Sunday, January 24, 2010


Using data on adolescent educational attainments (from the OECD’s Program for International Student Assessment [PISA]) as a proxy for IQ, Richard Lynn reported a ten-IQ-point gap between the north and south of Italy (Intelligence 38) – attributable, he suggested with impressive scholarship, to the Moorish invasions of a thousand years previously {assisted by the Viking slavers, as previous}. Genially, the journal did not burden Lynn with having to consider whether parental SES gave an equally reasonable explanation of his data.

PISA data were also used by psychologists Heiner Rindermann (Graz) and Stephen Ceci (Cornell) to conclude not only that sheer hours of teaching are more important to attainment than are expenditure, age of starting school or class sizes but that “the wealth of a population is more the result of an intelligent population than its cause” – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 17 i. (Strangely, Richard Lynn’s work was not mentioned; nor was my own analysis of how national intelligence predicts later increase in prosperity.)


It transpired that the Oslo Police had over the previous three years investigated 41 cases of aggravated sexual assault, which culminated in rape. All of them were carried out by non-Western immigrants to Norway (mainly Africans and Kurds), police told the national broadcaster NRK (Norway Post, 17 i). 90% of the attacks were on girls and women who were “not just Norwegian nationals but ethnically Norwegian.”


A study from the University of East London surfaced online (Science Direct, iii 09): Abstract: “While dehydration has well-documented negative effects on adult cognition, there is little research on hydration and cognitive performance in children. We investigated whether having a drink of water improved children's performance on cognitive tasks. Fifty-eight children aged 7–9 years old were randomly allocated to a group that received additional water or a group that did not. Results showed that children who drank additional water rated themselves as significantly less thirsty than the comparison group (p = 0.002), and they performed better on visual attention tasks (letter cancellation, p = 0.02; spot the difference memory tasks, ps = 0.019 and 0.014).”

{William McDougall was also a fan of water, urging it be drunk in copious quantities ‘no matter whether cold, hot or tepid.’ Just how many other cognitive tests were used by researchers Caroline Edmonds and Denise Burford was not stated.}


Governance-lite Haiti (stripped of its army by the idealists of the UN) awoke four days after its earthquake (see previous) to find that its capital’s main slum, Cité Soleil, on the seaward side of Port-au-Prince, was once more dominated by charismatic gangsters (including the notorious warlord ‘Blade’) roaring around on motorbikes and toting the guns that they had taken from prison guards as they escaped thanks to the quake from the National Penitentiary (National Post, 17 i).

By 17 i, the Times reported looting and gunfights in Port-au-Prince as “widespread.” Looters began to be shot and lynched; and an all-night curfew was declared, beginning 6:30p.m. (Guardian, 17 i).

By 18 i, police were appealing to Port-au-Prince residents to take vigilante action against the looters, rapists and escaped prisoners who were widely seen in the capital (though little televised by peecee MSM).

As Black anarchy took over, Britain more than trebled its proclaimed aid to Haiti to £22M – ten times as much as France, for whom Haiti had been the highly productive ‘jewel in the crown’ of its worldwide empire (until the slaves rebelled c. 1800, imitating what they had heard of the egalitarians of revolutionary Paris).

America having failed to helicopter in soldiers and food after even a week of the disaster, thousands of Blacks took to any boats going to leave for America (Sun, 20 i) – in scenes reminiscent of the exodus of India’s poor to Europe The Camp of the Saints (1973, Jean Raspail), the US forces (guided by their useless peecee political masters) having failed to take the elementary precaution of blockading Haiti’s harbours. {Luckily for America, many boats ran out of petrol.}


Security forces sealed off a section of the central Nigerian city of Jos (see previous) after clashes between Christians and Muslims left 40 dead and more than 300 wounded, according to a local imam (AFP, 18 i). Churches and mosques were set on fire – including a church containing worshippers. The Nassarawa Gwom district was under a dusk-to-dawn curfew in the wake of the unrest that flared when Christian youths protested at the building of a mosque in the Christian-dominated neighbourhood. More than 3,000 people were meanwhile sheltering in mosques, churches and police barracks after being displaced by the burning of their homes, the Red Cross said; and a 12-hour dusk-to-dawn curfew was promptly imposed.

Plateau State’s Police Commissioner, Greg Anyanting, said the violence was sparked by unprovoked attack on worshippers of St. Michael’s Catholic Church, according to The Punch, Nigeria’s most widely read newspaper. Thirty-five armed men were arrested and some were in military uniform, the commissioner said. Some two thousand had been killed in religious clashes in Jos in 2001, 2004 and 2008 (and fifteen thousand nationwide).

By 19 i (Times), a 24-hour curfew had been declared in Jos after another 200 died. Armed police and soldiers manned roadblocks separating rival gangs of mostly young men armed with home-made guns, bows and arrows, rocks, knives, machetes and clubs. A Times correspondent that worldwide jihad/war on terror/clash of civilizations had already claimed 500K lives in the 21st century – while traitorous Western politicians and their multiculti pressure groups remained ‘in denial.’

By 20 i (New York Times) the death toll had risen to 460, fighting was reported outside Jos, and the number of people displaced was around 20,000.
A summary of modern Muslim persecution of religious and ethnic minorities was provided by Scripps News, 20 i – specially noting the case of Pakistan which in sixty years had got its minorities down from 20% of its population to just 3%.

The story of Black-on-Black ‘religious’ war went unremarked by MSM – though it was available on the BBC’s World Service.


A year after the culmination of America’s flirtation with idealistic change-maker Obarmy, the notoriously ‘liberal’ state of Massachusetts, safely Democrat in the hands of Chappaquiddick partyman Senator Edward Kennedy for 47 years, voted angrily and stunningly 52-47 for independent underdog ex-delinquent ex-male-nude champion triathlete attorney truckdriver (200K miles on his clock) GOP (but pro-legalized abortion) Scott Brown (named America’s sexiest man by Cosmopolitan magazine in 1982 when he posed for its centrefold) rather than the effete Dem-machine-provided gaffetastic homosexualist lawyerette Ms Coakley whose adverts had mis-spelled the very name of the state she had aimed to represent.

Unlike Britain, whose electoral system had yielded twelve years of unmitigatable socialist drivel, tyranny, bankruptcy and treachery, the USA seemed capable of relatively quick recovery from its mistakes – though the Guardian (20 i – evidently advised by the Obama-backing British historian Simon Schama, Financial Times, 20 i)) astonishingly urged Barry Hussein on to a new surge of “passion and populism” (perhaps releasing America’s 1M Black prisoners to provide state-funded sex therapy for obese and lonely White ‘women’ with sociology degrees?....).

This was just the anniversary present that Big-Ears Obarmy needed for failing to reduce Black crime – as had so much been hoped by idealists – and instead trying to push the US further towards becoming a European-style social democracy. The Adam Smith Institute recorded (20 i): “The founding fathers viewed America’s role in world affairs very simply: it was to act as a beacon of liberty, to inspire the rest of the world with its freedoms and constitutional government. Perhaps Scott Brown’s election and the defeat of Obama’s healthcare plan is one small step towards America resuming this role.”


In collaboration with MIT, Peking scientists announced a twin study showing recognition of faces to be 39% heritable – and uncorrelated with IQ which the researchers evidently regarded as separately heritable (, 19 i).


A fishing expedition on the internet brought up a 2008 study of 111 twin pairs of ages 7-17 (by Caroline Edmonds and others (see previous)) finding “substantial” correlations between visual IT ability and cognitive abilities even though the heritability of IT was considerably lower (45%) than the heritability of intelligence (79%) (ERIC 2008). IT ability correlated higher with Performance IQ (+.55) than with Verbal IQ (+.28).


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Monday, January 18, 2010


Britain’s Labour Government announced a ban on ISLAM4UK, and other unheard-of groups of Muesli fanatics which had proposed to stir up the mourners of the darlin’ Army-backing village of Wootton Bassett; but these Mueslis would retain full rights to unemployment benefit, disability benefit, council housing, child benefit, free school dinners, brain surgery on the NHS etc. and the ban would likely be used as a pretext for similar bans on the BNP, EDL, UKIP and PR campaigners when the time was right. {Just why treachery-talking Mueslis were not detained and investigated till cleared – like Germans and Nazi sympathizers in 1939 – was a mystery.}


As Richard Lynn’s 2006 volume was published in a Russian translation by race realist Vladimir Avdeyev, I wrote to Moscow as follows.
Dear Vladimir: Just to thank you very much for sending your translation of Richard Lynn's 'Race Differences.' I note the occasional departure from Lynn's text -- your Table 4.1 has only 56 results (compared to Lynn's 57) because of result 11, for Equatorial New Guinea being excluded; but the book looks really smart and it is excellent to see it in hardback. In case it helps you when addressing monoglot English-speakers, I will paste below comments from my blog which highlight some of the key novel features of the book. Anyway, congratulation to you and your team on a job well done. What with this new translation and your 2009 Russian version of 'The Origin of the Aryans,'* you should be able to have fun in 2010. Let's hope your advertisers/publicists serve you well. HAPPY NEW YEAR! -- Chris.

* Canon Isaac Taylor’s 1890 The Origin of the Aryans: an Account of the Prehistoric Ethnology and Civilisation of Europe had probably interested Vladimir Avdeyev especially because the distinguished canon (M.A., Litt.D., Hon. LL.D; York Cathedral), contrary to the more fashionable German theories of the day, had traced the origin of the Aryans to Russia.


A full, erudite, helpful and favourable -- yet not uncritical – 13,000-word review of Richard Lynn’s new (2006) rearrangement of his national data to get at race differences was provided by Jason Molloy at Gene Expression. Among the more corking new facts: Lynn’s best estimates of the average IQs of Australian Aborigines and Kalahari Bushmen were 62 and 54 respectively. Black African IQ was estimated at 67; but Lynn attributed about half of that difference from normal to malnutrition -- and that proportion could be a little higher if Lynn had considered the infrequency and inadequacy of Black breast-feeding (see Chapter 4, The g Factor, 1996, Wiley DePublisher).

{Strangely, neither Lynn nor Molloy seemed to have much to say about the magisterial and eminently prescient summary of race differences by Oxford University’s Reader in Cytology, John Randal Baker F.R.S. (1977, Race, Oxford University Press.}


Emeritus Professor Richard Lynn’s new book Race Differences in Intelligence: An Evolutionary Analysis (see this Diary for comment and review, February) was published in America – including a paperback edition. Details: Atlanta, Georgia: Washington Summit Books (PO Box 3514, Augusta, GA 30914) ISBN 1-59368-020-1, pp. 318., US$37.95 HB), $20.95 (PB) (plus $6 for overseas orders).

A helpful forthcoming summary and review by Professor J. P. Rushton in Personality and Individual Differences was given at Richard Lynn’s homepage (though the review, presumably written quite a few months previously, was sadly marred by insistence on a male advantage in intelligence, for which notion Lynn had long been reproved by me and was lately thoroughly mauled by psychometric whizz Steve Blinkhorn in November (‘A gender bender’, Nature 438, 3 xi, 31-2)).

Lynn’s work engagingly adopted as its races the ten “genetic clusters” developed (euphemistically, Lynn observes) by top genetics guru L.L.Cavalli-Sforza et al. in 1994 (Princeton University Press) and provided a summary of 500 IQ studies relevant to them.

Perhaps the most novel feature of Lynn’s work was that Lynn accepted that East Asians show, as well as high intelligence, a higher level of conformity and conscientiousness that helps account for their relatively limited philosophical, political and scientific achievement: this view was first articulated by the historian Hugh Thomas in 1979 (An Unfinished History of the World, pp. 75-87) and was drawn to the attention of readers of Personality and Individual Differences by me in 1990 (10, 9, p. 1016) and reiterated in 1996 (The g Factor, p. 147), and late-in-the-day for New York Times readers by tentatively-coming-round Nicholas Wade on 12 iii 2006 (see also American Renaissance, 14 iii), citing Chicago work that showed big genetic changes in East Asians 6,000 years ago – when rice cultivation began; so it was good there was now wide agreement about the likely evolutionary origins of the Caucasoid – Mongoloid differences in type of intellect. But, if the media ever got around to acknowledging Lynn’s volume’s existence, it would doubtless be Lynn’s new low estimate of sub-Saharan Negroid IQ at 67 that would understandably captivate attention.


A single ‘longevity’ gene was found to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease (thought by some in the idealistic 1960’s to be ‘environmental’ in origin) by 70%. People having two copies of the CETP variant had higher blood levels of ‘good cholesterol. The study, from NY’s Yeshiva University and Mount Sinai School of Medicine, had begun with intensive study of how mental functioning was maintained in Ashkenazi Jews (Science Daily, 13 i). {Losing the sense of smell is an early warning of the onset of Alzheimer’s (Daily Telegraph, 13 i). Some researchers believe higher-IQ people are more resilient to Alzheimer’s.}


After sixty years of its irresponsibility-inducing National ‘Health’ Service, Britain produced the world’s fattest (70-stone) man who needed a crane, lorry and fleet of medics and paramedics to take him to hospital for a £20K taxpayer-funded operation to try to stop him eating his fellow citizens out of house and home (he ate six full dinners daily) (Sun, 14 i). At the same time, Britain’s hospitals were inundated by drunks (quite often girls) lifted in by cops from England’s increasingly shameful streets, each admission costing taxpayers £1K. Meanwhile, Britain’s worthless and treacherous ‘Government’ was revealed to have spent £232M of taxpayers’ cash in 2009 advertising in the run-up to the 2010 General Election the ‘wonderful’ services which Liebour had provided (Sun, 14 i).


As much-indebted and newly (12 i) earthquake-ravaged Haiti, IQ <72 and 100%-believing in voodoo, a Black republic since its 1804 rebellion against French rule, sought multi-billion dollar help from the rest of the world, the West showed its ignorance of the problems of African peoples by despatching vast quantities of aid (which would be promptly seized by Haitian criminals) and failing to issue such elementary instructions as ‘Men: clear crucial rubble from roads and extricate all viable survivors. Women: form human chains to bring water. Adolescents: bury the dead. Looters: you will be shot on sight by GIs. Everyone: rice is being airlifted to you, but there will be no other food till your tasks are completed.’

Thus, instead of busy scenes of essential activity, TV reportage showed festering bodies lying in the streets, people screaming for water, and young Black men armed with machetes prowling through mounds of dead bodies seeking jewellery. Seldom had the delusions of the multiculti West been so dramatically exposed.

In view of American lack of interest in running a proper empire there – the half-island was treated as providing the US rag trade – the UN (which had madly disbanded Haiti’s army) should have given imperial responsibility to Brazil, the equally ‘racist’ (and 16% White) Dominican Republic or any other high roller.

The neighbouring Dominican Republic – with its Spanish-speaking population of predominantly European ancestry – had been both more receptive and more ­attractive to European immigrants and investors than was Haiti with its Creole-speaking population composed overwhelmingly of France’s Black former slaves. Hence European immigration and ­investment were negligible and ­restricted by the constitution in Haiti after 1804 but eventually became ­important in the Dominican Republic.

100 years previously, William McDougall had taken a special interest in the horrors of Haiti, showing as they did the sorry tendencies of negritude when Blacks were left to their own devices.

Fox News observed (14 i): “Haiti has gotten more [charitable] funds than just about any other nation but that has not been enough.”

The UN’s World Food Programme said that its warehouses in Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince had been looted {as had predictably happened to many supermarkets in the absence of helicoptered American grunts} and that it would have to restock in order to provide urgent food aid for the two million people affected by the deadly earthquake, thought to have killed 100,000 thousand Haitians (Daily Telegraph, 15 i).

"Our biggest problem is insecurity," Delfin Antonio Rodriguez, the rescue commander from the neighbouring Dominican Republic, told AFP news agency, 15 i. "Yesterday they tried to hijack some of our trucks. Today we were barely able to work in some places because of that." Piles of dead bodies and rocks were being used to block roads so that aid convoys – if they ever made it out of the airport – could be hijacked.

Faced with the disaster, the incompetent US President Obarmy, rather than take the decisive military action necessary, despatched a mere 6,000 troops (mainly in boats and fewer in number than the 9,000 UN peacekeeping troops who had already made no mark at all), said he would tolerate all Haiti’s 100K illegal migrants in the USA for eighteen months and announced he would call a leisurely shindig ooops ‘conference’ of countries in the Americas to discuss how to unload the maximum White guilt money into the pockets of Haiti’s Black criminals.

Britain, too, preferred issuing promises of cash to providing the armed men, helicopters, leafletting and organization that were immediately necessary to help the Haitian Blacks to help themselves: Pa Broon offered £6M of taxpayers’ dosh, and idealistic ignoracist Brits volunteered a further £2M within 36 hours of phone lines opening.

A withering analysis of America’ failure to provide good governance in Iraq, Afghanistan and Haiti was furnished for the Independent (16 i, Patrick Cockburn) – though without taking the logical step of calling for US imperialism, without crediting America for the the $3B it had spent annually on Haiti in each of the previous twenty years and without mentioning the Haitian IQ of <72 which was doomed to frustrate all but the most ruthless state-building exercises. The Washington Times located the blame for Haiti more precisely (15 i): “Denis Paradis, parliamentary secretary for the Canadian foreign affairs minister, said after a visit to Haiti in 2001: "If the Canadians treated their animals the way the Haitian authorities treat their citizens, they would be put in prison."”

Haiti’s problems were worsened by the complete destruction of Port-au-Prince's main prison, where almost all of the 4,000 seriously criminal inmates survived the earthquake and were roaming the streets. Rescuers were told to stop work when it got dark because of fears they would be attacked.

By 17 i, the Times reported looting and gunfights in Port-au-Prince as “widespread.”


A remarkable account of how Christianity – having achieved release from Rome’s pre-Constantinian slave society -- almost succumbed to Mohammedan slavers (and their Viking allies in the Dark Ages) was provided at JihadWatch, 13 i, John J. O’Neill). A quote: “Whilst, as [Hugh] Trevor-Roper says, the majority of European slaves delivered to the Arabs were Slavs, not all of them were. Indeed, the Vikings plundered all of western Europe to supply the markets of the Caliphate. Dublin, for example, established by the Vikings in Ireland, was a major slave market, with most of the captives bought and sold coming from Ireland and Britain. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that the majority of slaves sold to the Muslims were heathen Slavs, and there is no doubt also that some of the Christian rulers of western Europe were complicit in the trade.”


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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


When the social networking site Facebook set up a group encouraging criticism of Muslim and other immigrants (‘Mate, Speak English!’) it rapidly got 6,000 supporters, with pupils from twelve of Australia’s elite schools joining at the rate of 300 per day – to the horror of their more peecee headmasters etc. One student from Melbourne’s Xavier College defied his Principal to throw him out (Daily News & Analysis, India, 3 i; ABC News, 4 i). See also here


The left’s beloved ‘rainbow nation’ coalition of the diverse wretched of the earth took a knock as the government of Uganda – apparently inspired by evangelical preachers from America – announced it would seek to introduce the death penalty or at least life imprisonment for homosexuals, thereby adding significantly to Africa’s already considerable stock of ‘homophobic’ measures against yags (New York Times, 4 i).

At the same time the BBC revealed that child sacrifice was much on the rise in Uganda – to propitiate spirits and thus get rich quick (7 i): plainly progressive abusohysterics would long have their work cut out with their Bleck bruddas and sissas in Uganda. In South Africa, President Jacob Zuma spat in the feminist eye by taking a fifth wife and preparing to take a sixth (AmRen, 4 i)


Britain’s ‘Department of Work and Pensions’ hilariously admitted it had no choice under ‘law’ but to fund Brit-hating beardy Muesli cleric AlWhatsisnameChoudary to the tune of £25K p.a. (Sun, 7 i).


Scrummy Big Brother star Chantelle Houghton launched an extraordinary attack on her Black ex-boyfriend England footie star, Jermain Defoe (Sun, 7 i). She branded the Spurs striker ‘nasty, weird and a serial love cheat’ in an astonishing rant. Blonde Chantelle, 26, dated Bleck Defoe, 27, in 2007. She told a magazine: "He's a nasty person.”


Individual differences took centre-stage for the (globally unwarmed) New Year as home-schooled 14-yr-old maths prodigy Arran Fernandez was given a place at Fitwilliam College, Cambridge – becoming the youngest Cambridge undergrad since Pitt the Younger in 1773 (Daily Mail, 8 i). His IQ could not be mentioned in deference to MSM sensitivities.


Eight mad Mueslis died in Karachi as they accidentally exploded one of their own suicide vests (Guardian, 8 i). Police later recovered hand grenades and assault rifles from the goons’ house. At least a further fifteen loopies died in the teeming city of 16M as police targeted members of ‘political parties’ (Press Trust of India, 8 i).


As peecee apologists rushed around asserting the obvious, that profiling could not be 100% effective, a measured defence of focussing airport security measures on Mueslis was offered in, Illinois (Diana West, ‘Yet another way political correctness will kill us,’ 8 i) – though without mentioning the more basic point that traitors needed to be strung up and their friends, relatives and employers exiled.


To general astonishment, two senior clerics, Cardinal Miloslav Vlk (Archbishop of Prague) and Lord Carery of Clifton (the previous Archbishop of Canterbury), took it upon themselves to warn respectively of the Mueslification of Europe and of the increasing size of the British population (based on uncontrolled immigration and NHS-funded breeding by Mueslis) (Daily Telegraph, 8 I, Damian Thompson, ‘The church fights back against Islamification’).


Police used coaches to shift some 400 Black fruit pickers (many illegal) from the small southern-Italian town of Rosarno (pop. 16,000) out into the impoverished countryside of Calabria as two days of riots (supposedly triggered by bad conditions and racism) had led to scores of immigrants, locals and police being injured (Daily Telegraph, 9 i).

Italian media reported that many local residents of the town attacked the migrant workers with stones, weapons, and even tractors in a veritable "hunt for the blacks." The troubles may have started with some of Rosarno’s 5,000 immigrants pestering local girls, or with them declining to pay protection money to the locally based but internationally known mafia called the ‘Ndrangheta.


As trendy Time offered (6 i, ‘Why genes aren’t destiny’) a revival of 1970s’ ideas of ‘epigenesis,’ the notion that gene expression is sometimes influenced by surrounding cell tissue that itself can be affected by lifetime experience (e.g. gross starvation in the womb), readers between the lines would have noted the sheer lack of success of epigenomery over forty years and its total failure to quantify what proportion of phenotypic variance was attributable to epigenesis. It could only be hoped that the new ‘European Epigenome Project’ would not cost the $3B that had gone into the Human Genome Project with little improvement on classic hereditarian understandings.


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Monday, January 04, 2010


As Mueslis failed to blow up an aircraft carrying 300 people down into Detroit, they suffered the extra whammies of Muesli-on-Muesli violence yielding scores of deaths in Baghdad, Tehran, Karachi and Lakki Marwat (killing some 90 at a volley ball pitch in troubled north-west Pak – BBC, 1 i; RadioFranceInternationale, 1 i), many arrests, and the closure of business and the stock market in Karachi on what was scheduled as the first trading day of the year. – Though the traitorous politicians of the West declined to admit that, in their greed for slaves and votes, they had infiltrated the West with low-IQ, fanaticism-prone wife-beaters who largely sympathized with the efforts of AlQaeda etc. and were thus at war with the West, Muesli ‘cultural’ and ‘familial’ Mohammedan styles seemed to have erupted into punishments on assembled Mueslis which the West’s ‘leaders’ could not bring themselves to inflict.

Another happy whammy occurred as Danish police shot and arrested a murderous axe-wielding Somalian, AlBearda-linked Muesli who had forced entry into the home of the 74-year-old cartoonist Kurt Westergaard who had in 2005 lampooned Mahomet as having a bomb in his turban (Daily Telegraph, 2 i; BBC, 2 i). Islamic militants had placed $1M on the cartoonist’s head, leading the Danes to provide security for all men named ‘Kurt Westergaard’ in the country – measures which (just about) managed to save the cartoonist.


In a major triumph for differential psychology, after years of PeeCee and of individual and racial differences being neglected, a Whitehall source leaked to the Guardian (2 i) that HMG’s panic review of airport security in the aftermath of the AlBeardy-planned and Black-attempted Detroit bombing (see previous) would admit the importance of targeting the more lengthy and expensive forms of screening on people who actually looked as if they might be bombers – i.e. on young male darkies. Even the Labour MP Khalid Mahmood said he would encourage the Muslim community to accept profiling. He said: "I think people would rather be profiled than blown up. It wouldn't be victimisation. I think people will understand that it is only through something like profiling that there will be some kind of safety."


As full-blown civil war in Mexico seemed likely, with drugs cartels winning and embarking on seizing American shipping in the Caribbean (requiring American retreat from quite a few of its half-hearted worldwide imperial exercises so as to defend itself), the significant internal costs of America’s failures to zap Mexico’s fleeing Hispanics were made clear:

Detective Ben Cardoza revealed ( the following information he compiled from Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Homeland Security reports:

* 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.
* 83% of warrants for murder in Phoenix are for illegal aliens.
* 86% of warrants for murder in Albuquerque are for illegal aliens.
* 75% of those on the most wanted list in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Albuquerque are illegal aliens.
* 24.9% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally
* 40.1% of all inmates in Arizona detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally
* 48.2% of all inmates in New Mexico detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally
* 29% (630,000) convicted illegal alien felons fill our state and federal prisons at a cost of $1.6 billion annually
* 53% plus of all investigated burglaries reported in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and Texas are perpetrated by
illegal aliens.
* 50% plus of all gang members in Los Angeles are illegal aliens from south of the border.
* 71% plus of all apprehended cars stolen in 2005 in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California were stolen by Illegal
aliens or "transport coyotes".
* 47% of cited/stopped drivers in California have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 47%,
92% are illegal aliens.
* 63% of cited/stopped drivers in Arizona have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 63%, 97%
are illegal aliens
* 66% of cited/stopped drivers in New Mexico have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 66%
98% are illegal aliens.
* 380,000 plus "anchor babies" were born in the US to illegal alien parents in just one year, making 380,000 babies
automatically US citizens.
* 97.2% of all costs incurred from those births were paid by the American taxpayers.
* 66% plus of all births in California are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal whose births were paid for by taxpayers


Top rugby star for England (capped 64 times), Brian Moore, chose in his retirement to announce in an autobiography that the ferocious competitiveness for which he had been known was traceable to his having agreed (along with classmates) to a masturbatory relationship with a schoolteacher for a few months when he was ten (Daily Telegraph, 2 i). There were other unusual features in Moore’s life, like the desertion of his Malaysian father and his subsequent adoption by a Methodist minister and wife; his bull neck and massive thighs left little doubt that his famous physicality and aggression had some genetic basis; and he had a most successful life as a solicitor for seventeen years (following a degree from Nottingham University), as a loyal and loving husband and as a father of two lovely girls. So it would have taken a determined paedohysteric to agree with him and the press that his life had somehow been seriously spoiled by his brush with paedophilia -- apparently the worst thing was simply his feeling of guilt that he had co-operated and not told his adoptive parents.


I hereby offer ‘IQ & PC’ readers a belated Christmas present. Partly I was distracted by the enormous amounts of sherry, champagne, Russian Standard vodka and turkey soup needed to cope with the longest weeks of snow and ice in Edinburgh that I can recall (amusingly sending up ‘global warming’ hysterics); but partly I preferred the 2010 publication date.

Health Warning: As usual, my writing is designed to get as much as possible on the back of a postage stamp – my historic strategy for slipping under the left’s radar. So please be ready to take your time with its (hopefully informative) convolutions.

Race-realist gets good -- though hostile – bio. A review of: TUCKER, William H. (2009) "The Cattell Controversy", Urbana and Chicago : University of Illinois Press. pp. xi + 254 ISBN 978-0-252-03400-8

By: Chris BRAND, Edinburgh, author of The g Factor (1996, 2000).

(Note: This review was rejected by the journal Intelligence, though that journal had previously published Brand’s work (1996, ‘Doing something about g,’ Intelligence 22, 3, 311-326; 1996, ‘Intelligence and the differentiation hypothesis,’ Intelligence 23, 2, 105-132) and condemned Wiley’s withdrawal of The g Factor as “an egregious error which put Wiley’s reputation at stake.”)

The Cattell Controversy is an astonishingly good book. It details the history and “extraordinary productivity” of the world’s greatest psychometrician-psychologist, second-born (as Adler used to recommend) on the outskirts of Birmingham into a family of part-Scottish, self-taught entrepreneurial engineers, Raymond Bernard Cattell (1905-1998). Properly affected by the carnage of the First World War (which he saw at first-hand, working voluntarily in a military hospital in Devon), Cattell took to pacifism, socialism, vegetarianism, progressive education and eugenics, but mainly to science (moving after his first-class degree in chemistry at King’s College London to study with Burt and Spearman at University College London, then on to research arguably declining national intelligence in Leicester), and became (in Illinois, after Second World War service at Harvard) the first big computer user in psychology, a major theorist of intelligence and genetics (along with Hans Eysenck and Arthur Jensen), the only systematic and comprehensive thinker in empirical psychology outside behaviourism, and the leading personality test constructor (with his empirically-developed but Freud-backing ‘16 Personality Factor’ [16PF] questionnaires).

Written by a former admirer, The Cattell Controversy properly identifies Cattell’s distinction of ‘fluid’ and ‘crystallized’ intelligence as a key breakthrough; and correctly assigns the ‘Big Five’ (admittedly g-ignoring) dimensions of turn-of-the-century differential psychology as “indisputably his illegitimate child.” Nicely, Tucker acknowledges Cattell’s talented last two wives, who were a big help to him with statistics and psychometry. (These areas had been the weak points of his mighty Harvard-migrated medico-anthropologist mentor, the Anglo-Scottish democratic elitist, instinct theorist and scorner of ‘race slumping,’ William McDougall -- to whom Cattell had dedicated his Psychology and the Religious Quest in 1938, and whose spirited daughter, Leslie, Cattell had failed to marry, to his great personal regret at the time).

Yet all such commendation and excellently instructive detail are emphatically not the point of this book. William Tucker, 60+, of Rutgers University-Camden, who had begun to make a name for himself in 1994 by denouncing Sir Cyril Burt (uninformed by Nicholas Mackintosh’s 1995 vindication of that splendid rogue – see Cyril Burt: Fraud or Framed?), was among the most instrumental academics in denying Cattell a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ from the American Psychological Association in 1997. The reason? Cattell – like most ‘progressives’ of his day -- had had sympathies with Nazi Germany of the 1930s, had continued mildly with his ‘racism’ through his fantastically successful (and money-making) career, and finally made a hobby of racist-eugenic proposals in his retirement.

He notably came to talk of possibly “phasing out” defunct races -- albeit only after extensive scientific examination of their problems and education and inducement to accept contraception or sterilization. In the course of his youthful and elderly enthusiasm, Cattell, a voracious reader, evidently knew books by German anthropologists whose tracts “had been used to provide scientific justification for the [Nazi] regime’s racial policies” and eventually wrote articles in the journal Mankind Quarterly, which journal had become by 1980 (thanks to leftist terror in the West’s ‘universities’) the only home for race-realistic social scientists in academia (but with an extra demand that writers be implicitly anti-Semitic and uncritical of Hitler). Tucker’s own experience was one of gradually learning that his idol had feet of clay -- or worse.

Of course, much of the book is the normal leftist smear job of ‘linking’ the assigned victim to Hitler and/or Holocaust denial – a hard task in Cattell’s case since he was a loyal patriot of his adopted country and was never even accused, let alone found guilty of even the ‘liberal’-invented campus offences of ‘hate speech.’

Needless to say, Cattell did not support race war, compulsory eugenics (he stipulated that even surgical sterilization would have to be voluntary – Beyondism [Cattell’s main race-eugenic work, Praeger, 1987], pp. 200, 214; TCC, p. 157), chastity-till-marriage, bans on divorce, euthanasia of the handicapped, the German invasion of Poland or the Stalin-style death camps of the Nazis.

His “religion from science” did not outlaw miscegenation -- though he did think racial hybridization needed scientific scrutiny in case crucial gene-gene interactions be lost in the “shuffle” (Beyondism, p.203) (some of the interactions perhaps yielding Western classical music, Black athleticism and Chinese cuisine).

He backed ethnic segregation; but then many do, not least the Catholics and Protestants of Northern Ireland (currently separated by 13 self-chosen miles of walls and barbed wire in Belfast alone – contrary to the myth that their problems were solved by Revs Blair and Clinton) and the American Blacks and South African Whites (whose leaders, at least, would relish a state-aided population swap).

Admittedly, deriving morality or politics from facts (deriving an ought from an is) attracts little philosophical favour in Anglo-Saxon circles; but controlling supposedly worthy and certainly expensive improving efforts by facts seems reasonable enough – thus outlawing the futile egalitarian endeavours by which the Left has wrecked the state-education systems of America and Britain and made school streaming (tracking) look ever-more attractive.

Tucker claims Cattell was not just ‘guilty by association’ but ‘guilty by collaboration,’ at least in his (very) old age; but this amounts to no more than Cattell being admired as a scientific racist by outfits like William Pierce’s tiny anti-Semitic ‘National Alliance’ (to which the French far-right intellectual Alan de Benoist, listed as “integrable” by Cattell, had once sent a ‘delegation’….). Pierce, the author of The Turner Diaries which in turn inspired Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh, plainly went off at a violent tangent from Cattell’s modest proposals for raising intelligence, retaining racial treasures and reducing ethnic conflict.

Admittedly, from relatively remote Harvard of the 1930s, Cattell flirted for longer than Britain’s Eugenics Society (today the Galton Institute), with the Left’s main eventually chosen enemy, Hitler, who seemed for a while to share Churchill’s commitment to eugenics. Tucker sometimes admits that one needs to remember “the context of the time” for he probably knows that the ‘enlightened’ Bernard Shaw, H. G. Wells, Havelock Ellis, J. M. Keynes, Sidney and Beatrice Webb [1] and the Anglo-Jewish radical Harold Laski all backed strong forms of eugenics, especially for the feeble-minded; that the great love poet, Ezra Pound, not to mention D. H. Lawrence, T. S. Eliot, W. B. Yeats, P. G. Wodehouse and Labour star Oswald Mosley, had fascist sympathies or ‘worse’ – there being no other obvious way of opposing communism at the time [2]; that the father-to-be of Britain’s post-1945 welfare state, William Beveridge, thought it obvious to deny rights for the “unemployable” to “the franchise, civil freedom and fatherhood”; and that, fooled by the lying leftist editors of the Manchester Guardian and New York Times, ignorant people of Tucker’s own political persuasion were at that time (and for much longer) backing the mass-murderous Lenin, Stalin and their infamous police chiefs Latsis [3] and Beria.

And Tucker is prepared to admit that, in an economic sense, some lives are indeed worth more than others (as has to be assessed by courts when families lose a provider in a motor accident). But he weirdly declines to consider that Cattell lived through a period when a person’s worth as a scientist, artist, doctor, social worker or parent was also becoming substantially predictable and explicable from IQ. Largely ignoring the g factor, Tucker, while sweetly reasonable and well-informed on many points, misses the meat in the Cattellian sandwich.

Of course, such temporal ‘context’ is not in the end the most dignified way to excuse a self-styled rugged individualist like Cattell. How bad did the flirtation with Hitler get in Cattell’s case? Well, among all the ‘links’ in Cattell’s reading and writing, the worst that Tucker can find is probably that to the intellectual Mathilde Ludendorff (the second wife of Generalquartiermeister and war hero, Erich von Ludendorff, 1865-1937) who thought in 1928 that Hitler was being “too slow” in tackling the Jewish -- as well as the Christian -- question.

But how does this truly ‘link’ Hitler to Cattell, whose own first reference to the Jews in Beyondism is to equate them with the historic English (in realistically keeping to “a race-conscious ideal”)? If the Jews were something of a model for Cattell, with their “cultural integrity,” “guided inbreeding” and “religious segregation,” then what was Hitler? Driven by his leftist agenda, the able Tucker fails to see the wood for the trees.

If Hitler had been a good White racist -- as Cattell aspired to be -- would he have triggered the 1939-45 war with Poland, Britain and France; then gone on to attack his supine and, by 1941, White-run ally, Communist Russia (only pausing in 1940 -- disastrously for him -- to help the White Italians fight the White Greeks); then, loyal to his Asian ally, Japan, have madly declared war in late-1941 on the White-dominated USA (a self-destructive declaration doubtless intended partly as revenge for American Jewry’s key assistance of White Britain against White Germany in 1917)?

In short, what serious White racist could have brought about then-White Europe’s second civil war in 25 years? Hitler (accused eventually by Cattell himself of “utter lunacy” -- as in 1928 by General Ludendorff of “evil”) did not even love Germany (in which, partly as an Austrian, he had no personal or financial stake -- except in so far as it freed him from his tyrannical father and gave him the Iron Cross for bravery in the trenches -- and in the service of which he was probably sodomised by German officers as well as being gassed by the French).

By 1944, Hitler regarded most Germans, especially his soldiers (of whom a million had died for him on the Eastern Front) as traitors. Hitler’s criteria of ‘racial solidarity’ should surely not pass muster at today’s Mankind Quarterly; and his use of ‘race’ was evidently a matter of convenience – rather like communists’ use of ‘democracy.’

Hitler’s adult motivations were personal, anti-Semitic, imperialist and national-socialist, not race-realist. It is the modern multicultural Left, seeking more minority voters for its empire of welfare-dependency, that forever seeks to define itself as ‘holier than Hitler’ and thus anti-White. (The left only started being anti-Hitler as it objected to the Catholic General Franco’s takeover of Spain; and it quickly swallowed its newfound pride during the 1939-1941 Nazi-Soviet Pact.) But two can and should play this game.

Hitler drew less succour from Europe’s Christian Right than he did from the Left (think of the ‘liberals’ of the Oxford Union and the Nietzsche- and Heidegger-loving ‘left-bank’ collaborators of Paris). Neither was Hitler a proper racist or eugenicist – let alone IQ-ist, for the Nazis shunned IQ testing since it was Jews who did best on the tests. Koenigsburg’s Immanuel Kant and Edinburgh’s David Hume and star surgeon-professor Robert Knox were better racists than Hitler.

Funnily enough, the modern Left has lately been adopting Hitler’s anti-Semitism and pro-Islamism (for thus Hitler proposed to shake the British and French out of the Middle East, if he could get there by land, around the Black Sea). Whereas Cattell seriously and scientifically faced the world’s main problems (notably of stupidity and the resultant inefficiency, superstition and corruption throughout Africa and the Middle East), the modern Left hysterically condemns realism about where the West’s foreign problems lie, finding that its noisy Hitler-bashing frightens off most cowardly ‘conservatives’ who get anywhere near thinking of telling the truth (for which their boring degrees in ‘accountancy,’ ‘business studies’ and the worthless social science of ‘economics’ anyhow scarcely equip them).

Fortunately, Ray Cattell had both the idealism and the courage to fight in his own way for hereditarianism through a long career; and the intelligence, methodology and good luck to be proved correct about the major measurable psychological truths of the human condition which -- since love is not currently measurable -- could well be headed by the great truth of race. Cattell lived to see the growing fulfilment of his predictions as the West’s major competitor, China, with its IQ of 107+, came to have a million-man taskforce bribing mineral wealth out of long-independent Africa’s still decrepit slave-labour states; and Africa’s men and boys slaughtered, pillaged and raped in disorganized warlord armies and left their women to breed more ‘soldiers’ and prostitute daughters in the bush, supported by crazy, corruption-supporting Western ‘charitable’ operations such as that of ignoracist Irish punk rocker ‘Sir’ Bob Geldof.

Of course, Hitler’s problem had come from the French Revolution and its destruction of Christian rule; and from the failure of the French and British to accept the pan-European settlement that was on offer after Germany’s taking Paris in 1870. But the understandable German reaction to the non-acceptance of that well-earned victory did not make Germany or Hitler racist – quite the opposite, very sadly! A bit of serious racism would have done Europe a lot of good over the last 140 years; but, with the help of piously and socialistically warped (though admittedly scholarly, lucid and corner-fighting) souls like Tucker, it was not to be.

So now we face le déluge after a century of disastrous socialist-backed nationalism and lately anti-Semitism, a ‘postmodern’ half-century of fanciful Sartre-inspired subjectivist, anti-essentialist, anti-elitist and ‘postmodernist’ moi, and the colonizing ‘multicultural’ invasion of millions of low-IQ third-world immigrants and foreign-recruited wives who scarcely speak English but reliably vote (‘by post,’ i.e. bullied by husbands) for the Left’s ‘welfare state.’ Already dependent on our young to pay for the years of state-enforced sub-prime multicultural American lending of 1995-2005 and the resultant property bubble and crash, we need Cattell’s English good sense, ‘Nordic’ initiative and psychologically informed compassion as never before. Thankfully, Tucker’s well-researched -- though biased and IQ-neglectful book -- will serve, for any discerning mind, as an excellent introduction to the most sophisticated, systematic and successful differential psychologist in the empiricism-respecting and eugenic [4] tradition of Darwin [5] and Galton.



1 "In Great Britain at the moment, when half or perhaps two-thirds of all the married people are regulating their families, children are being freely born to the Irish Roman Catholics and the Polish, Russian and German the thriftless and irresponsible, the casual labourers and other denizens of the one-roomed tenements of our great cities. This can hardly result in anything but national deterioration."

Sydney WEBB (Founder-Editor of the New Statesman), 1907 and 1913, in a Fabian tract. Quoted in D. Bradshaw, 2003, A Concise Guide to Modernism, Oxford : Blackwell.

2 Churchill himself was in a minority in Parliament of just about one – and Democrat Roosevelt was no help, planning chiefly to pick up the Royal Navy when Britain collapsed, as he long expected, under German assault.

3 "We are not waging war against individual persons. We are exterminating the bourgeoisie as a class. During the investigation, do not look for evidence that the accused acted in deed or word against soviet power. The first questions to put are:

To what class does he belong?

What is his origin?

What is his education or profession?

And it is these questions that ought to determine the fate of the accused. In this lies the significance and essence of the Red Terror."

LATSIS (Chairman of the eastern front of Lenin's Cheka), 1918. Cited by G.Hosking, 1987, A History of the Soviet Union. Harmondsworth : Penguin.

4 By the 1990’s, forms of eugenic practice were common between doctors and patients, away from the beady eyes of socialist ideologues: “….the existing techniques of amniocentesis followed by abortion in the circumstances allowed by law constitute eugenics of a mild sort"-- Editorial in Nature 368, 14 iv 1994, p.872. Even left-wing intellectuals began to admit the necessity of eugenics: "....inbreeding among Roma causes a high incidence of mental retardation and other inherited disorders. ....There is no pat formula to reconcile the medical imperative to help improve health with the truth that, however successfully it struggles against racism, science will find itself at certain points compelled to behave eugenically and racially." -- Marek KOHN, 1995, The Race Gallery: the Return of Racial Science. London : Jonathan Cape.

5 It is seldom recalled that Darwin’s great 1859 work was titled On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.


I should perhaps add that I met Ray Cattell just once. As a prison psychologist at the UK’s top ‘experimental’ prison (HMP Grendon, Buckinghamshire), I had used Cattell’s tests and become familiar, from his 1965 Penguin book The Scientific Analysis of Personality, with his general aspirations. In 1969 – by then a research fellow at Nuffield College – I heard Cattell was visiting Oxford for a (dreary-sounding) ‘multivariate psychology’ conference, so I invited him for hock and strawberries with colleagues and pals in my far-from-splendid back garden.

I recall walking him back to St Hugh’s College, where he was staying. Was he quiet and depressed!! Maybe there was an endogenous manic-depressive element, but the main thing was surely his seeing the lack of recognition from Oxford’s best and brightest after what was by then already a lifetime of distinguished endeavour. Tucker objects to Cattell’s occasional dismissive remarks about other psychologists, but this is not how Cattell’s own students remember him; and, anyhow, Beethoven is said by biographers to have been brutal, rude, frank, highly competitive and scornful of others’ work – by this standard Ray was, from my experience, a model of discretion and gentility in disappointing circumstances.

I remained a committed academic defender (e.g. 1994 'How many dimensions of personality? - The 'Big 5', the 'Gigantic 3' and the 'Comprehensive 6.' Psychologica Belgica 34, 257-273; 1997 ‘Hans Eysenck’s personality dimensions: their number and nature’, in H.Nyborg, The Scientific Study of Human Nature, Pergamon) – but, no, I never got an invitation to Ray’s retirement home in Honolulu (to which Ray had retired to enjoy sailing, singing and poetry but then also found his third wife and wonderful companion, clinical psychologist Heather Birkett).

I should say (for any who do not already know it) that I myself triggered consternation in Edinburgh of 1996-8 by agreeing to the press that I espoused what the left had long called ‘scientific racism’ (or race realism) – and later by deploring the crass environmentalism of paedohysteria. But Cattell, like myself, always maintained the standard London School position that individual differences account for much more variance than race differences; and, since he did not propose to discriminate by race, I think he was entitled to insist he was not a racist in the popular senses of that designation.

(He was rather, as one of my Ph.D. students kindly explained about me to Edinburgh University in 1996, ‘an IQ-ist, not a racist.’) Should Ray have been awarded the APA prize? Yes, for his science – along with a health warning that most APA members of the 1990s (far gone in ‘liberal’-leftism as they certainly were by that time) would reject his politics. (Tucker himself is reasonable enough to toy with this possibility, though he does not commit himself as to whether he could have accepted it.)

Consistent with his lifelong humanitarianism and global thinking, Cattell’s last will and testament provided funding to build a school for the victims of Parisian-inspired anti-Western communism and genocide in Cambodia (where the Sartre-trained dictator Pol Pot had got rid of 40% of his population in two years flat, especially killing urban dwellers, anyone who wore glasses and 90% of the country’s schoolteachers) – for pictures of the school (for 260 pupils, opened December, 2007, in a village three hours from Phnom Penh) see

I should also acknowledge the kindness of the impressive and keen Texas psychologist and London Schooler, Alex Beaujean, in sending me TCC to review. – Chris Brand.


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