Tuesday, June 27, 2006


As his statutory retirement date approached (30 vi 2006), Macquarie LUniversity’s Andrew Fraser (see this diary/blog from mid-2005) announced he would take a case for “political discrimination and anti-white racial vilification” to Australia’s ‘Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission’ (American Renaissance, 26 vi) – though just how such a body of peecee pietists could be expected to vindicate him remained shrouded in the obscurities of modern Western ‘law.’

{In Britain, the Not-the-Conservative Party’s leader Dave Chameleon -- who had not uttered a peep about the general ending of free speech in Britain’s universities or the hounding of Dr Frank Ellis, LUniversity of Leeds, in particular -- announced he would withdraw Britain from international Human Rights treaties (though probably substituting a new lot of pro-Black, pro-Muslim, pro-‘asylum seeker’ and pro-foreign criminals rights of his own as soon as ‘liberals’ of the Guardian, Independent and Times began to bully him).

Still, it would be nice to think of Professor Fraser being usefully employed in retirement documenting the clemency of British rule as compared to the gratuitously mass-murderous efforts of Genghis Khan, the Zulu King Chaka, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and the Hutu leaders who in some of the years around 1990 (and without the assistance of modern technology) achieved the highest-ever-recorded annual rates of race-on-race killing. }

Monday, June 26, 2006


Evidence from Norway and Denmark that the notorious Flynn - or, more accurately, Lynn/Flynn -- secular IQ-test-score rise was petering out was provided in American Scientist, vii/viii 2006. The scoring rise, first noticed in the USA of the 1940's and confirmed in Europe in 1972, but documented further by professors Lynn (race realist, University of Ulster) and Flynn (social democrat, University of Otago) around 1990, had once brought hope to lefties of continuing environmentally driven gains and of closing of the Black-White IQ gap; but the new Scandinavian data from military conscripts found the rise had slowed around 1980 and plateaued or even gone into reverse around 1995.


News of the small brains of Blacks and Pygmies, and of the high mental abilities of Ashkenazi Jews, along with the likely genetic bases of such phenomena, reached peecee Canada's Ottawa Citizen, 24 vi - along with a shelf-full of health warnings that "racists" were delighted by such news. The article, by `editorial pages editor' Leonard Stern, which was careful not to mention Canada's own top raciologist Professor Philippe Rushton, University of Western Ontario, concluded: "As for Mr. Lahn and his work on brain differences, his university abandoned a patent application for an intelligence test based on the research, for fear of negative publicity. The professor himself is reportedly moving on to safer projects. Evidently there is some knowledge not worth having." However, the newspaper added its own item of `useless information,' the seven times higher rate of genital chlamydia among Red Indians (aka "First Nations communities").


As the U.K.'s Prime Minister, the Rev. Tony Bliar, reacted to more media paedohysteria by promising to `do such things ye know not / but I will be the terror of the earth' (vi 2006), some critics pointed to the failure of some 43 NuLabour legislative initiatives to achieve any notable purchase on crime in the `tough on crime' Prime Minister's nine long and generally unproductive years of office (i.e. of postmodern spin-doctoring). However, one word was unfailingly absent from all discussion - the little word Black. Quite simply, most of the crimes that horrify the public* grossly over-represent Blacks, who are already over-represented in larceny and drugs trafficking; and the inability of British police to implement `New York style policing' is simply because NuLabour (and its Macpherson verdict of 1968 that London's Metropolitan police were `institutionally racist') had forbidden cops to stop-and-search and make arrests of Black youths in minor cases - allowing Black hoodlums to roam free till they finally committed a crime of such gravity that even PeeCee Plod had to move from his desk (sometimes accompanied by 250 other police, as when shooting and arresting largely innocent Muslim `terror suspects' on the say-so of an informant of IQ 69).

* Paedophilia (especially as distinct from paedosadism and incest [the latter often by step'fathers' or just boyfriends of single mothers]) is an exception in not being so especially Black. But here the problem is that paedophilia is an exception to the very general rule that criminality declines with age. It is because experts have tried to pretend that paedophiles are treatable that the public has reacted to this fraudulence with rejection and with a preference for its own favourite recipes of drowning, strangling, hangin'-drawin'-and-quarterin' etc.


Harvard researchers announced that, since the beginning of Rev. Dubya's `No Child Left Behind' policy in US schools, there had been precisely no detectable catching up on the part of the Black children to whom the latest billion-dollar state utopian idiocy had been addressed (Washington Post, 14 vi).


A judge in Phoenix, Arizona, gave a multi-million dollar ruling against Northern University which had given preferential pay rises to Blacks and women and denied rises to 40 White professors (Wall Street Journal, 16 vi). The luniversity had treated `Blacks as gold, women as silver and Whites as bronze,' said the judge - though the win had taken the Whites 11 years to achieve.


In a fine letter to the Wall Street Journal (26 vi), Dr Fred Charette (probably of Las Vegas) condemned the peecee interference with Professor Bruce Lahn's evolutionary-genetic work in Chicago which had been documented in WSJ by reporter Antonio Regalado (see previous diary/blog: `HALLWAY POLICE' PROWL AMERICA'S UNIVERSITIES CONDEMNING "SPECULATION") and which, Charette pointed out, risked reducing U.S. science faculties to the level of America's peecee-zealot-dominated faculties of arts.


Warming to his theme of the importance of race in twentieth-century worldwide conflict (War of the World, also Channel 4 TV weekly), historian Niall Ferguson (from Scotto-Jewish origins in Glasgow via Oxford to Harvard) provided novel testimony to the extent of Stalin's racism: apparently, not only was Stalin an anti-Semite who delighted in shipping the U.S.S.R.'s Muslims to the Kazakhstan and Ubzbekhistan as slave labour, but he also transported some two million Koreans to the same fate - as ever under the guise of stamping out capitalism but in fact transporting richer and poorer alike.


Far-left Sheffield University prided itself on its right-on `School of Health Studies' which it had encouraged to support a `Professor of Diversity' - but all this was not enough to spare it from being charged with race-relations grievances by five Health Studies staff (Times Higher, 24 vi).


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Saturday, June 24, 2006


It was a tad gratifying to be quoted - though admittedly not cited - in the Wall Street Journal (16 vi) as hailing Bruce Lahn's genes-brain-race(-IQ) discovery as providing "the moment the antiracists and egalitarians have dreaded." If memory serves, I somehow made it (after a London conference of the Social Affairs Unit, 1987) on to the front page of one of the Yukay broadsheets, but I can't recall there being any exact quote of my proposals of those days for individualizing child-rearing and education according to the g factor. So my strongest previous claim to newsworthy quotableness was perhaps for my adage (concocted for Art Jensen's Festschrift, 1987, and repeated in Nature) that "g is to psychology what carbon is to chemistry" (quoted in Science News, 15 viii 1987 - and used in 1993 as the title of a soon-to-be-much-cited pro-g rejoinder to Robert `666 [factors-of-intelligence]' Sternberg).


Harvard's largely ignoracist but nevertheless hereditarian convert, Professor Steven Pinker, took another step towards race realism as he went into print backing the worthiness of research into the apparently genetic intellectual superiorities of Ashkenazi Jews that were identified in 2005 by Greg Cochrane and Henry Harpending (Univ. Utah) - New Republic, 27 vi.

{Not before time: for the Daily Telegraph's top columnist Charles Moore had celebrated the 350th anniversary of the Jewish return to England (allowed by Cromwell) and its production of such legendary achievers as Disraeli, Menuhin, Popper, Koestler, Ernst Gombrich, Isaiah Berlin, Bernard Levin, Keith Joseph, Nigel Lawson Simon Schama Ali G, Joan Collins, Sid James and the Jewish-fathered David Beckham (17 vi) - though Moore attributed Jewish achievements to love of argument, tolerance of secular government and even a supposed charitable spirit rather than ever mention the dread variable of IQ.}

{A review of Jews in Britain by Richard Lynn and David Longley suggested a mean IQ of 110 - higher than Lynn's usual estimates for East Asians - and an 8-fold over-representation of Jews among both Fellows of the Royal Society and British Nobel laureates in the previous half-century (Intelligence, Online v 06).}


After years of being reviled by leftists as a `Nazi' whose Nobel-prize winning microchip was invented by his laboratory assistants, IQ- and eugenics-backing engineer William Shockley (1910-1989) was at last treated to a decent biography which set out, among other things, his massive contribution to building up the Bell Telephones Laboratory and to saving Britain from the German U-boat menace in the Atlantic during World War II (Joel N. Shurkin, Broken Genius, Palgrave Macmillan; reviewed by Nobelist Philip Anderson, Times Higher, 16 vi). Although there were complicated priority disputes about the microchip,* Shockley's version was quite the best and the one used on eventual commercial development; apparently, Shockley - a product of Caltech, MIT and Princeton -- was so bright that he would be "well on the way to a solution before other people realized there was a problem."

So why the talk of `broken genius'? - Simply because, from 1960, Shockley became progressively more involved in relaying the importance and heritability of IQ, and in proposing financial inducements to below-IQ-100 females to get themselves sterilized - the same sort of scheme operated for drug-addicted single-parent-mothers today by Barbara Harris (backed by multi-millionaire Jim Woodhill). In this, Shockley had the tireless support of his second wife, a no-nonsense and bright nurse-educator. Sadly the press made sure that anything Shockley touched turned to dust - so his support for Bob Graham's high-IQ sperm bank (`Repository for Germinal Choice') led to Graham having difficulty finding ultra-high-achieving donors; and his lawsuit against being called `Nazi' earned him only derisory damages.

But he flew the flag at a time when no-one else of high eminence stood by Eysenck and Jensen; and his effort established that even someone who has taken the trouble to become one of the most renowned scientists of his day will not be heard sympathetically when it comes to IQ (just as Eysenck's charm, flair and Jewishness, Jensen's brilliant and sober dedication and Jewishness, Richard Lynn's Cambridge background and breadth and accessibility of publications, Phil Rushton's social psychology background, unfailing professionalism and evolutionary grip, and my own Oxford background and status as a relatively frequent Nature reviewer and eventually Wiley author and internet diarist all in their turn proved vain against the hysterical anti-IQ idealism of left and right alike.)

* Shockley led the three-man team at Bell Laboratories that invented the point contact transistor, and invented by himself the junction transistor, the analog and the junction field-effect transistor.


New research figures showed why so many UK media folk need to affect socialistic attitudes (and probably the Estuary Accent - mild Cockney - favoured by public school- and Oxford-educated P.M. Bliar himself): simply, 50% of leading UK media figures turned out to have had private education (cf. 5% for their age peers) and, of those who were graduates, 37% had been topped off at Oxford.


As Britain's divided universities embarked on a leisurely six-week ballot to show that at least (as one Independent correspondent put it) "low pay is now well and truly confirmed," even their union members had only a 58% majority for rejecting the measly Government offer of 13%-extra-over-three-years-plus-a-lovely-committee-for-endless-discussions. A fitting end for sub-intellectuals who had failed to back Arpad Pusztai (bullied-into-retirement academic critic of genetically modified food), Andrew Wakefield (bullied-to-America academic critic of MMR jabs), Frank Ellis (bullied-into-hiding academic critic of multiculturalism) and myself (sacked critic of ignoracism, feminazism and paedohysteria)!

{For yowling by lefties - headed up by Ancient Mariner Tony Benn and Marxite Stephen Rose -- about the proposed pay deal, see here.}


Australia's aborigines are so drink-prone, crime-prone, abuse-prone, early-death-prone and low-IQ that Oz Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott (once trained as a Catholic priest) declared they needed White leadership on their plantations as theIr only hope of getting back to their civilizational levels of thirty years ago (Scotsman, 22 vi). In an opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, Mr Abbott wrote that the basic problem of indigenous disadvantage was not a lack of government spending, but what he called the "culture of directionlessness in which so many Aboriginal people live". Cultural sensitivities should not stand in the way of tackling health problems in dysfunctional communities, he said. "We can't allow political correctness to stop us from doing what is needed to address these problems."


A few weeks after trusty Human Biodiversity Group correspondent Louis Andrews noted for that elite internet group that MENSA (the high-IQ society whose leaders have been ultra-shy of IQ in recent years, not to mention of race) had refused to carry an advertisement for Richard Lynn's new 2006 book Race Differences in Intelligence came word from Andrews that the MENSA Foundation had awarded Lynn one of its six 2005/2006 Awards for Excellence – for an article on sex differences in IQ in New Zealand {though FIND Blinkhorn’s critique, this Diary/Blog, March}. As recently as March, 2006, MENSA had published on the net a rejection of Lynn’s claim that Bulgaria came only 20th for IQ among 23 European nations. As Andrews wrote: “The rules of PC are strange indeed!” MENSA Award winners receive $500.


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Friday, June 16, 2006


Chinese geneticist hits trouble in America

Reacting to my 2005 article in the “racialist” American Renaissance about research linking brain size (and thus probably intelligence) to two genes vastly under-represented in Negroes and Pygmies, the Wall Street Journal (16 vi, Antonio Regalado, ‘Scientist’s study of brain genes sparks a backlash – ‘Speculation is dangerous’, dug out and reported the ferocious pressures on the young scientist involved, Chinaman Dr Bruce Lahn (the offspring of two Peking physicists, lately himself made up to professor in Chicago University).

Evidently, as Lahn’s genetic-evolutionary work became known in 2005, there was high anxiety (‘discomfort’) among the ‘great and good’ of American science and Chicago withdrew an application to patent an IQ test to be based on Lahn’s DNA work; Lahn himself told WSJ of the buzz to be heard in university hallways as the “police” of PeeCee plotted to cut his work off from any possibility of ‘populist’ interpretation – the favourite neosocialist party line being that Lahn’s ideas involved too much “speculation.”

Rather than seek expanded research – science’s main historic highroad to dealing with interpretive problems (famously tracing general paresis of the insane [G.P.I.] not to masturbation [a link long beloved of moralists] but to ten-years-earlier syphilis without any experiments or even serious statistics) – the university thought police planned to impose on human biology and human genetics the same demands for rigid experimental proof as had sabotaged most of the historic subject of psychology through the twentieth century (since many conclusive experiments on humans are deemed unethical – not least by the likes of lefties wishing to stop e.g. research on inter-racial mating for fear of what such research might finally and conclusively show).

{No wonder America’s Darwin-backing biologists were having a hard time against creationists as the latter learned the left’s technique of demanding ‘conclusive experimental proof’ of anything except the Marxite/statist economics on which the high priests of experimentalism depended for the lavish expenditures necessary to support their own nuclear bomb-making work! Darwin did not – and does not – owe his place in Westminster Abbey to experimental proofs or even the ingenuities of statistics.}

The Health section of the New York Times (15 vi, Amy Harmon) carried for its NYTwit readers a virtual admission that America’s version of Pravda had been duping them for a generation. Apparently, labs all over the USA (e.g. at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle) were finding and believing in substantial genetic control of risk-taking, obesity, cigarette smoking, dieting, aggression, accident-proneness, life expectancy, dancing ability, sex drive, attention deficit disorder, Nobel laureateship and alcoholism – though the dread topic of intelligence was not directly mentioned.

As well as wheeling in the latter-day hereditarian convert, Harvard’s Steven Pinker, in support (but ‘no racism, purlease!’*), the newspaper even found an anthropologist, Paul Rabinow, University of California, Berkeley, apparently studying ‘the interrelation of science and culture,’ who was willing to say: "The older liberal worldview that it's all a question of willpower is still very present in America, but genetics has become a strong countercurrent."

{Naturally, the twentieth century’s mighty champions of a big role for genes in personality, William McDougall and Hans Eysenck, were not deemed worth a mention – even though the former had been Professor of Psychology at Harvard in the 1920’s, and the latter had, in 1988, won the Distinguished Scientific Award of the American Psychological Association. The NYT probably decided the left's 'anti-racist' dinosaurs faced impending extinction by meteorite because of the brave scientific journalism of its own Nicholas Wade -- whose new book Before the Dawn:Recovering the Lost History of Our Ancestors (which even backed anthropologist Carlton Coon's 'five major races') seemed unlikely to fall to the undetailed nitpicking and negativism of the review by Kenneth M. Weiss and Anne V. Buchanan in Britain's Nature (a bastion of environmentalunacy and 'complex interactionism' since Science moved towards generally greater realism around 1990). -- This review (published for subscribers only, 15 vi 2006) could not even provide any contest for the major psychogenetic breakthroughs of 2005 showing Ashkenazi-Jewish intelligence as genetically selected by the needs of moneylending and small African-Negro and Congo-Pygmy brains being linked to a failure of genetic selection in their cases just a few tens of thousands of years ago.}

* By 2006, the left had developed the habit of referring to London School race realists as outright ‘racists,’ as follows (from my ‘Wiley DePublisher & E.LU. vs CRB’).
By 2004, the term ‘scientific racist’ and ‘racist’, tout court, were being applied by the left-wing outfit ‘One People’s Project’ to Phil Rushton, Steve Sailer, Charles Murray, John Derbyshire, the late Glayde Whitney and myself. Publishers’ Weekly called Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray’s The Bell Curve “neo-racialist.”

In 2005, The Bell Curve was called a “racist manifesto” in Washington Square News [New York] by Opinion Editor Jill Filipovic (9 iii). Doubts were expressed that Harvard President Lawrence Summers, under intense fire for saying there may be “intrinsic” sex differences accounting for male superiority in maths and engineering, might also be guilty of the cardinal sin of racism.
In 2006, Nobelist Professor William Shockley, the inventor of the microchip who had worked hard to defend the race-realist cause in the 1970’s, was called a “racist” in a BBC2 TV account of the eugenic work of Robert Graham and his ‘Repository for Germinal Choice’ (‘Horizon: The Genius Sperm Bank,’ 15 vi 2006, 21:00).

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Pious yet paid bodies of `anti-racist' busybodies had not been called for by ethnic minorities and should be abolished, said an Asian (probably Pakistani) councillor in West Yorkshire (Dewsburytoday, 9 vi). Near the same time, to the horror of Yukay's homosexuals, the BBC declined to discipline a star broadcaster, Chris Moyles, who had used the word `gay' in what was apparently its amusing new meaning among young people of being `lame' or `rubbish' (BBC 5 vi). And Prime Minister Rev. Bliar was bullied by the Sun newspaper to say he would fly St George's Cross from 10, Downing Street on days when England were playing in the World Cup.


"Brand, C. (1996/2000) The g Factor: General Intelligence and its Implications. Published as an E-Book by Chris Brand. This book was originally published but then pulled back by the publisher because the book claimed racial differences in IQs. The portions on [Harvard's Thurstonian 'multiple intelligences' Howard] Gardner can be found in Chapter I, pages 27-35. This is an excellent and comprehensive resource for issues surrounding IQ. It is also a good textbook for those just beginning their inquiry into this subject. It is very well written."

(From here).

Another kind effort was: "Chris Brand, self-described "race realist" and author of The g Factor: General Intelligence and Its Implications discusses "the best established racial difference in g -- that black people score markedly lower than whites." He adds, "The g factor is a reality discovered by science; yet egalitarian envy of excellence has meant that the discovery has yet to be harnessed to the advantage of all."

(See here).


Dr Frank Ellis (Leeds LUniversity, see previous Diaries/Blogs), apparently biding his time preparing a legal battle with his cowardly employer, was remembered by the aptly name Steve `Cheese-Eating-Surrender-Monkey' French, Vice-President of Leeds AUT/UCU (cave-in-for-13.1% `union') who asked Times Higher (10 vi) the question which no hysterical leftist of 2006 could any longer answer: "Why should we have to work and study with racists and homophobes?" - And what about polygamophobes, slavophobes, crimophobes and ignorophobes? Hopefully the left were thus well and truly embarked on a policy of making themselves entirely unemployable and eminently transportable.


A proposal by Britain's `Equal Opportunities Commission' to make a crime out of `unwanted sexual harassment' provoked a robust and immediate rejection from Times correspondent Philip Hodson that it would be "a charter for the neurotic, the [over-]imaginative and every self-victimizing minority in the country" (12 vi).


Guardian, 10 vi: "A secret high-level Metropolitan police report has concluded that Muslim officers are more likely to become corrupt than white officers because of their cultural and family backgrounds. The document, which has been seen by the Guardian, has caused outrage among ethnic minorities within the force, who have labelled it racist and proof that there is a gulf in understanding between the police force and the wider Muslim community. The document was written as an attempt to investigate why complaints of misconduct and corruption against Asian officers are 10 times higher than against their white colleagues."


Where did the great liberal-left British writer George Orwell find in the late-1940's the inspiration for the corporate totalitarian mendacity set out in his Nineteen Eighty-four? According to a new biography of Orwell (by Peter Davison), says Tom Rosenthal (reviewing the book in Sunday Telegraph (Seven), 4 vi 06), "the writer John Baker* and the great English biologist C. D. Darlington** drew his attention to the Soviet appointment of the utterly wrong-headed geneticist Lysenko as head of the Soviet Academy of Agricultural Science. This enabled the state to lie about the one thing whose truth can normally be guaranteed: accepted scientific theory."
* Eventually Fellow of the Royal Society, Reader in Cytology at Oxford University (1955-69) and author of scientific racism's magnum opus, Race (1974, O.U.P.).
** Eventually F.R.S., Oxford's Regius Professor of Biology and author of the equally `naughty' The Evolution of Man and Society (1969, Simon & Schuster).

{For a full account of Lysenko's nonsense and its similarity to the nonsense of modern `ignoracism,' see Glayde Whitney's `Raymond B. Cattell and the Fourth Inquisition.'}


The g Factor Ten years after my book, TgF, set out the 5-IQ-point boost for infants that resulted from breast feeding, the New York Times told its NYTwit readers of the idea (13 vi).


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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


A 45-year-old Black man was revealed in court to have had a daughter in Britain by a 14-year-old girl and to have savagely raped a 17-year-old girl while on bail for the former offence - all entirely avoidable for the monster, Gabriel Vengesai, had been admitted to the U.K. as an asylum seeker from Zimbabwe carrying HIV and claiming to be a homosexual facing persecution from his fellow Blecks.

The Sunday Telegraph, 4 vi, front-paged hundreds of child slaves being brought to Britain (from Africa, `Asia' and Eastern Europe) - e.g. to work preparing spliffs of cannabis as well as providing sexual services for their masters.


A kind review of my book The g Factor, from one George Hammond, calling it a "GEM" and stressing its scientific and explanatory merits, appeared here; and the book was commended as "scholarly" here. One website even picked up that correlations between chronometric and psychometric measures of the g factor are higher in the lower-g range - as I had been saying for the previous twenty years. I also got a mention as a "genius" here -- which made a change from the more common internet verdict that I am as daft as a brush.

Giving less clearcut reason for satisfaction was an American Renaissance correspondent's "Compare The Blank Slate with The g Factor if you want to understand the difference between brains and guts" - but I resolved to take it in the spirit in which I believe it was meant.


"Put simply, [British historian Niall] Ferguson [in his The War of the World: History's Age of Hatred] believes that the bloodshed of the twentieth century was attributable to a lethal combination of economic uncertainty, imperial breakdown and ethnic tension. Instead of looking to class, like so many historians trailing in Marx's wake, he concentrates on ethnicity as the central, explosive factor in 20th-century conflicts from the Balkans to East Asia. ..economic changes -- which include growth and urbanisation as well as recession or depression -- have acted [merely] as "the trigger for the politicisation of ethnic differences."

(From: Dominic SANDBROOK, 2006, `Our staggering appetite for death: a sobering, provocative and highly readable history argues that ethnicity was the central, explosive factor in 20th-century conflicts.' Daily Telegraph (Books), 27 v).


The Psychology Department of the LUniversity of Edinburgh, having co-operated 100% with the LUni's witch-hunting of me through 1996-7, found itself zero-rated by the Times, failing even to get into that paper's calculation of the top twenty academic psychology departments in the U.K.(Times 2, 7 vi, p. 4). The Times' top twenty were calculated by averaging national research quality ranking, student entry standards and the proportion of graduates proceeding to graduate jobs or further academic study. The list was headed by Cambridge, Oxford, University College London, Bristol, St Andrews and Nottingham; and even Glasgow, which came 18=, along with Sussex, did better than Edinburgh. (The LUniversity's quantification-respecting departments of Biological Sciences,Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Computing Science, Economics, Electronic and Electrical Engineering and Sociology made it into the national top twenty; and Geography made it into the top ten, coming 8th.)


An Anglo-American study of hundreds of identical and fraternal twins reported that 50% of the variance in entrepreneurial success was due to genetic factors, whereas environmental factors had "little influence" (New Zealand Herald, 7 vi). The study involved researchers at St Thomas's Hospital (London), Imperial College London and Case Western Reserve University (Clevland, Ohio.) (So hysterically leftish and repressive of hereditarian results are British journalists that, of all British newspapers, only the Daily Mail (5 vi) and the Scotsman (5 vi) considered this major study worthy of a news item.)


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Friday, June 02, 2006


Both the Home Office and the Commission for Racial Equality reported studies of their own in Britain finding less happiness among people living in ethnically diverse areas (BBC 30 v) – further attesting what the Council of Europe reported in 1998, that multi-ethnic countries have higher crime rates (McDougall NewsLetters, 1998/9, here and here). Excuses were promptly suggested – that people just did not like ‘new arrivals’, or that people needed ‘social bridge building’ by an army of Labour-supplied gruppenfuehrers. But Blacks are hardly ‘new arrivals’; and the data were not examined to see whether higher-IQ Blacks actually prefer living in largely White areas; as to ‘bridge building,’ this had been going on at vast public expense for a generation, most likely to no conspicuous avail. Black loon CRE supremo ‘Sir’ Trevor Phillips saw an urgent need to study what could possibly be ‘meant’ by people being ‘similar’ to each other – yet his own study made *one* answer perfectly obvious…. (Social psychologists had shown by 1960 that ‘like prefers like’ (on average) on a wide range of variables.)


This was the Daily Telegraph’s top front-page headline (31 v) as it turned out that the Home Office had been reprimanded for prison overcrowding by the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Phillips; that prisons provided pre-release “retoxification” programmes so that prisoners would not die from overdosing as soon as outside the prison gates; and that the aptly named Home Office, as well as giving all staff a day off to celebrate the arrival at its helm of thug supreme NuMarxist John Reid, standardly gave staff time off to attend classes in topics ranging from witchcraft to ballroom dancing.


When animal rights fanatic and pop singer Morrissey told animal researchers (in a magazine article) “We’ll get you”, UK police remained quite unfazed and said they saw no grounds for prosecution. {By contrast, one shudders to think what would happen to a BNP member who wrote the same to Muslim fanatics…. Britain’s ‘war on terror’ evidently has its limits – and not just those of putting the relatives of Basra bombers out of bounds for retaliation.} {Vandalism of churches is also permitted: last year, one church in five in England was vandalized without a single prosecution ensuing. One vicar even had to resort to building a 10-ft-high Israeli-style perimeter ring of steel around his Lancashire village vicarage while police told the media there was no problem.}


North-east Paris once more reverberated, for two nights, to the sounds of Muslim cooking (voitures flambĂ©es), to the explosions of hundreds of garbage cans, and to the shrieks of police as they lept from their fire-bombed vehicles and showed French politicians had utterly failed to get a grip (Washington Post, 31 v). Socialists ingeniously but unconvincingly blamed Interior Minister Nicholas Sarkozy for supplying the area’s Blacks with insufficient welfare so as to boost his own popularity with White voters Also, the government ordered an investigation into alleged intimidation by a Black supremacy group, Tribu KA, during a march through Rue de Rosiers, a Jewish section of Paris.


As the vote-grubbing politicos in India’s lately booming economy (8% growth p.a.) tried to return to the past by ordering yet more unmerited places for Untouchables at university, mass protests broke out among professionals and students, requiring the wretched Government to use legal powers to order doctors back to work after a 19-day strike (INSNews, 31 v).


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