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Strangely enough, James Watson had been publicly critical of Harvard's firing of President Larry Summers for sex realism in 2006; yet Watson too found retraction the most expeditious course as his own feet were put to the fire - see Steve Sailer in VDare, 21 x, for a full and thoughtful and maximally generous summary.

What a pity he did not, when he came under attack from the Britoid media and multiculti apparatchiks, have available the splendid defence of his views that was eventually issued from Nigeria (, 21 x) from Simon Kolawole. Though unhappy with `laboratory' tests of Black intelligence, the Lagos columnist wrote: "I think the argument that white supremacists should be making instead is that in PRACTICE, whites have DEMONSTRATED more intelligence than blacks. That can be argued with facts and figures. That is empirically verifiable. does not take a genius to prove that Africans have shown in practical terms that they are not making use of their intelligence. If I were a white person, I would certainly feel superior to blacks. All I need do is take a look at a country like Nigeria and reach my conclusions. The evidence of retarded intelligence - or misuse of it - is there for all to see."

Apparently the self-righteously defended deficiencies of Blacks had long been lambasted by Black funnyman turned moralist, columnist Bill Cosby (HuffingtonPost, 22 x). Full support for this sentiment appeared in, 25 x.

At least until his London humbling, Watson had been well-known as a lively lad. MSNBC reported (24 x, David Ewing Duncan): "Watson talks in sputters and clicks, and delights in being outrageous, as I discovered when I visited him in Cold Springs Harbor for my book, "Masterminds: Genius, DNA and Quest to Rewrite Life." Ushered into an office where his Nobel prize hung close by a girly calendar featuring a buxom woman that looked more appropriate for a mechanics shop, he was soon informing me that some people are born with less intelligence than others - and that those people should have their genes altered, if such a thing becomes possible.

At the same meeting he called surreal painter Salvador Dali (he painted "Homage to Watson and Crick" in 1963) a fascist, denigrated women scientists as being more "difficult" than men and refused yet again to acknowledge that a long dead geneticist named Rosalind Franklin made a crucial discovery leading to Watson and Crick's famous discovery."

The Guardian (24 x) allowed a distinctly moth-eaten-looking Steven Rose more space to ramble on about heritability estimates - especially when between non-randomly interbreeding races - being `unscientific,' yet he was not invited to supply a single discovery of twentieth-century psychology (or indeed the other social sciences) which he did find scientific.

But Nature (25 x, `Watson's folly') came to the agreeable (if inadvertently so) conclusion that, despite Watson's retraction, "..the damage has been done, lending succour and comfort to racists around the globe." *

The Belfast Telegraph (24 x, Steve Connor) was the only UK organ to treat its readers to a summary of Chicago geneticist Bruce Lahn's work linking DNA variations, microcephaly and race (White & Asian vs Black) (see above, xi 2005 et seq.).

Invited on to `The Moral Maze' (BBC Radio 4, 24 x) to discuss Watson, Emeritus Professor Lynn defended scientific racism judiciously and professorially, taking the opportunity to summarize IQs around the world (so startling the panellists that IQ hardly got another mention in the 45-minute programme) and having the satisfaction of hearing a female sociology graduate admit to columnist Melanie Phillips that her horrified rejection of his work was based on precisely zero reading of any of it.

The programme went downhill from then on, the consensus tending to be that free speech was OK so long as it was `sensitive' and not about `bad science (which no-one could define). Incidentally, it turned out that the Science Museum which banned Watson lest he talk about race and IQ, had happily hosted previous meetings discusssing extra-terrestrial beings and whether MMR jabs caused autism.

Jewish Press (`America's largest independent Jewish weekly') (24 x) noted that, as tabooed subjects, race realism had overtaken Holocaust denial - which loony Iranian tinpot tyrant AhLastMahDinnaJacket had been allowed to promulgate to an audience at New York's left-wing Columbia University. In the ever-more-loony-leftist Independent (22 x), Susan Tomes proclaimed that higher intelligence led to religious bigotry, imperial interventions and chemical pollution..

Watson retired from his lab 25 x, thanking his Scots-Irish parents for their inspiration of his rationalism and love of social justice and apparently keeping his much-loved Cold Harbor chancellor's house - presumably having agreed to say nothing more about race and IQ. Nobelist Francis Crick, who had died a few years previously at the age of 88, admitted that he and his co-researcher, biologist James Watson, often "used LSD in tiny amounts as a thinking tool" to liberate them from preconceptions and let their genius wander freely to new ideas."

To a female journalist who once complained to Watson that his claim of thin people being depressed was simplistic, Watson had retorted (Times, 26 x, Brenda Maddox) "Brenda, you've become so politically correct, you're boring!"

Only American Thinker noted (27 x) - after James Watson, Larry Summers and David Horowitz had been prevented from speaking on campus in the same week - the frank truth that "Academic freedom of speech is imprisoned in the cell of political correctness."

* Funnily enough, AllAfrica had agreed (24 x), declaring editorially:

"DNA pioneer and Nobel laureate James Watson, who told the Sunday Times, London, that "laboratory testing" shows Africans do not measure up intellectually was a political message intended for white voters back home in the US. Dr Watson timed to make his racist comment at the zenith of the United States Democratic presidential nomination campaigns. As an authority on genetics, he knew the impact his not-so-disguised political intervention would have on white voters back home. Watson deliberately attacked black intelligence in the United Kingdom and not on the United States' soil in an abortive attempt to conceal his political motive."


Britain's Chief Rabbi joined occasional Labour stooges of the past 18 months in calling multiculturalism a danger in producing segregation, a victim culture of complaint and a threat to democracy (Jerusalem Post, 20 x). Jonathan Sacks, 59 and a long-standing supporter of Mrs Thatcher, went even further in blaming the Jewish community for originating the multicultural doctrines which had proved "inexorably divisive" - though he did not call for the closure of Jewish schools, a return of free speech on racial matters or the deportation of criminal or persistently welfare-dependent immigrants.


As he retired from the police, the head of the National Black Police Association, Keith Jarrett, announced that, like many Black parents, he believed the stopping and searching of Black youths (heavily reduced after the 1999 Macpherson Report) should be restored (Daily Mail, 21 x, Melanie Phillips; Independent, 22 x).


Work by Cambridge University's Professor of Economics, Bob Rowthorn, concluded that, contrary to peecee propaganda, immigrants to Britain produced on average, once their costs to the taxpayers were considered, "lower per capita GDP" than if they had stayed at home (Daily Telegraph, 26 x) - a conclusion well in line with Oxford University's David Coleman who had previously estimated (see iii 2007) that the average immigrant was worth on average three Mars bars to Britain per year.


As Evan Coyne Maloney's much-heralded film appeared, slashing at PeeCee in American `universities,' an American Renaissance correspondent wrote (23 x): "I have worked for both state and private [university] institutions for almost thirty years and every one of them has promoted cultural Marxism to a greater or lesser degree. To publicly disagree with the "party line" is to risk being ostracized, terminated or denied tenure. Most American Universities (outside the hard sciences) really teach neo-Marxist indoctrination and "diversity is our strength" brainwashing."


News of a study of identical twins separated at birth in New York State emerged as some of the twins discovered each other (Forward [The Jewish Daily], 2 x; Newsday, 17 x; National Public Radio, 27 x; Daily Telegraph, 27 x).

The study involved a Jewish adoption agency which became persuaded by a maverick psychologist in the 1960's that separating monozygotic twins was actually better for them. By 1980, when NY State banned the separation of twins, five pairs of twins and one set of triplets submitted to the Louis Wise Agency had been sent to separate homes. Study of the pairs may have continued till 2004 when the agency was closed and the data sent for secret housing at Yale University till 2066.

Researchers psychologist Viola Bernard and psychoanalyst Peter Neubauer were reluctant to discuss the study, fearing the forced separations would be criticized - and possibly knowing that results from the eight within-pair comparisons possible showed, as some of the twins suspected after meeting each other, strong evidence of the importance of genetic factors. The study might have been begun in response to Sir Cyril Burt's 1966 publication of figures on the intelligence of 53 pairs of MZa twins


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Monday, October 22, 2007


Faced with the bombardment of UK Labour's peecee thugs and with lack of support from any British academics, Chicago-born Nobelist Watson, 79 and perhaps of equivalent mental age, caved in on his stated views about Blecks x IQ (see above). He told Britain's top `conservative' tabloid, the Daily Mail (19 x), apparently to that `modernizing' paper's delight: "I am mortified about what has happened. More importantly, I cannot understand how I could have said what I am quoted as having said.* I can certainly understand why people, reading those words, have reacted in the ways they have. To all those who have drawn the inference from my words that Africa, as a continent, is somehow genetically inferior, I can only apologize unreservedly. That is not what I meant. More importantly from my point of view, there is no scientific basis for such a belief."

* To which the Sunday Times responded that the interview had been recorded and that it stood by what it had published.

Statement by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Board of Trustees and President Bruce Stillman, Ph.D. Regarding Dr. Watson's Comments in The Sunday Times on October 14, 2007

Earlier this evening, the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Board of Trustees decided to suspend the administrative responsibilities of Chancellor James D. Watson, Ph.D., pending further deliberation by the Board.

This action follows the Board's public statement yesterday disagreeing with the comments attributed to Dr. Watson in the October 14, 2007 edition of The Sunday Times U.K.

{Of course, one should not be too moralistic. At 79, the traitor to race realism was probably in serious mental decline. And he had received no help from psychologists or the press. For example, half-arsed pisschologist Robert Sternberg, said by Chicago Tribune to be "a prominent researcher on race and IQ" at Tufts University, called Watson's views as expressed to the Sunday Times "racist and most regrettable." For many Africans who take Western IQ tests, "our problems aren't relevant to them," Sternberg said.

And Britain's `right-wing' Daily Quislingraph predictably pooh-poohed both IQ and Watson's "dotty" views (19 x). Only the Guardian bothered to cover its tracks with a small plea for free speech - from parapsychologist Sue Blackmore (19 x).}

{London's Science Museum, which had barred Watson from speaking and thus brought wider attention to his pre-18th-October race-realist views, announced that, on October 30, its Dana Centre would be hosting another debate as part of its Black History Month events. Is Science Colour Blind? was to examine the issue of racism in the science industry. Panellists would include Abi Ajose-Adeogun, who would comment on her past experience as a biochemist and suggest why there weren't more black scientists..}

{The Bristol `Festival of Ideas' cancelled an appearance by Dr Watson, and organizers of planned events in Edinburgh and Cambridge were `considering' whether to disinvite the crazy mixed-up oldie. And further critical comment of Watson's views came from Dr Craig Venter, the scientist/businessman who led the private effort to decode the human genome, and who, by coincidence, was also visiting the UK to promote a book. "Skin colour as a surrogate for race is a social concept, not a scientific one," Dr Venter said. "There is no basis in scientific fact or in the human genetic code for the notion that skin colour will be predictive of intelligence."}
On 19 x, after Edinburgh University too withdrew its invitation, Watson announced he needed to have urgent discussions with colleagues and promptly flew back to the USA -- waved off by jubilant Marxist Steven Rose who was emboldened to lie to paparazzi that "No evidence that claimed to find people of African descent were less intelligent than Europeans or other racial groups had stood up to scientific scrutiny" and tell New Statesman readers there was no way of untangling interacting factors to get at the causation of racial differences in IQ.. (19 x).

The Guardian celebrated with an article by a Black cell biologist blaming Africa's problems on White rule (19 x). The mayor of London, `Red' Ken Livingstone, who claimed just one `O' Level in science, said Watson's comments "represent racist propaganda masquerading as scientific fact.... That a man of such academic distinction could make such ignorant comments, which are utterly offensive and incorrect and give succor to the most backward in our society, demonstrates why racism still has to be fought." The Independent jubilantly exposed Watson's other `insensitive' comments over the years (20 x). Besides London and Edinburgh, Watson had been scheduled to speak in Cambridge, Newcastle, Bristol and Oxford.

Professor Richard Dawkins, who was due to conduct a public interview with Dr Watson the next week in Oxford, condemned what he called " . . the hounding, by what can only be described as an illiberal and intolerant 'thought police', of one of the most distinguished scientists of our time, out of the Science Museum, and maybe even out of the laboratory, despite him having devoted much of his life to building up a world-class reputation."

I wrote to the Scotsman (published 20 x):
Edinburgh University is deploying against Nobelist James Watson the same tired leftist 'anti-racist' claptrap as it did against me and my book 'The g Factor' in 1996/7. Meantime it got around to banning free copies of the Bible from its halls of residence and bullying its Christian Union to promote homosexualism. What a right-on peecee LUniversity! No wonder it never gave David Hume a job! And no wonder it has not been in the top ten UK universities in league tables of the past ten years!

After Watson's departure, Oxford's Professor Colin Blakemore (whom I had once hosted for an Edinburgh University Psychology seminar) criticized the South Kensington Museum's decision to disinvite Watson as "unacceptable" on free speech grounds (InTheNews, 21 x). He added it was clear that there were genetic differences between people from different parts of the world and these needed to be studied and understood, not used as a basis for prejudice.

Journalist Charlotte Hunt-Grubbe who had written the Sunday Times (Magazine) story which sparked the trouble wrote that she was "horrified" by the result (Sunday Times, 21 x). For the Observer, columnist Henry Porter argued (21 x): "One of the less edifying sights last week was all those academics diving for cover over Watson. Their behaviour reminds us that democracy is for grown-ups. Some discomfort, even pain, comes with the privilege of free speech. We have known that since the Enlightenment, but each generation needs to remember that the downside of free speech is a buffer like Watson trailing a sulphurous whiff of eugenics or the Islamist clerics calling for the death of homosexuals and Jews. The way you deal with them is not with laws, but with savage ridicule."

Friday, October 19, 2007


Britain confirmed its ten-year status as the world capital of scientific cowardice as London's Science Museum (in South Kensington) banned Nobel prizewinner for physiology/medicine James Watson, co-discoverer of the double-helix structure of DNA, from addressing people who had paid to hear him (in a 400-strong sold-out lecture) (Independent, 18 x). The reason? Watson, 79, had confirmed to the Sunday Times his long-held view that Black people had a low IQ and that Western policy towards Africa was premised on mistakenly denying this.

HMG's `Skills Minister,' Labour's David Lammy, who was Black, said Watson's views were "deeply offensive" and would provide oxygen for far-right political parties. To this heresy, the American and British media (Chicago Tribune, 18 x) quickly added charges that Watson had favoured allowing women to abort any foetuses known to have homosexual genes and believed the English to lack the melanin-linked Latin genes for love-making.

Other British venues to which Watson had been invited (Royal Society [London], Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Oxford) (on a book promotion tour) assured worried media folk that they would provide firm questioning of Watson's `controversial' views. Marxist professor Steven Rose, Open LUniversity, told the BBC (Radio 4, `Today,' 18 x) that Watson's scientific racism was scientifically invalid, old-fashioned and scientifically dangerous and that speaking about it was beyond Watson's area of scientific competence.

Expressing the British scientific community's cowardice in the face of Trots like Rose, Oxford's Richard Dawkins, known for his oh-so-daring challenges to ancient religions, declined to make any comment on peecee piety about Watson's race realism. At 39, Watson had married, to the 20-year-younger Elizabeth; it was apparently as a son developed schizophrenia and failed to respond to medical and personal assistance that Watson became impressed with the contribution of genetic factors to human psychological differences.

Oxford University Press said it was standing by Watson's new book, Avoid Boring People: Lessons from a Life in Science, of which it said that, despite its title, it contained no racism.* {It was when OUP agreed to republish The g Factor in 1996 that Rose and comrades went ape and resorted to denouncing me to the press for insufficient paedohysteria, resulting in Edinburgh LUniversity having to spend 100,000 pounds to sack me.}

* Though the book did say: "There is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically."


Further confirmation arrived for the claim that breast milk raises IQ (as put forward in Chapter 4 of The g Factor, 1996). A Chicago premature infant study involving 773 U.S. babies born extremely underweight -- less than 2.2 pounds -- between 1999 and 2002 found that babies given breast milk (by naso-gastric tube, in hospital) achieved higher scores on a test measuring their overall intelligence at 30 months of age, with the highest scores showing up among the children who had received the most breast milk as infants (, 1 x; published by Duane Alexander in Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics).


As Befordshire police came bottom in a national Home Office survery of police efficiency, it transpired that there were two areas of assessment in which they had actually performed at an above-average level: `female representation' (their Chief Constable was female) and cutting back on the stopping and searching of ethnic minorities - leading the attractive local Conservative MP Nadine Dorries to demand the Chief Constable's resignation (Bedford Today, 12 x). Said blonde mother-of-three Nadine, 50: "I am worried that political correctness appears to be more important than improving neighbourhood policing and protecting the vulnerable."

{British novelist Doris Lessing's Nobel Prize award also came under suspicion of being a peecee recognition of her years of feminism and leftism and reluctance to criticize Blacks and Black governments - with top Shakespeare expert Harold Bloom, Harvard, saying he found the last fifteen years' of her writing "unreadable" (, 12 x).

But the German capital, Berlin, broke with years of PeeCee and admitted that three of its universities were better than others (Wall Street Journal, 12 x); and a new book, Until Proven Innocent, Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case, exposed the academic lynch mob (comprising 25% of staff at Duke University) which had hounded White student lacrosse players after absurd, fast-changing and unsubstantiatable accusations of rape of a Black stripper (, 28 ix).}


As it proved possible to identify a criminal as Black from his DNA, allowing and arrest and conviction in a notoriously difficult US rape and murder case, the claims of `social-scientific' leftists and hangers-on in grant-seeking biology were refuted: race was not just a `social construct' (American Renaissance, 5 x).


As Scotland's Commissioner for Children, Kathleen Marshall, revealed that there was a serious shortfall of adult volunteers to organize activities for children, she also revealed the reason: thanks to 20 years of paedohysteria, 48% of Scots adults "were afraid that they could be open to false accusations if they volunteered with children" (Daily Telegraph, 17 x). Fully one in ten of the 1,100 adults surveyed said they actually knew someone who had suffered from being falsely accused of hurting a child.


Devotees of common sense, and of the idea that Shakespeare would have needed far more crystallized intelligence and education than he could ever have got from Statford-upon-Avon, were given a new candidate for the true playwright: a bastard son of Queen Elizabeth I and her lover Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester (Daily Telegraph, 17 x). Called William Hastings, the candidate apparently left anagrams of his name in the Sonnets - according to a new book, Breaking the Shakespeare Codes, by a former physics teacher, Robert Nield, 50.


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Sunday, October 14, 2007


As Britain's Not-the-Conservative Party conferenced its way deeper to the neglect it had chosen, failing to find how to heal `the broken society' (by the simple expedient of routeing most state handouts via churches and 2-parent families), it turned out to have a Muslim Baroness, Sayeeda Warsi, the Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion, who was prepared to shock the Independent (30 ix) and Guardian (1 x) by saying that voters for the British National Party had some "very legitimate" concerns with crime and immigration.

Her words were promptly condemned by `anti-racist' groups who accused her of using "BNP language" and pandering to a far-right agenda. Operation Black Vote (OBV), for which she used to work, said giving credence to the views of BNP supporters was wrong. Baroness Warsi suggested that the rapid influx of migrants was threatening community cohesion, changing the face of estates "overnight" and unsettling people who live in Britain. {Wow, what bravery on the bridge of the Titanic!}


"Zimbabwe's bakeries have shut and supermarkets have warned there will be no bread for the foreseeable future as the government admitted that wheat production had collapsed following the seizure of white-owned farms" (Grauniad, 1 x).


Science Daily (1 x) - An international team of researchers including an MIT graduate student demonstrated for the first time that genes exert influence on people's behavior in a common experimental economic game. Traditionally, social scientists had been quite hesitant to acknowledge a role for genes in explaining economic behavior. But a study by David Cesarini, a Ph.D. student in MIT's Department of Economics, and by colleagues in Sweden indicated that there was a genetic component to people's perception of what is fair and what is unfair.

The study looked at the ultimatum game, in which a proposer makes an offer to a responder on how to divide a sum of money. This offer is an ultimatum; if the responder rejects it, both parties receive nothing. Because rejections in the game entail a zero payoff for both parties, theories of narrow self-interest predict that any positive amount will be accepted by a responder. The intriguing finding in the laboratory is that responders routinely reject free money, presumably in order to punish proposers for offers perceived as unfair.

To study genetic influence in the game, Cesarini and colleagues took the unusual step of recruiting twins from the Swedish Twin Registry, and had them play the game under controlled circumstances. Because identical twins share the same genes but fraternal twins do not, the researchers were able to detect genetic influences by comparing the similarity with which identical and fraternal twins played the game.

The researchers' findings suggested that genetic influences account for as much as 40 percent of the variation in how people respond to unfair offers. In other words, identical twins were more likely to play with the same strategy than fraternal twins.

"Compared to common environmental influences such as upbringing, genetic influences appear to be a much more important source of variation in how people play the game," Cesarini said. "This raises the intriguing possibility that many of our preferences and personal economic choices are subject to substantial genetic influence," said lead author Bjorn Wallace of the Stockholm School of Economics, who conceived the study.


Supported by arch-anti-immigration-campaigner fish-and-chip-shop-owning Pauline Hanson, Australian P.M. John Howard announced his Government would slash the intake of African `refugees' by a half - aiming to "rebalance" the Oz population by bringing in more Asians, but still attracting allegations of racism from the usual suspects (ABC News, 5 x). Mr Kevin Andrews, the Immigration Minister, linked the cut in the African immigrant intake to a failure of African refugees -- particularly Sudanese -- to integrate. He released a dossier of alleged concerns, including race-based gangs and fights at nightclubs.


After Black goon Sir Trevor Phillips, on his self-appointment as `human equality' supremo, said England should acknowledge the importance of diversity in its history by admitting Turkish assistance in hindering the Spanish Armada (1588), correspondents here and in the Telegraph noted that the Turks suffered a huge defeat at the Battle of Lepanto (1571) by Spanish, Venetian and Papal forces, were not subsequently willing or able to interfere with the West, made no reply to England's request for assistance in 1583, and were nowhere in sight in the Western Mediterranean in 1588 (being far too busy fighting to their East)


Following the news of British columnists moving to the political right (see September, `RIGHT SHIFT FACTOR?'), Marxist Prof. Terry Eagleton, Manchester University, fulminated especially against the neocon and anti-Islamist positions adopted increasingly by British literati Martin Amis (increasingly, apparently, a chip off the old Kingsley block), Salman Rushdie, David Hare, Christopher Hitchens and even the sainted Harold Pinter (Independent, 5 x).

Apparently, Amis, himself writer-in-residence at U. Manchester, had suggested "strip-searching people who look like they're from the Middle East or from Pakistan", preventing Muslims from travelling, and further down the road, deportation. "Not the ramblings of a British National Party thug," wrote Eagleton, "but the reflections of Martin Amis, leading luminary of the English metropolitan literary world." ("An expensive libel if ever I heard one," reckoned Simon Heffer in the Torygraph, 6 x.)

At the same time, as David Cameron managed at last to murmur a little about freedom and the family, an edition of BBC TV's `Question Time' revealed a largely anti-Labour audience, even in Stratford, East London, led ably in a rightist direction by the surprising figure of Ian Hislop, the editor of Private Eye.


Right-wing forces of the U.S. South and liberal secessionists in the north-eastern state of Vermont, linked up to conference on how to assist each other in their shared objective in breaking away from increasingly oppressive, peecee and immigration-loving federal government from Washington (Independent, 5 x).


After another big plane crash in the `Democratic' Republic of the Congo, it turned out that Africa, which accounted for only 5% of flights world-wide, produced 25% of life-taking air disasters.


As it came to light that Muesli employees in Britain were being allowed not to process alcohol sales in supermarkets, not to treat sexually-transmitted diseases in hospitals and not to handle contraceptive sales in chemist shops, Daily Telegraph columnist (and top novelist and liberal Edinburgh Book Festival star) Andrew O'Hagan issued a firm reply (9 x): "Your plane awaits. There's a limit to what people should do to please fanatics."

But any scaling down of PeeCee seemed a long way off as American universities shrieked that - after twenty years of their `anti-racist' terror programmes -- they were actually handling more `minority' complaints of insensitivity than ever before so needed to expand sensitivity propaganda classes (American Renaissance, 1 x); and the Home Office in London announced - without any of the Broon-promised consultation with Parliament or the people - that any public criticism of homosexuality (including `humiliating' jokes) would be criminally actionable, like `race hate speech.'

The planned increases in official peecee terror mirrored fresh evidence of the public's free-choice preferences (Daily Telegraph, 7 x): "Primary schools are becoming increasingly segregated because parents want their children to be educated with their own ethnic groups, new research has shown. The study shows that the over-concentration of some ethnic groups in state schools cannot be explained by the social make-up of catchment areas alone. Instead, parents are actively choosing to segregate their children from other groups of pupils, sending them to predominately "black" or "Asian" schools. Researchers from Bristol University who analysed more than 300 primaries in Birmingham found that, from the age of four, children in some schools are being taught in near-isolation from pupils of different racial backgrounds."


In an astonishing attack by France's best-known living philosopher, the handsome, open-necked and filmstar-wife-sporting Bernard-Henri Levy, the top Presidential "special advisor" and lyrical speech-writer, Henri Guaino, whose office was next to that of President Sarkozy, found himself accused of racism (Expatica, 9 x; The Tocqueville Connection, 9 x; Daily Telegraph, 10 x).

Apparently HG, 50, an economist and historian, had written the President's Dakar speech in which it was said that not all Africa's troubles could be blamed on colonialism (see this diary/blog, August). He was quick to reply to BHL: "This pretentious little shit doesn't interest me at all. Who does he think he is? ..He doesn't love France. He has spit on his lips, with hatred oozing from his pores."

Whether the President would defend his aide from BHL, a long-standing personal friend, remained to be seen. African leaders had expressed the expected hysteria at the speech and France's right-wing government had also come under attack from Black Africans over a government immigration bill that would authorise voluntary DNA testing of foreigners wishing to join their families in France. Sarkozy's Algerian-born Urban Affairs Ministress, Fadela Umara, had previously broken ranks with Sarkozy's government over the DNA x immigration issue, warning she was prepared to stand down in protest.

In Britain, a new height of peecee spite was reached by Catholic-turned-Trotskyite Professor Eagleton's accusations of homophobism, anti-Semitism, misogynism and racism against Sir Kingsley Amis (as per this diary/blog, 5 x); but the charges were roundly rebutted in letters to the Daily Telegraph (10 x) from Sir Kingsley's second wife (1965-83) and her (homosexual) brother, Elizabeth and Colin Howard (In the News, 10 x; Daily Mail, 11 x), who called Eagleton a "little squirt" and observed that Amis's comic temper was to be standardly rude verbally about "absolutely everybody."


While Britain's dumbed-down luniversities religiously pursued every form of pious peecee anti-free-speech terror -- getting rid of the likes of Frank Ellis and myself and silencing others (see this diary/blog, passim) -- Cambridge University's prestigious student newspaper Varsity revealed that one Cambridge `escort agency' alone had 400 student and graduate females on its books earning 300 pounds per date (Sun, 11 x). One first-year student lovely claimed to have clocked 1,000 per week having sex with sometimes as many as seven men per night.


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Friday, October 05, 2007


After the New York Times carried fanciful doubts about the importance of IQ (14 ix), I replied via the Human Biodiversity Group as follows:


Chris Brand here:

It is notable that "op-ed columnist" David Brooks (while doubtless shocking some lefties by admitting 48% heritability for IQ) does not quantify for NYTwits any of the non-IQ factors that he fancies to be so important in life. He shows no sign of having read The Bell Curve, Race, Evolution & Behaviour, The g Factor, or IQ & the Wealth of Nations. Brooks thus fulfils the prediction in Heredity:

"Despite the limitations of their statistical databases and methods, Lynn and Vanhanen have launched a powerful challenge to economic historians and development economists, who prefer not to use IQ as an analytical input. It is likely therefore that this work will be studiously ignored, whereas it urgently needs to be refined and built upon."

Henry PALAIRET (economic historian), 2004. Heredity 92, 4, 61-3. Reviewing R. Lynn & T. Vanhanen, IQ and the Wealth of Nations. Westport, CN : Praeger.

Nor should Brooks be allowed to get away with implying that there are vast emotional/artistic riches and complexities that fail to be captured by general intelligence:

"The chief determiner of human conduct is the unitary mental process which we call intelligence.... ....The intelligence controls the emotions and the emotions are controlled in proportion to the degree of intelligence.... It follows that if there is little intelligence the emotions will be uncontrolled and whether they be strong or weak will result in actions that are unregulated , uncontrolled and, as experience proves, usually undesirable. Therefore, when we measure the intelligence of an individual and learn that he has so much less than normal as to come within the group that we call feeble-minded, we have ascertained by far the most important fact about him."

H.H.GODDARD, 1919, Psychology of the Normal and Subnormal. New York : Dodd, Mean & Co.

"Making art is one of the manifestations of human intelligence; it is difficult to establish its limits, reasoning and needs. There can be no such thing as spatial painting or sculpture, just a spatial concept of art. The element in space in all its dimensions is the only possible evolution of spatial arhitecture. There exists an art which cannot be for everyone, and this is also true of mankind's other creative forms, humanity is checked by them and we owe our civilizations to this process. The only freedom is intelligence."

Lucio Fontana (Italian `neo-Futurist' abstract artist artist and sculptor), 1953, speaking at Galleria del Naviglio, Milan, 18 iv. Quoted in Matthew Gale and Renato, Beyond Painting: Burri, Fontana, Manzoni. London : Tate Publishing, 2005.

"What was it that you loved about Dora*?" I asked [art lover and critic,] John Richardson. "Her intelligence," he said. "There was something magical about her."

* Super-busty Dora Maar was the muse and lover of Picasso from 1936 till 1943 as well as being a painter in her own right. Picasso later told his subsequent mistress, Francoise Gilot, that he had wanted a former mistress, Marie-Therese Walter "because she was sweet and gentle and did whatever I wanted her to" but Dora "because she was intelligent."

Mary Ann CAWS, 2000, Dora Marr - with and without Picasso. London : Thames & Hudson.

"..the strongest regiment of all in the army of darkness: stupidity."

Philip Pullman (author of His Dark Materials), 2005 interviewed in Times Higher, 22 iv, pp. 18-19.

"I've got a really high IQ, I was a smart girl. If you're not and you haven't had a good education, and you've got a poor diet, you're at a really massive disadvantage."

Tracey Emin (postmodern artist, 42, and still resolving to learn to spell; famous for exhibiting her unmade bed, complete with soiled underwear, at the Turner Prize exhibition in London, 1999), 2005. Interviewed by Martin Gayford, Daily Telegraph (Magazine), 8 x. In 2007 she was made an Academician of the Royal Academy of Arts - one of only 19 artists to achieve that distinction.

Strangely, Brooks could have drawn support for his IQ-bashing from Charles Murray's latest:

"I am among the most emphatic of those who think that the importance of IQ in living a good life is vastly overrated."

Charles MURRAY, 2007, `Intelligence in the classroom.' Wall Street Journal, 17 i.

But evidently Brooks could not even be troubled to read the Wall Street Journal.

A useful academic reply to the unrefereed `op-ed' Brooks was provided by Alex Beujean (Baylor U., Waco, Texas), at Gene Expression, 14 ix.


To: The Editor, Daily Telegraph

From: Mr C. R. Brand

Re: `Love the alien'

Whether the "aliens" whom the Jews of the Bible were enjoined to "love" were merely from other tribes (John Hartung, Letters, September 11) or actually from other races (Rev Gilbert McAdam and B.W.Cooper, Letters, September 12), these aliens were still second-class citizens: they were to be left only the remnants of the harvest ("the grapes that have fallen," Leviticus 19:10), could not own Jews permanently as slaves (having to allow their redemption by a "clansman") (Leviticus 25:47-49), and were to be treated on a par with "countrymen ..reduced to poverty," i.e. not expelled (Leviticus 25:35). Hardly multiculturalism!

Yours sincerely, Chris Brand.



The grandson of Saint Nelson Mandela was sectioned as insane and detained in a secure London lunatic asylum after he attacked a fellow student (Sun, 20 ix). Dumani Mandela, 30, studying at ex-polytechnic Regent's College and sometimes representing his grandfather at public events despite a history of mental illness, had apparently become `obsessed' with a 27-yr-old classmate whom he had harassed by email and text messaging before finally thumping him over the head. Murderous Saint Nelson, once jailed for 27 years and subsequently the architect of the world's rape capital, Black South Africa, had once said he was "very proud" of his grandson (via a daughter).


Seventy years after American researchers the Clarks found American Black kindergartners to 80% prefer White dolls to Black, despite multi-billion sums to reduce or deny race differences and attribute any such to `segregation' (which the Clarks never proved), the same result appeared to researcher Carroll Thompson in England - presumably reflecting the fact that Black-Black interchanges among preschoolers are rather aggressive and rude and not in fact a whole bundle of childish fun


After UK police admitted spending tens of millions of pounds annually on translation services for immigrant suspects (whose simple cases of knife-carrying and drunken driving typically took a whole day of bureaucracy to process to the stage of bringing a charge), the goons of the Commission for Racial Equality admitted that their own multi-billion-pound expenditures over 30 years had yielded little but disappointment (which would need to be handled by further massive wage bills for its operatives).

A Daily Telegraph leader recorded: "In its refreshingly forthright valedictory report, the CRE - shortly to be subsumed into the Commission for Equality and Human Rights - in effect concedes that our 30-year experiment in multiculturalism has been a failure. Society is fracturing, segregation growing, the dream of integration further away than ever. This poses profound problems for the country: funding adequate public services is probably the least of them."

In response to these "profound problems," Grumpy Gordon told Labour's annual conference that matrons should be allowed to order cleaning on hospital wards; and Daft Dave proposed `green' taxes on people taking aeroplane flights to their holidays and driving the ultra-safe 4x4 cars that had become fashionable..

And the quislings at the Spectator offered: "The argument that discrimination on the part of a predominantly white society is to blame for the underachievement of one or another ethnic group no longer has the remotest basis in fact. If there are disparities in achievement between the various ethnic communities in this country it is solely down to the cultural forces at work within those communities. Chinese kids do well at school because the Chinese community places a very high value upon education. Caribbean boys do very badly at school because of a corrosively macho anti-educationalist ethos among Caribbean boys, which is gradually transmitting itself to white boys. This is something Trevor Phillips - and other black community leaders - have recognised in the past."


A thoughtful article by Harvard's Christopher Jencks, Professor of Sociology, concluded with the implication that US employers might graciously be prepared to deny jobs to illegal Mexican immigrants (and accept criminal sanctions if they did not) so long as they were allowed to hang on to a goodly percentage of the wage-slaves whom they had already accumulated.. (New York Review of Books, 27 ix).

{Wow, perhaps America's original slavery would still be with us if bosses had had the financial clout in Washington that they currently have in the Republican Party! Still, some - like even the splendid Doc Theodor Dalrymple - say they rather like the South America that the USA will likely become (unless Mexicans prefer to bite off the American southwest for themselves - an unlikely outcome given the benefits of the largesse that comes with even minimal White rule).

Perhaps all that can be done is to allow employers the cheap labour they want but to deny such workers full citizenship, voting rights and benefits until they have kosher qualifications, marry second-generation Americans and distinguish themselves by contributions to the Exchequer? Indeed, if such second-class citizenship were available, quite a few Whites might themselves opt for it themselves so as to get low tax rates and free themselves from the West's lunacies of welfarism.}


A fine defence of capitalism and economic liberty was provided by my one-time colleague, the ex-Nuffield College economist Dipak Lal. Having excellently converted from Indian national socialism to Thatcherism/Hayekism, Dipak was emerging as a fine opponent of what he nicely called `dirigisme dogma' (Independent Review 12, 2 (2007)). Sadly, Dipak's fine enthusiasm for freedom failed to admit that the major worldwide sources of lack of choice were actually low-IQ, corruption and the Western `experts' who traded massively in happy-clappy ignoracism.


Non-racists were found to be incapable of negative emotional conditioning in general and thus should not be let out of the house without a minder (Science Daily, 26 ix).


Less than half of Britain's 650,000 Somalis, Bangladeshis, Turks and Pakistanis had jobs, and these four `communities' had high levels of welfare-dependency - so said the close-to-Labour Institute for Public Policy Research, which had been commissioned by TV Channel 4 for a programme `Immigrants: the inconvenient' truth' to be broadcast on 1st October (Sunday Telegraph, 30 ix; ThisIsLondon, 30 ix).

The IPPR's report further declared: "Several groups seem to be struggling to improve economic outcomes across generations. Children of Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Turkish and Somali ethnicity achieve below-average results in British schools". The IPPR'S tables seemed to show that people from Iran, Somalia and Bangladesh claimed the most unemployment benefit -- five per cent of the claimants coming from each nationality, against the average one per cent coming from Britain's non-ethnic adult population. Immigrants from Somalia also topped the council house league table -- with 80 per cent living in subsidised social housing. One in ten Pakistanis claimed sickness or disability benefit --almost twice the level of claims by people born in the UK.

Labour MP Keith Vaz, chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, complained there was a risk of stirring up racism by airing such facts but Channel 4 pointed out that some first-generation immigrants did well under their own steam, notably Americans, Australians, Indians and Poles. {IQ and the Wealth of Nations estimated the IQs for the countries-of-origin of the least useful immigrants as Somalia 68, Bangladesh 81, Turkey 90, Pakistan 81 and Iran 84. Jamaicans (mean IQ back home 72) did a bit better since 50% had found jobs in Britain's NHS and social services - and doubtless used their longstanding contacts to get the many nicely paid jobs they had with London Underground.}


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