Wednesday, November 30, 2011


HMG’s (interim) report on the Tottenham/Hackney etc. mass smash & grab raids of August (see previous) avoided (as expected) mentioning the over-representation of Blacks among the looters; but it did mention the vast preponderance of the mentally subnormal ooops differently abled and previously convicted criminals in the mobs which caused £5M damage; and a definite conclusion of the report was that the looters believed they had the green light from police (Spectator, 28 xi) – almost certainly because cops were too schooled in anti-racism to be willing to take on (let alone read the Riot Act to) Blacks enjoying themselves in traditional ethnic ways.

In their report, the panel wrote: "Lack of confidence in the police response to the initial riots encouraged people to test reactions in other areas. Most of the riots began with some trouble in retail areas with a critical mass of individuals and groups converging on an area. Rioters believed they would be able to loot and damage without being challenged by the police. In the hardest-hit areas, they were correct." – The Sun, 29 xi.

“You ask any policeman what they wanted to do and 99% would vote for water cannons, rubber bullets and the freedom to give all of them a damn good pasting but they can't due to the politicians and senior management who give them their orders.” – Sun correspondent.


Disgraced war organizer Rev A.R.P. Blair (St John’s College, Oxford) continued (like comical sexually derelict lib-left politicians David Blunkett, Jacqui Smith, Alan Johnson, Chris Huhne and Mark Oaten) to pop up on the Beeb. In his role as top globetrotter and moneyspinner, Bliar was eager that the world should match the ‘contribution’ of his friend Bill Gates to Africa. Bliar pointed to the enormous improvements in South Korea over 50 years thanks to American expenditures {mainly military, of course}; but he declined to recognize that Korea had long enjoyed an IQ of 105, giving its people far more chance than those of Africa, mean IQ 75 and needing Chinese organization rather than Western largesse (which ended up in footling dysgenic programmes and in Black despots’ Swiss bank accounts).


As America killed 24 Pak soldiers/’terrorists’ (and presumably injured many more) in a two-hour helicopter attack across the Afghastli/Pak border, China put its chips on the table, declaring support for the insane Taleban-backing army ooops state of Pakiland. Evidently the Chinks took the view that they could have empire right through polygamy-backing Pak, the Middle East and Africa – with emigrated ‘honour’-killing Mueslis extending liberation from eviscerating lout-loving welfare socialism through to li’l ol’ Western Europe.

Whether outlying vaguely monogamous areas like India, Russia, the USA and the UK could be tempted remained an interesting question. But America’s historic failure to defend allies like Britain, Serbia, Saddam’s Iraq, Mubarak’s Egypt and Gadawful’s (nuclear-abandoning) Libya suggested the USA would once more do nothing until another Pearl Harbour/9-11 strike -- and even then that its action would be feeble (like failing for years to take out Russian communism, then failing to take out the main instigator and funder of Islamism, Saudi Arabia, – even protecting hundreds of members of the bin Liner family living in the USA in the hope of hanging on to oil by Macdonald-hamburger means). After two World Wars of ‘Allies vs Axis’, it looked as if the (new) Axis could win.


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Sunday, November 27, 2011


Although Germany apparently abjured dispensing itself of useless ClubMed, there were increasing signs that it intended to provide all the “discipline, extreme surveillance and enforcement” (the latest Brussels buzzwords) that were required for indebted southerners. (As this blog can attest, having its own observer on the Athens scene – working for the Gauleiters in an unwindowed and unmarked room – harried by Greek trade unionists demanding the ‘right’ to retire with full state-supplied pensions at age 52!)

For the Guardian, Julian Coman (20 xi) specially remarked the eclipse of France:
Even the French, who for decades ran the EU as equal partners with the Germans, are acquiring something of an inferiority complex. As bond yields on French sovereign debt began to rise alarmingly, the German magazine Der Spiegel ran a gently condescending feature on the French economy, entitled "Bonjour Tristesse" (Hello, sadness). It observed that France had been "living beyond its means for 37 years [since] the last balanced budget in 1974".

On French TV, Opel car adverts are now broadcast with the voiceover in German, now a signifier of efficiency even in Paris. "No need to be ashamed of speaking German abroad any more," chortled the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Likewise, there were remarks from top German politicians that Britain would soon have to speak German and join the eurozone – not least because the UK had unhelpfully failed to come up with any funds to help Germany deal with the naughty boys at the back of the EU class.

Unelected power was necessary to whip Italy into shape, Brussels’ not-so-democratic elitist Herman Rumpy-Pumpy told Italians. Their "country needs reforms, not elections". German determination to stamp on ClubMed – even at the risk of breaking up the eurozone – was doubtless reinforced as Italian ‘bunga bunga partying’ PM Berlusconi was overheard saying that Reichskanzlerin Angela ‘Mutti’ Merkel was “an unf*ckable tub of lard”: within two days he was gone.

* Though Mighty Mac’s writings backed the Nords, he had done his UK patriotic duty of the time and fought with the French against Germany in WWI, and – emulating their father’s wartime heroism -- two of his sons were killed flying with the French Air Force in the 1930s.


Western multicultural enthusiasts, all believers in the ‘Arab Spring,’ got their answer as Egypt reverted to chaos (with Cairo city centre an ongoing battleground), Tunisia installed Sharia law, Syria headed into civil war, and Nato-‘liberated’ Libya was tyrannized by its tribes and factions (each holding and torturing its own hostages).

Meanwhile, West-funded central Africa (Nigeria, Congo, Somalia) was in flames of Muesli vs Christian conflict; America felt it needed to send a thousand troops and scores of warplanes to defend Oz against Chinks; and, unsurprisingly, the Chinese were not inclined to lend Euroland the readies to help it out of its state-welfare debts (which even threatened the bond values of mighty Deutschland itself).

Where was the multiculti spirit when you needed it? Certainly not in America, busy scrambling Vietnam-style from its previously chosen playgrounds of Eyerak and Afghooniland.

In Norwich, one headmistress, Ms Rachel de Souza, arranged to bring in the British Army to supply (on Nov. 30, the day of the public-‘service’ ‘union’-called General Strike) the babysitting services that her school – as others -- normally supplied as part of Britain’s useless dysgenic operation of welfare for the world (Sun, 24 xi).


Evidently uninstructed that the West’s financial bubble&crunch had originated in reckless multiculti lending to ‘subprimes’ (i.e. US Blacks and Hispanics – see previous), HMG proposed to underwrite by 15% housing loans to sad-sack ‘first time borrowers’ who could not afford the 20% deposits latterly being required by banks.

Not to be outdone by his CamCo colleagues’ stimulating dispensation of risky largesse, Deputy PM billionaire ‘Nice’ Nick Clegg announced (Guardian, 24 xi) he would be obliging British banks to lend to Black ‘entrepreneurs’ – apparently one of the few groups omitted from the banks’ mindless handouts of 1998-2008.


After eighteen months of CamCo declining to provide any actual arguments as to why Britain should not be bullied by human rights maniacs, educational egalitarians and penological permissives, the UK found itself coasting towards its first General Strike since 1926, headed up by ‘public service’ ‘workers’ wanting gold-plated pensions for dinner ladies.

CamCo evidently took the view that the trade unions’ ‘day of [in]action’ (Nov. 30th) – cancelling babysitting services (aka schools) for millions of parents -- would prove disastrous for the unions and for the 90%-union-funded ‘Labour’ Party.

Supposedly, victims of the strike would not ask why CamCo had not cancelled strike rights except when 67% of a workforce voted (by entirely secret, independently monitored ballot) for a temporary job-secure walkout....

{Ah, well: no politician lost office by underestimating the stupidity of the British public – a stupidity cultivated by politicians’ reducing the number of England’s grammar schools to 164 (despite whizzkid Michael Gove, Education Minister, claiming his 18-month policies were “shamelessly elitist”).

At least, as the great strike loomed, the wretched Liberal Dimocrats were passably onside – never having enjoyed union funding. And the strike – taking out ‘border agents’ as it would do -- seemed likely to achieve an unprecedented reduction in the inflow of Af/Pak immigrants, by some 12-15 hours....}


The 2011 McDougall Prize for race realism was won hands down by Darren Scully, the Mayor of the Éirish commuter town of Naas (near Dublin, in Co. Kildare), who took some trouble to spell out that he was fed up with Blacks. The ambitious 38-yr-old mayor of Naas went on radio to talk about his views (Guardian, 24 xi; Independent, 24 xi).

In case anyone had misunderstood, the father-of-two (by a policewoman wife) did a second interview to ram home his message: he would no longer represent Black Africans in his town. They were too aggressive, he said. Too bad-mannered. Often they played the race card to force him to do things like arrange social housing for them. So that was that. Scully had had enough.

A 44-yr Nigerian taxi driver who had lived in Naas since 2001 said: “What’s happening in Naas are discussions about what the Black community is doing to the town. For instance, some people say we are taking their jobs and taking over the place.”

{Needless to say, Scully’s national ‘centre right’ ‘Fine Gael’ party [Family of the Irish, furnishing Teashoppe PM Enda Kenny] promptly distanced itself from him and, faced with a torrent of abuse, Scully agreed to grovel a bit and stand down as mayor – while remaining, as elected, a town councillor.}

By 2011, most of the Éirish political class believed Ireland had ‘made the transition’ from a monocultural to a multicultural society with reasonable success. Four years previously, the Nigerian-born Rotimi Adebari had been elected as once devoutly Catholic Ireland's first Black Mayor in the nearby county of Laois.

Mr Scully's remarks were reported to police under incitement-to-hatred legislation by one Aodhan O'Riordain, a member of the Dublin parliament. She said: "He made really stupid, racist comments. In a country like ours, that's not good enough anymore." The organisation ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ said there was no place for racism in politics and the Integration Centre described the comments as "truly idiotic".


Fed up with the snide accusations of antediluvian imperialist racism (made in the London Review of Books) by Conservative-connected Indian essayist Pankaj Mishra, top British historian Niall Ferguson (U. Harvard; best known for his Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World) declared he would take legal action unless Mishra issued a full apology (Observer, 27 xi).

{Ever since my own persecution for ‘scientific racism’ in 1996, there had been a question of whether anyone else would stand up to the insane ‘anti-racism’ that had become the hysterical piety of the West’s political class.}


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Monday, November 21, 2011


Understanding the strength and focus of Russian racism/nationalism was not easy since Russia had had serious conflicts with Britain, Poland, Germany and the USA in the past century and itself contained no fewer than 140 different nationalities. However, an insight into Russian rejection of multiculturalism was provided by data that up to 40 percent of Muscovites were in favor of the forcible expulsion of “foreigners” – Muslims and/or Asiatics -- from their city (AmRen, 11 xi).

Sociologist Lev Gudkov, director of the Levada Center polling agency, said that as many as 60 percent of Russians supported the nationalist slogan, “Russia for the Russians,” while about 50 percent of Moscow residents support limiting the flow of migrants from the Caucasus and Central Asia to the city. “The problem {his word} is not even the spread of xenophobic sentiment from the lower classes to the general public, but the fact that social resistance to xenophobia is weakening,” Gudkov opined.


TV ‘Coronation Street’ star Michael Le Vell faced an agonising two-month wait to discover if he would be prosecuted by leisurely cops over claims he once raped a girl of six (Sun, 16 xi); and two 35-yr-old White Londoners went on trial (for the third time, and contrary to any reasonable statute of limitations, and before a jury that could not possibly be open-minded) accused of the ‘racist’ murder of Black youth Stephen Lawrence eighteen years previously.

13-year footie FIFA boss, the Swiss Sepp [Giuseppe] Blatter, 75, found himself in big trouble with a full range of ‘anti-racist’ hysterics for suggesting that racist remarks on the football field be dealt with by gentlemanly apologies and handshakes – a not unreasonable suggestion for such minor derelictions when soccer players (ceaselessly aiming to wire each other up) routinely claimed to have gang-banged each other’s sisters and to have been s*cked off by each other’s fathers.

But SB’s advice not to make mountains out of molehills proved to be an ‘insult’ to the saints of PeeCee (including PM Daft Dave and soccer legend David Beckham). The mega-popular Sun newspaper said (18 xi) “Blatt out of hell” “must be made an outcast.” SB obliged with the usual formal apology from top dogs faced with the peecee mob; but the Sun decided not to be gratified and (pursuing a holy-holy image as accusations against it of telephone hacking mounted) screeched “TAKE BLATT: campaign to get rid of FIFA buffoon” (19 xi) – a campaign in which it persuaded the equally Murdoch-owned Times to join it. (Needless to say, the Guardian concurred (19 xi).)

The genially realistic Blatter had previously sparked feminoid ‘outrage’ by saying women’s football might be more popular with crowds if only the girls played in “tighter shorts.” (Holy UEFA [Union of European Football Associations] fined Bulgaria £34K because its fans had engaged in monkey-chanting at Black players for England during a match in Sofia in September; but it decided to ignore chants by English fans of “Where’s your caravan?” – perhaps not understanding the clear implication that Bulgarians had some tendency to be gypsies.)

In America, there was hysteria as managers of mega-rich Penn State U. football team were charged (variously) with years of child abuse dating back to the 1990s (including apparent public sodomization of 8-yr-old would-be players during frolics in showers) and/or with ongoing cover-ups of such naughtiness.

(Whether the boys themselves had any complaints was unknown – America’s yag- and feminoid-fired press feeling quite unable to ask the most basic questions despite the mass molestations (by beloved sporting figures, protected by a revered 87-yr-old) having become nationwide front-page news.)


As Euroland’s economic incompetents struggled with their mega-casted dinners to ‘save the euro,’ the happy possibility of Club Med (even including France’s car-torching Mueslis) drifting away and letting the McDougallian Nords get on with business (see previous) was raised twice more: BBC R4, 14 xi, 08:40 and BBC 1, 17 xi, Andrew Neil, 23:50.

Rather than McDougalling, however, Berlin and Paris kicked out the democratic governments of Greece and Italy, obtained non-negotiated supervision of the Treasury arrangements of Éire (‘strictly confidential documents turned up in Berlin), and arm-twisted Portugal and Spain into conservatism (and promises of austerity) which they thought they had abandoned c. 1995.

Whether Merkozy could sustain and discipline the recalcitrant bits of the EU empire was a matter of guesswork – but it was certainly possible in view of the failure of politicians, MSM, ‘economists’ and the public to trace the true origin of the ongoing economic crisis to multiculturalism and its insanely overoptimistic lending and multinational credit swaps and default insurances between operators speaking scarcely a shared word of English let alone meeting up for g&t’s.


With Remembrance Day behind us, the truth could now be mentioned, as by Peter Hitchens, reviewing Sir Max Hastings’ new book about WWII, All Hell Let Loose (Daily Mail, 14 xi), and documenting (e.g. from letters recovered from corpses) the awful humiliations of soldiers, blinded and leaking from all orifices amidst the horrors, as British and Commonwealth men paid the price (not only in blood but in gold) for the ridiculous sibling rivalries with Germany that had led Britain to back French dreams of revenge for losing to Germany in 1814/15 and 1870.

{Fortunately, the Middle East seemed set to destroy its own pretensions in the same way with Solunni vs Shitite fighting – though just how much oil the Israelis would be able to preserve for the West was a bit of a question, at least if Russia decided it had ultimately to take openly the Shitite [Iranian] side.}

{Scotland still had plenty of Grade-A coal – with which Sth Clerk St Mansions were amply stocked, along with candles left over from the 1980s days of strikes by electricity ‘workers’...}


As Dr “Joya” Chatterjihatterji, apparently of Trinity College, Cambridge, questioned at a London conference what supremo English historian Dr David Starkey meant by Britain's "own culture", herself saying contemporary Britain was "rather diverse," left-tolerated homo Starkey interrupted her, saying (D. Torygraph, 15 xi):
"No, it's not. Most of Britain is a mono-culture. You think London is Britain. It isn't. Where I've come from in Yorkshire, where I've come from in Westmorland, where I largely live in Kent, where I holiday much in the south-west, it is absolutely and unmitigatedly White.

You have such a series of assumptions. It is a kind of Ken Livingstone-esque view of rainbow Britain. Bits of Britain are rainbow and jolly interesting; but to read out from those to everything else is profoundly misleading."

{Had Starkey’s travels take him further, he could have added that York, Newcastle, Durham and Scotland were also overwhelmingly White – apart from a few attentive Pak shopkeepers, Black Ph.D. candidates in Nursing Studies and delightful well-mannered bespectacled female students of Business Economics from East Asia.}


New York researchers claimed a 43% occurrence of a genetic variation, RGS2, in depressed people who had attempted suicide (compared to 20% in similarly depressed non-attempters) (Guardian, 14 xi).

h² 85% A substantial article on psychometric g appeared in Wikipedia, not only acknowledging Spearman’s ‘Law of Diminishing Returns’ (SLDR – that the g factor among mental test is markedly stronger in the lower-g range, cf. TgF Chap. 1, p.50, p.61 & passim) but estimating “Current research suggests that the heritability of g is approximately 0.85 -- even higher than that for IQ itself -- so the heritability of most test performance is thus attributable to g.”


In online dating, racial segregation was found by Berkeley researchers to be alive and well (AmRen, 17 xi). After analyzing more than one million profiles on a mainstream dating website, Gerald Mendelsohn et al. concluded that Whites were highly unlikely to initiate contact with Black people -- even when their ‘profiles’k claimed that they were indifferent about the race or ethnicity of a potential romantic interest.

The study indicated that more than 80 percent of the communication initiated by Whites was to other Whites; only 3 percent went to Blacks. Black members of the same site were more open to dating Whites and were ten times more likely to contact Whites. Black men were actually slightly more likely to initiate contact with White women than with Black women. Professor Mendelsohn attributed this to the influence of cultural imperatives on all American men....

Romance in Kenya (where US President Barry Obarmy was likely born) won the attention of the Daily Mail (15 xi). A group of Maasai warriors resorted to attacking an all-girls’ school in a desperate bid to find themselves wives (or at least girlfriends). The young men from Kenya’s most iconic tribe attempted to abduct pupils from the Enkare Nairowua school, in Narok, after bursting in to the dining room at lunchtime. Many of the girls fled to hide in nearby bushes until the Maasai—also known as morans—were persuaded to leave after two hours of negotiations with teachers, elders and a local chief.

In the USA, PubMed (vii) had reported high rates of dissatisfaction and depression in Black-White couples (perhaps because of the low quality of such biracial spouses even prior to marriage).

Using data from Wave 4 (2008) of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (N = 7,466), we examine potential consequences of black exceptionalism in the context of interracial relationships among nonblack respondents. While increasing racial diversity and climbing rates of interracial unions have fostered the notion that racial boundaries within the United States are fading, our results add to the accumulating evidence that racial/ethnic boundaries persist in U.S. society. Results suggest that among non-Black respondents there is more stigma and disapproval attached to relationships with Blacks than there are to relationships with members of other racial/ethnic groups. Specifically, our results indicate that nonblack individuals with black partners have significantly more depressive symptoms and less relationship satisfaction than their counterparts with nonblack partners, regardless of respondent race and whether the nonblack partner is the same versus a different race from the respondent. Further, the relationship between partner race and depressive symptoms is partially and significantly mediated by relationship satisfaction.


Commemorating the centenary of Sir Francis Galton’s death in 191l, University College London (to which he had left a substantial part of his fortune – to little eugenic avail) published online what remained of the typescripts of his utopian novel Kantsaywhere – gutted by his niece after his death to get rid of the more erotic passages (for the hero seeks to pass eugenic tests to increase access to his beloved) and the more strident proposals for cutting down underclass breeding (UCL, 17 xi).

Naturally the publication came with a health warning that eugenics was a thoroughly “noxious” topic (a judgment easily grasped at by BBC R4 discussants, 19 xi); the book lacked express coverage of intelligence (which Galton had been unable to measure [see TgF] – and he didn’t know of Binet’s work when he wrote); there was no mention by UCL of The Galton Institute which had done so much to preserve Galton’s better ideas and to develop them sensibly through the 20th century (almost getting researchers into China to study the effects of the one-child policy).

But any commemoration was better than none; and Galton – who had spent his last ten years smoking marijuana and compiling anti-democratic quotations from Shakespeare -- would have been happy to be compared to other improving science fiction thinkers like H.G. Wells and Julian Huxley.


As Col Gadawfu’s intellectual son, Saif, was sold by some treacherous tribe to Libya’s new regime (raising interesting questions of whether his trial would yield information on how much he and his papa had paid to UK Labour and the LSE), it transpired that ‘liberated’ Tunisia and Libya had both adopted Sharia law (especially polygamy), that Egyptians (nine months after their revolution) were massing in rock-chucking tens of thousands to demand more revolution (i.e. more Muslim Brotherhood), and that Syria was plunging into a Solunni vs Shitite civil war that would set the Middle East ablaze – a fitting end to 55 years of American ‘policy’ as begun at Suez.


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Sunday, November 13, 2011


In case people had not noticed the lies (or, otherwise, gormlessness) of British politicians, the obesity, one-eyedness, one-leggedness and homosexuality of BBC television newsreaders, pundits and weather’men’, the lesbo-leftism of clerics,* the state-funded fatherlessness of children, the tiresome re-invention of the wheel by (disgustingly well-funded) IQ-avoidant academics, declining (well, rock-bottom) male standards of dress (only female cutaway jeans and contra-fashionista wasp-waistedness contributing to the gaiety of the nation), the vast job creation programmes of town councils (esp. Edinburgh, with its expensive, incompetent and non-existent trams, its omnipresent scaffolding as owners were bullied to employ unchecked council operatives, and its street upheavals as pavements were uselessly replaced in months-long English-funded ‘works’ by distinctly slow-moving drinkers in ‘hard hats’), thieves (Britain’s ever-more-present gypsies ooops travellers?) chose the month of commemoration of the country’s war dead (admittedly in wars to assist in French revenge on Germany, in which the French themselves largely gave up participating by 1940) to steal the metal plaques of names from war memorials – melting these probably irreplaceable records down for 40p per name (Sunday Mail, 6 xi, Peter Hitchens) (the metal being sold to China).

The failure of Britain’s lawmakers to insist that these (and why not other?) crimes be recompensed at least tenfold by criminals and their families might have been excusable in 1951-ish days of White poverty, London smog, power cuts, lack of bananas and of the fathers of poor boys having given their lives for the country; but it had no excuse in 2011, when Britain had actually chosen its own population – often from welfare-dependent single-parent ‘mothers’ and from third-world immigrants and their traitorous poppy-burning progeny.

*Little recalling St Paul’s requirement that “if any would not work, neither shall he eat” (II Thessalonians, iii 10).


Thirteen years after I backed the Earl of Oxford as being the author of almost all of the plays of the country bumpkin ham actor William Shakespeare (McDougall Newsletter, 1 xii 1998), a Hollywood homosexual got the story filmed (colourfully, if at too great length and with undue complexities involving more than one bastard child of Elizabeth I) (‘Anonymous’). Here is my original piece.
Shakespeare Realism

(Independent, 5 xi '98)

Just how William Shakespeare (1564-1616) could have written the world's greatest plays has long puzzled historians and psychologists. There is no documentary evidence that William ever attended Stratford's excellent grammar school -- though the civic status of his father [a glover and wool dealer] would have entitled him to do so. At age 18, William married his pregnant girlfriend, Anne Hathaway, 26. By age 20, he had become the father of three children, including two twins [a boy and a girl] so sought work with a theatrical touring company which took him to London.

Essentially, the question has been one of whether largely untutored (gfluid) could have been sufficient to the writing of plays involving a good knowledge of Greek, Roman, Italian and English history -- together with awareness of the latest advances in astonomy (as in Hamlet, where a starburst is mentioned that had only just been observed by English courtiers). Many have thought that gcrystallized would have been necessary -- but they have been accused of snobbish elitism that declined to acknowledge the sterling qualities of English yeomen.

Today, a new computer analysis of stylistic features provides fresh testimony that all but the more obscure plays (Merry Wives of Windsor, etc.) were written by Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford (1550-1604). Apparently, the supply of astronomical references in the plays dries up after 1604; and the last ten years of actor-manager William Shakespeare's own life -- though he by then enjoyed great affluence and leisure -- produced only Pericles, Cymbeline, Winter's Tale, The Tempest and (with John Fletcher's help) Henry VIII.

{The Italianate Englishman, Edward de Vere, came from a distinguished military family. Though violent and spendthrift, he was a highly regarded Elizabethan courtier-poet. His lyric poem 'What cunning can express' is the best of those securely attributed to him (Chambers Biographical Dictionary).}


The death of maniacal but still ultra-reserved comic trouper and philanthropist Jimmy Savile, 84, was greeted with respect by Britain’s usually paedohysterical press – for Mensan Savile’s mother-devoted and hugely child-charity-supporting life had left no proof of his basic sexual proclivities. (British enthusiasm for marginally pubertal youths – the Indian ones being called ‘chocolate’ -- was documented in Ronald Hyam’s Understanding the British Empire [Chap. 16: ‘Greek love in British India’], CUP, 2010. This book specially noted the convenient official pretence of modern bullyboy ‘homosexuals’ that they were not interested in pre-16 ‘chicken’ – an outrageous denial that a few clicks on the internet could expose.)

However, despite this blip in paedohysterical effort, the High Court in London kept up feminoid pressure by finding Catholic bishops could be sued for the ‘sexual molestations of women’ by their priests of thirty years previously (Guardian, 8 xi). {Roll on Islam! And heaven help in 2020 the ‘social workers’ of 2000 who would eventually find themselves joining Sharon Shoesmith in being known for orchestrated child murder officiated by incompetent sociology-degreed Blacks and kindred non-English-speaking ‘doctors.’}


My Eysenck-backing 2011 review of Roderick Buchanan’s Playing with Fire appeared on the net: A quote? OK! “Buchanan thinks Hans’ career a ‘tragedy’; but actually it was a triumph which justifiably put Hans head, shoulders and torso above the pygmies of the rest of psychology.”


Despite a year of successively and failingly backing raving-anti-abortionist, Mormon, ignoramus and detrousered candidates (the last a hopeless Black – a sign of Republican desperation) as Presidential contesters for it in 2012, America’s GOP could not accept the simple reality that the country had lost its ten-year chosen war (hopefully Jewish-funded) against the Mueslis (of Aghastlistan, Eyeraq and Pakiland) and needed to quickly adopt a few Islamic values like respect for family life, low taxation, female subordination, throwing homos and adulterers off cliffs, and rights to universal AK47 ownership (as practised in Libya).

As Euroland sank into an abyss of leaderlessness – with not even Germans having enough realism to follow a McDougallian partition of Europe (q.v.) – the GOP had a chance to regain a conservative and realistic initiative. But, mesmerized by the fear of being called ‘racist’, even the ‘Tea Party’ movement was hamstrung and unable to oppose Obarmy’s issuance of free health care to millions of very unhealthy (druggy, criminoid, high-obese, low-IQ etc.) Blacks – said elf care to be paid for by increased taxes after Obarmy left office. (By contrast, ‘liberated’ Arab/Muesli Libya had no compunction in just sending its Blacks straight back to Niger, Chad, Senegal and similar hellholes.)


On Remembrance Day (11/11/11), Strasbourg gypsies, having learned of Britain’s ruinous ten-year £18M struggle to evict law-defiant ‘travellers’ from Dale Farm, Essex (£6M alone going to the tinkers’ lucky legal team), began arriving in droves (some of the first 21 families in £80K Maserati cars) to set up in Harlow, Essex, at UK taxpayers’ expense (Britain providing state education, health care, ‘uman rights and welfare benefits to all and sundry – just yards away from a ‘police’ station which did precisely nothing to stop them (Sun, 11 xi).

Such was the remembrance for Brits and English-speaking cousins who had died over the years to save the UK and Empire from Continental nastiness, corruption, tyranny, revolutionism, crime, illiteracy, squalor, female subordination, antisemitism and kindred rubbish.

Claiming incapacity benefit in the UK proved to be so easy that actor Paul Couchman trousered £28,900 welfare over seven years while playing Widow Twankey and other pantomime roles. Oh yes he did! (Sun, 11 xi).


As Western subprime casino capitalism span into its last phase, with Italy bankrupt and needing to pay 7% interest to borrow yet more money from its young, useless much-dining pranksta politicians declined to examine openly either the McDougallian solution (of letting Club Med, including popinjay-led France, go hang – q.v.) or the equally practical suggestion of nationalizing the gambling bankstas (and cutting their salaries and bonuses by 90% in the process).

Whereas the idiocies of 1965-75 socialism (and Heathism), had finally yielded Mrs Thatcher to take on the taxpayer-draining unions, the Clinton/Blair/Bush/Brown(“We have put an end to boom and bust”) excesses of 1995-2008 had still to yield a respected politician who had read any books and was willing to tell the wankstas ooops bankstas to s*d off to Shanghai/ Singapore/ Switzerland if they could not conduct business in an orderly way without using taxpayers as a fallback when their bets failed.


Though Euroland’s pols proved themselves daily more incompetent at economics (though they faithfully turned up for the thrice-weekly mega-dinners – with casts of thousands of flunkies -- supplied by taxpayers in Brussels, Cannes etc.) and bunga-bunga-partying PM Silvio Berlusconi’s star faded (chucked out by SarkoMerkel, along with the PMs of Greece and Spain), French socialist sex maniac and financier Dominique Strauss-Kahn (q.v.) leapt into the breach contesting accusations that he had been involved in pimping petites from all over northern France and in Madrid (Guardian, 11 xi).

Apparently DSK would meet the desmoiselles in his bathrobe and take them for a guided tour of the IMF, stopping only for posed photos before sh*gging them senseless and having them paid off on a train on their way home. {Thank heavens senior British politicians limited themselves to c*pulating on the floors of their Commons offices (Lab., 2 cases), suiciding by onanistic asphyxiation and scr*wing a mother and both of her daughters (Con., 2 cases), and coprophagia, sodomy and dumping a loyal political wife for an equally ugly bisexual (LibDem., 3 cases)!}


Britain’s Remembrance Sunday weekend, 12/13 xi, was marked (well, marred) by Muesli goons announcing their plan for a mass burning of poppies at the Whitehall Cenotaph, their movement being formally banned for the umpteenth time (without executions, deportations or even ‘community service orders’), and 172 English Defence League supporters being corralled by police for hours in the garden of Whitehall’s Red Lion pub for fear they would interfere with said Mueslis or even with the sainted “tented community” that had “occupied” the forecourt of St Paul’s (in a pathetic protest against Britain’s casino banksters, who remained quite untouched by the saints behind barbed wire in the City).

Still, at least ciggy-riddled President Barry Obarmy was prevailed upon by his top brass to send a thousand US troops and scores of high-grade aircraft to Darwin, north Australia, to help defend Oz against the ever-advancing Chinks (whom the Workers’ Paradise had tried to embrace for forty years, temporarily giving up its White Australia policy – an amicable gesture that had apparently met with no serious success, so the Empire came to the rescue, not least needing a handy new missile base since Chinese rockets could already reach Guam).


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Sunday, November 06, 2011


Although the non-judicially executed Colonel Gaddafi lacked friends – the West having decided to aim for a low-life Sunni takeover of North Africa and the Middle East in return for funding of the eurozone from Peking – loyalty to him was shown by South Africa’s babyfaced Winnie-Mandela-backed firebrand, flashy Jo’burg millionaire Julius Malema, 30, who told thousands of his young unemployed Black followers at a rally demanding 100% redistribution of White property that Gadaffi was “a great anti-imperialist martyr” (Sunday Times, 30 x).

The West-revered African National Congress continued to try to expel the popular Malema, leader of its youth wing, but faced break-up in the process.”The problem is that, South Africa being relatively rich, there is simply far more to loot than in other African countries and the result is a feeding frenzy,” said Eric Mdlada, a former ANC guerrilla.


Having already battered the images of socialism, France and international finance by being handcuffed and imprisoned in New York for a month under suspicion of attempting to rape a Guinean hotel chambermaid (and still facing civil charges of sexual exposure and terrorization), French would-be Président Dominique Strauss-Kahn (q.v.), 62, brought further embarrassment on his chosen causes by being revealed as a user of prostitutes ooops geisha girls in Lille, Paris and Washington – sometimes following them to the l*vatory in his enthusiasm for sex, not waiting even to finish the fine Frog meal he had paid for at the brothel ooops hotel (Sunday Times, 30 x).


The arrival of the world’s seven billionth living soul was thought by the Speccie’s Fraser Nelson, on balance, to be worth celebrating – and, pathetically, 50% of correspondents were inclined to agree, though others noted that there was no sign of quality control in Africa and India (which were scheduled to provide most of the next one-billion increase) (31 x).

{By 2012, Africa had one-seventh of the world’s people: just over one billion. But during the rest of the century, the UN Population Fund agency predicted, this single continent would add an extra 2.6 billion people, more than tripling in population, while all the rest of the world added just half a billion (Trinidad Express, 1 xi). If it weren’t for the African population boom, the world’s population would never exceed 7.5 billion.}


Three White teenage boys in Zimbabwe set light to two 17-yr Black girls, inflicting 75% burns in the course of a Satanic ritual.... Oh no they didn’t! It was Black boys who burned White girls – explaining why the story did not get a mention in Whities’ peecee-terrorized MSM (AmRen, 2 xi)


Though pious peecee Germany itself declined publicly to acknowledge the advantage of a Nordic League (q.v.) which would ditch Club Med (hopefully including France), the mendacious socialists of Greece offered hope to Saxons, Prussians, Vikings, Angles and Brits by planning a national referendum (BBC, 31 x) which would see Greece reject German generosity and concentrate on developing an Orthozone in the Balkans, perhaps with Jewish help but equally dragging in the superstition- ooops tradition-enamoured and tourist-dependent Catholic countries of Europe’s sunny but soppy south, at last freeing the north to link with Russia and Canada in sustained celebration and development of the intelligence, initiative, imagination and (hopefully) shale gas of the White race.


I learned accidentally of the deaths of my dearest friends from Oxford days, ‘man-of-the-world’ (and great drinker) Nick and nifty and lissome Liz Wincott. (I had long lost contact with them – apart from Liz’s Christmas boastletter; and relatives had not troubled to inform either Nick’s oldest friend, top (Jewish) philosopher Peter Hacker, Nick’s college, or myself.)

Both from ultra-eminent backgrounds (Nick’s genial Anglican père, Harold, a long-term beloved FT columnist, Liz’s Devon-castled father a rear admiral owning a delightful lochside west-Scottish cottage, at Liddesdale), they went from top public schools to Queen’s, Edinburgh and the LSE; and then lived a charmed life in Oxford and its countryside and had a son (now a Cardiff professor) around the same time as my own (now an eminent patent agent in Covent Garden).

Sadly, they turned to loving Blacks (taking a landrover to Zambia or some kindred hellhole in the process), socialism, hopelessly leftish Columbia University, charity work and the Welsh – and Liz, not content with her devastating Black amouration went on to become the mistress of a big property agent, arts funder and Jewish politician in Cardiff who declined to divorce and marry her.

She died of cancer at 68, and dear Nick snuffed it two months later. Such was the sad, premature end of a beautiful couple, essentially poisoned by socialist-driven White guilt.

{Of course, with the help of Britain’s ‘psychopaths’ – with whom I worked 1965-8 – N&L helped me see the light: I was totally amazed at their misuse of their family fortune, personal education and landrover. My tribute to them is that I have hated soc.anth. ever since – See e.g. here.

My second wife was admittedly a soc.anth. – though barely able to get a postmodern Ph.D. because of her own robust empiricism: she had seemed ultra-realistic enough about godforsaken Africa by British standards at the time and wanted babies (though with a tendency to rear at mention of Irish IQ....); eventually she was targeted by a lesbian and moved off to fairyland, with her daughters by me becoming Catholic missionaries and PR-biz illusionists....}


As Britain’s Coalition Government proposed to let a Dale Farm Mach II lie-in go on outside St Paul’s until the 2012 Olympics (ensuring the ‘Socialist Workers’ maximum publicity) and to let bankstas, socialistas and quangocrats keep their ginormous salaries, bonuses, expenses and kindred products of corporate gambling, Labour politics and fraud, it threw in church marriages for yags in a further effort to maintain its nicely-nicely image as the eurozone crumbled from one “emergency dinner” and “mini-summit” to another.

Why, HMG could not even find an answer to tiny-titted, non-waisted and farmyard-hairdoed Labour frontbencher Angela Eagle waggling her little pinky finger conspicuously across the Commons dispatch box at pretend PM Daft Dave – implying that he had only a diminutive and possibly limp todger (Daily Mail, 3 xi)!


What could be as boring as Eurodiners ooops Eurowallahs nervously awaiting the outcome of the power struggle in Greece between boring besuited socialist grandpa Papandreou and unheard-of goons (including some 15 Communist MPs)? Well, the ‘anti-capitalists’ of St Paul’s ran it close, with equal dedication to statism, the stench of marijuana everywhere and a “love tent” where posh totty could grind away in droves with “anarchists” and spread venereal disease and out-of-wedlock pregnancies to be cured or at least paid for at state expense (Sun, 5 xi).

The idea of cutting back government expenditure annually by 10% (and 20% for non-English-speakers) figured nowhere in these tired orgies of multicultural ambition that had first fuelled the Clinton-inspired bubble&crunch of 1995-2008 – indeed, religiosity insisted that no-one admit how all the over-lending (to Blacks and Hispanics) had started and that no-one propose 90% retrospective taxation on salaries (and ‘bonuses’) greater than that of the Prime Minister. (Would the ‘capitalists’ relocate to fogbound Peking or prissy Singapore? Some hope while the billionaires of Greece and Russia poured in to west London and its suburb of Oxford!)


Some 150 Christians may have been killed in two days in bombings (some suicidal) of police stations and churches in north-East Nigeria (Desmondtutu ooops Karmatutu and Proboscum ooops Pottykum) (Sydney Morning Herald, 6 xi) as Hausa Procul Harem Islamists (probably linked to al-Qaeda) took ‘revenge’ for the military suppression of their similarly murderous outrages of 2009-10 (q.v.). Nigeria's more than 160 million people were divided almost in half between Muslims and Christians, living roughly in the north and south of the country respectively. Regions where they overlapped were prey to frequent tensions.

In the Arab world, an insurgent army which claimed to be up to 15,000 strong was being co-ordinated from Turkey to take on dentist President Bashar al-Assad of Syria and his delightful London-educated (and –dwelling) wife, risking plunging the region into still wider open warfare between Solunnis and Shitites.

{Muslim insistence on equality between wives, and thus a lack of regulated precedence between children, meant that rivalry, revenge and hatred were a typical reality of Muesli childhood and life, leading to the unforgiving ‘death wish’ culture that – with the help of ethnic differences barely detectable to outsiders and of Western idealists fermentation of the ‘Arab Spring’ -- kept the Middle East on the brink of war and civil war.}

{In Libya, it turned out that Nato’s £3M-per-day bombing campaign in support of the ‘Arab Spring’ had provided excellent cover for major criminality: a billion poundsworth of ancient treasures – pots, coins, necklaces etc. – had gone missing from their ‘top security’ (massively concreted) museum in Benghazi.}


Not content to watch the loony eurozone self-destruct (rather than develop into a Nordic League), American Republicans seemed set to choose as a preferred Presidential candidate a had-been contender who was best described as an east-coast liberal who thought Jews (the ‘original Mormons’) were the first colonizers of America and could not explain why his religion had abandoned polygamy and anyway only wanted a 10% cut in government spending (rather than the 50% cut that was actually necessary in a country where 15% used food stamps and where welfare-dependent Blacks had been allowed to destroy whole cities like Detroit) and only enjoyed 25% support among GOP voters themselves (Observer, 6 xi). Needless to say, the word Bl*ck never passed the Moron’s mouth.


The troubles (mainly sexual) of top Black golfer ‘Tiger’ Woods were re-brought to the surface as his longstanding caddie (calculator, coach and bag carrier), uncouth but respected Kiwi Steve Williams, called his boss (of whose income he took 10%) “a Black *rsehole” at a dinner for other super-caddies (Observer, 6 xi). Needless to say, accusations of ‘racism’ reverberated – though Williams had been best man at Woods’ wedding and had surely been complicit in his boss’s countless adulteries.

Third-world abuse of the decencies of traditional British sport was also dramatized as three Pakistani cricketers (including the team’s captain) were jailed in London for ‘spot’- and match-fixing – penalties that would be regarded as both unbelievable and racist by at least a half of Pakistanis (whose loyalty to their godforsaken military dictatorship had only increased as America had belatedly realized their country’s uselessness as an ally – repeatedly explained in this blog from 2004).


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