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Although human height differences had long been recognized as strongly (broadly) heritable (i.e.genetically determined but not necessarily parentally transmissible), it turned out that twenty years of searching (by modern geneticists, using modern DNA-scouring techniques) for the precise genes involved had yielded no result (BBC Radio 1, 18 iv, 09:30. ‘Andrew Marr Show’; Guardian, 18 iv, Jonathan Latham) – no more than had IQ/g/intelligence divulged its precise genetic basis.

{This was perhaps because – like bricks in a house – each contributing gene had value not on its own, as a direct cause, but as and when it came into play in conjunction with other exactly positioned genes [as I had explained to the Galton Institute in 1983 – ‘Intelligence and inspection time: an ontogenetic relationship?’, published 1984 in The Biology of Human Intelligence].}


The West’s idealistic democratic leaders (Obarmy, Shameron, Sarko) signed an extraordinary letter saying Libya’s Col Gadawful must “go, and go at once” – despite their declining to ‘put boots on the ground’ and anyhow having no authority for regime change from either their own parliamentary assemblies or from the U.N.

By failing to demand the division of Libya into its ethnic groups – especially separating the Benghastlies, who lived 1K miles away from the Tripololitas – the West thus condemned Libya to a decade of civil war (the ‘solution’ preferred by multicults to the creation of coherent nation states).

{By this stage in the development of multicultidom, Belgium, at the centre of the E.U. bureaucracy, had not had a government for fourteen months. Britain was similar – with its regions of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland living simply by the begging bowl, pursuing utterly socialist policies (comprehensive schools, free chemical prescriptions, free bus passes at 60+) at the expense of a Westminster reluctant to upset the Queen (or lose the Holy Loch nuclear sub base and stag hunting rights) by ditching the Celtic fringe.}


Un-opposed by daffy Western politicians, Islamists understandably set about advancing their empire-of-immigration by threatening their women with death in east London if they did not wear the burka, and by posting signs warning of "gay-free" zones and defacing posters featuring bikini-clad models (Sun, 18 iv).


Even the Guardian came round to admitting that the West’s ten-year struggle (longer than that of the Soviets) to control Afghastliland was based on ignorance of ethnic realities (18 iv, ‘Afghanistan: no endgame in sight’):

"A former UN negotiator involved in the Geneva agreements on the Soviet troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, Giandomenico Picco, said in a paper that we may have to abandon the idea of Afghanistan as a centrally governed nation state – a fallacy shared by the Soviets, the Taliban and the west."


Responding to Daft Dave Shameron’s electioneering imitation of Pres. Sarkozy (though Shameron had not actually turned back whole trains bearing intending immigrants from Africa), Dr Frank Ellis (early-retired from Leeds University’s Russian Department for insufficient multiculturalism) provided a reasonably rousing summary of Britain’s immigration problem for American Renaissance (18 iv) – sadly but rightly noting that Shameron’s effort at NormoTebbitry was ‘too little, too late.’

{Amusingly, FE’s letter itself deferred to PeeCee by not mentioning either race or IQ. The truth was, by 2011, that Britain had largely accepted immigrant ‘neo-slave’ labour, welcoming Neapolitans, Chinese, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Turks, Tibetans, Afghastlies, Poles and the occasional escaping Green German on to its high streets, and consigned its own hopeless Labour-loving ‘working class’ to druggy welfare dependency in lethal state-provided tower blocks on the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ principle – though horrid specimens sometimes emerged from taxpayer-subsidized buses on to city streets, foulmouthing all in sight, beating their girlfriends far worse than Pakis and sporting pit bull terriers and knives in their socks so as to handle other pimps and drug dealers. The only remaining hope? – Eugenic polygamy, as urged for Africa by Mighty Mac [Dr Wm McDougall] back in 1904, with feckless types drug-maintained and schooled as suicide bombers as a key part of a Humanitarian TaskForce for Africa....}


Charles Spearman’s notion that the g factor is stronger across lower levels of g – a notion strongly backed, discussed and linked to ‘inspection time’ findings in Chapter 2 of The g Factor (1996/2000) – turned out to have received further confirmation.

From the University of Texas, Elliot M. Tucker-Drob (2009, Developmental Psychology 45) reported that a general factor accounted for approximately 75% of the variation in seven different cognitive abilities among very low IQ adults, but only accounted for approximately 30% of the variation in abilities among very high IQ adults (Wapedia, iv 2011).

This point (expounded and elaborated several times in the past decade by Harrison Kane and myself – e.g. 2003; 2006, Educational Psychology 26) is perhaps, strangely, the most important in the entire heated g debate (as explained in Chapter 2 of The g Factor): simply, it grants that Thurstone and Gardner were substantially right about the modest diversity of types of intelligence in the high-IQ range while granting that Burt and Jensen were right about the massive strength of the g factor in the low-IQ range. – An academic (but most ‘political’) argument solved (as Edinburgh psychologists [the Edinburgh Structural Psychometrics Group, ‘SPG’] had realized by c. 1987 as they were granted access to Dr Tom Kellaghan’s data [collected at St Patrick’s College, Dublin] on 10,500 √Čirish secondary schoolchildren*)! Not that the critics of g have paid the slightest attention! {Simply: general intelligence is like money. The more people have, the more diverse (since non-necessitated) their investments become.}

A particular longstanding example of ‘differentiation’ was the work of Ellis Torrance (1915-2003) which linked low g and low creativity but left the two variables only weakly associated across their higher ranges.

The idea of differentiation with increasing age and general ability in children could also be traced back to the writing of Anne Anastasi (1958, Differential Psychology, Macmillan;1970, Psychological Testing, Macmillan) and had achieved support in work by the authors of the Differential Ability Scales [for children, based on the British Ability Scales] who reported by 1990 that the number of mental ability factors increased from one at age 3 to three by age 9 (Colin D. Elliott et al., DAS Introductory and Technical Handbook, p.207 [San Antonio : Psychological Corporation]): "...Summary of Confirmatory Factor Analyses -- The CFA's suggest that the structure of abilities becomes more differentiated with the examinee's increasing age. It has been a robust, but often overlooked, finding that, as the child's age & ability increase, abilities become more differentiated (Anastasi, 1970)..."


1987 'The importance of intelligence.' In S. & Celia Modgil, Arthur Jensen: Consensus and Controversy. Brighton : Falmer, pp.251-265 & 278-283. [C. R. BRAND]

1996 ‘Intelligence and the differentiation hypothesis.’Intelligence 23, 2, 105-132. [I. J. DEARY, V. EGAN, G. J. GIBSON, ELIZABETH J. AUSTIN, C. R. BRAND & T. KELLAGHAN]


General intelligence (Spearman's g) accounts for over 50% of the reliable variance in a battery of mental tests in a sample of the general population. In a “differentiation hypothesis” originally suggested by Spearman it is hypothesized that the degree to which g pervades performance on mental tests is greater at lower ability levels. In addition to providing a critical review, the study presented here tests the differentiation hypothesis: (a) at different ability levels and ages; (b) when groups are selected on the basis of a wide range of criterion abilities; and (c) by developing new statistical techniques for sampling groups of different ability levels. Data used were the Differential Aptitude Test results of over 10,500 Irish schoolchildren aged 14 through 17 years. Of groups selected on the basis of verbal, numerical, or spatial ability, the below-average ability groups had a more pervasive g factor, confirming the differentiation hypothesis.

2003 ‘’Why ignore the g factor?’ In H.Nyborg, The Scientific Study of General Intelligence [Festschrift for Arthur Jensen]. Oxford : Pergamon [CHRISTOPHER.R.BRAND, DENIS CONSTALES & HARRISON KANE].


The rashness of the West’s (well, French and British) support for the ‘democratic’ overthrow of the Arab world’s dictators (Mubarak, Gadawful etc.) was revealed as Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood (led by Mohammed Baddy....) ventured it would win 75% of any seats it contested.

In Cairo, the Canadian Embassy was swamped by applications for visas from Coptic Christians (10% of the Egyptian population) (Torygraph, 17 iv, Damien McElroy). {What the Jews thought about all this ‘democracy’ – after forty years of peace with Egypt – was presumably unprintable.}


As anticipated in this blog/diary (xii 2008), the ethnic differences in Nigeria (Muslim north vs Christian south) erupted (especially in the northern city of Kano) as southern-Christian “President Goodluck Jonathan” won a general election (amidst the usual accusations of vote rigging and intimidation). Within a day, 10K Christian people had taken flight from their homes (Times, 20 iv).


Australia learned the hazards of its frivolous welcome of recent decades for non-Whites as a hundred ‘asylum seekers’ [one from Iran was identified by journalists – otherwise, peecee officialdom maintained a blackout on information] burned down their detention centre buildings at Villawood, Sydney, where they had typically enjoyed two years accommodation at taxpayer expense, causing £4M damage in protest against having to wait for Oz lawyers to adjudicate or appeal their cases (Sydney Morning Herald, 21 iv).


As the BBC and Guardian moaned about ‘cuts’ (in statist extravagance) (which actually had yet to come), it transpired that no less than 21K Brits had been living on taxpayer-extracted ‘invalid benefits’ for more than ten years, each costing £4,700p.a., entirely on the basis of persuading their G.P.’s that they were alcoholics or junkies (Sun, 21 iv). A further 2K had been maintained similarly on the basis of headaches, obesity and eating disorders. These invalids’ medical costs to the UK’s National Health Service were extra – easily costing another £4.7Kp.a. per head; and they also enjoyed free housing and education for their (doubtless troublesome) children. Total bill: £30Kp.a. per ‘invalid’ – enough to give a child a year at Eton.

{For this Britain’s war heroes twice battled Germany (its former ally and supplier of its royal [Saxon/Hanoverian] house)?!}

AN Ethiopian family of 12 was handed a huge London home — at a cost to the taxpayer of £1,500-a-week. The couple and their TEN kids — believed to be asylum seekers who arrived in the UK only in 2011 — were receiving a staggering £1,460-a-week in housing benefit from ‘cash-strapped’ Tower Hamlets Council (Sun, 21 iv).


After 55 years of British politicians increasingly failing to defend free speech (and much other free choice – like whether to have yags in one’s bedrooms) against ‘minority’ pressures (spearheaded by homosexuals), a Soho pub landlord who asked two gay men to leave after they were seen kissing, saying he found such public homoerotic intimacy “obscene,” found himself pursued by the Metropolitan Police crying “hate speech” and setting lawyers scouring their tomes to justify a prosecution.


After a decade of Western governments and airways tyrannizing fliers (including grannies, infants, pilots and longstanding stewardesses) into time-wasting and intrusive body searches on the egalitarian assumption they could all be Muesli terrorists, the Big White Chief of British Airways, Sir Michael Broughton, at last came out and said all this was idiotic.


In Libya, tribes fed up with two months without work or reliable transport said that they themselves would polish off the Benghastly ‘rebels’ with their bare hands if Col Gadawfu’s tanks and snipers could not do the trick (BBCR4,23 iv, 08:00). Nato’s armchair idealists doubtless breathed a sigh of relief, for a quick despatch of the rebels was the only way of avoiding Nato getting committed to a decade-long involvement of its £20M-per-day technology in 2K-wide Libya’s civil war.

The idiotic West’s 40-yr-long ally, a passable friend of beleaguered Israel, Hosni Mubarak, 74, had a heart attack under ‘police questioning’ which the West had mandated.

In Syria, modernizing Pres. Assad (a 45-yr-old London dentist with a British wife) had to deal with the West’s beloved ‘Arab Spring’ by killing 88 of his rebels (and doubtless injuring hundreds more) in a single day. The next day, the desperate dictator opened fire on a funeral cortege for the victims of his previous day’s work, killing a further 11. Whether the West would really like a takeover by even-lower-IQ Mueslis remained unknown and indeed unexplored by the idealistic MSM loons of the West.


Konstantin Poltoranin, Russia’s Federal Migration Service’s chief spokesman since 2005, said he did not understand why Europe fostered immigration from Africa and the Middle East. Russia must be more cautious about “mixing bloods,” he said in an interview with the BBC Russian Service just hours before his sacking.“The survival of the White race is at stake and this is very palpable in Russia,” said Poltoranin.The head of the Federal Migration Service, Konstantin Romadanovsky, called the comments “unacceptable” and confirmed they had cost the spokesman his job, the state-run Itar-Tass news agency reported.

An AmRenaissance commentator responded (21 iv):

"Reading fellow Russian Avdeyev’s new book Raciology (which I saw here first!), I find it astounding that Russia is still peddling Bolshevik propaganda like ‘racial equality’ and ‘race-mixing is a sign of our ‘diversity.’ Avdeyev’s tome is the greatest rebuttal on so many scientific fronts for this heresy. You’d think Russia’s Putin would give him the Nobel Prize…or, how about the “Solzhenitsyn Prize.”"

{Evidently wheel-oiling and immigration-demanding business interests had reached Mother Russia, where 20% of the 143M population were Mueslis!}


The British Home Secretary, fat, frumpy and fashionably ‘liberal’ Theresa May, declared Britain would join France in keeping the hordes of Tunisians unleashed by the ‘Arab Spring’ penned in Italy – though just how Britain and France would achieve this unprecedented feat remained a mystery as Silvio Berlusconi had issued new arrivals with run-around visas, free bus passes, pocket money etc. entitling them to go anywhere in Europe they wanted.

Meanwhile, in the Yemen, the Arab Spring – still beloved of the West’s chattering classes -- resulted in the overthrow of President Silly – usually regarded by chattering columnists as a Western ally in the War on Terror (Wall Street Journal, 23 iv) (which the West was no longer having, in deference to Musli sensibilities).

Celebrating Easter, the UK’s failed multiculti province of Caff-Prod-divided Northern Ireland resumed blowing up policemen, and threatened to blow up the Queen (Observer, 24 iv).

France, having spent hundreds of zillions of francs and parliamentary man hours legislating against the burka, failed to produce a single prosecution.

{Evidently the plan of the mendacious multicults was to ride the tiger of European nationalist sentiment (17% in Hungary [where gypsies needed police protection from paramilitaries], 20% in Holland, 21% in France, 15% in England) with words rather than with action.}


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As France, which had crazily admitted (and allowed to breed) six million half-Negroid excitable and arrogant Mueslis of low IQ, finally moved (thanks to its Jewish dwarf president Sarkozy wanting National Front votes) to demand 'obligatory [if demanded] facial disclosure in public places', the country (whose military were actually backing shouty Mueslis in Libya and Ivory Coast) began a national debate along the following lines (Observer, 10 iv).

1. Fat, old and ugly women look better when veiled.

2. Wives can be let out to do street trading, not locked up permanently (at least till 40) by Hindu mothers-in-law.

3. Er...., that's it.


1. Plenty of forms of dress (and nudity) are already banned, e.g. men in bikinis or wearing crash helmets with lowered visors when visiting banks.

2. Most veiled Mueslis are simply the slaves of their husbands and would welcome laws liberating them to chase males of their choice.

3. The burka makes car driving hazardous, thus impeding women from assignations with employers/studs/shoe stylists of their choice.

4. Veiling is the thin end of the Muesli wedge: veiled women are a human shield behind which Sharia law advances.

5. Enforcing facial disclosure (under legal penalty) would get rid of hoodies, brick-tossing rioters and their 'demonstrating' supporters.

6. The ban could easily be extended to beards, 'shades' and the stained glass car windows favoured by ungracious celebrities.


Day 1 of the ban saw France's Muesli chieftains maintain studied indifference {in view of 75% French public support for the ban}; but three dozen people demonstrated outside Notre Dame and two veiled women managed to get themselves bundled off in a van to a police station - where they could have been required to show their faces and pay £132 (or attend a re-education course in French citizenship). A Muesli property developer put up £1.7M to pay the fines of any women convicted under the ban.

By Day 4, the Western media had proved itself spinelessly pro-burka, with sympathetic articles appearing even in the staid Telegraph and Christian Science Monitor (14 iv).

By Day 6, no more arrests had been made - the gendarmerie being instructed to avoid any action that could give Mueslis a case at the European Court of Human Rights. {Yes, the Sarkozy 'initiative' was simply intended to win a few National Front voters, not to insist on any ancient Christian or modern feminist principle against female enslavement -- a principle which had long ago been abandoned by the Western left so as to seek the fine numbers of votes which male Muesli slavemasters could deliver.


Creating a new low point in the batty history of British multicultural idealism, P.M. 'Daft Dave' Cameron turned on his alma mater (where he had got a First Class Idiot degree from Brasenose College, tutored by leftist Queensman Vernon Bogdanor) and accused it of admitting only one Black student in 2009.

In fact, as the University pointed out, the correct figure was 41 Blacks - the P.M. had been misled into focusing on the one admission of a Black-Caribbean of UK address; but Shameron replied that even 41 was not enough for him (Spectator, 11 iv, Fraser Nelson; Guardian, 11 iv; Sun, 12 iv).

22% of Oxford's overall student body was non-White (mainly East Asians and Indians, of course).

{Although this disgraceful exhibition of 'Conservative' PeeCee got on telly and was front-page number-one in the Telegraph (12 iv), the words 'intelligence' and 'IQ' were not mentioned once as the various pundits struggled to explain 'Black underachievement.' Did dumbo 'Conservative' peecee apparatchiks ever read The g Factor?

For other collisions with reality in the making (re global warming, the euro, girls' schools for Tallyhoes, charity for nuclear-armed Pakiland, muticulti harmony for Muslim-Christian-divided Africa, and democracy for Arabs), see Christopher Booker, Telegraph, 9 iv.}
Oxford University officials said in a statement the correct admission figures for 2009/2010 were:

:: 27 black British undergraduates
:: 14 mixed race undergraduates with black descent
:: 41 in total, including one black student of Caribbean descent

Responding to Mr Cameron's criticism, the University said there were 99 black undergraduates in all years at Oxford in 2009/10.With postgraduate students included, this figure rose to 245, a spokeswoman added.

The spokeswoman pointed out that in 2009, 26,000 white students got the three A grades at A-level necessary to be considered by Oxford, but just 542 black pupils managed to do so. Of those straight-A students, 8.9 per cent of white pupils got places at Oxford compared with 7.5 per cent of black students.Oxford also pointed out that black students apply disproportionately for oversubscribed subjects like medicine.

Even the Guardian spoke of Cameron 'misfiring' on the Oxford issue (12 iv) - perhaps distracted by his recent globetrotting in the course of which he had said Britain was to blame for India getting Kashmir and had showered Pakistan with an extra £650M White guilt money.

A Black(-as-the-ace-of-spades) 20-yr-old 3rd -year geography student at Oxford (from a state school education, the first of his family ever to go to university) told the Daily Mail that he had never found race an issue at Oxford, which (he said) purely respected academic ability (12 iv).

{The University was defended by the mighty Norman Stone [Bilkent University] and by Sir Ivor Roberts [President of Trinity College, Oxford] and Simon Heffer [Torygraph]. Yet none of Oxford's cowardly IQ-avoidant psychologists or other 'social scientists' put their wretched heads above the parapet to defend their University against Daft Dave's slur, let alone to say outright that Oxford was practising racism with a reason.}

The British National Party, seeing how "racist" 'Call me Dave' had fouled up, prepared to welcome disaffected Tories (12 iv):
We in the British National Party believe the brightest students should get places in our universities, not the brownest or the blackest students."Positive discrimination", and its American translation "affirmative action", is a euphemism for the ethnic cleansing of white people, and, if you are white, there is nothing positive about it at all.

From a 2004 paper by top psychometrician-psychologist Linda Gottfredson:
IQ 115 marks the ability threshold for being competitive as a candidate for graduate or professional school in the U.S. and thus for high levels of socioeconomic success. Partly because of their higher educational promise, individuals above this IQ level have the best prospects for gaining the most coveted occupational positions in a society. This is the IQ range in which individuals can be self-instructing and are, in fact, expected to instruct, advise, and supervise others in their community and work environments. This is therefore the IQ range from which cultural leaders tend to emerge and be recruited. The percentages exceeding this threshold are, respectively, 40% (Asians), 28% (whites), 10% (Hispanics), and 4% (blacks).

And, above the likely Harvard and Oxford averages of IQ 130, there were only two Blacks in a thousand (as compared to twenty-five Whites).

As an inquirer to the Daily Telegraph (Dr James Thompson, London) asked whether any country had done better than Britain in closing the legendary Black-White academic gap, Denmark announced that its own concerted effort over ten years had been a complete failure (Copenhagen Post, 7 iv).

{Amusingly, Denmark had been the first European country to ban race hate speech - in 1939, in a move intended to block Nazism. The country had been overrun and subdued in three days by a German brigade just six weeks later.}


The famous IQ-bashing but sibling-rivalry-realistic Viennese psychoanalyst Alfred Adler died suddenly at 67 (like his mentor, Freud, he had been a great smoker) during a lecture tour to Aberdeen University in 1937.

Being Jewish, he apparently needed cremating and Edinburgh at that time had Scotland's only crematorium. His Austrian family duly attended but, for whatever reason, his ashes were left behind - to be discovered in the south-Edinburgh Warriston Crematorium in 2011 by an Austrian historical sleuth (the Honorary Consul of Austria for Scotland) and returned to Vienna (Edinburgh Evening News, 9 iv).

{Fancy! While I wrote two reviews of new translations of Adler's books and gave a Psych.Dept. seminar on him c. 1992, little did I know his last physical remains lay just a mile away. How forgotten great psychologists can be! Burt (d. 1971) was similar: when, c. 1995, I took a group of (Galton Institute) conferencers to visit his distinguished Elsworthy Road flat in Hampstead, there was no blue heritage plaque to him and he was quite unfamiliar to even the elderly longstanding verger at the nearby Anglican church where he had always worshipped.

Likewise Freud was successfully condemned to ignominy by feminists; and Galton could only be mentioned in connection with Hitler - as by supposedly 'right-wing' historian Niall Ferguson who (to 'balance' his general defence of Western Civilization) felt obliged to slur eugenic 'pseudoscience' on Channel 4 TV.

Likewise, E.U.'s great race realist, anatomist Robert Knox, remains unremembered and his super Newington Road house [just across the way from me] unplaqued.}


New research showed Buffalo (between Toronto and Boston), already America's most racilly segregated city, became still more segregated in the first decade of the 21st century: not only did Whites flee from increasingly Black areas, but Blacks themselves were in flight from Hispanics (Buffalo News, 10 iv).

{The ethnic cleansing of Whites was probably assisted by 'liberal' Whites declining to support proper policing.}


French and British (Cameronian) idealism (costing £10M daily in jet fighter missions to Libya) met their match as the Organization of African Dictators ooops African Union said Col Godawfu was a jolly good thing - or at least much better than the hunger, illiteracy, socialism, authoritarianism, female oppression, corruption and tribal war from which most African countries were suffering (e.g. Guardian, 11 iv, Simon Tisdall).


As a film of 'Atlas Shrugged' was at last produced, a nice belated tribute to Moscow emigre authoress Ayn Rand (d. 1982) appeared in the Wall Street Journal (14 iv), noting her splendid anti-big-government, anti-big-religion and anti-big-business individualism - though not remarking the biological unrealism of the daffy old brush who had kicked her own sister back to Communist Russia and driven her ageing husband to attend classes in political philosophy as a supposed remedy for his advancing Alzheimer's condition.


Inspired by his new bombing pal Pres.Sarkozy as to how to win back 'right-wing' votes (at UK-wide local elections in May), PM Daft Dave Cameron (in a much-heralded 'major new speech') said immigrants should fit in with British society, perhaps even learning English (Sun, 14 iv) - though he was mute as to how such modest objectives could be achieved, let alone as to how to rid Britain of criminal Blacks, unemployable Irish and misogynistic and terror-prone Pakistanis.

Shameron's mumbling was promptly condemned by an incomprehensible Labour spokesman (perhaps speaking Gaelic at twice the recommended speed) and by CamCo Cabinet 'Liberal' (but hysterically anti-'hate speech') colleague Saint Vincent Cable, who had the temerity to call the PM "very unwise."

{Doubtless all this would one day be claimed as Britain having been allowed 'debate' about immigration - though, while this farcical 'debate' went on, Pakistanis with British passports were importing slave wives and breeding at the rate of three new 'British' welfare-dependents per hour.}


As nurses voted 99% against Government plans to give GPs more power in the NHS (not patients, of course!), CamCo declined to say that 99% was a Stalinist voting figure reflecting 25 years of the NHS being infiltrated by obese socialist lesbians with sociology degrees from northern 'universities' - and also reflecting nurses' corresponding preference for votes by a public show of hands where deviants could be easily noted.


Eugenics sympathizer James Watson, 83, who had never lifted a finger to support Art Jensen or any of the rest of the London School, was rushed in Greece by some twenty hooded protesters waving sticks and screaming 'Racist'; but other audience members intervened and he was unhurt and able to continue with his lecture at Patras University (New Scientist, 15 iv).

{Watson had previously had to resign as Director of the prestigious Cold Harbor Spring Laboratory following a mild off-the-cuff doubt about Africa expressed to a supposedly friendly journalist.}


Illustrating how 'law' in Europe had been taken over by illiberal multicults (while the wretched right had concentrated on what it passed off as 'banking'), Holland resumed its persecution of its top popular politician, Geert Wilders (who had said in 2008 - as I had in 1993 - that Islam was, in the main, a somewhat aggressive religion) (AmRen, 14 iv).


Despite the horrors and losses amidst earthquake, tidal wave and nuclear meltdown, inhabitants of Honshu continued to inundate police with recovered cash and property, even though Japanese law required them to renounce all rights to claim such finds - even after whatever delay -- for themselves.

The cultural practice of returning lost items and never keeping what belongs to a stranger meant police departments like Tokyo's Metropolitan had entire warehouses filled with lost shoes, umbrellas and wallets (CNN, 10 iv).

{Compare this behaviour with that of the Black policewoman who was filmed by reporters looting cheap Chinese athletic shoes from the inside of an intact Wal Mart after Hurricane Katrina!}

A study by Japanese psychologists at U.Michigan showed that Japanese, unlike Whites, found nothing 'peculiar' about a woman checking that fire alarms in her household were working before she went to bed (AmRen, 12 iv).


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Monday, April 11, 2011


Her Majesty’s ‘Government,’ which could not suppress the 50 multicoloured (but mainly Black) gangs of Stockwell (within sight of the House of Commons) which had killed a 5-yr-old Srindopakeshi girl in the course of their internecine warfare (enabled by guns which no law-abiding White citizen could possess), continued its two week £5M-per-day jet-fighter mission to help the yellow-track-suit-bottomed ruffian ‘rebels’ of unheard-of Benghastly fight matters out with their ruler of 42 years, the British universities’ great pal, botoxed (from his own bottom) and Blair-kissed Col Gadawfu (Sunday Mail, 3 iv, Peter Hitchens).


The inhabitants of cocoa-prosperous French-speaking Ivory Coast’s effective capital city, Abidjan, having ignored my advice (e.g. January) to partition their country along its natural north-south, Muslim-Christian and tribal lines, found themselves cowering in their homes without electricity, only emerging on their stinking-corpse-littered streets to seek water, as rival Black presidents’ thugs rampaged through the streets in pursuit of death-dealing tyrannous victory (Guardian, 4 iv).

A Black nurse said: "Four months into the Ivorian post-electoral crisis and still no sign of peace in sight. We are heading to chaos, I think." {Unlike in Libya, where few had demonstrably died, the West did not for weeks get much involved – except by supporting the useless UN ‘peacekeepers’ – because it did not want to appear anti-Muslim, and anyway there was no oil at stake.}


Italy and Europe had a stroke of luck as leaky boats bearing 400 African would-be immigrants sank with all hands in the Mediterranean; but Italian PM Berlusconi, even though beset by leftists accusing him of sex with a (perfectly deliciously breasted, bee-stung-lipped) Moroccan 17-yr-old, called Karima the Heartbreaker, still trotted out the multiculti peecee line of the Euro-elite (Guardian, 3 iv): "We must remember we were once a country of migrants," Berlusconi said. "We must show understanding and hospitality, because this is a civilised and Catholic country." {Just why was the supposedly anti-Black-immigrant Northern League supporting Silvio?}


Naughty, naughty Indian hero-‘philosopher’ London lawyer Mahatma Gandhi (who understandably liked to sleep with17-yr-old girls, including his own niece, and a German bodybuilder – for he was bisexual) apparently participated fully in the race realism ooops prejudice of his times (Torygraph, 5 iv, talking of his days in South Africa): “We were marched off to a prison intended for Kaffirs," he is quoted as saying during a visit to the country. "We could understand not being classed with Whites, but to be placed on the same level as the Natives seemed too much to put up with. Kaffirs are as a rule uncivilized."


British research showed that the descendants of people who in 1858 had "rich" surnames such as Percy and Glanville, indicating they were descended from the 1066 French nobility, were still significantly wealthier in 2011 than Brits having traditionally "poor" or artisanal surnames (Telegraph, 5 iv). People with "Norman" surnames like Darcy and Mandeville were still wealthier than the general population 1,000 years after their descendants conquered Britain, according to a study into social progress. (‘Artisans’ were defined as skilled manual workers. Whatever there had been of the Norman/Celtic underclass had apparently disappeared – though often into its prettier girls marrying up, in the traditional Indian-style solution to the ‘class problem.’)


In the most astonishing intellectual shift since the mighty Paul Johnson moved from the New Statesman to the Spectator, top ultra-Green leftist maniac George Monbiot began to denounce anti-nuclearism as fraudulent. Said Saint George to astonished vegetarian followers (Guardian, 5 iv): “A great wrong has been done by this movement. We must put it right.”


A 29-yr Manchester-area schoolteacher was jailed for six years for having sex repeatedly (and apparently enjoyably, for all parties) with 14-yr-old and sometimes older female pupils. – No harm had come to the teens (at Hesketh Fletcher Church of England High School), who only started complaining about ‘paedophilia’ when finding they were being two-timed by their schoolmaster (Sun, 6 iv). {£3M could have shifted a few dozen drug- and gun-crazed Blecks back to Jamaica, plus a few Muesli wife-beating and/or terrorist loons to boot....}


After Eton-‘educated’ Dave Shameron saw fit to apologize to Pakis for not spending another million lives to give them Kashmir (at the time of India and Pakistan pursuing their own murderous ethnic ways in 1947), Libertarian Alliance leader Sean Gabb distinguished himself as the only British politician to complain:

Sean Gabb, of the campaign group Libertarian Alliance, said Mr Cameron should not apologise for Britain's past. He said: "It's a valid historical point that some problems stem from British foreign policy in the 19th and 20th centuries, but should we feel guilty about that? I fail to see why we should. Some of these problems came about because these countries decided they did not want to be part of the British Empire. They wanted independence. They got it. They should sort out their problems instead of looking to us." (James Kirkup, ‘David Cameron: Britain caused many of the world'sproblems,’ Daily Telegraph, London, 6th April 2011.)


Britain’s useless politicians, social workers and kindred perverted bureaucrats turned out to be giving £300 of taxpayer dosh per week (a figure doubtless matched by their own fat salaries) to an ex-BBC security guard who had converted to Islam and liked nothing more than haranguing his neighbours (sometimes by loudhailer) around his luxury Bosch-fitted 2-bedroom flat in Mile End, London (complete with a roof garden giving picturesque views of the Thames) about the joys of stoning adulteresses, cutting thieves’ hands off and sacking troops trying to control Afghastliland (Sun, 7 iv). {Just why the nutty Richard Dart, 28, could not be parachuted into a Muslim hell-hole of his choice remained unclear.}

Not content with reckless money-wasting at home, Britain’s traitorous welfarists dished out £650M of taxpayers’ earnings to build imaginary schools in Pakiland (the money went straight into Paki pockets without any buildings coming in between) – or otherwise into the construction of actual schools which were promptly blown up by the Tallyhoes in their unique quest for female emancipation from schooling (Sun, 7 iv).


In a ruling that broke from other recent Federal court decisions chipping away at the speech rights of public colleges' faculty members, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit held that the University of North Carolina at Wilmington could not deny a promotion to a faculty member, the prominent conservative commentator Michael S. Adams, based on writings that university administrators had themselves deemed ‘job-related.’

Squarely tackling the question of whether the speech of a faculty member at a public college was covered by the U.S. Supreme Court's 2006 ruling in Garcetti v. Ceballos (which held that public agencies could discipline their employees for any statements made ‘in connection with their jobs’) a three-judge panel of the Fourth Circuit unanimously answered with an emphatic ‘no.’

"Applying Garcetti to the academic work of a public-university faculty member under the facts of this case could place beyond the reach of First Amendment protection many forms of public speech or service in which a professor engaged during his employment. That would not appear to be what Garcetti intended, nor is it consistent with our long-standing recognition that no individual loses his ability to speak as a private citizen by virtue of public employment," the appeals panel said (Chonicle of Higher Education, 6 iv).


Having failed to separate the warring Muslim and Christian tribes of Ivory Coast, killed thousands and displaced a million terrified Blacks, troops of France, the UN and the Muslim north (Pres. How’syo’father) sat around Abidjan while Christian Pres. Bagpuss did bunka-bunka, claiming his ooman rights to a £30M taxpayer-funded war crimes trial at the Hague and doubtless a similar sum in aid from British welfarists (if they hadn’t already spent all their young people’s future tax receipts on Greece, Ireland (Holy Republic of) and Portugal or on blowing up Libyan oilfields and pipelines for no obvious reason (Guardian, 6 iv).


After two weeks of Sarkozy-inspired action, France (which was already fighting five other wars in Africa for la gloire, oil, cocoa and Muesli revolutionism) announced it had persuaded Nato forces to fly 600 hours of sorties per day over ‘no fly zone’ Libya – thus easily trebling the number of hours that the LSE’s Gadawfu’s air force had flown per month and costing Europe’s bankrupt-to-welfare-socialism economies £600M daily (including the price of the bombs dropped – one hitting the Benghastly rebels, blowing up four of their captured tanks, killing 13 and in injuring some 100 of the leather-jacketed toerag shouties).

France, though beaten in the Seven Years War, India, Canada, Russia, Belgium (under Napoleon, twice) and Vietnam, and requiring Anglo-American rescue in World Wars I and II, continued its loopy mission to hand the Middle East (Lebanon, Syria) and Africa over to Mueslis – helping Ivory Coast Muesli competitor-President Whatareyou to kill Christian (evangelical) President Bagpuss, except that the Frenchies could not find Bagpuss or his ‘Iron Lady’ wife Semolina who had bunka-bunkaed down away from prying eyes and left the idealistic Frogs to put 25% of Abidjan’s four-million Blacks to flight.

{In Washington, Brit-hating Muesli Obarmy – denounced as Kenya-born by GOP presidential contender Donald ‘The Donald’ Trump -- looked on with satisfaction as France did his dirty work for him – backed by the ignoramic Eton- and left-Jewish-‘educated’ PM Daft Dave Cameron.}

In France itself, senior civil servant, Algerian Abderrahmane Dahmane – dizzily promoted in the hope he might oblige Sarkozy – turned on what he thought French pseudo-multiculturalism. He had already called President Sarkozy’s party, the UMP, “the plague of Muslims” [this is much stronger language in French than in English]. He then added that the UMP were “fascists”. [By all reasonable standards, the UMP was a centre-right party, or even a centre-left one from an Anglo-American conservative perspective.]


The inevitable result of the ‘liberating’ ‘Arab Spring’ emerged in Egypt where, since the fall of President Hosni Mubarak and his police state, crime quadrupled – with armed robbers targeting pedestrians on the streets of Cairo in broad daylight (Telegraph, 9 iv).


In a striking admission of how they knew their ideas were near-universally hated, Liberals running the ‘Alternative Vote’ referendum campaign in Britain, airbrushed out from their advertising, outside Black-dominated London, the ugly mug of celebrity Black ‘poet’ supporter Benjamin Zephaniah and replaced it with a smiley-wimp image of an unheard-of White comedian (Telegraph, 9 iv).


Not content with seeing Gainesville, Fl’s, Pastor Jones condemned by his own President, Barry Hussein Obama, for a spot of Koran-burning, peecee British police moved in on a Welsh Assembly candidate, Sion Owen, BNP, who had had the temerity to put a match in his back garden to the (pretty dull, when not vicious) thoughts of ‘The Prophet’ (Observer, 10 iv).

{By contrast, setting light to the Union Jack and (probably) the Stars and Stripes was legally OK; and wearing a crucifix was only narrowly escaping condemnation by paté-de-foie-gras-stuffed Eurowallahs.}


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Sunday, April 03, 2011


The pathetic efforts of the Anglican Church to accommodate yaggery came to grief as one of its Zimbabwe bishops broke away and closed 40% of the country’s churches – except to stalwarts of gay-spurning President Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party.

Followers of Bishop Nolbert Kunonga, defrocked for denouncing openly homosexual priests, tore down the Harare cathedral’s colonial artefacts, broke up pews, took over church buildings and rented out the bishop’s residence (Daily Telegraph, 26 iii).

At the same time, the Catholic Church in Britain, usually piously supportive of all government funding of third-world breeding, came out against a doubling of Britain’s aid budget to Pakistan to an annual £445M – Scotland’s leading Catholic, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, noticing that persecution of Christians and ingratitude for Western aid were widespread in that country.

O’Brien said (Sunday Telegraph, 27 iii ): “To increase aid to the Pakistan government when religious freedom is not upheld and those who speak up for religious freedom are gunned down is tantamount to an anti-Christian foreign policy.This reality is both shocking and saddening. In countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, Christians face violence, intolerance and even death because of their beliefs.”


The British National Party had a resounding victory over the Equality and Human Rights Commission which had tried to jail several top members for (allegedly) failing to rewrite the party’s constitution to allow for non-indigenous members but found itself told to pay all the BNP’s costs in defending (successfully) against such bullying (27 iii).


Raciology, a 2011 translation (by Patrick Cloutier) of Vladmir Avdeyev’s masterly historical account of racial thinking (see previous, including my 2008 review) was published by Lulu – with a foreword by Kevin Macdonald and with a download available for £15-89. Highly recommended!


Since the British Conservative Party settled for post-1965 PeeCee, Euro-acceptance and NHSophilia, its cowed Tories were reluctant to put the boot into Labour. But not quite so Boris Johnson, elected Mayor of London, who after the devastation caused by ‘anti-cuts’ demonstrators in and around Trafalgar Square, mentioned the key political point that Labour leader Ed Miliband had not only addressed the marchers but had surely ‘taken a quiet satisfaction’ from the mayhem and damage.

This got straight under Labour’s skin, producing outrage and so much temper on the part of Labour first lady, Yvette Cooper, that she was rendered speechless in the House of Commons as she tried to parry Boris’ jocular suggestion (Speccie, 28 iii).

{More seriously, the incompetence of the Metropolitan Police to deal with the riot posed big questions as to whether they could be trusted without army backup to handle security at the April 29 Royal Wedding. A ban on all facial covering at the scene of demonstrations surely needed to be introduced as a matter of urgency.}

{Inspired by tolerance of rioting in the capital, the Muesli extremist group Muslims Against Crusades announced it would try to disrupt the Wedding – saying that the Royal Family was “an enemy to Allah and his Messenger” (Sun, 29 iii). Time for Mayor Boris to start undoing the peecee damage that Labour had done to the Met!}


After years of Britain’s peecee yet basically greedy universities sucking up to every still-more-complicated plan to turn them into IQ- and achievement-spurning agencies of ‘outreach’ social work for oppressed minorities, even top Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins got the point (30 iii):
Universities have spent 30 years selling their souls to the state in return for money. Faust's retribution is at hand. Some hoped a Tory government would uncap the fees and re-establish the autonomy that made British universities world leaders. The opposite has happened. There is no respect for any market, let alone one in quality. Nor is there any respect for academic or institutional autonomy; merely a Stalinist obsession with control.

But there is an escape. Universities are independent charities. They can charge what they like and call the government's outreach bluff, should it refuse bursary or loan support. Universities could organise and fund their own scholarships, sell their research in the marketplace, and base their appeal on the quality of their work. Nothing but their addiction to government money is forcing them to toe the [Vincent] Cable line.

If any university could afford to make the first move, it is Oxford. It could do so tomorrow if it had the guts. Its friends should give it money then, but only then.

A correspondent (‘abugaafar’) properly noted:
What is wrong with the government's policy is giving the money to the universities instead of to students. The universities, as Simon Jenkins says, should be free to charge what they like. Students should have equal access to state funding and decide for themselves where they think it is worth spending it.


Though Nato (an organization set up simply to defend its own members) continued its ‘war-keeping’ (Simon Jenkins, Guardian, 31 iii) in Libya (by propping up the al-Qaeda-backed Benghastly ‘rebels’ whenever they seemed to be losing), a dozen of Col Gadaffi’s top henchmen (whether as defectors or envoys) arrived in London to discuss this blog’s proposal that Libya should be territorially divided along ethnic lines (with most of its oil kept by Gadawfu and BP).

{For his part, President Mohammad Obama prepared to intervene in any such ‘wicked’ deal and, with Turkey, rebuild the Ottoman Empire of the Mediterranean. Only problem: America had since at least 1956 [Suez], expressly declared itself a non-imperial empire state....}


Great news arrived for committed hereditarians as geneticists from the University of Western Ontario reported that identical twins actually differed by some 12% of their DNA (Science Daily, 28 iii; AmRen, 1 iv). It had been demonstrated by 1990 that MZ twins differed in personality and intelligence partly because they supplied different micro-environments for each other (e.g. as one twin won the intrauterine competition for access to maternal blood supply -- see TgF). Now it turned out that estimates of heritability (h²) relying on MZs would have been further artificially lowered by the vagaries of DNA development.


The self-chosen segregation of America’s cities into White, Black, Asian and Hispanic areas was set out (with trendy visual aids) by Salon magazine (29 iii) – with industrial Milwaukee (Wisconsin, pop. 605K, on Lake Michigan, a big centre for German and Polish immigrants, the home of American socialism) taking the prize for maximal segregation.


A national debate about Islam and secularism, led by President Sarkozy (the part-Jewish immigrant to France who hoped once more to trick back voters from the National Front), was to take place a week before Sarko’s burka ban would officially come into force.


The folly of Blairite multicultural peacenickery, which had failed to retrieve Northern Ireland’s Catholics to Glasgow and Liverpool in exchange for disaffected underclass Catholics of those cities relocating to Ulster, was cruelly exposed as a young Catholic cop in Omagh was blown up by his co-religionists (as a ‘traitor’ for co-operating in the policing of the province – where the police force had actually become, by 2011, 30% Caff).


Mad Mueslis of Afghanistan killed eleven (beheading two UN officials) and injured 81 Westerners and employees because a mad pastor in Florida had burned a copy of the (soporific) Koran (Observer, 3 iv).

{If only Western feminists had been similarly decisive in the 1980s as newly immigrated Mueslis set up wife-beating, slave labour, honour marriages, female genital mutilation etc! Instead, though largely supported for a century by Western men, they condemned the West to the tyranny of minority-loving peecee multiculturalism – even though women were in fact, even on their own, a majority.}


The full horror of even the foremost British’universities’ was exposed as the London School of Economics and its star Director, intellectually-fraudulent Blair-pushing Anthony ‘Third Way’ Giddens, began to ‘investigate’ itself, under chosen ultra-liberal judge Lord Woolf, for having first backed Libya’s Gadawfu in exchange for money, then dumped the (rather improving) dictator as soon as he found himself in a spot of bother (Observer, 3 iv, Nick Cohen).


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