Monday, March 28, 2016


Though, over a generation, the race traitors of the peecee political elite and MSM had made it publicly unquestionable in America that any excess of Black criminality was the result of Whie racism, an updated survey by veteran economic analyst Edward Rubenststein (The Color of Crime, 2016 Revised Edition) made clear that stark differences continued as long maintained by Art Jensen, Phil Rushton and Jared Taylor as Black > Hispanic > White > East Asian – with cops notably failing to vent their supposed animosities against the USA’s Orientals. Steve Sailer summarized Rubinstein’s findings in Taki Magazine (23 iii) but a particular refutation of police bias was made neatly by Rubinstein himself:

"Almost without exception, the black/white and Hispanic/white arrest multiples are lower for the less serious crimes. Whatever else this difference may mean, it is strong evidence that the police are not making biased arrests. Police have broad discretion as to whether they will arrest someone for forcible touching, shoplifting, or setting off a false fire alarm. If racist police wanted to vent prejudices on non-whites, these are the crimes for which they could most easily do so. They can walk away if someone complains he was spat on, and if they are racist they can walk away if the spitter is white but make an arrest if the spitter is black. Police cannot walk away if someone is lying on the sidewalk bleeding from a knife wound"


In the aftermath of the Brussels horrors (34 killed and hundreds injured by ISICK), America’s Donald Trump was the first and only Western politician to respond practically to the Mueslie atrocity, proposing surveillance of Muslie areas and especially of mosques (Daily Mail, 22 iii). Monitoring might not be as reassuring as enabling mosques to to demonstrate their contributions to aiding victims of jihad, or as banning unkempt beards and slitty veils; or as salutary as closing one mosque for each person killed by jihadists, banning concentrations of Mueslis, banning Arabic, forbidding the import of Mueslie wives and sterilizing welfare-dependent mothers illiterate in English.

But, assuming surveillance would include communications and finances, it would be a big improvement on the fatuous waffle of peecee politicians and MSM.* DT also supported the use of waterboarding with “radical Islamic terrorists” and condemned US President Obarmy for declining to cut short his high-jinks holiday in Cuba so as to organize teams of New York cops to explain to Europeans how the policing of crime- and drugs-filled ghettoes should be done.

* An honourable exception was the usually much-admired former editor of the Daily Mirror, Piers Morgan – 23 iii. Ditto the Mail’s ‘controversial’ Katie Hopkins – 23 iii. And DT especially won the support of the London Times for surveillance of imams (24 iii). Emboldened, perhaps, DT went on to say he would not rule out dropping battlefield nukes on ISICK – thus making up for eight years of casualess on the part of Peace Nobelist Obarmy (D. Telegraph, 25 iii).

Further, DT threatened he would cut supplies of military toys to Saudi unless that kingdom got its act together to fight ISICK. He achieved the accolade of being burned in effigy by Mexicans on Easter Sunday.


As the Christian holy days of Easter (celebrated in Britain chiefly by public ‘servants’) licensed columnists to reflect on the state of the West’s run-down religion, the Telegraph’s Jemima Lewis (25 iii) was drawn to remark  the greater appeal of Christianity to women than to men – a sex difference not found in Jewry or Islam (and traditionally less in Catholicism than in Protestantism).

Plausibly, JL noted that early Christianity had opposed the ‘chauvinistic’ ways of the Roman Empire, allowing/encouraging girls to marry late or not at all and freeing them from demands by Roman fathers to abort or kill unwanted children [even up to age 35] and to have easy and cheap divorces if not outright polygamy. In short, females were to be ‘looked after’ while offering only loosely supervised faithfulness in return.

The West’s 20th century ‘welfare’ states actually beefed up this ‘protection’ of females, throwing in expensive health care throughout the grand old ages which women reached and high-sounding education for their children; and men accepted taxation costs since they were given vast sexual freedoms previously unknown in even the most pagan worlds.

Any problem? Yes: the expense was terrific and no-one – male or female – wanted the additional expense of fighting for a system the rightness or efficacy of which they could scarcely articulate. Probably it was only the collapse of socialist welfarism beneath its own burdensome excesses that would lead men to resume their provider roles – and to pester dominies for theologies and histories of Christianity to match.

At some point voting would have to correspond to contributions (‘No representation without taxation!’) – thus allowing a greater influence of intelligence in politics, as Jesus surely had in mind in his largely good-humoured challenges to Jewish legalism.


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Sunday, March 20, 2016


The physicality of clashes between Syrian (etc.) pumigrants and their European hosts ratcheted up another notch as Macedonian guards took batons  to A/As who had found a way out of Greece by crossing (though others drowned in) a fast-flowing river.

Confrontations had previously involved pushing, shoving, groping, raping, robbing and arson of refugee shelters but now moved on to beatings to force pumigrants aboard buses to take them back to Greece (which had admitted them in expectation of unloading them northwards into the welcoming arms of Mad Mutti Merkel and her German idealists).

“The [Macedonian troops] hit everyone – women, children, men – and said ‘you are going back’,” said Halad al-Hassan, 32, from Raqqa, the Syrian city overrun by Islamic State militants last summer (Guardian, 16 iii). “People are very shocked, too shocked to even want to speak,” he sighed, shaking his head in disbelief. “I’ve been here in Idomeni for 27 days. It’s very bad, very cold, very unbelievable. Why does Macedonia do this? Why has Europe closed the borders?”

Dazed youngsters, blankets strewn across their shoulders against the biting cold, walked around aimlessly as charity workers – many having worked through the night – strove to cater for the estimated 2,500 people pushed back into Greece.

{As people smugglers worked tirelessly to help pumigrants with their ambitions, it could not be long before the authorities would use their guns – as should have been threatened from the beginning of the invasion. German anarchists were also reported to be stirring things up in the appalling 14K-strong ‘city’ that had grown up on the Greece-Macedonia border.}


As Russia surprised the world by a sudden withdrawal of its jet bombers from Syria, experienced Times correspondent Roger Boyes reckoned that John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov, the US and Russian foreign ministers, had sketched out a “federal” future for Syria (16 iii). It seemed that Vladimir Putin might accept the idea that the Alawite-dominated Latakia region in the west and the capital Damascus stay in Moscow-friendly hands while the Syrian Kurds in the north would be given a form of self-government.

Much to the annoyance of Turkey, the Syrian Kurds had already been promised diplomatic recognition by the Kremlin.

In the Sunni parts of Syria, meanwhile, Russia said it was ready to join the US in attacking Islamic State headquarters in Raqqa. Despite the withdrawal, Russia could strike Raqqa with long-range bombers based in its client state of Dagestan. The only problem was that Basher Assad wanted to continue with a multicultural Syria under his own control – hence him finding himself dumped by the realistic Russkies.


Just as Yukay ‘Conservatives’ made a Budget centrepiece of announcing they would produce an educational utopia by a multi-milllion-pound re-naming of schools as ‘academies’ [cf. America’s ‘charter schools’ – and with equally little ability to select pupils, to select their syllabuses or to select their own methods of discipline and expulsion], Australian researchers came forward with massive modern evidence of genetic effects on children’s performance (SBS News, 15 iii).

School results of thousands  of twins in NAPLAN tests revealed that skills in maths, reading and spelling were up to 75 per cent genetic; and genetics even had a 50 per cent impact on writing skills. In stark contrast, when looking at why children performed better or worse than their peers, the influence of teachers and schools on students was found to be only around 5 per cent.

The research has been conducted by Emeritus Professor Brian Byrne and colleagues at the Centre of Excellence for Cognition and its Disorders, and the University of New England [in New South Wales]. Byrne is a guest on this week’s episode of Insight, sharing his views on how research into twins can deepen our understanding of the general population. The research will shortly be published in full, with much of the peer review process complete. Some parts of the study have already been published.

Byrne and his colleagues were allowed access to around 3000 sets of twins and were able to look at their academic performance in literacy and numeracy NAPLAN tests in years 3, 5, 7 and 9.

The results were surprising {to brain-addled social-environmentalists – latterly including wet cuckservatives}.

Families, teachers and schools had a much more modest contribution when explaining the difference in academic performance of children in the same grade or class.

The majority of difference between students’ abilities in literacy and numeracy were instead attributable to their genetic make-up. Writing skills were the least influenced by genetics -- only about 50 per cent. Genetic influences on reading, spelling and mathematics abilities were found to be between 50 and 75 per cent.

The findings back up earlier research done in the UK.

“Genes are the things that are, for the most part, driving differences among children, and not different teachers or even different schools,” Byrne told Insight’s Jenny Brockie, during filming of the show’s feature on twins. Byrne says his findings “undermine the idea that a really, really big player in how well children are doing is teacher qualifications and a teacher’s education.”

Unsurprisingly, the UK Budget’s announcement of mass academization of schools elicited much caterwauling from correspondents to the Guardian (19 iii) and BBCR4’s ‘Any Answers’ – though mainly out of conventionally pious anxieties that the dreaded ‘privatization’ was in the offing rather than out of concern that inherited g levels required teaching to be arranged according to children’s abilities and achievements-to-date (as per TgF Chapter 4).


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Monday, March 14, 2016


 Summoned to Oxford by ‘Rhodes Must Fall’ for a demo against vestiges of British imperialism, the half-a-million students of Britain managed to field only a pitiful 150 scruffs for the protest. Yet, despite this feebleness of support for latter-day leftism, Yukay’s prostrate-to-PeeCee academia produced not a single voice to speak in favour of Rhodes or any of the brave Brits who had brought peace and prosperity to a fifth of the world’s peoples for 200 years. The cowardice of Cambridge staff was especially noted by a Guardian correspondent (10 iii):

"I never thought I’d be ashamed of my old college at Cambridge. But the decision of Jesus College to remove the ancient bronze cockerel from the hall (Report, 9 March), following the calls from undergraduates to send it back to Africa, is both shortsighted and cowardly. The college claims to act “in loco parentis” with regard to its undergraduates, but only the most inadequate parents bow before the childish demands of their offspring. What will be next? Will the college tear down the statue of its episcopal founder from over the main gateway? After all, Bishop Alcock (1430-1500) did not ordain women, and that must annoy the youngsters, too. Why have the backbones of Oxbridge dons been removed?"


 Advancing from his proposal for a temporary ban on Muslims from coming to the USA, Republican front-runner for the White House, ‘Big Don’ Trump explained that ‘most Muslims hate us – there’s tremendous hatred.’ Though perhaps none too cognizant that Muslims hated and killed each other (along Solunni vs Shitite lines) with greater practicality than their largely fanciful dreams of exterminating Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists.

Trump came closer than any other public figure to recognizing that the West was being invaded – its liberalism, geniality, prosperity and need for slave labour and socialist votes having sucked in the fighting-age men of A/A nations where romance was unavailable, culture a no-no and women confined largely to having babies till they dropped.

Wisely, ‘The Donald’ declined to commit himself to any more particular course of action than ‘finding out what was going on.’ But he was clear that the West’s 21st–century response to revived and oil-enriched mediaeval Islam needed beefing up. "I'll work on it with the generals," he said (CNN, 11 iii), "We have to play the game at a much tougher level than we're playing it now."


As millions of Germans prepared to vote in local elections, it turned out that the leader of the AfD (‘Alternative for Germany’) party – for which some 20% were expected to vote – had, after a first degree in chemistry from the University of Reading, got a doctorate from the highly prestigious University of Göttingen (founded by Britain’s Hanoverian monarch, King George II, in 1734), making her the West’s most intellectual nationalist leader.

The boyish Frauke Petry, 41 and a mother of four, had also been the first politician to advocate the obvious policy of using speeches and guns to deter unwanted A/A pumigrants/rapefugees. FP had also proved a most successful businesswoman, winning her country's Order of Merit for her innovative work.


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Monday, March 07, 2016


As the ‘Battle for Britain’ [re the UK’s future degree of association with the EUSSR] began, with its emotional focus being on the tidal wave of low-IQ immigration, slavery, squalor, illiteracy and welfare dependency that had been unleashed on the war-‘winning’ but bankrupt country by its short-term-thinking politicians, it turned out that the key question of how to justify free international trade without justifying free international movement of people had been answered in AmRen, 7 vi 2013.

Reviewing Ed West’s The Diversity Illusion, Tony Bain had pointed out that lax importation of Chinese computers could be easily undone by obsolescence, sale or destruction, no such remedies could be countenanced in the case of Chinamen  -- nor, Bain might have added, of their inevitable families.


  As peecee students of Jesus College, Cambridge, resolved to dissociate from ‘British imperialism’ by returning to Nigeria a 13th-century bronze cockerel taken from that country’s Benin empire in 1897, a Guardian correspondent gave some faxalife [22 ii].

"I think its perfectly acceptable to repatriate the students to Nigeria, if they dislike living in a hateful, colonial Empire that looks down at them and thinks they are less worthy than others; but many believe that the old rulers of the city of Benin were a rapacious and greedy bunch, that frequently murdered visiting traders and most likely stole the cockerel from some poor victim, who was tortured, imprisoned and eventually murdered by the rulers of Benin, a nasty, evil, and rapacious group, not known for honesty, integrity or even-handed dealing"

Yes, the bronzes had been seized in response to Benin’s killing of twelve British traders. Scores were sold to museums around the world, which kept them more safe and more visible than would ever have happened in mega-corrupt Nigeria. Benin had been a keen participant in the African slave trade, selling some 3K Blacks annually.


  The BBC’s star programme for the thinking man, Start the Week, gave top billing to pop psychocackler Oliver James to plug his book Not in Your Genes which rejoiced in the failure of 21st-century researchers to find any single genes having much effect on intelligence or personality [R4, 29 ii, chairperson Mary Ann Bighead]. In keeping with the loony Labour agenda of the 1980s, James took his jubilant 100% environmentalism to mandate the closure of all public [in UK, =private] schools so as to give expression to his egalitarianism.

[More likely, these schools would simply relocate to Belgium – where Brussels would happily provide a new Oxbridge to take the new Eton’s products.]

 Thankfully new-boy-on-the-psychogenetic-block Professor Marcus Munafo [U. Bristol] was on hand to explain to James that human psychological differences involved many genes, each of small effect – as had been recognized by Cyril Burt, Hans Eysenck and Arthur Jensen in the 1960s.


 As further scores of thousands of A/A pumigrants headed through the Balkans towards Mad Mutti Merkel’s promised welcome in idealistic Germany, even the Guardian found most of its correspondents rejecting its benevolence about the invasion and warning of troubles to come [1 iii, 2 iii].

"In my opinion, The Guardian is dialing this whole thing down... shutting down comments prematurely, or not opening them up at all - genuine news items not covered or mentioned. I think the policy seems to be don't report it, don't discuss it and it will all go away. Or to put it another way, Tony Blair's approach to creating a multicultural society - once they're in it'll be a fait accompli.

However, I don't think this issue is going to play out like that at all... I fear it will turn violent and I think it's an obligation on the part of the 'progressives' to acknowledge their hand in this. This is what they advocated. The warnings were and are clearly visible. And still they proceed. And the Guardian editorial line is fully behind it. If this turns ugly, in my opinion, they will simply slink off into the shadows and go quiet, like they had nothing to do it. But they are very very much front and centre

We see heroic young champions of freedom, fighting to bring down the oppressive rule of law.

For far too long, the countries of Europe have defended their borders and the security of their sovereign nations, even in times of war.

Now, in the new spirit of Schengen, and the heady cloud of “EU Shared Values”, these young warriors from the East are helping us to overcome this grim state of boring stability.

Saint Angela’s spiritual light has entered our souls, and we are embracing openness and welcoming all.

The future is a sunny plane of sweet harmony into which some of these nice young men will bring us the benefits of the culture of the worlds they have left behind.

The change will sometimes be explosive.

Embrace the spirit. Stay IN.

I see a violent mob, unable and unwilling to control themselves, taking up any object that can be used to force their way in a country that has neither invited nor needed them, with the complete disregard of any law of that country. And it is deeply disappointing is that this alliance of the illegal migrants and their human traffickers has found a willing accomplice in the western liberal press, as seen in the lionizing style of this and many other articles.

It simply leaves me speechless that knowing what culture, religious background and social customs they come from the liberals would even consider supporting them, thus promoting the spreading of religious hatred and intolerance, tribalism and woman explitation and subjugation.


 The cowardly cancellation by the London School of Economic of a talk that drew attention to the excessive numbers of delinquent children born to ‘welfare’ recipients was deplored, and the talk summarized by columnist Jenni Russell in the Times [3 iii]. Correspondents – e.g. below -- largely agreed with the shut-down speaker, neurobiologist Adam Perkins [King’s College London].

"The biggest challenge facing our country is the entrenched belief that it is every person's right to have as many children as they wish and the state must fund them. The extent of this entrenchment is demonstrated by the reaction to this research.

The liberal educated elite has created and cultivated an often poorly educated, anti-social and wilfully unemployed under-class with a keen sense of entitlement. The problem is that the elite's argument in support of the status quo is an apparently sound, and they believe, totemic one: the children are innocent and should not be punished for the poor choices of the parents.

Sadly, the savvy parents understand this moral obelisk and have worked out that for Western liberalism to eviscerate it would be to plunge a dagger into the heart of its own core philosophy. This argument cannot be won on moral grounds.

The irony is that it will be a fiscal economic argument that trumps this seemingly unassailable moral position. The deficit will save our society because soon we will be forced to accept that we simply can't afford it any more.

The liberals will be content because the economists will tell them they were morally right before throwing the system out of the sinking balloon. It turns out we cannot afford our high ideals. ‘Twas ever thus.....


Despite some polite lamentation over the failure of Zimbabwean student to get the statue of Cecil Rhodes removed from Oxford High Street, and some expressions of resolve to ‘think seriously’ about Britain’s imperial history, even some Guardian correspondents could be found expatiating on the Empire’s success – at least in comparison with the expansionist efforts of other countries [4 iii].

"I am not ashamed of our past, it is the present that shames me, and this supposed liberal need for atone for the supposed sins of our predecessors.

Let’s be clear, those people lived hard lives, much harder than many of the people they supposedly oppressed. They got off their backsides and explored the World. For the liberals of this World pontificating from the comforts of their arm chair, I would love to see them manage a day on a ship (200 years ago), never mind the years at a time that great men like Cook did.

They were industrious, hard working, and great innovators. They seized the opportunities that were available to them, and didn't lie idle, spreading their industry across the World. While not everything they did was PC and would meet the sensibilities of today, they did largely improve those countries which they went into.

So no we shouldn't be apologising, none more so than modern day residents of Italy should apologise for the Romans being the most advanced people of their age. Nor should we be giving more money/ scholarships to moaning students from Zimbabwe, a nation that was a bread basket prior to their independence from the UK, and would now face starvation without international aid.

No, we should be more confident and tell them to go back and study in their home country if they do not like our history."


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