Sunday, September 14, 2003


After Dallas' first Mexican-American city manager fired that city's first African-American police chief, black activists called Dallas "racist." To prove the point, some of those activists were quick to blame the chief's ouster on "sell-out wetbacks". That's the ethnic slur that appeared on a handmade sign held up by a supporter of former Police Chief Terrell Bolton at a a raucous meeting of the Dallas City Council. The W-word also popped up on signs at street protests organized by Bolton supporters.



.. looked set to go ahead with a 'school voucher" scheme allowing school choice for 1,300 of its poorer families. Even some Democrats agreed in view of the notoriously poor academic results in Washington schools " though whether because of poor teaching or the poor quality of Washingtons many Black children remained unclear.



... looked set to have an "'anti-immigration candidate" for its elections -- when the British news agency Reuters reported Arnold Schwarzenegger as having doubts about at least illegal immigration (also deplored by east-coast sociologist Christopher Jencks in 2001) and the wisdom of granting driving licences and citizenship too readily. So sensitive was the issue, however, and so dominated by PeeCee were Americas main media that Reuters story was largely ignored (except by the Washington Post).

{ More daring was the legendary Brigitte Bardot who wrote a book, A Cry in the Silence, condemning Muslim immigration. Muslims now make up 10% of France's population. Bardot wrote, rather reasonably:

"Over the last twenty years, we have given in to a “subterranean, dangerous, and uncontrolled" infiltration, which not only resists adjusting to our "laws and customs" but which will, as the years pass, attempt to 'impose its own.' It remained to be seen whether Bardot’s scorn for many other aspects of modern French life would spare her the prosecution for “racism” that was promptly threatened. Despite leftists call for a boycott, her book sold hundreds of thousands of copies in just a few weeks.}



Perhaps preparing to crash through present restraints on paedophilia, Madonna, as part of a raunchy act in whichshe lesbianized Britney Spears and Christine Aguilera with open-mouthed kisses, put her own young daughter on stage to hear her sing “Like a Virgin. Michelle Malkin described the scene: "[There] was six-year-old Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon. Little Lourdes was dressed in First Communion white, decked out in lace gloves, a crucifix, and a studded belt with the words "BOY TOY." Paving the way for the entrance of Madonna and her entourage of sexual exhibitionists, Lourdes tossed flower petals on the dance floor while a mosh pit of fans writhed in front of her and the porno soundtrack throbbed behind her.”



Times columnist Camilla Cavendish gave a warm welcome to Home Secretary David Blunketts proposal to test would-be citizens knowledge of the English language and modern Britain (6 ix). She bravely pointed out that Britains “Asian community had for years been importing totally illiterate women from Pakistan and Bangladesh and keeping them in ignorance so that their children finally turned up to British primary schools with scarcely a sentence of English to their names; and that Britain’s social workers had disguised the truth out of political correctness and cowardice.

Sunday Times columnist Minette Marrin also spoke out for race- and immigration-realism (7 ix):

“As for the claim that Britain's asylum figures are on target, the record of this government is such that very few people believe anything it says. It may possibly be true that applications for asylum are down slightly. What people really care about, however, is how many people arrive here and stay, legally or illegally. The government has no idea. It only recently conceded there is a problem at all. But the numbers are enormous."


The chief ideologue of modern Arab self-pity, the Arabo-American intellectual Edward Said, who blames the West for stereotyping everyone east of Constantinople as “Orientals [a practice he calls “Orientalism], was splendidly (if lengthily) taken to task by Ibn Warraq of the Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society.

{Regrettably, both Said and Warraq totally fail to note the simple reply to Said: that Western thought always drew clear lines between the high civilization of China and Japan in the past and the absurdities of the Indian subcontinent and the stupidity of Africa -- as can easily be seen by consulting the Encyclopaedia Brittanica for around the year 1900.}"


My supporter and colleague, Assistant Professor Harrison Kane (Department of Psychology, University of Western Carolina []), went on trial in Florida for “racism” and frightening the horses in Putnam county schools when he had worked there for a year as a teacher after getting his doctorate and before taking up his present position. A day-long hearing heard evidence that Harry was linked to me and thus to Hitler, Mussolini and paedophilia; and that special prayer meetings had been held in Florida schools to protect children from such baleful influences. Harry was told that, once a verdict on whether to revoke his licence to teach was arrived at by the great administrators of Florida, he would be entitled to a transcript of his inquisition if he coughed up $600. Harry and I (together with Denis Constales, University of Ghent) had published a chapter about intelligence in the 2003 Festschrift for Arthur Jensen, The Scientific Study of General Intelligence."



New British research on twins confirmed the existence of a strong “general intelligence factor that was largely genetic in origin (Times, 10 ix, reporter Mark Henderson). Professor Robert Plomin and his team at London’s Maudsley Hospital followed all the 7,500 pairs of twins born in Britain in 1994-96, testing them repeatedly for reading and mathematical ability. The two abilities correlated at .70, and MZs were apparently more similar than DZs and had higher correlations between the abilities. The Times noted the result would upset "the minority of psychologists" who do not accept Charles Spearman’s 100-year-old g factor. Prof. Plomin was addressing the British Association Festival of Science in Salford (Daily Telegraph, 10 ix).



People of a “psychotic disposition (as judged by their self-reported paranoia, irresponsibility and aggression on Hans Eysenck’s questionnaires) are recognized as such by strangers shown only still photographs of their faces (Times, 10 ix 03). Researcher Mark Shevlin of the University of Ulster (Magee Campus [for Catholic students]) asked 31 “target people” to maintain a neutral expression while being photographed. When the photos were shown to 31 judges, it was found that though the judges could not correctly assess the targets levels of extraversion [Eysencks E] or neuroticism [N], they could agree significantly with targets as to targets levels of psychoticism [P].


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Thursday, September 04, 2003


.... was found perfectly safe and well after a four-day nationwide manhunt for her and her 46-year-old male lover. The pair had stayed two nights in a Blackpool hotel without arousing the slightest suspicion that the girl, Stacey Champ, said by her school to be “popular and hardworking”was under the UK’s ludicrously low sexual consent age of 16. The pair had chatted freely to others at the bar about their two-year “marriage”and Stacey, who had eyes only for her man, David Milner, was very giggly, especially when Milner referred to her as his “toygirl”.

The only upset was when the pair were discovered asleep in their car near
John-o’-Groats in Scotland, for Stacey burst into tears as her lover, a two-year friend, a former colleague of Stacey’s single-parenting mother, was bundled into police custody.



After a major security alert at the port of Dover, possibly closing the port for two days, British media still said nothing about major military deployments (told me by a highly reliable source) and the possibility that Muslim terrorists were still sitting on an enormous arms cache and threatening to devastate Dover.

All that emerged in public was that three men with British passports -- Amir Khan, a county court bailiff in Kensington, Ramin Malique, a garage manager in Clapham, and Zubiar Khan, a denizen of West London -- hade been charged with criminal offences, and brought to court as the start of normal criminal



Archdruid Robyn Lewis came outagainst the steady invasion of Wales by the English (themselves escaping from the Blacks and Muslims, of course). The Archdruid was recorded in the Observer (30 viii, p. 30) as saying of the English living in Wales: “They don't come in to absorb the culture, they don't come to integrate. They come to colonise.” Apparently he had told the BBC (25 viii) that north-west Wales was being “swamped” -- it was the sheer scale of the invasion to which he objected. The BBC said property values had risen 86% since 2001 and that a third of properties sold in Gwyned were going to 'outsiders'. The immigrants come especially from Lancashire (presumably from Oldham, Burnley etc., where race riots have occurred in recent years). One religious website says the Druidic order has no non-White members. Archdruid Robyn Lewis, a retired judge, told the Times: “We are not like the English druids. The Stonehenge druids are a pot-smoking crowd. Ours is a very respectable society.” The present Archbishop of Canterbury was made a Welsh druid earlier this summer. Campaigns saying “Wales is not for sale’ have attracted the support of several councillors, MPs and the writer Jan Morris.

{At present, to discriminate against a prospective buyer’s race, religion or
sex when selling would infringe the Race Relations Act. Changing the Act would help such people as the north-west Welsh and the islanders of Skye; it would also allow English people to keep areas White and/or English-speaking; and a campaign for change would see people speaking out in favour of race realism and against the traitorous politicians who have allowed the mass dullard immigration of the past forty years.}



Home Secretary David Blunkett said he would in future deport refugees and asylum seekers who had been given a jail sentence by a UK court -- previously he was deporting only those receiving prison sentences of two years or more.



At the British Medical Association headquarters in London, child psychiatrist John Eastgate went on trial accused of leading a teenage girl to falsely claim that five men, including a professor of endocrinology and her own father, had abused her in earlier years. Doctor Eastgate was meant to be helping treat the girl, now at an Oxbridge college, for anorexia, but he is alleged to have ignored BMA guidelines and led the girl to imagine abuses that actually never occurred.



A remarkable book, The Future of Freedom, by the Indian editor of America’s Newsweek magazine argued for restrictions on democracy so that it cannot destroy itself and the societies which practise it. Pointing especially at India, usually said by leftists to be “a success story for democracy’, but actually increasingly illiberal, strife-torn and having only the 124th position (out of 173 countries) on the Human Development Index -- behind China, Guatemala, Bolivia, Syria and Cuba -- Fareed Zakaria brought together evidence that it is liberalism (itself based on property rights) rather than democracy which makes for prosperity, and that in turn prosperity makes democracy an option.

Unfortunately, too much democracy results in a vast influence of special interest groups and their lobbyists -- as in the U.S. Congress at present -- and is coupled with the decline of standards in all areas of society where ruthless competition does not operate (e.g. state education). Zakaria’s answer? Delegation. Just as modern Western governments have learned it is wiser for them to delegate economic power to such non-democratic bodies as their own central banks, the European Union and the World Trade Organization, so should delegation be attempted in other areas -- notably allowing legislative proposals to be drawn up by expert bodies appointed for the purpose and then never amended (thus avoiding pork-barrel politics and a built-in drive to increased state expenditure) but just accepted or rejected by the country’s main democratically elected forum.

{Zakaria’s engaging writing, evidence and ideas are very welcome even if he does not note that a similar control on democracy was always urged by psychologist and race realist William McDougall (1871-1938). In the manner of the times, Zakaria does not acknowledge that low IQ and race are serious problems for the West; but he names his preference (a little alarmingly) as being for “liberal authoritarianism” (e.g. p. 251) and his ideas seem a useful contribution to advancing the cause of what I have called “national liberalism.”

The contribution of McDougall to “the theory of democratic elitism”was acknowledged in an article in the journal Political Psychology in 1996. Democratic elitism was perhaps most fully expounded -- to the great annoyance of leftists, of course including the School of Oriental and African Studies -- in Peter Bachrach, The Theory of Democratic Elitism: a Critique, 1967, Boston : Little, Brown.

In McDougall’s day, a reconciliation of democracy and elitism was proposed by Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) -- imprisoned from 1926 by Mussolini. The concept of democratic elitism is found in the work of the great sociologist Max Weber who thought “direct democracy’ an impossibility. “Democratic elitism” is essentially a system under which the electorate chooses its governors but leaves governing to the government.}


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