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The pointlessness of expecting Muesli `moderates' to control the 20% of `British' Mueslis who are now extremists was ingeniously pointed out by top columnist Carol Sarler (see above, 4 viii): just as a Baptist would rather listen to a scientist or policeman than to a Catholic, so Mueslis differing over interpretations of their scriptures were doomed to fight out their irresoluble linguistic battles ad infinitum (Speccie, 25 viii, `The jihadists will never listen').


Ten years after I was sacked for condemning paedohysteria (along with `anti-racism' and egalitarianism), the Wall Street Journal (23 viii) got around to mentioning the fear, or rather hatred of men which had infested the West and led "child advocates" (who would never dream of warning the public against Blecks or Mueslis) to advise parents "never hire a male babysitter." Said the Journal's Jeff Zaslow (if with unnecessary moderation):
Some men are opting not to get involved with children at all, which partly explains why many youth groups can't find male leaders, and why just 9% of elementary-school teachers are male, down from 18% in 1981. People assume that all men "have the potential for violence and sexual aggressiveness," says Peter Stearns, a George Mason University professor who studies fear and anxiety. Kids end up viewing every male stranger "as a potential evildoer," he says, and as a byproduct, "there's an overconfidence in female virtues."


As the already-beatified Mother Teresa (d. 1997) was defended by the Vatican (Daily Telegraph, 25 viii) and kept en route for canonization despite a 38-year "crisis of faith" (1959-1997),* it appeared that the Christian Church (branches of which had mellowed towards divorc‚es, fiery feminists, fey gays etc.) might actually be able to accept the genuine loyalty and good faith of the racists, elitists and chauvinists whom it would need if it was to become a useful basis for the fight against socialism, PeeCee and Islam.

* In letters collected to document her life, Mother Teresa -- who was always outwardly cheerful -- struggled fiercely with her faith. Daily Telegraph, 24 viii: She compared her problems to hell and admitted that she had begun to doubt the existence of heaven and God. "The smile," she wrote [to a friend on one occasion], "is a mask or a cloak that covers everything. I spoke as if my very heart was in love with God, a tender personal love. If you were there you would have said, `What hypocrisy!'"


As part of his first 100 days as French President (which won him an approval rating of 64% from the French public -- the highest rating for a President since Charles de Gaulle came to power in 1958), Nicolas Sarkozy, in a few-holds-barred speech in Dakar, Senegal, told African politicians to stop blaming colonialism for Africa's ills and to set to work themselves to rid the Dark Continent of its notorious genocides, other ethnic conflict, tyranny, corruption, poverty, Marxism and AIDS (Afriquenligne, 27 vii; Sunday Telegraph, 26 viii). The surprisingly blunt speech was "widely condemned in Africa as racist," reported the Guardian (27 viii), "including by the head of the African Union commission, Alpha Oumar Konare." South African leader Thabo Mbeki wrote privately to Sarkozy to welcome him as "a citizen of Africa" (who would presumably cough up a nice entry fee in Euros); but this letter was promptly leaked, leading to further accusations from fellow-Africans that Mbeki was a hypocrite.


As `anti-racist' Wiley DePublisher prepared to admit in its European Journal of Personality (21, Heiner Rindermann et al.) that the rank order for national IQs (inferred from OECD testing of mathematical abilities in 15-year-olds of 2000) was much as in IQ and theWealth of Nations (based on IQ data from around 1975) and that there had been no Black catch-up (as fondly envisaged by desperate acolytes of the Flynn Effect), it turned out that no-one needed buy the dull-as-ditchwater journal, for the main IQ results had already been supplied on Volkmar Weiss's website - which also included Volkmar's use of the two data sets to show dysgenic trends in MittelEuropa (about the only way in which Rindermann and his pussyfooting discussants added anything to the causal speculations already considered in IQ & WoN and IQ & Global Inequality and replies to them [reviews by me at Amazon and in this Diary/Blog, xii 2006]).


Australia's `Sydney Bluegum' website (updated 2007):

The term 'race realism' was originally coined in Edinburgh in 1996 by Chris Brand M.A. The term has since gained acceptance in psychology and biology departments in universities across North and South America, Australasia, Asia and Europe. Race realism concerns recognition of the genetic differences between the human races, particularly with regard to their effect on average IQ and behaviour. The term derives from and is generally associated with the research of the Rushton-Jensen-Lynn group of psychologists, which in turn traces back directly to the London School of psychology founded by Sir Francis Galton and somewhat more distantly, Galton's cousin Charles Darwin.

Cf. a 2004 statement at Chris Brand, who I think invented the term 'race realism', is well worth reading, if intemperate at times.

Wikepaedia turned out to have an entry `racial realism' to which I replied:

Chris Brand (Edinburgh) here:

I coined the term 'race realism' in 1996. The term 'scientific racism' had long been used by the hysterico-intellectual left* to smear the position of psychologists (from Galton and Spearman to Jensen, Eysenck, Rushton and Lynn) who reckoned there were substantial and important genetic differences in psychological characteristics between races.

In 1996, after the publication of my book about intelligence, 'The g Factor,' I had agreed to U.K. journalists that I (like any other known supporter of the London School) could be called a 'scientific racist.' By saying this, I meant to do only what the 18th-century Country Party had done when accepting the derogatorily intended nickname 'Tory' (offshore Irish Catholic bog-dweller -- from Tory Island); or what the 18th-century Court Party had done when accepting the similarly ill-intended nickname 'Whig' (Scottish cattle rustler in the Borders, presumably Protestant); or what one British regiment had done in the First World War when proudly accepting the Kaiser's nickname for it, the 'Old Contemptibles'; or what American Negroes had done in the 1960s when agreeing to accept the then-rude term `Blacks.'

Alas for my wee joke, the term 'racist' had (unknown to me - I had no TV in those academic days) been so thoroughly demonized in the late-twentieth-century years of multicultural propaganda and growing peecee tyranny that my effort to stand jocularly proud for 'scientific racism' did not amuse. Even the brave Phil Rushton preferred at that time to be called just a 'race scientist' or `raciologist.'

So on went the thinking cap and (helped by a pal - thanks, Stuart!) I came up with 'race realism,' which has proved more acceptable -- even though I believe it may have enjoyed some degree of usage among Italian Fascists of the 1930s.

I have never come across 'racial realism.'

* See


No educational effects at all could be detected by researchers at the University of Durham in 35,000 schoolchildren given pre-school exercises of the Head Start type (ThisIsLondon, 27 viii; Times, 28 viii; ITV News, 28 viii). Non-reading of The g Factor and a blindly ideological pursuit of environmentalist ideas about intelligence and achievement, costing taxpayers 3B, had been enthusiastically endorsed over the six years of the project by NuLabourites Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. The researchers, led by bright-eyed educationist Mrs Christine Merrell, 35, had possibly hoped to draw a veil over their results by presenting them at an obscure academic conference in Hungary.

Several press estimates were that this and related projects had actually squandered 21Billion since Labour came to power in 1997. Jill Kirby, of the centre-Right think-tank the Centre for Policy Studies, said: "This Government has poured money into pre-school education and childcare. We can now see the money has been largely wasted. We have been told this is important to ensure children are more ready to enter school. This research shows that has not happened, and that daycare for children has no educational value."


Comments? Email Chris Brand.
Some history.


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As Edinburgh's Book Festival (the largest such festival in the world) assembled some 200 (mainly) greybeards in its [secret-formula - no cameras allowed] `Spiegeltent' in gracious Charlotte Square to hear unheard-of science journalists and Cambridge philosophers drone on about the dangers of IQ, heritability and eugenics (while supposedly discussing `nature vs nurture'), the wife and I were able to put the boot in from near the very beginning from our drink-laden table, pointing out that the `mysterious' difference between the USA and Canada in crime rate was simply due to race, that Steven Pinker's abjuring race was solely at the behest of his publisher (Penguin), that free will was dependent on intelligence (as adjudicated by American and British courts), that Professor Nick Mackintosh (Cambridge) had cleared Sir Cyril Burt of fraud, and that the wretched panellists were totally ignorant not only of the most famous British psychologist, behaviourist and hereditarian who had died almost exactly ten years previously (it was an elderly lady in the audience who correctly identified race realist Hans Eysenck) but also of Luigi Cavalli-Sforza, Arthur Jensen, Richard Lynn and Phil Rushton.

As we made our moves before an astonished audience, giving better value than all the panellists put together, we were supported a little by Professor Ian Deary, seated with us, who said genetic factors partly determined IQ (by 1%....) at age 80, and sprucely-haircutted Reader Tim Bates - both of E.LU.'s soggy Psychology Department - leaving altogether an unforgettable mark on the prettier girls in the audience and on decrepit `philosopher' Simon Blackburn (q.v., above).

Amazingly, the whole show of ignoramuses and ignoracists had been paid for by Britain's state-funded Economic and Social Research Council - showing that there was plenty of room for Daft `Not the Conservative Party' Dave Cameron to make some of John Redwood's recommended tax cuts. But at least it allowed Shiou-yun and me to see that we were - even in such an `intellectual' audience - at about 1-in-a-100 (only a couple of people had raised their hands together with us when the audience was asked to say whether we backed `nature') (though `nurture' had no hand-waving supporters at all, so there is yet hope).

Till ten years previously, I had thought I was well-entrenched in Britain's bottom right-libertarian 10%. One lives and re-learns the same feeling of isolation that made me love Albert Camus and Colin Wilson at age 18 and even sympathize with Jean-Paul Sartre (so long as I read him - probably only half-comprehendingly, but I could understand his defence in La Naus‚e of a persecuted paedophile - in French). Our next Festival stops? - `Measure for Measure,' `Crime and Punishment,' `Trojan Women,' `Dido and Aeneas,' Niall Ferguson and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.


The ongoing relevance of The g Factor was nicely demonstrated on the tenth anniversary of my E.LU. sacking by the book's website (in France) being blocked to readers by the libraries of the middle-class Marxite north-London borough of Camden.


Demonstrating the progress of the welfare- and handicap-loving bleeding-heart job-seeking fraternity, US Jewish liberal-left playwright Arthur Miller, the champion of freedom and responsibility who had died in 2004 at 88 (leaving fourth wife Agnes Barley, a 33-year-old artist), found himself under fire from the remorselessly left-moving glamour mag Vanity Fair (ix 2007) for having hushed up that he had a Down's Syndrome son, born in 1966 to his third wife, the 12-year younger photogenic photographer Inge Morath. In fact, Miller had paid handsomely for top-quality institutional treatment for his son, Daniel, and the boy had gone on to do well -- eventually living quasi-independently, showing no resentment at his treatment and inheriting equally with Miller's other children; but this was not good enough for welfarist attack dogs, who blamed the great moralist for `walking away from a challenge.'


After four years of being vilified by self-declared transsexual `women'* (once men) for saying they might only be transvestites with an "erotic fascination" with being female, Northwestern University's Professor J. Michael Bailey (sometimes compared to Helmuth Nyborg for non-peecee outspeaking on sex, to the annoyance of his university) found he was at least getting support from a top medical ethics expert, Dr Alice Dreger (New York Times, 21 viii).

* The recent fashion has been for such `women' to call themselves and kin `transgendered,' apparently trying to abandon the classical transsexual-transvestite distinction. One day they will perhaps read Knickers Galore, which documents a full-blown transvestite fetishism, developing from age 5 in a fully masculine youth who included burglary, arson and heavy drinking among his crimes.


As Czar Lenin and comrades found they had beaten the White Russian armies c. 1922, they turned their attention to putting thousands of their country's intellectuals on to boats despatching them to Germany and Scandinavia - these were the lucky ones, for a few years later unwanted scholars would be given not a ship ticket but a bullet (Chronicle of Higher Education, 17 viii). Ideological difference from communism was of little importance: "Lenin targeted lawyers, engineers, historians, theologians, and more, even ordering a detailed investigation into "anti-Soviet professors of the Archaeological Institute." For the most part, his victims talked like Silver Age liberals and Christian socialists, not hostile White Russian anti-Bolsheviks."


Black Grauniad columnist Aida Edemariam was shocked by claims of blue-eyed people (think Adolf Hitler, Stephen Hawking, Stephen Fry, sexy 19-year-old `elfin' supermodel Lily Cole (still deferring her place at King's College, Cambridge), David Beckham) being more intelligent (21 viii). Apparently: `Scientists at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, found a hitherto unobserved link between eye-colour and levels of intelligence. Blue-eyed people, they claimed, are more studious, more strategic, more focused, and thus out-perform brown-eyed people in exams. However, those with brown eyes can apparently get their own back -- by being able to run faster.'

Such findings/speculations bordered on racism, said the prognathous, Rastafarian hair-styled, brown-eyed Aida. `It is..not unreasonable to assume that in Louisville many brown-eyed people are also dark-skinned people who have not had the educational opportunities of their white brethren. Even if they are not, perhaps Rowe and co. should have thought twice before announcing their observations -- or at least addressed the whiff of racism, and the great potential for self-fulfilling stereotyping, that underlies them.'

Yet Aida probably had little need to worry her not-so-pretty head, for the Louisville work very likely had rather little to do with the g factor but instead replicated the 1974 studies of M. Worthy (Ecology, Sex and Race: Keys to Human and Animal Behaviour), who found that blue-eyed people were better in positions requiring initiative (e.g. in `forward', attacking positions in football) whereas brown-eyed people were better at reactivity (e.g. in defensive football positions) as also at tasks requiring speed and sociability. Of course, such effects were weak (it proved hard to replicate them in Edinburgh U.) - though they might still just be enough to upset Aida, given their pre-peecee mention of the latterly dreaded topic of `race'.

Emeritus Professor Joanna Rowe's work had apparently stuck fairly close to Worthy's claims and made a link only to academic achievement, rather than to IQ or general intelligence (Western Mail, 20 viii). Einstein, who never completed high school and notoriously shot to fame from the Swiss Patent Office, was brown-eyed - as must be hosts of intelligent and successful Jews.


Just ten years after I was sacked by the LUniversity of Edinburgh for too much realism about IQ, race, sex, paedophilia etc., what should Time publish (16 viii, John Cloud, `Are we failing our geniuses?') but a feature article backing grade skipping and even mentioning the IQ work of dedicated pro-streaming Australian educationist Miraca Gross which I had publicized in The g Factor. The article specially praised the elite Davidson Academy (housing 45 kids - 26 White males, just 2 Blacks -- on the campus of University of Nevada, Reno) and concluded: "Ideally, school systems should strive to keep their most talented students through a combination of grade skipping and other approaches (dual enrollment in community colleges, telescoping classwork without grade skipping) that ensure they won't drop out .. We shouldn't be so wary of those who can move a lot faster than the rest of us."

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For reasons best known to itself (silly season? world economics making even less sense than usual to economists [with the neosocialist pound being exchanged for more than two dollars]?), the Economist (2 viii) reported a genetically based race difference - with the Swiss showing better `emotional memory' than Rwandans.


Britain's `Greatest Briton' - as voted by BBC TV viewers in 2002 (beating Isambard Brunel, Princess Diana, Charles Darwin, William Shakespeare and Sir Isaac Newton, and winning almost half of the million votes cast) - was worried about increasing "coloured" [mainly Black] immigration into Britain of the 1950's, it transpired as historians ploughed through Government documents released under the sixty-year rule. Sunday Telegraph, 5 viii:

Winston Churchill considered blocking all immigration to Britain because he feared a growing "coloured population" was posing a threat to Britain's social stability. Churchill, then 79, told Cabinet colleagues that he did not "want a parti-coloured UK". At a Cabinet meeting on February 3, 1954, the prime minister told colleagues: "Problems will arise if many coloured people settle here. Are we to saddle ourselves with colour problems in UK?" Churchill said immigrants were attracted to Britain by the welfare state and he said: "Public opinion in UK won't tolerate it once it gets beyond certain limits."


Female mice switch from female to totally male behaviour (including attempts at rear-entry copulation) if engineered to lack just one single gene (designated TRPC2), Harvard researchers reported (Nature, 5 viii) - though pious scientists reassured paparazzi that the story was sure to be more complicated -- with multiple interaction effects -- in homo sapiens.


Daily Telegraph, 3 viii:

A new fingerprinting technique that can identify the race and sex, and possibly the diet of suspects has been developed. Scientists have shown that using a gelatine-based gel and high-tech chemical analysis can provide significant clues to a person's identity even if police do not hold existing fingerprint records.

{Top social anthropologists were doubtless rushed to the BBC to deny the existence of races; and peecee-propagandized pseudo-biological `scientists' -- arise, professorial Steves Jones and Rose! -- would have soon followed to deny that any link between race and fingerprints could be genetic.}


While British and American troops tried vainly to enforce their political masters' illusion of multiculti Iraq and the domestically discredited Rev. Bliar got an international bishopric in piety to bring some semblance of peace (cf. Northern Ireland) to ex-Palestine, Tintin and Poirot's Belgium - which Britain created in 1830 and went to war with Germany to defend in 1914, and which housed Brussels, the very capital city of European multicultilunacy - was on the brink of splitting into its two main ethnic parts (Flemings and Walloons) (Sunday Telegraph, 5 viii).


As the paedohysterical 100-day search for the disappeared 3-year-old Madeleine McCann continued to disrupt the lives of all and sundry in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz (not least including `Maddi's' doctor parents, who found themselves under suspicion of murdering their child), Washington announced the sorry truth that British troops had been beaten in Basra (having spent more time on multicultural social work than on killing Muesli insurgents) and the British Government received po-faced a report claiming that Black underachievement needed remedying by creating Black role models (who were in short supply because..).


A solemn "independent" report (mysteriously called REACH, by 25 overwhelmingly sub-academic `experts') commissioned by Britain's terminally incompetent and peecee NuLabour Government on Black underachievement quite failed to mention IQ* and demanded multi-million-pound expenditure to over-promote Bleck men so they could be `role models' for Bleck druggie sexist rapist youf; but its Annex 3 did at least allow the estimate that the cost of Black stupidity ooops underachievement to the UK economy over the subsequent 50 years would be œ24 BILLION {doubtless a gross underestimate}.

* The risible report equally made no mention of the 807-page, 700K pounds, 1985 `Swann Report' to HMG, Education for All, with its Chapter 3 on `Achievement and Underachievement' and its Annex D by Cambridgemen Nick Mackintosh and Nick Mascie-Taylor, `The IQ Question' - reviewed critically by me ("The trouble in our schools is not racism but ageism") in Personality & Individual Differences 8 (1987).

** The new NuLabour manager, one-eyed three-dinners Grumpy Gordon Brown, had been so busy making excuses for NuLabour failures to prepare for floods and foot-and-mouth, annoying the Russians, enforcing `education' till age 18, sucking up to the European Union*** and tearing up the UK-US special relationship that he had not had time to notice this astonishingly witless and ill-informed product of Rev. Bliar's and hair-shirted overweight mother of four `Ms' Kelly's extravagance needed binning.

*** I proposed the snappy slogan `NO to EU' to Libertarian Sean Gabb (London) as my contribution to a multi-party campaign (to be headed by Peter Hitchens) for a referendum to reject the new European constitution - a campaign which would surely yield a National Liberal party as its culmination..


India's 138M Mueslis, left behind as brighter co-religionists fled to Pakistan as India got its useless independence from Britain in 1947, turned out to be struggling. BBC, 9 viii: "Indian Muslims are..largely illiterate and poor. At just under 60%, the community's literacy rate is lower than the national average of 65%. Only half of Muslim women can read and write. As many as a quarter of Muslim children in the age-group 6-14 have either never attended school or dropped out. They are also poor - 31% of Muslims are below the country's poverty line, just a notch above the lowest castes and tribes who remain the poorest of the poor." {Naturally the Beeb blamed the phenomenon on India's Hindu-dominated Government - which admittedly did employ large numbers of Indians as civil servants and railwaymen in its `PermitRaj.'}


In a major blow to British academics and their loopy-leftist trade union, the University and College Union, Jewish groups had little difficulty raising 300 American university presidents to condemn the proposed boycott of Israel's universities (see previously) (10 viii).


Responding to the injunctions of the UK's deranged homosexualist NuLabour government and its `devoted Catholic' fatty Ms Kelly (see above), Catholic Care, a leading British Catholic adoption agency, announced that it would cease operations in the light of the recently imposed repressive laws that they must allow children to be adopted by homosexual partners. Catholic Care thus became the first victim among the religious social agencies to announce that it could no longer operate under the Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs) that proponents had claimed would put an end to "discrimination" in the UK. The agency, which had proudly operated for a century, announced that a vote of its trustees decided to end its services that had placed about 20 children a year into new families.


E Pluribus Unum: Diversity and Community in the 21st Century [PDF] was the latest from Harvard sociology professor Robert Putnam (see above, x 2006) whose five-year study, which made hash of the politically correct clich‚, "Our diversity is our strength" (VDare, 9 viii, Pat Buchanan). After 30,000 interviews, Putnam concluded and reported, against his own progressive convictions, that ethnic and racial diversity can be devastating to communities and destructive of community values. The greater the diversity the greater the distrust, said Putnam. In racially and ethnically mixed communities, not only do people not trust strangers, they do not even trust their own kind. They withdraw into themselves, they support community activity less, and they vote less. "People living in ethnically diverse settings appear to 'hunker down,' that is, to pull in like a turtle," wrote Putnam. They tend to "withdraw even from close friends, to expect the worst from their community and its leaders, to volunteer less, give less to charity and work on community projects less often, to register to vote less, to agitate for social reform more but have less faith they can actually make a difference, and to huddle unhappily in front of the television."


Two hundred years after Britain (which never tolerated slavery) banned the slave trade, and 140 years after America outlawed slavery, the west-African country of Mauritania (where possibly millions of slaves were inherited as property at birth) moved to institute jail sentences for slavers and `slavery apologists' - slavery had been nominally criminalized in 1981 but no penalty had been assigned or implemented (Daily Telegraph, 10 viii).


The press dutifully obituarized the simple-minded founder of `rational-emotive' and thus of `cognitive-behavioural' therapy (requiring devotees to `think positively' and to count up to ten if they felt anger coming on), bespectacled and surely Jewish Albert Ellis, 93, who had begun his life as a shy New York schoolboy and later accountant, disciplining himself to approach women on Central Park benches and thus to become a `sex therapist' before embarking on his life-time mission of leading psychologists away from Freud, Adler, Darwin and Galton-though he had at the last enough sense to make a third wife in 2005 of his 40-year-younger prot‚g‚e, Debbie Joffe (D. Torygraph, 10 viii).


As West Midlands Police and the Crown Prosecution Service complained to the TV watchdog Ofcom that a Channel 4 program had been unkind to Mueslis, theyfound themselves under fire even from the liberal-left Observer (12 viii), where columnist Andrew Anthony wrote that it `beggared belief' to say that Channel 4's summary of undercover-filmed mosque rantings against "kaffirs" (non-Muslims) (who needed beheading) was some kind of incitement to racial hatred (with which charge the peecee-addled fuzz had not themselves proceeded).


The increasing arrangement by British authorities of jobs and training schemes that would accept only ethnic minority applicants was remarked by columnist Leo McKinstry (Sunday Express, 12 v iii) who wrote:

"The Left in Britain have seized on mass immigration and multiculturalism as a battering ram to destroy the society they despise. They once sought to change our country through economic revolution. That failed with the Winter of Discontent and the downfall of communism. But demographic change through migration has proved far more damaging."

{It was the advertising of training posts for Black psychologists only which had led me to a key decision some twenty years previously. From Brand for the Burning, Chapter X: "By the mid-1980's, the British Psychological Society was plainly becoming committed to the insane asylum of 'multiculturalism', 'affirmative action', anti-nuclear protest and, of course, opposition to 'sexist language.' In particular, the Society started running advertisements for positions that were open to Black applicants only.

I wrote in to the their house organ, the BPS Bulletin [later to become The Psychologist] to say that I would be interested to learn when the first advertisements would appear for 'Whites Only' psychology jobs in London's [notoriously racist] East End. The BPS would not publish my jocular missive, and all I received, together with my returned letter, was a scruffy compliment slip from one Ray Bull. That decided me: the BPS would not hear me, but the Eugenics Society would, so I resigned my twenty-year Membership of the BPS and signed up for eugenics."


Charles Murray, visiting Australia at the invitation of the Centre for Independent Studies, told the Australian Broadcasting Company's Radio PM audience that, while the environment was generally "very important" for intelligence, he could think of "no good environmental explanation" for the intellectual superiority of Jews (especially Ashkenazi Jews) (`Genes make Jews smarter: researcher,' 9 viii). Traditionally egalitarian in its official public philosophy, Australia had been the scene of heated confrontations when Art Jensen and Hans Eysenck had lectured on race and IQ in the 1970s.


The continuing* enthusiasm of South Asians (in this case the Srindopakeshis of the Indian subcontinent) for paedophilic practices surfaced as two `British' men of Pakistani origin were found guilty in the Crown Court of my Preston birthplace of `grooming' two under-16-year-old girls for sex by plying them with drink and drugs - the men pleaded guilty to achieving their objectives, having dished out Ecstasy tablets before having sex with the girls (who were `in care') on the back seat of a car and at an address in Blackburn, Lancashire (Times, 11 viii).

Zulfqar Hussain, 46, and Qaiser Naveed, 32, from east Lancashire, were each jailed for five years and eight months - rather less than the British press expected comedian Chris Langham to get for paedophilic downloading. According to campaigners against Srindopakeshi practices, parents of the hundreds of near-pubertal girls trafficked within the `Asian' community claim that criminal networks are able to prey on young girls because the authorities are reluctant to tackle the issue for fear of upsetting race relations in areas of the North West having large ethnic minority communities. Pakipaedophilia was usually blamed by race slumpers on Pakistani youth needing to wait through their teen years for their parents to make an arranged marriage for them with a virgin from their mother country - but this excuse clearly did not apply in the case of Hussain and Naveed.

Not to be outdone by Lancashire, Yorkshire soon came up with its own sex scandal as the city of Wakefield paid a œ1M out-of-court settlement to six social workers whom it had sacked after they complained of 12-year-olds being allowed to have sex in its `care homes' and of paedophiles being placed in homes with vulnerable youngsters.

* Adult x child sex was common in the past in India and Pakistan. In India of the 1920's, even seven year-old girls were deemed sexually ravenous - not least because of earlier graded exposure to incest in the family.


Although, in 4th-century Rome, the elite of the Western Empire and their Goth immigrants had made happy common cause in Christianity after Constantine's victory at the Battle of Milvan Bridge (312 A.D.), conflict between Rome and the Goths began in the Eastern Roman Empire in 376 as Goths fleeing the Huns streamed across the Danube hoping to join their fellow Goths in the fertile service of Rome (Daily Telegraph (Review), 11 viii, Harry Mount, reviewing A. Barbero, The Day of the Barbarians).

In their first fifty miles trekking, the tall and blond, if shabby Goths were well received; but when the wave of immigrants reached Marcianople (today's Devnya, in Bulgaria), the good burghers refused to open their gates so the starving newcomers fought their way in, stripping Roman troops of their armour and weapons in the process. The inevitable result was the 378 bloodbath at the Battle of Adrianople, Thrace (today, western Turkey) where the Goths inflicted on the Romans their biggest defeat since Hannibal had crossed the Alps to win at Cannae 600 years earlier.

Subsequently, the Eastern Empire, unable to push the immigrants back into Germany, managed to push them further west, where fellow Goths in the Roman Army rose to support them, with the Goth career soldier Alaric sacking Rome in 410. The rest was history - including Rome being sacked by the Vandals in 455 - and by 476 the Western Roman Empire collapsed. {A story for our times if hordes of Mueslis fleeing the horrors of the Middle East are pushed on by Greece, Italy and France to Britain and America?....}


Scores on the famous IQ-type Scholastic Aptitude Test no longer added anything to the prediction of college grades, said the lively-minded Charles Murray, co-author of The Bell Curve (The American, 13 vii). This might have been because the USA was already fully cognitively stratified, he ventured; or because rich parents provided coaching on the SAT for their kids as well as similarly boosting educational attainment.

Anyhow, Murray reckoned the SAT should be abandoned as pointless for all and dispiriting for those who did poorly on it. What Murray neglected, however, was that it was the rise of multiple choice testing in universities that had made intelligence less relevant than rote memory and hard work, thus opening the higher ranks of further education to girls and the otherwise mediocre. Sadly, the ingenious Murray, instead of keeping IQ in place to monitor its sorry irrelevance to modern university `achievement,' preferred to let the universities off the hook.

Certainly, his preparedness to join typical critics of IQ in slamming its importance was at odds with the increasing use of IQ testing by British firms to make up for the uselessness of university assessments (see previously -- SOCIALISM BOOSTS PSYCHOTESTING ) and by top English universities to discriminate between candidates for places in law and medicine (almost all of whom by 2007 were weighing in with equal achievement scores - 3 `A'-grade A-Levels) (Daily Telegraph, 16 viii, `Universities rely on aptitude tests to select candidates').

Even a weird `anti-racist' article in the Times (16 viii, by three-time Commonwealth table tennis champion, failed Labour parliamentary candidate and sports writer, ignoracist Balliol product Matthew Syed, who showed no sign of having read The g Factor or anything else from the London School) admitted that "the kind of intelligence revealed by IQ tests is crucial to one's prospects in the modern world" - suggesting IQ could only be ignored by dumbed-down postmodern universities teaching a diet of memorizable checklists using postgraduate student instructors.


A handy guide to Europe's Muesli problems showed that Britain had got off pretty lightly compared to its eastern neighbours - especially compared to Germany where perennially lowish-IQ Mueslis (coming as slave labour from Turkey) had "rampant" unemployment and welfare-dependency yet had been allowed to congregate in the centre of Berlin in a hermetically sealed community (where little German was spoken despite thousands of massively expensive state-funded initiatives to `integrate' them) and remained in their unreconstructed conservative misogyny `more Turkish than the Turks.

Monday, August 06, 2007


A research 'discovery' that only 45% of Black kids obtained five or more passes in Britain's bog-standard General Certificate of Secondary Education exams, compared to a 64% average for all other racial groups, amazed Warwick University's Centre for Educational Development Appraisal, which promptly attributed the result to 'racism', 'racist perceptions,' 'racist expectations' as if such ingenious excuses and lies of 1967 sociology could still pass muster in 2007 (Daily Telegraph, 27 vii). Needless to say, no IQ tests seemed to have been used in the research by the idiotic money-grubbing 'researchers.'


As it came to light that Britain's state schoolteachers - unfailingly condemnatory of IQ testing -- had been implementing (with local authority and Government encouragement) a U.S. approach which classified children as primarily visual, auditory or kinaesthetic and treated the kids according to these "learning styles," the scheme (called VAK) was said to have no evidence in its favour despite 30 years of research, to be theoretically incoherent and to have no neuroscientific basis - top pharmacologist Baroness Greenfield called it "nonsense." (Times Education Supplement, 27 vii; Sunday Telegraph, 29 vii).

From London, the Institute of Education's Professor Frank Coffield, a critic of 'learning style' theories, added: "As well as VAK, I came across [in my recent research] labelling such as 'activists' versus 'reflectors,' 'globalists versus 'analysts,' and 'left brainers' versus 'right brainers.' There is no scientific justification for any of these terms." Just as societies that lose their religion end up with superstitions like astrology and moralistic authoritarianism such as PeeCee, so societies that 'lose their intelligence' (as Quinn McNemar once put it - see Epilogue to The g Factor) end up with the Thurstone-derived nonsense of Harvard's Howie Gardner's 'multiple intelligences' and countless rivals such as VAK.


As part of a new Russian nationalism under the popular dictator Vladimir Putin, Russi's 'Nashi' youth movement was found organizing 10,000-strong fortnight-long love-ins for the country's overwhelmingly White youngsters with a strong stress on rapid progress to marriage and procreation (Daily Mail, 29 vii). Unlike Britain's spineless civil servants, academics and political class, Russia's intellectuals were free to deplore the possibility of the "extinction of Russians as a race" (St Petersburg Times, 24 vii).


John Marshall Law School, Chicago, faced a $1M lawsuit from aggrieved professor John Gorby, to whom it had given a hard time after he had mused (to a Jewish student) whether poor Black achievement on law courses might be due to the Blacks' Baptist religion being oriented to emotion rather than argument (American Renaissance, 1 viii 2007).


After he queried Israel's monthly admission of 600 Black Ethiopian Christians (but claiming original Jewish ancestry), Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit found himself charged with racism by leaders of the 100,000-strong 'Falasha' Ethiopian community that had been allowed to build up in Israel since 1980 (Daily Telegraph, 3 viii). "Who needs them?" he asked in an interview with The Jerusalem Post. {The Ethiopians had boosted Israel's numbers against their faster-breeding Arab neighbours; but many remained unemployed and on benefits.}


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