Monday, October 28, 2013


After twenty years of cowardice, Labour-loved and –funded Rhubarb Plomin came forward with a new girl, Kathy (apparently a “pyschologist,” said the Spectator), with the astonishing news – to peecees – that Sir Cyril Burt had been right in his 1950 estimate that nature was at least as important as nurture in determining people’s levels of g. One commentator noted:” I suspect that 'G is for Genes' will vanish into the same simpering maw of political correctness as 'The Bell Curve'. As Eliot observed, people, or at least our ruling elites, cannot stand too much reality.” Of course, Burt, Jensen and Eysenck scarcely merited a mention in the great ‘new’ work.


 As bigamist socialist French President Hollande laboured to find a compromise in the case of Leonarda, the gypsy girl he had deported to Kosovo along with her illegally immigrant family (q.v.), his ‘solution’ of allowing the overweight teenager to return, but without her relatives, was rejected by Leonarda herself and by the French people, who gave Hollande and all-time-low poll rating of 23% -- whereas his anti-gypsy Justice Minister M.Balls achieved a spectacular 61% (Guardian, 21 x).


St John’s College, Cambridge (which once housed William McDougall on a three-year fellowship, and which offered me a place in 1960 [I held out for an Oxford scholarship providing more sherry money]), announced it would be serving lobster in its canteen to its undergraduates. The College was also famed for its choir, which had overtaken those of King’s College, Cambridge, and New College, Oxford, in the estimation of Classic FM Radio by 2010.


  Britain’s ‘progress’ to becoming a joyless society of North Korean-style feminist prudes was nicely encapsulated as the (unheard-of) ‘University of Wales’ forbade its girls from pole dancing (D.Mail, 22 x)


 Britain’s ‘Conservatives’ (who had long failed to conserve anything – especially not the grammar schools, elite universities, the Royal Yacht Britannia and the Church of England) got a smack in the face as their campaign to persuade illegal immigrants to go home (involving vans trundling round London with warning messages) proved a total flop (with only one Paki taking up the Home Office bribe of an air fare back to his devastated country) and new official figures showed illegals were costing the NHS £2Bpa, a hundred times previous estimates.

Home Secretary Theresa May (who had won her spurs by appearing a Camoronic ‘modernizer’ who abhorred “the nasty party”) announced to Parliamentary jeers that she would take her vans off the road. {Just when the Conservatives would see what everyone else had recognized by 1990 – that Bleck, Pek and Middle-East invasion was a disaster – remained an open question. It might have been thought that Conservatives could at least have managed to support CHOICE (with RESPONSIBILITY) for Britain’s hordes of benefit-seeking immigrants (and why not for Britons themselves?); but the Conservatives lived in fear of being called Nazis and racists – the language which the left had perfected after having to abandon its 1930s enthusiasm for Mr Hitler.


As if inspired by Chinese ‘Communism’, UK ‘academics’ surrendered themselves (a process long emerging from their own cowardice) to the bureaucratic ‘disciplines’ of the gummint-organized REF (‘Research Excellence Framework’), agreeing they could be judged and adjudicated  by past-it lunivores (Nature, 22 x). The main question was to be how “excellent” the ‘academics’ were by bringing in tons of British taxpayer dosh – though Newton, Darwin and Nobelist Peter Higgs had never cost a penny.


 As police (“gardai”) of the Holy Republic of Southern Ireland confiscated  a 7-yr-old blonde and blue-eyed girl from gypsies who had apparently stolen her and used her as a means to welfare benefit (as in a similar case in Greece) (Independent, 23 x), it emerged that the Brit-hating √Čirish authorities had allowed the development in Dublin of a 5K-strong ‘community’ of Roma rubbish (bussed out of Romania at government expense to help free that country of thieving layabouts). Thus did bankrupt Oireland, which had happily burned out and expelled half a million decent English Protestants in the 1930s, fulfil its obligations to its peecee EU paymasters.


Having stripped Britain of religion, 2-parent families, grammar schools, interesting politics, smoking and any possibility of exercise and adventure (for fear of the dreaded paedophilia), British worthies (of NICE, the ‘National Institute for Health and Care Excellence’) decreed that kids – and any relatives with a tendency to obesity – should stop eating (and presumably sit in front of the TV starving but imbibing leftist propaganda (Independent, 23 x).


 Having failed to give nuclear-arming Iran a beating, America (under its twice-elected half-caste Muesli, Barry Insane Obarmy) proceeded to the next insane step of showering yet more dollars on its greatest enemy, Solunni Saudi Arabia (responsible for 9/11), hoping thus to cover its complete incompetence in handling the Middle East, which it had insisted in taking over from France and Britain in 1956 (Indie, 24 x, Robert Fisk).

Whethers demakrazy-crazy Americans could distinguish between a Solunni and a Shitite seemed most unlikely; but US dollars were to be hurled at Saudi and other Gulf tyrannies to indicate American ‘commitment’ while it withdrew (as in Vietnam, Iraq and Afgooniland) and left the region under Russian control. Back to the 1980s, but with the Russkies well and truly in the saddle!


 The lunacy and greed of Britain’s ‘lawyers’ was exposed as it turned out that a Muesli family had cost taxpayers £350K over four years in pursuing their wish to have their 30-yr daughter’s pubic hair removed – a case which they gave up at the last minute (D.Telegraph, 22 x).


As America gave up the Middle East (apart from showering all Muesli loons and Israel with dollars), the empire’s top Black politician, Senator Thomas Sowell, reflected on the everyday  rapes, robberies and murders of Whites by Blacks and declared that America’s race war had already begun (Creators, 25 x). So much for US Whites having voted twice for a half-caste President who was meant to produce heaven on earth despite the USA failing to return its Black slaves to Africa and then allowing millions of loony ‘Catholics’ to enter from Mexico and other countries which they had failed to control. Prayers for the destruction of the USA were read in mosques and Black ‘evangelical’ churches.


 {Not for the squeamish!} Blecks (in Cameroon, IQ 67) were found to be practising (never before revealed in the West) ‘breast ironing’, a mutilation akin to FGM and designed to render daughters unattractive until parents could find a rich husband. A sample (London Evening Standard, 3 x):

The image won’t leave my mind. Beautiful, smiling young women—aged about 18—with butchered breasts: scarred, sagging, singed. These women, from the Cameroon, had suffered breast-ironing: at the onset of puberty, their chests were repeatedly pounded by a scorchingly hot pestle, stone or spatula to try to stop buds developing.... Breast-ironing takes a heavy toll on women. There are the physical problems (abscesses, infection, difficulties breast-feeding), the psychological (trauma) and the social (building relationships, not wanting to undress). And it remains a hidden crime, protected by a cloak of filial loyalty. It has been shrugged off too as a cultural practice.

{Just why the USA had not sent Blecks back to Africa to enjoy their traditional ‘culture’ was a mystery. – After all, by 1820 the country had the benefit of the semi-slave Irish, who were invariably preferred for difficult or dangerous work.}


 While Britain dished out millions of pounds annually to criminals blessed by the EU (e.g. because they didn’t have a private lavatory in prison), the USA gave a quarter of its population food stamps – a 358% increase since 2000 and enjoyed by most (Black and Hispanic) recipients for more than five years (Washington Free Beacon, 17 x).


 In a humiliating defeat for the West, four Christians in Iran were each sentenced to 80 lashes for drinking Communion wine – just in a ‘house church’ of the kind Christians had been reduced by the Iranian tyranny which had previously arrested hundreds of believers (Iran had 370K Christians) and sentenced some of them to death (D.Mail 26 x). The West’s response? (Blow up four mosques?) – Zilch. Hitler would have been delighted with such passivity.


An article in the Indie (27 x, John Lichfield) talked up the ‘Roma’gipsies whose achievements amounted to nothing and were increasingly infesting France and (in particular) Belgium. Naturally for MSM, the problems of the (India-originated) ‘Roma’ with IQ and illiteracy were unmentioned; but the article did elicit one sceptical response:

"[Gipsies] have to pay for school in Romania? That's a total lie. Education is free in Romania, even the state universities, let alone primary or high school. Gypsy children in Romania go to school until 7th or 8th grade after which the parents ask them to leave it and start "working". And this is where things start go wrong for them. They enter a vicious circle - without qualifications they are limited to low paid jobs such as street sweepers, unskilled labor and so on. And of course, you have the stealing, the begging, and all the bad stuff that you hear about."

Just how the Romanian authorities delighted in the deportation of their gipsies to the West remained quite unknown to MSM or anyone else.


 In a major multiculti move, Britain’s pathetic Coalition  government (already committed to having the country’s next nuclear power station built by the French and Chinese –Britain having lost all its nuclear experts during its twenty years of daft devotion to green [i.e. non-existent] power) announced that police, including the mightiest top cops, could be recruited from just anywhere. Applications from Senegal etc would doubtless be taken seriously in the name of anti-racism. All ready for incorporation into the anti-nationality EUSSR (i.e the German Empire, over which the UK had no control despite Daft Dave’s apparently successful family outing for a weekend with Mutti Merkel in Berlin).Surely Daft Dave’s fate was sealed.


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Monday, October 14, 2013


 In a new move to extend Britain’s ‘welfare’ state (which already kept lawabiding youngsters out of jobs not paying the ‘legal minimum wage’ of £7-50 per hour – thus opening such jobs only to Paks and others prepared to work with their co-operative non-taxpaying families on the black market), Britain’s wretched Coalition Gummint (doubtless supported by Labour in the LibLabCon stitchup depriving people of choice) decreed that all employers forking out as little as 9Kpa to the likes of child minders, cleaners, handymen and gardners would have to pay an additional £600pa into a pension pot for their employee (Sunday Mail, 6 x).

That £600pa would barely cover the administration costs, supervised by civil ‘servants’ on £1Kpa, would not have escaped the attention of Britain’s ever-lower-IQ but still escalatingly greedy bureaucracy backed by politicos who would rejoice they had ‘made provision’ for the future pensions of casual workers – who thus would not need to be given decent state pensions.

Clearly the result of all this over-regulatory madness was that a domestic employer would split his £9Kpa outgoing into two lots of 4.5Kpa – and reduce whatever monies he had previously thrown in for bus fares, Christmas presents, children’s birthdays etc. The sufferers from this anti-choice decree would be the workers – finding themselves on half-time or worse thanks to LibLabCon pseudo-idealism.


 British councils were exposed as spending on average £46pa ‘educating’ each low-IQ basket case on their books – a fee greater than charged at Eton (Sunday Mail, 6 x). One council, Merton (south-west London, near Wimbledon, 74% White, 5% Indian, Labour-led), had spent £366pa on just one hopeless case but promised to cut back on this so more could be wasted ooops spent on cases of mainstream ‘special educational needs’ (i.e. the IQ 80s).


Having set Iraq and Syria alight by failing to separate Solunnis and Shitites (the former and their alQueerdo allies backed by the West in the wreckage of Syria, the latter backed by US demakrazy in ten-car-bombs-per-day Eyeraq), America got news (from Britain – Indie, 7 x, Patrick Cockburn) that Nato ally Turkey which had some 15M ‘Alevi’ (cf Alawites/Shitites, allowing singing in their ‘houses of prayer’) could be about to blow, leading to a further dramatic expansion of Russian power as the US retreated from the mess it had made of the Middle East (and outlying areas of Pakiland, Somalia and Kenya) in order to spend its money on its darling Blacks (though without the condition that said Blecks relocate to Liberia or the ‘New Jerusalem’ world rape capital of South Africa).


Though Germany’s Mutti Merkel had proved astonishingly tardy in delivering her fancy boy Daft Dave some reprieve from Brussels/Strasbourg strictures (thus helping DD face down a parliamentary challenge from his billionaire Black MP and Minister Adam Afriyeayea and his lissome White wife), the EU-blessed European Court of Human Rights admitted (to the assiduously working MP Philip Davies) that it had been forcing Britain to spend £1M annually ‘compensating’ rogues, rapists, IRA men and of course the occasional paedophile for breaches of their ‘uman rights – e.g. £5K for a poor soul who had gone for just one day without a taxpayer-provided lawgobbler and £35K for a wife-strangler (D.Mail, 8 x).

As Brits became aware of what Davies called an “absolute racket,” they would surely vote UKIP and have Mutti Merkel grovel so as to retain some kind of Nordic League (from which ClubMed, especially including France, would hopefully withdraw into the state-socialist ways to which they were inclined [‘Emperor’ Napoleon, Mountebank Mussolini, Andrearse Papadropalotaplop etc]).


 Theoretical physicist Peter Higgs (q.v.), 84 and an auld pal of mine (from the days when E.LU. had a Staff Club) was (at last) awarded a half-Nobel Prize for his ‘God particle.’ A nicer, kindlier, brighter, better-humoured or more modest Nobelist could hardly be imagined – and I will always specially remember him for our hilarious (and quite unavailing) efforts to make my Christmas tree lights work (at my Dalkeith Road top-floor flat).

Peter got a mention in TgF Newsletter of 1996 after we had met at the Handel opera ‘Amadigi’ (where Dame Stewart Sutherland persecuted the lovers but was finally despatched to hell...). We last chatted a couple of months ago outside my local butcher’s shop – where, we agreed, the quality of home-cured haggis, Cornish pasties, lamb’s liver, pork links and chicken pies were excellently maintained despite this area of vegetarian students having wiped out all the other five butcher’s shops which it had c. 1980.

By 2012, E.LU. was using Peter’s picture to disguise scaffolding and to promote itself – a process with which it never bothered while Peter worked for it (indeed, it had consigned Peter’s famous 1964 paper to an unvisited library basement, to the surprise of Peter and journalists who searched for it as the long-retired Peter became well known, c. 2000).

    I have now known and been known to three Nobelists – the first two being ethologist Niko Tinbergen (who brought the name of Konrad Lorenz and ‘instincts’ to behaviourist Oxford, and whom I last recall giving me a lift when I was hitch-hiking to my prison work, my motorbike requiring two weeks of servicing as so often (such were the leisured days of the proletariat) and economist Sir Jim Mirrlees (architect [at Nuffield Colllege, Oxford, of the 1980s)] of the concept of ‘moral hazard’ to which no politico or banker listened as they ‘expanded the economy’ by gross over-lending to people (often each other) who would pass any losses on to taxpayers in 2008.

And my patent agent son has known one – for Peter once cooked a goose for us all at Christmas in his gracious Darnaway Street flat – which always sported the latest editions of some thirty magazines. (But I don’t recall a TV, any more than for me in those days; and Peter hated the ‘dishwasher’ which he had bought only to please his soon-to-be-departing American wife.)

So what did they all have in common? Simple! They were all nice and modest. My mother would have got on with any of them! Such is England – though Peter is a Jew, Niko was a close pal of ‘Nazi’ Lorenz, and Jim was from the incomprehensibly accented Kirkudbrightshire.

There is only one strand in this apart from English reasonableness: it is called the g factor. (My [adoptive] mama had an off-the-scale verbal IQ when I tested her – though her skills at piloting rowing boats into the paths of steamers on the Thames were a matter of more especial family legend. ‘In the Beginning was the Word....,’ though it was often the Finish, which was why Peter, Mater and myself never drove motor cars

[I had established my own ‘virility’driving motor bikes at 100mph daily, flying past boring cars for three years on the nice straight road from Oxford to Bicester and diverting through the sinuous lanes of Otmoor on sunny summer days].)


 After fifty years of destroying its grammar schools,* wrecking every semblance of school discipline, inflating grades and employing only arse-licking open-necked leftist teachers, the ‘progressive’ British ‘educational’ system got its answer: in a survey of 166K testees by the OECD, Britain came bottom (D.Mail, 9 x). And there was no sign that British ‘teachers’ had heard of, let alone begun to read The g Factor.

*Of which Nobelist Peter Higgs had the benefit, as did I. And why did Mags allow the destruction? Well, her idol Sir Keith Joseph reported (his wife told me over drinks in Londoon) that the Department of Education was already far gone in lib-left lunacy, so the two of them resolved to settle on smashing the coal mining unions – achievable, though itself taking four hard years from which Mags only survived electorally thanks to her successfully socking it to the Argies in the Falklands.


 Out of a wrecked ‘economy’ based on enforced ‘subprime lending’ to insolvent Blacks, President Barry Hussein Obarmy, having failed to control the Middle East, Afghooniland or Pakiwhackystan handed over to Russia’s gymnaste-loving RASPutin and completed his sell-out of US interests by appointing as chief banking wallah a silver-haired dwarf Jewess known for her propensity to inflate the money supply by dishing out yet more pseudo-dosh to Blecks and Hispenicks – who were to be allowed full ‘uman rights as if their parents had done a day’s work to earn such privileges.

Yes, the Democratic dream was being realized – if at the cost of the country having to lay off its civil servants and having a $300T debt to China. Thanks, Barry! Your name will go down forever along with Suckmacack Clinton as a political genius, whether borrowing from the Chinks or from America’s next generation. And who would be the next lender? Get ready, Germany! (Japan would probably have more sense.)

(Meantime, in bankrupt Blighty, Britain’s Greens and their LibLabCon dupes looked on bug-eyed as energy companies (doubtless mainly owned in Tajikistan) raised their prices to households by a zinging 10% (pa) to cover idealistic politicos’ useless windfarms, requiring ever greater imports of Russian gas. Still, the dream was seeming to be delivered – at least to the satisfaction of the Beeb’s earnest ‘Any Questions?’ audiences.)


  Grauniadistas were shocked to their cotton socks to be told by a “government adviser” (admittedly to semi-realistic Education Minister Michael Gove, and about to retire) that children’s abilities were driven chiefly by 70%-inherited intelligence and that zillions of pounds had been wasted in trying to ignore this central truth (12 x, p.1).

Needless to say, no academic references were deemed necessary to help lefties cope with this front-page debate. It turned out that the pious worthies of the Department of Education had graciously agreed to be addressed by top psychogeneticist Robert Plomin (Independent, 13 x) – perhaps the first such meeting since Sir Cyril Burt was in action in the 1950s, since when the British educational system had been comprehensively wrecked by socialists, egalitarians, idealists, ‘progressives,’ pseudo-liberals and kindred wets.


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Monday, October 07, 2013


The USA – having fouled up the Middle East by its obsession with providing demakrazy (e.g. for Iran, Pakiland, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria) – provided a cookbook demonstration of the inadequacy of its own rebel constitution by having neither of its sub-Parliamentary talkshops (House and Senate) able to take control of the national budget, which thus fell into abeyance, with layoffs without pay for 800K civil servants {ah well, a chink of light....}.

The President, whom it took four years and $400B to elect, was just as powerless as Congress to resolve the dispute – an impotence deliberately arranged by the country’s strangely revered constitutionalists to ‘separate powers’ and distinguish the USA from the wicked old ‘authoritarian’ UK.

    US politics were such a mess that – contrary to all international convention – the colour blue stood for leftism/ states-rights Black-vote-harvesting Confederacy and the colour red for rightism/ emancipatory White Washingtonian Republicanism. Still, nothing would stop Billary Clinton from rushing to the aid of America’s pseudo-monarchy.


Whingeing Ozzie ex-PM Peculiarse Gillard, the bull-necked, grim-faced, redhaired deposed Labour leader, seized the opportunity of a talk at the Sydney Opera House to denounce “vicious sexism” to which she had been subjected, not least by her replacement Mr Mudd (who had quickly got his own come-uppance from the voters of the Workers’ Paradise).  Who would ever have thought that Moaning Minnie Gizzard was about to waltz into the charmed life of a professor at U.Adelaide?


As ‘Red Ed’ Miliband, who had broken with Rev Bliar’s NuLabour, decided the time was right to admit he was a socialist, he was shocked to find his dear Jewish-Marxist professoriated father, usually venerated by lefties despite his leafy Primrose Hill address, attacked by the Daily Mail (1 x) for ‘hating Britain.’

In fact, the 17-yr-old Ralph had written in his diary that “The Englishman is a rabid nationalist. They are perhaps the most nationalist people in the world .... you sometimes want them almost to lose [the War] to show them how things are?” Such sentiments were complemented by denunciation of every major British institution – the monarchy, the public schools, the universities, the Church, the Sunday newspapers etc.

Apparently Miliband Jr had conveniently managed to forget his papa’s socialist enthusiasms – well, hates. Wasn’t it permissible for the Mail to surmise that a man who had expressed such views had joined the Royal Navy not so much to fight for Britain as to fight, like the hapless and attacked Soviet Union, against the Nazis?

    Mililitre also had Labour complain that the Mail had called his father a “grave socialist” and published a photo of papa’s gravestone as a visual aid – a hardly unreasonable joke since papa had got himself buried just eleven yards from his hero Karl Marx in Highgate Cemetery.


  Paedohysteria – intended to target authority figures such as choirmasters, schoolteachers, sports coaches, music tutors etc, if occasionally drawing in Liberal MPs – gave lefties and kindred traitors red faces as a top IRA man, the 58-yr Liam Adams, brother of leading murderer Gerry, was found guilty in Ireland of ten instances of ‘abuse’ (including rape) of his own daughter when she was aged 5-to-9 (Independent, 2 x). Apparently Liam and Gerry’s father, a mainstay of Belfast republicanism, had been a virtually maniacal paedopervert from whom no child was safe.

    Further embarrassment for leftists came as Labour’s ‘Welsh windbag’ Neil Kinnock [Baron Pillock of Bedwetting] had to be escorted by guards from his soccer seat at a match where his raucous enthusiasm for ‘his’ side, Cardiff, had proved insufferable to other spectators.


 Three hundred Africans met watery graves off Italy thanks to Western politicos failing to organize and advertise a policy of blowing unregistered boats out of the water. Instead, the doomed 300 were allowed to clamber with 200 other non-swimmers on to an unseaworthy vessel leaving from Libya (standing room only) which, when it broke down, was set ablaze by the intending illegal immigrants so as to attract attention. The latest victims of the West’s lax immigration policies followed thousands of others who had died similarly in the previous few years.

The Pope and other great’n’goofy promptly said more should be done – perhaps with Italy organizing ships from Libya or – why not? – planes from Somalia and Eritrea. Thus the West was to pay for its own invasion – a novel twist on Jean Raspail’s (1973) Camp of the Saints in which fortune-hunting ooops desperate third-world asylum seekers relied only on soppy Western humanitarianism to get a toehold on European soil.


After a 26-yr French girl was smothered, groped and nearly raped on a 2am London bus, the swiftly apprehended perpetrator, a 20-yr-old Muesli asylum seeker, Mohammadullah Khan, recruited ever-game British lawyers into a 2-yr process of changing his plea, changing his lawyers and refusing (on ‘uman rights grounds) to be sent back to his homeland Afghoonistan (Westernized – hoh, hoh -- over 12 years at a cost of  $2T) which by x 2013 had cost British taxpayers £200K (D.Mail, 4 x).


 As the Shopping Mall killings (of mainly Whites) in Nairobi remained unexamined after two weeks – with no information as to exactly who or how many had been blown up, it turned out that Kenya’s troops had been far from idle: from their first (belated) arrival in the devastated Mall, CCTV showed them merrily at work raiding cabinets containing jewellery and up-market ladies’ perfumes (D. Telegraph, 4 x).

Eyes were gouged out, finger nails extracted with pliers, and t*sticles yanked off – but no books were stolen, reflecting Black lack of interest – whether on the part of the alKebab militants or the Kenyan ‘soldiery’ was unclear.


Unseparated by the West despite years of trillion-dollar expenditures, the Solunnis, Shitites and Christians of Iraq, Pakiland and Nigeria went at each other’s throats, with hundreds killed in a single day (29 ix) – the star item being 24 mega-lethal suicide car bombings of Shitites in Baghdad.

At the same time it was announced that multiculturalism’s top architect, Rev A.R.P. Bliar, the stinking rich world leader of ‘Drawing All Faiths Together’ (DAFT), had awarded himself a top-of-the-range private helicopter (Global Express BD 700, costing £7K per hour to run) equipped with a “stateroom” and double bedroom as befitted a saint having such heavy peecee responsibilities of propagating ignoracism (Sunday Telegraph, 29 ix) so businessmen had cover for drawing slave labour from all over the world (not least to Catarrh, where Nepalese slaves died at the rate of one per day – constructing the world’s most useless soccer stadium where stars would die at even higher rates if they were so misguided as to take part in the latest Bungs for Bletter scam).


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