Tuesday, May 17, 2016


 Britain risked “flames” of racial and religious conflict because of a “liberal self-delusion” over the impact of mass immigration, the Black former head of HMG’s ‘equality’ watchdog Trevor Phillips (q.v.) admitted—if late in the day (Daily Telegraph, 10 v, John Bingham).

In a startling assault on decades of official multiculturalism and diversity policy, the founding chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission argued the UK was being allowed to “sleepwalk to catastrophe” by leaders too “touchy”, “smug”, “complacent” and “squeamish” to talk about race.

Drawing a direct parallel with Enoch Powell’s notorious “rivers of blood” speech, Phillips likened Britain’s politicians, media and educated elite in general to the Emperor Nero fiddling while Rome burned, unable even to recognise the “dark side of the diverse society”. “[Powell] too summoned up echoes of Rome with his reference to Virgil’s dire premonition of the River Tiber ‘foaming with much blood’,” said Mr Phillips.


 Britain’s ‘BREXIT?’ referendum got into full swing, with PM Daft Dave threatening that a LEAVE vote could end peace in Europe – i.e. precipitate World War III. In reply, LEAVE hero and Cabinet colleague Boris Johnson (‘BoJo’), as well as calling DD “dishonest” and “demented”, opined that the European Union represented a continuation of Germany’s age-old wish for empire – last manifest in the doomed efforts of Kaiser Bill and Hitler.

{Such dramatic speculations served to spare either side admitting complicity in years of low-IQ immigration and breeding, culminating in Mutti Merkel’s new millions of ‘Syrian’ rapefugees and in her already beginning WWIII with her provocations to Vlad the Impaler in the Ukraine and her siding with Turkey in the Solunni vs Shitite fight for control of Arabia.

But the dread topic of Black & Muesli immigration would surely surface as Europe’s social services were overwhelmed, as Whites had so conspicuously to behave like church mice under PeeCeee, and as competition-tolerant East Asia forged ahead economically and educationally.}

The lofty excitements of UK politicos were mirrored popularly in old-fashioned nationalism (vs the USSR’s early attempt at globalisation): the Ukraine won Eurovision with a song deploring Stalin’s evacuation of Tatars to Siberia – even though this evacuation of pro-German Mueslis had been a sensible move towards winning Russia’s Great Patriotic War (WWII).


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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Having failed for a decade to stand up for race realism, free speech, Christianity or crime control – abandoning all these in a vain effort to compromise with PeeCee – America’s Republicans were g*bsmacked as The Donald [q.v.] advanced to make his unique blend of Muesli-contestant nationalism and socialistic job  [“jab”] creation their party’s political philosophy for the foreseeable future.

When asked by the Guardian (5 v) to describe the impact on the Republican party of Trump’s dramatic rise towards nomination, Rick Wilson, a prominent conservative strategist who worked on the presidential campaigns of both George Bushes, replied: “What Republican party? The party I grew up in is done, it’s over. As long as Donald Trump is the definition of our brand, it’s dead.”

At his victory speech in Indiana, Trump bragged that the Republican establishment spent $8m in its desperate attempt to stop him, including 60,000 negative TV ads which he called “absolutely false and disgusting”. But he added: “The people are so smart they don’t buy it. They get it.”

For their part, the Democrats—along with much of the West’s ‘political class’ – were left holding the baby of globalizing multiculturalism which had enriched the new slavers in the international statosphere but increasingly alarmed ordinary folk as its ‘principle’ of free movement of people was rapidly undermining the welfare states for which people thought they had paid with their own families primarily in mind.

All that remained was for The Donald to pull in female votes by supplying domestic assistance (e.g. from social science students, as part of compulsory practical work on their luniversity courses) and to be seen co-operating with Vlad the Impaler to bring WWIII to a swift conclusion (notably with the eradication of ISICK and hangers-on).


Can Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton? Yes he can!

Surely Donald Trump is going to lose to Hillary Clinton in a landslide? America's first female presidential nominee against a sexist pig should be no contest. Especially when she's a former Secretary of Sate and he can't pronounce Tanzania.

“Mr Trump was born for the campaign trail. It suits his egomania. He relishes feuds and thrives on controversy. He is a narcissist who loves being on stage”

At the end of all this hullabaloo America will have another Clinton in the White House and "The Donald" will crawl back to his penthouse in Trump Tower to lick his wounds. ‘Make America Great Again’ hats will soon be retro souvenirs on eBay and the Republican Party will look back on 2016 as the year it went collectively, but only temporarily, bonkers.

The bookmakers certainly think that's how it will play out. They have Mrs Clinton as odds-on favorite. So do the pollsters - they put Mrs Clinton seven percentage points ahead, which would mean a runaway victory. But not so fast. This race hasn't actually started yet, and when it does things are likely to change dramatically.

Over the course of about five months Mrs Clinton is going to be subjected to the kind of sustained attack no presidential candidate has ever had to endure.

The Democratic primary race has been, on the whole, civilised. Bernie Sanders declined to criticise Mrs Clinton over the scandal of her using a private server for emails when she was Secretary of State. In 2008, Barack Obama was less charitable when he ran against her, but there was still respect.

Mr Trump, however, is going to throw the kitchen sink at her. No blow will be too low. His campaign will be governed by the principle that mud sticks, and there is a lot of it to throw. He will dredge up every seedy detail stretching back the Bill Clinton years. Everyone remembers Monica Lewinsky. But what about Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, They are all about to become household names again.

Paula Jones, who sued Mr Clinton for sexual harassment, has already been spotted at a Trump rally. Most people have also forgotten what the Whitewater scandal was all about. Mr Trump is about to start reminding them in great detail. Dubiously sourced stories will soon start mysteriously appearing in supermarket tabloids insinuating affairs, corruption and chaos in the Clinton camp.

On the internet it will be much, much worse. Already several unrepeatable rumours are doing the rounds there. At the forefront of the effort to undermine Mrs Clinton will be Roger Stone, Mr Trump's political henchman famous for being a member of Richard Nixon's notorious Committee for the Re-election of the President (CREEP).

Mr Trump, who likes to give his opponents a moniker, has already settled on "Crooked Hillary" for Mrs Clinton. The longer the investigation into her emails goes on the more that will stick.

Then there's Benghazi. Mr Trump will hammer the message that it happened on Mrs Clinton's watch and she was "asleep when the 3am phone call came". Expect the majority of Americans with military connections, and that's a lot, to back Mr Trump.

And remember that, according to some estimates, 43 per cent of American households own a gun {so as to warn off Blacks in America’s many thinly-policed areas}. Mrs Clinton hates guns. Mr Trump loves them so much he sometimes carries one around with him. But Mrs Clinton's biggest problem may end up being herself. Senior Democrats admit she is an imperfect candidate. She readily admits to not being a natural campaigner like her husband.

Mr Trump, by contrast, was born for the campaign trail. It suits his egomania. He relishes feuds and thrives on controversy. He is a narcissist who loves being on stage. When he sees television cameras his eyes light up and his mouth delivers perfectly formed sound bites.

In a country that lives through its television sets, Mr Trump will dominate the headlines and each day there will be a new outlandish diatribe against Mrs Clinton, played over and over again. Day after day he will also appeal to working class Democrats who have lost their jobs, vowing to bring those jobs back from China and Mexico if they switch sides.

Over time that seven-point lead will start to narrow.

Much will then depend on the three televised debates where Mrs Clinton risks appearing condescending toward her far less informed opponent, something that did for Al Gore when he lost to George W Bush.

Mr Trump will also have a special card to play. At some point during the debates he will turn to Mrs Clinton and say: "You're so crooked I was able to pay you to come to my wedding."

Can Mr Trump win? Yes he can.


After years of globalizing multiculturalism had served only to enrich international slavers, voters of the West began to assert their own basic interests. In America, ordinary Whites amazed MSM by elevating The Donald to have a chance on the White House; and Democrats split along identity lines, with women backing ‘Crooked Hillary’ and the young pleading for more of the pseudo-socialism that had turned their universities into ‘safe zones’ of political correctness run by maniacs for the new religion.

In Britain, Scots voted for Scottish nationalism (or UK nationalism – making the Conservatives the main opposition in the Holyrood mini-Parliament); the Welsh voted for Welsh nationalism (even winning the iconic Rhondda Valley from Labour) or UKIP; the Northern Irish became more tribalist than ever; and London’s Muslims (12% of the city’s residents) voted in a London mayor who had condemned moderate Mueslis as ‘Uncle Toms’.

In Germany, whose crackpot leaderene Mutti Merkel had offered the country as host to European civil war, the percentage accepting Islam as part of German life fell from its 37% in 2015 to a new low of 22% (Telegraph, 5 v). Yes, the disgruntled electorates of the West – knowing since the crash of 2008 that economics was a complete mess – were falling back on their more comprehensible and certain interests.


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Monday, May 02, 2016


 The most fearsome self-contradiction of multiculchalunacy exploded in the faces of its acolytes, yielding both a Mueslie MP and star Labour ex-mayor of London suspended from the party, Labour’s 2016 candidate for the London mayoralty accused of racism, and the party itself (especially in its university branches) widely suspected of antiSemitism under the cover of antiZionism (e.g. Daily Mail, 28 iv).

Labour had long been willing to wear the mantle of holiness that involved easy condemnation of the Holocaust and of any of Labour’s  serious political opponents as ‘Nazis’; but this caper finally became a victim of its own success as the resultant mass immigration temptingly swelled the numbers of Muesli votes far beyond those of Jews, as Mueslis generally maintained their historic antipathies to female wiles, to female education, to adultery, to homosexuality, to alcohol and to Jews, and as Jews themselves soon ceased to be the underdogs that they had so affectingly appeared in 1945.

Of course, the official leftist position was that it was Zionism that was opposed, not Judaism, let alone Jewry. But two generations of convenient multiculturalism had led socialists to support the Muesli takeover of Europe that was likely to be opposed only by Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump; and their multiculturalism had got them stuck with Islamist attitudes to and proposals for Jews that were indeed those of Hitler – who had in the 1930s encouraged and facilitate the relocation of willing Jews to Palestine, as Britain had agreed with American Jewry in 1917 to boost support for American entry into the First World War. Many in MSM, in pre-Corbyn Labour and on the cowardly multiculturalized ‘right’ were likely to seize the chance of fun.

By 29th April, a fifth of Labour’s Shadow Cabinet and a sixth of Labour MPs demanded publicly that the party’s only star, ‘Red Ken’ Livingstone, be expelled – even though RKL had done nothing but allude to the Haavara Agreement between Nazis and Zionists through the 1930s which had, according to the Jewish Encyclopedia, assisted the relocation of 60K Jews from Germany to Palestine.

More explosions were inevitable as holy multiculti Labourites learned that the attitudes of their belov├ęd Islamists towards Jews (and Christians and each other) were very far less civilized than those of Hitler. Said RKL: "How can the truth be an offence - if I had lied that would be offensive."“Everything I said was true and I will be presenting an academic book about that to the Labour Party inquiry,” he said.

The former London Mayor was referring to a book written in the 1980s by the American Marxist historian Lenni Brenner, who had noted there was collusion in the 1930s between campaigners for a Jewish homeland and the Nazis. Fanning the flames of Labour infighting, RKL said this 'history' was unknown to MPs of 2016 merely because "they don't teach it in Israeli schools".

In a further twist, he blamed his suspension on “embittered Blairites” who wanted to undermine his lifelong leftist pal Jeremy Corbyn (fourth-born champion of all underdogs – not least of Arab-Muslim Palestinians – and elected Labour leader by his desperate party in 2015).

He was strongly supported by the British left’s other star, ‘Gorgeous’ George Galloway (the only UK MP to have his argumentative skills commended by the US Senate).

Jeremy Corbyn’s director of strategy and communications, one Seamus Milne, weighed in with insistence that the foundation of the state of Israel had been a “crime”. The leftist Observer columnist Nick Cohen reckoned the “rot” of antiSemitism in Labour went deep (1 v):

"Go to any British synagogue or Jewish school and you will see police officers and volunteers guarding [Jews]. I do not want to tempt fate, but if British Jews were murdered, the leader of the Labour party would not be welcome at their memorial. The mourners would point to the exit and ask him to leave. If it is incredible that we have reached this pass, it is also intolerable. However hard the effort to overthrow it, the status quo cannot stand".

Hard indeed – to part with the millions of Muesli votes accumulated under the nice-looking banner of multiculturalism!


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