Monday, November 26, 2012


 “F***ing Muslims” should not be bothered with, since they would never vote Tory. So had top Oz PR guru, Lynton Crosby, called a ‘Wizard of Oz,’ correctly told Boris Johnson as the latter campaigned (successfully) to become Mayor of London. The remark – well in line with Crosby’s general recognition of third-world immigration as being widely deplored, though also in line with Australia’s rough-and-ready speech habits – was leaked anonymously to the Sunday Mail (18 xi) as Crosby was appointed by the Conservatives as £200Kpa mastermind of their 2015 General Election campaign. Crosby – in typically cowardly ‘conservative’ deference to PeeCee – denied any memory of having made such a remark.


Wymmin would have to pay the same motor insurance premiums as men from Dec.21st. This costly yuman rights development (organized from Euroland, but unopposed by British femininnies) would cost women hundreds of pounds more annually – and much more for young women whose premiums had to be equalized with those of boy racers having 25 times more risk of accidents and criminality (Sunday Mail, 18 xi).

The premiums of even women who had never made insurance claims would be increased still further to male levels if they lived in high-crime postcode areas – such discrimination still being allowed by the yuman rights brigades. {Just why judgements of risk could not be left to insurers (who, after all, needed to gain the assent of clients) was a mystery.}


As journalists prepared for the possible horrors of the Leveson Enquiry (scheduled to terrify newspapers into yet more peecee restrictions on open investigation and comment), a fine potted history of British struggles for free speech – from Knox and Milton via the ear-sliced, nose-slit and branded William Prynne to Wilkes – was provided by Simon Heffer (Sunday Mail, 18 xi) – though notably without reference to the countless restrictions on free speech which cowardly ‘compassionate’ conservatives had accepted, even within Britain’s once-free luniversities, since Labour’s anti-‘race hate speech’ legislation of 1966.


From a reply to my comment at Amazon on Bill Tucker’s The Cattell Controversy, I was glad to learn that I was “internationally known as a racist, sexist and homophobe” (titles which, as a liberal academic, I have done all too little deserve) but that at least my “racism” “sounded rational” (See here). (My full review of Tucker’s realism-avoidant book is here.)


A report by England’s Children’s Commission produced an estimate that 2,500 White teenagerettes had been driven into prostitution and worse in 2011. In claiming moodiness, arguments with parents and involvement in minor delinquency to be suggestive of a girl being sexually abused by a gang, the Commission seemed alarmist and was unofficially denounced as “hysterical” by a Government official (BBC R4, 21 xi, 08:00).

But it was certainly not ‘hysterical’ about the serious over-involvement of Pak males in the abuse* of White sluts ooops girls – causing even “lifelong feminist, anti-racist and Muslim” columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (who had long shown a healthy penchant for realism about paedophilia) to condemn the Commission’s flagrant  political correctness and cowardice about mentioning the race issue (Daily Mail, 21 xi).

*27% of pimps and abusers were ‘Asian’; and a further 24% were Black or of Mixed Race (e.g. Sun, 21 xi). A letter which the measly ‘Tory’graph declined to publish recorded:

“The Children’s Commissioner’s report on child sexual exploitation mentions perpetrators’ ethnicities, but without saying whether the numbers were more or less as predicted from the Census. In fact, the Commission’s own figures show that half the predicted number of White perpetrators were found (43% versus 88%), twice the number of “mixed” ethnicity (3.8% versus 1.8%), almost 5 times the number of Asians (33% versus 6.7%) and almost 7 times the numbers of Blacks (19% versus 2.8%).”


Church of England bigwigs got a kicking as the CofE laity voted to throw out the loony-lib-left’s longstanding proposal to have women bishops – rather contrary to the idea of  Genesis I that God had arranged a rather big male-female difference. {It was not even as if the great’n’good had been proposing to give bishoprical appointments and classy outfits and choirboy access to the likes of Dita von Teese: no, the TV screens of wailing wymmin after the Church Synod vote made it clear that the beneficiaries of egalitarianism were to have been fat old lesbian bags in glasses.}


Top Tory backroom boy George Bridges emerged from the shadows of Downing Street to provide a remarkable apology for the party having spent fifteen years following the Clinton- and Blair-beloved ‘focus groups’ and  giving up Thatcherism (Daily Telegraph, 21 xi). In particular, the party leadership had gone along with the Brown-blessed American multiculti-made bubble and promised ever more public expenditure; it had accepted the ‘dumbing down’ of school standards which made parents feel better about their little angels; and it had given up immigration control (let alone repatriation) in deference to the ‘anti-racist’ pieties of well-off voters who seldom had to live anywhere near a third-world immigrant.


As arrests of ancient paedophiles mounted daily and were matched by the setting up of expensive ‘investigations’ and surging demands for compensation of hundreds of victims from the coffers of the BBC and Wrexham town council, there began to emerge the possibility of paedohysteria leading to wide and beneficial changes in Britain’s criminal justice system. What paedohysterics were demanding was nothing less than the principle of ‘vicarious liability’ whereby employers and landlords took some responsbility for the crimes over whose lives they presided and from whom they made a profit.

Well, to extract compensation from such co-operators in crime – and why not also from co-residents and school authorities – would solve the major crime & punishment problem in liberal societies: that criminals could not be beaten or killed or deported and that they had no savings, insurance or work skills that could allow them readily to pay compensation. And why not require families, too, to chip in for the misdeeds of their members? All this would increase the level of supervision* under which the criminally inclined found themselves. And, in the long term, it would presumably be eugenic!

* Long known (since my 1971 article in New Society) to be just about the only cheap and effective means of crime prevention in liberal days.


As the centenary for Britain’s last top-flight composer approached, the Guardian (22 xi) braced its readers for the accusations that would doubtless be fetched out of the cupboard by paedohysterics so shocked at Benjamin Britten taking choirboys into his bed for hot kissing that they might do terminal damage to the left’s pacifist musical idol. Apparently, Britten’s infelicities could be attributed to the ‘repression’ of his days that had prevented him becoming a full-blown bumboy:

"Sexuality mattered to Britten. He was very screwed up about his attitude to boys and men. A man of his times, he was repressed and he repressed himself. You only have to listen to operas like Peter Grimes, which invites us to sympathise with a loner who has killed a boy, or The Turn of the Screw,* in which a boy and girl taunt their bourgeois governess with their transgressions with adults, to grasp the creative power of these tensions.

One Guardian correspondent properly jested: “We have it on good authority Shakespeare wrote a sonnet about a young boy -- let's have him in the sights next week.” For, yes, Britain’s most popular litterateurs would be knocked out of the ring as paedohysteria mounted: notably, Lewis Carroll [Charles Lutwidge Dodgson], Edward Lear [son of Jeremiah, d. Sanremo, Italy] and [Anglo-Irish] Oscar Wilde.

* From top music critic, the Telegraph’s lively Norman Lebrecht, Standpoint, xi, ‘Glorious legacy of a crabby loner’: “The Turn of the Screw, Henry James' tale of a schoolboy and a predatory ghost, hinted at the composer's liking for pre-teen boys, an urge he just about contained. To sound more modern, he inserted Schoenbergian 12-note rows. Parallel tensions, paedophile and serial, yield two of the most nailbiting hours in the whole of opera. Screw leaves audiences speechless in the intermission. Charles Mackerras called it Britten's "ultimate masterpiece". The centennial should confirm its supremacy.”


The ‘success’ of Labour and Coalition Governments in sending the mediocre products of comprehensive ‘schools’ to luni, their fantastical fees to be repaid in twenty years time if they ever had a job, was put on display in London as a pathetic march of a mere 3.5K students culminated in farce, with the National LUniversity Students (the once reliable leftist bosses’ union, NUS) President being pelted with rotten eggs, a satsuma and other food by hooded and beburqaed goonies from the lunis as they battled with police, resulting in general disarray, the withdrawal of said President to his club and the cancellation of the demo (Daily Mail, 22 xi).

{Yes, the lunis had been so hollowed out by turning them into three-year holiday drinking camps for the semi-literate that they could not even mount a demo without laughable attacks on their own selected leftist leaders (in votes typically involving a mere 2% of the merrymaking undergrads). These ‘students’ understood that they were political pawns in a system where – for want of proper selection – nepotism would rule (as prior to national-liberal Lord Palmerston’s efforts of 1860)? Some hope!}}


An Ipswich state secondary school (Suffolk) was found advertising for a proofreader who would correct spelling and grammatical mistakes, and other infelicities, in its teachers’ reports to parents (D.Mail, 22 xi). {Anything to draw parents’s eyes over the ‘service’ their kids are receiving!}


Members of UKIP (the UK Independence Party, which officially campaigned for Britain to leave the European Union) could not be allowed to foster children. So said the leftist social-worker goons of  Rotherham town council (South Yorkshire) (BBC R4, 24 xi, 08:30; Sun, 24 xi). This was after the foster parents (an ex-RN worker with the disabled and a psychiatric nurse had been praised as ‘excellent’ for their fostering efforts over a ten-year period and were said to have made a fine success likewise over eight weeks of handling their latest disturbed charges (apparently three gypsy children).

Despite all UKIP members having to say they were not racist, the party had long been described by leftists as ‘the BNP for the middle classes’, so the goons of outback Rotherham felt secure enough in their ‘anti-racist’ hysteria to deny what they themselves had chosen as the best fostering option to three mites of ‘non-British backgrounds’ on the basis of their special “cultural and ethnic needs.”

UKIP leader Nigel Farage {mustn’t that be a Frog surname?...} denounced the Rotherham decision as “a bloody outrage” and called for ‘heads to roll.’ (UKIP had been castigated by Daft Dave Cameron c.2004 as a paty of “fruitcakes and closet racists.”)

{Hopefully UKIP would learn to proclaim proudly that it was indeed racist—as I had advised all realists back in 1996. May as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb! – Of course, the multicult-fixated left would always designate (whether officially or unofficially) any important opponents as ‘racist’, as they did Mutt Romney during his fawningly race-avoidant election campaign and as they did the popular India-loving Enoch Powell as soon as he warned against Pakistani immigration in 1967.

(Paks gave a new demonstration of their Muesli brotherly love as Sunnis blew up and killed a few dozen Shi-ites celebrating some holy day in north-west Pakiland – BBC R4, 25 xi, 09:00.)}


While America ‘gave thanks’ for its liberation from Hanoverian ‘tyranny’ into a century of profitable but repatriation-avoidant slavery, a second century of undermining and losing Western control of the Middle East and a third century (just beginning – e.g. Mark Steyn, National Review, 16 xi) of Black and Mexican misrule, India showed what 60 years of independence from Britain could do as a 13-year-old girl was paraded naked by her school through the streets of New Delhi, accused by a teacher of stealing (Daily Telegraph, 24 xi|).

In Uttah Rubbesh province, a 4-yr boy was made to drink his own urine as a punishment for wetting himself and an 8-yr girl was partially scalped by her teacher. Said India’s director of its Human Rights Law Network, “We are still living in the dark ages.”


The UK’s PM, Daft Dave Cameron, at least managed to get pictured alongside Germany’s Mutti Merkel in Brussels (at a dinner for Eurocrats where the wine cost £125 per bottle). The two of them agreed (along with other Nordic countries) to resist planned extravagance by the southern/socialist/hysterical countries of Europe (though they still agreed on another nice gourmet dinner, in January....).

Just when plans would emerge to resettle American Nords (beaten by their minority-loving ‘lib’-leftist race traitors) in Switzerland, Sweden, Slovenia or Scotland [Europe’s last great desert, eminently capable of vast rehousing Jews and HongKongers] remained unclear. But Etonian nice-boy Dave seemed, just possibly, to be getting the idea.... {At this critical juncture for the White race, would Britain cut itself off from Europe? – Unlikely: Andrew Rawnsley, Observer, 25 xi.}


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Sunday, November 18, 2012


Perfectionism (as per cleanliness fanatic Marlene Dietrich and many other great actresses in their younger days, a neuroticized and thus automatized version of conscientiousness) was found strongly heritable in a new twin study from U.Michigan (ZeeNews, 5 xi; Wall Street Journal, 29 x).

The study also found that the strength of women’s preferences for slimmer female figures was in line with their general level of perfectionism and itself markedly heritable – giving hope that some female genes might help stave off the Western tendency to obesity that had been let loose as women had been bullied into stopping smoking.

{Needless to say, American ‘psychologists’ responded to the finding by announcing they were working tirelessly to help children tie their shoes with uneven laces [if any laces at all], to misplace commas in their sentences and to avoid struggling to find le mot juste....}


Having failed to execute Abdul Bathtardy (once O.K.binLiner’s right-hand man in Europe) for his treachery in encouraging the killing of British soldiers (and of as many other Brits as possible), the UK’s shambolic justice system spent eleven years trying to arrange a safe, torture-free return of the mad Muesli to his Jordan homeland, only to find its efforts overturned  by Londonistan’s yuman-rights-crazy lawyakkers and beardie Bathtubbalard set free to bowl for at least two years around London, followed by police working in shifts backed up by secretaries, computerwallahs, wardens waving red flags, lawswine, tealadies etc and costing £100K per week (BBC News, 12 xi) (plus the £1K per week which Bathfarta received to house him and his wives and ten children in UK welfare-state style).


Intelligence made a rare appearance in the West’s media as journalists seized on a report from Aberdeen that ‘cognition’ and obesity were negatively linked and both under substantial genetic control (Neuroscience 10 xi; Medical Express, 10 xi).

At the same time, Stanford scientists popped up with a claim that, due to increasing mutational load and decreasing selection pressure, humans had been getting dumber for the last few millennia (Daily News & Analysis, 13 xi; Guardian, 13 xi).

{No-one felt the slightest obligation to check out these claims with pisschologists (aka neurocognibabblers) – even with such a likely sympathizer as Richard Lynn. But Galton Fellow Robin Dunbar was produced by the Times to opine that the challenges of mate selection – not to mention marriage – would have continued to favour intelligence even through epochs when knitting socks, chipping flintstones and hunting rabbits were no longer of much use – Which rather neglected that, in just the previous 150 years, top White males had led the way into divorce and infertility, preferring prostitutes [London’s big attraction of the 1880s – even the holy Tolstoy kept 250 addresses in case of need], abortion, drink, contraception, the Great Liberation of the 1960s, a leisured life and merciful childlessness.}


As inadequate boxwallah George Entwhistle was let go as DG by the BBC and George’s wet crony Lord Patten for having let through unchecked a gratuitous castigation (eventually admitted to be baseless) of Lord MacAlpine (q.v.) as a paedophile, and having admitted he was “out” as questions about the programme flooded in, and was so ‘busy’ that he did not have time even to glance through the Guardian before starting his day’s ‘work,’ it turned out that life in socialist-wrecked Britain was not so harsh for those in the institutions which Labour calculated were its PR arm: boring, balded, bespectacled NonentiWhistle took his early retirement together with a cash handout of £1.4M after just 54 days ‘work’ which had brought the Beeb to its knees (e.g. Sun, 13 xi).


Daily Mail, 13 xi: “Self-appointed anti-paedophilia ‘campaigners’ demand a sliced bread advert is banned from TV because it features a girl in a school uniform. Elsewhere, in South London, a court hears that a convicted sex offender was murdered and had his genitals mutilated by an angry mob of vigilantes. This is how it ends.”


Any who doubted the forever-extending reach of peecee propaganda needed only to see the latest ‘Bond’ film ‘Skyfall,’ directed by Sam Mendes. Instead of being a debonnair bon viveur and xenophobe who out-wiles foreigners and gets his (White) girl, the new Bond, played by a pumped-up Daniel Craig, is a teetotal grump whose main mission is to look after (unsuccessfully) his equally disobliging short-grey-haired 75-yr female boss while hardly bothering to undo a shirt button on the few skinny (half-Black) beauties produced for his delectation.

Admittedly the film is passably exciting, if nerdishly full of incomprehensible computer machinations; but most will be reminded of observations that can be found on the net:

"Umberto Eco....noted that the Bond villains tend to come from Central Europe or from Slavic or Mediterranean countries and have a mixed heritage and "complex and obscure origins". Eco found that the villains were generally asexual or homosexual, inventive, organisationally astute, and wealthy.

Jeremy Black observed the same point: "Fleming did not use class enemies for his villains instead relying on physical distortion or ethnic identity ... Furthermore, in Britain foreign villains used foreign servants and employees ... This racism reflected not only a pronounced theme of interwar adventure writing, such as the novels of Buchan, but also widespread literary culture"

Writer Louise Welsh found that the novel Live and Let Die "taps into the paranoia that some sectors of white society were feeling" as the civil rights movements challenged prejudice and inequality."

Oh, and of course the villain-in-chief of the new film – though betraying faint signs of homosexuality – is no foreign devil but blond-haired and English.

Still not seeing peecee infiltration of the culture? Well, it was announced that a new series of ‘Dad’s Army was planned with ‘Captain Mainwaring’ as a female – albeit the delightfully goofy Miranda Hart.


As Britain failed to prosecute race-hate traitor Abu al Cartrada (who had already cost the country £10M over ten years), the House of Commons threw itself into the easier sport of paedohunting, especially allowing Labour MP Simon Danczuc to use parliamentary privilege name and shame a dozen eminent paedophiles, several of them dead, all of them decrepit, including a bishop [himself looked after by Prince Charles after accusations first surfaced], a BBC presenter, an organist, a headmaster and – most notably – Liberal MP for Rochdale, the much-loved 29-stone bachelor entertainer and philanthropist Sir Cyril Smith whose death (at 80) in 2010 would not prevent police investigation (and doubtless, later, if Smith were cleared, investigation into the investigation) into his penchant for providing discipline (followed by compassionate stroking) to the bare bottoms of naughty boys in a childcare home which he had personally funded (and to which – cf. J. Savile) he possessed a set of keys (Sun, 14 xi – incl. picture of the genial giant).

No harm had ever been alleged previously from the ancient hankypanky of the eminences; but ‘investigating’ their frightful misdeeds (and doubtless those of their well-connected friends) would long give British police welcome distraction from the business of arresting burglars, arming householders, attending breast feeding classes for flatchested lesbians and recording their holy non-stops of Black youf for drug possession and knife crime.

Meanwhile, top comedian Freddie Starr, 69 and accused of 40-yr-previous ‘groping’ of a 14-yr-old girl in J.Savile’s dressing room, told newsies he was “suicidal” at the humiliation of being banned from contact with his own children unless accompanied by his 34-yr-old fiancée (Daily Mail, 14 xi).

{Britain’s paedohysterical goons needed to take this seriously. Comedians are notoriously manic-depressive ooops bipolar, and indeed suicidal – the entirely successful boozer Tony Hancock being the most notable case, falling prey to depression and topping himself when visiting Oz.}


The lawyakker-serving nonsense of Britain’s ‘elf’n’safety laws was exposed as a granny, 79, excited by pork pies she had spotted on a Waitrose supermarket shelf, tripped over an intervening flatbed trolley (left in full view in the shop’s aisle), broke her wrists, and got awarded £44K. Her lawyers’ costs (to be paid by ‘guilty’ Waitrose)? £200K (D.Mail, 15 xi).

{England could not manage to execute or even deport a Muesli traitor in eleven years of Labourite legalistic ‘effort’; but it could manage to fine a firm £244K for an old woman’s inadvertence. Time for the simplicity of Sharia law!}


Falsely accused ‘paedophile’ Thatcherite Lord MacAlpine (q.v.) took his revenge on the BBC (Radio 1, 15 xi, 13:30) – though the £185K (plus costs) which the Beeb’s batty left-motivated paedohysterics forked out was actually from taxpayers’ pockets and unaccompanied by the mass sackings and halving of salaries that were plainly in order at the bloated ‘national’ broadcaster.

More amusingly, Tory ex-Treasurer MacAlpine, 70, said he would pursue the numerous ‘twitterers’ who had spread libel against him – and he had already received two grovelling apologies from the Grauniad’s star Green [though he lately apologized for that too] columnist George Monbiot. MacAlpine’s winnings from paedohysterics would surely top £1M by the finish.


Lest anyone thought neo-Communist China daft enough to impose egalitarianism on its schools, the Director of English at Dulwich College, Suzhou, Shanghai explained (Sunday Telegraph, Magazine, 10 xi, reported by Mick Brown):

“Not everybody is able, and also not everybody is a good fit, for Cambridge. There are times when we....need to have a good discussion with both the students and the parents and say, ‘Your son is not an ‘A’ student, he’s a ‘B’ student, and there’s nothing wrong with that. He can get into a good school as a ‘B’ student that he will feel comfortable in and will achieve in and have a very successful life from.’ Those discussions are very important.”

Yes, the sort of educational differentiation advocated by Sir Cyril Burt, pursued unproblematically in post-War Germany, and adumbrated in Chapter 4 of The g Factor (1996, Wiley DePublisher) did not frighten the horses in ‘Red’ China – even though all British political parties abjured it.


‘Students’ at Britain’s star ‘new university’ of the 1960s, Sussex, greeted their local MP, Mike Weatherly, with punches, rotten tomatoes and rocks has he arrived at the luni to give a talk on his proposals to provide a little criminalization of squatting (not a popular idea with gypsies, ‘travellers,’ vagrants and assorted leftist sympathizers) (D. Mail, 16 xi).

{As MW cowered in a locked room awaiting polce rescue – cops  being so busy with peecee pursuits – he must have pondered that the most elementary features of free speech and democracy had been ended in Britain thanks to years of ‘liberal’-leftism and cowardly ‘compassionate’ conservatism.}

     At the same time, another Tory politician found himself under police investigation for criticizing the ways of gypsies. And ‘Prime Minister’ Daft Dave was reduced merely to saying he was “fed up” that the eleven-year taxpayer-funded £50M process to remove traitor Abu al Bathfarta had culminated only in the beardie’s non-removal and successful demand to his local council for upgraded accommodation (from his £1,800 per month pad) to cater for the ‘needs’ of his vast dysgenic family.

      ‘Student’ terrorization and silencing of an MP was matched by the UK’s ‘liberal’ Establishment’s effort to silence the press: the enquiry set up under Lord Leveson (at the urging of MPs discombobulated by having their expense swindles exposed and of celebrities ditto by having their use of prostitutes exposed) turned out to involve a considerable over-representation of ‘lib’-left great & good who had long favoured state control of the media (D.Mail, 16 xi).


After five years of seeing the independent Gaza which they had created doing nothing but collect thousands of rockets for blasting Israel, Jewry’s race realists showed they could not only intercept most of said rockets but shell with pinpoint accuracy the launchpads, training centres and bridges of Hamas and the homes of its revolting Arab leaders – landing 180 attacks on the mad Mueslis’ infrastructure in just a few night-time hours and following up with a sustained naval barrage.

Namby-pamby peecee Westies bleated that Israel should follow in the path of multiculti American Jews who had handed their country’s presidency back to ‘affirmative’ Obarmy, but Israeli PM Ravin’ Yahoo kept pounding Gaza, daring Egypt’s Muesli Brotherhood to risk yet another military disaster by seriously (i.e.militarily) supporting Gaza’s murderous anti-Semites.

(Egyptians got a more immediate warning of their own incompetence as a schoolbus got stuck on a level crossing, killing 49 infants.   The only things that worked in Egypt are the French-run tourist steamers ploughing the Nile, and the ex-British Nile-side hotels that served them.)

Israel also managed to land tons of bunker-busting bombs on the tunnel network which linked Egypt and Gaza and ferried rockets to the Palestinians (Sun, 18 xi).

Fears that the conflict could widen were stoked by Iran as Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi said: “Putting an end to the Zionist regime’s crimes is only possible through a united, revolutionary retaliation by the Muslim world.”


Britain’s Conservatives took a drubbing as only 15% of punters bothered to vote for new ‘Police Commissioners,’ in an election where candidates’ names remained largely unknown and their platforms involved nothing more than Laura Norder and more in salary for bloated deskbound peecee cops. The candidates had not the wit to propose arming and training conviction-free estabished houseowners, so voters weren’t interested.


The city of Leicester – not long ago awarded a ‘prize’ for being Britain’s most multiculti centre (where Mueslis had long trained openly in city parks, getting ready for war – if possibly with the city’s teeming Sikhs and Hindus) – found itself targeted as having “a bitter taste” by famed telly chefette Clarissa Dickson Wright, 65, who was bringing out a book about the culinary variations across English counties.

London-born but Edinburgh-based Wright said her visit to the vast Muslim “ghetto” in Leicester was “the most frightening experience of my life.” She said Leicester demonstrated how multiculturalism had failed (D.Telegraph, 17 xi). Describing how she got lost after coming off the ring road to escape a traffic jam, she wrote: “I found myself in an area where all the men were wearing Islamic clothing and all the women were wearing burkas and walking slightly behind them. None of the men would talk to me when I tried to find out where I was and how to get out of there because I was an English female and they don’t talk to females they don’t know; while, if the women could speak English, they weren’t about to show it by having a word with me.

I have many good acquaintances and even some friends among the Muslim community, yet here I was, in the heart of a city in the middle of my own country, a complete outcast and pariah.” While admitting Leicester had “a very good selection of Asian restaurants,” she said, “It frightened me and I am not scared easily.”


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Sunday, November 11, 2012


As the Spectator and Telegraph mounted sustained and excellent defences against the statutory regulation hoped for by some (peecee) politicians and (pervy) celebrities from the Leveson Commission (set up to ‘investigate’ press use of material obtained from phone hacking and bribery of officials), a stout defence of bloggers and twitterers was offered by Camilla Swift who reckoned that free speech in Britain was no longer better protected than in Bahrain (4 xi). {So far had things come since the UK’s abandonment of academic free speech in 1997 – Barendt, 2011.}


By 5 xi (Sun), no fewer than 29 BBC staff were ‘under investigation’ for their ancient links to top paedophile celebrity Jimmy Savile (q.v.). {With a bit of luck, by the end of November the ‘Sav’ saga would be consuming most of the attention of the BBC, the media Conservative Party, Number Ten Downing Street, the Royals and many others. Bravely, the Beeb’s star presenter Jonathan Dimbleby called the whole business a “witch-hunt.” – Though whether Sav had been a witch, a perv, an eccentric manic Mensan, an orgy organizer, a necrophile, a sex murderer (along with his Leeds neighbour, the Yorkshire Ripper), a bougainvilleast or just a formidably energetic sex maniac was a moot point.

JS had had a five-month-long affair with an impressively wasp-waisted 18-yr-old (who got pregnant and was promised a pram). Apparently, his style was ‘wham, bang, thank you ma’am’ and he tried to keep her slim while he himself binged on fast food – a chief reason for her deciding to end the affair.}


As America awoke on Nov.7th to another entirely decisive Obarmy victory (after weeks of Republicans hopelessly believing their own polls), it had the chance to see that its tireless efforts to placate Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, wymmin, handicapped and yags had yielded nothing but socialism, statism and surrender to the risen power of Muesli terror.

Yet none of this was felt even mentionable by Republican Romney, who resolved to draw a veil over America’s ethnic problems by focusing on the sole issue of economic competence and saying that, though he had no idea what to do about the banks, he would somehow create more JABS, JABS, JABS. Understandably, his failure join in discussing America’s ethnic future impressed no-one.
Pretty clearly, it was time for rationalist ex-Protestant Whites to set up their own state, a pyramid based on Texas, Louisiana [where hundreds immediately demanded secession: TeaParty, 10 xi] and Oklahoma and apexing in Kansas. (Sadly, Whites had allowed themselves to lose Colorado [to Hispanics] and Ohio [to rust-bucket car workers, bribed by Obarmy’s ‘rescue’ hand-outs].) The alternative was to ‘feminize’ the GOP (e.g. with a female leadership and a big offer of affirmative action for women – a much more reasonable offer than the Democrats’ flagrantly anti-IQ affirmativism for Blacks); but feminization would have to involve dropping the criminalization of abortion – hard for the many Republicans who had come to use anti-abortionism as their main way of countering the left’s constant and mercilessly penetrating jibe that they were ‘Nazis.’

Whether the moment would be seized was a moot point: infuriated mega-billionaire Trump correctly called for a “revolution” but ‘The Donald’ offered no idea of what this would involve. Reintegration with Britain (or at least the Commonwealth) would be a natural development – but, having needed Communist Russia to get to Berlin and end the bankrupting ‘World Wars’ with Germany which Britain had woefully been goaded by the French to stimulate – Britain (its political class as infected with PeeCee as America’s ‘Democrats’) had long lost hope of getting America back and could hardly remember that some jubilation at the ghastly ethnically divided 2012 culmination of the 1776 American rebellion would be in order.

Plainly a Nordic League should be an objective – and, why not?, including Canada and Russia. The leader? Ex-Speccie editor Boris Johnson, Eton scholarship + Balliol, writer on Roman history, twice-elected Mayor of London, a successful family man and French-style womanizer, an entitled American by birth, with Turkish roots that would help keep Nato together and with enough good humour to make even a German laugh....


After an 8-yr legal battle, a Bradford bus driver whose BNP membership had become known, resulting in his peremptory dismissal, was told by the European Court of Human Rights (albeit by just a 4-3 decision) that he had been improperly treated (D.Mail, 7 xi). {Just what compensation and costs he could expect to receive remained unclear. But, for once, the ECHR had proved more sensible than the English legal apparatus. And the BNP understandably declared a HUGE VICTORY – though Enoch had once counselled that ‘injustice from a British court was better than justice from a foreign court,’ the truth was that English courts had largely foreignized themselves via peecee thinking, authoritarian ambitions to thought control, and general leftism.}

      In another put-down for Britain’s politicos and lawyakkers, the EHRC slapped down HMG’s recent wheeze of introducing yet more secret ‘justice’ -- to wit secret courts before which spies and doubtless an ever-growing army of officials could testify with anonymity and impunity.


Britain’s yags went into overdrive (BBCR4, 8 xi, 22:35), sh*tting their p*nts as PM Daft Dave was handed (in full public view on TV) a list of ten Tory homosexual MPs (including a Conservative Party Treasurer) who were being claimed on the internet to have made excursions into paedophilia --  with what yags among themselves called ‘chicken’ (14-yr boys).

Though the substantial overlap between queerdom and cutiedom was well known to experts, the case for the yag liberation and the power-push of the past fifteen years had very much reinforced mendacious public yag denials that they had the slightest interest in chicken. But the Savile Saga was daily producing more (ancient) ‘victims of paedophilia’ in search of money ooops justice; so new links were multiplying among the masters of sodomy and frottage – well-deserved in that most of the pervert community had conspired to back paedohysteria even at the cost of sending kiddiefumbling Nobelists, choirmasters, sports coaches, singers and comedians to the wall (and indeed prison and suicide) in order to advance the power struggle of standard-issue bumboys.


The Indian Government announced it would fund measures to increase the country’s dwindling population of pure-bred Parsees – one of the earliest groups to take on Mueslis and over-represented among successful politicians and businessmen (Daily Telegraph, 16 x). The Parsees – found especially in Bombay – had been ‘victims of their own success,’ delaying marriage so as to pursue Westernization, education and careers. {Another tip for America’s GOP that would bring in the female (if not perhaps feminoid) vote: provide half-free education at top universities for girls ooops young women already having babies by a husband who would match the proposed state subsidy!}


Republican politicos who failed to get elected after months of campaigning did not need to feel guilt about ‘racism’ or similar unholy tendencies: in Chicago, Blacks ensured a landslide 63% vote to re-elect Jesse Jackson Jr to Congress despite JJJ not having been seen in his constituency for six months, facing criminal charges of fraud, and being hospitalized in a Mayo Clinic suffering bipolar disorder, syphilis and other ‘issues’ (NBC Chicago, 7 xi). Yes, Afro-‘Americans’ would vote for a donkey so long as it was black – and riot if the donkey did not win.


  The BBC found another of its wings catch fire after it allowed a victim of paedophilia to name his assailant (of the 1970s, in a children’s home in Wrexham, North Wales) as having been top Tory Lord McAlpine, only to agree later, when he was belatedly shown a picture of the fuming Lord, that he had been completely mistaken. The Beeb, normally famous for fact-checking its stories to death, had run with the libel – perhaps because it already had another wing ablaze for failing to ‘name & shame’ philanthropical paedocelebrity Jimmy Savile (q.v.) but also because it was ‘relaxed’ about attacking Tories and covering for do-gooders.

The Beeb had thus got itself into an impossible situation: at serious risk both if it identified a paedophile and if it didn’t. It faced staggering costs as Lord McAlpine prepared to sue (Sun, 10 xi). And heads were set to roll (not least that of the new DG, George ‘Nonentity’ Entwhistle, who – despite his .4Mpa salary – had not the time to read even the Beeb-beloved Grauniad before starting work [where he would have read that his organization was scheduled to arraign a leading Conservative without even phoning the accused to offer him a right of reply]).

(GE’s head duly rolled; but he was not without defenders – such as the Beeb’s star interviewer Jeremy Paxman – so civil war at the Beeb looked set to continue. And that was even before Lord McAlpine’s bills came in.)

      Sun, 11 xi: Ruthlessly interrogated by Radio 4’s John Humphrys about Newsnight’s false paedophile claims, a squirming Entwistle — salary £450,000 a year — portrayed himself as the man who knew nuffin about the much-trumpeted programme everyone else was talking about. He knew nuffin because he was told nuffin. He was out when it was broadcast. He hadn’t seen Twitter. He hadn’t read the papers. His advisers kept him in the dark. Don’t blame me. Blame the system. For the man in charge of the national broadcaster, this evasion of responsibility was pathetic.

      The only answer was to leave such stuff to the police and courts. But both Lord McAlpine and JS had already been extensively investigated by cops to no effect. So there was no story – not a result that journalists liked to hear after twenty years of using paedohysteria to as a mainstay of their trade (not least handy for getting innocents into trouble). In the meantime, people had lost count of the number of ‘inquiries’ mounted by HMG and the BBC into who was to blame for ‘bungled’ paedohysteria – with no-one prepared to say that paedohysteria itself was intrinsically flawed (making accusations about ancient cases in which no harm had been demonstrably caused and often much satisfaction given [the Wrexham 12-yr boys being coached up to superior venues in London where they were given drink and all the trimmings and taken on sightseeing tours beyond their wildest dreams, doubtless including the Folies Bergerè

*For the first time, the Sun used the term ‘paedohysteria’ which I had invented c.2000 – eliciting in 2012, 12 viii, the kind words from AntiFeminist, The great Chris Brand in fine form reflecting upon the paedophilia accusations levelled against Jimmy Saville….


Not content with estimates of Chinese IQ at 105 (Richard Lynn) or 110 (myself), the Chinese columnist, Zhang He, warned that the country needed a tenfold increase in its amount of reading if it were to keep up with IQ in advanced Western countries like Sweden (, 21 vii). Zhang was responding to the reproof of a visiting renowned Japanese management expert, Kinishi Ohmae, who had noted that China had far more parlors than bookstores.

Apparently the average Chinese read only four books a year, compared to the average Swede’s forty. A big educational push was also necessary, said Zhang: “As long as China doesn't fall short in education, fears of it becoming a "low IQ society" will remain unrealized.”  {Heaven forfend that the Chinese – already mad about education and paying £50Kpa to give their children a British education (e.g. at China’s own Wellington College in Tianjin [Peking’s port and financial centre]) – should have to endure this ropey environmentalism for the century through which the West had had to suffer!

Apparently the famous E.Asian commentators were so ignorant as not to know that books were necessary to survive the long dark nights of Sweden, and that there was not much worth reading in Chinese thanks to decades of communism and millennia of hyperconformity.}


Norwegian mega-murderer Andreas Breivik, whose likely homosexuality and narcissism had been a matter of speculation in this blog, provided another clue to his diagnosis as he complained from his prison cell that he was deprived of access to moisturiser (as well as hot coffee) (Times, 10 xi). {It was important to Breivik’s peecee jailers to avoid mention of links to homosexuality – just as British yags had moved heaven and earth to have it believed that homosexuality had no links to paedophilia.}


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Sunday, November 04, 2012


Thirty years after Hans Eysenck (London), Lindon Eaves (Birmingham), Nick Martin (Brisbane) and I (E’bro) had shown evidence of substantial heritability of political views, Nature deigned to admit the possibility that “biology may help to shape political behaviour” (Lizzie Buchen, 24 x – essentially providing a reading list for recent relevant studies of twins, hormone levels, autonomic reactions etc) (the main tendency was for conservatives to be more shockable).


Top telly non-peecee comedian, Tory supporter and millionaire Jim Davidson, 58 and having a fifth lovely young wife (art historian Michelle, 41, pictured below, with him), blasted the witchhunting of ‘paedophiles’ of 1980 at the BBC, saying he and everyone else had always known there were plenty of ‘pervs’ like Jimmy Savile (q.v.) in showbiz, that the BBC had ‘gone mental,’ and that there was a serious risk of innocent men being accused (Sunday Mail, 28 x).

He said: “This hot bed of ‘leftyness’ has asked itself the question: "Should we have known?" The answer is "yes". We all knew didn't we?” His comments come after PR guru Max Clifford claimed a dozen big-name stars from the 1960s and 70s had called him, 'frightened to death' they would become implicated in the widening Savile scandal.

{It was much to be hoped that many BBC lefties – all sympathetic with paedophilia and indeed incest around 1980 -- would be consumed in the flames which the latter-day ‘feminist’ left and tabloids had ignited (in righteous concern to defend yags, who were madly believed to have not the slightest fancy for under-16 ‘chicken’). And there was a possibility. For all knew, from The Crucible, that the easiest way to handle witchcraft allegations was to accuse one’s accusers.}


 As Coalition leader Daft Dave announced he would get ‘tough but intelligent’’ about crime, bringing in virtual life sentences for second-time violence (but somehow without clogging the gaols....) and rewarding probation officers who rehabilitated criminals (but somehow without a larger budget....), an unusually frank (for a modern ‘conservative’) assessment of rehabilitation was made by the Speccie’s Alasdair Palmer (27 x):
What reason is there for thinking that any procedure followed by a government official or agent can turn a recidivist criminal into an honest citizen? The more we learn about the basis of human behaviour, the more it seems that an individual’s dispositions — to commit acts of violence, to get addicted to drugs, and to use force and fraud in their relations with others — are determined very early in life, and certainly prior to a first conviction. By the time the probation officers get to work, it is usually too late for their efforts to have much effect.

Yes, the only improving scheme not tried by HMG in the previous half-century was the one proposed by me (as a Prison Psychologist) in 1968: handing released prisoners over to churches of their choice which would supervise them in return for their work and of course take charge of the dispensation (if any) of their state benefits. Failing that, it would be time for eugenics – funded out of legalization and swingeing taxation of drugs (the occasionally unhappy sequelae of which would no longer be paid for by the NHS).


The ‘liberal’-left’s official veneration of ‘diversity’ was exposed as it turned out that – after 13 years of Labour rule – no less than 77% of ‘public servants’ were left-leaning (compared with 12% being conservative) (Daily Mail, 30 x).

(In the luniversities – long dominated by the quest of seeking taxpayer dosh – the corresponding percentages were probably 97 and 2.) Tim Montgomerie, editor of the ConservativeHome website, said: ‘Resistance to Tory ideas from within the civil service, the quangocracy and the heavily politicised charitable sector could easily be fatal for a large number of policy ideas.’

      The incipient civil war between state dependents and business sharks (revealing themselves to each household daily by their telephonic cold calling, junk email and incomprehensible bills and share details) had not yet reached the level of Burma (where ‘liberalization’ let loose Buddhists to take revenge on mad Mueslis [from the tribes of neighbouring Bangladesh]) or Mali (where the West’s lack of support for Christianity allowed a Muesli to drive a jeep into an RC church, blowing it up and killing or maiming some 200).

But the left’s politicization of public life (even rigging up mass pre-Election postal voting in America – guided and checked by the head of household, probably the only literate around in Black families) meant that entrenched and well-funded divisiveness was on its way, diversity-loving rhetoric notwithstanding). {Amusingly, the left neglected that its beloved Mueslis would eventually join the moral/political right.}


The London School’s towering genius of the twentieth century died on October 22nd. Art Jensen’s death in California was shrouded in mystery for a while, presumably because his second wife and/or sister did not want ‘anti-racists’ of the Southern Poverty Law Centre and similar to create over his grave the foul publicity for him which they had forever (but especially in the 1970s) attempted while he lived. A fine brief account of his life and achievements for differential psychology was provided by Jared Taylor in VDare, x and a fuller account of his origins and views had resulted from a 2002 interview with Frank Miele (see Brand, Heredity, 2003); but some of the main personal threads deserve picking out.

The first 45 years of Art’s life had been entirely mainstream for an American psychologist of his time. His first great wish had been to be a clarinettist (and he long retained a liking for conducting – in private – in the style of Furtwängler); but he found his way into psychology at U.Cal., Berkeley, and happily took to work in personality and, in particular, projective testing (inkblots etc).

(Sadly, he never linked up with the great Anglo-American psychometrican psychologist and eugenicist, Raymond Cattell.)

Despite a year spent in London with Hans Eysenck in the late 1950s, including development of a short form of the Maudsley Personality Inventory (measuring extraversion and neuroticism) and hearing Sir Cyril Burt, Art did not take particularly hereditarian or ‘scientistic’ positions; and in the mid-1960s he was disunitarian about even the g factor, believing it had two Levels which had only a moderate (‘twisted-pear-shaped’) relation to each other (a phenomenon probably reflecting the brevity and thus unreliability of the main selected Level 1 test, Wechsler Digit Span).

So how did the gentle Art become the controversialist hereditarian, ‘scientific racist,’ ‘fascist’ and supposed firebrand of the 1970s? The immediate answer lay of course in much conscientious study; but Art’s interest in Johnson-era educational improving schemes was itself a response to the environmentalist bullying which he and his first wife had experienced in the 1960s as their daughter’s autism had been blamed (as was then the psychiatric fashion) on ‘refrigerator mother syndrome.’

(Mothers of autists tend to be ‘intellectual’ since it takes intelligence to notice such subtle defiency in social skill in a small child.) It was as Art struggled (together with one or two similarly afflicted friends) to understand his daughter’s condition (the mother being far from the stereotypic frosty type) that he became interested in genetics. And, naturally, his concern with slow learners brought him in touch with Audrey Shuey’s magisterial summary of the voluminous evidence on low Black IQ.

As Art’s classic 1969 Harvard Education Review – documenting for the first time the failure of compensatory education -- became known, it was met with a tsunami of leftist fury (death threats etc requiring years of police guarding for Art and family) and by scholarly onslaught from the top behaviorist Leon Kamin (including a posthumous critique of Burt’s celebrated study of widely separated identic twins).

Eysenck joined in with popular expositions of the hereditarian case, including a Penguin book co-authored with Kamin. Art and Hans undertook a speaking tour of Australian universities – and were silenced by student mobs in most of them. Academically, Art moved his effort into producing his mighty 1980 tome, Bias in Mental Testing, outraging his critics by refuting the then-fashionable guess that IQ tests might be somehow invalid for Blacks and other ‘disadvantaged’ groups, and leading to his books being spurned by mainstream publishers for the rest of his life.

At last serious funding (long a problem for hereditarians) became available: the Pioneer Fund (set up in 1937 to further research into intelligence differences, and which had funded Shuey and was funding Tom Bouchard’s magnificent replication of Burt’s twin work) came to Art’s aid.

He particularly used the opportunity to study the correlations between reaction speed and IQ (first envisaged by Eysenck in 1967, though some relevant work went back to 1900). This was not a specially successful choice and Art might have done better to undertake psychogenetic research, of which he had the best grasp of all differential psychologists. But his work under the ‘racist’ Pioneer umbrella (surprising in that he was, like Eysenck, partly Jewish) provided a vital complement to other work on mental speed and IQ.

Soon Phil Rushton (Race, Evolution and Behavior), Richard Lynn (IQ and the Wealth of Nations) and I (The g Factor) would be providing (equally unpublishably) the necessary follow-up to the ‘heresies’ promulgated with such gentlemanship, assiduity and courage by Art.

He died among most of the academic honours and accolades he could have wished – notably from contributors to the journal Intelligence which his own work had done so much to inspire, if insufficiently acknowledged by the (also part-Jewish) leading popular exponent of hereditarian and nativist views, Steven Pinker (The Blank Slate).

Thus came to a halt pro tempore the main work of the London School, though continued publication and norming of IQ tests was continued by such as John Raven (Edinburgh) and research into the relatively acceptable topic of intelligence declines in old age proved eminently manageable by such younger researchers as Linda Gottfredson (U.Delaware) and Ian Deary (U.Edinburgh). RIP.

Further reading:,0,5349939.story


The wretched Denis Matyjaszek (alias Denis MacShane MP {he had adopted his Irish mother’s maiden name when he went into journalism -- his father was surely a Polish Jew}), a former Labour minister, resigned from the Labour Party after being found fiddling some £13K expenses in nineteen false submissions over four years (Guardian, 2 xi).

Kevin Barron, the Labour chairman of the cross-party disciplinary committee, described the findings against MacShane (q.v.) as the "gravest case which has come to the committee for adjudication".  The committee recommended that MacShane should be suspended from the Commons for 12 months, with loss of pay and pension rights for the period, after ruling that he had submitted "false invoices" to pay for official trips to other EU countries. MacShane also allowed interns to keep laptops, paid for by Parliament, when their internships came to an end.

A Labour spokesman signalled that MacShame would be expected to resign his seat altogether, triggering a byelection. Matyasshole blamed his family problems for him immersing himself in anti-anti-semitic work. The Sun called for ‘Dirty Den’ to face criminal prosecution (3 xi).

Matyjaszek was also a fan of the EU and had, hilariously, been described by the Guardian’s Polly Toynbee, on the day before the finding of guilt being announced, as “in communion with the European idea.” His fiddling had been drawn to the attention of Parliament by the British National Party. This was not the first time he had been caught cheating – though, in fairness, he was a relatively independent-minded leftist and gave the more backward Muesli practices a hard time.


Eighteen years after Blacks took over South Africa (where they became 79% of the population after treatments for AIDS came in), Black households earned only one sixth of what was earned by White households (BBC, 30 x) – the same ratio as obtained in Texas. The average annual income of a White SA household was about 365,000 rand ($42,000; £26,000), followed by Indians at 251,000 rand, people of mixed race at 251,500 rand and Blacks at 60,600 rand, the Government’s own census showed.

{How could this be? Don’t ask the BBC! Apparently, under anti-White discrimination, Blacks were given vainglorious job titles; but firms and unions did not feel moved to waste corresponding levels of moolah on the beneficiaries of affirmativism.}


The West’s support for the Arab Spring (intended to create multicultural peace and demakrazy) continued to yield mayhem as (Russian-armed) Shitites and (Western-armed) Solunnis killed each other at the rate of 200 per day (BBC1, 3 xi, 22:30GMT). Nigeria’s Western-backed exercise in multiculturalism also looked shaky as Mueslis (with the help of bombing) imposed Sharia law on the north, with the two sides killing 100 per day in the process as the multicult-wishing central government declined to impose boundaries and build fences (which had hugely cut Israel’s problems with Muesli-infested Sinai).


Having failed to put in perspective the modest gropings of superstar Jimmy Savile (q.v.), the BBC predictably found itself inundated with rumours of historic hanky-panky, yielding two arrests (and bailings) (of superstars Gary Glitter and Freddie Starr) and a rush by BBC producers to deny (contrary to their memoirs and websites) that they had ever had much to do with Savile (Private Eye, 2 xi).

Universities also reached high-doh with students at St Margaret’s University College, Twickenham, rioting against the college’s paedo contacts and Leeds University rescinding an honorary ‘law’ degree from its top benefactor (Savile had given in £800K – money that would, if there were any ‘honor,’ have to be repaid to Savile’s £4M estate) (Times Higher, 2 xi).

The BBC’s flagship Newsnight programme was advised of a ‘senior Conservative’ who had been part of a paedophile ring which rented out boys from a Welsh children’s home – perhaps the same ring claimed by Labour deputy chairman Tom Watson to have had links to Downing Street under a former prime minister {possibly bachelor organist, choirmaster and yachtsman ‘Sailor’ Ted Heath....} (Daily Telegraph, 3 xi, ‘BBC to accuse politician of being a paedophile’). {Yes, paedohysteria looked set fair to devour its own!}


In a compelling demonstration of the incompetence of Western democracy, and of why so few bother to vote, America’s presidential election passed off flatulently with the two candidates making only the vaguest promises and both avoiding the issue of race. Slightly rightist ‘Republican’ Romney could not bring himself to mention that Whites were fed up with Black crime, with Blacks taking university and professional places out of mere ‘affirmativism’ and with the ceaseless Hispanic immigration that was ripping up their country.

And even slightly leftist ‘Democrat’ Obama would not mention the usual ‘lib’-left yowls that America’s 1M Black prisoners and forever underperforming Black youngsters were the victims of White racism. Meanwhile China exhibited the change we really can believe in by electing as leader a man whose own father had actually been imprisoned by Mao for several years and by cracking ahead with learning English and building a new coal-fired power station every day.


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