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 Addressing hundreds of ‘travellers’ who had arrived with their filthy caravans in the pretty town of Cholet (where I stayed for a happy two weeks in 1960 with my penfriend and parents – mama was a fantastic cook) (in Maine et Loire, western France, near Angers), the Mayor, a centrist politician of the UDI party, was audiotaped muttering that Hitler would have dealt with the situation differently.

Reflex outrage followed, with even ‘right-wing’ parties like UMP and the National Front feeling obliged to dissociate from the Mayor’s annoyance. France had 350K ‘travellers’ who were allowed to intrude on the lives of settled folk, typically creating an unsightly mess, noise and stealing for miles around. During WWII, when northern France co-operated with the Nazis, a camp for gypsies awaiting shipment to Germany had been located just forty miles from Cholet (Guardian, 24 vii).

    Earlier in July, Christian Estrosi, Nice's right-wing mayor, expelled one group of travellers from a sports field, vowing to "crush" the "delinquents", and urged other mayors to revolt against what he called leniency by the Socialists. In June, ‘uman rights groups said they would take legal action against the far-right politician Jean-Marie Le Pen after he told a meeting in Nice that Roma in the city were "rash-inducing" and "smelly".


 Re-inventing the wheel – the only sport of which UK academics were any longer capable – psychogeneticist Robert Plomin (relocated to King’s College London with his millions of Labour-loving dosh and a twin sample of 11,000 pairs) estimated that genetic factors were twice as important as shared environment in influencing educational achievement at age 16. He thus confirmed – though he did not mention – the main claim of The g Factor (1996/2000); and was called into HMG’s wretched Department of Education to ‘discuss’ his London School heresy with unbelieving and/or cowardly politicos, educationists and bureaucrats (Daily Telegraph, 25 vii, Graeme Paton, Education Correspondent).

Professor Plomin took the trouble to add what had been known by 1985, that heritability of intelligence increased with age, perhaps reaching 80% by adulthood. RP’s conclusions were spelled out in words of one syllable for the Spectator’s Mary Wakefield, 27 vii – including the gem that quite a few traits run in families, but not including the advice of Cyril Burt and TgF as to what should actually be done to educate the lower-IQ.


Although France had banned public veiling, a Mueslie in the poor west-Parisian suburb of Trappes decided to cock a snook by sporting a niqab. She was promptly arrested and searched; her husband went wild; and two nights of disturbances followed – with paving slabs hurled at police, a police station under siege, scores of cars and bus shelters torched, and fourteen arrests (Guardian, 22 vii), exposing the French illusion that Mueslis would put their (extravagantly dished out) French citizenship ahead of their religion and ethnicity.


Having declined to tell Blacks they had a properly deserved reputation as crime-prone (as well as being STD-prone and low-IQ), and were thus not victims of ‘racism’ when suspected of malevolence, America found itself faced not only with multitudinous disturbances as Blacks (and their Marxite eggers-on) protested against a Black hooligan who attacked ‘White’ George Zimmerman (q.v.) being shot dead but with an autumn of Black discontent as White, Michael Dunn, was to go on trial for shooting at (and killing one of) four Blacks who had annoyed him by playing their accursed ‘rap’ music loudly at a petrol station (Independent, 21 vii, ‘The other Trayvon’).

After Dunn politely asked the Bleck youfs to tone down, he believed he was threatened with a gun – though there was no sign of a weapon by the time cops arrived forty minutes later. {Half-Black President Batty Obarmy had been elected to get a grip on the Blacks and the problem of fifty years of ‘White guilt’; but he was not up to the task, preferring to dish out Obamacare to his Black voters and let savages take the Middle East.}


There was jubilation in England and the Commonwealth as the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate) solved the problem arranged by Britain’s ludicrous equality-mad polititicans by delivering a (healthy and enormous [8lb 6oz]) baby boy – rather than a girl who would, as ‘queen,’ have been constantly challenged and undermined by any younger brother.

{Out-of-touch politicos, knowing no psychology, did not realize that a mother would always invest more in her first boy than in any daughter – for a (competent) boy provided a woman with her first chance to breed in quantity, i.e. it gave her the penis which Freud envisaged she had always wanted (the phenomenon called ‘penis envy’ which gave maximum upset to wymmin and PeeCee).}

Congratulations to Wills and Kate: graduates of Scotland’s top university, they had made a great job of securing a biology-respecting monarchy for the next century – perhaps even in Oirish Oz and in a Britified Germany that would turn to HMQ’s Saxe-Coburg Gotha family for dignified and decent leadership of the Nordic League.


After three years of being gulled by Western multiculti nonsense, the Shitites and Solunnis began to recognize that – as this blog had said – they were in the grip of ethnic war and began to arm themselves to the teeth or flee according to their position (especially in and around Syria’s third city of Homs) (Guardian, 23 vii). Solunnis specially feared they would be pushed out of Syria’s more civilized areas – which would serve them right since they had linked up with al-Queerdo.


 British universities, pursuing their own Marxite agenda but bullied additionally by madman Prof ‘Les’ Ebden Bridge (q.v.), found that only 29% of Whites were any longer interested in attending – as compared to 34% of Blacks and 50% of East Asians (D. Mail, 23 vii). {A great advance! More Whites as plumbers, electricians, taxi drivers and computer nerds, all without sociological indoctrination? Yes, please!}


After two years of backing Syria’s Solunni ‘rebels’ against Shitite/Alawite President Basher Assad – encouraging Saudi’s King Fart and Catarrh to arm them and virtually becoming pally with alQueerdo – ALL Western ‘experts’ (including joke dinner-seeking ex-President Jimmy Carter) at last agreed there could be NO military solution to the civil war which they had helped to fuel (BBC World Service, 25 vii, 14:20).

So did they now back ethnic cleansing (as found by people themselves in Bosnia and Ulster to be the only solution to such problems, and displacing a quarter of Syria’s population while the war raged and the ‘experts’ dithered). Hush!! That would be too much to ask.


There was hilarity as the Church of England’s new boss, Justine Oilwellby, who had somehow made a fortune as an oilman, declared he would “put out of business” an unheard-of firm called Wonga which was charging 1% per day interest on loans to low lifes to help them through to the next payday. But no sooner had the Archbish committed the CofE to compete in this market than it turned out that the CoE was itself an investor (of £75K) in a Wonga-assisting venture capitalist – while Wonga itself said it welcomed competition which would give punters more choice (hinting that the CofE could bankrupt itself within six months by dishing out uninsured loans which it could not afford to reclaim) (BBCR4, 26 vii, 08:00). The Archbish admitted he was “irritated” and “very embarrassed.” Wonga provided a million loans annually, typically of around £250.


Having lost control of Britain’s ‘schools’ thanks to years of socialist ideology, third-world immigration and refusal to teach children according to ability, ‘teachers’ were found to be spending hundreds of pounds each buying body armour to protect themselves from knife attacks by children as young as five (D. Mail, 26 vii). One supplier of steel stab-proof vests reckoned at least a hundred of its sales in the past year had been to ‘teachers.’

{Hopefully the children in Britain’s peecee propaganda camps might have a quicker effect than the painstaking but still not IQ-respecting efforts of Education Secretary Michael Gove – which aimed to free schools from the control of local socialist politicians, but only to put them in the hands of socialist, egalitarian and kindred idealist ‘teachers’ who had been allowed to take most of the sinecures in state ‘schools’ in the previous generation.}


 Britain’s doctors, having sloughed off night and weekend duties to barely English-speaking Blecks and Peks in return for making propaganda for Labour (1997-2010), decided it was time to ‘oblige’ the Conservative-led Coalition by proposing to charge £20, cash-in-hand, for consultations – and perhaps £150 for “wealthy” patients.

{Docs could not charge the true costs of individual patients’ care thanks to the NHS philosophy that all were equal. But they could reckon to make a bob or three and reduce hypochondriasis and give themselves more time for golf by the simple expedient of charging an undiscriminating flat fee for consultations.}


 A blast of frankness about Birmingham youf was issued as a secret dossier compiled by teachers (at Gossey Lane Primary School) emerged in which pupils were readily described as “attention seeker,” “bullying” and just plain “slow.” The school had been rated as “satisfactory” by a government body of fartwallahs called Ofsted (D. Telegraph, 26 vii).


Showing the merits of the European Union, the European Commission announced it had received many complaints from Eurocountries (including France, Spain and Italy) against the Scottish Administration’s demand to fix the price of most alcoholic drinks 10% higher than suppliers wished (D. Telegraph, 26 vii). The EC was thus likely to block the effort of Scotland’s First Minister, Mr Fish, to tamper with the market – an effort entirely based on a wish to show the Administration ‘taking action’ against Glasgow’s booze culture which was in fact deeply rooted in Irishness and socialism.

Just ten days previously, UK PM Daft Dave had abandoned his own plan to appease his ‘health’ lobby – which had demanded a minimum price of 45p per unit of alcohol. {Given the absence of GPs and A&E service – thanks to Labour bribes to doctors to put their feet up and say everything was well – drink was the only answer to most mundane human problems, as it had long been in Communist Russia.}


Newly published research from Canada found a “significant association” between authoritarian attitudes and a subjective sense of well-being (Salon, 24 vii). The findings were “in line with evidence that conservative ideology . . . may promote positive psychological outcomes,” wrote a research team led by psychologist Cara MacInnis of the University of Toronto and Michael Busseri of Brock University.

In the journal Personality and Individual Differences, the researchers described a study featuring 237 Canadian university students. Participants provided a set of opinions to determine the extent to which they were aligned with right-wing authoritarianism—that is, a tendency to submit to authority, condemn those who violate the rules, and uphold established traditions.They then gave a second set of opinions designed to determine their “social dominance orientation,” another aspect of generalized authoritarianism.

Specifically, they expressed the extent of their agreement with statements such as “Some groups of people are just more worthy than others” and “In getting what your group wants, it is sometimes necessary to use force against other groups.”Finally, they were asked to rate their current life on a scale of one to nine (from the “worst life I could have” to the best).

The results: “On the general level, greater generalized authoritarianism was clearly related to greater subjective well-being,” the researchers wrote. “The association suggests that generalized authoritarianism may be ‘good’ for the self.”


What the USA  could expect from its insane policy of importing Hispanics etc was shown by figures that a million Brazilians (55% if whom had African origin) had murdered each other in the previous thirty years – a rate of mayhem reached only in Mexico and Nigeria, and occurring despite ‘progressive’ Brazilian governments banning guns (Fox News, 18 vii).


 The tragedy of low IQ was confirmed in international data (AmRen, 23 vii):
Richard Lynn and Garth Zietsman, Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies, Summer 2013


It has been shown that there is an association between low intelligence and unemployment among individuals within nations. We explore the question of whether this relationship is present across nations. We find that national rates of unemployment for 107 nations, averaged for the years 2001 and 2008, are correlated with national IQs at r = -0.66, and national IQ therefore explains 43.5% of the national variance in unemployment.   Corrected for unreliability of both variables, the correlation between national IQ and rates of unemployment is r = -0.756 and national IQ explains 57.2% of the national differences in unemployment. Variations in economic freedom independently account for another 12.9% of national rates of unemployment.


The sex-mad French gorilla, Dominique Strauss-Kahn (whose country had backed him as IMF president and whose socialist party had backed him to become French president), had escaped charges of forcing himself on a Black hotel maid in Washington by paying her $6M; but he found himself on charges of pimping in the luxury Carlton Hotel in Lille, France, where he chimpself, 64, admitted attending ‘parties’ where scores of naked girls were paraded before French businessmen – so naked that no-one could tell if any were prostitutes, said DSK (whose fabulously rich wife had divorced him, but he had picked up a new 45-yr-old Moroccan-born girlfriend) (Guardian, 27 vii).

{What with Silvio Berlusconi’s ongoing scandals in Italy, a better case for a ClubMed-free Nordic League could scarcely be imagined! It was impossible that Germany’s Mutti Merkel or her quiet scientist hubby would ever be found organizing bunga-bunga!}


Britain’s politicos, having outlawed free speech about anything important and criminalized ‘intent’ (‘racist’ motives in ordinary crimes), turned their minds to censoring the internet, with PM Daft Dave leading the charge to stop men seeing child porn (or was it children seeing adult porn?). Whether censorship of BNP material would soon follow was unknown; but Labour Deputy Leader Harriet Harridan Harperson  and the SNP’s Mr Fish were quick to get in on the act by urging the cancellation of free association – with men to be banned from meeting in all-male groups at their golf clubs


There seemed to be hope for the West as the world’s leading and largest anti-Western group, the Muslim Brotherhood, decided to take on the Egyptian Army and promptly lost, having 120 shot dead and 800 injured in a single day in Cairo (Observer, 28 vii).

Astonishingly, the mad Mueslis had not waited for alQueerdo reinforcements to arrive. This level of incompetence was reminiscent of the Crusades which were not so much won by the West as lost by Muesli internal divisions and incompetence.

{The West could not resist putting its own follies on display as America – which had spent 55 years losing control of the Middle East, Afgooniland, Pakiland, Libya etc – cancelled a shipment of six top-of-the-range F16 fighter aircraft to the Egyptian Army which was helping Israel suppress nonsense in Sinai and the Gaza Strip. But Saudi Arabia and Jordan were increasingly enthusiastic about squashing the madder Mueslis of the area; and stinking-rich Catarrh had quietened down its support for the Brotherhood.}


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Rich kids do better at school and poor children struggle due to genetic “inherited abilities”, the Australian Federal Government’s top policy research agency surprisingly admitted – for Australian public ‘service’ life was quite as massively infected by peecee cowardice and mendacity as was that of America. In a ‘controversial’ new report, the Productivity Commission cited “parents’ cognitive abilities and inherited genes” as one of five main reasons why kids from low-income families lagged behind those from wealthy homes (News AU, 10 vii).


The ludicrously named Twitter internet outfit, which had encouraged users to think they could express themselves freely and anonymously, bowed to French authorities and agreed to hand over identifying details of all the authors behind racist and anti-Semitic remarks (‘tweets’). In 2012, Twitter had shut down an account run by a German neo-Nazi group based in Hanover, following a request by German police. Facebook and YouTube complied with similar requests (D. Mail, 12 vii). {How the Chinese regime must have laughted!}


 Showing why they should long previously have been put on boats back to an African country of their choice where they could be more content, thousands of Blecks and lefties in Florida, New York and California reacted immediately to a jury verdict which cleared a Hispanic Jew (i.e. ‘White’....) of the murder of a hooded Black serial trespasser into his gated estate with raucous protests which involved daubing police cars, lighting fires and smashing windows (Globe & Mail, 14 vii).

Rioters were instantly backed by Black racist bigwigs and shakedown artistes Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and chanted “No justice – No peace,” “End White supremacy,” “These assholes always get away” and “Revolution without end!”

Though some police were injured, no arrests were made for several days – presumably reflecting spineless White reluctance to defend the American justice system. The (very Black and Christian) parents of the dead argumentative intruder (Trayvon Martin) said they just about accepted the verdict (after sixteen hours of deliberation by the six-member all-female jury) that neighbourhood-watch activist George Zimmerman had probably killed only in reasonable self-defence, but they were soon got at to allege they were “disgusted”; and GZ said he had been advised to lie low for the rest of his life in view of likely Black pursuit of ‘vengeance.’

Despite President Obama calling publicly for the case to be considered closed, his Washington Justice Department mounted an enquiry in the hope of prosecuting GZ further under ‘civil rights’ legislation (D. Mail, 15 vii) – a move which quickly gathered 300K signatures in support from the NAACP.

As reporting restrictions were lifted, it turned out TM had multiple tattoos, gang affiliations, a record of criminal violence and an obsession with guns. Even a NAACP Chapter President said TM’s “shaky past” should make protesters question their version of events. And, far from being a determined racist, GZ had had a Black girlfriend in the recent past; and had an Afro-Peruvian grandfather.

    As America’s Black rabble-rousers whipped themselves into a frenzy, race-realist Lew Rockwell (20 vii) drew attention to some simple facts furnished by the Manhattan Institute. In New York from January to June 2008, 83 percent of all gun assailants were Black, according to witnesses and victims, though Blacks were only 24 percent of the population. Blacks and Hispanics together accounted for 98 percent of all gun assailants. Forty-nine of every 50 muggings and murders in the Big Apple were the work of Black or Hispanic criminals.

New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly confirmed the Institute’s facts. Blacks and Hispanics committed 96 percent of all crimes in the city, he said, but only 85 percent of the stop-and-frisks were of Blacks and Hispanics.

    A chink of light appeared for the jury-vindicated GZ as Florida state prosecutor Angela Corey jaw-droppingly accused him of being a “murderer” on TV – an attack for which she would have no legal protection and could thus be sued for libel (American Renaissance, 16 vii).


In religion-torn northern Nigeria, the murderous Mueslis of Boko Haram decided to concentrate on the conveniently soft targets of schools and their pupils, using arson to get things going then shooting kids and teachers as they tried to escape (Guardian, 15 vii). Parents who accepted instructions to keep their children at home were rewarded with the perk of their kids being selected for suicide ‘missions’ to burn down more schools – tasks for which the youngsters were prepared by being fed numbing quantities of horse tranquillizer.

{Watch out Britain! This policy would work well against Britain’s equally undefended schools – whose pathetic peecee staff would additionally reject any new defence measures as ‘racist.’}

    In Britain, Muslie prisoners were taking over the jails – e.g. threatening other prisoners with stabbing if they prepared or ate pork (told to Daily Mail anonymously by a jailbird in top-security Long Lartin Prison, 15 vii).


Fun lay ahead as Éire’s longstanding top yag, David Norris (a Trinity College academic, expert on James Joyce), quipped of a female fellow TD (i.e. MP) that she had been “talking out of her fanny” (Guardian, 16 vii). Whether Norris’ liberal credentials (he also had a Palestinian yag partner whom he was trying to have spared from accusations of [‘statutory’] rape of a 15-yr boy) would spare him feminoid wrath remained to be seen.


Some 65 ‘Romanian’ gypsies were allowed to take over grass sites on Park Lane (the second most expensive property on the Monopoly board) and Hyde Park, turning these areas into running sewers as well as hotbeds for crime (D. Mail, 16 vii). Did London’s cops do nothing at all? Well, yes, they phoned Bucharest and asked if Romanian police could be sent to solve the problem.... Next they issued free air travel to Buggaria – but the offer was accepted by only a third of the ‘travellers’ (as the gypsies were by then routinely called in the mealy-mouthed peecee British press).


Surprisingly, out of the blue, a government education ministress, Liz Truss, announced she would allow “brighter” children to be advanced into classes of older children (D.Telegraph, 16 vii, p.1) – the same scheme advocated in Chapter 4 of The g Factor, not that the book got a mention, any more than IQ.

At the same time, well-known TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp piped up to defend selective grammar schools, saying they had provided a lifeline for her and many other children (D.T., 16 vii, p.10).


    The individual costs of paedohysteria went on display as a jailbird who had developed an obsession against paedophilia tried to murder a 70-yr Etonian paedophile with whom he had become acquainted at Spring Hill Prison {where I sometimes worked and often checked in for welcome bacon butties} but ended up murdering an entirely non-paedophile neighbour who had come to the Etonian’s defence. Likely sentence: ‘whole life’, costing the taxpayer £80Kpa.

    New future costs of the holier-than-thou hysteria seemed scheduled as paedohysterics – who had already deterred millions of men from having anything to do with children – popped up on the BBC (R4, 20 vii, 09:55) to demand prison sentences for any people failing to report suspicions of others’ possible ‘child abuse’ to police.

{Yes, Mueslis could get away without reporting their friends and relatives for likely bomb-making; but unreported suspicions of paedophilia were to be actionable! Thus was Britain to shuffle pointlessly into becoming a gross police state.


 As every day brought news of hundreds of thousands of NHS patients having died a little prematurely, sucking water from washing sponges because they had been put on the splendidly named Liverpool Care Pathway which denied these ‘bed-blockers’ liquids so as to hasten their deaths (to the horror of relatives unfamiliar with the wonders of ‘modern medicine’ – not allowed to give straightforward euthanasia), a new term entered the English language: ‘special measures’ were proclaimed for some fourteen hospital groups.

Would these ‘measures’ involve punishments, sackings, re-organisation or salary slashes? You must be joking! What was planned (by Britain’s Coalition Government of socialist-lookalike peecee goons) were multi-zillion-pound enquiries, followed by enquiries into enquiries – none of this work being undertaken by Britain’s 650 MPs, who were all on holiday (as usual).

But even the loyal-leftist Guardian noticed something was wrong (Jenni Russell, 18 vii, ‘Britain’s healthcare really is in crisis’) – while not of course mentioning the race, low IQ, ugliness or lesbianism of many ‘nurses’ in England (all dressed in blue or green as toilet cleaners, in protest against traditional stereotypes of nurses as wasp-waisted angels in white).

    So what was the answer? Plainly, as any insurance company would arrange, to require patients to declare their status as obese, smoking, car-driving, mountaineering alcoholics; and to charge surpluses accordingly – and to quadruple the surpluses for patients found to have been lying.

The model for charging had been set by Labour in 1950 when it introduced prescription charging. Sensible charging would allow the NHS to employ non-third-world heterosexuals with no ‘qualifications’ from third-rate lunis in sociology.


 Hope grew for plans to dragoon an Army ooops Task Force for Africa from criminal Blecks and Peks (who would soon disappear into the jungle) as HMG figures showed that a full 40% of British Army regular soldiers had reading ages of only eleven (Daily Telegraph, 18 vii) – explaining (together with leadership incompetence – esp. unwillingness to kill Mueslis) British performance in Afghanistan and Iraq being as lacklustre as America’s and showing that a suicidal Army for Efrica could not be criticized as especially substandard.


 Britain’s sustained attempt to destroy the family (spearheaded by socialists and feminists but largely unopposed by ‘conservatives’) reached a new peak as even HMG’s impartial Office for Budget Responsibility reckoned that at least 140K immigrants [a city the size of Exeter] would be “necessary” annually (till at least 2063) to “improve public finances” i.e. pay for the wretched ‘welfare’ state.

 {Meantime, White Brit males would sit around on the dole, drink and drugs –- to which they had been consigned by politicos’ preferences for feminoidery and cheap labour.}


 Australia’s new Labour PM, Kevin Rudd, announced he had a deal with the PM of the neighbouring dirt-poor paedophile paradise, Papua New Guinea, that all boats of ‘refugees’ [i.e. economic migrants fleeing the ghastly Middle East] headed for Oz would be towed to PNG (Sydney Morning Herald, 19 vii).

Asked how much the deal had cost, Rudd replied it was “budget neutral” – presumably meaning that paying PNG was no more onerous than accepting ever-growing numbers of hysterical Arabs/Mueslis into Oz itself.

Multicults immediately whinged that they would investigate the legality of the deal; but they were told that PNG was fully signed up to ‘uman rights pieties. {Brilliant! Perhaps the UK could come to a similar arrangement with Zimbabwe?! – Perhaps managing to ship out most of Britain’s prison population to build much-needed roads for Africa (since Britain’s local authorities – busy with vainglorious schemes of tram foolery and lesbian breastfeeding -- did not have the gumption even to use convicts to fill in potholes).}


The full lunacy of Britain’s idealistic politicos was paraded as Defence Wallah Phillip Hammond joined Foreign Secretary Halfwit Hague in wanting a British military attack on Syria’s Basher Assad so as to rid him of his weapons of mass destruction (cf. the non-existent WMDs of Iraq’s Madman Insane....) (D.Mail, 19 vii).

 Hammond’s wish to start a war with Russia popped out just after his leader PM David Cameron had gone soft on the idea – having learned that not even a full-scale deployment of the (diminished and nincompoop-run*) British Army would make much difference in an armed-to-the-teeth area like multiculti-rejecting Syria.

*So hopeless were the countless high heidjuns of the British forces that they retired (doubtless with massive severance payments and pension pots) with every passing breeze, so no-one (apart from perhaps their financial executors) ever learned their names – only their idiocies in encouraging Hague and Gammon to fight Basher rather than leaving any crucial work to Israel (the main stimulator of Solunni vs Shitite friction).


There was ‘right-wing’ rejoicing as the English crime rate fell despite a bit less money being spent on the police. Little considered, however, was the public having given up trying to report crimes to cops who were so busy with their feet up in front of their computers watching porn ooops investigating paedophilia; and the vast increase in CCTV surveillance (making the UK the most surveilled country in the world); and the move of criminals into cybercrime – up 27% across 2011-12 – when not increasingly undetectable drug crime.


The world centre of peecee multiculturalism got a taste of reality as marauding bands of Black youth rampaged for hours along Hollywood Boulevard, chased by police helicopters (Los Angeles Times, 17 vii). Fourteen arrests were made; but many hooligans remained unarrested and the million-dollar cost of the exercise would have to be borne by LA taxpayers, including its soppy celebrities.


 The idealists of the Welsh judiciary could not bring themselves to put down a German Shepherd dog which had gratuitously bitten three customers in its owner’s pub – one of them seriously enough for her to require twelve facial stitches (Sun, 20 vii). {Yes, peecee-cowed Britain could not bring itself to kill Iraqi rioters, Taliban girl-mutilators, Muesli soldier-beheaders [though one of these did get two teeth knocked out, apparently by prison officers] or even a wild dog.}


 As commentators fell to discussing the demise of mega-bankrupt Detroit, the word ‘Black’ was rarely mentioned. So how had a once-great city, the home of Henry Ford and the Supremes, have fallen into widespread decay – coming to look as run-down as an African city? The answer was that it had become an African city (apart from well-guarded tower blocks in the city centre). Certainly, the oil price hike of the 1970s reduced the demand for gas-guzzling cars, so that warned the higher-IQ (Whites) to relocate. But the main thing was grandiose inner-city road building which destroyed Black ghettos. The Blacks than moved outwards; and ‘liberal’ politicians forbade Whites in the suburbs from covenanting that any sale of their home would not be to a Black. So Blacks moved into the suburbs and there was terminal White flight, leaving much of the city a Black junkyard – not that MSM’s commentators could understand, let alone mention the process.


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Monday, July 15, 2013


There were quite exceptional scenes of jubilation in Edinburgh pubs as shaven-headed men (looking like footie fans) were riveted to the TV broadcasts of the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Tennis Final and clapped every moment of Andy Murray’s progress to victory, which the Queen and David Cameron were the first to congratulate.

It was a very British day – though whether it was enjoyed by the sour Celts of Glasgow (where AM was born) was unknown. Murray himself had a dour, lithe and determined English mother (a tennis coach from Newcastle); his Scottish father had split (but looked after his boys); and AM had a charming and hot English girlfriend (from Barcombe, east Sussex).

{The east and south of Scotland were largely English; and the north was empty. A fairly easy union of the Crowns and Parliaments had taken place 1608-1708; but the expansion of Glasgow as a great port and shipbuilder had attracted a million unemployed Irish who came without the discipline of their priests and turned to welfare-dependency and obdurate hostility to London and Edinburgh once their trade union activities had wrecked much of the city of their choice. (Liverpool was, of course, the same story.)}


 There was more hope for Britain as Labour failed to solve its problems with its mafia union paymasters (qv) – with Blairite ex-minister Lord Reid predicting “oblivion” for it even as ‘leader’ Red Ed Mililitre waved the white flag (rather than boldly give Unite its money back). Unite boss, paymaster Len McCluskey (£129Kpa) -- the true architect of Labour’s client state of ‘welfare’-proclaiming tinpot-authoritarian social workers, obese ‘nurses’, cantankerous busdrivers, equality-crazed ‘teachers,’ lazy binmen etc – denounced two-nosed Ed as “disgraceful.”

    In a ‘landmark’ speech, Mililitre appeared to say he would no longer accept unions signing in as Labour members anyone they cared to choose: instead trade unionists would have themselves to ‘opt in’. {Big deal! Just as unions bullied workers to join them, they would certainly find ways of bullying workers to pay the minimal £30pa for a subscription to Labour.}

    Later analysis, by the BBC’s chief political correspondent, Nick Robinson (R4, 9 vii, 13:30), was to the effect that Mililitre had merely muddied the waters – ‘limiting’ trade union donations to some obscene amount but ‘offering’ non-selected workers the possibility of opting in.

    Everyone else was muddled up, not least because the unions retained their block votes at Labour festivities. But, encouragingly, the over-mighty ‘GMB’ union reckoned that Labour might lose 90% of its union funding if it proceeded with Mililitre’s ‘plan’ (Guardian, 10 vii). And some unions talked of setting up their own political party to pursue the destruction of Britain more rapidly.


After a 12-yr struggle (costing at least £1.7M) to deport bearded terrorist ranter Abdoodoo al-Farter (though alas not his several wives and children, who were to remain on welfare in a London mansion), HMG announced it would “seize back” some 100 powers from Brussels so as to cut short ranters’ stays in future. {Some hope! The ‘uman rights lawyers would never allow their gravy train to be derailed.}


 In Nigeria, Muesli terror progressed as ‘Boko Haram’ (= ‘Ban Western education’) killed 42 teachers and children (using jerrycans of petrol to burn some pupils alive) at a boarding school in the northern town of Mamudo (Sunday Telegraph, 7 vii).

{The West’s failure to use its millions of unemployed to defend Christian Nigeria was presumably due to its pathetic dependence on Arab oil as well as to its bizarre multiculturalism and general bankruptcy.}


 While the loons of Egypt (divided between countryside Sharia-backing Solunni hardliners and urban semi-secularists) moved ever closer to civil war (with the Egyptian Army killing 51 Solunnis in a single night), Britain announced it would give £50M help pay for the Syrian ‘Arab Spring’ which it had stimulated by funding al-Queerdo-backed Solunnis who had managed to escape their Shitite government and cross into Jordan (D. Mail, 10 vii).

{Yes, the West was running a welfare state for the Middle East – but without doctors to hospitalize the worst loons and without Oxbridge or elite Scottish AndrEdinGow teachers to insist on the learning of English.}


Britain’s politicos who had been wrecking the family for fifty years by making divorce impossibly expensive and frustrating for men, who were thus deterred from marriage altogether, achieved their dismally predictable result as HMG reckoned 50%+ of babies would be born out of wedlock by 2016 – and thus grow up in ‘cradle-to-grave’ socialism, with their mamas and themselves overwhelmingly dependent on welfare and with not a man in sight (primary schools having been entirely feminized) till a copper hove into view around age 12 (BBCR4, 11 vii, 09:00). Already there were plenty of areas of Britain (mainly inner-city, low-IQ and/or Black) where 70% of kids had no contact with their father (D. Mail, 11 vii).


Another peecee plan came to fruition as a Euro’Parliament’ survey showed that as many as half a million (Roma?) of Bulgaria’s seven million population would head for Britain in 2014 – with a similar percentage from the incompetent country heading for liberal Germany (Sun, 11 vii). A better way of boosting Ukip’s vote could never have been found. Britain’s treacherous politicos – unaffected by Bulgars (apart from the occasional roaming murderer) in their leafy suburbs – could then take a nice long rest.


A welcome indictment was provided by the Sutton Trust educational charity of Britain’s failure to get the best out of bright kids from poor backgrounds – leaving them well behind comparable children in other countries (Guardian, 12 vii). There was unusually refreshing talk of ‘potentials’ and ‘abilities’ – though the Trust did not dare mention intelligence or IQ.


 Although it was well known that UK MPs had surrendered 80% of new legislation to being made in Brussels (forget about the Strasbourg ‘Parliament’ where most delegates declined to speak English so could not even exchange jokes) and had (with every Government encouragement) sent themselves on holiday for half the year, returning only to enjoy their ‘tea rooms’ (leaving the Chamber of the House of Commons largely deserted for most of the time), the full extent of UK parliamentarians’ laziness and incompetence only became clear as, having established an ‘independent regulator’ of their pay, expenses and conditions, the MPs – with unusual appreciation of the contempt in which the public held them -- declined to accept his (Sir Ian Kennedy’s, salary £70Kpa for a 2-day week) decision that they needed an 11% wage hike (from 2016) (a decision which balding fatcat Kennedy said he would impose anyway).

Yes, the ‘Mother of Parliaments’ could not even manage its own affairs, let alone those of the country which (inspired by the American subprime lending bubble and by the temptation to create a client state of vastly overpaid bureaucrats and supernumerary idealists) it had bankrupted or of the Middle East (where demakrazed America had led even once-stable and prosperous (if diarrhoea-infested) Egypt to the brink of civil war).

    Another sign of the breakdown of British parliamentary democracy was the absence of discussion of the £50M which HMG proposed to give to Syrian Solunni ‘rebels’ who (having lost their homes as the more Caucasian Shitites gained the upper hand) were pouring as refugees into Jordan.

Britain was now funding a welfare state for the whole world – providing not only food aid, tents and medicare for the victims of Western ‘policies’ but compensation (and probably guns) for participants in ethnic civil war.

    Further incompetence by the UK’s rulers and shakers was essentially admitted by HMG as it peremptorily cancelled long-debated (and doubtless expensively committeed) plans to sell fags only in plain packets (an obvious gift to smugglers), to increase the prices of cheap drink (a gift to supermarkets) and to put more and more old people on the ‘Liverpool Care Pathway’ (whereby they went to their deaths without fags, booze, food and even water to the horror of their relatives bringing medically untrained minds to this gross scheme for reducing ‘bed blocking’).

    July 12 provided its usual demonstration that the 15-yr-old Northern Irish ‘peace process’ was a complete farce: thirty policemen and a journalist and MP were knocked out by bricks thrown in Belfast by enthusiastic Prods and Caffs, emerging from behind their barbed wire encampments to celebrate ‘the marching season’ in time-honoured fashion. Two days and nights of skirmishes required 1,000 extra police to be drafted in from the mainland (Guardian, 13 vii). The abandonment of democracy in the province had however placated vengeful Irish Americans, allowing the UK to remain an American poodle ooops ally.

    Useless Home Secretary Theresa May (infamous authoress of the descriptor ‘nasty party’ for her despised ‘unmodernized’ fellow Conservatives) admitted she had allowed the number of unprocessed immigration applications to reach 502K – a backlog which she expected it would take 37 years to clear (Sun, 13 vii).

{How ‘nasty’ can you get? Why was she not dishing out minimally paid apprenticeships ooops internships to young would-be bureaucrats in Glasgow and Liverpool? Wouldn’t her proposed 37 years of incompetence invite prosecution under some version of the ‘uman rights to which UK politicians had madly subscribed? What would be the welfare bill for third-world arrivals having no certain immigration status and thus limited job opportunities?}

    Even the Observer, reflecting on severance payments of around £.4M to useless ‘senior managers’ at its beloved BBC concluded the system was “broken” (14 vii) – though vast salaries, expenses, payoffs and pension pots had served Labour’s purpose of keeping bureaucrats sweet for thirteen years.

    Unchastened by such demonstrations of their hopelessness (derived from never having proper jobs or having to submit a full CV to voters), Britain’s politicos embarked on bullying children to have school dinners (i.e. slops) rather than bring lunch snacks prepared by their mothers or go to the local fish-and-chipper.

Like Hitler in his ill-thought-out assault on Russia, socialists and their ‘modernized’ Conservative hangers-on became ever more reckless and authoritarian as their destruction of the family, education, the roads, health care (now only ‘provided’ by obese lesbians) and the security forces (not allowed to stop or arrest let alone kill mad Mueslis) became known to all.


 The Solunnis of the ‘Free Syrian Army’, having reduced their country’s cities to rubble, decided to provide further demonstration of the Islamic sibling rivalry and death wish by turning on each other – with supporters of al-Nutty, al-Queerdo and other assorted jihadists (all unknown to their backer, Halfwit Hague) beginning to kill each other’s top brass (Guardian, 13 vii).

{Israel was presumably delighted: faced with American defeat and withdrawal from the low-IQ and hysterical region, to have Mueslis killing each other was the best option. – Though King Fart of Saudi got ready for the future by installing new rockets targeted not only against Iran but also against Israel.}


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Monday, July 08, 2013


 How crass idealism – once the business of religion and largely confined to that realm – had taken over the politics of the West was conveniently illustrated as the BBC (R4, 1 vii, 09:05 – 09:45) handed its flagship ‘Start the Week’ programme over to discussion of world population growth between four academics (e.g. ‘economist’ Amartya Sen). As overpopulation headed rapidly towards ten billion, apparently the major problem was that the West was not starving itself to death and giving up the motor car.

Any mention of the increased population occurring mainly among the low-IQ of the third world, of it being bound to lead to wars over resources, of it being stimulated by the West providing free food and medicine, or of the West’s failure to insist on contraception and eugenics? Not on your nelly!


Hope for the West in its pathetic struggle with Islam (which its politicos were determined to lose): the Solunni vs Shitite fighting which had ravaged Syria, spilled over into Lebanon and threatened Jordan, produced a one-day crop of at least 49 Shitite deaths (plus countless maimed) in Pakiland (Guardian, 1 vii). Revenge would doubtless be sweet.


 While the British public had to listen (courtesy of the BBC) to endless whingeing from Black politicos and White hangers-on that Blacks had to endure unnecessary ‘stop & search’ efforts by cops (whingeing to which useless bejewelled lefty Home Secretary Theresa May – who had failed for two years to get rid of or otherwise emasculate hate preacher Abdoodoo al-Farter -- soon succumbed), opinion in New York had come decisively behind police ‘stop & question & frisk’ operations as crime in the Big Apple fell to a welcome new low.

One of the NY top brass explained to the Beeb (with unusual frankness for a Western official) that there was no ‘overstopping’ since Blecks committed 55% of crimes yet accounted for only 50% of police street searches (BBC World Service, 1 vii, 14:30). A Spectator correspondent explained (2 vii):

"This is not a modernising moment; it is a moment of weakness in a febrile climate where mention of Stephen Lawrence is sufficient to close down any sensible debate. Does May not realise that the "communities" resentful of stop and search are those that prey on the most vulnerable? At least the Mayor of New York is prepared to stand up against the shakedown artists, as explained by a current editorial in National Review Online, "stop-and-frisk is used to help prevent crime in largely black and Latino neighborhoods, where largely black and Latino witnesses describe largely black and Latino suspects perpetrating crimes against largely black and Latino victims in a largely black and Latino city. For acknowledging this reality and defending an essential tool in the city’s anti-crime toolbox, Mayor Bloomberg has been ritually denounced — mostly by Democrats hoping to replace him."

It was trumpeted by the Beeb that “only” 9% of stop-and-search detentions in London led to an arrest – but this percentage was twice that for motorists stopped by police for random breath tests.


 As Britain declined from all reasonable standards of German decency (with potholed streets paved with cigarette butts, omnipresent graffiti, most dwellings and shops having no identifying number, killer dogs allowed to the drunken low-IQ and its Parliament on holiday for more than half the year to suit Government convenience), a flagrant example of incompetence was provided as one of the (lately popular and unbanned) ‘Chinese lanterns’, meant to amuse the dim-witted and their children, fell on to a plastics factory in Smethwick, Birmingham, its candle setting the place alight in a stupendous blaze which required 35 fire engines and 200 firemen working for two days to put the fire out. Estimated cost: £6M (Guardian, 2 vii).

{An informant explains that, in China itself, the flying lanterns are used only when propitious winds blow across vast tracts of water like the Yangtse.}


 Further to France threatening a 30-yr-standing mayor with jail for declining to marry yags (qv), the country’s socialist-dominated National Assembly arranged for the prosecution and imprisoning of National Front leader Marine Le Pen who had said seeing Mueslis praying in the street reminded her of the Nazi occupation of France – she (though pulling in 15% support in polls) was thus indictable for “inciting racism” etc, no longer protected by the historic freedom of speech allowed to Assemblypersons (BBC World Service, 2 vii, 15:00).

{The anathematisation of Marine showed the Frogs in their true colours: not stupid like British politicians but entirely determined to eradicate opposition as the garlick-suckers had done to Protestants long after Rome itself had lost interest in persecution.}


 The lunacy of the West’s ‘Arab Spring’-loving idealists (Halfwit Hague, Barry Insane Obarmy etc) was exposed as the Egyptian Army felt obliged to take control of Cairo where millions had been on the streets repenting themselves of the demakrazy constitution which had allowed Egyptians to select a Muesli fanatic as president.

    Could things get worse for idealists? Yes! In the Éirish Parliament, MP Clare Daly was allowed by the Speaker to call Barry Hussein “a war criminal” – for his efforts to support the Solunni ‘rebels’ of ravaged Syria. This was unprecedented anti-Americanism from the Holy Republic.


 Cousin marriage was confirmed as the main cause of Pakistani birth defects (mainly of the heart and brain) – doubling the Pak defect rate from 3% to 6% in a huge Bradford study (Guardian, 4 vii). Socio-economic status had no explanatory purchase among the Pak mothers – though years of education did provide a small protective effect. Unions between blood relatives accounted for a third of Pak birth defects. The results of inbreeding among Paks had been known for thirty years to experts and to Paks themselves; and the new study was unlikely to have any medical effect since the entire cost of Pak males’ inbreeding with cousins brought in from Pakiland for the purpose was borne by Britain’s comical (and increasingly scandalous) National ‘Health’ Service; but it was nice to see sociology taking a far-back seat.

{Sociology had become popular with nurses in the 1980s since it provided support in their class war with doctors. So ignorant were Britain’s nurses (many of them obese by 2013 – a far cry from the trim, slim angels of the 1970s) that they would even gratuitously engage patients – especially anyone claiming to know a psychologist -- to assert stridently the importance of SES, ruling out genetic factors entirely.}


Hilarity beckoned as the relatives of Saint Nelson Mandela (who had somehow become stinking rich) turned to fighting over where the architect of rape state South Africa should be buried – each relative wanting to be the chief to cash in on the tourist trap that Mandela’s shrine would provide. In the first legal step, one of Mandela’s grandsons (who had got himself named ‘Mandla Mandela’), was ordered to exhume the bodies of three of Saint Nelson’s children which he had moved from their village burial place on learning that the will of the 94-yr Mandela specified he be buried alongside his children (D. Mail, 4 vii). ‘Mandla’ had already tried (unsuccessfully) to claim and sell the broadcasting rights to Saint Nelson’s funeral. In the wings, Mandela’s wives and daughters got ready to demand their own slices of the cake.


 Never much regarded for its civility,* France had to suffer the embarrassment of its former leader, adulterous Napoleonic Jew Nicholas Sarkozy, jesting publicly of his successor, adulterous mad-socialist François Hollande, that he was “a ridiculous little fat man who dyed his hair” (D. Mail, 4 vii). (For more internecine Frog hostility, see Spectator, 6 vii.)

*Though a Marseilles prostitute – on the lovely harbour front -- did decently return my wallet (lighter of all notes, but still containing valued credit cards, phone numbers, emery boards etc) which she had stolen from my hotel room on her way down from visiting a Chinese gent.


 Threatened by a new wastrel environmentalist Labour government in 2015 thanks to what remained of a righter-wing vote being split between the ‘Conservatives’ and Ukip, Britain was offered a reprieve as warfare broke out between Labour’s Red Ed Mililitre and the Unite union which had funded Labour with £20M over the previous six years and turned out to have been consolidating its influence by infiltrating rotten Labour constituency parties – spectacularly the safe seat of ghastly Falkirk, by-election awaited (after a Labour drunk had had to resign), where a mere £15K could buy enough party memberships to guarantee the selection of a raving-loony supporter of ‘workers’ and welfarists.

As nasal Ed put his Falkirk branch into ‘special measures’ (i.e. sacked its leadership), referred Unite’s entryism to police and thus suffered a frontbench resignation, journalists discovered that Labour had been changing its constitution to insist that all candidates for office be paid-up union members (D. Mail, 5 vii) – a matter that would leave Britain’s official left as divided and unelectable as the right.


 Americans consider Blacks more likely to be racist than Whites and Hispanics in the USA (Rasmussen, 3 vii).Thirty-seven percent (37%) of American adults thought most Black Americans are racist, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Just 15% considered most White Americans racist, while 18% said the same of most Hispanic Americans. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

    There was a huge ideological difference on this topic. Among conservative Americans, 49% considered most Blacks racist, and only 12% saw most Whites that way. Among liberal voters, 27% saw most White Americans as racist, and 21% said the same about Black Americans.

    Among Black Americans, 31% thought most Blacks racist, while 24% considered most Whites racist and 15% viewed most Hispanics that way.


 As scores of thousands of southern Europe’s brightest and best young people headed for emigration (D. Mail, 6 vii), even Frogs (including NF leader Marine Le Pen) began urging that ClubMed get out of the eurozone and leave it to the more disciplined Nordic countries.


 The Ladies’ Final in the world’s top tennis championship was won by a French-Spanish Marion Bartoli, 29, who, though not enjoying the good looks of her (apparently neurotic) Polish-German opponent, showed a judicious mixture of determination and graciousness, spoke sophisticated sentences in English and claimed to have had an IQ of 175 when tested as a child.


The Daily Telegraph reported (7 vii) the treatment of an American street pastor who was arrested after preaching outside a Wimbledon shopping centre. Tony Miano, who in one of life’s little ironies was a former senior police officer, expounded a passage from Thessalonians which dealt with sexual immorality and cited homosexuality as an example of contravention of the law of God.

A woman hearing this made a complaint to police, and two officers promptly arrested Mr Miano under Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986 which dealt with “insulting words and behaviour”. As Mr Miano explained to the officers, Section 5 had recently been amended so that what is merely insulting was no longer to be an offence.

However, despite having been passed by the House of Lords, this change had yet to come into law and the arresting officers claimed that they were unaware of it. {That Britain had moved from free speech to Total Peecee could hardly be better exemplified. Mr Miano must have been amazed – though consideration of my persecution at E.LU. could have prepared him. It was only the good sense of most British people that spared the country from its Peecee-crazed politicos, ‘professors’ and police.}


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Monday, July 01, 2013



The loons of the West (Halfwit Hague being lately joined by American guru John Kerry) who had for a year encouraged ‘rebel’ Syrian SoLunnis to overthrow the Shitite-backed Basher Assad, evidently believing that a sweet multicultural and demakratic land could result from the overthrow of the tyrant London opthalmologist (with Vogue-celebrated wife) and that there was no need to separate the two sides of racio-religious maniacs as fast as possible, got their answer as the ethnic fighting which had destroyed Syria’s city centres spread to an already fractious and conflict-ravaged Lebanon – with Solunnis sending arms to their Syrian fellow-sectarian ‘rebels’ and the Syrian government bombing Solunni positions in Lebanon (Spectator, 23 vi).


Just a couple of weeks after arch-hounder of the press Lord Levisohn had been shown to be guided by a pretty (and prettily paid) aide who was having an affair with the prosecution barrister on his ‘Inquiry’ (working to further the self-righteous interests of perverts Max Mosley and Hugh Grant), it emerged that 80% of phone hacking had been done not by the tabloid press but by lawyers (e.g. working for insurers wanting to check up on claims) (D. Mail, 24 vi).

{Any chance that the useless KO’d Labour ‘Lord’ would admit his blind ravings against a free press? You must be joking. Though floored, Levisohn and his aide wanted the mega-millions that his press-bashing ‘Inquiry’ had cost.}


A fine summary of Britain’s situation under wet LibCon government was provided by Telegraph correspondent David Saunders (Sidmouth, Devon) (23 vi):

"The Coalition’s policies on deficit finance will lead to dire economic consequences that will far outlast the careers of the politicians who caused them.

Coalition orthodoxies are alternative lifestyles, wind farms, globalism, diversity, multiculturalism, confiscatory taxes and press censorship.

Ideas such as self-reliance, profit, family, grammar schools, country and free speech are best kept to yourself for fear of your being labelled “swivel-eyed.”"


The nutty idealistic West, which had thought it could resolve the sectarian horrors of Syria by switching its ten-year allegiance from Iraqi Shitites to Syrian Solunnis (and their al-Queerdo pals) found its treachery yielding only further S vs S hostility: in Lebanon, sixteen soldiers were killed by Solunnis; in Egypt, Solunnis had forgotten about attacking Coptic Christians and instead murdered Shitites; and even iron-fisted Saudi, Qatar and Bahrain reported mounting S vs S tensions (Guardian, 25 vi).


 As Britain threw itself into a frenzy over the possibility that London police of 1993 had dressed up one of their number as an anti-racist to win the trust of the Lawrence family and explore how their Black teen (Stephen) had come to get killed by some 2-4 White youths in London (Did he owe drugs money?), it was conveniently forgotten that similar infiltration had been (quite properly) provided for the Whites – though the resulting secret recording had revealed only a few racist remarks and no reference to, let alone admission of murder.


In a dramatic demonstration of Australia’s continuity of national character, the Workers’ Paradise chewed up and spat out its first woman prime minister (Guardian, 26 vi). The bull-necked, mean-mouthed, red-haired, slitty-eyed and horn-rimmed non-beauty Ms Julia Gillard, 51, had replaced the former Labour leader (in what many deemed a treacherous coup) in 2010 but, after three years of muddling along, found herself similarly rejected by her party and thus unable to be PM.

Apparently the problems were not so much ideological or presentational (though her only real enthusiasm seemed to be for bashing “misogynist nutjobs”) as that she was ugly, atheistic, unmarried and childless – she had given herself ‘cover’ in the form of a ‘boyfriend’, but he turned out to be a hairdresser, which right-minded traditional Ozzies interpreted as a sign of homosexuality.

Gillard’s swansong was having herself filmed in a feminoid gesture of knitting.

{Oz had long been famous for sex segregation at parties so men could concentrate on important matters like cricket. Just how Ms JG had taken the Labour leadership in the first place remained obscure – but presumably her rival, the none-too-heterosexual-sounding ‘Kevin’ Rudd, had attempted too many cutbacks in the aftermath of the subprime [i.e. US Black] lending crisis and had thus upset Irish Ozzies.}


France’s reputation for liberty (never great when set aside its reputation for mass slaughter – not least of its own troops in 1812 and 1915) took a further step down as its socialist interior minister threatened the Mayor of Bayonne, 60, with five years jail after he declined to marry two 50-yr-old queers, observing the union was bound to be sterile (D. Mail, 27 vi).


  The widespread occurrence of ‘sectarian’ conflict {repeatedly remarked in this blog, for it showed the limits of peecee-multiculti ambitions} achieved a summary in the saintly Grauniad (28 vi, ‘Syria is not alone in its descent into sectarianism’) – though without any mention of tribalism in the UK (Caff vs Prod, Muesli vs Tabloids, Glasgow vs Edinburgh, Highlands vs Lowlands, London vs The Rest), of renewed fighting in China’s Xinjiang Province in which 35 died in a couple of days, or of the typical connection of such conflict with racial/geographical differences and the idealistic failure to separate endlessly feuding groups.

    Britain continued its historic policy of stamping on all but parliamentary conflicts by banning two Americans who had been asked to expatiate on their reservations about Islam to a meeting of the English Defence League (Jihad Watch, 26 vi, ‘Britain capitulates to jihad’). And HMG was rewarded by several mosques saying they would condemn the repeated drugging, raping and prostituting of White trash girls by Mueslis in Cowley (east Oxford); and by the British Geological Society announcing that Lancashire and Yorkshire had vast reserves of shale gas (more than discovered in China) – having taken in millions of Mueslis already, the country might as well have the oil and gas to go with them....

And things could be worse: the Coalition allowed one Paul Weston to say he was a racist and to set up a new political party (‘Liberty GB’) – though only on the internet (YouTube, 20 vi). Having rejected all sensible forms of power generation as non-Green – and having barely heard of shale gas – Britain’s politicos were eager to maintain ‘peaceful’ commercial relations with the Middle East, including admitting immigrants who would vote Labour for welfarism and breed like rabbits to provide the lumpenproletariat of the future (and in particular the ‘carers’ who would be necessary to euthanize elderly Whites in National Health ‘Service’ hospitals – an operation already well underway in south London and mid-Staffordshire).

    For good measure, in its hysterical suppression of ethnic conflict, HMG handcuffed and arrested the Leader and Deputy Leader of the EDL as they tried to lay wreaths in Woolwich (q.v.) for Drummer Lee Rigby, the soldier hacked to death and beheaded in the street by Mueslis who had remained on the scene to argue the toss with bystanders (BBCR4, 29 vi, 13:00). Apparently the EDL leaders had strayed too near (for police comfort) to The East London Mosque in Tower Hamlets, which police had told EDL was “a Muslim area.” Arrested, the EDL pair accused cops of “enforcing Sharia law.”


Though cheating in exams had long been recognized as a huge problem in China, especially since kids were keen to show group loyalty by helping classmates, a new peak of the problem came into view as examiners decided one particular school had for several years achieved out-of-this-world results and decided to send in their own staff to replace local teachers as supervisors.

The new supervisors, using metal detectors, quickly retrieved a treasure trove of technical aids (mobile phones, iPods, FaceTubes etc) from kids’ underpants. Several girls had cameras in their bras so they could relay the exam papers to friends outside the classroom who would then transmit back the right answers.

Anyway, soon the 500 examinees were incensed and, actually complaining it was “unfair” that they were not being allowed to cheat, rioted and locked up the new supervisors for a day in the school till they were rescued by police.

{Did the enthusiasm for cheating have implications for how China’s children had achieved world-beating results on IQ tests? If so, it might help explain how measured Chinese IQ had long been notably unmatched by real creative achievements in art, literature, music, science or philosophy...}


As MSM agonized over the impending death of Saint Nelson Mandela, who had arranged Black domination in South Africa on condition that there was a little restraint in robbing, raping and murdering Whites, few papers (apart from the Mail, 29 vi) chose to recall the unceasing death toll of Whites at the hands of Blacks (who sometimes could not even be bothered to rob or rape) – there was already one murder per day of a White landowner (plus four attacks) despite Whites living in heavily gated, guarded and otherwise-securitized compounds, a figure thought likely to increase once South Africa’s Blacks (Shona and Zulu) settled scores with (i.e. killed) each other and could concentrate on the ANC’s plan to steal all White land

(cf. Zimbabwe, which finally had to be rescued from its folly by China). {South Africa’s problems – apart from low Black IQ and sex mania – were principally due to intransigent Boers failing to make an alliance with the Zulus and dividing the country along east-west lines, leaving the Shona to their indisciplined, murderous and STD-prone ways but keeping the richer east (esp. Johannesburg and Natal Province) in relatively good hands.}


The world’s last standing academic hereditarian, Steven Pinker, achieved rock star status by being invited on to Desert Island Disks (BBCR4, 30 vi, 11:15) – but he made sure words like heredity and inheritance never passed his lips (not to mention race), diplomatically settling on his acceptance of his mentor Chomsky’s demonstration of innate factors (applying to all people) and merely allowing a peep at his racism by his selection of unheard-of Ashkenazi music.


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