Tuesday, January 24, 2006


As Whites and Asians sought refuge in California's suburbs from the dumbing down, criminality, AIDS and affirmative-racist prejudices of Black areas, California's schools, already some of the USA's most de facto racially segregated, were becoming even more divided along Black/Hispanic vs White/Asian lines, a study found (American Renaissance, 17 i). Evidently race realism was re-asserting itself after a generation of multi-trillion-dollar propaganda and social engineering.


On the happy day that my wife was told she had her Glasgow U. Ph.D. in the bag, the Grauniad began to brace its readers for the London School's success in the race wars, with top lefty columnist Marek Kohn declaring (17 i) "We have gone beyond the stage where the question of racial science could be seen as a straightforward contest between decent values and sinister pseudoscience."


Italy's multi-millionaire Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi announced his Government would in future be providing a birthday present worth 650 pounds for each Italian newborn.


In a surprise development, the Sunday Times published a substantial review article complaining that large swathes of the poorer areas of London had become multicultural wastelands - while Hampstead liberals had to put up only with immigrants paying half-a-million pounds per house (22 ii). The fact that the article was by a homosexual journalist, Peter Whittle, was perhaps the explanation of how such a race-realist article could be published..


Despite a generation of expensive educational initiatives, including the latest `No Child Left Behind' programme emanating four years ago from the White House, Boston elementary schools announced a comprehensive failure to close the Black/Hispanic - White/Asian gap among children (20% of the former were deemed `proficient' compared to 50% of the latter) (American Renaissance, 20 i).


After years of leftification of American and British universities, with no opposition from conservatives, right-wing money became available to pay students to tape-record lefty professors at University of California, Los Angeles, and put the results up on the net: www.uclaprofs.com. UCLA authorities expressed outrage and threatened legal action to support their post-Marxist, post-modern and peecee goons in gowns.


As a nice young Cambridge-educated lawyer working for the Queen's firm of solicitors was stabbed to death by a Black in the Tube for no apparent reason, and other elite Whites were equally gratuitously attacked, Times columnist Camilla Cavendish was sufficiently daring to publish an article about such `stranger attacks' which concluded: "We must keep the danger in perspective; but we must cease glorifying a world which is colliding with ours" (19 i). Heady stuff!!....


With several of their leading figures killed by Muslims or in hiding, the Dutch Parliament went ahead to ban the burkha in public places and to demand that immigrants have Dutch and show other tested signs of integration - but it was far from clear that the peecee tyrants of the European Union would allow these brave moves to go ahead.


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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I take this opportunity to relay a fine defence of freedom of speech that was recently drawn to my attention. See here. Myself, I would deal with the argument 'You don't have the right to shout FIRE a crowded cinema' by limiting 'free speech' to well-formulated propositions, i.e. essentially propositional sentences or, better, paragraphs.)


I deplore the the latest measly effort in The Guardian to avoid race realism (and indeed any direct mention of the London School) -- for a critique see here.

The truth is that intelligence has seldom if ever evolved in hot conditions, presumably because heat requires chiefly the specific adapation of finding and storing water (as with the Kalahari Bushmen and their remarkably equipped womenfolk) rather than the general one of providing clothing, shelter and food in harsh conditions. Where it did evolve in hot conditions (Egypt -- no need to search for underground water there!) it was soon lost, as it was when East Asians cross the frozen Bering Strait during the Ice Age and made their way southwards (as 'Red Indians') through the Americas, finally plummeting to IQ c. 88. It's true that 'Just So' stories are not matters of scientific certainty, and that's why Spearman, Burt, Eysenck and Jensen inclined to avoid them. But the likes of lefty Marek Kohn (bright enough to be likely to be the first to jump ship) would be the first to complain if the London School did not accompay its scientific offerings (IQ measurement, strong Inspection Time correlates, hereditary bases, practical demonstrations of the everyday importance of IQ differences) with a plausible evolutionary-functional yarn.


As Muslim supreme Iqbal Sacranie came under investigation by police for alleged hate speech (he had criticized homosexuality) (Evening Standard, 13 i), top cop Sir Ian Blair announced a review that would end by restricting accusations of hate speech to members of the British National Party, the Conservative Party and the London School.


Indians have few Caucasian or even Central Asian genes, researchers at India's National Institute of Biologicals, Uttar Pradesh, reported (National Geographic Magazine, 10 i 06), thus linking the subcontinent genetically with the South Asian pattern of low-ish general intelligence (though probably with a wider range than in the West):

"Most modern Indians descended from South Asians, not invading Central Asian steppe dwellers, a new genetic study reports. The Indian subcontinent may have acquired agricultural techniques and languages-but it absorbed few genes-from the west, said Vijendra Kashyap, director of India's National Institute of Biologicals in Noida".


A Black policeman in charge of guarding Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall resigned after unspecified errors and incompetence - but, in the peecee way of things, following initiation of court action against them, London's Metropolitan Police awarded him œ70K compensation because of his "over-promotion" and lack of adequate training as part of an affirmative action programme (American Renaissance, 8 i 06).


I record here with sadness the death at age 68 of my good friend and supporter Geoffrey Sharps who did so much to advise me and keep my spirits up with his unfailing good humour as we battled with Edinburgh LUniversity through 1996-8. Geoffrey long lectured in literature in Scarborough, but his training in Edinburgh had included psychology and he was very sound on genetic questions and, more unusually, game to battle illiberal paedohysteria. He will long be remembered, not least by the principal figures in E.LU. of those days to whom we gave such a very hard time.

(Also not forgotten is my depublished book, The g Factor, recalled - along with Richard Lynn's IQ and the Wealth of Nations (see review) by the Press Officer of the British National Party, Phil Edwards, writing for National Vanguard, 6 i 2006.)


As Government Education Minister Ruth Kelly (36, and - like me -- of The Queen's College, Oxford) came under massive media attack for allowing a few barely detectable paedophiles* to teach in schools, she was defended by Lord Tebbit (on BBC 1's `Question Time, 12 i), by columnist Tom Utley (Daily Telegraph, 14 i) and by columnist Simon Jenkins (Sunday Times, 15 i).

* In one case, a young schoolteacher had downloaded some kiddieporn, possibly accidentally. In another, a 59-year-old teacher had had an affair with a 15-year-old as far back as 1980.


NuTory leader `Dave' Cameron said he would free U.K. police from McPherson-style demands for political correctness and instead reward them for the number of true villains they actually caught (Sun, 16 i).


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Friday, January 13, 2006


In the aftermath of the October riots in France (during which 9,000 cars were torched by Blacks and Arabs), 33% of people said they would call themselves `racist' - up from 25% in 2004 - and 25% said they would vote for Jean-Marie Le Pen. Despite a generation of propaganda from politicians and the press, 50% said they did not welcome immigration, compared to only 30% welcoming it (United Press International, 18 xii). Polling in Australia found that 75% of people thought their neighbours were racist (The Age, 24 xii). On Christmas Day, 100 cars were torched in France - a figure police said was the same as the usual daily average. On New Year's Eve, the tally of voitures flamb‚es was 425.


Brain size matters for intellectual ability and bigger is better. At Ontario's McMaster University researchers found IQ to be correlated with brain size (McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences, 22 xii). The study, led by neuroscientist Sandra Witelson, a professor in the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, and published in the December issue of the journal Brain, provided some of the clearest evidence as to the underlying basis of differences in intelligence. The study involved testing intelligence in 100 neurologically normal, terminally ill volunteers, who agreed that their brains be measured after death. The main finding was that `bigger is better,' but there were differences between women and men. In women, verbal intelligence was strongly correlated with brain size, accounting for 36 percent of the verbal IQ score. In men, this was true for right-handers only, indicating that brain asymmetry is a factor in men. Spatial intelligence was also correlated with brain size in women, but less strongly. In men, spatial ability was not related to overall brain size. These results suggest that women may use verbal strategies in spatial thinking, but that in men, verbal and spatial thinking are more distinct.

In the week after publication, the story was covered in several Indian newspapers and by one in Professor Witelson's native Canada, but virtually nowhere else and without any mention of Phil Rushton's long-standing advocacy of the thesis - such was still the head-in-the-sand of the West's media to IQ having any markedly biological basis.


The Government of Ghana resolved to invite all Afro-Americans of Ghanaian lineage to return to Ghana, with its tourism minister saying "We hope we can bring the African family together again" - though doubtless hoping for massive inward investment from healthy and relatively well-educated Blacks. But ordinary Ghanaians expressed astonishment and doubted whether a single Black American would wish to abandon the countless advantages gained from his ancestors' enslavement - i.e. rescue from Black tyranny, free passage across the Atlantic, being given safe if heavy work (it was the wandering Irish who were used for dangerous work) and finally manumitted and finding whole political parties devoted to their interests (first the Republicans, later the Democrats) (American Renaissance, 27 xii).


After years in which the West's peecee politicos had complained about Israel's wall to keep out Palestinians and had refused to contemplate the U.S.A. building a wall to keep out Mexicans, it transpired that holy Hindu India would, in 2006, complete a 2,500-mile steel double wall (the gap filled with razor wire) to slash terror, illegal immigration, people trafficking and smuggling by its neighbours in Muslim Bangladesh (American Renaissance, 29 xii). The plan followed the success of India's previous use of 1,000 miles of barbed wire fencing and would be supported by a force of 50,000 Indian soldiers, so eager was India to cut the 65,000 Bangladeshis who had annually been crossing the border illegally in the 1990's.


After years of ignoring Richard Lynn's work on IQ and the Wealth of Nations, the Economist ran a short article backing the theory of Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending (see June) that important evolution was still occurring in man, as witness Jewish (Ashkenazi) development of high intelligence just a thousand years ago. The article went on to add that eugenics should not be outlawed in a liberal society - quite a breakthrough for the cowardly neocons who run the Economist! {However, the turn-of-the-year note was accompanied by another to titled `Race is only skin deep' - VDare, 1 i 06.}


Of twelve scientists selected to air their views for the New Year in the Daily Telegraph (3 i 06), no less than three of them were hereditarian (and none was environmentalist): my pal David Buss (U. Texas) noted `the beast within'; my one-time drinks partner Richard Dawkins (U. Oxford) said we should remedy faulty genes, not punish their possessors; and formerly race-evasive genetic code-breaker Craig Venter was even allowed to claim there were "strong genetic components" in "most aspects of human existence, including personality sub-types, language capabilities, mechanical abilities, intelligence, sexual activities and preferences, intuitive thinking, willpower, temperament, athletic abilities and so on."


Glasgow Central's M.P., a Muslim called Mohammad Sarwar, condemned political correctness in the police as it turned out that Asian gangs - left largely unmolested by Britain's cringeing coppers , fearing accusations of political incorrectness - had turned their attention largely to raiding Pakistani shops. Other Muslim luminaries agreed with Sarwar, as did a Scottish Conservative spokeswoman. {But the rest of Britain's peecee media agreed to suppress the story.}


In the bizarre scene of U.K. politics, where only newspapers really matter, the top broadsheet Sunday Times (responsible for the blackening of Sir Cyril Burt's name) got as far as blaming NuLabour for showing "scant respect for the institution of marriage" (leading article, 8 i 2006) - though still regarding `families' and `education' as things that might be provided by the beneficent state regardless of individual genetic proclivities). Meanwhile, NuTory `Dave' Cameron feigned to be a "liberal Conservative", suggesting he might have learned something from this Diary's advocacy of "national liberalism."

TORIES FOR The g Factor

Just ten years after my book was published and Labour leader Tony Blair backed its proposal for school streaming, the new Conservative leader David Cameron announced he favoured neither a return to grammar schools nor funding for state-school kids to attend independent schools but simply an increasing number of state-school pupils being educated in classes according to their abilities (Sun, 10 i) by means of subject-based streaming (or `setting'). He also thought schools should be allowed to select 10% of their pupils according to mathematical ability - and not just for dancing, drawing and languages as at present. That streaming helps children of all ability levels was confirmed in figures from England's exam boards: when `value-added' effects were studied (as advocated in The g Factor), they were greatest for children in streamed systems (Spectator, 14 i, Ross Clark). {Currently it is estimated that some 40% of state pupil hours are spent in streamed classes. The main obstacle to an increase in streaming is probably left-wing teachers and school heads.}


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