Sunday, May 24, 2015


While Western countries staggered under self-imposed humanitarian burdens, independent Black-run South Africa had no problem deporting 400 Mozambiquan immigrants in a single day; and the BBC’s World Service gave 25 minutes to explaining how inequality (both between the races and amongst Blacks themselves) had grown worse through 20 years of independence – with unskilled jobs lost, with Black children sitting on bricks in mud-made schools where teachers did not show up, etc. -- all because of lack of ‘inclusivity’, failure to ‘connect,’ and patronage/corruption (BBC World Service, 17 v, 14:05).


Medical, physical and psychological variations in humans typically show more influence of nature than of nurture (Danielle Posthuma et al., Nature Genetics, 18 v). A vast meta-analysis (by workers as far apart as Stockholm and Brisbane) of eighteen thousand traits measured in identical and fraternal twins found heritabilities clustering around .50, with h2 being higher for variables to do with cognition, activities and psychopathology than for those related to social values and interaction. (The g factor was not analysed separately. The highest heritabilities were for features of the eyes, ears, nose, throat and skin; the lowest concerned reproductive and endocrine functioning.)


 A Duke University professor was defiant after his university {famed for having race-asserting William McDougall FRS as its Professor of Psychology in the 1930s} condemned what it said were his “noxious” and “offensive” words in a letter published in The New York Times in which he compared African-Americans unfavorably to Asian-Americans (Fox News, 19 v). The school’s rebuke came after a student backlash against Political Science Professor Jerry Hough, 80, whose May 9 letter had sought to address racism and the Baltimore riots.

    Hough said African-Americans don’t try to integrate into society, while Asians “worked doubly hard” to overcome racism instead of blaming it. “Every Asian student has a very simple old American first name that symbolizes their desire for integration,” he wrote. “Virtually every black has a strange new name that symbolizes their lack of desire for integration. ....

In 1965 the Asians were discriminated against as least as badly as blacks. That was reflected in the word ‘colored’. The racism against what even Eleanor Roosevelt called the yellow races was at least as bad. So where are the editorials that say racism doomed the Asian-Americans? ....

The amount of Asian-white dating is enormous and so surely will be the intermarriage. Black-white dating [at Duke] is almost non-existent because of the ostracism by blacks of anyone who dates a white.”

    Duke students and faculty bleated about Hough, and Duke told The News & Observer of Raleigh that he was placed on leave and that 2016 would be his last year of teaching at the school. “The comments were noxious, offensive, and have no place in civil discourse,” said Duke spokesman Michael Schoenfeld. But Hough said political correctness was getting in the way of thoughtful and frank debate.


Any hope that Europe’s politicians would be able to improve on their policy of letting in thousands of A/A wretches weekly from across the Mediterranean proved illusory. The EU’s plan was to have lots of dinners and consider discussing with UN apparatchiks whether to have more dinners that might possibly decide to allow such ships as HMS Bulwark to pause occasionally from helping the illegals into Europe and instead fly them home, catch a few people smugglers and even puncture their rubber boats. But three difficulties arose for the dining programme:

(1) How could either smugglers or boats be located along a two-thousand-mile coastline, some of which (especially Libya) either had no government or governments that wanted cash to keep the would-be migrants out of their territories?

(2) Rubber boats came in packs of a hundred and could be peeled off and inflated in a couple of minutes.

(3) Smugglers seldom went out into the Med with their cargoes – instead they selected Syrians (the more literate desperadoes) and gave them a two-day training course in managing a dinghy and in how to use GPS navigation (BBC World Service, 18 v, 14:20).

{Limiting EU welfare etc. to the amount a recipient and family had paid in national insurance and income tax would certainly be a lot cheaper than using HMS Bulwark but would not appeal to idealists....}


 Pondering the A/A boat people and the refusal of Britain, France, Hungary, Poland and Spain to agree EU plans for them to accept quotas of the illegals, the Guardian decided it was time for the White man to take up his traditional burden and get things organized (20 v):

"No one expects a quick fix in the Middle East, but it is staggering that EU officials have been silent about the way sub-Saharan African countries – who are bleeding their youth to Europe – have let such a situation develop. The governance of these countries must be looked at. These are, after all, the places where criminal networks can flourish and profit, by scouting out candidates for the deadly sea crossings."

{Yes, better to abandon the leftist C20 antipathy to Western imperialism than close down Muesli mosques and Western welfarism!}


In an extraordinary mea culpa (in a talk at Glasgow University), Scotland’s education minister delivered what she called her “honest evaluation” that the SNP-run Executive had failed to close the “appalling” gap in academic attainment levels between the best and worst state schools after more than eight years of effort and enhanced spending (Daily Telegraph, 20 v, ‘Minister admits “painful truth” that Nationalists have failed to narrow the schools divide’).

Ms Angela Constance said teachers should no longer be allowed to use poverty as an excuse for poor results. {However, though denying “dogma or ideology,” she would next try another version of environmentalism by giving parents “a greater role” in bullying ooops helping their children to do better....}


 New figures from the UK’s Office of National Statistics showed that immigration was continuing to rise – to .6M entrants in 2014 – despite fifteen years of leftist and Coalition flannel that it was being closely monitored and brought under control (Classic FM Radio, 21 v, 11:00).

The news came alongside dramatic advances by ISIL jihadists in Iraq (Ramadi) and Syria (the bijou 4K-yr-old ruins of Palmyra), A/A inundation of Europe by Mueslis from across the Med and the appearance at the Old Bailey of another eleven Srindopakeshi men charged with hundreds of sex offences against young White girls in Aylesbury (one of whom had been ‘groomed’ to sleep with no less than sixty ‘Asian’ men when she was just 13).

So it could provide Labour (in despair over its Election defeat, and needing a serious policy shift) with a conclusive rationale for a tough-minded right-wing move that would chime with voters and leave Conservatives and Liberals holding the bawling baby of PeeCee/Multiculturalism.

{In any such move, Labour could hang on to some idealism by offering, say, equal pay and free childminding for English-speaking women; and a robust defence of alcohol and pork against Mueslis and other dispiriting moaners would play well with White men.}


 As Home Secretary Theresa ‘Nasty Party’ May planned to rid TV of ‘extremist’ messages (preferring general censorship to arresting jihadists, closing their mosques and fining their families – such censorship proving objectionable to only one Cabinet member, Sajid David, the millionaire son of a Pakistani bus driver (Guardian, 22 v)) -- a Belfast court came up with a novel way of interfering with free speech: it sided with two yags who had wanted to celebrate their ‘wedding’ by having a bakery run by two homosceptic Christians inscribe in icing “SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE” on a cake prepared for the occasion.

 The next step? To have a Conservative baker compelled to prepare a cake saying “VOTE LABOUR”? Or a Jewish baker to provide a cake for Hitler’s birthday and bearing a swastika? But first: Ask a Muslim baker for the same service that the Christians had declined to supply!

{Not content with suppressing free speech, the UK had let its homophiles actually force words into others’ mouths.}


As the bloodthirsty Sunni jihadists of ISIL/ISIS/IS/Daesh advanced to within seventy miles of Baghdad, thus obliging the Iraqi government to rely on Shi-ite fighters, and (after a five-day break to take in Western aid) shelling resumed between the Solunnis and Shitites of Yemen (killing 13), a Solunni bomb killed 21 Shitites (and injured dozens more) at a mosque in Saudi Arabia (BBC World Service, 23 v, 02:00).

Thus was Islam’s civil war forced increasingly into the consciousness of the multiculti West which preferred not to acknowledge the simple reality of deep-seated racial/ethnic differences and was itself divided as to whether to support or to topple Syria’s Shitite-sympathetic President Basher Assad (who still clung to the urbanized west of his country – where the Russians would presumably wish to maintain their naval base in Latakia).


  Britain’s 20-yr-olds were found by OECD to have literacy and numeracy levels no higher than 60-yr-olds – a result contrasting markedly with other advanced countries, where the young scored around 20% better than the old (50% better in South Korea).

A Daily Mail correspondent observed (23 v): “What people should realise is that teachers and the teaching unions are the footsoldiers of the Labour Party who support the dumbing down of education to ensure that the weakest still score a high mark.”

Britain’s bottom-placed result of 0% came despite vastly more having been spent on the young compared to seniors. Years of hostility to streaming – and in particular to grammar schools – had apparently had their predictable effect*; as might Britain’s 30-yr campaign of terror against paedophiles (who had often been the more competent and communally minded of schoolteachers).

*Historian Max Clifford agreed (in the course of a wide-ranging complaint about public service in Britain having been taken over by the left – D.Mail, 23 v):”[Britain’s] educational quangocracy remains wedded to non-selective education —and this is the principal obstacle to real improvement in our schools.”


 While the Holy Republic of Éire voted to reject the advice of its priestly caste and allow yag marriage, it turned out that Gambia (95% Muslim and Black) would stand by its racial heritage. Gambian President Yahya Jammeh threatened his country’s homosexuals, telling them (AmRen, 20 v): “I will slit your throat.” Addressing an audience in the town of Farafeni as part of a nationwide tour, Jammeh said, “If you are a man and want to marry another man in this country and we catch you, no one will ever set eyes on you again, and no white person can do anything about it.”

Jammeh’s homophobic views had drawn ‘international censure’ before, and both Europe and the U.S. cut off their aid to the West African nation in 2014, citing its atrocious human rights record, after it introduced a law banning homosexuality. In 2013, the President had questioned why he had never seen a “homosexual chicken, or turkey”: “Homosexuality is anti-god, anti-human and anti-civilization. Homosexuals are not welcome in the Gambia. If we catch you, you will regret why you are born. I have buffaloes from South Africa and Brazil and they never date each other. We are ready to eat grass but we will not compromise on this.”

Gambia continued to draw substantial aid from other African countries.


‘Jelly wrestling’ between bikini-clad undergraduettes was scheduled to reappear in Magdalene College, Cambridge, two years after the paddling-pool fun had been stopped in deference to cries of ‘sexism’, ‘misogyny’ and ‘inappropriateness’ (D.Mail, 23 v).

 Placating egalitarians, the Cambridge students resolved to allow male students to join the girls in the pool.

And, rebalancing the public image of Oxbridge students, a referendum in Oxford mandated that that university should continue to insist that examinees wear ‘subfusc’ (white shirt, bow tie, dark suit and red carnation) while pelting each other with food and spraying each other with champagne.


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Monday, May 18, 2015


Scotnat hysteria – which (in response to years of Westminster uselessness and peecee suppression of frank discussion) had swept Labour away, even making Scotland a no-go area for Britain’s Jewish Labour leader Mililitre, having the country’s own Labour leader Murphy run for his life from a Glasgow mob and triggering a matching a nationalistic turn to the Tories in England – brought a response from Scotland’s richest and most popular woman, authoress J.K.Rowling (who had written her ‘Harry Potter’ children’s books in Edinburgh cafés and given £1M to the NO campaign re Scottish independence) (Sunday Mail, 10 v).

One Twitter user condemned her as a ‘traitor to Scotland’ and ‘Blairite scum’, while another wrote: ‘Go f*** yourself, you disgusting slimy Labour c***. All you lefties are finished in this country, especially you JK b****face.’ But the famed author, who lived in Scotland, responded: ‘The internet doesn’t just offer opportunities for misogynistic abuse, you know. Penis enlargers can also be bought discreetly.’


Mueslis who had (together with an Icelandic-Swiss ‘artist’) converted a former church on the bank of a Venetian canal into a seeming mosque – the first in Venice – were told by the city council to cease their occupation of and worship at the historic privately owned building by mid-May (Daily Telegraph, 12 v).
Not so lucky were the .4M displaced Christian Blacks of mountainous north-east Nigeria who, as they straggled home under army instruction, found virtually every one of their hundreds of church buildings damaged beyond repair by Boko Haram [‘No Western education’]. Only six mosques had been damaged in the course of six months of inter-ethnic hositilities.

Still, such destruction was tempered by the daily phenomenon of Mueslitunes blowing themselves to smithereens – e.g. Solunni gunmen killing 43 Shitites and injuring another score on a bus in the Pakistani 18M megacity of Karachi – and scouring the internet in Bangladesh to find and murder bloggers whose discussions of Darwin had shown insufficient respect for Allah. – Thus did the ‘religion of peace’ compensate a little for its century of overbreeding (funded by Western oil and blessed by Western Catholicism).

   In Britain, a new ‘conservative’ government announced it would close mosques that taught “poisonous” versions of Islam – though no examples were provided, let alone blown up. And intention was announced to fight off the E.U.’s demand that Britain accept a quota (perhaps 20K annually) of the A/A’s trying to cross the Mediterranean to escape the hellholes which Muslim fanaticism had made of their own countries. Still more daring was the right-wing Mayor of Venelle, France, who said Islam should simply be made illegal in the country (D.Telegraph, 16 v).


 It was not a ‘hate crime’ to say that a child had ‘special needs,’ decided Hove town council. The SN term had come to be used by British bureaucrats c.1990 as a polite/peecee way of referring to low intelligence – many other once-accepted descriptors like imbecile, idiot, moron, subnormal and retard[ate] having become shunned and banned by the hypersensitive.

But an experienced and popular headmistress at a Hove school found herself accused of ‘hate crime’ after she used the term at a meeting of the school’s governors – one of whom was the father of a high-IQ but autistic girl about whom the headmistress was trying to be polite.

Eventually the SN nomenclature was decreed as permissibly pious – though only after six months of inquiries and solemn meetings of Hove council and police and, in London, by the Department of Education (Daily Mail, 13 v).

    A Mail correspondent summed up: “Additional needs; special needs... why do people feel the need to keep inventing and reinventing these terms to hide the reality that some people are different? Not bad -- just not average. These terms won't change a thing. But, as shown here, when a certain term goes out of favour, almost overnight it becomes non-PC and deemed insulting. And always, behind it all, there are small minded people causing problems.”


  Oxford University Student Union announced that all college rugby teams would be required to complete mandatory ‘Good Lad’ workshops before they were allowed to enter this year’s ‘Cupper’ tournament at the university. The workshop programme, developed by 27-year-old Oxford graduate Dave Llewellyn and now popular with SUs across Britain, amounted to Mao-lite re-education in which self-flagellating men in plaid shirts promoted ‘positive masculinity’ to the misogynistic brutes of the rugger world.

Student politicos were so chuffed with the scheme that they planned to push it out nationwide. Requiring student societies to venerate equality, diversity, inclusivity and ‘safe space’ for the usual minorities had become a major preoccupation of British SUs.


The West, with its two generations of failing to test, charge or keep out migrants of dubious value, found itself set an example of national determination as Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines made it clear that they would turn back boats bringing the unwanted Rohingya people of Burma [‘Myanmar’].

These Solunni Muslims had a reputation for ugliness and violent extremism; and they had long been at odds with the Buddhists of Burma who, liking to believe that the Rohingya had come voluntarily from neighbouring Bangladesh in response to that country’s history of overcrowding and flooding, had never allowed them statehood and frequently indicated that they were ‘free to leave.’

But hostility to the Rohingya turned out to be widely shared; so there were soon thousands of them afloat in decrepit boats on the Andaman Sea – waiting of course for rescue, feeding, housing, employment, education and health care from the West’s taxpayers ooops humanitarians. The United Nations Human Rights Commission had designated Rohingyas as “the most oppressed people in the world”, but – along with Bangladeshis [East Bengalese] -- they had a long history of forcefully carving out their Muslim area from Hindus and Buddhists. The latest ‘persecution’ of them was probably in response to their having become supported by jihadists from Pakistan.

    What happens when nutty ethnics are not separated was exemplified as Burundi – which had, like genocide-prone Rwanda,  kept a bizarre mix of 85% Hutu and 15% taller, brighter, cattle-herding and English-speaking Tutsi – braced itself for civil war in which its multiculti army could well divide as to whether to support the country’s president for a third term in office.


 As UK Conservatives gloated over the daily news of leading Labourites calling their election loss a “disaster” and “catastrophe,” resigning in droves and admitting (especially larger-than-life Black socialist Diane Abbott) to having been in tears on election night, few politicos and panjandrums paid attention to the nationalism that had snatched Scotland from Labour and provoked an answer from English voters who did not care to see Labour ‘governing’ the UK from the pocket of the Scots.

Ukip, which had become the UK’s third-largest party and delivered 25 seats to the Conservatives by taking votes from Labour, even embarked on an orgy of in-fighting over a range of strategic, tactical and personal differences: its kow-towing to MSM’s demand for a peecee image had evidently made its top brass forget that its own voters were overwhelmingly race-realist and especially xenophobic about foreigners of high criminality and low literacy living off welfare handouts towards which they not contributed in taxation.

But amidst all evasive chatter about the stunning Conservative victory, at least the Observer’s Andrew Rawnsley detected the simple truth that English nationalism had been more roused than most commentators cared to admit (17 v): “Campaigners of all parties agree that the spectre of a Labour minority government being the puppet of the Scottish Nationalists helped the Tories tug English voters over to them. .... When Mr Miliband declared that he wouldn’t be bullied by the SNP he just wasn’t convincing to those voters already worried that he was weak and not to be trusted with the economy.”


 Whatever the shifting of ordinary mortals away from peecee nostrums, ignoracism carried on in glowing reviews of Gavin Evans’ Black Brain, White Brain – which apparently venerated the technological achievements by Zimbabweans of 100K years ago (Business Day Live, 8 v)....


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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


As the Yukay concluded its astonishingly dull and endless election campaign (even political geeks like columnist Janet Daley were bored), the disattended real world of ethnic argy-bargy did not go away even if the peecee goons of Westminster and MSM could treat themselves to denial: such hordes of A/A invaders streamed across the Med that 3,690 were picked out of the drink by Italian coast ‘guards’ in a single day (Guardian, 4 v) – a number quite apart from the thousands estimated to have made it to dry land in Italy under their own steam; on the same day, ISIS/ISIL/Daesh slaughtered 300 Yazidi men; it was learned that A/A intending migrants, fed up with the frustrations of Calais, were moving their tents to central Paris; the Hutus of Rwanda continued their thirty-years of genocide (which had already killed 300K Tutsi) by putting to flight a further 30K; Syria continued as a four-year hellhole (thanks to a failure to separate rivalrous ethnic groups; and, in a new upping of ‘uman rights demands in Leicestershire, gypsies spurned a council offer to give them land for their vehicles because the proposed camp site was partly overseen by CCTV cameras.

{Perhaps the multiculti-propagandized English would wake up -- as occasional pundits pointed out the hostility to them of the Glasgow Celts revealed in the Yukay election?}

Gypsies/travellers make themselves at home (in Bristol) (Daily Mail, 4 v); but politicians kept such photo opportunities well hidden.


  Sex segregation at meetings targeting Muesli votes was defended by Labour Deputy Leader and human rights championess Harriet Harman (‘Hattie Harperson’) as she took part in a Birmingham rally at which all men and women (except those at the back) sat on opposite sides of the room (Daily Mail, 7 v).

 Hattie’s hubby – also a Labourite – had addressed another Labour-run meeting of sex-segregated Mueslis a few days earlier. The mullahcracy had decreed that the only alternative was male-only meetings. Tory candidate Julian Smith said: 'Labour are completely desperate. They are selling their values in exchange for a few votes.' {HH – Labour’s most senior and serious spouter of peecee baloney -- resigned as Deputy Leaderene in response to the débacle of May 7th. The Labour MP who had organized the Birmingham rally had prevailed on several mosques to order Muslims to vote Labour – though other mosques ordered their congregations not to vote at all.}


  The religion of political correctness having stifled most public debate and produced politicians who had to toe the line if they wanted to appear on MSM, the UK’s voters took the only passably acceptable way out and turned to nationalism {as foreseen in this blog} and swept Labour off the map in Scotland and the Liberals off the map in England, thus easily producing a Conservative overall majority at Westminster (despite the UK’s 9-party competition held within first-past-the-post rules).

Imitating the Scots, who had in eight months (since the referendum in which they had voted NO to independence) sensationally turned to nationalism in protest against lack of vision and ever-wanted money from London, the usually non-nationalistic English saw the point, helped by the prospect of ScotNat takeover (in alliance with spendthrift Labour).

Ukip, though increasing its vote share threefold compared to 2010, was not itself a beneficiary in terms of parliamentary seats of the new resolution to ‘do things our way’ – rather than as instructed by the fat lesbians and prancing pooftahs of the BBC; but the one-in-five Kippers who ‘came home’ on election day to Daft Dave’s pseudo-Tories could claim credit for a useful contribution to letting people do their own thing, run their own government, have their own say and keep out undesirables.

Sadly, Ukip’s brave leader, Nigel Farage, failed to win the seat he had selected; but equally he had failed to inject what most still thought his basic race realism into his campaigning, so his own political correctness had got its own answer. Whether ‘austerity’-antagonistic Scots would ever accept such fiscal autonomy as the English might be minded – with delight – to give them was a moot point; but the new nationalism would yield interesting and even realistic discussion of the different nature of the UK’s largest component countries.


 New boy on the psychogenetic block, Davide[sic] Piffer, Director of the Ulster Research lnstitute and a collaborator of Richard Lynn, reported that nine genes on which allelic variations correlated with IQ also showed B-W-A race differences and yielded a joint correlation of .90 with national IQ (once Lynn & Vanhanen’s data were updated to 2014) (AmRen, 3 v).


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Monday, May 04, 2015


Reflecting on the dishonest and tyrannical Bangladeshi regime that had been exposed and ended in east London (q.v.), the Observer’s Nick Cohen remarked the ignominy of the British left (26 iv):

"Come on, admit it – it’s not just in the East End you see these tricks played. The postmodern universities and identity-obsessed scour speech for the smallest hint of bigotry, real or imagined. They seize on it – and with a whoop of triumph – cry that the mask has slipped to expose the true face of prejudice. Surely you have noticed, too, that in the paranoia that follows, careerists and charlatans flourish.

    Do not forget either that [Bangladeshi millionaire] Rahman at all times enjoyed the mulish support of Ken Livingstone and elements of what now passes for the British left.

The BBC, the Daily Telegraph, Private Eye and Ted Jeory, a fantastic Tower Hamlets reporter, who exposed on his blog the corruption stories that local papers wouldn’t print, fought back.

But with honourable exceptions, London’s leftwing press ignored the stink in its own backyard and dismissed the accusations against Rahman as evidence of a “deep substrate of” – you guessed it – “racism”.

    You might think that at least the Labour party stood firm. But it left it to four Tower Hamlet residents to take on the huge financial risk of fighting Rahman. The judge wondered whether “like so many others who have come up against Mr Rahman, the party was not prepared to risk the accusations of racism and Islamophobia that would have been bound to follow any petition”.

    One day, leftists and the Labour party will pay a price for their neglect and double standards. As it is, the price is being paid by others. Despite bordering on the opulent City, the East End of London is one of the poorest places in Britain. Many of its residents have no education; large numbers of Bangladeshis cannot speak English. They are wide open for hucksters to target. Too many stood back while they were shaken down, while money intended for them was diverted and their right to vote subverted.

    In the onlookers’ indifference we can find, at last, an authentic white racism amid all the phoniness: the racism that believes the immigrant poor deserve no better."

Nick Cohen won the 2015 European Press Prize commentator award

The Metropolitan Police took the point and said they would at last initiate the inquiries into criminal wrongdoing by Rahman and his Mueslis which they had declined to undertake across the previous three years.


 So! Yukay’s daftest General Election of a century would deliver a result of a kind by May 8th: a new crop of MPs, changed by fully a third thanks to the vagaries of the first-past-the-post voting system, would begin to make occasional appearances in the ‘tea rooms’ [bars] of the rat-infested Palace of Westminster and resume the self-appointed effort of the House of Commons to bankrupt the country and rid it of Christianity, to annoy as many foreign powers as possible (especially Russia, Spain, Israel and the Argentine), to wreck education by insisting a semblance of it be endlessly inflicted on the low-IQ and to get rid of the House of Lords (Britain’s only elite body of the slightest constitutional significance).

Yes! Exemplifying the worst horrors of which any had deemed democracy capable, Parliament had for 150 years been filling itself with the property-less, the spouse-less and the profession-less. Voted for by only some two thirds of the electorate according to incomprehensible constituencies of ‘safe’ seats where most votes were pointless, modern MPs provided a model of uselessness, their own votes ‘whipped’, their powers less than those of a town councillor and their motivations being to get a job on the government payroll and/or to prepare lucrative ‘directorships’ for their retirement.

To this bizarre exercise, voters (median age 55) decided how to spend the next generation’s money by opting for what they might think was a prime minister, a cabinet, a party or an unheard-of MP (in fact the last) in a system where the winning option was chosen by only 25% of the electorate. So weird had Britain’s ‘system’ of parliamentary democracy become that, of the party leaders appearing in nationally televised ‘debates,’ a half were not even MPs (Greens, Ukip, Scotnats, Welshnats).

    And yet! . . . This ludicrous system had actually been robust enough to deliver in the past half-century reasonable trials of the main political nostrums on offer. Socialism had brought hope after devastating wars even if it racked up more debt; capitalism had yielded growth even if the boom-bust casino cycle was not abolished; and political correctness had provided an internationalist piety and job creation programme to replace that of traditional religion even if bringing equally traditional tyranny and corruption.

So what would be next? Well, with three points of the attitudinal compass having been tried since 1950, it was arguably the turn of nationalism. That, at least, was what polls found Scotland to have decided in its sensational shift of voting preference from Labour to SNP (or CNP – Celtic NP); and the essentially English nationalism (and healthy racism) of Ukip seemed to be pulling in 18% support south of the border despite the determined effort of Westminster LibLabCon to demonize it (indeed, to sack or silence any who so much as whispered its name).

Yes! It could well be that the General Election would prove the beginning of the end of Britain’s three-party farce of quasi-idealism and the installation of Merrie England Mark II – and under who else but Balliol’s ‘Bonking’ Boris Johnson (hopefully guided by the practicality of Australia’s Queensman Abbott)? . . .

The coincidence of a nationalistic Election result with a Royal birth on May 2nd (of a fourth-in-line to the throne) would surely make the occasion especially auspicious.

{However, despite being given the gifts of A/As pouring into Europe across the Med, of jihadists advancing in Syria and of Black rioting wounding 15 police in curfewed central Baltimore, Ukip’s leader Nigel Garage – revealed as suffering health agonies -- declined to cash his chips, thus leaving English race realists somewhat in the lurch pro tem., amused only by Garage troubling to call SNP guru Fish a “racist” as if that were a criticism, and by the scores of long-legged, long-haired, wasp-waisted White Russian [Siberian] weenies who paraded in teeny bikinis for BBC3 TV as they rehearsed to model for the international fashion industry and remind the West of how the fillies of the Russian nation were uninterested in Muesli practices of covering up. . . .

As if leaping to Garage’s aid, a leading Eurowhalla Rumpy-Pumpy Junckedher decreed that the UK would have to increase tenfold its admissions of “the poor” of Africa – for “if they can’t use the front door they’ll break the windows” (D.Telegraph, 30 iv); but this prompted only a squeak from Garage about the risks of terrorism rather than any spelling-out of the risks of vagabondage, pilfering, disease, illiteracy, sorcery and stupidity posed by all but the cream of the cream of Black ‘asylum seekers’, spouses and sprogs.}

{The more exciting electoral scene in Scotland was correctly analysed by the Telegraph’s Alan Cochrane (30 iv): the stupendous rise of the SNP reflected a range of ‘anti- sentiments – anti-Tory, anti-Labour, anti-London, anti-English, anti-American etc.

Yes: after decades of seeing socialism and capitalism discredited, and the UK pseudo-managed by fat cats from organizations in business and government which changed their names annually and had no contactable addresses or phones, both Scots and English sought change (the Scots having the additional motivation of Labour over two generations failing to solve Glasgow’s problems); but the Scots had a plausible party to which to turn (SNP) whereas the English had only the covert racists ooops “fruitcakes, nutters and loonies” of Ukip who had been successfully demonized by the metropolitan peecee elite.}


 The publication of financial journalist James Bartholomew’s The Welfare of Nations was greeted with enthusiasm in the Telegraph, which gave it a one-page spread (27 iv); and at Amazon Books Professor of Education James Tooley (U.Newcastle) wrote (21 iv):

"This is a superb book from the acclaimed author of The Welfare State We're In. Whatever aspect of welfare troubles - or appeals to - you, you'll find it forensically but engagingly examined. I learnt so much about the history and geography of welfare, much to disturb, but also some intriguingly positive examples. Bartholomew is entertaining as always, but is prognosis for the welfare state is serious and needs to be addressed by all concerned with the role of government in our lives. I cannot recommend this book too highly."

Essentially, Bartholomew dismissed efforts to link unhappiness to inequality as biased, feeble or both; and instead pointed to researches finding unhappiness linked to state welfarism destroying jobs and families – though the direction of causation probably needed more proof and, in particular, examination of whether poor personality and intelligence might be doing the bulk of the causal work.


People trying to come to terms with the awesome earthquake in Nepal rapidly found that the country’s status as ‘one of the poorest on earth’ – and thus ill-equipped to cope with horror – was due substantially to long-term ethnic tensions between the country’s Mongoloid and Aryan peoples which culminated early-C21 in fighting between the more Buddhist Tibet-originated folk of the Himalayas who had gone communist and the more Hindu Indian-originated folk of the southern plains who retained affection for monarchy.

The southerners were people who had been able to afford to get away from the Muslim advance into northern India and regarded themselves as of higher caste, though the two groups mixed in Katmandu with repeatedly bloody results inimical to economic development.


IQ played a useful role for British researchers examining the somewhat unhealthy effects of drinking ‘organic milk’ – as opposed to today’s normal iodine-supplemented milk which usually supplies 40% of the body’s iodine, thus preventing the low-intelligence thyroxene deficiency that yields goitre (D.Telegraph, 28 iv, p.1; D.Mail,  28 iv).


As the latest development of its merry modern pseudo-religious censoriousness, Britain added to its paedohysteria, internet monitoring, hacking hysteria, persecution for date rape, failing to clean a dog’s teeth and Islamophobia, and banning of “transphobic” language by 3-yr-olds a new job for police (already too busy to find thieves and burglars): to investigate with all solemnity accusations of wolf-whistling (D.Telegraph, 30 iv).


 While the modest IQs of British soccer players were well known – and mentioned (Guardian, 26 iv) by Black footie star Sol Cambell -- players of American football had long been selected by IQ tests since they were believed to require intelligence. The Wonderlic testing organization specially mentioned endorsement by the US National Football League on its website.

"NFL Testing Provides Valuable Lesson for All Employers

NFL draft picks have taken the Wonderlic test for years because team owners need to know if their million dollar player has the cognitive skills to be a star on the field.

    What does the NFL know about hiring that most companies don’t? They know that regardless of the position, proof of intelligence plays a profound role in the success of every individual on the team. It’s not enough to have physical ability. The coaches understand that players have to be smart and think quickly to succeed on the field, and the closer they are to the ball the smarter they need to be. That’s why, every potential draft pick takes the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) at the combine to prove he does--or doesn’t—have the brains to win the game.

    The WPT is a short form intelligence test that measures players’ ability to think on their feet, follow directions, and make effective decisions under the pressure of a time clock. It was originally developed in 1937 as a tool to quantify the mental abilities of potential job candidates and today more than 2.5 million job applicants in companies across the nation are given the Wonderlic test as part of the hiring process.

The test is especially popular with larger organizations because it’s quick and easy to administer and delivers accurate information about candidates’ intelligence. “In just twelve minutes, they have quantifiable data about whether candidates can learn new skills, think effectively, and make important decisions under pressure,” says Michael Callans, president of Wonderlic Consulting, the Libertyville, IL based publisher of the test.

    The first use of the WPT in the NFL was by Tom Landry of the Dallas Cowboys in the early 70s, who took a scientific approach to finding players. He believed players who could use their minds where it counted had a strategic advantage over the other teams. He was right, and the test has been used at the combine ever since.

    Each year sports writers joke about jocks taking intelligence tests, but it’s a lesson to any business owner who is about to invest a sizable chunk of money into a new hire. The NFL spends millions of dollars on first round draft picks. Given the investment, they need all the information they can get about players’ physical and mental skills. The Wonderlic delivers that value. It’s the only cognitive measure used by the NFL, and players’ Wonderlic scores can determine where they end up in the draft and which players get the million dollar salaries.

    “Selecting a new quarterback is like hiring a president for a company,” Callans says. “They need the intelligence to think on their feet, evaluate all of their options and understand the impact their actions will have on the outcome of the game.”

Wonderlic helps team owners make the best selections by identifying which players have the mental strength to lead their team to victory.

    “History shows that the brighter a person is, the more likely he is to be successful,” Callans says. “Whether they are on a football field or in a boardroom, smarter people are resourceful and they don’t make a lot of mistakes.”

    For the NFL, years of testing shows that the higher a player scores on the Wonderlic, the more likely he is to be in the starting lineup—for any position. “There is no other reasonable explanation for the difference in test scores between starting players and those that sit on the bench,” Callans says. “Intelligence plays a role in how well they play the game.”

    That lesson translates well for corporate use. “Whether you are hiring a mailroom clerk or a CEO, a defensive lineman or a quarterback, intelligence is an accurate determiner of success,“ Callans says. “Smart people achieve more, they are better leaders, and they add greater value to the company.”

Unlike soccer, American football – like rugby football -- used hands as much as feet and thus did not require the mixed-footedness that is so helpful in soccer but tends to be associated with low IQ.


Though Whites continued to invite trouble by failing to shoot Black rioters in burning Baltimore and to close the Muslim boat-building enterprises around the Mediterranean, the results of the 2015 World Happiness Report came in – and 98%-White Switzerland came top (Yahoo! Health, 24 iv). The report was based on data from 158 countries with regard to six factors: GDP per capita, absence of corruption, generosity, social support, freedom, and healthy life expectancy. The report was released by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

The inhabitants of the 10 happiest countries were (or had been) overwhelmingly European:

1.       Switzerland

2.       Iceland

3.       Denmark

4.       Norway

5.       Canada

6.       Finland

7.       The Netherlands

8.      Sweden

9.       New Zealand

10.     Australia

 The bottom 10 countries in the ranking were in Africa or the Muslim-dominated Middle East

Amusingly, the happiness of White countries could not be attributed simply to years of successful imperialism and plundering of A/A areas: the most happy (White) countries had not engaged in much plunder in recent centuries, and the least happy (A/A) countries were not those which had been notably invaded or pillaged by Whites.


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