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Just as ‘international experts’ got quieter and quieter about twentieth-century theories that Africa’s problems were due to poverty, malnutrition, lack of education, AIDS, colonialism, racism etc. and instead increasingly blamed ‘corruption,’ it transpired there was apparently a high negative correlation (-.57) between national levels of ‘perceived corruption’* and IQ -- allowing low IQ itself to cause** ‘perceived corruption’ which correlated equally negatively (-.61) with national level of development. (See 'Children of the Millennium’, a pro-IQ and pro-eugenics site conveniently covering many IQ x race questions and including Richard Lynn’s 2002 figures on national development x IQ and my own table (previously reproduced by Arthur Jensen in 1998) dealing with the importance of IQ as a correlate and probable cause of some sixty social and personal variables.)

* Calculated by Transparency International (“a civil society organization leading the fight against corruption;” headquarters in Berlin) – see 2006 rankings in which Finland, Iceland, New Zealand, Denmark, Singapore and Sweden were rated the least corrupt countries and Congo (Democratic Republic), Sudan, Guinea, Iraq, Myanmar (i.e. Burma) and Haiti the most.

** Presumably it is easier to swindle the low-IQ. A Middle-Eastern adage goes: ‘It takes two Turks to swindle a Greek; two Greeks to swindle a Jew; and two Jews to swindle an Armenian.’


As a medical team at U. Washington in St Louis reported that DNA variations on the gene CHRM2 (a neuronal receptor gene on chromosome 7) were linked to intelligence, they issued for media consumption the normal snow job of saying the links were chiefly to Performance IQ (and not the .6 correlated Verbal IQ) and that the gene’s expression apparently reflected complex environmental-genetic interaction (UWSL Record, 8 iii); but this research group was the third to find CHRM2 linked to intelligence – without hedging qualifications being necessary by scientists in Minnesota and Holland. The gene seemed to be emerging as worth some 15-20 IQ points if all its DNA markers pointed in the same direction. Leading researcher, splendidly bonny blonde blue-eyed psychiatrist Diana Dick concluded with traditional wisdom and non-offensiveness: “Perhaps as many as 100 genes or more could influence intelligence. I think all of the genes involved probably have small, cumulative effects on increasing or decreasing I.Q., and I expect overall intelligence is a function of the accumulation of all of these genetic variants, not to mention environmental influences ranging from socio-economic status to the value that's placed on learning when children are growing up." But it appeared that one gene of substantial effect, at least in its extreme variations, had in fact been discovered.

Just how this story was suppressed by the mainstream media during March was a matter for fascination! Faced with the pretty Dr Dick, the media hacks of peecee neo-Marxism had apparently felt there was no alternative to just pulling down the shutters.

Torygraph columnist Jan Moir poked fun gently (21 iii) at the Prime Minister of Finland, Matti Vanhanen, who had been pictured in a kiss-and-tell book by a disgruntled ex-girlfriend as a simple-minded chopper of wood, taker of saunas and gourmand of baked potatoes who had met her via a dating agency and trysted her at Ikea. How much more fun could Jan have had with this (actually successful) centre-right prime minister if she had taken the trouble to discover that Matti's father was the race-realist co-author with Richard Lynn of the Black-bashing IQ and the Wealth of Nations and was called Tatu - like the young and pretty `Cheeky Girl'-style Russian pop music duo!


The former Portuguese centre-right premier Jos‚ Manuel Barroso, who in 2006 had become the European Union's top executive, rained on the peecee parade, saying he backed `the right to offend' and that "We have to show respect for all communities, but the fundamental right of freedom of expression is to me more important than other collective rights" (Daily Telegraph, 22 xii; News24, 22 iii) - though he did not reveal what he actually intended to do about `political correctness killing our freedoms.'

As a law student in Lisbon in the late 1960s, Barroso had passed around an illicit copy of "Je t'aime, Moi non plus" a heavy-breathing French tune of a love-making couple that Portugal's Fascist dictator had banned as too racy (Moscow Times, 23 iii). "I could not buy the books I wanted. Or listen to the music I liked," said Barroso. "My generation saw Europe as ... a destination for those who wanted freedom and democracy."


Pope Pius XII, long accused by some of making a less than 100% effort to limit Jewish deaths in the Holocaust, turned out to have asked the British ambassador to the Vatican to see to it that no Black soldiers were brought into Rome as part of the 1944 Allied invasion (Guardian, 23 xii). Commenting on the revelation, an Italian historian said the Pope's appeal reflected the view of the Holy See throughout World War II that Rome was a "symbol of Western culture ... a patrimony to be entrusted to the care of the White race." Defending Pope Pius against the charge of `racism,' the conservative Il Giornale hit back with an article insisting, as peecee convention demanded, that Pius XII was "not in any way a racist".

But the newspaper admitted Pius had had good reason to fear the arrival of troops from North Africa. As apostolic nuncio in Bavaria immediately after the end of World War I, he had been a witness to what happened in the regions of the Rhineland and Ruhr, which were occupied by French troops including North African Blacks who notoriously committed dozens of rapes.

The Guardian added that, during World War II, "It is a matter of historical record that North African troops under French command committed many atrocities in the area known as Ciociaria, south of Rome." Such events were dramatically captured in Alberto Moravia's 1958 novel La Ciociara (translated as Two Women - N.B. plot `spoiler' follows): a Roman mother (played by the dazzling Sophia Loren in the subsequent unforgettable and heartbreaking 1960 film) and her 13-year-old daughter Rosetta survive hunger, cold, filth, Italian Fascists on-the-run and rogue German Nazis only to be raped by a gang of Moroccan soldiers under the command of liberating French forces (a horrifying sequence in the film, capped by a freeze-frame close-up of Rosetta, her face a taut mask of terror amidst her leering rapists), resulting in Rosetta having a nervous breakdown and turning for a while to prostitution.


As the American Whites' political class dug its head ever-deeper into the sand to deny the failure of its efforts to bring multiculturalism and democracy to Iraq, Kosovo or Israel,* America's Black leaders likewise hid from the failure of their own multiculti dreams as the Blacks and Mexicans of Los Angeles managed to kill 269 of each other in gang-related incidents in 2006 (American Renaissance, 21iii) - in a race war which the ethnic-cleansing Mexicans seemed to be winning.

* Even the peace in ethnically divided Bosnia - purchased by ethnic cleansing and tens of thousands of U.N. troops over 15 years - was said to be "fragile" (Daily Telegraph, 24 iii). On 26 iii, the Torygraph recorded (`Bosnians still face decades of danger'): "The legacy [in Bosnia] of a conflict that claimed 110,000 lives is still haunting a country coming to terms with the loss of the security that British troops have helped to provide. As they pull out, an air of profound unease permeates the atmosphere."


As Britain's great'n'good met for a ceremony in Westminister Abbey to show piety about the once-lucrative slave trade (while recalling that Britain was the first country ever to refuse to accept slavery on its own soil and the first to abolish and stamp out the trade, finally liberating its own slaves in the West Indies 30 years before American Blacks were freed), their deliberations were disrupted by a shaven-pated but bearded Black man, Toyin Agbetu, 39, a member of a `human rights' group called Ligali, who stormed up to the altar, remonstrated with Brenda and Bliar for several minutes, and especially demanded reparations and that all Black Christians leave the Abbey (which they didn't) (Daily Express, 27 iii; ThisIsLondon, 27 iii).

How Britain's sanctimonious liberal bigots must have wished that all Blacks had been returned to Africa after slavery ended - as had been the USA's founding-father Jefferson's plan! (The chief problem with the plan was that Black countries understandably did not want any return of their criminals and revolutionaries or their genetic descendants. Indeed, some were still petitioning London in the 1920s for the trade to be resumed.) (Only peecee Britain's first Black archbishop [of York], John Sentamu, felt able to poke a little fun, saying of Agbetu (Daily Telegraph, 28 iii): "I hope the depth of anger he expressed is matched by that [of the anger which] he should have [felt] towards those African chiefs who grew fat through the capture and sale of their kith and kin for trinkets."


As U.K. elections approached, with the forces of freedom in the same disarray which emerged when they failed to protect me from being sacked by Edinburgh University in 1997, I proposed via such email addresses as I had, that as many of the following as possible (virtually all of whom had spoken out bravely in defence of free speech in recent times) should get together to back anti-PeeCee candididates in seats where such cross-party support could make a difference. I suggested that candidates wishing support would renounce all legal restrictions on free speech embedded in the Race Relations Acts and 'human rights' legislation of the previous 40 years and demand proper academic tenure in universities (with no tenured academic to be sackable merely for speech or the alleged consequences of speech).

Academics for Academic Freedom; British Declaration of Independence; British National Party; Civitas; Council of Conservative Citizens; Lawyers' Christian Fellowship; Liberal Democrats; Libertarian Alliance; MigrationWatch; Politeia; Scottish Voice; Spiked; The New Party; UKIP. Timothy Garton Ash; Anthony Browne; Nick Cohen; Professor David Coleman (Oxford); Baroness Caroline Cox; Janet Daley; Mary Dejevsky; Dr Frank Ellis (Leeds); Lloyd Evans; Professor Niall Fergusson (Harvard, but British); Sean Gabb; Ruth Gledhill; Michael Gove MP; Sir Andrew Green; Evan Harris MP; Emeritus Professor Roy Harris (Oxford); Max Hastings; Simon Heffer; Mick Hume; Peter Hitchens; David Irving; Simon Jenkins; Boris Johnson MP; Anne Leslie; Rod Liddle; Emeritus Professor Richard Lynn (Ulster); Alan MacDermid; Leo McKinstry; Ian McEwan; Patrick Mercer MP; Charles Moore; Luke O'Farrell; Andrew O'Hagan; Glen Owen; Dr Henry Palairet (Edinburgh); Alasdair Palmer; Edward Pearce; Melanie Phillips; Libby Purves; Salman Rushdie; Andrew Scull (President, Oxford Union); Bob Spink MP; Sir Archie Stirling; Professor Norman Stone (Istanbul, but British); Sean Thomas; Andrea Minichiello Williams; Richard Younger-Ross MP.

Naturally I expressed the hope that they might think of calling themselves eventually by the name I had long suggested, `National Liberal'; and I suggested they might add more spice to a pro-freedom pact by making it also a pro-youth pact (legalizing cannabis, votes at 16; school track choice; age of sexual consent 14). But I stressed the main thing was to reject the growing liberal-left tyranny and to give hope for the future, showing that the libertarian right could get its act together


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Some history.


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The Reverend Fred Nile, the leader of the New South Wales Christian Democratic Party, who was re-contesting his upper house seat at the March 24 state election, called for a 10-year ban on Islamic immigration to the Workers' Paradise. He wanted the immigration department to give preference to persecuted Christians while studies on the impact of Islamic immigration were carried out during the moratorium. Mr Nile had previously called for a ban on the wearing of full-face scarves in NSW. Death threats to him were promptly forthcoming.


A new film by Evan Coyne Maloney about peecee/multicultural indoctrination on American campuses was released and began to be discussed in Fox News and similar places. A trailer could be seen here, which also provided an opportunity for readers to pester the American film industry to get on with distributing it.


A fine tribute to the liberal realist Parisian philosopher Jean-Francois Revel was provided in Times Literary Supplement (16 iii) by an admirer, Henri Gautier, a French journalist working for the BBC. Revel had been a clear, stylish and amusing thinker who had resolutely opposed communism, nationalisation, socialism and anti-Americanism in his country. He was in the tradition of Montesquieu, Tocqueville and Raymond Aron and was perhaps most comparable to Britain's George Orwell. He actively assisted organizations like Britain's Academics for Peace and Freedom which took on the left's Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament; for example he memorably attended and talked at an APF conference at the Queen Mother's Cumberland Lodge (near Windsor Castle).

Like the economist Lord Peter Bauer around 1980, he saw that the West's descent into `White guilt'* (in the increasing absence of redeeming Christianity) boded ill, saying: "Clearly, a civilization that feels guilty for everything it is and does will lack the energy and conviction to defend itself." Hearing of rising demands from French intellectuals that France should ban American films, he remarked: "I would happily wallow in the magnificent filmography of Albania and Tanzania on one condition: that the choice should be mine." His remaining spiritual children were the likes of Bernard-Henri Levy, Alain Finkielkraut, Pascal Bruckner, and Andre Glucksmann.

For fuller discussion of Revel by Gautier, see `Liberty's champion,' Open Democracy, 4 v 2006.

* `White guilt' about Africa etc. was perhaps first recognized and symbolized by Salvador Dali in his 1943 sculpture and painting `The Poetry of America: Cosmic Athletes.'


After a winter of lively discussion in the Anglosphere of Richard Dawkin's atheistic claims -- closely linked by him to his Darwinism -- historian of science Jim Endersby, University of Cambridge, pointed out (Times Literary Supplement, 16 iii) that Darwin's Origin of Species, had actually led to Christian faith being reaffirmed by Victorian intellectuals such as author, Cambridge professor and Chester canon Charles Kingsley, who regarded a long world evolution and elaboration from simple principles as preferable to the bleak geological discoveries of Charles Lyell that the universe had existed for many millions of years without anything much (especially Man) happening, except for lots of God's `cleverly designed' species going extinct. Kingsley and others readily accepted the view of Darwin himself (2nd. edition of Origin, appearing one month after the first, in 1859) that: "There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers having been originally breathed by the Creator into a few forms or into one."

Altogether, atheism had had a dispiriting 20th century, with the failures of scientific promises to explain the origin of life, the nature of human consciousness, and the reasons for mass-scale human aggression (with the killing of hundreds of millions taking place without any of the stimulus from religion which atheists had claimed to detect in wars and tyrannies of the past). So it was interesting to learn that Darwin had not just been polite to his wife about religion, but had been similarly polite to fellow academics too - evidently entirely lacking Dawkins' combative atheistical spirit.


Even in days of American and British troops giving their lives daily to bring the delights of multicultural delusion to a deeply divided religious-maniacal Iraq* and an opium-preferring Afghanistan, the reporting of suspicions of blind, obese, seat-swapping, jibberish-speaking and much-praying imams on a U.S. aeroplane put the complainants at risk of being sued -- thanks to `human rights' legislation enacted by Western traitorous `idealists' caring nothing for their countries and everything for their own careers (Cherie Booth style) in the international legal stratosphere (American Renaissance, 19 iii).

* In Iraq, Shitite and Slunni terrorists were queuing up to realize (however strangely) Rev. Dubya's dream of `bringing them on' and were only restricted by Bush and Blair waiting for a moment when they could square at least a fraction of the press to declare `victory' and thus allow them to withdraw troops.


Shadow Education Minister Boris Johnson MP said boys were suffering from a lack of male role models because many men were avoiding careers as teachers for fear of being smeared and hounded as paedophiles (Sun, 21 iii). Boris had been told that, to support his own kid's rugby team by travelling on a coach to Bath, he (along with other fathers) would have to have Criminal Records Bureau checks.


Academic freedom chalked up a significant victory at Oxford (at least pro tempore) as the pro-immigration movement Students Action for Refugees (STAR) called off its petition to sack Professor David Coleman (co-founder of MigrationWatch). The University had decided to hold without conspicuous enthusiasm or indeed animus of any kind the rather basic position that professors were allowed freedom of speech within the law; but it had at least prevailed. Apparently breathing a sigh of relief, NuLabour's Higher Education Minister, Bill Rammell, felt able to manage late-in-the-day mealy-mouthed approval, telling MPs at Westminster (Oxford Mail, 21 iii): "The University has backed the academic in question and, from the evidence I have seen, that is in accordance with institution's governance arrangements. In those circumstances, that's absolutely the right thing to do."

The Guardian was not so sure and had its investigative journalist David Pallister (21 iii) `link' Professor Coleman via the Galton Institute to the estimable Baroness Caroline Cox (longstanding Thatcherite, Christian and more recently UKIP supporter - so expelled from the Not-the-Conservative Party), the gutsy Glayde Whitney (the late behaviour genetics professor and London School member in Florida [photoed in London with Richard Lynn at the Galton] who in 1997 had defended Raymond Cattell and myself against what he called The Fourth Inquisition) and the spirited U.S. `far right' politician David Duke (to whose sadly anti-Semitic* though otherwise fine autobiography, My Awakening, Glayde Whitney had provided a sympathetic Foreword); but the newspaper's online correspondents overwhelmingly rejected Pallister's smears, mainly congratulating MigrationWatch on its careful objectivity and accusing Pallister of `playing the man and not the ball.'

Needless to say, Pallister had failed to note the leading roles played in the Galton's recent proceedings by such well known `fascist Nazi race realists' (strangely so far un-outed..) as professors (or equivalents) Patrick Bateson (Cambridge), Tom Bouchard (Minneapolis), Ian Deary (Edinburgh), Douglas Detterman (Cleveland, Ohio), Robin Dunbar (Liverpool), James Flynn (Otago), David Galton (St Bartholomew's Hospital, London), Lesley Hall (Wellcome Inst., London), Daniel Kevles (historian of science, Yale), Milo Keynes (Cambridge), Paul Kline (Exeter), Nick Mackintosh (Cambridge), Nick Mascie-Taylor (Cambridge), Marcus Pembrey (London), Robert Plomin (Cambridge), Pat Rabbitt (Manchester), Mark Ridley (zoologist, Oxford), Michael Rutter (Inst. Psychiatry, London) and Colin Tudge (science writer and broadcaster, London) - all listed at the Galton's website.

* For a full consideration, see my review, `Mein Kampf for Louisiana.'

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A fine article in an unexpected place, the usually left-learning London Review of Books (8 iii), by Yale politics professor Bruce Ackerman, doubted the wisdom of at once democratizing and further hobbling the House of Lords, concluding " is wiser to fine-tune the operation of a largely meritocratic House of Lords than to create a half-heartedly democratic chamber." {My own very similar position as a `democratic elitist', following William McDougall, was announced ten years ago.}


That the problems of Africa were most reasonably understood as the creation of its own people turned out to have been bravely elaborated for six weeks by a Ugandan journalist - without drawing the slightest attention from the West's cowardly, hysterical and Peecee-dominated press (Monitor [Kampala], 7 ii 07).


100 years after William McDougall said Blacks should be allowed polygyny and breed from their brighter men, Bleck U.S. music producer Ricky Lackey, supposedly on the cusp of a $2 million deal that would net him $300,000 upfront, told a court (where he stood accused of fraud and theft) that he was expecting six babies in August, 2007 - by six different mothers (Cincinnati Enquirer, 10 iii).


Canadian Jewess Holocaust survivor and New York author began telling Jewish students they should not complete Hitler's work for him by inter-marrying with Christians (Ottawa Citizen, 7 iii).

With similar brazen racism, the thuggish `militia' of Zimbabwe's `anti-colonialist' dictator Robert Mugabe, broke two ankles and one wrist of a Black female protester, Sekai Holland, 60+, and left her purple from beatings, saying her main crime was to be married to a White man (Daily Telegraph, 17 iii). Commenting on the equally serious assault by Zim's "criminally insane savage" on Black opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, columnist Simon Heffer wrote: "One of the many ignorances of the Left is that they think only white people are capable of being horrible to blacks. How dreadful that it has taken the wounds on Morgan Tswangirai's head to convince old Lefties like [Foreign Secretary!] Mrs [Margaret] Beckett that they might have been blitheringly wrong all these years."


An economics professor on study leave from the University of Nevada Las Vegas announced he was organizing a conference in Turkey at which Richard Lynn, Tatu Vanhanen and Volkmar Weiss would discuss the legendary under-achievement of Black African countries (Las Vegas Sun, 11 iii). Hans-Herman Hoppe, a tenured professor of economics at UNLV, had previously made headlines in 2005 when he explained his theory in the classroom that homosexuals tend to plan less for the future because they don't have children. The Jewish Anti-Defamation League promptly declared the conference, to be held in a hotel, "unacceptable."


As part of an excellently damning response to Ghana's `birthday' celebrations (costing $20M) of the 50th anniversary of its independence from Britain, historian Niall Ferguson supplied the interesting statistics that, at Independence in 1957, the average Brit was worth 37 times as much as the average Ghanaian; whereas, by 2006, that gap had widened to a 92-fold difference (Sunday Telegraph, 11 iii).


A `policy review group' composed of Daft Dave's clones, listened as figures such as Professor David Coleman, business leaders and Home Office statisticians gave their guesstimates as to the likely long-term effects of immigration, lately running at 200K p.a. As well as predicting expansion of the U.K. population to 70M by 2050 due to immigrants and their progeny, Professor Coleman warned that Britain was moving away from an intelligence-based and towards a `car-wash' economy of semi-slave labour. He was reported sympathetically in ThisIsLondon (13 iii) and the Daily Express (13 iii) - but apparently nowhere else, and whether the word `race' was ever mentioned by discussants at the beano was not mentioned.


The editor of Spiked, the healthily liberty-loving Brendan O'Neill, condemned `Conservative' Daft Dave's attack on his colleague Patrick Mercer in excellently unequivocal terms (13 iii), concluding: "Our thoughts and words should not be the business of `anybody else', that sly codeword for the new thought and speech police who believe they know what's best."


In a quantum leap into outright beyond-1984 mendacity, a Home Office minister actually denied that Blacks were over-represented in gun crime (Sun, 14 iii). Dominica-born Black Baroness Scotland, 52, made her fatuous statement to a committee of MPs, claiming there was no evidence of excess gansterism among Blecks, even as Lords Leader Baroness Amos - also Black - was launching a charity intended to give Black teens the chance to escape gun violence. {Abroad, NuLabour continued its 10-year policy of fawning on Bleck loon-tyrant Robert Mugabe who had collapsed ex-Rhodesia's economy in the course of handing White-owned farms to his `war veterans,' yielding annual inflation of 1,700% and his having police detain and beat up Zimbabwe's brave and scarcely-surviving Leader of the Opposition.}


Shocking those who had not previously seen the magnificent buttocks of South Africa's Saartjie Baartman drawn in John R. Baker's book Race (Oxford University Press, 1974 [depublished for `racism']/ Foundation for Human Understanding, 1981, p. 325), fresh drawings of Saartjie showing her spectacular breasts and saucepan-lid-sized aureolas appeared in the West (e.g. Daily Telegraph (Review), 12 iii). Understandably, the new pictures of the 20 year old Bushman/'Khoisan'/'Sanid' `beauty' did not apparently show her extraordinary penis-like external genitalia** (actually elongated labia minora) which readers of Baker would have noticed; and press accounts (e.g. Spectator, 10 iii) dwelt chiefly on Saartjie's supposedly miserable life on exhibition in London and (after Macaulay took legal action to free her***) in Paris (where she died of brandy, overwork and smallpox, pneumonia or syphilis [from multiple intercourse when prostituted in Paris, and/or from scientific examinations] at 26 in 1815). Commentators did not consider what Baker had thought the likely `sexual selection' of Bushwomen's erogenous zones (rather than their being for water or fat retention in arid conditions). Nevertheless, race realism must have won quite a few converts as soppy postmodernists choked on their breakfast cornflakes when glimpsing the sensational pictures en route to finding the obituaries for loony-tune Baudrillard (who had been wont to believe that even Gulf War I was an event only of the media). (There had been a 1999 film about Saartjie by Zola Maseko; but it won South African prizes for anti-racism so presumably had dwelt more on Saartjie's privations than on her protuberant pudenda..)

* The word `Hottentot' was coined by early Dutch settlers in South Africa to describe the distinctive clicking sound of the Khoisan language.

** The British described Saartjie's genitals as like an apron, "the skin that hangs from a turkey's throat." Extended labia can be inherited or induced/enhanced by manual stretching (in some South African regions they were considered attractive).

***The London prosecution of her Black master (himself a freed slave who had become the servant of a visiting British military surgeon in the Eastern Cape) was actually unsuccessful because Saartjie (an orphan and single-parent mother when first taken into service as a wet nurse in South Africa) testified in court that she exhibited herself of her own volition and participated reasonably in the profits. But the rogues of the piece (respectively, Cesars and Dunlop) deemed it wisest to take Saartjie to Paris for sale to a circus trainer.


As patients' operations were deliberately delayed to save money, and trainee doctors were obliged to `compete' for jobs via a lottery in which the chief ingredient was a self-concocted autobiography, the `morality' of Britain's Great White Elephant NHS was revealed as it failed to allow the sterilisation begged by a pregnant redhead mother of two, 22, who, despite contraceptive and coil use unfaulted by doctors, had been through six unwanted pregnancies by her vigorous (and sheath-splitting) 23-year-old boyfriend (Sun, 15 iii). {Cognoscenti had long realized that the NHS was really a National Death Service, catering largely for oldies so as to keep them just about alive and thus supporting the jobs of the largest workforce in Europe outside the Red Army. Notoriously, its surgeries and clinics offered no service outside Mondays-Fridays 9-5, obliging patients to take time off work if they decided to beg for the treatment for which taxpayers amongst them had already paid.}


Having failed to defend Dr Frank Ellis in 2006 when he observed that Black people were, on average, intellectually inferior to East Asians and Whites, Leeds LUniversity took the obvious next step and cringed pre-emptively before more `anti-racist' hysteria, cancelling a lecture by the internationally known Jewish scholar Matthias Kntzler (research associate at the Vidal Sassoon international centre for the study of anti-Semitism at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) as soon as a few Muslims complained of the planned talk, titled "Hitler's Legacy: Islamic Anti-Semitism in the Middle East" (the same talk which Kntzler had just previously given at Yale) (Guardian, 15 iii; Commentary, 15 iii). Dr Kntzel said: "It is a worrying trend. If I say something which is not positive about a particular brand of Islam, the implication is that I am inciting hatred of every Muslim. I am very concerned about this -- it is an attack on academic freedom. We are seeing it more and more, particularly in the UK." A German author and political scientist, Kntzel later accused Britain of being "the worst country for stifling debate on Muslim extremism."

The Times reported (15 iii) what Dr Kntzel had written: "AntiSemitism based on the notion of a Jewish world conspiracy is not rooted in Islamic tradition but, rather, in European ideological models. The decisive transfer of this ideology to the Muslim world took place between 1937 and 1945 under the impact of Nazi propaganda . . . "Although Islamism is an independent, antiSemitic, antimodern mass movement, its main early promoters, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the Mufti and the Qassamites in Palestine, were supported financially and ideologically by agencies of the German National Socialist Government." (Jewish Political Studies Review, Spring 2005) An online correspondent added: "The Grand Mufti of Jersusalem was invited by Hitler to Germany to help form the Bosnian Muslim SS troops involved directly with mass extermination of Jews. Protocols of Zion (virulent anti-semitic tract) is the most popular book in Middle East. EU Report 2005 stated anti-Semitism was highest in Europe since WWII and due to Muslim perpetrators in the main. Home Office reported Jews four times higher victims of attacks than any other group: Muslims the were main perpetrators of these attacks."

Leeds Luniversity's suppression of Jewish free speech was enough to elicit a slap on the wrist from Observer funnyman Jasper Gerald (18 iii).


A dramatic gain of one year in `all-round academic development' was found in four children who took fatty acid dietary supplements as part of a study conducted from Imperial College London (Times, 12 iii; TV Channel 5, 15 iii, 8p.m.). Such improvement had been anticipated in Chapter 4 of The g Factor and the leading clinician involved in the new research, Professor Basant Puri, said further results would soon be forthcoming from 5,000 children who began taking fish oils in County Durham in 2001 (Northern Echo, 12 iii).


The Galton Institute was given the best publicity it had had for years as left-wing crone Teresa Hayter (with a little help from hard-left Observer columnist David Aaronovitch) linked it (Guardian, 16 iii), in the course of continued attack on those wishing restrictions of low-quality immigration and breeding, to Professor David Coleman, Sir Andrew Green, distinguished medical journalist Anthony Browne, Conservative Shadow Health Secretary Liam Fox, eugenics, race realism and to Galton's own original statement that democracies "must in self-defence withstand the free introduction of degenerate stock." {Applications for membership were eagerly awaited by the Galton's General Secretary on 020-8874 7257.. The Telegraph's Jeff Randall deplored the vilification of Professor Coleman as a racist (16 iii).}

Monday, March 12, 2007


(Updated post)

1. Oxford's dissed demographer David Coleman (see earlier blog entry) was given a full page of defence in the Telegraph (8 iii, p. 4) -- which he used to effect. He called "breathtaking mendacity" the STAR students' claims that they were not attacking him personally, that they did not want him sacked, and that they sought debate about immigration; and he defended the Galton Institute (though not mentioning that Hans Eysenck, Art Jensen, Richard Lynn, Phil Rushton, Glayde Whitney and myself had been among its star speakers and organizers..) The Daily Mail (8 iii) published exceptionally full and sympathetic coverage of him and the Galton (and nicely damned Ms Hayter as a debutante-turned-Marxist and found two Oxford left-ish students who were ashamed at what had been done to Professor Coleman in their name). At the national level, STAR was ticked off by the National Lottery, which said its award for 'helping refugees' was not to be used for the purposes of seeking academic sackings.

2. A Cambridge student who reprinted in Clare College's magazine Clareification anti-Muslim cartoons (showing Mahomet as a paedophile) was defended in Spiked (8 iii) - an article by Steve Bremner insisting that even racial criticism and joshing should be ring-fenced from peecee hysterics.

3. As 'Not the Conservative Party' shadow homeland security frontbench spokesman Patrick Mercer M.P., O.B.E. (an Oxford history graduate and Army battalion colonel of 25 years experience) said (in an interview about the modern Army for the Times) that a lot of idle ethnics used 'racism' as an excuse for their failings and was promptly sacked by Daft Dave Cameron (Guardian, 8 iii), scores of friends, political colleagues, constituents and former Black soldiers of his came forward to ridicule the idea that either he himself or what he had said was 'racist' (BBC, 8 iii).

Still, there remained life in PeeCee - with the British-based Association of Social Anthropologists denouncing descriptions of tribes as 'Stone Age' and 'primitive' (Washington Times, 8 iii, Jennifer Harper).

A London supporter commented: "Mercer is the latest in a line of Tory MPs who suddenly poke their head over the race realist parapet and find themselves in the cold -- Winston Churchill Jr and John Townend are the previous two who come to mind. They cannot be unaware of the consequences yet they still do it. The only plausible explanation is that the subject is so powerful within them that their anger eventually bursts through their caution. Sadly, having made the courageous spurt, they always turn to Maoist-style public confession of fault afterwards."

4. The 'centrist' Independent was so worried by resistance such as in 1-3 that it complained of "resurgent racism" in Britain and recruited top Black leftie New Statesman columnist Darkest Howe to complain that the right was speaking with "new confidence" (9 iii, p. 1). India's Daily News and Analysis also thought Prof. Coleman worth worrying about (10 iii) - though assuring readers he had attracted "the wrath of his students."

5. The Liberal Democrats' website carried a statement defending Professor Coleman's right to free speech by LD MP Evan Harris (9 iii) (though Evans himself had apparently long campaigned against MigrationWatch's mistrust of immigration). Presumably agreeing with their MP and member of the Parliamentary Human Rights Select Committee, the LibDems thus became the third important British political group in 2006 to declare themselves unequivocally in favour of free speech - the others being the British National Party and the Libertarian Alliance. Dr Evans' statement also dealt with STAR's criticism of the Galton: "The reference to eugenics in the petition based on the history of the Galton Institute is plain silly. We cannot stop debate about genetics and population just because someone shouts 'eugenics'. I urge the petitioners to debate with or to ignore our opponents, not to try to ban them."

6. I wrote to Evan Harris (as in similar terms to several friends and political contacts): "May I respectfully suggest that the LibDems immediately open negotiation with other parties directly to arrange an agreed stance on free speech and an electoral pact for the forthcoming elections? The hounding of Professor Coleman and the sacking of Patrick Mercer surely indicate a paramount need for free speech to be defended before the tyranny of political correctness sweeps all before it. I believe that a pact on freedom could yield an electoral landslide, for everyone can understand that, without free speech, the parliamentary processes of our country are pointless. You may like to recall that the attack on Professor Coleman followed the silencing of three British academics (Frank Ellis at Leeds, Armand Leroi at Imperial College London and Satoshi Kanazawa at the LSE) in 2006 for speaking about race, genetics and IQ (and the silencing of Professor Geoffrey Sampson at U. Sussex in 2000 and the sacking of myself from the LUniversity of Edinburgh in 1997 for similar heresy), so it appears the efforts of the left's hysterical 'anti-racist' neoMarxists and hangers-on are hotting up."

7. David Coleman was brought on to BBC Radio 4's flagship 'Today' programme (10 iii) to defend MigrationWatch's estimate that immigration had been worth 'a Mars bar a week' to the average Brit. This he did with academic cool, avoiding any mention of which immigrants contributed more and which less, and of what Black and Pakistani immigrants would be costing in ten years time as they imported more drugs, guns and illiterate wives, had large and/or fatherless families, ran into health problems, and failed to impress their children with how superior life in Britain was to life in the auld country.

8. A fine defence of Patrick Mercer and attack on Daft Dave Cameron was provided by senior columnist Edward Pearce in the Guardian (10 iii), concluding as follows. "Cameron is being commonplace, limp, tide-borne, fashionable, not inclined to think when he can be seen to mimic action. He comes over as a slight unmeritable man slavering in the best Pavlovian fashion before jumping through all the received standard hoops. He is a politician not worth trying to be interested in. I repeat the words of Mr Mercer's black sergeant. "I have worked for him, eaten with him, shared the night sky with him and he is not a racist." That's good enough for me, but clearly not for David Cameron. Mr Mercer is indeed not a racist, but out of cowardice and mediocrity of mind and spirit, David Cameron has sacked him. The thing speaks for itself."

Sunday, March 11, 2007


A short racial critique, doubting Blacks' benevolence, willpower and intelligence, was published in Asian Week (California) (reprinted here after its grovelling withdrawal). The episode prompted one top Mandarin-speaking columnist in the U.S.A. to say he routinely found Chinese to be racist, especially anti-Black, when speaking to each other in Mandarin; but that they equally routinely toned down their racism when addressing Whites.

The 22-year-old author of the offending article, Kenneth Eng, was soon sacked by editor (surname: Fang) - though he had survived after previous articles in which he had criticized Whites and East Asians.


Rod Lea, the New Zealand government scientist who claimed that Maori carry a "warrior" gene that makes them more prone to violent and aggressive behaviour stood by his research linking Maori excess of the MAO-A gene to courage or aggression, though saying his findings had been distorted by politicians and the media too eager to use them to explain high Maori criminality (New Zealand Herald, 6 iii).


After psychologist Frank Sulloway's excellent review in New York Review of Books estimating hý for intelligence at around .60 (see this diary/blog, xi 2006), that grand old soft-left developmentalist trooper, Jack Kaplan, wrote in to complain about the methodology of twin studies, only to be shown magisterially by Sulloway (NYRB 54, 4, p. 56, 15 iii) that all his points had been answered in post-1960s studies, notably in the Minnesota work of Tom Bouchard (originator of the handy summary of what is going on, `nature via nurture'). Using the (seldom tried) method of comparing the similarity among MZa twins (r = .74) and DZa twins (r = .38) (useful for cutting down especially the possibility of twins having similar shared environments - raised by Kaplan), Sulloway noted hý for IQ would thus be estimated as .72 - well in line with the claims of Chapter 3 of The g Factor (1996/2000).


A brave Spectator article by Lloyd Evans about gun crime in Hackney, East London, said (3 iii): "The problem lies with individuals. There's a failure of brainpower, imagination and ambition. A failure of will. One thing you notice in Hackney, and in any city in Britain, is how many people are addicted to life at the bottom. There are swarms of them everywhere, all ages, all races, slouching around in baggy nylon leggings and smock-tops blazoned with the names of the multinationals who manufacture them. Who dresses these people in loserwear? They do. Why? Because they're stupid. They make poor choices. They can't analyse or plan, they can't expand their horizons or imagine a different future for themselves. It's here that gun crime originates: in the mind of a sweatshirted dimwit who thinks a career in drugs will lift him out of the ghetto." Why, the article even twice mentioned the word Black, so credit where credit is due!


After pretty Somalian Muslim survivor and rebel Hirshi Ali was sneered at as an `Enlightenment fundamentalist' by the West's wimpish Ian Buruma and Timothy Garton Ash, a fine defence of her was provided by Christopher Hitchens (Slate, 5 iii).


1. Oxford's dissed demographer David Cameron (see earlier diary/blog entry) was given a full page of defence in the Telegraph (8 iii, p. 4) -- which he used to effect. He called "breathtaking mendacity" the STAR students' claims that they were not attacking him personally, that they did not want him sacked, and that they sought debate about immigration; and he defended the Galton Institute (though not mentioning that Hans Eysenck, Art Jensen, Richard Lynn, Phil Rushton, Glayde Whitney and myself had been among its star speakers and organizers..) The Daily Mail (8 iii) published exceptionally full and sympathetic coverage of him and the Galton (and nicely damned Ms Hayter as a debutante-turned-Marxist). At the national level, STAR was ticked off by the National Lottery, which said its award for `helping refugees' was not to be used for the purposes of seeking academic sackings.

2. A Cambridge student who reprinted in Clare College's magazine Clareification anti-Muslim cartoons showing Mahomet as a paedophile, was defended in Spiked (8 iii) - an article by Steve Bremner insisting that even racial criticism and joshing should be ring-fenced from peecee hysterics.

3. As `Not the Conservative Party' homeland security frontbench spokesman Patrick Mercer (an Oxford history graduate and Army battalion colonel of 25 years experience) said (in an interview about the modern Army for the Times) that quite a few idle ethnics used `racism' as an excuse for their failings and was promptly sacked by Daft Dave Cameron (Guardian, 8 iii), friends and former Black soldiers of his came forward to ridicule the idea that either he himself or what he had said was `racist.'

{Still, there remained life in PeeCee - with the British-based Association of Social Anthropologists denouncing descriptions of tribes as `Stone Age' and `primitive' (Washington Times, 8 iii, Jennifer Harper).}


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Monday, March 05, 2007


Faced with the migration of many of its males abroad, Kyrgyzstan bit the bullet and legalized polygamy (advocated for poorer countries by William McDougall in 1905) in a proper attempt to ensure both quality and quantity of procreation for its future (Daily Telegraph, 1 iii 2007).


Demography professor David Coleman, 59, found himself attacked for his anti-immigration and pro-eugenics views by `liberal'-leftist students at Oxford University who called for his sacking (Guardian, 2 iii). A Fellow of the Galton Institute and an Oxford prof since 2002, Coleman had given university talks saying things such as: "the economic consequences are mostly trivial, negative or transient, that the interests of more vulnerable sections of the domestic population may well be damaged, and that any small fiscal or other economic benefits are unlikely to bear comparison with its substantial and permanent demographic and environmental impact." He was defended by Oxford West Liberal Democrat MP who said that, provided the views of the don were "legal and delivered lawfully, he had every right to express them without fear or retribution from his employer."

The attack on Professor Coleman followed the silencing of three British academics (Frank Ellis at Leeds, Armand Leroi at Imperial College London and Satoshi Kanazawa at the LSE) in 2006 for speaking about race, genetics and IQ (and the silencing of Professor Geoffrey Sampson at LU. Sussex in 2000 and the sacking of myself from LU. Edinburgh in 1997).


A useful update of London School `personnel' appeared on the net, provided by educational psychometrician-psychologist Dr Alex Beaujean (Baylor University, Texas; and a Member of the Galton Institute) - giving pictures of leading figures from Galton to Gottfredson, linking to biographical notes about each, and allowing handy access to some papers - not least Beaujean's own review of the heritability of mental speed measures (averaging .40) which reports the broad heritage variance for inspection time (from the one twin study conducted) to be a creditable .56.


As Perthshire 5,000-acre millionaire laird Sir Archie Stirling of Keir, 63, emerged in the press in 2007 as founding a "centre right" political party, Scottish Voice [to support Scotland's 300-year-old union with England, to oppose political correctness and the nanny state (Daily Telegraph, 28 ii 2007) and to `bring into politics people of quality' (Scotsman, 5 i 2007) at forthcoming elections for the Scottish Parliament], it turned out he had moved on from royally-connected society beauty Charmaine Scott (they married in 1964) to his four-year-older first wife, Avengers star Dame Diana Rigg (affair begun 1975; daughter born 1977; married 1982); to a brief sizzling affair with leggy blonde girlfriend actress Joely Richardson who, at 24 when the affair started, c. 1989, was half his age (and about to play a steamy `Lady Chatterley' for director Ken Russell) (a stunned Diana eventually agreed to take "50%" of the blame); and then (in 2000) to marry lovely petite Nigella Lawson-lookalike American-Jewish Sharon Silver who bore him a son in 2004 and in 2007 was also said to be half his age (Daily Telegraph, 4 i 2007).

(Both Joely and Diana got bruised by Archie, who crawled back to Diana upon discovery but could not prevent divorce ensuing in 1990. Joely went on to have a daughter by 7-year-older director Tim Bevan, but was dumped by him in 1997 -- for a younger woman. However, she recovered enough for flings with the 9-year-younger Robbie Williams and the 5-year-younger Jamie Theakston. Among Sir Archie's children was the 29-year-old actress Rachael Stirling (with a degree in art history), famous for her role in the lesbian TV drama `Tipping the Velvet' and ranked as Scotland's most eligible woman.)

The flamboyant laird and former theatre boss was clearly renowned as much for his bedroom as his boardroom achievements and well-suited to refreshing the Scottish Parliament (in which 61% of MSPs had never worked in the private sector and in which support for socialism and neosocialism was rampant among both Labour and `Nationalist' (Separatist) members. Keeping Scottish Voice policy-lite, in view of his own freely-admitted lack of experience of the problems which the Scottish Parliament had taken seven years to fail to solve, Sir Archie presumably intended to endorse candidates from other parties as well as to make nominations of his own.


England's best 20th-century historian, Oxford's Hugh Trevor-Roper (d. 2003), the true heir of Gibbon, turned out to have believed that ideas without power got nowhere, as with French doctors' attempts to impress the Church with the usefulness of chemical medicine, as with German Protestants of the 17th century needing to be saved by the wily Catholic Richelieu, and as with HT-R's own effort to resist the leftward march of the study of history and social science (Arts and Letters Daily, 14 ii).

What a sadness! But it seemed true. Plato and Aristotle only succeeded via their well-funded `schools'; Christianity got nowhere till Emperor Constantine came along; Protestantism only took hold in highly Catholic England thanks to Henry VIII's conversion; Newton's reputation surely depended somewhat on his being Chancellor of the Exchequer (and certainly on his practical invention of a new telescope); and Darwin had still not won his battle in 2007 (either in France or America, where most people still believed the sun went round the earth and that man could not be characterized as merely a `higher primate' (despite chimpanzees being found to make hunting spears from pieces of wood)).


The (feebly) rising tide of opposition to multiculti twaddle was remarked in Canada's National Post (28 ii) which especially noted that the Swedish Government was planning to ban girls under 15 from wearing the veil, to stop arranged marriages, to cut off funding for religious schools and to check Muslim girls compulsorily to see if they had been subjected to (already illegal) female circumcision. In Holland, a third of voters agreed with Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders that people of dual nationality (often Dutch x Mulimostan) should not be allowed to be MPs.


After three weeks of the Big Brother `witches'/'bullies'/'racists' (they had called pretty Shilpa Shetty a `poppadum') losing boyfriends and huge cash sums and being hounded to move house and attempt suicide - punishments grossly disproportionate to their `crimes' - their leader Jade Goody was cleared of `racism' by Big Brother creator Peter Bazalgette in the Observer (25 ii).


After 15 years of Western hysteria about under-age sex (especially unconscionable if one partner was an adult paedophilic downloader.), a pregnant British 14-year-old told journalists that such early pregnancy had become the fashion among British weenies (Fox News, 24 ii). "When my friends see my bump, they say they wish they could have a baby; then three weeks later they're pregnant," said London weenager Kizzy Neal, giving hope that British girls might pressure British politicians to help bring Britain's birth dearth to an end (e.g. by giving free university places to young married mothers).


In line with its firm support for choice in what to say, with whom to associate and which school to use for one's children, the British National Party further came out in favour of leaving regulation of smoking entirely up to owners and landlords (BNP News, 22 ii), which would most likely guarantee diversity of provision. {Just what was stopping the BNP and the Libertarian Alliance and even the Liberals talking to each other about a partially agreed platform [other matters left to referenda] and electoral pacts remained a mystery - especially as the single-issue UKIP party was being knocked out after infiltration by MI5 and exposure of rickety finances and possible breaches of electoral law.}


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