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The idiotic state of Britain’s sh*tty ‘universities’ was revealed as a Greek-born female ‘psychology lecturer’ at Bedford University was sacked and jailed for having collapsed a GBH trial by telling fellow jurors what she had found on the net, that the accused had previously been charged with (though actually cleared of) rape (Daily Mirror, 24 i).

Jurors at Luton Crown Court had been expressly told by the judge not to use the net, but Ms Theodora Dallas, 34, claimed not to have understood the instruction since her English was not so hot.

{Just why she had allowed her name to go forward as a juror, let alone as a university lecturer, remained unclear. But ‘Bedford University’ plainly had a big responsibility in not having told her much earlier to get lost.}

Even Oxford dons (most officially socialist, egalitarian and rabidly anti-Thatcher) came forward (to D.Torygraph, 22 i) to complain that levels of spelling, grammar and argument amongst 2012 students were barely up to what the academics considered A-Level standards.

{When I was at grammar school, in Barnet c. 1960, A-Levels were already regarded as a joke. We had to aim for (the now non-existent) S-Levels so as to win State Scholarships and Oxbridge entrance – though Oxbridge scholarships were preferable and let the lucky winner provide the whole school with a half-day holiday and appropriate applause.

Since those days, grade inflation debased ‘A’-Levels to such a degree that the average bright boy of 12 could pass them with a few weeks’ coaching.}


The media’s most famous multiculti couple, blonde German Heidi Klum and a Black called Seal, announced their 7-year relationship would end since they had “grown apart” (possibly due to Seal’s notorious temper) (Daily Mail, 23 i).


Followers of The g Factor (1996/2000) were re-assured to learn that, in addition to the book’s publication at douance, it had also become available here. Hopefully such double publication immunized it finally from the destruction to which Wiley DePublisher (New York) had tried to consign it by pulling it off booksellers’ shelves in 1996.

A review of ‘leading intelligence researchers’ (here) also gave TgF a link – as well as my 24 Amazon reviews and my (brilliantly co-authored) chapter, ‘Why ignore the g factor?’


Contrary to government-funded economists’ multiculti nostrums, the registered rate of unemployment in Alabama fell sharply, from 10% to 8%, in the three months, Sep-Dec, 2011, after the state cracked down on illegal immigrants (allowing more ‘stop & search’ and instantly expelling Mexicans not having valid documentation) (AmRen, 25 i).


Sharia law made progress in Saudi, Somalia, no, er, London as a Black 21-yr-old received a jail sentence of a mere 11 3-meals-a day plus drugs, video and weight-training ‘jail’ years for raping four girls (one of them thrice, one aged 15, one aged 11) because (he told the court) they had been committing the sin against Mohammedanism of being out on the streets at night (Daily Mail, 25 i). No condemnation of the Black (named ‘Sunny Islam’) was forthcoming from official mullahs, socialists or even feminists.


On ‘Australia Day,’ after thirty years of Oz politicos abandoning the country’s previous White Australia policy and sucking up to Aborigines (mean IQ 68) and Arabs (mean IQ 84), socialist lezzie fat-legged redhead Prime Ministress ‘Ms’ {What’s wrong with her} Julia Gizzard, 50, had to be dragged free by security guards from an angry mob of 200 half-naked ‘indigenous people’ shouting “racist!”, losing one of her shoes in the process (Sydney Morning Herald, 26 i).

The mob had been banging on a restaurant window where ‘Cinderella’ Gizzards had been lunching with an Opposition frontbencher who had dared to suggest that it might just possibly be time for Abos to end their forty-year “sacred” ‘tent embassy’ protest against Whitey in Canberra since they had already been given all the social workers and cheap drink that money could buy.

The incident occurred at about 2.30pm at the ‘Lobby’ restaurant, a mere 300 yards from the Oz Parliament, while Ms Gillard and Diane Abbott were presenting National Emergency Medals -- doubtless to assorted wooftahs and otherly abled. The politicians had to shelter in the restaurant’s kitchen for half an hour before bodyguards, hotly pursued by spearwaving, paint-faced and dead-bird-adorned Oz ‘natives,’ could lift and/or drag the wretched Gizzards to be bundled into a waiting 4x4 and safety.

Despite the continent’s 150 years of Irish-ruled independence from the British motherland, Aboriginal ‘Australians,’ while making up merely 2% of the Australian population, provided 25% of the continent’s jailbirds – though Australia was vast enough to leave them in peace in some alcohol- education- and welfare-free zone.

A White Ozzie recorded: “In Roeburn, North West WA, I have seen the most disturbing drunken violence imaginable. Mother and daughter punching, kicking and screaming, egged on by the mob. Two young drunken men beating each other to a pulp cheered by the crowd in the main street, even as two huge policemen waited for them to tire before breaking up the fight.”

The ‘Cinderella’ incident (in which flag-burning Abos ended up with one of Gizzards’ blue suede shoes) attracted worldwide attention to the little problem which fifty years of Australian White guilt and do-gooding had failed to clear up. Germany’s Deutsche Presse Agentur recorded of the Abos: "Suicides are twice the national average, murders are six times as high and Aborigines are 11 times more likely to be imprisoned than other Australians. Most live on welfare and 60 per cent of Aboriginal pupils do not finish high school and only 12 per cent go on to any form of higher education."


Further to my review of Jewish problems (last week), it emerged that Israel’s small 2012 population of 100,000 imported Ethiopian ‘Jews’ plus descendants (altogether 1.5% of the Israeli population) accounted for almost a third of wife murders in the country (Jerusalem Post, 26 i).

The phenomenon was blamed by Israeli do-gooders on lack of counselling, lack of welfare, lack of Jewish respect for Ethiopian tribal elders etc., etc. -- Richard Lynn’s ascription (in The Chosen People) of an IQ of 68 was not mentioned.

Apparently (according to a tender-minded Ashkenazim), “Israel brought the Ethiopians in as a big propaganda stunt to offset their exclusion of Palestinian labor from the West Bank after they had made it impossible for the Palestinian economy to operate with their high taxes, regulations, denial of building permits and continuing confiscations of Palestinian property.”


The risibility of 21st-century ‘Britain’ came on display as a 58-yr-old Anglican vicar in Lancashire was jailed for 2½ years for selling dozens of marriage certificates (Daily Mail, 27 i) to budding couples who did not need to provide evidence of baptism, confirmation, education, engagement, command of English or gainful employment. Yes, Canon{!} John Mugumba was ‘marrying’ Eastern Europeans to Nigerians, thus entitling the newly ‘British’ citizens to millions of pounds in housing, health and welfare benefits – and more when they had children. Yes, the worshipful CofE ‘canon’ was as black as the ace of spades, from Uganda, arriving from that hellhole in 2005 and having six children.

At the same time, another CofE vicar admitted arranging hundreds of sham marriages to enable African immigrants to stay in Britain illegally. The Rev Brian Shipsides, 55, a grinning balded bespectacled White, presided over bogus ceremonies at All Saints Church, Forest Gate, east London, for over two years in a “massive” plot, Inner London Crown Court heard (Daily Mail, 25 i). With his colleague, the Rev Elwon John, 54 and half-Black, he married EU residents to mainly Nigerian spouses, it was claimed. Amdudalat Ladipo, 31, a fat Nigerian woman living in Dagenham, outback London, was alleged to have acted as marriage “fixer” for the fraud over the 2½-year period – and was suspected of doing extra business at several other soppy CofE gay&lesbo&gypsy&Labour-loving ‘churches.’

An AmRen correspondent commented: “Time for people to wake up , especially those who think that there is only a Muslim problem! Most sub-Saharan Blacks are Christian. Black churches in Europe have become the most criminal, bent and promiscuous outfits you could ever think of. Illegal immigration, drug dealing , racketeering, house-servant slavery, witch burning -- just to mention a few of their "activities"! Wake up PLEASE......”


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Late – too late – in the day, star Sunday Mail columnist Peter Hitchens provided a nice defence of selection in education (though without being so brave as to mention IQ, let alone race) (15 i). E.g. saying “A non-selective school system is as absurd an idea as a swimming pool without water or an aeroplane without wings.” {What a pity multiculti-browbeaten Peter and related merry Morris men had not got behind Mrs Thatcher in the 1980s or The g Factor in the 1990s!}


In its apparently escalating conflict between Muslims and Christians, Nigeria (q.v.) suffered 150 dead and four damaged police stations in a single day in its 9M-strong northern city of Kano. Despite a century of multicultural aspiration, backed by British cash, personnel and arms, the oil-rich country evidently needed a dose of intelligent separatism. {As did many over-vast, fractious and mismanaged countries – though not Britain, where the long-successful Union caused no serious problems apart from socialist Scotland having too much clout at Westminster!...}

Quipped one AmRen correspondent (16 i), “Maybe we should send some sensitivity managers over there [to Nigeria] who can teach them that diversity is their greatest strength.” Said another: “Nigeria is a disaster waiting to happen.In all probability the greatest show of bloodshed and violence that will occur in the 21st century will occur on Nigerian soil.”

{Needless to say, the local Christians, schooled in years of Western PeeCee, would not stand up for themselves. Kano’s Reverend Isaac Achi, who feared his 3,500 strong congregation might carry out reprisals against local Muslims, gave a ‘heartfelt’ sermon the following day reminding his flock of the Christian virtue of forgiveness – even though Mueslis had not shown the slightest sign of repentance.}


In a new move to help the law-abiding avoid bad Black areas, a Microsoft smart phone ‘app’ was being designed by Microsoft to help drivers and pedestrians (CBS, Dallas, 17 i). As news leaked out, the app was proving controversial among minority rights groups that found the software potentially discriminatory. The still-to-be-named product was being referred to as the “Avoid The Ghetto” app by those who were shocked at where it would guide users – e.g. away from Dallas’ Martin Luther King Boulevard. “I’m going to be up in arms about it if it happens,” said Dallas NAACP President Juanita Wallace.

In Washington, DC, crime was reported to have dropped dramatically in the previous decade (and indeed generation) as Blacks had relocated to Prince George’s County, Maryland, partly to escape the higher property prices as gentrification affected Washington and partly because local authorities made it easier to get welfare benefits in the previously mainly Hispanic area of PGC (which itself suffered a substantial crime rise as Black ‘families’ moved in) (AmRen, 17 i).



A book review, by Chris BRAND, of: Richard LYNN (2011) "The Chosen People: A Study of Jewish Intelligence and Achievement"
Whitefish, MT : Washington Summit Publishers (A National Policy Institute Book). Pp. 405 (minus 20 blank pages). ISBN 978-1-59368-036-7.

Ever since IQ and the Wealth of Nations (2002) awarded Israel only the distinctly mediocre IQ of 94 – so different from Jewish IQ in the West, recognized as 110 since around 1970 – there has been a puzzle about ‘the race’ (as William McDougall called Jewry).

Now, The Chosen People provides a magnificent, compelling and entertaining resolution. With Richard Lynn’s usual empiricism, statistics, clarity, fairness and scholarship (especially citing the work of Nat Weyl, Paul Johnson, Kevin MacDonald and Gregory Cochran), and including new research along with such as the LSE’s Satoshi Kanazawa, the book combines psychometrics and history in a breathtaking tour de force that puts latter-day peecee ‘cognitive’ psychology in the West’s ‘universities’ to shame.

(My own review of ‘the Jewish question’ [as the Jewish Marx called it] is at ‘David Duke debunked.’)

Most of TCP involves country-by-country potted and tabled accounts of the IQs and “massive” achievements of Jews in the arts, sciences and professions. Throughout the West, Russia and the Americas, Jews are 2-fold over-represented among college students (more so at decent universities), 7-fold over-represented in most professions (law, medicine, banking, commerce) – and, in the only available study, 45-fold over-represented among professors of economics.

(Jews are not much over-represented in architecture and engineering. Well does the Book of Proverbs give the denigratory Jewish view of visuo-spatial ability: “From the fruit of his mouth a man’s stomach is filled.”) But of much more serious interest are the enormous differences between the groups that compose ‘the race’ – all sampled and compressed together today in the saviour ‘homeland’ of Israel.

Lynn identifies and details four main divisions. The Ashkenazi (i.e. German) Jews are those who fled from Rome’s 70 A.D. put-down of rebellious Jerusalem to northern Europe – only to find Christianity and the Crusader spirit pursuing these ‘Christ-murderers’ and thus general scapegoats in sporadic pogroms and expulsions and driving them into the only serious work which mediaeval Christians did not allow themselves, lending (which went along naturally with tax collecting, since tax farmers would expeditiously fund the Christian authorities and reclaim their money from tax victims later).

Such work required higher verbal and numerical abilities (so as to manipulate others and make quick doorstep calculations of risks): thus does Lynn chiefly account for the pretty universal Ashkenazi IQ of 110 – though extra cultural elements helped too, such as the Ashkenazi stress on girls marrying learnéd rabbis at young ages and on the achievement motivation of children.

Though this fact is largely unappreciated in the West today, Ashkenazis make up rather less than a quarter of the population of Israel – especially once allowance is made for the 300,000 Russians who pretended to be Jews so as to be allowed to escape from the USSR.

In some contrast, Sephardic (mainly Spanish) Jews had a more relaxed time. Once the Christians had beaten the Visigoths, these Jews enjoyed hundreds of years of toleration (assisting Spain’s burgeoning empire) until they were persecuted in the sixteenth century and fled to the Balkans and North Africa where – until the Ottoman Empire began to collapse from Napoleonic ravages -- relatively genial and scholarly Muslims of those times supplied only limited pressure, resulting in a Sephardic IQ of merely around 98.

Quite the largest group of Israeli Jews today, however, is that of the ‘Mizrahim’ (cf. Oriental) Jews for whom the Jewish diasporas had taken them little further than Baghdad (though many have retreated to Israel in recent times), where they diplomatically fitted in with the Arabs (IQ 84) and never got their IQ up beyond 86.

Finally, in 1973, the then-victorious state of Israel agreed to tack on 80,000 Ethiopians who claimed to have long accepted Judaism – though subsequent science showed they had no DNA connection and today their IQ remains at the not-uncommon sub-Saharan African level of 68.

(Needless to say, the failure of Mizrahim and Ethiopian Jews to increase their IQs in prosperous semi-socialist Israel baffles enlightened Israeli ‘educators.’)

Thus is the puzzle of ‘Israeli IQ’ solved. The Jews of Israel – however racially pure and proud of Judaism they once were* -- are not today one race but actually four different races; and the high IQ of the Ashkenazis is mainly attributable to a thousand years of Nordic persecution and discrimination that drove those Jews who would survive into emigration, hiding and financial chicanery – all requiring a passable IQ as well as occasional familial funding.

It was not that Jews made special demands that their children seek ‘success’: in a modern American study (p. 346), the only values that differed between Jewish and Gentile parents were that the Jews placed more stress on ‘judgment’ (cf. intelligence) and the Christians (especially Protestants) stressed ‘honesty.’**

Will ‘the race’ hold together in Israel, where the pressures on it from high-breeding, water-owning and incipiently nuclear-armed Muslims present vast challenges to the country’s leadership (albeit backed by Ashkenazi funding from America)? Lynn is pessimistic about the Jewish-nationalist effort, noting that 500,000 Israelis have arranged US passports for themselves, fearing the worst. At the same time, Lynn is optimistic that a new diaspora will help invigorate the Gentile gene pool – for 50% of Western Jews make mixed marriages and rear their children as semi-Christian or secular.

Alas, this happy-enough scenario is surely too sanguine. As Lynn himself frequently and properly notes with amusement, the intelligence levels of races, and of Jews and their sub-races, are typically ignored by today’s ‘social scientists,’ by the media and by Jews themselves.

Sadly, such dishonesty has been accompanied by, as it is a part of, the policy of understandably Holocaust-avoidant ‘multiculturalism’ which Western Jews – superficially abandoning their former racism -- have specially encouraged since it invites foreigners to the West and makes Jews feel less of an isolated minority.

Unfortunately, lacking experience of fratricidal, leadership-destroying Muslim ways (springing from polygamy) and of continuing rabid Muslim hostility to the state of Israel, Western Ashkenazim have joined in bringing to the West their own very worst enemies – by contrast with whom Hitler was a relative liberator who was only too happy to encourage Jews to emigrate to their own space if they could afford travel tickets (which -- quickly abandoned by their bright young adults in Germany of the 1930s -- children and old could not).

Today’s Israelis may have their American passports ready; but they will find distinctly inhospitable the Sharia West (not to mention its Black and Hispanic minorities) which they have been so keen and self-deluded as to create. Already, by 2012, the students of Oxford and the LSE were getting ready by staging Nazi-themed parties (Guardian, 16 i 2012); and the Muslim-hugging Labourite Ken Livingstone stood a sporting chance of regaining the mayoralty of London.

Richard Lynn’s new book is a splendid achievement in its explorations of the origins and results of high intelligence and in its solution to much of the Jewish question; and it will be a goldmine for scholars*** – kindly supplied, like IQ&WoN, largely from Lynn’s own pocket because of prevailing peecee religious ‘anti-racist’ hysteria in the West’s ‘publishing’ trade.

But, though Lynn correctly notes that Nietzsche appreciated “the spiritual and intellectual resources of the Jews,” he does not recall Wagner’s “Jews can’t write poetry” – the deep and searing honesty of which requires a little beyond IQ, perhaps a belief in kindly divine (or at least maternal) open-mindedness (or love) which (as Galton saw (e.g. Hereditary Genius, New Scientist, 15 iii 1984)) conveys to others (especially children) the courage to tell the truth.

The Jews – especially the wordsmith Ashkenazis of the Wittgenstinian type – were lately the victims of the Russians, French, Poles and Germans and found refuge in the English-speaking world****; but, in their madly cultivated multiculturalism, they will next be the victims of themselves.

* "Up to the present, it has not been sufficiently recognized that, from a social point of view, the whole community of Judaism at the time of Jesus was dominated by the fundamental idea of the maintenance of racial purity. Not only did the priests, as the consecrated leaders of the people, watch anxiously over the legitimacy of priestly families, and weed out all priestly descendants born of an illegitimate union . . . ; but the entire population itself, in the theory and practice of religious legislation at the time of Jesus, was classified according to purity of descent. All families in which some racial impurity could be established were excluded from the pure seed of the community." -- J. Jeremias, 1969, Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus. Philadelphia : Fortress.

** “….the Jews in Europe, and the Armenians in the East, have a peculiar character; and the former are as much noted for fraud as the latter for probity.” -- David Hume, 1748, Of National Characters.

"[The Jews are] a nation of usurers….outwitting the people amongst whom they find shelter….They make the slogan ‘Let the buyer beware’ their highest principle in dealing with us." -- Immanuel Kant (1724-1804). (Quoted by P. L. Rose, 1992, Wagner: Race and Revolution. New Haven, CN : Yale University Press.)

*** Not least, TCP’s index will assist inquirers into which great men of the past were Jewish. (The ‘painter’s painter,’ Velazquez, whose father was Jewish, is missing – but the father was a converso and Velazquez was baptized early.)

**** The greatest 20th-century Jewish philosopher, Sir Karl Popper (Lutheran-educated), began his intellectual career by emigrating from Vienna to Christchurch, New Zealand.



As the Sun reported (from Deptford, south-east London) that three young Black men had repeatedly poured boiling water over a 48-yr Vietnamese restaurant owner, scalding him extensively, in an attempt to make him reveal the code for his safe, at least one correspondent was moved to mention the advantages of Sharia law (18 i).

(Higher up the food chain, the loopy state of 21st-century Britain was exemplified as the European Court of Human Rights forbade the extradition of the deaded Bin Liner’s right-hand man, Abu Qatada, for fear that even the West-loved state of Jordan would not be capable of giving the British-welfare-dependent brute a mollycoddling fair trial.)


As motor-neurone-stricken cosmologist Stephen Hawking was receiving so much attention for his 70th birthday (revealing in the process that he was too unwell to attend his own birthday party – just as he had been unable to dine at high table and hear my 1997 talk about race at his Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge), it seemed only right to recall my auld Edinburgh pal Peter Higgs, 82, the 1964 positor of the g factor ooops particle which boffins were working tirelessly to find with the help of Geneva’s Large Hadron Collider.

The archives of my art-historian wife yielded the 2007 photo below, of a painting by the late Edinburgh artist and beauty Lady Lucinda Mackay, a friend of Peter’s and mine. Peter had told us the portrait had just been delivered for hanging at the India Street museum to electromagnetism Nobelist James Clerk Maxwell (just round the corner from Peter’s vintage 1970s flat, where civilization reigned, computers were forbidden and all calculations about the Mass-ooops-mass-giving Higgs Boson were made using paper, pencil and matchsticks).

It will be observed that English-Jewish theoretical physicist Peter, a self-professed atheist (but with no wish to offend believers), might be thought to be pointing to the source of his inspiration.... Another portrait of Wolf Prize winner Peter (long deemed a “crackpot” by E.LU. physicists, with his key paper consigned to the dank basement of his E.LU. department’s library) which also hangs near his home, in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Peter was long a supporter of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament; but he did leave Greenpeace once he deemed it had become too “hysterical.”

Portrait of Peter Higgs


Although paedophilia was thought by MSM to be the prerogative of elderly grubby-mackintoshed English scoutmaster perverts (plus, more lately, Catholic priests, athletics coaches and a few popstars and disc jockeys and Prince Andrew [serviced in the USA by underage masseuses]), it raised its head – as it were – among ‘our lads’ in Afghaniland as two Mercian Regiment soldiers mobile-filmed themseives being masturbated by two ten-yr-old Afghanis (both a boy and a girl had been invited to serve), the excited result being distributed to friends and colleagues (Guardian, 18 i).

Punishments akin to those for mass-murderers were promptly proposed by press and Army – quite without respect for Afghan paedophilic tradition or for the English idea that punishment should accord to demonstrable harm caused. (It was the distribution which triggered the scandal – for, though one recipient objected, no complaint was received from the children themselves.)


Despite the cowardice of the US Republican Party and its sidekick Tea Party in never discussing America’s racial problem, the extent of the Black-White divided was revealed in figures from South Carolina. In 2008, less than 2% of those voting in the Republican primary were from racial minority groups whereas more than half of those who participated in the Democratic primary were Black (Guardian, 19 i).


France (whatever the inspiring pro-free-speech declarations of its short-lived 1789 revolutionaries) passed legislation criminalizing speech ‘minimizing’ the scale of the Turkish-on-Armenian killings of WWI through its lower parliamentary house; and was reciprocally condemned for its 1945-60 ‘genocide’ of 15% of Algerians by Turkey, which withdrew its ambassador from Paris.

Britain’s right-wing press was as untroubled by France’s new speech restrictions as it had been by Europe’s Holocaust-insistent laws and New York Wiley’s suppression of The g Factor; but the Guardian’s moderate-centrist Timothy Garton Ash put up a spirited objection, concluding (19 i): “France's opportunistic, misbegotten bill is not a hard case. It's a no-brainer. Next week, let the French Senate give an example to the US Congress in the defence of intellectual freedom.”

{Of course the Turks did kill 1M+ Armenians – using German-supplied gas chambers amongst other horrors -- in 1915. (A star Armenian lodger – the smartest-dressed lodger I ever had, and one of the most responsible and very brightest -- told me in the 1980s.) But then the Armenians had taken the Russian side in what was, after all, WWI. The whole matter should surely be left to historians, not to a Paris parliament where President NapoSarko faced a May re-election contest in a country hosting .5M Armenians.}

Elsewhere, in the USA, legislation came on stream to black out internet sites that used (or referred to others that used) copyright material. The ban (which elicited a 24-hr ‘strike’ by Wikipedia) apparently applied even to sites that made no significant profit from their copying and references, so was thus another flagrant attack on free speech (Guardian, 19 i, Clay Shirky + editorial).

{Bye, bye, Internet – scheduled to allow publication only to those with corporate coffers and expensive lawyers! If ‘successful,’ the new legislation would soon be followed by demands making reference to paedophilia, ugliness, dementia, retardation, the Congo, Zimbabwe, race, IQ, the g factor etc.}


In a massive (20-authored) international effort involving Ian Deary’s IQ data on 1,940 Scottish elderly (first tested in the 1930s at age 11) and Nick Martin’s techniques of ‘SNP’ genetic analysis, it turned out that there was a lifetime (11-70) shared genetic variance of 63% and a 76% contribution of (unspecified) environmental factors to IQ changes occurring within later old age (Nature, 18 i; Scotsman, 19 i, Michael Wade; FirstPost, 20 i).

Needless to say it was the environmental contribution to such slight late changes as occurred among the elderly that got the most media attention, together with the mystificatory authors’ gleefully accepted admission that no particular genes had been identified – as cowardly peecee internationoid neurocognibabblers rushed forward to say.

{Unsurprisingly, many correspondents to newspapers confessed they did not understand the paper – and could not recall being told how much the vast exercise cost. The researchers’ unwillingness to explain frankly to journalists that intelligence was largely genetic had yielded a heavy penalty in their comprehensibility.}


The blond and brainy but slightly barmy Mayor of London, Turkman Boris Johnson, fortified by having his ‘Boris bikes’ and hop-on-hop-off buses accepted and his plan for a ‘Boris Island’ new London airport considered, threw away his electoral prospects at a stroke by condemning British youth as workshy (“lacking energy”) for not taking the dead-end jobs routinely snapped up by East European immigrants (a half million of whom had ended on British dole queues and welfare benefits in the previous ten years) (Sun, 20 i).

{As if it weren’t enough for ‘Conservatives’ to have gone along with mass immigration in the first place! Young immigrants typically slept 8-to-a-room and sent their money back to their families abroad, where it was worth much more than it could be to a Brit-based youf.}


Pity poor Neapolitan Capitano Francesco Schettino of the wrecked Costa Concordia! He may just have been in a state of shock as his 4,200-carrying ship pranged a rock after his vainglorious effort to coast near-shore and receive the salutations of friends on the Isle of Gigolo and he dumped his blonde dining companion, failed to order abandonment of the ship for 75 minutes (until the ship’s 20 degree listing meant lifeboats were hard to use), fabricated for his firm a story that the ship only had problems only with its electricals, spent 15 minutes weeping in the arms of the ship’s chaplain, pushed women aside in his rush to get towards the lifeboats (into one of which he said he “fell”), and, once on dry ground, tried to escape by taxi (though not before first phoning his 84-yr Italian mamma) (Daily Telegraph, 21 i, Cristina Odone).

Yet it was unsurprising that some would see his infantility, boasting, selfishness, lying, misogyny and apparent cowardice as traits for which the Italians had long been known ooops stereotyped – and which characteristics could all be traced to the top-quartile anxiety/neuroticism levels (along with those of Austria, France, Germany and Japan) identified empirically by Richard Lynn in 1971 (Personality and National Character, Oxford:Pergamon, e.g. Table 20a) and so distinguishing Italians dramatically from the bottom-quartile English-speaking peoples.

{The national trades of seafaring and empire-building had probably long previously weeded out the more high-n Brits; but, as Lynn kindly observed, being invaded during WWII would not have helped Italy et al. at all.}


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Sunday, January 15, 2012


As ‘Top Gear’ TV motormouth Jeremy Clarkson found himself in hot water (for ‘racism’) for saying Olympiadoid ‘synchronized swimmers’ reminded him of the drowning illegal Chinese cocklepickers [in Morecambe Bay, 2004] (Daily Star, 8 i), the Observer’s Miranda Sawyer debated and detailed her perception that 2011 had been the year in which PeeCee “finally went mad” – or at least “went hardcore” (8 i).

Miranda correctly observed that it was exceptionally hard to trace the roots of PeeCee, as I had found when searching for influential Western intellectuals a decade ago – though of course to an academic of my age the ultimate long-term answer is obvious: as the ‘social sciences’ failed in their project of demonstrating social causation, psychology concentrated on denying the reality of sex differences, economics denied the importance of instinct, character and emotion, sociology denied the reality of intelligence differences, politics denied the existence of nations, and social anthropology denied the reality of race.

Having thus obscured their own failure as scientific disciplines, these abject ‘social’ subjects thus spawned among their many idealistic students, from roughly 1968 onwards, an atmosphere in which any reference to the social realities of life was shockingly ‘dated’ even if it was cloaked as humorous.


Plagued by shoplifting conducted by swarms of “foreign students,” Plymouth shoplifters banded together in Operation Drake, announcing they would forbid undue congregation of such students on their premises. Their scheme was promptly condemned as “racist” by the usual suspects (Guardian, 9 i).


With remarkable insouciance as to its bankrupt condition, the Greek government expanded a list of state-recognized disability categories to include paedophiles,* exhibitionists and kleptomaniacs – who were thus entitled to claim 35% of the standard welfare handout (as compared to e.g. 80% for heart transplant recipients). Arsonists, voyeurs, compulsive gamblers, fetishists, sadomasochists and diabetics were already on the list. The Greek disability lobby expressed fury at the new development (AP, 9 i).


As North Carolina pathetically moved to compensate with $50K those who still survived after being sterilized (in a program for medical, mental, sexual and social problem cases which went on enthusiastically till 1974), several AmRen correspondents pointed out that $50K per head was actually a very reasonable price to pay for having relieved the state of the many problems that offspring of those sterilized would otherwise have caused NC taxpayers (12 i).


Israel’s Supreme Court upheld a law banning Palestinians who married Israelis from gaining Israeli citizenship (BBC, 12 i). Civil rights groups had petitioned the court to overturn the law, saying it was unconstitutional. But “Human rights do not prescribe national suicide,” Judge Asher Grunis wrote in the judgement. The law had been introduced in 2003, with its backers citing security concerns and the need to ensure Israel remained a Jewish-majority state.


In a charming two-part 90-minute historical coverage of England’s grammar schools (with boys in caps, girls in gymslips and masters in gowns – not shown throwing blackboard dusters), BBC 4 TV managed to avoid any reference to Sir Cyril Burt or IQ being involved in the creation of these free bastions of excellence – eventually largely destroyed by the Labour Party out of egalitarian dogma and spite.


As the BBC reported ‘English’ cricketer Mervyn Westfield was convicted at the Old Bailey of accepting a £6K bribe to ‘spot fix’ a match (following in the footsteps of top Pakistani players), it turned out from visual aids that he was 100% Black (Sun, 13 i); and an ‘Oxford don’ briefly arrested for the sudden death of a professorial playmate (after an argument in a restaurant) turned out to be a Sikh (who had got himself a job at lordly St John’s College) (Sun, 13 i).


As British media jobsworths obsessed themselves with the next step in the break-up of the UK, viz Scottish separatism, none dared ask whether any nation of Scotland actually existed (except in the fond imagination of footie followers). With Glasgow being half-Irish and Edinburgh half-English/multiculti and the Border towns virtually fully English in their delightful country lifestyles and the Highlands being romantically Celtic and the north-east being dourly Protestant and the Shetland Isles able to take all Scotland’s oil at any moment by declaring their own independence (doubtless defended by London), Scotland was a project whose day had long passed – though it had its charming rituals for tourists (men in kilts with no underpants, young dancing girls – much photographed by Japanese tourists -- possibly similar) and voted SNP to keep taxes down (partly by extracting maximum monies from the wet English in Westminster).

Frankly, the UK had been a mildly multiculti – though overwhelmingly English-speaking and entirely Christian -- hodgepodge for centuries, the southern Irish only breaking away because they were 98% Catholic and mired in low-IQ and poverty (rejecting even their own most famous writers, Wilde and Joyce) .

That the ‘canny’ people of Scotland would vote for independence only to find themselves fighting each other seemed entirely unlikely – except in so far as Westminster politicians had led the UK into inflated salaries for bankers and bureaucrats, a destruction of educational and GP services and national bankruptcy redeemed only by France being in a still worse condition (losing its AAA credit rating on ‘Black Friday,’ 13 i, hoh-hoh).


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Sunday, January 08, 2012


Though Black politicos like tyrant Robert Mugabe of ‘Zimbabwe’ (Southern Rhodesia) typically prided themselves on ‘throwing off the shackles’ of the British Empire (a process largely masterminded by British liberal-leftists), it transpired they were happy with the new (and presumably more lucrative for them) brutalities of the Chinese Empire. In particular, after a generation of useless Zim independence reducing most natives to grinding poverty as Whites fled, the Chinese were (quite literally) whipping Zim’s Bleck ‘workers’ into shape to build a central powerhouse, a military academy. The Guardian recorded (2 i 2012):
Surrounded by a perimeter wall that runs for a kilometre through what was once farmland, the shadowy military academy is being built by a Chinese contractor whose managers are accused of meting out physical punishments, miserable conditions and meagre pay.

"The beatings happen very often," said a 28-year-old carpenter, wearing blue overalls as he made the long walk home after a 14-hour shift. "They ill-treat you and, if you make a mistake, they beat you up.

"I saw some men beaten up yesterday. A guy complained: 'You're not treating us like human beings,' and the Chinese replied: 'You should appreciate we've come to assist you.' They beat him up and he was fired." He estimated that there were about 600 Zimbabwean and 300 Chinese workers on the site. Around 50 of the Chinese were managers. Some of the Chinese have "nice homes inside" while others live in wooden shacks just outside the complex. The Zimbabweans and Chinese rarely mix, he added. "They don't speak English so we use sign language. The Chinese eat off plates, then give us the leftovers."

But, like the other African dictators who were the native response to the West’s White-guilt-ridden withdrawal, Mugabe and his merry men found it lucrative enough to live with China supplying necessary labour discipline (and all without the new rulers being pestered over ‘human rights’).


30+ years after Sir Keith Joseph’s free-contraception-for-the-masses Preston speech (which ended his Prime Ministerial ambitions and saw Mrs Thatcher succeed him), no-one could accuse Britain of a premature lurch into eugenics. Rather, adding to the efforts of social workers, benefits operatives, social housing bureaucrats, police, doctors, human rights lawyers and lesbian breastfeeding counsellors, ‘Conservative’ Daft Dave Cameron offered private companies (employing who?...) £15K for each ‘shameless’ [after a TV series] layabout family where they could get a member to write a CV and/or get a job (for how long?....) (Daily Mail, 3 i).

{Yes, money that could have been usefully spent on providing sterilization was to be showered on a new bunch of half-arsed sociologists from polytechnics ooops new universities, showing that Cameron was indeed the ‘heir to Blair.’ – But here was true idealism, since neither the sociologists or the guided CV-writers would ever vote Tory.} A Mail correspondent observed:
They can't possibly believe that this is going to work - can they? God help those who have to deal with them. These people who come up with these daft ideas have no idea at all of what they are dealing with. . .... I dare ONE of them to go into a Benefits Office or Job Centre and try telling one of these 'tough nuts' (for that is what they are), that their money is going to disappear. WE see and put up with it every day .... these benefit bullies who demand a living from the rest of us - BECAUSE THEY THINK IT'S GOVERNMENT MONEY they pilfer from us. Why don't you start by asking the staff who work in Job Centres/Benefits Offices for their experiences in dealing with these people? I've seen stand-up fights in some of these offices where they have had to call the police for their own safety. Cut off their beer money or drug funding and expect them to change their ways, just like that! Get real!


As the BBC embarked (3/4 i) on an orgy of anti-racist celebration that, after 19 years of multi-million-pound effort, two White 36-yr-olds were convicted of the East London late-night street murder of Black teen Stephen Lawrence, after two trials had already cleared all five alleged perpetrators, it was little remarked that the leftist hysteria surrounding the case (and leading to the MacPherson of Loony Report* [see Wm McDougall NewsLetter, passim], the condemnation of the Metropolitan Police as ‘institutionally racist’ and the ten-year reduction of ‘stop & search’) meant that no-one had really learned anything (except that the British state would readily abandon justice [no ancient prosecutions, no ‘double jeopardy’, no undercover surveillance evidence] when faced with the mob):

Confronting hysterical calls for their heads, the five White hoodlums had stuck together in ‘entirely not guilty’ pleas, meaning that neither the actual assailant nor the actual motive for the attack were identified (the incident had begun as a gang clash, possibly over Lawrence’s non-payment of a drugs bill**).

*This infamous report by a remote Scottish judge who knew little of London or Blacks, commissioned by Labour, did Blacks more harm than good. Telegraph columnist Philip Johnson recorded that: “In the first few years after Macpherson, stop and search operations declined, drug seizures fell and gang-related street crime rose” (4 i).

Johnson added: “The report became a stick with which to beat the police. In the end, the changes in policing harmed the very communities whose perceived grievances they were supposed to address. Just ask the people whose shops were looted and houses burnt in the riots last summer [2011]. Arguably, the disastrous handling of the disturbances in Tottenham that triggered three nights of mayhem can be traced to the criticism the police faced for failing to catch the killers of Stephen Lawrence.” Sir William Macpherson went into overt terminal mental decline soon after his report was written.

**For some reason which MSM could or would not explore or anyhow detail, Lawrence’s parents had split up soon after the killing and early trials – presumably not over the high-falutin’ issue of whether (contrary to a thousand years of English practice) suspects could be endlessly retried until the ‘correct’ verdict was brought in. Neville Lawrence had forgiven his son’s killers and moved back to Jamaica; whereas his wife Doreen had determined on 100% justice for her son.

The handling of the Lawrence case did not satisfy merrily obese frump Black MP (for Hackney North) Diane Abbott, who deplored Whites using “divide and rule” tactics to pretend there was no single ‘Black community,’ the complaints of which they needed to address. Hilariously, this throw-away mini-critique promptly drew universal accusations of “racism” and demands that Diane should be sacked as Junior Shadow Minister for Public Health, not least from LibDim leader Nice Nick Clegg (Daily Mail, 5 i). The Labour Party took the opportunity to announce it deplored “sweeping generalizations”; and, more helpfully, PM Cameron reminded Diane’s critics that it was hard to qualify remarks on the 140-character Twitter system.

But, instead of standing up for free speech, Diane, hair-dryered by adenoidal Labour leader Red Ed, retracted her opinion and settled for the usual pseudo-grovel that she was ‘sorry if she had upset anyone.’

In previous, less hysterical times, licensed jester Diane (who got 7% of the votes when she ran for the Labour leadership) had been able to get away with saying that PM Cameron and his Chancellor were “two posh White boys”, that “blonde and blue-eyed” Finnish nurses should not be allowed jobs in London hospitals, that Black people should never be laid off from the public sector, and that Black mothers cared more about their children than did White mothers.

Like myself, the Guardian’s Alexander Chancellor thought Diane had been given an unduly hard time for her views (5 i). {Perhaps Mueslis would soon be required to apologize for their confrères threatening the entire 85M Christian population of Nigeria with expulsion or murder?....}

Abbottafatty Diane soon found herself in hot water again for opining (surely correctly) that Britain’s cabbies – themselves overwhelmingly White since they had to master The Knowledge (of their local area) -- were reluctant to pick up Black fares (Sun, 7 i). Another pseudo-grovel coming up rather than for her to defend her race realism or at least freedom of speech? The Labour Party declined to comment. {If only some MSM wallah had asked her whether she thought taxi-drivers irrational!...}


Providing striking testimony to the uselessness of modern architecture, a smart if unusual house (with exaggerated eaves) in Kilcreggan, west Scotland, was completely blown down in the storm of 3 i (Telegraph, 4 i; Scotsman, 4 i). The house had featured in the Channel 4 TV programme Grand Designs....


The futility of the US and UK policies of bringing multicultural demakrazy to Iraq was manifested as 200 Shitites were killed by Solunni bombs in Baghdad within a single week (Guardian, 5 i) – and hundreds more were injured as a result of the West’s 8-year failure to arrange ethnic segregation of high-P Mueslis. Likewise the Shitites and Solunnis of Syria continued to go at each other hammer and tongs despite there being an obvious option of creating a safe haven for fractious Solunnis along the border with Turkey.

In north-east Nigeria, a few dozen more were slain around January 7th by the Islamoluni Procul Harem – including Muslim clerics selected for assassination after decrying the violence (Observer, 8 i).


As the Twelve Days of Christmas ended (with the turkey soup, chipolatas and mince pies finally running out in the Brand household – though not the gin and Old Pulteney, thank heaven), a Labour star appeared in the firmament to make up for the dismal performance of union-backed ‘Red Ed’ Mililitre (forever associated, along with his sidekick Ed Balls, with the failed Labour extravagance and multiculturalism of 1997-2010): balded Harvard Fulbright scholar Liam Byrne, a Birmingham MP and former Labour Treasury Minister, reinforced his earlier stances against immigration and ‘welfare’ as well as socialism-backed bankstas. Said the Guardian (5 i):
Though opposing some cuts to disability benefits, [Byrne] favours "reform" to reduce welfare spending. The solitary concrete proposal in this respect is to make the receipt of benefits, after a period of time, conditional upon attendance at a work or training centre: workfare, in other words. Yet, it is less the policy specifics than the ideological language framing his intervention that is arresting. He complains of soaring benefit costs, but blames this on social behaviour being skewed by the welfare state. Idleness and dependency on "unearned" income are the problem. This admixture of authoritarianism and free-market orthodoxy is very Thatcherite.

Happily, the Guardian’s star columnist, fat Florence-living femisocialiste Polly Toynbee, was furious with LB’s Powellism (7 i).


As of January 1, applicants for French nationality were required to demonstrate linguistic proficiency in French equal to that of the average 15-yr-old native speaker, to disclaim dual nationality while on French soil and to agree to be deported if they clocked up a criminal record (AmRen, 2 i). Pres NapoSarkozy, trailing in polls and facing a general election in May, also promised to do something to get rid of a few more of the 15K gypsies ooops Roma in France who were estimated to be responsible for 10% of all crime in the country (BBC Radio 4, 6 i, 21:00).

A review of: John HARVEY (2012) (Email: Race and Equality: the Nature of the Debate. Ulster Institute for Social Research, pp 142, £15, ISBN 978-0-9568811-3-7

Written by a retired maths teacher, this book is concerned to explain the basic concepts of evolution and genetics, to show how variety is constantly thrown up at both individual and racial levels and to point out that denial of radical human differences (‘identegalitarianism’) reflects little but the political desperation of socialists and kindred utopian idealists. Harvey writes with aplomb – even sometimes too much, dismissing some socio-environmentalist answers to his many questions ex cathedra as “ridiculous”; and he sometimes burdens himself with unnecessary theorizing, e.g. as to the superiority of men – an unlikely thesis in view of the equal contributions of males and females to subsequent generations and roundly dismissed by no less a would-be chauvinist than Doctor Johnson (who observed that the law gave men more power just because in nature they had so little). But Harvey gets to the nitty-gritty of speciation, genetic bottlenecks, founder effects, genetic drift etc; and, though there are perhaps too many examples taken from animals, he includes plenty of observations which should be better known – e.g. that Darwin’s Origin of Species was subtitled as having to do with just those dreaded “races” which it has lately been the business of postmodern relativists and similar successors to sociology to contest.

Psychology itself does not take up much of the book. Thus there is no serious consideration of how the g factor and IQ (the biggest factors in human difference) were derived; nor of what intelligence really is or of how and why it is so important in determining human dominance hierarchies. More surprisingly, there is little effort to explain the key concept of heritability (whether narrow or broad) over which London School psychologists and their critics once took so much trouble. Again, Harvey has no idea of what to do about the human differences in which he believes – he is not overtly concerned to say that society and its educational system in particular should respond to merit. Needless to say, Sir Francis Galton, William McDougall, Raymond Cattell, Hans Eysenck, Arthur Jensen and Phil Rushton are unmentioned in the index.

Yet Harvey’s heart is clearly in the right place and he concludes with an engaging trot through the modern world’s ethnic differences and conflicts – e.g. observing that when the greatest egalitarian experiment collapsed, the USSR broke up along not political or economic but along ethnic lines, with its star state, the GDR preferring its ethnic link to West Germany than any other route of going its own way. The book is admittedly no match for Eysenck’s great hymns to human inequality (e.g. the 1967 Chapter 1 of Biological Basis of Personality); it has many typos; and it largely holds back from commitments about the major racial inequality of all, that between Blacks and Whites; but, in avoiding frightening the horses, it will enable technical and political advance for students who have found themselves passably enthusiastic about Steven [sic] Pinker’s (2003) The Blank Slate.


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Monday, January 02, 2012


Three years of Western economic crisis having passed without any accepted plan for how to deal with the gross over-borrowing stimulated by multiculti socialist Revs Clinton and Blair (and readily accepted by most other politicians – hence the 2011 Western disillusionment and recourse to binge spending before politicos re-introduced inflation), the words of Guardian correspondent ‘Inverted Pyramid’ (25 xii 2011) seemed worth consideration.
Do we actually have capitalism? There was silly old me thinking it was a system in which entrepreneurs risked their own capital and received large rewards for success and bore the brunt of their own failures.

What we have today isn't remotely like that. We have an oligopolistic set of global corporations that dictate to nation states what they want and craven politicians who bow and scrape to their every whim for a few baubles and the promise of cosy directorships for services rendered after their political career is over.

Instead of risks being taken with their own money, we have gamblers risking other people's money or non-existent money from fraudulent financial instruments - and then getting bailed out by the taxpayer when they fail and still getting their ridiculous bonuses. This isn't capitalism, it's socialism for the rich.

The Tobin tax is one small step in the right direction but frankly the UK needs to abolish the archaic privileges of the City of London. And when the banksters inevitably threaten to leave, LET THEM GO.

The UK economy is a basket case precisely because it has relied so heavily on a casino system that is run in its own interests and at the expense of the rest of the country. Besides, I think these "masters of the universe" will find there is less demand for monolingual financial scam artists abroad than they think there is. Mind the door doesn't bump their collective arses on the way out.

Yes: perhaps, as the West in the past managed to keep State and Church substantially separate, it needed in 2012 to work to reduce contacts between businessmen and elected (and selected) politicians – probably starting by banning large donations to political parties (not least from trade unions) and funding all elected politicians directly from the taxpayer’s pocket on condition they had no other source of income while in office or for five years thereafter.

Yes: this would admittedly make politicians a priestly caste (which they hardly deserved); but any such scheme would be better than their being in the pockets of bankstas and union bosses – or being able to climb into such pockets after legislating multiculti and kindred wheezes. What could such a scheme be called? Separation of powers? Where was that heard of before?...

Separation was certainly becoming a big issue in Britain, where 67% of Scots (semi-inspired by low-taxing First Minister Alex Salmond [Guardian, 29 xii]) thought they wanted maximal devolution (‘devo-max’) – while retaining Britain’s investment in Scottish soldiery and shipbuilding – and many English were prepared to leap at the chance of dumping Glasgow’s endless ‘welfare’ problems and getting rid of Scottish Labour’s influence at Westminster.

Likewise, Daft Dave Cameron had enjoyed a poll boost by saying NON! to Napoleonic Sarkozy.


A headmistress and colleague at a primary school in Hull (a city famed for its production of obese agrammatical sex-mad top Labour politico John Prescott) volunteered (in a discussion on Facebook) that their pupils were ‘thick and inbred’ – resulting in the teachers’ resignations after the usual peecee pressures were applied by ‘outraged’ parents and councillors (Daily Mail, 26 xii).


In London’s top shopping area, Oxford Street, Black youf chose Boxing Day as a time to demonstrate their racial propensities, knifing to death – before a crowd of horrified shoppers -- one of their own kind in an argument over reduced-price trainer shoes in seasonal sales (Daily Mail, 27 xii).

In Washington colleges, despite staff-enforced PeeCee, Black students were four times as likely to be expelled as were Whites (Washington Times, 28 xii). In Oslo, Blacks (some 5% of the population) accounted for 70% of domestic violence (AmRen, 29 xii).

In central Nigeria, Bleck Mueslis killed forty Catholics attending Mass, injured hundreds of others and displaced 90,000 in an escalation of the country’s ethnic strife (q.v.). Christians retaliated by bombing a school, killing seven. Next, large-scale ethnic fighting broke out in eastern Nigeria.

In Pibor, South Sudan, some six thousand Lou Nuer tribesmen went on the march against their traditional ethnic enemies, the Muries, killing dozens, burning homes, looting cattle and displacing at least 15,000 (BBC, 30 xii).

Reporting on the Nigerian mayhem, which had killed a thousand annually in a country long run peacefully by Britain and saved after independence from its savage tensions by expensive (if misplacedly multiculture-backing) invited British military intervention around 1967, the Guardian recorded (30 xii 2011):
Last year [in March, 2010] the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi proposed that Nigeria be divided into two countries to avoid religious conflict. The idea was dismissed with contempt at the time: all northern states have substantial Christian minorities and up to half of Nigeria's south-western Yoruba ethnic group are thought to be Muslim.

But now Gaddafi's radical solution resonates with some Christians. Papa Jimba, 46, leader of the Christian community in a Jos neighborhood, told Reuters: "Let us divide Nigeria. The Muslims go to their side and the Christians stay on our side. Then peace can come back. I'm even praying for that."

The Rev Philip Mwelbish, head of CAN for Plateau state, said: "People thought Gaddafi was mad, but I've started to see the sense in what he said. If we can't exist together with our Muslim brothers, then they can build their houses over there, and we build ours here.”

Needless to say, MSM, in all its reviews of 2011, largely avoided mentioning the racial/ethnic/tribal/sectarian factors in the world’s ghastly violence – whether organized in Teheran, Tottenham, Tripoli or Tunisia


With the West’s economy b*ggered by the bubble & crunch begun by politico-compelled lending to ‘subprime’ Blacks and Hispanics in the USA, and with the West having failed to subdue Mueslis in response to 9/11, was there any hope? Would Blacks be deported ooops deployed from America, Britain and France to die ooops solve the humanitarian problems of Africa? Would Australia, Denmark, Holland, Germany and Norway be able to unload their Mueslis – perhaps to defend Saudi and its crucial oil load? Would Britain be able to shift its Celtic-Catholic welfare-dependents* of Glasgow and Liverpool to Northern Ireland – their homes to be bought up or otherwise occupied by NI Prods fed up with the multicultural pretence of 2011 Ulster? Would Nigeria split along sectarian/tribal lines (as it should have been allowed to do in 1967)? Would America limit its Mexican influx?

Not a chance – unless a collapse of Western ethnic unrealism began (perhaps by Iran doing surprisingly well against a too-long-delayed Western attack) (a reasonable prospect since even titchy Gadawfulian Libya had held out against Nato for eight months) (or perhaps by the Middle East going up in Solunni vs Shitite flames, reminding Westerners via tripled oil prices of the failures of their multicult-deluded politicians)!

* One ‘British’ dole claimant in three had clocked up a criminal record within the previous ten years (Daily Mail, 28 xii).


The Guardian recorded the death of the eminent Oxford ‘analytic’ linguistic philosopher Sir Michael Dummett (Fellow of All Souls etc, etc) whose work had been inspired by Gottlob Frege’s tremendous intellectual puzzles of propositions that were neither true nor false (‘Santa Claus smokes’).

Amusingly, Dummett, who (with his equally keen wife) had devoted the first half of his life to anti-racism, only got round to producing his ‘major’ work on Frege in 1973, when Dummett was 48.

The problem had been that, after his half-lifetime of dedication to his hero, Dummett had discovered, with “deep shock,” that Frege had in fact been a “virulent racist” (29 xii). (Dummett, apparently an ‘expert’ on tarot cards, had also been a keen believer in backward causation – holding, after his conversion to Catholicism, that prayer could alter past events....)


As Cabinet minutes from 1981 were released under the 30-year rule, it transpired that a British withdrawal from Northern Ireland had been seriously considered by Mrs Thatcher and colleagues; ditto, following the Toxteth riots and Mrs Thatcher seeing for herself the seething anti-police feeling of Black Liverpool, the Cabinet had discussed letting Liverpool stew in its own juice – a process politely called “managed decline” (Guardian, 30 xii).

(In both cases, the separatist option was abjured – leaving the local problems to be dealt with by barbed wire, taxbreaks, political fudges, the creation of pretend universities, and ‘welfare’ benefits.)

Meantime, the long-anticipated (by realists, though not by peecee Western diplomats) sectarian war between Solunnis and Shitites kicked off, with Iraq’s competing religious maniacs, quite unAmericanized despite trillion-dollar eight-year expenditure by the USA, began arresting and killing each other as fast as possible; and Syria’s Shitite government looked as if it would need full-blown support from Shitite Iran to continue its 40-per-day killings of Solunni opponents in the cities of Homs and Hama.


The nonsense of the ‘welfare’ state seemed terminally exposed as, in bankrupt Greece, a man clocked up ten children and, finding his state benefits insufficient, asked the authorities to take four of them into care (Daily Mail, 30 xii).

{In Africa, men at least had to join militias to escape their family responsibilities very largely while providing the odd bauble for their kids.}


The New Year began happily enough with Britain’s classiest, sassiest, long-term-sexiest successful actress, Helena Bonham-Carter, 44, being made Commander of the British Empire. The Oscar-nominated actress was recognised for her services to drama following her performance as the Queen Mother in ‘The King’s Speech’ (Daily Mail, 31 xii).

Helena was the great-granddaughter of Prime Minister Herbert Asquith and her Jewish psychotherapist mother (though she had converted to Catholicism around 1950) was connected by marriage (of her sister) to the philanthropical Rothschilds.

{At least the elevation of intellectual Helena made up for Brummie leftie social psychologiste Glynis Breakwell, 60, being made a Dame by Daft Dave and honours going to a score of hedgefund managers....; and could help those of good will to put the taxpayer-funded bankers and rioters of 2011 behind them.}

The problems ahead for the Coalition Government were merely that, having failed to introduce immediate across-the-board cuts when it took power in June, 2010, it faced the prospect of endless discontent from Labour’s miseducated client state about its slow-moving and mild cuts coming in through 2012; its ‘economists’ could not predict by a single day whether the eurozone and most of Europe’s banks would collapse; and its chosen foreign policy of support for the ‘Arab Spring’ looked likely to prove risible as the Middle East burst into flames (along with Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia), exposing the multicultural pretensions upon which tyrannous peecee Western idealism depended....

However, HMG had a plan: to continue the Blairite wheeze of PR, PR and more PR – drawing a veil over Britain having become a subintellectual leftist society in which people lived in fear of criminals and bureaucrats and drew their chief daily amusement from internet technology (thanks, Sir Tim!), London New Year fireworks (best in the world) and ‘Mr Bean’ replays (thanks, Rowan!). North Korea, in other words – though still benefiting from its Thatcherite boost (to be recalled tearfully in 2012 by cinema viewers of Meryl Streep’s ‘Iron Lady’) and likely to benefit further as Sharia law in Egypt (banning bikinis, alcohol, bellydancing etc) kept British holidaymakers at home.

Any good news for race realists? Yes, New Year’s Day brought news from Germany that Reichskanzlerin Mutti Merkel would seek to create a Nordic League (q.v.) – expelling ClubMed countries into a ‘second tier’ of the eurozone (Classic FM Radio, 1 i 2012, 11:00).


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