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Just as Connecticut slaughterer Adam Lanza turned out to be an ‘Aspergers’*/autistic masochist psychopath whose own doting dotty gun-nut mama thought he should be hospitalized, so the hoaxed and suicided Indian ‘nurse’ left in charge by London’s King Edward VII ‘hospital’ of the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge turned out to have made two previous suicide attempts way before young Oz jokers came on her scene (Sunday Mail, 23 xii).

MSM’s preference for tracing all problems to environmental factors – gun mania, Australia etc – had never been more sorely exposed. Jacintha Saidhana (as the ‘nurse’ was called) had been in receipt of psychiatric treatment and recently finished a course of powerful anti-depressants. Was any of this known to King Edward VII’s management — or were they not allowed by PeeCee to inquire any more about ongoing personal problems in the lives of their staff, even when staff were to allowed to be in sole charge of royalty at 5:30am?

      * Despite repeated assurances in MSM from ‘experts’ that Aspergers had no connection with violence, a 16-yr youth with the condition was locked up in the West Midlands after American FBI internet monitors had found him to be planning to kill about half of his classmates (D. Telegraph, 24 xii). Police found extremist e-books at his home (including al-Qaeda videos and bomb-making manuals) as well as explosive material and a suicide note.


 My student Ian Deary and one John Maltby had a bland article in the British Psychological Society’s house mag (‘Intelligence and individual differences,’ 1013, 26, 30-33), purporting to give an account of "individual researchers in Britain who were still making key contributions and developing bodies of work to advance our understanding of intelligence's structure, origins and outcomes."

Necessarily missing from this sadly soporific piece was any mention of pioneering research on inspection times and IQ, of the succinct analyses of John Baker’s Race and my own The g Factor, or of Richard Lynn's breathtaking and celebrated work on the IQs of all peoples and nations....


A bleak year in which IQ heroes Art Jensen and Phil Rushton died was lightened by star French actor Gérard Depardieu relocating to Belgium to avoid 75% taxation, by the spectacle of dotty socialist 'President' Hollande being unable to control his warring middle-aged wymmin (Valerie Rottweiler and Mrs ‘Royal’); and by leftist presidential aspirant DSK having to fork out more millions for his 'aggravated pimping' without his wife (who had at long last given him the boot) picking up the tab. So long as the Frogs were such a laughing stock, Britain couldn’t be doing too badly....


A bleak, but decisive year. It turned out there was little serious support in Scotland – or even in longsuffering England – for breaking up the UK (the world’s most successful cheerful union of countries). Ditto, there was little serious support (except amongst divided ‘conservatives’* – whose once main cheerleader, Australian Rupert Murdoch, saw his top executive facing jail) for breaking up the European Union, which Germany had managed to hold together with even most voters remaining in support in semi-unemployed Greece.

At the same time, it had become finally quite clear that rebel America – successful and good fun as piratical England had once been, though needing severe inducements to participate in the World Wars – had abandoned itself to multiculturalism, sub-prime irresponsibility (occasionally admitted by the British right – D.Mail, 27 xii) and its daft constitution (which was taking it to a ‘fiscal cliff’ just six weeks after an overwhelming Obarmy poll victory had concluded two years of multimillion-dollar electioneering) and would be a Black-ruined and Spanish-speaking land by 2030.

At last it looked possible that a United Europe could emerge, with strong German (and hopefully British) leadership – as would have happened after 1870 had the French not wanted revenge for being repeatedly beaten in warfare and had Queen Victoria had more interest in her (mainly German, though partly Russian) descendants. Yes, perhaps it was a ‘White Christmas’ – as Classic FM Radio proclaimed by playing the famous song half-a-dozen times each day....

      The main point (as made emphatically at the Brands’ Christmas entertainments) was that British politicians had not proved themselves markedly superior to those of Europe during the four-year financial crash. And, in obeisance to PeeCee, they had been worse. So what would be ‘splendid’ about isolation from Europe (cf Guardian, 28 xii, Alain Minc) – forty years after trying hard, and with massive British majorities, to join the Euroclub)?

      * By the end of the year, about a half of conservatives remained vaguely Europhile; while the other half (two thirds of these backing UKIP – which was clocking up a 15% poll rating) was pretty strongly Eurosceptic.


Replying to a doctorated Virginian correspondent who had obligingly confessed that America’s 230 successful years were over, I volunteered:

"Yes, ****, I too viewed the Presidential election as a tipping point. It is pretty awful to think of the end of America. But Confucianism and Anglicanism may turn out to be rather compatible. (You know China now has more Anglican and Catholic Christians than Communists. Apparently the Chinks like a bit of ritual, rather than the excitable happy-clappy anti-Darwinian stuff that helped America keep the Blecks under control but which has now failed [except among poor Whites themselves].)

      We [at South Clerk Street] just entertained a charming and intelligent (and unusually chubby) Chink gal, speaking the best English I’ve ever heard from Asians (and of course we meet plenty), the daughter of the Minister of Culture for Shityou (or somesuch, SE China, presumably five times the size of GB).

She was so acceptable, agreeably listening to all my stories about Blecks..., that we proffered her an invite for Christmas Day. But, no, she was already booked up for a trip to Finland and Estonia. Such was her papa’s largesse! Thus does empire work!

The Chinkychonks, who once understandably took the view that the rest of the world was ‘barbarian’ [not least Africa, to which they had despatched the world’s largest-ever fleet C13, deciding the place was really boring apart from giraffes] have now decided on an entirely British policy of getting to know foreigners (passably) – and shooting them [esp. Africans] if they are not up to scratch (as so often in the mines of Zambia etc).

It is just a pity that America, with all its vast might, did not get to know anything about the world which it ‘controlled.’ (Of course, 99.9% of Brits could not name the capital of California, just like 99% of Yanks would locate Edinburgh in England. But every Brit once knew the names, places, and lascivious delights – as well as the hilarious superstitions – of India.

(Myself: after being sacked, I thought of relocating to Bombay – but guessed the interest there in IQ was limited and that I would die of girls and drugs within a few years.)


One of the world’s few race-realist leaders announced the success of his fence to keep out Africans, the general success of his policy of keeping Black illegal immigrants from reaching his country’s main cities, and his plan to deport “tens of thousands” of such Blacks in the near future. Prime Minister Benjamin Whatanyahoo said he aimed to repatriate tens of thousands of African illegal migrants and that the inflow into Israel from the Sinai peninsula had been brought to a halt.

“Our aim is to repatriate tens of thousands of infiltrators now in Israel to their countries of origin,” he said, adding Israel had been in contact with several African governments (France 24, 24 xii). Rising tensions over the growing number of illegal immigrants had exploded into violence in May when a protest in south Tel Aviv turned ugly, with demonstrators smashing African-run shops and property, chanting “Blacks out!”


As a 23-year old medical student died from being raped for an hour by six men on a bus in Delhi (Sun, 30 xii), no details were provided to or by MSM as to the attackers’ ethnicity; but the fact that the girl had been sent for treatment in Singapore not for medical reasons but on orders from the highest government circles suggested that Indian authorities had wished to defuse ethnic tension (e.g. between Hindus and Muslims) by suppressing the most basic facts of the case.


Despite politicians’ endless promises to get police out on the streets (where they might manage a few arrests for begging, cycling on pavements and litter [much of it by councils letting their bins overflow] before more serious damage could be done), it turned out that the ‘demands’ of yuman rights monitoring were keeping an ever-greater percentage of cops enjoying their central heating and internet trawling for porn.

In 2005, under Labour, it was a pathetic 15.2% of cops’ working day that was spent on patrol. By 2012, it was just 11.8%. The rest was engulfed by the same peecee paperwork the Tories had vowed to strip away (Sun, 30 xii).


And thanks as always to John Ray for keeping this blog going!

Specially remembered: Art Jensen and Phil Rushton.

Specially anticipated: a Nordic League as Mrs Merkel, IMF boss Mrs Lagarde and HM Queen continue their hugely successful efforts of 2012.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


 While the West luxuriated in its multiculti tolerance, diversity and slave labour, Mueslis’ ferocious invasion of Mali (main city: Timbuktu) continued, with the hands of petty thieves and smokers being cut off with shears, and teenage boys told to rape and kill any girl not fully headscarved. One aim, said the Observer (16 xii), appeared to be “the complete dismantling of Mali's once-famous secular, pluralist (French-run) ‘democracy’, defined by world-renowned blues and folk music and fabled joie de vivre.”

Some warned, said the paper, that Islamic militants were set on establishing a caliphate (a Muslim political-religious state) across the entire 3,000-mile-wide Sahel. Intelligence suggested local militia were being assimilated into the extremist structure, and that Nigeria's notorious Islamist group Boko Haram had been seen in Mali.

Air France no longer allowed its aircrew to stay overnight in Mali because of the risk of them being kidnapped. 350K Malians had fled to neighbouring ghastly low-IQ ‘countries. {Needless to say, the twittering Pope, mega-revenued Rev Bliar, ‘liberal’-besotted PM Daft Dave and the weirdy-beardy failed Welsh Archbishop of Canterbury didn’t give a toss.}


Hilarious toothy ‘North Florida’ Jewish-looking and remarkably named ‘researcher,’ Tracy Packiam Alloway, pronounced she had made a proper test of cogniwallahs’ 1960s concept of ‘working memory’ (or ‘desktop memory’) which the cowardly cognitivists had always vaguely hoped would replace IQ and spare them from accusations of elitism (but they hadn’t dared to do the work – which of course would not have worked). So how was toothy Tracy’s ‘new’ class-free, environmentally-free, race-free concept to be measured (Observer, 16 xii)? In her own words:
Is there an easy way to test working memory?

You can ask someone to read out a random string of numbers, a number a second, and recite them in backwards order. Keep adding a number until they can't recite them backwards. An average 30-year-old should be able to remember five or six numbers; an average 40-year-old about five; a 50-year-old around four.
This test, of course, was Digit Span – always one of the eleven famous Wechsler subtests from 1930. (Alas, because it was briefly administered test, and thus relatively unreliable, it misled even the mighty Arthur Jensen (q.v.) to think it might be a rather separate – and more basic – form of intelligence. Hans Eysenck and I had to explain this to Art in 1979.)


 A London correspondent writes:

"There is little one can usefully say about the past year other than to note that the absurdities of political correctness seem to be reaching the point where their sheer absurdity and repressive application leads to open and widespread dissent. Let us hope it does!"

I couldn’t agree more!


1. Child-slayer Adam Lanza’s mother was a survivalist/’doomsday prepper’ who had stuffed her home with food, bottled water and guns, believing civilization would soon end in financial crisis and chaos.

2. The fatherless Lanza household was well-equipped with a $1.6M house in a nice area, and with $325Kpa provided by a generous ex-husband (who had wanted to ensure access to his younger son after his divorce and re-marriage).

3. The reason no teacher at the Newtown school had a gun was ‘liberal’ US legislation that had decreed every school a gun-free zone. For autistic Adam, therefore, killing twenty kids and six teachers was like shooting fish in a barrel. Literally, American legislators had ensured any mass-murderously inclined loon would know to head for the nearest school.

4. In 2011, AL had become something of a masochist, liking to scorch himself with a lighter. Said a friend of his mother: 'Nancy told me he was burning himself with a lighter. In the ankles or arms or something. It was like he was trying to feel something.' A childminder had been told by the gun-nut mother never to turn her back on AL for fear that he might set himself or the house on fire.

5. AL had presented plenty of ‘issues’ at his high school, requiring the supervision of a psychologist. Eventually (around the time of her divorce in 2008), mama had withdrawn AL from school, saying she would move home and seek him schooling elsewhere.

{The wretched youth’s autism/psychopathy had surely contributed to the collapse of his parents’ marriage and then his own schooling – leaving him running around in a house where his paranoid mother kept at least five high-grade guns. Oh for asylums!}


Britain’s press, which had never done much to defend free speech on matters like race, sex and paedophilia, found itself being increasingly starved of information by cop-turned-peecee-gauleiter, Met boss Hogan-Woebegone-Hyphen-Howe who had even turned one of his own men over to prosecutors for telling newsies that Chief Whip (for three weeks) Andrew Mitchell had called police “******* plebs” and “morons” when they had declined to salute him in Downing Street (e.g. Daily Mail, 18 xii, Richard Littlejohn).


As UKIP zoomed to 14% support in some British polls, the Daily Mirror managed to dig out that one of the party’s electoral candidates had discussed “compulsory abortion” as a possibility for foetuses diagnosed with Down’s syndrome or spina bifida. Geoffrey Clarke, a candidate in Kent county elections, had also considered other cost-cutting measures on his website, such as restricting expensive NHS treatments for the over-80s; but such sweet reasonableness was not enough to get the handicap lobbies off his back (18 xii).

UKIP itself – ever eager to dissociate itself from ‘far right’ thinking and maintain that the party was just a single-issue (anti-EU) operation – promptly suspended GC pending disciplinary inquiries. GC’s website also suggested, amongst other things, that Israel and Iran might both be kicked out of the UN, that the Koran should be “updated”, that the government should ban the burka and that same-sex marriage was an “abhorrence”. UKIP’s notorious brush with ‘sexism’ had been when one Neanderthal stalwart, Godfrey Bloom MEP, quipped in 2004 that ‘women don’t clean behind the fridge enough.’


As nationalist sentiment rose in Europe (feeding hardcore violence from Greece’s ‘Golden Dawn’), the very centre of the French-bankrupted EuroEmpire, Germany itself, turned out to have grave reservations about the EU’s determination to assert its idealism by inviting the scum of the Middle East and North Africa to invade ooops provide slave labour as soon as possible. Germany had allowed itself to become 5.5% Muslim; but two thirds of Germans thought the arrivistes (mainly Turkish in the German case, and much given to barbecueing lamb in public parks) caused a ‘serious problem’ (as modern Germans politely put it) for health, welfare and educational services (D.Mail, 19 xii)

{well, ‘services’, for Germany had essentially the same problem with its overblown socialist job-creation and leftist-vote-garnering programme as did Britain}.

More than a half of Germans still opposed the ‘dual nationality’ which had been dished out to scarcely-German-speaking Muesli economic migrants by successive ‘liberal’ German governments.


 While US President Obarmy and MSM insisted on blaming American ‘gun culture’ (aka Republicanism) for the Newtown massacre, it transpired that the psychological problems of 28-slayer Adam Lanza – problems which should have had him locked up if not euthanized -- had been well known to neighbours and his mother (Sun, 20 xii, ‘Lanza: Mom loves those kids more than me’).

Just as the humblest proto-Freudian would have immediately guessed, the autistic Lanza had Oedipal jealousy of his mama’s care for her pupils at the school which he finally ravaged. In particular, he had got wind of his mama being fed up with him and wanting to put him in a ‘home’, said a 48-yr ex-marine neighbour. And local barber Bob Skuba, who used to cut Lanza’s hair, said: “I wish I would’ve killed him then. I should have slipped and stabbed him ‘by accident’. It would have been a lot better for those people.”

Lanza’s ma had been specially friendly with teachers and a psychologist at the school – six of whom the ‘Aspergers’ nutter finally killed with multiple sawn-off dum-dum bullets (along with twenty kids, his ma and himself).

{Aspergers had become well known in the ‘welfare’-crazed UK as one Gary Mackinnon, from a laptop in his bedroom, did £600M damage to US Navy computers and then – with multimillon-pound help from the UK’s legally-aided yuman rights artistes ooops lawyers -- demanded a pardon from the US on the grounds of his mental incapacity.}

      For eye-popping pics of Yanks with guns, see Daily Mail, 22 xii. {Personally, I would happily ban any non-graduate from having a pit bull terrier, let alone an unsupervised military-standard automatic or rocket launcher. But, of course, Scotland does not have a major Bleck problem – requiring Whites at least to be believed (by Blecks) to be well armed.}


There was general rejoicing in MSM (e.g. D.Telegraph, 20 xii) as neurocogniwallahs repeated the age-old trick of making the g factor vanish. Using a splendid-sounding ‘sample’ of 44,000 “young and healthy” testees, Adam Hampshire and co-workers reported lots of correlations between mental tests (e.g. verbal, reasoning, memory) that were around a modest .30 (rather than the more usual .50) (Neuron 76, ‘Fractionating human intelligence’). Victory over Burt and Jensen was duly proclaimed.

      Any problem with this? Any thought about the astonishing 44,000? Where did they hail from? Ah! “Social networking sites, including Twitter and Facebook.” That is: they were nerds, probably of around IQ 115. And Edinburgh research had demonstrated by 1990 that the g factor ‘fractionates’ above IQ 100 (see TgF, 1996/2000, Chap.2). Yes, Hampshire et al. had well and truly reinvented the wheel – or part of it, for the lower-IQ distribution had been simply forgotten by the ‘neuroscientists.’

      No wonder the ‘brain and mind’ ‘natural scientists’ had to publish in an unheard-of journal having no competence to evaluate psychology!

      Hopefully Art Jensen and Phil Rushton gave wry smiles from heaven. How one would like to know if Phil had offered his anti-g colleagues at the University of Western Ontario a photocopy of The g Factor!

      Called to discuss IQ testing on the Beeb, senior Mensan Peter Bainbridge volunteered that a testee getting only a score around 60 was “probably a carrot” (Daily Mail, 21 xii). An apology was immediately demanded and obtained by irate ‘learning difficulties’ groups – indicating that at least someone still believed in the reality of IQ.


 Professor Richard Dawkins (with whom, as with his delightful young girlfriend, I once had a sherry or two at the Royal Scottish Museum) decided to greet Christmas by declaring that bringing kids up Catholic was worse than conventional child abuse (much of it historically by Catholic priests, of course) (Daily Mail, 22 xii).

This declaration by a scientist was strange in that material evidence for either Catholicism or paedophilia being causal to basic psychological harm was non-existent. Also, whether Dawkins had considered the horrors of being brought up under Stalin, Mao or the world’s many corrupt and incompetent tyrannies (many in Africa, but lately joined by the peecee West – where only colossal outlay on lawyers’ fees could shield left-selected victims from accusations of ‘racism’, ‘sexism’, ‘homophobism’ etc) was not known.

{By and large, the Church had come pretty well through two thousand years, managing gradually to respect love and science even if – with tragic consequences for it – it had not progressed as fast as Prof.Dawkins and managed to prevent Europe’s civil wars [aka World Wars I and II]. Its chief problem was that – as a religion of slaves which (even with Constantine’s support) had not entirely managed to save the crumbling Roman Empire – it was unhappy with there being a natural hierarchy of intelligence which required passable support rather than constant efforts to undermine it.

Spectator editor Fraser Nelson put it well (in the Telegraph): for most people in Britain, in times of trouble they were more likely to find help from a local priest than from a distant ‘social worker’ or kindred bloated legalistic leftist bureaucrat who could not even manage to answer the phone.}

CHRISTMAS / NEW YEAR HOLIDAY GAMES (courtesy of a London correspondent):

SNP [Scotty Nasty Party] 2012 XMAS Novelties

Independence Balloon

When filled with hot air the balloon floats away leaving its owner with nothing to hold onto

Comes in your clan tartan or decorated with Saltires

Hours of innocent fun

Has a use-by date of 31 December 2013.


A video game which allows the player to build a fantasy world based on the SNP’s claims about Scottish independence. Proficient players will be able to create a vibrant make-believe land in which Scotland

- Keeps the Pound

- Has the Bank of England as the lender of last resort

- Retains the Queen as head of state

- Lets its citizens call themselves British

- Has automatic membership of the EU

- Keeps UK defence contracts

- Has citizens with free access to England to work

- Keeps all the UK oil and gas tax revenue

- Does not suffer a stampede of private companies from Scotland to England

These and many more incredible ideas can be found in the amazing IndependenceWorld

Best suited to players with a very weak grasp of reality

Barnett Formula One [‘Barnett’ was a Westminster handout to Scotland to help with the disastrous legacy of Irish slave labour in Glasgow – but Scotty politicos made sure the cash was never spent on the Irish]

There are four players

They draw lots to decide who shall be England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

The player drawing England has to pay for the others

The winner is the person able to put their hands deepest into English taxpayer pockets.

Magic Independence Sporran

Traditional sporran but with an LED display on which a year is set

Watch the huge amounts of English money disappear into the sporran before your very eyes as the date setting is turned to 2013.

When the date is changed to 2014, the English money magically reappears leaving the sporran empty.

Educational toy of very high quality

Independence JOCK-IN-THE-BOX

Open the box and up pops a figure modelled on Alex Salmond [aka Wee Eck, Scotland’s  ‘First Minister’]

For many years our best selling item

The 2012 model is updated and instead of saying with the characteristic whine of the toy DEVOMAXXXXXX or INDEPENDENNNCE randomly as the box is opened, the phrases BANNOCKBUUUURRRN 1314 or INDEPENDENNNCE 2014 are emitted.

Warning: the repeated whining may not be to everyone’s taste.


Normally kept outside Scotland

Pops up every now and then to declare undying love of Scotland


Players attempt to extend Scotland’s territorial waters to cover every offshore oilfield in the world

See how much of other nations' oil you can claim

Celtic Tiger [the Wee Eck’s 2007 name for the ‘successful’ economies of Iceland and Southern Ireland]

Hilariously unrealistic soft toy but young children will love it.

Warning: must be kept well away from reality or it will fall apart

Independence Outer Islands Invasion Board Game

Scenario: it is 2014. Scotland has voted for Independence . The Shetlands and the Orkneys have declared their wish to remain in the UK and laid claim to the oil and gas fields within their waters.

The object of the game is for Scotland to invade the islands from the Scottish mainland and hold them by force.

The game progresses by players throwing dice to move around the board. This allows players to gather the means to invade. But squares on the board which aid the invasion are intermingled with squares which contain instructions such as ENGLISH SUBSIDY ENDED – GO BACK TO START; ALL MILITARY EQUIPMENT REMOVED TO ENGLAND – GO BACK TO QUARTERMASTER’S STORES; ROYAL NAVY BLOCKADES SCOTLAND – GO BACK TO START.

Extremely demanding game. No one has managed to invade the Shetlands and Orkneys during marketing exhibitions of Independence Outer Islands Invasion

Liar! Liar! Video game

The game consists of SNP politicians making statements such as “We have obtained legal opinion which says an independent Scotland will automatically be part of the EU” and “Scotland pays more into the UK tax pot than it takes out”.

Players have to guess which are lies and shout LIAR when they believe a lie has been told.

Warning: Players may find the game a little one-dimensional if they simply assume that if an SNP politician has his or her lips moving he or she is lying.

Independent Scotland Armed Forces set

Superbly crafted plastic models of the armed forces Scotland will have after independence. These consist of

- A platoon of soldiers equipped with the latest dirks and claymores

- A squadron of hang-gliders

- 3 trawlers and five rowing boats

Frighteningly realistic




Star of Wonder,

Star of Right,

Star with Royal Beauty bright,


Still proceeding,

Guide me to Thy perfect Light!


Comments? Email Chris Brand. -- CV for Chris Brand. -- Some history.


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Having declined to implement suitable ethnic cleansing (Prods to Glasgow and Liverpool, Caffs to Derry and Belfast) as part of the American-demanded ‘peace process’ in Northern Ireland, Hillary Clinton got her answer as her visit to the province was greeted by daily and nightly street protests (cars burned out, bricks chucked at police – injuring 30) against the entirely undemocratic decision of Ulster’s rigged authorities to restrict the flying of the Union Jack to a measly seventeen days per year.

      What with the Belfast greeting and the entire vindication of this blog’s assertion that she had handed Syria over to a long-running Solunni vs Shitite ethnic war, Hillary had a fainting fit (15 xii).


 A seventh man, 60 and from London but otherwise unspecified thanks to police reluctance to take bribes while the press-bullying Levisohn Inquiry dragged on, was arrested as part of the Savile-inspired ‘Operation Yewtree’ into hankypanky of the 1970s (Guardian, 10 xii).

{Hounding ‘paedophiles’ – not of course homosexual lovers of 14-yr ‘chicken’ – was an important front as top Tories Borish Johnshon, Michael [£350Kpa per ‘academy’ headmaster] Govey and John ‘Family Values’ Major pushed for gay marriage with the help of (presumably similarly blackmailed) Labour and Liberal MPs and PM Daft Dave himself.}


As PM Daft Dave took on 100 of his backbenchers (and millions of Conservative voters) who abhorred yag ‘marriage,’ he found himself up against the Roman Church (which might otherwise have shifted millions of Labour votes in his direction). Joseph Devine, the Bishop of Motherwell, said he considered the Prime Minister “out of his depth” and that Christians could not trust him given the “contradiction” between his statements on religious matters and his actions. The bishop also used a two-page letter to Mr Cameron, to accuse him of “belittling” the Church of England by attacking its reluctance to ordain women bishops.

     The outspoken criticisms marked a new low in relations between Downing Street and the Catholic Church in the wake of the Government’s decision to legalise gay marriage in England and Wales (D.Telegraph, 12 xii, Simon Johnson). The Roman Church was also upset that the Prime Minister had refused to support moves by Christians to go to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to assert their right to wear the cross.

In a separate move, Philip Tartaglia, Archbishop of Glasgow, said it was a “great disappointment” that Mr Cameron’s plans to change the laws on royal succession would not end the anomaly that bans the monarch from being Catholic.

Bishop Devine used his letter to accuse Mr Cameron of claiming to be an advocate for Christian values while actually undermining freedom of conscience and family life. {As DD wandered terminally off course, he or some of his Cabinet presumably blackmailed by yags, he left support for family values to the BNP or UKIP – who presumably took the classic Western view that a state-recognized (and hopefully taxpayer-supported)  marriage should involve at its inception a passable prospect of producing happy and healthy progeny.}

      DD was also in trouble as most of his Cabinet realized that his ‘progressive’/’liberal’ plan to increase taxes only on cheap booze would go down like a lead balloon (Sun, 16 xii).


Britain’s baldy Foreign Boxwallah William Hague and his American counterpart Hillary Clinton took more moves to ‘recognize’ and give ‘practical help’ to Syria’s Sunni rebels. {Western help had already produced 50K dead and 2M displaced; but presumably Israel deemed Solunni vs Shitite civil war the best option in the Middle East in the aftermath of the West failing to back the dictators who had kept the madder Mueslis under control for forty years.}


The argument {often advanced here} that the West’s ‘banks’ had become ‘too big to fail’ moved into a new dimension as Britain's  biggest bank, HSBC, was ‘disciplined’ only with a $2B fine (its monthly turnover) and not jail sentences for having laundered vast sums of Mexican drug-running and Iranian sanction-avoiding money (Guardian, 12 xii, US constitutional lawyer Glenn Greenwald).

{The monstrosity of the bankstas’ inflated salaries – used as a ‘reference point’ to boost the pay of gleeful public officials -- had been widely known since 2008, along with the bankstas’ irresponsible lending (albeit much demanded by the likes of Suckmacock Clinton); but never before had it been so clear that the wankstas actually ran America.}


Here at S.Clerk St., cut off by entryphone breakdown and threatened with more cutoff by a firm called ‘e.on’ (which proposes to get a warrant from “a magistrate” [which Scotland does not have] to break our door down to pursue examination of their [non- and never-existent] account), we welcome every kindly contact.

It’s not been much of a year, what with America deciding to abolish itself and even BoJo and Govey coming out against family life. But Shiou has continued her phenomenal productivity with articles in Taiwan on Dali and Hemingway (and with published poems, one based on Botticelli); and I have assisted a Russian publication of the great John Baker’s Race, and am working on a Foreword for the Australian Kerry Bolton’s splendidly-informed left-bashing Psychopathology of Politics.

      Yes, we still have a remaining butcher on our street, so the turkey, trimmings, ham and chipolatas are booked so as to entertain our favourite historian (also Macedonian explorer) and lawyer (and property developer) and perhaps an emeritus professor of psychology (sadly not either of the late professors Art Jensen and Phil Rushton).

Yes, a grim year. But coal, candle and gas stocks are high – not to mention Russian Standard voddie (lately ‘special’ offered at £12 per bottle in Sainsburys). And we relax in the assurance that the Germans will provide good management for the future – as currently with the equally bankrupt ‘PIGS’. FRÖHLICHE WEIHNACHT!


As America turned its attention to whether the fearsome shooting of 28 (including 20 primary schoolchildren) in Connecticut could justify further weakening Whites’ positions by extra restrictions on the legal ownership of guns, they were reminded that Anders Breivik’s killing of 78 had taken place in highly gun-restrictive Norway.

Anyway, as so often, quite unusual psychological features were involved: perpetrator Adam Lanza, 20, was described by acquaintances and his financier elder brother as being (Telegraph, 15 xii) autistic [Asperger version], “brilliant but remote,” “painfully shy,” “reclusive and troubled,” “immune to pain,” “quiet and friendless,” “subject to outbursts,” “a nerd” and as having a personality disorder (i.e. psychopathy); and he had killed his schoolteacher mother as well as himself.

{Nothing more specific as to motive came out; nor did anything about Lanza’s psychiatric or educational records  -- American journalists were apparently as boringly restricted in their use of phone hacking and bribery as British newsies were having to become.}

{In previous times, ‘autistic’ etc children would have left to rot ooops left supervised by nurses in institutions rather than running around fatherless* in a house where a working mother, “an avid gun collector,” kept two powerful semi-automatic rifles.}

*Faced with the horror of an autistic kid (and doubtless the mother’s dotty devotion to the boy), the father had divorced and remarried; but he had made his ex-wife a generous financial settlement of a nice £350K house in a charming and peaceful area.


The UK Independence Party (leader: Nigel Farage) shot to 14% in opinion polls (ahead of LibDims, on 8%) as the slow-moving British public became dimly aware that the party – though officially non-racist – was actually racist, pro-family, yag-dubious, xenophobic (esp. to Mueslis and Jews and French), low-taxation and generally a reasonable receptacle for generally right-wing as well as anti-EU votes (Observer, 16 xii).

{Perhaps Obarmy’s second presidential victory was making Brits realize that the American alliance was no longer much of an option and that they would once more have to stand alone?}


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Monday, December 10, 2012


The freedom of British newspapers to say what they wanted about Max Mosley’s Nazadism and Hugh Grant’s apparent liking for fellatio from American prostitutes was going to remain safe from Levitican prescriptions! So said boyish civil rights campaigner and expert, Charming Chakrabarty: she claimed the European Court of Human Rights would overturn Lord Levisohn’s £20M politico-funded effort to introduce (and introductions have sequels) state registration of the press (Classic FM Radio, 2 xii, 14:00; Mail on Sunday, 2 xii; Guardian, 3 xii). 

UK newspapers had done little for fifty years to stand up for free speech (notably about race, IQ, sex and paedohysteria -- see previous) and they had lately whipped up Euroscepticism (the only ‘acceptable’ form of racism in peecee-propagandized Britain); but, ironically, their little peecee profit-making ways might be preserved by ‘Europe’ – an invention of the Allies after WWII and fully backed and inspired and written out by Winston Churchill. 

CC said her civil liberties outfit, Liberty, would rather have any new independent press regulator underpinned by the ECHR than by Britain’s politically appointed OfCom (Office of Communications, the UK’s independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries).


The wretched ‘Professor’ ‘Loony’* ’Les’ Ebdon (q.v., V-C of Bedford University – Can this be right? Bedford has a LUniversity?—Ed), selected by the UK’s miserable pseudo-Conservative and pseudo-Liberal government to bully top universities to admit third-rate ‘disadvantaged’ students got his own come-uppance for lack of selectivity in appointments as one of his senior lecturers at Bedford was jailed for two years for fraud (Sunday Telegraph, 2 xii, ‘Fraudster was admitted by Ebdon’). 

The cheat was of course Black: a Ghanaian called Franc Kwaku Etu-Menson who had been given a doctorate by the fourth-rate online Atlantic International University.

* Yet Les was actually criticized for not being loony enough, by Labour apparatchik Lord Adonis (Daily Mail, 3 xii). Apparently Les had let slip that some kids might actually be more suitable for ‘vocational’ courses than for the academic rigours (such as they any longer were) of Britain’s luniversities.


As Christmas approached, a survey (by Friends of the Elderly) found 10% of over-65s would be entirely isolated – admitting having contact with family less than once per month and due to spend the ‘festivities’ with just the TV (Daily Mail, 3 xii).

{Yes, socialism’s tireless campaign to replace the family and religion with state ‘services’ had been successful; and much more of this was in the pipeline as divorce and femininnery militated against families, yet old people lasted longer thanks to peace and better nutrition – until finally bumped of by MRSA in a filthy NHS ‘hospital’ staffed by non-English-speakers. 

Naturally, Labour-run Edinburgh City Council’s street decorations for ‘Winterval’ (meagre in the extreme, since the Council had for four years spent all its money on its favourite vanity project of non-existent trams) included no portrayals of the Holy Family – or even of Santa.}


After three decades of leftist takeover of Britain’s public services (first allowed by Mrs Thatcher to give the left a playground while she cleared out the strike-prone ‘unions’ from industry, then mightily boosted by 13 years of Labour misrule), it turned out that even the most crucial civil service branch of all, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, had so despised IQ (since selection by IQ favoured Oxbridge graduates) that its staff had been unable to detect £32Bpa losses in tax monies as top firms, like Starbucks, claimed for thirteen years to make no profit on their UK business (using corporation lawyers to funnel their cash abroad). 

The problem of low-IQ recruitment in the Civil Service workforce was exacerbated by the inordinate laziness ooops sickness of the ‘servants’ of socialism, who took off thrice as many days annually on ‘sick’ leave than did workers in what remained of Britain’s private sector of its economy (Daily Mail, 3 xii).


Having brought Britain’s state schools to their knees by rejection of selectivity (and planning more of the same for the money-grubbing luniversities) and kept crime on the boil by matching helpful increases in surveillance with the wilful import of Blecks and Paks (and with a further 40K gypsies soon to arrive), Britain’s politicos chose the moment of the revelation of Wills and Kate’s pregnancy to announce that, helped by Commonwealth toadies of equally little psychological grip, they were ‘proudly’ on the verge of ‘sweeping away’ male precedence in the line of succession to the throne. What was wrong with this latest folly?

1. Adult males have slightly higher average IQs than females; and their greater spread of scores means they are more likely to produce superior levels of intelligence. Even as young children, males are more interested in and adept at fighting and technology – also not irrelevant given a monarch’s main role with the armed forces.

2. As Freud detected (and Christopher Badcock articulated with evolutionary nobs on), females are more likely to get besotted with their sons (who supply them with the ability to breed in quantity – i.e. essentially with a penis); and, when they do detect their boy doing well in Oedipal jousts, they wangle all sorts of extra investment for him to make sure he will indeed succeed and breed. To have a law that a firstborn princess will automatically have precedence over her younger brothers is thus to fly in the face of maternal wishes and evopsychological wisdom.

3. Sibling rivalry is one of the worst problems most families have to face. What is the point in making it worse for the royals by appointing the natural loser (the girl) as a winner, and thus prolonging conflict that might otherwise sort itself out in the emergence of a dominance hierarchy between siblings which the kids themselves can pretty readily accept?

4. What is the point of replacing one type of (admittedly somewhat arbitrary, but arguably necessary) form of discrimination with another – in short, replacing sexism with ageism? – Especially when sex is (in the main) dramatically obvious; whereas age differences of a year or two are surely immaterial by adulthood.

Altogether, it could only be hoped that Kate’s first child would be a boy – thus reducing the prospect of Britain facing civil wars as disgruntled younger brothers took up cudgels against their elder sisters to whom pious egalitarians and knaves had given precedence rather than heed the basic truths of a century of psychology.

      The unrealism of peecee British officialdom was topped off by a four-year prison sentence for a heroic businessman who had managed to break the back (with a cricket bat) of one of several burglars who had tried to steal quad bikes from his premises (Daily Mail, 5 xii). The burglar had subsequently ‘needed’ thirteen taxpayer-supplied surgical operations to relieve his sufferings.... {And doubtless a lifetime of NHS care for the bugger ooops burglar lay ahead as Britain – quite without promptings from the European Court of Human Rights – demonstrated its compassion for burglars and its ‘liberal’ distaste for householders who stood up to them.}


The latest* star victim of paedohysteria became super-nice-guy TV presenter Stuart Hall OBE, 82, who found himself accused of sexual relations of some kind with 8-, 13- and 17-yr girls in the 1970s (Sun, 6 xii). Hall’s highly successful broadcasting career (including being compère of TV’s ‘It’s a Knockout’) had netted him £4M and he had an 8-yr-younger wife and two daughters. He was especially known for coining the phrase ‘the beautiful game’ to describe the (increasingly Black- and money-dominated) dull but low-IQ-appealing game of soccer. 

A genial type, he had been invited to entertain royalty. Perhaps explaining his charm and vast popularity, he said of himself: “I never grew up.” {What a shame that the likes of Glitter, Savile and Hall had not rallied to my plea for Nobelist Gajdusek in 1996! With their money, not to mention that of the Roman Church, I could have made an even better job of taking Edinburgh LUniversity to pieces. As it was, the question was just how high and wide paedohysteria would have to reach before even the Britoid elite cried out for mercy.}}


Britain’s top publicist, ‘PR to the stars’ Max Clifford, 69, was arrested at his £3M Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, mansion in a dawn raid “on suspicion of sexual offences” by (hysterical) cops following up the (apparently harmless) paedophilic derelictions of mega-star comic philanthropist Jimmy Savile (q.v.) (Guardian, 6 xii). 

Clifford, who built his PR business ‘Max Clifford Associates’ out of celebrity-kiss-and-tell deals with the tabloids, had represented some of the UK's best known stars including TV’s Simon Cowell, Olympic cyclist Chris Hoy, the mega-rich cancer-killed low-IQ ‘racist’ Big Brother celebrity Jade Goody and the glamorous Rebecca Loos and Vanessa Perroncel. 

{If only MC had deployed his skills to defend me!... But a problem with pervs is that they have no commitment to truth, preferring the postmodern idea of performance.}

      MC was the sixth to be questioned under the auspices of Operation Yewtree which involved thirty police officers and was costing the UK’s Labour-shattered economy £1M per month. He had been catapulted into the public eye in 1986, when he invented a story about one of his clients, Freddie Starr -- who himself was also arrested as part of Operation Yewtree -- telling journalists that the comic had eaten a woman's hamster. He then provided a response to the claims which created another story -- garnering the comedian attention for his then upcoming tour -- and later admitted it was a fabrication.

      MC had previously condemned police preoccupation with ancient accusations of paedophilia as ‘witch-hunting’ – though he had done nothing to help me battle ELU over my modest (but job-losing) plea for Nobelist Gajdusek back in 1996. The PR guru was held in a police cell for twelve hours while being questioned over possible incidents of 35-yr-old hanky-panky. {Hopefully MC would emerge at last as a confirmed – and mighty -- campaigner against paedohysteria and kindred peecee nonsense.}

      FORMER newspaper owner Eddy Shah appeared in court 7 xii to deny ‘rape.’ Shah, 68, who founded the Today newspaper, would re-appear at the Old Bailey with two other people in April (Sun, 8 xii). {Who would pull the plug on abusohysteria? – Probably not PM Daft Dave who was busy backing yag ‘marriage’, for which paedohysteria provided an important cover.}

      Haters of paedohysteria would be delighted to see the dramatic and realistic new Swedish film, ‘The Hunt,’ in which a male schoolteacher is hounded from pillar to post (losing job, friends, familiar shops and girlfriend in the process – not to mention getting into fights) on the strength of  the idle remarks (readily believed by old-bag lesbians) of a 6-yr girl whose childish romantic overtures he had tried to dismiss. (***** -- Sunday Telegraph.)


A presumably mad Muesli mother, a pretty-enough 32, was facing a life sentence in Cardiff after beating her 7-yr son to death with a stick because he had not been quick enough in learning the {pretty boring} Koran by heart (Daily Mail, 6 xii). But she was sane enough to burn up her boy’s body in the hope of disguising her crime. {Was the bitch Black/Arab/Indian? Well, yes, in so far as pictures could show – cowardly MSM, even the Mail, felt quite unable to report her origins.} 

{Meantime, in the Middle East – in Syria and Egypt (was all that MSM had time to report) – hate-filled Mueslis (now standardly equipped with rockets) continued killing and beating each other up, all without any help from Israel, which was presumably delighted that the West-backed ‘Arab Spring’ had so spectacularly exposed the fratricidal psychological faultlines of polygamous Islam and that world’s consequent need for dictatorship which – since the 1918 demise of digusting Ottoman Turkey – only Egypt’s Abdul Nasser and Iraq’s Madman Insane had come anywhere near to supplying.}


The long-promised ‘assimilation’ of Labour-invited third-worlders into British society continued apace as self-described Mueslis came to make up 21% of the inmates of England’s youf prisons (D.Mail, 7 xii). Altogether, by 2011, ‘Black and ethnic minorities’ provided 42% of England’s young jailbirds though being only some 6% of youngsters in the general population – a terrific achievement in Britification (and towards employment of overwhelmingly White prison staff....).


Amsterdam announced it would create “Scum villages” where nuisance neighbours and anti-social tenants would be exiled from the city and re-housed in caravans or containers with “minimal services” under constant police supervision. 95% of the ‘nuisance neighbours’ were Muslim/Black/Gypsy – though the Telegraph couldn’t bring itself to mention this (3 xii).
Holland’s capital already had a special hit squad of municipal officials to identify the worst offenders for a compulsory six-month course in how to behave – but apparently this hadn’t worked. ‘Social housing problem’ families or tenants who did not show an improvement or refused to go to the new scum ooops special units would face eviction and homelessness. Eberhard van der Laan, Amsterdam’s Labour mayor, had tabled the £810,000 plan to tackle 13,000 complaints of anti-social behaviour every year. He complained that long-term harassment often led to law-abiding tenants, rather than their nuisance neighbours, being driven out.


The UK equality watchdog, the bloated Commission for Racial Equality, found itself accused of racism by staff who are threatening to strike over claims that a disproportionate number of ethnic minority workers had lost their jobs (D.Telegraph, 4 xii). The body charged with policing racial equality was itself accused of racism by its own staff who were threatening to strike over a redundancy policy that they said had seen a disproportionate number of ethnic minorities axed.

      Black and ethnic minority employees at the Equality and Human Rights Commission made the claim after the only Black and Muslim board representatives were not given an interview to reapply for their roles following a Government restructure. They also said the commission had lost two-thirds of its Black and ethnic minority workers in voluntary redundancies since last year.

      Unions supported the complaints and were considering strike action if their negotiations did not lead to an increase in the number of Bleck staff at the organisation. The complaints emerged after all ten commissioners on the board were asked to re-apply for their jobs. Simon Woolley, the only Black commissioner, and Lady Hussein-Ece, the sole Muslim commissioner, were told by email they would not be given interviews. The Department of Culture, Media and Sport{!}, which was overseeing the recruitment process, said they were not shortlisted because of the “strong calibre of applicants” for the post.


Gentle – or at least officially liberal, pious and anti-authoritarian – Swedes got a lesson in leftism as, following an article by Denmark’s brave Helmuth Nyborg setting out elementary faxalife about race, the magazine Dispatch International reported that it had come under sophisticated hacking attack which it had felt obliged to report to police (AmRen, 3 xii).


A taxi-driver in Cardiff drove his cab up a kerb, scattering eight pedestrians (with one of whom he’d had an altercation) like ‘pins in a bowling alley’ – getting himself a 15-yr jail sentence for attempted murder (Sun, 8 xii). His race or national origin? Unmentionable! But his name was Majid Rehman....


 The incompetence of modern Britain, with its millions of ‘employees’ unable to understand elementary English, was happily exposed as two young Australian DJs (on Sydney’s most popular music station) phoned London’s King Edward VII Hospital at 5:30amGMT, imitating Queen Brenda, Chazza and a few corgis, and easily got night nurse Jacintha Saldhana, who had moved to the UK from the Mangalore region of India ten years previously with equally foreign-sounding husband Benedict Barboza, to release the latest medical info as to the condition of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge (hospitalized for three days for severe morning sickness, as she laboured with the latest third-in-line to the throne) (e.g. Observer, 9 xii). 

Not content with killing British citizens at the hands of casual-labouring Black ‘German’ doctors having no understanding of English or numbers, peecee UK officialdom had even been so daft as to leave the treatment of Britain’s royals in the hands of a foreign woman who could not even recognize a very feeble imitation of the Queen. Hopefully the peecee wretches were thoroughly ashamed at Jacintha’s subsequent suicide and would themselves leap from ghastly mismanaged towerblocks. But at least Britain could give thanks to the Oz jokers for having its multiculti nonsense exposed.

      Not having the maturity to appreciate the public service which they had performed (albeit unwittingly), the Oz wind-up artistes went into shock and required counselling by a psychologist.

      Condolences to Jacintha’s husband and children – victims of Britoid multicultural illusions.



Monday, December 03, 2012


The tall, intelligent Tutsis of Botswana, who had taken over Rwanda in entirely justifiable revenge for the idiotic pygmy French-backed Hutu people’s ghastly genocide against them in 1994, proceeded to march through the Congo (where the United Nations’ largest peacekeeping force proved, as usual, entirely useless), apparently in pursuit of mineral riches (cf. Observer, 25 xi).

Mercifully, the West was not inclined to intervene* – its attentions being taken up with its own ‘subprime’[i.e. Black]-led financial disaster and with supporting the pro-demakrazy ‘Arab Spring’ in scores-dead-daily Syria and Gaza and the new Arab-sprung dictator of Egypt, Pres. Morepee, granting himself more powers than the Pharaohs (attracting new riots in Cairo’s famous-for-fighting Tahrir Square, but no-one cared since the West’s politicos and MSM had put their newly-beloved Muslim Brotherhood in control).

{The Sunnis vs Sense battle for Jordan was only beginning; but fag-addict Obarmy & withered-old-bag Hilarious Clunton’s USA could doubtless be guaranteed to let this traditional Western ally spin out of control – completing a century of American incompetence. Even the French had done a better job for the White race in the Middle East than America (which would soon withdraw to enjoy its new gas-rich status thanks to ‘fracking’)!}

*Though HMG announced it would cut its multi-million pound annual subvention to Rwanda – a Tutsi-disrespecting move that would make for equalization of the different sides in the Congo and thus ensure perpetuation of the Congo killings.


The left’s usually quiet, behind-the-scenes army of peecee ideologue social workers, teachers, nurses etc, came well and truly to light as Rotherham’s* £130Kpa old bag head of child ‘services,’ having ripped three fostered gypsy kids away from experienced and excellent parents who had been tipped off to lefty thought police as being members of UKIP (q.v.), actually decided to fight her corner and insist that the parents’ UKIP membership meant they were seriously lacking in multiculturalism.

The out-of-control peecee goon, Joyce Thacker, immediately had buckets of ord*re poured over her head for having gone a bridge too far in peecee hysteria (e.g. Melanie Phillips, Daily Mail, 26 xi, saying even cultural Marxist Red Ed Miliband, Labour’s Disraeli-venerating leader, concurred that the dismal Thacker had blundered, going further than Labour generals required).

Increasing the amusement, Melanie pointed out:

In Rotherham itself, the sickening sexual enslavement of under-age white girls by organised prostitution and pimping rings was largely ignored for more than two decades, in part because the abusers came overwhelmingly from Pakistani Muslim backgrounds.

* A South Yorkshire town (just six miles from communist Sheffield) notorious for gambling, vice and cast iron.


I was very touched to find myself still listed among the 40-or-so international academic explorers of personality, at The Personality Project (2012) – even though most of the Project’s links had gone defunct. (My entire career had been devoted to discovering the main dimensions of personality. I had only taken to defending the g factor after it became plain that the rest of personality – at least in so far as it was of genetic origin – was just being laughed out of court by environmentobabblers and their ‘deconstructionist’ cultural-Marxist successors.)


In a rare squeak from any of Britain’s fund-grubbing universities, St Andrews said it ‘had problems’ recruiting from Scottieland’s ‘disadvantaged’ areas since the school exam results from such areas were (for unpecified reasons....) so poor (Daily Mail, 27 xi). Nevertheless, it aimed to get its number of East-Glaswegians up by a grand 45% from its 2011 total of 14 so as to appease the barmy bolshevist bureaucrats who pulled the purse strings from Edinburgh (or was it Westminster? – Who could tell the difference after 13 years of Labour rule had completed the flooding of British officialdom with egalitarians, anti-racists and kindred apparatchiks?).


£100,000 was to be the bill for ‘prosecuting’ a cop for ‘racist’ jokes made to colleagues. A police officer told colleagues ‘all Black people look like monkeys’, a London magistrates’ court heard as a 3-week trial began for non-peecee ‘remarks’ (Daily Mail, 27 xi). PC Kevin Hughes, 42, was accused of making a racist comment as he pointed to three Black men leaning against a wall and said they looked like monkeys. When challenged, he allegedly replied ‘but it’s true’ before opining that the men were ‘closely related to chimpanzees and more closely related to Neanderthals’.

For this banter (admittedly low-IQ stuff), PC Hughes was to face a massive trial (which finally cleared him) and the loss of his career probably the affections of his wife, family and friends. {Such was C21 Britain. My own £100K trial for too much free speech in a luniversity had been followed, predictably, by similar peecee efforts to blast footie followers, cops and BNP and UKIP members, and intimidate those of Britain’s entire workforce who had not already succumbed to PeeCee in order to get or keep their (vastly overpaid) ‘jobs.’}


Gargantuan (29-stone) bachelor Liberal MP Sir Cyril Smith (d.2010, age 82) and ‘Coronation Street’ star Andrew Lancel (42) joined the list of superstars like glamrocker Gary Glitter, celebrated director Roman Polanski [w. Natassia Kinski], ‘Rolling Stone’ Bill Wyman [w. 13-yr Mandy Smith], Nobelist Daniel Gajdusek [w. one of his 50 adopted children] and philanthropist Sir Jimmy Savile* (d.2010), acknowledged by all as ‘child sex abusers’ [or ‘exploiters] (to use the lately fashionable terminology, ‘paedophilia’ having apparently become too boring) (Sun, 28 xi).

Whether Kingsley Amis, Philip Larkin, Elvis Presley, Benjamin Britten, Carlo Ponti [w. Sophia Loren], Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, Oscar Wilde, Edward Lear, Edgar Allan Poe, Lewis Carroll, Vivaldi, King Louis XV of France, Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I, Shakespeare [and his ‘Romeo’], [fellatio enthusiast] Cleopatra, Plato or Socrates would soon be added to the official list of ‘outrageous perverts’ remained to be seen

The Metropolitan Police said their 30-strong investigation into just JS’s ancient misdeeds (involving some 450 golddiggers ooops claimed victims) had cost taxpayers £2M in just six weeks. Singer Gary Glitter, comedian Freddie Starr, DJ Dave Lee Travis and a man in his 70s, reported to be former television producer Wilfred De’Ath, had been arrested and bailed as part of the probe.


On the very day that Lord Justice Leveson proposed new restrictions on ‘press freedom’ (to engage in phone hacking, payment of grasses, bribery of police etc? – no: to engaged in speculation that the McCanns might have co-operated in the abduction of their daughter), eliciting outrage against ‘the first censorship of Britain’s press since 1695,’ Britain’s wretched media reported that, in Enfield {near Southgate, where I simmered up in what was a 100% White (lower-)middle class area}, “a man of 18” had been charged with raping an 11-yr schoolgirl (in a two-hour ordeal after he had seized her from the streets in broad daylight [well, November GMT] as she got off her school bus and dragged her for two hours of repeated sexual efforts into a public park) (e.g. the ‘right-wing’ Daily Mail, 29 xi).

“A man of 18” was of course a Black youf of 18* – but MSM’s self-censorship (orchestrated by the National Union of Journalists) had long forbidden publication of such facts, as of the more general realities of race (unmentionable since the Race Relations Act of 1966, quite unopposed by MSM), sex, class, IQ and yaggery.

{Yes, Britain’s media, which had done nothing to defend serious free speech for years, found itself under attack for its easily-arranged but most profitable lines of gossip. How ironical!}

*Named Ompemipo Jaji. But such names would themselves disappear over the next decade or two as ‘assimilation’ took place – albeit in name only [as per ‘Leveson’ himself – presumably a disguise of Levisohn].

The way MSM was going, without any government decrees whatsoever, would yield ‘news’ in twenty years time like: ‘A person [face obscured by MSM] somewhere in London was ‘charged’ with an offence against another person. END OF YOUR NEWS – YOU’RE A RACIST/SEXIST/AGEIST IF YOU ASK FOR MORE!’


Once a society accepts one bit of socialism, it will soon get another. Such was the Simon Heffer message (D.Mail, 29 xi) as Britain, concerned to appear liberal but to keep down the costs of its (increasingly ludicrous) skules’n’ospitals,* declined to punish and recompense in cases of late-night drunken damage and broad-daylight phone hacking and civil service illiteracy but instead screamed for inflated alcohol prices for all, meaningless luniversity ‘degrees’ for all, censorship of the press for all and even higher car park charges for all (allegedly) to reduce obesity – such schemes to be overseen by armies of bloated peecee apparatchiks.

Yes, the police state was arriving – in the nicest possible way, of course, this being Britain overseen by Etonians and rabbis.... Soon the life of Brits under PeeCee would compare unfavourably with the life of Jews under Leviticus.

* England’s state schools were so wrecked by egatlitarianism and indiscipline that 50K teachers  resigned their posts in 2011 – a 20% increase in resignations of 2010 (Sun on Sunday, 2 xii). (The training of each teacher cost £24K.)


New York experienced its first day in living memory without violent crime (BBC, 29 xi) – though crimes like larceny showed no fall. There had been 366 murders so far in 2012 in New York City, compared with 472 at the same time last year. Experts said such a low number of homicides was highly unusual for a US city of eight million people.

Some experts were praising the New York police department’s recent aggressive crime-prevention tactics, notably the so-called Stop And Frisk policy, which had rooted out dozens of illegal guns from Blacks and Hispanics. Other experts pointed to a new practice of concentrating cops in areas where crimes were likely (i.e. Black areas) – a policy development showing no sign of arriving in Britain, where police preferred to put their feet up in front of the gas fire in their stations, filling in forms attesting their newly achieved levels of anti-racism.


Rotherham social workers’ cancellation of their placing of three East European children with experienced foster parents who had turned out to be members of ‘racist’ UKIP was greeted with contempt by the electorate, which, in a parliamentary by-election, gave UKIP 22% of the poll (Guardian, 30 xi).

(This, together with the BNP’S 8%, meant the demonized ‘far right’ had clocked up 30% support – compared to 5% for ‘Conservatives’ and just 2% for ‘Liberals’ [themselves busy urging state control of the press....]).

Already aware that Rotherham had needed to jail five Pakistani pimps who preyed on young girls, voters were apparently in a mood to take on the anti-racist industry. Surveys showed that UKIP voters were chiefly concerned not with leaving the European Union (UKIP’s main official policy) but with immigration, especially of the 3.5K gypsies who had arrived in Rotherham since 2004 (BBC R4, 1 xii, 08:40; Guardian, 1 xii).

     Nationally, the Observer’s GB opinion poll (of intending voters) for November showed UKIP increasing its lead over the LibDims and being clearly Britain’s third-most-popular party (2 xii):  Labour 38%; ‘Conservatives’ 29%; UKIP 13%; ‘Liberals’ 9%.


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