Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Years of multiculchalunacy and one year of multiculticrunch produced the inevitable result: much talk of the rise of the B.N.P. in Britain (despite public sector staff being routinely fired if found to exercise their democratic right to belong to the party); and a finding in Germany that 5% of adolescents belonged to a far-right group – compared to just 2% belonging to the traitorous mainstream political parties.


An impressive re-statement of classical environmentalism about I.Q. was issued by sociologist Richard E. Nisbett of U. Michigan and reviewed with awe in the New York Times (29 iii, ’Get Smart,’ a review by Jim Holt of Intelligence and How to Get It:Why Schools and Culture Count, Norton). Sadly for environmentaloons, who could have got understandably excited about an ’anti-racist’ approach to intelligence which did not depend on postmodern hermeneutical dismissal of the reality of race and I.Q, the book contained no arguments not already countered in The g Factor (1996/2000 – a book apparently unmentioned by Nisbett); and its claims of a continuing Flynn Effect, of Blacks catching up with Whites and of Asian I.Q. being overestimated by the London School had been answered in 21st-century work by Phil Rushton and Richard Lynn.

I had answered an earlier effort by Nisbett in my review of Jencks & Phillips published in 2003: Heredity 90, 3, 204-205

And Phil Rushton and Art Jensen challenged Nisbett on brain size questions in the APS’s Observer (iv 2009), especially using a new study of 50,000 children in which race (A-W-B) was strongly linked to head size and I.Q .


American high-schoolers rated ugly by peers were slightly less able to get jobs and slightly more likely to acquire criminal convictions, researchers reported (Washington Post, 17 ii) – rehearsing the observation by 19th-century Italian criminologist Cesare Lombroso that physical defects are relatively common in prisoners (an observation regularly pooh-poohed in right-on sociology textbooks).


A short and helpful introduction for babes-in-arms to the importance of genetic factors (though stressing the importance of nature-nurture interaction so as not to shock the horses) was provided in the London Times by science journalist Mark Henderson (28 iii); and evopsychologist David Barash complemented this with an amusing account of the evolution-based attractions of spectator sports (Chronicle of Higher Education, 20 iii) (though avoiding any mention of the dread word ‘hierarchy’ and how human males love to participate in its establishment….).


Canada’s Immigration Minister, barring Britain’s Muesli-hugging leftist George Galloway, made waves saying he wanted to move ‘diversity’ to ‘assimilation’ and have immigrants learn English, table manners and respect for the Queen (Toronto Globe & Mail, 31 iii) – but whether he wished to encourage immigrants to move into White areas and take White girlfriends was less clear.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Despite decades of multiculti propaganda and ‘anti-racist’ threats to Whites’ jobs and liberty, fully 75% of Brits (and thus at least 80% of White Brits) believed that unemployed immigrants should leave the country (Sun, 17 iii). {So, presumably, there would have been a 95% vote for offloading the unemployed Muesli fanatics who shouted “Murderers!” at Anglian Regiment soldiers returning from ghastly service in scorching Iraq to otherwise welcoming crowds in Luton.}

{Sadly, such Brits reckoned without the keen need of the (Nu)Labour Party for votes and of employers for a standing pool of unemployed cheap labour. Britain had created a broken, ‘disability’ society in which some 50% of people were dependent on the government for jobs (O.K., mock jobs), pensions or benefits; and the country was forecast to have a 10% population increase from immigration by 2030, bringing London to its knees with average traffic speeds of 5m.p.h. and allowing direct study by replication of how Rome fell.}


Slimy multiculti Indian M.P., Hinduja-helping Keith “Vaseline” Vaz, who had called for action against Muslim-infuriating novelist Salman Rushdie and IQ-respecting scientist and Nobelist James Watson and who had once been suspended by the House of Commons for lying, was well and truly caught with his hand in the till, trying to bully a High Court judge to clear a pal (a bent lawyer who had showered Vaz with freebies) (Sun, 17 iii).


While Britain and much of the West remained in hysteria about the most harmless sexual shenanigans (hysteria fomented by tabloid newspapers to provide moral ’balance’ for their copious displays of tit’n’bum and encouraged by yags wanting to pretend they had no interest in sodomy, bestiality, sibling sex or ’chicken’ [homosexuals’ familiar term for in fact much-desired under-age boys]), the Romanian Government was taking the advice of its expert adviser, Professor Valerian Coclei, and urging its Parliament to decriminalize all incest between consenting adults (which, incidentally, would make it easier for any genuinely disturbed incestuous couples to seek therapy).

{Father-daughter incest was popular, with Ceylon alone sporting some 10,000 cases annually. In a Finnish survey, one teenage girl in 200 reported having had sex with her father or stepfather. Whether Romania intended additionally to legalize or fund incestuous reproduction or attempts thereat was unclear.}


As a Midlands hospital, run by Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust, was widely condemned in MSM for sickeningly low standards of patient care, only the BNP was prepared to reveal that the hospital’s third-world standards (with patients having to lie in their own faeces and seek drinking water from flower vases) were probably not unconnected with its literal employment of a considerable over-representation of third-world immigrants – to whom it provided club facilities such as tuition in “African drumming“ (19 iii).

“Stafford Hospital execs land highly-paid jobs. Despite a "complete failure" of management at Stafford hospital some of the executives who were responsible for the bodies overseeing it have landed highly paid plum jobs in the NHS.” – Daily Telegraph, 18 iii.


After an attack in Inside Higher Education on the late hereditarian psychometrician-psychologist, Raymond B. Cattell (1905-1998) for undue racism and eugenicism, I published a reply as follows (See here).
Ray Cattell

Posted by Chris Brand , Psychology, Edinburgh, on March 23, 2009 at 8:15am EDT

Ray was a genius. He not only solved psychology's major problem, 'What are the main dimensions of personality?' (Answer: 6, including intelligence*) but his fluent writing style enabled him to popularize them. Though sympathetic to Freudian conceptions, Ray acknowledged the importance of genetic factors -- again making himself more expert in relevant scientific methods than any other psychologist of his day. That he should have been vilified at the end of his high-achieving life for questioning the West's soppy policies towards the low-IQ, high-criminality, corrupt, brutal, chauvinist, superstitious and AIDS-ridden countries of Africa and the Caribbean is simply a testament to his own good sense. His only mistake in life -- as he himself admitted -- was that he did not marry the 'outspeaking' William McDougall's brave daughter, Lesley, and thus fortify the line of descent of the London School of psychology.

* 1994 'How many dimensions of personality? - The 'Big 5', the 'Gigantic 3' and the 'Comprehensive 6.' Psychologica Belgica 34, 257-273.


A fine review in New Criterion (iii) traced the barbarism of Marxist-Leninist-Stalinism directly to crass social environmentalism and lack of belief in human nature and the individual human spirit.


Positive correlations were reported from McGill University between the thickness of cortical areas thought to co-ordinate brain activity and measures of general cognitive ability in 500 healthy children and adolescents (Intelligence, iii).


Brave British Green leader, Jonathan Porritt, risked losing his job as adviser (on ’environmental issues’) to P.M. Gordon Brown by saying that Britain’s population (scheduled to grow to 70M by 2050 largely thanks to births to third-world immigrants) needed to be slashed to 30M (Times, 22 iii). {Porritt had already split his own party on this issue and was likely to split it some more if Greens ever turned to discussing which particular groups should be – as Cattell sometimes put it -- ’phased out.’}


After years of Jews and Christians backing multiculturalism, PeeCee and third-world immigration, there was at last a sign of serious change. Backed by a well-funded organization called ’Act for America’ and favourably reviewed in New York Post (22 ix), Jamie Glazier’s United in Hate provided a broadside against Islamofascism and the tolerance of it by leftists and ’pseudo-feminists.’ Interestingly, it especially claimed that there were commonly deficiencies in the love-lives of multicultis – with a noticeable inability for form stable and healthy heterosexual relationships.


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Some history.


Sunday, March 15, 2009


Most unusually, a leading academic, Peter Dorey, a reader in politics at Cardiff University, was allowed to appear in public and in Times Higher (5 iii) condemning many modern university students as unable to think critically or independently and not deserving the dumbed-down marks which academics were bullied by their managements to award them. He told a parliamentary higher education committee:
"Many of them are semi-literate and write in text-message style. However, we have to assume that the inability to spell is always due to dyslexia. We are not permitted to penalise poor spelling … They often sit in seminars with only their mobile phone in front of them (which they anxiously look at every three minutes to see if any of their friends have contacted them, rather than paying attention to the lesson), but no books or notepads. "Indeed, the view is becoming established that having paid £3,000 in fees, they should not have to do any work. They expect academics to do all the work now - we are their servants.

Dorey was backed up by other academics – from the Universities of Swansea, Buckingham and Birmingham.


As Iraq’s Baghdad yielded another 28 dead (and 57 wounded) in a single suicide bombing of Shittite police, Pakistan stepped forward with five murdered insufficiently-Taliban policemen (and 8 wounded Ceylonese cricketers), Guadeloupe etc. rebelled against the beke (White bosses), Iran insisted on the destruction of Israel, and Muslim Sudan (its leader indicted internationally as a war criminal) insisted (to acclaiming crowds) on its right to go on murdering and raping millions of Christians and animists), the beneficiaries of Rev. ‘Tone’ Bliar’s Northern Irish ‘peace process’ threw in their unharmonious two penn’orth by murdering two British soldiers at Massereene Barracks and injuring two others together with two pizza delivery operatives.

No sooner had the Province’s Blair-gulled multicultiloons squeaked (from among Belfast's 13 miles of 'community'-separating barbed-wire-topped walls) their continuing worship of the ‘peace process’ than the ‘Real IRA’ claimed responsibility for the Massereene attack and the ‘Continuity IRA,’ not to be outdone, murdered a policeman who had put undue faith in the fatuous Rev. Bliar and multiculti NuLabour.

In Luton, ‘England,’ British troops were accosted by Mueslis as “murderers” as they returned from service in Basra, and were deemed to need a police guard to be able to march through the streets. The shame of multiculti Britain was surely complete.


While world leaders of the ‘G20’ spent £30M on a country-house junket in Sussex that would never diagnose the cause of the multiculticrunch and would never tell governments to stop their idiotic spending (and bullying of banks into lending) which had undermined families and churches, there came a blast of race realism from the East – in Orthodoxy Today, 21 ii, ‘The North worth saving.’


After The Edinburgh Journal published (12 iii, a propos the anti-Semitic and Holocaust-denying Bishop Williamson) a suggestion that more be done to restrict free speech worldwide, I wrote as follows.
Dear Editor,

It was amusing to see an Edinburgh student, Nazry Bahwari, continuing his University's latter-day tradition of wanting non-peecee speech stopped and punished (The Journal, 12 iii 2009). But he should be careful where his righteous zeal takes him.

Just twelve years ago, the University ended a year of inquiries into me (a lecturer in Psychology for 27 years) by mounting a three-month Tribunal to adjudicate my 'inappropriate' sayings about race, I.Q., eugenics, feminism and paedohysteria. After taking evidence, such as of naughty jokes made at parties given by me in my own home and of me objecting to long committee meetings, the divided Tribunal and the then Principal (today Lord Sutherland) managed to sack me.

But was the University happy with 15 months of endeavour that must have cost it some 100,000 pounds? Apparently not, for enquirers today about the Brand Affair (which began a process of scaring and reining in academics across Britain for talking about race) find at Old College that the administration has lost, forgotten or shredded every trace of a 15-month inquisition that involved the time of many eminent professors, not to mention a fleet of other academics and students (especially from Psychology).

Apparently, despite having had its secretaries undertake scores of hours of recording, the only detail the University retains is an 'Anti-Nazi League' petition against me that was signed by some 500 (whose names the University has managed to retain but won't divulge). In short, it looks distinctly as if none of the accusing parties ended up proud of their lengthy and arduous work.

Before Nazri Bahwari commits effort to restricting the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights, he should reflect that a 'right to anodyne speech' is not worth a bean. All criticism is bound to offend someone -- especially, at least a few members of a precious minority that has been cocooned from the true views of others. The great British jurist, Lord Chancellor for four years, Lord Hailsham, put it in a nutshell in 1977: “There is no way of having a free society in which there is not abuse. Abuse is the very hallmark of liberty.”

Is Bahwari himself proud of his University's refusal to give a job to Britain's greatest philosopher, David Hume, whose views on religion were doubtless as offensive to Scottish dominies of his day as would be his views on race* to the peecee commissars of our own times?

With congratulations to The Journal on providing some real news (unlike some student newspapers one can think of....), yours sincerely, -- Chris Brand (author of The g Factor).

P.S. Whatever happened to the freedom-loving Glasgow-based UK Men's Movement?

* "I am apt to suspect the negroes, and in general all the other species of men (for there are four or five kinds) to be naturally inferior to the White. There never was any civilized nation of any other complexion than white, nor even any individual eminent in action or speculation. No ingenious manufactures among them, no arts, no sciences....Such a uniform and constant difference could not happen, in so many countries and ages, if nature had not made an original distinction betwixt the breeds of men."

David HUME, 1748/1753, ‘Of national characteristics.’ In D.Hume, Essays: Moral, Political and Literary.


As had been hypothesized in The g Factor (1996), myelin coating of nerves (speeding up nervous transmission and known since J.B.Watson’s work of 1905 to assist animal learning) turned out to be correlated with I.Q. and to be heritable. By comparing brain maps of 23 pairs of identical twins with maps from fraternal twins, Paul Thompson et al. of U.C.L.A. calculated that myelin sheath integrity was genetically determined in many brain areas important for intelligence. These included the corpus callosum, which integrates signals from the left and right sides of the body, and the parietal lobes, responsible for visual and spatial reasoning and logic. Myelin quality in these areas was also correlated with scores on tests of abstract reasoning and overall intelligence (Journal of Neuroscience 29, p. 2212). Such brain maps provide “a picture of your mental speed,” said Thompson.


Fully six months after Steve Sailer (and I) recorded the origin of the US-originating multiculticrunch, the loony-left Southern Poverty Law Centre began to noice “how right-wing commentators are spreading propaganda that falsely blames minorities and immigrants for the subprime mortgage meltdown” (‘Intelligence Report,’ iii 09).

{No, SPLC! We do not blame minorities but rather ‘the first black President of the USA,’ Bill Clinton, the Hispanic-vote-seeking Rev. Dubya, and of course minority ‘community leaders’ such as Obarmy. It was these and sidekicks who bullied the American banks 1995-2005, threatening them with race runarounds if they would not deliver the modern socialism of irresponsible mortgages to the low-IQ.}


Queen’s alumnus Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, OM, KBE, FRS, FREng, FRSA (born 8 June, 1955; graduated from Oxford 1976; invented and donated the worldwide web 1989) achieved the best-ever publicity for his college as he was hailed and nicely pictured in the Sun (13 iii).

{The Queen’s College had been something of a British bastion of hereditarianism, eugenicism and race realism, sporting in the 1960s biologist Sir Howard Florey, OM (co-discoverer of penicillin) [d. 1968], physiological psychologist David Milton Vowles [d. 1985], linguist Geoffrey Sampson [U. Sussex] and myself – David having finally been rejected by Oxford as insufficiently behaviourist [he then took the Psychology Chair in Edinburgh] and the last two being among the half-a-dozen British academics to have clashed with university authorities over race in recent years.}


Fans of Beethoven are the brightest music devotees, typically coming from schools having average published S.A.T. scores of almost 1400; fans of indie music, U2, Radiohead, Bob Dylan and the Beatles come next; and fans of the outstandingly hung (and highly promiscous) Justin Timberlake and Black singers Beyonce Knowles, Lil Wayne and Jay-Z and of Black rap, hip-hop and R&B ‘music’ in general were quite the lowest, with average school S.A.T.s of around 1000. So reported U.S. Ph.D. student Virgil Griffiths from an unusual study using data given by the (probably none-too-bright) users of social networking sites (Daily Telegraph, 13 iiia, 13iiib; Seattle University Spectator, 13 iii) (and N.B. finding that just claiming to like ‘classical’ music without naming names was associated with a lower rather than higher IQ).


Extraordinarily, a top mainstream-media columnist criticized NuLabour’s “misguided promotion of multiculturalism and open borders” (Daily Telegraph, 13 iii, the increasingly bilious and heroic Jeff Randall).


American Renaissance (PERHAPS VIA Wall Street Journal) I was glad to be quoted by the BBC’s genial top intellectual popularizer, its former Chief Political Correspondent, Andrew Marr (‘Darwin’s Dangerous Idea,’ BBC 1, 12 iii 09). Having summarized the usual plot-line linking Darwin and Spencer’s principal of ‘survival of the fittest’ through Galtonian eugenics to Hitlerian genocide (mentioning Churchill en route but not the Webbs and kindred socialist luminaries*), Marr went on to admit that, post-1945, Jewish medics had actually worked busily and successfully to extinguish Tay-Sachs disease from their people by (voluntary) eugenics and then announced Chinaman Bruce Lahn’s work linking two genes for head size (and thus possibly intelligence) to being of non-African origin. “This is the moment ‘anti-racists’ and egalitarians had been dreading,” Marr lifted from my 2005 AmRen article. Of course, after jocularity about Marr himself being found not to possess the two genes, it was revealed out that Lahn’s finding had proved hard to replicate – not least (though AM did not mention this) because Chicago University had prevailed on Lahn to work in other ‘less speculative’ fields (see e.g. Wall Street Journal, 16 vi 2006, AmRen 2006 or this Diary/Blog 2006 for a summary).

* “Those men who through general defects are unable for [a "whole" -- i.e. subsistence-earning] place in industry are to be recognized as "unemployable." They must become the acknowledged dependents of the state, removed from free industry and maintained adequately in a public institution but with complete loss of all citizen rights -- including not only the franchise but civil freedom and fatherhood.”

W. H. BEVERIDGE (Stowell Civil Law Fellow, University of Oxford; later the architect of Britain's 1945 'welfare state'), 1907, Sociological Papers 3, London, Macmillan. (Beveridge's paper had been read to The Sociological Society at the London School of Economics and Political Science.)


It turned out that South Africa’s Blacks, known for a decade to rape women and children to cure themselves of AIDS, also had another and nobler motive – to cure girls of lesbian tendencies (Daily Mail, 13 iii). Citizen gang-rape, stabbings and beatings were also thrown in for good measure to help les gals.

Meanwhile, in America, despite White distaste for, and widespread criminalization of the practice, Blacks insisted on their cultural right to undertake ‘bathroom whuppings’ of their naked children so as to achieve glorious communal objectives….. (Chicago Sun-Times, 10 iii).

Monday, March 09, 2009


The Observer revealed that Mauritanian girls of just six years old were being fattened to obesity to prepare them for early marriage (at ten) to traditionalist Muslim men who had no taste for the wasp-waisted and emancipated girls of the West (1 iii). (Since all Muslim girls lived in total subservience to men, they did not need to prove by wasp waists that they were not already pregnant.) Girls who resisted feeding were made to eat their own vomit and had sticks inserted between their toes so that they could be easily and most painfully tortured by giving their feet a squeeze. Apparently, “[girls] are taught to sit in the lotus position, speak softly, use utensils and to emulate the exemplary lives of the Prophet Muhammad's wives. Fattening of girls is practised beyond Mauritania, in northern Mali and rural Niger -- areas conquered, along with half of present-day Spain and Portugal, by the Almoravid dynasty in the 11th century. The practice of fattening also continues in Nigeria's Calabar state and north Cameroon.”

{All this went on without a squeak of protest from the West’s ‘feminists,’ who had proved during my own trials in Edinburgh that their own first loyalty was actually to ‘anti-racism’ – they proposed to live merely by picking up occasional scraps from the Left’s table and were thus strictly forbidden to back female liberation in any race but their own.}


A useful article backing eugenics by David Ashton (the Conservative Leader of Conservative Harrow County Council) appeared in the Winter issue of the Salisbury Review. It especially mentioned the modern contributions of Richard Lynn, John Glad (a retired professor of Russian at Rutgers University) and blonde Texan belle Marian van Court, it resisted reductio ad Hitlerum and it rejected the banning of eugenics in the E.U. Charter of Fundamental Human Rights (Article 3) – but it concentrated on medical problems rather than on such topics as IQ, psychopathy, race or heritability.

In Los Angeles, a clinic called The Fertility Institute began offering parents the chance to select their offspring’s physical traits (such as eye and skin colour) by ‘cosmetic medicine’ (using in vitro selection and genetic modification). Asked whether his programme would not inevitably advance to offering wanted improvements in height and intelligence, clinic director Dr Jeff Steinberg said IVF was once viewed with fear but was in 2009 “not even a cocktail party curiosity” (Sunday Telegraph, 1 iii).


Any wet backers of the handy ‘anti-racist’ idea (aka cop-out) that “From the standpoint of genetics, the differences between Africans, Asians, Europeans and the members of other races are almost invisible” (Nicholas Agar, 2004, Liberal Eugenics) felt the heat as Alex Haley, the author of Roots (1976, personally 'tracing' his slave ancestry to Africa – but later admitted to have partly plagiarized work by another Black writer, Harold Courlander), was shown by DNA testing of a nephew to have had full Scottish ancestry on his father’s side (yielding the nephew a traced female distant cousin in south Wales, pretty June Jaff-Black whose Scottish parents had taken a keen interest in tracing their family’s ancestry) (BBC, 1 iii; Glasgow Herald, 1 iii).


As P.M. Crash Gordon – whose NuLabour government had ‚“saved the world“ from banking collapse, in his own estimation – headed across the Pond to urge Saint Osambo to engage in pious globalist rhetoric to see the P.M. through to his first UK-wide electoral test (June, 2010), it turned out that the C.I.A. was saying that it regarded Britain’s 3,000 mad Mueslis as the major threat to America, thereby agreeing with French intelligence community talk ten years ago of „Londonistan“ (Spectator, 28 ii).

{Yet American hubris would not be unconstrained for the USA’s half-a-million troops in Mueslishire had ‚solved’ Iraq only by walls and bribery, were losing to poppy growers in Afghanistan and were looking at the mad-Muslimization of Pakistan (where terrorists spectacularly attacked the Ceylonese cricket team in Lahore, aiming to cow the great American ally of 50 years into letting them get their hands on Paki nuclear weapons – they had already got one fifth of the country under Sharia law).}


Mutinous soldiers of poverty-stricken, coup-prone and cocaine-smuggling Guinea-Bissau, formerly a Portuguese colony -- gunned down the country’s fat Black besuited President Vieira as he fled from them across the grounds of his presidential home – they also killed the chief of G-B’s armed forces for good measure (Guardian, 2 iii).


After two hundred years of France insisting on, and islanders mainly welcoming ‚integration’ with mainland France, the Black inhabitants of Guadeloupe and kindred ex-slave départments continued (see above) two months of strikes and one month of roadblocks and violence, shutting down all shops, schools and petrol stations and leading the hundreds of French police despatched there to feel they were in a guerrilla war situation (Council on Hemispheric Affairs, 2 iii). President Sarkozy had broken his country’s National Front party by promising he would himself get tough on, or otherwise suppress racial unrest; but he had been distracted by marriage to a glamorous pop singer and looked increasing embattled as huge riots ooops protests loomed in Paris on March 19th over the Clinton- and Bush-spawned MultiCulti Credit Crunch. Four French police were slightly injured in Martinique and mobs closed shops in Reunion.


Researchers at the universities of Essex and Nurenberg used a study begun in America with children of the 1950s to show that IQ and length of education were the best predictors of adult lifetime earnings, though popularity at school (also related to IQ) also served as a predictor. By contrast, parental wealth mattered little (Daily Telegraph, 2 iii).


Having scrapped the grammar schools, having ruined the comprehensive schools with non-streaming and discipline problems, having forbidden any remaining successful state schools to select pupils in any way and even to collect any information (e.g. on children’s hobbies) that might allow selection, and having encouraged oversubscribed schools to select pupils by lottery, NuLabour’s fat-faced smoothy English ‚Education’ Secretary, Ed Ballsup (co-creator with Clinton, Bush and Brown of the U.K.’s multiculticreditcrunch), felt a twinge of guilt at this abandonment of reason and evidence and said he would begin investigations by well-fed Labour quangocrats to ensure admissions lotteries were only used only under cover of sufficient verbiage to put journalists off the scent of NuLabour’s rampaging egalitarianism.


The story (see e.g. October, 2008) of America’s Black president having no proper title because he was born in Kenya surfaced at last in the Daily Telegraph (3 iii) – along with the amusing extra that Obarmy’s father, a highly placed diplomat in pre-independence Kenya, might actually have taken British nationality. Osambo’s vast and expensive legal efforts to resist producing a full birth certificate were detailed at World Net Daily (3 iii) – which had collected 300,000 signatures demanding production of the birth certificate (and other documents from his college days which Osambo had also insisted on concealing).


A leading article in the Times (3 iii) backed the view that ’subprime’ lending (to Blacks and Hispanics) was the major origin of the credit crunch/crash, saying “The US subprime mortgage sector would have toppled the Western financial system in the absence of taxpayer support.“

Visiting Washington hoping to be showered with Osambo gold-dust, P.M. Crash Gordon drew a diplomatic veil over his previously often-voiced opinion that the crunch/recession/depression ‚had begun in America.’ And MSM in the USA and Britain never mentioned the words ’black’ and ’crunch’ in the same article. By contrast, America’s (‚racist,’ ‚anti-gay,’ ‚anti-Semitic’ etc.) Council for Conservative Citizens provided video of Osambo, Freddie Mae and a Clinton aide positively boasting about how they had forced banks into the multiculti subprime lending to ethnic minorities that had fatally begun the Western house price inflation that triggered yet more borrowing as first-time buyers did not want to be ‚left behind’: See here.


After hopelessly confused Supreme Leader Brown rowed back from his healthily nationalistic but illegal claim that he would protect ’British jobs,’ preferring to devote himself to ‚globalization’ as his Washington visit loomed (and the G20 economic summit in London), Labour reformer Frank Field M.P. took up the challenge. Field argued in the Telegraph (6 iii) that Britain, as its economic crisis mounted (with the Government and Opposition agreeing to resort to the printing presses – euphemistically to ’quantitative easing’ [a financial ‚laxative,’ supposedly]), needed to slam the door on further immigrant labour pro tem. – in particular cancelling the 150K work permits that were due to be issued to E.U. workers in 2009. Even the New Socialist (iii) came somewhere near to deploring the “social dumping“ in Britain of cheap foreign labour {and of course votes for Labour – which was why Blair and Brown had backed the influx}.


In a fine tribute to Mrs Thatcher’s mentor, Sir Keith Joseph, Daily Mail columnist Peter Oborne argued that Britain needed to demolish postmodern government, with its stress on presentation, and to revert to a British respect for facts and reality (Spectator, 4 iii). – He omitted to say, however, that Sir Keith’s long-term ‘mentoring status’ owed much to the realism he had shown bravely and publicly in his 1975 Preston speech when he had advocated eugenics (in particular, free distribution of The Pill to less educated girls…. (He did enjoy ministerial status for a while, at Education, but – not being a psychologist appreciating the g factor – could not work out how to oppose the already massive domination of his Department by the forces of the barking egalitarian left.)


After a French seven-year-old was discovered (in rural Aveyron) to have been imprisoned for years by his construction worker father in a darkened, locked and shuttered room on a urine-soaked mattress, a judicial source said (Times, 7 iii): “He seems bright enough, though he’s never had any education and he’s way behind in his ability to speak and communicate. He also has obvious nutritional deficiencies.” {Cf. ENVIRONMENTALUNACY EXPOSED, 26 ii, below.}


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Some history.