Thursday, March 11, 2004


Noting that in David Blunkett's new ceremony for granting UK nationality, U.K. immigrants must swear allegiance to the Queen, British law and democracy, the illustrious centre-right columnist and author, Ferdinand Mount, suggested that multiculturalism had probably come to the end of its natural life - brought to an end by a Labour Home Secretary (6 iii).

(At the same time, it was announced that the Home Office was not interested in a `Slavery Memorial Day' and had told Blacks it was time for them to forget about slavery and move on.)


In 1992, presidential hopeful Senator John Kerry criticized affirmative racism, saying "The truth is that affirmative action has kept America thinking in racial terms." Alas, in 2004 he changed his mind: "I haave consistently opposed efforts in the Senate to undermine or eliminate affirmative action."


H.M. Government announced it had built up a database of 20,000 of the country's brightest children with an eye to giving them special help aiming towards early university entrance. Apparently schools nominate (at a cost of œ15) their favourite 11-16-year-olds who are then required "to pass one of a range of tests to demonstrate their ability" (Sunday Telegraph, 7 iii). All rather mysterious - but hopefully infuriating liberal-lefties everywhere. {A re-introduction of streaming was first advocated in Britain in February, 1996, by prime-ministerial hopeful Tony Blair and by myself, in The g Factor (Wiley DePublisher).}

{In the Sunday Times (7ii) top broadcaster and columnist John Humphrys predicted that both of the U.K.'s main political parties would soon be backing `customer choice' in health and education - as long urged in McDougall NewsLetters.}


A brave civil servant, Steve Moxon, working in the Immigration Service, went to the Sunday Times to show the paper how a stream of immigrants was being admitted largely unscrutinized into Britain - so there would not be so many after the magic date of May 1st when millions of new European Union citizens became eligible to visit Britain and seek work (7 vii, pp. 1 [`Lid blown on migrant cover-up'], 14-15; Scotland on Sunday, 7 iii). Civil servants were expressly told not to discuss or reveal the new policy so as not to excite Britain's tabloid newspapers. A female government minister admitted that thousands of applicants had been let in without scrutiny but said that civil servants had thought up the deceptive wheeze for themselves and she had not been told.


The cause of nationalism appeared to be rejuvenated in Austria's southern Carinthia province where Jorg Haider's `far-right' Freedom Party picked up 42% of votes in the presidential election compared to only 38% for the social democrats (BBC, 8 iii). Apparently Haider had stressed his support for tax cuts and quite a few Conservatives had switched to vote for him. His most recent outrage had been to visit Baghdad and support Madman Insane.

{Greece also moved to the right in elections which easily ended the ten-year rule of socialist George Papandreou. And in New Zealand the National Party had moved ahead of Labour in the polls, promising to end affirmative preferences to Maoris (Economist, 26 ii).}


A new book on eugenics amounted to nothing more than the standard propaganda of the modern left that eugenics = racism = euthanasia = Holocaust. But it did admit how popular eugenics was in the 1930's - not least with Scottish-American steel boss, billionaire and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie (a fact virtually never mentioned about him in biographies of the great man whose first big charitable act was the provision of a library in Dumfermline, where he had been born in 1835).

{Today, a bust of the great eugenicist -- whose generosity of 1904 made possible the eugenic research laboratories at Cold Spring Harbour in Long Island, New York-graces the stairway of Edinburgh Central Library. Perhaps it will one day meet the same fate at the hands of `anti-racists' as happened to the bust of lunchtime "rapist" Arthur Koestler at the hands of LUniversity of Edinburgh feminists in 1998 (see McDougall Newsletters, October et seq.)


In the battle in Spain of accused Leicester City soccer player `rapists' against Black female `victims', the footballers went one up as a photo came to light of just how enthusiastic the Black girls (possibly hookers) had been for sex on the night that 3+ players ended up in a hotel bedroom with the girlies (Sun, 9 iii). Next (Sun, 10 iii) it turned out that all the three Black `victims' (of scratches, a broken bracelet and perhaps one rape) were all well known as prostitutes in Germany - one had run a brothel in Amsterdam, bringing in and exploiting young girls from her home country of Malawi. {Presumably the girls had enticed the footballers into thinking they were offering the normal free `roasting' that soccer heroes expect, and then outraged the lads by demanding money.}


Marriage and Personality: A Genetic Analysis, BY Wendy Johnson, Matt McGue, Robert F. Krueger, and Thomas J. Bouchard Jr. (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities), Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 86, 2, 285-294.

SUMMARY: There is substantial evidence that married people fare better than their unmarried peers on many life outcome variables. The authors asked whether self-selection might partially explain these benefits through genetic influences on personality contributing to propensity to marry. Using a population-based sample of 4,225 women and 2,869 men that included 2,527 complete twin pairs, the authors investigated the phenotypic associations between personality and propensity to marry, the heritability of propensity to marry, and the extent of genetic influence on the link between personality and propensity to marry. The results suggest that propensity to marry is heritable and that the phenotypic link between personality and propensity to marry is genetically influenced.


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Friday, March 05, 2004


Indicating a good chance of feminism tearing itself apart over Naomi Wolf vs Yale professor Harold Bloom (see earlier here), Anne Summers backed femininnie whingeing about alpha males in the Sydney Morning Herald (1 iii). "If someone as celebrated and brave as Naomi Wolf can be pilloried for seeking justice, what hope do the rest of us have?", Summers moaned. Slate (1 iii) noted an ongoing unsisterly ding-dong between Meghan Rourke (who called Wolf's 'feminist' writing "weak-kneed, more titillating than critical" and said her complaint against Bloom's `encroachment' was "self-promoting" and "truly boneless") and Beverly Mann (who insisted Yale University was "still protecting the guilty"). But Yale Daily News stood by the university's sexual harassment policies (1 iii). Talking about her Day of Encroachment, Wolf told Sarah Baxter (Sunday Times, 29 ii `The gropes of wrath'; The Australian, (3 iii), "I was a very serious student. I take education very seriously. I'm Jewish, I'm the daughter of a professor. We're not animals or slaves to sexual appetites." But Baxter was little impressed and likened Wolf to the ruinous revolutionary Robespierre. In The Australian (3 iii), Elspeth Probyn noted that most commentators had laughed at at Wolf and threw in her two pennorth: "Many years ago, in The Washington Monthly, Stephanie Mencimer described Wolf as "a sillier Sylvia Plath -- self-obsessed and highly overwrought", a "broken-fingernail feminist" who takes her "minor bouts with injustice to epic proportions."


Harvard professor Samuel P. Huntington - best known as the scholarly scourge of Islamic extremism - warned in a new book that the U.S.A. was being inundated by Mexicans who would transform its culture by 2050. In Who We Are, Huntington wrote: "There is only the American dream created by Anglo-Protestant society. Mexican Americans will share that dream only if they dream in English."

{In the 1980's, Hispanics had appeared to be catching up with Whites in IQ and education; but Mexican immigrants of the past decade appear to have been of markedly lower quality.} {In the Times (1 iii) lively ex-Marxist columnist Mick Hume complained that the British polity was "obsessed with race" and quite unable to have any useful discussions for fear of being called racist.}


As American Christian fundamentalists blazed away over gay marriage and Mel Gibson's violent film of Christ's pasion was thought likely to stir anti-Semitism, intellectual-homosexual Sunday Times columnist in Washington, Andrew Sullivan, declared "The war is upon us" and would be decided by the November presidential election. {Yet whereas het-up fundamentalists would surely vote Republican (Mr Bush having denounced homosexual marriage), keen anti-Semites would surely vote Democrat in 2004 circumstances; so a clear traditional right vs left fight looked unlikely.}

{So horrified was Sullivan that he rather overlooked such solutions to these ancient problems as having extended neofamilies (which might include some gay members) and inviting the Jewish community to make a clean break with PeeCee and perhaps pay for some of the damage it has caused (see McDougall NewsLetters, passim).


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Wednesday, March 03, 2004


The crazy taxpayer-funded job creation programme for loony immigrants, the `Campaign for Racial Equality', headed by the hysterical Trevor Phillips (see previously), was denounced as "institutionally racist" by Tory Welsh Assemblyman David Davies who especially complained that the CRE never investigated cases of Black-on-Srindopakeshi and Pakistani-on-White racism (Scotsman, 26 ii).


Immigrants to Holland would in future need to fork out œ4,200 to take classes in language and culture; and they would be repeatedly fined every time they failed to pass the government's citizenship exam. The new proposals were to be put before Parliament by Dutch Immigration Minister, Rita Verdonk.


The ludicrous results of giving girls careers amidst front-line soldiers were exposed when the US Army revealed that no less than 112 accusations of rape and other sexual indiscretions had been lodged with Army authorities during the campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq. According to one hysterical US senator, Susan Collins (Rep., Maine), US servicewomen sometimes had "more to fear from fellow soldiers than from the enemy" (Times, 27 ii).


U.K. Prime Minister Blair's favourite social science guru, Roger Putnam (see previously here), popped in to give of his latest. Said the (normally globalizing) Economist of his work (26 ii): "A large ongoing survey of American communities seems to show, uncomfortably, that levels of trust and co-operation are highest in the most homogenous neighbourhoods. People living in diverse areas, it turns out, are not just more suspicious of people who don't look like them; they are also more suspicious of their own kind. Because of that, they suffer socially, economically and politically. .. Canadian researchers have shown that xenophile nations have seen the smallest increases in welfare spending over the past 30 years. If the pattern holds true, Britain will become less like Scandinavia and more like America, with its racial diversity and frayed social safety net."


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Monday, March 01, 2004


Just how out of touch was the peecee left becoming? A straw in the wind was the condemnation by America's Southern Poverty Law Centre of the otherwise hugely acclaimed film `The Lord of the Rings' - not enough heroines, not enough Blacks and too much patriarchy, apparently. The SPLC preferred 'Matrix' with its mixed-race heroes and White villains. At least in this matter, the left did not have Hollywood's luvvies and wooftahs on its side. In Britain, too, the left began to get risky, with John Upton complaining of Home Secretary David Blunkett's authoritarianism-heading-towards-Nazism (23 ii).


In 2003, dramatically risen (via 'Lost in Translation' and ' Girl with a Pearl Earring'), high-maturity, magnetic and dishily-lipped Danish-American starlet Scarlett Johansson, 18, had been heard to remark that men "never really come good until they are in their thirties" (Sunday Telegraph, 22 ii 04). In February 2004, Bafta award-winning Scarlett talked most warmly of the far-older-men with whom she had acted (especially Colin Firth, 43); and the Sun (22 ii) revealed that her own lover was actor Patrick Wilson, 30. Scarlett further admitted that she once "had the hots" for Sean Connery, 70+.


A new book vilifying eugenics, War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America's Crusade to Create a Master Race, by Edwin Black, was sadly hailed in the Steve Jones-loving Sunday Telegraph by my personal hero Paul Johnson - a devout Catholic as well as right-libertarian writer. Still at least War Against the Weak didn't let modern geneticists off the hook {as they dearly wish and tirelessly try to arrange}: rather, geneticists were shown by Black to have strong descent lines linking them to eugenics and their utopian science had become (writes Johnson) "more powerful than ever, employing more people, attracting more funds, and marked by the same arrogance that distinguished its earlier incarnation . . . . and the absence of a moral philosophy which explores our right or duty to interfere with the natural processes of life."

{Even this welcome recognition is of course unfair to eugenicists like Richard Lynn and myself who base our approach firmly on IQ and its known heritability and social correlates. My own general philosophical position, at least, is that anything which lowers average intelligence in the world is a serious threat to industry, trade, commerce, health, beauty, sporting achievement [except at slow-paced sports like soccer and swimming], peace, freedom, justice and culture. And Richard Lynn has pointed to today's stress on individual rights at the expense of group rights. Hopefully that is a sufficient philosophy for Paul Johnson and Edwin Black!}

{The review came out with two of Fuehrer-loving Leni Riefenstahl's magnificent nude pictures of athletic Aryans - letting readers forget that Riefenstahl also showed interest in and admiration for some other human groups.}


In Australia, Prime Minister John Howard pointed to an excess of political correctness in state schools as the main reason why 32% of children were being kept away from them by parents (Christian Science Monitor, 24 ii). Howard - who was backed by several of his ministers - was the first Western leader to identify PeeCee publicly as a real problem.


After a collective whine for more moolah, Parisian intellos -- including postmodern deconstructibabbler Jacques Derrida -- were reproved by a government minister, Patrick Devedjian, who told them "Chez nous, the intellos have a habit of signing petitions while in the USA they win Nobel Prizes."