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Despite a generation of effort by postmodern constructionist/deconstructionist lefties to deny the existence of races, an English high court judge still persisted with reality, banning a man who had played loud British martial music and given his German neighbours Nazi salutes from any more insults to “the German race” (BBCR4, 20 iii, 00:20).

Ideas of ‘national character’ were also seen to be preserved as the great (if latterly sometimes incontinent) French actor, Gérard Depardieu volunteered that “My fellow countrymen are arrogant and smug.”


Following a national survey of schools by the US Department of Education, supplying a breakdown of results by ethnicity, the Kansas City Star took the trouble to examine its own area fared after 50 years of ‘anti-racism’, White guilt and ‘affirmative’ extravagance (16 iii).

In Kansas, in the area’s five largest districts, Black and Hispanic students made up 28.4 percent of the total enrollment, but were just 7.2 percent of the students in gifted programs and 10.3 percent of the students in early algebra. However, they made up 64 percent of the students who were held back to repeat a grade, 50.5 percent of the students sent to in-school suspension and 63.4 percent of the students sent to out-of-school suspension.

Local worthies promptly rushed forward to deny these results reflected ability to learn; rather they were due to culture, values, low expectations etc....


Sir Salman Rushdie (the incomprehensible Indian novelist long protected from his fellow Muslims by MI5 and Oxford colleges) accused India's government and some of its political leaders of cowardice over their failure to defend his and other artists' freedom of expression in the face of protests by Muslim and Hindu extremists (Daily Telegraph, 17 iii). The celebrated Booker-winning author was speaking at a conclave of opinion formers organised by the leading Indian magazine group India Today, two months after he was forced to withdraw from the Jaipur Literature Festival following threats and protests from Islamic extremists over his 1988 novel The Satanic Verses. He had backed out after police and government officials warned him an assassination team had been dispatched to kill him.


The bulky and betowelled Nobel peace prize winner and President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, defended a law that criminalised homosexual acts, saying: "We like ourselves just the way we are" (Guardian, 19 iii). In a joint interview with Rev Tony Blair, President of Diversity Advocates of Faith and Togetherness (DAFT), who was left looking visibly uncomfortable by her remarks, Sirleaf told the Guardian: "We've got certain traditional values in our society that we would like to preserve."

Liberian legislation classed "voluntary sodomy" merely as a misdemeanour punishable by up to one year in prison, but two new bills had been proposed to smash homosexuality with much tougher sentences. Blair, on a visit to Liberia in his capacity as the founder of the Africa Governance Initiative (AGI), a charity that aimed to “strengthen African governments”, judiciously declined to comment on the matronly Sirleaf's remarks.

The crazed Rev Bliar had thought it would be possible to bring yegs, Blecks, wymmin and lefties together by half-hearted invasions of backward Afghaniland and tyrannous Eyeraq; but, even as he talked with fat bespectacled President Sirleaf, 85K American troops were ordered back to base by Pres Khazi as one (or more) had gratuitously shot dead and incinerated 16 Afpak civilians, and 38 were killed in Solunni vs Shitite suicide-bomb attacks in Eyeraq.

Altogether, the Russian policy of simply backing the Shitites so as to hang on to Iranian oil and Syria’s main port of Latakia looked 100% more reasonable than the Blairite West’s doomed multiculti idealism.


Ms Chiaou (‘RACE DIFFERENCES ARE GENETIC’, previous) did not perhaps have as much of a struggle for her hereditarian ideas as I thought, for Burt-bashing Leon Kamin was not, it turns out, at Ms Chiau’s Northwestern U., Illinois (famed for introducing spanking for its naughtier undergrads in 1922), but at Northeastern U., Boston.


Sixteen years after The (swiftly depublished) g Factor urged streaming, setting and class progression according to demonstrated ability, the congresspersons of Colorado passed a bill permitting school superintendents to authorize grade retention of poor readers even if most retainees would be Black. The bill divided Democrat congressmen – two of whom, a Black and a Latino, argued realistically in favour of allowing retention (Denver Post, 20 iii).


Though renowned among liberal Whites through two generations of multiculturalism as a ‘melting pot’ for America’s races, New York turned out in new research to be as racially segregated as ever (Daily Telegraph, 21 iii, Walter Ellis). The liberal Center for Urban Research concluded that segregation was in fact alive and well. “Single-group predominance is still the prevalent residential pattern across New York City,” the CUR observed. “Despite the popular characterisation of New York as a melting pot, many neighbourhoods in the city for years have seen little racial-ethnic diversity and are dominated by one or another of the major race/ethnicity groups.” {Though Harlem (the famously Black hellhole) had begun to become mixed-race -- in the course of being gentrified by young Whites seeking cheap properties.}


Meeting in a delightful state park in Tennessee, which kept SPLC* fanatics a mile away, supporters of Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance belted out some of the fine old hymns of the previous fifteen years. Though reduced by years of persecution to 150 attendees at their conference, and with not a pretty girl nor any employed psychologist among them, they maintained good cheer and kept their ties done up -- apart from Richard Lynn who appeared in the undone modern British manner which Etonian PM Daft Dave Conman had done much to pioneer (iii).

Star turns were a Red Indian (Comanche) who urged White ‘warriors’ to stand up for themselves, an ex-Alliant professor who (as well as giving a fine impersonation of a gorilla) estimated that 70% of White US female welfare claimants had IQs below 90, and pink-shirted and summer-suited ex-Ulster RL who rehearsed his longstanding prediction of Chinese (rather than Muslim) takeover.

{The conference no more considered the growing civil war between (Russian- and Chinese-backed) Shitites (dominating Iran, ‘democratized’ Iraq and Syria) and (American-backed) Al Qaeda-sprouting Solunnis (dominating Saudi and northern Africa) than did the West’s MSM; so it made no attempt to decide whether to prefer Shitite or Solunni rule. Nor did it consider whether virtually any form of Islam might be preferable to the spineless 20th-century Western ‘liberalism’ that had cancelled free speech about race, religion, gender, class and sexual orientation.

The conference took place before the French came to their moment of decision as to whether to face down Muesli madness – as below.}

*The loopy anti-racists of the Southern Poverty Law Center (well funded by money extracted from little old ladies by telling them a renewed Holocaust was just around the corner) had apparently taken a big hit from Bernie Madoff-wid-all-de-money – ho, ho!


As Black America (led by anti-White racist Al Sharpton, famous for backing false Black claims [Tawana Brawling] against Whites) went into hysterics over a Black 17-yr-old who had got killed by a Latino while trespassing in a gated up-market reservation in Orlando, Florida, it transpired that witnesses had seen the 6’2” Black pummelling the grounded Latino who had protested the trespass (AmRen, 21 iii).

Needless to say, MSM had represented the Black, via an eight-year-old photo, as a charming teenager; and called the neighbourhood watch captain who killed him “white.” {MSM’s shock if the Latino-mothered Cpt Zimmerman turned out also – like the same-surnamed ‘Bob Dylan’ – to be Jewish on his father’s side could scarcely be imagined.}


After years of France admitting (and breeding) 6M Mueslis and failing to make them conspicuously French (despite the announced intentions – at election times -- of dwarf President Nicolas Barko), the country found itself confronted by seven motorbike murders in a single week of three Black paratroopers in Montauban {where I once had my best-ever ice cream} and three Jewish children and a rabbi at their school in Toulouse {quiet and stylish when I was there c.1960}.

The 23-year old suspect, Mahomet Morefarta (who had madly tried to have his powerful TMax scooter resprayed after his first murder) shot at and injured several police while proclaiming from his besieged house that he worked with Al Qaeda and sought revenge on France (for its participation in the ten-year Nato- and UN-backed campaign to subdue Afghanistan) and on Jews (for their alleged naughtiness to Palestinians) (BBCR4, 21 iii, 09:00).

{Yet, despite the pot coming to the boil, politico Sarko left his immigration minister on his own to demand barbed-wire-topped fences to seal the border between Greece and Turkey so as to keep out yet more Mueslis from the loony ‘European’ Union (Guardian, 20 iii).}

At the outset of press coverage, despite the paratroopers themselves having served in Afghanistan and despite European ‘far right’ parties having dropped anti-Semitism (which by 2012 flourished largely in Muesli circles), MSM assumed the (then un-named) attacker would be on the extreme right – like Norwegian Labour-slayer Anders Breivik.

As one Spectator correspondent put it (21 iii): “That mindset encompasses the BBC, and all three mainstream [British] political parties. Europe, bled white in the two world wars, has lost all its élan and vitality, and is slouching towards the cemetery. In its death throes, it is embracing things like gay marriage which are anathema to its Islamic 'friends'. It is in for a very rude awakening.”

The BNP's Nick Griffin commented: “Isn’t it odd? When the French murders were thought to be by a White extremist, all nationalists were blamed, but now that the culprit is Muslim he’s a lone madman and a disgrace to peaceful Islam.”

In an astonishing display of the incompetence of peecee France, 500 Toulouse cops surrounding the wanted Mahomet (who looked remarkably like America’s chosen peacemaker, Obarmy [Sun, 22 iii], and had long been known to police as having fifteen convictions for robbery, attending jihadist meetings and twice visiting Afghastliland) failed to arrest or kill their man in the course of a 32-hour siege

{Still, one advantage of the long siege was to have provided a wake-up call for France. And to make it clear that if the National Front (led by modernizing lawyer and mother-of-three Marine Le Pen) vote did not, in these circumstances [an attack on soldiers, Blacks, Jews, kids and a rabbi], get up to 30%, France and Europe were done for – the White race having given up the ghost [as by voting for Obarmy in America].}

The Muesli fanatic was eventually deaded (whether by himself or others was not clear – police claimed to have shot him, after an exchange of fire, as he dropped firing a Colt.45 pistol from a window), at the cost of serious injuries to three more cops. (He may not have known that a police grenade had blown his balcony away.)

The jobless French Algerian whom France had failed to detain, deport or execute was a SELF-CONFESSED al-Qaeda terrorist. He was in JAIL two weeks before his killing spree, which he FILMED. He had been banged up for motoring offences — but FREED so he could appeal. That was despite him having been CAGED in Afghanistan in 2007 for running a bomb factory, only to ESCAPE in a Taliban jailbreak.

French intelligence had even quizzed him and put him on a WATCH LIST — after he tried to KIDNAP a man to force him to join his terror campaign. Despite rampaging around his neighbourhood waving a SWORD and screaming "al-Qaeda" nothing was done.

{All the French cops wore balaclavas for fear that “compatriot” (as Sarko called them) Mueslis might identify them and attack them or their families. The French had been WARNED by the Americans that Merah was a serious threat. Three of Morefahta’s RELATIVES were in police custody, including his brother, Abdelkader, who was well known to police and was implicated in a 2007 network that sent militant fighters to Iraq. Morefahting’s gun and bomb arsenal had been funded by ROBBERIES for which he had been only briefly jailed.}

The Guardian (23 iii) gave Jewish David Meyer a column in which to hope that the Toulouse events would not extinguish “the flame of French diversity” {a flame not well known during the Dreyfus affair or the Pétain period....}. But even Meyer admitted it was odd that the bodies of the Jewish victims had been flown to Israel for burial – French soil apparently not being good enough for them.

As the French public’s reaction to the Toulouse slayings was awaited, news arrived of a book by a second-generation Turk living in Austria, called We Are Coming and predicting Turkish domination of Europe whether or not Turkey was ever admitted to the European Union.

{Though the Dutch had given a little power to Geert Wilders and two million Germans had bought Thilo Sarrazin’s Germany Self-Destructs (q.v.), such phenomena were as nothing compared with Western employers’ demands for cheap and obedient labour which had begun the original Turkish invasion of Berlin from 1960. I myself, in outback Embra, switched from a Sicilian to a Turkish barber in 2010.}

In Britain, not to be outdone by useless gendarmes, comparable incompetence of modern authorities (no longer selecting staff by IQ or grammar school education) was on display as no less than five cops were savaged by a pit bull/doberman terrier (long notified by neighbours as a menace) while trying to make an arrest in Newham (near the ghastly east London site of the vaunted 2012 London Olympics) (Sun, 23 iii); and CamCo Chancellor George Osborne (doubtless distracted by HMG’s week of fawning on ‘American’ President Obarmy in Washington) got himself a perfect storm of front-page abuse for a ‘Granny-bashing’ budget even though neither he nor anyone else could identify who was going to suffer, or when, or by how much.

{So startlingly out-of-touch was Britain’s political class that it had failed to get through to Boy George that pensioners – unlike ‘students’ and welfare dependents – had a strong tendency to vote.

Equally out of touch was Daft Dave as he told the puir auld Scottish Tories (assembled for a shindig in Troon, Ayrshire) that they had “no excuse” for producing only a single Scottish Conservative MP at Westminster: DD evidently failed to appreciate the force of nationalism, which led Scottish nationalists to vote for the Scottish Numpty Party just as English nationalists voted Conservative – apart from the 30% of them who had broken away to vote BNP and UKIP.


The Shitite-led Syrian Army bombarded the big Damascus suburbs of Harasta and Irbin – largely occupied by Solunnis (Guardian, 22 iii). Car bomb attacks in the capital and in Syria’s second city, Aleppo, had killed at least 30, while {Solunni} rebels had also destroyed a railway bridge linking Damascus to Deraa, according to official Syrian media. Diplomats {speaking the bl**ding obvious, as ever} warned the fighting could develop into a civil war pitching President Assad's Alawite sect and its minority allies {Christian and Jewish} against the majority Sunni Muslim population which the regime had failed to isolate towards the Turkish border with bribes and barbed wire.

In a new twist, the advocacy group Human Rights Watch said the {Solunni} rebels were themselves guilty of serious crimes, citing cases of kidnapping, torture and killings in cold blood.

Shocking the ‘international community’ of well-heeled multicults, the vast landlocked West-African country of Mali (estimated IQ 69 – Lynn & Vanhanen, 2006) lost its president in a coup as junior Black soldiers took over, determined to prosecute more effectively the civil war with the lighter-skinned Arabic Tuaregs of the north (who had supported and been trained and armed by Libya’s Colonel Gadawfu).

The Tuaregs’ ‘’National Movement for the Liberaton of Albottybadbad’ responded by saying they would intensify the civil war and grab yet more territory in Mali’s northern oil- and mineral-rich deserts (Guardian, 23 iii).


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One of the world’s greatest veteran stand-up comics, Jewish-American Jackie Mason, 75, shocked his BBC hostess on BBCR4’s ‘Desert Island Discs,’ the pretty rising star Kirsty Young, 43, by telling her there was very little racism around, certainly not against Blacks and Jews (Sunday Mail, 11 iii).

Kirsty bridled and – apparently forgetting her guest was himself Jewish -- came out with the mantra that it was surely up to minorities themselves to pronounce on whether they were suffering racism. But Mason (who had once been a rabbi) persisted, saying there never had actually been much racism and that minorities who professed to detect it were only trying to hide their own “inadequacies.”


A Harvard study of 829 companies over 31 years showed that diversity training (aimed to foster anti-racist attitudes and to help firms avoid lawsuits from whingeing ethnic minorities) had “no positive effects in the average workplace” (Harvard Business Review, 12 iii). Millions of dollars a year had been spent on the training which resulted in, well, nothing. Attitudes—and the diversity of the organizations—remained the same.


White-Asian differences in collectivism were linked to genes for a neurotransmitter, in work published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. ‘We demonstrate for the first time a robust association between cultural values of individualism—collectivism and the serotonin transporter gene,’ said Joan Chiao, from the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University, Illinois [for years the ‘liberal’ home of raving environmentalist/behaviourist and Burt-basher Leon Kamin] (AmRen, 12 iii).

Chiao and her colleagues combined data from global genetic surveys, looking at variations in the prevalence of various genes. The findings were matched with other research which ranked nations by levels of individualism and collectivism.

{Judiciously, Ms Chiao’s article made no reference to the 20-year old hypothesizing of such a genetic race difference in individualism-collectivism by Richard Lynn, Phil Rushton, historian Hugh Thomas and myself (1990 [reviewing Lynn’s Educational Achievement in Japan] Personality & Individual Differences 10, 9, 1016*).}

* ”....rice growing requires a communal spirit that would make the average wheat-growing European village seem positively anarchic. Rice growers must co-operate to ensure the widest distribution of river water [via each others’ fields]. A Utopian spirit comes into its own in such a context – whether imposing authority for the good of the community or championing welfare in the name of good labour discipline.

Wheat growers, by contrast, have little need to co-operate: in the Caucasoid social system the free (and even lonely) individual is responsible chiefly for his own family. Wheat growers’ attitudes and understandings thus tend towards legitimism, in which freedom and individual responsibility are valued more than monarchs or ‘communities.’

Such requirements of food-production systems arguably have consequences that are as much biological as social. While Caucasoids venerate the initiative of their young, Mongoloids have no evolutionary interest in loners or deviants.”


The 35th anniversary of Black Alex Haley’s fraudulent (and plagiarised) book and TV mini-series Roots (in which the hero professed to discover his ‘roots’ in the White enslavement of an ancestor) was solemnly celebrated by obese Black American female superstar Oprah Winfrey (AmRen, 13 iii).

Regarding the trans-Atlantic slave trade, Black thinker Thomas Sowell subsequently remarked that Roots “presented some crucially false pictures of what had actually happened—false pictures that continue to dominate thinking today.”


With unusual open recognition of the state of Britain created by its politicians and their dumbed-down comprehensive schools and luniversities, national death service [the NHS being largely devoted to oldies plus Pak children produced by incest], workshy handouts, dysgenics, peecee policing and third-world immigration, a top aide to CamCo’s Business Secretary LibDim Vince Cable branded Britain a "sh** heap" in a foul Twitter rant (Sun, 16 iii).

Balded, bearded and bespectacled chief government speechwriter Andrew Kaye — whose Westminster job was officially to promote the UK abroad — also described the country as "grey" and full of people "yakking on their f***ing phones".


Throwing a remarkable shaft of light on to politicocapitalism (casino ‘banking’ [i.e. borrowing] spurred by multiculturalist insistence on lending to subprimes and backed by socialism when it went wrong*), the British director of Goldman Sachs farthouse ooops finance house resigned, declaring the organization he had headed for twelve years to be “morally bankrupt” – in particular having scant regard for the interests of its “muppet” clients (who had relied on the firm’s name but had not the knowledge of arcane 21st-century fraudulence ooops financing to appreciate how they were being ripped off) (Guardian, 16 iii + leader 16 iii).

Greg Smith signed off as a Goldman Sachs executive director and head of the firm's US equity derivatives business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, writing: “I can honestly say that the environment now is as toxic and destructive as I have ever seen it.” {Despite this exposure, ‘firms’ continued to be allowed to use computers to bombard Britons in their homes day and night by phone to advertise their ‘services.’}

*Undaunted by the 2000-2008 bubble & crash resulting from the subprime lending demanded by Presidents Clinton and Bush (Jr), Britain’s CamCon Government decided to proceed down the same route, guaranteeing loans by British banks to anyone who was demonstrably financially incompetent ooops ‘in need.’


Britain’s £100Bpa benefits culture was condemned as a “total joke” by the country’s best-known businessman Lord Alan Sugar (worth £77M after rising from East End penury, and having “you’re fired” as his catchphrase in his popular BBC1 TV programme ‘The Apprentice’) (Sun, 17 iii).

Labour-appointed Enterprise Czar Sugar, 64 and himself a father of three, accused British teenagers of typically bumming around the world on a gap year before "doing a uni course that any brain dead can pass". They then refused to knuckle down to hard graft — wasting their time on Facebook and fantasising about aping its founder Mark Zuckerberg and making a fortune, he claimed.

Frustrated Lord Sugar said: "Youngsters have got to stop thinking about becoming the next Zuckerberg. It's a trillion to one chance. What they need is mater and pater to say, 'Get a job, son'." He urged parents to send their kids out to work at age 13 – even shelf-stacking and window-cleaning -- rather than letting them become stuck on welfare.

He said children were growing up with their heads in the clouds never knowing the value of hard-earned money. That left them spongeing off the state — which he also accused of pandering to them. {Evidently Labour-backing Sugar did not share the dumbing-down affirmative aspirations of LibDim-selected Access Czar Prof Hebephrenic Lesbos (q.v.) – the Luton goon venerated for his egalitarianism at LUniversity College London, according to a generously lunch-dispensing top academic visitor to Embra from The Smoke.--

We lunched for five hours at the Scottish National Gallery, overlooking Princes Street Gardens and staffed entirely by nice waitresses from Galicia, Peru, Belarus etc.}


Homosexuals – always their own worst enemies – bullied (or blackmailed?) British politicians into conceding ‘gay marriage’ – another ‘advance’ in which they were assisted by beardy-weirdy Rowan Atkinson, Archbishop of Canterbury, throwing in the towel after ten hopeless years of vaguely resisting yag (and wymmin) bishops.

The ‘Stonewall’ sheet-shitters little appreciated that their latest victory would serve only to drive ordinary Brits to accept the clear and compelling sexual insights of Islam (including eugenic polygamy as advocated -- at least for Blacks -- by William McDougall, by the CRB blogs 1996ff and vaguely by Williams himself since his 2005 pronouncement that Britain should prepare for Sharia law).


The British left’s two grandes dames, Lady Shirl ‘The Pearl’ Williams and the Grauniad’s Polly Garter Toynbee, went head-to-head on the question of how much privatization of its cash-gobbling operations should be allowed to the National Health ‘Service’ (in England) (Guardian, 16 iii) – showing the purblind indifference that only socialists could to the demands of ordinary mortals that they should be able to choose a GP offering same-day service, a hospital ward where English was spoken and, if the worst came to the worst, a prompt and painless death of their own previous devising (while of sound mind).


The Westminster HQ of Labour leader ‘Red Ed’ Miliband was broken into by burglars; but no damage was done – apart from to the kicked-in door – since there were no policies to lose.... (Sun, 18 iii). (The star egalitarian new plan of dumbing down Britain’s luniversities had already been stolen by ‘Business Secretary’ St Vince Cable and loony Luton Prof Les Hebephrenic [q.v.]).


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Monday, March 12, 2012


Beeboid and Guardianista backers of the ‘Arab Spring’ got their answer as Libyans, ‘liberated’ in 2011 from LSE-venerated Col. Gadawfu by Nato endeavour, smashed British ‘Desert Rat’ war tombs in Benghastly (tombs from the 1943 time when Britain freed the country from the Nazi-backed Italians).

As they overturned scores of headstones, a 30-strong armed Bongnazi gang shouted “Break the cross of the dogs!” in protest against Americans in faraway Afghastliland having put a few unwanted copies of the Koran on a rubbish tip (a protest in which a dozen Westerners had been murdered across the wretched Muesli-crazed Middle East in the previous week) (Sun, 4 iii, ‘Yobs wreck war heroes’ graves’).


Ten years ago, it was only this newsletter/blog which opposed the imposition of sodomy on boarding houses and of homosexualist propaganda on university student unions. The effete out-of-touch and out-of-date ‘churches’ (despite their feminization – needing cheap labour) did nothing.

In 2012, however, the godly [Catholic] bishops came forward not to condemn homosexualist tyranny [well established in the Blair-Brown days] but to condemn ‘homosexual marriage.’ Extraordinary! To condemn people for exempting themselves from death duties while making their divorces a costly process – and to indulge in the LOVE that Christianity had vaguely embraced post-1985!

{They certainly hadn’t been interested when I came to E’bro in 1970, preferring researchers to concentrate on more immediate ways of restoring church finances!} The Church had comprehensively forgotten that marriage was a contract between individuals and had never required priestly blessing.


Despite months of protest, Britain’s 85%-‘Conservative’ CamCo government ploughed on towards the 2012 Budget Day still planning to withdraw Child Benefits from any parent earning as much as £42.5Kp.a. (the top 8% of earners). These child benefits had never previously been means-tested; but, egged on by their LibDim coalition partners, the ‘Conservatives’ had proved incapable of avoiding the socialist temptation to fleece the rich, even if this meant penalizing Britain’s highest-IQ children. By their fruits ye shall know them!

{Meantime, Manchester divorcée Sarah Smith escaped a prison sentence after claiming and receiving £42K in benefits for ten children who did not exist and for another two whom she falsely claimed to be ‘disabled’ – Sun, 6 iii.}


In a multi-million-pound job-creation programme for 21st-century ‘liberalism’ and its staff (which allowed Arab hate preacher AbdulHellFarta to roam free in London with the help of £30Kpa benefits for his family of ten yet shipped off a silver-haired White businessman of 65 with a stick to be shackled and surely sodomized by Black convicts in a Texan jail), Norway announced, after nine months of official enquiries, that it would put Labourite-slayer Anders Breivik on hyper-expensive trial even though the killer of 77 already admitted his crime and though worthy psychiatric experts had already (by clear majority vote) found him insane (paranoid schizophrenia being the preferred diagnosis).

Whether, in all this, Breivik would be allowed to publicize his own (apparently articulate) account of his rationale for killing young Labourites whose party had been traitorously flooding Norway with rape-inclined Muesli immigrants remained to be seen. Breivik did not oblige the shrinks in the slightest, appearing entirely composed as he was arraigned (Sun, 8 iii).

{At least, all this folly could not be laid at the door of the EU, to which Norway did not belong.}


The disaster of two generations of socialist-liberal domination of British ‘education’ was nicely put on parade as no less than 40 of the wretched ‘teachers’ themselves went on strike in protest at pupils’ “dangerous” everyday use of fireworks, eggs, blades and foul language – all this at charmingly named ‘CastleVale Performing Arts College’ [800-strong, for 11-16-yr-olds, “achieving excellence together,” “an exciting place to be,” “Success for all!”], Birmingham (Daily Mail, 8 iii).

{Just what percentage of the ‘performing artistes’ in this notoriously bad area of Brum were Black could not be mentioned by MSM. The ‘college’ was one of Birmingham’s worst-performing schools in public exams.}


That smaller class sizes in schools made no difference to kids’ attainments (except in so far as richer parents and higher-IQ children were involved) had been known to Hans Eysenck by 1978 (The Inequality of Man); but it was confirmed in 2012 ‘research’ by some luniversity booby who never even knew he was reinventing the wheel (Beeb, 8 iii).

Ditto, leftie journalists were shocked to discover the racial divisions of ‘liberated’ Libya – where Arabs were busy (when not shooting them on sight) cramming Blacks together in cages and stuffing their mouths with the green flags of the Gadawfu regime for which they had worked (Student [Edinburgh], 6 iii).


Despite Western efforts to bring peace, demakrazy, anti-racism, feminism, social work and yaggery to the Muslim world (efforts led by the BBC and the Guardian), the ‘liberated’ tribes of Libya prepared for civil war (Telegraph, 7 iii, David Blair) and the Shitites and Solunnis of Syria killed scores of each other daily (and would kill far more if the West’s idealists achieved their objective of arming the Solunnis).

In Afghastliland, Britain got a bloody nose as six young soldiers were blown to bits by Mueslis before they had even had a chance of participating in the 21st-century peecee Russian-roulette-style sport of not-killing-Mueslis-but-just-waiting-to-be-killed-by-roadside-bombs; and in northern Nigeria a British effort to liberate hostages without too many coincidental Muesli deaths resulted only in the prompt slaying of the hostages.


As Britain’s level of unemployment (amongst those available for work) continued to hover at around 8.5%, it turned out that one group made an especially spectacular contribution to this percentage. Yes it was young Black males (not including students), who – for whatever reason.... -- had a jobless rate of 56% (compared to 22% for Whites) (BBC R4, 10 iii, 00:20; Guardian, 10 iii; Sky TV, 10 iii).


Jailed for 32 months was Stephen Kellaway, 54, who had a property portfolio worth £1M and and an annual income of £100K yet had snitched £43K in welfare benefits and faked his own death so as to ease his financial situation with £1.7 in life insurance. But, yes, this slimy piece of work (presumably with the help of a luniversity degree) had managed to practise in London for years as a “counselling psychologist” (Sun, 10 iii).


The latest instalment of British municipal madness came from West Sussex, where the profligate council turned out to have spent £100,000 on instructional videos such as 'How To Wash Your Hands'. In the previous week, council watchers had seen seen an autistic seven-year-old ordered by peecee officials to take down an ‘offensive’ pirate flag from his parents’ back garden, coffee banned at a mums' coffee morning and a lady pensioner fined for dropping a piece of thread (Sun, 10 iii).

In pot-holed Edinburgh, its streets carpeted with cigarette butts and chewing gum, press investigation continued into the vast costs clocked up by the city’s socialists for non-existent trams.


As British public debate turned to fresh demands by feminoids and yags for more and more ‘equality’ (i.e. minority worship), homos were given an answer by the august Charles Moore (D.Telegraph, 10 iii). If gay marriage were allowed, asked Moore, what other loves would require official recognition? Polygamy? Incest? Paedophilia?

{In fact, the first two of these were already available to Britain’s Pakistanis and funded by the British state; and lowering the marriage age would likely have an excellent (not least eugenic) effect so long as the senior partner had a degree and enough cash to fund the junior’s education and offspring.

But Moore’s spirited opposition to gay marriage provided a reminder that there was no necessity for it – not least since Rev Bliar had already provided ‘civil partnerships’ which allowed yags between-partner inheritance without death duties.

No: the only point to the new ‘equality’ campaign was to prepare the ground for criminalizing churches that declined to officiate sheet-shitter ‘marriages’, criminalizing any speaking out against them, and demanding legally enforced pro rata representation in the professoriate, the Cabinet, the Royal Family etc. Never was it more obvious that to pursue equality was to destroy freedom.}


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Monday, March 05, 2012


As the Spectator prepared for its London debate on immigration, one correspondent supplied the latest race news, as follows (1 iii):
"If we are going to have mass immigration (colonisation) wouldn't it be better to have immigrants like German rocket scientists instead of Nigerian scam emailers, Somalian pirates and witch doctors from the Congo?"

Talking of which, from today’s Daily Mail: "[Pictured:]The torture chamber flat where a Black (from the Congo) 15-year-old boy was beaten, stabbed and drowned because evil couple accused him of being a witch.

Kristy Bamu's sister Magalie, 29, and her partner Eric Bikubi spent three days torturing the youngster. Police found knives, sticks, metal bars and a hammer and chisel in the squalid east London flat where Kristy died on Christmas Day 2010. The adolescent was accused by the pair of taking part in kindoki -- or African voodoo. Scotland Yard has investigated 83 ritualistic or witchcraft abuse cases in the last 10 years, involving four child deaths.The latest victim suffered 140 injuries."

For visual aids of Britain’s latest sickening exercise in multiculturalism: Sun, 2 iii. In West Africa (e.g. Ghana), kindoki torture and killing of difficult and disabled children was widespread (e.g. BBC World Service, 2009, Sorious Samura), brought income for priests and was possibly eugenic; but, in London, the difficulty of secretly getting rid of the bodies presumably limited the Black practice (e.g. to bashing the kids’ teeth out with a hammer so they only occasionally died).


Children in Britain were increasingly failing to mix with those from different backgrounds, the British Government ‘warned.’ Despite two generations of multicult propaganda from politicians and the press, sackings of ‘racists’ and legal bans on criticism of third-world groups, young people no longer socialised with peers from other social and ethnic groups, leading to a ‘fragmented’ society, said Cabinet Office minister Nick Hurd (Daily Mail, 2 iii).


Residents of a leftist housing settlement in central Berlin were shocked to find themselves and their favourite pub attacked by baseball-bat-bearing Mueslis from nearby (AmRen, 1 iii). Whether the Mueslis were aiming to clear more space for themselves or just protest at the artistic ways of the leftists was unreported; but what was clear was that the leftists for several days, in their ideological confusion at being shown violence by a ‘minority,’ declined to tell police and the press of their embarrassment.


As UK PM Daft Dave declared he would ‘do something’ about Somalia (an ungoverned E.African wilderness invaded by Mueslis and using piracy from its enormous coastline on to the Arabian Sea as its only profitable living), it transpired that the UK had actually in recent years admitted some .500K Somalis who were providing the main financial input for Alf-Queerda-style terrorism in their native land (D.Telegraph, 3 iii, Michael Burleigh & Sarah Rainey, ‘Boom in British jihad’).

{Roll on Clottish Nationalist ‘independence’!? At least the border with deranged ‘England’ – infested by PeeCee, inspired by socialist vote-getters, encouraged by capitalist labour-seekers and its ‘border’ staffed by Paks -- could be sealed!}


The besotted ‘liberal’ goons of the Norwegian establishment (assisted by a few psychiatrists), instead of demanding (at least) A LIFE FOR A LIFE from mass murderer Anders Breivik and his family and friends, proposed to dub the killer a ‘paranoid schizophrenic’ and thus to hospitalize him kindly (with three meals a day plus billiard room access) for a few years – neglecting the g factor which had, in Breivik’s case, clearly been quite sufficient to enable the nutter to plan and execute the slaying of seventy Labour-loving youngsters.

{Under Norwegian law -- familiar only with coping with nice Norwegians and their occasional aberrancies -- the maximum prison sentence for Breivik would have been 21 years.}

{England had made a similar mistake in the 1980’s in merely imprisoning ‘paranoid schizophrenic’ Peter Sutcliffe for the well-organized murder of thirteen prostitutes – requiring hundreds of thousands of hours of police work to detect this “mad” man. By 2012, Catholic gravedigger Sutcliffe, housed in Broadmoor [England’s top loonybin], had cost UK taxpayers a further £5M in luxuries and supervision.}


Boastful claims that multiculti Duke University [Wm McDougall’s stamping ground in the 1930s] had, after a couple of years of supposed education, managed to equalize its Black and White entrants were exposed as rubbish: research (by an economist and sociologist) showed Blacks had simply transferred from science to easier-grading courses in social science (Weekly Standard, 20 ii).


Writing for the Guardian (21 ii), pretty Feministe correspondent Jill Filipovic drew attention to shocking male-on-male rape rates in the USA – apparently exceeding those of male-on-female rapes.

“The Justice Department now seems to be saying that prison rape accounted for the majority of all rapes committed in the US in 2008, likely making the United States the first country in the history of the world to count more rapes of men than of women.”

How so? Jill naturally blamed excessive incarceration in the USA and a ‘licence’ to prison staff to molest whoever they fancied etc. Naturally, her long article drifted along without a single mention of the key word ‘Black.’

{Pity the white-haired London businessman and golf club president Christopher Tappin, 65, seen off by his tearful wife for extradition to be jailed alongside rampant fat-pricked Blacks in the USA because some of his firm’s clever batteries had found their way into Iranian hands!

By contrast, Muesli terror fanatic Abu Retarded, the Jew-genocidal homophobic right-hand man of the deaded Bin Liner, stayed safely in London, with his family costing UK taxpayers £1K per day as Britain defended his Brussels-decreed ‘uman rights.}


Distinguishing himself from many leading Liberal Sodomites ooops Democrats (q.v.), the leader of the British National Party, Nick Griffin MEP, 52, responded positively to the blandishments of a trim, pouty, high-foreheaded, wide-eyed and breast-enhanced former glamour model, 40, who (encouraged by her BNP boyfriend) had managed to lure father-of-four Griffin into her car in a Kent carpark where, she claimed, later denouncing him as a “sex pest,” he undid his flies and prepared for the sexual rapture which she had long encouraged (as he had [in emails] praised her “silky legs” and jested she would not need to wear many clothes in France – to which she had travelled to give him a lift..., after a car crash) (Sunday Mail, 26 ii).


A gene (controlling oxytocin receptivity) was found in females to convey 50%-enhanced affection, bonding, tranquillity and disinclination to divorce (Sunday Mail, 26 ii). The finding came from DNA research by the same Stockholm group that had previously reported a similar gene in males (controlling vasopressin).


Britain’s July staging of the Olympic ‘Games’ was enlivened as big-nosed, bespectacled and bejowelled union leader ‘Red’ Len McCluskey (61; born and bred in the Irish colony of Liverpool docklands), whose Unite union was Britain’s largest and Labour’s biggest donor (£1.5M in 2011), proposed to use the “opportunity” to bring his London staff out on strike, hopefully accompanied by ordinary citizens engaging in civil disobedience in equal protest against CamCo’s {largely non-existent} ‘public sector cuts’ (Sun, 29 ii).

Said Len from his plush office: "The [Coalition] attacks being launched on public sector workers are so deep and ideological that the idea the world should arrive in London and have these wonderful Games as though everything is nice and rosy in the garden is unthinkable." "Our parents and our grandparents, having defeated fascism in Europe, came back determined to build a land fit for heroes. They gave us the welfare state, the National Health Service, universal education. All of that is being attacked," he added.

He thus promised a world-witnessed demonstration of age-old socialist lunacy which would give CamCo the opportunity to ban strikes not supported by two-thirds of a workforce and anyhow to charge unions (via class action suits) with the full costs of strikes. McCluskey indicated that unions would refuse to comply with any such new laws, even if that meant calling strikes illegally."If [ministers] make these attacks against us, trying to limit the type of strike action … if they push us outside the law, they are going to have to live with the consequences of that," he said.

{Rumania surely opened up training in Tube-driving and Boris-bus-driving for keen emigrants....} {Horrified at the possibilities, Labour Leader Ed Millilitre promptly implored McCluskey to get off the air waves. Even Millilitre’s sidekick, feminoid Harriet Harperson, thought McCluskey a tad unpatriotic. But Labour did not send back the money or boot out the Scargillite throwback McCluskey.}


In a happy development of high-grade elitism, Oxford University received a bequest of £26M from New Yorkers Ahmet Ertegün (hailing from Turkey, b. 1923, son of Turkish Ambassador to USA, music mogul [discovered Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin], d. 2006) and his aristocratic wife Mica (from Rumania, her court doctor father imprisoned by the Communists, m. to Ahmet 1961, leading interior designer).

The couple (who had already given substantial sums to universities in the USA and Turkey) specified their legacy (one of Oxford’s largest-ever, perhaps matching the munificence of Viscount Nuffield [founder of Morris Motors]) as being for some 25 3-yr bursaries annually for academically selected crême-de-la-crême postgraduates in the humanities (including archaeology, art history, philosophy and theology) and supplied a delightful 5-storey central-Oxford Georgian townhouse in which Ertegün bursarees could meet and receive lunches and special mentoring (Guardian, 29 ii).

Ahmet Ertegün had been central to the discovery and development of some of the biggest music names of the last century, from Ray Charles to Aretha Franklin to Otis Redding. As the gift to Oxford was announced, guests included John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin's bass player, who said Ertegun was both terrifically erudite and "more rock'n'roll than all of us put together. He was an inspiration to us and he was an innovator".

Mica Ertegün said she had a dream "that, one day, Ertegün scholars will be leaders in every field – as historians and philosophers, as archaeologists and literary scholars, as writers and composers, as statesmen and theologians". They will be “like a family,” she told the Telegraph (1 iii), and would get more money when she died.

{An answer to the CamCo-supplied, dumbing-down ‘access tsar,’ loony Luton ‘Prof’ [of hairdressing] ‘Les’ Ebdon, appointed by UK CamCo’s LibDim St Vincent Cable to bring the ‘disadvantaged’ [rather than kids of IQ x achievement] to Oxbridge (q.v.)! Thank heaven for ‘rock’!!}


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