Monday, November 25, 2013


 The Co-operative Bank, a major self-righteous supporter of the Labour Party (accounting for a £1.5B hole in the bank’s finances), turned out to have been led by a serial crack cocaine and crystal meth user and drunk driver, one well-fed Rev Paul Flowers who had been convicted of gross indecency in a public toilet in 1981 and was also not unknown for giving opponents a poke or shove when they challenged him and giving boys drugs to prepare them for sex (D.Mail 19 xi, Leo McKinstry).

    The exposure came as Labour MP and former Eurocrawling Jewish bigwig Denis McShane was indicted for fiddling his parliamentary expenses (to the tune of £13K), thus joining a lengthening list of Labour and Liberal frauds (not to mention the outright hypcrites who sent their kids to private schools while insisting on bog-standard comprehensives for everyone else).


Black vicar charged after he 'carried out a fake marriage every day for 16 months' (BNP, 19 xi). A ‘vicar’ was charged with presiding over 492 fake marriages in 16 months - equivalent to one a day. Reverend Nathan Ntege was arrested in June 2012 following an investigation into sham marriages by the UK Border Agency. The 53-year-old was accused of conducting a string of fake marriages at the St Jude's with St Aidan Church in Thornton Heath, south London, between December 2009 and March 2011. Ntege was charged with 14 immigration offences, including one offence of conspiracy to facilitate unlawful immigration and 13 charges of assisting illegal entry in relation to 492 marriages held at his church.


  Britain’s fastest-growing bunch of immigrants, the ‘Roma’, were found to have been offering three-week-old babies for sale (£25 a head) in their chosen ‘home’ of lib-left-loving Sheffield, not to mention their women (whose prostitutional services fetched £5 per hour). Needless to say, noise and rubbish and thieving were equal parts of the picture of the gypsies’ total inability to integrate into British life. Police, ‘Border Control’ agents and politicians lifted not a finger – though Labour’s blind MP David Blunkett mused there might be riots.


The Middle East hostility between Shitites [relatively White] and Solunnis [Arab] which the West had carelessly inflamed spilled over big time into Lebanon (where the ferocious Hezbollah were Shitite allies) with two explosions killing 23 and injuring 160 at the Iranian [Shitite] embassy (Indie, 20 xi).

Divided Iraq also suffered an attack on Shitites by Solunnis and their AlQueerdo pals, killing a score or so. Despite Obarmy getting out of the ghastly area to concentrate on dishing out dosh to Blacks, it appeared that Saudi Arabia [Solunni] (with its German-piloted American planes) was keen for a fight – in the classic Muesli manner that had lost Islam the Crusades.

{The Saudis had Jewish support against Iran, Basher’s Syria, Hezbollah and southern Iraq; but just how long this alliance could last without weekly injections of US technology was unclear.}


Like this blog for twelve years, Tory MP Nick Boles urged support for ‘national liberalism,’ supposedly to counteract the Conservatives’ lack of grip on Scotland and the North of England (D.Mail, 20 xi). However, Nick [a long-time backer of Daft Dave] did not make it clear what was the ‘national’ element in his agendum: there was no mention of keeping out the low-IQ, despatching the current low-IQ to solve the problems of Africa, insisting that all low-IQ and kindred health problems be paid for by drug addicts themselves and limiting breeding by the low-IQ to a zero-child policy.

And his ‘liberalism’ did not involve defending free speech in the left-devastated luniversities or even in Britain’s already peecee-circumscribed press. Rather, Nick came across in the papers as chiefly in favour of yag marriage – hardly a policy likely to succeed oop North.


With its ‘schools,’ luniversities, elf service, yag church and non-police force already broken by years of peecee socialism, it turned out that Britain could not even (with whatever help of its EU pals) provide a considered guesstimate of how many gypsies (and other undernourished cases) would turn up from Romania and Bulgaria on January 1, 2014, to enjoy the vast salaries, housing benefits, elf care and nursery nursing [aka education] that Britain could provide while keeping a million of its own young people on the dole or in supermarkets (and doubtless dealing drugs and breeding pit-bull terriers) (D.Mail, 22 xi).


 The Christians and Muslims of the Central African Republic, who had had fifty years of independence (from French rule) in which to sort out their differences and areas of living, embarked on mayhem in which kids had their heads smashed with Kalashnikovs, women had their throats slit after being raped and men were thrown to crocodiles (Guardian, 23 xi).


As a couple (“not of British nationality”) were charged with enslaving three women for some thirty years, MSM (which was not allowed to mention the race of those involved) did manage to dig up a few other cases of slavery on British soil (in south London): one involved Pakistanis, two involved gypsies and another involved Hungarians (perhaps also gypsies) (D.Telegraph, 22 xi).

    Eventually the police graciously divulged that the new captors were of Indian and Tanzanian origin. Apparently two of the captives had voluntarily joined with their captors initially on the basis of “shared political ideology” but no-one could say what this ideology was {presumably because it was leftist}.


 A half-caste 14-yr-old schoolboy in Massachusetts raped his White teacher with a tree branch then slit her throat with a box cutter (AmRen, 24 xi). The motive for the murder was not obvious – some said the teacher had spurned his advances, but the youth left a note with his teacher’s body saying “I hate you all.”


The leader of ‘The Who,’ Roger Daltrey, said Britain’s loose immigration policy had created a poor work atmosphere for “my mates” and, for that, he would never forgive the nation’s leading politicos. “I will never, ever forgive the Labour Party for allowing this mass immigration with no demands put on what people should be paid when they come to this country,” Mr. Daltrey told The Sunday Times. Specifically, he faulted British Labour Party leaders for creating an economy that had wrecked job opportunities for legal residents.


The ever-growing authoritarianism of the left (which had closed the West’s universities and much of the press to discussion of race, IQ, sex differences or paedophilia) reached a new benchmark as the French parliament (or whatever the Frogs had) prepared to penalize the clients of prostitutes (at £1,250 for a first offence) (Indie, 24 xi). The lawgivers were apparently ignorant of how their proposed penalties would drive prostitution underground – together with the many diseases from which the (doubtless mentally handicapped and drug-addicted) girls suffered; and of how les gals could ever pay off their debts – often from being trafficked – unless by selling the only service they had.


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Monday, November 18, 2013


Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law a bill that forced relatives of terrorists to pay for damages caused by their family member’s attacks (BNP, 8 xi). It also boosted penalties for launching, participating in, or financing militant or terrorist groups. Under the new law, all damages – including moral damage – should be compensated “at the expense of the means of the person committing the terrorist act and also at the expense of the means of his [or her] family, relatives and close people.”

The term “close people” referred to those whose lives, health, and well-being were valued by the terrorist, due to the terrorist’s personal relationships with the individuals.

{An excellent move in the direction of CHOICE AND RESPONSIBILITY – making Mueslis, criminals, druggies, the obese and runaway fathers pay the full costs of their choices, with help if necessary from those like flatmates, employers and social workers who had knowingly sheltered them!}


  The limits of French communautarianism went on display as socialist President Hollande found himself booed on Armistice Day at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier by a range of political groups. The humiliated Hollande had to be whisked away in a police car. Seventy arrests of the more violent protesters were made (D.Mail, 12 xi).

{The only comparable event in Britain was four years previously when a lone student who had got himself excited about student university fees swung briefly from a flag at the Cenotaph – but he was a Cambridge history undergrad and claimed he didn’t know what the Cenotaph was....}


As HMG pressed ahead with its effort to regulate the press ‘voluntarily’ (or else newspapers would extraordinarily face paying the entire million-pound bills of complainants, even when a newspaper won its case), it met a pretty solid brick wall of refusal to co-operate from Britain’s editors (who evidently preferred to rely on their common law rights); but a worse blow for PM Daft Dave was that letters of complaint began to pour in from journalists’ organizations from all round the world, including one from the President of Ceylon (busy hosting the Commonwealth Conferences and giving Sri Lanka’s Hindu Tamils still more of a beating) pleading that Britain respect its ancient tradition of press freedom for which it had once been so much admired.


As the Phlippines were ravaged by a typhoon and thus got the first extensive TV coverage that they had ever had, the people seemed amazingly cheerful and polite (when not looting each other’s property and robbing food at gunpoint). So why were their buildings just wooden shacks when standards in East Asia were generally much higher? Of course, in such a pleasant climate (only twenty typhoons annually....) there was arguably little need for strong buildings. But Telegraph readers would recall the analysis offered by (Christian -- Anglican) novelist Michael Arditti (27 vii 2013, Review):

"The hypocrisy of bishops prompts questions about the true nature of the gospel for believers when faced, for example, by the juxtaposition of a strict moral code that means the Philippines is one of the few countries in the world to ban divorce, and where papal opposition to condoms means that families with 14 children end up living in rubbish dumps, but where the sex industry is booming."

The average IQ in the Philippines was 86 (Lynn & Vanhanen, 2006, IQ and Global Inequality) – though for reasons of courtesy, convenience and ignoracism it was mainly Philippinos of better IQ and passable English who got on to Western TV.


  The deadbeat nature of the UK Border Agency was exposed as, having failed to prevent the invasion of Britain by hordes of non-English-speakers (quite a few of them criminal, mad-Muesli and with big health problems ‘requiring’ taxpayer-funded treatment), it preferred to kick out at 28 days notice a 48-yr-old Sydney psychotherapist with two masters degrees, Mariam Miller, who had worked with the NHS for eight years without a blemish or benefit claim to her name (Independent, 13 xi).

{The UK’s immigration ‘services’ had long been staffed rather largely by Pakistanis in order to bump up the number of ‘minority’ staff in public employment.}


Already notorious for bullying businessmen to keep quiet about the horrors of breaking up the 300-yr union of England and Scotland, the Scotch Nohopers Party (SNP) issued attacks on the few Scottish academics (e.g. the Vice-Chancellor of Dundee University) who had dared to question the merits of separation. Far from welcoming open discussion, the SNP questioned even the academic credentials of dons who opposed it (D.Telegraph, 13 xi) – thus reminding the public that its fuehrer, Mr Fish, had been the first politico to condemn The g Factor back in 1996.

Academic free speech was robustly defended against the SNP by the Vice-Chancellorine of Scotland’s top uni, St Andrew’s University (D.Telegraph, 15 xi, p.1) – though whether this would stiffen the backbone of any of her cowardly colleagues remained to be seen.


As 55 years of disastrous American mismanagement of the Middle East came to an end (with most countries bitterly divided over the ‘Arab Spring’ which demakrazy-crazy US had unleashed and with half-caste President Barry Hussein retreating into America’s traditional ‘splendid isolationism’ where he could concentrate on beating up Whites by insisting they fund Black health care [‘Obarmycare’]), the Russians were quick to resume their pre-1956 role as Egypt’s big ally, sending their first high-level diplomatic deputation for many years, including their Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov (Guardian, 14 xi).


 Rather than confront its serious problems of criminality, stupidity and welfare dependency, the West (headed by Canada) unleashed a tsunami against paedophiles, arresting 341 discovered to have viewed dread images of naked boys (Indie, 15 xi). Whether a single child had been harmed in the slightest way was unspecified, but some 386 children were ‘taken into care’ just in case.

Social workers of proven incompetence in shielding children from layabout and cruel parents had learned from the tabloids how to be the heroes of the hour.

The arrests included 40 schoolteachers, nine doctors and nurses, 32 people who volunteered with children, six law-enforcement personnel, nine pastors or priests and three foster parents, said Toronto-based inspectress Ms Joanna Beavan-Desjardins.


  “Rich thickos” were no longer wanted in Oxford’s dreaming spires, said the university’s director of undergraduate admissions (D.Mail, 15 xi). Apparently Oxford had adopted the policy {recommended to it by me in 1968} of simply selecting the brightest applicants – though which tests of intelligence were involved remained unspecified.

{Not that I recall a single “rich thicko” from my eight years in Oxford – only rich young and perfectly bright masters of the universe who gave me a good time in their jeweller papa’s homes and beaches as I hitch-hiked around Ireland. But it was presumably tabloid-savvy to maintain that, somewhere in the mists of 1980, Oxford had become a bastion of illegitimate elitism.}


As the streets of Sheffield were policed by uniformed Pakistani vigilantes telling the latest immigrant arrivals, gypsies, to keep down their levels of noise and rubbish, it turned out this was not the only ethnic conflict generated by the last Labour government’s determination to “rub the noses of the right in diversity.”

In London, there had been tensions between the long-established Cypriot community and Johnny-come-lately Albanians, Kosovans and Kurds. Elsewhere, West Indians had clashed with Somalis (D.Mail, 15 xi, Richard Littlejohn).

{Still, all these Labour-invited third-world guests at Britain’s benefit buffet would doubtless vote Labour for years – despite three Labour ex-Cabinet members (J.Straw, D.Blunkett, A.Johnson)  mendaciously excusing themselves by mouthing for the media that their wilful policy of encouraging foreign influx had been a “serious mistake.”}

Britain’s mounting problems with its low-IQ slave labour population were castigated by Calais deputy mayor, Philippe Mignonet, who complained about Great Britain being a paradise for poorer immigrants and about the effect that it was having on his own Channel-port town (BNP, 15 xi). Deputy Mayor Mignonet bitterly complained that a combination of a failure by Britain to clamp down on illegal workers (estimated at 500,000), softness on asylum seekers and the welfare state meant that many Third World immigrants from the Middle East and Africa were trying to reach ‘paradise’ via France.

He complained that Calais was facing major problems with so many immigrants (mainly men and Muslim) and that these were yet again posing a similar crisis to the Sangatte immigrant camp of 2000 which had housed thousands of immigrants, mainly men trying to get into Britain at any cost. He stated; “We are facing a grotesque British immigration policy, if not hypocritical. Britain says, we don’t want immigrants but does nothing to prevent the black economy. Two million people work in the black economy in Britain.” {Just why Britain did not go over to charging for its services – albeit with concessions for longstanding contributors to ‘national insurance’ – was a mystery.}


 A review of 12K twin pairs worldwide (Science Nordic, 11 xi) ‘found’ political opinionation to be 60% heritable, thus confirming the 1977 work of Eysenck and Eaves – though these names were not mentioned, whether out of peecee cowardice or just ignorance.


 Muesli Uighurs of China’s Xinjiang Province (q.v.) killed two policemen (while blowing up nine of each other) (Observer, 17 xi), thus probably ending Peking’s longstanding cultivation of Pakistani and kindred fanatics – cf America finding that the only way to deal with its great Pak ally was with drones (plus dollar bribes).

Although enfeebled peecee Europe offered a bolthole (and benefits), it increasingly seemed that the death-wish-crazed Mueslis were effectively surrounded by China, India, Nigeria and Russia and would have no more chance of break-out than did Hitler in 1940.


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Monday, November 11, 2013


 New Home Office figures showed that – blessed by the UK’s ‘humanitarians’ -- almost one million illegal immigrants in the UK used £3.7billion worth of  taxpayer-funded health and education services every year; and, on top of that, a leading surgeon has had to endure a "fitness to practise investigation" by  the General Medical Council for refusing free treatment to an ineligible health tourist! (BNP, 3 xi, Phil Edwards, with a super visual aid of an overfed Black ‘arrival’ celebrating his getting to Heathrow [with the help of fixers in Lagos].


 As every day in Britain delivered new accusations of unspecified naughtiness of forty years ago against celebrities, a ‘lawyer,’ previously Director of Public Prosecutions, delivered his view that it should be mandatory to report the slightest suspicion of paedophilia to cops (D.Mail, 4 xi).

{Whether the paedohysteric, Keir Starmer, also proposed to penalize non-reporting of other suspicions of criminality – notably of planned Muesli terrorism – remained unknown [thanks to MSM’s usual cowardice in failing to ask the obvious questions].}

{By this stage, England had about a hundred elderly ‘paedophile’ celebrities awaiting trial – typically for having entertained enthusiastic teenagers at the BBC. Another goldmine for lawyers – one 83-yr-old had already sold a £1M house so as to fight his case.


The lunacy of the modern ‘green’ West went on display as a German town council admitted having spent £400K on two bridges over a road which were so lightweight that they could be used not by people but only by the bats for which they had been specially designed (D.Mail, 4 xi).

{Couldn’t bats fly? Or, even if the poor things were halt or lame, why did they need two bridges? No wonder the third world thought the West a soft touch and well worth a swim in the Mediterranean!}

   British dafties, keen to follow suit, announced they would gift £50K to a 21-year-old failed asylum seeker from Ethiopia so he could possibly ‘complete his education’ by qualifying as an aircraft pilot (D.Mail, 5 xi). A similar sum was available for the Ethiopian’s brother, who was desirous of a degree from ‘Manchester Metropolitan Luniversity,’ whatever that was.


After a hundred years of Labour’s ‘co-operative’ financial venture (dishing out pseudo-shares to users of its butchers, grocers and greengrocers) had seen collapse of most of the enterprise, a terminal stage was reached as 70% the ‘Co-operative Bank’ had to be sold off to American hedge funds (Guardian, 5 xi).


People fed up with socialist environmentalism and egalitarianism and lucrative bureaucratic plans could get a lift from Life after the State by American comic Dominic Frisby, espousing all of the libertarian PRO-CHOICE ideas advocated in the present blog (if lacking the genetic or racial realism that would really upset MSM).


 Britain’s dafties (all top-earning lawyers...) quickly moved in to grant legal aid to a Muesli terrorist on the run – having (though charged with 20 crimes) cut off his electronic tag in a mosque and  concealed himself in a burqa to make his escape from peecee-terrified UK police (D.Mail, 8 xi).

    Around the same time it turned out that, of the staggering sums in NHS hospital ‘compensation’ for filthy and degrading conditions (reckoned at £700 per patient), fully a half of the taxpayer monies thus dispensed ended up in the pockets of lawyers (D.Mail, 10 xi).


London Mayor Boris Johnson put his own influence behind the Speccie [which he previously edited] and the Mail and Torygraph in rejecting the draconian efforts of Lord Levisohn and Westminster to muzzle the press, saying in particular that Levisohn’s report should be dumped “in the privy” (Mail, 9 xi).


 As Remembrance Sunday came around (by now requiring all celebrities to wear poppies for three weeks), writers in both the Indie (Robert Fisk) and Guardian (Harry Smith) came round to my own view of twenty years ago that it was time to stop being beastly about the Germans, especially since our brave efforts in two world wars had cost us a million men, a disproportionate slice of our elite and our entire empire, the one consolation being to create a Germany with a first-class streamed educational system (a lasting memorial to Sir Cyril Burt), moving letters from a long-serving British soldier were discovered in a loft saying that he would move heaven and earth to prevent his own sons having to engage in war-fighting (D.Mail, 9 xi).

From Oz came news that the most famous living Australian, Rupert Murdoch was taking his papers on the path of creating a more ‘diverse’ country – a service which he had performed for thirty years in spineless Britain.

{Just why Eurocrats had not got around to inventing a common Europoppy in time for the inevitable commemorations and commiserations of 2014 was a mystery. Perhaps even they thought this a bridge too far in their nation-destroying antics – a feeling that would have been reinforced if they checked into telly and saw the tens of thousands of patriotic UK war veterans led by the Commonwealth elite at the Cenotaph.}


Not content with its efforts to stifle the press, HMG (Home Secretary: carin’ & sharin’ hater of “the nasty party,” ludicrous Camoronic ‘modernizer’ Theresa May) announced it would penalize any public speech that caused a “nuisance” – thus allowing any strolling pastor, Marxist or scientist to be picked up and harassed at police discretion (D.Telegraph, 9 xi, p.4).

Control of the internet in the name of limiting kiddieporn – or any porn at all – was also on the cards, bringing to an end the twenty years of freedom which the internet had provided and providing the natural culmination of the tyrannical wishes of politicians from 1966 onwards to criminalize ‘race hate speech’ (which by 2013 included virtually any mention of race differences whatsoever).


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Thursday, November 07, 2013


 A fine analysis of PM Camoron’s third-world-immigrant-loving policy of dishing out ‘benefits’ to every stray dog and avoiding the all-round slashing of handouts to layabouts and the disabled was provided by Mark Littlejohn in the Sunday Mail (27 x). New figures had shown that teenagers (for all their ‘computer skills’ and state ‘investment’ in their ‘education’) were less numerate and literate than people in their 50s. The article concluded:

"Sorry, Dave, if we want to again live in a country in which each generation will be measurably richer than its parents, then the truth is you have hardly started the job, let alone come anywhere near finishing it."

The problem of imitating ‘socialist’ pro-underdog policies (presumably to elicit votes from the vast number of Britons who paid no taxation) could hardly have been better exemplified.


 Britain’s cowardly politicians, having (out of their fear of being called racist) increased the UK population by 10M in twenty years (including gross overbreeding by Mueslis), predictably and shamefully announced they didn’t have enough houses costing £.5M for the (mainly illiterate) beneficiaries of anti-racism and who would have to have homes built for them in such famed beauty spots as Malmesbury, the Lake District and on the White Cliffs of Dover (Independent, 28 x). The former Poet Laureate, Andrew Motion, accused ministers of creating an atmosphere under which all ‘development’ was seen as beneficial – even when it intruded on treasured landscapes.


 India’s forever simmering ethnic tension between Muslims and Hindus, dating back to the 1948 failure to expel Mueslis to join their religious compatriots in Pakiland (leaving India with more Mueslis than any other country in the world), surfaced once more as seven bombs were detonated among a crowd in the eastern city of Patna, killing five and injuring eighty as they waited to hear speakers from their favoured (‘nationalist’) Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) (Independent, 28 x).


 The British Bolshevik Broadcasting Company (the chief source of ‘news’ for 80% of Brits), had turned over the years into a peecee outfit (as well as being devoted to yaggery, anti-elitism and feminism) found itself under attack (not least for its vast salaries, fantastic pension pots and ludicrous bribes to sacked employee) from Tory Chairman Grant Shapps who suggested he might slash the Beeb’s licence fee (£150 annually from each Brit with a TV regardless of whether they watched the BBBC’s tawdry output of leftist pieties) (Guardian, 28 x). -- A good challenge in the only language that the Beeb’s hugely overpaid bores and bureaucrats would be likely to understand!

   There was also some sign of HMG (belatedly) getting fed up with the preposterously avaricious and grossly incompetent ways of the National ‘Health’ Service which paid bureaucrats £.3M if they left one job to go to another quango and could never see a patient without a week’s notice. The bastardly nature of state socialism was never easier to see. {And many staff were obese lesbians just waiting for their next tea break.}

    Less optimistlically, a D.Mail correspondent wrote:

"Clipping the wings of this fabulous Soviet-style public service aristocracy, whether the BBC or the NHS, is long overdue. But please do remember that these people are Dave's and Jeremy 'Berkshire' Hunt's' mates and this noise is all about appearing to care what the public thinks before an election. Nothing will happen."


 Once HMG had handed ultimate control of the press (e.g. fining newspapers £1M for the slightest disobedience) to the ‘Privy Council’ (a body of retired and well-dined worthies), it turned out that the said Council had absolute authority which could not be challenged by Parliament or even the Queen (D. Mail, 28 x).

Just what political shenanigans would be covered up remained to be seen, but the wretched politicos were determined to punish the press for its exposure of MPs’ fabricated ‘expenses.’ Welcome to the land not run even by an elite hereditary House of Lords but by a politico-selected (and doubtless peecee-compliant) ‘Privy Council’! {Doubtless the next thing to go would be internet freedom. So much for 300 years of British press freedom!}


A succinct summary of Britain’s situation re third-world immigrants was offered by Peter Hitchens (D.Mail, 29 x). Still, the average (and especially higher-class) Brit probably welcomed the slave labour society of cheap cooks, barbers, gardners, childminders, newsagents, plumbers, clothes-sellers etc and had no intention of heading into the tornadoes of America or the bushfires of Australia – especially when half the world’s population regarded Britain as (at least pro tem.) as heaven on earth.


 The 33%* of the UK’s jailbirds who were Muslims were doing a great job of taking over Britain’s prisons – by gross bullying (e.g. threatening Whites with knives in the showers) -- unhampered by the prisons’ peecee guards/’officers’/ molly-coddled sub-traffic wardens. Yes, the Muesli takeover was coming thanks to the ‘multiculturalism’ on which all political parties (and their tomfool ‘leaders’) insisted. A Daily Mail correspondent explained (BNP, 29 x):

This scenario will only get worse as more of these Muslim cretinous arseholes are incarcerated.{Why not deported, perhaps after 60 lashes?} They target the disabused, the vulnerable and if that does not work they grind down the remainder. All in the name of their "religion" whilst the hard men indigenous criminals do nothing about it -- or are prevented from doing so. This cult is now becoming a fatal malady and at the heart of it are Multicultural and PC non-values.

* Islam in Europe:: In Spain: Muslims make up 70% of the prison population, but are only 2.3% of the country; France - 66% of the prisons, but only 7.5% of the country; Switzerland - 58% of the prisons, but only 5.7% of country; Norway - 30% of the prisons, but only 3% of the country; Netherlands - 26% of the prisons, but only 5.5% of country; Belgium - 20% of the prison, but only 6% of country Italy - 18% of the prisoners, but only 2.6% of the country....


An excellent presentation of how Pres. Barry Hussein had lost every American ally in the Middle East and effectively handed control to Russia was provided in Frontpage Magazine, 28 x. Evidently Obarmy, having completed the final ruination of US ‘policy’ since Suez, was turning to the serious business of ruining America by high taxation of Whites, toleration of Blacks attacking Whites, massive Spic immigration and supreme munificence to Blacks in the form of elf care.

    The complete failure of America to run even a tiny empire was illustrated as even leftist journalists began to note that, after twelve years of the West  occupying Afghooniland, there was still “rampant paedophilia,” with some 50% of young boys being bribed or coerced into “pleasuring” men for several years (while females were regarded as only suitable for breeding purposes) (Indie, 31 x, Chris Mondloch).


 As part of the hysteria that denied Black criminality and potholes in the road, New York made smoking illegal till age 21, thus hoping to bring the heaven on earth that ‘liberal’ lefties alway promised (Guardian, 31 x). It did not occur to the pious Noo Yawk politicos that smoking normally started their highly taxed habit at age 12 [Prince Charles started smoking at 11] and that smokers lived perfectly long lives, till 72, and then died quickly of lung cancer without any great charge to public funds.

Ironically, young NewYorkers were deemed capable of choosing to fight and die for their country at age 16. {Every day brought more restrictions on liberty in the West, the most serious being that of Britain’s loonies to restrict press freedom – which would presumably result in all non-boring British newspapers being published in Singapore and brought to London by pigeon post so as to avoid peecee goons.

Political worthies also wanted to reduce the sugar content of Britain’s favourite and traditional breakfast spread, marmalade....}


  The rarely mentioned topic of IQ was recalled in the Daily Torygraph (30 x) as Michael Young’s famous book of c. 1960, The Rise of the Meritocracy, was quoted:  “Intelligence and effort together make up merit (I + E = M).”  {Today [and since the 1990’s days of the thunderously nonsensical egalitarian ‘Conservative’ PM Mr John Minor – himself without any degree], Effort plus Training was the mantra, requiring kids to persist with lessons they didn’t understand and then to take and re-take babyish exams again and again until they got the desired result – which would fit them for some state-funded luniversity which would discharge them with an alleged 2:1 degree that would prove worthless for getting a job (except as a shelf stacker in Tescos.}


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