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The gene AVPR1a was found to be associated with mean-spirited moves in 200 students playing a `Dictator Game' at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Nature News, 4 iv).


In a survey for Channel 4's `Immigration: The Inconvenient Truth,' top pollster YouGov found that 15 per cent of Britons would halt immigration altogether and 84 per cent would reduce it. 63 per cent of settled Commonwealth immigrants agreed with them. Two-thirds of those polled believed that migrant workers were undercutting native workers and taking their jobs. Immigration was also considered by the British to be the biggest factor behind societal breakdown over the past decade. Some 58 per cent thought the nation's cultural fabric was being "damaged and diluted" by immigration. Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migration Watch UK, a pressure group, said: "This is stunning confirmation that the public want to see firm and effective action to reduce the scale of immigration. It is a view shared by two-thirds of previous immigrants. The Government cannot remain in denial much longer." Only 25 per cent of those polled said immigration had led to a rich and varied culture in Britain -- compared with 58 per cent who said it had not. 69 per cent of Britons said multiculturalism was not working as did 45 per cent of settled migrants and 41 per cent of new arrivals.


Lisbet Rausing,* the mega-rich conservationist, academic philanthropist and Harvard-educated champion at Imperial College London of Linnaeus and his McDougallian ideas of how to classify the racial types of Europe (Nordic, Alpinic, Mediterranean - see Diary, 2004 [FIND Rausing]), but unwilling to link up with the London School, suffered the embarrassment of having her still-richer younger brother (a personal friend of Prince Charles) and his wife - a generous table-dancing patroness of addiction centres all over the UK - arrested at their gracious home in London's Chelsea for possession of at least œ2,000-worth of heroin and crack cocaine (Daily Mail, 9 iv).

{What a pity Lisbet had not used her influence to bring out the London elite in favour of race-, sex- and drugs-realism and the natural policies of national liberalism to which they lead. Instead, while British squaddies toiled to burn all the poppies in Afghanistan, the London elite were themselves taking heroin while pretending to the tyrannous media that paedophilia was the worst of crimes, that race was not a problem, and that drugs were very naughty indeed - they had even kept mum as P.M. Grumpy Gordon moved to reclassify cannabis as a Grade B dangerous drug for the simple possession of which users could get a full 5 years in jail.}

* The oldest of multi-billionaire Hans Rausing's three children lives in Holland Park, and has a 32,000-acre home in Scotland. She is married to Peter Baldwin, professor of history at Los Angeles university, and is herself a historian, with a doctorate from Harvard. The couple run a trust called Arcadia to donate part of her fortune. It funds charities and other organisation that "preserve cultural and social knowledge or protect natural diversity". The fund gave œ20m to the London School of Oriental and African Studies, and œ2.5m towards a programme to put Harvard's library collection online. - Independent, 12 iv. The family history included elements of austerity, hippiedom, drug use and rehabilitation. - Times, 13 iv.


41 years after childhood sex differences were recognized as largely genetic thanks to the magisterial review by Eleanor Maccoby (1967, The Development of Sex Differences, Tavistock), researchers in Georgia took the trouble to show it was not just male human primates who preferred toy lorries and guns to dolls: male rhesus monkeys differed similarly from their female conspecifics (Daily Telegraph, 7 iv).

At the same time, London researchers replicated the nineteenth-century work of Cesare Lombroso, finding that many troublesome (pre-delinquent) children could be identified by age 3 and tended to have low-set ears and furrowed (aka fissured or scrotal) tongues (, 10 iv).


Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia's population plummeted, and until 2006 was shrinking at the rate of about 750,000 people a year.So the Kremlin made kids a priority. A 2007 law expanded maternity leave benefits and payments, and granted mothers educational and other vouchers worth $10,650 for a second child and any thereafter. More important, perhaps, Russia's surging economy made it possible for young couples to plan for their future. The population decline hadn't halted, and demographers warned it could plummet again. But by 2007 births were on the rise, from 1.4 million in 2006 to 1.6 million in 2007-- their highest level in 15 years.


Having sunk itself and the rest of the West in debt and near-recession by strong-arming its banks to grant 100% mortgages to useless Blacks who could never repay them (being murdered by other Blacks, in prison, on drugs or dying of AIDS), the hapless U.S. found itself additionally accused of a racist plot against Bleck communities, with Whites supposedly having *planned* to bring niggas into eternal debt and repossession (Louisiana Weekly, `The latest hate crime in history,' 7 iv).

Meantime there was a reminder that at least three Black African countries (Mauritania, Niger and the Sudan) allowed themselves de facto the practice of keeping slaves -- including beating and raping them and passing them on in their hundreds of thousands from one generation of Black masters to another (AmRen, 7 iv).


As nail-bitten fearful-chinned Grumpy Gordon's famous promise of `an end to boom and bust' came to grief (with British house prices declining 2.5% in a month), a Labour M.P. told him people `didn't know who he was.' The answer came soon. "A tiny little dot," said the tinpot Hitler-moustachioed African dictator, the once-darling-of-the-left Robert Mugabe, 84 (Sun, 12 iv; Scotland on Sunday, 13 iv; Sunday Mail, 13 iv; Sunday People, 13 iv; Gulf News [U.A.E.], 13 iv; Sydney Morning Herald, 13 iv; Malaysia Sun, 13 iv; International Herald Tribune, 13 iv). Mad Mugabe (whose first honorary degree had come from the LUniversity of Edinburgh in 1984 [revoked 2007]) was supported by AIDS-denying South African Black-loon P.M. Thabo Mbeki, who - despite pleas from Little Dot Brown for co-operation -- insisted that Zimbabwe's near-starvation, 100,000%p.a. inflation, intimidated citizenry and postponed election results were not a sign of crisis (as he waited for ex-Rhodesia's rich farmlands to fall into his lap).

Britain's P.M. having been "The Iron Lady" had changed in less than twenty years to being a "little dot" was what John `Classless Society' Major, image-mad hypocrite Rev. Blair and dithering anti-IQ egalitarian Stalinist Brown had wreaked. Matters were made no easier as `Little Dot' turned out to have been a girl cartoon character of the 1950's who wore polka-dot dresses expressing her obsession with dots and had an even whackier extended family of fruitcakes living in `Dotland.' Whether Brown would redeem ZaNuLabour's failure to execute a single Muesli traitor by mounting a Falklands-style assault on Mugabe and cronies (sadly some 300 miles across Mozambique from Africa's eastern seaboard - but perhaps attackable using the Ladies' Detective Agency in cute neighbouring Botswana [formerly Bechuanaland]) was the immediate question - but few of the Britons who hadn't already left for France, Spain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand held their breath.


As the case of missing-for-a-month Shannon Matthews of Dewsbury continued, her council-house-dwelling relatives were one-by-one imprisoned for paedophilic downloadings and perverting the course of justice; and her mother Karen in particular emerged as a 60-cigs-a-day violent boozer and layabout who had deliberately got her seven children in order to increase her state benefits in crazy socialist Britain (News of the World, 13 iv).


As it was revealed that grammar schools enjoyed less financial support than did `poorly performing schools' in neighbouring areas, and that the major external source of funding for British universities had become Islam (Sunday Telegraph, 13 iv), the day rolled closer when a Henry VIII-style reformation would take education from the hands of left-wing local authorities and national tax-and-spend cliques and hand it over to a democratic-elitist House of Lords - a day made still more likely by the Conservatives (despite their cowardice about peecee-multiculturalism and their Blairite addiction to image-making) forging to a 16% lead in UK opinion polls.

The extent of the socialist disaster in education was dwelt on by maverick Labour M.P. Frank Field (long an unlikely champion on Labour benches of freedom, individual responsibility and realism), who pointed out (Sunday Telegraph, 13 iv) that Labour still needed to deliver the technical schools which (along with grammar schools and secondary modern schools) had been planned by Britain's wartime coalition government in the 1944 Education Act (chief psychological adviser: Cyril Burt).


Just one example of Brownite socialist throwbacks -- their wheezes all busted, and having no other principle than desperate pseudo-egalitarianism (championed by image-seeking leader-in-waiting Ed Balls) -- fighting like cats in a sack:
"In the House of Lords, Lady Ashton, the leader of the Upper Chamber, is barely speaking to Lady Scotland, the black Attorney-General. An impeccable liberal, Lady Ashton has not forgiven the black peeress for leaning over to an Asian lobbyist during a recent meeting to discuss forced marriages among Srindopakeshis and saying words to the effect: "Don't worry, these white people don't really understand what we have to go through."


France's one-time sex symbol, Brigitte Bardot,, was put on criminal trial for criticizing the "cruel" Muslim method of sheep slaughter, writing "We are fed up with being led by the nose by this entire population who are destroying us and our way of life," and thus supposedly `inciting racial hatred' against Muslims - the verdict being expected on June 3rd (Sun, 15 iv 2008). Once-pouting B.B., 73 and an active animal campaigner, was absent from the Paris court because of illness; she had four previous convictions for anti-gay and `racist' remarks as she had protested against "the Islamicization of France." Prosecutor Anne de Fontette was pushing for a two-year suspended prison sentence and a fine of 15,000 euros (œ12,100). "I am a little tired of prosecuting Ms Bardot," she superciliously told the court.

A West London schoolteacher, Colin Cook, 58, won œ70K from a Muslim school which he had revealed as using flagrantly anti-Semitic and anti-Christian textbooks and which had sacked him after he had blown the whistle on examination fraud (Sun, 15 iv).

At least B.B. found some support in America, where FrontPage concluded (21 iv):
"To understand just how sinister are the attacks on Bardot it is useful to consider the group that repeatedly has brought suit against her, the Movement Against Racism And For Friendship Between Peoples (MRAP). Inaccurately called a human-rights group, the MRAP is in fact an aggressive silencer of free-speech. Its most famous contribution to French political life was to thwart the sale of the late Oriana Fallaci's 2002 book, Anger and Pride, on the grounds that it supposedly incited racial hatred against Muslims.

Similarly, when Bardot published A Cry in the Silence in 2003, the MRAP pronounced it "unacceptable," thus appointing itself the arbiter of what French citizens should and should not be allowed to read. But of course groups like the MRAP would be inconsequential were it not for the dangerous proclivity of the French legal establishment for treating their fictitious allegations of racism with unmerited seriousness. In this context, it was illuminating when a French prosecutor last week called for unusually stiff penalties against Bardot in the current case against the actress because she was a "bit tired of trying Madame Bardot."

How much easier it would be for that civil servant and countless others like her if nuisances like Bardot would simply surrender their right to speak freely. Bardot may not be the most artful of social commentators, but then she doesn't need to be. Nothing demonstrates the prescience of her warnings - not least her warning about the dangers of sacrificing Western liberties to accommodate the extreme demands of hostile minority groups - so much as the ongoing efforts of the French state to silence the woman it once hailed as an idol."

One AmRen correspondent wrote:
The immigrants (and other so-called "minorities") would never be the REAL problem without the constant support and egging-on of certain elements among the white elite who influence legislation, write newspaper columns, produce TV programs, sway governments, and pass laws favoring them. On their own, the "immigrants" could never have accomplished this - not without powerful help from those insider elements (a few of whom are now having second thoughts about this Frankenstien monster which THEY have created).

How odd that Islam and Marxism, which are natural enemies at opposite poles from each other, find common ground on the issue of race. Here at least, they have made a temporary truce. Something like the Hitler-Stalin pact. That is, until they can get back to the business of eradicating each other, after they've taken care of us. A year ago, Sarkozy was elected President (with massive help from the media). Many Frenchmen (frightened off from LePen by scare stories in the press) voted for the tough-talking Sarkozy in confidence that he would finally do something about the Afro-Arab problem.

Well, its one year now. What has he done? The sporadic riots have continued, and even gotten worse. The alienation and crime in the suburbs continue. Sarkozy is now proposing affirmative action for immigrants and to give them still more aid and concessions. Hardly what most Frenchmen had in mind! Forget about Islam; religion is not really the issue here (though that's not to say that it's entirely irrelevant either). The main issue is basically racial. (That's revealed by the fact that they prosecute criticism of Moslems as racial crimes.) The fact is that the Moslems/Arabs/North Africans are a very racially scrambled group; and those who are in power in France, both out front and behind the scenes, love that. North Africans represent exactly the race-blind "diversity" that they seek, and which they are determined (in all our countries) to impose upon us all.

And I wrote to B.B.'s Foundation ( as follows:
Just to congratulate B.B. in her battle against the Islamicisation of France -- a new Jeanne d'Arc, indeed, to whom Frenchmen should rally before free speech and kindness to women and animals are extinguished by the Muslim hordes that have invaded France.
Perhaps helpfully to B.B., the U.K.'s House of Lords, debating new proposed legislation to near-terminally restrict freedom of speech, decided NOT to include within `incitement to homophobic hatred' jokes about queers or `broader criticism about alternative lifestyles'; and this modification to H.M.G. proposals seemed likely to be accepted (Daily Telegraph, 23 iv) - and would surely then provide a powerful rationale and precedent for similarly emending legislation regarding incitement to racial and religious hatred.


Enoch Powell's `Rivers of Blood' speech of 20 iv 1968 was recalled by BBC Radio 4 explaining (fairly enough) that Enoch had wanted to prevent Britain descending into the `communalism' that had ravaged India at independence, by British racial equality supremo Black Trevor Phillips re-affirming that he wanted to go beyond `multiculturalism' to `integration' [like Harvard sociologist Orlando Patterson insisting on every Black woman's right to a White husband.] and the Torygraph's Alasdair Palmer pointing out that Britain was accepting 40,000 `transcontinental' spouses each year - most of them illiterate Pakistanis brought in to marry `British'-Paki girls under the threat of honour killing. - No, there was no media mention of race, IQ, Blacks, Pakis or `Enoch Powell and the rise of political correctness in Britain.'


After years of London School psychologists being unable to find mainstream publication for their view that Blacks were deep-seatedly different from Whites in their low IQ, sexual vigour, criminality, AIDS-proneness etc., Faber & Faber, London, saw fit to publish The Finger Book in which biologist, `evopsychologist' and "pioneer in his [finger-length] field" (New Scientist, 15 iii) Professor John T. Manning (first of U. Liverpool then University of Central Lancashire, Preston) apparently reckoned Black males were specially masculinized by hormones (making their index fingers relatively short - a correlate of masculinization first noticed at the Maudsley by Glenn Wilson, taught by me in Edinburgh c. 1990, and pooh-poohed by one of my ex-students in the Grauniad, 31 iii 2000) and had been evolutionarily selected for short lives but merry ones in the disease-ridden conditions of Africa - the review by Simon Ings in Daily Telegraph, 19 iv, saying that "Manning's theory of how racial differences originated" was "a thrilling mix of medicine and anthropology."

In Times Higher, 17 iv, Chris McManus was sceptical; but he too resisted any urge to denounce neo-Rushtonian `racism.' {William McDougall would have been pleased with Manning's achievement, for McDougall had been a medic and anthropologist before becoming in 1920 the professor of psychology at Harvard - but whether Manning, `an affable retired [possibly into association with the University of Southampton] Geordie with an infectious giggle' (Times, 2 iii) had heard of McDougall or much of the rest of the London School remained unclear.}

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Germany, where stories of `Hitler's women' unfailingly achieve top billing, was amused to hear of British F1 racing supremo and world motorsport president Max Mosley, the son of 1930s Heil-Hitlering fascist leader Sir Nicholas Mosley, being videotaped enjoying Nazi-themed S&M (till his b*tt*m bled) with no less than five delightful minxes dressed as prison camp guards and inmates (and addressed in German by Mosley, 67, as he spanked stripe-geared `convicts' and thrashed them with a leather strap) (News of the World, 30 iii*;Times, 31 iii; Guardian, 4 iv).

The allegations broke at the same time as Hitler - whose own sex life had often been said to involve perverted delectations with young girls -- was revealed to have kept in his private art gallery a lubricious painting of a scarcely pubescent lissome `Venus' by the German Reformation master Lucas Cranach (1472 - 1553) (Guardian, 31 iii: "Venus stands naked except for a heavy necklace and a wide-brimmed, feather-pommelled hat, with her arm raised to hold the branch of a tree whose fruits surely make her at the same time an image of Eve. She's thin, angular and tall, with slender thighs and small breasts - a very different and more edgily erotic vision of the nude than you ever see in Italian art, and a look it's tempting to call "modern.").

Perversity also reared its head among Britain's underclass as Craig Meehan, the 22-year-old stepfather of missing-for-a-month Dewsbury schoolgirl Shannon Matthews (found after a 5 million pound search by hundreds of police and 60 detectives), was arrested for questioning about paedophilic downloading (Guardian, 2 iv) - his loner uncle Donovan had previously been detained and charged with kidnapping the girl and imprisoning her in his flat just a mile from her home. Subsequently, Shannon's obese low-life multiple-benefit-drawing mother Karen was also arrested for having known all along that Donovan had intended to shelter Shannon (and perhaps Karen herself) from Craig Meehan (Sun, 8 iv).

* "..Mosley-the most powerful man in motor-racing-barks orders in German as he WHIPS two hookers dressed in striped uniforms reminiscent of AUSCHWITZ garb while girls in Nazi uniforms look on. At one point the wrinkled 67-year-old-who publicly likes to give the impression he has put his father's evil legacy behind him-yells "she needs more of ze punishment!" while brandishing a LEATHER STRAP over a brunette's naked bottom.

Then the lashes rain down as Mosley counts them out in German: "Eins! Zwei! Drei! Vier! Fnf! Sechs!" With each blow, the girl yelps in pain as grinning, grey-haired Mosley becomes clearly aroused. And after the beating, he makes her perform a sex act on him." The five-hour session also included Mosley (67 and married for 48 years, with two children) having his genitals inspected for lice and shaved - as happened to Jews in concentration camps. Mosley himself insisted no Nazi theme was involved in what had been a private commercial sex session; but one of the hookers told the News of the World (6 iv), "Max KNEW last week's orgy was to have a Nazi theme-he ORDERED it!"


An interesting post at American Renaissance (1 iv): "In all of the flap about "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright, everyone, or almost everyone, seems to be missing an equally pernicious influence on his worldview, Saul Alinsky. Alinsky is the cultural Marxist whose organization Obama joined when he launched his career as a "community activist" straight out of law school. Hilary Clinton, coincidentally, almost joined Alinsky's organization after graduating from Wellesley, but choose to attend Yale Law School instead. He was her idol in college. Alinsky, in good cultural Marxist fashion, encouraged his proteges to lie and otherwise decieve others to gain support and achieve the secret goals of the organization. Now you know why and how Obama learned to be so vague and non-commital on the campaign trail. But wait until he gets elected and the wrapping paper comes off!"

For more on the extremism of Obama's `United Church of Christ', which was determined to reject God's love itself unless it was committed to the overthrow of the "white enemy", see here.


As Britain debated the House of Lords' finding that immigration had done nothing for average GDP (though it would have helped keep wages down in service industries), the Spectator sagely remarked (4 iv): "The truth is that Labour has relied upon immigrant labour to cover up both its failure to reform the welfare system and the scandal of educational failure in this country. Immigration raises many serious issues, but the most serious is that the British economy is so dependent upon help from foreign workers. No artificial `cap' is going to disguise the sobering fact that our homegrown labour force is not yet fit for purpose."

Still more to the point, the ever-sensible Telegraph columnist Jeff Randall (4 iv) joined his colleague Simon Heffer (3 iv) in deploring ZaNuLabour's "deliberate" creation of a "multi-cultural melting pot" to provide cheap labour and win votes; and he specially remarked how some immigrants were markedly more useful than others, with fully 71% of Indians being employed and only 8% needing `social housing' - compared with corresponding figures of 19% and 80% respectively for Somalis.

{My, if Jeff went on like this he would one day mention that Britain's problems with immigration came not from Australia and Poland but largely from Jamaica and the Pakistani countryside or, more crudely, from Blacks and Muslims!.}


Allegations of `racism' seemed at last to have met their natural end as Black supermodel Naomi Campbell (once the ironic Page 3 Girl of TgF NewsLetters..) accused British Airways staff and London police of giving her a hard time at Heathrow simply because she was Black (Wimbledon Guardian, 5 iv; Courier Mail (Australia), 4 iv; Catwalk Queen, 7 iv; MelbourneHeraldSun, 7 iv; CinemaBlend, 7 iv).

Ms Campbell had checked in with overweight baggage and, faced with a choice of flying without her bags (which would be sent to her later) or taking a later flight, she decided to hurl foul-mouthed abuse at staff, spit at police and kick them, be dragged handcuffed from her plane and spend the next few hours at a police station and be summoned to reappear in May, perhaps to be charged with assault and receive a six-month jail sentence and a lifetime ban on flying with BA.

* Slap-happy Ms Campbell, 37 and possessed of a temper that had resulted in brushes with the law, had become famous for unsubstantiated complaints that the fashion industry did not give her enough work because she was Black.

Evidently sensing that this story of Britain's best-known Black woman making such childish complaints of `racism' was bad PR for the race relations industry and its assorted `anti-racists,' leading British `newspapers,' with their usual cowardice about criticizing or even mentioning Blacks behaving badly, gave the story a miss.

* BA, known as `Bloody Awful' for looting and losing passengers' luggage, was in this case not in any way responsible for Ms Campbell's problems.


Revealing a greater level of Islamofascism than any other country, America's great `ally' in the Non-War on Terror turned out some 20K Muesli demonstrators in the streets of Karachi to rail against the Dutch film `Fitna' (see above) and burn the Dutch and Danish flags and an effigy of film-maker Wilders (Radio Netherlands, 6 iv; Canadian Press, 6 iv). Munawwar Hasan, a leader of the main Islamic party Jamat-e-Islami and a keynote speaker at the rally said that the West regarded such films as freedom of expression, but that Muslims saw them as "freedom of aggression."


As Muesli demonstrators in Indonesia called for Dutch law-maker and film-maker Geert Wilders to be shot dead, the film `Fitna'* re-appeared on its original LiveLeak website (the LiveLeak firm having by then taken measures to shield its British staff from death threats, including some from the far-right for the initial pulling of the film) and Germany's Der Spiegel published in its Opinion columns a condemnation of Western cowardice in doing so little to back "radical liberal" Wilders against the Islamists (1 iv). Die Welt allowed an Egyptian commentator (in Chicago) to say that those Muslims who issue death threats "are animals, too simple minded to see that their violent response gives credibility to the criticism posed by the movie in the first place. I've browsed fellow bloggers who call themselves moderate or even non-practising Muslims and found much angrier responses to the movie than I would have expected." For FrontPage (USA), the eminent Daniel Pipes concluded that Wilders "may represent the vanguard of a Christian/liberal reassertion of European values" (1 iv).

At the same time, RTT News (New York) reported (1 iv) that a `British citizen' who had converted to Islam and joined al-Qaeda (but later changed his mind) said that he had planned to assassinate King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, carry out terror attacks in London and blow up the U.S. Embassy in Qatar.

Confirming the thesis of `Fitna' that Islamists hope for the complete overthrow of the West, Hamas TV in the Gaza Strip showed a propaganda film in which Muesli children put President G.W. Bush to the sword and turned the White House into a mosque (IsraelNationalNews, 1 iv).

Within 2 days of `Fitna' appearing on the internet, two thirds of Dutch adults claimed to have seen the film, and only 25% thought it should not have been shown (JerusalemPost, 1 iv).

The Boston Globe's columnist Jeff Jacoby observed (2 iv): "The violence `Fitna' portrays is horribly real, and the fanatics who commit it are explicit in saying they do so as Muslims.Where is the Islamic world's outrage against that? When has Iran's foreign ministry ever excoriated the beheading of a hostage, or the poisonous sermon of a jihadist imam, as "heinous, blasphemous, and anti-Islamic?" How often has the Organization of the Islamic Conference thundered its disapproval of "honor killings" or Islamist anti-semitism? When Theo van Gogh was murdered in public, when the Taliban turned Afghanistan into a repressive terror state, when fatwas were issued for the murder of Danish cartoonists -- where was the chorus of Muslim anguish then?"

In Holland - already adapted to the deaths of Pym Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh and to the forced emigration of Ayaan Hirsi Ali - the international fuss over Wilders' film had little effect on party poll ratings, with liberals remaining content to `defend' free speech while deploring Wilders' use of it; but it did lead Iranian-born critic of Islam Ehsan Jami to withdraw his plan to publish a cartoon film called `The Life of Mahomet.' (This animation included a drawing depicting the prophet Mohammed with an erection. He is seen leading a 9 year old girl to a mosque bearing a swastika, in order to have sex with her. According to Jami, the cartoon represents the story of Mohammed who marries the ultra-young Aisha, as described in the Koran.) Jami had come to believe that the Dutch Government would be unlikely to be willing or able to protect him.

The United Nations Human Rights Council adopted by 32-0 a resolution urging all member countries to enact legislation outlawing "defamation of religion" - particularly Islam - and thus initiated a new worldwide restriction on freedom of speech (National Secular Society, 4 iv). Holland's `Iron Lady' Rita Verdonk defended Wilders and set up a new movement to defend Dutch liberties, `Proud of the Netherlands' (Radio Netherlands Worldwide, 4 iv).

* It is fantastic, a chilling clarion call to rip the pages of hate from the Koran which make it comparable to Hitler's Mein Kampf. The opening scenes showed a copy of the Koran, followed by footage of the attacks on the U.S. on September 11, 2001 besides graphic images from the bomb attacks on London in July 2005 and Madrid in March 2004. Pictures of a woman being stoned, scenes from a beheading and images of the Dutch director Theo van Gogh, who was murdered by a radical Islamist in 2004, were also included. There were also pictures appearing to show Muslim demonstrators holding up placards saying "God bless Hitler" and "Freedom go to hell." Additionally, the film showed a woman being stoned and a 3«-year-old girl in a headscarf making derogatory comments taken from the Koran about Jews ("pigs," "apes") as well as graphs showing how the number of Muslims in the Netherlands and Europe had grown.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


There was national hilarity in Britain as, after a decade of the Government-promised policy of `Tough on crime; tough on the causes of crime,' Labour Deputy Leader Harriet Harman was detected wearing body armour for a daylight walkabout in her own constituency of Peckham, south-east London, even though she was escorted by policemen (Daily Telegraph, 1 iv 2008; Independent, 1 iv.).

Privately-educated Harperson (so-called for her feminazism) claimed she had only donned the Kevlar bullet-proof vest as `a courtesy' to police who had offered it -- but promptly made matters worse by comparing her wearing the vest to wearing a hard hat while visiting a building site or a hair net in a meat factory. Local police were reported to have been "flabbergasted" that she accepted an invitation to wear the protective stab-proof vest. One said: "Senior politicians who have visited Peckham in the past have never worn one."

Harperson had apparently forgotten that Home Secretary Jacqui Smith had sparked controversy in March by suggesting she would not feel safe walking the streets of `deprived' areas of London at night. Aides of Ms Smith subsequently compounded her error by saying she had bought a kebab in Peckham, only for it to emerge that she had been accompanied by a Special Branch protection officer to purchase the takeaway.

In truth, Labour's pandering to the Black `community' and the McPherson Report-mandated suspension of `stop-and-search' (for guns, knives, drugs, loot) had made south-east London one of the unsafest places on earth - where early-released Muesli rocket-making terrorists were allowed to roam unsupervised (Sun, 1 iv). Violent crime in the borough of Southwark, which included Peckham, had risen 6.9 per cent in the previous year; but only the Grauniad's left-loyalist hack Michael White tried to excuse Harperson's gaffe (1 iv).


As Muesli demonstrators in Indonesia called for Dutch law-maker and film-maker Geert Wilders to be shot dead, the film `Fitna'* re-appeared on its original LiveLeak website (the LiveLeak firm having by then taken measures to shield its British staff from death threats) and Germany's Der Spiegel published in its Opinion columns a condemnation of Western cowardice in doing so little to back "radical liberal" Wilders against the Islamists (1 iv). Die Welt allowed an Egyptian commentator (in Chicago) to say that those Muslims who issue death threats "are animals, too simple minded to see that their violent response gives credibility to the criticism posed by the movie in the first place. I've browsed fellow bloggers who call themselves moderate or even non-practising Muslims and found much angrier responses to the movie than I would have expected." For FrontPage (USA), the eminent Daniel Pipes concluded that Wilders "may represent the vanguard of a Christian/liberal reassertion of European values" (1 iv).

At the same time, RTT News (New York) reported (1 iv) that a `British citizen' who had converted to Islam and joined al-Qaeda (but later changed his mind) said that he had planned to assassinate King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, carry out terror attacks in London and blow up the U.S. Embassy in Qatar.
Confirming the thesis of `Fitna' that Islamists hope for the complete overthrow of the West, Hamas TV in the Gaza Strip showed a propaganda film in which Muesli children put President G.W. Bush to the sword and turned the White House into a mosque (IsraelNationalNews, 1 iv).

* The opening scenes showed a copy of the Koran, followed by footage of the attacks on the U.S. on September 11, 2001 besides graphic images from the bomb attacks on London in July 2005 and Madrid in March 2004. Pictures of a woman being stoned, scenes from a beheading and images of the Dutch director Theo van Gogh, who was murdered by a radical Islamist in 2004, were also included. There were also pictures appearing to show Muslim demonstrators holding up placards saying "God bless Hitler" and "Freedom go to hell." Additionally, the film showed a young girl in a headscarf making derogatory comments about Jews as well as graphs showing how the number of Muslims in the Netherlands and Europe had grown.


As the American mulatto Presidential Election Wunderkind, Borat Insane Osama, totally failed to explain why it was not just US Blecks but Blecks all over the world who were sufferin' - not least in their self-run hell-holes of Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Jamaica - America's brave Pat Buchanan at least beat cowardly journalists to the post by pointing out that US Bleck men had the greatest time on earth (among Blecks), being not only more prosperous, on welfare + crime, but also able to rape White women (100 times more frequently than Whites raped Blacks) while disposing of their own Black women into the trash can, leaving 70% of Black kids fatherless (Human Events, 21 iii).

A fine psychological analysis of Obamamania was provided by the Wall Street Journal's Shelby Steele (18 xii), saying that Obama's lengthily cultivated Blackness and anti-Americanism allowed him to "bargain" with pathetic `guilty' Whites not to mention their historic `racism' so long as they salved their wretched consciences by voting for him.

"[Obama's longstanding self-chosen pastor for him and his family,] the Reverend Wright believes that AIDs was created by the government of the United States -- and not as a cure for the common cold that went tragically awry and had to be covered up by Karl Rove, but for the explicit purpose of killing millions of its own citizens. .. You can understand why Obama is so anxious to meet with President Ahmadinejad, a man who denies the last Holocaust even as he plans the next one. Such a summit would be easy listening after the more robust sermons of Jeremiah Wright." - Mark Steyn, 22 iii, National Review.


After a century of the West's useless psychologists failing to find anything about how to have a happy marriage (except for the pair to be of similar intelligence and for the man to be lower in neuroticism - both genetic traits that most psychologists refuse to mention) psychologists of Tennessee reported (from a study of 82 newlywed pairs) more contentment when the woman was rated more physically attractive than the man (Daily Mail, 23 iii) - presumably reflecting the folklore (equally ignored by tenured state-funded psycholoshites) that men are more interested in pulchritudinousness and women more interested in pocket-books.


After a year of sparring with leftists (such as literati Prof. Terry Eagleton) over the merits of Islam, jihadism and the acceptability of collective punishment for Mueslis after acts of terror (New York Times, 9 iii), novelist Martin Amis (who insisted he deplored multiculturalism, not multiracialism) cast his net more widely, telling the Daily Telegraph (25 iii): "The Guardian has a tradition of multicultural piety towards every ethnic group other than ours, the United States or Israel's" [- believing] "that no one with dark skin is capable of doing any harm -- and if they do, it's our fault." {Welcome to the 1980's, Martin!}


During discussion of a low-life multi-sprogged welfare-dependent British family which had come to prominence after a daughter ran away (yielding a multi-million pound police search lasting a month), John Ward, 58, a Conservative on Medway Council, Kent, was brave enough to suggest on his personal website that, after producing a second child on welfare, continuance of state handouts to such "professional spongers" should depend on sterilization - and was promptly harried into resigning as a councillor (not least by Daft Dave and the Diddlies of Conservative Central Office) (Daily Mail, 25 iii).

At least he did not go quietly, telling the censorious Labour-backing high-peecee tabloid Daily Mirror (26 iii), "I'm elated that I don't have to deal with all the bureaucracy any more - it was like living in a dictatorship like the USSR." And Kent Online reported (26 iii) that 80% of its near-300 correspondents agreed with John Ward.

On North Tyneside Council, senior Conservative member Hugh Jackson, a schoolteacher, mentioned the possible merits of euthanasia for disabled children left in expensive council care by parents who could not cope - and, though he said he'd only been joking, found himself condemned for his impiety by the Daily Mirror (27 ii) and suspended by his fellow `Conservatives.' He had been responding to information that 43 youngsters in North Tyneside were cared for in other local authority areas, putting a financial strain on the council to the tune of no less than œ3.4M per year.

In leafy Dunblane (famed in 1997 for a loner refused a gun licence killing a class of schoolchildren), a leading minister of the Church of Scotland, Maxwell Craig, an Extra Chaplain to the Queen in Scotland and past convener of the Church of Scotland's Church and Nation Committee, wrote in a local newspaper that he favoured offering euthanasia to people over 75 so that more state money could be spent on the young - predictably outraging Age Concern and kindred quangos (Daily Record, 27 iii).

The 76-year-old urged: "Three thousand years ago, the psalmist wrote, 'The days of our years are three score years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be four score years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow'. Why should we want to cling on and on? Death is coming; it is natural and expected. We have no reason to fear it." The Chaplain's remarks came after revered MSP, ScotNat Margo Macdonald had told the Scottish Parliament she was suffering from Parkinson's Disease and wished the right to seek physician-assisted euthanasia (Glasgow Herald, 28 iii).


Discombobulated Labourite David Selbourne was given house room at the Speccie (27 iii) to say that Britain needed a new authoritarian dictator; but Selbourne rather forgot that

1. Successful dictators need to back someone - in Cromwell's case, Protestant republicans.
2. Successful dictators need to ensure a succession - in Cromwell's case his son, who lasted only two years.
3. Successful dictators need a legacy - whereas Cromwell was disinterred, hanged and dismembered after the 1660 Restoration.

One could see a successful modern British dictator backing the young to get drugs, sex, education, housing, work and free speech - but there was no promise of this in Selbourne's article, which - while mildly critical of Mueslis -- contained not a single mention of the words `race' or `immigration.' Little hope for the betrayed from Selbourne, then - let alone punishment of the betrayers of FREEDOM and FAMILY, viz. Britain's treacherous and anti-psychology political class (not least the Tories who had so signally mimicked Globalization + PeeCee and failed to provide English National Liberalism)!


`Fitna' (means Conspiracy), the graphic anti-jihadist 17-minute documentary film, by devout young blond Dutch Catholic and leader of Holland's Freedom Party (having since 2007 nine of the 150 contestable seats in the Dutch Parliament), Geert Wilders MP, 44, appeared on the internet for a day (till withdrawn -- after condemnation as "hate speech" and "incitement to violence" from the quailing dhimmitudinous United Nations and European Union -- by British distributor LiveLeak after threats of violence to their staff despite appeals for calm by Muslim leaders). Highlighting Muesli terrorism, imams' anti-Jewish bombast and threats to make the previous Holocaust seem tame, it received a generally welcoming reception from correspondents at American Renaissance (27 iii) - though some observed Mohammedanism was not much of a problem except when combined with negritude and low IQ and thought Wilders played down the racial threat to Western countries.

Fortunately, the one day of appearance was enough to get sizeable snippets shown and discussed on San Francisco-based YouTube (AFP, 28 iii). The text was made up entirely of statements from Muslim writings and Muslim leaders, and these statements were juxtaposed with pictures of Muslim-jihadist atrocities or proposed atrocities. In Pakistan, Muesloons demanded the Government sever ties with the Netherlands, and several Muslim nations such as US `ally' Pakistan, Malaysia, Egypt and Iran condemned `Fitna'; but by then the film had already been downloaded one million times and could still be seen after a fashion here and here - including a recommendation in the Surah (4: 7) to give unbelievers a "bloodbath."

Support for Wilders could be shown by backing `Stop the Islamisation of Europe' - a lively Dutch movement evidently enjoying some Jewish favour, healthily opposing Kosovo independence and having the slogan "Racism is the lowest form of human stupidity, but Islamophobia is the height of common sense." But outspeakers were reminded of the dangers they faced in the `globalized' multiculti West as the leading Dutch employers' organization said it would sue Geert Wilders for any loss of business due to his film.

In keeping with Wilders' belief in a Judeo-Christian partnership in the face of "the threat of Islam," the 17-minute film showed Muesli clerics calling to behead Jews, Koran passages equating Jews to "apes and swines" and photos of demonstrators promising "another Holocaust" and praising Adolf Hitler. In a statement following the film's online release, the still-multiculti-subscribing pious Dutch Board of Jews (probably also fearing Muslim reprisals) said that Wilders was guilty of serious [over-] generalizations and was "counterproductive"; but IsraelEnews columnist Tamar Jonah was more robust (30 iii). In the United States, Bill Keller, one of the world's leading internet evangelists and the founder of, received death threats for posting the movie on his website.


"[In the ten years since the Good Friday power-sharing agreement brought `peace' to Northern Ireland,] so-called "peace-lines," 12ft walls, have spread through Belfast like fissures in a cracked plate. Ten years ago there were 18 of them: now there are 40, in all, 13 miles long, keeping Catholic and Protestant not merely physically apart, but blissfully invisible to one another."

Kevin MYERS, 2008, Sunday Telegraph, 30 iii, `Still staring into the moral abyss.'


As relatively-right-wing Telegraph columnist and Home Affairs Editor produced a fine blast saying that even a House of Lords committee would soon declare immigration of to have been of no net economic benefit to Britain - with the economic, social and cultural costs yet to come - readers responded magnificently to this unusual opportunity, sending a thousand largely sympathetic emails in just twelve hours (31 iii).

I joined in with: "Congratulations to the Telegraph for letting Philip Johnston and readers address immigration! Perhaps scarcely another decade will pass before it allows proper disussion of race and low IQ which -- unlike immigration and Islamism themselves -- are the real problem."

I may have helped elicit a second mention of IQ from one `Beowulf' some 3 hours later: "Importing vast numbers of people whether as economic migrants or asylum seekers from countries where the average IQ is well below that of Northern European indigenous populations is creating in reverse the situation that occurred when Westerners emigrated to lands with previously primitive cultures: the inability of the indigenous peoples to adapt followed by failure and recrimination. Nobody could possibly believe that people who are unable to create significant added value in their own countries would perform any different here. What is happening and has happened is quite clearly evidence of criminal intent by politicians and particularly their backers whose strings attached to contributions are simply treasonous since there has been a clear attempt to wreck this country as a single culture based on the indigenous British people."