Wednesday, March 31, 2010


A 15-year-old [Muslim] boy was stabbed to death in the middle of London’s major Victoria Station (main lines serving Paris, Brussels etc.) during the evening rush hour in a gang fight involving rival state comprehensive ‘schools.’ Two groups of up to 35 teenagers, many in school uniforms, fought a running knife battle in front of six hundred terrified commuters.

The victim ran into the station in an attempt to escape his attackers but the other yoof pursued him inside and he was caught just outside the ticket barriers of the District and Circle lines. The yoof was surrounded and stabbed repeatedly. He died in hospital after being tended by police and paramedics.

Police said 20 yoof, aged between 14 and 17, were arrested at the scene. All those arrested were described as of Afro-Caribbean or Somali origin – a fact admitted only by London’s Evening Standard newspaper (26 iii).

A number of weapons, including knives, were recovered at the scene. The murder victim himself came from Acton and was of North African descent. Many staff members who saw what happened had to be sent home because they were in shock. Victoria was closed to Tube trains for several hours after the killing. The stabbing was the fourth killing of a teenager in London in 2010. In 2008, 30 teenagers were killed, many of them in gang fights, prompting a police crackdown.

Another gang-related knife yoof killing occurred in London within two days as Godwin Lawson, a 17-year-old aspiring Black footballer from north London, was found by police in Hackney, in the east of the capital (Guardian, 27 iii).

Godwin, originally from Ghana but living in London with his mother and stepfather, was pronounced dead at the scene. Two other yoof, Colombian brothers, were taken to hospital for treatment of knife wounds at British taxpayers’ expense. Local residents said fighting among yoof in the area was not uncommon.

A 26-year-old man from the Samuel Lewis Trust estate, which overlooked the scene, said: "We get a lot of that around here. Something like this was bound to happen. It's always been a rough area. I think it is to do with turf wars between the areas around here – Stoke Newington, Tottenham, etc."


The joy of negritude was further revealed as Human Rights Watch and the BBC disclosed a massacre of more than 300 Blacks before Christmas by the all-Black ‘Lord’s Resistance Army’ which had entered the ‘Democratic Republic of the Congo’ from Uganda (28 iii).

A fine understanding of Africa’s ceaseless ‘wars of liberation’ – often involving little more than mass rape, pillage and terror organized by Black hoodlums using maimed and traumatized children to do much of their work – was provided by the New York Times’ East Africa bureau chief, Jeffrey Gettleman (Foreign Policy, 3 iv).


The comprehensive failure of the massive [Pres. Dubya] Bush school improvements (or at least expenditures, esp. ‘No Child Left Behind’) to close the (Black – White/Asian) race difference in attainment among America’s children was helpfully summarized (with due glee at the cowardly failure of educational experts to admit the role of inherited IQ) by Steve Sailer (VDare, 28 iii, reviewing Diane Ravitch).


The Daily Telegraph front-paged a finding of Hans Eysenck‘s one-time lieutenant Glenn Wilson (latterly of London’s elite, studentless Gresham College) that domestic manglers of machinery had relatively low spatio-mechanical ability (30 iii; UKPA, 30 iii) – a finding which was paid for by the Halifax Insurance Society and which was allowed to be attributed to genetic factors in a rare triumph for unquestioned hereditarianism.

The report came just a few days after PR-guru Glenn had been allowed to explain the apparently common breakdown of celebrity marriages in terms of the high ‘re-sale’ value of star partners (Vancouver Sun, 22 iii).


Oxford philosopher Baroness Mary Warnock, who had devoted herself to good public works since the death of her brilliant husband Geoffrey, announced her progressive proposal for schooling, that children should be streamed at age 12 into academic, technical or practical education – the same proposal as that of Cyril Burt in the 1940s, and implemented in modern Germany ever since (Hochschule, Gymnasium, Realschule), so it was promptly rejected by the Grauniad (Guardian, 31 iii).


Though Luke O’Farrell languished in jail and the BNP had had to become the BM[ulticultural]P and The g Factor was forgotten, ‘paedophile’-on-the-run Roman Polanski had his film ‘The Ghost,’ about ‘war criminal’[Rev. Tony Blair]-on-the-run screened in London’s Leicester Square to the acclaim at least of the Guardian’s top political commentator, Michael White (31 iii).


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Sunday, March 28, 2010


Brave crossbench peeress Baroness Ruth Deech stepped forward to point out that Mueslis, some 1% of Britain’s population, accounted for 3% of births and 33% of birth defects thanks to their wilful pursuit of first-cousin marriage (not mandated by the Koran, no more than was the burqa or the stoning to death of adulteresses) (Sunday Mail, 21 iii).

In Bradford, the once-British city taken over by Pakistanis, 75% of Mueslis made cousin marriages – to non-English-speaking illiterates, all at NHS expense, but yielding a steadily increasing supply of welfare-dependent Labour wretches ooops voters.

{But NB the good baroness thought the practice was largely confined to Pakistanis, was worsened in its birth results by successive generations of inbreeding, and was remediable by ‘education’ rather than by cutting NHS funding….}


Monash Uni demographer Bob Birrell broke with social-science habits of a lifetime and declared Australia was being swamped and its culture threatened by the 180,000 mainly non-White immigrants being admitted annually by the country’s multiculti-mad Rudd Government.(AmRen, 24 iii). Dr Birrell predicted “a disaster for urban living and the environment.” He said the huge influx of people with few or no English skills had created social problems in Melbourne suburbs such as Dandenong, Sunshine and Broadmeadows and that most major cities in the Workers’ Paradise {already deserted by Dame Edna, Clive James and German Greer} were feeling the population strain


As UAF went to court trials brought on by the perfectly peecee Greater Manchester Police (see previous), it transpired that the raving ignoracists had twisted elite arms sufficiently to yield the signed support of most trade unions, Ken Livingstone, Tony Benn, Peter Hain MP, Keith Vaz MP, Diane Abbott MP and, yes, failing ‘Opposition’ leader Daft David Cameron MP.

{For its part, the much-less-well-connected EDL did its best to achieve respectability by insisting (at its website) that it was ‘non-ethnic’ and ‘non-racist’…. The (equally ‘non-racist,) BNP had taken the precaution in 2009 of forbidding its own members to join EDL.}

As the Socialist Worker called for more protests in constitutencies where the BNP was standing, it brazenly accused the GMP of “attacks” on UAF goons in Bolton – but without a shred of evidence (27 iii). The UAF vowed to mount a defence campaign for its fat Black leader Weyman Bennett and sidekick Rhetta Moron – both bound over to abstain from protests for two months until their court trials for conspiracy to violence (Socialist Worker, 27 iii).


The world’s two architects of 20th-century underdog-petting multiculturalism, America and Israel (though Soviet Russia had begun the fairy story in 1917) fell out big time, with Pres. Barry Hussein Obarmy declining even to have dinner with his Jewish guest in the White House, Pres. Ravin’ Notanyahoo.

Fun ahead was expected as Israel sought a higher-IQ and more reliable ally – presumably the Chinese, needing Israeli advice as to how to deal with Africans and Arabs and as to the inner workings of the latest American military hardware.


The University of Ottawa, Canada, linked its name ingloriously to the that of the LUniversity of Edinburgh by telling top American conservative columnist Ann Coulter that it could not protect her if she turned up, as advertised, to speak to students about the evils of Islamofascism (Calgary Herald, 28 iii).


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Monday, March 22, 2010


It transpired that, little hindered by (Black) school authorities, the 17% of Asian pupils at South Philadelphia High School had for a year been systematically intimidated by the school’s 70% Black pupils – with bloody noses, broken bones and general terror resulting (The American, 12 iii).

A fine summary of Australia’s multicultural suffering appeared in Australian Conservative, 11 iii


As England’s ‘Minister of Justice’ decided it would be too inconvenient to prosecute (for crimes including ‘Grade 4’ sex porn) one of the 1993 boy killers of ‘Baby James’ Bulger, it transpired that the parole-revoked John Venables, 27, had in 1993 (together with 10-yr pal Robert Thomson) rendered the toddler naked from the waist down and mutilated his genitals (News of the World, 14 iii). Much of this, as of Venables’ several crimes and derelictions after being paroled at 18, was kept from the press and public by authorities who had plainly -- along with their counterparts in countless other British cases -- abandoned all pretence of open justice.


Having failed to get a grip on Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Pakiland, nigga-loving peecee immigration-prone America, due to be Spanish-speaking by 2050 and eager for Argentinia to take the ‘Malvinas’ [Falklands] Islands from Britain, got a taste of the future as two of its consular officials, and the husband of another, were gunned down in the violent border town of Ciudad Juarez (Times, 15 iii). The same weekend saw 50 Mexicans murdered in the drug-related violence that plagued the country (mean IQ 88).


After three years of high-heeled pipsqueak President Sarkozy failing to deliver on his promises to tackle Islamicism, the National Front more than doubled its vote, to 12%, in France’s national elections and won 20% of the poll in the immigration-ridden province of Côte d’Azur (Daily Telegraph, 15 iii).


The egregious EHRC injunction against the BNP for backing the “indigenous peoples” of Britain and opposing “mass immigration” (see previous) was deplored only by myself and the excellent libertarian Sean Gabb (VDare, 15 iii). Thus 995 years of British Magna Carta freedoms against the authorities ended – not with a bang but a whimper.

The right, though given a new lease of liberal life by Thatcher and Reagan, had been overtaken by the neoMarxists with their market acceptance and their new PeeCee religion of equality that replaced Christianity. So Stalinist had PeeCee become in the fourteen years since its triumph over The g Factor that Britain’s schools and police were mandated to record and retain ‘racist’ remarks by 5-year-olds.

Future opposition to peecee neosocialism would most likely involve a strident national-socialist youth movement that would demand reparations from the oldies who had left young people with no political rights to free expression, no education worth the name, no jobs, no mortgages, obligations to pay for £100K sex change operations for Turkish-Muslim asylum seekers and a mountain of debt to pay for the casino ‘investments’ of bankers enthused by the rising property prices resulting from compulsory multiculturalist lending to’subprime’ Black and Hispanic borrowers. – The youngsters would be led by Sultan Boris Johnson if they were so lucky…..but there was not a glimmer of such hope in 2010.


Star Grauniad columnist, Indian-born ex-Marxist rationalist/humanist Kenan Malik declared that “multicultural policies” had often created conflicts between favoured and disfavoured moneygrubbing “communities” (Guardian, 17 iii). He especially deplored Labour’s late-in-the-day handouts to East London Whites, designed to help them forget Labour’s dependence on Muesli votes (exposed regularly in the Torygraph by Andrew Gilligan) and to put Whites off voting BNP.


Senior journalist and Africa hand Edward Girardet backed the BBC’s claim (see previous) that substantial proportions of Western charitable aid to African famine victims actually went to buy guns and rockets. Said Girardet (Grauniad, 18 iii): “Geldof, whose commitment I have always admired, comes off as naïve and self-righteous.”


After decades of uncertain expert tracing of psychopathy to fearlessnes, disinhition, impulsiveness, risk-taking, insensitivity and lack of empathy, researchers at Vanderbilt University, Tennessee reported fourfold overexcitation of dopamine production (as compared to control testees) when high psychopathy scorers were given amphetamine or offered monetary rewards for completing a simple task (AFP, 14 iii).


Though repressed from memory by most ‘right’, ‘left’ and even the cowardly post-London School’s remaining organs, I was recorded (in a fair short summary) by Wikipedia 2010 as having left a mark with the University of Edinburgh’s weekly Student newspaper:
Chris Brand

University lecturer Chris Brand, who had published controversial work into race and intelligence, and had castigated feminist promiscuity, single-parenting and paedohysteria, was asked to leave [Edinburgh University] in 1997 for bringing it into "disrepute". Student had been instrumental in calling for his sacking after his book, The g Factor, was published. Finally, Brand was compensated for unfair dismissal; and Student published in 2003 a further example of his psychorealism, urging girls to 'keep their (pubic) hair on' so as to improve their romantic chances.


A fine summary of how globalization and even democracy were being increasingly challenged (when not actually used by) the mighty force of ‘ethnonationalism’ (cf. race) was provided by Pat Buchanan (VDare, 18 iii).


Having learned nothing from how politically enforced subprime lending in America had produced a credit bubble and final worldwide crunch and mass indebtedness (£56K per household in UK), Daft Dave Cameron announced that a Conservative government (still marginally expected from May 6th) would shower Britain’s Blacks with money to ‘set up small businesses’ (Times, 17 iii) – operations of which Blacks had proved consistently incapable even in Africa.

{The alternative idea of putting all unemployed or imprisoned Blacks into a Humanitarian Task Force for Africa and diposing of them ooops deploying them that way (see previous) had evidently not even occurred to the ignoracists of Britain’s so-called Opposition.}

{Daft Dave also chose the moment to announce he would ban BNP members from teaching in schools.}


As 2,000 English Defence League protesters against Sharia law, jihad, Taleban terror, radical Islam etc. found themselves confronted in Bolton city centre, Lancashire, by 2,000 ‘anti-racists’ etc. from Unite Against Fascism (BBC, 21 iii; Sunday Express, 21 iii; pics), they had a moral victory as most of the 67 arrests made were of 55 UAF members, all injuries to police and public were caused by UAF [aka Anti-Nazi League, as paraded against me in Edinburgh of 1996], and the fat Black communist UAF leader Weyman Bennett was actually arrested and charged with “conspiracy to commit violent disorder.” Martin Smith, of ‘Love Music, Hate Racism’ was also detained.

Riot police and mounted officers armed with batons tried to keep the crowds in check in front of the town hall in Victoria Square. Police dogs were deployed in a bid to control the crowds and a police helicopter was also dispatched. Two UAF members were taken to hospital with head injuries and two cops were slightly hurt.

"It is clear to me that a large number have attended with the sole intention of committing disorder and their actions have been wholly unacceptable," said Garry Shewan, Assistant Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, whose force had managed to contain (‘kettle’) most but not all UAF hysterics. The EDL had sprung up in 2009 after a small group from a local Muslim community staged a protest in the southern town of Luton against soldiers returning from Iraq.


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Sunday, March 14, 2010


‘Twinning’ relationships between British and African towns had their dangers, found researchers from the Univerity of Exeter. Quizzed about what they had learned from their involvement in school twinning, British schoolchildren reported that Gambian children wore straw skirts, live in mud huts with straw roofs and allowed flies to wander in and out of their open mouths (Daily Telegraph, 6 iii, Graeme Paton). Frankly, the children’s attitudes smacked of neo-colonialism, said the worried researchers.


Upset by the visit of top Dutch politician “crypto-fascist” Geert Wilders to the House of Lords (see previous), and doubtless by only some 50 ‘anti-fascists’ turning out to scream abuse at the 250-strong English Defence League contingent at Westminster, the Independent’s long-squatting sack of Muslim potatoes, (Mrs) Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, fresh from tearful prayers to Allah, she reported, advised young Mueslis that Brits hated them and that they should leave before being slung into jail contrary to their “inviolable democratic entitlements” (8 iii) (entitlements little acknowledged in the Muslim world itself, it needed to be said, except in response to Western invasion…).


There were apparently some 500 pre-dawn killings (and rapes and mutilations) of Christians, mainly women, children and the elderly, in the central-Nigerian hell-hole of Jos (see previous) (BBC, 8 iii). Some of the eight thousand fleeing Christians, their huts ablaze, were trapped like animals in nets, speared and hacked to pieces with machetes and then fed to pigs. Federal police, arriving on the scene two hours after the massacre, made 95 arrests.

The tension appeared rooted in resentment between indigenous, mostly settled Christian groups, and migrants and settlers from the Hausa-speaking Muslim north, all vying for control of fertile farmlands. "Part of the problem is that there's a feeling that Jos is being dominated by migrant communities from nothern Nigeria...," a correspondent told Al Jazeera (8 iii).

Felix Onuah, a freelance journalist, recounted that he had spoken to the information commissioner of the Plateau State who said that the attack "was nothing but ethnic cleansing". "It's a revenge," he said, adding that the ethnic group that retaliated had been adversely affected during the January violence.

Nigeria remained paralysed, its elderly invalid President O’BoobyO’Doody having problems with his heart and brain. Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) and Minister of Justice, Prince Adetokunbo Kayode commiserated with the families of the victims, saying: "It will not happen again." Amidst demands from the USA, the UN and the Pope for prompter-than-usual action, Nigeria fired its National Security Adviser and police said they would charge 49.

Baroness Cox, a frequent Christian ambassador to jihad-threatened Africa remarked for the BBC that the Muslim assassins had seemed astonishingly well-oranized and well-armed and able to move despite the curfew that had been imposed by the Federal Government since the ethnic murders of January. Religious and political authorities tried to insist the massacre was ‘purely economic’; but the attackers had asked people "Who are you?" in Fulani, a language used mostly by Muslims, and killed only those who did not respond in that language.


Labour's target of getting 50% of young people to go to university had driven down standards and devalued degrees – and the next government should abolish it, argued leading graduate recruiters (750 of them comprising the membership of the Association of Graduate Recruiters) (Daily Telegraph, 8 iii).


Popular American author, filmmaker and Atlantic correspondent David Shenk took it upon himself to try to rubbish the grand old straw man that genius is ‘100% inherited’ ("The Genius in All of Us: Why Everything You've Been Told About Genetics, Talent, and IQ Is Wrong" – see Salon, 7 iii) – only to come to the conclusion that G x E interaction was at work, as fully allowed in Chapter 3 of The g Factor. (In particular, geniuses often practice singularly hard, since their native gifts make practice so rewarding, even from the earliest ages.)


The BBC’s report on aid for guns in Ethiopia (see previous) was later ferociously denied by the founder of Band Aid, Sir Bob Geldof, who initiated legal action and called for the sacking of the World Service staff involved (who had been headed by star reporter Rageh Omaar [himself of Somali origin]) – Guardian, 10 iii.

For its part, the BBC robustly defended its item, claiming it was based on four sources – two senior Ethiopian terrorist commanders (one of whose contacts had become Prime Minister of Ethiopia), a CIA report an an ex-American Ambassador. For the New Statesman, Oxfam’s Nicholas Winer and correspondents adjudicated that the truth lay somewhere in between the positions of Raggy and Pissedoff (10 iii).

Other media reports alleged further misuse of aid in Somalia, Afghanistan and El Salvador on a fairly grand scale – Reuters AlertNet, 10 iii. Up to half the food aid meant to feed hundreds of thousands of hungry people in Somalia was being stolen, according to a leaked UN security council report (UlsterTV, 10 iii). The report, seen by the New York Times, said the food was being diverted to corrupt contractors, radical Islamic militants and local UN workers. It advised the UN secretary general, Wanky Loon ooops Ban Ki-moon, to open an independent investigation into the organisation's world food programme operations in Somalia. (The UN had closed its aid-monitoring facility in 2009 due to an apparent lack of cases of demonstrable fraud….)

The Daily Mail congratulated the BBC on its item and condemned Sir Bob’s “typical, childishly choleric outburst” (11 iii). David Davies, Tory MP for Monmouth, said the campaigner should 'carry out his own investigation', adding: “I am surprised he is so angry at the BBC, which has actually alerted the public to a possible catastrophe.”

Full details of the ingenious Ethiopian aid-sharking schemes were provided in AllAfrica by Professor Alemayehu Mariam (California State University; 11 iii). The Independent spelled out that many African ‘famines’ had substantial man-made ingredients as politicians and guerrillas sought to attract Western aid for themselves (12 iii, Suzanne Franks).


Britain’s teachers, who had long ago forgotten about or at least agreed to suppress the importance of the g factor, found themselves on display at Chester Crown Court as Teresa McKenzie, 39, the deputy headmistress of a ‘special needs’ school, was accused of a ten-month affair with a hyperactive and ‘severely behaviour-disordered’ boy pupil of 16 (Daily Mail, 11 iii). The affair apparently involved a bombardment of emails (in which the youth was treated as a bold ‘pirate’ who would be shipwrecked on a desert island with his belovēd teacherette), copulation in disabled toilets on four of the floors of the British Library and in a Park Lane hotel, and a final suicide bid by the boy and confession to his mother.


While seeking to challenge the ‘elitism’ of Richard Lynn’s and Satoshi Kanazawa’s view that atheists were (as I had set out in 1981, in Dimensions of Personality [ed. R. Lynn]) some six points higher in IQ than religious believers, Huffington Post blogger Josh Schrei delivered a seldom-made admission (5 iii):
Darwin himself was not immune to the conclusion that whites were a superior race. In his writings, he speaks repeatedly of the civilized vs. savage races, and surmises that Africans and Aborigines are closer in genetic make up to mountain gorillas than they are to Europeans. Darwin also speaks of the intellectual superiority of the European races and even the genetic superiority of Englishmen to Irish.

"The very poor and reckless, who are often degraded by vice, almost invariably marry early, whilst the careful and frugal, who are generally otherwise virtuous, marry late in life. [Therefore] the reckless, degraded, and often vicious members of society tend to increase at a quicker rate than the provident and generally virtuous members. Or as Mr. Greg puts the case: 'The careless, squalid, unaspiring Irishman multiplies like rabbits.'"


The Labour-appointed scum of the ‘Equality and Human Rights Commission’, which had already hounded the British National Party to drop its ‘Whites only’ membership policy, proceeded to get a legal ban on new members promising to support ‘the indigenous people of Britain,’ promising they opposed mass immigration and promising to agree to be interviewed to check they were not members of rival oranizations such as Unite Against Fascism (Scotsman, 13 iii); and to get a demand for £60K from the BNP towards the EHRC’s legal costs.

However, the brave Nick Griffin and his merry men defiantly brushed this aside, saying they would simply no longer demand new members proclaim support for the party’s constitution, which would itself remain unchanged as the BNP resumed recruitment and enjoyed the publicity gained in their martyr role.

{Not that Daft Dave Cameron et al. stepped forward to condemn the EHRC’s dangerous and totally disgraceful new role in “regulating” the UK’s political parties. Britain’s cowardly mainstream politicians were evidently content to join in what the BNP correctly called the subversion of democracy. The hounding of the BNP had been organized by a lawyerette called Uppal – she was evidently an ethnic of some description. To make matters worse for the BNP, the Sunday Mirror announced the party would face General Election challenges in 25 seats from the National Front (apparently too small to have attracted EHRC’s attention), which had been recruiting busily from BNP members fed up with NG’s concessions (14 iii).}


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Monday, March 08, 2010


Following the 2009 revelation that the University of Edinburgh had destroyed all its records of its inquisitioning of me rather than have them made public under the Freedom of Information Act, Britain’s Ministry of Defence got the idea and announced it had destroyed all its records of Unidentified Flying Objects (for years, reports had come in at the rate of two per day – many from uniformed personnel such as pilots and policemen) (Daily Telegraph, 1 iii). The MoD claimed to have no fear of what patterns might be spotted in its data; rather, it just found it too deadly boring and time-consuming to have to correspond with the public over such “non-defence-related” material.


As Britain’s racism-cowed ‘Conservatives’ laboured with their poll slump and the revelation that their major donor, Lord Ashcroft, was a non-dom whose heart was in Belize and had paid no UK tax on most of his worldwide income in a decade (making a joke of PR-man Daft Dave’s desperate attempt to associate his bowdlerized Toryism with British patriotism), the Guardian gave them a serious chance of taking the Labour stronghold of Dagenham at the General Election (due by May) thanks to intervention by the BNP (1 iii, Dave Hill).


As three Black/Coloured Cape Town youths were tried for multiple serial rapes of a 37-yr-old White woman, dragged away in the street from her male companion, the youths pleaded with the court to sympathize with their ‘ghetto’ backgrounds (in South Africa after 17 years of Black rule) and with the fact that rape was ‘the only way they could have gotten a white bitch.’ Sentence: life (News 24 [Cape Town], 2 iii). {Soccer’s World Cup would soon provide quite a few more ‘White bitches’ for Blacks once gentlemen guardians were sufficiently inebriated.}


As the pound sterling plunged to 1.47 against the dollar [the rate was 2.00 in June, 2008), the Sun (2 iii) recalled some sage economic advice: "A weak currency arises from a weak economy which in turn is the result of a weak Government" And who gave the advice? None other than Grumpy Gordon! And had he a comment? No, for he was too busy insisting that the charge of ‘broken Britain’ was a “fiction” – just as a couple of 56-year-married pensioners (popular bowls players) were burned to death in their own home by yobs whose endless noise they had challenged in Rugby and a 24-yr Newcastle scrounger was revealed to have eight children by eight different (fat) slags ooops wymmin (the whole caboodle being entirely dependent on enforced taxpayer largesse, aka ‘welfare’) (Sun, 3 iii).

At the same time there came a reminder of the failure of even the most extravagant modern rehabilitative efforts as one of the 1993 killers of Liverpool toddler Jamie Bulger had to be dragged from parole to prison (for “an extremely serious [sexual] offence” – banned from discussion under British ‘justice’) despite therapists and their ilk having testified to the progress, A-Levels and ‘emotional maturity’ of their charge (Guardian, 3 iii).


An Ethiopian rebel group admitted diverting aid for famine relief to buying guns instead (ShortNews, 3 iii; BBC, 3 iii). The BBC uncovered documents showing that million of dollars sent to aid Ethiopians suffering the famine of 1984-5 (in which a million died) had been used to buy armaments to overthrow the government of the time. Rebel group Gebremedhin Araya confirmed aid workers were fooled by his wearing clothes that made him look like a Muslim merchant. In 1985, 95% of the $100M contributed was used to buy guns or otherwise fund a hard-line opposition party.

BRITISH IDEALISTS DUPED BY SOCIALISTS An ex-Labour health minister savaged the party for wasting billions paying for National Health Service staff instead of services (Sun, 4 iii). NHS funding rose 60 per cent to £127billion under Gordon Brown but an incredible two-thirds of this went on wages. Lord Warner said NHS management suffered from "monumental incompetence" and inability to budget. The service got "too much money too quickly" and spent it badly, he added. Lord Warner said then-Chancellor Gordon Brown "reverted to the traditional Labour line in health, to support the unions".


As part-Jewish homosexual Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party, the largest single party in Holland’s national polls, did well in its first attempt to contest local elections (Guardian, 4 iii), its remarkable bouffant-haired leader declared: "We are going to conquer the entire country … We are going to be the biggest party in the country.” “The leftist elite still believes in multiculturalism, coddling criminals, a European super-state and high taxes," national-liberal Wilders told cheering supporters at a rally in the one-third-immigrant city of Almere. "But the rest of the Netherlands thinks differently. That silent majority now has a voice," he said. Poll support for Wilders had been rising steadily since Holland put him on trial in January for anti-Muesli sentiments. Some polls suggested that Wilders’ PVV might go on take 27 seats, up from nine, in the 150-member second chamber of the Dutch parliament in the general election on June 9.

Geert Wilders also appeared in Britain’s House of Lords, showing and discussing his film Fitna before an audience of sixty while hundreds of opponents (Unite against Fascism) and supporters (250 from the English Defence League) shouted at each other across police barricades outside (Guardian, 5 iii; BBC, 5 iii). Wilders repeated the views that had angered Muslims in Europe and across the globe, saying Islam was a "fascist ideology" and "a violent and dangerous religion and a retarded culture".

Wilders, who visited the Lords at the invitation of the UK Independence party leader Lord Pearson and the crossbencher Baroness Caroline Cox (known for her dedication to Christian, liberal and conservative causes), said: "Cultural relativism is the greatest disease we face in Europe today." Wilders said he was willing to compromise some of his policies in order to enter a coalition with minority parties, but that his plan to bar all future immigration of Muslims was non-negotiable. EDL members, some of them carrying English flags and signs reading Ban the Burka, chanted: "No surrender to the Taliban." The Metropolitan Police made fifty arrests, mainly of the UAF’s ‘anti-fascists.’


Higher-intelligence young men (IQ 103), after controlling for education and class, were found to report valuing somewhat higher levels of physical loyalty to partners, in a review of the large American NLSY sample by the LSE’s Satoshi Kanazawa (q.v.) – though whether because they wished to avoid disease or the economic calamities for males of divorce or possible desertion by high-quality mates was left unascertained (Social Psychology Quarterly iii 2010; MyFoxOrlando, 1 iii; NationalGeographicNews, 3 iii).

Kanazawa said a higher IQ indicated enhanced progression on the evolutionary continuum towards novelty, coinciding with the results he obtained. Females did not show the effect since they were mainly instinctively programmed with monogamy already, argued Kanazawa. Higher IQs were also found in young adults who supported such evolutionarily novel ideas as liberalism (‘concern for unknown others’) and atheism.

{One most intellectual male who had not revered monogamy was the part-Jewish Labour leader, witty bibliophile, union-lover and ‘useful idiot’ Michael Foot who, on his death at 96, was revealed to have had a hot Black lover in his fifties – the affair coming to the attention of his feminist historian wife Jill Craigie as, to her astonishment, he began to take baths, use perfume and tidy himself up (Daily Telegraph, 4 iii).}


There was a blow for Labour’s gay imperium as its fat bespectacled leader of Glasgow city council, newly self-outed Steven Purcell, 37 and still married, was carted off to a top rehab clinic in the Borders dealing with drug and alcohol problems (Daily Telegraph, 3 & 4 iii). Several leading Scottish Labour colleagues failed to issue press statements in support; and precisely what had led to Purcell’s “extreme illness” remained a mystery. Purcell had been being groomed to become Labour First Minister of the Scottish Executive since he had been thought in a league of his own in terms of play-acting and manipulation ooops political leadership ability. He had entertained PM Brown in Glasow the previous week.

Next, political genius Purcell was en route to a year’s holiday in the Caribbean, leaving secondary Labour wooftahs to finish off Labour’s war with Scottish Catholic bishops (over gay priests, gay marriage, gay sex education and gay adoption). One tabloid reported a body had been discovered at Glasgow City Hall.


While the Oz Federal Government planned use immigration to expand the country’s population by 50% by 2050 – thus ensuring the numbers of slaves, servants and taxpayers to fund Australia’s otherwise ageing population – existing citizens made their disquiet clear, with 75% thinking the country’s infrastructure could not stand more immigration, and 60% actually wanting immigration slowed (AmRen, 5 iii).


Britain’s spineless ‘Tories,’ who had allowed themselves to be silenced on questions of crime, educational horrors, immigration, bastardy and undue welfare dependency lest they be called racist, got their comeuppance as their poll lead declined to a miserable 2% -- which, under the weird British ‘electoral system’ which they had failed to rectify, would produce a Labour majority at Westminster of 50 seats (Sunday Telegraph, 28 ii, esp. Janet Daley). Amusingly, the haemorrhage of voter support came in a week when PM Grumpy Gordon was widely accused of ‘bullying’ – suggesting that voters would have fancied a bit more bullying (e.g. of Britain’s once-more-exposed horror-story social workers and nurses) from smoothie Daft Dave Cameron.


In a bold sally, top novelist Hilary Mantell (authoress of the star-rated 2009 imaginary re-enactment of Tudor high politics – though without much effort to provide character, punctuation or any reliable specification of who was saying what) declared that 14-year-old girls should be encouraged to bear children without ado. Ms Mantell herself had missed out on childbirth because of serious illness in her twenties (Sunday Telegraph, 28 ii). Whether she would require weenie mums to have husbands able to provide financial and emotional support was left unclear by hacks, so taken aback were they by Ms Mantell’s ‘controversial’ suggestion for getting the White race back on its feet.


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Some history.


Monday, March 01, 2010


Britain’s nutty politicos and army generals, having trendily admitted women to military high jinks – including some ‘front line’ roles (for the more desperate-to-prove-themselves lesbians), were gobsmacked to find women collapsing mentally more than twice as often as men (with 7% suffering neurotic problems, compared to 3% of men) (Daily Telegraph, 8 ii).


Giving one in the eye to Britain’s femininnies, 54% of surveyed women (of ages 18-50) held women themselves partly to blame for events of ‘rape’ (Sky News, 15 ii).


In a surprising but touching development, Australia’s famous ‘far right’ former fish-and-chip shop owner, Pauline Hanson, 55, announced she was terminally fed up with the socialism, republicanism and marauding Middle-Eastern immigrants of the Workers’ Paradise and would emigrate from Brisbane to Britain – where she loved “the culture” and could anyhow claim ancestors from London and Limerick (Times, 15 ii). {Good luck, Luv – you’ll need it!}


A genetic variation called Epsilon 4 turned out to convey a 5-IQ-point advantage in youth but a fourfold greater risk of Alzheimers when older (New Scientist, 15 ii).


The limits of multiculturalism went on display in Milan as dozens of north Africans (most Egyptian) went on the rampage attacking the shops and businesses of south Americans, resulting in 46 arrests (most of which involved illegal immigrants) (Daily Telegraph, 15 ii). 2010 had begun in Italy with Black vs White race rioting in the southern town of Rosarno, Calabria.


After fifteen years of failing to back their only hope, The g Factor, Western ‘right-wingers’ found themselves out of business as Muslim-taunting party leader Geert Wilders went on trial in Holland without receiving any media attention, as the British National Party was obliged to accept Blacks and ‘Asians’ (i.e. Srindopakeshis) as members (and even then not knowing whether it could stay free of the dread charge of racism) and as American Renaissance could find no hotel (in ‘the Land of the Free’) to host publicly its biennual conference (VDare, 16 ii; AmRen, 17 ii; AmRen, 22 ii).

Whereas TgF had over the years attracted gorgeous girls and a multi-millionaire to its support, the official ‘far right’ (unfailingly denying ‘racism’) had no noticeable supporters, nothing to show for their efforts and nothing but obliteration ahead because of their 15-year failure to embrace the IQ gifts which they had been given.


Fresh from being discovered believing that 54% of girls in poor areas got pregnant before age 18 (the correct figure was 5.4%), Daft Dave Cameron’s ‘Conservatives’ found their idea for a new generation of Swedish-style parent-owned-and-run secondary schools pooh-poohed by researchers at the London School of Economics (Daily Telegraph, 18 ii). The Tories’ wheeze was the brainchild of the otherwise impressive and intellectual Michael Gove whose rejection of the much cheaper and predictably effective proposal of streaming (and ‘track choice’) within existing schools reflected a painful lack of reading of The g Factor.


After two hundred years of disastrous French, British and American pushes towards democracy (aka rule by the mediocre), Germany finally began to regain the natural supremacy which it had enjoyed during the days of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. The European Union showed its righteous wrath towards its chief deviant by stripping Greece of its vote at a crucial meeting in March, the worst humiliation ever suffered by an EU member state. The council of EU finance ministers said Athens must comply with austerity demands by March 16 or lose control over its own tax and spend policies altogether. If it failed to do so, the EU would itself impose cuts under the draconian Article 126.9 of the Lisbon Treaty in what would amount to economic suzerainty.


In a rare gaffe, veteran Conservative MP Sir Nicholas Winterton told journalists that MPs needed to travel First Class on railway trains (Sun, 18 ii). Asked whether he thought standard-class passengers behaved differently from those with First Class tickets, Sir Nicholas replied: "Yes, I do. They are a totally different type of people. There are lots of children, there is noise, there is activity... They have a different outlook on life. I very much doubt whether they are undertaking serious work and study, reading reports and amending.”


As the Western left worked itself into a frenzy about AmRen conferences and Israel executing a Hamas general who had brought Iranian rockets within striking range of Jerusalem, it transpired that – without comment from Western ‘human rights’ groups – Congolese Blacks had been forcing their civil war victims to eat themselves (Spectator, 16 ii).


As the disastrous multiculturalists of the West ordered their soldiers in Afghanistan to let the Taliban slip away (so long as the West ‘won,’ pro tem., the unheard-of hell-hole ‘town’ of Marjah), with the political class and MSM recruited to chant ‘The Taliban are not our enemies,’ Taliban beardies indicated their disdain for such democratic war-fighting genius by blowing up a score of Westerners and hangers on in Kabul.

Completing the picture of Western derangement, America chose the moment to announce its creation of a really spiffing state-of-the-art stealth bomber* that would be the terror of the earth as and when the West chose to do some killing – rather than dishing out aid and watching an increasingly corrupt Third World breed insurgents like rabbits.

{How long would such lunacy continue? Probably till just 2011 when its young soldiers from its failed wars -- ooops -- conflicts returned home and realized how the leftists of America and Britain had closed down the employment and housing markets (at least for Whites) and were expecting them to pay for the recession following the bubble caused by leftist demands for lending to subprime borrowers. Then a whole new ‘class’ war would begin: of the swindled young against socialist old who had greedily interpreted democracy as meaning they could ignore all principles from the past and all concern for the future.}

* Believed to be Mach 3.5 (top speed in the Mach 4 range) super-cruise stealth fighter/bomber/interceptor with approximately a 4,000nm range.


Authors of the latest revision of psychiatry's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) debated in Science (26 ii) whether the relationship between anxiety and depression is so close that they should be subsumed into a supercategory of human hopelessness, fear, and existential angst – i.e what Eysenckians had for two generations called neuroticism, though the term – like ‘intelligence’ and ‘psychology’ – been largely phased out in the peecee-dominated 21st century as likely to frighten the horses.


After years of Jewish leaders encouraging Muslim migration to the West, hoping this would help establish the ideal multicultural society in which Jews would be just one accepted minority, the 700 Jews of Malmö, Sweden, many of them from Holocaust-surviving families, found their synagogue burned out, Jewish graves desecrated and themselves routinely insulted (and taunted with ‘Hitler’) in the streets by Mueslis (egged on by the local leftist Mayor who blamed the Jews’ problems on Israeli policies). Thirty Jewish families headed for Stockholm, London and Israel (Daily Telegraph, 21 ii).


After years of Australian Government-funded do-gooders trying to lower aboriginal levels of child abuse etc. by compelling state-overseen ‘financial management’ and banning drink and porn, the environmento-babbling barmpots found their efforts condemned by United Nations busybodies as “racist and ineffective” (AmRen, 25 ii).


The Court of Appeal backed a lecturer of 26 years standing who claimed he had been ‘constructively dismissed for refusing to pass enough students – thereby providing a notable defence of some version of academic standards, if only re the unheard-of University of Bournemouth. Sally Hunt, general secretary of the University and College Union, said the ruling in the three-year battle of Dr Paul Buckland with his wretched ‘university’ was "an important victory for everyone who values high standards and probity in our universities" (Guardian, 26 ii).