Monday, April 30, 2012


 Untroubled by Muesli arson (of French cars) and Muesli murders (in Toulouse), or by the luxurious French welfare empire (allowing its staff to retire well-pensioned at 50) or the French national debt (90% of GDP, and with France’s AAA rating lost), the Frogs, in a massive 80% turnout in the first round of their presidential election, voted down their incumbent president, promise-breaking high-heeled Sarko, in favour of a variety of leftists (including national-socialist-protectionist Marine Le Pen reaching 19%, ahead of her father’s 2002 polling of 17%) (Guardian, 23 iv).

The prospect of France driving out top financiers with a tax rate of 75% was greeted with glee by the City of London; and the prospect of France annoying the Germans with endless demands for devaluation and/or more loans gave still wider hope for the future – in particular for a ClubMed-banishing Nordic League (q.v.). Turkeys voting for Christmas had nothing on it!

      The Froggie vote came as neighbouring Spain, long run by feminoid socialists, admitted it had slipped back into recession (with unemployment at 24%) and would ‘need’ a bailout – from the European Central Bank, aka from the IMF, Britain and long-suffering Germany.

      At the same time, Britain’s sorry two-year social-democratic CamCo Government admitted it could do nothing – despite ten years of £1B effort -- even to deport (let alone hang along with his extensive family and landlord [aka London City Council]) al-Qaeda’s No 2, murder-inciting Amverydull AlFahta, let alone to cut Labour’s client state functionaries or even to reduce their bloated salaries.


 The anti-Islamist Dutch Freedom Party (the third largest political grouping in the Netherlands, headed by  Geert Wilders who required a 24/7 sub-machine-gun-armed police guard) called for the restoration of the guilder rather than the adoption of new eurozone-demanded austerity measures (to fund pensions in ClubMed), and thus triggered a general election in which it hoped to benefit from the Europe-wide disaffection with mainstream political parties which had failed to prevent or solve the 2008ff crisis of capitalism {caused by grossly excessive state-compelled lending in America to Blacks and Hispanics, resulting in financial bubble and crash} (Reuters, 24 iv).

Wilders’ move followed his urging the expulsion of Greece from the eurozone and looked likely to make for a two-tier euroland if not for a full-blown Nordic League from which feckless ClubMed was barred.

      Ditto in France, the National Front’s Marine Le Pen and her noir-unfriendly supporters were disinclined to throw their weight behind euroloving Nicolarse Sarkozy who had cheated them by doing little about the Muesli problem (e.g. Guardian, 24 iv). Instead, the NF leadership apparently preferred to let Sarko sink and then itself take over as the main vehicle of the political right.


 Multiculti-b*ggered Britain moved to a new stage of its lib-left-orchestrated open doors policy by allowing hundreds of gypsy beggars, pickpockets and prostitutes from Romania to decant from coaches at London’s Victoria Station and take up positions as rough sleepers at Marble Arch in readiness for providing entertainment at the Olympics, then settling down to enjoy welfare packages, council houses, skules’n’elf and generally ravaging the L.UK. population (Sun, 25 iv).

UNFREEING L.UK  In an appalling vignette of the governmental effort to savage the press (in revenge for Telegraph exposures of expenses rackets by MPs and Labour ministers), the Leveson Commission (which was spending nine months at £100K per day ‘investigating’ phone- and email-hacking – both already crimes) thought it fit to have its top prosecuting lawyer (with a big nose and curly black hair) quiz the 81-yr-old Newscorp boss Rupert Murdoch about whether he had control of 30% of the British press in 1969, whether he had become a Thatcherite by 1979, and what he had for lunch with Mrs T at Chequers in 1981 (Sky News, 25 iv, 10:10ff).

{Fortunately Mr Murdoch had already begun to take his revenge for Levison, beginning to leak the names of L.UK politicians who were virtually on his payroll – the resignation of ‘Culture Secretary’ Jeremy Hunt and/or his similarly initialled ‘personal aide’ being widely demanded and anticipated.)

      Asked whether he had tried to influence politicians to restrict the BBC’s taxpayer-funded peecee monopoly on broadcasting, the ‘Dirty Digger’ memorably replied, “There is no point. The politicians all say they hate the BBC. But they give it the money anyway.” (Pols resented the Beeb not building them up; but they knew it could easily bring them down.)


 Forty years after the Workers’ Paradise abandoned its former White Australia policy and embarked on multculturalist propaganda (including apologies to Aborigines and state funding of their drinking), the country made waves in Peking with a foulmouthed ‘steaming’ attack by six adolescent robbers on a late-night train outside Sydney which left two Chinese injured and complaining of racism (Sydney Morning Herald, 26 iv).

A blog on the Chinese social media site Weibo read: "I really wish all of this is just a nightmare. However, the smell of blood in my mouth and body pains reminds me that this city is so dangerous. A gang of hooligans attacked us. Our noses are fractured and our bodies are covered in blood. My friend's cheekbone was crushed. They attacked us with glass and burned us with lit cigarettes. My face is burnt and totally disfigured! Worst of all, I really hated their racist comments. They were calling us Asian dogs and pussies while they were beating us. When my friend tried to wipe blood from his nose, a teenaged girl stuffed my friend's mouth with her tampon removed from her pants.”


  Labour’s welfare guru MP Frank Field denounced as a “scandal” the occupancy of much ‘social housing’ (especially in London) by ‘needy’ foreigners. In Haringey [aka Harringay], North London, 43 per cent of new social housing tenants were foreign while in Ealing, West London, the figure was 45 per cent (Daily Mail, 26 iv). These figures were quite apart from those for scarcely-English-speaking Black and Srindopakeshi ‘British citizens.’

CamCo-appointed ‘poverty tsar’ Field called for council house tenancies to be awarded preferentially to taxpayers whose children had no criminal record – though without considering the policing costs for the Labour-invited third-world aliens who would then ‘lack’ housing.


  White tolerance of Black crime went on display as Black warlord despot Charles Taylor, 61, who had seized power in bloody America-invented Liberia (famous for disembowelling its leaders in their beds and parading their minions through the streets naked prior to execution), was found guilty (by some international court) of multiple stranglings, rapes, child abductions and choppings off of body parts in neighbouring diamond-rich Sierra Leone and sentenced to £100Kpa hotel ‘imprisonment’, health care, PlayStation 3 and counselling for ‘life’ in Britain – whose Rev Blair had taken ape-man Taylor on because the despot had mistakenly made hostages of six British soldiers (Sun, 26 iv).

{In 1945, Mr Hitler and his merry men had been obliged to commit suicide or go to the gallows. It could only be hoped that the UK got some diamonds from Liberia/Sierra Leone in return for UN leniency to the first convicted head-of-state war criminal for 57 years!...}


 The female vaginal g spot, the size of a small finger nail and situated well within reach of a penetrating finger, had been known to the London School since 1982 (by which time the great differentialist, writer and pugilist Lee Willerman (1939-1997) would lecture undergraduettes on it in Austin, Texas); but its existence was occluded by the spot only becoming prominent during genuine sexual arousal and by individual differences which most journalists and all too many scientists preferred not to acknowledge, so its existence was only accepted in April, 2012 (as the result of work in St Petersburg, Florida, by Dr Adam Ostrzenski) (Sun, 27 iv).

{Just as Newton’s G[ravity] took a century to absorb, psychology’s g factor would probably need another generation before the elite of the West would be forced to admit the main secret of its globalizing success – at least till imperilling the West’s economies in the noughties by gross self-serving environmentalistically inspired overlending to basket-case Blecks and Spics, ingeniously designed to shore up new-elite control by accepting slave labour in the West, but in fact producing the near-disastrous multiculti bubble&2008crunch.}


 Forensic psychiatrists testified that former Labour MP for Luton South [1997-2010], fat Margaret Moron, 57, married childlessly in 2009 to a LU.Southampton Safety Adviser, was so mentally deranged (‘depressed, suicidal, anxious, agitated and weeping inconsolably’ – presumably manic-depressive {Why no ECT?}) that she was “unfit to plead,” i.e. literally incapable of even appearing in court, even with a lawyer, to defend herself against charges that she had fiddled her parliamentary expense claims, netting herself £80K in the process (Guardian, 27 iv).

Swiftly deserted by her colleagues as 21 charges were brought against her, she certainly looked a broken woman – no longer the happy wedding guest in a huge floral hat of 2004 and more like a shuffling life-battered granny of 77.

Recent spectacular cases of Labour madness had involved Cabinet ministers being caught – even photographed -- scr*wing on their Westminster office floors and an MP setting light to Edinburgh’s prestigious Prestonfield House Hotel after being refused more drink. (‘Liberals,’ by contrast, went in for pacific perversions like shit-eating; and ‘Conservatives’ had a tendency to hang themselves suicidally from their chandeliers while seeking auto-erotic gratification by asphyxiation.)


  As America’s Bleck politicos launched ‘fighting funds’ and prepared for civil war over the killing in Florida of hooded Black trespasser Trayvon Martin (apparently in self-defence) by ‘White’ Afro-Peruvian-Jewish-ancestored Neigbourhood Watch Captain George Zimmerman (who self-identified as Hispanic), Reuters provided a full and impartial account of the affair to date – especially documenting growing Black criminality on the Twin Lakes estate, while admitting strictly and traditionally educated Zimmerman had a record of being ‘restrained’ by court orders emanating from two girlfriends (one of whom was given a restraining order in her turn) (25 iv).

{The New York Times called Zimmerman a “White Hispanic” – only the third time in a century that the newspaper had used this term; it presumably hoped to redirect NYTwits’ Black ‘anger’ on to convenient Whitey rather than trigger the ever-simmering race war between Blacks and Hispanics which the NYT-loved, Democrat-voting Blacks would lose and end up forced by the higher-IQ Hispanics into emigration to Liberia.}


After lightheartedy saying on BBC2’s ‘Newsnight’ that Britain’s Prince Harry would only marry a girl in a sari or a Black if absolutely told to do by BuckHouse, Dr David Starkey, 67 and top expert on the Tudors, found himself denounced by sinoidally afflicted Labour leader Ed Miliband and other peecee worthies.

In reply, younger-partnered Starkers reflected “Nothing that I said on air could conceivably be construed as racist; but there is this hysteria about race. We can’t talk about it rationally or sensibly” (D. Telegraph, 28 iv, Mandrake).

After being called “racist” on Twitter, Starkers added: “You know yourself by your enemies, and I’m quite happy with mine. Isn’t it wonderful that I was attacked by Piers Moron, Louise Mensch and Ed Milipede?”

In 2009, Mike Russell, then the Scottish government minister for culture and external affairs, had called on Starkers to apologise for saying that Scotland, Ireland and Wales are "feeble little countries". {Of course, I too was attacked for racism, by Scottie leader Mr Alex Salmon in 1996 – even though Wee Eck and I had agreed on supporting the Christian Serbs against the Muslim Bosnians; but Mr Fish was a quick learner, seeing that fawning on Blecks and Paks was more important in official Clottish piety than any other public principle (apart from bashing the English). What a pity BBC-afficionaded Starkers had not denounced ‘anti-racism’ sixteen years previously!}


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Sunday, April 22, 2012


 Britain’s ludicrous undiscriminating Labour state, where staff and inmates were all paid to run round in circles chasing their own tails at taxpayer expense, was hilariously exposed as a male-to-female TRANSSEXUAL had her NINETEENTH allegation of rape solemnly investigated by police. The’ woman,’ in her 30s, had cost taxpayers £200,000 over the previous ten years (Sun, 15 iv).

No convictions had resulted from ‘her’ endless complaints – made after ‘she’ had sought sex with men she had contacted on the internet. Wretched police, in cowardly deference to PeeCee (while doubtless enjoying their well-paid office-based investigations of possible sexual hanky-panky) told journalists that the ‘woman’ deserved to be taken seriously and would be a credible witness in court if ever a prosecution were brought.

*The idea of ‘human rights’ (especially without precise corresponding duties of individuals to society) was first opposed by my fellow Queensman, the original utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham (1746-1832) whose room at Queen’s I had in the autumn of 1962. Bentham had called such ‘natural rights’ “nonsense on stilts” – as they plainly became when enacted into British law by NuLabour in 1997 as one of its first neosocialist acts, providing massive job creation, not least for its lawyers, but neglecting the right of the rest of the population to security and economy.


Faced with murdering Mueslis on the march, in Toulouse (q.v.), France had the opportunity to re-assert itself as a civilized Christian democracy of law and order. Did it seize the day by voting for Marine Le Pen or even for cheating bastard pseudo-right Sarkozy? Not a bit! By 16 iv (Guardian), France was polling 17% for a newly-arrived far-left presidential candidate, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who proposed to tax all incomes over £300K at 100%, to give full state pensions to all from age 60, and to increase the minimum wage in France by 20%.

Rather than control the banks’ monopolies – built up by on-the-make neosocialists (like Blair and Brown in the UK) and their multiculti-lending bubble – by insisting on competition, Mélenchon proposed simply to throw out all high-earners in a new French Revolution (which had got rid of France’s ancien régime elite – as well as a million Catholic peasants – after 1789 and doomed the once Continent-dominating country to lose its Napoleonic wars).

      As one Guardian correspondent put it: “Britain has benefited greatly from the inflow of  some 350,000 well-educated, hard-working and entrepreneurial French men and women. If the French left get in, we can expect even more.(Not to mention the fact that the French economy will tank -- taking the Euro with it -- which will allow me to buy a nice cheap villa in the south of France).”

     Developments in France prompted a top German political observer to reflect that France could join Europe’s hopeless southern ClubMed and thus let Germany free to run {what McDougall would have called} a Nordic League (q.v.) (Russia Today TV, 15 iv, 10:00BSTff).


  America’s great 50-yr ally as it lost control of the Middle East, nuclear-armed Pakistan, lost 400 Muesli terrorists from a prison near Peshawar, on the border with Afghanistan, as Taliban fighters blew up gates and walls and fought a two-hour battle with guards (Daily Mail, 16 iv). The disaster was occluded in much of MSM by a 36-hour rocketing by Taliban of scores of American and British buildings in Kabul, Afghastliland.

Never since Bosnia (where 100,000 died) had Western ‘policies’ of multiculturalism, pacifism (at least, not killing the enemy, only civilians), demokrazy, homosexualism and feminoiderie been more cruelly exposed.


 The five-strong mainly-female bench of judges in the ten-week Oslo trial of Labourite-slayer Anders Breivik (found paranoid by half the psychiatrists who had reported on him) declared their commitment to him receiving normal Norwegian justice – and promptly banned direct broadcasting of his five-day opening defence statement (in which he was to claim he had acted in self-defence against the Mueslis allowed into Norway by Labour).

The judgettes repeatedly interrupted Breivik as he digressed beyond Norway’s local problems to show how leading politicians and the populaces of Germany, France, the UK and Japan had indicated their marked reservations about multiculturalism (Guardian, 17 iv, Helen Armpidd [ex-E.LU.]).

One judge was replaced after he was noticed to have said on his website, in July 2011, that he thought Breivik should face the death penalty (which Norway did not have).

      About 20% of Norwegian voters supported the Progress Party (cf the UK’s UKIP) and thus the broad objectives – though not the methods – of ‘Knight Templar’ Breivik.

      Just why the socially conservative Breivik (who often criticised the sexual libertinism and diseases of his parents and half-sister) should have taken against Islam, rather than for it was odd. Perhaps he was homosexual. He complained that his Labourite (and divorcing) parents had “feminized” him; he was a ‘mummy’s boy’ (though apparently longing for a father figure); he was always much concerned with his appearance, undergoing repeated cosmetic surgery in his twenties as well as taking anabolic steroids; he loved dressing up in camp (?fetishistic) uniforms; he never had a regular girlfriend (not a single girl coming forward to claim the vast press rewards available); he was once seen dancing at a gay disco; he had had a close Pakistani male friend who had run off with a girl with whom he had dallied (perhaps to reassure his mama); he repeatedly joined all-male groups – in which he was well liked; and he admired the work of homosexualist anti-Islamists Bruce Bawer [Oslo author] and Geert Wilders [Dutch politician].

A single report by Norwegian authorities that he had once linked up for a couple of days with a girl in Belarus (where he had gone to seek weapons) could have been contrived to distract public attention from his wooftahdom and keep him packaged as just a ‘right wing nut.’ An association between homosexuality and paranoia had long been recognized by Freud and other psychiatrists (even if causation was more prosaic [less ‘unconscious’] than Freud had thought).

PS A professorial adviser [a forensic psychologist] writes re Breivik’s possible homosexuality: “Definitely! The camp affectedness is all too apparent.”

PPS The Pink Swastika, 1996-2012, had concluded (according to the website ‘In-Other-News,’ 4 iv):

The latest mass-murderer who got worldwide attention was the Norwegian Anders Breivik, who killed 69 people in 2011 in a big public massacre {on Utoya Island}. He repeatedly wrote that he was "pro-homosexual", was unmarried and living alone at age 32 and has many years before the attacks cosmetic surgery performed to reshape his forehead, nose and chin. Although Breivik was not a National Socialist and was actually a big fan of the Norwegian anti-Nazi resistance fighters and the Knights Templars (who were supposedly Christan but were excommunicated for homosexuality and occultism), he certainly fits the pattern of the homosexual militaristic sadist.

Interestingly, even though Breivik is anti-Muslim, an Islamist in Germany is on record to praise him by saying "A pity that he was not one of us." For many people, violence as such is the goal and ideology is merely the means to attain it -- not the other way around.


 The Australian Liberal Party treasurer used a visit to London to condemn the ‘universal entitlement’ culture of state handouts that had become a way of life in the US and UK (where indeed yet more vote-winning ‘universal’ bribes were planned – at least for 2024 -- by ‘Conservative’ reformer in bankrupt Britain, Ian Dunkin Doughnut) (Sydney Morning Herald, 19 iv).

Shadow Treasurer (in Labour-run Oz) Joe Hockey contrasted the entitlement attitude unfavourably with the concept of 'filial piety’ thriving across Asia where people got what they worked for and families looked after their own.


 Labourite-slayer Anders Breivik stole a march on the grief-stricken relatives of his Oslo and Utoya victims and on Norway’s political class by spurning the main proposals on the legal table for his future (both involving luxurious detention until perchance he was cured). Instead, Breivik demanded the re-introduction of the death penalty – last used in the country in 1948.

After giving his usual clenched-fist salute, the anti-Islamofascist told the court in Oslo that bringing back capital punishment would be the “right thing” for him and his country. And he backed th judge who was thrown off the four-female panel hearing the case — for saying as much online (Sun, 19 iv).

      Breivik said that, unlike neo-Nazi groups, he thought it was better to attack the political elite rather than Muslims because "it's not the fault of the Muslims that they have been invited here" (Guardian, 19 iv).

      Breivik insisted that he himself was liberal enough to tolerate 2% immigration – but the percentage of Norway residents who were immigrants or the children of immigrants had reached 12% by 2010. {The failure of the West’s ‘liberal’ societies to make criminals and their families, housemates, colleges and employers compensate in full for their crimes was probably the most astonishing feature of their ‘liberal’ non-arrangements.}

       To the relief of race realists, Breivik claimed he was “not a racist,” though adding that Japan and South Korea were the "ideal states" for cultural conservatives and nationalists such as himself {as if he may even have heard of IQ} (Guardian, 20 iv, Helen Armpidd).


As the USA and allies continued their mainly Solunni-backing policies in the Middle East (except where they had Shitite-serving demakrazy prevail in mass-murderous Eyerak), it turned out that Pakistan had actually housed 9/11 architect O.K.BinLiner and several of his wives and children since as far back as 2002 – accommodating them in Peshawar and the delightful Swat Valley until a mansion could be built for them in Abottybadbad (D.Telegraph, 18 iv).

Come April 2012, Pakiland gave one wife of the supposedly deaded BinLiner a grand five days in jail for ‘illegal immigration’ before putting two wives and their children on a plane to Saudi, where they would be looked after secretly by BinLiner’s scores of half-brothers and cousins (some of them also in Yemen). BinLiner’s third wife, 29 (once tipped to lead AlQaeda), and five children stayed in Wakistan to pursue pleas for sanctuary (and doubtless benefits) in human-rights-mad Britain, where they said they wanted to meet the Queen (Sun, 19 iv).


 Though proud of its historic record in abjuring slavery on its shores (it had the handy Irish labour pool, after all) and stopping the Atlantic slave trade (to spite rebel America), England turned out to have been housing in modern times dozens of gypsies who had grown mega-rich out of slave labour from the country’s down-and-outs – forced by beatings and cruel competitions for food to live for up to 15 years in what the hapless homeless called ‘concentration camps’ near Luton {a town specially picked out by ‘Knight Templar’ Breivik as largely White-unfriendly} (Sun, 19 iv).


 Scientists studying brain disease and DNA at UCLA, using a sample of 2,000 Whites, found a gene (HMGA2) which, if present in a double-C chromosomal dose, gave a 2.6-point advantage (as compared to people having a double recessive) and a similarly larger brain (AmRen, 16 iv).


 Interviewed by Vox Day (AmRen, 16 iv), the ultra-brave and -bright race realist John Derbyshire (q.v.) reported that he was taking his termination at ‘conservative’ National Review with an equanimity assisted by the huge volume of support that he had received in email – though he still shared the underlying despair of his newly compatriot Americans at the USA’s racial problem ever getting sorted despite 50 years of White-to-Black empowerment, encashment and affirmativism.


 Pew Hispanic Center reported that the 50 million Americans of Hispanic descent had some huge gaps still to bridge if assimilation to American society was to be achieved. Assimilation had not even been achieved for an alarming number of Hispanics into the third generation. Even among third-generation Hispanic adults, only 48% described themselves as Americans first and Peruvians or Mexicans or Cubans second (World Net Daily, 13 iv).


 The UK’s pathetic Foreign & Commonwealth Office, devoted long-term to boosting the increasingly absurd population of the low-IQ Middle East and Africa by British-taxpayer-funded food and medicine, not to mention giving £1B annually to ‘poor’ nuclear-armed India, had a chicken come home to roost as one of its top people, Sir George Fergusson, 56, appointed Governor of Bermuda, was stabbed by a hooded Black in a London [Hammersmith] park (in a 7.30pm daylight robbery – for a pathetic sum of money), losing the sight of his left eye (Huffington Post, 22 iv; Classic FM, 22 iv, 11am).


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Satoshi Kanazawa’s new book, The Intelligence Paradox: Why the Intelligent Choice Isn’t Always the Smart One, was mainly an extended exposition of his Savanna-IQ Interaction Hypothesis which states that: “Less intelligent individuals have greater difficulty than more intelligent people with comprehending and dealing with evolutionarily novel entities and situations that did not exist in the ancestral environment.

In contrast, general intelligence does not affect individuals’ ability to comprehend and deal with evolutionarily familiar entities and situations that existed in the ancestral environment.” (Mangan’s, 5 iv).

{Engagingly, SK was prepared to talk up the merits of the conservatism and religiosity even large families that had often in the past been associated with stupidity. However, he surely underestimated the huge changes of the past century which had yielded industrialization, mechanized warfare, the Bomb, mass communication, mass travel, mass immigration, de-industrialization and globalization – all challenges with which the low-IQ were not well equipped to cope, so many of them lived on welfare benefits, tax-avoidant casual employment and petty crime.}


Apparently none other than The Buddha insisted that children be educated according to their levels of ability (Times Higher Educational Supplement, 7 iv, p.2).


45 years after most reasonable people had concluded that pleasure drugs would have to be decriminalized – though maximally taxed, like tobacco, and elf-checked – the President of Guatemala (his country doubtless wracked and wrecked by drug barons) became the first Head of State to come round openly to my point of view (Observer, 8 iv).

{The main merits of criminalizing marijuana use had been that it gave petty criminals a lucrative specialization which distracted them from burglary, and that it simultaneously gave police the opportunity to stop Blacks and find (or plant) drugs on them.

(From the point of view of the West’s ludicrous egalito-environmentalistic dysgenic politicians, it additionally provided a way of telling parents that they were not responsible for the criminality of their low-IQ kids, whose problems could be conveniently blamed on ‘drugs.’)

But PeeCee increasingly restricted ‘stop & search’ options for police. And, as to providing an outlet for criminality, the obvious thing was a Humanitarian Task Force for Africa (q.v.) which would give Britoid criminals a fun life before (and even after) contracting AIDS and perhaps help defend a few of Africa’s nicer regimes {Where dey? – Ed.} for a while against advancing Islam and/or general stupidity.

African women (typically gaily clothed, cheerful and looking prosperous as they bottle-fed their starving babies in front of TV cameras) admitted to having six children, very few of them by Whites. The vast profits to be made from taxing drugs in the West could be invested in building more prisons for those Blacks who failed to join the Task Force....

As to elf care costs, they could easily be saved by requiring private insurance – as for other addicts, the obese, and congenitally disabled children whom parents had declined to abort.}


A stout defence of free expression for a Swansea University student who had ‘twittered’ abusing supporters of a heart-attacked Black ‘English’ soccer star was provided in the Observer by columnist Victoria Coren (8 iv) – though it did not save the student, Liam Stacey, from the 56 days jail to which he had been sentenced by a district judge (sitting without a jury) for the “public outrage” which he had supposedly caused to assiduous fellow-twitterers who had taken the trouble to access his coarse comments on the ‘n*gga’ ‘c*nt.’


As America’s national debate over the killing of Black trespasser Trayvon Martin (in Florida) raged on, a new poll showed that a majority of Americans believed the country was – despite 50 years of pro-Black prejudice, i.e. affirmativism, largesse, make-work schemes, pre-schooling, dumbing down, antiracism, sensitivity training, peecee suppression of talk etc. -- divided by race (CNN, 9 iv).

The Newsweek/Daily Beast poll showed that 72% of Whites and 89% of Blacks said the country was racially divided. And, almost four years after the election of the nation’s first Black president, Barry Hussein Obarmy, majorities of Whites and Blacks said race relations had either stayed the same or worsened.


Making waves among lefties* and soon among polite peecee-ified American ‘conservatives’ (and promptly getting himself banned from writing any more articles for the ‘conservative’ National Review), the British-born, Chinese-wifed and American-naturalized writer John Derbyshire engagingly spelled out the problems with Blecks and the USA’s official veneration of them and warned his kids – in a public parody of ‘the talk’ that Black parents gave to their own kids (warning them about Whitey) -- to walk with extreme care, not to play the Good Samaritan with unknown Blacks and never to show jealousy of over-promoted Black saints (Taki’s Magazine, 5 iv, 12 iv; AmRen, 12 iv).

{Sadly, John’s pro-pessimism article lacked historical and psychological perspective. Every lasting human society – i.e. nation or empire – of the past had involved a hierarchy based principally on IQ in which the elite worked hard by provision of religion and the lash to keep the (useful) underdogs to heel – be they the Protestants of France, the serfs of Russia, the Celts of the British Isles or, latterly, the ‘working class’ (which had burgeoned thanks to hygiene, cheap food and medicine but was having to be replaced in Britain by cheaper immigrants).

Admittedly, America had gone over the top in its solution to the Negro problem; but then it had long been the major beneficiary – even more than Mauritania -- of the West-African slave trade. But what pessimistic John did not appreciate was that – Christianity having failed Europe in two ghastly elite-destroying World Wars, and Jewry being incapable of organizing a realistic nation-state (needing the USA to provide Israel’s defence) – Islam was taking over (notably in Europe’s revolutionary French heartland) and would soon be supplying all the conservative disciplines that he could wish – notably chauvinism, child control, low taxation, homophobia, carbon fuelling etc., not to mention keeping nignogs in place. ‘Pessimist’ John had plainly not visited the Gulf!}

*AmRen, 12 iv, Alex Kurtagic: “John Derbyshire’s “Talk” column for Takimag last week detonated the ire of commentators on the lunatic fringes of the extreme Left. Ulcers flared and torrents of bile swamped the internet. The roar was even heard across the Atlantic, as the Guardian weighed in, wondering on Sunday why Mr. Derbyshire’s piece was still online.”

In Australia, the idea that Derb had “got off lightly” by just being sacked was taken up enthusiastically at ABC (12 iv, Dilan Thampapillai) – despite JD having worked with National Review for 15 years, being poorly with leukemia, and having a wife and two adolescents to support. Verily, there were some hard men on the left!

Well did an AmRen correspondent observe: “Being fired by Neocon Review Magazine is a badge of honor. Murray Rothbard, Pat Buchanan, Joe Sobran and Peter Brimelow were just some of the outstanding thinkers these Caspar Milquetoasts {like the Jewish NR edtor Rich Lowry} decided to distance themselves from.”


Not to be outdone in illiberal ‘liberal’ conservatism by the peecee Yanks who had set upon John Derbyshire, London Mayor (bright buffoonish blond) Borrish Johnson (former Speccie editor) – normally thought of as offering an eventual alternative (however adulterous) to dreary Daft Dave Camcon – showed his hopeless (blackmailed?) hand by banning London Transport from carrying anti-yag advertisements (Grauniad, 13 iv).

The ads would have read: 'Not gay! Ex-gay, post-gay and PROUD. Get over it!'* They would have brought LT a tidy income from US evangelical groups who believed that homosexuality could be cured.

Of course, it had been well known to experts for thirty years that – despite all 20th-century reconditioning endeavours – sexual perversions were deep-seated (whether or not genetic) and incorrigible. But for Borrish to be prepared to advertize the illiberalism of even the most scholarly, advanced and merry ‘Conservative’ was still remarkable.

*The proposed ad was a direct response to the yag ad ‘Some people are gay. Get over it!’ which LT had carried in 2011 – along with the Dawkinsite ad ‘There probably is no God. Get over it!’


Following the exposure of Exeter LUniversity’s suicidal n*gga-loving and loot-convicted Laura Johnson (q.v.), drunken ‘students’ from Manchester University (once in the UK’s top six) (assisted by ‘students’ from Manchester Metropolitan University – Wha dat? – Ed) continued to advertise the ludicrous state of British ‘higher education’ (wrecked – like much of the rest of government in the UK -- by Labour overfunding and recruitment of the low-IQ).

The boozed-up Manchester students, embarked for a ski-ing holiday in the Alps (doubtless at their parents’ expense, helped by Government loans), trashed a £180million French ferry, ‘The Spirit of France,’ as they ran around naked and had a mass brawl.

Terrified passengers were taken to safety in a secure room during the rampage (Sun, 9 iv). The ferry’s captain described the students’ behaviour as “despicable.”

{Thus did the West – having failed to support basic standards for its families, churches, schools, universities and employers – await Muslim takeover.}


A suicide car bomber killed at least 38 people on Easter Sunday morning on a busy road in the northern-Nigerian city of Kaduna, after apparently turning away at the last minute from security-protected churches holding Easter services. The blast left charred motorcycles and debris strewn across a major road, where many commonly gathered to eat at informal street restaurants and buy black-market petrol.


The mega-rich Wellcome Trust, a major supporter of medical research in the UK (spending £600Mpa) (and a modest supporter of hereditarian and eugenic causes), committed itself to obliging its funded researchers to put their research online within six months of publication (on pain of not getting the last instalment of their grants); and said it would set up its own elite internet journal, to be called eLife, which would provide (presumably funded by drug company advertising, on the model of British Medical Journal) instant open-access publication and challenge the expensive leaching of taxpayer-funded work by the secretive {and latterly environmento-babbling, anti-IQ and ignoracist} top journals Nature, Science and Cell (Guardian, 10 iv).

(Many academic journals -- getting free research and reviewing from state-funded universities, seizing copyright from publication-desperate dons, then selling to university libraries at staggering prices -- were owned by leftist Elsevier, censorious peecee Wiley Depublisher and pro-Israel Axel Springer.)


The world of psychiatric medicine was in turmoil as both of two experts appointed by an Oslo court found anti-Muesli Labour-killer Anders Breivik sane – contrary to the previous judgment of two defence psychiatrists that the self-confessed killer of 77 was a paranoid schizophrenic (a diagnosis which Breivik’s lawyer decided not to use, accepting instruction from his client) (D.Telegraph, 11 iv).

Never were Hans Eysenck’s reservations about psychiatric categorization more dramatically vindicated! Paranoia was not ‘a form of schizophrenia’, as classically held, but a mental effort to control the confusion of schizophrenia by imposing a causal story of what was happening (in the world and/or in the sufferer’s head) – the attempt being passably successful if IQ was high, as explained in The g Factor.

Breivik’s top-drawer Labour-backing parents (the father a diplomat for Norway) had started divorcing when he was age one; he had been recorded as having mental health problems by age four; he accused his parents of ‘feminizing’ him – and did not seem to have had a girlfriend, let alone wife; he was a graffiti artist with convictions as a teenager; he took anabolic steroids; and his computer business in his twenties was in endless financial trouble.

He would thus have been described in London School terms as high-g and high-P (= low idealism and low conscientiousness). At the time of his sickening attacks,* Breivik was a member of the freemason Lodge of St. Olaf at the Three Columns in Oslo and had displayed photographs of himself in partial Masonic regalia on his Facebook profile.

His paranoia about Mueslis provided passable control of the mess – except that it was twenty years too late, the traitorous Western elite having already decided on third-world immigration that would give businessmen cheap labour, customers cheap curries and socialists cheap votes.

Amusingly, if found sane by the Oslo court, Breivik could (under Norwegian law) spend only a maximum of 21 years in prison – thus exposing the nonsense of unthinking liberalism even better than his 77 murders might have done.

* At his trial in Norway, beginning 16 iv, Breivik planned to claim his murders, mainly of Labour youngsters, had been committed in ‘self-defence’ – aiming to brush aside the facts that he himself had suffered no personal injury or even threat from Muslim immigration and that his (understandable) anxieties about immigration had been caused not by the youngsters but by the vote-seeking, idealism or indifference of their Labour parents.


London-looter, Gordon Thomson, 34, with 20 previous convictions, was given a mere 11½-yr prison sentence* (5 yrs after remission, if of good behaviour) for the huge blaze (started by him personally) that destroyed a 140-year-old family-owned and –inhabited store in Croydon during the London riots of August 2012 (Guardian, 11 iv; Classic FM, 11 iv, 13:00, top story).

The furniture store was so famous that its name was routinely used for the street corner where it stood: Reeves Corner. The inferno sparked fires in buildings across the street – one woman had to throw herself from her flat to avoid incineration. As was usual in such ‘sensitive’ cases, journalists could not bring themselves to report anything of the family, personality, schooling or employment of the self-confessed criminal; but photography (which would itself doubtless be doctored in later peecee years) revealed him, despite his English-sounding name, to be Black. Police had let the rioting get out of control for fear of being called racist.

* In the 1960s when Britain abolished executions, the substituted ‘life sentences’ seldom ran beyond ten years. Would it not have been more sensible to execute Thomson than to spend £50Kpa on him for five years – plus doubtless £60pweek for life subsequently plus housing benefits plus health care plus benefits for his wife/wives and sprogs?


As Britain’s Marxism-infected ‘teachers’ convened to vote for strikes about this, that or the other, top children’s writer Terry Deary, the 65-yr-old Sunderland-born author of many comical and much-read books, including Terrible Tudors and Vile Victorians, condemned British schools as “pits of misery and ignorance” (D.Telegraph, 11 iv).

Deary had previously said (according to Wikipedia): “Schools have no relevance in the 21st century. They were a Victorian idea to get kids off the street. Who decided that putting 30 kids with only their age in common in a classroom with one teacher was the best way of educating?”


The ludicrous taxation-funded peecee Beeb, which had tried to relocate 30% of its staff from London to grotty Salford, Manchester (many staff refused to go; others decided to undertake a 5-hr daily commute rather than move their families oop north), found it had got more social reality than it had bargained for (Sun, 12 iv).

In the first year of trying to show the Beeb was not just for south-east England, a worker was shot at with an airgun, a producer [paid £.3Mpa] was chased by thieves, a staff member was conned into handing over a car and a security man was attacked. Yobs also nicked computer gear. In email, head of security Tony Chebrika [such a northern name!...] reassured workers [not least celebrities paid £.5Mpa] “escorts can be arranged”.

Many staff were furious over the hugely expensive move north to meet the plebs of the country which the officially egalitarian Beeb had done so much to ruin. A Sun correspondent wrote: “The BBC staff were obviously too convinced with their own lies. They must have thought street violence only happens in the middle east and that it's always caused by dictators. Like they tell us on a daily basis.... so much so they even convinced themselves.”


The Swiss magazine Weltwoche gave prominence to Europe’s growing gypsy problem by having as its cover story, with a picture of a Roma boy with a gun on its cover, an article titled ‘The Roma are coming’, detailing the growth in ‘crime tourism’ in the country (BBC, 12 iv).

Neighbouring Germany’s large Sinti & Roma Association immediately demanded imports of the magazine be halted and said it was proceeding with court action. But Weltwoche’s deputy editor said the article and picture were reasonable because the gypsies routinely used their children in schemes of extortion.


Intelligence testing met with the Sun’s approval as cute blonde 4-yr-old Heidi Hanken of Hampshire, with an IQ of 159, was given Mensa membership – along with Stephen Hawking (IQ 160) (13 iv). Heidi liked nothing better than feeding ducks; but by age two she had been happily reading books deemed by Britain’s educationists to be suitable for the average seven-year-old. Her lecturer father Matthew and his artist wife Sophy had already placed Heidi’s 9-yr brother Isaac as a chorister at Winchester Cathedral School.


The architects of Britain’s welfare-dependent, socialist, newly bankrupt and multiculti state got their answer as 48% of Brits told pollsters they ‘would seriously consider’ or ‘were actively considering’ emigration (Sun, 15 iv). The poll did not provide a breakdown of its findings by race, but the figure surely meant that over 50% of Whites would be glad to leave the UK.

{No wonder the Scots had been voting SNP – even though that party concentrated officially on the quite unrealistic goal of keeping out the English rather than on the eminently manageable target of keeping Skintland* ooops Scotland White!}

* The Economist magazine (founded by a Scot) had published (13 iv) a damning analysis of how poor Skintland (with its main cities of Edinborrow** and Glasgone) would be if it broke from England. But the proverbially anti-hereditarian Economist did not consider the argument that ‘We’d be poor but [racially] happy.’

**Readers should not worry. Another press survey found E’bro to be the UK’s second-richest area – after west-central London. And, thanks to Her Majesty’s vast volcanic Holyrood Park (spreading 1½ miles south of Her Palace) and to the nearby 1sq.mile Meadows, it must be the world’s best example of rus in urbe.


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Monday, April 09, 2012


The Anglican Church, best known in recent years for backing wymmin priests, gay bishops, yag marriages and Sharia law, completed its disgrace as a balded White east-London priest was convicted of conducting at least 250 bogus marriages – flying in EU citizens to plight their troths to Nigerians who simply wanted British citizenship (Sun, 4 iv). The vicar, Brian Shipsides, was jailed for four years. {But there was no sign of the ‘marriages’ being cancelled or participants being deported – or even denied welfare benefits.}


The UK, which the Scots had been allowed to tyrannize since 1708 (after being paid billions by a newly Protestantized and Dutch-monarched England to give up warfare), seemed set fair to expose the shallowness of even a pretty successful 300-year ‘union’ of ethnicities – the ethnic problem multiplied by Glasgow’s mass importation of cheap Irish labour in the 19th century.

Shamed Westminster fundraiser Peter Cruddas — who boasted he would fix a head-to-head with Daft Dave Shameron for £250,000 — turned out to have been at no less than 13 of the newly famed ‘kitchen suppers’ at No.10; and he was accused of faking Tory opposition to Scottish independence after he was taped saying the party had to be seen fighting independence even if they were actually for it.

{England had given up the Holy Republic of Southern Ireland in 1922, and left Northern Ireland to barbed wire and pretentious Clinton-Blair idealism in 1998. Now the plan was to ditch Scotland – as I had recommended back in 1990, but without appreciation that, by 2012, the socialist-manufactured bankrupt and state-dependent Scots would be quite unlikely to want to leave the marriage, not least because of their own internal ethnic/geographical divisions (q.v.).}


As bankrupt Britain prepared to do battle with the £45Kpa-paid tanker drivers of so-elf’n’safety-conscious union LUnite, the Sun discovered that LUnite officials got at least £4million per year of taxpayers' money. It could be as high as £10million (1 iv). The public sector, for which HMG footed the bill, had to pay the equivalent of 154 full-time salaries to LUnite officials for working on union business. The money came via deals to allow leftist thugs time off to conduct conciliation and compromise in their outdated money-grabbing exercises; and was in addition to what taxpayers already spent funding the rotten-leftist-to-the-core NHS, BBC, Local MisGovernment and similar handouts to unionites across the rest of Britain’s public sector dependency.


As the Labour Party took a thrashing (in Bradford West) from Mueslis whom it had showered with postal votes – the ethnically focussed Mueslis having realized (specially their women) that Labour was doing nothing for their favoured causes in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine – a Labour councillor (for Whitby, Yorkshire) gratuitously exhibited his party’s lunacy by telling journalists that his ‘real mother’ was a 9’ green Martian and that he was occasionally abducted by aliens in spacecraft (Metro, 26 iii). He added: ‘I get more common sense out of the aliens than out of Scarborough town hall. The aliens are far more aware of stuff.’


The French, who had for centuries provided themselves with obscene Catholicism, bloody Revolution, endless war with Germany (requiring – horror of horrors – France to have to be saved by the British Empire and America) and Eurofanaticism (as the last hope of creating a semblance of French empire), put up the white flag to their imported 6M Mueslis – reacting to the Toulouse murders (q.v.) by reducing support for the Front Nationale (i.e. Marine Le Pen) to 13.5% in the polls, and indeed putting a new barking leftist outsider ahead in their country’s presidential race (Guardian, 2 iv).

{The French evidently thought the Mueslis could be contained by socialism – a happy delusion in which Britain’s Labour Party had indulged, inviting the press for a big victory party in Bradford West (q.v.)....)


After fifty years of lowering standards, substituting rote memory for intelligence and education, British luniversity teachers confessed to Education Minister Michael Gove that half their students could scarcely write a two-line grammatical sentence and that they would therefore graciously consent to run A-Level exams with ‘open-ended’ components (i.e. without a 100% tick-box nature) (Guardian, 3 iv; Classic FM Radio, 3 iv, 13:00).

So ludicrous had the system become that, by 2011, one student was able to retake A-Level Maths 29 times – eventually emerging with a resounding Pass.... {Around 1955, A[dvanced]- and indeed O[rdinary]-Levels had been run by confidence-inspiring Oxford and Cambridge Boards; but these were steadily undermined by ‘progressives’ so as to produce grade inflation and boost the chances of dull, neurotic, hardworking girls as against intelligent boys.

Even by 1960, these exams were regarded as a joke by elite schools – like my own grammar school in Barnet, which did not allow boys to take many of them lest we leave school for employment and avoid the rigours of S[tate-Scholarship]-Levels and Oxbridge Entrance and Scholarship exams. – The latter typically went on for three days, I should say; and involved the lucky combatants being ‘boarded’ at an Oxbridge college without sex, television or running hot water.

It took me just 4 goes to get the required Open Scholarship – which I soon lost by marrying [though the kindly Queen’s College made me an ‘eleemosynary’ Exhibitioner, so I kept most of the cash].}


While the ignoracist West fretted about Syria’s London opthalmogist President Assad (and his hot wife) keeping down rebels (i.e. Solunni hysterics), the Tuareg Muslim rebels of the vast vaguely French-Christian West African state of Mali were able to take half the country’s territory --in its north and in particular its only heard-of city, ancient and once ‘scholarly’ Timbuktu. The city’s residents were amazed as the Mali Army ran away, blocking the roads so that citizens themselves were unable to escape the advancing Clothespegs.

At least a fairly clear geographical separation of the competing ethnies gave some kind of hope in Mali. By contrast, 15 years of Nato efforts to help civil-war-torn Bosnia-Herzegovina had, according to a local Guardian reporter (6 iv), pretty Vesna Maric, yielded little but surly bitterness and the likelihood of continuing conflict “for generations to come.”

Ethnic conflict continued in Burma – providing the Army’s main excuse for not handing more power to Aung San Suu Kyi.


In a surprisingly relaxed article for The Daily Beast (2 iv), top US biologist (and the original sociobiologist), after writing of how animals liked their own kind, declared:

"The elementary drive to form and take deep pleasure from in-group membership easily translates at a higher level into tribalism. People are prone to ethnocentrism. It is an uncomfortable fact that even when given a guilt-free choice, individuals prefer the company of others of the same race, nation, clan, and religion. They trust them more, relax with them better in business and social events, and prefer them more often than not as marriage partners. They are quicker to anger at evidence that an out-group is behaving unfairly or receiving undeserved rewards. And they grow hostile to any out-group encroaching upon the territory or resources of their in-group."

E.O. Wilson (b. 1929) retired from Harvard in 1996 without lifting a finger to support The g Factor.


The new head of London’s Metropolitan Police took the trouble to tell 48K cops that he ‘would not tolerate racism or racists’ (Grauniad, 4 iv). Bernard Hogan-Wogan-Woebegone-Who felt obliged to pacify his peecee mistress at the Home Office, fat old bag Theresa May, after a Met officer turned out to have been mobile-photoed kneeing a Black rioter in the groin in the course of the 3-day August 2011 lootings.

{Whether the said officer would equally have kneed a White rioter was unexamined.}

By 6 iv (Sun), the new outbreak of hysterical PeeCee at the Met had led to no less than eight cops and one civilian being suspended, most for ‘offences’ as trivial as failing to proceed with telephone inquiries from ethnics (in Britain by that stage most calls to government outfits – e.g. HMRC -- remained unanswered let alone unproceeded-with) or using the dreaded ‘N-word’ (though the word was used routinely of their fellow-Negroes by Black ‘singers’).

A further twelve police were “under investigation.” Many of the suspensions were in the ghastly east-London area of Newham (previously East Ham and West Ham; designated to host the 2012 Olympic Games, so as to make the multculti Olympians feel at home and ‘regenerate’ the area as Blacks stole the stadium and equipment as soon as the Games finished and massive policing was called off).

Senior officers publicly congratulated other cops for snitching on their colleagues’ indiscretions, so a culture of multiculti terror and back-stabbing had plainly become institutionalized at the Met.

Handling the suspensions (which would doubtless have to culminate in charges of nothing less than gross misconduct) would certainly cost no less than two million pounds (what with lawyers’s fees, tribunal proceedings, press handling, pay for no work, and pay to replace the services of the nine suspended staff).

Not to be outdone in hysteria, the RUC ooops PSNI of Northern Ireland put four of its own police under investigation for ‘racist and sectarian [Caff vs Prod] texting’ (to each other – no member of the public was affected) (Classic FM, 6 iv, 13:00).

The Met’s latest problems with ‘racism’ began as Britain’s politicians stayed on holiday through the first three days of the Tottenham riots, then re-appeared to demand prompt action against the Black looters who had been allowed to get out control.


France -- long-renowned for its bizarre mix of Catholicism, Republicanism, anti-Semitism, de facto polygamy, smelly cheese, filthy toilets, garlicked breath, wartime defeats and anti-Anglo-Saxon attitudes –found Richard Descoings, the principal of one of its top universities [£268Kpa], ‘Sciences Po’ [Paris] (once employing sex maniac top politico pimp DSK (q.v. – unable to tell whether the girls he met at parties were prostitutes or of good class since they were all naked)), had died naked, at 54, in a New York hotel room strewn with drink and drugs containers, himself having been outed as a homosexual (despite taking the trouble to make an officially regular marriage) (Daily Mail, 5 iv).

{The French way of life was evidently in even faster decline than Britain’s – where only the {pseudo-}Liberal Party provided spectacular examples at its highest levels of adultery, homosexuality, murder, dogging, marrying lesbians and coprophagia).


A US federal judge in Michigan determined that Christians may, in fact, preach the Bible where Muslims can hear, in an unexpected anti-PeeCee ruling that slammed a plan by the city of Dearborn that would have required a minister to give up his rights in order to speak (World Net Daily, 5 iv). The Dearborn city fathers would have required that evangelizing Pastor Jones “RELEASE AND FOREVER DISCHARGE the city of Dearborn … and its officers, employees, and agents, from any and all claims, liabilities, or lawsuits, including legal costs and reasonable attorney fees, resulting from their activities on City of Dearborn property.” (This requirement would have freed the city from responsibility if Muslims beat up Christians.)


The LUniversity of Exeter was disgraced as its chubby and bestacled female student, Laura Johnson, 20, was convicted of chauffeuring Blacks around London in the August 2011 riots so they could loot and have the stolen goods ferried off in the car of Johnson‘s millionaire father (of leafy Orpington, Kent). Johnson was also herself convicted of burglary (Sun, 6 iv).

The Inner London Crown Court jury heard that Johnson set out one evening to deliver a phone charger to her friend, Emmanuel Okubote, 20, a convicted crack cocaine dealer and thief, otherwise known as T-Man. When she arrived at their meeting point in Catford, South London, he jumped into the passenger seat while others climbed into the back of the car, prosecutors said. Johnson told detectives she was instructed to drive from one place to another late at night and into the early hours of the morning.

When she stopped, her passengers — most of whom she claimed never to have met before — would embark on a looting mission. The court heard that Johnson, who previously tried to kill herself, began a close friendship with Okubote (involving ‘kissing and other stuff’) during the summer after being introduced to him by a friend she met while a mental health unit outpatient. Whether student Johnson had read John Baker’s Race was unknown.

(Johnson had a poor relationship with her fabulously rich parents and two younger brothers; she sometimes came home drunk several nights in a row; she claimed to have been the victim of double rape; and she had fallen hard for the charming (when he wanted) many-girlfriended Okubote, whom she had been phoning eighty times in ten days, finding he gave her ‘confidence.’)

It was previously one Charlie Gilmour, the ‘Pink Floyd’ star David Gilmour's privileged son, who had disgracefully swung from the Union Flag on the iconic and annually remembered (and televised) Cenotaph in Whitehall during student protests in 2010. Despite studying history at Cambridge University (Girton Girls’ College), Gilmour claimed not to have known what the Cenotaph represented.Like so many ‘student’ yobs ‘educated’ at taxpayers’ expense by leftist goons, he was tragically ignorant of British history and contemptuous of the millions who had given their lives to ensure his freedom.


After the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race was disrupted when a lone swimmer popped up between the 40mph-travelling boats, thus bringing the gentlemanly contest to a halt, the criminal (surely guilty of risking public order and causing millions of viewers to waste an hour of their lives waiting for the race to re-start), one Trenton Oldfield, 35, turned out to be of Australian parentage and to have failed to get into Oxbridge, thus having to attend the Libyan ooops London School of Economics (L$E). The loon had for some while run a website opposing ‘elitism’ and claiming it ‘led to tyranny.’

The leftie’s spitefulness was reminiscent of rising ‘liberal’-left star Peter Hain stopping an England vs South Africa rugby match c. 1970 by strewing ground glass on the playing field.

Cambridge went on to ‘win’ the race after a clash of oars (likely caused by Oxford’s excitable and aggressive Italian coxette) resulted in Oxford losing one of its boat’s eight blades.

Kindly English ways with underdogs continued on display as police gave Oldfield bail within a day, merely requiring to attend a court hearing after a leisurely four weeks during which the Guardian and New Statesman would be able to arrange him lawyers. He could expect a fine of thruppence-ha’penny and a career as a socialist journalist till his newfound wealth and much wining and dining brought him – like Hain – to the top of the Labour Party (from which Hain only slipped – probably temporarily – after irregularities in his expenses claims were detected).


Was celebrated by the Archbishop of Canterbury saying he was fed up with people being obsessed with their ‘identities’ as wymmin, yags, Mueslis, Welsh, Scots etc. (Times, 6 iv) – Beardy-weirdie theologian Rowan Williams had announced his retirement after ten years of trying to settle the Anglican Communion’s internal battles (without long-term success), so he was at last free to speak his mind.

And – wonder of wonders, breaking with two decades of PeeCcee and probably with two generations of Labour rule in Scotland – the head of the RC Church in Scotland, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, urged Christians to wear silver crosses, to display crucifixes on their desks, and to give crosses instead of Easter eggs.


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Monday, April 02, 2012


Pleasing leftist ideas that the Toulouse murders, if not committed by the ‘far right,’ were the work of a ‘lone’ Muslim madman, went down in flames as Abdelkader (q.v.), the brother of the murderer-of-seven Abdull Farting, having declared his verbal support for his brother, was detained at length by gendarmes on suspicion of having helped Mahomet build up his cache of guns and grenades. For good measure, a sister of the pair was also detained; and Abdull’s father declared his support for his murderous son.

{Not to mention: a very expensive son who would surely have damaged Frog-Muesli relations (if the Frogs had any remaining bottle) as well as costing billions of francs to get himself besieged by 500 gendarmes (six of them injured) and finally deaded.}

President Sarkozy responded with nine police raids on Mueslis in Toulouse, arresting sixteen and recovering guns and bomb-making equipment (D.Telegraph, 31 iii).


While wrecking Britain’s grammar schools and embarking on similar egalitarianization of the already half-crackpot luniversities (see Prof ‘Les’ Hebephronic, previous), the country’s politicos turned out to have allowed the development of new elites. No, not just from Oxbridge, from which most top politicos mercifully hailed; nor from the Irish-led trade unions which, bullying workers for money, had appointed Opposition leader Red Ed – he having little support in Labour beyond this ‘block vote.’

No, the new elite was businessmen and w*nkers ooops bankers who had first supported Rev Bliar and Grumpy Gordon but then turned their attention to paying sums as high as £250,000 [sic] just to have dinner at 10, Downing Street, with PM Daft Dave CamCorrupt (e.g. Daily Mail, 27 iii).

Just what the w*nkers got for their money remained unknown to hacks, not least because the new elite’s ‘self-denying’ ordinance about talking to the Fourth Estate. {All Britain’s four main parties had adopted PeeCee, Euro-ism, comprehensive schools, welfarism, the National Death Service, Greenwich Winter Time and penological liberalism. As a result of such boring agreement, they could not recruit many ordinary supporters so had to resort to wangling massive contributions from billionaires – famously accepting ‘cash for peerages’ under PM Rev. Bliar, though just what Daft Dave Conman was offering remained unclear [probably planning permission for new supermarkets, Terminal 4 for Heathrow, unneeded high speed rail tracks in tiny Britain etc.].}


After a Black footie star was stretchered off to hospital (where he made a speedy recovery), a soccer hooligan and LUSwansea student was banged up for 56 days for “racism”: he had merely ‘twittered’ “LOL [Lots of laughs]. Fuck Maumba – he’s dead!” but thus fell foul of the fifty years of ‘anti-racist’ legislation passed to prevent White criticism of the third-world immigration on which Britain’s politicians and their ‘public services’ had come to depend.

The boozed-up biology student (who faced expulsion by his luniversity) had followed up his comment by replies to Muamba’s supporters that were so “vile” that swooning MSM could not bring itself to repeat them. (They were in fact You are a silly c*nt… Your mother’s a w*g and your dad is a rapist! Bonjour, you scruffy northen [sic] c*nt! and Awwww, go suck a n*gger d*ck, you f****ng aids-ridden c*nt. – Revolting remarks commonplace among ‘Twitter’ users, but hardly meriting 56 days prison and the destruction of employability which the sentence would involve, nor even constituting express incitement to either racial hatred or violence.)


British tax authorities (‘Her Majesty’s’ Revenue & Customs), increasingly employing callow Coke-drinkers in baseball caps (and allowed to keep grossly untidy desks), were caught bombarding some 150K pensioners with totally incorrect 10-yr-backdated demands for some £2K each. Attempts by worried pensioners to phone and enquire were met by the usual jammed lines.

A manageress told the Sun that the ‘service’ was improving (28 iii, ‘Aged raided’), not admitting that failures to use IQ and literacy in staff selection had allowed the system to become a complete and frightening mess – in which even the most straightforward affairs of individual taxpayers were dealt with from eight different offices {in my case from Edinburgh, Stirling, Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Southport, Belfast and Ipswich}.


As a government ‘study’ of England’s August rioting (beginning in Tottenham, once a poor but peaceful home to my favourite uncle) was covered by the Guardian and its correspondents (28 iii), the great & good of peecee Britain heaped blame on parents, police, teachers, (lack of) employers, advertisers, youth, materialism, low expectations, rootlessness, indiscipline, human rights etc., etc.; but, in scores of thousands of words, the word ‘Black’ was never mentioned.

{Needless to say, IQ too did not figure in the ‘explanations.’ In fact, 60% of the looters/rioters had been Black. Clearly my late Mother’s 1996 message as The g Factor was depublished had been well absorbed by Beebsters, Guardianistas and the rest of MSM: “Whatever you do, Christopher, don’t talk about the darkies!”}

{A few Spectator correspondents were more daring, one pointing out that the Tottenham whitewash could properly be called a blackwash (28 iii).}

Although Blackness was becoming virtually unmentionable by MSM, Blacks engaged in gang warfare provided a visual aid as five of them gunned down a 5-yr Indian girl in her father’s London mini-market; and an illiterate Black 16-yr-old was given a whole-life sentence in Sarasota, Florida, for the gratuitous 3a.m. street murder of two shirtless drunken (nancy-boy?) LU.Sheffield student friends after having them drop their trousers and be shot in their backsides – spurring the hope that the yag community might get fed up with the left’s ‘rainbow coalition’ of minorities and get interested in the psychology of Blecks.

Another visual aid surfaced as ‘Nigerian-born’ Emmanuel Scotts, 44, was jailed for four years for cheating the public revenue, living off fabulous welfare benefits (with his beautiful Iranian wife) in a £2M Chelsea penthouse (neighbours Sir Michael Caine and Robbie Williams) (Sun, 29 iii; Daily Mail, 29 iii).


In a helpful Guardian article detailing the Western-European nationalist right’s latter-day support for Israel {which I had done my own little bit to encourage over the years} (28 iii) but saying that, in the end, all biological minorities should stick together against all ‘fascism,’ writer Anne Karpf totally neglected to mention the rabid, genocidal hostility of many Middle-Eastern Mueslis to Jews – quite putting the earlier animosity of Wagner, Herr Hitler, T.S.Eliot, Monsieur Le Pen and the NF/BNP in the shade.

Apparently, an original Jewish-Muslim march planned to show solidarity in Toulouse (q.v.) – in line with Ms Karpf’s idea, to denounce the far right -- was called off by Muesli leaders when it became known that the Jew-murderer was in fact a Muslim who had his brother and father behind him.

Also unknown to Ms Karpf was that the Eastern-European hard right (especially in Poland and Hungary) often expressed pro-Islamist sympathies in terms of a purported "higher social morality" of the Muslim world and a quasi-leftist "anti-imperialist" loathing of the "Judaicised world order" of the “morally weak” USA.

Back in the West, anti-Zionist Saddam-backing maverick-leftist ‘Gorgeous George’ Galloway (Irish-Catholic-mothered, kitted out with a second Muesli wife), who had dazzled the US Senate, was deemed in the Guardian to have a sporting chance of winning the 38%-Muslim (30%-Kashmiri) ‘safe Labour’ parliamentary seat of Bradford West (28 iii, ‘Galloway shakes up Labour relations’, Helen Arm-Pidd [as she was known in her Embra days]) – apparently without conspicuous help from the British far right.

STOP PRESS Anti-yag GGG’s ‘Respect’ went on sensationally to win the by-election by 2-1 over all other parties (even with Labour fielding a Muesli candidate), administering the biggest kick to Labour-PeeCee-Multiculturalism that the sorry illiberal and unpatriotic doctrine had ever received.

Joyful Mr Galloway, 57, declared that he had won a "big victory". (True: in a seat which Labour had held for 40 years, since the original Pak invasion of Bradford. Perhaps the Jewish Labour leader, nauseatingly nasal monotoned Marxist-fathered Ed Mililitre had something to do with it....)

Galloway added: "It is a very comprehensive defeat for New Labour [which had expelled him in 2003 for opposing the Iraq invasion]. It is a pathetic performance by the Government parties."

{For Labour, losing its Muesli vote would prove almost as disastrous as losing Scotland – which it had done over ten years by failing to have ethnic (or even class) identity, having lost quite a fragment of its traditional Glasgow-Catholic vote by backing homosexualism.}


Dante's mediaeval classic the Divine Comedy was condemned as racist, antisemitic and Islamophobic by a group calling for it to be removed from classrooms (Guardian, 14 iii). The epic poem, written in the 14th century, is split into three parts, tracing the poet's journey through Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso. It is seen as one of the cornerstones of world literature.

But the Italian human rights organisation Gherush92, which ‘advised’ UN bodies on human rights issues, demanded it be removed from school curricula, or at least be used with more caution, because it was "offensive and discriminatory" and young people “lacked the filters to understand it in context.”


A happy battle of special-interest ‘progressive’ groups loomed as French topman Dominique Strauss-Kahn, long expected to be the Socialists’ presidential candidate with an excellent chance of getting to the Élysée Palace, found himself accused of coercive and “bestial” sex in addition to the accusations of pimping and pestering Black chambermaids which he already faced (Sun, 29 iii).

Though France had a tradition of tolerating and covering up most sexual perversions of its politicians, it was likely that stories of girls being held down by the wrists while “rutting chimpanzee” DSK saw to them at “violent orgies” in Lille would send French feminists into overdrive.


A leftie spy who infiltrated the American Renaissance conference in the (secure) State Park Inn, Tennessee (q.v.) reported (hopefully faithfully – Nashville Scene, 29 iii, cover story, Jonathan Meador) the objections of some AmRen supporters to the IQ-guided prediction of casually dressed “diminutive octogenarian” academician Richard Lynn that, because of Western wetness, the Chinese would become the guardians of civilization – objectors regarded the Chinese as “soulless” and “immoral” despite China’s low criminality and burgeoning church attendance.

However, what the spy failed to notice was the absence of another top race realist, Phil Rushton, from AmRen’s discussions. Perhaps Phil had latterly come to realize that the immediate takeover of the West would be not by Chinks but by Mueslis, against whom AmRen already long railed in vain?

{The main hope for the West had to be that the Mueslis would end up fighting each other along Shitite vs Solunni lines, as they had always managed in the past. But Muslims in the West were predominantly Solunni, whereas Russia and China supported the less hysterical Shitites.}


In Nato-‘liberated’ Libya, supposedly enjoying the ‘Arab Spring’ arranged by President Sharkozhy and PM Daft Dave Conman, 70 or more were killed in just three days of tribal fighting in the southern town of Sabha (home of the cross-border-connected Toubou clan). Lacking the firm hand of the murdered dictator Col.Gadawfu, Arabs turned on Blacks and each other in their usual fashion, using weapons of every calibre, including planes, tanks and rockets (D.Telegraph, 28 iii).


As Florida’s George Zimmerman, 28 (called ‘white’ by MSM but surely Hispanic and/or Jewish) went on media trial for shooting dead a hooded Black intruder/attacker on his mixed-race (47% White) gated estate -- one Trayvon Martin -- World Net Daily provided a reminder of the sheer unlikelihood of White-on-Black crime (30 iii).

Courtesy of Patrick Buchanan’s “Suicide of a Superpower” came the FBI’s crime figures for 2007: “Blacks committed 433,934 violent crimes against whites, eight times as many as the 55,685 that whites committed against blacks. Interracial rape is almost exclusively black-on-white, with 14,000 assaults on white women by African-American males in 2007. Not one case of white sexual assault on a black female was found in the FBI study.” (Page 243)

{American Blacks had got uppity as a result of their 1918 service in WWI, when they had been able to rape White French girls/prostitutes with impunity. Blacks preferred White pussy because it was tighter – Black vaginas (at least in Africa) requiring drying out with alum.}

Members of America’s New Black Panther Party offered a $10K reward for the ‘capture’ of neighbourhood watch captain Zimmerman – who Florida police insisted had acted in self-defence (a witness had seen Zimmerman being sat on by Martin and having his head smashed into the ground) (Orlando Sentinel, 24 iii).

Martin had several criminal convictions and had been banned from school for marijuana use. As national hysteria mounted in the USA, it seemed likely that ‘castle defence’ and rights to gun ownership would be further challenged by the left – thus bringing the country’s National Rifle Association to its feet.

{Blacks were typically barred from gun ownership because of their criminal convictions; so they were eager to have Whites disarmed – for police would never be able to protect Whites in America’s countless outlying areas.}


The formation of a new National Democratic Party was announced in Moscow by leading Russian nationalists (Ria Novosti, 29 iii). The party would make use of the slogan “Russia for the Russians” (agreed with by 69% of Russians) while aiming to do without skinhead or similar Nazistic support.

Racial tensions had been exacerbated by clashes in big cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg* between ethnic Russians and youths from the North Caucasus, as well as by mass immigration from impoverished former Soviet Central Asian republics such as Tajikistan; and race killings ran at about one per fortnight.

The NDP looked to bring together Konstantin Krylov’s Russian Public Movement, Vladimir Tor’s Movement Against Illegal Immigration, and the Russian Civil Union led by Anton Susov, as well as a number of other organizations.

*Russia’s magnificent musical tradition was on display to a packed house at Edinburgh’s 3K-seater Usher Hall, 29 iii, as the 100-strong St Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, under (since 1988) Maestro Yuri Temirkanov, played works by Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich – the latter’s Fifth Symphony, with its glorious, patriotic, cymbal-clashing ending, eliciting six rounds of applause and bringing quite a few in the audience to their feet (virtually unprecedented in the usually sedate Edinburgh world of classical music) and leading the much-affected Maestro to reward the audience with two pieces by Elgar.

The number of silver-haired male musicians was notable – the Russians apparently preferring to rely on experienced talent rather than bother with youngsters who would soon vanish into drugs, AIDS or single parenthood.


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