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New American data came to light confirming IQ at age18 to predict higher working-lifetime earnings (with each IQ point being worth an extra $500 annually) (, 10 vii) but also finding higher-IQ people at 65 to be apparently no wealthier than others - perhaps because they had spent more, given more to charity or invested in better pensions.


As Britain's crazed `Commission for Racial Equality' raised objections to the 76-year-old Tintin au Congo kids' comic book (about a ginger-quiffed cub-scout reporter and his dog Snowy) by Belgian author Georges Remi (aka Herge) being available in British bookshops and libraries, British sales of the `Black-denigrating' book (available worldwide in twenty languages) rocketed in one week by 4,000% as people added it to their collectors-item hoards of golliwogs and hair-straiteners.

Further fun lay ahead since the censorious CRE would presumably, once it was alerted, move to ban America's first home-grown novel, Huckleberry Finn, which had the N-word on every second page; and then to ban the plainly race-realist ramblings of Linnaeus, Hume, Kant,* Rousseau, Disraeli, Darwin and Stanford's Genoa-born top population geneticist Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza** (not to mention Francis Galton, Harvard's William McDougall and Edinburgh LUniversity's George Combe*** and Robert Knox****).

The Congo story placed Tintin among ignorant, chimp-like natives, who could not distinguish between a cold and a terminal fever and who ended up worshipping the young journalist and his pet dog as gods. Remi eventually admitted to being embarrassed by the book, which long remained unpublished in Britain, and the 2005 English version came with a health warning and a foreword explaining the work's `colonial context.' In fact, the real villain in Tintin's Congo was not an African but that well known Italian stereotype, mobster Al Capone.. A film based on 23 of the 24 Tintin albums was thought to be in the pipeline from star director Steven Spielberg (BBC, 10 v 2007).

By 2007, Agatha Christie's Ten Little Niggers was sold retitled as And Then There Were None.. Enid Blyton's image had taken a battering in recent years, to the extent that the black ragdoll Golliwog in the Noddy books had been replaced by a character called Goblin in reprints.

Other suggestions for authors `needing banning' were supplied by anti-censorship columniste India Knight (Times, 15 vii), who pointed out that "Herge's oeuvre included yellow Chinese people, bright red Indians, sinister Soviets, creepy Incas, fat, hysterical women who never stop singing, thick people, absent-minded professors, caricatured sailors."

* "The Negroes of Africa have by nature no feeling that rises above the trifling (Die Negers von Afrika haben von der Natur kein Gefuehl, welches ueber das Laeppische stiege). Mr. Hume challenges anyone to cite a single example in which a Negro has shown talents and asserts that among the hundreds of thousands of blacks who are transported elsewhere from their countries, although many of them have even been set free, still not a single one was ever found who presented anything great in art or science or any other praiseworthy quality, even though among the whites some continually rise aloft from the lowest rabble, and through superior gifts earn respect in the world. So fundamental is the difference between these two races of man, and it appears to be as great in regard to mental capacities as in color." Immanuel KANT, 1764, Beobachtungen ueber das Gefuehl des Schoenen und Erhabenen, 296-297; Observations on the Feeling of The Beautiful and Sublime, 110-111. (Kant's Gesammelte Schriften. Berlin : Reimer, 1910-1937.)

** Born 1922. Accused by some of racism for acknowledging statistical genetic separateness of many human groups -- Steve Sailer memorably summarized LLC-S's lifetime findings in VDare (24 v 2000): "Basically, all his number-crunching has produced a map that looks about like what you'd get if you gave an unreconstructed Strom Thurmond a paper napkin and a box of crayons and had him draw a racial map of the world." For LLC-S's autosomal DNA plot of genetic distances between Whites, Indians, East Asians, South Asians and Blacks, see

*** "When we regard the different quarters of the globe, we are struck with the extreme dissimilarity in the attainments of the varieties of men who inhabit them . . . The history of Africa, so far as Africa can be said to have a history . . . exhibit[s] one unbroken scene of moral and intellectual desolation . . . `The negro, easily excitable, is in the highest degree susceptible to all the passions . . . To the negro, remove only pain and hunger, and it is naturally a state of enjoyment. As soon as his toils are suspended for a moment, he sings, he seizes a fiddle, he dances.'" George COMBE [Edinburgh lawyer and phrenologist], 1825, A System of Phrenology.

**** "Race is everything. Literature, science, art -- in a word, civilisation, depends on it." Robert KNOX (top Edinburgh University anatomist, paid Burke and Hare for corpses for cutting-edge medical research, forced out after rioting on Newington Road), 1850, The Races of Men. London : Renshaw.


Confirming that the lunatics were running the asylum at Britain's White-hating Commission for Racial Equality, bossman Trevor Phillips phoned No. 10, Downing Street and expressed himself as "hopping mad" at there being only one Black (Baroness Scotland) in Labour P.M. Gordon Brown's new Cabinet, and at the two serving Muslims not receiving ministerial salaries (Daily Telegraph, 16 vii; Guardian, 16 vii). Phillips had last come to public attention in June when his attempted joke that the late and much revered Queen Mother might have had to wear a colostomy bag fell flat before an audience at Imperial College, London, leading even a Black correspondent to write to the Sun newspaper (18 vi 2007) that "clearly his brain's gone."


The well-known measure of `ring finger length - index finger length', which is linked to masculinity, butch lesbianism and aggression (except in the minds of bisexual Grauniadistas like my one-time student Becky Gardiner), was found by Mark Brosnan (Bath University) to link to relative superiority in mathematical as opposed to verbal ability on the SAT, another well-known psychological sex difference.

Amazon editorial review of a related 2005 book ("Digit Ratio: A Pointer to Fertility, Behavior and Health") which had gone unremarked by the West's sickly peecee press:

"Could the length of your fingers indicate a predisposition to breast cancer? Or musical genius? Or homosexuality? In Digit Ratio, John T. Manning posits that relative lengths of the second and fourth digits in humans (2D:4D ratio) does provide such a window into hormone- and sex-related traits.

It has been known for more than a century that men and women tend to differ in the relative lengths of their index (2D) and ring (4D) fingers, which upon casual observation seem fairly symmetrical. Men on average have fourth digits longer than their second digits, while women typically have the opposite. Digit ratios are unique in that they are fixed before birth, while other sexually dimorphic variables are fixed after puberty, and the same genes that control for finger length also control the development of the sex organs.

The 2D:4D ratio is the only prenatal sexually dimorphic trait that measurably explains conditions linking testosterone, estrogen, and human development; the study of the ratio broadens our view of human ability, talent, behavior, disposition, health, and fertility. In this book, Manning presents evidence for how 2D:4D correlates with traits ranging from sperm counts, family size, musical genius, and sporting prowess, to autism, depression, homosexuality, heart attacks, and breast cancer, traits that are all linked with early exposure to sex hormones"

About the Author; John T. Manning is a reader in biological sciences at the University of Liverpool, U.K., and a founding member of the Rutgers University Jamaican Fluctuating Asymmetry Project.


After years of relativism, idealism and pie-in-the-sky anti-imperialism, Jacques Derrida's career ended with him deciding to defend a colleague accused of real-time sexual harassment - and threatening his beloved university, California Irvine, that he would not leave them his copious texts or anything else unless it obliged him. The final result, after his death, was the university suing Derrida's wife, children and bastard children for his effects (Chronicle of Higher Education, 20 vii). Hardly a `good death' for the away-with-the-fairies neoMarxist w*nker!


Druggy, tieless, grammar school-bashing and trendily `green' National Health Service-worshipper `Dave' Cameron, who could not bring himself to say the words `Black,' `Muslim' or `IQ' took his traitorous Not-The-Conservative-Party to third place in both of two parliamentary by-elections - even though he had apparently gone so far as to bribe a handsome Asian businessman to defect from Labour and become the `Conservative' candidate within a few days of the local hero of `diverse' Ealing donating 5K pounds to Labour and being snapped together with a beaming Tony Blair. PR-person Dave, who had entirely failed to offer FREEDOM FROM NEOSOCIALISM, made the by-election exercise a spectacular personal defeat by listing his candidates on the ballot papers as belonging to "David Cameron's Conservative Party."


"Interesting that an entire generation of white wealthy kids, here [in the USA] and in Europe, have now been raised by mostly non-white or low income white nannies/daycare providers and they still have high IQs." - American Renaissance, 19 vii.


After a century of the grammar schools achieving upward intergenerational mobility for lower-class kids capable of it, and a half-century of Labour demolishing the grammar schools and declining to provide specialist technical education for lower-IQ kids, the Labour minister in charge of the party's manifesto, Ed Miliband (the son of a Marxist) announced what could only be, in context, a fresh assault in Britain on the very idea of a university (Guardian, 23 vii): "[Only] eighteen per cent of people go to university from the poorest backgrounds. That figure has got to rise. It has got to be one of the central objectives of a Labour government."


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Sunday, July 15, 2007


Bringing together 20 studies involving 1,530 subjects (Pakistan Tribune, 23 vi 2007), Dr. Michael A. McDaniel of the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, U.S.A., concluded that the long-envisaged moderate correlation between brain volume and intelligence held firm in human adults - especially in women {for a sizeable part of the male brain is taken up by the larger male ego ooops the male's greater spatial ability}.

{This finding had been reported in Science Daily in 2005 (18 vi) but never appeared in mainstream Western media. That it had to emerge as `news' via Pakistan two years later was a notable tribute to PeeCee's tyrannical domination of the West's media - still evidently following the line of Marxite Stephen Jay Gould that there was no such brain-IQ relation.}

A thoughtful consideration of Williams Syndrome -- which is genetic, affects 1 child in 7,500, lowers brain volume by 15% and IQ to around 65, but is accompanied by merry gregariousness -- was provided at Blue Ridge Now, 8 vii.


Following Gordon Brown's speech to the GMB union on 5 June in which he indicated that he wanted a claimed 200,000 new jobs to go to what he called "British workers," the London-based (Marylebone Road) civil liberties group Liberty and Law reported him to the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE). It asked the CRE to make a statement explaining that any job discrimination based on nationality is against the Race Relations Act and to investigate the policy of the Government to ensure that its employment policy was not designed to privilege British job seekers over any other people entitled to seek work in Britain. It also asked the CRE to obtain a statement from Mr Brown clearly indicating that nothing he has said was intended to suggest that British workers were to be given any priority whatsoever in obtaining employment over foreigners legitimately seeking the same work.


Daft Dave's `Conservatives' got round to proposing the tax breaks for married couples long urged in McDougall NewsLetters and this diary/blog (Guardian, 10 vii). But the inevitable wailing of homosexual `partners,'* heteros living in sin and single-parent `mothers' had yet to be faced down - a task for which DD was lightly akiltered; and the Tory proposals were accompanied not by moves toward freedom (legalizing all speech, drugs and sex over age 12) but by a proposed moralistic clampdown, including hiking up taxation of alcohol and banning teenagers from gambling.

* Sure enough, within a day the `Conservatives' announced that their 20 pounds a-week handout would go equally to `civil partners.'

Apparently the billions of pounds required to finance the wheeze would come from compelling single parent mothers to seek and take work and thus come off benefits. Even if their child was as young as three, they would be required to demonstrate that, if not working, they were spending at least ten hours per week searching for work. {While such draconianism was refreshing, it would surely have been wiser to focus on getting the brighter teenage girls to marry and breed by promising free university places and nursery services if they could provide evidence of a baby born to them while in wedlock to a live-in husband.}

Prime Minister Gordon Brown promptly followed up the Conservatives' moralism by ruling out a super-casino and hiking the leaving age in Britain's state schools (i.e. propaganda factories for PeeCee) to 18.


After a decade of Britain's Labour Government expanding university intakes, it transpired that there were no less than 29 graduate applicants for every graduate-level job (in banking, insurance, finance, management etc.) (Times, 10 vii). Faced with the impossibility of choosing between so many 'qualified' candidates, 50% of employers had adopted use of psychometric testing at the application stage - and not just at the interview stage as formerly. Apparently, by this time, "92% of leading graduate employers [in Britain] thought psychometric tests were "useful" or "very useful" tools in selecting candidates."


As lame-duck P.M. Grumpy Gordon frenetically recycled ancient policies (more maths and discipline in schools etc.) and added new authoritarian wheezes (keeping kids in Britain''schools' till 18), it transpired that Labour had allowed the Metropolitan Police to be comprehensively infiltrated by terror-backing Mueslis - promoted to dangerous levels thanks to the Labour Government and the Macpherson Report.

{How much longer would it be before Britain concluded that New Labour was just as much of a disaster and danger as Old Labour had been recognized to be by 1979?}


As right-wing publishing tycoon, distinguished biographer and multi-millionaire Conrad Black was found guilty following a three-month trial (ending with the Chicago jury needing to deliberate for twelve days) of trousering a tiny percentage of the takings of the firm, Hollinger, which he had made the world's third-largest publisher, at least defence of him against gloating egalitarians and lefties was provided by two beautiful women (his wife and daughter), by Canada's CB-bankrolled National Post (14 vii) and by gifted columnist Mark Steyn in Macleans (13 vii).

The Montreal Gazette noted sympathetically that, charge with embezzling $92M, Lord Black had finally been found guilty on charges related to $3M (14 vii). A juror on the case told the Amherst Daily that several jurors had wanted CB cleared on not just nine but all thirteen of the charges he faced; and that jurors only learned, to their horror, after announcing their verdicts, of the savage punishments allowed by U.S. law for fraud cases - longer than would be served in the U.K. for murder.

In Britain, Scotland's Sunday Herald showed some sympathy for Lord Black (15 vii). Amidst all the complexities of this case of statist triumphalism against the world of business, it was notable that no testimony was given by anyone who had actually suffered from CB's activities - for the shareholders had benefited, and could have sold up at any time if they didn't like CB's deals; and that he would never have been convicted if tried in England - just as he had long practised without falling foul of Canadian law.

I wrote to the Post as follows: "Congratulations on your sympathetic defence of Lord Black! The conviction of such a major right-wing intellectual is surely the most outrageous piece of anti-elitism and state triumphalism since America's jailing ten years ago of Nobelist paedophile Carlton Gajdusek for his own equally minor and victimless derelictions."}

Amidst the near-overwhelming clamour of American, Australian and British newspapers against him, the Observer's columnist Peter Preston kindly remarked (15 vii):

"Conrad Black was a pretty decent newspaper proprietor in the eyes of most who worked for him. He didn't interfere overmuch. He paid necessary bills, rescued two Telegraphs from looming bankruptcy, and restored them to health. He gave lavish parties and welcomed the great and good to his boards. He wrote long political biographies and started at least one new paper (the National Post) that Canada needed. He was much more than 'Black, the fraudster' (as the Telegraph's main headline had it).

The issues that surround him, and will doubtless follow him to prison before long, aren't those of basic crookery - or, as a matter of fact, basic greed. More likely, they are the product of a totally split personality. Conrad One was a Bay Street Boy on the make, a young climber who found a business soulmate in David Radler and did a number of grubby or cynical - but lucrative - deals the pair used to giggle over. That was Callous Conrad, a crook fallen in with another crook. But Conrad Two was a political thinker, writer, talent spotter and impressario in a quite different league, almost from a different planet. Does Conrad One talk to Conrad Two? Obviously not; otherwise he might have taken a plea bargain. But let's, at least, keep the Mark Two model in a reasonable state, without too much jeering or gloating."


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Sunday, July 08, 2007


Britain’s Funday Times (which once played a major part in trashing the reputation of Sir Cyril Burt) saw fit to hand the reviewing of a new ‘popular’ (and certainly massively publicized) anti-IQ book from Wiley DePublisher* (by a Santa Barbara biker, safe streets advocate, human rights attorney and freelance journalist, Stephen Murdoch, who had plainly never read The g Factor [which Wiley de-published in 1996]) to an Oxford professor of Eng. Lit., John Carey (8 vii).

In fact, Prof. Carey did a passable job of defending IQ against the “ruthless animosity”** of Murdoch’s book, settling for saying IQ was no more to blame for selective education in Britain and America than Zyklon B had been responsible for the Holocaust – such was academic moderation by 2007….; but Carey splendidly revealed his own incompetence to be even such a ‘moderate’ critic of the London School by suggesting that Blacks would do better on IQ if tests were re-written in Black English*** – when it had been known since Arthur Jensen’s work around 1970’s that Blacks actually do even worse on mental tests that are altogether non-verbal.

* The DePublisher had celebrated its 2007 bicentenary by taking over the elite Blackwell publishing house and bookstore chain (Oxford, London, Edinburgh), indicating what the future held for the head-in-the-sand ‘liberal’-left ‘academic’ sh*ts of British luniversities. Having failed to defend The g Factor in 1996, academics were to find PeeCee literally enforced on them by the censorious DePublisher.

** Interviewed by the Santa Barbara Independent (8 vii), Murdoch summarized his thesis about power-hungry psychometrician-psychologists (apparently without acknowledgment to Leon Kamin, Stephen Jay Gould or Dave Spart): “In the early 20th century, the fledgling field of psychology used IQ tests to gain access and power in America through persuading people it could measure an innate ability called intelligence.” Apparently, said the Independent, Murdoch’s book, IQ: A Smart History of a Failed Idea, detailed how the tests had been used in surprising ways: to turn immigrants back on Ellis Island, to decide whether to sexually sterilize unwed mothers, and even, in the case of Nazi Germany, to determine if handicapped people should be executed. {In fact the last, humanitarian use – exempting dullards from mens rea – remained the major official use of IQ test through the 20th century.

*** An IQ-type quiz using Black idiom was actually developed in the 1970's -- e.g. asking the testee to supply the meaning of 'going down on.' The final test turned out to show no correlation in Blacks with measures of either the g factor or educational attainment.

Friday, July 06, 2007


A new book* about Muslim immigration into Europe (where police were already told not to be seen eating or drinking on Ramadan, and where restaurants increasingly sported women-only tables) forecast that, assuming civil war could be prevented, Europe faced a future of becoming pretty much like Latin America (American Conservative, 18 vi, review by Theodore Dalrymple).

* How the West Was Lost: The Last Days of Europe: Epitaph for an Old Continent, Walter Laqueur, Thomas Dunne Books, 256 pages.


Harvard research by Robert Putnam (mentioned in this diary/blog last autumn), showing people living in racially diverse areas to be more unhappy and mistrustful even when a gamut of social factors were controlled, finally made it into the columns of the New York Times (17 vi). {For a fuller account of this yellow-bellied intellectual who hid his own non-peecee findings for five years, see `Diversity Is Strength! It's Also.Oh, Wait, Make That "Weakness",' by Steve Sailer (VDare, 1 vii).}


A substantial finding that race differences (across eleven groups, including Serbian Roma [aka Gypsies]) on mental ability items (from Raven's Matrices) were largest on those items independently shown (by twin study) to be more strongly heritable made it into the Proceedings of the Royal Society (J. Philippe Rushton et al., PRSB 274, v 2007 []) - only to be met with total neglect from Britain's continuingly peecee and ever-more-dumbed-down press. The authors concluded as follows (GMA = General Mental Ability):


A popularly written review of the past fifteen years of mounting evidence that, whether genetically or environmentally, male homosexuals are `feminized' and that (butch) lesbians are `masculinized' from an early age was provided by David France (himself apparently homosexual) (New York Magazine, 22 vi).


To the embarrassment of Britain's wretched Daft-Dave-led `Conservative' Party, which had tried to distance itself from grammar schools without bothering to insist at least on the g factor and the importance of streaming (even if only via parental choice), and had slumped in the polls because of its internal divisions, new research by Buckingham University's Professor Dennis O'Keeffe reported that grammar schools were more helpful to bright working class kids than were the comprehensive schools which had replaced them thanks to a generation of misplaced socialist and Conservative-accepted idealism (Daily Telegraph, 25 vi, pp. 1-2).

The educational charity Sutton Trust (prop. Peter Lampl, a largely pro-g figure, though not liking to mention IQ) promptly tossed in an apparent finding of its own, that Britain had less intergenerational social mobility in 2006 than (a) most other European countries, and (b) Britain of the 1950's; and added that Britain's 500 leading figures in law, politics, medicine, journalism and business in 2007 still came mainly from independent schools despite years of universities being bullied to take more state school pupils from `bad postcode' areas. (Grammar schools provided 32% and comprehensives 17% of leading figures.)

Fed up with Daft Dave's general failure to get a grip, noted Tory MP Quentin Davies, a Thatcherite Europhile and maverick, resigned the `Conservative' whip in the Commons and joined the Labour Party (of whose new leader, Grumpy Gordon, he spoke in glowing terms, having worked with him on committees dealing with Treasury matters).


As Shami Chakrabarti CBE, Director of Liberty, and Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance, denounced the departing Rev Bliar (deposed by Grumpy Gordon Brown, perhaps by means of blackmail over past homosexuality) for his assault on British freedoms, I added a comment at Sean's website:

I believe Sean is quite right to feel there was something uniquely awful about Blair's politics. When Blair first promised, in February, 1996, to return to streaming in schools, he was announcing the end of the left's post-1945 egalitarian delusion and an acceptance that people were radically different from each other and required different treatments. In practical terms, he was accepting the failure of the comprehensive model of education and allowing that education would need to imitate the West's great success story of medicine -- with proper attention to empirical facts and individual differences.

By 1998, however, it was clear that 'Education! Education! Education!' meant nothing apart from sloshing more paint on rotten wood (pretending that 'superheads' could transform bog standard comprehensives into 'city academies' etc.). And discrimination was further demonized in other areas too: it was not just the country and its officials but people themselves that could not choose to handle people according to their identities as female, Muslim, Black, homosexual, handicapped etc.; and such human differences and their consequences could not even be discussed without speakers putting at least their jobs at risk. British citizens were to be treated according to their bureaucratic status (and trivial biometric signs) and not according to their essential natures; and London psychologists got grants to study how to detect even covert discriminatory thoughts -- and thus how to make the `windows into men's souls' that even the far-from-libertarian Elizabeth I had famously abjured.

It is Blair's casual betrayal of the truth about deep-seated individual and racial differences that is so galling. By 2006 his minions began admitting that 'multiculturalism' would have to be abandoned; but, apart from it being by then too late, the new proposal of 'integration' had no serious thought given to it and indeed looked likely to end in enforced race-mixing in schools -- after a generation of people moving heaven and earth to live in areas of their own race.* Funnily, even Blair's one widely conceded 'achievement,' peace in Northern Ireland, was based essentially on Protestants and Catholics having mercilessly segregated themselves with the help of 15-foot fences. No wonder that Blair's worst disaster, the failure of peacekeeping in Iraq, was traceable directly to the multicultural delusion that Kurds, Shi-ites and Sunnis could live together without the assistance of savage dictatorship. To deny the realities of human nature leads not only to denial of freedom but ultimately to denial of life.

To have seen reality only to abandon it and ban others from talking about it is a betrayal of the modern Western belief that progress is possible by science and debate. That Blair should have done this while enjoying a happy family life, good health, American adulation and the consolations of Catholic religion is galling. That he should finally himself -- a prime beneficiary of British traditions -- have said he is no lover of Parliament is an insult that demands to be repaid.

* Labour Government chatter about compelling schools to have `diverse' racial mixes had begun just as the American Supreme Court was crucially striking down (5-4) as improperly racially discriminatory such `melting pot' efforts by American schools and state authorities. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. authored the most important opinion of his two terms leading the court. He held that plans which categorize students on the basis of race and use that in making school assignments violate the Constitution's promise of equal protection, even if the goal is integration of the schools. "The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race," Roberts splendidly wrote (Washington Post, 28 vi).


As Muesli fanatics targeted Britain with three car bombs, the Grand Mufti of Egypt banned female circumcision (inflicted on 97% of Egyptian girls) (Reuters, 25 vi) and the political leaders of Palestine, Jordan and Egypt forbade mosques to allow preaching in favour of Hamas (Daily Telegraph, 29 vi) - setting a fine example to the West's traitorous politicians who had allowed their own homelands to become infested with Muslim extremism (with thousands of Muesli loons running around, inspired by bearded wonders at the Finsbury Park Mosque, a vastly larger number of internal enemies than had to be detained in 1939).

Even Britain's pathetic peecee Observer, though still not moved to demand the closure of one mosque for each Muesli murder attempt, admitted (1 vii): "Some believe that the solution to terrorism is to resolve the myriad grievances the terrorists broadcast so violently. This is a mistake. Many such grievances are imagined -- the West does not want to 'dominate the lands of Islam', for example. Many more are simply not Britain's fault; we are not to blame for the parlous economic state of many Islamic countries."


Alison Wolf, Sir Roy Griffiths Professor of Public Sector Management at King's College, London, wrote in her monthly colum in Times Higher (29 vi), that US-style Scholastic Aptitude/Achievement Tests might prove a better predictor of sutability for university than A levels. She was concerned with the age-old task of boosting the number of lower4-class student entrants to universities - and did not put her mission at risk by any mention of SAT scores being correlated at .90 (after correction for attenuation) with psychologists' mainstream measures of IQ and the g factor.


After three attempted car bombings in Britain in three days by mad Mueslis (one an Iranian doctor with a burqa-wearing wife (also arrested)), `Conservative' leader Daft Dave Cameron needed to ask only one question: `After forty years of giving in to the IRA - with democracy now suspended in Northern Ireland so as to give the IRA terrorists jobs at Stormont -- does the Government propose to spend the next forty years pandering to Muesli extremists and finally introducing Shariah law in Northern England?' But, lacking the gumption to press such a question, Cameron lost the opportunity to condemn the Government for a lack of ideas and planning; thus he also lost what would have been the subsequent opportunity to go straight to Britain's Mueslis themselves and ask them to close one mosque per each Muesli atrocity as an act of good will - a request which Parliament would have readily agreed to turn into law if Muesli leaders had not obliged.

{Even a Quislingraph columnist said (2 vii) `We need Muslims to do more'; and the paper's leading article said, "It has been nearly two years since Tony Blair promised a showdown with the courts over their repeated blocking of repatriation orders. Since then, not a single hate preacher has been deported. On the contrary, Mr Brown has just promoted Lord Lester, the author of the legislation that made it so easy for the courts to overturn removal orders."}


Just a few days after the departure of the unlamented Rev. Bliar, investigative journalism by ITV's `Tonight with Trevor McDonald' forced the Government to admit that the allocation of Britain's `social housing ` to immigrants was not 1% -- as had been proclaimed in May - but 5%, i.e. some 10,000 state-owned houses in all (Daily Telegraph, 2 vii). Apparently HMG had decided to change its counting criteria when confronted with ITV's finding. At the same time, Prime Minister Brown let it be known he would clamp down on employers of immigrants, taxing them for employing non-British citizens and fining them 10K pounds if they failed to check whether immigrants had work permits.


"The social consequences of welfare dependency scar our great towns and cities. In Glasgow, where 55 per cent of households have no earned income, male life expectancy is 69 years, lower than in the Gaza Strip, North Korea and Iran. In Calton, the poorest area of the city, male life expectancy is 54 years, which puts it on a par with sub-Saharan Africa. These shaming statistics have not happened because we have looked the other way: public money has poured in; state spending now accounts for 70 per cent of the Glasgow region's GDP, putting it on a par with the communist countries of the old Eastern bloc."

- Thus ex-Sunday Times editor and TV host Andrew Neil, writing in the Spectator (30 vi) of the decayed Irish-Catholic society left behind on Clydeside after it had destroyed its own livelihood by endless strikes, even at one point in the 1920s returning a Communist MP to Westminster.


After Britain's three (failed) Muesli car bomb attempts, it transpired that all seven arrested Mueslis (hailing from Iran, Yemen, Jordan, Pakistan, India etc.) had been working (as doctors, neurosurgeons, technicians etc.) for Britain's National Health Service - an observation that would not be lost on the thousands of aspiring young British student doctors who had been unable to get NHS jobs in 2007.


`Praise for Islamic groups who condemned attacks' was the Grauniad headline over a story (3 vii) of how HMG was blaming Britain's triple car bomb attempts not on Mueslis but on al Qaeda, bin Liner, `communities'; but the article did not manage to name a single Muesli group which had "condemned" or even mildly criticized the attacks. By contrast, the British National Party had no difficulty finding a photo of top Muesli loon Anjem Choudary who had around the time of the first car bomb endorsed "attacks" on Britain and the Queen (3 vii). Understandably, the BNP added, "The BNP remains the only political party which stands firm, speaks the truth and says that there is no place for Islam in Britain."


Psychology Today (3 vii) gave a preview of Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters, the evopsychology `Just So' stories compiled by Alan Miller and Satoshi Kanazawa and due for publication by Perigree Press in the autumn. Yet, though the stories were often engaging (`most men benefit from monogamy') and convincing (`blonde females are preferred because no old woman remains blonde'), they notably failed to include any faxalife about IQ or its inheritance and link to race differences - Kanazawa presumably having decided to respect the ban that the London School of Economics probably imposed on him in November, 2006, after he had noted that intelligence did not seem to be necessary to success in African countries.

The book was to be a follow up to the authors' Why Men Gamble and Women Buy Shoes, 2006, Oxford University Press.

Amazon Books recorded: "Until his untimely death in January 2003 at the age of 44, Alan S. Miller was Professor of Social Psychology in the Department of Behavioral Sciences at Hokkaido University, Japan, and Affiliate Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Washington. Professor Miller wrote widely in the areas of crime and deviant behaviour, religion, and cross-cultural social psychology. Recent publications include (with Satoshi Kanazawa) Order by Accident: The Origins and Consequences of Conformity in Contemporary Japanese Society (Westview Press, 2000).

Satoshi Kanazawa is Reader and Lecturer of Management and Research Methodology at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He was the first sociologist to introduce modern evolutionary psychology into sociology. His work has been widely featured in the media in several continents, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe, the Times (London), Time, Psychology Today, the Times Higher Education Supplement, and on BBC Radio 4 and the National Public Radio's `All Things Considered,' among other TV and radio shows."

Unfortunately, the authors' story that suicide bombers are young men suffering fertility despair under polygyny (and drawn by the promise of 72 virgins) emerged just as the Jordanian Muesli brain surgeon who had organized the London and Glasgow car bomb attacks had had a son by Muesli lab technician wife in 2005.


Following the three (failed) car bomb terror efforts by Muesli medics (lacking the usual excuses of poverty, hardship, miseducation and White racism), the Muslim Council of Britain urged Muslims in Britain to condemn and act against terror, and called a meeting in London of top imams to help U.K. security authorities. {Sadly, the MCB had tried this before without coming up with a single practicable suggestion - e.g. closing extremist mosques; the MCB remained wildly anti-Semitic, even refusing to join in the piety of Holocaust Day; and its former leader, Sir Iqbal Socranie, had joined in the Muesli protests against Satanic Verses author Salman Rushdie being awarded a knighthood (see June).}


Faced with accusations of `racism' in limiting welfare for abos to those who actually produced their kids well fed and clothed at school, Prime Minister John Howard resolved to extend his crackdown to Whites as well - heralding the end of welfarism as known-and-abused since 1945 (Herald Sun, 4 vii, 5 vii). {Experts had remarked for years that welfarism would break under the strain of having to cope with the unacceptable idiosyncrasies of other races.}


Faced with three car bombings by elite Islamofascists in Britain, the BBC threw itself into an orgy of pleading for understanding of poor Mueslis; and likewise it begged Palestinians to release a balded, Palestine-loving and effeminate (homosexual?) BBC journalist whom they had kidnapped for >100 days in Gaza, finally applauding the murderers of Hamas when they graciously delivered their victim, who obligingly let himself be filmed dining with the murderous scum who had run rings round the Beeb.