Sunday, November 23, 2014


As the Observer and correspondents provided a pretty full breakdown of the horrors of London’s casino banking (where getting a pal to show info just two minutes before it went public could yield a fortune) (16 xi) and £2.6B in fines were levied on top UK and US banks, it became clear that the market in speculation was just as out of control as it had been in 2007/8.

Socialists had been unable to get on top of things – not least because they had done much to encourage and indeed compel lending [to ‘sub-primes’]; and liberal ideas [in Britain, of Uncle Vince Cable] of breaking up the banks so they were not ‘too big to fail’ or at least separated their ‘investment’ and deposit wings had apparently proved impractical.

So what was to be done about corrupted institutions that were running economies the size of Texas and had plainly got themselves into the position of power occupied by British trade unions of the 1970s? Well, just as the trade unions had had eventually to be pulled back to their original purpose of representing majorities of their own members, so perhaps it was time to drag capitalism back to its key point of ‘justifiable profit from investment’: as well as locking up a fair number of company directors, shareholders and spivvish traders, the simple measure of requiring that all shares be held for six months before they could be legally re-sold would arguably do the trick.

Yes, why not require ‘investors’ to prove themselves as ‘workers’ friends’ had had to do? {And, to demonstrate their long-term devotion to capitalism, bankstas might also be required to make donations to schools of their choice – schools which would surely be ‘selective.’ The saddest feature of unfettered capitalism – apart from its tendency to psychopathy, assisted by politicians – had long been that capitalists themselves did little to support capitalism.}


The ‘progressive’ Pope Francis, the head of a church which had long opposed contraception, divorce, eugenics and capitalism, took it upon himself to moderate his lately announced support for yag marriage by firmly denouncing abortion, euthanasia and IVF. The fact that his ‘congregations’ were mainly too sensible to obey his injunctions was apparently beyond him.


Three mainly Black/Red Indians in Brazil (two of them women) were given 63 years in prison for murdering a few low-lifes, eating some of them, putting others into the blender to provide ingredients for pasties, then going on to sell such pasties to schools and hospitals as containing (variously) chicken or tuna (Sunday Mail, 16 xi).


A new book, Crucified Again, by a Muslim/American scholar, Raymond Ibrahim, stressed that Islam’s thousand-year rampage through the countries of the Mediterranean and Adriatic had only been temporarily halted by Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt and the British effort to secure the area so as to keep open the route to India.

It received high praise in a review at historian Victor David Hanson’s website (10 xi). It also stressed the contribution made to Islamic revival not only by the oil which the West had discovered and developed but by the West’s descent, following its ghastly Wars, into irreligiosity, guilt about empire, self-hatred, deadbeat socialism, kindred egalitarianism, multiculturalism and thought-inhibiting peecee qualified by the need to venerate positively all sexual degeneracy (apart of course from paedophilia, for which quite a few Muslims had a soft spot).

{Yes, quite a primer for the new Crusades – if the Western democracies could be bothered to have them! Unfortunately, Americans’ understanding of what they were up against was as limited as their understanding of Hitler’s war aims till he declared war on the USA in 1942. – White Americans had been voting for Obarmy for eight years, intending to purge themselves of charges of racism.}


 No doubt excited by his 12% poll lead in the imminent Rochester by-election which he had triggered by defecting from the Conservatives to UKIP, Mark Reckless MP was moved to say he favoured deporting Polish plumbers who had been in Britain for more than two years. But what if they had wives, children, council houses and GPs, screamed the media. What if they had work? Had he asked Milkmaid Merkel? Or the ECHR?

Swiftly the appropriately named Reckless found his musings disowned by his new party (Guardian, 19 xi), at the heart of which was traditional if ill-informed racism covered by the party’s diplomatic decision that the answer to every problem of fifty years of the stupidity, criminality and welfare dependence of third-world immigrants was just to leave the European Union (whose only supply of difficult immigrants was of gypsies, who were not to be mentioned in line with MSM policy and with UKIP’s own copycat anti-racism).

The screeching of leader Garage as he braked to maintain the illusion of UKIP as being passably mainstream was pitiful to behold, though it might rouse some from their slumbers in which they denied the vast dominance of peecee-multiculturalism in British public life.

{Funnily enough, the policy of ‘pretend anti-racism’ had been thoroughly tried before – by the BNP, without final success. The problem with pretending is of course that it prevents proper discussion and planning about what to do about even the most glaring challenges arising from low IQ, which would be bound to continue as long as the welfare state.

The old joke about basic socialist thinking came to mind: ‘If poverty did not exist, we would have to invent it.’ Yes, that was exactly what politicos had done by egging 50% of families into divorce and single-parenthood.}

     Taiwan (IQ 107) had a well-established policy of requiring immigrants to return to their motherland at least once every three years – and thus not to put deep roots down in the island.

Presumably Mark Reckless had some such scheme in mind but was not given time on the hustings to explain such thinking. As it was, his recklessness required diplomatic UKIP to issue a blanket guarantee to Britain’s 3M European immigrants (as equally to 7M others) that they would in no way be targeted by UKIP policies. Leftist voteseekers had never had it so good – even though they would come an ignominious third in Rochester!

     That PC/MC had penetrated down even to the lower circles of government was illustrated as a nice rural Lincolnshire primary school was downgraded from ‘excellent’ to ‘good’ by ‘Ofsted’ bureaucrats just because it did not supply enough experience of ‘diversity’ – this in an area where 97% were British and 100% of the school’s pupils had English as their first language (Daily Mail, 19 xi). A visual aid:

The delightful pupils concerned

A Mail correspondent put the matter well: “Political correctness must be the biggest threat to this country, even more than terrorism.”


  As PeeCee tightened its grip, the 1970’s children’s beloved storybook character ‘Paddington Bear’ found himself subject to elf warnings by government busybodies and recommended as unsuitable for viewing or reading by children under  twelve; tough-talking American clown Julian Blanc who promised to help young men to get dates and bedtime with gals by appearing more manly found himself banned from entering Britain by Home Secretary Topwitch Theresa May after she had been sent a cascade of tweets from feminoids; and another ‘Conservative’ ministress announce she would pressurize gyms to ban mirrors since she thought fatties were upset by images of themselves (especially in lycra) and thus abandoned their good resolutions to take exercise (D. Telegraph, 19 xi).

    A fine review of the censoriousness of Britain’s luni students as they hysterically closed down (‘no-platformed’) all expression of views that made them ‘uncomfortable’ was provided in the Spectator by Brendan O’Neill (22 xi). Examples came from closures of debates at Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Dundee and Edinburgh.

Calling them ‘Stepford Students’ (after the zombies in the film ‘Stepford Wives’), O’Neill foresaw yet more tyranny for Britain ahead as these hypersensitive left-lesbians took up official positions (as affirmative action demanded).

{Yes, almost twenty years after the already frightened administrators of E.LU. had spent £100K to get rid of me, it was turning out that their payment of Danegeld had done less than nothing to stem the egalitarian tide of the countless irreligious, ignorant and agrammatical ‘students’ whose fees they had sought.}


 A sign of surviving life at the LUniversity of Edinburgh emerged as leaks came out of a student ‘fraternity’ joshing about how to ‘rape’ [the feminoid term for ‘having sex with’] fat and ugly leaders of the LUni’s rabid Feminist Society (Independent, 20 xi, with visual aid of the ‘green’ destruction at Old College of the Principal’s car parking space). So shocking was such talk that a ‘senior academic’ and retinue of secretaries, dishwashers and lawyers was sent in to investigate and silence the jesters – who used LUni premises for their gatherings under the title of ‘The Mandarin Society.’


 An iconic Black comedian, known to millions as America’s Daddy, Bong Cosby, 77, was hoisted by feminoids for hanky-panky with girl fans of the 1980s – one of whom he had repeatedly ‘raped’ over a two-year period {so enthusiastic was she}, with the help of dishing her encouraging drugs. Hearing of fifteen complainants pursuing money ooops ancient grievances, MSM decided Bong’s precise naughtinesses were too horrendous (or was it too trivial?) to be mentioned but found Bong guilty and declared an end to his career as a fitting sentence (Guardian, 20 xi).

Yes, in the brave new world of PeeCee, abusohysteria trumped mass veneration, long-distance careers, justice and even holy Blackness – though Bong’s mega-popular ‘Cosby Show’ had not been afraid to mention Black failings, no doubt infuriating the US ‘liberal’ elite.

Cosby’s speech in 2004 had actually expressed, at some length, his exasperation with Black Americans blaming White people for their problems. {The contempt of ordinary folk for the trial-by-MSM was shown as Bong drew a packed house in Florida for his usual 1½-hr comic routine, without a voice raised in complaint.}


 The top casualty in the Rochester by-election (20 xi) was leader Millilitre’s close ally, his elfin safety secretary, Emily Thornberry. Though Labour had long distanced itself from its traditional White working class supporters (whose unions of non-workers had had to be reigned in by Mrs Thatcher) and concerned itself instead with currying favour from Britain’s ‘minorities’ (Blecks, Peks, wymmin, yags, transgendered, disabled etc), and of course from bankstas, while its leadership became all-graduate, this shift was never acknowledged, especially not in public.

And then, just as Labour was struggling in third place against PM Daft Dave and UKIP, along comes Emily, the sobworthy product of divorced parents (though daddy was a lawyer) who had failed her 11+ but ploughed on to the University of Kent (wot dat?...) and to be a ‘uman rights guru living on the same gentrified £3M-per-house Islington street as the Blairs (Guardian, 21 xi).

Despatched to campaign in distinctly provincial Rochester & Strood, the elevated Emily found herself much amused by the patriotic lowlifes who apparently planned to vote UKIP; and twitted as much to her friends to show her remarkable discovery of ‘white van man’ living in the all-too-typical council-supplied rabbit hutch without a garden yet still having enthusiasm for St George (if not having much skill in putting up flags).

Mrs Thornintheflesh’s snobby sneering had to be met by Millilitre firing her within hours from Labour’s Shadow Cabinet even as Overweight Emily repented her ‘lack of respect’ for the party’s traditional voters. Yes, with one click of a twit, and with a visual aid, Labour’s position as the party of the metropolitan elite had been seered into the public mind.

    It transpired that the ‘white van man’ was a hulking but genial giant, Dan Ware, 37, who was a father of four, a tattooed and shaven-headed cage fighter, and a property maintainer and car dealer who had always voted Conservative. He had put up his Union Jack flags in connection with the World Cup, and not because he was backing Ukip (the membership of which was notably more saloon-bar-friendly).


A prospect of reducing rabid African overbreeding (the average Nigerian man had seven children) emerged as research at giant pharmaceutical company Pfizer, funded by Bill and Melinda Gates, came up with an injectable contraceptive that lasted for three months and cost only one dollar a pop (Independent, 21 xi). The Gates were to begin trialling it in 69 of the world’s poorest countries.

{Savings could be wasted on ooops invested in schemes of elf care, education, Band Aid and arms supply more commonly favoured by Western idealists…. The cost of treating each ebola patient waved into the USA was $.5M – estimate by U.Nebraska Medical Centre (NBC News, 18 xi).}


The full fun of the failed Fourth Reich (aka EUSSR, best known for the 30% unemployment of its non-Nordic young) was exemplified as British lorry drivers were told by their haulier bosses not to stop within 200km (130m) of Calais lest their vehicles be boarded by teeming young Arab/Africans desperate to reach welfare-, housing- and elf-dispensing Britain.

At the same time, yeurolaw specified that lorry drivers must take a break every four hours, meaning the hapless drivers’ next break would be taken as they queued in Calais – an ideal arrangement for the thousands of A/As which Italy and France hoped to pass from the Mediterranean on to shangrilah UK.

    The A/A invaders themselves were quite discriminating. If discovered as stowaways, they always asked for return to France. They would rather risk another stowaway feat than get involved in being registered as asylum seekers in Britain – which would officially deny them employment opportunities. (Little did they know the incompetence of Britain’s ‘state-comprehensively’ miseducated C21 ‘officials’ who had got their jobs under affirmative action!)

    {You thought Mr Garage was calling a halt to such comedy? Not a bit! Farage was concerned to present Ukip as anti-racist etc and merely aiming to deliver Brexit (British exit from the EU). He preferred – at least for the moment – to forget that Britain’s politicos, press and public officials were as sworn to PeeCee as any pacificity-propagandized Teuton, and probably more so.}


An unusually realistic summary of Britain’s avoidance of discussion of what to do about Blecks and Peks was provided for the Speccie by Douglas Murray (22 xi) – a sample from its encouraging ending:

"We keep saying we want to ‘have a debate’ and ‘discuss’ immigration.  But we don’t.  Not really.  What we want to do is to please ourselves by saying – for instance – how wonderful the NHS is thanks to immigration and then ignore the real, long-term downsides and challenges that come along with mass immigration of the scale we have seen in recent years. We seem intent on ignoring the facts even as they keep cropping up all around us.

    Will the latest Ofsted inspection lead to a serious discussion of whether it is wise to keep letting large numbers of Muslims from Pakistan and Bangladesh into the UK?  Or how on earth we plan to integrate and adapt to British values the millions who are already here?  Of course it won’t.  To have that debate would be ‘racist’.

    So we shouldn’t kid ourselves that we’re having a debate, nor have any real intention to do so. Pretty bleak really.  Though if you need cheering up might I suggest one failsafe option?  Dwell on the number ‘349’.  That is the number of votes that the Liberal Democrats got in Rochester and Strood.  349.  It’s beautiful.  I can’t stop laughing.  There – it’s happened again.  349.  It’s wonderful.  The new magic number.  A number that has the potential to bring a limitless amount of happiness when you think on it."


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Monday, November 17, 2014


Already admitted in Rotherham and Rochdale as the cause of police and social workers being unwilling to pursue Pakistani pimps and rapists, the fear of being accused of racism surfaced as a chief factor in ballot rigging and intimidation in the Bangladeshi-dominated London borough of Tower Hamlets [i.e. London’s East End].

According to star Telegraph columnist Andrew Gilligan, a high court inquiry had expressed grave reservations about the extent of electoral fraud, and a trial was to begin in January 2015. Voting papers had been filled in by fake voters, ‘mislaid’, put in the wrong bundles or altered so as to maintain the grip on the area of the local Muslim “mediaeval monarch” Luftfur Rahman; and council staff – mainly by 2014 selected by him – were loath to complain (9 xi).


 Christianity got its best ever chance of realism and reasonableness as scholars backed the story that Jesus had married (the possible prostitute, rescued by Jesus) Mary Magdalene and sired two children by her, acquiescing in a manuscript almost 1,500 years old unearthed at the British Library (Sunday Independent, 9 xi; Daily Mail, 10 xi).

The latest so-called “Lost Gospel”, which they translated from Aramaic/Syriac and studied for six years, suggested startling new allegations, according to the Sunday Times. Professor of Religious Studies Barrie Wilson [U. Toronto] and [Israeli-Canadian] historical writer and film-maker Simcha Jacobovici spent months translating the text, which they claimed to indicate that Jesus had two boys, Manasseh and Ephraim, and that the original Virgin Mary was Jesus’ wife and not his mother.

    The new manuscript added to evidence from the ‘gospels’ of Mary and John and to the considered judgments of southern-French mediaeval Christians [many burned as heretics in Béziers for believing Jesus’ descendants had intermarried with nobility to yield the Merovingian dynasty], Leonardo da Vinci and modern popular writers and film-makers.

The manuscript had passages torn out, probably as censorship. Written on vellum — treated animal skin — it had been in the archives of the British Library for about 20 years, where it was put after the British Museum had originally bought it in 1847 from a dealer who said he had obtained it from the ancient St Macarius Monastery in Egypt. It was supposedly in code, referring to Jesus as ‘Joseph’ [himself referred to by early Christian writers as ‘the son of God’].

The original document, dating to 1ad, had been destroyed c.325 ad as Emperor Constantine tried to get rid of as many gospels as possible [at least 20] which conflicted with the story of Jesus which, together with persecution-broken rag-tag church leaders, he wished to establish [as religious leaders who would justify him raiding mega-rich pagan temples].

But even the four canonical gospels referred to Jesus as ‘rabbi’ – which he could not have been in those days if he had not been married. {Later Christian antipathy to sex, physical love and heterosexual marriage came – with a little help from St Paul – from the Roman Church, probably because it wanted to inherit men’s money.

To re-write Christianity as centrally backing the relationship that people hold most dear would provide a great C21 breakthrough—one that the Church had spurned C20, leaving veneration of romance and physical love to the pop music industry.}

{How Jesus survived the crucifixion was explained 1972/2005 in ‘How Jesus survived the crucifixion.’}


Statistics can mean different things to different people....

Pretty similar until you compare the following:

Democrat Conclusion: Cold weather from global warming causes murder.


Two British yags (one – in a cowboy hat – apparently White, one (half-)Asian) stepped out to tell a worshipping MSM that they had somehow sired triplets by three gormless-looking fatties (D.Mail, 11 xi [Rememberance Day]) – a fitting commemoration of Britain’s useless sacrifices of its own and its Empire’s men across a century which had led to millions dead, millions imprisoned by communism, millions divorced, millions unmarried, millions on welfare (doubtless to include the yags’ sprogs), to obscene Western bankruptcy and to imminent Muesli and Mexican if not Chinese takeover.

Thankfully peace had been purchased – but at a colossal price. {Science, of course, had been a great ‘success story’ – enabling third-worlders to breed like rabbits and keeping Western oldies going to enjoy the pensions and 'elf care in ‘ospital for which the miseducated and idealistic young had been propagandized to pay from the shelf-stacking jobs which they got after ‘university.’}


 As pop ‘singer’ Bob Geldorf (apparently recovered from his daughter’s drug-fuelled suicide) proclaimed a new African crusade, this time against ebola, it turned out that the billion pounds of aid which he had dredged from Britain’s idealistic punters and tax-dispensing politicos for famine-plagued Ethiopia had actually “done more harm than good,” with the largesse vanishing into the pockets of criminals and despots when not being used used on soldiery to displace 1.5M ethnically unwanted people from their lands (D.Mail, 12 xi, Ian Birrell).


 The senior judge in England & Wales, Lord Chief Justice Thomas, declared he wanted an end to anonymity for defendants in serious criminal cases. His remarks came after a trial in which one ‘AB’, actually Erol Incedal [presumably Turkish or somesuch], had had his identity protected while being tried for (and found guilty of) plotting to blow up ex-PM Rev Blair (D.Mail, 13 xi).

{Under tyrannous PeeCee, the courts and MSM had long conspired to prevent the public from knowing any serious details of the identities, IQs, personalities or backgrounds of defendants – especially their race. The idea had been to present defendants as just digits in a system in which the public had no legitimate interest – all to prevent ‘stereotyping’, of course. – No concern for the London dinner-party needs of legal eagles and journos could be mentioned.}

{Whether Thomas would go on to denounce anonymity for wymmin accusers who made ‘rape’ allegations was unknown.}


 The UK’s PM, ‘Conservative’ Daft Dave, who had for ten years denounced the modest patriotic outspeakers of UKIP as “nutters, loonies and fruitcakes,” committed (most unusually) the authority of his high office to winning the Rochester & Strood by-election (in Kent, where Mr Garage’s saloon-bar anti-Marxists had a 12% lead over him) and pathetically appealed to all other parties to back him – thereby confirming the existence (at least in DD’s own mind) of the ‘LibLabCon’ peecee conspiracy to sabotage even the feeblest efforts to defend Britain as a home for Whites and high-IQ friends (D. Mail, 14 xi, Peter Hitchens).

At the same time, DD was not so bothered by the frothing hostility to Christians, Jews, Westerners and Whites shown by ‘British’ jihadists whom LibLabCon had let loose to behead as many ‘infidels’ as they could in Syria: these scum would only be prevented from returning to Blighty for a measly two years (if the UK-s useless Pek-run Home Office and ‘Border Agency’ could work out how to achieve such an unprecedented – in their annals -- bureaucratic feat) and subsequently be obliged to accept ‘supervision’ costing UK taxpayers £5K-per-Muesli-thug-per-week (D.Mail, 14 xi).

{What about executing these fanatical traitors? You must be joking – that would be really racist!}


 As a White British footballer (apparently a ‘role model’) found himself hounded by twittering feminoids for being allowed (by his club, Sheffield United) to resume his career after completing a prison sentence for ‘raping’ a girl (of which she, well liquored) had emailed friends enthusiastically as she submitted herself to two footballers in a hotel room at 4a.m.), it turned out that the un-peecee police of New Orleans had a more relaxed attitude to ‘rape’ charges, declining to follow up 60% of them.

Sunny veteran Black copperine Damita Williams even divulged to newshounds that she did not regard cases of “simple rape” as being ‘rape’ at all (CNN, 14 xi). {The efforts of feminoids to classify virtually all sex as rape had evidently made little progress in the Deep South.}


 Twenty-five years of leftist hysteria reached a new milestone as students at America’s Smith College, Massachusetts, denounced even ACLU officials as ‘racist’ for ‘insensitively’ and ‘hurtfully’ presenting in debate a case for free speech [long previously abolished on US campuses, as at the UK’s luniversities] (Wall Street Journal, 9 xi). {Smiff College was a super-elite, highly selective girl’s finishing school….}


 The incorrigible stupidity of Blecks was nicely exemplified as ebola was deemed a ‘plague’ sent to punish ungodly Africans and sinners who had angered God and their ancestors, according to a government witch-doctor, fuelling the spread of the disease (D. Mail, 13 xi). In an astonishing video rant, the ‘holy man’ appointed as head of culture in Liberia’s Bong [sic] County claimed only prayer, herbs and tobacco* could save the millions of people in danger from the deadly disease ravaging Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

Waving a cow’s tail, Joko Moses Kuyon, a high priest of the African Traditional Religion, shrieked that the virus is a ‘curse’ that only traditional healers could lift. He shouted: ‘We have sinned against God and he has brought his wrath on us by bringing a plague. This is a plague and it has a spiritual connection. We have sinned against God and he has brought his wrath on us so we have asked the ancestors to appeal to God. We have the cellphone number for the ancestors and we dial the number and they relay the message to the almighty.’

This highly-respected government figure -- who preached to tens of thousands and was the ‘head witch doctor’ in his region -- was simply one among dozens of loons driving the epidemic underground.

* Admittedly this might be worth researching. Smoking certainly suppressed my own psoriasis for thirty years – as nurses concur when I quiz them while preparing to step into their sunray machines. (My patent number – for inquirers – is with my son in London....)


The Oz city of Brisbane, long renowned for its heavy drinking and right-wing attitudes to abos, became the latest world venue taken over for two-day dining from their £1K-per-night hotel suites of specially-flown-in world leaders (of the G7, G8, G20, NATO, SEATO, UN, UNICEF, IMF, EU, ECHR, FIFA, UEFA etc). Much smiling, back-capturing, embracing, petting [esp. of Burmese husband-deserter Ain Sang WhoShe) and kissy-kissing were in evidence as the ‘leaders’ agreed to maintain PeeCee and never mention that ISIL and kindred Muesli (Sunni) jihadists intended to behead them all -- along with any Jews and Christians who did not pay their Islamic taxes, and all educated women.

    Yes, there were some strains as UK PM Daft Dave decided to berate Russia’s ultra-popular president, Shia-backing Vladimir Putin, for having ingeniously hung on to Russia’s slice of the Ukraine; but Puto had brought four warships to Brisbane just in case, and planned to leave early from the love-in of fakes who salved their anti-imperialistic consciences by showering idiotic Africa with their taxpayers’ money.

{Even as the frauds met, north-eastern Nigeria was falling to Black Sunni goons who had already sold off hundreds of their virgin captives as ‘wives’ for their fighters – admittedly something of an achievement in that the kidnapped overfed Black schoolgirls seemed never to have heard of the waist-hip ratio....}


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Monday, November 10, 2014


 Internet providers were warned that the Government would force them to remove extremist material, as it emerged that a British hate preacher had influenced the man behind the attack on the Canadian parliament. Senior British executives from Twitter, Google and Facebook were summoned to Downing Street and told to do more to take action to curb the online activities of ‘extremists’ – though the BNP, EDL, SWP, UAF and UKIP were apparently (and mercifully) not mentioned.

The Daily Telegraph disclosed (24 x) that the Home Office and Crown Prosecution Service were in talks about using court orders to ensure that internet providers such as BT and Virgin immediately remove extremist propaganda. The warning came as it transpired that Britain’s most high-profile radical Islamist preacher, Anjem Choudary, had influenced the loon involved in the Ottawa attack.


 ‘Feminist’ yowling reached a new high point of ridicule as strident complaints were issued against a perfectly merry, decorous and decent underwear advert from the top fashion firm ‘Victoria’s Secret’ (D.Telegraph, 28 x).

One Frances Black, a student at Leeds University, began the petition (which swiftly attracted hundreds of twitterers/outraged networkers/andrea-dworkins) calling for Victoria’s Secret to 'apologise for, and amend the irresponsible marketing of [its] new bra range'. “I just think it’s a really, really damaging message to send to young women,” said Black, 22.

{Whether the West’s uglies intended to move on to urge banning of press mention of high IQ, chess championship, musical success, military bravery and athletic prowess was strictly unknown; but it seemed all too likely. Anything to preserve contentment/self-esteem/positive thinking among the drab cabbages that provided the sorry heart of latter-day ‘feminism’ – which had for a generation (kowtowing to leftists and their infatuation with Muslim votes) -- done precisely nothing to stop FGM, adulteress stoning, female illiteracy and female enslavement.}


 The ‘British banker’ accused of chopping up Indonesian gals in Honkers was finally admitted to be the fat half-bearded t-shirted beglassified 29-yr Rurik George Caton Jutting – not the most British of names (Guardian, 3 xi). Jutting was a cocaine user and had been dumped by a string of Indonesian girls.

{Bullied by PeeCee, MSM covered up for as long as it could the most elementary racial/national details of the crime suspect. In fact, the name ‘Rurik’ came from Novgorod [Russia]. Amusingly, tubby Rurik was a U.Cambridge graduate [in history]. His defence remained to be revealed.}


 New gummint rules designed to prevent infiltration by Muslim extremists were stopping a Christian primary school from operating in line with its founding principles, the Education Secretary was warned (D. Telegraph, 25 x). The governors of Trinity Christian School in Reading, Berkshire, issued a direct challenge to English Education Secretary Nicky Morgan over the way rules introduced in the wake of the Trojan Horse scandal [about Muesli takeover of Birmingham state schools] were being applied by inspectors.

Staff at the school, which catered for pupils up to the age of eight, were warned they were failing to meet the new standards which required schools to actively promote “British values” of democracy and tolerance. The headmistress, Jean Dandy, said she was told that she must regularly bring in representatives of other faiths to lead assemblies and lessons in order to demonstrate compliance with the new standards. Staff said were also told they must provide evidence that the school “actively promoted other faiths”.

They complained that they were also warned they should teach children about the people with protected characteristics under the Equality Act, such as sexuality, and must not teach them that “certain lifestyles [homosexuality] are wrong”.

{At least Prince Charles could be pleased, for he had long maintained that, when ascending to the throne, he would have to be Defender of All the Faiths. But whether Brits would long tolerate ‘tolerance and democracy’ embracing  Muslim violence – let alone Hindu superstition and Buddhist unrealism – remained to be seen.}


 IQ got a rare mention in MSM (D.Telegraph, 3 xi, Glenda Cooper):

"Prof Kevin Beaver’s longitudinal research [at Florida State University], published last week in the journal Intelligence, claims that, while reading bedtime stories, having meals together and engaging in conversation may help socialise your child, it has no effect on their IQ. No matter how many times you read Each Peach Pear Plum, or force them to the British Museum, it won’t get them the grades for that ideal secondary school or the dream job; your genes determine your children’s intelligence."

Excellently, the Daily Mail expanded (4 xi, Sarah Griffiths):

"Previous research that has detected parenting-related behaviours affect intelligence is perhaps incorrect because it hasn't taken into account genetic transmission," Professor Beaver explained. Some studies have shown that parents who socialise their children by reading to them, for example, have smarter children than parents who do not engage in this way. But others argue that intelligence is passed down from parent to children genetically, not socially.

    To investigate which theory is true, Professor Beaver looked at families raising adopted children.‘When we tested these two competing hypotheses in this adoptive-based research design, we found there was no association between parenting and the child's intelligence later in life once we accounted for genetic influences,’ Professor Beaver said. The finding is published in the journal Intelligence.

    Studying children who share no DNA with their adoptive parents eliminates the possibility that parental socialisation is really just a marker for genetic transmission, he explained.‘In previous research, it looks as though parenting is having an effect on child intelligence, but in reality the parents who are more intelligent are doing these things and it is masking the genetic transformation of intelligence to their children.’


 The propagandized peecee loons of Britain’s non-fighting ‘military’ got their come-uppance as they had to send back to Libya the hundreds of ‘cadets’ whom they had agreed to ‘train’ in Cambridge (in apology for Britain overthrowing Col.Gadawfu and unleashing civil war [among some twenty tribal groups]): the trainee Blackamoors had embarked on a full programme of raping, drinking, fighting and thieving – even raping a man in broad daylight in a Cambridge park – and thus upset locals (Guardian, 5 xi).

So serious was the disorder that police were conducting frequent patrols around the Bassingbourn army base as residents of its nearby village [10 miles south of Cambridge] feared more “escapes” and attacks. To control the half-Blacks, the base had been reinforced with further troops from 2 Scots, the Royal Highland Fusiliers, who were drafted in “to bolster security and reassure the local population” according to the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The Libyan training scheme had been beset with problems since it began in June and the MoD had admitted that 90 recruits – almost a third of the 325 who were ‘carefully selected’ to take part in the programme – had withdrawn. About 20 recruits were reported to have claimed asylum in the UK.

    Labour said the scheme had collapsed in “scandal and disarray”. Local residents demanded to know why the MoD did not act earlier to stop the Libyans leaving the barracks when problems had already been reported. One family told how they had to call out the army after finding one Libyan in their driveway and another hiding under their car three days before the alleged attacks in Cambridge. The MoD said the majority of recruits had been making good progress {!} but confirmed that full repatriation of the Libyan troops would take place following the disciplinary problems.

Guardian  FESSES UP  

Despite a report by distinctly Euroland-sounding foreigners from LUniversity College London rehearsing the advantages to Britain of young European immigrants (while ignoring the disadvantages of Britain’s accumulated Blecks and Peks – making up 50% of England’s prison population), Grauniad readers were given some faxalife (in line with the preachments of this blog for fifteen years) by columnist Paul Collier (5 xi):

"The important effects of immigration are social and long-term, not economic and short-term. The key long-term social effects are probably on the overall size of the population and its diversity. As to population size, Britain is already one of the most crowded countries in Europe, and there is a sound environmental argument for protecting quality of life by discouraging further substantial increases. As to diversity, it involves a trade-off: as it increases, variety is enhanced but cohesion reduced. Variety is good but, unfortunately, as cohesion erodes, voters become less willing to support generous welfare programmes."

To which Collier properly added:

"The true focus of policy should be on what, realistically, can be done to implement a pause. For non-EU immigration we retain considerable policy freedom, but within the EU we have to get smart. We need to ask ourselves why so many would-be immigrants crowd at Calais: after all, their alternative to England is not their country of origin, but France and the entire open-access Schengen area, including prosperous Germany and generous Scandinavia.

Perhaps it is that, unlike in the rest of Europe, access to our welfare system is not determined by past contributions. We could change that without EU permission. Or maybe it is that, owing to theatrical Tory opposition to identity cards, and the absence of a system of residence registers as exists in much of Europe, we are a paradise for illegality. We could change that too. Or perhaps it is that London is booming."


The reverse in US midterm elections for mulatto Pres. Barry Hussein Obarmy, who lost ‘Democrat’ control of the Senate, gave Americans salutary warning about their febrile optimism as to how to deal with A/As. A nice enough cove – if grey and tired from secret chainsmoking and golf addiction – Barry had been elected to solve A/A problems, probably by using his own decency, Nobel Peace Prize and America’s vast armamentarium to give Arabs and African-Americans a wigging.

But neither task had proved manageable: six years of Obarmy rule had set the Middle East ablaze and given a late-in-the-day fillip to the careers of White-baiters Jessy Jackson and Louis Farrakstan. Americans were thus minded to give a little chance to the (divided) ‘Republicans’ – though, come the 2016 presidential elections, they would probably revert to optimistic type and back an elderly much-cuckolded (and perhaps murderess) socialiste-feminoid who was looking to establishing the Clinton tribe along with the Kennedys, Carters and Bushes as a dynasty which US dollars could support – with the help of the million extra Mexican votes that would have arrived by 2016.


 The idea that basic political stances were inborn, first jokingly mooted by Gilbert & Sullivan (1882, Iolanthe*) and confirmed by Eysenck & Eaves (1977, Nature) was given further support in Current Biology (xi 2014) (Washington Post, 3 xi). A team led by Virginia Tech scientists tested 83 volunteers to determine their political leanings. Then the researchers put the participants in a functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI, machine, had them look at 80 disgusting, threatening, pleasant or neutral images, and watched how the participants’ brains reacted. Later, the volunteers were asked to rate how disgusting, pleasant or threatening each image was.

When shown a disgusting image--particularly one of a mutilated animal body--the conservatives’ brains reacted more strongly, and in different ways, compared with the liberals' brains. The difference between the two groups was stark; also, oddly enough, the fMRI responses didn't match the conscious ratings that participants gave the pictures. "People tend to think that their political views are purely cognitive (i.e., rational)," the study authors wrote. "However, our results further support the notion that emotional processes are tightly coupled to complex and high-dimensional human belief systems, and such emotional processes might play a much larger role than we currently believe, possibly outside our awareness of its influence."

* G&S:  "I often think it's comical  Fal, lal, la!  How Nature always does contrive  Fal, lal, la!  That every boy and every gal  That's born into the world alive  Is either a little Liberal Or else a little Conservative! Fal, lal, la!"


 A popular young British singerine who had  performed at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge dressed up as a Red Indian for a song in Hereford (Daily Mail, 7 xi). Distant enough as this would seem from the sensitivities of Sioux clansmen, she was jumped on by all the usual suspects; but they were promptly answered by Tory MP Philip Davies who summed it up thus: ‘As far as I’m concerned, all of these people who are complaining are idiots.’ He dismissed them as ‘Guardian-reading, sandal-wearing, politically correct do-gooders’.


A helpful summary and review of Jared Taylor’s latest, edited personal accounts of B-W attitudes in America, Face to Face with Race, published by Jared’s White-identity New Century Foundation, was provided by the great race realist John Derbyshire (V.Dare, 6 xi).

A striking contrast was between the humane patricianship (albeit sometimes tinged with impatient contempt) of Whites and the surly hostility (now little tinged by religion) of Blacks. Still, the lunatic ‘brotherhood’ which Whites had failed to dissolve by deporting Blacks to west Africa, seemed doomed to continue since US Blacks knew they were far better off exploiting guilt-ridden US Whites than trying to thrive in the jungle.

A White high-school teacher observed: “One day I asked the bored, Black faces staring back at me, ‘What would happen if all the White people in America disappeared tomorrow?’ ‘We screwed,’ a young, pitch-black boy screamed back. The rest of the Blacks laughed.”


 Even as poignant ceremonies in the West [including the most splendid display, Field of Poppies, at the Tower of London, by Patrick Cummings, symbolizing the Empire’s 900K dead in WWI] and Moscow [where WWI uniforms and tanks went on parade] commemorated the 100-year previous outbreak of Europe’s disastrous First World War, the 70-year-previous ABC [American-British-Canadian] D[elivery]-Day landings of the Second World War [Great Patriotic War, to Russians] and the 25-year-previous fall of the Berlin Wall and collapse of Communism [except in Western universities], the West’s good friend Mr Gorbachev [who had a nice psychologist wife] stepped forward from his retirement to warn of a new Cold War.

Yes, despite the West [including the British Empire] having slowly overcome the horrors resulting from its failure to unite around the Nordic [and, especially, Anglo-Saxon peoples], memories had faded despite ceremonies, and German arrogance [though often justified] and American ignorance [growing daily as Blacks and Hispanics took over] had resulted in provoking Russia into new conflict [in the Ukraine] and into once more joining China [to which it now supplied gas and oil on favourable terms] and undoing all that President Nixon and Henry Kissinger had once achieved.

One could only thank heaven that Bonnie Scotland was far removed from such geopolitical intra-racial stupidity – if chiefly because it was preoccupied with Celtic vs Anglo intra-racial stupidity of its own....


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Tuesday, November 04, 2014


In a rare departure from conventional paedohysteria, the Sunday Mail told its readers that at least some of the claims against the estate of the late high-IQ celeb Jimmy Savile were bogus (2 xi). For example, before Savile’s death in 2011, one woman, a recovered cancer sufferer, wrote warmly of their long bedside conversations when she was at death’s door, saying how grateful she was that JS had treated her as someone with hopes, dreams and a future.

After his death, she ran short of money, and wrote a begging letter to the Savile Trust, the charity to which he left almost all his £4.7 million fortune. It responded with a donation of £2,500. ‘Joyful news that Jimmy’s trust is going to help my determined mission to stay alive,’ she said in a thank-you note.

But now the same woman was claiming Savile sexually assaulted her numerous times in BBC dressing rooms and at his London flat – for which ‘abuse’ she wanted £60K compensation.

{Whether such rare doses of realism would do anything to stop the witch-hunting remained to be seen. Even as such reports emerged, Westminster lost two (senior female) judges appointed to chair a major national inquiry into ancient paedofumbling because the women had been ‘exposed’ as having heard of, known or met someone who had heard of, known or met a dreaded paedophile.

Verily, the lengths to which modern moralists would go to assert themselves – without concern for the (minimal) harm done by ‘sinners’ -- quite put mediaeval Catholics and Calvinistic Protestants in the shade. Paedohysteria was the popular part of PeeCee’s package enabling the exploitation and ruination of any unfancied person.}


 In a fine display of aristocratic tradition, left-wing hero Tony Benn, d.2013, willed almost all of his £5M estate to his family – and no money at all to charities or leftist causes (S.Mail, 2  xi).


 Daft Dave got his answer about ‘Europe’ quicker than he had thought: Germany’s Milkmaid Merkel wielded her handbag and told him Thatcherianly it was ‘No, No, No!’ -- ‘No’ to control of immigration or movement. ‘No’ to countries being allowed their own legal systems – especially their own interpretations of ‘human rights.’ And ‘No’ to budgetary restraint or even probity by the EUSSR (whose auditors had not properly signed off its accounts in eighteen years). Britain could take it or leave it.

Further, making clear her indifference on the matter, she had the Brussels bureaucracy impose a sudden and inexplicable fine (certainly not comprehensible to UK journalists*) which would actually have Britain give £2B to France and Germany. (In EUSSR insanity, economically devastated Italy was also roped in subsidize the EU’s ‘powerhouses.’)

    What was DD to do? No ideologue (just a gifted PR man), he had to choose between the EUSSR on offer and casting Britain’s bread on the waters. Ah, but there was another option: to let the people of the UK do the choosing – in a snap referendum (e.g. February, 2015) that would get DD off the hook and settle for the foreseeable future the question of whether Britain was content to be part of the Fourth Reich as it had been arranged while British politicians were looking the other way.

 Not that such a referendum would be any more interesting than the one in Scotland, for businessmen would explain the crushing economic arguments for staying ‘in’; and there was nothing to choose between British and European politicos – almost all of them committed to large doses of statism, taxation, anti-racism, crime, welfarism, family destruction, miseducation and political correctness. But it would solve DD’s problem which he had created by systematic inattention to building European friendships and negotiating the kind of Europe that most Brits would like to see.
 Anyway, though news of the £2B had still to sink in, UK polls indicated DD would get the pro-EU result he wanted: though UKIP was enjoying 20% support (compared to 30% each for Labour and Conservative), a full 60% (the highest for 25 years) favoured staying in the Brussels empire – so UKIP was likely supported mainly as a party of protest against mass immigration and political correctness rather than for its anti-EU policy.

* Britain was being fined for getting richer – in a veritably bizarre insurance scheme (though one to which it had agreed). Some commentators thought the country’s splendid new affluence came from its having wisely stayed out of the eurozone; others thought it was the result of the Coalition’s austerity programme. But, as Britain had one of the biggest debts per caput in the world, such ideas were nonsense.

No: the new ‘affluence’ came from Italy wanting to have a GDP up with the big boys, so it had persuaded the EU to include estimated profits from prostitution and drug dealing as part of a country’s ‘economy.’ {You couldn’t make it up!} Germany readily agreed. {Berlin itself had perhaps the most stylish and sensational whores in Europe, but they were a small elite that would not make Germany appear more ‘rich’ and attract EU fines.}


A small move towards limiting African immigration was made as Italy announced it would no longer use its navy to scour the Mediterranean to pick up Blacks who had got into trouble in their desperate bids to get within EU borders. Instead, a smaller European force (called Triton) would monitor only immediate EU coastal waters; and Britain said it would make no contribution to this since HMG believed ‘search & rescue’ operations only encouraged Blacks to put their lives at risk (Guardian, 28 x).

‘Refugee’ and ‘human rights’ busybodies promptly caterwauled, but without realizing that people-smugglers were deliberately sinking boats so as their refugee cargoes would be ‘rescued.’ {It was ironical that countries which had wanted rid of their ‘colonial oppressors’ were seeing their brightest and best young men – and no doubt their families -- take financial hits and fantastic risks to get into the lands of the hated imperialists.}

    In Yukay, the venerated blind Labour former Home Secretary, the much-cuckolded David Blunkett, agreed with Tory Defence Secretary Michael Fallon that some English towns were being “swamped” [a Thatcher word, normally avoided as ‘racist’ etc] with immigrants.

   UKIP enjoyed what the Independent called a “huge” 4% poll surge – taking it to 19%, approaching LibLabCon’s 22% [(6 + 30 +30) / 3....].


Even as Britain’s MSM and peecee politicos [PCPs] blethered about their admiration for the British troops who had failed to resign during their useless 13-year ‘struggle’ to bring female emancipation to the poppy growers of Afghooniland (quite unassisted by Western feminists, as useless abroad as they were at home), and hypocritically declared the lengthy and costly military effort as a ‘score draw’, the Tallyhoes swiftly took over areas just 200 miles from Kabul which the British Army had spent scores of lives protecting (Guardian, 28 x).

{The failure of the idealistic West to find allies with whom to work and win would have greatly amused Saddam Insane and Colonel Gadawfu, just as it surely did in present days [ophthalmologist] Basher Assad and [St Petersburg graduate] Vladimacho Puto.}


  Britain was given a shocking but salutary exposition of the extravagance of its welfare system by the Mayoress of Calais, Natacha Bouchart. Fed up to the back teeth with the 2,500 Arab/African young men swarming around her city, the Mayoress agreed to meet with a Westminster parliamentary committee, to which she explained that her A/As were willing to “die” to get to England, so great did they reckon its handouts to be (BBC News, 28 x, 16:00GMT).

Britain’s largesse to all and sundry was “at the heart” of the ‘refugee’ problem, she said. Added impetus was given to the Mayoress’s campaign by her threatening to close the port of Calais, which would surely wake up Britain’s PCPs who had done nothing about third-world immigration for two generations for fear of being called racist.

    In characteristic PR mode, Downing Street claimed to be ‘learning lessons’ and ‘working on the problem’ – though extra excuses for continued inaction would doubtless be provided by the ‘Liberals’, the EU and the ECHR (inaction further seeming the wisest plan in view of noisy intimidation from the BBC’s unfailingly lib-left selected audiences).

No.10 hoped that refusing to start British bounty till ‘asylum seekers’ had been in the country for three months would do the trick; but this neglected that immigrants had usually spent many months and much family money to reach Britain, so another three-month wait was peanuts.

As to further ‘work’ by PCPs and their increasingly downmarket bureaucrats,* this should obviously involve study of how France and other EU countries made themselves relatively unattractive to fresh immigrants [probably by policing the Paki blackmarket]; but, of course, it could not be done for fear of accusations of ‘racist’ planning.

Britain could not even announce to A/As that it did not want more third-world migrants, for to give any rationale for such a policy would require unaccustomed reflection on and mention of the truth about race, IQ, criminality, disease-proneness and cousin marriage.

{Whether any British party could, in the months before a General Election, propose switching benefits to accord to contributions rather than to needs seemed unlikely; but the Mayoress’s words would be manna from heaven to UKIP – except in showing that Continentals could be perfectly sensible about Britain. – Calais itself was a poor town, far from the Berlin-Brussels-Strasbourg-Paris mainstream.}

    Further turning the screw, the Mayoress warned that the intending immigrants were infiltrated by the mafia and kindred profiteers. {It would surely not be long before risky overloaded rubber boats began appearing at night on the English Channel – the twenty miles of which were child’s play compared to the thousand miles from Egypt’s Alexandria to southern Italy.}

    At least the Mayoress had got the invading hordes mentioned in headlines by MSM and the BBC – a rarity.

    Whether UK PM Daft Dave or Germany’s Mutti Merkel had read Camp of the Saints was unknown.

*Civil Service discrimination against Oxbridge products had begun around 1980 and had eventually become noticeable even to Cambridge students, who reported it to the press by 2014.


 Though some seventy years too late to prevent the third-world population explosion and the first-world flight from religion, Pope Francis announced his church should accept contraception, abortion, divorce and yaggery – and even threw in Catholic support for the Big Bang and evolution (D.Mail, 28 x).

{Promptly criticised sub voce by many cardinals, whether he would further progress to the last frontier of advocating eugenics seemed unlikely – indeed, he was moved to congratulate a conference of 300 exorcists on their good work in casting out devils; but he had staunchly backed paedohysteria, so he could walk on water, and for him to promote contraception in the A/A world would be a good first step.}


 The long alliance between American Democrats, Blacks and Jews – which had provided the once-free USA with the tyranny of PeeCee, ‘affirmative action’ (aka ‘positive discrimination’) and a (half-)Black President to clear up the mess -- soured as top Obarmymen like Irishman Deputy President John Kerry, desperate to rescue a little ‘peace’ from their ethnically ignorant blundering in the Middle East, denounced Israeli PM Ravin Notanyahoo as “chickenshit” (Guardian, 29 x). “The thing about Bibi is, he’s a chickenshit,” said one official quoted in the Atlantic. “The good thing about Netanyahu is that he’s scared to launch wars. The bad thing about him is that he won’t do anything to reach an accommodation with the Palestinians or with the Sunni Arab states. The only thing he’s interested in is protecting himself from political defeat. He’s not [Yitzhak] Rabin, he’s not [Ariel] Sharon, he’s certainly no [Menachem] Begin. He’s got no guts.”

Apparently Notanyahoo had ‘lacked courage’ either in failing to hand over Israel to Palestinian Mueslis or in not bombing Iran (which would have helped cement the American alliance with Saudi, which had supplied virtually all of the terrorists of 9/11....). {What a mess! But a welcome end to a generation of Jewish-funded peecee illusion.}


 As a new edition (the 23rd) of Spain’s oldest dictionary was unveiled before King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia, it turned out that its entry for gitano [gypsy] said the word was synonymous with trapacero – an adjective meaning ‘dishonest or swindling’ (Guardian, 30 x).

The Royal Spanish Academy had worked for thirteen years to produce the latest version of the dictionary and a spokesman said it had to be “scientifically correct and only as politically correct as possible.” Wailing and gnashing of teeth emanated from expected quarters; but the Roma Dictionary listed ‘Spaniard’ as meaning (from a 1499 usage) ‘slicer of ears.’ Gypsy groups across Spain had been lobbying endlessly to have the definition of gitano changed in the Academy’s dictionary, after the 2001 edition included in the definition “someone who scams or works with deceit”. {In some English usage too, to ‘gyp’ someone was to ‘cheat’ him; and a ‘Jew’ was a ‘skinflint.’}


 A thousand Blecks and Peks were waved into Britain as incompetent, dumbed-down and Pakistanified ‘officials’ at the once-passably-glorious Home Office -- ‘led’ by ambitious trendifier Theresa May and leaving tens of thousands of entitled Brits without passports in 2014 -- failed to produce timely evidence in attempts to prosecute a Muesli and a Bleck who had apparently provided sham marriages for the intending immigrants (D.Mail, 30 x).

The breakdown of the two trials followed the publication of a damning report by a group of MPs about growing asylum backlogs, ‘lost’ illegal immigrants and the write-off of some £1billion of taxpayers’ money on failed IT projects.

{The left’s programme of turning Britain into a colony of illiterate Muesli psychotics breeding at public expense under the supervision of mental defectives from non-Russell Group universities – who would destroy even their families in the name of female liberation – was well advanced...}

    Mail correspondents added:

"Can't deport foreign criminals, can't deport illegal immigrants, can't sack the incompetents you employ to do a job, can't manage Border controls, and now you can't even prosecute two cases of sham marriages because the CPS can't do their job. [The report] states the Home Office catastrophically bungled the case, No they didn't. In my opinion they just haven't a clue how to do their job in the first place. And may I just add before Mrs May comes out with her mantra of ‘we are deeply disappointed with the outcome and lessons have been learned,’ NO THEY HAVE NOT and never will while a bunch of incompetents are in the Home Office.

Theresa May, what is your department doing? You must want to lose the election that's all I can conclude. Do you actually do anything. She surely has to step down."


 Hereditarianism had a good day as London researchers reported finding some 100 genes that were involved in autism – hugely advertised as to be blamed environmentally on ‘refrigerator mothers’ around 1965; and a large European project reported a gene for happiness which had its longest form in the good-natured, heartily-breakfasting Danes and its shortest in the miserable and surly French (Brits and Americans were in between, but on the happier side if they had Danish ancestry) (D.Telegraph, 30 x).
Two days earlier, Medical Xpress (28 x) had announced a crime breakthrough. A study of nearly 800 Finns jailed for both violent and non-violent crimes, and compared to the general population, found variants of two genes, called MAO-A and CDH13, to be “associated with extremely violent behaviour. No substantial signal was observed for either MAO-A or CDH13 among non-violent offenders, indicating that findings were specific for violent offending,” said the study, published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry.

As AmRen noted: In A Troublesome Inheritance, Nicholas Wade cited a study which found American Blacks were fifty times more likely to have the variant of MAO-A that was associated with propensity to violence.


 Mixed-ability teaching emerged as largely unvindicated in a new study claiming teaching in same-ability groups, lavishing children with praise and letting them learn in the way they want could possibly do more harm than good. Professor Rob Coe from Durham University led a team that analysed more than 200 pieces of research to compile the ‘What Makes Great Teaching’ report for the leftish IQ-spurning education ‘think-tank’ Sutton Trust (Classic FM, 31 x, 08:30).

Coe said said assessing effective teaching was difficult, because exactly how pupils learn remains a mysterious subject {doubtless because educationists had declined to copy the medical model of experimentation}. {Whether the new work made any reference to the full defence of streaming and of experimental research in TgF, Chap.4, was unknown.}


Disaffection with the main political parties of the UK (‘LibLabCon’) reached a startling high as polls showed 50% of Scots backing the SNP and 20% of English backing UKIP (D.Telegraph, 30 x). The Scottish result was especially dramatic: Labour had spent a generation placating the Celtic tiger with ‘devolution,’ and finally a referendum on ‘independence,’ and was finding itself bitten in its Glasgow heartland as – though vaguely thought an anti-authority and anti-English party -- it had campaigned for the Union through 2014 and was thus seen as betraying the Glaswegian aspirations which it had fostered.

On the shock poll result, Labour at Westminster would lose virtually all of its forty seats, making a Labour government for the UK unlikely. More generally, the Liberals faced wipe-out all over, having long abandoned any commitment to free speech and followed that up by breaking a promise to scrap student fees; Labour had ratted on the labouring classes by introducing millions of cheap-labour but welfare-expensive and overcrowding immigrants; and the Conservatives – contrary to ideas of individual choice which had been Mrs Thatcher’s way of modernizing them -- had gone along with the hugely inflated salaries for bureaucrats, big bankers and kin which Labour had used to get and keep its dumbed-down elite on its side.

Of course, all three parties had backed political correctness, the EUSSR and multiculturalism as convenient quasi-moralities while they betrayed their supporters. So (surprise, surprise!) revenge was coming – helped by paedohysteria which condemned the Westminster establishment as tolerant of paedophilia (which it properly had been).

{Whether the new nationalism would be accompanied by a reasonable dose of liberalism – including drugs realism, a terror to politicos who wanted to blame social problems on ‘drugs’ -- remained to be seen. But there was hope: the SNP had been a low-taxation party – a major cause of its success; and UKIP leader Nigel Farage was seldom seen without a cheery smile and a beer glass.}


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Monday, October 27, 2014


  After a century of passable sympathy for progressive and psychoanalytic ideas, the UK Labour Party decided to have an argument with the Freud family – in particular with Sigmund Freud’s great-grandson, Lord Freud, who had mentioned the obvious truth that many disabled people would stand more chance of getting a job if they could be paid below the ‘national minimum wage’ (set at a loony £7 per hour, but widely ignored on the black market of Pakistani shops).

Some people who were lame, halt, blind, deaf or dim were just not ‘worth’ as much as others in the job market, Lord Freud, a Coalition minister for welfare or somesuch, had politely suggested – to the fury of ideological peecee disablists who evidently regarded total equality for the ‘disadvantaged’ as their C21 mission (even as they destroyed chances for bright kids from poor homes by refusing them grammar schools).

Further enraging spaced-out egalitarians, the Independent on Sunday reported that a second government minister had made ‘contentious comments’ over the role of disabled people in the workplace. Andrew Selous, a ‘justice minister,’ was said to have told a fringe meeting at the Tory party conference that “disabled people work harder because they’re grateful to have a job”.

{What a surprise! – Though was such ‘hard work’ notably effective?...}

Rachel Reeves, Labour’s shadow work and pensions secretary said the prime minister’s failure to act to remove Lord Freud was astonishing. She said: “When the disgraceful and offensive views like this go unchallenged within the Conservative party it’s clear that mask has slipped and the ‘nasty party’ is back. Labour will table a motion of no confidence in Lord Freud because we believe it’s completely unacceptable that David Cameron has failed to sack his minister for welfare reform.”

Thus did crackpot peecee idealism move another step closer to final burn-out. – For most ‘disabled’ people preferred to get a job; and the Freuds, famed for comedy, broadcasting and art as well as family realism and politics would be remembered long beyond useless peecee egalitarianism..


Jumping on the latest tabloid bandwagon, Britain’s ‘Conservatives’ decided – instead of letting players do what they wanted on FaceTube, YourFace, Twatter etc – to provide more employment for lawyers by more state-funded squishing of free speech. ‘Justice Secretary’ Chris Grayling said the maximum jail sentence for internet abuse would be raised from six months to two years.

He told the Mail on Sunday: ‘These trolls are cowards who are poisoning our national life. No one would permit such venom in person, so there should be no place for it in social media.’

Absurdly, the new legislation was referred to as ‘Chloe’s Law’ in reference to model Chloe Madeley, who was threatened ‘online’ with sexual assault after her mother, TV personality Judy Finnigan, commented on the Ched Evans rape case.

{Poor Daft Dave! He could not do much except mouth his PR and bring on Gordon Brown to help him out. But stamping on free speech was easy enough – the populism of desperate politicos through the ages. So, a few days later, HMG announced it was ‘working with’ internet service providers to stop them serving up any naughty thoughts that it disliked (Telegraph, 24 x, p.1) – a move allegedly intended to cut down anti-Christian jihadism, but no doubt the main consequence would be to restrict criticism of Islam. And, yes, the new censorship was promptly accompanied by a private Christian school being told it was insufficiently ‘diverse’ and must have visits from local imams.}


 Looking for a way to commemorate the deaths, just two years ago this month, of the scholarly Art Jensen and Phil Rushton, I was glad to find a helpful-looking overview, using internet material, of the ‘London School of Differential Psychology’ – available for rent or purchase from Hephaestus Books. (More detail here.)


A full and scholarly defence of the world’s top race realist, AmRen editor Jared Taylor, was provided in VDare, 19 x, by editor and columnist James Fulford after JT had found himself accused of racism, White supremacism (and, of course, neo-Nazism) in a book, The Myth of Race, published by Harvard University Press. JT had also managed to avoid arrest in Hungary, where authorities of that reputedly ‘right-wing’ country decided to improve its image among European ‘liberals’ by moving against a conference of race realists which JT was attending. {Next for a defence of JT by an American libel lawyer?!}


 Star Australian comedian Barry Humphries (creator of ‘Dame Edna Everage’) moved to defend Barry Spurr, a professor of literature at Sydney University who had long been nationally known for effectively resisting efforts to have more Aboriginal influence in the national school curriculum but had been found in email to have called abo culture “rubbish,” denigrated Queensman PM Tony Abbott as “an abo lover” and occasionally thrown in ‘remarks’/jests about “whores,” “mussies”* and “chinky-poos”, thereby bringing about his suspension by the university (Guardian, 17 x).

In a letter to The Australian, Humphries called threats to Spurr “cultural fascism,” said many Australians were now “bereft of a sense of humour and observed that {as in the rest of the West} “the new puritanism is alive, well and powerful” (D.Telegraph, 22 x).

Abbott’s position on the incredibly low IQs and cultural achievements of  Australia’s Aborigines was unknown; but he had in September spent a week living with Aborigines in the outback of Northern Oz, presumably feeling obliged to demonstrate multiculti credentials.

*There were of course perfectly acceptable forms of Muesliedom, an Oz pal has pointed out: even if the burqa had always to be worn by subordinate women, the rest of the female body could be delightfully stark naked without infringing traditional dress code....


With Christmas hovering just two months away, it seemed only right to offer ‘IQ & PC’ readers encouragement that the multiculti world, whatever its limitations resulting from daft IQ-neglecting Western politicos, had some compensations. British-born Emily Katarinawankowski, understandably a TV starlet, would provide much hope to true scholars with her luxuriant hair, bee-stung lips and excellent waist-hip ratio (D.Mail, 21 x).

(Just why Emily had to wear old-fashioned male underpants and baggy jeans and – like most ‘models’ – was not allowed to smile was more of a mystery; but readers here deserve to be kept aware of modern trends – and might supply answers on a postcard {I do not play FaceTube, YouBook, Twatter, ipod etc}. We should stay realistic, and Emily essentially makes this pretty easy to all but the most ultra-montagne.)


Asking for a White cab driver had become commonplace in Rochdale [nr Manchester], where nine Pek taximen had been jailed for pimping and sometimes ‘raping’ some 47 girls whom they had fuelled with drugs and driven to ‘Asians’ all over the north-west (Guardian, 22 x). One firm alone reckoned it had 60 such ‘racist’ requests per week – calls which it obliged since asking for such discrimination was not {yet} illegal, any more than requesting a female driver.

Stephen Campbell, the manager of Car 2000, which had taken over Eagle Taxis, a firm that employed drivers at the heart of the grooming/pimping/’raping’ scandal, said that a consequence of the affair was that “many White customers ask for White drivers” – or “local” drivers, as they usually referred to them.

Earlier in October, ‘racist’ UKIP had almost won what had previously been a safe Labour seat in the Rochdale area; and November a ‘Conservative’ vs UKIP local by-election was looming (for which PM Daft Dave – 13% behind UKIP in the local polls -- was piling in all available ‘Conservative’ troops to try to hang on to the seat – no door would be left unknocked).


 The ‘European Union’ which had long been a bumbling unparliamentary outfit enfeebled by German war guilt and had thus invited millions of low-IQ misogynistic death-wishing Mueslis to invade Berlin, northern Paris, east London, Bradford etc (wanting cheap labour and socialist votes, of course – anything rather than admit the need to provide suitable, differentiated ‘elitist’ education for its own Whites), and had destroyed Libya’s dictator Col.Gadawfu who had long provided some protection from the raging African/Arabian hordes, found its pathetic idealism especially dramatically upstaged as, in Calais, 2,300 A/A’s not only paid small fortunes to locate in a roadside spot where they could jump on a slow-moving lorry going to the welfare-state heaven of Britain but started fighting each other.

Yes, Sudanese, Syrians, Ethiopians, Eritreans, Afghans and Somalis were at each other’s throats in their hundreds (D.Mail, 22 x), resulting in French police (already encased in plastic bags and using tear gas, rubber bullets and stun grenades) wanting permission to use live ammunition – a permission unlikely to be granted by the idiotic government of France, though NF leaderine Marine Le Pen showed up to support Whites in the scene of chaos. {Hilarious! Multiculturalism in action! You couldn’t make it up!}

    Germany also had serious problems, especially in Munich, as Syrians and Iraqis streamed in from countries which Western idealism had destabilised. (The latest West-beloved boss of Afghoonistan, Ashraf Ghastly, had once written (according to New York Review of Books, 6 xi 2014): “There is a consensus in Afghan society: violence…must end. National reconciliation and respect for fundamental human rights will form the path to lasting peace and stability across the country. The people’s aspirations must be represented in an accountable, broad-based, gender-sensitive, multi-ethnic, representative government that delivers daily value.” – What a joke!

The only consolation for Afghans was that, under liberal Western policing and ethnic ignorance, they had reached levels of opium production higher than before the Western invasion.)

    Fed up with Britain’s failures to control or demolish its absurdly lavish ‘welfare state’ (which made it a magnet for A/A ‘asylum seekers’) or to provide Froggies with more than £1M per month to control the flow of immigrants, France announced it would set up a camp of 500 beds near Calais which would provide humanitarian and legal advice as to how to flashmob lorries and get to Britain as soon as possible (Daily Mail, 24 x).

{Anything rather than return the A/A’s to Italy – where they should, according to EU officialdom, have sought ‘asylum’ in the first EU country they entered – for bankrupt and mega-corrupt Italy would just have shovelled them back into France so they could pursue their real objective of reaching Shangrila GB.}


As a lone gunman in Ottawa emptied Canada’s Parliament, sent the capital city into ‘lockdown’ and provided employment for hundreds of cops and support staff by shooting dead just one soldier at a war memorial (then being allowed into the Parliament by the cops, who finally killed him), MSM paid its usual lack of attention to the loony’s background (not to mention his genes). Named ‘Michael Zehaf-Bibeau’, he pretty  obviously came from a mixed Arabic-French marriage in which the parents had given him a conventional Christian forename as part of their determination to settle down in peaceful Canada.

But, as is common in cases of youthful terrorism (including the IRA, Italy’s Red Brigades and Germany’s Baader-Meinhof gang), the Oedipally driven ‘Michael’ had decided that the way to his mother’s heart was to show up his Arab father as a ‘coward’ who had not been true to his own (and probably the mother’s) beliefs.

    Guesswork? Of course! But what else can one do when the public domain provides little information even when the Canadian PM is hustled into hiding in a broom cupboard and thousands of lives are disrupted (and one lost)? More prosaically, Mail star columnist Peter Hitchens managed to contribute that ‘Michael’ had two convictions for marijuana use and one for robbery; and that he had been an unpopular figure at his local mosque. But the essential psychological story is probably as above. {Yes, though a loyal Eysenckian, I have always respected the occasional realistic insights of psychoanalysis. Of course, in Freud’s day the father would normally have won the Oedipal competition with the help of church and state.}

    More prosaically, Kamaldeep Bhui, Professor of Cultural Psychiatry and Epidemiology, at Queen Mary University of London, concluded from interviews with 600 Muslims in Bradford and London that jihadists suffered depression and loneliness, had sought shelter with a mosque after family problems and had little staying power as fighters (Telegraph, 15 x).

    Details of Z-B’s substantial record of crime and mental instability were provided by the Daily Mail, 23 x, along with the information that his mother was a top immigration official whose Libyan café owner hubby had left her in 1999. Z-B was well and truly on the radar of Canada’s security forces yet had been allowed to wander around the pathologically altruistic country for ten years.


 Analyses (in the Spectator) strongly suggested that the Italian and French economies were basket cases – and that these countries were thus going to have to leave the ‘eurozone’ and EU which prevented them boosting their exports by devaluing their currencies. Hilariously, Downing Street had not mastered the insurance rules to which it had signed up, so was ‘surprised’ at having to pay £2B by Dec.1 to help the weakening economies of France and Germany – but doubtless Mutti Merkel would explain the rules (which would include promise-keeping and Britain being fined £40M if it did not deliver on its vouchsafed helping of weaker brethren).

In the UK itself, the votes of Anglo-Saxons (outside ghastly Celtic Clydeside Glasgow and Dundee) to keep the 300-year Union together claimed the heads of Scotland’s two main party leaders (SNP and Labour) and left Glasgow as a furious rump state that might no longer contribute its 40 Labour MPs to Westminster, giving England a chance of shaking off Celtic/Gallic statist socialism. What fun!

{Of course, in its reluctance to execute jihadists for treason, to refuse plane flights from ebola-torn west Africa and to sink invading boats from West-destroyed Libya, the West had still some way to go....}


 Famous c.1800 as a bastion of liberalism, attracting the Darwin family to send their young Charles for education, Edinburgh University c.2000, having set the world an example of academic illiberalism  by sacking me for opinions deemed racist, sexist, elitist and insufficiently paedohysterical, found its own students learning fast as Edinburgh University’s Feminist Society called for the banning from campus of the Socialist Workers’ Party, mainly for the SWP’s occasionally defending male students accused of ‘rape’

(which by 2014 feminists had made such a wide category as to have all men locked up)

 or ‘rapist’ sentiments  (Observer, 26 x, Nick Cohen). Spokesgirl Eleanor Brayne-Whyatt of the EFS said that universities would show they did not tolerate “rape apologism and victim blaming” if they ordered the SWP to leave.

She little considered that a country where it’s a crime to be offensive is a country where everyone can try to ban everyone else. {The SWP, as well as taking a firm line with hysterical feminism, had been admirably active in my defence in 1996 – taking the battle to Glasgow University, where it staged a book-burning to impress Scotland’s journalists with what E.LU. had been doing.}


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Sunday, October 19, 2014


As Britain’s ‘politicians’, no longer selected from grammar schools, gave up every principle – Liberals no longer liberal, Labour backing bankers, and Tories quite unable to conserve the Union [desperately needing the help of my old playmate, ex-PM Labourite and grammar-basher Gordon Brown] – finding that the BBC, Times and Guardian worshipped them so long as they were peecee --  a ‘Conservative’ MP provided the newest entertainment – rivalling that of his Conservative predecessors who had outdone even Liberal queers by sharing mistresses with Commie spies and hanging themselves from their own lightbulbs while jerking off in the nude:

"Disgraced Tory MP Brooks Newmark had 'two year affair with young mother' and sent her 'up to 40 sexts' - as he vows to ‘fight his demons’ and wife moves out of family home

‘Tory’ MP Brooks Newmark had a two-year affair with a single mother he bombarded with naked pictures of himself and told her 'I am desperate for sex with you', it was revealed today.

The former Conservative minister, 56, a father of five, yesterday issued a grovelling apology after being caught texting explicit photographs of himself for a second time.

Mr Newmark left his post as ‘minister for civil society’ last month after he was exposed as having exchanged lewd photographs with a male journalist posing as a glamorous 20-year-old Tory PR woman.

Today it emerged that he 'seduced' an unnamed mother on Facebook behind his wife's back, sending her up to forty naked selfies in the past year, his lover said.

It is alleged he also invited her to his Westminster office and to his home, after he offered to pay the rail fare.

His wife, innocently caught up in a humiliating sex scandal has moved out of their constituency home in Essex, it has emerged.

He announced he would quit the Commons at the next election, adding that he had ‘traumatised’ his family with ‘bizarre and abhorrent’ behaviour.

He would be moving in to a psychiatric facility to battle his ‘demons’, he said.

It has now emerged that he also sent a series of explicit ‘selfies’ to a single mother he met online. In one photograph he is seen posing naked while grinning in what appears to be a hotel bathroom.

She claims she did not know he was married because 'he's an MP, he's not going to lie'.

The single mother ended the relationship two weeks ago when it was revealed he had sent naked pictures to someone else.

She told The Sun's Paul Sims: 'He's told the world he was foolish and he engaged in late night flirtations online with other women because he was unwell. But that simply isn't true. We met in 2012 and he seduced me.

'We had a full-on relationship for over two years. I was in love with him.'

On the day he quit the Government he wrote: 'Something awful has happened. I can't talk now but have had to resign from Govt. I will catch up later. So sorry.' She replied she 'thought I was the only one for you'.

The following day he said he was in 'pain' but when his lover asked him if she could ever trust him he responded: 'Please stop thinking about yourself.'"

Messages: The flabby thick-necked old bag ooops woman who had a two-year ‘affair’ with the MP claims she received these texts with up to 40 naked photographs. His sexts to a reporter posing as a Tory activist forced him to resign.


 As the West reeled from America’s chosen Obamaniac incompetence (the Kenyan-born Nobel Peace Prize winner having been elected to solve the problem of the USA having failed to return its enemy Black slaves to their homelands) at controlling psychotic Arabia and lunatic Pakiland) and India flew – funded by UK  taxpayers --  a sputnik around Mars, and China rivalled the oil-enriched Mueslis) by building more skyscrapers and even being pretty gentle with the student rebels of Hong Kong, a Guardian article could not avoid the faxalife (14 x):

"China, once the world’s most egalitarian society, is now even more unequal than the United States – 1% of its population owns one-third of the national wealth – and prone to defuse its increasing social contradictions through a hardline nationalism directed at its neighbours, particularly Japan."

Yes, China had let talent roar ahead – as in the days of early Protestantism in Europe. My art historian wife found herself greeted for her lectures on ‘modern art’ with a hotel room usually costing £170 per night, as well as with luxurious lunches and dinners. (And, yes, the Chinks did have a gripe against the Nipponese, America having failed over seventy years to resolve the historic hatreds between its Asian allies.)

Britain, too, was making slow, if unsteady progress towards higher-IQ rule, despite its useless politicos destroying the grammar schools (D. Mail, 15 x):

The richest 10 per cent of Britons controlled more than half the country's wealth, new research has revealed. {They also supplied 50% of gummint taxation revenue}

The annual Credit Suisse global wealth report said Britain was the only country in the G7 group to have increased inequality the past century.

While inequality had fallen in France, Germany, Canada and Japan - and remained flat in the U.S. and Italy - the share of Britain's richest one per cent had climbed.

The rise meant the nation's super-rich now controlled 54.1 per cent of the country's wealth -- up from 51.5 per cent in 2000 and 52 per cent in 2007.

{One (well-deserved) beneficiary was to be my now-Twickenham-based son who was setting up his own law company – though his father had known nothing but the delectations, arguments, crucifixions and remunerations of academic life.}


The West’s peecee clowns, led by their favourite half-Black Obarmy, having failed to cordon off Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia (since these pathetic Whites’ multicult religion allowed no admittance that ebola was 100% concentrated among Blacks), amusingly deployed their usual PR strategy: with the help of pitiful BBC ‘journalists’ they ran around shouting that ebola – which had arrived in New York and London thanks to their stupidity  -- was ‘well under control’ so long as Whites took to living inside plastic bags which would be provided at taxpayer expense and from which emergence would be draconianly punished (along with any statements that Blacks needed White rule to manage their rubbishy countries – ‘free’ of Western control for 50 years).

{Thank heaven China was arriving to take over – mainly of course to protect its own two million neo-imperialists who were extracting whatever minerals the West had neglected.} As a first token gesture of its ‘good will,’ the UK despatched 700 soldiers (and, doubtless, soldierettes) to West Africa so that they could experience the fun of ebola and quickly bring it into England in large quantities (since they would presumably have the ‘right to family life’ enshrined in EUSSR ‘law’).

‘Good’ politician that he was, America’s beloved Obarmy, having let the cat out of the bag, declared he would adopt a more “aggressive” approach to ebola – though what this would involve remained as unclear as all other Western ‘policies.’ Apparently the main fun was to be for shareholders in companies making plastic bags; and any lefties who had not invested would get their own chance as the plague (itself untreatable, and killing 70% of sufferers) ran out of control and could be blamed by leftists on the West’s failure to provide enough skules’n’hospitaws etc for the Blecks who had wanted independence from Western imperial effort.


 Dealing with a radio question about the left-beloved ‘minimum wage’ (widely circumvented – even by theology students known to me), Freud’s great-grandson, Lord Freud, mentioned the simple truth that this artificial barrier kept many disabled (and kindred ‘disadvantaged’) people out of work entirely – for many disabled were simply not worth £7 per hour. For this dereliction from official egalitarian peecee lingo, the young Freud was promptly front-paged (e.g. Grauniad, 16 x) , even by ‘right-wing’ British newspapers. {Did I make this up? Sadly: No. But Sigmund himself, a biological realist, would surely have been proud of his great-grandson.}


 As the foul Black plague of ebola swept into Dallas, Washington, New York, London and Madrid, since none of the West’s politico maniacs were prepared to ban flights from west Africa, two countries which had no ‘White guilt’ provided a model of good sense: yes, Morocco and Jamaica became the first to secure their borders against loopy ‘aid’ workers who wanted to ‘help’ poor and needy Blecks by dashing out to their ghastly countries, getting infected, and bringing ebola to the West – where outrage would inevitably cancel even the most caring, sensible and imperialistic efforts to bring Africa under decent control.


 The left’s devoutly wished end to the family – so all power could be assumed by twerpish nobodies holding state jobs while wearing baseball caps and waving Coca-Cola cans (as seen at HMRC) – was neatly exemplified as a son of the Vice-President of loopy peecee America was kicked out of the US Navy for undue cocaine use. Yes, this leftist ‘son’ of a leftist father – the two last pictured together worshipping Kenyan (though leftist-White-mothered) Obarmy

Hunter and Joe Biden together in Washington for President Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009

could not even bring himself to avoid besmirching the family name (Guardian, 17 x).

Neither father nor son had ever come out in favour of legalizing (and taxing) cocaine. That would have been too daring for these creeps. How Obarmy and henchmen must have laughed! Obarmy didn’t need to bother to work for a moment to destroy the West – his ambition as symbolized by his first ‘presidential’ act of trashing the White House portrait of Winston Churchill.

No: the loony-lefty-Whites of the West could be relied upon to destroy their countries by themselves. What fun! Even from the endless Scottish referendum [neverendum....], the left had not learned that people liked their own lives rather than be run by foul-mouthed Glaswegian pseudo-socialists or hypocritical Washington ‘Democrats.’


As the g-respecting Brand clan was re-united in E’bro – with star professor Ian celebrating his brother’s new Speccie-acclaimed book, Shiou-yun returning from a successful (and excellently-looked-after) lecture tour in Taiwan and mainland China [Fuzhou], historical and theological whizz Henry back from Macedonia, and Tom Brand set to arrive and explain his latest millionairish business plans in High Holborn -- a visual aid came to hand on the net:

A nearby site (provided by the great London School blonde trooper, Marian Van Court) set out the situation that we all confronted.

{Just how Italy got such a high IQ is a bit beyond me, but Sweden’s Vikings did visit and the country obviously deserves full marks for the Renaissance, Machiavelli and its continuing mastery of style.}

{And the estimate for Britain may be outdated since, facing socialism, quite a few brighter Brits – albeit nourished in a temperate and parliamentary climate (with swearing limited to post-9pm performances) -- had emigrated to Oz, including my ‘rough diamond’ ginger-haired star student Mike Anderson – a terrible but intelligent leftist -- who gloriously got into {guess where?} The Queen’s College and then, after a position at University College London, found his way on to U.Perth [western Oz].}

{Sorry if I digress, but I’m very proud of my top students! Mike was a footba’ hooligan, so able to find recruits for IT/IQ studies that a psychology department virtually never saw. I supplemented his IQ 90s with a few mental defectives and, bingo, we got the correlation for which I had always been waiting – to get an interesting effect up from the usual social-scientific .25 up to .40 – well, .50 in the moderate-IQ range (see TgF, Chap.3).} Oh yes, sorry, here’s the big problem – especially when most of the world’s breeding is done in Africa and Arabia:

Map of IQ Distribution.  Highest in red.  Africa largely in the abyss of the '60s

AMERICANO-LEFTIST BATTLE WITH ‘RACISM’ HOTS UP, a Harvard product, published an article called “America’s virulent racists: The sick ideas and perverted “science” of the American Renaissance Foundation.” It is an excerpt from a book called The Myth of Race, written by a Professor Robert Sussman of Washington University and published in 2014 by Harvard University Press.

“It is the most sloppy, tendentious, deceitful piece of writing I have seen in a long time,” said the gentlemany, well-informed and ultra-rational AmRen honcho, Jared Taylor.


 On the 20th anniversary of the publication of The Bell Curve, the ‘controversial’ Charles Murray was asked whether anything had changed. ‘Nothing,’ he effectively replied (AEI Ideas, 16 x):

What’s happened in the 20 years since then? Not much. The National Assessment of Educational Progress shows a small narrowing of the [B-W IQ] gap between 1994 and 2012 on its reading test for 9-year-olds and 13-year-olds (each by the equivalent of about 3 IQ points), but hardly any change for 17-year-olds (about 1 IQ-point-equivalent). For the math test, the gap remained effectively unchanged for all three age groups.

    On the SAT, the black-white difference increased slightly from 1994 to 2014 on both the verbal and math tests. On the reading test, it rose from .91 to .96 standard deviations. On the math test, it rose from .95 to 1.03 standard deviations.

    If you want to say that the NAEP and SAT results show an academic achievement gap instead of an IQ gap, that’s fine with me, but it doesn’t change anything. The mean group difference for white and African American young people as they complete high school and head to college or the labor force is effectively unchanged since 1994. Whatever the implications were in 1994, they are about the same in 2014.


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