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After weeks of uncertainty for fans, ex-Torygraph Daft-Dave-doubting columnist Simon Heffer re-surfaced in the Daily Mail (17 viii) – properly appreciating that the lunatic multiculti overspending of Clinton, Bush, Blair and Brown – with Europe’s PIGS in close tow -- was only likely to be solved by Germany re-assuming its historic responsibility for the Continent, i.e. creating what SH called a little tactlessly, but plainly truthfully, a Fourth Reich.


Hats off to the Sunday Times’ Jenni Russell (21 viii) (2011 winner of the Orwell Prize for Political Journalism; insider with both Daft Dave and Red Ed)! Jenni had the most plausible story of how schools had become so soulless that low-grade (Bleck) youth, already deprived of a father and not uncommonly of a (pill-swallowing) mother, could find no consolation with their peecee-socialist-bureaucrat teachers; so youf joined gangs for the only experience of bonding, belonging, approval and identity that they were likely to get.
“The hysteria over paedophilia has made adults wary of interacting with the next generation. ....Many schools have policies that forbid staff to have personal conversation with a child or to be alone with them. ....On buses and trains, grown-ups avoid eye contact with smiling or talkative toddlers. ....We leave children cold and isolated, in poor schools and neighbourhoods {the products of egalitarianism and welfare dependency}, without skills, bridges out or hope. Then we are shocked and dismayed when they huddle together in the gangs that offer them identity, pride, camaraderie, purpose and at least the possibility of getting hold of some of the stuff that we all want.”

{Anything Jenni left out? Yes (as said previously), the awesome power given to children to break instantaneously the career of any teacher or other unguardedly kindly adult by an un-evidenced accusation of ‘abuse.’}


America’s ‘child poverty problem’ did not explain its children’s relatively low math scores, said a report from Harvard’s Program on Education Policy and Governance (Yahoo! News, 22 viii). In 2009, about 32% of American schoolkids scored what researchers termed “proficient” on the PISA, which placed the USA a lamentable 32nd out of 65 countries. By contrast, 50% or more of pupils in Korea, Finland, Switzerland, Japan, Canada and the Netherlands scored as proficient.

The Harvard researchers found that poverty did not seem a big factor in how Americans scored in math. When the researchers just looked at students with at least one college-educated parent, a good indicator that a child was above the ‘poverty line’ (and thereby excluding many Black children), 44% were proficient in math, still trailing significantly behind students in 13 countries.

Race was the explanation: 41% of White students overall scored as proficient in math (about 10 percent of White children living in poverty); by contrast, merely 11% percent of Black students and 15% of Hispanic students scored as proficient.


In an astonishing display of state-funded academic uselessness, the de facto inheritor of the London School (of differential psychology), Steven Pinker (who, as a Jew, had been occasionally happy enough to explain to other Jews (at meetings in Zoo Yawk) that Jews were genetically brighter than Gentiles), confessed to the BBC (World Service, 23 viii, 11:25am) that evolution of human brain size and intelligence in the past 15,000 years could not be discussed, let alone examined by scholars, since to do so would raise questions of racial differences and eugenics and quickly get discussants booted out of their sinecures.

{That brain size had been found correlated at around .35 with IQ over the previous forty years – and even higher in work by my own Ph.D. student, Vincent Egan – was not thought worth mentioning by the great philosophe.)

*Harvard; soon to join London’s ‘New College of the Humanities’, headed by modewate Grauniadista lefty ‘uman-wights-luvin’ Antonyblair Graybeard.


Emeritus Professor Richard Lynn scored in the Times (22 viii) as follows.
Sir: A-level grades announced this week have improved for the twenty-ninth consecutive year.

Yet there have been three studies in which the same IQ test has been administered to representative samples of children at two points in time over this period, and all three have found that the intelligence of school children has declined.

Intelligence is a major determinant of performance in examinations. It is therefore impossible that when the IQ of the nation’s children has been declining, performance in examinations can have increased. The conclusion to be drawn is that the annual increases in A-level grades do not reflect genuine improvement in performance, but are attributable to grade inflation, as many have suspected.

Grade inflation is inevitable because of the existence of several A-level boards that are in competition with one another for students. Each A-level board has to retain or preferably increase the numbers of candidates taking its examinations, so to do this it relaxes its standards and makes good grades easier to obtain. If it did not do so, it would go out of business.

There are two possible solutions to this problem. The first is to have only one A level board, which would not be exposed to this pressure. The second is to impose on the examination boards fixed proportions of each grade, e.g. 5 per cent A*, 10 percent A, and so forth.

Richard Lynn

I replied:
Thanks, Richard! A succinct and surely correct analysis, as readers expect from you (though it’s the first I heard of IQ going down and some poor devils will doubtless persist in thinking that ‘good teaching’* is meant to circumvent natural handicaps).

*This dubious feat was of course achieved by teachers’ use of rote learning and the pretty direct supply of exam answers to ‘pupils’, not requiring IQ – as was pointed out by Times correspondent Dr S.J.Dobson, 23 viii, the good doctor noting that the main point of thus boosting university entrance was to keep 250K p.a.English ‘students’ off the dole numbers.


Labour spent £2.3M per day during its time in office ‘processing’ asylum-seeking applications, 75% of which were accepted (Sun, 24 viii) – a fine vote-getting scheme for illiterates from all over the world as well as for baseball-cap-wearing Labour-appointed ‘civil servants’! {Not that Britain’s ‘compassionate Conservatives’ managed a squeak!}


The idea that Germany (together with other Nordic/Alpinic) countries should solve the eurozone’s problems by pulling out and leaving the non-Protestant PIGS to France (see previous – yes, you read it here first) achieved more significant support from Times economic guru Anatole Kalensky who wrote (24 viii): “The liberation of Libya succeeded after Germany opted out of joining the Nato-led intervention. Why shouldn’t the same be true of the single currency?”


As debate of Queensman Vernon Bogdanor’s conservative proposals to keep the current Westminster Upper House persisted (Times, 24 viii, p. 27), my own longstanding preference for letting the Lords represent the powers in the land, i.e. big organizations (including firms, Trade Unions, even football clubs), preferably in accordance with their taxpaying, achieved a modicum of support (correspondent David Mason).


Following up their inconclusive criticisms of Emeritus Professor Lynn’s racial hereditarianism (see previous, xi 2009), Jelte Wicherts fired another volley (this time apparently during an ISSID conference, viii) to the effect that even Lynn’s basic estimates of national IQ were flawed.

Unfortunately, nitpicking criticisms that Lynn’s great sweep of studies (from around 1980) involved many departures from ideal representative sampling, required selection so as to ensure methodological comparability and might have underestimated IQs in African countries after nutritional improvements by 2000 were well known – not least to Lynn himself – and did nothing to dent the London School thesis that racial IQ differences were ordered E. Asian > White >>> Black.


Not content to leave all the fun of flash mobs to the Black denizens of Tottenham (q.v.) or Philthadelphia, or to indulge the multiculti-loving bureaucrats of the EU, Roma gypsies near Dresden laid on two unprovoked late-night street attacks on outnumbered groups of Czech males, beating their victims with telescope-style sticks (handy for carrying) while screaming “White bastards!” in the towns of Rumburk and Novy Bor (Deutsche Welle, 24 viii).


Murderous Mueslis nudged up the rate of killing in Karachi (q.v.) to 100 per week as ethnic Urdu-speakers (the majority in Pakiland’s gross southern megacity, the product of two generations of dysgenics) battled with ethnic Pashto-speakers – the chaos allowing criminal gangs, Islamofascists and Taleban fighters to thrive (Times, 25 viii).


In what was perhaps Australia’s worst-ever urban fire disaster, seven children and a woman from two families perished, though three men made a lucky escape (Times, 25 viii). In case you asked, the families were from Tonga and Samoa.


It transpired that ‘race realism’ (the congenial term for ‘scientific racism’, invented in Edinburgh) had its own entry in the internet encyclopedia {though modifying the entry required more obsessionality than I could be bothered with}:
Individuals today (2011)

· Chris Brand - Psychological and psychometric researcher, author of 'The g Factor: General Intelligence and its Implications' (Wiley DePublisher, 1996/2000)[1]

· David Duke - White nationalist,author of 'My Awakening' (1998, Free Speech Press), politician[2]

· Nick Griffin - leader, British National Party

· Arthur Jensen -- author of 'Bias in Mental Testing' (1980, Free Press), 'Straight Talk about Mental Tests (1981, Free Press) and 'The g Factor: the Science of Mental Ability' (Praeger, 1998)

· Lee Kuan Yew - First Prime Minister of Singapore, current Minister Mentor of Singapore[3]

· Michael Levin - Philosophy professor at City University of New York[4]

· Richard Lynn - psychometrician-psychologist, co-author of 'IQ and the Wealth of Nations' (Praeger, 2002)

· Charles Murray - Columnist of the American Enterprise Institute, co-author of 'The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life' (1994, Free Press) [5]

· J. Philippe Rushton - author of 'Race, Evolution & Behavior' (1995, Transaction), psychology professor at the University of Western Ontario[6]

· Steve Sailer - American writer for VDARE[7]

· Benjamin Netanyahu - Prime Minister of Israel

· Jared Taylor - editor, American Renaissance[8]


Top British historian Dr David Starkey found himself castigated for racism by 102 academics (in Times Higher, 25 viii) (and by hundreds of callers to the BBC) after he wrote (of the Tottenham-led riots) that ‘chavs [low-life youf] had become Black’ (q.v.). It was not entirely clear what Starkey meant. Were White chavs adopting Black culture? Or were Black youf adopting White chav culture?

No matter! The 102 (unheard-of) academics (including some from the LSE, where Starkey had lectured for fifteen years) were sure that Starkey was disgraceful and out of his depth and should never again be invited on to the Beeb (where he regularly starred in the weekly discussion programme ‘The Moral Maze’) except to talk about his own ‘area of expertise’ (the inner household of Henry VIII).

And Starkey replied with equal decisiveness (Daily Telegraph, 26 viii, p.15): “The subject of race has become unmentionable, by whites at any rate. And any breach has been punished by ostracism and worse. As the hysterical reaction to my remarks shows, the witch-finders already have their sights on me.”

In response to Starkey’s expressed agreement with some of the views of Enoch Powell, a fine defence of Powell’s scholarship and libertarianism was provided by the Director of the Libertarian Alliance, Dr Sean Gabb, who wrote (26 viii): “A hundred years from now, no one will remember the corrupt nonentities who are now using Enoch Powell as a stick for beating David Starkey. Equally, a hundred years from now, men will still be reading Enoch Powell for pleasure and instruction.”

And the [quarter-] Black Ben Douglas sided with Starkey’s view that Blacks should learn to speak recognizable English (Daily Mail, 21 viii). Another defence of Powell and his political incorrectness had been provided by me in Occidental Quarterly, 2001. My own ‘ostracism and worse’ (by Edinburgh University, for racism, sexism, eugenicism and insufficient paedohysteria) had been summarized in Academic Freedom and the Law (Eric Barendt, 2010).


Though the ‘Arab Spring’ had plunged the Muddle East into mega-thousand deaths and mad-Muesli hands, the West’s political and journalistic idealists, lacking both Christianity and the slightest knowledge of history or philosophy, declined to recognize how the great revolutions of England (1640), France (1789), Russia (1917) and Prussia oops Germany (1920) had ended. Instead, Western MSM preferred to put its weight behind young Libyan machine-gun-waving looters in pick-up trucks, just as if they were from unjustly done-down Tottenham....


Comments? Email Chris Brand. -- CV for Chris Brand. -- Some history.


Monday, August 22, 2011


The Met’s initial failure to send extra thousands of police to quell the vast London (Tottenham etc.) Black vandalism of the previous week was the result of decisions taken by top cops around 2007 to prioritize their peecee favourite of ‘neighbourhood policing’ (except in the case of a major terrorist outrage) – so reported the Sunday Times (14 viii, p. 2), using ex-superintendents from within the Met.

(Arguments continued as to who had saved the day; but Downing Street insiders told journalists that they had found top cops pathetic – as was predictable from their being appointed in the thirteen years of NuLabour multiculturalism.)


Providing a little unusual race realism, ST columnist Rod Liddle pointed out that the ‘White flight’ south-east London area of Eltham had, unlike the nearby Black areas of Lewisham and Peckham, remained unaffected by London’s violent disorders – though helped perhaps by some 200 White vigilantes appearing on Eltham’s streets.


Noting, along with other commentators, that Black single mothers often lived literally in fear of their own male teenage children, West-Indian-originated London teacher and ST columnist Katharine Birbalsingh reminded readers of the hold that paedohysteria gave children over their parents, because disciplinary efforts could be met by children threatening to call the police and cry ABUSE.

{Yes, in my own list of possible explanations of vandalism (see previous), I had included ‘powerlessness’ but had forgotten ‘over-powerfulness.’ As KB wrote: “Children are never held to account for what they do. Is it any wonder they decided to show the police that they’re in charge? They’ve been in charge of some of our schools and even buses for years. Why not the streets too?”


For the Spectator (13 viii), Harriet Sergeant neatly summed up the situation: the education of Black kids had been entirely based on “wishful thinking” and little equipped them to compete in the UK’s labour market with hard-working and obedient East-European immigrants only too glad to have got away from the misery of communism.


As the Tottenham-emanating mass looting and arson gave politicians the opportunity to insist simply on the true pay-your-way liberalism of total (or preferably triple) recompense for tangible harm from vandals and their families, landlords, friends, churches, pubs, other drug suppliers and employers (if any), Britain’s leaders, Daft Dave and Red Ed, instead decided to argue with each other about the vague need to restore ‘morality’ (DD) or the passé ‘policy’ of increasing ‘welfare’* (RE) (already doubled for feckless single-mums by Labour’s Rev. Bliar) (Guardian, 15 viii).

To add to the hilarity, the chosen knight of DD’s ‘tough moralism,’ US cop Bill Bratton (famed for the admittedly excellent policy of jailing window-smashers and graffiti artistes, and training cops to understand kids’ internet use) turned out to have had his successes principally by 50% increases in the size of the police forces of Boston, NY and LA – a policy not on offer in banker-bankrupted Britain of 2011.

“Police already have the power to force protesters and others to remove hoodies and headwear preventing identification,” wrote the Guardian’s John Kampfner (15 viii). Yet Britain’s mangey cops and politicos – concerned to ‘argue’ like poodles vs pussycats among themselves – had never once used this simple power.

* Theodore Dalrymple, Wall Street Journal, 15 viii:

"The rioters in the news last week had a thwarted sense of entitlement that has been assiduously cultivated by an alliance of intellectuals, governments and bureaucrats. "We're fed up with being broke," one rioter was reported as having said, as if having enough money to satisfy one's desires were a human right rather than something to be earned."There are people here with nothing," this rioter continued: nothing, that is, except an education that has cost $80,000, a roof over their head, clothes on their back and shoes on their feet, food in their stomachs, a cellphone, a flat-screen TV, a refrigerator, an electric stove, heating and lighting, hot and cold running water, a guaranteed income, free medical care, and all of the same for any of the children that they might care to propagate."

The idea that ‘poverty’ was the cause of the riots was dealt a neat blow by the observation that it was crime-free Cornwall, not inner London, that was the most ‘deprived’ region in the UK (Times, 17 viii, Timothy James).


Just why did ‘nationalist’ Norwegian Anders Breivik (q.v.) murder 69 Labour kids (many of whom would have abandoned their youthful idealism after a few years)? If he was so anti-Muslim, why not shoot Mueslis? Saxon Messenger (viii) offered an answer: Breivik was a Zionist who in fact had no love for his White Norwegian fellow-nationals. Apparently, just an hour before his killing spree, Breivik had been in friendly contact with an Israeli living in a kibbutz; and his atrocity was committed on the 65th anniversary of Jewish nationalists killing 91 (including scores of British Army personnel) in the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, 22 vii 1946.

OK, Breivik didn’t look Jewish – though his name (or Brevik) was sometimes considered Jewish and he had had plastic surgery. More seriously, if a Zionist, he was departing from the basic Jewish hypocrisy of the previous fifty years that Israel should be for the Jews but the West should be afflicted with ‘minorities’ so as to produce anti-White votes and make Jews feel more at home. [Chris seems to overlook here that Israel too has large "minority" populations, including Africans and Muslim Arabs. It also has a substantial illegal immigrant problem -- JR]

Still, the unmarried drugged-up graffiti artiste had made his chief known political contact with the ‘English Defence League’ which, with its total concentration on anti-Mohammedanism, had been suspected of taking Jewish money as some Jews realized their multicultural plan had failed and that the Western left was backing Mueslis against Israel.* Watch this space!

* In America, Hillary Clinton was working hard with the Organization of the Islamic Conference to criminalize speech critical of Mueslidom. Also in the US, arguments continued in universities as to whether anti-Jewish speech should be suppressed (as some Jewish groups wanted) or whether it should be tolerated as free speech (Chronicle of Higher Education, 17 viii) – fancy, some American academics at last favouring free speech after fifteen year’s of New York’s Abominable Wiley DePublisher suppressing The g Factor!


The makers of a Bollywood blockbuster which challenged India's controversial ‘reservation’ (i.e. ‘positive discrimination’) system for government jobs and college places asked the Supreme Court to overturn a ban by three states which feared the film could provoke inter-caste violence led by India’s Dalit and Other Backward Classes (D. Telegraph, 12 viii).

The film ‘Aarakshan’ (‘Reservation’) cast doubt on India’s higher-caste kids having to get twice the marks of lower-caste to gain entry to university. Leading Indian film director Jag Mundra said the film had been exploited for political reasons by those who opposed a debate on caste reservations. "I would like to ask these people,” he said, “If your loved one was in hospital and needed a life-saving operation, and you knew the surgeon had been appointed on the basis of a reservation, would you want that person to operate? How long do we have to make people suffer now to ‘right the wrongs of the past’?"

{Indian ‘affirmative’ unfairness to ‘help’ the country’s 500M Untouchables had begun around 1970 with a promise that it would only last ten years; but that promise was abandoned as Britain’s parting legacy of unpropertied democracy took hold.}


As thirty more were killed in clashes between Turkoid/Muslim Uighurs and Han Chinese in Urumqui, the capital of ethnically troubled Xinxiang Province, Peking was obliged to despatch more troops to crush opposition, including the crack ‘Snow Leopard’ anti-terrorist brigade, formed to protect the 2008 Olympics (Guardian, 17 viii).


In happy tribute to the 15-year work of Ian Deary (q.v.) and his Cognitive Ageing team in studying Scottish oldies who had once, as schoolchildren, sat the 1947 Scottish Mental Survey, the research was turned into a stage play on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe:

‘Still Life Dreaming’ (at the actual Pleasance building that had housed Edinburgh Psychology, 1965-80) caught the attention of the Times (17 viii, pp.16-17).

Outwith films and plays about psychoanalysis, this was surely a first for psychology (though the empirical project’s medical side very much helped secure its funding and popularity). Apparently, said the Times, soothing any questioning lib-left readers, the 1947 Survey “was not designed to be selective or to favour better educated children, but to allow intelligent children from poorer backgrounds to shine” – though how such shining had been expected to be accomplished without some degree of selection was not vouchsafed....

Meeting Ian perchance on our E’bugger stamping ground, I was pleased to learn that the press for Cognitive Ageing’s latest work (on DNA x IQ, q.v.) had been excellent – though Ian had not directly inflicted on the London School’s academic critics themselves (Roderick Buchanan [U. Melbourne]; Stephen Ceci [Cornell]; Howie Gardner [Harvard]; Steve Jones [UCL]; Ken Richardson [Open U.]; Steven Rose [Open U.]; William Tucker [Rutgers U.]) the news that he had found the same h²N (narrow heritability) for IQ as had Sir Cyril Burt (see TgF, Chap.3, p.117).


As it transpired that the cutting-edge DNA technology which had enabled Deary et al.’s confirmation of Burt’s .5 narrow heritability for IQ (gf) had come from Brisbane’s Peter Visscher* (a Nick Martin** product, Queensland Institute of Medical Research), historians of science were reminded of Oz-Scot co-operation on intelligence:

U. Adelaide’s Ted Nettelbeck (and students) had supplied the ‘inspection time’ (IT) measures that had turned out in Edinburgh to correlate around .4 with IQ (higher in the low-IQ range); Brisbane had supplied mega-smoking philosopher-loving social-work-renunciating hostess-with-the-mostest Trish Connolly who, as dignified Patroness of the Edinburgh Structural Psychometrics Group (ESPG), long maintained morale among students of IQ (like ladykiller party-smart Vincent Egan – star of ‘paced serial addition’ and much else in TgF’s Chapter 3) in E’bro’; Perth, W. Oz, had provided an academic home for the first E’bro’ student (under my supervision) of the IT/IQ relationship, the red-haired drink-downing anti-racist Mike Anderson (D. Phil. via The Queen’s College, Oxford).

Less positively, but still showing the Empire at work, the gifted if shaggy anti-psychometric Brian Mackenzie, who had studied in E’bro under John Beloff and got his starred Ph.D. with myself as examiner, found a home in Tasmania from where he argued persuasively that the lack of strong correlation between IQ and whiteness of skin colour in Blacks was because many of the whiter Blacks were the offspring of Southern slavers – not a notoriously intellectual group; and my most recent academic duty was to put the boot into U. Melbourne’s Roderick Buchanan and his (admittedly impressive) biography of Hans Eysenck, Playing with Fire (q.v.). [Now online here]

*PV was prepared to come on strong with journalists about the importance of genes: “From my own perspective, I can say that whatever extra teaching and learning opportunities I [might] have had in childhood -- I had lots -- I doubt it very much that I could have become a skilled tradesman ... or an Einstein."

**Nick and I last performed together in Berlin, 1992 (at a Dahlemkonferenz), where we annoyed Harvard’s multifactorialist Howie Gardner so badly that his resulting comments were deemed unprintable for a German academic audience.


As British pundits struggled to explain the Tottenham-originating mayhem (without of course mentioning race, let alone the rioting and looting by American Blacks in Watts, Detroit, Los Angeles, New Orleans and Philadelphia), it turned out that 40% of Britain’s newly qualified teachers abandoned their state-school jobs within two years (Times, 17 viii, Alice Thomson).


How to solve the tiresome (but incredibly dangerous) problems of the eurozone when Germany did not want to supply the cash until Latinos accepted the Diziplin? Well, let the conscientious Nordic and Alpinic countries have their own beloved deutschmark (to be jokingly called the neuro); and let the spendthrift Mediterranean countries go their own way (with a sudo, under French leadership, giving the France’s ‘progressive’ elite the empire for which it had always pined).

Such, in essentials, was the ingenious psychology-conscious suggestion of top Times economic columnist Anatole Kaletsky (17 viii). William McDougall would surely have been a supporter – documenter as he was of the different types of immigrant behaviour in America of the communautarian French and Italians and the individualistic and exploratory Germans and Brits.


A White Louisiana father, 30, decapitated his grossly handicapped 7-year-old son (suffering cerebral palsy and heart problems, needing a feeding tube, wheelchair etc.), telling police he had had enough (D. Mail, 17 viii).

{In the Roman Empire, fathers were allowed to kill unsatisfactory children up till age 35.}


To the E’bugger Book Festival (mainly for ancient ‘liberal’-lefties) in rain-sodden Charlotte Square (just opposite the Georgian residence of Scotland’s First Minister, Mr Fish, who had been in 1996 the first politician to denounce The g Factor).

My old colleague in Academics for Peace & Freedom (i.e. anti-Commie and pro-Bomb), Emeritus Professor John Gray (once Thatcherite, then Blairite, then Green and anti-Iraq-war, but still anti-EU) (62, retired from London academia to write full time from Bath, accompanied by his Japanese wife) presented with his usual panache the 1951 thesis of Lithuanian ex-Commie Czeslaw Milosz in The Captive Mind (cf. Arthur Koestler’s Darkness at Noon) that communism was an outright pretence which propagators knew in their hearts was wrong – and that that was a usual feature of totalitarianism.

(Romania’s dictator Ceausescu would even fatten up emaciated (much-tortured) elite prisoners of his tyranny for display to Western journalists – and by such tricks won himself a knighthood from Britain’s Labour Government.)

Wasn’t PeeCee similar, I mused – suppressing any criticism of other races (and nations, sexes, sexual orientations, levels of handicap etc.) while in fact most Whites and Asians separated themselves from Blacks in their everyday lives – a comparable totalitarian charade? Had it not led to sacking, early-retiring and gagging of awkward outspeaking intellectuals? Had it not proved as economically disastrous as communism – with lending to supposedly capable Blacks and Hispanics (by 2008 called ‘subprimes’) yielding the bubble & crunch disaster that threatened years of Western stagnation ahead as debts had to be paid off?

Had not uncontrolled third-world immigration – the corollary of peecee multiculturalism – meant that nine out of ten new jobs in Britain had been taken by immigrants while British youth lived off politicos’ handouts and drug dealing? And was not Hillary Clinton working busily (q.v.) to extend the illusion by criminalizing criticism of Islam?

“No,” replied the shocked philosopher without further adumbration – perhaps responding diplomatically to the boos and hisses which my points to the 100-strong audience had attracted.

Trust PeeCee – in truth the replacement of communism (with the requirement for ‘minority’-hugging speech dating back to Lenin) -- not to recognize itself in the mirror!

My agonies at the booing and hissing were subsequently assuaged as I learned that the Mayor of London, indefatigably good-humoured Boris Johnson, had had to endure being called “evil” and “Hitler” by his competitor, the newt-loving Cockney Red Ken Livingstone, the former (Labour) Mayor of London (Sun, 19 viii). Doubtless the genial-enough multiculti Ken did not entirely mean this; but ‘Good vs Evil’ was nevertheless the play he was minded to stage – as a Miloszian totalitarian....


The biggest dysgenic megalopi-madness of Pakistan, the revolting sprawl of Karachi, turned out to be at war with itself as Indian-originated ‘Mohajir’ Urdu speakers battled it out in car-burning contests with the millions of Pashto-speaking backers of OK Bin Liner (whom northern Pakistan had sheltered for years from the country’s supposed ally, America) (Times, 18 viii, ‘Taleban profit from crime as divided city implodes’). More than 300 people had been murdered in Karachi in July, the majority simply because of the language they spoke.

Yes, it was only the West that was prepared to put up with the pretence of multiculturalism. Elsewhere, ethnicity dominated, as with renewed killings between Palestinians and Jews near the Israeli-liberated Gaza Strip, and as between the tribes of Libya and the Solunis and Shitites of Syria.


After mobs of young Blacks rampaged through Philthadelphia, yielding a police crackdown by Black mayor Michael Nutter, a fine dose of race realism was administered by Black US Senator Thomas Sowell, bowing to none in deploring environmentalistic excuses for Black vandalism (Human Events, 16 viii).


Lively Jewish media-hungry Oxford pharmacology professor, Baroness Susan Greenfield, who had directed the Royal Institution into a £23M bankruptcy and her own dismissal (while still managing to get appointed Chancellor of Edinburgh’s former technical college, Heriot-Watt University), found her claims that most internet games (except those supplied by herself, at £88) damage children’s brains, lowering IQ and causing autism, contested by magisterial matron Oxford psychology professor Dorothy Bishop – who specially insisted that autism was readily diagnosable by age two.


In a new move to relieve young people of their natural inheritance (following the raids by ex-PM Grumpy Gordon’s ‘Private Finance Initiatives’), Dr Sue Rabbitt Roff, a research fellow in medical sociology at Dundee University, suggested that students at Britain’s increasingly peecee-egalitarianized and useless luniversities could pay the £30K fees for their miseducation by selling their kidneys.

She wrote in a comment piece published online at “It’s time to begin to explore how to pilot paid provision of live kidneys in the UK under strict rules of access and equity. We need to extend our thinking beyond opt-in and opt-out to looking at how we can make it possible for those who wish to do so to express their autonomy in the same way as current donors are encouraged to do by making available a healthy kidney for a fee that is not exploitative.”


In an internationally televised basketball match in Washington, the Georgetown ‘American’ (all-Black) team and the Chinese team came to blows after the ‘American’ team had committed almost three times as many fouls as the Chinese. As fists flew, the Chinese were deemed by observers to have acquitted themselves well – and certainly surprised the Blacks. An AmRen correspondent wrote (19 viii):

“East Asians are often portrayed as even more passive than whites, but these Chinese players stood up to a bunch of thugs. I loved how surprised the blacks looked when the Chinese players started attacking them and defending themselves.”

{It was probably understood in the West that most Chinese regarded Blacks as subhuman; but there had been no previous audio-visual aid of Chinese willingness to fight their corner – whereas Whites would have had to slink away, fearing the anti-racist wrath of their peecee politicos and MSM.}


Famed American comedian David Letterman apparently thought his ‘lib’-left credentials could let him get away with mild teasing of al-Qaeda and OK Bin Liner on air. Anyway, he got a surprise as a top Islamicist promptly called for his death (New York Post, 18 viii). Umar al-Basrawi said Letterman, raised a Presbyterian, was Jewish and part of a “Zionist” conspiracy. “I have seen with my eyes and heard with my ears one of the scum of the Jews, one of their pigs, mocking the leaders of the mujahedeen,” al-Basrawi wrote, according to translation by the Middle East Media Research Institute. “We pray to Allah to paralyze his tongue, and that the righteous believers will break his neck,” the threat continued.

{Such shocks for leftists and Jews who had inflicted multiculturalism on the West would doubtless become more frequent as the Muesli invasion and breeding programme continued and Mueslis declined to show the slightest gratitude for the sanctuary and luxury which they had found in the West.}


Imagine the shock of British immigration official Ms Julia High, 55, working for the UK Border Agency which pretended to repel alien boarders, as she got home from her sinecure to find that her London flat of 30 years had been occupied and vandalized by Romanian gypsies – who offered her a glass of her own wine, told her she was dead and showed documentation that they had bought the flat from her ‘son,’ when in fact she did not have a son (Daily Mail, 17 viii). {If only the Roma could be given more addresses of traitorous peecee politicians and bureaucrats!}


Cheating RBS Glasgae-schemie-originated boss Labour’s ‘Sir’ Fred ‘The Shred’ Goodwin, who had cost UK taxpayers £45B to save his bank, was kicked out of his £3.5M Edinburgh family home (in the salubrious Grange area) by his wife of 21 years (‘Lady Joyce’) over his affair with a senior wankerette – which he had kept secret by means of Britain’s celebrity-suiting ‘law’-run arrangement of lying peecee ‘superinjunctions,’ restricting not only publicity but also any mention that publicity was thus restricted (Sun, 20 viii).


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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Ticket prices for dining in the presence of Rev. ‘Tony’ Blair in Brisbane and Auckland were slashed by 50% (Sunday Mail, 7 viii, Peter Hitchens) as antipodeans learned what Britain had learned by 2007 (and which the McDougall Newsletter had explained by 1997): that Bliar was a phoney who had promised welfare reform, crime reduction, educational selection and Iraqi submission which he had been quite unable to deliver.


Despite Australia having long spent £2B annually on improving the health, education, sobriety etc. of its .4M Aborigines (2% of the Oz population), a government report concluded the results had been “dismal” – with most natives showing no benefit in four decades (D. Telegraph, 8 viii).


As Black areas of London (and Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham [where even a police station was set alight], Gloucester, Manchester and Liverpool) burned in 150 fires, and 1,100 (mainly Blacks) were arrested, Britain’s politicians (e.g. the useless Theresa ‘we mustn’t be the nasty party’ May [Home Secretary], the ‘hug-a-hoodie’ PM Daft Dave and the livelier but as yet officially non-racist Mayor of London, ‘BoJo with the Mojo,’) grudgingly agreed to return to the capital from their foreign holidays, the only figure to call for the use of water cannon against the rioters was actually the homosexual [though apparently non-sh*it-eating] LibDim chairperson Simon Hughes (9 viii).

Shops were targeted in SHEPHERD'S BUSH, DALSTON, CHINGFORD MOUNT, WALTHAMSTOW, WALTHAM FOREST, OLD KENT ROAD, EALING, HACKNEY and PONDERS END. By 9 viii, damage from Blacks and hangers-on was estimated to have cost £130M. Further late-night clashes occurred in OXFORD CIRCUS, HOLLOWAY, EDMONTON, TOTTENHAM and KING'S COLLEGE HOSPITAL.

In Nottingham alone, half-assed ‘police’ faced hundreds of incidents, including yobs nicking watches and gold TEETH from a jewellery shop.

MORE than 235 people made homeless by riots in CROYDON, South London, queued outside the council's HQ for help to find somewhere to stay. Terrified Eunice Reprah, 23, fled her home in London Road with four-year-old daughter Vernell after yobs tried to smash their way in on Monday.

Croydon was the epicentre of Monday's riots as more than 200 thugs swarmed in. A woman was pictured jumping for her life from her blazing first-floor flat and the iconic 140-year-old furniture store House of Reeves was razed to the ground.

{Just why the police had not read the Riot Act and shot, with whatever Army help, the vermin firebombers and looters of Tottenham, Hackney, Sidcup, Camden, East Ham and Lewisham remained unclear. – It might have been that the Conservatives had effectively abolished the Riot Act in 1973.}

Blacks’ use of hooding helped MSM to avoid the question of the race of the rioters. But one enthusiastic vandal lowered his trousers to display his b*m to retreating cops – thus revealing his Black ancestry to helicoptered journalists.

The corrupted peecee Met – having accepted all Labour’s 13-year bribes [emanating from the 1998 MacPherson of Loony Report – see McDougall NewsLetters, passim] – would take a generation to live down the fantastic embarrassment of their ‘community [non-]policing’ multiculti-imposed wheezes.

One ‘Blackberry’ BBM broadcast sent on Sunday, which had been shown to the Guardian by multiple sources, called on "everyone from all sides of London" to vandalise shops on Oxford Street. It said: "Everyone from all sides of London meet up at the heart of London (central) OXFORD CIRCUS!! SHOPS are gonna get smashed up so come get some (free stuff!!!). Fuck the feds we will send them back with OUR riot! O Dead the ends and colour war for now so if you see a brother... SALUT!; if you see a fed... SHOOT!"

For a summary of England’s 25-year peecee appeasement of Black violence see here. Though the ‘police’ had spent 25 years kitting themselves out as mediaeval knights, their main activity was to hurry backwards when faced with brick-tossing Blacks; and their dreary peecee-bureaucratized spokespersons never raised even the possibility of using water cannon or plastic bullets – let alone of hosing the rioters with Gatling gunfire as they deserved.

Even Boris Johnson, as he belatedly re-emerged in London [from a nice wee holiday with the Red Indians of Vancouver....], could think of nothing better to say than to stop the cop cuts and to give the multicultified policepersons a pay rise. Adding to the gaiety of nations, a top Iranian politician denounced Britain’s pathetic plastic-hooded non-fighting cops as having violated looters’ ‘uman rights....

Guardian correspondent ‘Dave’ put it well (10 viii) (though without being able to mention feral single-parented low-IQ Black youf) : “The police have progressively surrendered the streets over the last 20 years and this is the result. My wife was caught out in Ealing on Monday, and the one cab she could find was bottled as it attempted to take her to safety. No police in sight, mob rule. Don’t give me the usual bull about youth centre closures. This was anarchy, and the rule of the mob.”

One of the first casualties of the rioting was my old sparring partner Trinidad&Tobago-born Darcus Howe (the Marxist and New Statesman columnist with whom I had debated ‘race’ before Cambridge students in 1997). Called to comment by the Beeb, Darkest insisted the riots were an “insurrection” akin to the Arab Spring; and, when this did not go down well and his interviewer reminded him that he himself had been imprisoned for rioting in the 1970s, he lost his cool, uttered an unintelligible expletive and had to be hauled off the airwaves (BNP, 10 viii).


New evidence from a massive study of DNA and intelligence involving some 3.5K oldies from Scotland, Newcastle, Manchester and Norway organized by (my PhD student of the 1980s)) Professor Ian Deary, FRSE, confirmed Sir Cyril Burt’s 1965 estimate that the narrow (directly parent-to-child transmissible) heritability of fluid intelligence was around .45 (Molecular Psychiatry – email IAN.DEARY@ED.AC.UK; Guardian, 9 viii).

{Why oldies? Well, IQ tests had been outlawed by PeeCee since 1970! Why not mention the .75 broad heritability? Well, academic PeeCee requires no frightening of horses!}


Faced with the bankruptcy of the West’s debtocracy, with access to university education in Britain dependent on trainee borrowers being willing to rack up £60K in debts even before their adult life began, and with (mainly Black) rioting spreading from Tottenham to Manchester (with flickers in Glasgow and Dundee, said Times reports) (1.5K arrested), the intellectual aristocracy of British national liberalism convened in Newcastle for a 6-hour conference.

Wearing red [Lancastrian] roses in recollection of the Oldham and Preston origins of William McDougall and myself, and in celebration of my idyllic ten-year [third] marriage, drinkers ooops conferencers represented the Ukraine, Twickenham, Belfast’s Shankill Road, Yorkshire, Nottingham, Chiang Kaishek’s Taipei, Lady Thatcher’s Grantham, High Barnet, Southgate, the wilder shores of Northumberland, the universities of Essex, Harvard, E’bugger, Newcastle, Glasgow, Cambridge (Churchill College), Belfast (Queen’s) and Oxford (Queen’s) and all religions from devout atheism through CofE, dystheism and baptized Catholicism to born-again Paisleyism.

So what was concluded over 30 pints of Black Sheep bitter (plus a few shandies and a hip flask of Old Pulteney) in the magnificent ambience of Newcastle’s Victorian station bar (plus excursions for curry and to view the towering Trafalgar Square-style monument to the Whig city’s Earl Grey (the beginner, in 1832, of Britain’s debtocrarsey) on gracious Grey Street?

CRB with ‘Black Sheep’ beer; Dr Phill Edwards, chemist and pianist; Emeritus Professor Max Hammerton (Cambridge rocket scientist turned psychologist); Dr Alan Patterson, genuine medic, occasionally blasted for lack of PeeCee

Naturally, chaired by Diplomatic Doc, who (with his expert dog handler wife) looked after Nick Griffin, water cannon and plastic bullets were dismissed as namby-pamby; the Riot Act – we were professorially advised – had been abolished in 1973 (thank you, Father Ted!); and the Army – having failed to kill any conspicuous numbers of Tallyhoes in Afghastliland -- was thought little more useful than England’s peecee police.

So what remained – apart from Black Sheep? Gradually a consensus emerged: that crackpot loners like Brigadier Breivik (q.v.) offered no realistic alternative to the English (or even American) sense of humour; that there would be no ferocious opposition to the new German Empire (aka E.U.) if only Grandma Mutti Merkel would just get on with it; and that Turkey – having even more notably than Britain clambered back from being ‘the sick man of Europe’ – was probably the place to watch (with its massive army and sensible attitudes on a range of social issues, esp. yags, yids and wymmin).

This was realism – though we had all done our best for twenty years to prevent it coming to pass. Somewhat astonishingly, we all got our trains home on time – with happy memories of distinctly non-obese, finely derrièred, friendly and non-Black Newcastle gals.... (though nothing compared to our own wives and ex-es).


The head of the Russian upper house’s international affairs committee, Senator Mikhail Margelov, became the first top European politician since Enoch Powell to blame the West’s problems (by 2011 including low-IQ single parenting, mass illiteracy, rioting and bankruptcy) frankly on third-world immigration and the related culture of mass welfare dependency (Ria Novosti [Moscow], 10 viii).

Margelov said: “the foolishness with which Europe regards its historical past has led to the filling of its cities with migrants from the former ‘Third World,’ many of whom do not give a damn about not just European values, but even about the elementary rules of conduct on the streets of Paris, Brussels, London, and Cologne.”

As usual, it was only Britain’s peecee politicians who didn’t get the message: a third of Sun readers said they wanted live ammunition used against looters; and two thirds of Scots told pollsters they wanted no more immigration (even though they had hardly had any since the Norman Conquest...). Only Darkest Howe (q.v.) made much effort to blame ‘police racism’ for the affirmative shopping proclivities of Black youth.

Pakistani shopkeepers demanded revenge (especially since three had died trying to defend against Black vandals): “People are very angry,” said a bearded man in a shalwar kameez who declined to give his name (Wall Street Journal, 11 viii). “There’s going to be retaliation. An eye for an eye....”


Undermining his ‘goody two shoes’ Home Secretary, Saint Theresa May (q.v.), P.M. David Cameron brought in as ‘adviser’ N.Y. top cop Bill Bratton to help him quell Black rioting* in London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester (2K+ arrests already made by 13 viii, some for murder).

Some Zoo Yawk leaders, like IRA sympathizer Rudolf Giuliani, had become famous for their willingness to horse-whip ooops detain Bleck youf for minor crimes, leading to dramatic falls in criminality of all kinds (rather as arresting Ulster Prods and Caffs for the tiniest traffic violations – cracked rear lights etc. -- had long proved a helpful policing technique in damping down The Troubles till Pres. Clinton agreed to the bigger move of reducing American funding for IRA terrorism....).

Whether Mr Bratton would be able to cut off Harvard support for PeeCee Terror remained unknown. {Top UK cops wanting to keep their jobs after their dismal performance in the riots (and preceding peecee years) said they were uninspired by Bratton’s achievements since crime in New York and Los Angeles was still four times that in London – failing to acknowledge that these US cities had four times as many Blacks as London.}

* As well as fighting with pussyfooting police, there was a main ingredient of smashing and looting and occasional humiliation of Whites by having them strip in the street before their attackers (D. Mail, 9 viii).


As America suffered a ‘downgrade’ in its creditworthiness (by the mysteriously named and obscurely funded ‘ratings agency’ ‘Standard & Poor’ – which had fully backed the ‘subprime’ lending to Blacks of ten years previously which had led to the West’s financial bubble & crash), erstwhile lib-left friends began to distance themselves from the [half-]Bleck president whom they had enthusiastically chosen.

Here, for example, from the loopy Washington Post, was its columnist Richard Cohen: "He is the very personification of cognitive dissonance—the gap between what we (especially liberals) expected of the first serious African American presidential candidate and the man he in fact is."

Even Germany’s polite and peecee Der Spiegel recognized that Barry Hussein Obama had become a menace to the West, OK, “a problem for the entire global economy.”


As MSM’s analysts fell at the weekend to inquiring into the causes of the Tottenham-originating riots (even interviewing for fully hooded and facially stockinged youf for a full ten minutes on Sky TV for their incomprehensible opinions), virtually any option was available: “I don’t know” (the commonest, especially among top-paid TV commentators), poverty, inequality, unemployment, injustice, excitement seeking, revenge seeking, father absence, greed (esp. for a new TV), gangs (169 in London), drugs, Twitter, rap music, comprehensive schools, feminized schools, withdrawal of Labour’s educational maintenance allowance, welfare, lack of welfare, capitalism, lack of capitalism, advertising, cultural change, convict mentality (“don’t grass”), police cutbacks (3%), Mrs Thatcher, bankers, PeeCee (dragooned into officers at Bramshill Police College) etc. – anything in short except race, IQ and the failure to use eugenics or recruitment into a Humanitarian Task Force for Africa.

{The occasional ethnic female was allowed to write the riots were “about race” (D.Telegraph, 7 viii) – but not with any mention of IQ or of Black crime rates round the world. Ditto licensed-to-tease homosexual historian David Starkey, who flirted on ‘Newsnight’ with sympathy for Enoch Powell’s predictions and with blame for some White youth adopting “Black culture” – immediately eliciting howls of ‘racism’ on Twitter.

Meanwhile, as even the naughtier pundits evaded the main issues, from the Somalia-Kenya border came many reports of women famine victims being gang-raped by marauding Blacks as they struggled to reach the .4M others in the US-supplied Dadaab refugee camp (Yahoo! News, 9 viii).}


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Monday, August 08, 2011


‘The unions should be curbed’; ‘the top rate of tax should be reduced from 50P in the pound’; ‘David Cameron should emulate Mrs Thatcher’; ‘British support for the ‘Arab Spring’ – costing the U.K. £2M per day in Libya – is a complete mess (with the ‘rebels’ now fighting among themselves along liberal vs Muslim lines)’; ‘immigrants really must learn English – a country is not a piece of ground for newcomers to occupy on their terms.’

Whose sentiments? Simon Heffer (sacked by the Fairygraph)? Melanie Phillips (sacked by the Speccie)? Mark Steyn (sacked by both Fairygraph and Speccie)? ‘Brigadier’ Crusader Breivik (held incommunicado in Oslo). No, they all appeared in leaders and columns on the two centre pages of the Sunday Times (to which I am driven in my determination not to reward the Quislingraph with another penny). Good stuff, eh, for a paper that took the lead in Burt-bashing back in the 1970s? Perhaps Simon Heffer might get an offer from Rupe that – for the sake of Heffer loyalists -- he could hardly refuse?... (If not from Lord Black as that crusader eventually emerged blinking from the bowels of the American ‘justice’ system.)

Likewise, one noted that the Times (like the BBC) was becoming healthily inclined to refer quite casually to the latest world wankibiz crisis as emanating from “subprime borrowing” (q.v. + AmRen, 3 viii) (plus S&P-blessed ‘repackaging’ of bad loans to obscure them from nerdly wankers and uberwankers) and to admit equally the increased territorialization of American life into Republican and Democrat areas (6 viii).

(The marked preference of Whites (like those of Republicans) for uncrowded and natural areas of open space was specially noted in a survey of US national park usage: only 1% of visitors to Yosemite (the jewel in the crown of world parks) was Black (compared to 77% White, 11% Hispanic and 11% Asian) (MSNBC, 3 viii).)


While Western ‘aid’ (i.e. lack of colonial management to support farmers) drove millions of Black women into tented cities and some of their (bejewelled and multi-bangled) children to death (and many of their men into nice militia rapin’n’pillagin’ jobs), other third-worlders expressed their distress at multiculti love-ins by murdering even man-on-man (Libya (q.v.); Syria, where Awailing Shitites killed 130 Solunnies in a single day – giving hope that the Mueslis’ endemic civil war would distract from the Islamic invasion of the West; Xin-Xiang Province (q.v.), where 40 died in July in the course of Uigur (Mohammedan) vs invading Han clashes.)


Celebrating Ulster Emeritus Professor Richard Lynn’s 80th birthday, a nice dinner was held at his Oxford & Cambridge Club in London, with Richard cutting his cake with a sword etc. – though without Phil Rushton, Art Jensen, Glenn Wilson, Ian Deary, Ted Nettelbeck, Alex Beaujean, Harrison Kane, Volkmar Weiss, Vladimir Avdeyev, Philippe Gouillou, Jared Taylor, Steve Sailer, Gunnar Adler-Karlsson, Max Hammerton, Jeff Braden, Bill Summers or myself [entertaining a Taiwanese professorette in E’bro’], and with star guest Sybil Eysenck [without Hans’ ‘professor’ cognibabbling son in attendance] declining to discuss why she had had all her husband’s “extensive personal and professional records” destroyed by “a professional disposal firm” (Roderick Buchanan, 2010, Playing with Fire, OUP, p. 5, q.v.).

“In denial” – at least for the Oxford & Cambridge diners -- came to mind. (Of course, the depublication of The g Factor was expressly unmentioned, so concerned were the diners to maintain a jovial tone of success rather than admit that their forward troops had been overrun and only their snipers remained to do any serious fighting.)


Apparently moved by unwonted compassion for the victims of crime, the Guardian published the names (and/or photos) of Britain’s top-ten most wanted frauds, responsible in the previous year for £200M of ill-gotten gains (2 viii). Attentive readers would have noted the sixfold over-representation of third-world immigrants: Kevin Leitch, Misba Uddin, Nicholas Slocombe, Ajayi Seun, Peter Stead, Nasser Ahmed, Mohamad Khan, Timur Mehmet, Jascent Nakawunde and an unknown woman.


The support of the BBC, the EU and the West’s political class for the ‘Arab Spring’ came to grief as authoritarian regimes remained in power throughout the Gulf, disturbances continued in Egypt’s Tahrir Square, Tunisia remained confused (though with madder Mueslis increasingly dominant, q.v.), Libyan (Benghazi) rebels made no progress despite four months of Nato help in bombing Col Gadawfu, and Shitite/Alawi/Ba’athite Syria [headed by a London dentist and his English wife] killed 2K of its own Solunnis in what could be the beginning of a Middle-East-wide religious civil war (the best that the West could realistically hope for, given its own proven inability to despatch Mueslis to their Maker).


Federal examiners at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office were sometimes rejecting patents for genetic screening tests because the applicants did not explore their effectiveness for different races, adding to the debate about whether race had scientific validity in modern DNA-based medicine (Washington Post, 1 viii).

Some geneticists, sociologists and bioethicists argued that "black," "white," "Asian" and "Hispanic" were antiquated categories that threatened to revive prejudices. Others, however, said that meaningful DNA variations could track racial lines and that ignoring them could deny many benefits of "personalized medicine," which aimed to develop tests and treatments tailored to a person's genetic makeup.

"Just because of past misuse -- in eugenics and during World War II -- doesn't mean we should bury our heads in the sand and shy away from valuable technology that could be leveraged to benefit all of humanity," said Esteban Gonzalez Burchard, who {amazingly, amidst multiculti hysteria} was studying biological variations among races at the University of California (San Francisco).

Notwithstanding possible accusations of racism, the big US personal genomics firm 23andMe announced it would try to add 10K Blacks to its largely White data base, since Blacks posed different genomic patters and offered distinct medical possibilities (WiredNews, 26 vii).


August 2011 started with the same useless politicians and economists as of the previous three years (whether in enfeebled Kaiserland [in half-arsed charge of Greece and kindred PIGS] or Moronica [in half-arsed charge of Black hellholes Detroit, Atlanta, night-time Washington and Chicago plus almost equally welfare-dependent Hispanic California]) continuing to want to spend their way out of the bubble & bust which they had created by gross neosocialist over-borrowing and by, yes, borrowing still more from the West’s doomed young (scheduled to pay the price for democracy, aka debtocracy).

However, at least an elite admission appeared (Times, Saturday Review, 2 viii, Murad Ahmed) that Steve Sailer and I had been right (q.v., passim) in blaming the bubble on enforced multiculturalism hailing from the Clinton/Bush days:
The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine follows those who foresaw the financial crash – unheralded moneymen who saw that a bubble had been created in the US housing market through the sale of subprime mortgages. They decided to bet against the belief that the housing market would continue to boom: “shorting” the market. Made out to be vultures (some made millions out of collapse of {US-bullied} Lehman Brothers), these men are shown to be oracles whose warnings were not heeded.

China said it would diversify its investments to escape the American “debt bomb”; and Russia’s PM Putin called America a “parasite” on the world’s economy (Sydney Morning Herald, 3 viii). The UK stockmarket (FTSE) had dropped 10% in the previous week thanks to US unrealism about its Black-led (but incompetent warfare-fed) debts – which were the entire size of the annual British economy.


While ridiculous countries of the non-third-world -- to varying degrees in hock to ideas of democracy, welfarism, socialism, multiculturalism, human rights, postal voting, PeeCee etc. -- found that even their £3M-per-day expenditures did nothing in newly-naughty Libya, let alone in mass-murdering Syria or invaded Iraq (where a dozen civilians were being killed daily by their fellow citizens), corporations forged ahead with the ancient principle of slave labour, even replacing a million loyal white-coated and white-baseball-capped female Chinese computer-assembly workers with robots (D. Fairygraph, 1 viii, report from Shanghai).

Foxconn, which manufactured Apple's iPads, iPhones, iPods and Mac computers, had been plagued by a series of suicides at its Chinese plants. Its critics had argued that its factories, some of which were home to as many as 250,000 workers, were "electronic sweat shops" and that staff quickly became depressed and alienated {though presumably wanting the money}.

Foxconn's chairman, Terry Gou {What kind of name is dat?!}, told staff that the company would start using robots for repetitive tasks on the assembly line. Foxconn was already using 10,000 of its "Shenzhen No. 1" robots, which resembled a simple mechanical arm, to lift, coat and weld metals. Mr Gou said there would be 300,000 other robots by the end of 2012, and then a million. "There are many simple and repetitive tasks on the production line that a robot can do," a source at Foxconn told the southern Daily newspaper. "It was manual work before, but the robot is more efficient and more controlled," he added.

Observers speculated that the move to mechanise the production line could be a result of rapidly rising wages in South China, where a shortage of workers had resulted in demands for more money and more benefits. Some factories had reported wages rising by 30 per cent to 40 per cent in 2011, making it harder for them to turn a profit on cheap, mass production.


Revealing the full success of Labour’s vast job creation programme for bureaucrats (doctors and teachers included, sadly) who would – on mega-wages -- talk up socialism and tell their clients to vote Labour, social worker boss lady Sharon Shoesmith, who had presided over the 50-fold failure of her Haringey* department to save Baby Peter from his vicious mother and stepfather and Black/Pak ‘doctors’ and kindred peecee ‘professionals’ (police included, sadly), was declared ‘unfairly dismissed’ by the Supreme Court {whatever that novelty might be – set up (staffed by nobodies) to oblige Britain’s Euromasters} and thus lined up for £2.5M in compensation plus legal fees (Sun, 3 viii).

Compensation for broken-backed and finally dead Baby P? – Nothing! The well-oiled Blair/Brown system was called [neo]socialism: it gave super-salaries to the useless (murder-presiding Shoesmith earned more than the PM) and compensated these welfare-worshipping deadbeats (but key propagandists) mega-handsomely if ever they were actually proven useless.

*A monstrous Heathite fusion of the ancient north-London boroughs of Harringay and Finchley.


Health faddism was of no assistance in promoting longevity, a new study found (D. Telegraph, 3 viii). Academics in New York studied almost 500 people of between 95 and 109 and compared them with over 3,000 others born around the same time. They found those seniors who lived extremely long lives ate just as badly, drank and smoked just as much, took just as little exercise and were just as likely to be overweight as their long-gone friends.

The study was carried out by researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, who interviewed 477 very long lived Ashkenazi Jews. Professor Nir Barzilai, director of the college's Institute of Ageing Research, said previous studies of this group of centenarians had identified certain genes which protected them from the effects of a normal Western lifestyle.


As the West’s ‘liberal’ political class went on extended ‘silly season’ holiday rather than deal with its own multiculti extravagance and the insane inflation of public sector salaries (with thousands of British ‘civil servants’ and ‘local government officers’ earning more than the Prime Minister), the Sun found itself short of news so resorted to an undercover ‘exposure’ of a young BNP member giving enthusiastic Hitler salutes while at a White-nationalist youth rally in Hungary sung to by a (considerably attractive) blonde songstress called Saga (4 viii, p.1).

If only the tabloids would put similar effort into filming Labourites singing “We’ll keep the Red Flag flying here” or reading the lunacies of Marx and Simone de Beauvoir or the fraudulence of Franz Boas and Stephen Jay Gould, why, they could send most of their journalists on unpaid hacking leave for a year!

But pro tem the Sun filled the rest of its front page congratulating neatly-reared superstarlet Rihanna [above], 23, on being apparently taken from behind in carnival Barbados by a former Black boyfriend, ‘Love God’ Negus Sealy, 26 (4 viii, p.1)....


Abraham Lincoln was more keen to get rid of Blacks than had been previously realized – so showed a new book, Colonization After Emancipation, by Phil Magness & Seb Page (the latter a Junior Research Fellow in American History, The Queen’s College, Oxford). ‘Colonization’ was the idea, popularly supported in C19 America, that Blacks should leave the country and re-settle in Africa (e.g. in US-liberated Liberia) or in British-run West Indies.

Lincoln backed resettlement as a means of dealing with the masses of freed slaves which his own policies were certain to unleash. He was thought to have abandoned the idea around the time of his Emancipation Proclamation; but Page found (using Britain’s National Archives, at Kew) that Lincoln long continued secretly negotiating with the UK to deport America’s Blacks (The Queen’s College Newsletter, Trinity Term, 2011). M&P’s book received a very favourable academic review in Times Literary Supplement.


Despite a half century of remorseless peecee propaganda from Britain’s politicians, churches and MSM, three quarters of Britons thought there were too many immigrants in the country (Daily Mail, 5 viii). An international poll, by IPSOS Mori, put the UK third highest in a league table of 23 countries according to concerns about migrant numbers – though whether concern was with Blacks, Pakistanis, Arabs or with the more recently arrived Poles and Romanians was not investigated (probably for fear of pollsters being accused of stirring racial animosity).

The survey showed Britain topped the table of countries according to concerns over the impact of migrants on public services: 76 per cent of those questioned said immigration had put too much pressure on hospitals, transport services and schools.

Ditto, as the murder rate had doubled since 1967, some 70% of Brits had remained loyal to hanging – if not for casino bankers and their multiculturalist political allies then at least for paedosadists and cop-killers (though why Britain’s Labour-infected peecee police, several having resigned or been arrested on phone hacking charges, deserved special protection was not so clear).


After an arrested Black shot at a cop and was then shot dead himself, Blacks (who had taken over Tottenham and Wood Green – where I used to visit my uncle and get swimming lessons from my father in the 1950s) rioted, burning police cars and buses and hospitalizing eight cops (and injuring a further 26), and then – on a grander scale – looted every high street shop, bearing off everything from widescreen TVs to bags of ice cubes.

Not a single Black was injured in the course of this happy demonstration of Black proclivities which had been unleashed by Britain’s pathetic politicians (all of whom had gone on extended holiday, hoping to escape blame for the second wankibiz crisis and ‘double dip recession’ which their bubble-making multiculti generosity had brought about). 42 Blacks were arrested – but would doubtless be freed soon by north-London ‘courts.’


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Monday, August 01, 2011


At least according to himself, Norwegian killer of 77, Anders Breivik (q.v.), had no racial animosity (Daily Mail, 25 vii) (despite having had plastic surgery to make him look more ‘Aryan’): his objections were apparently purely to Islam – though just why a self-declared ‘conservative’ should oppose healthily homophobic, low-taxing, family-oriented, adultress-stoning and Black-disciplining Mohammedanism remained unclear, to say the least.

A video posted online called "Knights Templar 2083" had a picture of Breivik in an athletic compression suit with a badge saying "Norway Marxist Hunter. Multiculture Traitor Hunting Permit". Contrary to the general principles of Norwegian justice, a judge – bullied by the left -- decided that the hearing of Breivik would take place behind closed doors – thus continuing the peecee prevention of Breivik having any serious ‘platform’ for his views and denying the public its own opportunity to judge whether he was partly sane or entirely crazy.

Interviewed by Time (24 vii), the massacre-merchant had said:
“Around 2000, I realized that the democratic struggle against the Islamization of Europe, and European multiculturalism, was lost. It is simply not possible to compete with democratic regimes that import millions of voters. 40 years of dialogue with the cultural Marxists / multiculturalists had ended up as a disaster. It would now only take 50-70 years before we, Europeans, were the minority. So I decided to explore alternative forms of opposition. But the biggest problem then was that there were no options for me at all. There was no known armed culturally conservative, or Christian, anti-Jihad movement.”
{All this was correct. But Breivik preferred direct action to effort to continue debate.}

A Spectator correspondent contributed (25 vii):
“Just days before [Breivik’s] massacre, a drunk woman was raped on the very steps of Oslo's Parliament. Staff observed on CCTV, pedestrians stopped and watched, but nobody interfered. Just another night in downtown Oslo, just another blonde being raped by an asylum seeker who will not be prosecuted! Mass immigration will continue unhindered.”

As Breivik’s internet contributions (one running to 15K pages) were analyzed, it turned out that he was not only anti-racist (indeed his 77 killed were almost entirely [one was Kurdish] of his own race) and anti-ethnocentric but also pro-Jewish, pro-yaggery and, most particularly, pro-steroids* – using the latter assiduously to keep his morale up.

In line with such inconsistency of opinionation, Breivik had not read The g Factor or made contact with Steve Sailer’s ‘Human Biodiversity Goup’ or Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance. His ambassadress-marrying father, a member of Norway’s Labour Party, had b*ggered off when he was age one; his mother, herself a stepmother (who lived in some affluence in Oslo), had re-married to a stepfather whom he did not like; along the way, she and other relatives had apparently contracted various sexual diseases; and he had joined a gang of largely Pakistani youth and then become upset when one of them ran off with his girlfriend.

It was devoutly to be hoped that the revenge of society and the peecee Marxoid left on one such singular deviant and his ‘associates’ (which the left would be sure to find) would not drive still further underground serious discussion of race and nationality – suppression of which since 1966 [Britain’s first Race Relations Act] had doubtless played a large part in turning Breivik into a mass-murdering raving loner rather than into a well-informed and persuasive public debater – a point made also by experienced prison psychiatrist Anthony Daniels [‘Theodore Dalrymple’] in the Wall Street Journal (30 vii).

Frequently cited, quoted and praised in the Norwegian’s manifesto were such figures as Bruce Bawer, author of the bestseller While Europe Slept; Geert Wilders, the Dutch anti-Muslim provocateur and leader of his country’s anti-immigration Freedom Party; Mark Steyn, the Canadian columnist and author of America Alone: The End of the World As we Know it; the British columnist Melanie Phillips, author of Londonistan; Gisele Littman, the author (under the pseudonym Bat Ye’or) of Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis; and the anti-immigration blogs Gates of Vienna, Atlas Shrugs and Jihad Watch. {Apparently, none of these keen anti-Muesli campaigners had worked out that Islam had already won.}

Über-columnist Simon Jenkins explained to the Guardian (26 vii):
The desperate, perhaps understandable, search to find meaning in such acts is dangerous. Breivik does not even measure up to the ideological coherence of the nazism he admired. He is plainly very sick. David Cameron was therefore wrong to leap forward and order "a review of the far right", or of the far anything.

The hysteria of the moment may require a knee jerk from those in power, but why the national security council was summoned, or "a review of our security at home" needed, is a mystery. To the victims, the killings were an act of random madness, a terrible accident, a car crash, a catastrophe out of the blue. To seek normality in their abnormality only gives them currency, and probably spurious meaning.

Right on cue, appreciating that territorialism was the only solution for Islamists who refused to integrate, Muslim denizens of east London began daubing bright yellow signs on bus stops and street lamposts saying No gambling, No music, No porn or prostitution, No drugs or smoking and No alcohol (Daily Mail, 28 vii). Hate preacher Anjem Choudray said he planned to extend such ‘zones’ throughout the UK, though police said they would be investigating the wheeze. Whether Whites would retaliate with zones specifying No beards, No burqas, No hooding, No halal cruelty, No mosques near churches, No postal voting, No spot fixing and No turbans remained to be seen. (England chose the moment to announce its first appointment of a Sikh High Court judge....)

Meantime, in west Africa, some half a million displaced Christian followers of Ivory Coast’s ousted President Laurent Bagbo (see Bagpuss, previous) decided that discretion was the better part of valour and that they would not try to return to the homes from which they had been driven by Muslims – preferring to flee to just about anywhere, e.g. to Liberia.

In America, White flight from urban (aka Black) areas was shown to have increased – with the percentage of young Whites in New York and San Francisco dropping over 2000-2010 by 23% (Business Insider, 21 vii). {Yes, it really seemed as if the old-fashioned idea of ‘countries’ for people of the same language, culture, religion and race might be catching on....}

Just what punishment Breivik should endure became an interesting question. Would hanging (till near death), drawing (and seeing his own testes and innards roasted before his eyes) and quartering (with bits dragged through the streets so all could see), as classically in Tudor England, be adequate?

The worst that C21 Norwegian (Viking!) law could contemplate was to prosecute for genocide or similar ‘human rights’ violations, earning him 25 years in jail with personal toilet, pornography and broadband internet connection.

Although nationalists and ‘right-wingers’ feared that they would be the chief casualties as the left took its revenge, there was always the possibility that the left might decide it believed in proper punishment of the actually guilty and consign both Breivik and the parents, siblings, state educators, doctors, employers, landlords, recent flatmates, property-sellers and traders who had helped him (or, at least, failed to raise queries with authorities) to Chinese water torture in the Norwegian outback while the caged druggy looked on, gnawed by a new hungry rat each day....

* An anger-inducing anabolic steroid (as used by the 2010 Northumberland killer Raoul Moat [q.v.]) was combined with amphetamine and caffeine to make the killer’s mixture really fizz (Peter Hitchens, Sunday Mail, 31 vii).


Potty paedohysteria claimed more senseless victims as the Roman Catholic hierarchy, publicly criticized by the Dublin Government for its lax (though perhaps educative) paedophilic ways, felt obliged to withdraw its Ambassador to the Holy Republic, thus abrogating Rome’s 450-year conspiracy with Éireland against England. Oirish leader Teashoppe Enda Kenny had found himself inundated with public acclaim when he had condemned priestly paedofumbling and occasional vintage ‘rapes’ and cover-ups.

{Whether bankrupt Éire would thus re-apply to join the UK sterling zone became in interesting question – for, without Romish support, IRA takeover of its clueless polity was the only serious alternative to resumed British rule.}


A ‘council’ delayed evicting Britain's largest illegal gypsy and traveller camp (numbering 400 tossers) so that bailiffs could be given "cultural awareness training" (Sun, 26 vii). Politically correct bosses were terrified of breaching equality laws when they turfed the vagrants out ooops went to plead with them to move into state-provided flats with full welfare benefits, express health care, pension rights and what passed in Britain as ‘education’ for their enduringly illiterate children. One hundred bailiffs were to get the lessons -- expected to include subjects like’traveller heritage’ and ‘avoiding offensive slang.’

However Basildon Council had not found anyone to arrange the ‘necessary’ training courses. This meant the £18M operation to clear 51 pitches from Dale Farm in Crays Hill, Essex, was ‘on hold’....


After a half-Black ‘British’ racing driver, Lewis Hamilton (Swiss-living to avoid UK taxation, banned from driving in France, and in an on/off relationship with [admittedly delightful] half-Russian ‘Pussycat Doll’ vocalist/danseuse Nicole Scherzinger), had the temerity to complain that the English national anthem “was not long enough” to celebrate his Formula One achievements (in the world’s most boring and today – thanks to technology -- not even specially dangerous sport, organized by sado-masochist free-speech-denier Max Mosley and his bespectacled dwarf pal Bernie Ecclestone), nationalists were quick to reproduce the full six verses (written 1745):

God save our gracious Queen,
Long live our noble Queen,
God save the Queen!
Send her victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us!
God save the Queen!

O Lord, our God, arise,
Scatter her enemies
And make them fall!
Confound their politics,
Frustrate their knavish tricks!
On Thee our hopes we fix.
God save us all!

Thy choicest gifts in store
On her be pleased to pour;
Long may she reign;
May she defend our laws,
And ever give us cause
To sing with heart and voice,
God save the Queen!

Not in this land alone,
But be God's mercies known,
From shore to shore!
Lord, make the nations see,
That men should brothers be,
And form one family,
The wide world o’er.


From every latent foe,
From the assassin’s blow,
God save the Queen!
O'er her thine arm extend,
For Britain's sake defend,
Our mother, prince, and friend.
God save the Queen!

Lord, grant that Marshall Wade
May by Thy mighty aid
Victory bring.
May he sedition hush,
And like a torrent rush,
Rebellious Scots to crush.
God save the Queen!


The final stage in the collapse of Western democracy, begun in 1776 in America, continued mass-murderously in post-1789 France and slashing the power of the UK House of Lords in 1910, thus putting power in the hands of the unpropertied feckless (and, later, casino-gambling ‘bankers’ and vastly overpaid illiterate peecee ‘public servants’ [aka wankers]) (all of whom happily put their debts on the shoulders of their young), arrived as America became rated as a borderline insecure (non-‘AAA’) borrower (Wall Street Journal, 28 vii, ‘The road to a downgrade: a short history of the entitlement state’) in view of its 14-trillion-dollar debt (principally owed to communist China and in wages to its hopeless educators, community organizers and armed forces).

US spending as a share of GDP in 2008-11 had been higher than at any time since 1946 (when America had spent 3½ years repelling the attacks on it by Japan and Germany). In three years the debt had increased by more than $4 trillion thanks to stimulus, cash for clunkers, mortgage modification programs, 99 weeks of jobless benefits, record expansions in Medicaid, and more. The forecast was for $8T to $10T more in red ink by 2021.

Nignog President Hussein Obarmy hinted in a press conference that if it weren't for Republicans, he'd want another stimulus. Scary thought: None of this included the ObamaCare entitlement that would soon place 30 million more (mainly Black) Americans on government health rolls. This was the road to fiscal perdition.

At the same time, the idealism-crazy US was losing its wars in Afghastliland – with one top Afghaniloon being bumped off by Tallyhoes every week; in Iraq (where Turkey and Iran were taking over); in civil-war Pakistan (nuclear-armed thanks to Rev. Clinton, Church of the Seven Day Fornicators); and in Libya where, despite a week of intensive US bombing, US allies France and Britain had proved unable in four months (spending between them £3M per day) to produce anything more than a stalemate in the outback with Col Gadawful.

{A problem was that Nato forces were not allowed to do much killing, torturing, terrorizing or extracting cash from the families of enemies – thus giving Tallyhoes etc., equipped with Western-supplied ‘human rights’ (including to keep bombs in their turbans), something of an advantage....}


Providing the best news that drinkers had had for years, the family of disturbed tattooed mascaraed Southgate Jewess ‘singer’ Amy Winehouse, 27, a product of Ashmole Skule for Dumboes, said her sudden death had been caused by her trying to oblige her doctors by giving up drinking. {However, a friend said she had drunk “gallons” of gin on the night before her death, along with many cans of caffeine-crammed Red Bull....}


As Western politicians failed (over 3 years) to get a grip on their countries’ economies, war policies and even their own constitutions (with Britain, Belgium, Spain and Italy all facing break-up and with political parties having all-time-low memberships except when subsidized – as in Norway – by multiculti-babblers), loons seized their opportunity: murdering yag- and Jew-loving anti-racist Breivik was put into solitary confinement in Norway for a month while his country planned a year-long lawyers’ freebie ooops inquiry into how to investigate how to investigate his Island of Ojøtay massacre (which the whole world already understood perfectly well) and two young German Islamic converts were caught and equally provisionally jailed for bringing bomb*- and gun-making instructions and jihad magazines into Britain (Sun, 28 vii).

* After searching their bags, authorities in Dover found literature which included "How to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mother", "39 ways to support jihad" and "Destroying buildings".


Another ‘Miracle in Milwaukee’ (q.v.) had transformed south-east London’s Dulwich Foundation Comprehensive school, mainly Black-attended, from “poor” to “outstanding” in performance in public exams over ten years; PM Daft Dave Cameron had commended the school (in the course of a personal visit) as “brilliant.” Yet educationists would not need to visit and learn. A whistleblower accused teachers of issuing kids with exam answers and of giving kids grades for courses which they had not even taken – resulting in a Government inquiry (Daily Mirror, 27 vii).

Meantime, more educalunacy was in the pipeline as “renowned” Yale psychiatrist James Comer promised Connecticut to raise the achievement level of urban (i.e. minority-rich) schools to suburban standards – so long as he got $15M in advance for his project.... (AmRen, 26 vii).


A girl of 11 was revealed in largely secretive ‘court’ proceedings (to ‘protect’ the names, identities, religions and races of all parties to the crime) to have given birth to a boy in 2010 via Oz-supplied Caesarean section when she was six months pregnant (The Age [Victoria, Workers’ Paradise], 22 vii). She was believed to be one of the youngest people ever to have given birth in Victoria. {Why abortion was not supplied?....}

She said in a ‘victim impact statement’ that her ‘abuser,’ whom she called “uncle” because of his closeness to her family, had “wrecked” her life and she no longer had any friends.

The man, 30, who could be identified only by his first name, Douangatangabanga, and his victim belonged to an ‘ethnic minority’ that could not be identified, [The name is Laotian] to protect the girl’s identity, religion, race etc. Defence counsel Simon MogliawogliaO’Doody said Douangagangbangher had spent much of his early life in a refugee camp and retained many of his “early cultural influences.”

{Could he have been a ‘refugee’ from paedophilia-inclined Papua New Guinea perchance?}

In his “native culture,” said Mogliaetc., men had been known to take child brides. {Whether White Australians would take 10-yr-old child brides so as to engage in such state-assisted demographic competition remained unknown. Oz had abandoned its successful ‘White Australia’ policy around 1970 thanks to socialist boss CoughCough Whittlemwhitesdown [all names changed to preserve identitities, nationalities, religions, races, sexual orientations, sexual diseases, handicaps, allergies etc].}


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