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As the Syrian etc. invasion of Merkel-mad Germany proceeded apace, even Muslis were shocked by idealistic Western tolerance of child marriage. German law generally mandated 18 as the minimum age for marriage, but Bavaria alone was reckoned to be hosting some 700 child brides, and a court in Bamberg regularized a marriage of a 24-yr Muselman to his 14-yr cousin as showing a proper respect for Syrian culture (Sunday Times, 21 viii).

“This is an appalling decision,” complained Jasvinder Sanghera, founder of Karma Nirvana, a charity helping children, girls and women to escape forced marriage and abuse. “My worry is that this sets a precedent and that it could happen in other countries too. Recognising cultural traditions does not mean accepting the unacceptable. These are children and this is paedophilia.”


 Seeking to regain the presidency of France – which he had lost in 2011 because his affair with the 3”-taller pop warbler Carla Bruni had distracted him from suppressing (let alone reversing) the 5M-strong Islamist invasion of France – the immigrant-fathered and Jewish-mothered ‘conservative’ Nicolas Sarkozy revealed his plan for harmonious race relations in France: to take the opposite approach to the UK. Mr Sarkozy laid out his vision for harmony-by-integration in a book, Tout Pour la France (Everything for France).

He wrote that his country was swamped with immigrants and that its national identity had been damaged by the tyranny of minorities. But he added: “We are not Anglo-Saxons who allow communities to live side by side while ignoring one another. It is time to engage in determined combat against multiculturalism.” Newcomers must embrace French ways,” he declared. They must assimilate “not just with nationality but also with values, culture and way of life” (Times, 24 viii).

France had long liked to contrast its ‘model’ of republican cultural integration with vague Anglo-Saxon acceptance of diversity. {In fact, both France and the UK – whatever their ‘philosophies’ -- dealt with their Mueslis chiefly by ghetto-ization.}  France had until recently been moving towards greater tolerance but the pendulum swung back after Islamist terror attacks began four years ago and Marine Le Pen’s right-wing National Front surged in popularity to 20+%.

    So the penitent Sarko promised for 2017 to oblige newcomers to sign an “assimilation pact”. He would end the right of family members to join immigrants and would close the door to people who tried to come to France for economic reasons. Muslim preachers would come under the authority of the interior ministry and thousands of known radicals would be locked up or tagged. Pork-free menus would be ended in schools and head-covering banned in universities.

Agreeing he opposed “rampant Islamisation,” he demanded that a ll Muslims speak French, that they be denied special times for using swimming pools, and that – if not in work or education – they be conscripted (Telegraph, 26 viii). France was at war with extremism, he said in a substantial speech at Châteaurenard: “War is war and we have to win.”

He hoped to exploit dissatisfaction with socialist President Hollande, whose popularity ratings were close to a historical low, but also to grab voters for 2017 from Marine Le Pen’s National Front. Mr Sarkozy also promised a new EU treaty with tougher frontier controls. He thus hoped to resist calls for the closure of mosques and the straightforward expulsion of criminal, unemployed, illiterate, welfare-dependent and multi-sprogged Mueslis.

Socialist Prime Minister Manual Valls wrote on his Facebook page that denouncing the burkini “in no way puts into question individual freedom” and was really about denouncing “fatal, retrograde Islamism” – thus splitting French conservatives, nationalists and 50% of French socialists from the Parisian metrosexual elite and its ‘Council of State’ which had denounced the burkini ban.


Commemorating top academic race realist Glayde Whitney, Florida State University, American Renaissance (21 viii) nicely re-published his fascinating and helpful 1999 paper on genetic race differences in humans. An extract:

....Some people in the scientific literature argue that it is a vast oversimplification to think of “Africans” as a single race — they emphasize that there is tremendous genetic differentiation, and resultant biological differences, among the native inhabitants of Africa. And that is correct, up to a point.

After all, the continent of Africa is a big place; it is the second-largest continent, with much environmental variation. It contains some of the driest and some of the most humid habitats on earth. Also some of the hottest. It has lowlands and highlands, sea level jungles and snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro. So it should come as no surprise that largely primitive people, still divided into tribes, show lots of genetic differentiation. This is a typically primitive condition of humanity.

Thousands of years ago when Europeans were still largely tribal breeding groups there was also more genetic difference between different groups — though the different races of European Caucasians are still evident to some extent. The fact remains that although there is genetic difference among Africans, as a group they hang together and are relatively very different from everyone else.

It is useful, however, to separate North Africa from what is usually called Sub-Saharan Africa. The Sahara desert is a serious geographical barrier. North of the desert, all across the southern shore of the Mediterranean, the inhabitants are largely Caucasian. In the main we know where they came from, and often we know when. For instance the Phoenicians, ancestors of modern Lebanese, colonized sections of the coast.

Later, Germanic tribes from Europe invaded and settled. The Arabs swept through. So today a hybrid, largely Caucasian population with some Negroid admixture, inhabits North Africa. The illustration on the previous page that shows the large split between Africans and all other groups is based on Sub-Saharan Africans.

Let us now look at genetic distances within the African cluster.  The top four groups — labeled Pygmy, W. African, Bantu, and Elongate (also known as Nilotic) are the Negro race of traditional anthropology and are referred to below as Blacks. There is substantial gene flow among them but also racial differentiation as indicated by the genetic distances.

Somewhat different from the Blacks are the Ethiopian and Hottentot peoples. They are more brownish and yellow than black in skin color and are thought by some to be remnants of an ancient pre-Negroid population. The recent expansion of Blacks, mostly Bantus and Elongates, has exterminated most of these people. Their genes remain concentrated in the Horn of Africa — Ethiopia and Somalia, and as a dwindling remnant in Southern Africa. The Ethiopians are today a hybrid population, with substantial Negroid and Semitic gene admixture.

What I have here labeled Hottentot are often referred to as the Khoids, or Khoisanids, which means Hottentots and Bushman. The remaining Bushman are desert gleaners while the Hottentots herd cattle. The Hottentot race is almost all gone today, replaced and exterminated in recent times by the invading Blacks. There was some intermating, however; enough so that even in America you can sometimes see the results of Hottentot genes.

In many characteristics Hottentots are biologically specialized for life in a hot and dry climate. One of these distinctive adaptations is steatopygia, which literally means “fat buttocks.” This is a solution to the problem of how to store fat in preparation for times of little food and still be able to shed body heat in a hot climate. Most of the fat is bundled in one place — the buttocks — leaving the rest of the body lean so as to make it easy to lose heat. It is the human equivalent of the camel’s hump.

By contrast, Eurasian women put on a layer of subcutaneous fat all over the body. It is better than a fur coat in providing insulation against the arctic cold but makes it harder to lose heat in a hot climate. These differences in fat storage strategies are biological realities of race. Another biological peculiarity of the Hottentots is what is delicately called the “Hottentot apron” — four-and-a-half inches of dangling labia. This, too, is a biological reality....

{Glayde was a courageous as well as dutiful scholar and, along with Richard Lynn and myself, helped in the last great battle in London for free speech about genetic and racial differences -- a 1999 battle sadly resulting in closure of what was to be the last Galton Institute conference having any significant race-realistic psychological component.}


 Hungary would build a new, “more massive” fence on its southern borders to defend against a possible surge in the number of would-be migrants, said the prime minister, Viktor Orbán (Guardian, 26 viii). Orbán, who previously described migrants as “poison”, said on state radio that there might soon be a “greater need for security” and the fortified barrier would be able to stop “several hundreds of thousands of people” at the same time, if needed.

He said such a surge could take place if, for example, Turkey allowed the millions of ‘refugees’ living there to head for western Europe. “Then, if we can’t do it nicely, we have to hold them back by force,” Orbán said. “And we will do it, too.”

Hungary built fences protected with razor wire on its southern borders with Serbia and Croatia in 2015, when nearly 400,000 people passed through the country on their way west. The fences had greatly slowed the flow of people entering Hungary, which was also beefing up its police force with 3,000 new “border hunters” to tighten control at the fences and introducing legislation that would allow officials to return migrants to Serbia if they were caught within five miles (8km) of the border.


Trailing in US polls -- and having failed to explain how he would root out political correctness from state-funded universities, persuade Mexico to pay for a 5K-mile wall, and keep refugee-generating Solunnis and Shitites from each other’s throats -- Republican nominee ‘The Donald’ began to make inner-city gun violence and the promise of law and order a central plank of his campaign (Observer, 28 viii).

In his speech to the GOP convention in Cleveland in July, he had said: “In the President’s hometown of Chicago, more than 2,000 people have been the victims of shootings this year alone. And almost 4,000 have been killed in the Chicago area since [Barack Hussein Obama] took office.” According to the Chicago police department, Trump said, homicides were up 49% in 2016. Chicago recorded 473 homicides for all of 2015. At least 2,702 people had been shot in the city in 2016, according to a tally kept by the Chicago Tribune newspaper.

The Tribune also published details of shooting incidents involving police officers in the city between 2010 and 2015. The vast majority of those shot in such incidents, the newspaper found, were Black men or boys. By August, Trump was developing his law-and-order theme into a concerted – if quixotic, given his campaign’s flirtation with the ‘far right’ – attempt to win African-American support.

Addressing a largely White audience at a rally in Michigan, he said: “At the end of four years, I guarantee you I will get over 95% of the African American vote. What do you lose by trying something new like Trump?” In Iowa, he said “There are millions of African-Americans in this country who have succeeded” but also that government had failed Black communities, with almost 40% of African American children living in poverty.

For good measure,Trump also claimed that his rival Hillary Clinton was a “bigot” who didn’t care about minority communities. {At this rate of conciliatory progress, The Donald might even prise enough cash out of the GOP by November to begin to match the vast sums available to the Clintons from globalized peecee slavedrivers; but just what national problems he could solve would have got lost in the fog of party-political warfare.

In line with Trump’s new-found moderation, Britain’s UKIP leader-in-semi-retirement, Nigel Farage, was given three minutes to address Trump’s troops in Mississippi – for ‘far right’ Farage, brave and longsuffering though he was, could be relied on to avoid such terms as ‘race,’ ‘genes’ and ‘IQ.’}


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Chigozie Obioma, writing in "Foreign Policy", August 9, 2016 says:

"....Early African-American intellectuals and cultural elites saw that the future of their race could not be advanced by endless protests or marches of “equality” or “justice.” It could only be done through the restoration of the trampled dignity of the black man. Great men like Marcus Garvey, W. E. B. Du Bois, and Malcolm X all knew that a people is only respected when it has a nation worthy of respect. A man who lives in a shack cannot expect to be treated with respect at a palace. They knew that for us to reclaim power we must first reclaim dignity and that this comes through the construction of a solid black state with a demonstrable level of development and prosperity–and which can stand as a powerful advocate for the global black.

    Today, no such state exists.

Nigeria, the most populous black nation on Earth, is on the brink of collapse. The machineries that make a nation exist, let alone succeed, have all eroded. One might argue that the nation’s creation by self-seeking white imperialists engendered its failure from the beginning, as I did in my recent novel. But this is only a part of the cause. A culture of incompetence, endemic corruption, dignified ineptitude, and, chief among all, destructive selfishness and greed has played a major role in its unravelling. The same, sadly, can be said for most other African nations. States like Zimbabwe, Cameroon, and Equatorial Guinea are farcical democracies ruled by men who exclusively cater to their interests and those of their clipped circles....."


The city of Cannes criminalized the wearing of the embonpoint-covering ‘burkini’ on its beaches, citing not any terror threat but just the symbolism of the saggy sacking which gave other bathers a startling reminder of Islamists’ hostile insistence that they would not be integrating with the modern West and its post-1900 general acceptance of female equality. The  ban was subsequently upheld by a local court (Guardian, 16 viii) and supported by socialist President Hollande.

Laurence Rossignol, the minister for women’s rights, condemned the full-body swimsuits as “profoundly archaic” and a political manifesto for another form of society. Manuel Valls, the country's Prime Minister, also attacked the burkini for 'not being compatible with the values of France and the Republic.'

Some ten burkinied women were chucked off beaches in Cannes and nearby places and several were fined £32; and an Algerian businessman game for confrontation with Republican secularism said he would pay all such fines for Mueslies, challenging France to dispense prison sentences instead of useless financial penalties.

Valls went to Marseille to say that burkinis were “expressions of an archaic vision of women in public places … The burkini is not a new swimwear fashion; it’s the transmission of a political project, against society, founded notably upon the subjection of women. Some people try to portray those who wear them as victims, as though we were calling liberty into question. But there is no liberty to subjugate women.”

    In nearby Corsica, natives expressed their own rejection of the symbolic aggression of the burkini by taking photos of Mueslie women in their sacks – provoking retaliation by north-African heavies and a riot involving some 500 which went on for hours till the Islamists retreated to their ghetto surrounded by a cordon of 100 police. Cars were burned, seven people were badly injured and five men were arrested on charges of armed assault and faced trial in September.


 Leaked ISICK documents from Syria showed that 70% of the ultra-brutal outfit’s jihad recruits had hardly any knowledge of Islam, and that some even had to read The Koran for Dummies to learn about the religion. An analysis of recruitment forms from the terror group revealed that many IS militants did not even have a basic knowledge of the Koran or hadith -- the sayings and actions of Mahomet (Daily Mail, 15 viii).

    The documents were acquired by the Syrian opposition site Zaman al-Wasl and relayed to the Associated Press. Out of 3,000 recruits, they showed that only 24% had even an 'intermediate knowledge' of Islam with just 5% considered 'advanced students' of the religion. Only five recruits overall were listed as having memorised the Koran – the basic duty of pious Islamists.

    At the height of the ISICK drive for foot soldiers in 2013 and 2014, typical recruits had included a group of Frenchmen who went bar-hopping with their recruiter back home, a recent European convert who described himself as queer, and two Britons who ordered The Koran for Dummies and Islam for Dummies from Amazon to prepare themselves for blood-soaked jihad. Their intake process complete, they were grouped in safe houses as a stream of ISICK imams came in to indoctrinate them, according to court testimony.

    An apparently idiotic and spaced-out 32-year-old European recruit, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: 'I realised that I was in the wrong place when they began to ask me questions on these forms like "When you die, who should we call?'' He added he thought he was joining a group to fight President Bashar Assad and help Syrians, not the Islamic State. The former recruit said new recruits were shown ISICK propaganda videos on Islam, and the visiting imams repeatedly praised martyrdom.

    The terror group's most notorious new supporters appeared to have an equally tenuous link with religion. Mohamed Lahouaiyej Bouhlel, who killed 85 people by plowing a truck into a Bastille Day crowd in Nice, France, was described by family and neighbors as indifferent to religion, volatile and prone to drinking sprees, with a love for salsa dancing and a reported boyfriend.

    Other recruits included 10 young men from the eastern French city of Strasbourg, all recruited by a man named Mourad Fares. One of them, Karim Mohammad-Aggad, described bar-hopping in Germany with Fares. He told investigators that IS recruiters used 'smooth talk' to persuade him. He'd travelled with his younger brother and friends to Syria in late 2013. Two died in Syria, and within a few months, seven returned to France and were arrested.

Mohammad-Aggad's brother, 23-year-old Foued, returned to Paris and was one of the three men who stormed the Bataclan dance club in a night of attacks November 13, 2015, that killed 130 people. Mohammed-Aggad told a court, before being sentenced to nine years in prison: 'My religious beliefs had nothing to do with my departure. Islam was used to trap me like a wolf.'

IS data shows Karim and his brother Foued were among eight in the Strasbourg group listed as having only 'basic' knowledge of Sharia. Expressing a common sentiment shared by many Europeans of North African descent, Mohammed-Aggad told the court he felt like an immigrant in Algeria and 'a dirty Arab' in France. After just a few months in Syria, he said he left ISIS because he was treated by the extremists as an 'apostate' — someone who had renounced his religion.

    When pressed by the judge on his knowledge of Shariah and how ISIS implements it, Mohammad-Aggad, a former gas station attendant, appeared dumbfounded, saying repeatedly: 'I don't have the knowledge to answer the question.' One of his co-defendants, Radouane Taher, was also pressed by the judge on whether beheadings carried out by the ISIS group conformed to Islamic law. He couldn't say for sure, answering: 'I don't have the credentials.'

    The trial of longtime friends Mohammed Ahmed and Yusuf Sarwar, from the British city of Birmingham, revealed the 22-year-olds had ordered The Koran for Dummies and Islam for Dummies books in preparation for their trip to join beheadists in Syria. They were arrested on their return to Britain and convicted in 2014 of terrorism offenses.

    Patrick Skinner, a former CIA case officer with extensive experience with Midle East extremist organisations, said some people claim allegiance to IS out of religious belief, but that most who join, including those from the West, are people 'reaching for a sense of belonging, a sense of notoriety, a sense of excitement.'

{But such speculation was no more likely than a Freudian ‘death wish’ hypothesis: that the poor youngsters – who doubtless shared the typical Arabian low IQ – were careless about their own lives, their Muslim polygamy-aspirant and dominating fathers having allowed them no sense of their being especially loved or important.}


 Donald  Trump’s modest plan to suspend visitations from Muslim countries (till a national understanding and plan was formulated) turned out to enjoy historical support.

Politico, 17 viii:

"....Since before the founding [of America] even, U.S. policies about whom the country chooses to welcome and reject have changed in response to changing conditions. As early as 1645, the Massachusetts Bay Colony prohibited the entry of poor or indigent persons. By the early 20th century, the country was filtering out people who had “undesirable” traits, such as epileptics, alcoholics and polygamists. Today, the naturalization oath demands that immigrants renounce allegiance to any foreign state. Even our Favorite Founding Father du jour, Alexander Hamilton (himself an immigrant), thought it was important to scrutinize whoever came to the United States. He wrote:

"To admit foreigners indiscriminately to the rights of citizens, the moment they put foot in our country . . . would be nothing less, than to admit the Grecian Horse into the Citadel of our Liberty and Sovereignty. . . . The United States have already felt the evils of incorporating a large number of foreigners into their national mass. . . . In times of great public danger there is always a numerous body of men, of whom there may be just grounds of distrust; the suspicion alone weakens the strength of the nation, but their force may be actually employed in assisting an invader.

In other words, immigration vetting is as American as apple pie.


Patriotic sentiment got an unexpected lift as lithe and likeable British gals lifted metal at the largely unwatched Olympic games in rape- and robbery-torn Rio. Matching the hysteria of the British press (and even of the usually sober if peecee Beeb), sports gurus in China, Australia, France and Germany whipped themselves into frothing rages at the Great-British breakthrough, floating accusations of legendary British perfidy – even though the spectacular British success had been largely due to ruthless elitism, concentrating available funds on high-performing young athletes in sports where more medals were available (cycling, gym, swimming, rowing) and giving them top British-developed technology and poached Oz coaches.

Amusingly, the national triumph (including Gold for tearful tennis champ and flag carrier, Anglo-Scot Andy Murray) made no mark on UK Labour leader ‘Jezza’ Corbyn, 69, who was revealed on TV to be hazy about the GB medals count, so preoccupied was he with his Trotskyite battle with social democrats and Blairites in his party (cf. the last great Labour rift of 1982 which equally excluded ‘Old Labour’ and resulted in Labour being out of power for fifteen years).

{The Labour Party had historically been an alliance in which intellectuals, pacifists, ‘antiracists’ and homophiliacs could win themselves votes by promising such practicalities as workers’ power, council houses, welfare and ‘ospitals. ‘Jezza’ had been passably well placed to continue the alliance since he himself was anti-EUSSR and thus attractive to the remaining White workers of Sunderland etc. But he decided to adopt the ‘reasonable’ position of metrosexuals on ‘Europe’ and to focus on fighting the cause of neo-Trot international socialism – now very much including hostility to Israel -- as against tired Blairites who had found no way of sorting out the murderous Solunnis and Shitites of the Middle East.

By declining to make Labour once more a ‘national welfare’ party, Corbyn thus ceded the field – leaving it to the ‘Conservatives’ whom leftists themselves had bullied into the new religion of PeeCee which so complemented greedy businessmen’s ‘globalizing’ ambitions.} In America, presidential contender Trump was happy to exude national welfarist spirit, promising jobs and jollies in pursuit of ‘making America great again.’


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 Noting MSM’s tired habit of trying to rubbish ‘old White men’ and the fantastically prosperous, artistic, law-abiding and exploratory culture which they had created, Taki Magazine’s Jim Goad let fly (25 vii).

"The oniony-looking Rebecca Onion of Slate asserted that it made “no sense” to judge groups by their historical inventions, despite the fact that a given racial group’s level of technological innovation is tightly correlated with its relative success and prosperity. Writing for Salon, a certain Sarah Watts didn’t appear to be joking when she credited Africans for inventing “humanity.” (I suppose other inventions were hard to come by.) She also typed with a straight face that non-American and non-European “subgroups” like Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East “are almost solely responsible for what we consider modern society.”

    There are reams of evidence of technological innovations by the ancient Chinese, the ancient Indians, and the ancient Semites --  emphasis on the “ancient.”

    For example, the Chinese invented gunpowder. But for some reason these perennial warriors and kung-fu fighters weren’t savvy enough to use their invention as a weapon of war.

    The ancient Indians are widely credited with inventing the numerical system we currently use. But they certainly didn’t invent calculus like Newton and Leibniz did.

    Most uncomfortable for egalitarians and their ilk is that there are vast landmasses -- sometimes entire continents -- where the indigenous inhabitants have invented virtually nothing. Sub-Saharan Africans are not known for contributing much to rocket science, and black Americans are so underrepresented as inventors that everyone has heard a gazillion times about the mulatto who improved blood-storage methods and George Washington Carver’s wondrous dalliances with the magical peanut.

The so-called “Native Americans” are credited with inventing the spinning top, which somehow proved incapable of defending them against the white man and his guns.

And Australia’s aborigines? Well, let’s not talk about them, because they’d be embarrassed. Peruvians can take pride in developing the art of potato cultivation. And I’ve already covered the Mexicans and their nachos.


Even  as the multiculti-besotted, officially War-guilt-ridden dictatorial politicos of Europe counselled abject peecee submission to a fortnight of ‘mentally ill’ Muesli killings in France, Germany and Britain [where the 64-yr wife of a well-known Florida psychology professor was stabbed to death by a father-abandoned Black in central London’s leafy Russell Square] – supported by Rome’s socialist Il Papa and other ‘Christian’ freaks having no respect for freedom (even for the MSM-popular female freedom, i.e. pseudo-equality) – newspapers began to reveal extensive business contacts between America’s Trump and Russia’s Putin, giving hope that, as in WWII, the dafter ideas of mittel-Europa could be squashed – as they had been, largely, by Britain and allies since the Hundred Years War (with Parisian France).


 As the West’s latter-day religion of PeeCee daily reached new heights of condemning the slightest hints of racist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, fattist or other disablist realism, MSM’s originating campaign against paedophilia (which word MSM had learned to spell around 1995) had led to a 37-yr geography teacher in a north-London private school being hauled into court for unlikely crimes of ‘repeatedly and brutally raping’ a 14-yr pupil whom he had summoned into his multi-windowed classroom as she passed in her lunch breaks. (Acquitted in less than half an hour, the schoolmaster fell to his knees and wept as his ordeal by false accusation came to a close.) Columnist Rachel Johnson (sister of new Foreign Minister and Entertainer-in-Chief BoJo) managed to see the light (Daily Mail, 1 viii):

"[The prosecution of the teacher] was a waste of time, of money, and of a teacher’s precious reputation, and adds to a building sense that the huge surge in the reporting and processing of historic sexual abuse claims is turning into a bonanza, Klondike economy for lawyers and probably therapists, too."

{Well said, Rachel! By 2016, paedohysterical investigations, prosecutions and punishments were costing the UK £3M daily. Of course, PeeCee demanded the ruinous denunciations of computer-housed ‘abusive images’ and of ancient ‘inappropriate touching’ continue since they provided a cutting edge for the fatuous denunciations of ‘racist’ etc ‘remarks’ and sensible discrimination that were the real business of PeeCee’s moral crusade for cultural Marxism.}

{Paedohysterical excesses were also denounced in the Times by columnists Clare Foges and Melanie Phillips (2 viii) – denunciations from women that were vigorous and welcome, even if coming twenty years too late. High-level criticism of the tyrannical hysteria also seemed implicit in the successive resignation of three top female judges from vastly remunerated leadership of a planned government inquiry into forty years of alleged celebrity and establishment paedophilia: apparently the highly experienced judges saw no prospect of justice being possible in the overheated atmosphere which the UK’s feminoids and tabloids had created.

Columnist Charles Moore also provided a strong and detailed critique of what he had no doubt was a modern witch-hunt – complete with anonymity for accusers and acceptance of mere hearsay evidence (Telegraph, 6 viii). }


 As Turkey’s Muesli dictator Erdogging moved swiftly to lock up or sack scores of thousands of his relatively liberal opponents in line with Arab traditions (supposedly in revenge for the opponents mounting a 12-hour ‘coup’ against him), it turned out that quaint Muesli  ‘culture’ persisted in Berlin even after 50 years of Germany welcoming and hoping to integrate its age-old hoped-for allies (Times, 2 viii).

Germany is home to about three million people of Turkish descent, the largest such population outside Turkey.  They began arriving in the 1960s as guest workers invited to offset a shortage of manpower. Despite this long history, the overwhelming majority of Turks do not feel any German identity. Only about 15 per cent feel that Germany is more their home than Turkey, according to Info GmbH, a Berlin research firm. The figure was six points higher in 2009.

    There was a telling moment at Sunday’s rally in Cologne when a speaker called on the crowd to chant “We are Germany”. They answered with calls of Allahu akbar!

    Researchers say that young Turks are becoming more religious in order to establish an identity they feel deprived of in Germany.

    Three quarters of German Turks are Turkish citizens, even though nearly half have lived there for more than 20 years. German law bans dual citizenship for those aged over 18, which critics say deters integration. Parallel societies have grown in the big cities, where entire districts have Turkish pharmacies, doctors, supermarkets, restaurants and pubs. Many Turks spend their lives in a bubble, watching Turkish television, listening to Turkish radio and reading Turkish newspapers.


 Britain’s intelligence guru, Sir Francis Galton, was listed among the top 30 geniuses of relatively modern times in a new list drawn up by Chicago-based electrochemical engineer Libb Thims (Daily Mail, 3 viii). Altogether, seven Brits got into the top 30, in order of estimated IQ (using developmental criteria): Isaac Newton, James Clerk Maxwell, Thomas Young [deciphered the Rosetta Stone], William Shakespeare, John Stuart Mill, Thomas Wolsey and Francis Galton. People of German origin did best, with Goethe, Einstein, Leibniz and Gauss appearing in the top 12. Famed for his work on meteorology, fingerprinting, prayer and female beauty as well as heredity, Galton was the most popular British intellectual of his day and managed to get his ‘heretical’ cousin Charles Darwin buried in Westminster Abbey.


Dismay among the West’s peecee establishment was unconfined as lower-class Whites rejected the contract which metropolitan pseudo-Marxist slavers and repeatedly bankrupt bankers had arranged (e.g. Taki’s Magazine, 2 viii). The idea had been that low-life Whites would accept hotel prisons, open-plan classrooms, non-existent policing [except of octogenarian and dead paedophiles], the abolition of the Royal Navy [except for its endless admirals] and subordination to the EUSSR [i.e. France] so long as they got jobs, council houses, pensions and national health care.

But the arrival of a million hardworking Poles, plus a sprinkling of gypsies, proved to be the straw that broke the camel’s back after years of tolerance of Blacks and Paks: so, at the UK referendum, 70% of Labour-held constituencies had voted to LEAVE the carefully crafted Blairite world and to show Enoch had been  right (or, indeed, left – as he had sensationally announced after his fellow-Conservatives abandoned him).

In America, too, the peecee establishment – whether Democrat or Republican – was shocked, shocked by the blunt-speaking / dog-whistling national welfarist Donald Trump who – in a world of self-righteous slavers, tyrants, honour killers and rapist beheaders – proposed a return to the values of freedom, democracy, neighbourliness and good humour which lib-leftist traitors had abandoned.


Hollywood tough guy Clint Eastwood emptied both barrels in an interview with Esquire magazine, aiming squarely at those who had taken presidential candidate Donald Trump to task for racism and other, well, rough edges (Guardian, 5 viii). “He’s said a lot of dumb things,” the 82-yr actor and director said of the man who had pilloried Mexicans, Muslims, immigrants and women. “So have all of them. Both sides. But everybody -- the press and everybody -- is going, ‘Oh, well, that’s racist’, and they’re making a big hoodoo out of it.”

This country, he said, is plagued by what he derided as “a pussy generation”, and he wasn’t talking about all those cute videos moms post on Facebook. Trump, the actor fumed, is “on to something, because secretly everybody’s getting tired of political correctness, kissing up. That’s the kiss-ass generation we’re in right now. We’re really in a pussy generation. Everybody’s walking on eggshells. We see people accusing people of being racist and all kinds of stuff,” Eastwood continued. “When I grew up, those things weren’t called racist.”


  After 22 years of being run by the communistic and anti-White African National Congress, South Africa’s voters moved sharply towards the main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (Observer, 7 viii). In nationwide local elections, the ANC lost its usual majority in most urban areas – home to the “clever Blacks” disliked by the ANC for their middle-class ways and capitalist sympathies.

To mask economic failings, the ruling ANC had run a negative and crudely racist campaign that aimed to paint the opposition DA as the party of apartheid. Campaigning in Nelson Mandela Bay,  SA’s President and kleptocrat Zuma called the DA “snakes, the children of the National party” and repeatedly referred to its young Black leader as a puppet of Whites.

{It was not uncommon for aspiring Blacks to welcome White presence and influence in their areas, for this helped supply a handy proportion of competent doctors and honest police.}


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