anthropologists etc to the effect that ‘races’ do not exist, an influential group of Buddhist monks announced it would defend Myanmar/Burma’s “race and religion” against Rohingya (q.v.)

Muslims who had invaded from neighbouring basket-case Bangladesh/Bengal. Meeting in Rangoon, some 1,300 monks of Ma Ba Tha [Organization for the Protection of Race and Religion] said they would encourage Burma’s electorate and military government to ban the wearing of headscarves in schools – they had previously had success in making it a crime for a woman to bear more than one baby in three years, a eugenic measure targeting chiefly the Rohingyas (Guardian, 23 vi).


Guardianistas were shocked to be told that the Spanish clothing retailer Zara was “implementing aggressively racist policies in its New York City stores” (24 vi). In a survey of 251 employees – roughly one-sixth of Zara’s New York workforce – Black employees in particular reported mistreatment from management, and many workers said they were ordered to racially profile customers.

In the survey, conducted by a pro-worker advocacy group, Center for Popular Democracy, employees recalled being instructed to flag certain shoppers as “special orders” over their radio headsets – a code signalling that the customer was a likely shoplifter and should be followed and watched.

According to survey respondents, signs that a customer might qualify as a special order included being African American, being a Black and “dressing a certain way” (cleavage-showing trousers, hoodies).

    Even worse, a peecee sleuth went rummaging in the Australian constitution (Guardian, 24 vi) and found it expressly permitted ‘racist’ legislation to keep “Asiatic and African aliens” from getting their hands on Oz gold (a real anxiety in the 1890s when the Australian constitution had last been reformulated).

Particularly, the constitution stated it enabled “the Parliament to deal with the people of any alien race after they have entered the Commonwealth; to localise them within defined areas, to restrict their migration, to confine them to certain occupations, or to give them special protection and secure their return after a certain period to the country whence they came.”


 Black Friday, when scores of Poms, Krauts, Frogs and Shitites were gunned, bombed or decapitated in Tunisia, France and Kuwait, came and went with the usual junkets for EU politicos (whom jihadists strangely spared from their depradations – perhaps because of incompetence, or perhaps because they wanted continued protection from Western ‘leaders’).

Not a single mosque was closed, let alone burned down; not a single burqa or other hoodie was banned; no suggestion was made of a person’s support for jiheading cancelling UK citizenship; no sanctions were sought against Solunni countries (like Saudi and Qatar) whose mega-rich citizens funded Islamic terror; and not a single Christian minister was told his/her continued pay and emoluments would depend on avoiding sneering at the Crusades.

Instead, under the POTUShip of Black/Muesli Obarmy, yag ‘marriage’ and taxbreaks were forced  (by a 5-4 Supreme Court vote) on every state of the USA to parade before Russia’s President Putin the sheer unlikelihood of the West’s lunchers [sea bass a favourite with Euroscoffers in Brussels] sitting down with him to discuss the problems of the Ukraine, Syria, the Horn of Africa and Chechnya (where IS/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh had earlier in the week declared war on Russia -- in token of which 400 fanatic Chechen Solunnis had already got themselves to Syria/Iraq to help with rape, pillage, beheadings and the blowing up of Mesopotamian ruins).

No: the peecee goons of politics, the polytechnics and MSM were not to be distracted by A/A mayhem from their chosen task of bringing more slave labourers and welfare backers to the West to replace natives who drew disconcerting strength from their families or their own two feet.

    Still, the latest ISlamic atrocity at least drew support for Oz Queensman PM Tony Abbott from noted British historian Michael Burleigh who, writing in the Mail (27 vi), said the West would have to hire Algeria or Morocco as dumping grounds ooops safe havens for boat people whose invading millions might well contain substantial contributions of IS jiheaders.

Perhaps the West would re-learn from Australia how to resume the White man’s burden – though the über-diners of Brussels seemed set to be slow learners as they squabbled about the Muesli invasion throughout three courses, leaving PM Daft Dave only five minutes to present British demands for EU reform (to limit international welfarist free-loading) while the cheese was served.


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Sunday, June 21, 2015


Having easily won re-election as Governor of the northern Italian region of Veneto, Luca Zaia, a star of the surging anti-immigrant Northern League party, wasted little time showing voters that he had heard and understood their demands. Claiming that the sight of African migrants would have a “devastating effect” on the tourism industry, Zaia called for local officials across his region to begin clearing all reception centres and other housing occupied by migrants near tourist areas (Observer, 14 vi).

His decision reflected the dismay that had been expressed to him in “every way and in every place,” Zaia claimed, adding that all further placements should be halted. This was the latest salvo in an escalating standoff between Zaia – together with other rightwing governors in Liguria and Lombardy – and the government in Rome, where argument had broken out over a plan by the centrist Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, to distribute tens of thousands of African migrants and refugees across Italy.

Eritreans wait for food at Milan’s central railway station


 As Eritreans continued to make up 25% of aspirimmigrants crossing (when not dying in) the Med as they fled the brutal dictatorship of President Isaias Afwerki (a Muslim with Marxist episodes who made his money from gun-running to fellow Mueslis at odds with Christians and animists in Somalia and South Sudan), the UK’s lib-left Observer cried out for Western intervention (14 vi):

“The World Bank and IMF should take a fresh look at how best to encourage good governance, job creation and improved living standards for emerging generations of young workers.”

Offering the conclusion that taking Eritrea in hand was the most likely way of persuading Eritreans “to stay at home”, the Observer thus showed the English Labour Party the way to go as it struggled after its Election disaster to find an appeal to voters that was at once new, humane and practical.”

(Of course, there would be no point re-organizing Eritrea et al. if these countries had their brighter young tempted away by copious Western welfare, medical, educational and housing benefits showered on all who so much as got their feet on to tarmac.)


As France, Switzerland, Hungary and Austria took steps towards closing their borders against A/A’s streaming into them from Italy (in France’s case sending 200 heavily padded gendarmes to Ventimiglia, on the Riveria, to force 6K A/A’s back into Italy and seal the border against them), the Italian prime minister, Matteo Renzi, said that, if no “equitable deal” were struck to spread the wretched of the earth across the whole of western Europe, Rome would start issuing migrants with temporary visas allowing them to travel elsewhere in Europe, stop receiving the hundreds of boats arriving from Libya and refuse docking for foreign ships rescuing those stranded at sea (Guardian, 16 vi).

But, meeting in Luxembourg, EU home secretaries could only bring themselves to plan jolly celebrations of the ‘borderless Europe’ thought to have been begun by the Schengen agreement (which Britain, Éire and Denmark had managed to avoid agreeing). It was thought that countries like Poland and Romania might take a few more dinners ooops migrants if the EU pressed ahead with its equally daft policy of irritating Russia over the Ukraine.

    Ukip’s Nigel Farage warned that the hordes of aspirimmigrants crossing the Med could soon be “of biblical proportions” – in the millions; and that Isis would insert its fanatics among the boat people. Even Guardian correspondents were 50% in favour of halting the migration (17 vi).

    The Pope suggested that those opposed to the A/A invasion should “seek forgiveness”; but his comments were rejected by the leader of Italy’s anti-immigration Northern League, Matteo Salvini, who retorted on Italian radio by asking, 'How many refugees are there in the Vatican?'

    Hungary's foreign minister announced plans to close his country’s border with Serbia to stem the flow of illegal migrants. The Hungarians would build a four-metre high, 110-mile long fence along the border in response to the growing number of migrants (Daily Mail, 17 vi). Hungary had the highest inflow of migrants per caput in Europe, taking in 55K in the first half of 2015 – representing a 60-fold increase in immigration in three years (Guardian, 18 vi).

    In Australia, it was revealed that the policy of paying boat people to stay away from Oz had been introduced by the previous Labor government. {This would be helpful news for British Labourites as they searched for new policies – with the aim, if they were wise, of winning back nationalistic, anti-Muslim votes that had gone to Ukip.}


Support for Britain’s spurned* Nobelist Sir Tim Hunt (who, called by South Korean female hostesses to provide post-lunch entertainment about ‘Women in Science,’ had lightheartedly mentioned the problems of love affairs in labs and the female propensity to tears, and thus apparently enraged feminasties – see above) came from Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, in his weekly Telegraph column (15 vi).

Very properly, Boris consulted the work of the world’s leading expert on crying (Professor Ad Vingerhoets of Tilburg University) for empirical demonstration that women cry five times as often and twice as copiously as men.

The politician in Boris could not resist a diplomatic admission that such submissive protection-seeking might reflect ‘social’ factors; but Boris was bold enough to say that Sir Tim “should be reinstated forthwith to his academic positions.”

In this he was joined by the Mail’s Tom Utley who deplored the cowardice of many academics under the “tyranny” of PeeCee (18 vi), by eight Nobelists and even by some 50% of Guardian correspondents; and, on the BBC’s ‘Question Time,’ eminent libertarian Conservative David Davies MP said it was actually the bosses of UCL who should be sacked for ‘bringing the university into disrepute.’

Whether or not because of the Hunt scandal, veteran American stand-up Jackie Mason, 84, chose the moment to join his fellow comic Jerry Seinfeld in noting and deploring the C21 allowance of free speech only to increasingly tyrannous Blacks and gays who could call straight Wasps anything they liked (Chortle Comedy News, 20 vi).

Evolutionist Richard Dawkins said, "Along with many others, I didn't like Sir Tim Hunt's joke, but 'disproportionate' would be a huge underestimate of the baying witch-hunt that it unleashed among our academic thought police....”

*Even British scientists’ weekly, Nature (18 vi), paraded the 20-year gutlessness of British academoids in the face of PeeCee: the magazine whined about Sir Tim’s “dismaying” remarks “belittling women” and urged that women be included in future in laboratories’ expeditions to the pub.


Galvanizing American Republicans’ search for a candidate to win the White House in 2016, billionaire Donald Trump, 69 and father of five and on his third marriage, put his name forward just a day after Jeb Bush had done likewise (New York Times, 16 vi).

DT said he would stay the course – unlike in previous Republican selection campaigns when he had achieved only 5% support. DT flirted with a fine array of conservative/realist positions, having maintained his Presbyterean faith, having said Blacks were born idle, having denounced unwed motherhood, having spurned ‘climate change’ hysteria, having opposed abortion and third-world immigration (wanting a new Great Wall of China against Mexican invaders – whom he called “criminals,” drug peddlers and “rapists”) and having been a pal of flaky rightist Sarah Palin; but he was liberal about trade, believing ‘May the best man win’ (usually himself, except when Muslims were allowed to cheat on oil deals by an Obama-enfeebled USA).

His aim to ‘Make America great again’ might be unexceptionable; but he expressed it with enthusiasm, and his stress on the importance of being “smart,” “bright,” and “talented,” as opposed to being “stupid” was refreshing even if terms like ‘IQ’ and ‘the g factor’ never cropped up. His eldest daughter Ivanka

characterized him as ‘the opposite of political correctness’; and he had even been brave enough to face down comedian Ali G’s faux-naἵve TV interviewing which elicited peecee politeness from most celebrities (the only other notable exception being leftist Tony Benn).

A showman of clear, strong and nicely detailed views, The Donald would surely prove more watchable than most other Presidential hopefuls put together; and thus whittle down the 50% of US voters who claimed to dislike him.


 Taking a couple of hours off from a jaunt to Milan’s ‘Expo’ exhibition, UK PM Daft Dave lunched with his Italian counterpart Matteo Renzi and promised help from British intelligence services (MI5, 6, 7, 8 etc.) to examine, document and discuss the hordes of A/A’s with which Italy was being inundated. Over a meal of risotto alla Milanese and roast veal, washed down with Soave and Bardolino wines, Cameron appeared to have been given a fairly sympathetic hearing for his case that the EU needed changes.

 Both leaders agreed the migrant problem originated outwith Italy {perhaps in Britain with its post-Thatcher idealism and demand for slave labour?...}; and that it would take months if not years of lunches ooops committee work to solve.


At a Q&A in Edinburgh’s Cineworld for his film ‘The Stanford Prison Experiment,’ Californian director Kyle Alvarez surprisingly agreed {with me} that the Stanford University scenario (of a mock prison arrangement where some of the student ‘guards’ and ‘prisoners’ threw themselves over-enthusiastically into their parts – earning a handsome $15 per day in 1970 for their work) was comparable to that of William Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies.’

Surprising because Dr Philip Zimbardo’s ‘experiment’ was usually interpreted by leftish social scientists as illustrating the evils of authority and of obedience to it. But Alvarez insisted ‘The Lord of the Flies’ (where schoolboys run amok after their teachers die in the plane crash that had landed them on a desert island) had indeed been much on his mind – as well he might, for the Stanford study (or simulation, as another Stanford professor called it) essentially involved a lack of authority as Zimbardo allowed his ‘guards’ to swear and shout at ‘prisoners’ and to intimidate and humiliate them (they were made to wear dresses when not stripped), ultimately culminating in the ‘guards’ mock-sodomizing the ‘prisoners’ (at which point the ‘experiment’ was stopped as it dawned on Zimbardo that he had gone too far – if not for leftists -- in his ludicrous caricature of authority as capricious and brutal).


Divine* US journaliste Ann Coulter provided an vigorous account at a signing in Washington of her most recent book which accused American authorities of hiding the vast extent of the problems arising from third-world immigration (AmRen, 18 vi).

A bon mot from Ann: “Unless you’re being called a racist by the New York Times, you’re losing.”

Another: "Roe v. Wade can be overturned. Obamacare can be repealed. Amnesty [for illegal immigrants] is forever."

*An AmRen correspondent (18 vi): There is no one remotely like Ann, part Mort Sahl, part Joan of Arc, the mind of a Harvard Law Professor trapped in the body of a Victoria's Secret model. The proper response is adoration.

The one discrepancy that intrigues me is that she is an ardent Christian (practically demanding martyrdom) and creationist (how ironic that the apogee of evolution denies evolution).. Race realism is based on evolutionary biology. That suggests a fault line, but her outreach to the dissident right has been impressively enthusiastic.

As for money-making, she would make much, much more if she tapered her views ever so slightly. With her looks and her wit, she is prime time material. She could drive a hard Faustian bargain but she'd rather have lunch with Vdare bloggers or even our Jared.


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Tuesday, June 16, 2015


All electrical power was cut in south Edinburgh for the fourth time in four years. The slide of Scotland’s capital towards third-world status coincided with reports that the products of modern Britain’s ‘schools’ and fatherless ‘families’ did not know how to put up a shelf, change a light bulb or mow the grass, not to mention having fallen out of the world’s top 25 countries in level of educational attainment.

Edinburgh’s power cuts varied between one and four hours in length and were provided by faceless ‘suppliers’ who could never be contacted and by the SNP-led city council best known for its useless trams.

    At least there wasn’t a war on; though the West’s decline into IQ-disrespecting idealism and fatuous bureaucracy would pretty soon change that as thousands of A/A’s were ferried in daily to enjoy what was left of civilization before they closed it down completely:


 As the post-Election rump of Britain’s socialists embarked on an already-acrimonious four-cornered leadership contest between unheard-of, unreconstructed millilitrelites, they gave themselves a holiday ooops conference at trade union expense in Dublin (BBCR4 9 vi, 08:40) under the pretext of discussing skules – which the all-powerful Blob of leftist-ridden educationists had led to worldwide ignominy, their slight concern for standards producing only pathetic feats of rote learning and their febrile quest for classroom contentment yielding only indiscipline which increasingly required police to sort out.

 So what ways forward were suggested? Would children be taught the history of their country, its empire, its Nobel Prizes and its comedic culture? Would they be taught to the maximum of the individual abilities? Would they have to write decent grammatical English? Would they learn any other languages at all?

No, of course not! Rather than respond to a British electorate that had dramatically punished C21 Labour for its lack of aspiration, elitism, eugenicism, patriotism, racism and realism, the conferencers just played the tapes of the past -- demanding smaller class sizes (known by 1970 to have no effect), more teacher training (in half-*rsed sociology), and school heads to be powerless (with their teachers’ annually incremented pay fixed by the unions).


Upsetting leftist illusions of Whites keeping down ‘minorities’ and needing to be made to supply ‘affirmative action’, California’s Asians zoomed to score in universities as quotas were withdrawn. California was the first US state to ban the use of race and ethnicity in public university admissions. However, once affirmative action was banned (by Proposition 209), Asian American students quickly dominated entrants. At UC Berkeley, for example, 46% of those admitted into the 2012 freshman class were Asian; 30% were White.

{Taken from ‘Facts about Race and Racism’ – a mainly leftist/environmentatlist/postmodernist document, but containing the occasional admission.}

{Harvard was also to face a legal challenge to its pursuit of racial diversity – from one Edward Blum who had given due notice that he would seek to end the university’s unfairness to White applicants.}


  After bespectacled Oxbridge-produced Nobelist, Sir Tim Hunt FRS, 72, a biochemist, infuriated a hefty Black female, a teacher of journalism, at a ‘Women in Science’ lunch sponsored by Korean female scientists by jocularly professing routine “chauvinism” and quipping that mixed-sex laboratories had their occasional problems with love affairs and tears, he was moved to apologize and resign his honorary professorship (Guardian, 11 vi) even though his gutless university, UCL, had declined to confront him or his post-prandial remarks (instead muttering to his wife in a phone call that he would “have to resign”).

{Yes, PeeCee had become a religion in which offenders, however eminent, were in haste to admit guilt and submit without argument to casually suggested self-punishment. Sir Tim – married to an eminent scientist (herself an immunology professor at UCL) – would have to settle for the consolation that he was not alone in being called to genuflect to still-prevailing feminazism, anti-racism and paedohysteria if he wanted to enjoy quiet lunches and chats with colleagues.

As he resigned from everything he could think of, he said “I have become toxic and so am finished” (Observer, 14 vi). At least his science would anyhow win through  -- just as the work of imprisoned paedophile Nobelist Daniel Gajdusek continued posthumously to inspire successful work in Papua New Guinea on brain rot by Ghanaian geneticist Emmanuel Asante (D.Telegraph, 11 vi) even as Esther Rantzen was being made a Dame for her services to the terrorists of the child abuse industry.}


 As a thousand A/As floated into Europe daily (or were brought in without charge by HMS Bulwark) and another half-million waited in the ungoverned demakrazic Libya (of Western fabrication) for their chance to cross the Med to EU paradise, Australia’s top Queensman and Prime Minister, Tony Abbott declined to deny that he would bribe people-smugglers to steer away from Oz and had already been paying £30K for each boat intercepted and steered back to Indonesia (Guardian, 12 vi).

(The Workers’ own Paradise had long paid for the prison islands of Manus and Nauru as places where it could dump unwanted aspiring migrants; but apparently the islands were full up or getting too much press attention.)

Interesting questions arose for case-seeking lawyers as to whether Australia bribes would put the country in violation of its international agreements to accept refugees; and for economists as to whether the bribes would only increase refugee traffic. But Abbott said he would “do what it takes” to stop the boats so long as it was “decent”; and he could take credit for recognizing that Whites were going to have to re-imperialize the world and pay local governments to police it (if perhaps getting in return the cheap military labour that Russia enjoyed from the –stans). And an Indonesian boat captain insisted he had only been given his £30k on condition he engage in no more people smuggling.


The anxieties felt by peecee-indoctrinated and –terrorized Whites about crossing the colour bar and making the slightest criticism of any Black turned out to be in short supply among Pakistani youth in multiculti Bradford. There, when a Black supply teacher (liked by his neighbours in nearby Leeds) asked a 14-yr Asian pupil to hand in at the start of a lesson the mobile phone with which the boy was constantly playing, a knife was drawn, the teacher stabbed and hospitalized, and the boy charged by police with attempted murder (D.Telegraph, 12 vi).


As the UK’s new ‘Conservative’ Government took over, it turned out that England’s local authorities had been advised to make annual increases of 3% in their housing stock so as to accommodate gypsies/travellers – no matter that these groups could reasonably have been expected to be riding their horses/lorries along country lanes with their caravans in tow until their thieving ooops handimanship produced enough cash for a deposit on a house.

Nor was the idiocy mandated by the EU: no, it came simply from the pre-crash days of the Blair/Brown Labour Government. Thankfully the Conservatives would modify the advice – but only by feebly making 3% a ‘guideline’, and still persisting with the hilarious stipulation that council-home-seeking g/t’s should “prove” themselves to be ‘travellers’ (D.Telegraph, 13 vi).


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Tuesday, June 09, 2015


As Switzerland’s Joseph Blatter awaited questioning (along with seventeen of his arrested staff) from the FBI about corruption under his 20-yr presidency at FIFA, and had to endure being called a “megalomaniac” who had no friends because he “eliminated” all competition (Sunday Times, 31 v), a study at his own alma mater, the University of Lausanne, found that students who ratted on agreements which they had made as to how largesse should be partialled out among others were those who had the higher levels of testosterone (Sunday Mail, 31 v, ‘[The] science behind corruption and power’).

This confirmation of a link between cheating and male sex hormone fitted Bletther well, for across his 79-yr life of three marriages he had been notably popular, and indeed frisky with the ladies -- not least those much younger than himself, like the Russian supermodel girlfriend of star footieman Cristiano Ronaldo (said Spain’s respected El Mundo).


Ever more ludicrous in its proposals for tyranny, PeeCee began to demand not just that no-one (especially in the ‘safe place’ shrines of luniversities) should say (let alone write) anything racist, sexist, homophobic etc, but that no words or conduct should even trigger unhappy racist etc thoughts or memories in students (aka helpless victims of patriarchy). Columnist Amanda Foreman explained (Sunday Times, 31 v, ‘Here’s a trigger warning for all campus censors: I shall fight you’):

"....Suddenly, thousands of (mostly female) students [in America] have become so sensitive to the written word that any unexpected exposure could trigger post-traumatic stress disorder.
The only remedy, so they claim, is to have all course syllabuses either scrubbed of uncomfortable content or else clearly marked and segregated by the appropriate trigger warnings. A professor may have the option of not presenting the objectionable material, allowing students to absent themselves from that part of the course, or flagging the work for its depictions of rape, misogyny, racism, homophobia and violence.

    Only last month, the student-led Multicultural Affairs Advisory Board at Columbia University, New York, warned against the harm caused by such works as Ovid’s Metamorphoses because “like so many texts in the western canon, it contains triggering and offensive material that marginalises student identities in the classroom.”

Yes, not content with closing down the dreaded –isms and with maximally covering from view the female body (preparing for life under Islam....), peecee hysterics were moving on to spare students from being even faintly reminded of naughtiness – let alone from actually understanding the naughty realities of life against which they frothed in vain.


As Britons pondered why Germany’s Milkmaid Merkel was so keen for Europe to accept  A/A ‘refugee’ migrants, the only sensible answer seemed to be that – what with her country’s non-replacement birthrate (the lowest in the world) -- she wanted to get the brightest, healthiest and most motivated A/As before the people and even politicos of a Europe cowed by muticulti neoMarxism managed to raise the drawbridge; but, if this was the policy, it was certainly complemented if not overshadowed by selection for brawn, bravado and criminality.

At Calais, where A/As daily terrified British drivers with their reckless efforts to get into cars and lorries in hope of reaching Britopia, there were nightly fights, sometimes lasting hours, between gangs of Blacks, pitting e.g. Sudanese young males against Eritreans and resulting in dozens requiring medical attention and hospitalization (D.Mail, 1 vi).

{Yes – and in five years time such fighting would become commonplace in Britain at schools, surgeries and benefit offices as the successful immigrants continued to exercise their selected talents.}

    Only the brawn of an English 70-yr-old stopped six illegals in their tracks: seeing six stowaways dismounting from the back of a lorry in Bedfordshire, the pensioner managed to detain one of them and give two others a hard time so, by the time the group broke up, police had reached the scene. All six A/As were arrested (D.Telegraph, 1 vi).


 Although the West professed multiculturalism – and had even messed up the Middle East by assuming that Jews, Shi’ites and Sunnis could live together (with only Christians driven out) – its Kurdish ally (against the sadists of Solunni Isis/Isil/Daesh) did not care for this batty pseudo-internationalism and turned out to have been razing and pillaging scores of Isis villages in northern Syria.

The Times (1 vi, p1) said this appeared to be “a campaign of ethnic cleansing against Sunni Arabs” and added “More than 10,000 people are thought to have fled in the past six months, as neighbours who had lived together for decades turned against each other.”

{The ethnicity of the Kurds themselves involved an eclectic mix of Sunni, Shi’ite and Sufi traditions – including a 14th-century reformulation of Mohammedanism -- and acceptance of many Western practices such as egalitarianism and mixed-sex dancing. Kurds saw themselves as most similar to their relatively westernized Iranian neighbours.}


 As Britain mourned the death at 55 from an alcohol-induced haemorrhage of top redhead politico Charles Kennedy who had led the Liberal Democrats relatively successfully for ten years, the environmentalism of MSM laboured to provide any convincing explanation.

CK had been an early success at Glasgow University (where he was later voted Rector for six years) and become the UK’s youngest MP at 23; he had a regular slot as a funny man (along with the Conservatives’ Julian Critchley and Labour’s Austin Mitchell) on BBCR4; he was a considerable and much-admired orator; he was hugely popular, not least for his kind attentiveness to others; and, after his wife (and mother of his son) died in 2007, he soon found love and consolation and valued help in the arms of another.

So what could have gone wrong? Of course, unmentioned by MSM (and all but one of the scores who phoned in to ‘Any Answers’, 6 vi, 14:10) was the substantial .4 heritability of alcoholism (e.g., 2015) – a figure that was still higher for men, for early problem drinkers, for heavy drinkers, for drinkers who succumbed to sedation, and doubtless for Celts.


Hungary’s Prime Minister – harried by far-right groups – took a new step towards realism (Reuters, 3 vi). The era of multiculturalism is over and Hungary should be spared its effects at all costs, he said. In comments that appeared to toughen his already uncompromising stance on immigration, Viktor Orban was quoted as telling a Hungarian newspaper there should be no “mass-scale” mixing of different creeds.

“Multiculturalism means the coexistence of Islam, Asian religions and Christianity. We will do everything to spare Hungary from that,” he said in an interview with the daily newspaper Napi Gazdasag. “We welcome non-Christian investors, artists, scientists; but we don’t want to mix on a mass scale.”

    Orban, whose governing Fidesz party was losing ground in the polls to the far-right, anti-immigrant Jobbik party, had clashed with European counterparts over his isolationist views. At the European Parliament in mid-May, he criticized as “bordering on insanity” EU proposals for migrant quotas drafted in response to thousands of deaths among asylum-seekers trying to reach Europe across the Mediterranean in increasing numbers.

    {And would England’s Labour Party draw inspiration from the ‘nationalism’ of Hungary – adding to the message sent it at the UK’s General Election by the Celts of north-west Scotland? Would Labour be able to rise from the ignominy of its defeat to shake off the pseudo-intellectual internationalism of PeeCee and defend the interests of workers and taxpayers against those of parasitical owners and idealists?

Sadly – except as just reward for its years of multicult illusion – Labour had lost its star Eurosceptic, Douglas Alexander, 45, booted out of Glasgow Paisley in the great SNP surge; and luminary half-realists Frank Field, Kate Hoey and Austin Mitchell were 65+. But ‘cometh the hour, cometh the man’ – perhaps in this case John Mann MP, 55 and with no doubt that bankers and career politicians were not the way to a ‘brilliant Britain’ of cohesive communities in which benefits would be paid only after five years of contributions.}


Times might have seemed hard for Britain’s “armed” services, with no aircraft to fly from their anyhow uncompleted carrier and no strategy for helping Iran and Syria stop the rampaging Solunni Isisadists of Eyeraq; but at least there was enough cash for Eurokrautish din-dins in Bavaria from where the assembled junketers could cheer on HMS Bulwark as – together with ten other EU-mandated ships -- she went busily to and fro between Libya and Italy bringing the culinary and prostitutional skills of the Muslim/Negro world to serve the suicidally short-sighted slavemasters of the West until the invaders had mastered the ways of iPod/iPad/yourFace/myTube and the benefit system and were thus ready to take over.

Half a million A/As were queuing up in Libya for the ride (for which they would sink their own boats as soon as Bulwark spotted them). An Observer correspondent explained (7 vi):

"Many Guardian readers would love to have [a further] half a million economic refugees planning on reaching our shores from Indonesia. Just imagine the thrill they'd get helping them get their government housing, filling in their welfare forms, finding new government services they can apply for. The satisfaction of their white man's burden complex would leave them in euphoria for years."


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Monday, June 01, 2015


 Blacks and Latinos are just as likely to believe in the greater criminality of Blacks, and to take suitable evasive action. This was the conclusion of research at South Florida University in response to the question ‘Why do White cops shoot so many Blacks?’ (BBC World Service, 24 v, 14:15). Participants repeatedly had flashed before them images of a man, sometimes White and sometimes Black, apparently carrying either a gun or a box of similar size. They were instructed to press as quickly as possible one of two buttons, one marked ‘SHOOT!’ and the other marked ‘DON’T SHOOT!’ It was found that subjects of all three racial groups were more likely to ‘shoot’ when the pictured man was Black – as if they were responding not with irrational, race-based prejudice, but simply in accordance with the reality well known to all Americans that Blacks were three times as likely as Whites to commit crimes.


 As the Iraqi Army – which had run away from Islamic State (IS etc.) at Ramadi -- was denounced by America’s Secretary of State for Defense as “lacking the will to fight”, it was pretty clear that the multicultural illusions of the West had been cruelly exposed. After twelve years of America and its allies sacrificing blood and treasure to topple Saddam Insane, settle the Middle East and even to bring on an Arab Spring (including demakrazy and wymmin’s rights), the West found it had not even been able to provide Iraq with a functioning army and would have to take a back seat as Solunni vs Shitite hostility came centre stage, with only Israel and Russia likely to provide a semblance of order.

{However, Iraqi authorities insisted they would take back Ramadi “within three days”....}


 As Burma’s Muslim Rohingyas (considered to be Bangladeshis by the authorities in Burma/Myanmar) continued to try to sail to neighbouring countries for refuge from what they considered Buddhist persecution, the Burmese government passed legislation allowing it to set up “health zones” in which women would be encouraged, instructed and even forced to space their offspring so they had no more than one child in three years (Guardian, 25 v).

Whether compulsory sterilization or abortion would be involved was not stated; but protests were anyhow forthcoming from UN bodies and the USA, worried that ‘ethnic cleansing’ of the Rohingya would be practised.

{Certainly the Buddhists had something to worry about:  the Rohingya birth rate was markedly higher than that of Buddhists; some imams urged their Muslim women to breed as fast as possible, stopping only when they died; and Bangladeshis had themselves in forty years reduced the Buddhist (and Hindu) minority among them from 29% to 9%. A Buddhist community leader said the country was under threat from global Islam (Sunday Times, 24 v): “Britain has allowed Muslims to settle in London, and now you have people going to fight for Isis.”

Other legislation passed at the same time in Burma would impose restrictions on religious conversion and inter-religious marriage and prohibit extra-marital affairs, so it did appear that the authorities – afraid of Buddhists being overwhelmed -- sought substantial separation of the two ethnic groups.}

{Bangladeshi/Bengali proclivity to fraudulence was illustrated for Brits as London police began arresting hundreds of Bangladeshis who – though they had found refuge in Italy – had got in the habit of flying into Britain for a day to rip off sometimes £9K in housing benefit from obliging officials (often themselves Pakistani Muslims).

All the fraudsters needed to do, apparently, was to get themselves a National Insurance number from a Job Centre and make up a false address – one such address had been used in a year by no less than 400 Banglas (D.Mail, 25 v).}


 Men look for big brains rather than big boobs when hunting for a life partner, a Cambridge professor claimed at the 2015 Hay-on-Wye Book Festival. “Despite large breasts and long legs often being cited as the ultimate markers of female attractiveness, it seems that a high IQ could be the more reliable way for women to hook a long-term partner,” said the London Evening Standard (25 v).

Professor David Bainbridge, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Cambridge, claimed men who are keen to start a family are more likely to be drawn to an intelligent woman because they instinctively believe she will be a better mother to his children, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The prof said “surveys have shown time and again” that brains are thought more attractive by would-be fathers -- though he placed no stress on brainy women passing on high IQ by genetic inheritance to their children. Disdaining traditional belief in the desirability of bust size, Bainbridge maintained it was the symmetry of breast size that was preferred, and symmetry (an indicator of health) was apparently greater in big-breasted girls.

He also played down the attractiveness of ‘endless legs,’ though he did admit voluptuous thighs and a low waist-hip ratio as being valued – they presumably indicated fat storage and non-pregnancy.


 An evangelical street preacher was awarded £2,500 and legal costs after being confined in a cell by cops for eleven hours in response to a lesbian complaining of him being ‘homophobic’ (Daily Mail, 28 v). Fortunately for red-haired South African-born Rob Hughes, 38, he had taped a recording of his talk in Basildon, Essex. Once a solicitor persuaded police to listen, they agreed he had not actually mentioned homosexuality or said anything offensive but just criticized the ‘destruction of marriage’ by the government (as it had brought in yag ‘marriage’ in 2013).

So peecee tyranny was rebuffed – though Britain’s politicos, professors and paparazzi would themselves doubtless need more than £2,500 as compensation for a day of inconvenience, anxiety and ignominy; and a bill paid by the public was perhaps not the best way to impress police to look at evidence and to be as suspicious of PeeCee as of preachers.

One Mail correspondent wrote: “Back to the 15th century . . . . . what a petty tyranny this country is becoming! Pretty soon there'll be an unofficial "underground" to fight the Thought Police on the streets. Sign me up!”

{Heaven knows what hysterics the lesbos and the filth would have thrown if, after the Éirish referendum approving queer marriage, they had heard the highest-ranking Vatican official, Pietro Parolin, denounce the vote as “a defeat for humanity”!}


The man who had made most money out of multiculturalism found himself and his senior officials on the receiving end of attention from America’s FBI. International footie organizer Slippery Swiss Joseph ‘Sepp’ Blatter had spent years giving FIFA membership and votes to African, Caribbean and other ‘developing’ countries that barely sported a soccer team (Guardian, 29 v + ‘FIFA is so corrupt....’).

Notoriously, with his A/A votes to keep him in place, he had for cash brought staging of the World Cup to such unlikely venues as South Africa [world rape capital], Qatar [temperature 100ᵒC in summer; no alcohol] and Moscow [tweaking Western noses in Uraine], allegedly in return for multi-million-dollar kickbacks. Now he was hauled before the court of world opinion as seven of his top minions were arrested in Switzerland in response to an FBI demand; and he himself dared not visit the USA for fear of being given a 100-yr prison sentence.

Faced with this disaster, Blether insisted that neither he nor his lieutenants could be held responsible for the vast and ongoing corruption at FIFA; and indeed that his continuance in office was necessary more than ever to correct the racketeering that had been exposed. He expected that his assemblage of non-soccer-playing money-grubbing multicults would re-elect him president of FIFA -- which they did rather than risk their income stream.


Rises in scores on intelligence tests through the 20th century [the ‘Flynn/Lynn Effect’ that became known around 1990 – though actually first noticed by Tuddenham in 1948] were confirmed in research led from Vienna (Wall Street Journal, 27 v). Gains across 1909–2013, based on 271 independent samples, totalling almost 4 million participants, from 31 countries, were around 3 IQ-type points per decade.

However, while the authors were happy to join the chorus of those chortling that such an effect could only indicate some importance for environmental factors and give hope that Black IQ might one day rise, the new data contained many peculiar features (as noticed by Rushton [1999] in previous studies).

The Vienna authors found their rise to be greater in adults, to be jerky over time and to tail off after 1970; and, for explanations, they felt obliged to resort to speculation about “life history speed” and “social multiplier effects.” Altogether, it looked wiser to posit increasing test sophistication – though not for adults during wartime, and requiring self-monitoring and self-control that Blacks recalcitrantly lacked (TgF, Chapter 4).


 As Oxford University appointed its first vice-chancellorette, redheaded terrorism expert Louise Richardson, 57 and v-c at St Andrews University from 2008, it turned out that the lively and boyish mother of three had made a remarkable lifetime transition from an RC family and education in southern Éire and adolescent enthusiasm for the IRA, via Trinity College Dublin, UCLA, Harvard and Radcliffe to marrying a ‘Boston Brahmin’ GP who could trace his own ancestry back to the Mayflower and who had no problem with her career move to Britain’s traditionally most Tory institutions so long as she re-appeared in the couple’s Cambridge (Massachusetts) home once a month.

Given that history of dramatic personal change, it was perhaps unsurprising that Professor Richardson was a firm defender of free speech who, as she dealt with ScotNastyonalist attempts during the 2014 referendum to silence her own and other academics’ support for the Union, was recorded drawing attention to St Andrews’ motto

Stamping on the attempted silencing of a faculty member in the referendum debate, she said, “whether or not my personal views are in accord with yours, I assure you that any external pressure to limit or suppress debate will stop at my door”. She pointed to an ancient inscription over a university gate that, she says, “is a useful and timeless reminder of the university’s commitment to free speech: ‘They have said and they will say. Let them be saying’.”

Equally unsurprising, LR had and was prepared to express a healthy belief in intelligence, telling the Irish Times (13 ix 2014) “....we should be investing in smart people to think about the future....” Her promotion to Oxford would be a loss to Scottish academia, where few were so robust, said the Telegraph’s Scotland editor, Alan Cochrane (30 v 2015).


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Sunday, May 24, 2015


While Western countries staggered under self-imposed humanitarian burdens, independent Black-run South Africa had no problem deporting 400 Mozambiquan immigrants in a single day; and the BBC’s World Service gave 25 minutes to explaining how inequality (both between the races and amongst Blacks themselves) had grown worse through 20 years of independence – with unskilled jobs lost, with Black children sitting on bricks in mud-made schools where teachers did not show up, etc. -- all because of lack of ‘inclusivity’, failure to ‘connect,’ and patronage/corruption (BBC World Service, 17 v, 14:05).


Medical, physical and psychological variations in humans typically show more influence of nature than of nurture (Danielle Posthuma et al., Nature Genetics, 18 v). A vast meta-analysis (by workers as far apart as Stockholm and Brisbane) of eighteen thousand traits measured in identical and fraternal twins found heritabilities clustering around .50, with h2 being higher for variables to do with cognition, activities and psychopathology than for those related to social values and interaction. (The g factor was not analysed separately. The highest heritabilities were for features of the eyes, ears, nose, throat and skin; the lowest concerned reproductive and endocrine functioning.)


 A Duke University professor was defiant after his university {famed for having race-asserting William McDougall FRS as its Professor of Psychology in the 1930s} condemned what it said were his “noxious” and “offensive” words in a letter published in The New York Times in which he compared African-Americans unfavorably to Asian-Americans (Fox News, 19 v). The school’s rebuke came after a student backlash against Political Science Professor Jerry Hough, 80, whose May 9 letter had sought to address racism and the Baltimore riots.

    Hough said African-Americans don’t try to integrate into society, while Asians “worked doubly hard” to overcome racism instead of blaming it. “Every Asian student has a very simple old American first name that symbolizes their desire for integration,” he wrote. “Virtually every black has a strange new name that symbolizes their lack of desire for integration. ....

In 1965 the Asians were discriminated against as least as badly as blacks. That was reflected in the word ‘colored’. The racism against what even Eleanor Roosevelt called the yellow races was at least as bad. So where are the editorials that say racism doomed the Asian-Americans? ....

The amount of Asian-white dating is enormous and so surely will be the intermarriage. Black-white dating [at Duke] is almost non-existent because of the ostracism by blacks of anyone who dates a white.”

    Duke students and faculty bleated about Hough, and Duke told The News & Observer of Raleigh that he was placed on leave and that 2016 would be his last year of teaching at the school. “The comments were noxious, offensive, and have no place in civil discourse,” said Duke spokesman Michael Schoenfeld. But Hough said political correctness was getting in the way of thoughtful and frank debate.


Any hope that Europe’s politicians would be able to improve on their policy of letting in thousands of A/A wretches weekly from across the Mediterranean proved illusory. The EU’s plan was to have lots of dinners and consider discussing with UN apparatchiks whether to have more dinners that might possibly decide to allow such ships as HMS Bulwark to pause occasionally from helping the illegals into Europe and instead fly them home, catch a few people smugglers and even puncture their rubber boats. But three difficulties arose for the dining programme:

(1) How could either smugglers or boats be located along a two-thousand-mile coastline, some of which (especially Libya) either had no government or governments that wanted cash to keep the would-be migrants out of their territories?

(2) Rubber boats came in packs of a hundred and could be peeled off and inflated in a couple of minutes.

(3) Smugglers seldom went out into the Med with their cargoes – instead they selected Syrians (the more literate desperadoes) and gave them a two-day training course in managing a dinghy and in how to use GPS navigation (BBC World Service, 18 v, 14:20).

{Limiting EU welfare etc. to the amount a recipient and family had paid in national insurance and income tax would certainly be a lot cheaper than using HMS Bulwark but would not appeal to idealists....}


 Pondering the A/A boat people and the refusal of Britain, France, Hungary, Poland and Spain to agree EU plans for them to accept quotas of the illegals, the Guardian decided it was time for the White man to take up his traditional burden and get things organized (20 v):

"No one expects a quick fix in the Middle East, but it is staggering that EU officials have been silent about the way sub-Saharan African countries – who are bleeding their youth to Europe – have let such a situation develop. The governance of these countries must be looked at. These are, after all, the places where criminal networks can flourish and profit, by scouting out candidates for the deadly sea crossings."

{Yes, better to abandon the leftist C20 antipathy to Western imperialism than close down Muesli mosques and Western welfarism!}


In an extraordinary mea culpa (in a talk at Glasgow University), Scotland’s education minister delivered what she called her “honest evaluation” that the SNP-run Executive had failed to close the “appalling” gap in academic attainment levels between the best and worst state schools after more than eight years of effort and enhanced spending (Daily Telegraph, 20 v, ‘Minister admits “painful truth” that Nationalists have failed to narrow the schools divide’).

Ms Angela Constance said teachers should no longer be allowed to use poverty as an excuse for poor results. {However, though denying “dogma or ideology,” she would next try another version of environmentalism by giving parents “a greater role” in bullying ooops helping their children to do better....}


 New figures from the UK’s Office of National Statistics showed that immigration was continuing to rise – to .6M entrants in 2014 – despite fifteen years of leftist and Coalition flannel that it was being closely monitored and brought under control (Classic FM Radio, 21 v, 11:00).

The news came alongside dramatic advances by ISIL jihadists in Iraq (Ramadi) and Syria (the bijou 4K-yr-old ruins of Palmyra), A/A inundation of Europe by Mueslis from across the Med and the appearance at the Old Bailey of another eleven Srindopakeshi men charged with hundreds of sex offences against young White girls in Aylesbury (one of whom had been ‘groomed’ to sleep with no less than sixty ‘Asian’ men when she was just 13).

So it could provide Labour (in despair over its Election defeat, and needing a serious policy shift) with a conclusive rationale for a tough-minded right-wing move that would chime with voters and leave Conservatives and Liberals holding the bawling baby of PeeCee/Multiculturalism.

{In any such move, Labour could hang on to some idealism by offering, say, equal pay and free childminding for English-speaking women; and a robust defence of alcohol and pork against Mueslis and other dispiriting moaners would play well with White men.}


 As Home Secretary Theresa ‘Nasty Party’ May planned to rid TV of ‘extremist’ messages (preferring general censorship to arresting jihadists, closing their mosques and fining their families – such censorship proving objectionable to only one Cabinet member, Sajid David, the millionaire son of a Pakistani bus driver (Guardian, 22 v)) -- a Belfast court came up with a novel way of interfering with free speech: it sided with two yags who had wanted to celebrate their ‘wedding’ by having a bakery run by two homosceptic Christians inscribe in icing “SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE” on a cake prepared for the occasion.

 The next step? To have a Conservative baker compelled to prepare a cake saying “VOTE LABOUR”? Or a Jewish baker to provide a cake for Hitler’s birthday and bearing a swastika? But first: Ask a Muslim baker for the same service that the Christians had declined to supply!

{Not content with suppressing free speech, the UK had let its homophiles actually force words into others’ mouths.}


As the bloodthirsty Sunni jihadists of ISIL/ISIS/IS/Daesh advanced to within seventy miles of Baghdad, thus obliging the Iraqi government to rely on Shi-ite fighters, and (after a five-day break to take in Western aid) shelling resumed between the Solunnis and Shitites of Yemen (killing 13), a Solunni bomb killed 21 Shitites (and injured dozens more) at a mosque in Saudi Arabia (BBC World Service, 23 v, 02:00).

Thus was Islam’s civil war forced increasingly into the consciousness of the multiculti West which preferred not to acknowledge the simple reality of deep-seated racial/ethnic differences and was itself divided as to whether to support or to topple Syria’s Shitite-sympathetic President Basher Assad (who still clung to the urbanized west of his country – where the Russians would presumably wish to maintain their naval base in Latakia).


  Britain’s 20-yr-olds were found by OECD to have literacy and numeracy levels no higher than 60-yr-olds – a result contrasting markedly with other advanced countries, where the young scored around 20% better than the old (50% better in South Korea).

A Daily Mail correspondent observed (23 v): “What people should realise is that teachers and the teaching unions are the footsoldiers of the Labour Party who support the dumbing down of education to ensure that the weakest still score a high mark.”

Britain’s bottom-placed result of 0% came despite vastly more having been spent on the young compared to seniors. Years of hostility to streaming – and in particular to grammar schools – had apparently had their predictable effect*; as might Britain’s 30-yr campaign of terror against paedophiles (who had often been the more competent and communally minded of schoolteachers).

*Historian Max Clifford agreed (in the course of a wide-ranging complaint about public service in Britain having been taken over by the left – D.Mail, 23 v):”[Britain’s] educational quangocracy remains wedded to non-selective education —and this is the principal obstacle to real improvement in our schools.”


 While the Holy Republic of Éire voted to reject the advice of its priestly caste and allow yag marriage, it turned out that Gambia (95% Muslim and Black) would stand by its racial heritage. Gambian President Yahya Jammeh threatened his country’s homosexuals, telling them (AmRen, 20 v): “I will slit your throat.” Addressing an audience in the town of Farafeni as part of a nationwide tour, Jammeh said, “If you are a man and want to marry another man in this country and we catch you, no one will ever set eyes on you again, and no white person can do anything about it.”

Jammeh’s homophobic views had drawn ‘international censure’ before, and both Europe and the U.S. cut off their aid to the West African nation in 2014, citing its atrocious human rights record, after it introduced a law banning homosexuality. In 2013, the President had questioned why he had never seen a “homosexual chicken, or turkey”: “Homosexuality is anti-god, anti-human and anti-civilization. Homosexuals are not welcome in the Gambia. If we catch you, you will regret why you are born. I have buffaloes from South Africa and Brazil and they never date each other. We are ready to eat grass but we will not compromise on this.”

Gambia continued to draw substantial aid from other African countries.


‘Jelly wrestling’ between bikini-clad undergraduettes was scheduled to reappear in Magdalene College, Cambridge, two years after the paddling-pool fun had been stopped in deference to cries of ‘sexism’, ‘misogyny’ and ‘inappropriateness’ (D.Mail, 23 v).

 Placating egalitarians, the Cambridge students resolved to allow male students to join the girls in the pool.

And, rebalancing the public image of Oxbridge students, a referendum in Oxford mandated that that university should continue to insist that examinees wear ‘subfusc’ (white shirt, bow tie, dark suit and red carnation) while pelting each other with food and spraying each other with champagne.


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Monday, May 18, 2015


Scotnat hysteria – which (in response to years of Westminster uselessness and peecee suppression of frank discussion) had swept Labour away, even making Scotland a no-go area for Britain’s Jewish Labour leader Mililitre, having the country’s own Labour leader Murphy run for his life from a Glasgow mob and triggering a matching a nationalistic turn to the Tories in England – brought a response from Scotland’s richest and most popular woman, authoress J.K.Rowling (who had written her ‘Harry Potter’ children’s books in Edinburgh cafés and given £1M to the NO campaign re Scottish independence) (Sunday Mail, 10 v).

One Twitter user condemned her as a ‘traitor to Scotland’ and ‘Blairite scum’, while another wrote: ‘Go f*** yourself, you disgusting slimy Labour c***. All you lefties are finished in this country, especially you JK b****face.’ But the famed author, who lived in Scotland, responded: ‘The internet doesn’t just offer opportunities for misogynistic abuse, you know. Penis enlargers can also be bought discreetly.’


Mueslis who had (together with an Icelandic-Swiss ‘artist’) converted a former church on the bank of a Venetian canal into a seeming mosque – the first in Venice – were told by the city council to cease their occupation of and worship at the historic privately owned building by mid-May (Daily Telegraph, 12 v).
Not so lucky were the .4M displaced Christian Blacks of mountainous north-east Nigeria who, as they straggled home under army instruction, found virtually every one of their hundreds of church buildings damaged beyond repair by Boko Haram [‘No Western education’]. Only six mosques had been damaged in the course of six months of inter-ethnic hositilities.

Still, such destruction was tempered by the daily phenomenon of Mueslitunes blowing themselves to smithereens – e.g. Solunni gunmen killing 43 Shitites and injuring another score on a bus in the Pakistani 18M megacity of Karachi – and scouring the internet in Bangladesh to find and murder bloggers whose discussions of Darwin had shown insufficient respect for Allah. – Thus did the ‘religion of peace’ compensate a little for its century of overbreeding (funded by Western oil and blessed by Western Catholicism).

   In Britain, a new ‘conservative’ government announced it would close mosques that taught “poisonous” versions of Islam – though no examples were provided, let alone blown up. And intention was announced to fight off the E.U.’s demand that Britain accept a quota (perhaps 20K annually) of the A/A’s trying to cross the Mediterranean to escape the hellholes which Muslim fanaticism had made of their own countries. Still more daring was the right-wing Mayor of Venelle, France, who said Islam should simply be made illegal in the country (D.Telegraph, 16 v).


 It was not a ‘hate crime’ to say that a child had ‘special needs,’ decided Hove town council. The SN term had come to be used by British bureaucrats c.1990 as a polite/peecee way of referring to low intelligence – many other once-accepted descriptors like imbecile, idiot, moron, subnormal and retard[ate] having become shunned and banned by the hypersensitive.

But an experienced and popular headmistress at a Hove school found herself accused of ‘hate crime’ after she used the term at a meeting of the school’s governors – one of whom was the father of a high-IQ but autistic girl about whom the headmistress was trying to be polite.

Eventually the SN nomenclature was decreed as permissibly pious – though only after six months of inquiries and solemn meetings of Hove council and police and, in London, by the Department of Education (Daily Mail, 13 v).

    A Mail correspondent summed up: “Additional needs; special needs... why do people feel the need to keep inventing and reinventing these terms to hide the reality that some people are different? Not bad -- just not average. These terms won't change a thing. But, as shown here, when a certain term goes out of favour, almost overnight it becomes non-PC and deemed insulting. And always, behind it all, there are small minded people causing problems.”


  Oxford University Student Union announced that all college rugby teams would be required to complete mandatory ‘Good Lad’ workshops before they were allowed to enter this year’s ‘Cupper’ tournament at the university. The workshop programme, developed by 27-year-old Oxford graduate Dave Llewellyn and now popular with SUs across Britain, amounted to Mao-lite re-education in which self-flagellating men in plaid shirts promoted ‘positive masculinity’ to the misogynistic brutes of the rugger world.

Student politicos were so chuffed with the scheme that they planned to push it out nationwide. Requiring student societies to venerate equality, diversity, inclusivity and ‘safe space’ for the usual minorities had become a major preoccupation of British SUs.


The West, with its two generations of failing to test, charge or keep out migrants of dubious value, found itself set an example of national determination as Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines made it clear that they would turn back boats bringing the unwanted Rohingya people of Burma [‘Myanmar’].

These Solunni Muslims had a reputation for ugliness and violent extremism; and they had long been at odds with the Buddhists of Burma who, liking to believe that the Rohingya had come voluntarily from neighbouring Bangladesh in response to that country’s history of overcrowding and flooding, had never allowed them statehood and frequently indicated that they were ‘free to leave.’

But hostility to the Rohingya turned out to be widely shared; so there were soon thousands of them afloat in decrepit boats on the Andaman Sea – waiting of course for rescue, feeding, housing, employment, education and health care from the West’s taxpayers ooops humanitarians. The United Nations Human Rights Commission had designated Rohingyas as “the most oppressed people in the world”, but – along with Bangladeshis [East Bengalese] -- they had a long history of forcefully carving out their Muslim area from Hindus and Buddhists. The latest ‘persecution’ of them was probably in response to their having become supported by jihadists from Pakistan.

    What happens when nutty ethnics are not separated was exemplified as Burundi – which had, like genocide-prone Rwanda,  kept a bizarre mix of 85% Hutu and 15% taller, brighter, cattle-herding and English-speaking Tutsi – braced itself for civil war in which its multiculti army could well divide as to whether to support the country’s president for a third term in office.


 As UK Conservatives gloated over the daily news of leading Labourites calling their election loss a “disaster” and “catastrophe,” resigning in droves and admitting (especially larger-than-life Black socialist Diane Abbott) to having been in tears on election night, few politicos and panjandrums paid attention to the nationalism that had snatched Scotland from Labour and provoked an answer from English voters who did not care to see Labour ‘governing’ the UK from the pocket of the Scots.

Ukip, which had become the UK’s third-largest party and delivered 25 seats to the Conservatives by taking votes from Labour, even embarked on an orgy of in-fighting over a range of strategic, tactical and personal differences: its kow-towing to MSM’s demand for a peecee image had evidently made its top brass forget that its own voters were overwhelmingly race-realist and especially xenophobic about foreigners of high criminality and low literacy living off welfare handouts towards which they not contributed in taxation.

But amidst all evasive chatter about the stunning Conservative victory, at least the Observer’s Andrew Rawnsley detected the simple truth that English nationalism had been more roused than most commentators cared to admit (17 v): “Campaigners of all parties agree that the spectre of a Labour minority government being the puppet of the Scottish Nationalists helped the Tories tug English voters over to them. .... When Mr Miliband declared that he wouldn’t be bullied by the SNP he just wasn’t convincing to those voters already worried that he was weak and not to be trusted with the economy.”


 Whatever the shifting of ordinary mortals away from peecee nostrums, ignoracism carried on in glowing reviews of Gavin Evans’ Black Brain, White Brain – which apparently venerated the technological achievements by Zimbabweans of 100K years ago (Business Day Live, 8 v)....


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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


As the Yukay concluded its astonishingly dull and endless election campaign (even political geeks like columnist Janet Daley were bored), the disattended real world of ethnic argy-bargy did not go away even if the peecee goons of Westminster and MSM could treat themselves to denial: such hordes of A/A invaders streamed across the Med that 3,690 were picked out of the drink by Italian coast ‘guards’ in a single day (Guardian, 4 v) – a number quite apart from the thousands estimated to have made it to dry land in Italy under their own steam; on the same day, ISIS/ISIL/Daesh slaughtered 300 Yazidi men; it was learned that A/A intending migrants, fed up with the frustrations of Calais, were moving their tents to central Paris; the Hutus of Rwanda continued their thirty-years of genocide (which had already killed 300K Tutsi) by putting to flight a further 30K; Syria continued as a four-year hellhole (thanks to a failure to separate rivalrous ethnic groups; and, in a new upping of ‘uman rights demands in Leicestershire, gypsies spurned a council offer to give them land for their vehicles because the proposed camp site was partly overseen by CCTV cameras.

{Perhaps the multiculti-propagandized English would wake up -- as occasional pundits pointed out the hostility to them of the Glasgow Celts revealed in the Yukay election?}

Gypsies/travellers make themselves at home (in Bristol) (Daily Mail, 4 v); but politicians kept such photo opportunities well hidden.


  Sex segregation at meetings targeting Muesli votes was defended by Labour Deputy Leader and human rights championess Harriet Harman (‘Hattie Harperson’) as she took part in a Birmingham rally at which all men and women (except those at the back) sat on opposite sides of the room (Daily Mail, 7 v).

 Hattie’s hubby – also a Labourite – had addressed another Labour-run meeting of sex-segregated Mueslis a few days earlier. The mullahcracy had decreed that the only alternative was male-only meetings. Tory candidate Julian Smith said: 'Labour are completely desperate. They are selling their values in exchange for a few votes.' {HH – Labour’s most senior and serious spouter of peecee baloney -- resigned as Deputy Leaderene in response to the débacle of May 7th. The Labour MP who had organized the Birmingham rally had prevailed on several mosques to order Muslims to vote Labour – though other mosques ordered their congregations not to vote at all.}


  The religion of political correctness having stifled most public debate and produced politicians who had to toe the line if they wanted to appear on MSM, the UK’s voters took the only passably acceptable way out and turned to nationalism {as foreseen in this blog} and swept Labour off the map in Scotland and the Liberals off the map in England, thus easily producing a Conservative overall majority at Westminster (despite the UK’s 9-party competition held within first-past-the-post rules).

Imitating the Scots, who had in eight months (since the referendum in which they had voted NO to independence) sensationally turned to nationalism in protest against lack of vision and ever-wanted money from London, the usually non-nationalistic English saw the point, helped by the prospect of ScotNat takeover (in alliance with spendthrift Labour).

Ukip, though increasing its vote share threefold compared to 2010, was not itself a beneficiary in terms of parliamentary seats of the new resolution to ‘do things our way’ – rather than as instructed by the fat lesbians and prancing pooftahs of the BBC; but the one-in-five Kippers who ‘came home’ on election day to Daft Dave’s pseudo-Tories could claim credit for a useful contribution to letting people do their own thing, run their own government, have their own say and keep out undesirables.

Sadly, Ukip’s brave leader, Nigel Farage, failed to win the seat he had selected; but equally he had failed to inject what most still thought his basic race realism into his campaigning, so his own political correctness had got its own answer. Whether ‘austerity’-antagonistic Scots would ever accept such fiscal autonomy as the English might be minded – with delight – to give them was a moot point; but the new nationalism would yield interesting and even realistic discussion of the different nature of the UK’s largest component countries.


 New boy on the psychogenetic block, Davide[sic] Piffer, Director of the Ulster Research lnstitute and a collaborator of Richard Lynn, reported that nine genes on which allelic variations correlated with IQ also showed B-W-A race differences and yielded a joint correlation of .90 with national IQ (once Lynn & Vanhanen’s data were updated to 2014) (AmRen, 3 v).


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Monday, May 04, 2015


Reflecting on the dishonest and tyrannical Bangladeshi regime that had been exposed and ended in east London (q.v.), the Observer’s Nick Cohen remarked the ignominy of the British left (26 iv):

"Come on, admit it – it’s not just in the East End you see these tricks played. The postmodern universities and identity-obsessed scour speech for the smallest hint of bigotry, real or imagined. They seize on it – and with a whoop of triumph – cry that the mask has slipped to expose the true face of prejudice. Surely you have noticed, too, that in the paranoia that follows, careerists and charlatans flourish.

    Do not forget either that [Bangladeshi millionaire] Rahman at all times enjoyed the mulish support of Ken Livingstone and elements of what now passes for the British left.

The BBC, the Daily Telegraph, Private Eye and Ted Jeory, a fantastic Tower Hamlets reporter, who exposed on his blog the corruption stories that local papers wouldn’t print, fought back.

But with honourable exceptions, London’s leftwing press ignored the stink in its own backyard and dismissed the accusations against Rahman as evidence of a “deep substrate of” – you guessed it – “racism”.

    You might think that at least the Labour party stood firm. But it left it to four Tower Hamlet residents to take on the huge financial risk of fighting Rahman. The judge wondered whether “like so many others who have come up against Mr Rahman, the party was not prepared to risk the accusations of racism and Islamophobia that would have been bound to follow any petition”.

    One day, leftists and the Labour party will pay a price for their neglect and double standards. As it is, the price is being paid by others. Despite bordering on the opulent City, the East End of London is one of the poorest places in Britain. Many of its residents have no education; large numbers of Bangladeshis cannot speak English. They are wide open for hucksters to target. Too many stood back while they were shaken down, while money intended for them was diverted and their right to vote subverted.

    In the onlookers’ indifference we can find, at last, an authentic white racism amid all the phoniness: the racism that believes the immigrant poor deserve no better."

Nick Cohen won the 2015 European Press Prize commentator award

The Metropolitan Police took the point and said they would at last initiate the inquiries into criminal wrongdoing by Rahman and his Mueslis which they had declined to undertake across the previous three years.


 So! Yukay’s daftest General Election of a century would deliver a result of a kind by May 8th: a new crop of MPs, changed by fully a third thanks to the vagaries of the first-past-the-post voting system, would begin to make occasional appearances in the ‘tea rooms’ [bars] of the rat-infested Palace of Westminster and resume the self-appointed effort of the House of Commons to bankrupt the country and rid it of Christianity, to annoy as many foreign powers as possible (especially Russia, Spain, Israel and the Argentine), to wreck education by insisting a semblance of it be endlessly inflicted on the low-IQ and to get rid of the House of Lords (Britain’s only elite body of the slightest constitutional significance).

Yes! Exemplifying the worst horrors of which any had deemed democracy capable, Parliament had for 150 years been filling itself with the property-less, the spouse-less and the profession-less. Voted for by only some two thirds of the electorate according to incomprehensible constituencies of ‘safe’ seats where most votes were pointless, modern MPs provided a model of uselessness, their own votes ‘whipped’, their powers less than those of a town councillor and their motivations being to get a job on the government payroll and/or to prepare lucrative ‘directorships’ for their retirement.

To this bizarre exercise, voters (median age 55) decided how to spend the next generation’s money by opting for what they might think was a prime minister, a cabinet, a party or an unheard-of MP (in fact the last) in a system where the winning option was chosen by only 25% of the electorate. So weird had Britain’s ‘system’ of parliamentary democracy become that, of the party leaders appearing in nationally televised ‘debates,’ a half were not even MPs (Greens, Ukip, Scotnats, Welshnats).

    And yet! . . . This ludicrous system had actually been robust enough to deliver in the past half-century reasonable trials of the main political nostrums on offer. Socialism had brought hope after devastating wars even if it racked up more debt; capitalism had yielded growth even if the boom-bust casino cycle was not abolished; and political correctness had provided an internationalist piety and job creation programme to replace that of traditional religion even if bringing equally traditional tyranny and corruption.

So what would be next? Well, with three points of the attitudinal compass having been tried since 1950, it was arguably the turn of nationalism. That, at least, was what polls found Scotland to have decided in its sensational shift of voting preference from Labour to SNP (or CNP – Celtic NP); and the essentially English nationalism (and healthy racism) of Ukip seemed to be pulling in 18% support south of the border despite the determined effort of Westminster LibLabCon to demonize it (indeed, to sack or silence any who so much as whispered its name).

Yes! It could well be that the General Election would prove the beginning of the end of Britain’s three-party farce of quasi-idealism and the installation of Merrie England Mark II – and under who else but Balliol’s ‘Bonking’ Boris Johnson (hopefully guided by the practicality of Australia’s Queensman Abbott)? . . .

The coincidence of a nationalistic Election result with a Royal birth on May 2nd (of a fourth-in-line to the throne) would surely make the occasion especially auspicious.

{However, despite being given the gifts of A/As pouring into Europe across the Med, of jihadists advancing in Syria and of Black rioting wounding 15 police in curfewed central Baltimore, Ukip’s leader Nigel Garage – revealed as suffering health agonies -- declined to cash his chips, thus leaving English race realists somewhat in the lurch pro tem., amused only by Garage troubling to call SNP guru Fish a “racist” as if that were a criticism, and by the scores of long-legged, long-haired, wasp-waisted White Russian [Siberian] weenies who paraded in teeny bikinis for BBC3 TV as they rehearsed to model for the international fashion industry and remind the West of how the fillies of the Russian nation were uninterested in Muesli practices of covering up. . . .

As if leaping to Garage’s aid, a leading Eurowhalla Rumpy-Pumpy Junckedher decreed that the UK would have to increase tenfold its admissions of “the poor” of Africa – for “if they can’t use the front door they’ll break the windows” (D.Telegraph, 30 iv); but this prompted only a squeak from Garage about the risks of terrorism rather than any spelling-out of the risks of vagabondage, pilfering, disease, illiteracy, sorcery and stupidity posed by all but the cream of the cream of Black ‘asylum seekers’, spouses and sprogs.}

{The more exciting electoral scene in Scotland was correctly analysed by the Telegraph’s Alan Cochrane (30 iv): the stupendous rise of the SNP reflected a range of ‘anti- sentiments – anti-Tory, anti-Labour, anti-London, anti-English, anti-American etc.

Yes: after decades of seeing socialism and capitalism discredited, and the UK pseudo-managed by fat cats from organizations in business and government which changed their names annually and had no contactable addresses or phones, both Scots and English sought change (the Scots having the additional motivation of Labour over two generations failing to solve Glasgow’s problems); but the Scots had a plausible party to which to turn (SNP) whereas the English had only the covert racists ooops “fruitcakes, nutters and loonies” of Ukip who had been successfully demonized by the metropolitan peecee elite.}


 The publication of financial journalist James Bartholomew’s The Welfare of Nations was greeted with enthusiasm in the Telegraph, which gave it a one-page spread (27 iv); and at Amazon Books Professor of Education James Tooley (U.Newcastle) wrote (21 iv):

"This is a superb book from the acclaimed author of The Welfare State We're In. Whatever aspect of welfare troubles - or appeals to - you, you'll find it forensically but engagingly examined. I learnt so much about the history and geography of welfare, much to disturb, but also some intriguingly positive examples. Bartholomew is entertaining as always, but is prognosis for the welfare state is serious and needs to be addressed by all concerned with the role of government in our lives. I cannot recommend this book too highly."

Essentially, Bartholomew dismissed efforts to link unhappiness to inequality as biased, feeble or both; and instead pointed to researches finding unhappiness linked to state welfarism destroying jobs and families – though the direction of causation probably needed more proof and, in particular, examination of whether poor personality and intelligence might be doing the bulk of the causal work.


People trying to come to terms with the awesome earthquake in Nepal rapidly found that the country’s status as ‘one of the poorest on earth’ – and thus ill-equipped to cope with horror – was due substantially to long-term ethnic tensions between the country’s Mongoloid and Aryan peoples which culminated early-C21 in fighting between the more Buddhist Tibet-originated folk of the Himalayas who had gone communist and the more Hindu Indian-originated folk of the southern plains who retained affection for monarchy.

The southerners were people who had been able to afford to get away from the Muslim advance into northern India and regarded themselves as of higher caste, though the two groups mixed in Katmandu with repeatedly bloody results inimical to economic development.


IQ played a useful role for British researchers examining the somewhat unhealthy effects of drinking ‘organic milk’ – as opposed to today’s normal iodine-supplemented milk which usually supplies 40% of the body’s iodine, thus preventing the low-intelligence thyroxene deficiency that yields goitre (D.Telegraph, 28 iv, p.1; D.Mail,  28 iv).


As the latest development of its merry modern pseudo-religious censoriousness, Britain added to its paedohysteria, internet monitoring, hacking hysteria, persecution for date rape, failing to clean a dog’s teeth and Islamophobia, and banning of “transphobic” language by 3-yr-olds a new job for police (already too busy to find thieves and burglars): to investigate with all solemnity accusations of wolf-whistling (D.Telegraph, 30 iv).


 While the modest IQs of British soccer players were well known – and mentioned (Guardian, 26 iv) by Black footie star Sol Cambell -- players of American football had long been selected by IQ tests since they were believed to require intelligence. The Wonderlic testing organization specially mentioned endorsement by the US National Football League on its website.

"NFL Testing Provides Valuable Lesson for All Employers

NFL draft picks have taken the Wonderlic test for years because team owners need to know if their million dollar player has the cognitive skills to be a star on the field.

    What does the NFL know about hiring that most companies don’t? They know that regardless of the position, proof of intelligence plays a profound role in the success of every individual on the team. It’s not enough to have physical ability. The coaches understand that players have to be smart and think quickly to succeed on the field, and the closer they are to the ball the smarter they need to be. That’s why, every potential draft pick takes the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) at the combine to prove he does--or doesn’t—have the brains to win the game.

    The WPT is a short form intelligence test that measures players’ ability to think on their feet, follow directions, and make effective decisions under the pressure of a time clock. It was originally developed in 1937 as a tool to quantify the mental abilities of potential job candidates and today more than 2.5 million job applicants in companies across the nation are given the Wonderlic test as part of the hiring process.

The test is especially popular with larger organizations because it’s quick and easy to administer and delivers accurate information about candidates’ intelligence. “In just twelve minutes, they have quantifiable data about whether candidates can learn new skills, think effectively, and make important decisions under pressure,” says Michael Callans, president of Wonderlic Consulting, the Libertyville, IL based publisher of the test.

    The first use of the WPT in the NFL was by Tom Landry of the Dallas Cowboys in the early 70s, who took a scientific approach to finding players. He believed players who could use their minds where it counted had a strategic advantage over the other teams. He was right, and the test has been used at the combine ever since.

    Each year sports writers joke about jocks taking intelligence tests, but it’s a lesson to any business owner who is about to invest a sizable chunk of money into a new hire. The NFL spends millions of dollars on first round draft picks. Given the investment, they need all the information they can get about players’ physical and mental skills. The Wonderlic delivers that value. It’s the only cognitive measure used by the NFL, and players’ Wonderlic scores can determine where they end up in the draft and which players get the million dollar salaries.

    “Selecting a new quarterback is like hiring a president for a company,” Callans says. “They need the intelligence to think on their feet, evaluate all of their options and understand the impact their actions will have on the outcome of the game.”

Wonderlic helps team owners make the best selections by identifying which players have the mental strength to lead their team to victory.

    “History shows that the brighter a person is, the more likely he is to be successful,” Callans says. “Whether they are on a football field or in a boardroom, smarter people are resourceful and they don’t make a lot of mistakes.”

    For the NFL, years of testing shows that the higher a player scores on the Wonderlic, the more likely he is to be in the starting lineup—for any position. “There is no other reasonable explanation for the difference in test scores between starting players and those that sit on the bench,” Callans says. “Intelligence plays a role in how well they play the game.”

    That lesson translates well for corporate use. “Whether you are hiring a mailroom clerk or a CEO, a defensive lineman or a quarterback, intelligence is an accurate determiner of success,“ Callans says. “Smart people achieve more, they are better leaders, and they add greater value to the company.”

Unlike soccer, American football – like rugby football -- used hands as much as feet and thus did not require the mixed-footedness that is so helpful in soccer but tends to be associated with low IQ.


Though Whites continued to invite trouble by failing to shoot Black rioters in burning Baltimore and to close the Muslim boat-building enterprises around the Mediterranean, the results of the 2015 World Happiness Report came in – and 98%-White Switzerland came top (Yahoo! Health, 24 iv). The report was based on data from 158 countries with regard to six factors: GDP per capita, absence of corruption, generosity, social support, freedom, and healthy life expectancy. The report was released by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

The inhabitants of the 10 happiest countries were (or had been) overwhelmingly European:

1.       Switzerland

2.       Iceland

3.       Denmark

4.       Norway

5.       Canada

6.       Finland

7.       The Netherlands

8.      Sweden

9.       New Zealand

10.     Australia

 The bottom 10 countries in the ranking were in Africa or the Muslim-dominated Middle East

Amusingly, the happiness of White countries could not be attributed simply to years of successful imperialism and plundering of A/A areas: the most happy (White) countries had not engaged in much plunder in recent centuries, and the least happy (A/A) countries were not those which had been notably invaded or pillaged by Whites.


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Monday, April 27, 2015


Echoing the latest news of African upheavals (q.v. – Mediterranean, Durban), ‘right-wing’ Mail columnist Peter Hitchens drew attention to how Colonel Gaddafi had once warned Europe of what the future held. But even PH admitted he dared not {for fear of upsetting his journalistic colleagues or editor?} repeat the full extent of Gadawfu’s anxieties Thankfully, these had been indicated in the Sunday Express (4 ix 2010):

"In his farewell speech in Rome, the 67-year-old dictator said: “Italy needs to convince her European allies to accept this Libyan proposal: five billion euros to Libya to stop illegal immigration. Europe runs the risk of turning black from illegal immigration; it could turn into Africa.

“We need support from the European Union to stop this army trying to get across from Libya, which is their entry point. At the moment there is a dangerous level of immigration from Africa into Europe and we don’t know what will happen.

“What w)ill be the reaction of the white Christian Europeans to this mass of hungry uneducated Africans?

“We don’t know if Europe will remain an advanced and cohesive continent or if it will be destroyed by this barbarian invasion. We have to imagine that this could happen, but before it does we need to work together.”


An invigoration of the UK’s madcap General Election beckoned as long-delayed non-peecee thinking was plainly required by the dramatic escalation of the A/A invasion of Europe (itself triggered by the West’s disastrous idealism in its ill-considered fomentation of the ‘Arab Spring’). Predictably, White politicos, bishops and humanitarian relief artists were at first tongue-tied by their delusional egalitarianism and mesmerized by the USA’s failure over forty years to shield itself from the South American tide that would make North America majority-Spanish by 2050.

But Ukip’s leader Nigel Farage (after partly blaming PM Daft Dave and President Shorty Sarkozy for the mess) did manage to squeak out that the saints* of the Med should be towed back whence they came; so ideas of creating a few well-run colonies could not be far behind -- funded by Nigerian petrodollars (in return for weaponry with which to fight Boko Haram), staffed by Chinese (in return for minerals) and providing a refuge for discontented A/As.

    A/As themselves could be pretty straightforward about what was needed. Bayin Keflemekal, a 30-year-old Eritrean nurse, told the Guardian (20 iv) that the brutality of the dictatorship at home, and the failure of neighbouring countries and international organisations to provide Eritreans with a safe haven, would continue to drive his countrymen to make the same trip. “If the government won’t help us, if UNHCR won’t help us, if no one can help us, then the only option is to go to the smugglers,” said Keflemekal.

And, in the absence of the West re-supplying colonization,** traffickers were happy to continue their service: said one Ahmed as he smilingly drank coffee in Mediterranean sunshine on the day after 800 drowned, “We go to extreme lengths to make the trip worthwhile and with as little tragedy as possible.”

* Camp of the Saints was available on Amazon. – Quite brave of them! A 2011 comment at Amazon: “If any intelligent person were to ask me to recommend two novels written in my lifetime (1943 on to now), I would without hesitation suggest Orwell's 1984 and this book by Raspail. Orwell was right. Raspail was right. If you don't believe Raspail, come to Miami, where I live. The number of Latin American and West Indian immigrants living in Miami in 1943 was less than 1 per cent. Today the number is 90 per cent.

I was lucky to have chosen Spanish to study when I was 12, because that is now the dominant language here. The whole city has been turned into one vast slum in which not one word of English is spoken. This is not a rant, it is a simple statement of facts.

Yes, I know, only a "racist" would mention such facts even if they are true. And that is ultimately Raspail's point, that everyone who objects to a relatively sudden tidal wave of immigrants is silenced by the accusation of "racism." I have lived this novel, I have seen it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears.”

** Egypt could provide an obvious location – under its new dictator Abdel Fattah el-Sisi a natural centre for refugees from Muslim/alQueerdo persecution and needing the investment that a grateful pro-Western Nigeria would supply and the copious slave labour available from Eritrea, Syria and probably soon Libya....

Such a policy would be similar to Australian PM Tony Abbott’s naval ring of steel which redirected would-be migrants (e.g. from Indonesia’s 13K islands) away from Oz (to other islands having rudimentary facilities but at least preventing any boat people drowning in 18 months of the policy).

The policy may seem short on idealism, but it is a model of moderation compared to the allusion of the Sun’s Katie Hopkins (q.v.) to the possibility of sending helicopter gunships to deal with the “cockroaches” of the Med – a reference yielding a predictable crop of complaints from the United Nations, Black lawyers etc.


Britain’s star chess champion, Nigel Short, 49, explained the 49-1 under-representation of women among world grandmasters as being due to their relatively poor “logical thinking.” Responding to the challenge, chessmistresses said Short’s “sexism” showed at least that men were no more intelligent than women; but Short rejoined that the response lacked logic since he had only referred to special “hard-wired” abilities – just as women had more “emotional intelligence” and men were better at parking cars (Daily Mail, 20 iv; Daily Telegraph, 20 iv).

{Whether NS was aware of the greater range of male IQs helping explain the achievement difference, or of legendarily greater male ‘field independence’ [linked to powers of analysis, rationality and deduction -- TgF, Chap 1], was unknown.}


The recent MIT/Harvard research linking parental affluence and child grey brain matter (reported by Kim Noble – q.v.)  did not show or even look for a causal effect of income on brain anatomy, recorded Bioscience Technology (17 iv): contrary to the excited reports in most papers, “This study did not explore possible reasons for these differences in brain anatomy.”


 Though Jews had been the inventors and first supporters of multiculturalism, by 2014 Jews themselves, though comprising only 2% of America’s population, were the victims, according to FBI statistics, of over 60% of all hate crimes committed in the U.S. (Freedom Center, 21 iv). Yes, even in America, which had relatively few Muslims and many Jews, the left had ditched its first favoured minority in favour of a much less literate and civilized minority whose pals beheaded Christians, Jews, Yazidis, Kurds and each other in the Middle East but who commanded a fast-growing share of votes.


Thanks to the authorities of Tennessee, American Renaissance held a nice two-day conference of its polite be-suited middle-aged men of race-realistic persuasion.

 For better or worse, the 200 attending did not trouble themselves with the Hispanic takeover of the USA, the Muslim takeover of Europe or the low-IQ/low-literacy takeover of the West’s public institutions; nor did they conspicuously count America’s blessings in being a vast country in which apartheid could largely reign, assisted by the ready availability of guns.

Perhaps this was as good as it got, and only Europe would have to seek Russian help in keeping the third world at bay? But the lack of consideration of how PeeCee might be replaced by a more jovial religion did not disturb the conferencers as they properly celebrated the pathetically non-curvaceous appearance and conspicuous lack of diversity of their rivals of the Southern Poverty Law Center (below).


 As the cavalier mass killings of a thousand A/As by Mediterranean people traffickers forced immigration into the consciousness of Euroland’s purblind leaders – so much so that they planned to fly to somewhere nice in Switzerland for a dinner about it – Ukip’s Nigel Farage said Britain should only admit Christian boat people (and let the Royal Navy tow the Med’s A/As to the kindly mercies of their fellow Solunnis and Shitites in seaworthy vessels supplied by UK taxpayers) (Politics, 22 iv).

 He was quickly joined by others in his party, one of whom, Peter Endean, who was standing for Ukip in Plymouth, re-tweeted an image of rescued migrants with the caption: "Labour's new floating voters. Coming to a country near you soon." ‘Asylum seekers’ were arriving across the Med at a rate of five hundred per day plus corpses; and ‘humanitarian’ caterwauling crescendoed in multiculti-propagandized Europe to bring in every wretched victim of A/A barbarism that pie-eyed charities could discover* and bring to the attention of traitorous politicos.

A handy summary of the situation and of the need to stop the miserable trade by knocking out the ‘boat’-building that had become the key economic activity of north-east Africa was provided at ‘See migration for what it is – invasion.’ Boat-busting by the 28 nations of Euroland should take just a couple of days of bi-plane activity – though EUSSR leaders would first need the usual diet of dinners and high-jinks for themselves and their retinues.

* The United Nations’ “special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants,” François Crépau, not content with saying the West should take in millions from zones of war, civil war, jihadist beheadings, Muesli mayhem etc, also defended “economic migrants”, many of whom sought to come to Europe from sub-Saharan Africa.

They were “people who may not be in need of protection but are desperate for a future because there’s no job for them anywhere near their country,” said Crépau (Guardian, 23 iv), articulating the pious aspirations of Western elites (themselves protected in their leafy suburbs and palatial ghettoes from the less salubrious features of mass immigration). {Just why the poor and wretched of the A/A world did not seek refuge in Saudi, Egypt, Nigeria or Brazil was too impolitic to ask}


The extent and funding of Muesli power-grabbing in Britain was exposed as the election to mayoralty in Tower Hamlets [aka Bow], east London, of Bangladeshi Luftur Rahman  was declared invalid by the Electoral Commission due to LR’s use of bribery, personation and intimidation – all covered by his alleging ‘racism’ against any who challenged him.

The £1M cost of the trial fell largely on taxpayers, but LR himself would have to fork out at least £250K and he was banned from subsequent candidacy; though he had enjoyed the support of leading leftist Ken Livingstone and the President of the Trade Union Congress, he was under consideration for criminal charges from the Metropolitan Police (which had itself been bizarrely slow to act) (Daily Mail, 23 iv). LR had sent threats to voters’ mobile phones (and even of death to children of competitors), had faked postal ballots, had an army of deceased persons registered as ‘ghost’ voters, and had unlawfully persuaded mosques to make proclamations backing his campaign.

    The Commission declared: “By setting out to break the rules and going to extraordinary lengths to win last May's mayoral election, Lutfur Rahman and his allies robbed the people of Tower Hamlets of the free and fair election they deserved and betrayed everyone in our community who trusted and voted for him.” The judge added that the case “starkly demonstrated what happens when those in authority are afraid to confront wrongdoing for fear of allegations of racism and Islamophobia”; and he warned of “postal voting factories” and thousands of ballots being sold across Britain.

He noticed that when there was not even the slightest justification for an accusation of racism, Rahman and his cronies would accuse their opponents of “dog-whistle politics” instead. By these means, anything and everything an opponent said could be turned into coded racism, even when the racism was only in the mind of the accuser (Observer, 26 iv).

    LR had been Britain’s first Muslim mayor – in office in Tower Hamlets from 2010. One of Mr Rahman's aides, Alibor Choudhury, was also found guilty of corrupt and illegal practices.

    The Telegraph, which (24 iv, backing its star newshound Andrew Gilligan) had taken the lead in exposing Left/Muesli corruption, reckoned LR’s fraudulence the tip of an iceberg and opined “Rotten boroughs still exist in modern Britain – and they are often dominated by the Left.  . . . .Political correctness. . . .has facilitated injustice.  . . . .[There has been] devastating institutional failure.”

    {This blog’s London correspondent wrote: “Tower Hamlets is the perfect example of  the way immigrants acting en masse try to place themselves above the law and the craven refusal of the authorities to act against clear abuses by ethnic/racial minorities in Britain. The result of the reluctance of those in authority to prevent ethnic/racial minorities from engaging in criminal behaviour is an ever-growing arrogance and ambition of  such groups to create enclaves within England (and to a lesser extent the rest of Britain) which are effectively foreign settlements.

This behaviour is particularly pronounced in areas dominated by Muslims. It is not that difficult to foresee a time in the not too distant future when areas such as Tower Hamlets are so much under the control of  Muslims that Sharia law, de facto or official, will be applied within the dominated area.}


Enlivening the UK’s uninspired* (yet still baffling) General Election campaigning, PM Daft Dave relieved himself on air of verbal support for footie club West Ham – an amazing mistake [he called it a “brain fade”] given that only weeks earlier he had announced himself to be an Aston Villa fan.**

Similarly economical with the truth was Labour’s Red Ed Mililitre who blamed Cameron “in part” for the drowned boat people in the Med – without mentioning the boat builders, the people smugglers, the illegal migrants themselves, the failure of the EU to patrol its borders and his and his own party’s support for the overthrow of Libya’s Col. Gadawfu which had led to that country’s being bombed by France and Britain (with American hardware) and disintegrating into warring tribal factions.

For her part, SNP leader Scotweiler Sturgeon said the timing of any further referendum on breaking up Yukay would be a matter of her “gut feeling”, then ‘clarified’ this as meaning “of what the Scottish people want” (D. Telegraph, 25 iv, p.1).

*Except in Bonnie Jockland, where the Glasgow Irish – no longer loyal to their paedophile priests -- had come into keen agreement that the Clottish Nastyalist Party could extract more money from Westminster than Scottish Labour had ever managed. Because of PeeCee, racial and ethnic differences were generally unmentionable – especially being White, Black, Jewish, Pakistani or English; but it was OK to be Scottish, proud, anti-English chauvinist and skint.

**Cameron subsequently told reporters (Observer, 26 iv): “I had what [Green leader] Natalie Bennett described as a brain fade [when she could not calculate the cost of her housing programme]. I’m a Villa fan… I must have been overcome by something… this morning. But there we are, these things sometimes happen when you are on the stump.” But former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan, an Arsenal fan, prophesied: “This has to cost Cameron the election, surely? How can anyone ‘forget’ which football team they support?”


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