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In a new anti-left fortnightly newspaper for Scottish students, called The Journal, staff writer Scott McCombe bravely deplored the Oxford Union being attacked by "unwashed thugs" when it hosted `fascists' for debate (see November). I replied (published 4 xii):
Congratulations to Scott McCombe on backing the freedom of the Oxford Union to invite whomever it likes; and on his percipience in looking to the future! Ten years ago, Edinburgh University fired me, a psychology lecturer, for telling too many home truths about race, IQ, feminazism and paedohysteria. Ten years later, not even Nobelist James Watson (of DNA's 'double helix') is allowed to speak at E.U. -- banned because he had ventured just one sentence of race realism about the problems of Africa. Students need to appreciate the left's remorseless advance towards tyrannical neoStalinism and take action before Government outlawing of criticism of homosexuality and Islam is followed by the banning of jokes about the ugly, the bald, the fat and, of course, mothers-in-law.


After ten years of NuLabour socio-environmentalism, egalitarianism and massive increases in state spending on useless crony `trained' `teachers' (many of them obese and/or bedraggled when screened on TV), British children dropped out of the world's top ten in international educational league tables (Sun, 5 xii), exposing the neosocialist target-mad Government's own internal `standards' as a dumbed-down charade of feats of rote memory for girls. The latest study of 57 countries by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development showed British 15-year-olds as barely "average" in reading and "below average" in maths. Labour's lying-bastard `Government ministers' promptly swore the new results were just wonderful - not even having the grace to do the minimal apologizing that nail-chewing trembly-handed and secretary-slamming P.M. Grumpy Gordon had managed over his party accepting illegal donations from anonymous donors (e.g. the Labour Friends of Israel who had spent fifty years paying out to make Britain a `diverse' `multicultural' society of marching morons run by socialist swindlers).


After a childless Jewish Newcastle property developer, David Abrahams, was found to have given œ666,000 anonymously, and thus illegally, to the Labour Party, the Jewish community hastened to distance itself from such insalubrious largesse - though, like the rest of the press, without asking, let alone ascertaining what such donation to a sitting Government with a large majority was intended to achieve and whether it was but the tip of the iceberg of other Jewish support for NuLabour multiculti ideals. Subsequently, London's Reform Club also distanced itself from Abrahams, banning him from introducing the socialite and Holocaust-sceptic former beauty queen Michele Renouf, 60 (once married to the 28-year-older financier Frank `the bank' Renouf) (Daily Mail, 15 xii).


Santa showed up early for NYTwits, in the form of Michigan `psychologist' Richard E. Nisbett assuring them that, despite 250 years of scientific racism, `All brains are the same colour' (9 xii) Yes, "In fact, the evidence heavily favors the view that race differences in I.Q. are environmental in origin, not genetic," wrote Nisbett - triumphantly citing in his conclusion the work of James Flynn, even though Flynn himself does not think the twentieth century changed actual general intelligence a bit. One correspondent replied:
To the Editor, New York Times:

As heartening as I found Richard E. Nisbett's arguments against a correlation between race and intelligence, I find it difficult to overlook the fact that one of the world's most eminent scientists, James D. Watson, recently lost his job for taking the opposite position. Under such circumstances, essays like Professor Nisbett's take on the air of dogma. One is left to wonder what researchers might find or say if their careers and reputations weren't threatened by academic McCarthyism.

Joshua P. Hill, New London, Conn., Dec. 10, 2007

Art Jensen and Phil Rushton also sent in a letter, but NYT could not be bothered to publish it:
To: Letters Editor, New York Times
December 9, 2007
Re: All Brains Are the Same Color

Nisbett engages in wishful thinking. Larger brains contain more neurons and process information more efficiently. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) shows that brain size correlates with IQ within race about 0.40. As we reviewed in 2005 in Psychology, Public Policy and Law, the races differ in brain size. One study followed 50,000 children from birth to age 7. The East Asian Americans in the sample averaged a larger head circumference at birth, 4 months, 1 year, and 7 years than White children who averaged a larger head circumference than Black children. By age 7, East Asian American children average an IQ of 110; Whites, 102; and Blacks 90. These findings on race differences in brain size are highly reliable and have been confirmed using four independent procedures-MRI, endocranial volume from empty skulls, wet brain weight at autopsy, and external head size. Black, White, and East Asian twins show equal heritabilities.

J. Philippe Rushton, Department of Psychology, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, N6A 5C2, Canada; Tel: 519-661-3685

Arthur R. Jensen, The University of California at Berkeley, 3300 Southlake Drive, Kelseyville, CA 95451; Tel: 707-279-8126, E-mail:

The NYT article was followed by an equally desperate and selective piece in the New Yorker (17 xii) in which Malcolm Gladwell backed the much-muddled Flynn (who had given a seminar at the Manhattan Institute at which The g Factor was not mentioned but Japanese IQ was claimed to be merely 99) and castigated Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray for proposing that Americans with low I.Q.s be "sequestered in a `high-tech' version of an Indian reservation" (a criticism for which the magazine had to issue an unqualified retraction).

AmRen correspondents did a good job of picking Nisbett apart (9 xii ff.).


As United Nations health experts moved to remedy iodine deficiencies in the worst-affected countries, it turned out to the dismay of environmentalists about Black IQ that subSaharan Africa [average IQ 70] was not over-represented in the top twenty countries needing to get iodised salt - indeed, three of the top twenty U.N. places went to Russia [IQ 97 for Lynn & Vanhanen, 2006], Vietnam [94] and China [105] (Physorg, 12 xii).


The `dualist' French philosopher-scientist Renee Descartes (1596-1650), who had claimed (to general ridicule) that the interface of mind and body occurred in the brain's tiny (but unitary) pineal gland, was vindicated at the National Taiwan University as researcher Jyh-Horng Chen found it was exactly this area that showed higher activation as students engaged in religious meditation (Daily Telegraph, 13 xii).


A full-blown race war looked imminent as the Europeans and Japanese of eastern Bolivia (around gas-rich Santa Cruz, and constituting 35% of Bolivia's population) got fed up with the high-taxing socialism foisted on them by the native Red Indians in the poor and mountainous west of the long-troubled country (led by gas-nationalizing President Evo Morales) (Los Angeles Times, 16 xii).

In once-happy Bermuda, home to 4,000 rich Brits and having zero unemployment and average GDP 50% higher than the U.S.A., the Whites prepared to leave rather than face the increasingly preposterous demands from Black P.M. Ewart Brown that the island's international firms introduce swingeing programmes of affirmative action (Daily Telegraph, 18 xii).

South Africa's Whites (and many top ANC Blacks) also seemed likely to leave as Blacks voted for funky obese Jacob Zuma, having 20 children by 9 different women, fresh from having to face accusations of rape and corruption and believed to enjoy the occasional sighting of Whites begging in the streets. President Mbeki was humiliated when, at his ANC party's gathering, Zuma's supporters sang the challenger's campaign song "Bring Me My Machine Gun" at him.

{Yet, amidst all this failed multiculturalism, polls showed that American minorities reckoned Whites were the best thing about the USA - certainly preferring them to each other (American Renaissance, 12 xii).}


In an end-of-the-year flurry of good news (unexpected in the dire year of 2007 which had seen even Nobelist James Watson banned from speaking about genes and race and Arthur Jensen banned from posting even a short factual letter in the New York Times), anorexia was linked to brain wiring (University of Pittsburgh), a third of bowel cancer cases were traced to two genetic defects (Cancer Research, London), and a gene was discovered (AVPR1a) which made students 50% more likely to give money to anonymous others (Hebrew University, Jerusalem) (all stories in Daily Telegraph, 17 xii).

In a small breakthrough for race realism, a female Chinese sociologist working in a Californian university was said to be using Richard Lynn's (2006) Race Differences in Intelligence: an Evolutionary Analysis with one of her graduate classes, on race - and the university bookstore had ordered copies for her students to buy.


English National Ballet principal ballerina Simone Clarke, 37, announced that - even though she had a daughter by fellow ENB dancer Yat-Sen Chang, a Cuban immigrant of Chinese descent - she would wed British National Party councillor Richard Barnbrook, 47, a former art teacher who had met and defended her in early-2007 when her BNP membership became known (Sun, 20 xii).

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Male paedophiles have less white matter in the brain than do non-sexual offenders, claimed Toronto researcher James Cantor and team in the Journal for Psychiatry Research (BBC, 28 xi; Times, 28 xi). The result came from MRI scans comparing c.60 paedophiles with 60 controls. Dr Cantor added that paedophiles tend to be shorter and of lower IQ and are three times more likely to be left-handed - all features compatible with an explanation in terms of brain damage while still in the womb. Cantor told journalists that he would no more propose to excuse paedophilic assaults or advances than he would excuse rape by normal heterosexual men - he saw no reason to doubt that paedophiles would have as much self-control as anyone else.

CRB comment:

The brain's white matter (involving heavily myelin-sheathed nerves travelling long distances) connects different grey-matter central brain areas rather as cables connect computers, is found in greater quantity in males and is sometimes held to assist with spatial orientation and visuospatial abilities (though females are more likely to use the system for ordinary intellectual work, according to neuropsychiatrist Richard Haier). Press reports did not say whether the paedophiles in the study had boys or girls as their inamorata.

The Cantor et al. finding of white-matter deficiency in paedophiles was intriguingly complemented by an observation of substantial white-matter superfluity in `pathological liars' made in a book newly published to acclaim (e.g. from Steven Pinker) in the USA (by a female ex-US Army linguist, adventurer, mother of four and engineer at Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan, whose family had suffered at the hands of her her sister, who showed some of the pathological characteristics of psychopathy) (Barbara Oakley, Evil Genes, Promotheus, citing Yang et al., 2005*; Times Higher, 1 xii).

For paedophiles to be biologically `opposite to' pathological liars would shock Britain's tabloid newspapers but not those (like criminologist David Cantor and myself) who have long maintained that most classical paedophiles are gentle souls fixated on the world of childish innocence and even wishing to help children with the transition to adulthood which they failed to make successfully themselves; as such, many would be ill-suited to the lying, deviousness, emotional indifference and cruelty of the classic psychopath or pathological liar. - Paedosadists would of course be a different matter.

* YANG, Y., RAINE, A., LENCZ, T., BIRHLE, Susan, LACASSE, L. & COLLETTI, P. (2005). Prefrontal white matter in pathological liars. British Journal of Psychiatry 187, 320-325. Postdoc researcher Yaling Yang and colleagues compared 12 self-admitted liars (malingerers, conmen and benefit frauds recruited via advertising at temporary employment agencies in Los Angeles) by prefrontal MRI scan to both antisocial and normal controls, finding the liars to have 22-26% extra white matter. Deception itself resembles an executive task: it elicits greater activation of the prefrontal regions (compared with telling the truth) and also incurs a processing cost, manifest in longer response times (for review see Spence et al, 2004). In 2007 Brit.J.Psychiat. 190, 174-5, Yang et al. localized their result more closely, reporting 23-36% greater white matter in 14 liars at orbitofrontal, middle and inferior gyrii. Yang et al.'s liars tested as fully `anti-social' in 25% of cases; and 67% of them were substance-abusers.

NB There are many complexities in results concerning grey and white matter as indicated previously in this diary/blog. Some researchers have found `growth trajectories' more important than simple volume; and, in July, evidence was offered that paedophiles have less grey matter in the right amygdala of the brain (Gene Expression, 30 vii). Excessive white matter may be the result rather than the cause of lying, for Kruesi and Casanova found no such excess in 6 mid-adolescent liars (2006, Brit.J.Psychiat. 188, 293-4). Reduced prefrontal white matter had been reported by others in chronic schizophrenics, elderly alcoholics and the hyperactive.


Despite priding itself on arranging an `apology for slavery' conference (starring my nemesis, the `Anti-Nazi' former E.LU. Chaplain, Iain Whyte), on banning the energy drink Rockst*r from its student bars (because of the company's link to right-wing U.S. commentator, Michael Savage) and on constructing a giant 20-professor Informatics Department, Edinburgh LUniversity could not have been pleased to get the local blame for its building works blacking out a third of Edinburgh South for several hours of a dark and stormy night in November; nor to find that it remained outside the Times' Good University Guide, dropping from 11th to 13th among U.K. universities; nor to have one of its Student Association officials apparently found sodomizing a homosexual minion in a Student Union toilet - at least that seemed to be the story that E.U.'s Student newspaper was determined to hush up in November.


Irish-parented Los Angeles-based pop star Morrissey, who had grown up in Manchester, told the New Musical Express that England/Britain had been changed out of recognition by immigration. He was reported by the magazine as saying: "It matters because the British identity is very attractive. I grew up into it, and I find it quaint and very amusing. But England is a memory now. Other countries have held on to their basic identity, yet it seems to me that England was thrown away." Later he denied `racism' and threatened to sue, but the NME let his deadline expire.


The first act of the newly elected Prime Minister of the Workers' Paradise, loopy-Labour Kevin [sic!] Rudd, replacing US and UK ally John Howard, was to apologize to his continent's throwbacks to prehumanity for having - according to so-advanced socialist t'inking down-under - driven the poor aboriginals to alcoholism, wife-maiming, child abuse, incarceration, unemployability, IQ 62 and general under-achievement. Just how Australians of the past 250 years -- many of them Irish, mostly egalitarian and half of them republican - could have inflicted such a fate on the native people of Oz remained unexplained.

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After two years of being bought off by soft policing, job creation programmes, equal opportunities legislation, training programmes, affirmative action and government largesse to imams,* Muesli mobs from grimy Parisian tower blocks once more showed their multicultural mettle in suburbs 12 miles north of Notre Dame, injuring 77 police and a journalist in a single night (5 critically), torching dozens of cars and setting fire to a police station and two schools (Sun, 27 xi). The night's violence was even more intense (though less widespread pro tem.) than the three weeks of Black rioting two years ago, said police official Patrice Ribeiro. Police were facing "genuine urban guerrillas with conventional weapons and hunting weapons," he told Associated Press.

North African youths were seen firing buckshot at police and reporters. Angry residents said the police left the scene of Sunday's crash without helping two unhelmeted teenagers whose stolen, unlicensed and speeding moped had collided with their police car. Police, who made six arrests, said they had been attacked with guns and petrol bombs and that kids as young as ten were being used as spotters and police radio scanners to give advance warning of police movements (BBC, 27 xi). Prime Minister François Fillon called the attackers “criminals who would be treated as such.” Some youths, interviewed in French newspapers, claim to have "declared war" on the cops and wanted two dead.

At stake here was whether the French model of multiculturalism – with its clear and dogmatic separation of church and state – was finally unravelling as Mueslis declined to offer loyalty to even the most important element of the French constitution, the police. The parents of the dead teenagers called for calm and were invited to meet President Sarkozy (lately alleged to have a glamorous eleven-year-younger girlfriend) on his return a trip to Peking. Meantime, a half of France’s 85 universities remained closed by striking students….

* A note re 2005 from Bits of News, 27 xi 07: “The riots were eventually put down and limited government concessions relating to immigrants' status and legality to work were introduced by Nicolas Sarkozy, then minister for the interior, who, ironically, had argued for a reduction in the separation of Church and State and for government subsidies of mosques. This went some way towards placating the immigrant community in France and, for the timebeing, the barricades were removed and the philosophers and booksellers came back out on to the streets of Paris. The concessions, however, were no more than a sticking plaster.”

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First pictures

Only 500 protesters turn up 7p.m. -- barely exceeding the 450 with tickets to attend the debate.

Novelist Anne Atkins is one of four main speakers

Leftists break into Oxford Union. Leftist thugs get through police cordon to barricade themselves in and stage sit-down protest

Union security officers said the protesters got into the building by jumping over the wall while others created a diversion by gathering and crushing at the front gate. The sit-down mob at the gate prevented about half the students who had tickets from getting in to the debate.

Incompetent police, their Thames Valley force headed by a womyn, finally restore a semblance of order -- After a delay of about an hour and a half, the debate finally got under way -- at about 10 p.m., to much rejoicing from the BNP.

Different speakers had to speak from different rooms -- thanks to police inability to get them across a quadrangle to be together.

Indie fesses defeat: the liberal-left Independent’s headline as dawn broke was Debate ends 40 years of solitude for the far right But the Socialist Worker’s headline was 1000 anti-fascists wreck Oxford’s sham debate.

The BNP declared (27 xi): “University debating chambers have been lining up for several years to invite Nick Griffin and other BNP spokespersons to address their students. All of the organisers have given in to threats of violence, disruption and campus ostracism. Oxford Union have broken the mould and the door is now open for other universities to follow Oxford’s lead. Despite death threats delivered to Luke Tryl, the President of the Oxford Union, was bold enough to go ahead with significant backing from fellow members of the Union.”

For the Guardian (27 xi), Micah Smith said Irving and Griffin had “a shamefully easy ride” in such debate as had been possible in the confusion; and he added “On his blog, student Jonny Wright described the chaotic situation. As it unfolded before my eyes, I wrote the following thoughts down: "I am sat here feeling threatened by my own side ... this is theatre alright, but it's the wrong side playing the thugs." Their actions will be exploited by Irving and Griffin, to paradoxically paint anti-fascists as the real fascists.At the end of the day, Irving and Griffin were handed exactly what they wanted by simply being invited to the Union. Unfortunately, those few protesters who chose the path of aggression provided them with the cherry on top.”

After the night of furious disruption, delay, chaos and disgrace for the forces of law and order, police congratulated themselves and all students on their good behaviour and said no arrests were made because no criminal offences had been committed. But Liberal-Democratic speaker Evan Harris MP criticised police for “failing to put a cordon around the Union” and giving protestors the chance to storm in. Mr Harris said he was “disappointed” in the police response to the anti-fascist rally, adding “The failure of the police is outrageous.”

One Times correspondent wrote: “The right will recall the events of tonight as an example of leftwing democracy for decades to come. Tonight the morality of the left went into the red.”

A happy outcome was that students at the University of East Anglia voted 75% in favour of abandoning the National Union of Students’ policy of ‘No platform for fascists and racists’ (Guardian, 27 xi) – and they were supported by Britain’s minister for higher education, Bill Rammell. And Times correspondents who had attended the debater were thankfully horrified at the authoritarianism of the left (28 xi).

Friday, November 23, 2007


After a month of mounting protests from thousands (including some top Labour bigwigs) at his having invited BNP leader Nick Griffin and Holocaust-sceptic historian David Irving to discuss ‘the limits of free speech’ on 26th November, Oxford Union President Luke Tryl, a Conservative, was standing his ground over the invitation (Independent, 19 xi). Jewish Oxford West Liberal Democrat M.P., Dr Evan Harris, had also agreed to take part in the debate -- defending his involvement on free-speech grounds and gaining the support of national Liberal leadership candidates Chris Huhne and Nick Clegg. Leftists planned rowdy protests in central Oxford in the evenings of 20th and 23rd November to intimidate the Oxford Union into cancelling the debate. However, Raghib Ali, one of the founders of the Oxford Islam and Muslim Awareness Project, said there were dangers in depriving Griffin and Irving of a platform.

{Over the previous ten years, cancellation rates for ‘controversial right-wing’ speakers had been 100%, beginning with my being barred from addressing gatherings in Edinburgh (1996) and Oxford (1997) after police advice to conveners that staff serving the gatherings could not be protected. – My 1997 Cambridge debate had gone ahead only because it was organized by leftists who turned up early at the debating hall and filled it so I could be defeated in the final show of hands; thus the 30 police surrounding Gonville & Caius College had been assured by the left there would be little or no serious trouble.}

I wrote to the Oxford Mail as follows (published 20 xi):

In the eighteenth century, top British philosopher David Hume could not get a job in any Scottish university because he was rumoured to be an atheist. Ten years ago, I was fired by Edinburgh University for too much free speech about race, intelligence, feminazism and paedohysteria. This year, Nobelist James Watson was sent to the doghouse for his own scientific racism. This week, even such victims of anti-free-speech hysteria as Nick Griffin and David Irving face being disinvited from even discussing free speech itself at the Oxford Union. As British leftists take the country back to the days of the Inquisition, one just wonders whether they ponder the determination of Queen Elizabeth I 'not to make windows into men's souls.' The Martyrs' Memorial, just a minute away from the Union in central Oxford, should daily remind them.

Only 100 left-wing goons turned up 20 xi at Oxford Town Hall to protest the Irving/Griffin visitation (Oxford Mail, 20 xi) – but they still won the support of Oxford’s right-on pacifist and atheist Lord Mayor, John Tanner, who was leading an overwhelmingly left-wing Council (where Conservatives had only two seats out of 48). Stephen Altmann-Richer, co-president of the Oxford University Jewish Society, told the BBC News website that, while freedom of speech was important, it was “overshadowed in this instance".

The Guardian’s Padraig Reidy protested that there was no ‘right to speak at the Oxford Union’ – without considering that there was (surely) a duty to let a university-chosen speaker be heard. The Archbishop of Canterbury, fresh from presiding over the dismemberment of the Church of England over yag rights to leadership also joined the thousands who had objected to the debate.

President Luke Tryl thought he had 75% of Oxford Junior Common Rooms behind him; but David Irving, noting O.U.’s cancellation of seven debates in the past few years thanks to Jewish pressure, said he had provisionally accepted a speaking engagement in Liverpool for 26th November.

The Jewish press (Totally Jewish, 22 xi) cleverly reckoned that, whatever happened in Oxford, the outcome would be a victory for the ‘far right’ – vindicating the general Jewish policy of maximum silence about the suppression of racial outspeakers (as had eventually been achieved in my own case at E.LU., where the LUni paid up rather than go to court against me). But its columnist Jonathan Hoffman had no compunction about calling for cancellation (22 xi).

I wrote to Nouse (the York University student newspaper, where sporty blonde Comment Editor Stephanie Dyson had backed the debtate) (22 xi) and Oxford Mail (published 22 xi):
Congratulations to Stephanie Dyson on her robust defence of free debate at Oxford! When British universities have suppressed the race realism of six of their academics in the past ten years, it would ill behove the Oxford Union to join the ranks of PeeCee. All students have a duty to support free speech in universities at this critical juncture before it is finally whisked away. One's heart goes out to O.U. President Luke Tryl, faced as he is by hysterical leftists (whose political forebears actually did nothing to oppose Hitler c. 1933-41) and doubtless by spineless modern Oxford 'academics' (who have done precisely nothing to contribute to debate about race, intelligence and the problems of sub-Saharan Africa over the past generation). Luke's position is even more precarious since the recent withdrawal of the 'scholars' of London, Bristol and Edinburgh from hearing the race realism of Nobelist James Watson. Luke is a brave man and it is lucky for today's shamelessly ignoracist and Enoch-denying Not-the-Conservative-Party that he has got his eye on leadership -- hopefully taking the party towards the national liberalism of Palmerston and Lloyd George, including free speech for Englishmen. One hopes the gals of Oxford will make it all worthwhile in time-honoured fashion for their fine President-with-Balls.

PS to Alan Page: Sorry 'The g Factor' is a bit rebarbative. Just enjoy Hans Eyenck's 'The Inequality of Man,' to which TgF is merely an updated academic footnote.


Jim Flynn’s new book on intelligence (What is Intelligence?, Cambridge University Press, saying secular gains are erratic across test-types, may well not continue, and that genes have some of their effect by influencing a child’s environment) was reviewed by neuroscientist Richard Restak in The American Scholar (xi 2007) – revealing it to contain no arguments not already considered in The g Factor (1996) and by the rest of the London School.

As a Birmingham Tory MP candidate came under fire for Powellite sympathies, I wrote in to defend him (as did 500 others in the first six hours of the Sunday Telegraph carrying the story on the net) (published 4 xi):

Dear Nigel Hastilow, Well done to have the courage to speak out! Feel free to call on me to do what I can to help. You may like to prepare for your interrogation from Comrade Spelperson by looking at my article on Enoch at Yours sincerely, -- Chris Brand (psychologist, author of 'The g Factor,' sacked by Edinburgh University 1997 for undue realism).

However, after criticism from party toffs George Osborne and (once-supposed-right-winger) David Davies, Hastilow resigned within hours of his Powellite concerns becoming widely known - despite his continuing to enjoy the support of his Halesowen constituency party chairwoman (BBC, 4 xi). The alternative presented by party chairlady Comrade Caroline Spelman had been for Hastilow to denounce his own remarks as "incredibly stupid" and to accept future gagging from Not-the-Conservative Party Central Office.

Infuriated at the Cameroonian backtracking on the gains of the few previous weeks (as the Conservatives had embraced a little tax-cutting and found themselves surge ahead in the polls), the Daily Telegraph's top columnist Simon Heffer said it was hard to spurn a candidate who merely said Enoch Powell had spoken the truth about mass immigration (as he had about the need for monetarism, the danger to the UK of devolutionary experiments and the unacceptability to the UK of the EU) and denounced David Cameron as "playing his part in the great betrayal" of Britain (7 xi), promptly sparking an enormous postbag (1000 responses, mainly agreeable, in the first 16 hours) and probably civil war in the Conservative Party. I joined in as follows:

Re Paula Smith, 17, 08:41

The 'immigrants' to Britain of c. 1000+ years ago were drawn from the dynamic aristocratic military elites of their European tribes/races. The Anglo-Saxons brought the 'witan' (council of wise men) and a rich art and literature and soon converted to Christianity. The Normans (Vikings), with an empire spreading into the eastern Mediterranean, brought the castle and stable government, working closely with the Church.
By contrast, all too many immigrants of the past 50 years were people who could not find work or wealth in their homelands such as Jamaica (mean IQ 71), Pakistan (84), Somalia (68) and Iraq (87). (Figures from R. Lynn, 2006, 'IQ and Global Inequality.') Understandably, many of these immigrants pose problems that will surely not be experienced from students from Poland (IQ 99).
Sincerely, -- Chris Brand (author of 'The g Factor').

At the same time, Labour `antiracist' busybody Keith Vaz accused Prime Minister Brown of `risking fuelling racism' by promising `British jobs for British workers' (Scotsman, 7 xi).


The gain of perhaps as much as 10 IQ points that children enjoy if breast-fed (summarized in The g Factor, 1996, pp. 143-4) turned out to depend on have a gene, FADS2, that helps break down fatty acids - one child in ten lacks the gene so gets no IQ gain from breastmilk, found London researchers (BBC, 6 xii). {The researchers supplied no information as to the racial distribution of FADS2.}


Responding to the Spectator's feeble efforts `defending' James Watson and Nigel Hastilow, I wrote:

There's too much beating about the bush here. Rod Liddle's article doesn't even mention Blacks, Pakistanis, criminality, female slavery or IQ. Yesterday, I found I was barred from contributing to the Torygraph's 1,500 responses to Simon Heffer's defence of Hastilow, apparently because I mentioned that the average IQ in Jamaica was 71.

The right is failing to realize that, since Labour has seized the territory of religion (today providing the piety of political correctness, handily combinable with the world-slavery operation of economic 'globalization'), it needs to seize as it never did in the past the authority-giving territory of science -- which is unfailingly right-wing about race, crime, illiteracy, single-parent families etc. Science says let's go with what we know; let's select, encourage, breed for and genetically engineer high IQ -- whereas peecee piety says let's pray for utopia and burn the heretics. Time to take all Grumpy Gordon's cash for quangos, managers and welfare-dependents and give it to the scientists like the 'controversialist' Dr Watson (whom the Speccie hardly dared to mention)!

Recall: it was Britain that furnished Hume, Darwin, Galton and Churchill (all [scientific] racists to the hilt, of course). Now that the world and even the Labour Party has nominally accepted British idealism (plagues of lawyers, non-property-owning democracy, 'human rights', belief in similar `comprehensive' (mis) education for all) it is time for the Tories to offer complementary British realism (families, freedom, fighting and fun -- run only by a Parliament in which the Prime Minister would put in a 40-hour week).


In a new manifestation of its environmentalunacy and addiction to `training,' Grumpy Supreme Leader Brown announced he would identify illiterate schoolchildren (80% of whom have low IQs) and oblige them to stay behind at school for an extra hour each day to receive special `help' (Daily Telegraph, 8 xi). So, having been refused during the day the slower-paced teaching that they need, these victims of non-streamed education were publicly humiliated and treated as only seriously naughty children were treated in the past. {The latest miseducational wheeze was accompanied by the further announcement that children would be bullied by the criminal law to stay in Britain's wretched socialist `schools' till age 18; and government adviser Sir Cyril Taylor further reminded Britain's few remaining thinkers of the environmentalunacy of the Brown regime by demanding that 17,000 teachers should lose their jobs for failing to meet the government's preposterous targets of every child being `first class' and getting to university.}


I got a mention in despatches from `Hiro Protagonist,' 11 xi, who recalled my ordeal over child sex hysteria, about which it was even more dangerous to be realistic than about race.


As discoveries of DNA differences between races increasingly leaked from laboratories into the public domain, New York Times columnist Amy Harmon told scientists (11 xi) they must prepare to put such race-realist discoveries "in perspective," i.e. downplay their significance as compared to social factors -- especially if, as rumoured by a Manhattan blogger, called Half Sigma [see 10 xi], there were DNA variations which linked race and IQ (see this diary/blog, GENE LINKED TO IQ - RESEARCHERS, iii 2007). "Research is exploring how DNA explains racial differences, but it could give discredited prejudices a new potency," said Harmon.


Fuller women may have smarter children because hip fat contains fatty acids critical for the development of the foetus's brain (New Scientist, 9 xi).


An article by top German psychogeneticist Volkmar Weiss included an explanation of the Flynn effect, namely that smaller families have provided relatlively better (more attentive) upbringing for their children:

".. in a representative study of the National Institute of Demography of France (Gille et al., 1954) it was shown that in any social stratum the average IQ of later-born sibs is lower than the IQ of first- and second-born. In any social stratum the seventh child of a sibship has an IQ that is about 10 points lower than the IQ of the firstborns. It is not that in any stratum the least intelligent parents have the most children; but if parents have to distribute their care and money among a larger number of children each later-born child gets less. From this we can conclude that on its own the decreasing and smaller size of sibships in the general population may have contributed heavily to the past phenotypic IQ increase appearing as the Flynn Effect."

{A negative association between family size and child IQ had been asserted/confirmed by Eysenck & Cookson (1971, Br.J.educ.Psych.), Ross & Simpson (1971, Br.J.educ.Psych), Marjoribanks (1975, Br.J.soc.clin.Psych.) and Zajonc (1983, Psych. Bull.) (who claimed the effect obtained regardless of parental SES).}

Weiss's suggestion formed part of an impressive and wide-ranging article documenting the eugenic upswings and dysgenic downswings of human societies. Just how such swings begin could be that the higher-IQ have evolutionary advantages and greater fecundity during harder times but that, as the economy then succeeds, the society tends to pull in slave labour which eventually wrecks the human environment until the higher-IQ once more have an advantage. But, be that as it may, Weiss was making the same prosaic empirical point as Lynn, Flynn and myself: that there was no genotypic 20th-century secular rise in Western intelligence. If so, action to maintain IQ (or to improve it, as in China) is urgently necessary - Weiss himself was minded to forecast doom for the West by 2030. And what about race? Yes, Weiss was not shy to back Dr Watson:
"He who believes . . . . that it would be possible to establish civil society in the Congo by general suffrage, shows only that he is a prisoner of the current spirit of the age. The same incapability misguides world hunger assistance and prevents proper action against mass immigration into the First World. In the last decades we have seen economic boom, just as with Europe before 1890, in states with authoritarian governments and a high average IQ, for example in South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore, or at least high variance of IQ as Malaysia."


From New Party Newsletter, 9 xi:

"It's always nice to talk about good news for a change, and so the end of the marriage-made-in-Hell between George Galloway MP and his Muslim fan-club on the one hand and the witless Trots of the Socialist Workers Party on the other is especially welcome.

A number of SWP members have apparently been expelled from Respect, although others are now claiming that Galloway himself has left the party. In fact, Galloway has seized control of the party office, changing the locks, while the SWP faction appear to retain control of the party website. So much for the Unity Coalition. Both sides are planning to hold their own party conference. Meanwhile the Respect group on Tower Hamlets Council has split, with the SWP group looking to join forces with - wait for it - the Liberal Democrats.

You couldn't make it up."


Cash-spinning self-promoting peecee-pansy geneticist Craig Venter, fresh from studying his own genome, announced that he had underestimated human genetic variation by a factor of seven: humans differed on average not by 0.1% but by 0.7%, he admitted - while still denying that there were any important genetic differences between races (World Science, 3 ix). {It had long been known that humans share 50% of their genes with the average pickled onion, so an average difference between humans of 0.7% was massive - easily allowing the striking observed human differences in IQ, pulchritude and dong size.}


Ontario's `College of Teachers' stripped lecturer Paul Fromm of membership, and thus of licence to teach in Ontario (Toronto Star, 10 xi). Fromm had come to Jewish attention for his anti-Semitic views.


Worried that poverty might not be the explanation of Black underperformance at school (where Blacks do far worse than White even when SES is equal), top California education bureaucrat Jack O'Connell explained to 4,000 assembled `experts' that Blacks suffered "cultural ignorance" because they learned to clap and chant in church and thus did not attend properly in school.. (VDare, 13 xi). O'Connell's bottom line? - Blacks should be taught at a slower pace than Whites.... (San Francisco Chronicle, 12 xi)!


"To him that hath shall be given.." says St Matthew's Gospel, a principle sometimes noted by Arthur Jensen. Anyway, so it turned out as British education researchers found that `improved standards' in schools since Labour took office, when not due (as for two-thirds of the changes) to grade inflation and to pupils working harder, were attributable to investments in schools having pupils from better-quality families (Guardian, 13 xi). By contrast, children from poor families proved largely unresponsive to the squandering on them of Government largesse, according to research at Lancaster University which shocked Ministers to demand an urgent review of Labour's policy of renaming useless schools `academies' and showering them with new buildings, visual aids, computers etc.


As 80-year-old William Manahan, former Abbot of Buckfast Abbey (R.C.) in Devon, was jailed for 15 months after pleading guilty to eight charges of sexually assaulting boys at the Abbey prep school in the 1970s, a fine condemnation of such inhumanity and waste of police time was provided by top columnist Mick Hume in the Times (13 xi). A correspondent helpfully added:

"The late Dr Anthony Storr, psychiatrist and writer, stated that he never found that molestation was the primary cause of trauma; the damage came from the shame and rejection engendered by concerned adults. Action taken on behalf of a traumatised child within reasonable time scale is very different from such global trawling. Organisations for children are falling apart for lack of supervisors, choir training requires "chaperones", many choirs etc. are folding or have folded, with no taint of molestation, merely the loss of men willing to be accused. Though many children die in house fires, no smoke detectors are needed by UK law. This shows what we really think of child welfare. Yes, sex is profitable for media folk and frightens politicians into over-reaction. That, alongside fat compensation payouts, is what drives this obsessional, prurient farago."


As the British Government failed to win its 5-year-long wars ooops conflict situations in Iraq and Afghaniland (supplying 93% of the world's heroin despite endless footling efforts by HMG's `drug czars'), it transpired that the National Health Service had supplied 24 free hymen reconstructions in 2006 to bashful Muslie damsels in Britain wishing to `maintain their families' honour' and deceive their marital partners (Daily Mail, 15 xi); and that King Abdullah bin Fahta of Saudi Arabia, welcomed at Buck House by Queen Brenda and Grumpy Gordon for his `vaaalues,' had been busy consigning to imprisonment and 200 lashes a 19-year-old Saudi girl who had been gang-raped - the rationale being that she had been seen, prior to the rape, sitting in a car with a single man.


American intellectuals were amazed to find that Slate columnist William Saletan was allowed to write an article doubting racial equality in intelligence (18 xi), e.g. including:

"..The New York Times told readers that when Watson implied "that black Africans are less intelligent than whites, he hadn't a scientific leg to stand on[6]." I wish these assurances were true. They aren't[7]. Tests do show an IQ deficit, not just for Africans relative to Europeans, but for Europeans relative to Asians. Economic and cultural theories have failed to explain most of the pattern, and there's strong preliminary evidence that part of it is genetic. It's time to prepare for the possibility that equality of intelligence, in the sense of racial averages on tests, will turn out not to be true."

NYTwits were also allowed to be advised of the importance of genetic factors by a correspondent, Marty Nemko (18 xi).

Saturday, November 10, 2007


An "Orwellian" scheme of "treatment" to induce political correctness, multiculturalism and White guilt in 7,000 students was revealed at the University of Delaware by the Foundation for Individual Rights in education (1 xi). Among many ideological lunacies, Delaware students were being instructed in compulsory propaganda sessions that only Whites could be `racist.' The programme had been exposed by London School heroine Linda Gottfredson and publicized by the horrified Philadelphia Inquirer.

A specimen of the LUniversity's "Life Diversity Facilitation Training":
"A RACIST: A racist is one who is both privileged and socialized on the basis of race by a white supremacist (racist) system. The term applies to all white people (i.e., people of European descent) living in the United States, regardless of class, gender, religion, culture or sexuality. By this definition, people of color cannot be racists, because as peoples within the U.S. system, they do not have the power to back up their prejudices, hostilities, or acts of discrimination. (This does not deny the existence of such prejudices, hostilities, acts of rage or discrimination.)"

As press amazement at the programme became evident, the LUniversity said it would suspend and review the programme..(American Thinker, 2 xi).


Emboldened by James Watson having to retreat from `racism', Michael Craven, the Founding Director of the Center for Christ and Culture, called on other biological scientists to dissociate from Darwin (Crosswalk [The Intersection of Faith and Life], 1 xi). After linking Watson and the Cold Spring Harbor lab (quite correctly) to Galton and eugenics, Craven further noted (quite correctly) the racism of Darwin himself:

" According to the theories, there are significant evolutionary differences between the races, and essentially the race that was closer to apes (Blacks, according to Darwin) was less intelligent and inherently inferior to whites. Darwin stated, "At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace throughout the world the savage races." Of course this ignores decades of research suggesting that race is not a meaningful concept and that there is no biological basis for race. This underscores the biblical position of only one race, the human race."


Evidence mounted that feminist academic were pestering the U.S. Congress for a big increase in their promotion prospects regardless of merit. As witnesses, Congressmen, and a crowd of over 100 people had gathered in October on Capitol Hill for a hearing on women in academic science and engineering, not a single Committee Member or panelist challenged the presumption behind the hearing -- that discrimination was the primary cause of women's underrepresentation among science and engineering academics; rather, they just turned straight to consideration of government-mandated solutions to the perceived problem. Following the hounding and resignation of Harvard President Larry Summers, mentioning deep-seated sex differences had become as problematic for U.S. public figures as discussing race.


AllAfrica's Nigerian columnist, Idang Alibi, announced (1 xi) that, following some 500 supportive phone calls and text messages saying that Africa needed to learn the `home truths' that James Watson had mentioned, he would aim to write a book on the topic. He declared:
" I must confess that I am pleasantly surprised because it is completely contrary to what I had expected. It is not what I had dreamt of at all. I was waiting for a storm of very angry reactions from pseudo- intellectuals, and 'patriotic' black men who are usually very touchy when they think the dignity and pride of the black race have been assaulted. I expected that there will be many of such who will accuse me of being a sell-out or a self-hater. We are not a people given to deep introspection. We take things as they come and have an incredible capacity to endure wrong things for so long and not get angry with ourselves or with anybody else with a view to changing things for the better. ..The fact that we who ought to have regarded Watson's testimony about our inferiority as an insult on the basis of pure emotion are saying that what he is saying is a painful truth gives me confidence that our mindset is changing for good. ..Our home-grown variant of democracy is pure euphemism for thuggery, rigging, violence, manipulation, falsehood, injustice, unfairness and our apparent inability to govern ourselves."

I sent email to AllAfrica in Nigeria (published 1 xi) congratulating Idang Alibi and suggesting he look at the Cambridge Debate ( and IQ and the Wealth of Nations.

The mighty rightist John Derbyshire was allowed to give Watson's recantation a blast in National Review Online (1 xi). Modest support for free speech, as against PeeCee, was found among the residents of Cold Spring Harbor village (Newsday, 27 x). A full and up-to-date defence of pre-recantation Watson was provided by Jason Malloy at Gene Expression (1 xi).

Yet more Black realism re Watson came from the Nigerian Tribune ["the oldest surviving private newspaper in Nigeria"] (Nosa Osaigbovo, 2 xi):
" The troubling truth is that Dr. Watson's contempt for black Africans is not completely undeserved. The talk about black achievements in ancient times-the construction marvels of Monomotapa and Zimbabwe, the vision and valour of Hannibal, a `black African', etc-is self-comforting nonsense. What has black Africa achieved in the last 500 years? Black Africans were made a race of slaves by Europeans and Arabs. About 12 million Africans worked as slaves on plantations in North and South America and in the Caribbean. Arabs were said to have captured and enslaved almost 20 million black Africans. ..

Nigeria was a colony for 46 years and has been independent for 47 years. Has it made more progress in freedom than in captivity? Many people who were adults at independence in 1960 say life was better under the British than it is now. The country is richer than it was under the British, but millions of Nigerians live in dignity-destroying poverty. Nigeria imports almost everything. It imports razor blades and pins. It has no technology to speak of. It needs Asians to operate its imported mobile phone technology. The oil industry depends on foreign expertise. Some of the engineers and technicians are from the Philippines, a developing country like Nigeria. .. Thugs now rule in many universities, which look a bit like slums. The halls of residence and lecture rooms are overcrowded and libraries and laboratories are bare. Seminality has been replaced by seediness. The universities in their present stunted state cannot put Nigeria on the technological map. China has put a man in space and has sent a rocket to the moon, but Nigeria could not successfully run a car assembly plant. Corruption crushed its steel and machine tools plants. The political leadership is steeped in corruption."

Even Modern Ghana admitted (4 xi) Africa's lack of progress - though seeming to prefer to attribute this to a `lack of confidence,' induced by the likes of Watson and preventing Africa from giving up Western ideas and returning to rural socialism..


The Italian Government announced that its prefects (local representatives of its Interior Ministry) would be allowed to deport summarily any foreigners deemed to be a threat to security (Guardian, 2 xi). The move came after hideous rapes, robberies and beatings carried out by Romanian immigrants - probably including slitting the throats of Giovanni Reggiani, the 47-year-old Protestant [Waldensian] wife of an Italian navy captain, and a British female student. The Roman Catholic charity Caritas put the number of Romanians in Italy at 556,000 -- less than 1% of the population; yet, according to the Interior Minister, 5.6% of those arrested for murder were Romanian. Gypsies, mainly illiterate, had poured into Italy from Romania after E.U. accession had been agreed in 2002.

Promptly, the prefect of Milan signed deportation warrants in respect of four Romanians who were living in one of the numerous wretched camps on the outskirts of the city. Within hours, thousands of Romanians had been rounded up and their shantytown homes were bulldozed though E.U. law required no targeting of ethnic groups and delays and court hearings before individuals `seriously threatening one of the fundamental interests of society' could be returned to their national homelands.. Nello Rossi, the head of Italy's National Magistrates Association, said that each expulsion would have to be justified, and that "there cannot be mass indiscriminate expulsions". But the Italian Government said it would get shot of 5,000 Romanians `within weeks.'

A spokesman for a newly founded far-right group, Fabio Sabbatani Schiuma, said he condemned attacks by masked men on Romanians but called them 'the product of a climate of exasperation'. Anti-foreigner graffiti on the walls of the surrounding, working-class area echoed his words. Apparently the authorities feared a spiral of vendettas against gypsies, Italy's largest immigrant group. Caution about hasty deportations was urged by the Pope and churchmen; but 83% of Italians supported the authorities actions after five years of increasingly unwelcome immigration by gypsies.


The authoritative Cambridge Primary Review of reading levels in Britain's primary schools since Rev. Blair's NuLabout introduced `reforms' (made from 1998, such as a daily `literacy hour') found no improvement by 2005 and clear evidence of children feeling stressed by tests and losing interest in reading (Times, 2 xi; Daily Telegraph, 2 xi). The report said: "500 million pounds was spent on the National Literacy Strategy with almost no impact on reading levels."

{In children, reading age correlates at .70 with intelligence and is probably highly heritable, around .65 (e.g. Bates et al., 2004, Australian Journal of Psychology. Such facts have been routinely ignored by educational improvers for forty years - e.g. in America's massive 2002ff. `No Child Left Behind' handout of multi-billion dollars to pie-eyed ideologues.}


As the British NuLabour Government announced it would give œ70M to Muslim `moderates' to help them damp down Muesli extremism in mosques, gyms, cafes and on the internet* - a policy akin to King Ethelred the Unready buying off Vikings with Danegeld and NuLabour itself buying off the IRA with plum ministerial jobs at Stormont - the London Stock Market crashed to its lowest level for four years after traditionally conservative American bank `Mother' Merrill Lynch appointed an `adventurous' Black CEO, lent money at wondrous interest rates to poor Blacks (who were soon, as per type, laid out on drugs or in clink) and saw its shares devalue 8% in a single day (2 xi). {The `stark dependence' of peecee `liberal and welfare state values' on `the local success of capitalism' had been noted on p. 136 of The g Factor (1996). But I had not anticipated that businessmen themselves would believe ignoracist propaganda and put their money more than nominally into Black hands.}

* `Communities Secretary' wee dahlin' Labour loyalist arselicker Hazel Blears said that new tactics by extremists required "a new, bolder response." 70 million was to be spent promoting community leadership to withstand extremist tendencies. That would include 25 million on national schemes including training for English-speaking imams, and setting up citizenship lessons in madrassas (mosque schools).


As a Birmingham Tory MP candidate came under fire for Powellite sympathies, I wrote in to defend him (as did 500 others in the first six hours of the Sunday Telegraph carrying the story on the net) (published 4 xi):
Dear Nigel Hastilow, Well done to have the courage to speak out! Feel free to call on me to do what I can to help. You may like to prepare for your interrogation from Comrade Spelperson by looking at my article on Enoch at Yours sincerely, -- Chris Brand (psychologist, author of 'The g Factor,' sacked by Edinburgh University 1997 for undue realism).

However, after criticism from party toffs George Osborne and (once-supposed-right-winger) David Davies, Hastilow resigned within hours of his Powellite concerns becoming widely known - despite his continuing to enjoy the support of his Halesowen constituency party chairwoman (BBC, 4 xi). The alternative presented by party chairlady Comrade Caroline Spelman had been for Hastilow to denounce his own remarks as "incredibly stupid" and to accept future gagging from Not-the-Conservative Party Central Office.

Infuriated at the Cameroonian backtracking on the gains of the few previous weeks (as the Conservatives had embraced a little tax-cutting and found themselves surge ahead in the polls), the Daily Telegraph's top columnist Simon Heffer said it was hard to spurn a candidate who merely said Enoch Powell had spoken the truth about mass immigration (as he had about the need for monetarism, the danger to the UK of devolutionary experiments and the unacceptability to the UK of the EU) and denounced David Cameron as "playing his part in the great betrayal" of Britain (7 xi), promptly sparking an enormous postbag (1000 responses, mainly agreeable, in the first 16 hours) and probably civil war in the Conservative Party. I joined in as follows:
Re Paula Smith, 17, 08:41

The 'immigrants' to Britain of c. 1000+ years ago were drawn from the dynamic aristocratic military elites of their European tribes/races. The Anglo-Saxons brought the 'witan' (council of wise men) and a rich art and literature and soon converted to Christianity. The Normans (Vikings), with an empire spreading into the eastern Mediterranean, brought the castle and stable government, working closely with the Church.

By contrast, all too many immigrants of the past 50 years were people who could not find work or wealth in their homelands such as Jamaica (mean IQ 71), Pakistan (84), Somalia (68) and Iraq (87). (Figures from R. Lynn, 2006, 'IQ and Global Inequality.') Understandably, many of these immigrants pose problems that will surely not be experienced from students from Poland (IQ 99).

Sincerely, -- Chris Brand (author of 'The g Factor').

At the same time, Labour `antiracist' busybody Keith Vaz accused Prime Minister Brown of `risking fuelling racism' by promising `British jobs for British workers' (Scotsman, 7 xi).


The gain of perhaps as much as 10 IQ points that children enjoy if breast-fed (summarized in The g Factor, 1996, pp. 143-4) turned out to depend on have a gene, FADS2, that helps break down fatty acids - one child in ten lacks the gene so gets no IQ gain from breastmilk, found London researchers (BBC, 6 xii).


According to Arts Council sources, at an Arts Council lunch, U.K. Opposition leader Mr David Cameron quipped to his hosts: "I hope you won't be giving grants to too many one-legged Lithuanian lesbians," supposedly prompting embarrassed looks all round. A senior Labour official said the Tory leader was guilty of "crass insensitivity" after the comment was leaked to the Mail on Sunday. The peecee accusation of insensitivity followed the 2007 silencing of Henri Guaino, the speechwriter to France's President Sarkozy, and of American Nobelist James Watson. {Previously silenced in Britain were Sussex University's Professor Geoffrey Sampson (2001), Labour/UKIP politician Robert Kilroy-Silk (2005), Leeds University's Dr Frank Ellis (2006), Imperial College's Armand Leroi (2006), the London School of Economics' Satoshi Kanazawa (2006) and Oxford University's David Coleman (2007).}


As a deathly hush resumed over politics and academia, at least American conservative thinker Pat Buchanan offered Nobelist James Watson some support (Human Events, 30 x):
" In the England of Henry VIII, heretics were beheaded and their heads put on spikes. Many men, like Thomas More, did not recant.

From the time of Tiberias to the 17th century, men gave up their lives rather than renounce a belief in God. Others gave up their lives rather than renounce a disbelief in the Church. Why could Watson not stand up for his disbelief in the ideological myth of the inherent equality of all men, cultures, creeds and civilizations?
In 1990, the respected journal Science wrote, "To many in the scientific community, Watson has been something of a wild man. ... Colleagues tend to hold their collective breath when he speaks out."
Too bad the wild man was denatured and domesticated."

Human Biodiversity Group leader Steve Sailer also deplored Watson's retraction, while noting that he had received far less support from `the righteous right' than had been available thirteen years previously for The Bell Curve (VDare, 28 x). Steve also gave a fine, Jefferson-respecting answer to a critic who thought society could not handle the idea/finding of groups of people being unequal in intelligence (29 x).

Watson had once opined, in 2002: "I suspect that multiculturalism has reached its peak, because it's crap." - Quoted in Times Higher, 26 x, Matthew Reisz.


Though Edinburgh LUniversity's Student (30 x) carried a full-page article condemning James Watson as "disgraceful" etc., thus joining with Marxist biologist Steven Rose, the postmodern leftist dogma that `there are no races' and thus no explanations in terms of race, was ably refuted by Luke O'Farrell (28 x), who particularly observed that, like races, languages are really different - typically to the degree of being mutually incomprehensible - despite having important common features such as the use of consonants, vowels, stress and intonation.

As attention turned to the gifted Watson's fundraising techniques, it turned out that Watson had won $1M `earmarks' for his New York lab from Congress by the simple expedient of giving a few thousand dollars to leading Democrats like Bill and Hillary Clinton (Washington Times, 30 x).


More support for realism about low Black IQ and attainments came from Africa (Daily Trust [Abuja], Zainab Kperogi, 29 x):
"Over several years, almost every other race in the world has evolved from the animalistic level, but the black man is rather descending further into it. Whenever debates like this crop up, instead of us to pull back and reflect on the reasons why such a statement is made, our first and instinctive reactions are misdirected indignation and denial.

We're very good at putting blames for our underdevelopment at the doorstep of any other person's, but not at our doorstep where they squarely belong. We often blame slavery and colonialism for our backwardness but we were not the only ones that have so suffered. India was also under British rule but unlike us, they are not only a nuclear power but one of the world's leaders in Information Technology. Again, their population is much higher than ours, and they're also multi-religious like most Black societies. The same goes for China. I'm not comparing these countries with Nigeria alone; I'm talking of the whole Black race.

..In almost all parts of the world where blacks are in the majority, one is bound to find that their resources are not properly being harnessed. When the Dominican Republic and Haiti were one country, their development was slow. The Dominican Republic people who look more like Asians, decided to separate from Haiti and they have never looked backed in terms of rapid development. Haitians who are mostly blacks have on the other hand retrogressed further than they used to be. Their roads and other infrastructures are not better than what we have in many villages in Nigeria. How can we explain this?

Papua New Guinea, which is close to Australia and New Zealand, is a country constituted of black people that were never enslaved, according to historical facts, but they have never developed either. All these factors would make anybody who's not black to believe that there must be something very wrong with the genetic make-up of us black people.

We have continued to argue that whites seem more intelligent because of their nutrition, environment and social make-up. Why can't we create similar things for ourselves? On the whole, even though I don't believe that Dr Watson is completely right, I can't help feeling that much of his words are true. Among white supremacists, it's always bandied around that if you do not want blacks to know something, put it in a book."


As the sages of Washington meandered on at the American Enterprise Institute discussing high Jewish IQ (first mooted by Hans Eysenck in the 1970s) and the decline of Spain and Portugal being due to their kicking out Jews (first mooted by William McDougall in the 1930s), it transpired that top Afro-American writer and scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. had had his DNA checked, revealing that he had a Yiddishe moma (Washington Post, 30 x).


An interesting take on why the mainstream British left (Phillips, Reid, Brown) had been wanting to `move on' from multiculturalism was offered by Canadian columnist Jonathan Kay (National Post, 30 x): having used liberalism and multiculturalism to infiltrate the church and win support for homosexuality (quite the biggest breakthrough of 2007 in Britain), early sex, abortion, female equality and mass immigration, the left wanted to consolidate its gains and secure them from the conservative force of Islam by defining a new monoculture (of right-on PeeCee) which - as a new `Britishness' or `Canadianness' -- Muslims would be pressured to support or at least tolerate.


After ten years of useless `New Labour' rule, rocked by reckless underestimates of Britain's immigration figures, and languishing in the polls after the Conservative Shadow Chancellor accidentally said he might cut inheritance tax on family homes, Supreme Ruler `Grumpy' Gordon Brown - apparently no reader of TgF despite being personally acquainted with its author -- announced that every school had to produce "first class" results for all pupils and that he would move swiftly to close hundreds of failing schools that were not shining advertisements for the equality of man.. (Classic FM Radio, 31 x; Grauniad, 31 x).

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Strangely enough, James Watson had been publicly critical of Harvard's firing of President Larry Summers for sex realism in 2006; yet Watson too found retraction the most expeditious course as his own feet were put to the fire - see Steve Sailer in VDare, 21 x, for a full and thoughtful and maximally generous summary.

What a pity he did not, when he came under attack from the Britoid media and multiculti apparatchiks, have available the splendid defence of his views that was eventually issued from Nigeria (, 21 x) from Simon Kolawole. Though unhappy with `laboratory' tests of Black intelligence, the Lagos columnist wrote: "I think the argument that white supremacists should be making instead is that in PRACTICE, whites have DEMONSTRATED more intelligence than blacks. That can be argued with facts and figures. That is empirically verifiable. does not take a genius to prove that Africans have shown in practical terms that they are not making use of their intelligence. If I were a white person, I would certainly feel superior to blacks. All I need do is take a look at a country like Nigeria and reach my conclusions. The evidence of retarded intelligence - or misuse of it - is there for all to see."

Apparently the self-righteously defended deficiencies of Blacks had long been lambasted by Black funnyman turned moralist, columnist Bill Cosby (HuffingtonPost, 22 x). Full support for this sentiment appeared in, 25 x.

At least until his London humbling, Watson had been well-known as a lively lad. MSNBC reported (24 x, David Ewing Duncan): "Watson talks in sputters and clicks, and delights in being outrageous, as I discovered when I visited him in Cold Springs Harbor for my book, "Masterminds: Genius, DNA and Quest to Rewrite Life." Ushered into an office where his Nobel prize hung close by a girly calendar featuring a buxom woman that looked more appropriate for a mechanics shop, he was soon informing me that some people are born with less intelligence than others - and that those people should have their genes altered, if such a thing becomes possible.

At the same meeting he called surreal painter Salvador Dali (he painted "Homage to Watson and Crick" in 1963) a fascist, denigrated women scientists as being more "difficult" than men and refused yet again to acknowledge that a long dead geneticist named Rosalind Franklin made a crucial discovery leading to Watson and Crick's famous discovery."

The Guardian (24 x) allowed a distinctly moth-eaten-looking Steven Rose more space to ramble on about heritability estimates - especially when between non-randomly interbreeding races - being `unscientific,' yet he was not invited to supply a single discovery of twentieth-century psychology (or indeed the other social sciences) which he did find scientific.

But Nature (25 x, `Watson's folly') came to the agreeable (if inadvertently so) conclusion that, despite Watson's retraction, "..the damage has been done, lending succour and comfort to racists around the globe." *

The Belfast Telegraph (24 x, Steve Connor) was the only UK organ to treat its readers to a summary of Chicago geneticist Bruce Lahn's work linking DNA variations, microcephaly and race (White & Asian vs Black) (see above, xi 2005 et seq.).

Invited on to `The Moral Maze' (BBC Radio 4, 24 x) to discuss Watson, Emeritus Professor Lynn defended scientific racism judiciously and professorially, taking the opportunity to summarize IQs around the world (so startling the panellists that IQ hardly got another mention in the 45-minute programme) and having the satisfaction of hearing a female sociology graduate admit to columnist Melanie Phillips that her horrified rejection of his work was based on precisely zero reading of any of it.

The programme went downhill from then on, the consensus tending to be that free speech was OK so long as it was `sensitive' and not about `bad science (which no-one could define). Incidentally, it turned out that the Science Museum which banned Watson lest he talk about race and IQ, had happily hosted previous meetings discusssing extra-terrestrial beings and whether MMR jabs caused autism.

Jewish Press (`America's largest independent Jewish weekly') (24 x) noted that, as tabooed subjects, race realism had overtaken Holocaust denial - which loony Iranian tinpot tyrant AhLastMahDinnaJacket had been allowed to promulgate to an audience at New York's left-wing Columbia University. In the ever-more-loony-leftist Independent (22 x), Susan Tomes proclaimed that higher intelligence led to religious bigotry, imperial interventions and chemical pollution..

Watson retired from his lab 25 x, thanking his Scots-Irish parents for their inspiration of his rationalism and love of social justice and apparently keeping his much-loved Cold Harbor chancellor's house - presumably having agreed to say nothing more about race and IQ. Nobelist Francis Crick, who had died a few years previously at the age of 88, admitted that he and his co-researcher, biologist James Watson, often "used LSD in tiny amounts as a thinking tool" to liberate them from preconceptions and let their genius wander freely to new ideas."

To a female journalist who once complained to Watson that his claim of thin people being depressed was simplistic, Watson had retorted (Times, 26 x, Brenda Maddox) "Brenda, you've become so politically correct, you're boring!"

Only American Thinker noted (27 x) - after James Watson, Larry Summers and David Horowitz had been prevented from speaking on campus in the same week - the frank truth that "Academic freedom of speech is imprisoned in the cell of political correctness."

* Funnily enough, AllAfrica had agreed (24 x), declaring editorially:

"DNA pioneer and Nobel laureate James Watson, who told the Sunday Times, London, that "laboratory testing" shows Africans do not measure up intellectually was a political message intended for white voters back home in the US. Dr Watson timed to make his racist comment at the zenith of the United States Democratic presidential nomination campaigns. As an authority on genetics, he knew the impact his not-so-disguised political intervention would have on white voters back home. Watson deliberately attacked black intelligence in the United Kingdom and not on the United States' soil in an abortive attempt to conceal his political motive."


Britain's Chief Rabbi joined occasional Labour stooges of the past 18 months in calling multiculturalism a danger in producing segregation, a victim culture of complaint and a threat to democracy (Jerusalem Post, 20 x). Jonathan Sacks, 59 and a long-standing supporter of Mrs Thatcher, went even further in blaming the Jewish community for originating the multicultural doctrines which had proved "inexorably divisive" - though he did not call for the closure of Jewish schools, a return of free speech on racial matters or the deportation of criminal or persistently welfare-dependent immigrants.


As he retired from the police, the head of the National Black Police Association, Keith Jarrett, announced that, like many Black parents, he believed the stopping and searching of Black youths (heavily reduced after the 1999 Macpherson Report) should be restored (Daily Mail, 21 x, Melanie Phillips; Independent, 22 x).


Work by Cambridge University's Professor of Economics, Bob Rowthorn, concluded that, contrary to peecee propaganda, immigrants to Britain produced on average, once their costs to the taxpayers were considered, "lower per capita GDP" than if they had stayed at home (Daily Telegraph, 26 x) - a conclusion well in line with Oxford University's David Coleman who had previously estimated (see iii 2007) that the average immigrant was worth on average three Mars bars to Britain per year.


As Evan Coyne Maloney's much-heralded film appeared, slashing at PeeCee in American `universities,' an American Renaissance correspondent wrote (23 x): "I have worked for both state and private [university] institutions for almost thirty years and every one of them has promoted cultural Marxism to a greater or lesser degree. To publicly disagree with the "party line" is to risk being ostracized, terminated or denied tenure. Most American Universities (outside the hard sciences) really teach neo-Marxist indoctrination and "diversity is our strength" brainwashing."


News of a study of identical twins separated at birth in New York State emerged as some of the twins discovered each other (Forward [The Jewish Daily], 2 x; Newsday, 17 x; National Public Radio, 27 x; Daily Telegraph, 27 x).

The study involved a Jewish adoption agency which became persuaded by a maverick psychologist in the 1960's that separating monozygotic twins was actually better for them. By 1980, when NY State banned the separation of twins, five pairs of twins and one set of triplets submitted to the Louis Wise Agency had been sent to separate homes. Study of the pairs may have continued till 2004 when the agency was closed and the data sent for secret housing at Yale University till 2066.

Researchers psychologist Viola Bernard and psychoanalyst Peter Neubauer were reluctant to discuss the study, fearing the forced separations would be criticized - and possibly knowing that results from the eight within-pair comparisons possible showed, as some of the twins suspected after meeting each other, strong evidence of the importance of genetic factors. The study might have been begun in response to Sir Cyril Burt's 1966 publication of figures on the intelligence of 53 pairs of MZa twins


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Monday, October 22, 2007


Faced with the bombardment of UK Labour's peecee thugs and with lack of support from any British academics, Chicago-born Nobelist Watson, 79 and perhaps of equivalent mental age, caved in on his stated views about Blecks x IQ (see above). He told Britain's top `conservative' tabloid, the Daily Mail (19 x), apparently to that `modernizing' paper's delight: "I am mortified about what has happened. More importantly, I cannot understand how I could have said what I am quoted as having said.* I can certainly understand why people, reading those words, have reacted in the ways they have. To all those who have drawn the inference from my words that Africa, as a continent, is somehow genetically inferior, I can only apologize unreservedly. That is not what I meant. More importantly from my point of view, there is no scientific basis for such a belief."

* To which the Sunday Times responded that the interview had been recorded and that it stood by what it had published.

Statement by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Board of Trustees and President Bruce Stillman, Ph.D. Regarding Dr. Watson's Comments in The Sunday Times on October 14, 2007

Earlier this evening, the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Board of Trustees decided to suspend the administrative responsibilities of Chancellor James D. Watson, Ph.D., pending further deliberation by the Board.

This action follows the Board's public statement yesterday disagreeing with the comments attributed to Dr. Watson in the October 14, 2007 edition of The Sunday Times U.K.

{Of course, one should not be too moralistic. At 79, the traitor to race realism was probably in serious mental decline. And he had received no help from psychologists or the press. For example, half-arsed pisschologist Robert Sternberg, said by Chicago Tribune to be "a prominent researcher on race and IQ" at Tufts University, called Watson's views as expressed to the Sunday Times "racist and most regrettable." For many Africans who take Western IQ tests, "our problems aren't relevant to them," Sternberg said.

And Britain's `right-wing' Daily Quislingraph predictably pooh-poohed both IQ and Watson's "dotty" views (19 x). Only the Guardian bothered to cover its tracks with a small plea for free speech - from parapsychologist Sue Blackmore (19 x).}

{London's Science Museum, which had barred Watson from speaking and thus brought wider attention to his pre-18th-October race-realist views, announced that, on October 30, its Dana Centre would be hosting another debate as part of its Black History Month events. Is Science Colour Blind? was to examine the issue of racism in the science industry. Panellists would include Abi Ajose-Adeogun, who would comment on her past experience as a biochemist and suggest why there weren't more black scientists..}

{The Bristol `Festival of Ideas' cancelled an appearance by Dr Watson, and organizers of planned events in Edinburgh and Cambridge were `considering' whether to disinvite the crazy mixed-up oldie. And further critical comment of Watson's views came from Dr Craig Venter, the scientist/businessman who led the private effort to decode the human genome, and who, by coincidence, was also visiting the UK to promote a book. "Skin colour as a surrogate for race is a social concept, not a scientific one," Dr Venter said. "There is no basis in scientific fact or in the human genetic code for the notion that skin colour will be predictive of intelligence."}
On 19 x, after Edinburgh University too withdrew its invitation, Watson announced he needed to have urgent discussions with colleagues and promptly flew back to the USA -- waved off by jubilant Marxist Steven Rose who was emboldened to lie to paparazzi that "No evidence that claimed to find people of African descent were less intelligent than Europeans or other racial groups had stood up to scientific scrutiny" and tell New Statesman readers there was no way of untangling interacting factors to get at the causation of racial differences in IQ.. (19 x).

The Guardian celebrated with an article by a Black cell biologist blaming Africa's problems on White rule (19 x). The mayor of London, `Red' Ken Livingstone, who claimed just one `O' Level in science, said Watson's comments "represent racist propaganda masquerading as scientific fact.... That a man of such academic distinction could make such ignorant comments, which are utterly offensive and incorrect and give succor to the most backward in our society, demonstrates why racism still has to be fought." The Independent jubilantly exposed Watson's other `insensitive' comments over the years (20 x). Besides London and Edinburgh, Watson had been scheduled to speak in Cambridge, Newcastle, Bristol and Oxford.

Professor Richard Dawkins, who was due to conduct a public interview with Dr Watson the next week in Oxford, condemned what he called " . . the hounding, by what can only be described as an illiberal and intolerant 'thought police', of one of the most distinguished scientists of our time, out of the Science Museum, and maybe even out of the laboratory, despite him having devoted much of his life to building up a world-class reputation."

I wrote to the Scotsman (published 20 x):
Edinburgh University is deploying against Nobelist James Watson the same tired leftist 'anti-racist' claptrap as it did against me and my book 'The g Factor' in 1996/7. Meantime it got around to banning free copies of the Bible from its halls of residence and bullying its Christian Union to promote homosexualism. What a right-on peecee LUniversity! No wonder it never gave David Hume a job! And no wonder it has not been in the top ten UK universities in league tables of the past ten years!

After Watson's departure, Oxford's Professor Colin Blakemore (whom I had once hosted for an Edinburgh University Psychology seminar) criticized the South Kensington Museum's decision to disinvite Watson as "unacceptable" on free speech grounds (InTheNews, 21 x). He added it was clear that there were genetic differences between people from different parts of the world and these needed to be studied and understood, not used as a basis for prejudice.

Journalist Charlotte Hunt-Grubbe who had written the Sunday Times (Magazine) story which sparked the trouble wrote that she was "horrified" by the result (Sunday Times, 21 x). For the Observer, columnist Henry Porter argued (21 x): "One of the less edifying sights last week was all those academics diving for cover over Watson. Their behaviour reminds us that democracy is for grown-ups. Some discomfort, even pain, comes with the privilege of free speech. We have known that since the Enlightenment, but each generation needs to remember that the downside of free speech is a buffer like Watson trailing a sulphurous whiff of eugenics or the Islamist clerics calling for the death of homosexuals and Jews. The way you deal with them is not with laws, but with savage ridicule."

Friday, October 19, 2007


Britain confirmed its ten-year status as the world capital of scientific cowardice as London's Science Museum (in South Kensington) banned Nobel prizewinner for physiology/medicine James Watson, co-discoverer of the double-helix structure of DNA, from addressing people who had paid to hear him (in a 400-strong sold-out lecture) (Independent, 18 x). The reason? Watson, 79, had confirmed to the Sunday Times his long-held view that Black people had a low IQ and that Western policy towards Africa was premised on mistakenly denying this.

HMG's `Skills Minister,' Labour's David Lammy, who was Black, said Watson's views were "deeply offensive" and would provide oxygen for far-right political parties. To this heresy, the American and British media (Chicago Tribune, 18 x) quickly added charges that Watson had favoured allowing women to abort any foetuses known to have homosexual genes and believed the English to lack the melanin-linked Latin genes for love-making.

Other British venues to which Watson had been invited (Royal Society [London], Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Oxford) (on a book promotion tour) assured worried media folk that they would provide firm questioning of Watson's `controversial' views. Marxist professor Steven Rose, Open LUniversity, told the BBC (Radio 4, `Today,' 18 x) that Watson's scientific racism was scientifically invalid, old-fashioned and scientifically dangerous and that speaking about it was beyond Watson's area of scientific competence.

Expressing the British scientific community's cowardice in the face of Trots like Rose, Oxford's Richard Dawkins, known for his oh-so-daring challenges to ancient religions, declined to make any comment on peecee piety about Watson's race realism. At 39, Watson had married, to the 20-year-younger Elizabeth; it was apparently as a son developed schizophrenia and failed to respond to medical and personal assistance that Watson became impressed with the contribution of genetic factors to human psychological differences.

Oxford University Press said it was standing by Watson's new book, Avoid Boring People: Lessons from a Life in Science, of which it said that, despite its title, it contained no racism.* {It was when OUP agreed to republish The g Factor in 1996 that Rose and comrades went ape and resorted to denouncing me to the press for insufficient paedohysteria, resulting in Edinburgh LUniversity having to spend 100,000 pounds to sack me.}

* Though the book did say: "There is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically."


Further confirmation arrived for the claim that breast milk raises IQ (as put forward in Chapter 4 of The g Factor, 1996). A Chicago premature infant study involving 773 U.S. babies born extremely underweight -- less than 2.2 pounds -- between 1999 and 2002 found that babies given breast milk (by naso-gastric tube, in hospital) achieved higher scores on a test measuring their overall intelligence at 30 months of age, with the highest scores showing up among the children who had received the most breast milk as infants (, 1 x; published by Duane Alexander in Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics).


As Befordshire police came bottom in a national Home Office survery of police efficiency, it transpired that there were two areas of assessment in which they had actually performed at an above-average level: `female representation' (their Chief Constable was female) and cutting back on the stopping and searching of ethnic minorities - leading the attractive local Conservative MP Nadine Dorries to demand the Chief Constable's resignation (Bedford Today, 12 x). Said blonde mother-of-three Nadine, 50: "I am worried that political correctness appears to be more important than improving neighbourhood policing and protecting the vulnerable."

{British novelist Doris Lessing's Nobel Prize award also came under suspicion of being a peecee recognition of her years of feminism and leftism and reluctance to criticize Blacks and Black governments - with top Shakespeare expert Harold Bloom, Harvard, saying he found the last fifteen years' of her writing "unreadable" (, 12 x).

But the German capital, Berlin, broke with years of PeeCee and admitted that three of its universities were better than others (Wall Street Journal, 12 x); and a new book, Until Proven Innocent, Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case, exposed the academic lynch mob (comprising 25% of staff at Duke University) which had hounded White student lacrosse players after absurd, fast-changing and unsubstantiatable accusations of rape of a Black stripper (, 28 ix).}


As it proved possible to identify a criminal as Black from his DNA, allowing and arrest and conviction in a notoriously difficult US rape and murder case, the claims of `social-scientific' leftists and hangers-on in grant-seeking biology were refuted: race was not just a `social construct' (American Renaissance, 5 x).


As Scotland's Commissioner for Children, Kathleen Marshall, revealed that there was a serious shortfall of adult volunteers to organize activities for children, she also revealed the reason: thanks to 20 years of paedohysteria, 48% of Scots adults "were afraid that they could be open to false accusations if they volunteered with children" (Daily Telegraph, 17 x). Fully one in ten of the 1,100 adults surveyed said they actually knew someone who had suffered from being falsely accused of hurting a child.


Devotees of common sense, and of the idea that Shakespeare would have needed far more crystallized intelligence and education than he could ever have got from Statford-upon-Avon, were given a new candidate for the true playwright: a bastard son of Queen Elizabeth I and her lover Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester (Daily Telegraph, 17 x). Called William Hastings, the candidate apparently left anagrams of his name in the Sonnets - according to a new book, Breaking the Shakespeare Codes, by a former physics teacher, Robert Nield, 50.


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Sunday, October 14, 2007


As Britain's Not-the-Conservative Party conferenced its way deeper to the neglect it had chosen, failing to find how to heal `the broken society' (by the simple expedient of routeing most state handouts via churches and 2-parent families), it turned out to have a Muslim Baroness, Sayeeda Warsi, the Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion, who was prepared to shock the Independent (30 ix) and Guardian (1 x) by saying that voters for the British National Party had some "very legitimate" concerns with crime and immigration.

Her words were promptly condemned by `anti-racist' groups who accused her of using "BNP language" and pandering to a far-right agenda. Operation Black Vote (OBV), for which she used to work, said giving credence to the views of BNP supporters was wrong. Baroness Warsi suggested that the rapid influx of migrants was threatening community cohesion, changing the face of estates "overnight" and unsettling people who live in Britain. {Wow, what bravery on the bridge of the Titanic!}


"Zimbabwe's bakeries have shut and supermarkets have warned there will be no bread for the foreseeable future as the government admitted that wheat production had collapsed following the seizure of white-owned farms" (Grauniad, 1 x).


Science Daily (1 x) - An international team of researchers including an MIT graduate student demonstrated for the first time that genes exert influence on people's behavior in a common experimental economic game. Traditionally, social scientists had been quite hesitant to acknowledge a role for genes in explaining economic behavior. But a study by David Cesarini, a Ph.D. student in MIT's Department of Economics, and by colleagues in Sweden indicated that there was a genetic component to people's perception of what is fair and what is unfair.

The study looked at the ultimatum game, in which a proposer makes an offer to a responder on how to divide a sum of money. This offer is an ultimatum; if the responder rejects it, both parties receive nothing. Because rejections in the game entail a zero payoff for both parties, theories of narrow self-interest predict that any positive amount will be accepted by a responder. The intriguing finding in the laboratory is that responders routinely reject free money, presumably in order to punish proposers for offers perceived as unfair.

To study genetic influence in the game, Cesarini and colleagues took the unusual step of recruiting twins from the Swedish Twin Registry, and had them play the game under controlled circumstances. Because identical twins share the same genes but fraternal twins do not, the researchers were able to detect genetic influences by comparing the similarity with which identical and fraternal twins played the game.

The researchers' findings suggested that genetic influences account for as much as 40 percent of the variation in how people respond to unfair offers. In other words, identical twins were more likely to play with the same strategy than fraternal twins.

"Compared to common environmental influences such as upbringing, genetic influences appear to be a much more important source of variation in how people play the game," Cesarini said. "This raises the intriguing possibility that many of our preferences and personal economic choices are subject to substantial genetic influence," said lead author Bjorn Wallace of the Stockholm School of Economics, who conceived the study.


Supported by arch-anti-immigration-campaigner fish-and-chip-shop-owning Pauline Hanson, Australian P.M. John Howard announced his Government would slash the intake of African `refugees' by a half - aiming to "rebalance" the Oz population by bringing in more Asians, but still attracting allegations of racism from the usual suspects (ABC News, 5 x). Mr Kevin Andrews, the Immigration Minister, linked the cut in the African immigrant intake to a failure of African refugees -- particularly Sudanese -- to integrate. He released a dossier of alleged concerns, including race-based gangs and fights at nightclubs.


After Black goon Sir Trevor Phillips, on his self-appointment as `human equality' supremo, said England should acknowledge the importance of diversity in its history by admitting Turkish assistance in hindering the Spanish Armada (1588), correspondents here and in the Telegraph noted that the Turks suffered a huge defeat at the Battle of Lepanto (1571) by Spanish, Venetian and Papal forces, were not subsequently willing or able to interfere with the West, made no reply to England's request for assistance in 1583, and were nowhere in sight in the Western Mediterranean in 1588 (being far too busy fighting to their East)


Following the news of British columnists moving to the political right (see September, `RIGHT SHIFT FACTOR?'), Marxist Prof. Terry Eagleton, Manchester University, fulminated especially against the neocon and anti-Islamist positions adopted increasingly by British literati Martin Amis (increasingly, apparently, a chip off the old Kingsley block), Salman Rushdie, David Hare, Christopher Hitchens and even the sainted Harold Pinter (Independent, 5 x).

Apparently, Amis, himself writer-in-residence at U. Manchester, had suggested "strip-searching people who look like they're from the Middle East or from Pakistan", preventing Muslims from travelling, and further down the road, deportation. "Not the ramblings of a British National Party thug," wrote Eagleton, "but the reflections of Martin Amis, leading luminary of the English metropolitan literary world." ("An expensive libel if ever I heard one," reckoned Simon Heffer in the Torygraph, 6 x.)

At the same time, as David Cameron managed at last to murmur a little about freedom and the family, an edition of BBC TV's `Question Time' revealed a largely anti-Labour audience, even in Stratford, East London, led ably in a rightist direction by the surprising figure of Ian Hislop, the editor of Private Eye.


Right-wing forces of the U.S. South and liberal secessionists in the north-eastern state of Vermont, linked up to conference on how to assist each other in their shared objective in breaking away from increasingly oppressive, peecee and immigration-loving federal government from Washington (Independent, 5 x).


After another big plane crash in the `Democratic' Republic of the Congo, it turned out that Africa, which accounted for only 5% of flights world-wide, produced 25% of life-taking air disasters.


As it came to light that Muesli employees in Britain were being allowed not to process alcohol sales in supermarkets, not to treat sexually-transmitted diseases in hospitals and not to handle contraceptive sales in chemist shops, Daily Telegraph columnist (and top novelist and liberal Edinburgh Book Festival star) Andrew O'Hagan issued a firm reply (9 x): "Your plane awaits. There's a limit to what people should do to please fanatics."

But any scaling down of PeeCee seemed a long way off as American universities shrieked that - after twenty years of their `anti-racist' terror programmes -- they were actually handling more `minority' complaints of insensitivity than ever before so needed to expand sensitivity propaganda classes (American Renaissance, 1 x); and the Home Office in London announced - without any of the Broon-promised consultation with Parliament or the people - that any public criticism of homosexuality (including `humiliating' jokes) would be criminally actionable, like `race hate speech.'

The planned increases in official peecee terror mirrored fresh evidence of the public's free-choice preferences (Daily Telegraph, 7 x): "Primary schools are becoming increasingly segregated because parents want their children to be educated with their own ethnic groups, new research has shown. The study shows that the over-concentration of some ethnic groups in state schools cannot be explained by the social make-up of catchment areas alone. Instead, parents are actively choosing to segregate their children from other groups of pupils, sending them to predominately "black" or "Asian" schools. Researchers from Bristol University who analysed more than 300 primaries in Birmingham found that, from the age of four, children in some schools are being taught in near-isolation from pupils of different racial backgrounds."


In an astonishing attack by France's best-known living philosopher, the handsome, open-necked and filmstar-wife-sporting Bernard-Henri Levy, the top Presidential "special advisor" and lyrical speech-writer, Henri Guaino, whose office was next to that of President Sarkozy, found himself accused of racism (Expatica, 9 x; The Tocqueville Connection, 9 x; Daily Telegraph, 10 x).

Apparently HG, 50, an economist and historian, had written the President's Dakar speech in which it was said that not all Africa's troubles could be blamed on colonialism (see this diary/blog, August). He was quick to reply to BHL: "This pretentious little shit doesn't interest me at all. Who does he think he is? ..He doesn't love France. He has spit on his lips, with hatred oozing from his pores."

Whether the President would defend his aide from BHL, a long-standing personal friend, remained to be seen. African leaders had expressed the expected hysteria at the speech and France's right-wing government had also come under attack from Black Africans over a government immigration bill that would authorise voluntary DNA testing of foreigners wishing to join their families in France. Sarkozy's Algerian-born Urban Affairs Ministress, Fadela Umara, had previously broken ranks with Sarkozy's government over the DNA x immigration issue, warning she was prepared to stand down in protest.

In Britain, a new height of peecee spite was reached by Catholic-turned-Trotskyite Professor Eagleton's accusations of homophobism, anti-Semitism, misogynism and racism against Sir Kingsley Amis (as per this diary/blog, 5 x); but the charges were roundly rebutted in letters to the Daily Telegraph (10 x) from Sir Kingsley's second wife (1965-83) and her (homosexual) brother, Elizabeth and Colin Howard (In the News, 10 x; Daily Mail, 11 x), who called Eagleton a "little squirt" and observed that Amis's comic temper was to be standardly rude verbally about "absolutely everybody."


While Britain's dumbed-down luniversities religiously pursued every form of pious peecee anti-free-speech terror -- getting rid of the likes of Frank Ellis and myself and silencing others (see this diary/blog, passim) -- Cambridge University's prestigious student newspaper Varsity revealed that one Cambridge `escort agency' alone had 400 student and graduate females on its books earning 300 pounds per date (Sun, 11 x). One first-year student lovely claimed to have clocked 1,000 per week having sex with sometimes as many as seven men per night.


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