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The finding from 52,000 UK and US children traced through to young adulthood that the better-looking were some 12 IQ points brighter than the worse-looking (Marie-Claire, 18 i) – probably because of assortative mating by their parents – continued to be largely avoided by prissy peecee MSM.


Good news of the endless ‘modernization’ (aka re-branding) of the Tory Party came as the Sunday Mail revealed the party’s Lords leader, tubby double-chinned half-Belgian multi-millionaire Lord Strathclyde, born as Thomas Galloway Dunlop du Roy de Blicquy Galbraith (with a vast estate in Ayrshire), 50 and a close friend of Daft Dave, had been enjoying an 8-year affair with thrice-married blonde toff totty single-mum Roedean-educated socialite (i.e. coke snorter) (and friend of Liz Hurley) Birgit Cunningham, 48 (23 i).

Less good was the news for the Conservatives’ tireless aspirations to ‘family values’ (last resuscitated under their fornicating 1990s leader, John Major) for the wayward peer had hypocritically waxed lyrical in public about his 20-year long ‘happy marriage’ (with three resultant daughters).

{At least Lord Strathclyde was not a shit-eating LibDim sodomite nor a Labour cuckold – for hastily resigning Shadow Chancellor ‘Postman Pat’ Johnson, 60, turned out to have had not only his wife but also his Hull constituency secretary screwed over good and proper by his police bodyguard.

LibDim enthusiast for family values, Chris Huhne, 56, found himself deserted by local Hampshire councillors and doorstep-botherers after he was revealed to have been cheating on his wife of 26 years with a bull-necked bisexual, Carina Trimingham, 44 (23 i).}


Britain’s homosexuals, whose leaders had long tried to make an absolute distinction between homosexuality and paedophilia and to have the latter demonized in return for public acceptance of their own supposedly well-contained post-15 yaggery, found themselves in an unwelcome spotlight as Dr Hans-Christian Raabe, a Manchester GP and member of the Maranatha Community (an inter-denominational Christian movement), was appointed to HMG’s Advisory Committee on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) (Observer, 23 i).

(The committee had been plunged into controversy in 2009 when its chairman, Professor David Nutt, resigned after clashing with the government over its decision to reclassify cannabis from a class C to a class B drug.)

Raabe, who stood for the European Parliament for the Christian Peoples Alliance in 2009 but had since left the party, was medical co-ordinator of the Council for Health and Wholeness (CHW), a Christian organisation based within the Maranatha Community.

Briefing documents for MPs produced by Raabe on behalf of the CHW extolled the benefits of heterosexual marriage in fighting addiction. One stated: "Marriage is associated with greater happiness, less depression, less alcohol abuse and less smoking."

The CHW also made strong claims about the health risks of "the homosexual lifestyle". A briefing document stated: "The media and the gay movement portray the homosexual lifestyle as happy, healthy and fulfilled. However, the homosexual lifestyle is associated with a large number of very serious physical and emotional health consequences." It added: "A high proportion of homosexual men engage in a destructive lifestyle, for example contracting HIV/Aids or other STIs, and develop addictions to drugs or alcohol. There is a higher burden of depression, [and] attempted or completed suicide among the 'gay population'."

Raabe also co-authored a paper that claimed: "While the majority of homosexuals are not involved in paedophilia, it is of grave concern that there is a disproportionately greater number of homosexuals among paedophiles and an overlap between the gay movement and the movement to make paedophilia acceptable."


Though the passage of time, computer crashes and the efforts of my enemies have effectively erased many of my efforts from the internet, at least one version of The g Factor NewsLetter still survived -- here. No, I will not resist a quote:
JULY 24, 1996, Edinburgh

The censorship and suppression visited upon me do indeed seem part of a new modern pattern. Today, the censorious PeeCees - strangely called 'liberals' in America - not uncommonly make deep obeisances to the First Amendment while cracking ahead with the new kind of censorship they have in mind.

Thus, recently, Justice Clarence Thomas found himself picketed by 'liberals' who nobly championed his right to speak - so long as he spoke elsewhere, other than at the suburban high school to which he had been invited.

Likewise, liberal protesters did not want conventional censorship of David Irving's latest historical revisionism re the Holocaust: they merely did not want Irving's book to be published by a "respectable" publisher (St Martin's Press of New York).

I am indebted to an anonymous writer in 'Sobran's' (July issue) for these observations. The writer himself observes, reflecting on his own experiences with 'liberals': "[they] would fight to the death for my right to [speak], provided I were stranded, incommunicado, on a desert island."

As it turns out, this has been Wiley's policy with me all along. Claiming to want only to dissociate their name from my 'repellent' views, they have so far kept my book off the shelves for three months and intend to prolong the suppression so long as I decline to put myself at risk of bankruptcy in going to "arbitration" on their terms.


According to 'Sobran's' a condemnatory term favoured by American 'liberals' is "noxious." That, too, rings a bell with me. For "obnoxious" was the term selected by my University Principal, Dame Stewart Sutherland, when squeaking to paparazzi about my views (while in ignorance of any aspect of my views apart from their impiety).

Perhaps there are Ivy League Summer Schools for Vice-Chancellors where they learn their lines as to how to defend 'multiculturalism', relativism and ignoracism in the universities of the English-speaking world?


Fifteen years after the West’s cowards failed to rally to The g Factor or to my clemency plea for 85-yr-old Nobelist paedophile Carleton Gajdusek, two mega-‘dons’ of English soccer, Andy Gray and Richard Keys, found themselves booted out of their happy 20-yr-long broadcasting sinecures after reflecting privately (but having failed to turn off their microphones) that women seldom understood ‘the offside rule’ and should concentrate more on ‘getting their kit off’ (Sydney Morning Herald, 26 i).

Star presenter Keys had even somehow been filmed jovially asking a fellow TV soccer pundit “Did you smash it?” – apparently well-known footie speak for “Did you have sex with her?” The pious Sun adjudicated (26 i):” It was Stone Age coarseness from a professional earning £1.7million a year.”

{By contrast, the BBC broadcast every weekday morning a whole hour of feminist propaganda, called ‘Woman‘s Hour’ – there was of course no ‘Man’s Hour’ for fear of the sackings or prosecutions that might ensue if any real man so much as opened his mouth. Years of minority-venerating multiculti madness had finally yielded a media tyranny of which the old communist East Germany would have been proud.

The sackings even winkled out of the Quislinggraph an admission that a new level of “intolerance” had been reached in Britain; and the paper’s Simon Heffer called the sackings ‘fascist’ (28 i). Across the Pond, America’s ‘liberal’-left continued to do its own best to silence the voices of Sarah Palin and similar rightists deemed guilty by Democrats of ‘hate speech’ and incitement to murder of the like of Congresswoman Giffords (q.v.).}

JULY 25, 1996, Edinburgh
Sometimes an observation about otherwise baffling social phenomena really hits the nail on the head. Here is Steve Plaut of Berkeley analysing a peecee penchant that most people find peculiar:
"Something that has always been confusing is why recycling of refuse has always played such a dominant role in the "minds" of the politically correct. I mean, after all, our PC brethren spend far more time sorting through their garbage and piling up neat little recycling bins in front of their condos than they spend on anything else.

Now, we surely all know that they are not recycling because they still suffer from the delusion that recycling saves resources. Especially since a recent NY Times Magazine had a 10-page piece explaining to them how it actually wastes resources and was entitled ‘Recycling is Garbage. So what is it?’ The answer is clearly the need on the part of the PC cult to find a religious and spiritual symbol to put on their lawns, much as some Catholics place a crêche of Jesus and Mary.

So the real purpose of the recycling bins and trash piles is to serve as a PC crêche, to advertise to the world that the people who placed it on their lawn are caring and compassionate people, concerned about the earth. And putting up a PC crêche is so much cheaper and easier than, say, going out and really learning the skills and knowledge necessary to address and resolve the real problems of the world....

The PC movement is of course a religion, and, other than the crêche, has many other religious aspects, like the constant repetition of the names of the PC Trinity (race, gender, and sexual "orientation"), PC religious slogans and mantras, etc."


The six-year experiment of Britain’s ‘Conservatives’ with ‘modernizing’ multiculturalislam came to grief as Black ‘Lord Taylor of Warwick,’ 58 (aka Lord Fraud) (the son of Jamaican immigrants), was found guilty (11-1) by a London jury of fiddling his parliamentary expenses (by claiming to live in Oxford, at the address of a brother, when in fact he never went near the place).

Needless to say, no radio listener would ever have learned that Lord Fraud was Black, for that handy descriptor could not be mentioned, even by the Sun (26 i). Lord Fraud had been put in the House of Lords by Daft Dave’s ‘Conservatives’ after his skin colour had cost them a by-election and they were desperate to disprove accusations of Conservatives being ‘racist’ – so, from losing a Commons seat, Taylor had gone on to disgrace both the Lords and the party piously determined to collect token Blacks.


Fifty-five years after America insisted on taking over the policing of the Middle East from Britain and France (and their ally at Suez, Israel), Tunisia, Egypt and the Yemen were in flames (with their leaders in hiding) and Pakistan emerged as being used as a base for suicide-bomb attacks on Russia (killing 35 in Moscow and injuring 180).

Meantime, grey chainsmoking US Musli President Barry Insane Obarmy lectured his fellow citizens on the wondrous advantages of shovelling more money into non-selective ‘education’ – a policy as likely to be effective as a half-century of shovelling dollars into the Middle East (at $246M annually for tiny and largely traitorous and terror-ravaged Lebanon alone).


In a rare triumph for university free speech which would have been celebrated by libertarian novelist Ayn Rand, the U.S. Naval Academy agreed to a legal settlement with a dissident faculty member after a federal investigation found evidence that it had illegally denied him a merit-pay increase to punish him for his public criticism of its affirmative-action policies (Chronicles of Higher Education, 26 i).

The findings and settlement, announced by the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, represented a signal victory for Bruce E. Fleming, a tenured professor of English. He was a civilian employee who had filed a complaint with the federal agency in September 2009 after being denied a merit-pay raise that year.

Mr. Fleming, who had criticized the academy and its affirmative-action policies for several years, blamed the alleged crackdown on him on administrators' anger over a widely circulated June 14, 2009, column in an Annapolis newspaper, The Capital, in which he argued that the academy enrolled minority students through a separate, less-demanding admissions process, and that many of those students struggled academically.

His whistle-blower complaint accused the academic dean and provost, Andrew T. Phillips, of taking extraordinary steps to deny him a raise that had been recommended by the English department's chairwoman.

The academy had unsuccessfully accused the professor of conduct in violation of a 1940 statement of principles by the American Association of University Professors {a statement surely much to the liking of ‘media law’ professor Eric Barendt, q.v. and *} which held that faculty members should be accurate in their statements, "exercise appropriate restraint," show respect for the opinions of others, and try not to appear to speak for their institution.

* Ten weeks after the publication of Barendt’s Academic Freedom, there was still not a single review/comment at Amazon Books on the tired scholar’s peecee sycophancy – apart from my own note on Barendt’s concluding chapter titled “THE CHRIS BRAND CASE.”


25 years ago it was illegal for Westerners to use the Internet, which was anyhow unheard of and reserved for specialized military purposes. By 2011, any Westerner who reflected too much on genes, race and IQ wouldl be silenced or sacked. In Taki Magazine (19 i), the sage John Derbyshire pondered what the future held for the ‘killer technology’ of genomics, and reckoned China had the edge:
Hong Kong is poised to become an international gene sequencing and genomics research hub, thanks to the work of the Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI), mainland China’s leading genomic company.

BGI set up its genome sequencing research lab thanks to a 10 billion yuan low-interest loan from the state-run China Development Bank. Ten billion is a lot of yuan (around $1.5 billion), and there is plenty more where that came from.

Chinese genomics research is casting its net wide—wider than would be thought proper in our own gene-shy public culture. One of BGI’s programs is studying the genetic basis for IQ’s heritability, variously estimated by researchers at between 40 and 80 percent. Prevailing dogma in the US, however, insists the correct number is zero percent, so that no such work could be done here, certainly not on billion-dollar soft loans from the feds.

{Meantime, the more humble eugenic experiment of allowing more breeding by the relatively well-educated members of the Communist Party within a 100-mile radius around Peking remained unstudied by even the Galton Institute – which had declined to show an interest despite my promptings in the 1990s.

Altogether, it seemed likely that the Chinese would indeed get more out of Darwin than had the British – even if Peking’s top geneticist, Bruce Lahn (q.v.) stayed located in Chicago pro tem., keeping his views on race and IQ under his hat for the sake of US dollars, and China’s politicos and media folk had still to prove they could cope more manfully than the West with the realism of The Bell Curve and The g Factor.}


The first major result of Bleck Berry Obarmy’s ‘foreign policy’ for America emerged as Muslims rioted all over Greater Arabia, dispatching the leader of Tunisia into hiding in Saudi, burning down the HQ of Egypt’s ruling party, triggering copy-cat violence in the Yemen and even worrying the world’s longest-running tyrant, Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi.

Said the Guardian (29 i, Simon Tisdall): “{Billary} Clinton .... struck a lopsided note. "Our assessment is that the Egyptian government is stable and is looking for ways to respond to the legitimate needs and interests of the Egyptian people," she said. Against a backdrop of street battles, beatings-up, teargas, flying bricks, mass detentions and attempts to shut information networks, her words sounded unreal, even foolish.”

Insane Obarmy’s first act as President of the breakaway religious-maniacal republic of the USA had been to visit Egypt to explain he was an Africa-born Muslim who hated Britain (he returned a bust of Winston Churchill from the White House) and the West and only fawned on Jews so as to keep their money propping up the mega-bankrupt country which had idealistically elected to solve its racial problem which it had been fanning for years by welfarism, single-parent breeding and mass immigration.

By 2011, even the dull Egyptians (mean IQ 83) had got the message that America, despite pumping $1.5B annually into illiterate Egypt (there was scarcely a bookshop in Cairo, the ‘intellectual capital’ of the Arab world) in its chosen version of post-Suez empire-by-bribery, was a pushover and that a few days of vandalism against their US-backed dictators would allow them to have Sharia law, re-start fighting the Jews and above all get their claws into each other in pursuit of the Sooloony-Shitite split which was the long-running essential feature of Mohammedanism. Whether Turkey would use its vast army to re-establish the Ottoman Empire remained to be seen.


One of the hilarious divisions in the multiculti world of illusion was exposed in Uganda as a top yag was murdered and a Black pastor called on homosexuals to repent and accept divine punishment (Guardian, 29 i).{To follow: high-taxing Left with so-far-cowardly feminists in tow versus Muslim family life / polygamy / wife-beating.}

Meantime, in not-so-post-Labour Britain, homosexual tyranny continued, with scores of yag couples persecuting the Cornwall b&b owners who had tried to avoid renting double beds to homos, and with local councils ‘offering’ lesson schemes to their teachers which would embed LGBTs within maths, history and geography lessons as if LGBT-ery were entirely normal and widely practised (D. Telegraph, 22 i).


“Pick a gender difference, any difference. Now watch very closely as – poof! – it’s gone.” Such was the daring academic conclusion in 2010 of Cordelia Fine (The Real Science Behind Gender Differences, Icon Books, £15) – though the glittering and youthful (if chubby) psychologist (from Oxford to Cambridge to hotbed-of-leftism Melbourne) did not seem to trouble herself (at least, judging by the review in by Carol Tavris in Times Literary Supplement, 26 i 2011) to discuss the sex differences in intelligence distribution and tender mindedness set out by Richard Lynn and myself (The g Factor, Chap. 1).

{For a dismissal of the book’s ‘heavily politicized, archaic feminist ideology,’ see the review by Alex Drummond at Amazon Books. Even a keen supporter of young Cordelia wrote merely: “Fine doesn't prove that there are no differences between male and female brains but she provides a fantastically sarcastic commentary on the literature which aims to prove the opposite.”}


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Sunday, January 23, 2011


1. A doctor who was barred from working in 14 UK posts, over concerns about his competence, faced being struck off after assessments rated his performance “spectacularly poor.” Lucious Okere, 53, a Nigerian who had trained in Italy, came to Britain in 2007 intending to work as a GP, the General Medical Council heard. He failed the exams and turned his attention to surgical posts, gaining about 14 locum jobs in hospitals that either dismissed him or declined to rehire him because of his work, the GMC was told. Okere did not attend the London hearing nor register any response to the five charges against him. – Daily Telegraph, 19 i.

2. A Cornwall Christian couple were bankrupted by a court which backed the claim of two yags to be given a double bed in the couple’s b&b – even though the couple were able to show that for decades their policy had been to deny such accommodation to any unmarried couple, whether homo or straight. They thus joined a Christian sex therapist sacked for refusing to counsel homos and a registrar sacked for refusing to conduct ‘civil partnerships.’ – Daily Telegraph, 19 i.

3. Britain’s CamCo regime bowed to Islam by banning greybeard American Pastor Terry Jones (author of Islam is of the Devil) from coming to discuss his insights into the Koran with his daughter and grandchildren and with a group called ‘England is Ours.’ – CNN, 20 i.

4. Making submission complete, CamCo had gummint ministress and Conservative Chairwomyn Mueslie Howareyou Fartsi declare that Britain was full of “bigotry” against Mueslis – as witness the branding of a few dozen of them as ‘extremists.’ – AFP, 20 i.

{Baroness Fartsi chose not to mention the far-from-unbigoted attitudes of most Muslims to faggots – who were to be ‘thrown off the cliff’ according to mainstream Muesli teaching. Nor did she consider the hounding of Christians from the Middle East, or the 100% British tolerance of Jews and Catholics since 1870. Research published i 2011 by the US-based Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life found the Muslim population of Britain was 2.9 million, or 4.6 percent of the population -- up from 1.6 million in 2001.}

5. “SO, on the day when UK unemployment hits 2.5million, what do thousands of ‘JobCentrePlus’ staff do? Offer to work harder to help people who find themselves on the dole? Volunteer to give up their weekends off to assist the fellow citizens who have fallen on hard times? Nah. Their union has called 3,000 call centre staff out on a 48 hour strike from today ... to protest at being worked TOO HARD. Unbelievable.” – Sun, 20 i.


In a fine exercise of smartypants mendacity and/or hysterical repression, the ‘Chairwoman of the Conservative Party’ (a Daft-Dave appointment) Mueslie Lady Fartsi (of Pakistani origin) announced there was simply no such thing as Muslim extremism – even despite conversation and London dinner tables including much casual Islamophobia (Sunday Mirror, 23 i, ‘Baroness Warsi seems intent on fanning the flames of prejudice with inflammatory language’)

By definition, apparently, an ‘extremist’ could not be a Muslim. Yes, there was plenty of White racism, meriting Barendt-style restrictions on ‘uncivil’ White free speech and terror operations by police and employers against Whites; but public demands for ‘Christian pigs’ and ‘those who slander Islam’ to be ‘executed’ were just natural Muesli high spirits which freedom-loving Brits (though themselves bullied by the Race Relations Acts and kindred state-socialist ‘anti-hate’ measures) should just ignore politely....

Small wonder even the Guardian concluded (23 i): “In reaching so emotively and in such an ill-defined manner for the "Islamophobia" charge, she is in danger of conflating a reservation about particular aspects of Islam with a condemnation of all Muslims.”


Bespectacled German Bundesbanker Thilo Sarrazin, the hammer of the Turks (q.v.), got his own ‘Freedom Party’ (aiming for the success achieved by Geert Wilders in Holland) (Der Spiegel, 6 i) – headed by ex-CDU politician René Stadtkewitz and attracting support from American-Jewish neoconservative Islamocritic Daniel Pipes [son of top Harvard historian Richard Pipes], various Israeli worthies, groups in Berlin and North-Rhine Westphalia [around Bonn and Cologne] and a 200-strong audience in Copenhagen.


Well-organized sodomites, having (over 13 years of Fairy-Blair and Bugger-Brown Labour rule) shafted the Church of England and the nation’s student unions and guesthouses, provided yet more advertisement for the advantages of Islam as they moved to sack a 60-yr-old Christian female counsellor-psychotherapist who had confided to a yag man (who had secreted a tape recorder) that, with the help of prayer, she might be able to help him go straight (Sunday Mail, 16 i).


Though seeing a 50% drop in its congregations and weddings in fifteen years, and 50 of its clergy and a few thousand parishioners actually defecting to Rome in protest against homosexualism and femininnerie, the socialism-loving, Prayer Book-abandoning, ‘cuts’-bashing Church of England hypocritically proposed to increase its wedding fees by 50% (to £450 – plus extras for vicars showing up at crematoria and wakes) (Sunday Mail, 16 i).


In line with Britain’s tRATorous politicians having destroyed the country’s schools [Britain below Estonia in European league tables], hospitals [full of filth and obese lesbian ‘carers’], universities [run by peecee terror], town halls [rubbish uncollected, potholes unmended, non-existent E’bro’ trams costing £1B], criminal justice [often anonymous], police [nowhere to be seen] and military reputation [girls’ schools in Afghastliland blown up daily by Tallyhos], a GIANT RAT was seen on live TV scurrying into the basement of No.10 Downing Street as the BBC’s political correspondent Gary Guinness O’Donoghue made a broadcast from the hallowed spot (Sun, 17 i).

(Was it a Liberal-DemocRAT?, asked the Sun, after LibDims had declined to sanction ‘control orders’ [a permissive form of house arrest] for Mueslis unless the orders were renamed to cater for LibDim sensitivities.)

Other RATS were to be found fighting for the Tallyhos against British troops in Afghastliland – Pakis who had grown up in Britain and held British passports which had never been withdrawn for peecee fear of infringing their ooman rights (Sun, 17 i).

“THE latest human rights scandal proves our legal system is not fit for purpose. Shadrick Heslop, a Jamaican gangster freed from jail, will not be deported - as the Home Office ordered - because it would harm his "right" to live here with his parents. The decision was made by an immigration tribunal.

These judicial bodies, little-known and seemingly unaccountable, wield too much power. Last month a tribunal allowed asylum seeker Aso Mohammed Ibrahim to stay here. He was the low-life criminal who drove into 12-year-old Amy Houston and left her to die. The Conservatives said they would dismantle Labour's human rights madness. They can start by curbing the power of immigration tribunals.” – The Sun, 17 i.


As the year of cuts’n’strikes opened, adenoidal Labour leader Ed MiliLitre found it in himself to condemn as “appalling” his trade union backers deciding to withdraw their stinky services on the day of the royal wedding (April 29th) – though he did not take the opportunity to jump in before Daft Dave and Burbling Boris and make strikes illegal unless backed in secret ballots by 50% of the workforce.


Further to CamCo seeming to say it would provide GERMAN-STYLE SCHOOL CHOICE FOR ENGLAND (q.v.), in line with the advice in The g Factor, a Spectator correspondent sagely remarked (17 i, ‘Liberty’):

“In Germany there is academic selection because the UK system was forced on them after WW2. They also took seriously technical schools which were originally in our system but snobbery stopped them developing. Germany still send just 20% to university thus preserving standards. Other 18yr olds go to work and do sandwich courses thus learning important things like getting up in the morning, arriving on time and not hung over. Our lot learn how to get drunk, attend the odd lecture, get brainwashed with multiculturalism, Islamofascism, Marxian economics and when they emerge at 21 they are fit for nothing.”


Unremarked by all except David Horowitz’s NewsRealBlog (10 i, Phyllis Chesler), the Spectator (11 i, Melanie Phillips) and the BNP (17 i), Denmark put on trial a brave MP (Jesper Langbelle) and an academic historian (Lars Hedegaard) for telling home truths about the thousands of Muesli ‘honour’ killings and rapes in Denmark and the UK – charges to which truth had been made, under multicult Danish ‘law’, no defence.

Incarceration for two years was an available sanction. A Speccie correspondent (J.D. Bryan) shrewdly observed:

“This attack on free speech, literally endorsing intolerance in the name “fighting” intolerance, is the product of Left wing dogma. Specifically, that it is all pervading is due to the Soft Left who have adopted political correction and dominate most western the institutions.

Yet as we know, political correctness is a neo-Marxist creation designed to undermine the West. This constant threat to liberty is thus the product of the Hard Left. It seems we have been so busy watching for the dangers of the Far Right we have been mugged by the Hard Left.”

{But resistance to peecee-fortified Islam would prove as futile as my own race-realist efforts of 1996-8. The Muslim offers of polygamy and female obedience were far more attractive than anything on offer from the deracinated West which enslaved its population as state operatives and welfare dependents, ruined men by its feminazie divorce settlements and dumbed down its educational provision to virtually Muesli levels of rote learning.

And Islam offered the only likely way of beating the Blair-Brownite tyranny of homosexualism – which had bankrupted a Cornwall couple who declined to rent double beds in their b&b to unmarried couples, including civil-partnered yags.}


Amidst all the ‘liberal’ fury at the Giffords shooting (q.v.), right-wing State Senate President Russell Pearce, 63 (and with no link to loony loner shooter Loughner), announced he would carry on with his efforts to man the border with Mexico, to detain and imprison illegal immigrants, to give merely second-class citizenship to their children, and to pass ‘concealed carry’ gun legislation so that all Arizona’s criminals would live in fear that their victims might be carrying a weapon (AmRen, 18 i).


Fifteen years after I was harried and sacked (and compensated) at E.LU. for scientific racism, chauvinism, Freudianism and anti-paedohysteria, the utter failure of Western academics to stand up for the simplest principles of free speech had yielded the following result in Arizona:

“A group of sociologists did a poll in Arizona about the new immigration law. Sixty percent said they were in favor, and 40 percent said, ‘No hablo English.’” That joke in class had Robert Engler, a 12-year sociology professor at Roosevelt University, fighting for his career. It elicited two written complaints in the spring of 2010 as ‘ethnically offensive,’ and what followed was a protracted argument that eventually included the termination of Engler’s employment from the Fall semester (WorldNetDaily, 13 i).


Student friends tend to share a gene known to make for alcoholism (or non-alcoholism) and to differ in a gene making for openness (cf. tender-mindedness), reported a team from San Diego (Nature, 18 i) (though replication was thought necessary).


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Sunday, January 16, 2011


After days of fevered denials by top peecee Whites (and by oily Indian-parented multicult-loving Labour MP KeithVaz, much prone to corruption allegations) that Pakistani grooming, raping and pimping of White girls around Derby had a racist element, even Mohammed Shafiq, director of the Muslim youth group the Ramadhan Foundation, said the abuse was fuelled by racism in parts of the ‘Asian’ {i.e. Srindopakeshi} community.

"There is a perception that some of these young men do not see White girls as equal, as valuable, as of high moral standing as they see their own daughters, and their own sisters, and I think that's wrong," he said. "It's a form of racism that's abhorrent in a civilised society" (Sun, 10 i).

As if thus liberated by Shafiq (and Labour’s ex-Home Secretary Jack Straw) from accusations of ‘racism’, MSM got round to revealing that Midlands police had picked up another nine ‘Asian’ males (around age 30, in Rochdale), and aimed to accuse them of grooming, rape, abuse, sex-purchasing, pimping, paedophilia etc. against at least fourteen sub-16 White trash girls (Press Association, 11 i).

In the Times (6 i, p. 9), there was a story by reporter Andrew Norfolk headlined "It's happening in the Netherlands too -- 1,500 teenagers are groomed each year. Dutch 'loverboys' can make £6,000 a week out of selling girls for sex."

The pimps, who used grooming (so were called loverboys), were nearly all Moroccans or Turks; their victims were nearly all White girls aged 13 to 16. The Dutch said people were frightened to say Muslim "boys" were the problem.

(Depersonalization of native girls is the basis of all vulgar colonization. – Notably, this did not happen in India, where Kipling’s tommies liked Hindu girls rather better than the frosty memsahibs sent out from the Britain to relieve them of their wages.)


As the West’s eager peecee media rushed to blame the killings (and critical brain injury to Democrat Jewess Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords) by Tucson gunman Jared Loughner on agitation by Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and American Renaissance (e.g. the Grauniad’s Michael Tomasky, 10 i; Torygraph, 10 i, which accused AmRen of “fanatical anti-Semitism”), cooler heads noted that irreligious druggy and military reject Loughner had The Communist Manifesto at the top of his reading list as well as Mein Kampf, that he spoke of wanting to become a woman, that he had never subscribed to AmRen or attended any of its meetings (which had all been on the East Coast, not in Arizona), that he was registered in Arizona as an ‘independent’ voter, that AmRen leader Jared Taylor denied any knowledge of him, that aggressive right-wing American rhetoric had been well matched by leftists portraying Dubya Bush as Hitler and imagining him being assassinated, and that the Department of Homeland Security’s description of AmRen as “anti-Semitic” and “anti-ZOG” showed the sheerest ignorance of AmRen’s rolling efforts to screen out anti-Semitic supporters ever since its foundation in 1991. All told, Loughner was a schizophrenic (whose ‘care in the community’ had allowed him to remain unmedicated*) rather than any remotely serious participant in national political debate.

Loyally, the Wall Street Journal defended the right (11 i, James Taranto) – especially against the New York Times which (though it had counselled against seeing any connection between Major Hasan’s Islamic beliefs and his murders [q.v.]) held ‘Republicans and their most virulent supporters’ responsible for the mayhem in Tucson.

It was worth recalling that ‘right-wing’ Dallas was initially put in the frame for the murder of President John F. Kennedy – only for it to turn out that murderer Lee Harvey Oswald was a Castro-backing Marxist.

Eventually the Department of Homeland Security denied that it had anything to do with linking Loughner to AmRen – a link which was then rumoured to have come from anymous operatives of the Arizona Counter-Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC) (Right Side News, 13 i). And the Anti-Defamation League said inspection of Loughner’s website showed not anti-semitism or right-wing extremism or links to AmRen but just a “generic distrust of government” (Jewish Chronicle, 12 i).

Democrats’ attempts to distance themselves from the ‘inflammatory’ speech of right-wingers was undermined as people recalled President Obarmy’s own remark: “If they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun.”

A further complexity was that the wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was a ‘bluedog Democrat’ who opposed gun control and was thus widely reviled by ‘liberal Democrats.’

Even Democrat Muslim Barry Insane Obarmy declined to say that ‘lack of civility in discussion’ had led to the Tucson shooting – “It did not,” he said (Wall Street Journal, 13 i).

Further inquiry by the Daily Mail found (13 i) that Loughner was into rapism, whupping the handicapped and cannibalism – not items conspicuously on the Tea Party agenda. Apparently a lithe-looking 15-year old girlfriend had dumped him in 2005; she said his psychotic ramblings dated to that event.

ACTIC eventually declared its accusations against AmRen to have been merely the informal result of a couple of its operatives having a ‘brainstorming’ session (Politico, 11 i); and it turned out Loughner was actually Jewish and his mother belonged to the same synagogue as the shot Congresswoman; but this was not before AmRen received scores of leftist hate mails.

* The alleged shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, was reported to have had symptoms associated with schizophrenia—incoherent thought processes, delusional ideas, erratic behavior—and almost certainly was seriously mentally ill and untreated. The fact that he had been barred from his college until he was evaluated by a psychiatrist attested the nature of the problem. In Arizona, public mental-health services were among the worst in the USA. In a 2008 survey by the Treatment Advocacy Center, Arizona ranked next to last among all American states in the number of psychiatric hospital beds per capita (the least-provided state was Nevada).


As Chinese Yale professorette Amy Chua explained in the Wall Street Journal her programme of 24-hour discipline for her mixed-race children,* and her view that Western parents were essentially lazy and thus responsible for the slippage of their countries in educational league tables, she found herself confronted not by amiable race-realist discussion of how East Asian genetic g and conscientiousness/conformity made for studiousness and success in the simple-minded multiple-choice exams long favoured by Americans, but rather by a wall of hostile correspondence accusing her of ‘racism’ and urging her to take her family off to China (Independent, 11 i).

* "Chinese parenting is incredibly lonely—at least if you're trying to do it in the West, where you're on your own," Chua wrote. "You have to go up against an entire value system—rooted in the Enlightenment, individual autonomy, child development theory and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights."


A bogus Kenyan asylum seeker who said she had been gang-raped and seen her brothers murdered made up the atrocities to swindle £260,000 in handouts from UK taxpayers. Result: jailed for four years (=18 months, if of good behaviour) and then to live on UK benefits for the rest of her life. (Sun, 11 i). Number of British politicians to swing: none (though one Labour MP was already jailed for fiddling his own parliamentary expenses, and another egalitarian socialist MP thief was to follow).


Beefy Britoid trade unionists (their shaven-headed leaders unfailingly resembling tub-o’-lard Sumo wrestlers) gave the UK’s CamCo government the ideal opportunity to withdraw their ‘right to strike’ (long unnecessary because of the availability of bikes, Mondeos, divorce and EU citizenship) as they scandalously planned to bring London’s Tube network to a halt on April 29th, the day selected for the ultra-long-awaited royal wedding of Wills’n’Kate [to appear on tea towels with the intertwined initials CW, not WC...].

Daft Dave and Burbling Boris Johnson appeared together in the Sun to appeal to trade unionists to defy their leaders; but DD and BB did not feel so brave as to announce actual legislation to require strike voting majorities to involve at least 50% of the workforce.


Determined that pop psychology of 2011 should continue to repeat the mistakes of the previous thirty years, the BBC’s News Magazine provided a review of intelligence and genius (David Shenk [q.v., 7 iii 2010], 13 i) which insisted no individual differences were ‘set in genetic stone’ since they were all ‘complex interaction effects – entirely neglecting in this the opinions of psychogeneticists and differential psychologists, not to mention The g Factor [Chap. 3].


Several middle-aged frumps won ‘employment tribunal’ suits against the BBC to the effect that they should be allowed to carry on as mega-paid news dollies ooops presenters ad infinitum. The Daily Mail’s cartoonist ‘Mac’ was quick to grasp the dire implications, picturing an old crone presenting the News on telly, saying “As well as all the stuff in Australia, I had to take the cat to the vet and I lost me teeth in the ladies’ lav” (13 i)


Having spent six months doing little but help a few hundred secondary schools convert to being ‘academies’ (which they probably were already, in terms of academic quality) and maintaining (contrary to his own 2005 book) that Mueslis were not a problem (not even when they were responsible for 90% of adolescent grooming and pimping in the Midlands [q.v.]), Education Secretary Michael Gove at last unleashed a most welcome bombshell: that all English children, when 14, would be offered a choice between ‘academic study’ and a vocational training at a special technical college (Student [Edinburgh], 11 i, ‘Selection by stealth’: “Gove’s policy is a cruelly deceptive worshipping of ideology which risks perpetuating inequality for generations to come”). OK, though Govey hailed from Aberdeen, his scheme would not apply in bonny socialist Scotland; but it was good to see the key educational principles of Sir Cyril Burt and The g Factor [Chap. 4] being respected.


Even distinguished and conservative-sympathetic political philosopher Kenneth Minogue (reviewing a book on the ‘Big Society’ by Jesse Norman, Times Literary Supplement, 14 i) could not work out at all decisively what the ‘Big Society’ involved – unless it were perchance another democratic wheeze for people to get their hands into other people’s pockets. Funny, that! For, as I had explained to the Prison Service in 1966, it seems reasonable and sensible that all adults name a voluntary institution (church, college, club, fund, union etc.) with which they kept in contact and via which they received various kinds of insurance cover in return for subscriptions and accepting a degree of supervision. Once such voluntaristic links were established, it would be easy to begin large-scale demolition of Labour’s client ‘welfare’ state of overpaid and often obese operatives.


Aware of the ongoing spineless treachery of Britain’s political class (seen in spades on BBC ‘Question Time,’ 13 i, where not a single one of five Dimblebore-selected panellists would agree that Pakis had a tendency to pimp White girls, q.v. ), south London Blacks openly leafleted council estates telling denizens ooops residents DON’T SNITCH to cops on Black rapists and murderers (Sun, 14 i).

The misspelt flyers warned: "The police are not you friends. They will say anything to make you snitch, then destroy your life. Be smart, don't snitch!!" Devil's horns and a tail were added to the poster's Trident logo. PeeCee-trained Britoid top fuzz merely criticized the campaign mildly as ‘irresponsible’ – whereas a motorist who had flashed his lights to warn other drivers of a speed camera trap had actually been prosecuted by police for ‘interfering with their inquiries.’


As Britain’s Daft Dave and Burbling Boris united (for once) to urge Sun readers to defy their obese crew-cropped throwback union bosses and not strike on the day of the royal wedding (April 29th), they were given fresh hope as an advert for 100 groundstaff (incl. baggage thieves ooops handlers) at Southampton Airport attracted no fewer than 5,000 applicants – suggesting that many of the airways staff who had caused misery for millions in 2010 could easily be consigned to take their own turn in the dole queues and that striking could be made illegal except when 50% of a workforce backed it.


Two months after Eric Barendt’s Academic Freedom (Oxford : Hart; q.v.) ‘explained’ that no academic freedom could be expected by those in luniversities who failed to suck up to Jew-leftie-commie ‘colleagues,’ the wretched book had attracted not a single review at Amazon Books; but at least the Grauniad’s convert Simon Jenkins got independently into the ‘liberal’-left spirit of things:

“Freedom can only flourish in a climate of discipline. [Sometimes,] as Obama said, there is a yearning "to try to impose some order on the chaos". If American politics is now going the way of wounding, not healing, it needs the tonic of order. It is the great paradox of democracy. Free speech cannot exist without chains.” So much for Queen Elizabeth I and the American Constitution!


An American correspondent wrote: “ main reference these days is a book by [Richard Lynn’s co-author] Tatu Vanhanan, "Ethnic conflicts explained by ethnic nepotism". He did a tabulation of countries around the world, coding each one with what I thought were pretty sensible measures of ethnic diversity and degree of ethnic conflict. Got a positive correlation of 0.72 if I remember correctly. That's extremely high for social sciences. The book does address well, I think, what happens when different ethnies within a country vary in whether there is a single highly dominant ethny or whether several ethnies are close enough in size to warrant competing for the top spot. With the latter situation, they fight like hell.”


Hilariously testing their multiculti tolerance to the limit, British soldiers in Afghanistan were told by the Army to handle homosexual advances from tribesmen and accounts of their paedophilic conquests with grace and civility (Telegraph, 14 i). Apparently the Army had learned what everyone else knew fifteen years previously, that, in Afghastliland [scheduled for demakrazy by the lunatic West] “ older, powerful men boosted their social status by keeping boys as sexual playthings and the practice was celebrated in song and dance.”


“Oxytocin, [a hormone] released from the hypothalamus region of the brain, gives rat mothers the urge to nurse their pups, keeps male prairie voles monogamous and, even more remarkable, makes people trust each other more. ....As oxytocin comes into sharper focus, its social radius of action turns out to have definite limits. .... Psychologists trying to specify its role have now concluded it is the agent of ethnocentrism. ....

In a report published last year in Science, based on experiments in which subjects distributed money, [Carsten K. W. De Dreu, a psychologist at the University of Amsterdam] and colleagues showed that doses of oxytocin made people more likely to favor the in-group at the expense of an out-group. With a new set of experiments in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, he has extended his study to ethnic attitudes, using Muslims and Germans as the out-groups for his subjects, Dutch college students.” – Nicholas WADE, New York Times, 10 i.


Prompted by a viral video showing a wild, all-Black, all-female brawl outside a Florida gas station, cops launched a probe to identify and possibly arrest the combatants, some of whom had clothing ripped off during the mêlée (AmRen, 12 i). A police review of the clip noted that, “all of the females began striking at one another with open and closed fists.” As the brawl continued, “Several of the females involved lost articles of clothing revealing their breasts, buttocks, and genitalia.”

At the video’s end, five women were seen “dancing and yelling as if to celebrate some type of victory. One female even went as far as standing on the hood of a car as she danced.” One battler was so vigorously throwing haymakers that her dress slid up her torso to reveal the woman’s magnificent thong-adorned rear. Another combatant, who did not fare as well, had her dress nearly ripped off during the confrontation. At the fight’s conclusion, the RaceTrac’s parking lot was dotted with wigs and hair extensions torn off during the fight.[The three-minute video can be viewed here]

A splendid call for Western recolonization of Ivory Coast, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Haiti and other Black hellholes was issued in the Wall Street Journal, 11 i. As one AmRen correspondent promptly observed: “....the mean I.Q. of a country and its capacity for a modern technology economy and civilized society are strongly correlated.”


Showing Britain’s Pakistani youth that paedophilia did not need to involve raping, torture, pimping and (as Labourite Jack Straw put it) ‘treating girls like meat, unmarried affluent graphic design businessman and polo player Giles Cross, then 43, fell for an unnameable-for-legal reasons anorexic fifteen- year-old girl whom he met at stables in Cheshire. Soon the pair were on most affectionate terms (he called her Belle, she called him Beau) and one thing led to another over 15 months in Cross’s ‘Ink’n’Paper’ office.

The pair would talk until 5am on Skype while Cross took thousands of 'screen shot' pictures of his beloved in her bedroom. Said the girl [17 by the time of the seven-day 2011 trial in Chester] as Cross was jailed for a savage four years (after her parents discovered the liaison) (Daily Telegraph, 15 i, ‘The predatory paedophile at the polo club’; Daily Mail, 15 i):

“We were kissing, touching and hugging each other. Then he took my jeans off and I was just touching him and kissing. I was OK with that and I didn't tell him to stop or anything. I trusted him, I thought I loved him. We kept it a secret from everyone.” Defending, lawyer Duncan Bold said that when the alleged victim was being taken to the police station for questioning she was screaming and shouting saying she didn’t want to go. Later on in proceedings the alleged victim’s mother confirmed this.

Another healthy-enough example of age-gapped relations emerged as Italian Duce Silvio Berlusconi, 74, found himself hauled into the limelight of the courts for having a pally and possibly paying relationship with gorgeous flaxen-haired, bee-stung-lipped and –bosomed Moroccan-born belly dancer Miss Karima El Mahroug, 17 – who claimed to have been given jewellery and £6K in cash at one of Silvio’s “‘bunga-bunga” orgies ooops parties.

To prosecute this ‘crime,’ Italian taxpayers would have to cough up at least £1M – and much more if Silvio had to be imprisoned, since his business empire and lawyers would run night-and-day appeals to what was left of Italy’s justice system after years of its being broken by the Mafia.

{Controlling sex? Controlling speech? What was the point if states could not even control murder and the ruinous debt-accumulating ways of socialists?}


After a month of suppression by the West’s horrified MSM, the finding (by Satoshi Kanazawa, q.v.) that teacher-rated attractiveness and IQ were correlated at around a sizeable .38 (in 7- and 16-yr-old British children of 1970) began to surface (BBC World Service, 16 i, 10:00GMT; FreeMarketMojo, 16 i; Psychology Today, xii 2010).

The association between beauty and intelligence had also been found in America’s ‘Add Health’ sample, where physical attractiveness of the respondents was assessed by an interviewer who was unaware of their intelligence. Kanazawa concluded strikingly: If you want to estimate someone’s intelligence without giving them an IQ test, you would do just as well to base your estimate on their physical attractiveness as you would to base it on their years of education.

And why did the correlation occur? BEAUTY marries BRAINS, argued Kanazawa (Marilyn Monroe’s 4-yr marriage to Arthur Miller providing a visual aid, though neurotic Marilyn was by then too druggy to live with, let alone to have children).


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Monday, January 10, 2011


As Ivory Coast got nearer to genocidal fighting between its northern Muslims and southern Christians (q.v.), it turned out that the Muesli problem of this quaint, still French-dominated ex-colony had been entirely self-inflicted, with copious immigrants being encouraged from countries like Burkina Faso and Mali to clear jungle and help develop Ivory Coast’s (till lately) lucrative cocoa crop (Observer, 2 i). As in the Roman Empire, it was not long before the ‘barbarians’ started demanding ‘rights’ and learning how to rig elections.


In a further extension of the World War IV (which it suited cosseted Western elites to decline to acknowledge), an al-Qaida suicide car bomb killed 21 and injured 97 Coptic Christians in Alexandria. Seven Egyptian loons were arrested, but the idea of charging the full costs of such attacks to mosques within a mile radius made no appearance (any more than had CamCo declared it would charge the full costs of NUS-led ‘demonstrations’ aka riots in London to the National Union of Students).


In an historically unprecedented move between multiculti-subscribing Nato members, Greece announced it would build a 5m-high metal fence along an 8-mile stretch of its 150-mile border with Turkey, aiming to cut the 4K monthly illegal immigrants (who arrived despite the European Union already having sent 175 armed guards to help Greece patrol the border) (EU Observer, 3 i).

The EU had frequently voiced complaints against Israel's anti-Palestinian wall, while slow progress in EU-Turkey accession talks and historic Greek-Turkish tensions could see the new barrier become a symbol of EU antipathy toward its southern neighbour.

About 50,000 people -- many from war-zone countries like Afghanistan and Iraq -- were waiting in Turkish holding camps for asylum in Greece. Frontex, the EU's border agency, reported that about 90 percent of all illegal immigration into the European Union came through Greece.

With perhaps similar animus, Austria fell out with and moved to expel the Turkish ambassador who had said Turks were treated as ‘viruses’ in Austria.

Israel had announced it would build a detention camp in the Negev desert to deal with the threat posed by attempted African immigration (Irish Times, 29 xi 2010) – though, surprise!, this information had not appeared in the New York Times....

An amusing feature of the xenophobic Greek fence proposal was that it emerged on the watch of George Papandreou, president of Socialist International and son of Andreas Papandreou, the charismatic founder of the Greek Socialist Party (Pasok). Apparently Papandreou was seeking a quick injection of popularity as Greece struggled with the debts it had been able to accrue as a member of the Holy German Empire.


Blacks and homosexuals continued to slug it out in Uganda, with the new weekly Rolling Stone accusing “homos” of seeking to “recruit 1M children by 2012” and saying of faggots “Hang them! They’re after our kids!” (Guardian, 3 i). For their part, “Uganda’s top homos” won £400 each and a legal injunction forbidding further publication of their photos and addresses.


Hybridization is detrimental to health, beauty and taste and may lead to native stocks disappearing entirely. Such was the alarm sounded not by the British National Party but by Scottish anglers and fish farmers as Scotland’s salmon were overwhelmed by an unstoppable invasion by faster-growing and fatter Norwegian salmon (Times, 4 i).

At stake was a global industry. Scottish salmon had long been sold under the prized French Label Rouge -- attracting a premium of some 20%. “The remnant of pure genes on Scotland’s west coast would, [biologists] argued, be swamped forever.”


Following Professor Eric Barendt’s 15-page account of THE CHRIS BRAND CASE (q.v.), concluding that academics are only de facto entitled to free speech in so far as they ingratiate themselves with loopy-left colleagues, a young supporter pointed out that this legal ‘insight’ of Barendt’s had occurred in the 1980s to the top punk rock group, ‘The Clash,’ who, in their 1982 song ‘Know Your Rights’, had explained:

You have the right to freeeee
Speech as long as you’re not
Dumb enough to actually try it.

Yes, any right to anodyne ‘free speech’ is not worth a bean. As Britain’s great jurist Lord Hailsham famously put it in 1977 (q.v.):
“Abuse is the very hallmark of liberty.”


As British taxpayers settled in to pay for the £3M(sic) damage by cons at HMP Ford (q.v.) and the £1M cost for extra detention of the forty drunken cons at the core of the rampage, at least they could get a hollow laugh at the prison being exposed as run by two fat lesbians who looked as repulsive as the female inmates of Holloway (Sun, 5 i).


The lunacy of most Pakistanis and of 60 years of American support for the wretched country (from which all enterprising and half-rational people had long ago fled to Britain) was exposed as the BBC found the vast majority favouring the gunning down (by his own security guard) of moderate Punjab leader Salman Taseer who had defended a Christian woman sentenced to death for ‘blasphemy’ against Mahomet (Guardian, 5 i).*

Just a few weeks previously, Taseer had claimed extensive support for liberalizing Pakiland’s savage blasphemy laws – “except for the small fringe of lunatics that have singled me out” (D.Telegraph, 5 i).

Even before Taseer was given burial, his killer had become a hero of sorts. Sufi Constable Mumtaz Qadri belonged to Punjab's Elite Force, a police force usually deployed to provide security to VIPs. And although he had acted alone, at least some of his colleagues knew that he was planning to assassinate the governor. He had made them promise that they wouldn't shoot him in the act.

Hence, after pumping 27 bullets into the governor's body, he calmly handed himself over to his colleagues who had apparently kept their promise. They tied his hands and legs with a nylon rope and took him away. By the evening, Qadri's picture had replaced a thousand profile pictures on Facebook. He was a mujahid, a lion, a true hero of Islam. The Guardian declared (6 i): “Liberals have long been a minority force in Pakistan, reviled for importing "western" ideas and culture; now they are virtually an endangered species.”

Sherry Rehman, a female MP from Karachi who had tabled a parliamentary bill advocating reform of the blasphemy law, disappeared from public view. Supporters urged her to flee the country; sources close to her said she was determined to stay. Rehman did not request extra police protection. "She isn't even sure what that means any more," said one source.

A Guardian correspondent wrote (6 i):

"Pakistan is a lost cause, and all because of Saudi Arabian Wahhabi influence. When will the world wake up to what Saudi Arabia is doing. It is spreading a vile form of Islam which silences moderate muslims and forces the population into a harsh form of Islam. Pakistan suffers today for allowing Saudi influenced madrassas and mosques to sprout all over their country. The same thing is happening in the UK, where Saudi financing plays a big part in the anti-Western mindset that comes out of the mosques. Deal with Saudi Arabia and you are taking radical Islam head on. Using Sadaam Hussein’s words, "It is the head of the evil snake that needs to be cut off.”

In the Telegraph, columnist Praveen Swami agreed (in a fine summary of Pakistan’s 40-year descent into madness, with 1,300 awaiting execution for ‘blasphemy’ – typically pitiful, sometimes non-existent and sometimes provoked and ‘witnessed’ by personal enemies) (6 i):

"Mr Taseer’s murder makes clear that Pakistan remains on the edge of the abyss. Thousands of lives, and billions of pounds, have been lost in an effort to defeat the insurgents who threaten to seize control of the nuclear-armed state. And it is becoming clear that the Pakistani state either isn’t willing, or isn’t able, to confront the Islamist movement that it has nurtured for decades – and which threatens to turn the country into a burnt-out dystopia."

The Guardian’s Kamila Shamsie, too, reckoned Pakistan was on the brink (7 i):

"....the image of lawyers sprinkling rose petals on to Taseer's smiling assassin – as though he were a bride and they the family of the groom welcoming him into their fold –dealt a body blow from which Pakistan's liberals and progressives are unsure they can ever recover."

A surprising Guardian editorial added (for the Guardian usually supported lofty apathy towards Muslim hardliners) (8 i):

"The slow, agonised fissuring of the state of Pakistan is to be measured not only in bombs and the blood of innocents. Nor only by earthquakes and floods. It can be measured, too, by a moral collapse, a cowed ambivalence of the silent majority. Those who are too frightened to confront sectarian bigotry today will find themselves being consumed by it tomorrow. Benazir Bhutto, Salmaan Taseer, who is next?"

Most of the relatively intelligent and liberal people of Pakistan (esp. Karachi) had fled to Britain over the previous forty years. By 2010, even the leadership succession of the ‘moderate’ Pakistan People’s Party (i.e. the Bhutto party) had to be organized from Birmingham, UK.

* Aasiya Bibi, a Christian woman, had been sentenced to death in a blasphemy case. In a village near Lahore, she had served water to some Muslim women who refused to drink it from her glass. (This was quite a common expression of prejudice against lower-caste Christians in Pakistan.) They argued. A couple of days later, the village mullah filed a case saying she had insulted The Prophet. In Pakiland, blasphemy charges typically proceded rapidly to execution because mentioning the blasphemy was itself blasphemy so no defence was possible and even a handful of accusers could easily have their way.


Pondering the pressure piled on Wikileaks director Julian Assange by the US and Swedish governments and by anonymous female accusers (of ‘rape’), arch-feminist Naomi Wolf, who had brought top Harvard litterateur Harold Bloom under a cloud by mentioning his occasional tutorial gropings, reached the surprisingly reasonable conclusion (contrary to thirty years of feminist endeavour) that rape accusers deserved no more anonymity than any other self-styled victim having resort to criminal justice (Guardian, 6 i) – though some wondered unkindly whether NW would have tried to rescue JA from his persecutors if he had not been a ‘left-wing hero.’


A revered Hindu guru, Swami Nithyananda, 33, had to endure India’s Sun TV channel showing a video of him bonking star Tamil actress Ranjitha – despite his having forked out £1.4M to blackmailers to have the video suppressed. Exposed as a fraud, Nityananda admitted he had also had sex with up to 20 of his devotees; but he said he was the victim of a smear campaign and had done nothing illegal....(Telegraph, 6 i).


Introducing incentives to small business start-ups in Cuba and streamlining the country’s private sector (as was CamCo in Britain), President Raul Castro insisted he was staying true to socialist ideals by the simple stratagem of imposing yet steeper taxes on earnings. “The strategic economic changes are being made to sustain socialism,” he said. “Many Cubans confuse socialism with handouts and subsidies.” (Music to CamCo ears!)


Amusing light was shone on George Washington in a new biography by Ron Chernow. Said the Telegraph’s review (xii 2010):

“[Washington’s] disillusionment with London was the result of the British government’s refusal to colonise the western lands of North America after the Seven Years War [1756-1763] and thus embark on an endless conflict with the local Indians.

Although the author does not quite put it this way, it is clear that Washington, like so many American rebels, took up arms against the King not because [he] objected to the British Empire as such, but because it was not imperialist enough.”

And Washington continued his enthusiasm for westward expansion of the Republic long after Independence from Britain was achieved.


Two years after BNP leader Nick Griffin was prosecuted (unsuccessfully) for ‘hateful’ talk of Midlands Mueslis seizing ‘vulnerable’ White girls of 11-16 from under the noses of their social workers and passing them round among each other ‘like meat,’ the Times frontpaged an “exclusive” story that 90% of such child prostitution in the Midlands was organized by men “of Pakistani heritage” (5 i, Andrew Norfolk, ‘Conspiracy of silence on UK sex gangs’).

The Times quoted both police and agency sources as referring to a "conspiracy of silence" around the open investigation of such cases, amid fears of being branded racist or inflaming ethnic tensions in already precarious local environments. The Guardian pointed out that, nationally, only 20% of child pimps were ‘Asian’ (7 i) – though without observing that ‘Asians’ [i.e. Srindopakeshis] were only 2% of the UK population. (Whether these wretched girls were better off with Muslim pimps than with loopy-left White social workers was a moot point. Sadly, in either case, the UK taxpayer would pick up the tab.)

Mohammed Liaqat, 28, and Abid Saddique, 27, had been jailed at Nottingham Crown Court after being found guilty at a trial in November of charges including rape. Liaqat and Saddique were the ringleaders of a nine-strong gang which had groomed and abused White teenage girls, ranging in age from 12 to 18. Many of the gang's victims were given alcohol or drugs before being forced to have sex in cars, rented houses or hotels across the Midlands. Once girls seemed friendly with the men, they were raped or sexually assaulted -- sometimes kept prisoner, sometimes thrown on to the street after the abuse.

Saddique, from Normanton, Derby, was jailed for at least eleven years and Liaqat, from the Sinfin area of the city, was locked up for a minimum of eight years. The trial judge called them sexual predators but declined to consider the crimes ‘racially aggravated.’ (In fact, of the 27 girls who testified against the Mueslis, twenty-two were White, three were mixed-race and just two were Srindopakeshi.)

As the Times’ story, derived from NG’s trial, did the rounds, former Labour Home Secretary Jack Straw was moved to squeak out that ‘in some areas there were some men of Pakistani heritage who saw some vulnerable White girls as easy meat for sexual abuse’ (BBC World Service, 8 i, 0900; BBC, 8 i). Straw said: "We need to get the Pakistani community to think much more clearly about why this is going on and to be more open about the problems that are leading to a number of Pakistani heritage men thinking it is OK to target white girls in this way."

The BNP pointed out that it had been raising the issue of ‘Muslim paedophile grooming’ for a decade while Britain’s traitorous political class and media stayed silent or even egged on the police to prosecute NG. Most police forces and charities supposedly working to help victims, who in some cases endured years of abuse, had publicly denied ethnicity had any link to on-street grooming (Daily Express, 8 i).


Following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and the resulting international largesse, Haitians made no progress in cleaning up and rebuilding; but they did triple their birthrate, with 12% of women giving birth in 2010, partly because of the increased opportunities for rape (MSNBC, 6 i).


A seventy-stone ex-postman (sacked for stealing) whose ‘care’ cost taxpayers £100Kpa announced from his Ipswich bungalow (from which the tub of lard was immovable) that he would sue the NHS for failing to stop him putting on weight (Daily Express, 8 i).


Having signally failed to make a liberal name for himself by vowing to repeal ‘race hate speech’ laws, elfin safety regulations, anti-‘discrimination’ bullying and all other aspects of PeeCee, beleaguered LibDim leader ‘Nice’ Nick Clegg at least began to mutter that he might try to liberalize England’s absurdly draconian libel laws which inhibited scientific debate and made London a (lucrative) legal playground as rich would-be-suppressors of publications from all over the world made their way to get the support of m’ learned friends (Guardian, 8 i).


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Monday, January 03, 2011


2011 began with the West in a mess, having spent three years failing to solve or even recognize the problems created by enforced socialist sub-prime lending (and subsequent bubble) and to deal with or even recognize the problems of competing ethnic groups that had led the West to military humiliation in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Still, there were pinpricks of light at the end of the long tunnel of unrealism: nationalism had a lot to offer (Poland, Switzerland, Norway), and so did Islam (at least when oil-funded, as Britain was to continue to be thanks to finds off Greenland, Rockall and the Falkland Islands) (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar).*

And, as CamCo Britain seemed resolved to work its way relatively quickly out of debt (and, more gradually, out of welfarism) all the leading figures of its three main political parties were of Oxbridge or at least Eton/Westminster origin....; and the wife-cheating, shit-eating and spy-hiring LibDims seemed determined to add to the gaiety of nations as one of their activists in Bristol was arrested for questioning over more than two days about the murder of the girlfriend of a boy whom he may have fancied (the blue-rinse-haired ‘nutty prof.’ was released on bail and staying with a friend 1 i)....; and Britain’s public ‘service’ operatives showed true partying-on spirit as prison managers in Warwickshire blew £35K on eight snooker tables for cons....

* The Western elite’s preference for Islam was made clear as – still unthanked for its pro-Muslim efforts in Bosnia and Kosovo – it prepared to back cocoa-producing Ivory Coast’s ‘election’-winner Alassane Whowhathaha in civil war against anti-French, Christian incumbent President Bagpuss (Guardian, 1 i). As the West prepared to back its favoured Muesli rather than separate the two sides, hundreds of thousands of Ivorians were said to be heading for Liberia.


Troubled Calum Best, 29, the son of mega-famous and mega-sexy alcoholic footie star George Best, enjoyed a night of lovemaking with a lively 19-year-old foot model after a party at his Chelsea home – only for her to read the next day in a magazine that his real love was an Italian supermodel (Sun, 1 i).


Britain’s lack of grip on anything apart from benefits for feckless single parents and bonuses for useless quangocrats was illustrated as the streets of Edinburgh remained strewn with broken glass 24 hours after its famous Hogmanay Street Party (to which the city had wilfully invited 80K people), four weeks of rubbish remained uncollected (except by rats and gulls) in Exeter since binmen were deemed incapable of lifting black bags on icy streets for elfin safety reasons, and cons at Ford Open Prison, West Sussex, were allowed to clock up £2M of riot and fire damage after guards had tried to confiscate alcohol at a New Year’s Eve party.


Hundreds were injured, buildings razed, cars burned out and some 200 killed as renewed (cf. March) Black-on-Black fighting broke out between the Christians and Muslims of Jos and Maiduguri, Nigeria (Washington Post, 27 xii). Authorities blamed the radical Muslim sect ‘Boko Haram’ for the Christmas Eve church attacks, which were accompanied by tremendous explosions which rocked Jos.

The radical Muslim sect, whose name meant "Western education is sacrilege" in the Hausa language, was thought to have been suppressed in 2009. Nigeria's military crushed its mosque into concrete shards, and its leader was arrested and died in police custody. But, a year later, Maiduguri and surrounding villages again lived in fear of the group, whose members had assassinated police and local leaders and engineered a massive prison break, officials said.

Western diplomats worried that the sect was catching the attention of al-Qaida's North Africa branch. A few decades ago no one but a race realist could have predicted that the serene, prosperous, multicultural tourist city of Jos that provided jobs and happiness to many would be transformed into the killing fields of 2010.

At the same time, the tribally differentiated Muslims and Christians of the Ivory Coast got ready for renewed civil war since elections had not produced the right pro-Muesli result desired by UN forces and France. Anticipating conflict, 100K Christians fled to Liberia (Guardian, 26 xii).

A Guardian correspondent summed up matters well: Even in Europe itself countries which were ethnic patchworks such as Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia have split up. Countries with small ethnic minorities such as Russia and Spain have constant ongoing conflict. To keep a country that is an ethnic patchwork intact you need either a very strong autocrat at the top like Josef Tito or a very careful unifying arrangement.

A simple headcount is not a solution to the problem of ethnic mistrust. Each ethnic group simply votes for its own man and refuses to accept the other side's choice. Where ethnic groups are in almost equal numbers the deadlock can be unsolvable.

Senegal also seemed headed for more ethno-religious conflict as rebels in the Christian/Animist south (‘Casamance’) killed five government soldiers (AFP, 27 xii). The tribal divide in Senegal was between the Diola in the south and the Muslim Wolof in the north.

By contrast, it seemed just possible that ethnically divided Sudan might be able – after its January 9th election -- to solve its problems by the only realistic method: separation (Guardian 27 xii). Certainly the poverty-ridden Christian/Animist south was pouring all its oil money into building an army so as to defend the independence for which it hoped; and prompt satellite monitoring was being arranged by Harvard University and Google so the Muslim north would be quickly detected if it pursued its genocidal tactics of the past (Guardian, 29 xii).

But the failure of African independence, based on multicultural and democratic assumptions, was documented from the Democratic Republic of the Congo by two Belgian tourists (AmRen, 30 xii):

"The older generation longs to go back to the colonial time. They acknowledge there were a lot of problems in that period and that they were discriminated against by the white coloniser. But at least they had a functional country. They had roads and schools. They had jobs and could buy supplies. And above all, there was stability. Now there is nothing but uncertainty . . . waiting for the next war to start."


A study of 90 students at University College London revealed a 'strong correlation' between thickness in two brain regions and political viewpoint: the amygdala (a ‘primitive emotion centre’ especially activated during fear*) was found to be thicker in conservatives) and the anterior cingulate (concerned with emotion and learning) was found thicker in students who reported liberal-left sympathies (Guardian, 28 xii) – in line with the Eysenck & Eaves classic 1977 finding (q.v.) that Conservatism vs Liberalism had biological and even genetic links.

* Telegraph correspondent Rev. P.B. Barrow pointed out that the great 19th-century Prime Minister Lord Salisbury would have been understanding of the finding. For (according to his biographer Andrew Roberts) he had written of ‘the types found in the Conservative Party: “All the cautious people, all the timid, all the unimaginative, belong to it. It stumbles slowly and painfully from precedent to precedent with its eyes fixed on the ground. I must work with it who am indeed just such a one myself.” As Rev. Barrow noted: “Not a bad way of being for one under whose stewardship the British Empire assumed a level of power without parallel in world history.”


Nineteen Bosnian Muslims were arrested for running a ‘Fagin’-style operation on the Paris metro, terrorizing 100 young gypsy girls into pickpocketing $300 each per day under threat of beatings, rapes and burnings (Guardian, 28 xii).


The incoming head of Germany’s main airport lobby group demanded the nation’s transit authorities use racial profiling to weed out terrorists at security checks (Local Europe GmbH [Berlin], 28 xii). Christoph Blume, the head of Düsseldorf Airport, told the daily Rheinische Post that air passengers should be divided into different risk categories according to age, sex, race, origin of journey etc,, meaning they would be subject varying degrees of scrutiny by airport security. Blume said airports would otherwise soon no longer be able to cope with the threat of terrorism.


A letter signed by the wives of 27 prominent Israeli rabbis urging Jewish women not to date or work with Arab men drew furious reaction from politicians and religious leaders (Guardian, 29 xii). "There are quite a few Arab workers who give themselves Hebrew names. Yusef turns into Yosef, Samir turns into Sami, and Awabad turns into Ami. They ask to be close to you, try to find favour with you, and give you all the attention in world … [but] the moment you are in their hands, in their village, under their control, everything changes," the letter stated. The letter followed the release of a document by dozens of rabbis which ruled that Israeli Jews should not let or sell their properties to Arabs. A poll showed 44% of Israeli Jews supported the rabbis' ruling.

Background note by JR: It happens more often to do-gooder Western women than to Israeli women but the Rabbis were warning of a real danger. Once a woman gets into an Arab village she is often thenceforth not allowed out again and is treated in the usual contemptuous way that Arabs treat all women. She has in effect been tricked into slavery


The predictions of 1960s libertarians about drugs (like me) and the uselessness of criminalization came spectacularly true as some 230K fled the Mexican city of Juarez (original pop. 1.4M), leaving it finally in the hands of drug gangs and without a policeman to be found (the last remaining officer having been kidnapped) (MSNBC, 29 xii).


As 2011 opened, few noted that it would provide the opportunity to celebrate the centenary of the death of Sir Francis Galton (Jan. 17th) – but the Telegraph’s Christopher Howse did (31 xii) and quoted the founder of differential psychology as being convinced that a galaxy of genius could be produced if “a 20th part of the cost and pains were spent in measures for the improvement of the human race that is spent on the improvement of the breeds of horses and cattle.”

The year would also allow special recall of psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung (half-centenary June 6th) whose idea that development involved a balancing of masculine and feminine principles, though it had its votaries, had enjoyed no more general luck than Galton’s eugenics.


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