Thursday, July 31, 2008


After a generation of multicultural propaganda, former U.S. President Bill Clinton admitted people had not in fact been enchanted by the diversity dream. He cited statistics compiled by [Bill] Bishop [in his book The Big Sort] that found that in the 1976 presidential election, only 20 percent of the nation's counties voted for Jimmy Carter or President Ford by more than a 20 percent margin. By contrast, 48 percent of the nation's counties in 2004 voted for John Kerry or President Bush by more than 20 points, Clinton said. "We were sorting ourselves out by choosing to live with people that we agree with," Clinton said.


After weeks of government protestations (and London-mayoral insistence) that police would be free to `stop and search' (Black youth) (so as to control London's orgy of knife crime), the Observer (20 vii) admitted that police were "afraid" to use such `sus' powers because of the lengthy bureaucracy involved and the risk of accusations of `racism' -- and that Britain's scores of thousands of "police community support officers" did anyhow not possess such elementary powers.


A summary and denunciation of recent witch-hunting of British people who had joined the BNP or otherwise flirted with criticizing standard-issue multiculturalism was provided in the Brussels Journal (22 vii) - including the information that top ballerina Simone Clarke had retired from her profession soon after her BNP membership had been revealed.


Defying tabloid paedohysteria, a London exhibition of (wife-hated, wife-stealing and Jew-killing) boy-lover Roman emperor Hadrian was applauded in the Guardian (23 vii) - which especially noted its "achingly erotic" portrayals of young males as well as the anecdote of Hadrian "crying like a woman" over the sudden death (mysteriously, in the Nile) of his "beauteous" boy Antinous (age 14 when the generally peace- and culture-loving `gay'[acc. to Grauniad] Hadrian took up with him).


Sir Francis Galton got an unwontedly favourable mention in despatches as the Daily Mail's Andrew Malone detailed China's plan to take over the failed states of Africa lock, stock and barrel (18 vii). Galton had written (Times, 5 vi 1873):
"My proposal is to make the encouragement of Chinese settlements of Africa a part of our national policy, in the belief that the Chinese immigrants would not only maintain their position, but that they would multiply and their descendants supplant the inferior Negro race. I should expect that the African seaboard, now sparsely occupied by lazy, palavering savages, might in a few years be tenanted by industrious, order-loving Chinese, living either as a semi-detached dependency of China, or else in perfect freedom under their own law."

According to Malone, Chinese implementation of this plan was advancing rapidly (cf. this Diary/Blog, February 2008), with over a million Chinese already in Africa to organize and run the plunder of African raw materials - paying only the Dark Continent's dictators and never the bulk of its 800M low-IQ inhabitants, whom the Chinese found (as had the British in South Africa and the Caribbean after the abolition of slavery in 1833) to be largely incapable of regular work without the use of the lash.


Despite howls from Brussels `human rights' supremos and from the displaced Italian left, Italy - and especially Rome - pressed on with Giuliani-style `zero tolerance' for crime, 50% of which was the work of Romanian gypsies when they took time off from begging (Spectator, 23 vii). Illegal immigration was made a crime and police began interrogating the denizens of the country's squatter camps (85 in Rome alone - only 11 of them legal).


As the voters of supposedly workshy and welfare-dependent Glasgow East gave Grumpy Supreme Leader Gordon a bloody nose (delivering the [admittedly leftish and separatist] Scottish Nationalist Party a 365 majority in Labour's third-safest Scottish seat), a fine old music-hall song was recalled by grateful Britons, glad to recognize East-Glaswegians as after all part of the human race:

I belong to Glasgae, dear old Glasgae toon;
But something's the matter with Glasgae
For it's going roon' and roon'.
I'm only a common old working chap as anyone here can see;
But when I get a couple of drinks on a Saturday,
Glasgae belongs to me!

Even the Guardian's Jeremy Seabrook reckoned, along with me, that the Labour Party (exhumed c. 1995 and repainted in the rainbow multicultural colours of `minorities') was no longer relevant to anything and was indeed "history" (25 vii) - though good for taking the blame for over-borrowing, over-regulation, political correctness and neglect of IQ till furnishing a display of fireworks when finally blown up at a General Election.


And two girls! Nice photographic trips down memory lane for the London School were still to be found on the net, here and here. And even my newsletters had apparently done a little good in getting the message out. See here.

At the same time, the death of leading lefty academic loon Jerry Hirsch - who denied any genetic differences that could not be pinpointed in the fruitfly - was announced by Michigan's Ferris State University's `Institute for the Study of Academic Racism' (prop. Barry Mehler). While the London School had lost in the past decade Richard Herrnstein, Hans Eysenck, Paul Kline, Raymond Cattell, Lee Willerman, Glayde Whitney, Dan Vining, Nathaniel Weyl, Robert K. Graham and (effectively) Art Jensen, the environmentaloony left had lost Stephen Jay Gould, Michael Who, Urie Bronfenbrenner, Jerry Hirsch and (effectively) Richard Lewontin and Leon Kamin.

The remaining nature-nurture battle over intelligence was thus between the London School's Rushton, Lynn, Nyborg, the strikingly Afro-haired Linda Gottfredson, Levin, Kane, Weiss, Pearson, Marian van Court, yrs truly and possibly Bouchard, Deary, Bates, Plomin + grant-getter kin on the one hand and Howie Gardner, Stephen Ceci, Steve Jones, Steven Rose and aficionados of Golemanic `emotional intelligence' on the other.

A fine collection of 76 pro-IQ and anti-PeeCee articles by London School members, supporters and sympathizers (including Jared Taylor and Kevin Lamb [though strangely not Steve Sailer]) was provided by Matt Nuenke here

Myself, I was glad to see my 1997 Cambridge speech, `Why to welcome race realism,' had been posted on the net in 2007 by the `Fathers' Manifesto and Christian Party'; and to see that blonde Texan belle Marian van Court's succinct article `The case for eugenics in a nutshell' had appeared in the 2004 Occidental Quarterly. A useful and only slightly leftish summary of information on topics and personnel re `race and intelligence' was to be found here

Still outraged by Nobelist James Watson, one Kathie O'Keefe indicted the London School in The Root (17 vii 2008):
"The choice of the battlefield is potentially decisive in war while good intelligence on the enemy and the enemy's goals and capabilities is crucial in battleground choice. So here. It is crucial to understand that the eugenic societies of England and America still exist and it is their members - past and present - who have spread and are still spreading the idea of a genetic African IQ deficit. Members include Robert Yerkes, Cyril Burt, Arthur Jensen, Plomin, HJ Eysenck, and Chris Brand. They are the enemy and the battleground is eugenics. The eugenicists focus on an alleged African inferiority is a taint that entered eugenics with its founder, Francis Galton. Galton's ancestors were immersed in the slave trade - as slave owners, slave voyage financiers and makers of guns for the slave trade."

It turned out that a nice 2008 memorial had been provided to the Whites (never Blacks!) who had lost their jobs for `racist' remarks - in VDare, 12 ii.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


In a damning indictment of Britain as being no longer a home of free speech, two northerners found guilty at Leeds Crown Court of several charges of `inciting racial hatred' (by publishing at an American website what they held to be nothing but jokes, facts and occasional `slurs' on Jews and Muslims, and criticisms of political correctness), went on the run and arrived via Dublin in Los Angeles where they sought political asylum (Yorkshire Post, 16 vii). Simon Sheppard, 51, and highly-informed and amusing writer Stephen Whittle, 41 (aka Luke O'Farrell), bailed while awaiting further verdicts and possible retrials for non-agreed verdicts on some charges, had typically received 4,000 callers daily at Sheppard's website, (`Luke' had interviewed me earlier this year: `Man of Vod': Brand from the Burning.')


In a fine reminder of what cowed Whites no longer dared say, let alone do (as was sometimes done in lynchings), leading Afro-American loon pastor Jesse Jackson - apparently jealous of the poll success of his toned-down `moderate' half-caste rival Obama (who had mentioned the little problem of most Black kids growing up without their fathers) - declared he would like to "cut the nuts off" Borat Osama (Sun, 11 vii).


In what was for the mainstream modern press of the British Isles and the West an unprecedently savage article about Africa, astonishingly appearing in the centre-right Irish Independent (10 vii, `Africa is giving nothing to anyone - apart from AIDS'), columnist Kevin Myers (who sometimes wrote for the Daily Telegraph) condemned Western handouts and kindred pandering to the Dark Continent, observing "..we now have almost an entire continent of sexually hyperactive indigents, with tens of millions of people who only survive because of help from the outside world." Though he did not advise his readers of IQ & Wealth of Nations or IQ and Global Inequality (reviewed by me in 2002 and 2008 at Amazon Books), he left no doubt that Africa's swelling population of the unproductive was intolerable - a daring suggestion in a usually Catholic-leaning newspaper, but eliciting support from Ballina, Co. Mayo and elsewhere (11 vii; 12 vii), and even a critic admitted that Africans had a lot of catching up to do (Hibernia Girl, 11 vii).

To: The Editor, Irish Independent, Dublin

Dear Sir,

This is to congratulate you on letting Kevin Myers break the Western media's politically correct taboo on frank discussion of the problems of African underproductivity of virtually anything except AIDS and babies. Africa's grave and charity-resistant problems, summarized recently as "endemic moral deficit" by one Nigerian theologian,* have long been known to scholars and are traceable simply to low intelligence, with sub-Saharan Blacks having an average IQ of only around 75 -- as documented in the recent books IQ & Wealth of Nations or IQ and Global Inequality (reviewed by me in 2002 and 2008 at Amazon Books). Africa desperately needs organization which, while Western idealists throw cash at the problem, only the Chinese seem likely to supply.

Yours sincerely, -- Chris Brand [Edinburgh psychologist, author of The g Factor].

* Revealed 12 vii (in the Torygraph) to have been Professor Paulinus Odozor of Notre Dame University, USA, a Catholic priest of the Holy Ghost Order, who had independently broadcast his idea on the BBC without apparent complaint.

The Indo's other correspondents also largely accepted KM's view of Africans as "Kalashnikov-toting, khat-chewing, girl-circumcising, permanently tumescent layabouts". Evidently, Irish Catholics were capable of putting Daft Dave Cameron, UKIP, Conservative Democrats, the New Party, the London School and the British National Party quite in the shade.

Within days, the Immigrant Council of Ireland (ICI) announced it would make an official complaint to the Garda S¡ochana [the Eirish police] and with the National Consultative Committee on Racism and Interculturalism (NCCRI) about the publication of what it considered to be "a racially offensive article" (Irish Times, 15 vii). "We believe the published article does not just overstep the boundary of common decency -- it triple jumps right past that -- but it also crosses the legal boundaries," said ICI chief executive Denise Charlton. The Irish Times joined the fray with an article by its occasional columnist Bryan Mukandi urging more education and investment for Africa - though by whom was not specified.


Comments? Email Chris Brand.
Some history.


Sunday, July 13, 2008


Urging British kids to take up sport, the new Mayor of London, blond Boris Johnson, not for the first time, identified a major problem (Daily Telegraph, 1 vii): "..before you tell me that we need more "investment" in coaching and elite academies, let me tell you that the first priority is to end the crazed obsession with paedophiles that means anyone who wants to help with grassroots sports coaching must go through an enormous Criminal Records Bureau procedure, and submit to 6in-thick files dictating exactly how the children can be exhorted to do better without hurting their feelings."


"President Omar Bongo {sic} of Gabon, who has held power for 41 years and won a
series of widely criticised elections, gave his public backing for Mr Mugabe {who had murdered and intimidated thousands so as to win `elections' in ex-Southern Rhodesia} as leaders met in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. "He was elected, he took an oath, and he is here with us, so he is President and we cannot ask him more," said Mr Bongo. "He conducted elections and I think he won." Mr Bongo added that African leaders would not allow Western governments to dictate their view of Zimbabwe. "We have even received Mugabe as a hero," he said." - Daily Telegraph, 1 vii.
Only Botswama declined to recognize the `elections' which had left Mugabe and his murdering thugs in place. It move army units including heavy artillery to its 300-mile border with crisis-torn Zimbabwe


After 12 years of NuLabour rule and appointments of top police, a superintendent cop in Wales (female) gave it as her considered opinion that youths in some areas were "almost feral," regarding teenage gangs as their families after years of Labour bringing the traditional family to its knees. And, in the USA, after a decade of `No Child Left Behind' and similar `affirmative' standards-lowering charades, the Chronicles of Education carried an article saying that the country's most over-rated product was the bachelor's degree.


A handy summary of PeeCee -- branding it as a derivative of Marxism, akin to Fascism - was provided at (late-2007). E.g.:


Lawrence Summers was pushed out of the Harvard presidency for academic honesty (he actually considerably understated his argument). That was a disgrace. The current president, Drew Gilpin Faust, ran the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study which is one of the most powerful incubators of feminist complaint and nonsensical academic theory in the US. This is worrying. The triumph of political correctness over science and meritocracy in the most influential university in the world does not bode well for science or progress.

British universities muzzle their academic staff, too. Chris Brand was sacked from his 27-year tenured position at Edinburgh University in 1997 for his opinions. Last year Dr Frank Ellis was suspended from Leeds University for restating what has been known for half a century. Of the eight signatories on the letter published in the Sunday Times in support of Frank Ellis, only one had its roots in a British University, and that was Chris Brand. It would appear that political correctness also breeds cowardice.

Helmuth Nyborg, one of the most cited Danish psychologists, had a paper on intelligence pass peer review in Personality and Individual Differences (Nyborg 2005). Because of his politically incorrect findings (that men have a higher mean IQ than women), Aarhus University assembled a committee to investigate accusations of scientific malfeasance and fraud. They found errors but no fraud. In 2006 he was suspended and then given a `severe reprimand'.

In October 2007 James Watson, the Nobel Prize-winning co-discoverer of DNA, stated publicly that Africans are less intelligent than Europeans. Despite the fact that Dr Watson's statement was true (Malloy 2007), and should not have even been controversial, he was widely condemned by the media, the Science Museum cancelled his talk, the Bristol Festival of Ideas cancelled an appearance, he was been suspended from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and forced to cancel his tour of the UK. That a Nobel Prize-winning scientist is heavily vilified for telling the truth is an absolute disgrace. For more on the story, see James D. Watson.

Orchestrated mob rule has been used to intimidate professors Michael Levin, J. Phillipe Rushton, Chris Brand, Arthur Jensen and Hans Eysenck.

US universities in particular are some of the most PC fascist places on the planet. Throughout the west, the PC liberal left in academia have formed their own smug (and totalitarian) in-group.

Another handy summary of White men persecuted for race realism was provided in 2008 in VDare by Peter Bradley - along with examples of Blacks who had got away with outrageous slurs on Whites.


Despite two decades of British feminazie-sponsored paedohysteria making it impossible for men to work with children without endless time-wasting and insulting form-filling and "CRB checks," Britain's feminists drew the line somewhere: mass trafficking in Britain of girls as young as 12 by Iraqis for sex 20 times a night with appreciative Mueslis was not a matter that femiloons had cared to notice, investigate or condemn - loyal to the primary anti-racist creed that had given the left its long hold over `nasty party' Tories (Daily Mail, 2 vii).

The left also gave Boris Johnson no credit for standing by his chosen Black Deputy Mayor (in big trouble, see June, for little Bleck ways that had long been tolerated by London leftists). The subjection of every decent principle to the left's desperate demonization of any opposition as `racist' was flagrant. That its feminists had had to keep quiet about Paki (and Hindu) abuse of females was, in context, unremarkable. Even paedohysteria had its limits, decreed by Labour's key `anti-racist' shock troops even as statist anti-family and anti-freedom Labour was being wiped out in the polls!


Faced with a plague of knife murders emanating from south-east London's feral Black state-housed and welfare-funded youf, the Metropolitan Police announced it would depute 75 gleamingly equipped helicopter-borne peecee-trained personnel to research the problem, which it thought might have to do with "gangs" (not a problem prior till Macpherson prevented `stop-and-search'), "single parent families" (not a problem when IQ is above-average) and "ethnic minorities" (thereby gratuitously insulting London's Indian, Chinese and Jewish communities). But even such banal avoidance of the truth about London's orgy of Black crime was insufficient for the ultra-peecee BBC, which urged its interviewees to admit that fortnightly knifings of London teenagers were well known to all good sociologists to be the products of "poverty" (BBC Radio 4 Today programme, 5 vii). In such a contest between bling-equipped boys in da hood and ignoracist taxpayer-funded `experts' who had read no psychology since 1968 - and certainly not The g Factor - it seemed likely that da niggahs would win and south-east London continue its descent towards becoming a Kingston, Jamaica.

A letter in the Telegraph (5 vii) from a parent in leafy London NW3 said that, ten years after Macpherson Report, parents told their children not to give detailed descriptions or names of attackers to police when they were mugged, out of real fear of retaliation by the attacker's gang.

The Conservatives' own proposed socio-environmentalist solution of heaven on earth in south-east London being provided by the "God-given gifts" of bullnecked Black Ray Lewis foundered finally as Lewis admitted he had lied about being a magistrate.

Solving Racial Problems -- BLACK GIRLS TO COVER UP

In Kampala, Uganda, university authorities banned mini skirts after learning that 40% of female students had been propositioned by academic staff for sex in return for good grades.


Throwing new light on the causation of lesbianism, a study from Vanderbilt University School of Nursing (5 vii) revealed that lesbians were twice as likely to be obese as were normal women.


Thirty years after the US Supreme Court had permitted `affirmative action' (i.e. affirmative racism) in university admissions so long as ALL students benefited, American universities had failed to convince at least the Wall Street Journal (28 vi) that any such general benefits could be shown to occur.


In what the Times called a conscious shift of strategy (8 vii), Conservative leader David Cameron said he would not shirk from discussing public morality and claimed that social problems were often the consequence of individuals' choices. Visiting one of Britain's most wretchedly welfare-dependent constituencies, Glasgow East, he returned to traditional Tory thinking by declaring: "We talk about people being `at risk of obesity' instead of talking about people who eat too much and take too little exercise," he said. "We talk about people being at risk of poverty, or social exclusion: it's as if these things - obesity, alcohol abuse, drug addiction - are purely external events like a plague or bad weather. Of course, circumstances - where you are born, your neighbourhood, your school and the choices your parents make - have a huge impact. But social problems are often the consequence of the choices people make."

The Daily Mirror was duly outraged (8 vii): "Mr Cameron made his astonishing attack in one of the most deprived areas of the UK - speaking out for his party as it prepares to contest the Glasgow East by-election. Labour MP Stephen Pound blasted: "It's easy for someone with a vast fortune to lecture the rest of us. If he'd lived the lives of some of those he is criticising, he'd be heard with respect. But he's just a posh tourist dropping in and out." Lib Dem MP Willie Rennie said: "This is the old Tories."" Said the paper's editorial, Cameron "had gone from hug-a-hoody to kick-a-granny."

On the same day, Labour P.M. Gordon Brown said that Brits should eat up their slops and refuse Tesco offers to `buy one, throw one free' - announcing this from a G8 meeting of leaders in Tokyo, where they were enjoying 5-course lunches and 8-course dinners (including caviar and truffles) washed down with champagne, fine French wines and saki (Sun, 8 vii).

Evidently, neither leader wished to acknowledge the role of successive governments in over-providing welfare to unworthy cases and underproviding eugenics, in taxing savings interest and not sufficiently taxing consumption, and in bloating the role of the state and diminishing individual freedom to achieve improvement rapidly by criticism. It was just fortunate that, among all this failure of imagination, at least one successful policy from the past was being re-implemented: `stop-and-search' (producing further welcome howls of anguish from `anti-racists' - Daily Mirror, 8 vii - even if the associated post-Macpherson paperwork remained onerous - Daily Telegraph, 8 vii; Guardian, 8 vii).


Just as Britain came happily to feel that, with the Glasgow East by-election in the offing (where Labour would likely lose one of its previously safest seats in the country), it was in the last days of NuLabour and its wheezes, including multicultural unrealism (officially abandoned by leaders Rev. Bliar, John Reid and Ruth Kelly in 2006, but without conspicuous change), the National Child Bureau, a Government-funded quango `for' children, emulating Stalin and Hitler, announced that nurseries should report 3-year-olds to Local Authorities for political incorrectness, and especially for `racist' refusals to make friends with immigrants and to eat foreign foods (Daily Mail, 7 vii). {You couldn't make it up? - Well, Orwell did! The disgraceful 1996/7 denial of my academic freedom in Scotland had led on somewhat quicker than even I had thought to the arrival of tyranny in the U.K. so complete as to make the Zimbabwe dictator Mugabe seem just a babe-in-arms. Even the would-be libertarian David Davis, battling for habeas corpus in his self-chosen Yorkshire by-election, dared not mention the gross suppression of free speech under NuLabour terror, let alone the ongoing attempt to imprison two anti-Semitic writers in a six-week trial at Leeds Crown Court (which remained uncovered by the peecee Britoid media lest the jury sided with the race realists as in the 2006 Leeds acquittal on `race hate' charges of the anti-Islamic BNP leader Nick Griffin).}


In a rare failure of its notorious peecee `sensitivity,' BBC Radio 4's flagship `Today' programme transmitted on its June 30 godslot `Thought for the Day' a claim by eminent author and writer Clifford Longley that Africans suffered from an "endemic moral deficit" (Daily Telegraph, 10 vii; Daily Mail, 10 vii; Guardian, ). Longley, formerly the Religious Correspondent of the Times, said African culture had always lacked "a developed sense of common humanity," which explained "Africa's propensity to turn to massacre and genocide." He said a Nigerian theologian had recently told him of the deficit. The moral deficit explained, the theologian had said, "how African tribal chiefs had felt no moral qualms about capturing slaves from neighbouring districts and selling them to white slave traders; and later, doing land deals with white settlers. Hence also Africa's propensity to turn to massacre and genocide such as we saw in Rwanda and Congo, and narrowly avoided seeing again very recently in Kenya." Yowls of `Racism!' were heard from the usual quarters.