Monday, February 26, 2007


A fine defence of Western traditions was provided in the Journal of Religion, Culture and Public Life (xii 2006). Apparently even French intellectuals were coming round to that defence against (Muslim) tyranny for which their country had once stood.


An especially fine example of the cost of trusting Black men was provided as Jamaican Gene Morrison, 48, was jailed for five years for having pretended to be a forensic psychologist (Guardian, 23 ii). Over a thirty-year period, Morrison, called an "inveterate liar" by the trial judge and a "Walter Mitty figure" by police, had brought in at least 250,000 pounds for himself by providing part-fictional reports to courts and grieving relatives. Equipped with a bogus degree from `Rushville University' (purchased from the internet) and his saintly negritude, he had apparently gone unchallenged even as he charged fees twice the usual. His five years' stay in accommodation provided by Her Majesty would doubtless cost another 250,000; and the necessary re-opening of the 700 cases in which he had been involved would surely end up costing millions.


The acceptance rate of `under-represented minority' students at the LUniversity of Michigan dropped by 43% after the University was forced by voters to stop using affirmative action (i.e. affirmative racism) in January, 2006, according to data provided by the University.


Israel's multi-campus Bar-Ilan University (having 1,700 academic staff) covered itself in glory as it stood by two Jewish scholars who wrote that there was likely truth in mediaeval Christian accusations that Jews had sometimes crucified Christian babies and drunk their blood (certified as kosher by rabbinical authorities) at Passover - or at least talked of doing so (Commentary, 20 ii; New York Sun, 23 ii; American Thinker, 25 ii; Haaretz, 25 ii).

The main evidence apparently came from admissions extracted under torture, so the Jewish world understandably went into uproar at this revival of the `blood libel' which itself had prompted countless recriminations by Christians - with 40 Jews being murdered by Poles even in 1946 (in the town of Kielce, in July); but the University bravely backed the heretical historians (both highly-respected academics) even though both agreed their work needed emendations and clarifications and even withdrawal from publication for the time being. One of the authors (Ariel Toaff, the Italian-Israeli son of Italy's Chief Rabbi) offered to turn over all profits from his book, Pasque di Sangue ("Bloody Passovers"), to the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, which had condemned him.


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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Boy-bagging was a disaster for White London mother-of-two, Tracey Ann Meade, 39, as she hired a Black (at least, far-from-kosher-White) baby sitter of 15, Kelly Ross [above], who soon began having sex with Meade's 19-year-old boyfriend (Patrick Dawkins, race not given by pusillanimous paparazzi, acquired from a `pupil referral unit' where welfare officer Meade worked) (Wimbledon Guardian, 20 ii 2007).

On finding Meade was pregnant by the youth, Kelly first threatened to kick the baby out of Meade's womb; then she asked her aunt the position of the human heart ("left or right?"), induced Meade to drive down a back alley, and went on to murder Meade by stabbing.

(Sentencing Kelly for what he called a crime of "chilling horror," the judge said she was to be detained for at least ten-and-a-half years. After the murder, Ross and Dawkins had gone to the cinema to watch an X-Men film; on the way, Kelly demonstrated her murder technique - a demonstration caught by CCTV in the bus on which they were travelling. Dawkins himself was to face charges of conspiring to pervert the cause of justice. Luckily for Kelly, she had not apparently uttered racial slurs or epithets against her rival..)


It must have been with a heavy heart that the Guardian reported (20 ii):

"South Africa's ruling party, the African National Congress, has accused the BBC of being racist. The ANC accused the BBC of helping to feed "the deeply embedded stereotype that Africans are genetically inferior" following a news report by John Simpson on the country's escalating crime problem."

Top foreign correspondent Simpson's own crime had been to report South Africa's fifty murders per day and kindred phenomena (making SA the `rape capital' of the world) already well known to readers of The g Factor NewsLetter and the McDougall NewsLetter ten years ago.

Monday, February 19, 2007


How to reverse the Left's (entirely hypocritical) bullying of the West? My (lengthy but oh-so-substantial) 1998/9 essay, submitted for a prize offered by Berlin's Goethe Instiute, was published thanks to Brisbane's John Ray. See here. The answer? -- A bit of truth-telling about how to preserve a free society from the likes of Hitler and Rev. Bliar!

And a fine and succinct analysis of PeeCee, i.e."cultural Marxism," and its connections with multiculturalism, deconstructionism, state tyranny, affirmative racism and theft, was provided in American Daily (12 ii).


As well as providing full and fine condemnation of the exploitation of gobby ignoramus Jade Goody by Britain's righteous `anti-racists' (who had driven Jade's pal, busty "racist"* Celebrity Big Brother housemate, Jo O'Meara, to suicide threats) the British National Party rocked multicultis by almost winning a Labour-held council seat in Bedworth (near Coventry), polling more votes after a big canvassing effort than the `Conservatives,' Liberal Democrats and UKIP put together. The BNP then actually went on to beat Labour in the contest for a council seat in Burnley - even though the seat was won by the Liberal Democrats after a smear campaign over a loose-talking alleged bomb-maker, Robert Cottage,** who feared a racial civil war in Britain but had in fact been expelled by the BNP for unreliability and eccentricity and exposed to police by his still-BNP wife.

* By this time, `victim of racism' Shilpa Shetty herself stood accused of `racism.' The Bollywood star had apparently taken part in a TV comedy sketch based on `The Black and White Minstrel Show' (banned from British TV in 1978), in which she laughed at an actor with a "blacked-up" face and Afro-style wig.

Britain's grovelling Government, eager to make amends to the beauty for being called "Shilpa F***awallah" and "Shilpa Poppadum" by housemates, had promptly arranged her a UK work permit - something for which other applicants have to wait months or years.

** Strangely, the UK media showed little interest in this ongoing court case, leftie journalists probably fearing that Cottage's tough talk about third-world immigration and its ills might easily turn out to have rather wide appeal - not least when it was appreciated that no bomb had actually been made and that the chemicals stored by him and a dentist pal could have entirely innocent explanations (e.g. for use in teeth-whitening).


Faced with a spate of murderous gun crime in South London, Rev. Bliar and Dopey Dave Cameron tried to talk toughly and even conservatively about the need for longer sentences and a regeneration of (two-parent?) family life. It was only the brave columnist Janet Daley who pointed out that the problem was largely limited to Black or other non-White young males and that there would be no solving the problem until the police were allowed to stop, question, detain and search youths on suspicion (powers which they had largely lost as the Macpherson Report of 1998 moved against their `institutional racism').


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