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While American neocons pooh-poohed the French for failing to adopt affirmative racism to cope with Arab immigration, America's top journalist, Steve Sailer, pointed out in American Conservative (19 xii) that American had had plenty of race riots since the 1960s, that unemployment among young Black men had risen from 10% in the 1960's to 30% today, and that at any given time a staggering further 10% of them were in jail. So why was America and its President Dubya Bush so enamoured of Latino immigrant labour? The answer, SS concluded, was that the trouble is invariably with second-generation immigrants, not with the deferential and grateful first-generation semi-slaves - a helpful point in explaining how societies like those of ancient Rome and the modern West can come to have a favourable view of slavery ooops immigration, blind to the troubles that will brew from non-deferential, low-IQ children (the father having been allowed to import a low-IQ bride from his native land) who have little idea of how lucky they are to live in the West rather than the hell holes of the Third World.


In the aftermath of the October riots in France (in which 9,000 cars were torched by Blacks and Arabs) 33% of people said they would call themselves `racist' - up from 25% in 2004 - and 25% said they would vote for Jean-Marie Le Pen. 50% said they did not welcome immigration, compared to only 30% welcoming it (United Press International, 18 xii). Polling in Australia found that 75% of people thought their neighbours were racist (The Age, 24 xii). On Christmas Day, 100 cars were torched in France - a figure police said was the same as the usual daily average.


Brain size matters for intellectual ability and bigger is better. At Ontario's McMaster University researchers found IQ to be correlated with brain size (McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences, 22 xii). The study, led by neuroscientist Sandra Witelson, a professor in the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, and published in the December issue of the journal Brain, provided some of the clearest evidence as to the underlying basis of differences in intelligence. The study involved testing intelligence in 100 neurologically normal, terminally ill volunteers, who agreed that their brains be measured after death. The main finding was that `bigger is better,' but there were differences between women and men. In women, verbal intelligence was strongly correlated with brain size, accounting for 36 percent of the verbal IQ score. In men, this was true for right-handers only, indicating that brain asymmetry is a factor in men. Spatial intelligence was also correlated with brain size in women, but less strongly. In men, spatial ability was not related to overall brain size. These results suggest that women may use verbal strategies in spatial thinking, but that in men, verbal and spatial thinking are more distinct.

In the week after publication, the story was covered in several Indian newspapers and by one in Professor Witelson's native Canada, but virtually nowhere else and without any mention of Phil Rushton's long-standing advocacy of the thesis - such was still the head-in-the-sand of the West's media to IQ having any markedly biological basis.


The Government of Ghana resolved to invite all Afro-Americans of Ghanaian lineage to return to Ghana, with its tourism minister saying "We hope we can bring the African family together again" - though doubtless hoping for massive inward investment from healthy and relatively well-educated Blacks. But ordinary Ghanaians expressed astonishment and doubted whether a single Black American would wish to abandon the countless advantages gained from his ancestors' enslavement - i.e. rescue from Black tyranny, free passage across the Atlantic, being given safe if heavy work (it was the wandering Irish who were used for dangerous work) and finally manumitted and finding whole political parties devoted to their interests (first the Republicans, later the Democrats) (American Renaissance, 27 xii).


After years in which the West's peecee politicos had complained about Israel's wall to keep out Palestinians and had refused to contemplate the U.S.A. building a wall to keep out Mexicans, it transpired that holy Hindu India would, in 2006, complete a 2,500-mile steel double wall (the gap filled with razor wire) to slash terror, illegal immigration, people trafficking and smuggling by its neighbours in Muslim Bangladesh (American Renaissance, 29 xii). The plan followed the success of India's previous use of 1,000 miles of barbed wire fencing and would be supported by a force of 50,000 Indian soldiers, so eager was India to cut the 65,000 Bangladeshis who had annually been crossing the border illegally in the 1990's.


After years of ignoring Richard Lynn's work on IQ and the Wealth of Nations, the Economist ran a short article backing the theory of Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending (see June) that important evolution was still occurring in man, as witness Jewish (Ashkenazi) development of high intelligence just a thousand years ago. The article went on to add that eugenics should not be outlawed in a liberal society - quite a breakthrough for the cowardly neocons who run the Economist!


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Monday, December 19, 2005


From: Chris Brand Edinburgh EH8 9PP 7 xii 2005

To whom it may concern (but especially at Aarhus University, Denmark):

Dr Helmuth Nyborg is a well-known and distinguished scholar who has made an impressive contribution to the study of individual and group differences over the past two decades. Both in research and as an organizer (especially, as an editor), he has made an enormous contribution to the London School of psychology (the intellectual tradition, respecting genetic factors, that descends from Darwin's cousin, Sir Francis Galton). Dr Nyborg has been at once imaginative and convivial -- an unusual and welcome combination in academic life. Thus I have been shocked to hear that Dr Nyborg's work on sex differences has come under attack at Aarhus.

As it happens, I myself do not agree that men have any general advantage in intelligence -- though of course, because of their wider standard deviation in intelligence, men are massively over-represented in the ranks of both geniuses and the mentally defective. But Dr Nyborg's views are supported by Emeritus Professor Richard Lynn and are perfectly worthy of publication and discussion -- indeed, the top journal Nature recently deemed them worthy of debate (albeit critical). As we all know, 'political correctness' is the religion of our day and age, organized from 'postmodern' but still quaintly egalitarian France and forbidding discussion of controversial topics in psychology. Well, the French ban on talk of IQ and racial differences has not prevented major social disturbances -- the BBC currently refers to France as having 'got back to normal' when 50-100 cars are burned nightly.

I would urge Denmark to hold out against attempts to suppress free speech by such distinguished academics as Dr Nyborg. Free discussion is the hallmark of the Anglo-Saxon peoples and arguably a key cause of our great success as civilized and properous nations. If Denmark cannot even defend such a senior and internationally respected scientist as Dr Nyborg, I will conclude the country is frankly finished and just awaits the terminating arrival of Black, Muslim and kindred crazy conquistadors.

(NB If you feel bullied by feminists or their wimp male hangers-on, do you ever ask them how they feel about Blacks' and Muslims' notoriously hostile attitudes to women? Surely free discussion is best all round? -- So end your interminable bullying of Helmuth Nyborg!}

Yours sincerely,
Chris Brand (author of 'The g Factor' -- available free at


After a lifetime of sucking up to socialism, Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss concluded her career (in the Family Division of the High Court) as she took her pension with an announcement of her newly developed view that British governments had not done enough to support the family. Her repentance came as figures showed the proportion of kids living with only one parent had risen from 21% to 27% during Labour's term of office.


Faced with being wiped out as a White Christian country by 2100, the Italians, with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi among them, began thinking about rewarding Italian motherhood.


Following the weeks of rioting by Blacks and Arabs in France's banlieux, it transpired that Germany, despite prating about the joys of multiculturalism, had developed similar segregation - with three central suburbs of Berlin having become 60% Turkish, Kurdish or Arab. In these areas, young men as well as women live in virtual slavery, with their marriages arranged by parents (AmRen, 4 xii).


As 5,000 beach-attired (or non-attired) young Australians, many draped in the national flag, turned out in surfing resort Cronulla (fifteen miles south of Sydney city centre) to protest at Lebanese cockiness and aggression, gun-toting Lebanese [whom police didn't dare relieve of their weapons, illegal though they were under Australian politicians' attempts to emaciate the population] smashed 60 cars and many shops with baseball bats in well-organized reply (first clearing streets forcibly of witnesses) and both sides called for "war" in text messages.

As clashes broke out all around Botany Bay [the original landing ground for Britain's transported convicts], with Whites telling the "wogs," "We grew here, you flew here," the White nationalist group Australia First called openly for patriotic Australians to assemble in protest on the Cronulla peninsula on December 18th. In two nights of rioting there had been 31 serious injuries (on both sides, one a back-stabbing by a Lebanese), 16 arrests, a retreat by the police protected by 'Bra Boys' (Whites from Maroubra) and a complaint of attempted rape by a Lebanese who opened a car door, put his hand directly up a girl's skirt and told her and she would be raped as an "Aussie slut."

Politicians responded by quadrupling police strengths around Botany Bay and giving police 'lockdown' powers to close pub s, arrest drinkers, halt fast-speeding motor convoys and jail rioters for 15 years so as to smash the "ratbags" who were tarnishing Sydney's multicultural image. But race-related incidents were reported from the Gold Coast, Perth and Adelaide and it was felt necessary to cancel the Cronulla's annual surfing festival scheduled for Dec. 11. Muslim women's groups called on Muslim parents to confiscate their kids' cars and mobile phones so as to disrupt rioting.

Several churches came under attack -- one razed and others with windows broken, including one church whose mystified worshippers were largely of Tongan extraction. But Oz had come centre-stage in the West's battle against the low-IQ psychotics brought in by its businessmen and politicians - for short-term gain but without democratic approval and while mortgaging the future. The big question remained whether the healthy 5,000 Australian young patriots could rapidly expand to 50,000 - and preferably without being drink- or marijuana-fuelled.

A just-about-critique of White-bashing press coverage appeared at World Net Daily: It began, "When an Arab torches a school, it's rebellion. When a white guy does it, it's fascism," says French-Jewish philosopher, Alain Finkielkraut.


Leading the way -- as so often historically -- in oppression, statism, sadism and cowardice in front of the mob, the French convicted a 58-year old philosopher and rightish-wing M.P. (within France's governing UMP party), Professor Christian Vanneste, who had dared to tell two newspapers that homosexuality could, under some circumstances, be a "danger to mankind" (Daily Telegraph, 15 xii). For his politically incorrect agreement with standard Catholic doctrine, the professor was to spend Christmas waiting to see if he would be jailed for six months (as well as being fined $25,000); but at least his trial had begun the helpful process of linking PeeCee's tyranny especially to the ever-failing state of France.

Professor Vanneste was also centre-stage in another controversy splitting France, for he had successfully slipped a passage mandating schoolteachers to retail the glories of the French empire into an otherwise unremarked Government bill (MSNBC, 17 xii).


In a talk to New York Jews, Harvard's Professor Steven Pinker lent his considerable authority to Utah University work earlier this year (see previously here, June) to the effect that Ashkenazi Jews had a 15-IQ-point advantage over Europeans. Importantly, Sephardic Jews (who lived fairly integratedly in Spain for centuries before being kicked out) did not have this advantage, which apparently came from the northerly Ashkenazi Jews being blocked from all trades except finance - leading to expanded numbers of those who carried a recessive gene for IQ which in double dose brings the grave and distinctively Jewish disorder of Tay-Sachs disease. {But the media scrupulously ignored Pinker's dramatic conversion to race realism..}


In line with the proposals of Chapter 4 of The g Factor (1996), Britain's NuLabour Government announced plans that would allow academically ungifted children to abandon the GCSE curriculum and instead choose from among 14 strictly vocational courses such as Hair & Beauty, Engineering and Leisure & Tourism. {But the start date would only be in 2008 and it remained unclear whether employers had been properly involved in preparing the new courses, validating them, and agreeing to employ those with passes in them. The British Chamber of Commerce further stressed the need for communication skills, timekeeping and the right attitude to work.}


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Monday, December 05, 2005


Fresh evidence emerged that, contrary to conventional political pretences, immigrants are costly -- each immigrant family costing each Florida household $1,800 per year. {The evidence came from a pro-immigration Democrat economist at U. Florida (who was amazed at his results and rechecked them thoroughly..) and was published in the normally pro-immigration Investors' Business Daily; and presumably Florida's immigrants would have include many Hispanics (mean IQ c. 90) as well as Blacks.}


IQ tests were to be used in future in British state secondary schools to identify children who might be capable of Oxbridge entry with special coaching (Daily Telegraph, 3 xii). The announcement came after an expert on school evaluation, Professor David Jesson (Dept. Economics, York University) had found that children of high educational attainment at age 11 (top 5%) had a 1 in 3 chance of making it to Oxbridge if educated independently but only a 1 in 8 chance if educated at a state school (Times, 25 xi).


As sumptuous blonde American schoolteacher Debra Lafave, 25, was found by a court to have had full sex "many times" with a 14-year-old pupil, the culmination of a string of US `Kissy Missy' cases where no harm could be reported by assiduous leftist hacks, a survey revealed that fully 7% of schoolchildren claimed to have had some level of sexual involvement with an adult at their school, usually a teacher (female in 22% of cases). As to the star case of all time (see McDougall NewsLetters), bouncy blonde and lissome divorc‚e Mary Kay Le Tourneau, 42, was still together with (and married to) the strapping Pacific Islander, 21, whom she had first seduced at a US West Coast school when he was 12 - the couple had two daughters.


Yawn -- neuroscientists proved what everyone had known for a generation (AmRen, 2 xii).


(Updated post)

After France `returned to normal' (according to the BBC - only 100 voitures flambees per night by 20 xi), it turned out that there was one `philosophe' with 1968 leftist credentials who had changed his mind a bit about the Black/Arab underclass - though even he did not dare to use the term IQ (AmRen, 23 xi). {My French Correspondent tells me that fully 50% of the rioters were Black, the rest being better described as Beurs [Frenchified Arabs].}

{After a few days of being threatened with lawsuits from `anti-racist' groups, `philosophe' Finkielkraut issued a grovelling apology - such was the peecee tyranny that `liberal'-leftists had foisted on France, a country forever doomed to pay for its bloody and unrealistic Revolution, its killing of 100,000 Haitians together with its re-imposition of slavery in 1802, its repeated efforts to export its self-contradictory egalitarianism to the rest of Europe, and its end as a nation of cheese-eating postmodernist surrender monkeys.}


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