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New University of Ulster, Coleraine, 1 vi 1978

Dear Chris: Your IQ x speed paper [reporting an IT-IQ correlation of .70, rejected by Brit.J.Psychol.] seemed excellent – quite unexceptionable and the correlations very high. I would suspect that some conventional referees might take fright at the apparently serendipitous collection of subjects. Perhaps you have been a little too honest here and could deal with the matter more briefly (“Ss were 13 volunteers, age range 16-24, IQ range 42-135” etc.). I am sure someone will take it if you float it around. I am sending you a reprint of a recent paper by Jensen giving some data on RT x IQ which may be useful.

      Glad you may be able to join us in honouring the master [HJE]. ....It is not necessary to be too sycophantic. ....There is to be a dinner [in London] for presentation of the Festschrift in special fancy binding, perhaps even some speeches, you know one of those Men in Groups occasions which I feel confident will tempt you.

      The thoroughness of your notes [on ‘anxiety’] is impressive. Do you by chance have any notes on the personality of the coronary heart disease patient. My thesis that he is unanxious, required by the high incidence in Ireland / low incidence in Japan, is rather sorely in need of actual evidence. Yours – Richard.

      PS  Thanks for your letter and notes on intelligence which arrived this morning. I don’t think Noel “Creep” Entwhistle [Prof Education, E.LU.] would be sympathetic to retesting the Scottish IQ.

Coleraine, 4 vii 1978

Dear Chris – Very glad to hear of the safe arrival of {my first daughter} Katharine Jane. Parenthood is a lottery but the important thing is that the genes have jumped into a Brand new survival machine.

      Did you get my letter of 2-3 weeks ago asking if you would think again about doing the psychology of political attitudes for the Festschrift? If not, would you? Yours ever, Richard.


  A new high-tech procedure for preventing horrid handicaps came on stream: replacing 1% of the DNA of a foetus during IVF procedure with the DNA of another woman (BBC, 17/18 ix). Even though this would permanently alter the germ line, there was nothing to worry about, cooed experts wheeled in by MSM. After all, practitioners would all be signed-up professionals with soothing qualifications in ‘medical genetics’ and ‘medical ethics’, the replacements would be hugely job-creative for the white-coated brigades of state-socialists, and the term ‘eugenics’ would never be mentioned. Thus did ‘three parent babies’ win the support of the Guardian’s John Harris (20 ix) – though, again, not by that name since it was just a mitochondrial ‘repair job’ of the kind inevitably required to smoothe the course of human reproduction.... {The case for modern eugenics had been explained

– as “responsible parenting,” in Readers’ Digest and the Telegraph

– in August by Oxford ethics professor John Savulescu – see previous. Yes, you could still be a eugenicist if you had a Labour card or an Oxford professorship! And of course didn’t mention eugenics!}


  The failure of the multiculti West’s ‘military’ to get a grip on Afghanistan, thanks to reliance on high-tech gadgets which never did much damage (especially to mosques or whatever caves the Taliban lived in), reached its predictable culmination as treacherous recruits into the Afghan police and army murdered at the rate of one or two per day the Western troops assigned to train them – resulting in turn in American and British desk-generals having to admit they would suspend most forms of close co-operation with Afghastlyloons (BBC, 18 ix).

      Apparently the boyish-looking blown-up US Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, 52, unmarried, childless and with gay friends, was a yag who had been selected for Libya (where homosexuality was actually illegal) as part of a US policy of ‘confronting’ Middle East homophobia (WorldNewsDaily, 18 ix). {The new Western imperialism of PeeCee was perhaps meeting its match!}

47%!  It turned out that Presidential candidate Mutt Romney had stumbled towards the truth of his non-election when, addressing a private* meeting of Republicans (back in March), he had guesstimated that 47% of America’s multicoloured population were ‘dependent on the government,’ or at least paid no income tax, and thus were his opposition and would never vote for him (Guardian, 18 ix). Whether his ‘dependents’ included those such as old age pensioners (who foolishly believed they had ‘contributed’ to their benefits), military veterans or vastly overpaid civil ‘servants’ was entirely unclear. {In Britain, that full-blown figure would be more like 70% -- or 80% if National Elf Service ‘rights’ were included at American prices of health care.} But still, 47% was a wake-up figure – which would drive otherwise dispirited Democrats to remember to vote for their ‘rights.’

     Meantime, the race-slumping Republicans had not been inspired by Mutt’s ill-thought-out ‘tea-partying’ – as witness the half-hearted applause for Mutt at the GOP National Convention. America looked set to continue under Obama to become a half-Spanish country. Already, Miami was Spanish-speaking,** with occasional shops displaying signs reading ‘English spoken here.’ One Hispanic big cheese appeared on the BBC’s World Service to celebrate the take-over of southern USA (19 ix, 01:05) and to explain what Whites could do as they lost their country’s economy, constitution [free speech already a joke], worldwide authority [as Mueslis ran wild] and language: “No problem,” said he, “they can just go to Canada.”

*Evidently infiltrated – yielding another gem that would displease left-idealists, that Mutt believed the Palestinians did not want peace with the Israelis.

**And the Speccie’s rich boy Taki reported that, flying in to ‘Nueva York’ from Greece, he had not heard English spoken in 24 hours – partly due to his maid and her boyfriend who had not learned a word of English (apart from “allo”) in their ten years in the Big Papaya.


 A nice tribute to European civilization and its handsome recovery from two World Wars came in the Guardian from Nigerian half-Black Remi Adekoya who – while admitting the USA offered more to the really stinking rich – rightly reckoned modern Europe “the closest pace to paradise on earth” (19 ix). {He might also have admitted that the USA had also paid Western Europe’s defence bill for 75 years and won the Cold War (with the help of its Star Wars ruse and Mrs Thatcher’s ‘Iron Lady’ intransigence). But the point was good. The countries of the EU attracted immigration from just about everywhere. Whether the immigrants were of higher IQ than the Hispanics pouring into America remained to be investigated – since PeeCee forbade concern with let alone expenditure on such questions....}


 The lunatic West (led mainly by old bag Hitlery Clinton and Britain’s diplomat-poseur, failed Tory leader [broken by PeeCee] William Hague) got the come-uppance that it had been asking for in Syria as its own arming of Syrian ‘Arab Spring’ Solunni rebels (via Qatar and Saudi) was matched by near-daily flights delivering arms to ophthalmologist President Assad (via Iraq, dominated by Shitites thanks to American insistence on demakrazy) (Guardian, 20 ix). Fighting in Syria’s main cities of Aleppo and Damascus continued to be intense – a fine result of Western idealism! Still, after a year of fighting and destruction, President Assad felt able to appear on television greeting guests at a party along with his youthful, pretty and gracious London-based wife.


 Sixteen years after the publication of The g Factor, fat silver-haired educationocrat Sir Michael Wilshaw (head of HMG’S ‘Ofsted’), probably emboldened by Minister Michael Gove’s faint moves to restore educational standards, crept out of his hole and criticized mixed-ability classes (apparently suffered by English pupils for 55% of their teaching hours) – even calling such classes a “curse” unless they were [magically] accompanied by mixed-ability teaching (Daily Mail, 20 ix). The needs of “bright” kids should be addressed, said Wilshaw, who had spent his working life hiding his light under a bushel. Whether he had ever read TgF was unknown.

      Wilshaw -- apparently resolved to make a mark before retirement -- further offended ‘teachers’ by suggesting they might be rewarded according to ability and effort – with reduced pay rises going to holidayers who “bunked off from school at 3-o’clock.”


  Massed Muesli mobs of the third world so terrified supposedly freedom-supporting France that the country closed many of its embassies and schools in godforsaken areas and set 500 riot police to protect the building of Charlie Hebdo (the French equivalent of Private Eye, but more daring) which had developed a line in Islamophobia and given some currency to pictures of Princess Kate undressed ooops Mahomet buggering his 8-yr child bride.

On Britain’s BBC2, pretty East African Muslim defector Ayaan Hirsi Ali popped up to note that the Christian West lifted no finger when its people were raped and murdered by Mueslis – but she herself, the West’s supremely presentable critic of Islam, had no proposal for demolishing Muesli mosques and businesses let alone for stripping Mueslis of welfare benefits or returning them to their own blighted countries.

In America, Sillary Clinton (though in charge of bombing Mueslis throughout the Middle East) decided on some appeasement by issuing governmental condemnation of the film ‘The Innocence of Muslims.’ {With ‘freedom-loving’ friends like this, the West was evidently doomed – though plenty of people would doubtless welcome Islam’s permission of polygamy, low taxation, gun availability, anti-Semitism and its suppression of adultery, burglary and yaggery.}


  Britain’s ‘Army’, which had been feminized and had run away at Basra and never seemed to kill anyone at all, took in its stride the sudden birth-giving of one of its soldierettes in Afghooniland --  a Fijian who had not realized she was pregnant till her baby popped out and who then ‘needed’ an entire medical team to be flown out from Oxford (picking up an incubator in Cyprus on route) to handle a situation unfamiliar to regular Army doctors (presumably recruited in the bad old pre-feminoid days) (Sun, 21 ix).

Apparently the Blair-decreed feminization of the ‘Army’ had in the previous few years yielded 170 pregnancies among British soldierettes (BBC World Service, 21 ix, 01:00) – while astonishingly motivated [Was it opium?] troops banned from demolishing the Taliban wandered around with sand in their eyes, mouths, bott*ms and p*nises waiting to be blown up by Muesli roadside bombs.

Lt Col Andrea Lewis, commanding officer of the Bastion Role 3 Hospital, said: “This was unique but my team is well rehearsed in the unexpected and adapted brilliantly. We are all delighted at the outcome.” The new mum had been deployed to Afghastlyland in March and managed to pass all the (feminized) pre-tour fitness tests including marches with a full pack and a run.


  As Britain’s party-political conference season opened (providing pseudo-activity, dinners and hanky panky to help fill the gap as the country’s parliamentarians remained on semi-perpetual holiday from the crumbling, mice-infested Palace of Westminster), Spectator editor Fraser Nelson observed that the parties were now so boring that they no longer used seaside resorts to provide cheap accommodation for ordinary members but instead preferred big cities like Manchester and Birmingham. Why? Because, for example, at the Tory conference, only a quarter of seats would be claimed by members – the rest going to well-paid PR gurus, hacks, union leaders, eurowallahs and frontpersons for special interest groups who could afford colossal hotel bills.

Another reason was the sheer boredom of modern politics (apart from occasional revelations of Liberal shit-eating, Conservative mother-and-daughter sex and Labour MPs paying for private education for their sprogs). Apparently, Britain’s political parties were the least popular in Europe. Thus Labour had to depend on primaeval trade union leaders (themselves and their astronomic salaries voted for by only small minorities of the workers in the industries which they ‘represented’) and the LibDims and Conservatives depended on off-shored millionaires. Thanks to a generation of growing peecee tyranny, nothing of consequence could now be said by politicos or their dwindling number of voters about:

* Race  All parties were 100% ‘anti-racist’; and cowed voters knew race was too dangerous to discuss or joke about.

* Immigration  All parties had gone along with mass third-world immigration – now being followed by Eurpean gypsies.

* European Union All but some 50 Conservative MPs (out of 630 MPs overall) went along with it

* Crime  Since Blacks and Paks were substantially over-represented in crime, this topic too required careful handling.

* Punishment  All parties opposed the death penalty (which was anyhow forbidden by the EU) and shooting burglars.

* Health  Noticed that most proven medical incompetence and sexual derelictions were of foreign origin? Forget it!

* Education  All parties (bar the same 50 Tories) had gone along with comprehensive ‘education’ for a generation.

* Defence  All parties backed the Afghan war with Muesli crazies but declined to punish traitors or blow up mosques.

* Foreign aid Aid (the most generous in the world) to nuclear-armed India and Pakistan had wide support among MPs.

* IQ  Intelligence was no explanation of anything or a guide to action – contrary to what Richard Lynn and I had shown.

Social ‘science’ blasted

A review of:

Richard LYNN & Tatu VANHANEN (2012), Intelligence: a Unifying Construct for the Social Sciences  -- London NW10 : Ulster Institute for Social Research.  ISBN 978-0-9568811-8-2.  Pp. xiv + 530.

By: Chris BRAND (2012), in IQ & PC

By 1985, it was not only known to, but pretty readily demonstrable by differential psychologists that general intelligence (g) was, after sex, the most important variable in human life. It correlated with a wide range of variables including literacy, numeracy, socio-ecomic status (SES), marital choice, musical taste, liberalism, irreligiosity, sense of humour, leadership, interests, voluntary migration, military rank, response to psychotherapy, supermarket shopping ability, talking speed, procreative restraint (Van Court & Bean -- though disputed by a postwar generation of epidemiologists), infant survival and adult longevity.

It correlated substantially with educational and occupational achievement even when parental SES was controlled for (contrary to the fond beliefs of sociologists). It was sometimes predictive of these variables – notably forecasting children’s later rise (or fall) as adults from their fathers’ SES. Wilson & Herrnstein had put the cherry on the cake by showing IQ was a key factor in law-abidingness (formerly doubted by a generation of criminologists).

In Intelligence: a Unifying Construct for the Social Science, Richard Lynn (U.Ulster) and Tatu Vanhanen (U.Tampere) (of 2002 IQ & the Wealth of Nations fame) fortify the thesis of IQ’s importance by putting together their data on national IQs with figures routinely calculated by armies of state-funded statisticians (themselves IQ-disdaining) in modern times on national wealth, creativity, incorruptibility, health, security, democratization and general well-being.

Because group averages bypass the unreliability of data from individuals, correlations zoom impressively from .35 to .65. And the fact that L&V’s IQ data were collected around 1985 mean that they are now plainly predictive of the latest international survey figures from WHO, UNICEF, OECD, UNDP, WDI, Freedom House, Newsweek etc. Whereas the ‘science’ of economics reliably fails to predict or explain anything, IQ can claim a century of success.

Not that L&V are much concerned actually to demonstrate causation – and certainly not to casual readers or critics. They simply take the very reasonable line that national good fortune is largely associated with IQ but that other factors such as mineral wealth, tourism, foreign investment and avoidance of communism have an independent if much smaller statistical role to play.

Yet L&V’s voluminous tables and references and tireless repetitions will enable other scholars to pursue more exotic enquiries – assisted by the book’s helpful scattergrams which would, to attentive scholars, enable pinpointing of the often quite small number of countries that contribute particularly to its .65 correlations.

Yes, there are also discoveries here. The most notable is perhaps that clean water and sanitation are correlated. strongly with national IQ yet not with prosperity or ‘equality,’ leading L&V understandably to the suggestion that IQ is the main causal factor on these variables and that improvements in them will be unlikely to raise IQ. (Any second edition could analyze the correlation between democratization and IQ in view of the failure of the West’s enforced democratization of Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.}

Amusingly, L&V also report that national IQ is associated with observed walking speeds and with the speed with which service is delivered at post offices.

Engagingly, the book concludes with a convenient summary of the ‘out of Africa’ thesis as to how racial differences in g arose evolutionarily as escaping Africans encountered cold weather – though rather ignoring that if high IQ had actually developed among Bushmen and South Sea islanders ‘evolutionary psychology’ would promptly have put this down to the fierce selection pressures of finding water twelve feet underground and of navigating the Pacific without a sail.

Finally, the boot is put firmly into the social ‘scientific’ rump – if with insufficient attention to the pathetic inadequacies and frauds of ‘social anthropology.’ Why: the remarkable assiduous work of L&V over a decade might one day persuade the West’s lately pro-mixed-ability-teaching educationists to resume their one-time enthusiastic acknowledgment (in Cyril Burt’s days) of the importance of differentiation according to IQ.


  Contrary to the policy of intellectual Jews for the West, Israel was making rapid progress with the building of a 170-mile barrier along its entire border with Egypt (Sinai) to help keep out the armed Muesli insurgents which had been a predictable result of the West-backed ‘Arab Spring’ (D.Telegraph, 22 ix).


Unimpressed by the multicult imperative to respek dose of udder faifs, like in freedom, a Pakistani government minister (for railways – a big deal for Pakiland since the British-built lines were the only functioning technology they had, apart from, just possibly, their China-funded nuclear devices) put a price tag of $100K on the head of the American film-maker of the unseen but much-rioted about ‘Innocence of Islam’ (Sun, 23 ix).

{It was worth remembering that the rise of Hitler in liberal Germany, which had imprisoned him for a while, had taken just ten years.}


Comments? Email Chris Brand. -- CV for Chris Brand. -- Some history.


Monday, September 17, 2012


As Richard, 82, told friends he had something of a health problem – though thankfully not ‘progressive’[!] and probably palliable by empirical medicine and pharmacology (to mention a philosophical technique entirely ignored in the world of ‘education’ – see TgF, Chap.4) – it occurred to me to ensure my records of this greatest London Schooler were retrievable from my cupboards and passably intact.

Richard and I were first pals in 1973 when, as a reviewer (for Jewish-leftist editress Halla Ballsoff [Beloff -- JR]) at Brit.J.soc.clin.Psychol., I helped Richard’s paper on ‘national differences in IQ’ (including mention of the rather moderate IQs of modern Scots) get past the peecee censors.

Subsequently, Richard and I corresponded at taxpayer expense with increasing frequency and met occasionally. – I heard him in Dublin of c.1977 when he spoke of Éirish IQ, yielding the splendid evening newspaper headline ‘Prof says we’re the dumbest.’ And I sometimes stayed with him at his lovely country seat in Coleraine, seminared in his Department and applied (with his help, but unsuccessfully) for a Chair in U.Ulster (I pretended to be an industrial/business psychologist and boned up hard on my brief, but to no avail since the compromisers of UU needed a Catholic at that stage so they only offered me a Senior Lectureship).

What drew me to Richard was not particularly race realism – which was not a great (though it was a growing) issue in those 1970s days – but his being, unusually among psychologists but like myself, a passably regular purchaser of Private Eye. I will always recall discovering in Richard’s loo a front-page Eye cartoon of (my and his hero) Enoch Powell. Enoch, sacked by the ever-modernizing ‘Tories’ in 1968, had been photographed with his arms extended (presumably explaining some point about Britain’s ballooning debts which required IMF takeover of the economy from Labour in 1977). The Eye’s caption was: Yes, they have them THAT big.

Increasingly, Richard and I fought battles together against socio-environmentalism, as will be well known to most readers here. But perhaps some early history will amuse.

Coleraine, 23 x 77

Dear Chris: Nice to see you in Dublin. The sociologists [at Coleraine] would be glad to hear Carmel {my second wife, an Africa hand} on female professionals in Accra. Suggested date is Thursday, Nov 10th. Suggest you drive to my house, arriving around 4 o’clock. Allow about 5 hours driving [from Dublin] to include ½ hour for lunch (recommend excellent fish & chips in Armagh). Lecture at six after tea and rest chez moi. Map of my home now follows [showing private drive to Dunderg House from the Garvagh-Coleraine main road]. Please give us your [titles for your talks] which will be listened to by students primarily, from all years. Yours, Richard.

I replied with the titles:

‘A feminine strategy for machismo: the white-collar workers of Accra’

‘Alternatives to being Boring about intelligence: the relationship between IQ and mental speed’

Edinburgh, 2 iii 78

Dear Richard, .... I loved the piece on the Chinese and the Malays [the latter, who had been giving Chinese businessmen and wives a hard time, having a lower IQ]. Though I must say I noted with a wry smile your authoritarian deference to the Examiners of Alberta.

At Edinburgh, I must confess to using my non-card-holding status [I had no Ph.D., having moved around too much, from behaviourism through humanitarianism to hereditarianism] as something of a defence against involvement in postgraduate empire-building; but I think I know enough of the affairs of the extraordinary neck of the woods to feel little confidence that examiners would be prepared to stand by each particular aspect of an accepted thesis.

Indeed: one Department in this University [Edinburgh] is known to have awarded a “PhD” only when examiners had first assured themselves that there was no intention of publication. I incline rather to view vicious journal referees as the public’s only serious line of defence against nonsense.

....Reaction here to The Scotsman’s (esp. Nigel Grant’s [an irate leftie E.LU. educationist]) reaction to your stuff on Scotch IQ was that your critics fell into every trap in the book.

....I thank you for your congratulations on Carmel’s endeavours.

Coleraine, 22 v 78

Dear Chris, ....Hart (1970, Econ.& Soc.Review) found the mean Eire IQ is 88, which I should say is about right. The apparently conflicting finding of Byrt & Gill [IQ 97] is probably due to the British mean having risen since 1939. I have recently collected results on this and found a 7-point rise in the British IQ, which would take the Byrt&Gill mean down to 90. This confirms an old saying about the Irish – they make good soldiers so long as they have white officers.

Turning to another subject, I am getting out a Festschrift for Hans’ 65th birhtday in March 1981. Would you like to contribute? [For example,] HJ’s theories of the existence of a tough-minded Left has proved remarkably prophetic. ....As ever, Richard.

Edinburgh, 25 v 78

Dear Richard, ....I’m most honoured by your invitation to contribute to a Festschrift for The Master – an excellent and kindly idea indeed. But I think I could be nicer to HJE about ‘psychopathy’ than about ‘tough-mindedness.’ [Reference supplied.] Still, your wish is my command,* I’m sure.

Thank you for your continued interest in mental speed. I enclose a copy the rejected paper and would be amazed at your professional expertise if you could work out why Brit.J.Psychol. didn’t like it. Sláinte – Chris.

* And so it was to be. Thus was born my chapter ‘Personality and political attitudes’ (in Richard’s Dimensions of Personality,1981, Pergamon) which backed Thurstone’s dimensions of attitudes (authoritarianism and irreligiosity rather than Eysenck’s tough-mindedness).

To be continued as demanded, sometime after I have reviewed Lynn & Vanhanen’s (2012) ‘Intelligence: a Unifying Construct for the Social Sciences’(Ulster Institute for Social Research).


Allowing candidates from ‘poor’ (low-SES) homes to be admitted to Cambridge despite having substandard exam marks was nothing less than “cruel”, said outgoing admissions director Dr Geoff Parks (Daily Mail, 10 ix) – submitting such students to stress, to being scorned as beneficiaries of outright class prejudice and as destroyers of educational standards and thus of high-quality teaching, and to final failure in Cambridge’s own exams.

CamCo-appointed ‘fair access’ bureauwallah Prof Les Ebdon (q.v. --U.East Ham) promptly replied he would strip Cambridge of its Government-given allowance to charge £9Kpa fees unless the university complied with his diktats. {Hopefully, for a fair number of Oxbridge dons, this would be the straw that broke the camel’s back – and they would have their colleges go private and live on the £20Kpa which they could easily get from each student from Communo-capitalist China and from such few British Local Authorities as still valued a top education for their youngsters.}


The hysteria of ‘anti-racism’ -- which had already led on to abolition of most public talk of IQ, neuroticism, dwarves, fatties and Welshmen -- ratcheted up another notch as a fat ooops well-built mother in Wolverhampton got £150 from a bank (a branch of the Halifax) where a teller had jokingly congratulated her 3-yr-old brunette daughter on not having the same red hair as her mother (Daily Mail, 10 ix).

Another step in thought-policing occurred as two London policewomen (surnamed Sarafalo and Sugda) were dismissed for referring to Blacks as ‘monkeys’ and ‘gorillas’ – their remarks not having been addressed to a Black but rather recorded secretly on an iPhone which another policewoman had left in her locker (Daily Mail, 10 ix).

In Oz, popular DJ Alan Jones, 71, found his sacking called for by feminoids after he joked that women (and apparently not just Froggie-named Prime Ministress Julia Galliard) were “destroying the country.” {Such was the ignominy of modern ‘liberalism’ as, having failed to back The g Factor, it progressed as an ever more conspicuous disease through Britain’s and the Empire’s body politic.}


The wretched LUniversity of Edinburgh, which had spent £100K and several early deaths firing me in 1997 for racism, sexism, elitism, eugenicism, general cheek and lack of paedohysteria, found it had slipped out of the world’s top twenty universities in 2012 rankings – overtaken by U.Toronto despite the rankings having a bias in favour of universities having historical ‘reputations’ among academics (Guardian, 11 ix).

The ‘QS’ rankings (compiled from a flat in Hampstead) had MIT, Cambridge and Harvard at the top but other British universities (UCL, Oxford, Imperial) in the next three places. {Edinburgh’s exit from the top twenty left Scotland outside the international elite – though the country (which had ignored the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics out of contrived disdain for Britishness) could take pride in Dunblane-born Olympian Gold Medallist and ‘grand slam’ [US Open] tennis champion Andy Murray (albeit his mother was from Newcastle and he riled FM Fish* by speaking of himself as ‘British’ and of his success as giving hope to youngsters in ‘the UK’ and by not turning up to a Fish-attended [he was booed] celebration for ‘Scolympians’ in Glasgow’s George Square).}

* Scotland’s First Minister Salmon had forbidden the country’s universities to raise cash by charging fees (except to English students). But he had had to accompany this foolish attempt at Scottish separatism by claiming that a break-up-Britain Scotland would in fact keep the Queen, keep the pound, keep the EU, keep Nato and keep the money-making Glasgow-based nuclear deterrent – all of which his loony Nationalist members were sworn to oppose. Indeed, so frit wis he of his chances in an ‘independence’ referendum that he handed this poisoned chalice to his lesbo-looking sidekick Ms Sturgeon – allowing him to concentrate on the only policy for which he was widely popular: freezing council taxes by wangling ever more money out of feeble Westminster on the pretext of helping the ‘poor’ [i.e. the low-IQ, alcoholic, deep-fried-Mars-bar-eating, Irish-orginating denizens of south Glasgow].


After ten years of America and Britain imposing a single multicult government on Eyeraq (involving murderous Shitites, Solunnis and Turds forced into democralunatic harness together), there was fresh ethnic carnage, with 56 killed in a single day. Although the worst of the Iraqi civil war (released by the West getting rid of dictator Madman Insane) may have been in the past, there was no sign of an end to the continuing regular attacks by Sunni terror groups associated with al-Qaeda. The new bombings focused on military and security targets across the country, with 11 cities struck. In the worst, 14 people were killed by a double car-bomb outside a shrine in the south of the country. Eleven soldiers were killed by gunmen and a subsequent bomb at a security post in the town of Dujail (north of Baghdad). Seven would-be recruits in a queue to join an oil company's security detail were killed by a car bomb in the northern city of Kirkuk (Daily Telegraph, 9 ix).


The world's richest woman,worth £19B, sparked fury in the Workers’ Paradise by rebuking her poorer and sometimes jealous Australian countrymen, telling them to work harder and cut down their drinking, smoking and socialising (Daily Telegraph, 31 viii}. Fat mining magnate Miss Gina Rinehart, 56, also rounded on Australia's "class warfare", insisting it was billionaires such as herself who were doing more than anyone to help the poor. She warned that Australia risked following European economies ruined by "socialist" policies, high taxes, and excessive regulation. Miss Rinehart stated there was "no monopoly" on becoming a millionaire.

Wayne Swan, Australia's deputy prime minister, said: "These sorts of comments are an insult to the millions of Australian workers who go to work and slog it out to feed the kids and pay the bills." Ged Kearney, the Australian Council of Trade Unions president, said her views were "stuck in the nineteenth century".

Whether Miss Rinehart had heard of IQ or possessed any significant level of intelligence herself was unknown; but she evidently shared the unimaginative ‘work ethic’ of many ignorant modern ‘conservatives’ who found it easiest when dealing with the plebs to talk the workaholic language of false hope.

In May Miss Rinehart had been declared the richest woman in the world, after growing (or watching grow) an estimated £13B mining empire inherited from her late father, Lang Hancock, in 1992.


On the anniversary of 9/11, Mueslis inflicted new damage on the USA (and its ‘Arab Spring’-loving Hitlery Clinton) by rocketing the American embassy in Benghastly, Libya – setting it ablaze and killing the US Ambassador (a knowledgable and personable chap, a ‘liberation’ sympathizer – Guardian, 13 ix) and three of his staff. In Cairo, Egypt, Mueslis scaled the fortress-like walls of the US embassy and replaced the Stars and Stripes with a black al-Qaeda flag venerating Mohamet. The Mueslis had apparently been ‘incensed’ by what they had heard of a 13-minute ‘movie’ clip on ‘YouTube’ {For heaven’s sake! What internet dustbins [YouBook, Twatter, FaceTube, iPad] would next be scoured for sources of ‘controversy’?} which made the hardly original claims that M was a fraud, feckless philanderer and paedophile.

(By contrast, Christians had simply taken it in their stride as it was suggested that Jesus had been a homosexual, fornicator, father of French kings and indeed paedophile whose Resurrection and even Crucifixion had been frauds – resulting, according to Muesli tradition, from J having been a monozygotic twin.)

The (distinctly amateur) footage had been supposedly directed by one Sam Bacile, 56 and Jewish, who refused to withdraw it from YouTube, saying “Islam is a cancer.” But President Barry Hussein Obarmy apologized to Mueslis for ‘insensitivity’ even before expressing mild and indecisive irritation at the murder of four top Americans.

How would the US subsequently respond to a deaded Ambassador? Don’t hold your hats! Hitlery declared that the Muesli attack had been “on all countries and faiths” – not even admitting that the attack had expressly been on America; anyway, she didn’t know what to do about it except plan more international dinners. American and British ex-diplomats appeared on TV to insist – despite plain reality – that burning the Stars&Stripes was not popular with Mueslis (as no doubt it wasn’t for chic Mueslis whom the diplomats met occasionally for whisky ooops orangeade).

And Mutt Romney declined to take his chance to say that (with the help of America’s allies) he would blow up a mosque for each Westerner killed by Muesli mayhem. Apparently, Jewish advice was to let Muesli protests against the film calm down so that Mueslis could concentrate on killing each other in Syria.

Meantime, Iran sent crack troops to help Syria’s Londonified President Assad and ensure that the ‘Arab Spring’ at least made no more intrusion into the Shitite world. Rioting involving thousands attacking American embassies broke out in a score of countries across the Afro-Arabian world, from Mauritania to Pakistan, and spread to Belgium and Australia (which had misguidedly imported hundreds of thousands of Mueslis from the Lebanon in order to finish off its previous 40-year White Australia policy).

Apparently a few American Jews with a bit of money (the movie cost $3M to make) had come round to the view that Islam was a far worse threat to Jewry than Hitler had ever been. But whether their wretched leaders would apologize to the West and provide compensation for multiculturalism remained to be seen. Again, don’t hold your breath! Probably it was too late – the multicult traitors of the West were just experiencing some last pockets of resistance which would soon yield to their MSM-enforced delusional idealism (unless mad Mueslis could get their act together for more than a few days).


The black heart of ‘liberal’-leftism was exposed as superficially Nice Nick Clegg (running a ‘Liberal’ party of sodomites, frauds, shit-eaters and [probably] murderers) declared as “bigots” any who (like the Catholic and Anglican churches....) opposed his [blackmailed?] support for yag marriage (Sun, 12 ix).

Within 1½ hours of his ‘tweeting’/(twittering?) (twattering?) his flagrant animosity to the press, he ‘retracted’ his indiscretion; but the episode would have reminded most people of PM Gordon Brown’s ‘indiscretion’ as, during the 2010 General Election campaign, thinking himself off-mike, he had complained to an aide of a “bigoted” Leeds hausfrau (a lifelong Labourite) who had had the temerity to complain to him of the mass immigration to which Brown and his kin had surrendered the country.


Any who thought the West’s multi-trillion-dollar invasion of Iraq had at least had the benefit of ‘liberating’ that country got a shock as they tuned to BBC World Service’s account of regular and large-scale persecution of homosexuals (13 ix, 09:05bst)

Yags interviewed anonymously said they were routinely gang-raped by police, had metal rods stuffed through their p*nises and were forced to take laxatives after their an*ses had been comprehensively lacerated. {Hopefully someone made a tape of this broadcast so Rev Blair and his international funders could learn the uselessness of his vain expenditure of hundreds of British lives when protection of Western yaggery required rather the deportation to the mystic East of benefit-seeking non-English-speaking Mueslis and the destruction of their mosques in response to atrocities.}


According to a study by the academics Matthew Goodwin and Robert Ford {respectively of unis Manchester and Nottingham}, a significant proportion of Brits, between 31% and 45% of those surveyed, ‘shared the BNP's biological racism’ – that black people, for instance, were intellectually inferior to white people (Guardian, 13 ix). A greater percentage still, 81%, held strongly hostile attitudes to Islam. {Expressing anti-Islamic views was easier after the ‘liberal’-left’s generation-long demonization of racism tout court and the arrival in the West of Muesli terror.}


Although PeeCee had contrived to draw a veil over the differences between its leftists, ‘liberals,’ feminists, Jews, ‘compassionate conservatives,’ BBC journalists, Westminster’s political elite, wet bishops and international ‘bankers,’ and found it possible to tolerate the murder, rape and pillage of yags and Christians in and around the Middle East by ‘tiny minorities’ of Mueslis, a serious problem hove into view as the (Muesli-dominated) Malaysian Government itself declared that its official policy was to eradicate the “problem” of homosexuality (Guardian, 14 ix).

Evidently statutory punishments of 20 years imprisonment and canings had proved insufficient (as in the 36 African countries in which yaggery was criminal); so Malaysia’s teachers were summoned to classes where they could learn how to identify budding yag boys – e.g. by the use of pastel-coloured clothes and big bags – and “teach them how to be men.

{When the West’s yags would wake up to the threat to them of Islam remained to be seen. For the present they were busy preparing to bully the churches – the politicians having already keeled over (with whatever help from blackmail threats) – into granting them God-blessed ‘marriages.’}


The dangers of employing Blacks were nicely illustrated as one Kweku Adoboli – gorilla-built ‘banker,’ bonus-hunting, black as the ace of spades, 32, and believing he was “magic” – went on trial in London for the City’s biggest ever fraud in which £1.4B had been lost by the naive Swiss casino ooops bank UBS, cutting its share price by 10% (£2.8B) and bringing it to the verge of bankruptcy (Daily Mail, 14 ix).


Germany, which had idly gone along with Western multiculturalism, got a sharp reminder of ethnic realities as a raging Muesli mob invaded its embassy in Sudan, set fire and jumped up and down on the German flag; and as 2,500 Kurds (part of the 40K who had gathered for an annual shindig for the 300K Turds imported to rectify a labour shortage in the 1970s) battled with police in Mannheim (who had objected to the Turds beating up a Turk and waving banned ‘terrorist’ [i.e. PKK] flags) – described by some police (80 were injured) as ‘the worst rioting they had ever seen’ (AmRen, 11 ix).

Police and a Baden-Wurttemburg minister called for a ban on Kurdish organizations; Kurds called on Germany to stop ‘supporting Turkey’ (TheLocal, 15 ix). {Just how Turds explained their settling in a country that was a Nato ally of their sworn enemy, Turkey, was not immediately apparent.}


The happy hierarchical ways of Zululand went on display as King Goodwill Zwelithini stepped forward to demand his government spend further millions of pounds sprucing up the palaces of two of his six wives (one of whom, now 22, he had started up with when she was 14). The demands came after KwaZuluNatal Province had already spent £7M on the royal family in the first half of 2012 (AmRen, 11 ix).

{Black mayors of US cities were said to have comparable track records of corrupting and bankupting their states to maintain lively lifestyles.}


As Jared Taylor, the American hero of intellectual national liberals, arrived in Sydney (to talk about ‘The Crisis that Faces Us’), a running visual aid was provided as scores of mad Mueslis attacked cops as a way of defending Mahomet against the charges of fraud, womanizing and paedophilia rehearsed in ‘The Innocence of Islam’ (by then said to have been masterminded by a Coptic Christian with multiple criminal convictions who had decided to escape persecution in Egypt).


Unimpressed by Pakistan’s multicult provision for its 2M Christians, these common victims of persecution and torture (including children having their noses and lips cut off and routinely killed for the easily rigged crime of ‘burning the Koran’), began demanding their own territory (D.Telegraph, 30 viii). The demand for a separate province, although unlikely to succeed, was a further blow (following the secession of Sufi Bangladesh – formerly East Pakiland) to the ideal of Pakistan’s illustrious Londonified founding father, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, of a secular country that would be home to India’s Muslims but where all would be free to worship according to their own religions.


British (and other Western) squaddies bore the brunt of the idealism of their political and military masters as they got shot and blown up at the rate of one or two per day by mad Mueslis who had been allowed to join the Afghan army and police. This madness was intended to reinforce the peecee illusion that mediaeval tribesmen of Afghooniland being deprived of their female slaves were just loving it (as also the West-imposed demakrazy which had given them the corrupt leadership of of Mahomet BinToKhazi).

And, no matter how many senseless deaths as sacrifice to PeeCee, more troubles were scheduled as UK MPs voted to allow even official lunatics (those who had been psychiatric in-patients for more than six months) to join their number.


There was a ray of hope for British ‘education’ as Minister Michael Gove said he would sweep away the school examinations of the past forty years which had involved competing exam boards in a ‘race to the bottom,’ aided and abetted by teachers’ preferences for involving ‘coursework’ in outcomes (marked by them and favouring hardworking dullards) and by parents’ preferences for multiple re-sits (until their wee darlings ‘passed’).

{Whether Govey could get away with such an upheaval was a fascinating question. His Blair-backing encouragement of ‘academies’ free of Local Education Authority [usually leftist] control had been undermined by LEAs insisting there be no selection or general streaming.

Likewise, a single national exam board for England and Wales would likely be dominated by egalitarian goons who would continue the fundamental anti-g policy of making exam performance depend largely on rote memory. Still, at least Govey’s latest hint of radicalism must have made many educationists choke on their cornflakes.}


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Sunday, September 09, 2012


Careful Cambridge historian Tom Holland’s exposure (on Channel 4) of Mohammed and Mecca as myths made up 150 years after the normally supposed 622ad birth of Islam’ predictably attracted hundreds of complaints (and death threats) from shocked Mueslis, concerned to insist that the 8th-century Arab conquests of the Middle East, North Africa and Spain had a fundamentally religious basis (Sunday Mail, 2 ix).

{By contrast, Christians had accepted for some 150 years that Adam and Eve were mythological, that the Pentateuch involved a jumble of authors, and that the Gospels appeared only some 50 years after Jesus died (in days when no library or journalistic records were available to the Gospel writers ooops historians).

Mueslis had a long way to go to accept that the most successful religions – like social-environmentalism and peecee-multiculturalism -- were happy-clappy fabrications propagated by neglect or downright suppression of contradictory evidence (though in hope of providing key sexual disciplines).}


I was gratified to find that Oxford University Press, after seventeen years, was still using a puff of mine for Nick Mackintosh’s Cyril Burt: Fraud or Framed? at its website – indeed, it gave the puff twice over for good measure. The review itself (published in Nature, 1995) could still be found at Amazon.


The extent of Rev Bliar’s and Col Gadawfu’s effort to solve the problems of the Arab world and make the lion lie down with the lamb in multiculti prosperity ooops harmony were revealed as blonde bombshell actress and model Orly Weinerman, 41, stepped forward to plead with Bliar for the life of her boyfriend, Saif Gaddafi, soon to face months of trial ending in execution at the hands of his fellow Muesli Libyans.

How so surprising? Well, the lovely leggy Orly was Israeli – of Jewish parentage and born in Tel Aviv, where she still lived (Daily Mail, 3 ix). An unusual crossing of the world’s most fraught, indeed ethnocidal religious divide!

Said Orly, telling journalists of her apparently unavailing phone call with strangely tongue-tied internationocrat Caff convert [though longstanding Anglican and condom user] Bliar: ‘Saif worked closely with Mr Blair before he was captured.The two are old friends – it is time that Mr Blair returned some loyalty. Mr Blair is a man of God – as a Christian he has a moral duty to help a friend in need.’

When Mr Blair stepped down as UK premier, he had pursued business interests in the North African country, assisting international companies to make profits from its oil and gas reserves.


As a few MPs returned to the Palace of Westminster’s ‘tea rooms’ from their ten-week summer break, it became clear that the UK’s hapless CamCo government was stuck. It had failed to seize its 2010 election as a chance to slash the country’s public ‘services’ [aka job creation programmes for ‘liberal-lefties] and cut the ‘banks’ [aka gambling dens] down to size. It had failed to reintroduce selection in the schools. Its pathetic efforts to slightly reduce welfare dependency would not become operational till at least 2025 [if at all, since the ‘universal credit’ wheeze was so complicated that it could never be explained]. It continued to waste lives daily on the thankless task of trying to ‘control’ murderous Afghaniland (without of course allowing the troops to kill any decent numbers of Mueslis or even escort Islamofascist fanatics to Pakiland).

It had no more control of third-world immigration than had Labour before it [and even less control of EU-mandated free movement of Romanian and Bulgarian gypsies]. Its Northern Ireland ‘settlement’ yielded 65 wounded policemen in three nights of Prod vs Caff rioting as Belfast cops ooops ‘police service officers’ faced petrol bombs and sawn-up masonry in murder attempts.

It could not re-organize itself (‘re-shuffle’) without upsetting its fragile internal balance between half-hearted ‘anti-racist’ Tories and Liberal sodomites, frauds and shit-eaters. It refused to compel councils to collect domestic rubbish weekly or to stop communal bins overflowing – so rats and foxes multiplied (along with the omnipresent out-of-control mice of the House of Commons and 10 Downing Street).

And it was putting its own lawyers into battle at the European Court of Human Rights to break its own promises (given by PM Daft Dave himself) that it would protect the employment of Christians who wore crosses, who declined to organize ‘civil partnerships’ and who wanted to opt out of providing sex therapy for yag ‘couples’ (Daily Mail, 3 ix).

Yes, the only thing that worked in the UK was its stoic and good-humoured people, their spirits lifted by Prince Harry’s daily new mainly-unclothed willowy girlfriend reporting on how long she had ‘snogged’ the merrily naked but thankfully strapping royal (though never looking much of a Saxe-Coburgite Gothan ooops Windsor....) (as was increasingly daringly remarked – e.g. on ‘Mock the Week,’ 7 ix).


As America’s stage-managed ‘conventions’ competed with London’s Paralympics to provide dormative effects (America winning in so far as the disabled ‘athletes’ started fighting each other over the length of their ‘blades,’ the fortification of their wheelchairs [for playing handicapped rugby, aka ‘Murder’], the number of guns they could carry and whether racers could be transported to their finishing posts by Ferrari), it was notable that days of debate yielded not a mention of failed wars [Eyerak, Afghooniland], 8.3% unemployment [16.3% among Blacks], the Hispanic takeover of south-west America, the cultural Marxism of the country’s universities [where not a single employed academic so much dared claim to be a race realist, let alone scientific racist], or the USA’s allies, Britain and Germany; nor indeed of its enemies like its ‘ally’ Pakistan which aimed to behead a subnormal Christian girl for ‘burning a Koran’ [planted on her by a mad Muesli cleric] and chose the moment to banish ‘Save the Children’ from its territory because its premises had been used to house CIA operatives rooting out and shooting Obama bin Liner (who had lived happily in Pakiland for years after his orchestration of 9/11).

(Another sign of how the USA’s ‘ally’ was run: the Taliban had forbidden the 300K under-6 kids of Waziristan from accepting anti-polio jabs for fear these might be a cover for CIA attempts to sterilize them.) Never before could there have been a country so powerful, so democratic [for anyone could buy votes – whereas the practice had been restricted to ‘rotten boroughs’ in C18 Britain], so multiculti-deluded and so ignorant! As in Britain, only the country’s top universities and sports clubs really worked.


Banished from Pakiland, Labourite-run mega-charity Save the Children announced it would graciously target some of its vast resources on reducing the ‘poverty’ of Britain’s kids. But it swiftly had a shot fired across its bows by Dr Anthony Daniels (Daily Telegraph, 8 ix):

"By the end of his childhood [in Britain], a youngster is considerably more likely to have a television in his bedroom that a father living at home. The combination of family instability and a vulgar, clebrity-obsessed, low-IQ and all but inescapable popular culture means that British children lead the western world in many forms of self-destructive as well as unattractive behaviour. But none of this is poverty, properly so-called: it is squalor, mental, emotional, moral, psychological, cultural and often, as a result, physical too. But to call it poverty is actually to make it worse, in so far as it misidentifies the problem and fosters the very culture of dependency that brings so much of it about in the first place."

As for Save the Children itself (the CEO being dished £138Kpa – more than the Prime Minister):

" is not a charity, at least not in the normal sense of the word. It is part of the charitable-bureaucratic complex that is to modern Britain what the military-industrial complex was to Eisenhower’s America. Like most bureaucracies, it is there to serve itself."


The true spirit of Britain’s money-grabbing ‘paralympians’ and their supporters in taxpayer-funded profligacy went on show as even the ‘modernizing’ Conservative ministers Theresa May (Home Secretary), George Osborne (Chancellor), Jeremy Hunt (Minister of Health) and Daft Dave (Prime Minister) were all actually BOOED (D.Mail, 6 ix) by the (probably thin – MSM concealed the lack of interest in these poorly-ruled ‘games’) crowd in the Stratford stadium as they presented medals to the NHS-assisted handicapped athletes (who could get luxury replacement limbs when ordinary mortals could not even get an appointment within a week with a GP when suffering pneumonia). So much for the ‘bonding’ spirit of the Olympics!

In the Commons, Labour leader Mr ‘Red’ Ed Miliband angered Tories as he said: “The Paralympic crowd spoke for Britain.” Disabled rights groups had been protesting about Government plans to carry out ‘fit for work’ assessments on those claiming disability benefits. Rallies had been staged by activists over the tests, which they described as ‘damaging and distressing’. But would cowardly and now publicly shamed DD et al. respond by slashing funding for the handicap industry? Some hope! The ‘Conservatives’ had displayed their cowardice and ineptitude for twenty-three years since they brought down Mags and reckoned these qualities gave them access to charmed London dinner party circuits of hedge fund managers and kindred internationocrats.


After 48 hours of peecee MSM reporting frantically that a “British” family (of three, including grandma) and a cyclist had been murdered as they drove on a normally deserted backroad in the French Alps (near lovely Lake Geneva), it turned out that the murdered “British” father was named Saad al-Hilli (BBC R4, 6 ix, 13:20) – a surely key fact that MSM had agreed to hide (along with most other race-related criminality). Next, it leaked out that Iraqi and Swedish passports had been found in the car (a nice BMW that would have suited any drug dealer) and that there had been an inheritance dispute between al-Hilli and his Iraqi brother. {So perhaps WillyWally or a relative had been a beneficiary of the Swedes setting out to flood Malmö (q.v.) with Iraqi ‘refugees’?}


Any who doubted this blog’s understanding that Britain’s internatocrats were abandoning the duller areas of the country to Muesli predominance (or Ulster-style civil war) got something to put in their pipes and smoke as the Boy Scouts of Pakified Luton announced they would give up parading – fearing more protests by Mueslis at Britain’s (futile, expensive and increasingly suicidal) policing of Afghaniland and doubtless dreading to be called ‘racists.’

The Pek/Bleck religious disciplines encouraged by race-traitorous Whites would re-instate family life (with plenty of wife-beating), cut crime (by cutting burglars’s hands off) and hugely reduce the need for education (for only memorizing the Koran would be required), thus allowing the internatocrats a charmed life atop the imam-run lower orders (though with regular escape by yacht to their tax havens in Jersey, Monaco etc).


Desperate to meet government ‘performance targets’ in schools, Virginia’s educationists seized on a let-out that allowed different expectations of schools in different er areas. Virginia’s new policy was anything but subtle (Washington Post, 24 viii). For example, under the new rules, schools were expected to have 78 percent of white students and 89 percent of Asian students passing Virginia’s Standards of Learning math tests but just 57 percent of black students, 65 percent of Hispanic students and 59 percent of low-income students. The goals for special-education students were even lower, at 49 percent. Worse, those targets were for 2017 – a recognition that racial differences were unlikely to change any time soon. The intermediate targets were even less ambitious—36 percent for special-education [aka subnormal] students this year, for instance. Goals for reading would be set later. This official recognition by educobabblers of racial differences that were not going to be changed by America’s taxpayer-funded idealists was unprecedented in peecee days.


As the wearisome Stratford Olympics and Freakalympics reached their merciful conclusion, late star value was delivered as it turned out that ‘blind football’ was being somberly attended by folk who were themselves blind. The hilarious phenomenon came to light as blind BBC gurus complained that the commentaries at these matches left something to be desired; and it was splendidly personified as blind Labour ex-minister David Blunkett (Britain’s most famous blind man) was refused admission to a match because he had brought his guide dog with him – not allowed by the blind footballers’ strict ‘elf’n’safety regulations.

More nonsense poured from the mouths of socialist leaders Barry Hussein Obarmy and Red Ed Miliband as they announced commitments to a new concept of ‘pre-distribution’ – replacing the century long leftist attachment to redistribution. So what did ‘pre-distribution’ involve? Well, explained coloured Labour Shadow Spokesperson for Something, Chukka Banana, it mandated ‘investment in growing skills going forward’ (BBC R4, 8 ix, 08:40) – i.e. the same old job creation schemes for tieless egalitarian pseudo-teachers and fat lesbians which had already brought state schools to their knees.

And yet more than entertainment had been provided for Edinburgh University, which had turned its entire main city-centre campus (the George Square / Teviot Row area {most conveniently for the missus and myself}) into a fairground of crêpes, moules, Aberdeen Angus sandwiches, Belgian beer and BBC non-comedy by ill-dictioned but plainly foulmouthed performers – a service which (with the Beeb building 3-storey Portakabins to give its staff a good holiday) presumably netted E.LU. the cost of running its Social ‘Science’ Faculty for a year.


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Sunday, September 02, 2012


Long embarked on jacking in the Labour Party and going directly for Muesli votes, Britain’s most charismatic politician, George Galloway (q.v.), got wind his sails as he was denounced in Ye Olde Moaniadde (26 viii, Jonathan Freedland & correspondents) for recognizing (along with lib-lefties’ other former hero, Coalition Justice ‘Let-em-out [but keep paying the warders]’ Minister Ken Clarke) that some ‘rapes’ (of self-boozed-up, self-undressed, self-spread women in bed for hours with the ‘rapist’) were frankly less serious than others.

Apparently the former heroes of the leftists had joined the ranks of the dreaded Dubya, who had once given Reichskanzlerin Angela Merkel a friendly ‘rapist’ pat on the shoulder.

{GG would surely not take this rubbish lying down. Rather, he would progress to the sex realism of Islam – abandoned by Western Christianity as its falling numbers required the recruitment of cheap female labour (followed soon by the recruitment of yags which also shocked Mueslis). Yes, the future would be rightist, low-spending, family-backing, high-discipline, nigga-disdaining Islam against feeble feminoid gypsy-loving Labourism – already the Clottish Labour Party had some fat ‘Ms’ bag as its leader. And the feminoids would find they had left it too late – having for forty years gone along with Labour’s traitorous multiculturalism and let the Muesli invasion of Europe establish itself.}


As the world’s halt and lame assembled in Stratford for their Disabled Olympics, would they recall Britain’s greatest handicapped hero, Viscount Horatio Nelson, who, before his greatest victory (1805) over (though dying at the hands of) the Frogs at Trafalgar, had already lost both an arm and an eye in combat as well as suffering the near-death experience of malaria and lifelong seasickness?

Any chance? None at all if artiste-director cultural Marxist Danny O’Boyo had anything to do with it! {Nelson’s fantastic valour and skill, developed and expressed, after a county grammar school education, in a naval career beginning at age 13, had also netted him perhaps Britain’s greatest-ever beauty, certainly the most sensational beauty, beginning her career in massage parlours, Lady Emma Hamilton* as she was to become – though abandoned by HMG when she turned to drink after her lover’s death.

*Portrait painted 1783 by George Romney (1734-1802), ancestor of the 2012 GOP Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney (Brigham Young U. and Harvard MBA). For other pictures (many by Romney): England’s Mistress.


Intelligence got a rare mention in MSM as early and regular cannabis users were found to show a marked decline in intelligence by mid-adulthood (BBC R4, 28 viii, 08:30; Sun, 28 viii). Reporting research on 1K users followed in New Zealand, Professor Terrie Moffitt (who had relocated from U.London to Durham, North Carolina) claimed an average IQ loss of 8 points, together with declines in attention and memory.


Any who thought Britain’s growing problems with thieving ‘Roma’ (especially adept at cashpoint fraud) were imposed externally by the ‘human rights’ demands of the E.U. needed to look at France, where hundreds of police (with the help of £230 cash bribes per gypsy) had smashed six Roma camps near Lyons in as many weeks – bulldozing and crushing gypsies’ caravans and squeezing many of the 2,000 captured on to flights to Romania and Bulgaria (Daily Mail, 29 viii). But others of the 20K vagrants which France had accumulated had other plans. “My wife and I have talked about going to the United Kingdom,’ said one Ljupco. ‘It is a very well-off country. We have heard stories of people who have gone there. The United Kingdom has a good social welfare system, too.”


Who conducted the largest population shift, removing some 15 million ethnics (and killing .5M in the process, not to mention countless rapes)? Hitler? Stalin? Mao? Well, Stalin would be top, having not only shifted millions of fractious Mueslis eastwards but then shifted millions of Germans westward (out of their pre-WWII economic empire in Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia etc). But the largely Russian-implemented expulsion of Germans had been fully endorsed by Churchill, who described the programme to the House of Commons in December 1944 as a “disentanglement of populations... The transference of several millions of people would have to be effected from the east to the west or north... Expulsion is the method which will be the most satisfactory and lasting. There will be no mixture of populations to cause endless trouble, as has been the case in Alsace-Lorraine. A clean sweep will be made.” (Sunday Times, Culture, 5 viii, Max Hastings, ‘How the world took revenge on Germany,’ reviewing R.M.Douglas, ‘The Expulsion of the Germans,’ Yale U.P.) A success? You bet! The 1945 settlement held, unlike that of 1919.


In fairness to the world’s handicapped athletes (who had turned away from useful careers as librarians and hedge fund managers to lap up taxpayers’ dosh to fund their useless hobbies and encourage more and more handicapped to pretend to more and more Gold-winning handicaps), they did at least star MS-stricken Cambridge astrophysicist Stephen Hawking at their £3M opening Olympic ceremony of 4-hr pointless fireworks (though SH did not have to admit that Edinburgh U. Staff Club’s Peter Higgs [non-handicapped, apart from an inability to mend Christmas tree lights] was closer to a Nobel Prize).

{The ‘athletes’ were lucky to get SH along. On my last visit to his Cambridge college, Gonville & Caius, SH was too indisposed to turn out to join me even at G&C’s fine High Table.} And the Channel’s star comedian, naughty Frankie Boyle, came out to explain that most of Saudi Arabia’s disabled athletes would be thieves – whose extremities had been surgically removed under Muesli law.}


The true nature of the postmodern UK’s professoriate was indicated as Newcastle LU. prof Stephen Graham (author of seven books and sometimes published in the Grauniad) was hauled in by cops for scratching the paintwork of top-grade motor cars which had taken to parking in ‘his’ Jedworth area of the city so as to avoid new parking regulations. The lightly bearded, tieless and presumably drunken prof (of Architecture, with special reference to sociology and kindred handicap), 47, was apparently an anti-car cycling nut. His half-hour of damage to 24 cars was estimated to have cost £20,000 (Daily Mail, 30 viii).


Top Parisian literature wallah Richard Millet, editor at elite Gallimard press, shocked his leftie colleagues with a 16-page essay praising Labour-slayer Breivik’s literary powers and sharing Breivik’s horror at the Black invasion of Norway (France24, 30 viii; Time World, 28 viii; Irish Times, 31 viii). Millet, 58, described Breivik’s murders as “a desperate and despairing sign of how Europe has underestimated the ravages of multiculturalism. He is also a sign of how spirituality has been beaten down for monetary profit.... Naively, Breivik, far from incarnating evil, has become a sacrificial instrument for all the evil that is eating away at our societies”.

While calling the killer “a monster” in interviews, Millet wrote that the killer was “an exemplary product of western decadence”, a child of “the ideological-racial fracture that extra-European immigration has introduced in Europe.” “Within this decadence, Breivik is without doubt what Norway deserved, and what awaits our societies that won’t stop blinding themselves in denial,” he argued. “European nations are dissolving socially at the same time as they’re losing their Christian essence in favour of general relativism.”

Millet told the news magazine L’Express “Obviously I reject the accusations of racism that have been made against me. I like races, peoples, borders, the diversity of the world. However, I don’t believe massive immigration of people who are distant from us, culturally and religiously, is viable.” Parisian intellectuals (e.g. from Morocco) promptly denounced Millet as “insane” and called for him to be fired by anybody and everybody. Millet, who had grown up partly in Lebanon, had always sympathized with the French Catholic tradition while also accepting the Anglo-American sexual revolution. France’s last ‘far right’ intellectual, the modernizing anti-Semitic ‘Céline,’ had died in 1961.

Other interesting news from France: Anne Sinclair, the multi-millionaire wife of ‘sexual chimpanzee’ DSK (the Paris-appointed IMF boss and French socialist leader-in-waiting, latterly exposed as having a penchant for American Black chambermaids, not to mention French prostitutes) broke with centuries of French polygamy by dumping him (Classic FM, 31 viii, 12:01pm). The dismaying news for messed-up French hypocrites broke just as filming of DSK’s Frog-admired sexploits was about to begin.

And from Sweden came a full and terrifying account of how the city of Malmö was being rapidly destroyed by Iraqi immigration – yielding no-go areas and street battles with police (Gates of Vienna, 5 viii).


The ultimate humiliation for Britain’s ‘universities’ arrived as London Metropolitan LUni (formerly Hackney Poly, but admitted to luniversity status by the lying pseudo-egalitarian loons who had gone along with Majorite and Labour pretences) was told by HMG to unload 2K foreign students – many of whom had little English and attended no lectures, having simply used fees to LMU as a way of getting into the UK and its benefits system and out of their own ghastly decolonized countries (in Africa and Srindopakeshiland) (Daily Mail, 30 viii).

{Never fear, lib-lefties! Not a single ‘student’ would be deported once Yukay’s ‘uman rights lawyers swung into action (at taxpayers’ expense)!}


Not content with making Britain endure two weeks of ‘Olympic’ celebration of the National ‘Health’ Service [under which it often took a week to get a 10-minute appointment with a mega-rich GP], MSM continued to give its real journalists paid leave by concentrating half of its attention for another fortnight on the peecee events of the ‘Paralympics’ which demonstrated (according to taste) how we can all ‘get there’ by sheer hard work / greater government spending on totally inappropriate exercises for disabled athletes – events which were entirely ignored by the rest of the world except when it occasionally beat a UK-subsidized ‘athlete.’

Unmentioned in MSM’s delusional peecee cooing were the countless victims of the IRA, drunken drivers and Islamofascists doomed to watch from their wheelchairs the interminable antics of luckier Paralympians. In the Guardian, Robert Jones made the point well (30 viii):

“Whereas no one expects Eric Pickles, the communities secretary, to run like a Bolt or a Farah, it's commonplace to hear "if he can do it so can you" as a rebuke or encouragement to disabled people. This really misunderstands the nature of disability itself. Particularly when it involves state benefits, and particularly when irresponsible ministers and journalists can't or won't distinguish between fit young athletes – even with bits missing – and the generality of disabled people.”

{Still, it was hard to resist some sympathy from viewers trying to work out which bits the latest Gold-winning Paralympian was actually missing. As naughty comedian Frankie Boyle observed (risking his slot on Channel 4): It’s got to be weird being a Paralympian under this government, knowing that a medal means you’ll lose your Disability Living Allowance.}


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