Tuesday, August 24, 2004


I explained the link between extraversion and scoring on culture-fair, non-verbal, group-administered tests in Nature 328, 27 viii 1987, p. 761, 'Keeping up with the times."

I argued that the Lynn/Flynn IQ rise was due in some substantial part to rising extraversion since the Second World War. I wrote in particular: "...extroverted and self-reported delinquent tendencies are well known to be associated with somewhat higher culture-fair IQs (for example, Ley et al, Br.J.educ.Psychol., 1966) -- sometimes correlating as highly as .46 with timed performance of such IQ tests (Jensen, Co-op Project No. 1867, US Dept Health, Education & Welfare, 1964).

By contrast, vocabulary levels, always the best indicator of general intelligence in normal, non-deprived circumstances have no such association with behavioural disinhibition...." The point is that international comparisons almost always involve culture-fair (etc.) tests on which guessing is advisable so as to progress to (quite often) easier items. East Asians, reluctant to be seen making a mistake, are at a disadvantage on such tests.

Saturday, August 21, 2004


Asylum seekers were reported to be leaving Holland at a rate of 350 per month following legislation offering œ1,600 per head to those going voluntarily rather than waiting to be forcibly deported for having no valid papers.


Professor Phil Rushton committed himself to the view that the reticence and caution of East Asians tends to disguise their high intelligence (American Renaissance, viii) - thus coming round to the hypothesis ventured in Chapter 4 of The g Factor (1996) as to why Oriental IQ test scores are more modest than one might expect of people who led the world in most facets of civilization for three thousand years.


Black women with breast cancer are four times more likely than White women with breast cancer to have mutations in a gene known to help suppress tumours, new research shows (American Renaissance, viii).


Police in Finland declined to prosecute Professor Tatu Vanhanen, the father of the country's Prime Minister, for blaming African economic and cultural backwardness on native stupidity, but P.M. Matti said his father's remarks to the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat had "saddened" him and he urged Blacks to miscegenate with Finns as fast as possible (Yle News, 12 viii).


"..the prevailing ideology in the social sciences after the war was Marxist, and disliked suggestions that differences in human potential might have underlying genetic causes. ..[Today,] the role of genes in sensitive areas such as intelligence is acknowledged by all but a few die-hards." - `Two of a kind' [Article about the annual festival for twins in Twinsburg, Ohio], Economist, 12 viii 2004.


Blind U.K. Home Secretary David Blunkett, 57, champion of every moralistic and authoritarian cause, not least of `anti-racism', turned out to have been conducting a secret and passionate (at least for him) three-year affair with Vassar- and Oxford-educated Kimberley Fortier, the glamorous, effervescent and power-loving married woman Spectator chief executive, a 43-year-old recent mother of one, newly pregnant again, who stayed living in Mayfair with her second husband Stephen Quinn (a quiet man who himself probably never knew of the affair until it was blasted into space by the News of the World, 15 viii).


American econometricians confirmed that IQ was a major measure of human capital and a predictor and explanator of economic growth as envisaged in Brand (1987, in Arthur Jensen), Brand (1996, J. Biosocial Science 28) and Lynn & Vanhanen (2002, IQ and the Wealth of Nations) (16 viii).

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Saturday, August 14, 2004


The great British supporter of evolution theory, heredity and eugenics, Oxford's Professor Richard Dawkins, headed a modern roll of `public intellectual' honour compiled by Prospect magazine (viii), with almost double the votes for Nos. 2 and 3 combined (lark-about femi-pseud Germaine Greer and semi-realist development economist Amartya Sen). This list appeared to have some validity: I had read books by five of the top ten (Dawkins, Hobsbawm, Garton Ash, Schama, Bragg, Ferguson) but only a few articles by any of the bottom twenty (d'Ancona); I had met for drinks or been taught by six of the top 25 (Dawkins, Sen, Warnock, Scruton, Gray, Brown) but by only one of the bottom 25 (Kay); and Prospect's result correlated reasonably strongly with that obtained by finding how many URL's were indicated when searching the names via Google (thus estimating international rather than British reputation) - by which criterion I had drunk with four of the top six intellectuals (Dawkins, Brown, Gray and Sen -- but not with Hitchens or Rushdie). Other supporters of genetic factors in the top 100 were Lord Robert Winston, Professor Sir Patrick Bateson, Matt Ridley and Sir Lewis Wolpert - all Fellows of the Galton Institute, like myself. Had he lived, Hans Eysenck would have got into the top 20 (to judge by his Google URLs) - meaning I would have drunk with six of the top 25.


With its ethnic-minority population having surged to 17% of its population, Holland announced plans to ship out 26,000 failed asylum seekers, paying each family $7,200 to go, and to demand that future would-be immigrants and asylum seekers speak at least rudimentary Dutch on arrival (American Renaissance, viii).


In a remarkable break with her usual trendiness, the leftish and feministish columnist Julie Burchill (long with the New Statesman and surely in the UK's top twenty scribblers) counselled against the "perceived favouritism on the part of the powers that be" towards ethnic minorities, and in particular against "alleged radicals sucking up to Islam, bending over backwards to build bridges with a tyrannical philosophy which openly denies and insults our own every chance it gets, and flagellating their own culture with a kinky enthusiasm"(Times 7 viii). Such "one way indulgence," she wrote, "has led not to a sunlit glade of tolerance and diversity but to the parched plains of Darfur. .I hope the day is not too far away when the West realises that, where the march of Islam is concerned at least, you've got to be cruel to be kind."

The next day, beer-bellied and pompous Black Old Testament patriarch and wife-beater Darcus Howe (with whom I debated at Cambridge University in 1997, still a regular contributor to the pathetic half-Nu-Labour New Statesman) said he had plenty of evidence (which he would produce on BBC TV) of vicious feuds in Britain's `multicultural society' between West Indians and Somalis and of Pakistani youths regularly talking about ""bashing" and "mashing" blacks and Jews"(Sunday Torygraph, 8 viii, `Inter-racial tension in Britain `at worst level for 50 years'').

{Nevertheless, Her Majesty's `Government' continued to stoke the fires by insanely issuing permits for a further 10,000 Bangladeshis to come to Britain - where 40% of the Bangladeshi population was already unemployed. In 2003, Britain admitted 27,000 asylum swindlers - more than the USA, twice as many as France and 1000 times as many as Japan which took just 26. And Government Minister Denis McShane continued handy old NuLabour habits by condemning Britain's 29 million Eurosceptics as `xenophobes and racists' (Sun, 9 viii).}


In Tennessee, outright and outspeaking eugenicist James Hart won the G.O.P. nomination to challenge the Democrats at the next Congressional elections (American Renaissance, viii).


As sunny blonde Mary Kay LeTourneau, 42 (see McDougall NewsLetters, 1997/8), left prison in Seattle after a six-year prison term for paedophilia, her boyfriend, hunky Pacific Islander Vili Gualaau, 20, the father of two children by her (adding to four by her previous partner), spoke to newsies of his undying love for her and of how other affairs he had attempted had not distracted him one bit.


Six years after Britain's `McPherson Report' condemned police for `too frequently' stopping and searching Black and Pakistani young men, Britain's Conservative leader got around to saying he didn't think much of this peecee idea and would scrap it if he ever got elected (Classic FM Radio, 10 viii, 18:30). He said, winning the support of the Sun newspaper:

"I have had enough of the culture of political correctness. Conservatives will stand up for the silent, law-abiding majority who play by the rules and pay their dues. The clear distinction between right and wrong has been lost in sociological mumbo-jumbo and politically correct nonsense. Political correctness and paperwork are undermining our police. They cannot police our streets with one hand tied behind their back."

Whether Michael Howard would reverse other peecee policies such as equal pay for women, equal verbal respect for all minorities, dumbing down the universities, sacking non-peecee staff, welfare benefits for asylum swindlers etc. remained unknown. His probably-soon-faltering effort to make up for the wretched Conservatives' peecee years came as even the Spectator's `High Life' correspondent `Taki' complained "my editors no longer allow me to mention the names of certain races and religions" - so far had pernicious `antiracism' spread in Britain with little opposition apart from the untermenschen likes of myself.


Living down to all the worst prophecies of Sir Francis Galton, William McDougall and Charles Spearman, African Blacks continued raping young girls so as to get over (as they thought) HIV/AIDS and other afflictions and misfortunes to which they were prone. Apparently, Africa's 200,000 `traditional healers' (i.e. non-healers) generally approved the practice (American Renaissance, viii). What was happening to all the condoms charitably sent from America? As often as not, they were being filled with jelly and used to `bomb' car windscreens - when the driver stopped to remove the jelly, he was mugged by one Black man while another drove off with his car. It also turned out that, in Tanzania alone, 500 elderly women accused of witchcraft were murdered every year.

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Friday, August 06, 2004


Bright Scots (and Catholics) have always been leaving Scotland, as per Doctor Johnson's 'the finest sight a Scotchman ever sees is the highway that leads to England.' But they are replaced by Englishmen wanting to hunt, shoot, fish and have large flats and glorious, beautiful and convenient cities. This must be specially true now White flight from London has begun in earnest. Even surveys by Glasgow social geographers show that Edinburgh is the place in the UK where everyone would live if they seriously set about realizing their own stated aspirations (want city to have castle, palace, cathedrals, airport, opera house, top galleries, top libraries, renowned university, international swimming pool, international festival, only 5 hr train to London, 1.5 hour drive to Loch Lomond, Glasgow Uni, Stirling Castle, Perth, St Andrews and endless country houses in the Borders, greenery, drinkable water, few Blacks, trouble-free mosque etc. etc.).

For American readers: A "flat" is an apartment in the UK and Australia

Church leaders in Santiago del Compostela, north-west Spain, were forced by local outrage to withdraw their plan to cease exhibiting a statue showing 'St James the Moor Slayer' on a charger cutting the heads off Muslims (American Renaissance vii).


As Rev. Tony Blair and his military began making threatening noises about the Arab/Muslim-on-Black/Animist genocide in the Sudan, it became likely that the West, following its largely useless interventions to shore up multicultural Kosovo, multicultural Afghanistan and multicultural Iraq, would finally meet its come-uppance by hoping to watch democracy bloom in Africa's largest country -- torn as Sudan was between the fanatical Muslim `Janjaweed' [`Devils on Horseback', with a speciality of chaining people to their homes then setting them on fire], Animists and Christians, and needing either realistic nationalism or stern imperialism, not feckless multicultural piety. Despite having 200,000 Western troops at hand, Iraq's new government lost 120 of its people to insurgent bombings (presumably by Ba'athite Muslim Socialists) in just one day.


After years of confabulation by environmentalists (even in to the 1980's), Sir Cyril Burt's view that short-sightedness was genetic and genetically linked to IQ was half-vindicated as work with 500 twins in London at St Thomas's Twin Research Unit found the gene PAX6 to make a serious contribution to yielding myopia.


Times Literary Supplement (23 vii) carried robust letters explaining that Muslims historically made little contribution to science and philosophy except to transmit (and sometimes suppress) ideas they found in India, Persia and Greece. As to what is sometimes said to have been a pacific way of life for Christians under Islam, this was so only because, after losing in battle and being overwhelmed, the Christians understandably settled for a life as second class citizens (dhimmi) that Islam stipulated. Apparently Bertrand Russell wrote (in his famous History of Western Philosophy):

"Arabic philosophy is not important as original thought. Men like Avicenna and Averroes are essentially commentators. Speaking generally, the views of the more scientific philosophers come from Aristotle and the Neoplatonists in logic and metaphysics, from Galen in medicine, from Greek and Indian sources in mathematics and astronomy, and among mystics religious philosophy has also an admixture of old Persian beliefs. Writers in Arabic showed some originality in mathematics and in chemistry; in the latter case, as an incidental result of alchemical researches. Mohammedan civilization in its great days was admirable in the arts and in many technical ways, but it showed no capacity for independent speculation in theoretical matters. Its importance, which must not be underrated, is as a transmitter. Between ancient and modern European civilization, the dark ages intervened. The Mohammedans and the Byzantines, while lacking the intellectual energy required for innovation, preserved the apparatus of civilization, books, and learned leisure. Both stimulated the West when it emerged from barbarism; the Mohammedans chiefly in the thirteenth century, the Byzantines chiefly in the fifteenth. In each case the stimulus produced new thought better than that produced by the transmitters -- in the one case scholasticism, in the other the Renaissance (which however had other causes also)."


Amidst all the sentimentality over Scotland's failed queen, Mary Queen of Scots, and today's nonsense about Scotland being a multicultural society rejoicing in diversity and in the least nationalist of all nationalist parties, it is all too easily forgotten that most Scots, notably those in the capital were firmly in favour of freedom, protestantism and modernity. At least, following the successful Scottish to defend England's Parliament from Charles I, the later role of the Scots in trying to preserve the values of the Deep South is not forgotten by the World Socialist Web Site:

"The connection between the Southern right and Scotland has a historic progeny. The Ku Klux Klan is said to have been formed by emigrant Scots cavalry officers within the Confederate Army in 1860. Its oaths were imported from the Society of the Horseman's Word in North East Scotland, and the burning cross was used as a call to arms by Scottish clans in the fourteenth century. The Confederate flag bears a distinct resemblance to the Scots Saltire."


In an important review of group differences in athletic ability, especially between West African sprinters and East African long-distance runners, senior Science author Constance Holden cited Jon Entine (author of Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We're Afraid to Talk About It) and wrote (Science, 30 vii): "The differences in physique and muscle makeup that underlie the dominance of Kenyan endurance runners and West African sprinters doubtless have a strong genetic component." One Glasgow University researcher believes "his team has found a higher prevalence of the I allele for the ACE enzyme in male marathoners compared with men from the general Ethiopian population" though says his result needs confirmation.


As a survey found only 10% of White Brits had any Black friends (prompting the BBC to a frenzy of therapeutic speculation), it transpired that even the pious Christians of America's Baptist churches overwhelmingly preferred to worship in churches where their own race was in the majority (American Renaissance, 1 viii).


As Britain's hospital's admitted that 5,000 patients were dying annually from the MRSA `superbug' - prevalent because of incompetence among largely-Black `cleaning' staff - a Black-run hospital in Los Angeles admitted systematic counting problems that left surgical instruments inside patients after hoperations (American Renaissance, 1 viii).

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Sunday, August 01, 2004


In a hilarious attempt to defend its reputation for multicultural idealism, France blocked a planned visit by Israel's Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, who had said that France's 500,000 Jews would be welcome in Israel to spare them violence and vandalism from France's idiotically collected 6 million Muslim slave labourers. Already, French Jews were emigrating at a rate of 500 per month, but cheese-eating surrender monkey President Chirac was not prepared to deal effectively with Islamic criminality.


The Sunday Telegraph, which never took much interest back in 1996 in The g Factor, publicized prominently the case of ex-Oxford academic David Selbourne who once stood out against the trade unions, losing his job in the process, and now can find no publisher for his new book about Islam which denies that it is (as it calls itself) a religion of peace.


The folly of giving sanctuary to `asylum seekers' was exposed as, led by Jamaican hoodlums, hundreds of detainees (waiting for the failed cases to go to appeal) rioted, causing millions of pounds of damage to Harmondsworth Detention Centre which gave them single rooms with television and telephones, a shop and a recreational area (Observer, 25 vii). A previous such riot at Yarl's Wood, Befordshire, was finally estimated to have cost œ38 million.


The Sunday Telegraph continued to mirror the British right's divisions by providing a forum for pro- and anti-Islam views (Will Cummins, `Muslims are a threat to the British way of life'; Jenny McCartney, `The real danger is indiscriminate fear - 25 vii); but all this was a long way from pointing the finger at the unscientific and frankly traitorous Whites who encouraged immigration from countries notorious for their low IQ and/or high levels of fanaticism and at the politicians who allowed the universities and schools to become fiefs of the left and kindred underdog-worshippers.


Britain's best-loved West Indian immigrant, the 64-year-old Sir Trevor McDonald, from Trinidad, told other immigrants that they should go back home if they don't want to integrate into Britain. "I'm an unashamed integrationist," he said (Sun, 26 vii).


A fine article in the Spectator (24 vii) by Leo McKinstry identified how NuLabour was building its body of voters: from a steady increase in civil servants and workers for quangos - many of which organize propaganda and bullying to achieve diversity, multiculturalism and sealed lips about their defects; from a 50% increase in the bloated welfare budget which now keeps 5 million on benefits (2.7 million supposedly `sick'); and from a tenfold increase (compared to 1994) of the numbers of immigrants to the UK - virtually all of them likely Labour voters.

{Despite that, Sir William Rees Mogg reckoned in the Times (26 vii) that UKIP had a good chance to win Hartlepool. If the Conservative leaders fail to agree to an electoral pact, Robert Kilroy-Silk could just go over the leaders' heads to Hartlepool's Conservative voters and promise that if they help deliver a UKIP victory, then UKIP would back out of contesting the any two seats of the Conservatives' choosing when the General Election comes along.}

{On 27 vii, UKIP offered not to oppose any parliamentary candidate who signed up to UK withdrawal from the European Union - hoping to stir up trouble for the Conservatives and perhaps to bring out some 20 Eurosceptics.}


Howls of outrage from femininnies seemed likely as the Daily Express revealed that Prince Edward & Fergie's daughter, Princess Beatrice, 15, had a tall and mature-looking boyfriend, perhaps aged 28.


In the Spectator, long so sadly a supporter of Conservative cowardice about dullard immigrants, columnist Taki at last announced he was a realist, saying "although I wish peace and prosperity to the Third World, I do not necessarily want to bring its peoples here. That makes me a racist."


Without any discussion in Cabinet, Parliament or even the media, Britain's top cops (selected for peecee penchants over the past decade) forbade police to be a member any organization that did not accept the top cops' `anti-racist' hysteria - and specifically forbade them to join the British National Party. The BNP Press Office confirmed that "plenty" of serving police were among its members.

{Few will doubt that, if not resisted, this new type of witch hunt, forbidding employment to race realists rather than bothering to outlaw the BNP, will be quickly extended through the public sector. There has probably been no greater home-grown challenge to British liberties since habeas corpus was suspended by the Tories in 1817.}