Friday, April 30, 2010


Doubtless horrified by the £200,000 (in 2010 money) plus eternal shame (requiring destruction of all documentation) which it had taken the University of Edinburgh to get rid of me in 1996/7 for outspeaking (against ignoracism, feminazism and paedohysteria), Cambridge University’s Council (headed by the university’s Vice-Chancellor) announced it would seek to downgrade the tenure of its dons to that of its laboratory technicians (dismissible by a head of department backed by a ‘randomly selected’ tribunal of local staff members) (Guardian, 27 iv).


The attractions of male-on-female paedophilia went on display as Nigeria’s Senator Yerima, 49 and an enthusiast for Sharia law, transpired to have purchased a child bride of 13 from Egypt for a rumoured price of $100,000 (BBC, 28 iv). In 2006, the senator, then a state governor, had married a girl of 15.


The contempt of Labour for its own White voters was relayed worldwide as PM Gordon Brown was overheard calling a “bigot” a 66-year-old Rochdale grandmother whose concern about immigration he had previously tried to soothe and whose red lapels on her coat he had admired.

As Sky News broadcast the intemperate and hypocritical later insult, Brown apologized (while claiming to have “misunderstood” the questioning to him).

Subsequently it emerged that the spirited woman, Gillian Duffy, had been a lifelong Labour voter and worker for the local council (with the handicapped) whose father had been wont to sing ‘The Red Flag’; and that the Home Office had encouraged Rochdale (which had areas of 75% welfare dependency, among Srindopakeshis) to make preparations for possible race riots (Daily Mail, 28 iv).

Whether Mrs Duffy would allow her lips to be seriously sealed by the apology (backed up by a 45-minute visitation in her pebble-dash home from the PM) remained to be seen; but she told the Sunday Mail (for a rumoured £250K) that she would not be voting Labour on May 6th.

How could this disaster for Liebore have happened? How could Dr Brown have changed so much from the reasonable if boring egalitarian with whom I would sometimes take a coffee or stronger in Edinburgh of the 1970s? Answer: the socialists, as they took up multiculturalism, and found they could with success accuse cowardly ‘Conservatives’ of fascism, Nazism, Holocaust-denial, anti-semitism, racism, xenophobia, authoritarianism and bigotry, actually came to believe their own propaganda stance and thus were willing to conclude immediately that anyone who so much as mentioned immigration and its problems for low-class Whites -- as had Grandma Duffy, using “East Europeans” as the peecee-polite way of touching on the hypersensitized subject – was an emanation of the Devil.

At last, the predictable results of the right letting the left get away with the multicultural madness first manifest in the persecution of The g Factor had been made dramatically visible in the public domain.

How one agreed with the Speccie’s Martin Bright (29 iv)! -- “I had a message today from a former Labour MP saying that the campaign is now over. I think it is worse than that. Rochdale was a moment of such genuine awfulness that it would demand genuine leadership to extricate the Labour Party from this. But it effectively no longer has a leader.”

{Not that the ‘Conservatives’ were free of similar problems – for their leader, Daft Dave Shameron, had had to get rid of parliamentary candidates at the rate of one per month for ‘racism,’ ‘sexism,’ ‘homophobia’ and kindred ills of which he had agreed to be ashamed in order to shelter from the worst forms of neosocialist barrage.}


Astonishingly, it turned out that a best-selling and sensible-looking 2009 book in the USA, 50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology, amusingly brought out by Wiley DePublisher, had included, as its sections 15 and 34, coverage of the myths:

Intelligence Tests Are Biased against Certain Groups of People


Most People Who Were Sexually Abused in Childhood Develop Severe Personality Disturbances in Adulthood


After two miserable decades of cowardice about race and failure to substantiate in detail the hereditarian position, scientists (at NIH) found a gene for alcoholism and its associated EEG pattern and were optimistic that further such psychogenetic breakthroughs were on the cards (PNAS, 27 iv).


Not content with having orchestrated two decades of PeeCee (with no serious opposition from Britain’s wretched ‘Conservatives’), the Liberal and Labour parties let their hysterical frontbench battleaxes loose just a week before the UK’s General Election to say they would ban the legendary topless ‘Page 3 Girls’ of the Sun (example provided below) and countless kindred newspapers (28 iv).


The BBC’s top culture programme, the Lord Melvin Barggs of Liebore show (Radio 4, 29 iv, 9:05ff.), had a peecee academic deny that the Chinese had ever called foreigners “barbarians” – they had only called them “non-ethnic-Chinese,” supposedly – only to be quickly contradicted by another academic saying that references to “goat-like foreigners” were actually inscribed into the stonework of one of the gates of the Great Wall of China.

Meantime, Tintin in the Congo, 1931, went on trial in Belgium for having defamed Blacks as stupid, idle and prone to superstition (Times, 29 iv).


The attack on Richard Lynn’s ‘sexism’ (see previous, April) was resumed in the Times by Antonia Senior (‘Why can’t a woman be more like a man?’ 29 iv); but, in a charmingly muddled way, Antonia, who showed no sign of having read a page of academic writing on female IQ by Burt, Lynn, Rushton, Nyborg or anyone else, concluded that, rather than blindly persecuting the likes of Larry Summers (who had had to grovel to femininazies at Harvard before being whisked off to Pres. Obarmy’s top table), girls should be willing “to peer into the telescope” (cf. Galileo’s) and look for the facts.


As Harvard law student Stephanie Grace (a sociology graduate from Princeton) had to go into hiding after emailing acquaintances that Afro-Americans were “on average, genetically predisposed to be less intelligent [than Whites],” it transpired her ‘outrageous’ view was not ruled out by Black Harvard economics professor Roland Fryer (Huffington Post, 30 iv).


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Monday, April 26, 2010


‘Project Prevention’ (run from North Carolina by Mrs Barbara Harris – see previous), offering £200 to drug-addicted mothers who could prove they had been rendered infertile by a GP, set up with a freefone number in Britain thanks to “an anonymous British donor” {No -- not me!} (Daily Telegraph, 9 iv; Independent, 10 iv). The quasi-eugenic move was instantly condemned by the Catholic ‘Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child’ and ‘addiction charities’ but the British left apparently decided not to bother with this pinprick. American complaints about PP (formerly C.RA.C.K.) remained outlined at TalkingDrugs, 11 ii, Committee on Women, Population and Environment, 2007, and Mother Jones, c. 2008.


While Britain flirted with LibDim idealism for want of any credible ‘Conservative’ alternative to Pa Broon’s borrow-from-tomorrow Labour swindle, Hungary shifted its votes inspiringly to the right – especially moved by race realism about the country’s incorrigibly criminal gypsies (given citizenship under post-1945 Russian Communism, so then hard to shift) (YahooNews, 11 iv).


As the ape-like 43rd sprog of tyrant Idi Amin (who had killed 400M of his fellow Ugandans, especially Indians, in the 1970s) was arrested for gravely assaulting a Brazilian fellow-deportee at an ‘immigration centre’ near Heathrow, it became clear not only that Britain had long harboured the brainless brute but that it would pay millions to try him and thug pals, defend him, imprison him, fund his YouTube, MyFace, iPad and Wiki connections and doubtless arrange a new identity for him in a sunny pro-human-rights country of his choice (Sun, 12 iv).


Many an anti-racist heart must have lept on reading the Nature headline ‘Children who form no racial stereotypes found’ (12 iv); but the downside was that these ‘hypersocial’ children, suffering Williams Syndrome, lacked 26 genes (on Chromosome 7), presented a wide range of physical deformities and had IQs of around 60.


In a daringly frank move, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican’s Secretary of State (sometimes called ‘deputy pope’), denied celibacy led to child sex abuse and instead insisted that priestly paedophilia was part of the spectrum of “the pathology” of homosexuality (UKPA, 14 iv) – immediately eliciting condemnation by organized yaggery (led by Britain’s Peter Tatchell) which had long been desperate to deny yags’ historic interest in ‘chicken’ (as barely pubescent boys were termed).

However, while howling with rage at criticism of its most treasured minority, even the Guardian admitted that the problem of clerical sexual abuse had surfaced as seminaries became more tolerant of homosexuality; and that some 80% of the abuse was of boys aged 11-17 (14 iv, Austen Ivereigh).

{As large-scale battle loomed, the case for dispassionate research had never been stronger; but serious study was unlikely while researchers were obliged by the media to conclude that paeophiles were worse than mass murderers and that homosexuals were borderline saints. For the previous decade, the likes of Tatchell had maintained that true homosexuals were – conveniently enough – not interested in boys under 16. Yet, meantime, MSM had – by including cases of power-mad paedosadism and incest -- got the imaged age range of ‘abuse’ victims well down from that of prepubescence, which had once been definitional of paedophilia.}

Adding to the confusion, Cardinal Bertone was denounced by the English Catholic Church, ‘victim support groups, the Daily Mail and the French Foreign Office (Daily Telegraph, 14 iv). The Vatican, while attempting emollience, maintained that, whatever might be the case in the wider world, its proposed link between homosexuality and paedophilia was “valid for clerics” (Guardian, 14 iv) – as indeed seemed to be the case, though it strictly remained for research to discover what percentage of the R.C.’s ‘abusive’ priests were homosexual (rather than, say, omnivorous) in their sexual psychopathy.

{Almost certainly, the Church had already made big controversy-avoidant efforts to conceal this percentage.}

In distancing the Vatican from Cardinal Bertone’s remarks, Father Federico Lombardi (chief Vatican spin doctor), referred to statistics cited by the Vatican’s internal prosecutor, Msgr. Charles J. Scicluna, who had said that, of the 3,000 abuse cases handled in the past decade by the powerful Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, 60% involved priests attracted to adolescent boys; 30% involved heterosexual relations; and 10% concerned paedophilia, or sexual attraction towards prepubescent children (New York Times, 14 iv).

{Similar points were made in Catholic Insight, 16 iv.}

That battle had been well and truly joined was indicated as the top liberal-Catholic theologian, Hans Küng, said the Church was “in crisis” as a result of Pope Benedict having “engineered” the cover-up of priestly naughtiness (Irish Times, 16 iv).

The Church found an unlikely defender as the renowned former Mayor of New York, Ed Koch, said (Irish Independent, 16 iv): "I believe the continuing attacks by the media on the Roman Catholic Church and Pope Benedict XVI have become manifestations of anti-Catholicism. The procession of articles on the same events are, in my opinion, no longer intended to inform, but simply to castigate."

As the Pope prepared to visit Malta, islanders complained of widespread priestly sex abuse in the past but said they had been too afraid to complain because the Church was more terrifying than the Mafia; but a senior R.C. cleric pleaded for paedophile priests to receive ‘in house’ treatment rather than imprisonment (Daily Telegraph, 17 iv).

{Altogether, there seemed no way out for the Church but to belatedly recruit my help and point out that paedofumbling, though doubtless pathetic and disgraceful, was conspicuously less harmful than burglary, suicide bombing, gang rape and the Ponzi schemes of Revs Clinton, Bush, Blair and Bernie Madoff-wid’-all-de-Money.}


After a generation of multiculti pretending, the Times admitted that gang rape of young Black girls – with bananas stuffed in their mouths to silence their screams – was widespread in the Congo, not just by the thugs of the ‘military’ but also by Black civilians (for want of a better word) (16 iv).

In Uganda, human sacrifice – especially of children – was on the rise, yielding 50 court cases in 2009 and a big increase in circumcision since witch doctors were not interested in boys’ circumcised penises, regarding them as ‘impure’ (AmRen, 15 iv).

In south London, bubbly Black schoolgirl Agnes Sinainakoju, 16, was shot dead accidentally by two Black youths engaged in a turf war over drugs. In 2009, Agnes had won a school prize for public speaking against racism….


As the ‘Institute for Public Policy Research’ (IPPR), a ‘think–tank‘ funded entirely by the UK’s ruling Labour and its governmental agencies, claimed the British National Party’support was highest in areas of low “resilience” (i.e. low intelligence and low Labour ooops “community” support) rather than than so specially in areas of high immigration, the Speccie’s Rod Liddle pointed out (16 iv) that only figures for recent immigration had been used; and the BNP observed that many Whites had long ago been ethnically cleansed from areas that were continuingly attractive to new third-world immigrants (19 iv).


After Emeritus Professor Sir Richard Lynn was allowed (against the run of what MSM usually permitted) to set out (with his usual commendable clarity) the London School’s longstanding explanation for women being under-represented in the professoriate (Times, 19 iv), there was predictable howling from assorted correspondents (20 iv) and the Fawcett Society (21 iv – calling Lynn “determinist” and “old-fashioned”) – though one Paul Withrington rightly observed that any employed academic of the noughties finding or reporting anything other than near-equality in general intelligence between the sexes would be squashed (as had happened to psychologist Helmuth Nyborg at Aarhus University – see previous in this Diary/Blog, FINDING also Blinkhorn).


A mentally defective man of 74 was discovered housing the ten-year rotting corpse of a fellow drinker – he had feared for his Bristol council flat tenancy if he revealed that he had had a lodger, and council officials (called repeatedly by neighbours to investigate the stench) failed to notice the body (under an overturned sofa in a room knee-deep in rubbish alongside a room with a bathtub full of sh*t) (Sun, 21 iv).


After a year of agonized debate in France, President Nicolas Sarkozy instructed his government to introduce legislation to ban full facial veiling in public places, thereby outlawing the niqab and burqa, drawing a line for Mueslis and upsetting some 50% of Guardian readers (21 iv).

Belgium’s parliament, too, began discussing whether to ban the burqa etc. – a proposal which had the support of the (disintegrating) country’s major political parties (Guardian, 22 iv).


At London’s Olympic construction site, predicted by PM Pa Broon to provide “British jobs for British workers,” it transpired that only 13% of the workers were in fact British – most coming instead from Romania, India, Poland, Lithuania and Nepal (British National Party, 21 iv).


In line with the prognostications of The g Factor (1996/2000), a vast experiment involving eleven thousand BBC-recruited testees over six months found that Nintendo’s popular “Brain Training Games” had no general effect on IQ or other cognitive functioning (attention, memory) (reported in Nature, Expert Reviews 21 iv and Daily Mirror 21 iv).


The ruin of the USA as a bastion of freedom was confirmed as – having hounded Nobelist Carlton Gadjusek to his death and sent brilliant journalist Stephen Whittle (aka Luke O’Farrell) to jail in England (see previous) – it persisted in bullying top film director Roman Polanski, 77, for sex with a teenager thirty years previously (though the female in question, by 2010 in her forties, insisted she wanted no prosecution) (Times, 23 iv – Saint George’s Day).

Needless to say, the suppression of The g Factor had been dictated from New York.

And the world’s financial crash was directly attributable to American multiculturalism – which had inflated the property market by politically enforced ‘subprime’ lending. – Another crash would likely follow as President Barry Obarmy pumped yet more dollars by political fiat into providing premium health care for drug-addicted, unmarried, unemployable, gun-toting Blacks.

Amusingly, the only self-declared scientific racists – E.Prof. Sir Richard Lynn, Prof. Phil Rushton and myself -- were all located in the British Commonwealth, no American psychologists having felt free enough to declare publicly the views which they doubtless shared with many millions of their fellow citizens.}


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Sunday, April 11, 2010


As a British General ‘Election’ choosing between peecee look-alikes was declared by Supreme Yag Leader Brown, the shocking legacy of decades of Tory- and Labour-driven immigration into Britain was shown to be affecting Britain’s precious ‘public service’ levels, with the most hilarious example being that Oxford’s famous Radcliffe Hospital, situated alongside Lady Thatcher’s Somerville College, employed staff from no less than seventy different countries, many of whom spoke English so badly that they were being sent on ten-week taxpayer-funded courses “to learn basic medical phrases.”

Among the terms workers from countries such as Burma, the Philippines and Poland could not follow were ‘nil by mouth’, ‘doing the rounds’ and ‘bleeping a doctor’.


After a generation of trillion-dollar anti-smoking propaganda (resulting in huge increases in obesity), it was found by academics that smokers had somewhat lower IQs (Daily Telegraph, 3 iv) – as I had observed in 1987 (for the Taylor & Francis Festschrift for Art Jensen).


Having decided to avoid researching or even publicly documenting the actual harm (if any) done by its pederastic priests of yore, and instead to apologize for its unillustrated sins and to fork out to its altar boys (see previous), the Catholic Church found itself under new attack as award-winning American Jewish comedienne Roseanne Barr claimed that priestly sex assaults on girls were probably twice as common as those on boys (ContactMusic, 7 iv).

At the same time, the Church, inundated with 3,000 complaints in a single day on its newly established German hotline, admitted recently defrocking one paedophile priest in Norway and no less than forty such priests in southern Africa (AfricAsia, 7 iv). Having spurned the path of openness, evidence and moderation, the Church was widely said to be facing its worse challenge since the Reformation.


Amidst ‘right-wing’ shambles as the UK’s General Election was graciously declared by Pa Broon (himself -- with the help of idle ‘Tories’ -- having rigged the electoral system so he would win so long as the Conservatives did not reach 10% more votes than Labour) – with Daft Dave Shameron urging tax cuts despite Britain being a £1Trillion bankrupt, with UKIP unheard-of thanks to ditching Robert Kilroy-Silk and Joan Collins and with the BNP prosecuting its PR Officer for death threats to its leader Nick Griffin –

at least Shadow Immigration Minister Damian Green (Balliol College, Oxford; heroically arrested in 2008 at the House of Commons by Labour-driven police for revealing immigration figures) managed to squeak out – doubtless to Shameron’s consternation – that VIRTUALLY ALL the two million extra jobs ‘created’ under Labour since 1997 had in fact gone to third-world immigrants (Sun, 8 iv) who would dutifully vote Labour as their (cheap – to themselves) payment for the access for themselves and their illiterate wives (who would also vote Labour by post under the strict supervision of their husbands) and children to Britain’s utopian welfare-dependent state.

Naturally, the need to execute Britain’s treacherous bankers, bolsheviks, bumboys and bureaucrats remained unmentioned; but at least Green, married to lawyerette Alicia and with two daughters, was not a shit-eating ‘Liberal Democrat’ (unlike disgraced multiple-male-prostitute-bedding Mark Oaten ‘MP’ [Hatfield Polytechnic; standing down at the 2010 Election]).


Just what the ‘good ol’ boys’ of ‘conservative’ American golf would put up with was revealed as their self-confessed “sex addict” multiculti hero, race-blended Tiger Woods, 34, played putting-balls-into-holes to acclaim at ‘The Masters’ [of Mendacity?] in Augusta, Georgia, while the press revealed he had pursued and finally ravished – to her “humiliation,” she averred – the 22-yr-old daughter of a pal, bedding the said Raychel for hours in a room containing the cots of his own sleeping infants (Sun, 8 iv).

Additionally, Woods was accused by a kindergarten teacher of completely fabricating (for a biography of him) a playground incident in which he had allegedly been tied up and spray-painted with the word NIGGER by older White children (New York Post, 2 iv).

How would America’s pathetic golfers digest such fantastical lying – to be tested in court by top lawyerette Gloria Allred? {In fairness, some disillusioned golfers did at least hire a helicopter to give Woods some teasing from the sky – Sun 10 iv).


Britain’s idealists were in shock as Channel 4 TV revealed that three quarters of the monies donated to Britain’s biggest ‘charitable’ event, the London Marathon (featuring thousands of unimaginative sweaty gasping loons), never reached any charitable destination at all (Guardian, 9 iv).

Channel 4's Dispatches programme alleged that most of the £17.8m raised from the 2009 Marathon megabore was spent on salaries and other unspecified ‘costs’ incurred by, yes, the organizers.


Just thirteen years after my sacking by Edinburgh University for – along with many other scientists -- urging clemency for paedophile Nobelist Daniel Gajdusek (d. 2008, his health broken by the year he had spent in prison as punishment for a few episodes of mutual masturbation with some of his 45 adopted children – Guardian, 25 ii 2009), a Labour Parliamentary candidate found himself sacked for using a few commonplace swear words on his Twitter site:

Stuart MacLellan, 24, had described various politicians (including one on his own side) using four-letter words, evidently to the satisfaction (over some sixteen months) of his scores of Labour fellow-Twitterers, who included the wife of the Prime Minister (Sun, 9 iv).

At the same time Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling faced strong pressure to resign after mentioning (at a private meeting) his sympathy for with b&b owners who didn’t want homosexuals sodomizing in their sheets.


As UK PM Gordon Brown once more alluded to the world’s 2008 financial crash originating in the bubble caused by politically enforced (by Revs. Clinton and Dubya) subprime borrowing in America (the account backed from the outset by Steve Sailer and myself – see previous), he was joined by an even bigger voice:

Patrice Hill, Washington Times, April 7, 2010

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan on Wednesday testified that mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac played a critical role in fostering an explosion of growth in the subprime mortgage market that led to the global financial crisis.

Deflecting the blame from himself and the central bank, which had broad authority to regulate banks and the mortgage market, the former Fed chairman, in testimony before the congressional Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, gave the most prominent voice to date to Republican charges that congressional meddling with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac played a critical role in the run-up to the crisis that brought down the global economy in the fall of 2008.

Mr. Greenspan pointed to the mandates Fannie and Freddie received in 2000 from Congress and the Clinton-era Housing and Urban Development Department to make housing more affordable to minorities and disadvantaged people by using their vast resources to purchase more subprime mortgage securities.

As the mortgage giants started to scarf up the subprime securities, much of which had been engineered to earn AAA ratings from credit rating agencies, that caused rapid growth in the subprime market, he said, estimating that it burgeoned from less than 2.5 percent of the mortgage market in 2000 to encompass 40 percent of Fannie’s and Freddie’s mortgage portfolios by 2004.

Yes, ‘YOU JUST PAID FOR MULTICULTURALISM’ was what Britain’s wretched ‘Conservatives’ should have been saying for the previous 18 months!


As reports came in of rising racism in recession-ravaged Éire (AmRen, 5 iv) and Iraq and Afghanistan languished under the failure of the West to break them up into manageable ethnic groups (though Iraq’s Kurd’s had largely seized independence and Iraq’s Christians had largely fled, events quite unplanned by the lunatic West), Africa’s largest country, Sudan, saw its Christians streaming south and its Muslims north in the hope of avoiding the war over oil that was likely to follow years of failure to divide the place sensibly along ethnic lines (BBC World Service, 9 iv).

In South Africa, police had to use barbed wire to separate Whites and Blacks at the funeral of the elderly Black-murdered Boer supremacist Eugene Terreblanche.


As pressure grew on Pope Benedict for yet another mea culpa, or perhaps a backdoor donation to media-savvy child abuse charities, journalist John McEntee, 55, a writer for both the Daily Mail and New Statesman, wrote in a memoir for the Spectator (9 iv) that, in the Catholic school of his youth in Ireland, he and most of his classmates had been regularly abused by teacher-priests (typically involving being fondled up the shorts while seated in the teacher’s lap – sometimes in front of the whole class as the other boys concentrated on their assignments).

No, wrote McEntee, there was no “damage” or “trauma” – he had phoned several ex-classmates to check. Rather, though knowing their experiences to be peculiar (“like seeing someone wet his pants”), they welcomed the inconsequential abuse as associated with perks (selection for the class football team) and as an alternative to the physical violence which teachers dished out liberally to boys to whom they did not take such a shine.

In the same issue of the Speccie, famous ‘far right’ columnist Taki traced the new assaults on the Church (for paedophilia and subsequent cover-ups) to the New York Times, whose star columnist Maureen Dowd had gone so far as to call the Pope a “sin-crazed rottweiler” in the course of calling for a female pope (Daily World, 5 iv).


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Sunday, April 04, 2010


Though the pathetic dwarf Sarkozy’s wretched French ‘authorities’ had declined to ban facial veiling (for fear of infringing the E.U.-dictated ‘human rights’ of low-IQ unemployable immigrant wife-beaters), plucky Belgium moved to insist that Muesli wymmin should reveal their moustaches (Times, 1 iv) (in line with growing Europe-wide poll sentiment against Islam and immigration) (Daily Mail, 1 iv).

(Belgium’s 500,000 Muslims hailed mainly from the less reactionary Muslim countries of Morocco and Turkey, so they did not mind too much; but protests were predictably mounted by some of the country’s far-gone ‘churchmen’ and kindred lefties.)


Obligingly peecee, multiculchural and egalitarian, most British universities had Government blessing to pay their crackpot tyrannical lib-left principals wages greater than those of Supreme Liar ooops prudence-backing but bubble-blowing Leader Brown (Guardian, 1 iv, reporting that vice-chancellors had enjoyed an 11% pay rise in 2009 – mere lecturers enjoyed no such pay rise).


In a new twist in the story of ‘liberal’ British paedohunting, 23 schoolkids were anonymously accused of repeatedly stripping and ‘abusing’ a 6-yr-old girl who could not be named for legal reasons in an un-namable (though apparently Welsh) school presided over by un-namable teachers with unknown effects (Sun, 2 iv).

At the same time, a Hertfordshire ‘paedo dad’ who “could not be named for legal reasons” was sent down for life for raping his equally un-named 6-month-old daughter (evidence unspecified) (Sun, 1 iv). {The causes of paedosadism and incest remained a mystery thanks to ‘academics’ being too cowardly to conduct relevant researches.}

Carried away with the excitement of the Catholic Church daily admitting previously undisclosed cases of ancient priestly paedofumbling, C of E Archbishop Rowan Williams said the Éirish R.C. Church had “lost all credibility” – he had heard from a friend that some priests were afraid to wear their dog collars on the streets.

Beardy gay- and Muesli-backing Williams was widely criticized for recklessness by both Anglican and Catholic clergy; but the Catholic weekly, The Tablet, thought many Catholics would agree with him (BBC, 3 iv).


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