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In backhanded tribute to the importance of recent writing about race, the London School of Economics set up an ‘inquiry’ [the first formal step in E.LU.’s 1996-98 proceedings against me*] into the work of its star evopsychologist, Satoshi Kanazawa (who had claimed Black females were less attractive because over-testosteronized) (Guardian, 19 v).

And, in America, the Department of Homeland Security blocked internet access to top race realist Jared Taylor’s new book, White Identity (which documented the failure of vast publicly funded multiculti race-integrationist programmes to produce either success of happiness).

Not content with persecuting individuals, a ‘United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights’ denounced the whole of Australia as racist (Daily Mail, 25 v) – a happily believable proposition as the Sydney Daily Telegraph (22 v) revealed that realistic White flight in Sydney had left several state schools (in the west of the city, e.g. the Auburn district) with pupil bodies that were 98% non-White.

* Though, funnily enough, my own 1996 Inquiry actually cleared me (though urging I should use more ‘visual aids’). The left then had to scour my emails for anti-feminism, libertarianism and Freudianism to harass the LUniversity into proceeding with a full Tribunal against me (leading to my sacking, rejected appeal and final compensation once E.LU. felt Jim Woodhill’s big money coming against it).


A shocked homosexual, new Telegraph columnist Graeme Archer, reported from a visit to East London that he had seen signs declaring GAY-FREE ZONE and bearing supportive quotations from the Koran; he had also heard of Muesli youths beating up a religious education teacher whom they deemed insufficiently sympathetic to Islam and of girls being bullied into wearing the veil (Fairygraph, 28 v).

{The full treachery of the Labour Party in deliberately letting Pakistanis and their illiterate spouses stream into Britain (to provide cheap labour and socialist votes) was set out at ‘Gates of Vienna’ (20 v, ‘Why is this not treason?’); but not the least of the neosocialist treachery was to homosexuals and women – who were one day going to wake up feeling mightily betrayed once they realized that multiculturalism was an illusion which most Muslims themselves rejected.}


As Europeans began to realize that their politicians’ and businessmen’s invitation to the third world to invade was based on quite unrealistic psychological assumptions about integratability, Austria’s Freedom Party (FPOe) moved to the top position in opinion polls – enjoying 29% support, compared to 28% for Social Democrats and 23% for the (conservative) People’s Party (VPOe) (AFP, 20 v). Another far right (Catholic + neoliberal) party (BZOe, Joerg Haider’s old party) enjoyed a further 13% support, so Austrians were sending a clear message to the multiculti peecee brigades of Brussels.


As H.M.Brenda, Supreme Governor of the Church of England, enjoyed a diplomatic set of dinners and pseudo-apologies for her ancestors in the Holy Republic of Éireland (which had got rid of most of its Protestants in the 1920s by threats of arson and death), P.M. Daft Dave settled for the easy life of not firing top ‘Liberal’ adulterers, speeders, liars, foulmouthers and bumboys, and Parliament stayed on holiday (‘in recess’ – for Whitsun, as if any MPs knew what this Christian festival was about) rather than challenge the wretched ‘judges’ who (assisted by nonsensical E.U. ‘human rights’ leglislation – giving abstract ‘rights’ without duties to all and sundry – notably to gypsies, illegal immigrants and Black welfare fraudsterettes too obese even to get to court to face charges against them) had decided to protect the ‘privacy’ of pathetic multi-millionaire ‘celebrities’(who had betrayed both their wives and girlfriends) by cancelling freedom of the press (the only institution in Britain that still just about worked after thirteen years of peecee-socialist-homosexualist bullying and tinkering).

Thankfully, to public hilarity, England’s judges were exposed as incompetent and illiberal ninnies as the footballer who had spent shedloads getting a ‘superinjunction’ to keep his adultery a secret found his name, Ryan Giggs pasted all over the Twittersphere and chanted by crowds at soccer matches. (Giggs went on to help his Man.U. soccer team to a 3-1 defeat at the hands of Barcelona.)


After years of judging universities by the crude criterion of paper-weight of publications (rather than, say, citations per head in cited journals), American researchers began at least to provide cost-benefit analyses of so-called research (most of which in psychology involved mere gobbledegook or reinvention of the wheel) and found the (recognized up-market) universities of Harvard and Pennsylvania to be the most productive in terms of lowest costs per academic paper (Chronicle of Higher Education, 22 v).

{By such a criterion, Edinburgh’s Structural Psychometrics Group of 1975-2000 would have been a world leader, since it established the IT-IQ correlation, the differentiation hypothesis (q.v.), the lifelong importance of IQ and the value of educational streaming all without spending a penny in ‘research grants.’}


As Britain was convulsed by the lunacy of its la-la Euro-loving money-grubbing yuman-rights-mad lawyers (and, not least,’ judges’), it turned out – thanks to Parliamentary privilege of speech – that the adulterous (with busty-though-once-balded beauty queen and ‘Big Brother’ housemate Imogen Thomas, 28) millionaire top footballer being protected from the press by the English judiciary’s ‘superinjunction’ was one-quarter Black.

The maternal grandfather of Man.U.’s Ryan Giggs (born Cardiff 1973; married 2007; two children – loonily called Liberty and Zachary; UNICEF ‘Ambassador’) had come from Sierra Leone (e.g. Sun, 24 v). (Giggs’ White father, Danny Wilson had been a star rugby player for Cardiff; but ‘Giggs’ had adopted his mother’s maiden name.)


Veteran Tory MP Roger Helmer joined Camco Home Secretary Ken Clarke and this blog in observing that there were important differences between the ‘rape’ cases that feminists had terrorized politicians and MSM (but not juries) into lumping together as one (Sun, 24 v) (notably that girls bore 50% responsibility in many of the 94% of cases where juries declined to convict).


Obarmy’s flatulence (‘the US has no relationship stronger than with Éireland/Britain/France/Israel/Germany/Bosnia/Poland – delete as required according to progress of Presidential cavalcade, requiring a 500-strong bodyguard) went down well with MSM, not least in democratic America where Barry Hussein needed to repair his idealistic image after three years of national bankruptcy, mortgaging of the future to provide Blacks with health care luxury, and continuing Mehican invasion and Muesli intransigence (unmodified even by US forces [probably] slaying O.K. Bin Liner – contrary to Barry’s wishes).

Ah well, if the US could keep the Chinks on-side while the UK cajoled the Indians {the UK sloshed them even more billions in ‘aid’ than it gave to nuclear-armed Pakiland*}, perhaps the West could manage to keep the oil flowing while the Mueslis fought each other to the death.

Still, I did think Prince Philip, 90, looked a pretty unhappy bunny as he was assigned (at the Buck House din-din) to escort Brit- and White-hating Lady Michelle Hussein Macbeth – probably the unusually glum Duke feared that virtually anything truthful he might say to a whopping-bummed Bleck giantess and Chicago communist who had left her children in the White House rather than give them a treat with Her Maj would be too easily ‘misinterpreted.’

{By contrast, poor Prince Wills managed to get himself photographed bowing his head and covering his genitals while listening – as if to God – to Master of the Universe [Loser of Afghanistan] Barry. But Wills had age and the exhaustion of his Seychelles scuba-diving honeymoon as an excuse.}

* Top economist Lord Peter Bauer had once pointed out that ‘Aid is what the poor of rich countries give to the rich of poor countries’ – as Richard Lynn amusingly reminded Torygraph readers, 19 v.


Vegetarian Hitler and his merry men could be as environmentalist as they were socialist: Hitler apparently arranged experiments to get dogs to read and talk and develop their ‘telepathic’ communication with humans, hoping trained dogs could replace concentration camp guards {to be renamed Wooffen SS?...}, thus freeing more men for the doomed Eastern front which he had foolishly opened without making peace with Britain (Sun, 25 v).


Britain’s youngest-ever convicted hitman — aged 15 when he shot dead a pretty White mum (supposedly at the indirect behest of her Turkish ex-husband) for just £200 — was jailed for life (Sun, 24 v, with visual aids). Santre Sanchez Gayle was told he would have serve to a minimum term of 20 years when he was sentenced at the Old Bailey for the contract killing of the unknown-to-him 26-yr-old. His Black stepbrothers were already serving life sentences for other murders – including of a London lawyer.


Shocked by the collapse of the USA’s post-Suez policies in the Middle East, Pres. Barry Hussein toured Europe flashing his big sticky-out ears and his wife’s even bigger backside and desperately proclaiming his support for the ‘freedom-loving’ Mueslis of the ‘Arab Spring’ (drawing a veil over mass-Muesli support for Bin Liner, himself supposedly assassinated in Pakiland by US SEALs despite Obarmy’s own hesitancy) (, 20 v).

But this vain attempt to impress almost everybody – not least among the popularity-loving American electorate – did not work with the Chinese, who threatened military retaliation if the US laid another finger on their beloved Paks (who, together with docile mineral-rich Tibetans, Ceylonese Buddhists, Gulf states, Muesli emigrants to Europe and Africans, provided the Chinks with their hoped-for ‘middle Earth’ basis for eventual world domination).

Meantime, Libya, Syria and the Yemen continued in flames, Egypt, Saudi and Bahrain continued under military suppression, and Tunisians high-tailed it to Italy’s Lampedusa (and thence to human-rights-besotted Europe) at the rate of a hundred per day.


Not content with granting ‘human rights’ at British expense to the whole world, London judges gave minimal sentences of five years (two years after remission) to four fat Muesli thugs (one state-employed as a ‘social worker’) who had grievously beaten up a bespectacled White religious education schoolteacher who had dared to mutter a few words of truth about Islam (Sun, 27 v).


A UN busybody blamed the condition of the world’s worst country on, yes, the West – which had apparently failed to provide the helpful interventions which it had targeted on Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya (BBC World Service, 28 v, 09:10).

Whether Italy wished to resume its 75-yr-old imperial responsibility for the area was unknown – probably not, since it was already struggling to cope with the tidal wave of Moorish immigrants from Tunisia as well as with home-grown corruption which its post-War democracy had failed to control (leaving garbage piled high in the streets of Naples).


Three years after the death in London of ‘Baby Peter’ from 50 injuries (including a broken back) at the hands of his slut TV-addicted mother and her boyfriend), presided over by the carin’n’sharin’ social workers and Black doctors of Haringey (providing countless domiciliary visits without spotting Baby P’s problems), top social wallah Sharon Shoesmith, who had been pulling in £133Kp.a. for presiding over the exercise, was told by the Appeal Court she had been entitled to a nice long expensive trial and that she could reasonably expect up to £1M compensation for the stress etc. of being indicted by every national newspaper and sacked (after an ostensibly independent HMG investigation) on orders from Labour Minister Ed Balls.

{So who was responsible for Baby P’s horrific death – if also the happy shaming of Britain’s bloated army of left-wing, environmentalism-indoctrinated bureaucrats? The BBC at least (27/8 v) did not even have the gumption to ask as SS paraded her victory and continuing social-worky belief that children should be left with ‘professionally assisted’ psychopathic parents rather than rescued and adopted.}


Pres. Obarmy’s troubles – he was far less popular with Congress than Israeli PM Ravin’ NotanYahoo after preposterously proposing the Jews give up their victories in the two anti-Arab wars of 1967 and 1973 – were blamed on ‘racism’ by 70-yr-old Black Congressman Jim Clyburn (D., South Carolina), who said he was sure Barry was being sent (as Clyburn himself) pictures in which his head was transposed on to the torso of a chimpanzee (Wall Street Journal, 27 v). Fairygraph comedian James Delingpole noted that Obarmy himself “frequently plays the race card” (25 v).


In the absence of a word of truth for two weeks from the ‘conservative’ Fairygraph about how it had lost/disposed of the services of its star rightist columnist (biographer of Enoch Powell and passably vitriolic critic of Daft Dave and CamCo), Simon Heffer, it fell to the Independent (29 v, Matthew Bell) to explain to an astonished world that The Heff had been in talks aimed at his resurfacing in the Times.


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Monday, May 23, 2011


Contemplating the rise of anti-third-world-immigrant sentiment in the West – especially in Denmark, which had unilaterally ditched the Schengen Agreement (cornerstone of recent raving EUrononsense, along with the Euro) and re-instated border controls and border guards against Nazi-guilt-ridden Germany and Sweden which were waving through Black/Muesli ‘refugees’ from the Sarkozy-manufactured ‘Arab Spring’ – top Guardianista moderate Will Hutton told his readers that the European right was winning (Observer, 15 v). (The rise of the right if the West hit economic problems was predicted in TgF, 1996 (Chap. 4). Whether the new nationalism would have a passably freedom-respecting component for true Westerners remained to be seen – though the left’s foul creation of welfare dependency, illiteracy and state-salaried socialist fatcats made a degree of nationalist revenge look likely.)


I was touched to find myself acclaimed as “one of the greatest anti-feminist heroes” and as a “freedom fighter” at an anti-feminist website (i/v) – though I was also complained of as too ‘pro-Israel’ (for I accept Israeli nationalism – as indeed the nationalism of the French, Dutch and Russians – and only complain of Jewish hypocrisy in backing racism in Israel but multiculturalism in the West).

Few understand that, in my 1996-8 battle with Edinburgh LUniversity, the main opposition to me came not from wounded Blacks or victims of paedophilia (neither of which groups provided a single witness) but from feminists ‘outraged’ that I claimed modern British research (on secret female cuckoldry, charging resulting offspring to unsuspecting husbands) supported Freud’s idea that men had stronger superegos than women.

For better or worse, my position never became more widely known – perhaps because I did not fit convenient ‘conservative’ stereotypes by downplaying female intelligence or by wanting women locked up for abortions.

{‘TheAntiFeminist’ also kindly noted: “Brand can claim to be the owner of one of the oldest, if not the very oldest, regularly updated political blogs on the internet.” This is correct. My ‘blogging’ began, as The g Factor NewsLetter, in May, 1996, continued as The William McDougall NewsLetter from September, 1997, and continued again from 2002 (kindly hosted by John Ray) as IQ & PC.}

{‘TheAntiFeminist’ also sported a healthy attitude to paedohysteria, e.g. ‘Brazil officially recognizes the Gay-Feminist Faustian Pact,’ 15 v.}


Having bungled its Abbottybadbad attack on O.K. Bin Liner by telling the world OKBL had died firing an AK47 using a young wife as a human shield, a claim it had to retract, the White House then threw in slurs that OKBL had Viagra in his medicine chest and a vast stash of pornography on his computer.

All this nastiness may have been intended to distract attention from the ‘dignified burial at sea’ of a body ‘so disfigured that pictures could not be shown,’ itself disguising OKBL being under torture at Gitmo; but it did not disguise the 55-yr failure of US foreign policy and the ludicrous handing of billions of dollars annually to the entirely untrustworthy Pak Army – which should have been suppressed (easy enough with Russian, Indian and Israeli help) while China was distracted by the problems of its own crazy nuclear-armed client state in North Korea and its equally disastrous PR mistake of imprisoning its top artist, Ay Wei-wei.


There was much general hilarity (and shock in France) as IMF president and French-Jewish Socialist top mesomorph, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, 62, strongly tipped for the Elysée Palace in 2012, was denounced by a fellow-Socialist female official as having behaved like “a rutting chimpanzee” (with her pretty 22-yr daughter, who subsequently plunged into depression for years, advised by her mama to respect French ways) – the accusation coming to light after DSK (having just admired to fellow travellers the delightful “*rse” of an air hostess, was yanked by cops out of the First Class compartment of a Paris-bound flight from New York and charged with the attempted rape of an AIDS-infected 32-yr Black (Guinean) chambermaid in a $3K-per-night hotel (Guardian, 16 v, delightful visual aid of pert-nosed ear-studded blonde daughter supplied).

Apparently, the strappingly built DSK (who had, in the nude, chased the maid round his apartment, ‘forced’ her to give him a blow-job then locked her up while making his excuses and leaving in a hurry) had long been known in France as “un chaud lapin” whom many young women sought to meet.

DSK admittedly provided a welcome contrast to miserable Euro ‘leaders’ haiku-writing Herman Not-so-Rumpy-pumpy and pig-ugly GB-supplied Baroness Ashtray whose big achievements had been to involve Britain alongside vote-desperate high-heeled dwarf Jewish President Sarkozy in a ten-year civil war in Libya against the quite-well-prepared botoxed and oil-fuelled Col Gadawfu; but even the semi-polygamous French did not expect their heroically adulterous leaders to chase diseased chambermaids unsuccessfully and end up with scratches and morose and unshaven in handcuffs in the city for which France had provided the Statue of Liberty. –

The Paris elite had long maintained that pussy-driven DSK was the second-most-important man ooops person in the world, after Pres. Barry Hussein Obarmy. DSK’s role had been to persuade Germany to fork out the subsidies to Euroland’s PIGS that were necessary to maintain French delusions of grandeur.

French ‘philosopher’ Bernard-Henri Lévy (BHL) (what’s in a name?...*) embroiled Parisian intellectuals further in the mess by deciding to criticize New York justice and to insist his friend DSK – still detained on suicide watch on notoriously harsh Rikers Island -- was not a sex-mad monster (Guardian, 18 v) even though, for years, no female French journalist had let herself be alone with him.

*DSK’s top TV-starlette wife also turned out to be part-Jewish – her art dealer [esp. Picasso-collector] grandfather, Paul Rosenberg, having been a refugee (to New York) from the (mercifully brief) Nazizeit.


The wretched University of Edinburgh, which had decided to persecute me for racism, sexism and lack of paedohysteria yet ended up with a £100K bill and several dead dons for its troubles in 1998, found it had dropped out of its beloved Guardian’s top 15 UK universities – overtaken by the University of Durham (17 v). (Top lunis were – as so often -- Cambridge, Oxford, St Andrews* and University College London.)

*Attended by the daughter of the Provost of the Queen’s College, Oxford, I learned at a happy reunion dinner (at the Royal Society of Edinburgh, where my consort was by far the youngest). This was despite Provost Paul Madden having been Professor of Chemistry at E.LU. 2003-5.


What with third-world immigration and its own higher social classes failing to breed, Denmark was estimated to be likely to lose nine IQ points in the next sixty years. Using available figures for immigration and IQ between 1979 and 2010, top Danish psychologist Helmuth Nyborg (U. Aarhus, retd 2007), and speculations and assumptions conjured from the theorizing and empirical work of Richard Lynn, thus concluded that, though “fertile, low-IQ non-Western immigrants” might be “the ultimate winners,” they would “conquer a lesser country” – including one higher in conservatism/authoritarianism than today’s idyllic socialistic Denmark (Personality & Individual Differences, ii).

Strangely, the paper proceeded without express mention of the actual rise in IQ scores found in the West in the last half of the twentieth century – first by Tuddenham (1948), later by Flynn and Lynn; and poor editing* yielded a number of malapropisms, incomprehensibilities and even omission of data [from Fig. 1]; but the gist was clear and perhaps even effective – for Denmark restored guarded borders with Germany and Sweden c.10 v [see previous].

For more on Richard Lynn’s oeuvre, see e.g. my reviews of Dysgenics, Eugenics, IQ & WoN, Global Inequality etc. at Amazon Books.

* PAID’s editors even asked that the paper be cited as being published 31 ii 2011....


A modest defence of British sugar cane planters in the Caribbean (including admission of their greed and such barbarities as public amputation of the limbs of delinquent slaves) was mounted by Matthew Parker (The Sugar Barons, Hutchinson). So why did Britain tolerate slavery so long (1640-1800)? Said reviewer John Gimlette (Spectator, 14 v), “....even the most enlightened Englishmen (including the Quakers) were simply unable to compass the evil of slavery. This [was] partly because the lives of most Englishmen [of that time] {like those of the equally wretched Europeans} were themselves characterized by brutality, poverty and ignorance.”


The ludicrous arrangements of Britain’s ‘welfare state’ were highlighted as eight fat gypsies were jailed (receiving a pathetic eight months each) for swindling at least £1M in UK benefits – while living in newly-built mansions in their native Romania and just flying into Stansted Airport, Essex, by budget airline occasionally to wave a few forged documents at wretched British officials (not only incompetent and illiterate thanks to Britain’s state ‘schools,’ but also probably terrified of asking questions that could make them appear ‘racist’) (Sun, 18 v, 19 v).


The Guardian’s Najala Nobbyboojadooda reached hi-doh as she noticed (18 v; Daily Mail, 19 v) the LSE’s ‘evolutionary psychologist’ Satoshi Kanazawa (q.v.) explaining the ‘unattractiveness’ of Black women in terms of their being over-testosteronized – an explanation quickly withdrawn from the Psychology Today website as outrage poured in.

Needless to say, NN’s readers were reminded of SK’s heresies about low Black IQ and the LSE’s several years of realism in supporting Libya’s Col Gaddawfu.

{Sadly, SK had not been so discriminating as to mention the generally rather high attractiveness of delightfully buttocked Black teenagerettes. The problems of Black females surely started with the early putting-on of weight in adulthood and astonishingly-early ageing; and, whatever the magnificently-reared charm of bootylicious half-Black R&B artiste Beyoncé Knowles, the druggy temperamentality of bee-stung-lipped top half-Black supermodel Naomi Campbell was notorious.}


Britain’s LibDims, despite losing disastrously the referendum on AV which they had craved, tried to re-assert a semblance of manhood by demanding PR for the House of Lords (Guardian, 18 v) – anything rather than have one of Parliament’s two houses selected according to IQ, academic honours, professional expertise or sustained leadership of national organizations.


Desperate about the low conviction rate for alleged rapists – 6% since juries did not believe in ‘date rape’ (in which drunken unclothed bedded girls cried ‘rape’ a day later, after sobering up) – Home Office peecee administrators persuaded their ‘Justice Secretary’ boss Ken Clarke (already in trouble with the tabloids for wanting to reduce jail numbers and to introduce England’s own privacy laws to shield footballers’ adulteries) to offer 50% sentence reductions to men pleading Guilty to ‘rape’ charges – an offer promptly denounced as “bonkers” by feminoids and yielding Opposition demands for KC’s resignation from ‘Labour’ leader Adenoidal Mililitre (Classic FM Radio, 18 v, 15:00).

Verily, the feminishts and their peecee supporters would do any amount of infighting on such tired topics rather than focus their fire on the dysgenic forced marriages of Muesli mid-teens to illiterate Pak first-cousins whom they had never met.

{KC found good support from Spectator readers (18 v) for wanting to make distinctions between the seriousness of different types of rape – e.g. violent and injurious, gang, ‘normal,’ date, statutory, fabricated.}


H.M.Brenda was sent in an emerald-green outfit to visit the Holy Republic of Éireland, expressing her sympathy for everyone except the Protestants burned out of their homes in the South in the 1920s, presumably as a prelude to Éire rejoining the Commonwealth and the Ulster Prods being told they would be ‘safe’ in a United Ireland.

{Whether the NI Caffs would be safe in the South was another matter, for many southerners were suspicious of their IRA-fuelled tendencies to bomb planting, ‘dirty protesting’ and welfare dependency.}


The movement of top black-shirted, prolific American-Jewish Chicago playwright David Mamet (author of the provocatively pragmatic Broadway drama ‘Race’ (2009)) from what he came to call “brain-dead liberalism” through political incorrectness to veneration of capitalism and the US Constitution was documented and celebrated by the right-wing magazine Weekly Standard (23 v, with visual aid of Mamet with delightful wife and child).

Higher ed, he told a Stanford audience of sock-and-sandal-wearing academic beardies (some of whom walked out), was an elaborate scheme to deprive young people of their freedom of thought. He compared four years of college to a lab experiment in which a rat is trained to pull a lever for a pellet of food. “A student recites some bit of received and unexamined wisdom—“Thomas Jefferson: slave owner, adulterer, pull the lever”—and is rewarded with his pellet: a grade, a degree, and ultimately a lifelong membership in a tribe of people educated to see the world in the same way.”


81% of the new jobs offered in socialistified, peecee, illiterate, state-miseducated Britain in April went to foreigners (Sun, 19 v). Supermarket giant Tesco was found to be advertising for managers in Slovakia.

A Sun correspondent said it all: “Admittedly,a few Brit workers are good, but from my experience, with a huge emphasis on the UK's under 25's, I've found them to be an absolute waste of space -- just don't want to work nor learn anything at all. Give me the conscientious, polite, keen-to-please foreigner any time. Thousands of whingeing, lazy, unemployed/unemployable Brits have only themselves to blame for their predicament....”


Despite Labour-knighted council house product ‘Sir’ Fred Goodwin being a person of the greatest public interest, for leading the world’s fourth-biggest bank, the Royal Bank of Scotland, into bankruptcy and 83% nationalization, the fact that he was having an extra-marital affair with a senior colleague as his firm crashed and his reputation was shredded was deemed by London judges to merit protection of his ‘privacy’ by a superinjunction – eventually revealed under Parliamentary privilege (Guardian, 19 v).


Labour-appointed ‘Minister of the Crown’ (for a decade), Elliot Morley, 58, was banged up for 16 months after admitting fraudulently claiming £30K in parliamentary expenses. In tears, the raving egalitarian lying bastard and greeny tried to excuse himself by pleading diabetes and depression.

At the same time, ‘New Labour’ boss Rev Tony Bliar was denounced by a top tenured government intelligence officer as having sexed up the ‘dodgy dossier’ which had provided the ‘evidential basis’ for the (eventually largely fruitless) war on Iraq. And gang-banger ooops head-banger French socialist DSK was detained in Manhattan on $6M bail for his hare-brained efforts to improve race relations.


Bewigged Dutch politician Geert Wilders gave a rousing talk against Islam to a multi-church crowded with a thousand rightwingers in Nashville, Tn. The audience politely went along with him in forgetting that America’s main problems (apart from bankruptcy) were with Blacks and Hispanics; and Wilders pandered to his audience by playing down his opposition to Islamic chauvinism and homophobism, so a good time was had by all (AmRen, 20 v). Wilders was set to provide more job creation for Dutch lawyers by being tried ad infinitum for ‘hate speech’ etc.

Meantime, a Virginia jailbird, Rashid Qawi Al-Amin, won a court settlement with the state that forced the prison system to supply him, and the Greensville Correctional Center library, with Muslim reading materials, CDs and DVDs; and he would also receive $2,000 as compensation for his previous deprivation.... (AmRen, 15 v).


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Monday, May 16, 2011


The socialists of The Workers’ Paradise [Australia] abandoned the country’s ‘White Australia’ policy in the 1970s and, in line with a certain antipathy to Britain on the part of its convicts ooops Irish immigrants, began to let in hordes of migrants from wherever (who by 2011 had begun to fight each other – see previous).

Naturally, White parents took defensive action against the psychological and racial idiocy of their politicians; so the august Australian Review of Public Affairs recorded (v):
....there is a growing unofficial creed among many Australian parents that a ‘good school’ for their children is one where minorities are in the minority. And public schools are increasingly viewed as ghettoes.... Ethnic concentration and ‘white flight’ from public schools surface sporadically in Australian public debate, often focused particularly on public schools in rural areas and those in disadvantaged suburbs, which, it is argued, are being abandoned by Whites (for example, Bonnor & Caro 2007; Patty 2008; McDougall 2009).

The recent release of the official My School 2.0 website (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority 2011a) provides the most comprehensive data ever on the cultural diversity levels of all schools in Australia. These statistics show a clear pattern of cultural polarisation in schools across the board, including in wealthy elite suburbs, and suggest that Anglo-Australians may indeed have abandoned public schools in many areas.


My review in Intelligence (2011) of the latest biography of Hans Eysenck, Playing with Fire, by Melbourne leftist Roderick Buchanan (2010, Oxford University Press), became available on the net (albeit with gratuitous mistakes – e.g. claiming the book to be multiply edited -- introduced by the journal itself). A wee sample (without mistakes):
Sadly for his till-[1970] fantastic public reputation, g was to lead Hans into trouble. But Eysenck could not have known that the Burt Affair and race would prove such landmines in his path: far from Buchanan's idea of Eysenck seeking to provoke, trouble came naturally to theoretician Hans in spades. He did not ‘play with fire.’ He played the scientific game by every rule in the book; he simply saw ‘the big picture’ (as Buchanan sometimes admits); and was, as in his own words, a Rebel with a Cause — especially against the moaning minnows of his day.


Despite months of efforts to oust him from Germany’s Socialist[-Democratic] Party for racism, top German banker Thilo Sarrazin happily refused to mince his words, saying that anyone denying the hereditary basis of intelligence was “vacuous or criminally lazy-minded.” (The Local [Berlin], 4 v)


South Africa’s Blacks, long supposed the partners of the West’s diversity pietists (Pres.: St Nelson Mandela), turned out to have a way with lesbians: they would rape them, even at age 13, in the hope of ‘fixing’ them back into the heterosexual fold (Sydney Morning Herald, 9 v).


While Australia’s academics cowered in their vestries ooops common rooms, unable to say a single open honest word about race, sex, IQ or paedohysteria, Oz feminoid uglies took to the streets in thousands, insisting on their right to show their knickers, flab, glasses and nosestuds in public, to have loud sex at every opportunity (mercifully occasional to judge by the looks of them) and above all to be able to prosecute for ‘rape’ any man to whom they took the faintest dislike (Sydney Morning Herald, 10 v, ‘’Sluts’ take to the streets,’ with visual aids).

The would-be sluts had been ‘outraged’ by a Toronto policeman who, asked to give practical advice to female luniversity students, had advised that, to avoid being raped, they should not simultaneously protrude their nipples, sit with legs apart, consume four cans of Carlsberg and be conspicuously without a boyfriend.... (Even one of the girls present at the talk had said the policeman was not trying to be funny or provocative but was just trying to help.)


Paedohysteria ran smack up against the well-known preferences of the Muslim world – whether for the ‘dancing boys’ of Afghanistan or the 9-yr-old child bride of ‘Prophet’ Mahomet himself. Thus mention of the prevalence of paedophilia under Islam had expressly to be banned; and Lars Hedegaard, distinguished President of the Danish Free Press Society and The International Free Press Society, was thus found guilty of racist hate speech under the Danish penal code. His crime? To draw attention to child abuse (and also violence against women) in Muslim culture (Spectator, 4 v, Melanie Phillips, ‘Free speech dies in Denmark’).

The Danish court convicted Hedegaard of racism for drawing attention to violence in Muslim families. The message Denmark thus sent out was that it was racist and a crime to seek to defend Muslim women and children from the phenomenon of ‘honour violence’.

Where were the Western feminists and defenders of free speech? – Vanished, as since 1980, when feminishts decided they must throw in their lot with the left which was deciding to pick up the Muesli vote (notably via postal votes which allowed a Muesli head-of-household to bully his entire family to vote socialist so as to secure more state-welfare benefits and tolerance of forced marriages).


As the bankrupts of Italy and Spain wrang their hands about the surge of young Black male ‘refugees’ from North Africa (as the Franco-Britoid-spurred ‘Arab Spring’ yielded no tangible change except unemployment and the burning of Egypt’s Coptic churches), it began to dawn that Euroland’s Common Agricultural Policy was playing a key role: unable to export food to the high-tariff European Union, Africans were bringing themselves over instead (Guardian, 11 v) (as in Jean Raspail, 1973, Le Camp des Saints).

Perhaps the CAP would have to go – and with it the whole EU racket. Perhaps even White imperialism would return, for African agriculture would need organizing (as the Chinese and Boers were already finding – the Chinese having at least a million operatives in Africa, and South Africa’s Boer farmers finding their services much in demand across the Dark Continent)

Further thinking along imperialist lines was stimulated by a harrowing BBC Radio 4 (11 v, 20:45) description of the wars for minerals [esp. heat-transmitting Coltan, used in many electronic devices] in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where 400,000 women (of 19 – 45) were raped annually (in addition to a further 400K claiming their husbands had enforced sex on them at least once) and children were routinely killed as witches if their bare-handed mining was unsuccessful.

(Quite a few hospitals had a whole ward dedicated to women who had been gang-raped by their fellow Blacks and then had their vaginas shot out with pistol fire.) Even the Beeb’s Guardianista correspondent, Johann Hari, thought some kind of framework of law, taxation and compensation provided by the West would be a good idea.


Cambridge U.’s neurobabbling ‘autism’ expert, Simon Boring-Cohen (brother of comic genius Sasha Baron-Cohen, aka Borat) was taken to task in the Torygraph (by Alasdair Palmer, 17 iv (Seven)) for attributing* human cruelty to a lack of empathy, thus apparently denying “individual responsibility.” Yet psychiatrist B-Cohen was probably vaguely right, and might have even been reading The g Factor (Chap. 1), which detailed “the longest-running distinction between mental abilities” (tracing ‘tender-mindedness’ back to Shakespeare’s King Lear and William James):
....Classically, the Verbal-Performance discrepancy [in types of intelligence] was often held to be related to personality and to type of psychopathology – with delinquents, criminals and personality-disordered patients scoring relatively ‘low-verbal’ (accounting for the CIA’s long-standing interest in V-P differences when testing potential spies and informers). Typically, women are more ‘verbal/intuitive’ than men; likewise, women score higher on the moderately correlated personality measures of tender-mindedness, openness/imagination, affection, empathy, trust, idealism and aesthetic and religious values (Minton & Schneider, 1980; Sidanius & Ekehammer, 1982; Gibson, 1979; Vernon, 1982).

*In his 2011 Zero Degrees of Empathy: A New Theory of Human Cruelty, Allen Lane.


Britain’s Camco Government, having agreed to continue with unaffordable vast numbers of agrammatical ‘students’ at UK luniversities, though charging the more eventually successful of them £9K for each year of their miseducation [for the luniversities were overwhelmingly ‘liberal’-leftist and peecee], while insisting lunis could only charge the £9Kp.a. if they admitted government-stipulated percentages of morons, created yet more muddle by banning lunis from selling any extra places at £20Kp.a. -- except to foreigners.... This was called ‘higher education policy.’ Why Oxbridge colleges did not break away from this muddle was a mystery – except in so far as they were as full of sh*t as HMG and the Yukay’s ‘education’ establishment.


As local election and referendum results showed Scotland voting S‘N’P and England voting ‘Conservative’, a chance arose to separate the two discontented but at least not-entirely-socialist pseudo-nations, whose intellectuals did not believe in national character and whose politicians agreed on nothing more than the EU/German Empire project. Would the English -- who no longer needed their Holy Loch nukes [just outside Glasgow] or the near-exhausted oilfields of the North Sea [which anyhow could be claimed by the Shetland Isles] – take the opportunity to create a truly Tory Little England, free of Scottish (if not of Brussels) socialists?

(And why not get rid of Welsh socialists and the civil-war-addicted Northern Irish too? And what about Liverpool and Newcastle? And Sheffield and Birmingham? And East London?)

Sadly, healthy separation from unwanted elements seemed all too unlikely since, under PeeCee, no-one was permitted to spell out the chief attraction of the Celtic areas of the Union: that, in their high-drinking poverty and cold/wet climates, they had managed to stay largely White.

So, though every Scottish drinker knew England had been taken over by Blacks and Pakistanis (and the BBC and CofE by homosexuals), Scottish votes would favour continuing dependency (£20Bp.a.) on English money (to be extracted by bouncy First Minister Alex ‘Fishpaste’ Salmond, aka ‘Wee Eck,’ who had been among the first in 1996 to condemn The g Factor).

What a mess! Simple English and Scottish nationalism looked preferable – accompanied hopefully by liberalism towards long-standing residents having property and/or educational qualifications.


Apparently determined to show the need for massive Government cutbacks, several Oxford professors (incl. one Roger Trigg, ‘Centre for Anthropology and Mind’) burned their way through £2M of ‘research’ monies ‘establishing’ that virtually all human societies had a religion (depending how religion was defined), that co-religionism possibly made for trust and co-operation, that young children and the senile were the most ready to accept religion, and that country dwellers were more religious than townies (Telegraph, 13 v).


On the BBC’s top radio talkshow, ‘Any Questions’ (13 v), chaired by top broadcaster Jonathan Dimblebore, ex-P.M. Rev. Tony Blair was denounced as a “LIAR” by top author A.N.Wilson, following a denunciation (to the leisurely Chilcot Inquiry) of the famous 2002 ‘dodgy dossier’ (‘proving’ MadMan Insane’s ‘weapons of mass destruction) by a top UK intelligence official. This public assertion of the bl**din’ obvious completed a triple whammy against Britain’s socialists/welfarists who were already in deep doodoo for having followed America and let both public and private [‘subprime’] borrowing get hopelessly out of control (leaving trillion-pound debts to be paid off in the 2020s by the UK’s miseducated young) and for having run three conspicuously failed wars (in Afghastliland, Eyerak and the Balkans).


In France, fresh hope of victory in the 2012 Presidential race was given to game Marine Le Pen, 42 – who had been edging into socialist territory by urging full state control of health, education, transport, energy and banking (not to mention the restoration of French secularism as against the ongoing takeover by the country’s seven million Mueslis) – as handsome playboy official socialist Dominique Strauss-Kahn, 62, IMF director, was yanked off a Paris-bound Air France plane five minutes before take-off from New York and thrown into a police cell and charged with attempted rape and ‘false imprisonment’ of a 32-yr Manhattan chambermaid (BBC Radio 4, 15 v, 09:00).

If the National Front could use this grave embarrassment for France to pick up even a third of socialist votes, e.g. from feminishts, Marine – already ahead of slimy globalist Sarkozy in polls – would have an easy victory.


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Monday, May 09, 2011


Australians were given an object lesson in the madness of multiculturalism as warriors of ‘the religion of peace’ (aka death-wish Islam) sprayed the country’s oldest Hindu temple (built 1977, in Auburn, just 12 miles from the centre of Sydney) with bullets – a culmination of months of egg-splattering and window-breaking (Faith Freedom, 27 iv).


After 55 years of embracing Egypt and Saudi Arabia (and related Gulf statelets) as ‘partners’ (to be given passably up-to-date military hardware in return for keeping the oil flowing, providing R&R for American sailors and maintaining the American illusion that Arab dictators were preferable to European imperialists), and after ten years of peecee belief that there was no ‘clash of civilizations’, no need for birth control and that Egypt (ravingly anti-Jewish), Saudi (from which the 9/11 bombers came) and Pakistan (nuclear-armed thanks to Pres. Suckmacack Clinton, D., yet at war with itself) were ‘allies’ in the (barely existent) War on Terror, America accepted apparent evidence it had wrung by extensive torture (ooops ‘enhanced interrogation’ -- especially waterboarding and stress positions) of occasionally captured Mueslis that O.K.Bin Liner and his merry men had been living secretly since 2005 in a gloomy £1M fortress and compound just 30 miles from the Pak capital, Islamabadbad, in the pretty though dusty and mightily garrisoned northern city of learning, Abbottybadbad, containing many retired Pak military gents and the top Pak Army defence academy [cf. Sandhurst] just half-a-mile from the 12’-high-walled Al-Queerdo ‘mansion’ (which unusually had no telephone or internet connection and burned all its own rubbish – all supposedly unremarked by Pak authorities).

Several neighbours had warned local police of suspicious Arabs and Pashtuns in the compound (from which the three of OBL’s wives kept there never emerged), but Pak authorities did nothing (Sun, 3 v).

After nine months of rehearsal, US SEALs* got one of four ‘stealth’ Black Hawk helicopters safely from Jellybellybadbad, Afghastliland, into the compound and killed several in a 40-minute raid and hoisted documents and one or two prisoners before screaming Pakistani jets arrived to try to shoo them off.

Whether the SEALs killed Bin Liner himself was not entirely clear (a heavily weighted body conveniently ‘too disfigured for photos to be shown to the public’ was dumped in the deepest part of the Indian Ocean**); but at least {after years of being warned by this blog} the ‘anti-imperialist’ Americans had at last (perhaps because Obarmy wanted out of Afghanistan) woken up to the hopeless unreliability of Muslim ‘allies’ {apart from Col. Gadawfu, post-2001....}.

{Sadly, Americans had not woken up to the need to provide good evidence of their good deeds and good explanations of their bad ones (such as failing to intercept the 9/11 suicide-bomber hijacked planes). Nor had they recognized that the West’s losing the Clash of Civilizations consisted not in the failure of US arms in Afghanistan and Iraq but mainly in Muesli and Mehican immigrants streaming into Western Europe and the USA. But the US was perhaps realizing that the M&M’s were best left to fight among themselves, with just the occasional dramatic and draconian Western raid in cases of severe naughtiness.}

{Daft Dave PM Cameron admitted that Islamabadbad had ‘many questions to answer’ – while apparently wanting to continue to help such good guys as could be found in Pakiland’s virtual civil war between its divided elite (army, intellectuals) and its mass low-IQ underclass (from which the brighter were repeatedly extruded by immigration to slave-labour-accepting Britain).}

Yes, the US – having wrested control of the Middle East from Britain, France and Israel in 1956 – had spent 55 years building up ‘native’ authorities (mainly military) which were brutal and corrupt when not outright criminal; and which above all failed to control by sterilization the explosion of their low-IQ and Mohammedanism-crazed populations resulting from Western medicine and Western largesse (in return for oil).

Sadly, by killing Bin Liner, the US deprived itself of much useful information that could have been extracted from the fanatic at Guantanamo Bay. But Pres. Obarmy, having already (contrary to his declared principles) depended, apparently, on Pres.Dubya’s permission of waterboarding for the capture of OBL, was reluctant to go in for more of the same in full public view. OBL thus got the easiest death imaginable – not that this (or anything else the West could do) earned any thanks from Mueslis.

Pakistani ISI officials in Abbottabad, the site of the 1 v raid, said that bin Laden's young daughter, aged 12 or 13, saw him being killed – after being captured by US SEALs. {Why the fuss? Why should a state protect a declared and active war enemy addicted to suicide bombing who does not wear proper military uniform and, at his last moment of choice, does not 150% surrender? Was Bin Liner so out of touch that he had never seen a Western war film?}

In Britain, the lefties were busting a gut to avoid sorting out Pakistan (by backing India, as Russia had done since 1947). (The left feared its final exposure -- for its loopy pro-third-world-immigration policies -- by the arrival of civil inter-cult conflict in the West.

Many Pak shopkeepers in Britain simply declined to accept anything the West / America said – denying even that Bin Liner was dead, let alone that he died cowering behind a wife he was using as a human shield [US authorities – Obarmy’s White House having proved far less competent than the SEALs -- later admitted this particular CIA claim had been a lie].)

The preferred BBC story (shared by the Torygraph’s senior political correspondent, Peter Oborne) was thus that the Pak Army’s elite ISI captured OBL (perhaps with an OBL man betraying his leader for the $25M US-offered ransom) but did not dare kill him or try him; so they effectively imprisoned him in the garrison town of Abbottybadbad and pleaded with the US to bump him off without their own name coming into it; so the ISI was really jolly good and should keep on being paid protection money by the US (and UK) lest whisky-deprived Pak top brass ran away and allowed Pak nukes to fall into the hands of Al-Queerdo or even lower-IQ Mueslitoons....

In the worldwide confusion created by the non-transparency of US policy, computer neocriminals had a field day, using people’s curiosity to see (faked) pictures of the deaded Bin Liner to infect their computers with megaviruses (Sydney Morning Herald, 4 v, reporting an FBI story).

So why had the Pakistanis held Bin Liner as a secret prisoner? A Pak official explained {in person to my agemate Oxonian Tariq Ali, Guardian, 5 v): “Why kill the goose that lays the golden egg?” – meaning the bucketload billions of ‘aid’ lavished on Pakiland by America in the hope of finding OBL.

And how would America react to discovering how it had been fooled? With its troops trapped in Afghastliland, it had no immediate option but to pay the Paks to help get them out. Longer-term, it could make an ally of India by rejoining the British Empire ooops Commonwealth (which itself could oblige by kicking out Pakistan and forbidding Pakistanis to bring in brides to England) and insisting the Paks pay back their 55 years of faithlessly-accepted US largesse on pain of India taking Hyderabad,Karachi and all rights on the Indus River.

*So named for their capacity to operate on sea, air and land (as, most spectacularly, under water – not a skill much needed in far-inland Abottybadbad, where the general public expected decent videofootage of operations and the supportive testimony of the occasional pathologist, weapons analyst, Islamic moderate (if any) and a Russian or Chinese diplomat).

**For a survey of ‘conspiracy theories’ (to the effect that Bin Liner had long been dead or was even still alive after the attack on his Abbottybadbad mansion), see Sydney Morning Herald, 3 v.


Trying to fill the gap left in psychology by its dismissal of the London School and its narrow immersion in dismal cogpsych and neurocackle, up popped American NYT journalist and guru David Brooks (author of The Social Animal, 2011) to stress the importance of the unconscious mind, emotion, sentiments, character, relationships, society etc. (New York Times, 11 iii, Thomas Nagel; Guardian, 4 v).

Apparently Brooks, of faintly conservative bent, had the ear of Cabinet ministers in London. Sadly, Brooks did nothing to build on the Big Six personality dimensions of 20th-century differential psychology (g,n,e,c,w,a) (which, since Burt, included emotionality/neuroticism as a major dimension) and his preference for the Scottish Enlightenment’s ‘passion’ over the French Enlightenment’s ‘reason’ was just a sadly uneducated, rambling and inconclusive attempt to avoid the huge importance of the g factor (e.g. TgF, Chap. 4). Nor, of course, did race get a mention!

A specimen of Brooks’ oh-so-dazzling insights (derived typically from twenty-year-old evopsych):
Pleistocene men could pick their mates on the basis of fertility cues they could discern at a glance, Pleistocene women faced a more vexing problem. Human babies require years to become self-sufficient, and a single woman in a prehistoric environment could not gather enough calories to provide for a family. She was compelled to choose a man not only for insemination, but for companionship and continued support. And to this day, when a woman sets her eyes upon a potential mate, her time frame is different from his. That's why men will leap into bed more quickly than women. Various research teams have conducted a simple study. They pay an attractive woman to go up to college men and ask them to sleep with her. Seventy-five percent of men say yes to this proposition, in study after study. Then they have an attractive man approach college women with the same offer. Zero percent say yes.


Although America (like Britain and France) continued to wring its hands about the civil war which it was busily prolonging in Libya, Mexican authorities admitted that 1,400 had died in gangland killings in April alone, mostly in areas abutting the USA (Houston Chronicle, 4 v). In just one week in Monterrey, eleven cops had been abducted, including the force’s senior police officer. Just why the USA had spent $2B bombing Libya rather than on fortifying its border with ‘La Raza’ of Mehico was a mystery.


Faced with a new surge of African immigration (with young men in Tunisia taking their chance to get away from the ‘Arab Spring’) and complaints from leading member France, the European Commission planned to reintroduce passport controls (Telegraph, 4 v, with visual aid).


After fourteen years of beating about the bush, without any general election victory, Britain’s Conservatives found a front-running champion in Boris Johnson (the Eton- and Balliol-educated Mayor of London, the recipient of more direct British votes than any other modern Conservative).

Mr Johnson (backed by arch-Thatcherite Lord Tebbitt) was understood to be seething that his fellow-Etonian Prime Minister had not acted on what he said was a private commitment to overhaul UK strike legislation. Big Boris condemned the left-planned London Tube strikes, backed in votes by only 11% of train drivers, and remarkably called Daft Dave PM Cameron “lily-livered” for failing to support him and insist that strikes should only be legal when voted for (in secret and independently refereed ballots) by 50% of a workforce (Sun, 5 v).

In thus facing up to what would be the big challenge of the next year, as economies to Britain’s Labour-bloated public ‘services’ [i.e. job creation programmes] came in, Big, Bright and Blond-haired Boris openly launched his leadership bid. The Prime Minister might have to make concessions to his coalition partners, but Boris faced no such impediment — and he was going to let No.10 know it (Spectator, 5 v).

In reply, Daft Dave promised action if and when Tube drivers brought London to a standstill; but BBBB countered (Telegraph, 6 v) “There is a great deal of sense in reform of the union law and the Government needs to get a move on. We’ve heard a lot of muttering about this and ‘we’re studying all this’ – all that kind of thing.” The 120,000 people who had crammed into London’s Hyde Park to watch the Royal Wedding on a giant screen had cheered the royals (especially Prince Harry) and Boris – while actually booing ‘Conservative’ leader Dave Cameron.

Camco was little concerned with strike-stricken Londoners in 2011. But it did worry about the London-based Olympics in 2012. Its answer? – To pay bully-boy Bob Crow’s crack Tube-driver troops of his militant RMT union a hefty pay rise – on top of their already ultra-generous salaries for jobs where workers required little training and were thus easily replaceable were it not for ‘union solidarity’ – if they managed to avoid striking during the Games (Sun, 6 v). {Such pathetic Danegeld from Camco would obviously inspire Labour hard men throughout Britain!}

UK local election results showed no enthusiasm for Camco even though the much-talked-of ‘cuts’ in ludicrous ‘public services’ had not even begun; but voting for Boris was not an option since there were no 2011 elections in London, the disaffected were mainly wet Liberals, and Labour itself took a knock in its 20th-century Scottish heartland as the Scottish National Party persuaded voters that it would continue to freeze the widely hated Council Tax (on property, paying for useless councils that had wasted £700M on Edinburgh’s non-existent trams, obliged mass erection of scaffolding to execute footling repairs as make-work schemes for builders and couldn’t even sweep the streets free of cigarette butts and repair the potholes in the roads and pavements).


Subsequent to the recent report here of plans for racial quotas to keep the percentage of Blacks and beurres [North Africans] in top French teams down to 30%, it transpired that this practice had actually been going on for some time – and with its organizers sworn to secrecy (BBC World Service, 6 v, 16:45). Draconian action against this racism was promptly demanded by the usual busybodies.


A gene (called 5-HTT, responsible for distribution of serotonin by nerve cells) apparently having “a strong influence” on ‘contentment with life’ (cf. non-neuroticism, q.v.) was reported by researchers in a study of 2,500 American subjects conducted from the London School of Economics (led by a behavioural economist, Jan-Emmanuel de Neve (Telegraph, 6 v; Guardian, 6 v; Daily Mail, 6 v). Writing in the Journal of Human Genetics, De Neve described how roughly 40% said they were "very satisfied" with life, and among these, 35.4% had two ‘long’ variants of the gene. Of those who were "dissatisfied" with life, only 26.2% had two long variants. {Eysenck & Prell had reported a substantial heritability for neuroticism from a twin study in 1951.}


Following the 5 v local elections and a referendum in the UK, the broad resulting picture was that the Scots had dumped ‘liberal’-leftism and gone for their own nationalist party (SNP) and that the English had dumped Liberalism and stuck by their own (albeit mild-mannered) nationalist party (‘Conservatives’).

So why not have a fully federal country (with full-blown co-operation only re the monarchy, foreign policy and defence)? Some hope! Most Scots knew that the main function of any Scottish Executive had to be to extract £23Bp.a. largesse from England; and most English knew that an independent Scotland would represent a sorry loss of a playground and the end of Empire (and of the world’s oldest [303-year] customs union).

It remained to be seen if the SNP [which had a strong socialist strand] could set about increasing Scottish welfare dependency, pacifism, Europhilia and fiscal irresponsibility and thus get England to brace itself and kick the Scottish trolley into the Atlantic....

And the British National Party? Wretchedly bankrupted by the British peecee ‘human rights’ establishment and riven with internal strife, this beleaguered but brave and intelligently led party lost a half of its few council seats. By contrast, in France, where the Muesli menace was far greater (6M in France vs 2M in Britain) and more immediately visible, Marine Le Pen’s National Front continued to do brisk business, with poll ratings around 20% (e.g. AmRen, 4 v).


As he concluded his defence against peecee heresy charges in Holland, top politician and brave critic of Islam, Geert Wilders, cited George Washington (AmRen, 3 v): “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” As was plainly going to happen to Wilders! Crucial to his ‘trial’ by the peecee Dutch was the court’s refusal to call the witnesses he wanted – the same key technique that had been employed against me in 1997 by Edinburgh LUniversity.

{Tragically, European ‘conservatives’ allowed all this to pass without remark – so frightened were they of the left’s ignorant hysteria about race/religion/ethnicity.}


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Monday, May 02, 2011


As Britain’s plucky Royal Family (the victim every decade of armed attacks by Irish, loons and leftists) prepared its fightback with the broadcasting of its jubilatory Wills&Kate wedding at Westminster Abbey (from which ex-PM Muesli-lovers and ‘anti-racists’ ArchHypocrite Revd Bliar and Bankrupter ‘Prudence’ Brown were happily banned) to 2B viewers worldwide, it was joined by Presidents Putin and Medvedev and their excellently preserved wives (one ginger, one blonde) being photographed with handheld candles and making the Sign of the Cross at an Easter Orthodox service in Moscow – striking reminders of the survival of Christianity through a century of socialism (for even Britain – well, Glasgow – had had one Communist MP in the 1920s).

By contrast, the ‘Arab Spring’ rebels of the Left’s latest chosen alliance with mad Mueslis (its previous 1930s alliance with Hitler not having worked) made slight progress as their Arab dictators gunned down the white-vanned, leather-jacketed, towel-headed rabble and their TV appearances (like those of Frenchies and Brussels bureaucrats) flopped thanks to astonishing – in the 21st century – inability to speak English or to crack a joke.

(China’s sorry contribution in all this was to imprison 500 Pentecostalist Christians in Peking – though admittedly these fundamentalists had failed to sign up for taxation, contrary to Jesus’ advice to ‘render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s’ -- advice which, after four centuries, had allowed Christianity to become the embraced religion of Rome. -- At least the Chinese authorities were encouraging the playing of cricket, so could seek British Empire membership by 2020.)

(The Royal Wedding went off smoothly thanks to the provision of 5K extra police in central London, thousands of soldiers [some under cover], crack SAS units [bussed in from Herefordshire], ‘bullet-catching’ bodyguards (dressed as liveried footmen) and helicopter gunships in the capital. America – run by Kenyan* Muesli Obarmy Hussein (equally banned from the Abbey) – swooned at what it had missed out on just to have a Boston Tea Party and a holier-than-thou multiculti support for ‘developing country’ Egyptian dictatorship in 1956

[support retracted by rebel-backing, Brit-hating Comrade Barry in 2011, for Barry Insane had no special appreciation of what had become Egypt’s 30-year massively-US-bribed role in semi-securing Israel’s southern flank].)

* Grey chainsmoker Barry produced a ‘copy’ of his ‘Live Birth Certificate in Hawaii (1961) in response to challenges by Donald ‘The Donald’ Trump; but this was pretty plainly a forgery since it called him an ‘African’ whereas standard US usage of those days was to call a spade a Negro.


Lunatic British war criminals Cameron and Hague, having ‘interpreted’ the UN-sanctioned no-fly zone for Libya as first a no-airfield zone, then a no-anti-aircraft-artillery zone, then a no-tank zone, then a no-palace-zone, then a no-bunker zone, then a ‘military advice’ zone, and finally as a licence to assassinate Libya’s 41-yr-long leader Col Gadawfu and his children and grandchildren directly and to stir up a full-blown civil war (the worst affliction that people can suffer, apart from perhaps the Black Death), found they had done nothing but prolong the violent stalemate which could have been quickly damped down by a Gadawfu victory against the Benghastly rabble two months previously {as advocated here}.

Instead, Nato’s loopy postmodern idealists had managed to lose all the West’s friends in the Arab world – both the dictators which Nato had supported (and armed) for 40 years and the rebels who thought the West had not acted strongly enough on their behalf.

Meanwhile, having failed to quell Muesli nonsense by suppressing Iran with destruction of its nuclear capabilities, the West risked outbreak of Sunni vs Shi-ite warfare that would make all the other Middle East conflicts look like vicarage tea parties. {Hooray! In Edinburgh one doesn’t need to drive a car.}


A fine summary of the dangers of the Arab Spring was provided by Pat Buchanan (VDare, 25 iv, ‘When dictators fall, who rises?’) – well in line with what every British schoolboy was taught in the aftermath of the French Revolution, and especially pointing out that the 10% Christian populations of Egypt and Syria faced obliteration if Sunni Muslims took over.

{By contrast, the loony-idealistic West was generally determined to support the Sunnis – so the sweet fat Syrian Ambassador to the UK, Mohammed Abduller Silly-Billy, was banned from the Royal Wedding, along with earlier profligate traitors Blair and Brown.}


The Left, which had spent the previous three decades denying the importance of IQ (see TgF, Chap. 4), had its leading US magazine, Mother Jones, publish ‘The science of why we don’t believe in science’ (25 iv). Any mention of the ‘liberal’-left’s MSM suppression of IQ? Don’t think about it! National bedblocking hysteria took Hitler 20 years to contrive; and in the West it had been the same.

{Funny: I gave a seminar to E.LU. philosophers in the 1980s saying authoritarianism and racism were the new public ‘EVIL.’ And thus the new pietists went on to achieve their goal – as much as Hitler had demonized the Jews (and ruined his own country’s prospects in this mad IQ-denying process).}


In a mystificatory paper, including no references to Spearman, Burt or Jensen and a totally obscure version of g, published in a journal (Proceedings of the National Academy of Science,*) with no reputation for psychological sophistication and with ‘acknowledgment’ of statistical help to a U.Texas psychologist (Elliot Tucker-Drob, see previous) whose email did not work, ‘researchers’ Angela Duckworth (U. Pennsylvania) et al. persuaded the ever-environmentally-gullible BBC to claim that IQ was substantially affected by ‘motivation.’

In fact, the authors’ minimally mentioned data did not specify which tests or age-groups were involved; their recordings of ‘test enthusiasm’ would merely have reflected the fact that higher-IQ subjects coped better with testing; their Table 1 clearly showed IQ four times as important as ‘non-intellective traits’ in predicting academic performance; and – despite the BBC’s adulation – the authors themselves concluded:
It is important not to overstate our conclusions. For all measured outcomes in Study 2, the predictive validity of intelligence remained statistically significant when controlling for the nonintellective traits underlying test motivation. Moreover, the predictive validity of intelligence was significantly stronger than was the predictive validity of test motivation for academic achievement. In addition, both Studies 1 and 2 indicate that test motivation is higher and less variable among participants who are above-average in measured IQ. These findings imply that earning a high IQ score requires high intelligence in addition to high motivation.


A former Labour minister admitted that political correctness had led Britain to offer shelter to violent extremists (London Evening Standard, 27 iv). Kim Howells, an ex-Foreign Office minister, said Tony Blair's government and other administrations had been afraid to criticise the conduct of radical preachers and others because they feared being accused of racism.

He said the policy had been pursued even though there was plenty of intelligence about the "evil" intent of such extremists and that the peecee policy was only reversed after the 7/7/2005 bombings.

Mr Howells also said that he had been unable to find a single imam willing to say publicly that suicide bombers would go to hell. He further criticised a reluctance in Muslim communities to condemn the "murderous actions" of terrorists.His comments came as a leaked diplomatic cable, published by WikiLeaks, revealed Britain had been warned years before the London bombings to stop giving asylum to "very dangerous" terrorists.


A quota of 30% on Black players in academies grooming youngsters for France’s national squad was to be imposed, according to an investigative website and a former boss of the French National Football training centre (Daily Telegraph, 30 iv). The idea was apparently to raise the “intelligence” of the national team following its disastrous early exit from the 2010 World Cup amidst scenes of Black players insulting the coach and failing to turn up.

The French Football Federation said it would conduct an internal investigation of its alleged plans and impose sanctions on any of its members advocating such ’racism.’


Islamic fundamentalism was being allowed to flourish at universities, endangering national security, said MPs and peers (Daily Telegraph, 27 iv). Academics had been turning a blind eye to radicals because they do not want to spy on students, a parliamentary report claimed. Despite “damning evidence” of a serious problem, little progress had been made in tackling the unsustainable situation, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Homeland Security said. They urged the Government to tackle the issue on campuses with “utmost urgency”.

A third of Britain’s jailbirds convicted of terror crimes had once been students at UK luniversities, which protested they must allow the demented rantings of their Islamic Societies (though they were quite happy to suppress free speech on race and sex by their academics when it suited them).


The inability of the Irish-born Workers’ Paradise to accept “blackness” was working against the settlement of African refugees, said an ‘eminent community leader’ (The Age, Melbourne, 27 iv). Dr Bertiehan Ahmed, head of the African Think Tank and the 2009 Victorian Australian of the Year, moaned that Australia’s humanitarian assistance was “stopping at the airport”, and failed to provide African migrants with the skills to find jobs and engage in society.

{Poor darlings! But why did they head for Oz in the first place rather than for nice pan-African Zimbabwe, Sudan, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia or the many other ‘Black’-accepting and Black-run hell-holes?}.


Note by patriot Robert Henderson: Those at a loose end may care to divert themselves playing "spot the non-White" face in the [million-strong and much photographed] London wedding crowds. It is a demanding task, for, just as at every other occasion of English celebration in recent times, the wedding crowds were remarkable for their whiteness, something made all the more wondrous because this was London where we are constantly told 25% of the population are non-white. RH.

Royal Wedding: a touch of class, and a cavalcade of English life. {England’s affection for its monarchy persisted even though the country’s political class had plainly failed in its Eurofanaticism, welfarism, obesity-encouragement, low-IQ-single-parenting and multiculturalism.

While England sported 450 officially sanctioned street parties where people could wave the Union flag, wear funny hats and enjoy sausage rolls, jam tarts and cider, Glasgow had precisely none – just one unofficial drunken riot in which a dozen policepersons were injured. --However, in Edinburgh, Taiwanese loyalty to the Royals was 100%}

For the armchair viewer, the day offered superb cameos and a sparkling star turn:

‘Lovely as a poem, the bride conquered any doubting hearts' Photo: CHRISTOPHER PLEDGER, Daily Telegraph

After the 100%-successful marriage ceremony (including a star appearance by Catherine’s curvy young sister Pippa [an E.LU. graduette, especially photographing very well from behind] – ‘Phwoar!’ said the tabloids), Wills and Kate were whisked from Buck House by helicopter to the non-Glaswegian tranquillity of [east-of-Scotland, Protestant] Balmoral, where journalists could be kept at a half-mile distance from the two St Andrews University graduates so they could enjoy some hunting, shooting and fishing (for which leggy art historian, businesswoman and computer buff Kate’s happy rural upbringing – with a largely self-made millionaire businessman father -- had well prepared her). {Saint Diana, eat your heart out!}


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