Monday, December 26, 2011


Despite the good news of the demise of the world’s worst dictator, North Korea’s Kim Il Pong (though to be replaced instantly by his son, Kim Il Ping Pong II, to continue starving and freezing his subjects into tearful abject submission), the hilarious incapacity of the West continued on display as six months of British committees (organized by the Guardian (18 xii), the BBC, ‘Christian’ worthies etc.) attributed London’s Tottenham/Hackney/Camden lootings of August to poverty, racism, relative deprivation, political protest, career criminals, unruliness, greed, instant gratification, wanting to have fun, lack of socialism, lack of police, lack of water cannon, lack of plastic bullets, lack of flamethrowers etc. – anything rather than mention that 60% of the rioters were Black.


A chance emerged for starving and freezing North Koreans as their communist porno-, caviar- and cognac-addicted China-financed dwarf despot, Kim Il Pong, popped his clogs at 69, leaving to his third son (other sons had run away or were flagrantly gay or both) his legacy of burying his subjects alive in their millions, having them dragged through streets by jeeps and making them test the most gruesome chemicals (Daily Mail, 20 xii, ‘Last of the great ogres’). Whether his nuclear-armed son Ping Pong II would prove any better remained to be seen – but at least the 28-yr boy was merrily endomorphic, not to say obese, giving everyone a chance.


On the very day that Obarmy withdrew almost all of the USA’s troops from their disastrous mission in Eyeraq (having failed – because of unrealism -- to separate the Solunnis, Shitites and Turds, q.v.), the Mueslis promptly embarked on the process of dismembering their ‘country’ which the loony multiculti Americans (backed by equally hopeless British diplomats and troops) had faintly suppressed for eight years.

Tribes such as the “influential” ‘Duleimis’ promptly shot out from the woodwork vowing vengeance on all and sundry and accusing each other’s leaders of being ‘worse than Madman Insane’ (Guardian, 21 xii). Said Duleimi Sheikh All-Hating, "There is no democracy here. There is chaos. Parties rule by sect. Corruption is rampant and so is sectarianism. But more dangerous than anything else is that [Shitite PM] Maliki {aka Wanna Avaleaky, q.v.} is trying to establish a new autocracy." Said the Grauniad (which had led MSM and the Western political pack in failing to recognize ethnic differences through the eight years of US/UK sacrifice) (21 xii): “Iraq is fissuring once more, and may never be one country again.”

On 22 xii, sixty Baghdad Shitites were killed and scores more were injured as Solunnis demonstrated their survival through years of loony ethnic-unrealistic American-imposed demakrazy. Forty people were blown up in the Syrian capital, Damascus – presumably by Solunnis. Throughout the Middle East, Christians were murdered and otherwise hounded to emigrate (without a squeak from Western Christian leaders) (Spectator, 23 xii).

And Nato allies France and Turkey decided to accuse each other of genocide (Guardian, 24 xii) – with France in particular caring nothing for free speech and moving to criminalize any denials of the Turk-on-Armenian ‘genocide’ of 1917 (claimed by Turks to be just fair fighting in which plenty of Turks had also died). (For its part, Turkey accused France of “massacring” 15% of the Algerian population between 1945 and 1962, roasting some of them in ovens.)


After fifteen years of mounting peecee persecution in the UK, afficionados got to a new ‘high’ point of illiberalism as they persuaded police to prosecute the English soccer captain, John Terry, for calling an opposing [half-Black] player a “f****** Black c***” – even though, quite without prosecution, it was well known (thanks to deaf&dumb lipreaders) that footie stars routinely boasted on the field of their exciting affairs with opponents’ oral-giving sisters and commented unfavourably on the diseased state of opponents’ mothers’ private parts. Hilariously, the prospect opened up that Black ‘England’ footballers would refuse to play alongside skipper Terry, giving England its first all-White national soccer team in twenty years.

As the ‘anti-racist’ hysteria mounted, a footie pundit was deemed to have “caused a storm” by defending the British game against racism, saying there were actually plenty of “coloured” players – apparently ‘coloured’ had joined words like ‘Black’, ‘race’ and IQ as unmentionable in polite (peecee) society (Sun, 22 xii).

The Guardian made its own religious priorities plain (22 xii): “Kicking out racism is more important than any player or any club can ever be.” {Forget about free speech and the fun of charged-up footie!}


‘Feminists’, who had done so much to undermine the West by their clamour for welfare benefits, careers, non-‘sexist’ language and lesbianism (increasingly on display among the fat old bags of Scottish politics and in the American military), were shown where their loony pro-‘minority’ philosophy was leading as a Bangladeshi Muesli husband gave his young wife a ‘surprise present’: fed up with her insistent demand to study, he blindfolded her, taped up her mouth and chopped off all the fingers of her right hand (Daily Mail, 17 xii).


Probably fed up with years of tabloid condemnation for paedophilic fun in the 1970s, and wishing to curry favour with MSM, the Roman Catholic Church (of New York) decided to dump a top priest who had mentioned the London School truths about the IQs of E.Asians, Whites and Blacks (AmRen, 19 xii).


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Monday, December 19, 2011


As Britain awaited the outcome of Doughty Dave Cameron’s late-night Brussels spat with Napoleonic Nicolas Sarkozy (and 25 other Euro’countries’ [two by then under Berlin ooops Brussels dictatorship]) (the outcomes could be the Revenge of Rumpy-Pumpy or the collapse of the Eurozone), interest in practical questions of how to separate the passably prosperous north of Euroland from the bankrupt south (including profligate France, which had brought its state retirement age down to 62 and its normal working week down to 35 hours) surfaced in the Speccie, the up-market lib-con UK magazine which normally avoided racial questions: ‘Is Scotland a Nordic country?’ (12 xii, Alex Massie). Answer came there none – understandably, since Scotland was half-Celtic (thanks to mass immigration from dirt-poor Ireland to labour-needy 19th-century Glasgow). But for the McDougallian question even to be considered was remarkable – especially while the key Nordic player, Germany’s Mutti Merkel (though not backed by Berliners, q.v.), was content to shelter behind Sarkozy’s high heels, hoping Sarko would manage to sell German diziplin passably cheaply to the debtors of ClubMed.


The BBC announced (13 xii) that physicists at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva “may have glimpsed” the elusive ‘Higgs’ boson’ – the mass-giving ‘God’ particle hypothesized (though not so named) by my genial (and modest) old E’bro’ Staff Club pal, Peter Higgs, in 1964.* Serious confirmation of gg’s existence could apparently be achieved by the end of 2012; but gg had long been ignored – notably by E.LU., which had for years consigned Peter’s key paper to a dank basement. Whether the E’bro’-articulated g factor (especially explored by my students – as explained in The g Factor – but staring the world of psychology in the face since Charles Spearman’s work of 1904) would win the scientific race for serious recognition remained to be seen....

*I knew Peter well in the 1970s. He was always a joy to have around – and his super New Town flat was a model of civilization, sporting a rack of the latest magazines as well as a washing-up machine. However, charmingly, when it came to the practical business of repairing Christmas tree lights, astrophysicist Peter’s powers were no greater than my own – i.e. non-existent.


While the Merkozy Axis gathered its forces to make the City of London pay the 90% of the bailout that had still to be found by January for bankrupt ClubMed, it turned out that Greek perceptions were far from being in line with those of Berlin. Apparently, the Greeks believed that, because Nazi troops had once killed a few hundred rebellious Greek villagers near Delphi and stolen as many art treasures as they could (cf. the TV comedy ‘Allo, Allo’ and its ‘Madonna of the Big Boobies’), the Greeks were entitled to demand repayment (far beyond the $67M which Germany had already given) – and certainly not to have to part with a few Greek islands or the Parthenon so as to pay off their (fraudulently obtained) debt to the Reich ooops Heimat (Times, 13 xii, Ben MacIntyre).

Whether, in such a political climate, Mutti Merkel and her high-heeled pseudo-boyfriend Napoleon Sarkozy could succeed with their plan of imposing super-Brussels-bureaucrat Horst Wessel Fourth Reichenbach (invariably portrayed in Greek magazines in Wehrmacht uniform) looked a most open question. Perhaps the Eurozone would collapse – as bankstas lost faith in it – even before Britain’s fractious CamCo government. As so often, Britain would have to clear up the mess made by Johnny foreigner – esp. the pretentious French....


Media reporting of the Liège, Belgium, shootings (5 dead, 125 injured) was happy enough to mention the bull-knecked killer’s sex (male), age (33), the age of the nextdoor cleaning lady he killed (45) and his previous lifelong criminality (he was a gun nut and grew cannabis and was under police suspicion of ‘sexual harassment’); but the BBC and many others declined to show his name, Nordine Amrani, lest any peecee-protected UK citizen guess that (though born and orphaned in Brussels) he was an Arab of Moroccan ancestry.

However, race could be mentioned as a few African ‘street vendors’ (i.e. hawkers of fake fashion handbags etc.) were shot dead in Florence, Italy, by far-right (and Mussolini-following) sympathizer Gianluca Casseri, 50, an Italian accountant, novelist, magazine editor and expert on J.R.Tolkien from a rural area who declined to accept what was happening to his country thanks to the downgrading ‘globalization’ tolerated by its political and business elite (Guardian, 14 xii). Casseri was promptly denounced by the Mayor of Florence as a “pitiless killer.”


Just as high-heeled French President Sarkozy foulmouthed Britain’s Doughty Dave as “an obstinate kid” (for not going along with Napoleon Sarko’s plan for for Franco-German empire at the expense of the City of London), the previous French President, Jacques Chirac, was actually handed a two-year prison sentence (suspended because of his 79 years and failed mental powers) for embezzlement of state funds to benefit his RPR (‘conservative’) party. The Frog prosecutor(!) had earlier requested that the case be dropped, saying there was not enough evidence to prove intentional corruption, but the court disagreed, saying "his guilt results from longstanding and reiterated practices" of illegal party financing (Guardian, 15 xii, 16 xii, ‘Chirac: Convicted at last’).


A poll found 27% of British 20-yr-old girls admitted to having had full sex before age 16 (Sun, 16 xii). This percentage was twice that admitted by their own mothers. Much of this admitted sex would have been with over-16 boys/men, for only 22% of British 20-yr-old boys admitted pre-16 sex – and quite a bit of that would have been with older slags ooops girls.{The enterprise, enthusiasm and daring of male over-16’s had to be admired, given the vicious legal and MSM penalties they faced!}


America’s half-assed Black President, Barry Insane ooops Hussein Obarmy (elected to try to prove US multiculti idealism), withdrew most of his feeble force of 200K troops from their failed 9-yr mission to Eyeraq, thanking them for their 4K deaths (and doubtless 40K injured) (Sun, 16 xii) in the course of America’s failure to divide the wretched country between its ethnic Shitites, Solunnis and Turds – instead allowing the flagellating Shit-stirrers to take over (pro tem.) in the name of demakrazy.


New benchmarks in Britain’s 50-year capitulation to Blacks and Arabs were reached as ten students at Leeds University were vandalized by a flashmob of some fifteen Blacks (who quickly relieved the Whites of all valuables and hospitalized two) (Huffington Post UK, 24 xi); and the Daily Mirror (13 xii) discovered some one thousand men (aka Mueslis) getting full UK welfare benefits for polygamous wives and their countless children.


Top Marxist intellectual, Jewish* Balliol bumboy Christopher Hitchens, died of throat cancer, aged 62, despite all his years of support from Britain’s socialist National Health Service (Guardian, 16 xii). Emigrating to New York (later Washington and Houston), he had found fame as he supported Pres. Dubya Bush’s war with Iraq – a stance which broke Hitchens from the many lefties who had decided to cultivate Muesli ‘underdog’ votes.

But, sadly for Hitch, his famous atheism was not accompanied by any respect for science: so he died early from smoking and not heeding Doctor William McDougall’s 1930 advice to take plenty of water with his whisky. Needless to say, his jejune disrespect for science had included a lifelong failure to recognize racial realities.

* Daily Telegraph obituary, 17 xii: “His mother, Yvonne, a glamorous but tragic figure whose carefully concealed Jewish ancestry Christopher would discover only when he was in his 40s, eventually left her husband for an unfrocked vicar, with whom she became a devotee of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (“the sinister windbag who had brought enlightenment to the Beatles in the summer of love”), and with whom she died in a suicide pact in an Athens hostel when Christopher was 24.”


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Sunday, December 11, 2011


The cocky Black son of Labour-appointed peer, ‘Lord’ Boateng (a Bliarite minister for ‘race relations’ etc.), was jailed for three years for raping a party-delightful doe-eyed White blonde who swore she had never before taken cocaine (Mail on Sunday, 4 xii).


Britain’s lib-left-orchestrated descent into dysgenics was chronicled as, for a second night, Essex youf (race unknown or at least unspoken) hurled concrete blocks from a bridge down on to drivers on the busy A12 dual carriageway, smashing windscreens and hospitalizing several people without even the modest personal gains obtainable from pikey metal thieving (Sun, 5 xii). The taxpayer cash spent on their elf’n’welfare remained as uninvestigated by MSM as their racial origins.

In happy contrast, St Peter’s Church, Lutton Square, E’bro, showed off its impressively restored organ, with a Notre Dame organiste (of E’bro origin) playing Mendelssohn and Liszt for a happy – if sometimes rock- noisy – hour to a 150 congregation of oldies in E’bro’s highest-steepled and warmliest-decorated church. No Blecks attended this musicfest (organized by Canon Fred Tomlinson). Just one East Asianne represented youthful Anglicanism (guess who?!).


The usually paedo-hunting Daily Mail (which had in 1996 pursued me for insufficient paedohysteria, even getting a reporter up the garden path of my 85-yr-old mama, till shooed off by my sister) had its top columnist, Richard Littlejohn, denounce feminoid-inspired “hysterical paedophobia” – as peecee bureaucrats in Northern Ireland banned home visits by ‘Santa’ for fear that operatives of the money-pulling charity involved might let (or be accused of letting) their hands stray (6 xii).


Journalistic surveys of Berliners (as the capital prepared monster jolly Christmas celebrations) found Europe’s top citizens (sporting quite the best parks, lakes, sausages and prostitutes) disdainful not only of irresponsible Euroland southerners but even of France – where socialists had got the state retirement age down to an idle 62, compared to Germany’s 67 (Sunday Times, 4 xii).

{However, Germany’s Reichskanzlerin, Mutti “unfuckable lard bucket” (q.v.) Merkel, continued to support the doomed eurozone – persuaded by ‘French’ dwarf leader N.Sarkozy that he would front the diziplin necessary for ClubMed and not let Deutschland take all the blame. – Some hope! France had done nothing but fight Germany since 1700 – after French ambitions in Belgium had been squashed by Britain’s Duke of Marlborough (great-grandfather of Churchill). France was quite as hostile to IQ as the USA and UK – so TgF’s French host had to publish the book from Tunisia.}


Temporarily sparing the West the need to bomb Iran (for which Britain had prepared by ‘sanctions’ which got its embassy in Teheran destroyed and its diplomats safe home to Blighty), Shitites and Solunnis in Syria embarked on civil war, prompting Iraq’s Western puppet Shitite leader Wanna Avaleaky to declare his support for naughty-naughty un’sprung’ Syrian Shitite (Alawi) opthalmologist leader President SadBad – Avaleaky fearing that any Solunni victory in Syria would set Iraq ablaze. Avaleaky’s declaration was followed promptly by sixty Shitites being killed (+ 200 injured) by suicide bombers (presumably Solunni) in Afghanistan, confirming that, if there was anything Mueslis hated more than the West and Israel, it was each other.


Readers wishing Christmas fun can be guided to my Preston (Lancs) birthplace, where are to be found the country’s tiniest miniminiskirts (Sun, 8 xii, incl. visual aid “Hot bots of Lancashire”), apparently putting even Essex girls in the shade.


America’s top-of-the-market Jewish magazine, Commentary (xii), provided a nice tribute to the USA’s only known conservative and at-least-half-realistic Marxist-deserter and libertarian Black man, the critic of the PeeCee-“anointed,” Thomas Sowell (q.v.), 81, concluding:

[Sowell] points to the case of Dr. Patrick Chavis, a celebrated case study of affirmative action, and notes: “[Chavis was] publicly praised by the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights—just two weeks before his license was suspended, after his patients died under conditions that brought the matter to the attention of the Medical Board of California. An administrative law judge referred to Chavis’s ‘inability to perform some of the most basic duties required of a physician.’ A year later, after a fuller investigation, his license was revoked.”

Some years before, Sowell reports, a Harvard Medical School professor was denounced as racist for declaring that affirmative action for medical students was endangering patients. He was proved right. But that fact is inconsistent with the vision of the anointed, which holds that to even ask the question of whether black doctors are on average today less qualified than white doctors as a result of preferential treatment is to abandon the fundamentals of civilization. It is a thought that cannot be thought."


As unimaginative potato-head Frau Mutti Merkel (last seen turning her hunched back on Eton&Oxford Dave) decided to go in with overimaginative hysterical Jewish dwarf Nicolarse Sarkozy to provide French-fronted diziplin for Euroland, Daft Dave Cameron – bullied by his backbenchers, Boris Johnson and Britain’s tabloids – decided to settle for Britain’s historical role of peskily standing up to Paris, Madrid, Rome, Amsterdam, Berlin etc., thus putting two fingers up to Brussels in defence of Britain’s only working industry, the bonus-bankstas of cowboy London (cf. the pirates of Elizabeth I’s days, followed by the more institutionalized but equally dangerous Royal Navy), who alone could pay Britain’s enormous-and-mounting bills for its dysgenic welfare dependents. {Whether French-fronted German diziplin – apparently supported by all 27 Euro ‘countries’ apart from Britain -- would impress markets beyond Christmas remained to be seen.}


A further example of Jewish race realism (see previous: JEWRY IN A TWIST) was provided by Israel’s Interior Minister, Eli Yishai, who denied that any of the country’s Black immigrants were genuine asylum seekers and vowed to return them all to Africa (Jerusalem Post, 8 xii).


Across the states of the USA, violent crime was found to correlate at an impressive r=.55 with the percentage of Blacks in the population (Science Direct, xii, Donald Templer & Phil Rushton); by contrast, violence correlated only .17 with states’ levels of affluence.


In a splendid exposure of feminoid/lesbo ambitions, it turned out that female American soldier(ette)s in Iraq – even the most obese of them -- were more likely to be sexually attacked by colleagues than to be killed by the enemy (Guardian, 10 xii).


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Sunday, December 04, 2011


Out of the blue, the anti-IQ ‘anti-racist’ peecee left got a kick in the teeth from blogger ‘heartiste’ The IQ war smears:
IQ is F*CKING HUGELY IMPORTANT to your chance to live a happy, successful life filled with wonder and glee and gadgets and crime-free neighborhoods in a modern, technofantastical, information-highwayed, cognitively stratifying first-world Western nation.

The blogger even reckoned that, for the likes of the Steves (Ceci, Rose and Jones – Gould having already snuffed it, and Pinker having become hon. president of the London School [though wet re race]), “their time is almost up.” {Wow! It was almost as if he/she had read or heard tell of Richard Lynn, Ian Deary, Linda Gottfredson or Chap.4 of TgF!}


While the leftie London School of Economics laboured to explain its multi-million pound donations from Libya after giving Saif Gadawfu a doctorate (q.v. + Times Higher, 2 xii, pp.2-3), the Guardian revealed (1 xii) that Foreign Office pressure to accept SG as a student had been resisted by not-quite-so-leftie Oxford University, which said “Saif had no social science training, and his prior degree {from Austria, involving an absolutely incomprehensible ‘thesis’} did not meet the requisite quality standard".

{And how did Saif get his LSE Ph.D? According to the Lybian School of ‘Economics,’ it was not plagiarism – but just that Saif could afford £150-per-hour tuition and associated ghost-writing services.}


Though the UK’s ‘strike’ of public ‘service’ workers petered out in buoyant high street trading as ‘teachers’ etc. effectively enjoyed a taxpayer-funded holiday in which to do their Christmas shopping, motoring expert and livewire Jeremy Clarkson could not resist quipping to a TV audience – to studio laughter -- that “the strikers should be shot, executed in front of their families.”

(He explained that, in accordance with BBC policy, he was trying to ‘balance’ his previous jest that the strike had been a great thing in keeping the streets free of buses....)

The usual peecee outrage followed, including 21K phoned complaints to the Beeb, serving as a reminder that the left had got much further in the past generation with its policy of banning free speech (at least about race, disability, yags, wymmin etc.) and literally locking up offenders (such as Luke O’Farrell) than with its traditional policy of strikes, picket lines and ostracization of non-strikers as ‘scabs.’

‘Unison’ [trade union] boss Dave Prentis (salary £128Kp.a.) threatened legal action and demanded the BBC sack Clarkson. A Spectator correspondent articulated the left’s modern threat (1 xii): “Sooner or later we shall all have to speak very carefully and very literally and there will not be room any more for analogy or hyperbole or sarcasm or exaggeration for comic effect.”

More prosaically, Emma West, a White working class Cockney woman, got into an argument with Blacks in a south London tram. (See the video of her vulgar racist rant here if desired:

Miss West was promptly arrested for her loudly expressed opinions and locked up, and her children were taken away by ‘social services.’ {Of course, if she had screeched against, say, ‘the Tories’ or the Archbishop of Canterbury, she would have been been able to go on her way unhindered by PeeCee Plod.}

Clarkson at least got the support of brave Mayor Boris Johnson, who explained: "What he was trying to say was, 'when you've a real need for pension reform, is it really necessary to try to paralyse the country?'"

Subsequently, the Daily Mail revealed that Clarkson’s 'spontaneous remark' had in fact been sketched out with the producers before the BBC show. So not only had JC merely made a joke (and possibly expressed an anti-strike opinion) and done no harm in his established role as controversialist for the BBC, but his remark had prior editorial blessing; and for this he was pilloried for days by the hysterical left in a country once known for its sense of humour and freedom of thought and expression -- but sadly turned peecee by the likes of Edinburgh LUniversity.

When, on BBC ‘Question Time,’ lefty Piers Morgan had criticized Labour minister Clare Short for not resigning over the Iraq war and said 'she should be taken out and shot', the studio audience had clapped and cheered -- no threats of arrest there (Spectator, 3 xii)!

And lefty comedian Ricky Gervais was able to jest about “mongs” [Mongols, aka Down’s Syndrome Saints] without protest. Free speech and associated jokes were allowed to the left, but not to the right. {So sad that the right had not reorganized itself around defending science and freedom as Darwin and Galton would have hoped!}


Stripped of its AAA credit rating and finding it hard to borrow money, France ran for cover under the German umbrella (Sun, 2 xii). In thus creating a new Holy Roman (German) Empire (in which France would provide the choirmaster for organmeister Germany’s programme of diziplin, France thus deprived the Nordic League-to-be of its most promising member, Germany; but perhaps the ‘unholy’ NL could bring in Poland, Belarus, Czechoslovakia and Ukraine as well as the Holy Éirish Republic as gas-rich, Latin-educated and Black-doubting counterweights; and its Anglo-Saxon-Scandinavian core would have the unity of being English-speaking and having never (unlike France and Germany) had any heartfelt propensity to communism.


After three months of metal thefts from British church roofs, war memorials and railways – crimes netting criminals pathetic sums compared to the damage and heartbreak caused – it began to be admitted that the criminals were “Romanian gangsters,” i.e. gypsies (Sun, 2 xii).

{Needless to say, Britain’s ‘politicians’ came up with no proposals for exacting tenfold retribution from metal thieves and their families – in the unheard-of event of any such vandal/thief ever being caught, so concentrated were police resources on arresting householders who had managed to whack a burglar.}


The major faultline in international Judaism was cruelly exposed as even the Israeli PM Ravin Yahoo felt obliged to demand that his “Absorption Ministry” withdraw mass advertising in the USA for American Jews to abandon their assimilationist ways and get to Israel before they disappeared and ended up celebrating Christmas (, 3 xii).

It had gradually dawned on Jewish activists in the USA (like the Anti-Defamation League) that such advertising undermined the official American-Jewish commitment to happy-clappy multiculturalism (including America accepting as many Mexicans and Muslims as possible, along with its sorry legacy of Blacks, so as to make Jews seem just one minority amongst many).


Historian Niall Ferguson (q.v.), who had threatened legal action against an Indian intellectual who had accused him of quasi-racism (as well as imperialism), found himself accused of contesting free speech (Observer, 4 xii).

{One can only admire how the left has got this game buttoned up. – Or at least despise the the unwillingness of the modern right and its diplomats such as NF to speak the truth about race, and say ‘Yes, I’m a racist – with plenty of historical and scientific backup.’}


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