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The Sunday Mail’s Peter Hitchens (17 iii) pondered the IQ-disrespecting mission of (nicely educated and niftily employed) ‘feminists’ to get other women into the ‘delights’ of wage-slave employment while their children were ‘looked after’ by the paid goons of the welfare state:

But surely Scandinavia, the home of mass day care, is a  paradise? Well, not if you believe Swedish sociologist Jonas  Himmelstrand, who last week warned psychological disorders have tripled among children in Sweden since the child-rearing revolution there in the Eighties.

     Culture can’t be transferred from one generation to the next when children are left to bring each other up. He says of mass day care: ‘It is at the root of bullying, teenage gangs, promiscuity and the flat-lining of culture.’

{Yes, Islam or the Chinese were going to win this one. The West had been not just failed but been betrayed by its unrealistic ‘feminists,’ who, instead of liberating women worldwide by backing contraception and abortion, had preferred to concentrate their foolish fire on Western men – already the most ‘liberated’ the world had ever seen.}


Enthusiasts for Western idealists’ ‘Arab Spring’ were answered as a baying mob of 3,000 Egyptian vigilantes cheered the upside-down lynching and beating to death (in just their underpants) of two men supposed to have stolen a velocette [autobike; typical UK cost £80] (Daily Mail, 18 iii).


 One of the UK’s top businesspersons, Miss Hilary Devey, 56 and owner and boss of the distribution company Pall-Ex, shocked the chattering classes by announcing: “The glass ceiling does not exist. ....The problem is finding [good women]. I can’t get any women on my board because women generally put their partner and children first.”

Her realistic remark was made in response to the EUSSR’s announcing a plan to rig the percentage of women company directors at 40% and fine firms that failed to meet the ‘target’ (Daily Telegraph, 18 iii).


 As they went on trial, two unheard-of Blacks who lived in Manchester, were claimed by prosecutors to have planned to behead beloved British ‘soul’ singer-songwriter Joss Stone, 25, and rob her (she was worth £10M) (Sun, 19 iii). Apparently, the Blacks had taken against JS largely because she had several times sung at gigs (including weddings) for the Royal Family; so they called her a “she-devil.”

To undertake their execution, the n*ggas had got themselves a samurai sword and accoutrements (hammers, knives, pistols, bolt-cutters etc). However, they had a fraught journey towards JS’s home in Devon, with their car breaking down and them having to steal petrol and get chased; and alert natives of a village near JS, amazed to see scruffy Blacks turning up in England’s most desired residential countryside area, reported them to police, who quickly discovered their cache of arms.


 As the culmination of 55 years of peecee restrictions on freedom of speech in Britain (even in luniversities), the ‘liberal’-left (abetted by PM Daft Dave) managed to rush through Parliament a measure – respecting the multi-million-pound babblings of Lord ÜberJustice Levisohn -- setting up ‘Royal Charter’ supervision of newspapers and the internet – with provision of hefty fines for publishers who did not accept the nannying (Sun, 19 iii).

{Funnily enough, the hastily cobbled deal was announced on the same day as Sir Tim Berners Lee [The Queen’s College] won a Nobel-style new prize for engineers of £.25M from the Queen for having invented the net – and thus given people twenty years of freedom, even while the media itself was largely caving in to PeeCee.

It was appropriate that the Levisohn-backing ‘Hacked Off’ campaign should have been funded by pervert Max Mosley, for the ‘psychoticism’ of the left [first detected by Hans Eysenck in 1954] was about to be exposed in hilarious biographical detail by Kerry Bolton, the Kiwi author of The Psychotic Left: from Jacobin France to the Occupy Movement (Black House Press,* 2013).}

* Black House Publishing is a new venture among a growing number of Anglophone publishers of high quality material of interest to rightists.


As Britain’s main three parties, plus the Mosley-funded and Grant-fronted ‘Hacked Off’ campaign, agreed on the first British statutory control of the press for 318 years, they were met with a robust front-cover NO from the Spectator (editor: Fraser Nelson) and an equally splendid Telegraph article from Boris Johnson (19 iii) arguing that Britain’s reputation for honesty and decency (which brought so much financial business to London) was rooted in the freedom of a critical press to investigate and expose the pond slime that grew so exponentially even in other European countries (lately bringing Cyprus to its knees).

‘Russia Today’ and several US newspapers also deplored the liblabcon ‘Royal Charter’; and the Sun and Private Eye said their lawyers were working with an eye to how the new late-night legislation could be opposed. Boldly, UKIP leader Nigel Farage came out firmly against the new extension of peecee tyranny (Sun, 20 iii, ‘UKIP boss slams new press law’).

    With the ink scarcely dry on the ‘Royal Charter’ tyranny, Labour MP Jim Sheridan demanded that all journalists (“parasites,” he called them) be banned from Parliament’s premises – Sheridan had had his extravagant expense claims for a giant TV and an ivory leather bed exposed by newsies.

And paying sadomasochist Mosley said the ‘Charter’ would allow the ‘parliamentary regulator’ to “cut the wire” of overseas sites that ignored it. As the Sun said (20 iii), “That would put us on a par with China and Zimbabwe.”

Mr Miliband's (pictured on the TV sofa with Hacked Off's Hugh Grant) prescription for statutory control of the Press comes straight from the pages of George Orwell's terrifying novel 1984 where the Thought Police rule. – Simon Heffer, Daily Mail, 23 iii.

    Britain’s planned submission to the latest peecee tyranny was scorned by scores of newspapers in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, USA and [yes!] Iran and Zimbabwe (Daily Mail, 21 iii). So much for the nannying efforts of lordly Levisohn and his associated celebrity perverts and whingeing victims of telephone bugging who declined to admit that they had been handsomely compensated for their ‘dreadful’ experiences of hacking!

Admittedly, other countries did not have much exposure to the likes of the UK’s lively gutter ooops tabloid press. But Levisohn had taken a sledgehammer to crack a nut. London’s (leftist) New Statesman and the prestigious environmento-lefty Economist joined the Speccie and the Eye in saying they would not accept the proposed ‘regulation.’

Even Coalition Education Secretary Michael Gove admitted (on ‘Question Time’) that he was “uncomfortable” with the Royal Charter and with the way in which it had been agreed (at 2.30a.m., with HackWatch participating (in beer and pizzas), but no newspapers).

    Australia’s bull-necked, begoggled, purse-lipped socialist PM Julia Gillard tried to introduce similar draconian press control, but her government’s proposal was firmly rejected by Oz MPs (Sun, 22 iii).

    By the end of Britain’s ‘1984’ week – proposing the sacrifice of 318 years of freedom not just for journalists but for all who write in newspapers, yet without doing anything for the already well-protected and –compensated victims of hacking – the Whitby audience of Any Questions (BBCR4, 22 iii, 20:05ff) voted 75% against the statutory regulation of the press proposed in Daft Dave’s compromise ‘Royal Charter.’  


 In a rare moment of BBC realism, a frank discussion admitted how Romania was cheerfully anticipating mass emigration of its gypsies to the rest of Europe (and especially Britain as from 2014) (World Service, 21 iii, 02:15). Apparently one third of Romanian employers readily declared they would not hire gypsies under any circumstances.


As Britain’s LibCon Coalition produced a Budget as boring as it was incompetent (the one big handout, of mortgages to subprimes, proving confusing to government ministers themselves), a fine parade of true Tories came forward to announce Daft Dave’s final failure: Anthony Horowitz and Mark Littlewood (BBC ‘Question Time’), David Starkey (BBC ‘This Week’), Peter Oborne and Jeremy Warner (Telegraph) and Peter Hitchens (Mail, 21 iii) all declared that there had been no ‘austerity,’* that UK debt and inflation would rise till 2020 (HMG’s endless promises to the contrary), and that the Government had in effect devalued the pound sterling by 25% in the previous year.

{All that was needed was for UKIP to slash all government salaries and benefits and ‘aid’ by 10% annually (top salaries by 20%) and to slash bureaucracy and workloads by 50% by burning rule books, cutting all ancient prosecutions and generally abandoning all peecee and elfin safety restrictions and compensation: by cutting back government and restoring freedom, they would sweep the country.}

* In further token of which, Barclays Bank chose Budget Day to release the information (i.e. bury the bad news) that it had awarded its fat cats £40M in bonuses for 2012. Left-winger Len McCluskey, leader of Britain's biggest trades union, accused Barclays of making 'a complete mockery of any claims that banks are cleaning up their acts.' Clearly casino banking was continuing as in the noughties, despite government promises to decline to undergird these rate-fixing and gambling operations.


 Violence flared in a mixed Buddhist-Muslim area of north Burma, quickly killing 100 in three days of unrest and yielding a dozen burning mosques (where saffron-robed Buddhist monks wielding 12” knives stopped firefighters extinguishing the blazes), wrecked Muslim homes and shops and 20K displaced people (many of these Mueslis seeking refuge in a soccer stadium).

The arrival in power of Saint Wham Bang Sushi had evidently not solved this traditional inter-communal problem, which had in the past year killed 200 and left 100,000 homeless (Guardian, 22 iii, 23 iii, ‘Ethnic violence erupts in Burma’).

{Just why the Buddha-wrecking Mueslis wanted to stay in inhospitable Burma rather than head for Bangladesh was not clear. Naturally, Western voices urged Rangoon to adopt policies of greater multiculturalism and anti-racism....}

    By contrast, three thousand miles to the west, the Turks and Kurds decided to make peace, the latter having carved enough of their desired Kurdistan out of Iraq (notably the oilwells of Mosul and Kirkuk) and perhaps being promised chunks of Iran and Syria if they would assist whatever was US policy (now the US – after spending ten years handing Iraq over the the Shi-ites -- had switched to backing Sunnis). Thus, by a little territorial reorganization, the longstanding tribal fighting in south-east Turkey (which had killed 30K) could end (Guardian, 22 iii).


Despite many years of being vilified as ‘racist’ etc, streaming/tracking/grouping/setting showed a dramatic increase from 1998 to 2009 – rising from a frequency of 28% of classes to 71% according to the prestigious Brookings Institute (Yahoo News, 18 iii) (and thus vindicating the acceptability to teachers of the main educational proposal of The g Factor [1996/2000]).

{The change might have been teachers’ desperate response to the fatuous ‘No Child Left Behind’ scheme which had pumped Black children into largely-White classes.}


The association of group differences with social problems was illustrated as it turned out that 50% of the squatters in London were of Romanian origin (Daily Mail, 23 iii).

{That’s to say they were ‘Roma’ gypsies – though even the Mail dared not mention this. One of the homes sequestered – from two sisters, while they were on holiday – was a £500K property in New Southgate, the once pacific/soporific area where I grew up.

Apparently, the ‘Romanians’ couldn’t be bothered to wait to get on the British benefit ladder which had quickly got a Black Sudanese jihadist (i.e. murderer) a £500K council-funded house for himself in Birmingham (Mail, 23 iii.} 13% of London’s squatters were ‘British’ – though only heaven knew how many third-world immigrants and progeny this multicult-abused designation included.


 As Cyprus – which was granted ‘liberation’ from Britain in 1961 into tax avoidance, nepotism, civil war [policed by 4K British troops plus 60K hangers-on] and latterly tax havenship – seethed with hatred for Germany, like other ClubMed big spenders who didn’t like it when the bills came in, there was an increased chance of breaking up the eurozone and the EU itself, leaving the Nordic countries to the economics of sanity.

And what would happen to Cyprus? Why, it would rent Moscow a port for the crumbling Russian navy, talk up its possible gas reserves and become a colony of gangsta-state Russia! {Nords no longer needed the Mediterranean since Arab intransigence had long kept the Suez Canal as a dangerous ditch, and all oil from the Gulf came round the Cape.}


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Monday, March 18, 2013


As the BBC and kindred peecee outfits celebrated International Wymmin’s Lib Day, it turned out that half-Black President Obarmy sported a fully Black half-brother in his native Kenya who also entertained big political ambitions (slogan: ‘Change you can believe in’ etc) and also kept twelve wives whom he was famous for beating (charges were pending on several counts unless the standard bribes were paid).


After fifteen years of scrupulous reporting on Labour having flooded Britain with bog-standard immigrants likely to hoover up benefits and vote socialist, ‘Migration Watch’ (run by a top ex-FO greybeard, Sir Andrew Greene, and informed by Oxford’s Professor of Demography, David Coleman) found itself opposed (though it had never said a word against Blecks or Pekis), as ‘a campaigning organization,’ by a new leftie outfit, ‘Migration Matters,’ headed by ex-Labour MP Barbara Roche (voted out by her constituents in 2005 for undue loyalty to Rev Bliar).

Though born in England, fat-faced silver-haired Roche (née Margolis) had a Polish Russian Ashkenazi Jewish father and a Sephardic Jewish Spanish Portuguese mother and was educated at London’s Jews’ Free School.

She had once made the astonishing statement “We are all migrants, so if you want to celebrate Britain then you have to celebrate migration," neglecting that most Brits could trace their ancestry back to the Norman Conquest (whereas most Argentinians – for example -- had been in ‘their’ country for only 150 years – a 100 years less than the British people of the Falkland Islands).

Co-“chair” of ‘Migration Nutters’ was Lord Navnut Dholakia, an unheard-of British ‘Liberal’ Democrat politician and Deputy Groper of the Liberal Dimocrats in the House of Lords. Director Atul Hatwal was to run the day-to-day campaigns; and other gang members included Greg Thomson of the virulently anti-BNP trade union, Unison (which could seldom get more than 25% of its dragooned and browbeaten slave members to vote for its loony-left motions).


 As students at University College London met to hear speakers debate ‘Islam or Atheism?’ [Christianity not an option, evidently], it transpired the LUni had agreed to sex-segregated seating arrangements – with unveiled and unmarried females having to sit squashed into rows at the back [as in Middle Eastern mosques] (Guardian, 11 iii).

"Muslim women choosing to adhere to orthodox Islamic principles in sitting in their own area had their own section. As for those who wanted to sit together, male or female, they had their own section where they freely mixed and sat together from the beginning," a Muesli professor puffed to the Huffington Post.

But Richard Dawkins, the head of the Foundation for Reason and Science described the segregation as "sexual apartheid."

"University College London is celebrated as an early haven of enlightened free thinking, the first university college in England to have a secular foundation, and the first to admit men and women on equal terms. Heads should roll," Britain’s top atheist wrote on his website.

"Isn't it really about time we decent, nice, liberal people stopped being so pusillanimously terrified of being thought 'Islamophobic' and stood up for decent, nice, liberal values?"

{Any sign of feminist action? No way! The feminoids were too busy whingeing about White males for their International Wymmin’s Day. What about ‘Liberals’? Again, no way! They were too busy in Brighton pretending how they would sweep the country – with their 8% poll rating – and hysterically avoiding how two of their leading lights were about to be jailed for perverting the course of justice.}

    UCL properly went eventually over the heads of its wretched Student Association and banned the Islamists from holding any further public meetings on college premises (Guardian, 15 iii). But it did not ban the Muesli outfit which had organized the offending meeting nor expel its committee members who had so clearly contravened college policy.


In Lahore, eastern Pakiland, dozens of Christians lost their homes to Muslim arson after a drunken Muesli accused a Christian (with whom he had been fighting outside a bar) of unspecified ‘blasphemy’ against ‘prophet’-paedophile Mahomet (D.Mail, 11 iii).


The culmination of Britain’s politicos’ liblabcon anti-IQ policies heaved into view as, faced with monstrous new charges of £9Kpa (in fees alone) for Yukay’s top universities, some 600 kids with excellent ‘A’-Level results did not even bother to apply to Oxbridge or similar, but instead headed straight to Harvard, Yale and Stanford (Daily Mail, 11 iii).

{Would they stay in the USA? Well, there was little to attract them back to Britain, where the Civil Service had ‘non-discriminatorily’ closed its ranks to Oxbridge applicants and instead preferred subnormals in open-necked shirts and baseball caps who couldn’t even keep their desks tidy (as televised from HMRC Newcastle a couple of years ago).}


Within days of getting the go-ahead from Her Maj at Canterbury, the new Archbish, Justine OilWellby, could not resist joining 43 other CofE beershops in deploring any possible cuts to welfare benefits (possiby due in 2025, by when ex-Tory leader Ian Dunkin’ Donut might have got his head round them) rather than deploring the lamentable socialism which had arranged to lash out ‘benefits’ to more than 50% of loony Britain’s population so as to keep them part of Labour’s client welfare-dependent state (D.Mail, 11 iii, Melanie Phillips).


The arrogance, deceitfulness, manipulativeness, control-freakery, remorselessness and endless lying (to public expense) of star ‘Liberals’ Chris Huhne and his spurned and vengeful ex-wife Vicky Pryce were treated with contempt by a High Court judge in a 3-hour sermon before he sentenced each of the pair to eight months behind bars (Daily Mirror, 12 iii) – bringing their party’s reputation to rock bottom, and the trial of allegedly paedofumbling Liberal Lord Rennard was still to come.

Pryce’s counsel had pleaded for a suspended sentence, saying she had little chance at her age of rebuilding her career {astonishingly earning a six-figure salary as an ‘economist’ – including being a ‘government adviser’}, that she was in poor health and was a figure of ‘mockery and ridicule’ after the collapse of her marriage.

The expense of police work and prosecution to the taxpayer was thought to be at least £170K, of which the scandalous Luhn might pay £110K (D.Telegraph, 12 iii). {No feeling sorry for him! He has seven houses.}

   As Luhn was consigned for strip-searching (incl. rubber truncheons ooops gloves) to Wandsworth Prison (the inmates of which he found intimidating – unlike Lord Conrad Black, who had reported favourably on American prisoners), it turned out that he had previous form: as a teenager, Luhn had been remanded in custody in Greece after a car crash and spent three nights in a cell with a convicted murderer.

    LSE-educated Pryce (née Courmouzis) had, after a glittering career in unheard-of Government ‘economics’ departments, become a Visiting Fellow of Oxford’s leftist Nuffield College. In 2011, after divorce from Luhn (her second husband), she went on to marry Jewish Europhile Denis McShane, the Labour MP who soon afterwards had to resign for expenses fraudulence.

    The cavalier attitude of the UK’s LibLab elite to the law was further displayed as Huhne was caught on camera driving the wrong way along one-way streets near his £1.25M Clerkenwell home (both in his car and on his bike) just four weeks before the start of his trial for perverting the course of justice (Daily Mail, 13 iii).

Even Loon’s horse-faced bisexual partner joined in, clocking up a parking ticket as she went to visit Luhny in jail. And ex-Labour MP for Falkirk, Eric Joyce (who had obligingly resigned from the party after a 2012 drunken brawl) was arrested in the House of Commons after wrestling two police to the ground.


A year after the shooting spree by an apparently crackpot Muesli paratrooper in Toulouse which killed three Muslims and three Jews, the city’s 60K Muslims were pretty much united in believing that the murders had been arranged by the French government to discredit Muslims – a belief in which they were fortified by the French invasion of Mali which itself outraged ‘French’ Muslims (BBCR4, 12 iii, 20:10).


 Providing intelligence with a rare mention, researcher Michal Kosinski of U.Cambridge’s newly set up Psychometric Unit searched people’s ‘likes’ on Facebook (CBC News, 12 iii). He found he could predict people’s sexes and ages with 70% accuracy and held out the hope of giving employers discreet access to the ‘profiles’ of job appliants. As to IQ, it was most strongly linked to liking science and crinkly chips [fries]....


As the BBC obsessed over the Roman Church’s doddering po-faced cardinals (in pinnies) trying to select (without formal discussion) a new has-been Papa, a thumping reminder of the outfit’s key problem was provided as Los Angeles Diocese announced it had forked out $10M in appeasement for paedofumbling and subsequent cover-ups (Guardian, 13 iii).

(The Diocese had already coughed up $660M in 2007 for similar naughtiness.) Since the Church was not prepared to mount sensible limited defences of overwhelmingly harmless paedophilia on the part of its priests,* there was clearly only one kind of pope who could solve the problem: one who would abolish the requirement of clerical celibacy and begin getting real about sex – and reuniting the Roman with the Orthodox and Anglican denominations.

    In the event, the 76-yr-old Cardinal Mario Googleoglio Macaroni of Buenos Aires, a Mariolatrous Jesuit** with one lung, was selected. {Supposedly he had been active in ‘modernizing’ the Roman Church of the Argentine; and he had rejected his predecessor’s view [derived from ancient Muesli manuscripts] that Mohammedanism was at source “evil and inhuman”; but clearly his powers had not been up to controlling the hysterical anti-British nationalism of his country. He spoke no English and had often joined in Argie calls to invade the Falkland Islands to repel “usurpers.” In fact, though no liberal, he was quite a national-leftie.}

{Amusingly, he chose to take his papal name from the ‘humble’ saint he so much admired, St Francis – who made a mark in Britain of 1979 when the new PM, Margaret Thatcher chose to commend the saint’s example. Presumably Mrs Thatcher’s ‘conciliatory’ choice was unknown in the Argentine....}

    Thankfully, after all the media-adored razzmataz, good-egg yag historian David Starkey was on hand to explain to the BBC that the Roman church was “irredeemably and utterly corrupt” (R4, 17 iii, 09:15) – presumably referring to its lifting cash from the pockets of third-world devotees to spend on Romish high jinks and the ‘victims’ of its own paedophilia.

* According to an American Catholic who had followed research, by 2012 no less than 40% of priests admitted to being homosexual (BBCR4, 14 iii, 08:45).

** The Oath of the Jesuits to the Roman Catholic Church was clearly bigoted, anti-Nordic and political:  "I do further declare that I will help, assist, and advise all or any of His Holiness' agents, in any place wherever I shall be, in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, Ireland or America, or in any other kingdom or territory I shall come to, and to do my outmost to extirpate the heretical Protestants or Liberal doctrines, and to destroy all their pretended powers, regal or otherwise."


Having ‘accidentally’ set Tunisia, Egypt and Liby ablaze in its blind multiculti refusal either to back pro-Western dictators or to designate special areas for Muslims and other non-democrats, the West continued to fuel the Solunni vs Shitite civil war in Syria – with Britain’s hopelessly out-of-touch PM Daft Dave (already having to abandon his campaign against cheap booze and half of his ‘bedroom tax’ [on council house denizens who kept spare rooms for a wheelchair]) saying that – after two years of propping up warring Syrians with humanitarian aid – he was ‘thinking about’ (BBCR4, 12 iii, 22:30) supplying arms to the hysterical rebels (backed by jihadists, Tallyhoes, AlQueerdo etc) who had brought low the Assad family’s government which had provided the country’s only source of stability for forty years.

{The ‘Alawite’ Assad family had been tolerant of Christians, Jews and secularists; but had a proclivity to attack Israel – attacks always disastrous for Syria – so as to appear ‘good Muslims.’ These attacks doubtless helped explain why Israel had finally decided to let Syria and the rest of the Middle East destroy itself with Western help.}


 The British Labour Party found itself on the horns of a dilemma as one of its Muslim peers, Lord Ahmed, mouthed off to Pakistani media that his recent 16-day imprisonment in Britain for dangerous driving (thanks to chattering on his mobile phone) had been the work of Jewish enemies (in particular of a Jewish friend of Rev Bliar) (Guardian, 14 iii). The party suspended Ahmed (a graduate of Sheffield Poly, leading Muesli light and critic of Salman Rushdie) pending inquiries; but no easy avoidance of inflamed ethnic tempers looked possible.


Labour and Liberal MPs showed their true tyrannous ‘lib’-left colours (which had already squashed all talk about race and sex differences in peecee Yukay) by demanding political supervision of the media (with hefty risks of fines for papers which did not accept ‘supervision’) (Sun, 15 iii).

By contrast, PM Cameron’s Conservatives (who had once got sucked into the press-restricting demands of pervert Max Mosley and prostitute user Hugh Grant) held out for supervision (under Royal Charter) from media experts (of whom at least some would be chosen by the trade itself).

The Daily Mail properly noted that the persecution of journalists had not been paralleled by any effort to bring millionaire bankers and bureaucrats to heel (15 iii).

{As years of boring censorship lay ahead, it was good there were some voices remaining in favour of free speech. NB phone hacking was already a crime – as witness GB having more journalists under arrest (awaiting trial) than Russia and China put together; and newspapers like the News of the World had already forked out millions to compensate ‘victims’ of hacking. But politicians of censorious disposition wanted revenge for the Daily Telegraph having exposed their fraudulent parliamentary expense claims. The public found the matter hard to decide since politicians and journalists were themselves the two most unpopular groups in Britain.}


The pathetic state of multiculti France (where there were 13K thefts, 2K assaults and 200 rapes every day) was documented and (unusually) traced to Black immigration by French writer Laurent Obertone (AmRen, 15 iii, ‘France laid waste’).

The insistence of republican France on denying any official importance to race or religion, meant that official statistics on ethnic differences were sorely lacking; but Obertone managed to calculate that 65% of French prisoners were Muslim, even though Mueslis made up only 5% of France’s population.

{Revolutionary France was steadily slipping into nonsensicality – like rebellious ‘democratic’ America which was in permanent election fever and could not work out how to balance its books. As the immigration lobby’s cultural Marxists gradually increased the peecee heat, it was like with a frog in hot water: so long as the temperature increase was at a slow rate, the frog would not have the gumption to jump out.}


 Other ‘frogs’ were the remaining Whites of South Africa who chose to hang on to their enormous properties, sporting opportunities and ready supply of servants rather than relocate. Happily for the country’s Black elite, the process of redistributing wealth by means of crime was sustaining (temporarily) economic benefit. AmRen, 13 iii, ‘Life in South Africa today’):

"At the height of apartheid, under Hendrik Verwoerd, South Africa was almost as peaceful as Switzerland, even if it was ‘immoral.’ Today, we are the apotheosis of racial morality and political correctness, yet as violent as the Congo or Liberia. Crime is our biggest industry—bigger than gold-mining or manufacturing; it stimulates consumption as stolen goods are replaced; it is a boon to the insurance and security industries and ultimately makes surgeons and undertakers rich. The government earns billions of rands in Value-Added Tax on stolen goods being replaced with new ones. So crime pays."


  Fearing that America’s latest model multiculti city was going the same way as Detroit, the overwhelmingly White suburbs of Atlanta had since 2005 set up half a dozen new towns which largely liberated themselves from having to pay for Black stupidity, crime and sexual disease in the city they had lost (WND, 11 iii, ‘Suburbs secede from Atlanta’).


As the ailing powers, France and Britain, conceived a plan to back the rebels of Syria against trusty dictator Basher Assad (and thereby to stimulate Solunni vs Shitite civil war, as in Iraq, or to put Solunnis in the saddle, as in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Yemen), they found their proposal scotched in Brussels by the other 25 EU leaders, who decided not to lift the EU embargo on its member states sending arms to Arab hysterics (Guardian, 16 iii).

{Not that the EU leaders had any more idea than other Western goons of separating the warring Islamoloons; but this process was already underway as 1-2M Solunnis of Syria – their homes destroyed by Basher in response to their naughtiness – fled to neighbouring Turkey, northern [Sunni] Lebanon and Jordan. – Thus did Anglo-French playfulness extend: to a new Lebanese civil war, between Solunnis and Shitites.}


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Monday, March 11, 2013


Faced with the interminable bellicosity of the Palestinians and the need for them to be repeatedly searched for guns and stolen property, Israel introduced special buses which Palestinian workers would be encouraged to take as they moved between Israel and the terror-dominated West Bank (AmRen, 1 iii).


A clue as to how an incoming UKIP Government could find enough money to run the country was provided as Sussex police spent £100K+ fruitlessly pursuing racist charges against Worthing MP Tim Loughton, 50 (Sunday Mail, 3 iii). The MP had been asked by Worthing council to help adjudicate in a case where a Romany gipsy had been accused of miskeeping his allotment – in particular using human faeces as fertiliser. Loughton had reported that the gipsy was ‘unkempt, whingeing, vexatious and poisonous.’ The MP’s claims came to light and shocked peecee cops, who spent months investigating them (and Loughton’s staff) for ‘racism’ before dropping all charges.

    In comparable waste, Cornwall police and marines mounted a 40-strong mission to rescue a pony which had slithered down a cliff and got stuck on a ledge (Daily Mail, 3 iii). The pony’s owner could not be found – presumably having sensibly abandoned the case as hopeless within the bounds of reasonable economy.

    Ditto, the Ministry of Defence was estimated to have spent £10M across ten years of putting on trial four of its soldiers who had allegedly given a hard time to Iraqi Mueslis who had tried to kill them.


Faced with the Eastleigh byelection revealing that immigration was the major issue driving voters to UKIP, Coalition ministers embarked on a fresh round of mouthing off that they would do something about it. Meantime, Serbian entrepreneurs began using an old holiday camp to house would-be migrants to daft Britain – including one from Tanzania – who wanted (via crossing into Hungary) to get free health care in the UK. No, it was not the EU which forbade Serbia from closing the scam: it was the United Nations (Sun, 4 iii).


 Having spent ten years fruitlessly backing the Shitites of Eyeraq and the urbanites of Afghaniland  against those countries’ Sunnis, the Anglo-American Alliance (or what was left of it) decided it would like to follow up its economy-wrecking Arab Spring in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt by backing the Solunnis of Syria in their so-far-two-year civil war with the Shitites/Alawites (war which had killed 70K, displaced 1M and wrecked the joint).

Seeing the West’s now regular blessing for strife, the Solunnis of Pakiland’s economic hub, Karachi, used a massive car bomb to kill dozens of their Shitite ‘countrymen’ (who made up 20% of the Pak population) and injure scores more as they exited from evening prayers at their mosque (Guardian, 4 iii, 4 iii).


 Amidst all the ‘analyses’ of UKIP’s stunning surge at Eastleigh, none mentioned the insane tyranny of PeeCee which had dominated British politics since (if at £100K public expense) it had taken my job at the LUniversity of Edinburgh) – not at least till John Harris‘ article in the Guardian (4 iii):

"Albeit with a small rather than a large "c", conservative still describes millions of people. They do not like the establishment's tendency to piety (or, if we must, political correctness), and fear that it has now gripped most of Westminster.

    Many suspect that the politics of climate change amounts to so much hysteria. They find the recent experience of immigration troubling – not because they are racists, but because they have justified worries about whether our social fabric can cope. The EU does not annoy them quite as much as some people think, but its distant authority and relevance to immigration makes them open to the idea that we may be best off leaving. And yes, many of them are unsure about the idea of same-sex marriage – not because they justify all those amped-up warnings about "bigots", but because it was a radical change to an enduring institution, and such things always cause some people unease."


 The full hypocrisy of Britain’s ‘Liberals’ was spelled out as their leader, Calamity Clegg, a self-described atheist, wangled his eldest son Antonio’s entry into an upmarket but officially ‘state’ Catholic school, the London Brompton Oratory – as used by Catholic convert-to-be Rev Tony Bliar. That the Liberals [Whigs] had once been crucial, c. 1688, in getting rid of the UK’s Catholicism-prone monarchy was qute forgotten.

Evidently, after sixty years of Lib/Lab egalitarianism and destruction of Britain’s grammar schools, Catholic education was the best – despite hypocrites like Bliar and Cleggy denouncing the whole of the (antiquated) Catholic sexual code which was so close to the hearts of pretend-celibacy Romish cardinals.


  The European Union for once clocked up brownie points with its citizens by legislating control of bankers’ bonuses (Guardian, 6 iii, Simon Jenkins). By 26-1, the 1 being banka-loving British politicos – who had no other source of funds, given their gross incompetence in flooding Britain with illiterate immigrants and planning a further 2014 invasion by a million ‘Romanians’ [i.e. gypsies].

The EU was supported by independent Switzerland, where a referendum found 70% demanding limitations on the obscene wankstas. Killing the goose that laid the golden egg? No, the wankers merely laid piles of shit in their casino which taxpayers had to clean up.

{Five years after the “first Black President” Clinton’s ‘sub-prime’ lending bubble burst, people were enraged that the gangstas of finance had continued with annual 15% income hikes (to their already vastly inflated ‘earnings’) while the plebs took 3% cuts. The ‘protest’ voting for comedian Beppe Grillo in Italy and uneducated Nigel Farage in Britain showed the depth of widespread if astonishingly patient resentment. But at least the plebs had the EU on their side – if not for the stringing up of £10Mpa wankstas which most people would have been happy to undertake with their own bare hands.}


 Even the Guardian could find no exculpation for ex-Commie ‘Sir’ David Nicholson who had ‘known nothing,’ ‘not been told’, of the killings by his staff of some 1,200 elderly patients – left to rot, almost certainly by ‘nurses’ from Africa. Bloated, beglassed and balded Nicholson (who had achieved the backing of Daft Dave for his promotion from mid-Staffordshire to become superbosspersonwallah of the whole NHS – the world’s fifth-largest organization, beaten (only narrowly) by the Chinese Army, the Russian Army, the Indian Railways and the Roman Church) had apparently not even been on ‘the moderate wing’ of The Party (6 iii).

In an unheard-of move, the left-babbling Guardian even praised the ‘right’-ranting Mail’s campaign against “the man without shame” – who became “the man without answers” as he fumbled and stuttered before a parliamentary committee investigating his gross (but evidently NuTory-loved) neosocialist incompetence. The fat, sweaty, gibbering slob even admitted that ‘patients were not the main focus of the NHS’ (Mail, 6 iii).

Nicholson was a ‘graduate’ of Bristol Poly; he was married (second wife) to another NHS bureaucrat (he met her as an ‘intern’), herself fetching in a handy £155Kpa, adding helpfully to his own state pickings of £500Kpa.

{Such was Blair’s Britain – uncorrected by three years of Coalition government. How the Establishment (of the mediocre) knew how to preserve itself! Just fork out taxpayers’ cash, talk peecee gobbledygook, and everything will glide on!}


Behind all the shenanigans, the Jewish socialists who had organized multiculturalism laughed as the ‘right’ divided itself and failed to make common cause with its natural pro-family Muslim allies (who were anyhow going to win against the West’s pathetic propandization by PeeCee, unless perchance the Chinese decided to save Europe from itself).


It is not the general business of this blog to report the countless crimes of Blacks against Whites (which most readers will understand as par for the multiculti course, yielding prisons where 60% of cons – assisted by Pakis -- were non-White), but an exception must be made for the murder (by stabbing) of a uniformed schoolgirl, 16, at 7:37am, on a Birmingham bus. The suspect (soon sectioned arrestee) of the subsequent manhunt was of course Black (Daily Mail, 7 iii).


Famous for shit-eating, overeating, marital betrayal, student betrayal, expenses frauds, Eurofanaticism and bumboy use, Britain’s ‘Liberals’ (who had never lifted a finger to oppose peecee tyranny) found no less than two of their star members awaiting High Court sentences for perverting the course of justice, viz. leadership challenger, family-dumping, bisexual-loving Mr Chris Huhne and his vengeful Greek wife Vicky [as ugly as her ‘love’ rival], both of whom had conspired over ten years (causing vast police expense) to conceal econut Huhne’s speeding offences.

{Just how the lying old bag, Mrs Huhne, had managed to remain employed as a highly-paid ‘economist’ in London was a mistery requiring press investigation – and a few leaks [hard as the Coalition had put 100 British journalists under arrest, beating Russian and Chinese records of press intimidation].}

    Away from the Smoke (in Fareham, Hampshire), a ‘Liberal’ Democrat councillor was discovered to have been holding “MissUse” parties centering on a dominatrix, “Mistress Sarah,” who, for £15, would chase naked LibDim partygoers to the local church car park where she would whip and cane them (Daily Telegraph, 7 iii).

    To make ‘Liberal’ discomfiture complete, it turned out that Vengeful Vicky [Pryce] had told other top party faithful (such as the leader’s wife, Mariam Clegg, and Granpa Cable) of her years of lying to police, press and the public.


Although UKIP did not allow itself the luxury of saying what it thought about Blacks, gypsies and Pakis (for it was officially non-racist), it was at least bold enough to propose banning all promotion of multiculturalism by government – as well as putting matrons back in control of hospital wards, introducing smoking rooms in pubs, slashing local government personnel, nuclear-arming more submarines, building more prisons and abolishing all state benefits (especially for ‘disability’) and replacing them with a simple flat-rate non-means-tested dispensation to down-and-outs (so long as they had lived legally in the UK for five years) (Guardian, 8 iii).


 In renewed ethnic tension between the Han and Uighurs of China’s northern Xinjiang province (capital: Urumqi), four died and eight were injured before the Chinese Army restored order (Guardian, 8 iii).


Arrested in dawn raids in east London and charged with rape, trafficking and exploitation of girls (including a 14-yr-old) were seven men having mainly Arab/African-sounding names (Agyei, Edunya, Sarpong, Atitebi) (Sun, 9 iii).


 Members of the European Parliament found themselves bounced into voting on a breathtaking extension of PeeCee’s police state as a Dutch leftie-feminist MEP wangled a debate on monitoring and often banning ‘all pornography in the media’ (Sun, 9 iii).

{Instead of liberating the desperate women of Saudi and for thousands of miles around, the West’s ‘feminists’ had preferred for decades to concentrate on giving a hard time to the most female-sympathetic men on earth. The feminoids were so obligingly leftist that they could not be troubled to pester the UK Government to release figures showing the high percentage of girls aborted by ‘British’ Pakistanis.}


 Rubbish everywhere, sh*t and urine in corridors, endless theft, prostitution, threats to longstanding residents, and of course White flight. These were the results of the invasion (at the rate of 200 per week) by 6K benefit-seeking Romanian and Bulgarian gypsies of Rheinhausen – a previously quite respectable area of Germany’s Duisberg (the steel-making part of Düsseldorf, pop. .5M) (Daily Mail, 9 iii).

Meantime, Europe’s nicely salaried and luxuriously living multiculti politicos could not give a t*ss as their ‘open borders’ ‘policy’ exposed ordinary folk to the world’s riff-raff.


As British politicos turned out to have no answer to the advancing gypsy hordes (let alone to the Paki-infested NHS, the comprehensive miseducation service, the ‘foreign aid’ for foreign frauds, and Britain’s useless [fox-, rat- and tram-loving], tyrannical and expensive ‘local authorities’), national poll support for UKIP soared to 17% while Labour and Conservative backing dipped to 38% and 27% and the morally derelict ‘Liberals’ remained stuck on their ‘base’ loon support of 8% (Sun on Sunday, 10 iii).

Britain, having abandoned me to the multicult feminoids of E.LU., was getting its Beppe Grillo moment: its first serious chance to grind the faces of those ‘Conservatives’ who had overthrown Mrs Thatcher and agreed to cowardice in the face of PeeCee.


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Monday, March 04, 2013


 More light at the end of the tunnel appeared for a Nordic League as the BBC World Service (2 iii, 10:45) reported that modern Germans were much enamoured of Britain – loving British sense of humour, obsessed with Princess Kate’s ‘bump,’ determined to convert to tea-drinking, and remembering well that the UK had twice saved their country from itself and then set it up as Europe’s most successful country, with sensible industry, trade unions and education (see TgF, Ch.4).

{If only Germans would send some of their Bratwurst, these happy feelings would be quickly reciprocated!} {It is seldom appreciated that the Germans, as well as supplying Britain with Handel and Mendelssohn, had been the first to fall in love with the very English musical genius, Elgar.}


 Britain’s mega-paid roving World General Secretary and President-to-be Rev Tony Bliar offered fresh hope that Britain would be able to unload its criminals into a Humanitarian Army for Africa as he stressed the Dark Continent’s need for “governance and growth” (Observer, 3 iii).

{Perhaps strangely, Blair’s article made no mention of the improvements – roads, railways, mines – brought about by Chinese imperialism; but this would have distracted from his own achievements in extracting ‘aid’ from the West and force-feeding it down African throats.}


 Having failed to put minor and ancient sexual hanky-panky ooops ‘abuse’ in its place {and to hire me to reject massive compensation claims}, the Catholic Church found its only voting British cardinal accused (by three priests) of “inappropriate behaviour” once upon a time (with them as young men) and the Vatican accused of housing a nest of homosexual vipers who were being blackmailed (despite raucously condemning paedophilia, hoping to distract attention from their own sodomitic antics) (Observer, 24 ii; Sunday Mail, 24 ii; La Repubblica, 17 xii 2012).

O’Brien withdrew from a Mass he had been scheduled to give in Edinburgh to celebrate the eight years of Pope Benedict’s reign, and then resigned. Some thought rumours against him had been the true cause of Papa Benedict’s retirement.


Those puffed-up paragoons of peecee anti-rapism, Britain’s ‘Liberal’ Dimocrats, revealed themselves with their knickers in a twist as leader Calamity Clegg was forced to admit that he had indeed heard rumours of the groping ways of cheery party chief executive Lord Chris Rennard as far back as 2008 but had taken no action. – At least Rennard’s bottom pinching was apparently targeted on young women and there was no hint of the usual problems of rent boy usage, adultery, shit-eating, alcoholism, expenses fraudulence and long-distance heavy-duty lying and perversion of the course of justice which were the main afflictions of the ‘Liberals.’

    Next up, for serial sexting, was a Liberal apparently known to journalists as ‘the pervy peer’ who liked to instruct women to dress as tarts when they came to interview him (Sun, 26 ii). {The term ‘peer’ had long since been debased by Britain’s politicians, who had turned the House of Lords from one of ancestry into one of vulgar short-term patronage – best illustrated by the semi-literate Labour adulterer and pie-scoffer ‘Lord’ Prescott, but perhaps the sanctimonious anti-racist, anti-homophobic and anti-‘rapist’ Liberals would soon emerge as having made their own vile contribution.}

    LibDim wymmin were said to be “furious” at leaders downplaying their carefully nurtured hysteria, “on the verge of open revolt” and to have made ten allegations of ancient ‘molestation’ (or ‘inappropriate sexual touching’) to police (Daily Mail, 26 ii).


Across the Pond, the Black civil rights movement provided hilarity as Jesse Jackson Jr (son of Martin Luther King sidekick) pleaded guilty to an array of campaign finance crimes that would have made the most hardened Chicago political mover blush, creaming off $500Kpa to supplement their already taxpayer-subsidized $250Kpa salaries from the ‘rights’ movement (Sunday Telegraph, 24 ii, ‘Cautionary tale of the fall of the House of Jackson’).


Following Rev Blair’s failure to deliver the educational streaming which he had promised (1996: “Education! Education! Education!”), English parents made for the hills – resulting in a tenfold rise during the noughties in parents suspected and convicted of using false addresses, religions (RC) and even identities so they could achieve entry for their kids to relatively ‘good’ (non-‘sink’) state schools (Daily Mail, 26 ii).


 The ‘horror’ of paedohysterics at the slightest ‘child abuse’ took a dampening as top TV presenter Jon Snow (£10Mpa) revealed he had been “abducted” at 6 and persuaded to take off all his clothes in the presence of a schoolmaster who did the same. – The only possible problem for mega-rich and -famous Oxford graduate Snow was that, at 65, he had ended up married to a Bleck woman (an academic from Zimbabwe).


A handy summary of the previous year of British ‘anti-racist’ moaning and groaning was provided by the ever-alert Dr Phil Edwards (BNP, 26 ii). A high point of time- and money-wasting (not to mention the endless stirring up of ethnic tensions) was the investment of a million pounds by Birmingham University (i.e. the British taxpayer) to set up a Centre for Research in Race and Education which – according to its ‘educational sociologist’ boss -- would scrupulously avoid the “nonsense” of IQ and any other proven race differences.


Genocide continues in the Sudan, where northern Mueslis were busy ‘displacing’ to the south the million Black Christians who had not been minded to flee at the time of north-south independence in 2010 (BBCR4, 27 ii, 09:45).


Top Black London judgette Constance Briscoe was arrested and quizzed by cops after her attempt to assist her neighbour, put-upon elderly economiste Vicky Prince, to get revenge on her mega-lying and adulterous husband, LibDim near-leader Chris Loon, came to a sticky end.

Apparently Briscoe had tried to feed the Sunday Mail with stories against Luhnee; when the Crown Prosecution Service discovered this (and her lying about it), it dropped her like a hot potato and handed her over to police (Sun, 27 ii; Guardian, 27 ii) – probably the first judge arrested in living memory, an outstanding tribute to the fecklessness of her race.

    Another ‘Black role model,’ a roller skater who had starred at the Olympics, was sent down for five years for having sex with a (keen) 14-yr-old in a public car park (Daily Mail, 27 ii). It turned out that he Olympic-celebrated skater, 26, had previously served a 4-yr prison sentence for rape.


As the Roman Church (against the background of its hopeless covering ‘pro-life’ policy to get Africans to breed like rabbits) reeled from the new exposure of a boy-loving Scottish cardinal (promptly sacked), a friar (turned Channel 4 journalist) stepped forward estimating that more than a half of Catholic trainees in seminaries were as queer as coots.

Evidently the failure to follow the Russian and English Churches (which allowed priestly marriage) had led inevitably to the Roman Church becoming a dumping ground for bumboys and occasional paedophiles

Catholic columnist Kevin McKenna said the Scottish church hierarchy was “unfit for purpose” (after a century of making the pretend celibacy of priesthood the only allowed refuge for homosexuals) and said congregations should refuse to put any more cash in the plate (Observer, 3 iii).


Australians, who had been freed by Britain to start a new life after their crimes in the motherland, found discipline catching up with them as four Sharia law enthusiasts administered forty lashes with an electrical cable to a convert to Islam who had not made sufficient progress with getting off drink and drugs (Sydney Morning Herald, 28 ii).

The Mueslis also stole their victim’s CCTV hard drive. {Such was No-longer-White Australia, victim of its own misguided latter-day multiculturalism. Apparently no medical was provided – as had been mandatory in 19th-century Britain if as many as six lashes (with a thin whip) were to be given.}

    What Oz could look forward to from its subterranean invited immigrants was indicated in the Islam-crazed Maldives [just south-west of India, British protectorate 1887-1965] as a fifteen-yr-old girl (being investigated regarding years of rape by her stepfather) was found once to have once had sex with another chap and was thus sentenced to 100 lashes (Daily Mail, 28 ii).


 The prospect of a Nordic League moved a notch closer as top German Social Democrat Peer Steinbrück (to be the main challenger to Mutti Merkel in national elections in September) rubbished the Italians for having elected “a bunch of clowns” (notably with spendthrift Bunga-Bunga Berlusconi and an unheard-of comedian getting 50% of the vote).

In retaliation, the Italian President, another unheard-of, refused to take pasta with Steinbrück (Daily Mail, 28 ii, ‘Italy in bitter spat with Berlin’). (What Mrs Merkel thought about the Italian election result – which had relegated the German candidate to a miserable fourth place -- was apparently unprintable.)


 Praise for Britain came unusually from the Holy Republic of Ireland, where the führer of the Trade Union movement declared that Euroland had done Éireland more damage in 20 years than Britain had done in 800 (Telegraph, 28 ii). – However, the BBC, rather than repeat this paean, preferred to ‘celebrate’ a grossly handicapped blind homosexual woman and a deaf lesbian who had, in full knowledge of their genetic problems and with the mega-expensive co-operation of the National ‘Health’ Service and yag partners, conceived comparably incapacitated children and aimed to breed similar grandchildren (R4, 1 iii, 09:45).


 PeeCee tyranny extended a bit further as the Football Association (already bullied into ‘Kick it Out’ – i.e. racism) insisted on punishment for use of the word n*gger in email – by a Black who had won a CBE for his services to diversity and peecee piety, even though he was writing to a fellow n*gger and it was well known that n*ggers called each other n*ggers (as well as sc*mbags, *ssholes etc) (Telegraph, 23 ii).


After years of endless PeeCee, ‘borrowing’ from the young, failing to slash the salaries and pension pots of fat cats, losing Britain’s 35-yr AAA credit rating, wrecking British energy supplies (in deference to Green ideology), losing wars (Iraq and Afghanistan – Falklands to follow), failing to control third-world immigration or crime, killing off elderly NHS patients (‘Liverpool Pathway,’ Staffordshire and Lincolnshire ‘sh*t in your bed’ horrors etc) and allowing widespread indiscipline in schools and prisons and falling standards in luniversities (where 15% of students got Firsts, compared to 2% in the 1980s), Britain’s politicos were given their ‘protest vote’* answer as, in the Eastleigh by-election, UKIP jumped from its 3% (2010) to 28%, beating the ‘Conservatives’ and coming close behind the LibDims (32% -- the ‘Liberal’ vote boosted by Labourites who saw their own Thatcher-hating candidate had no chance). (23% of Labour’s previous voted had switched to Liberal, that just about making up for the 14% of previous Liberals who defected.)

    Subsequently, it became pretty clear that Eastleigh people had voted UKIP not mainly to get out of the EU but in opposition to the planned 2014 surge in ‘Romanian’ immigration and to the burqua and to Britain’s useless and expensive police, courts prisons and comprehensive schools (where UKIP leader Nigel Farage wanted 20% of teachers sacked and selection re-introduced).

*Or ‘punk politics’ vote, as on display in Italy’s Five Star Movement, gaining comedian Bello Geppe 28% of the vote, close behind the winning socialists.


America’s obsessive quest to equalize men and women in its armed forces and to desegregate them got its answer as DoD boss Leon Panetta estimated there were 19K sexual attacks annually – plus an unknown number not reported because girls did not want to jeopardize their promotion chances (New York Times, 26 ii). At any one time, the typical US military base had some thirty men under suspicion or arrest – probably Black, but NYTwits could not be given this information.


Nigeria, long held together by British rule and aid, erupted in Muslim vs Christian ethnic violence in an argument between youths over a football pitch, killing twenty and damaging fifty mosques and churches (AmRen, 25 ii). A hundred arrests were made.


 As re-elected Black US socialist President Obarmy announced enthusiasm for yet new multi-billion expenditures on Head Start-type operations to help dull pre-schoolers, Charles Murray provided a helpful summary of the general proven uselessness of such programmes (Bloomberg, 20 ii).


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