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The world’s richest Roman Catholic woman, Melinda Gates (q.v.), was quizzed about how hard it had been for her to come to back mass contraception for the third world (the rationale for which had been obvious to everyone else by 1960). Her answer was (Sunday Mail, 22 vii): “Yes. It was very hard for me to take a stand on this issue. I spent years wrestling with my feelings. Many people I love and respect – friends, former teachers, members of my church – believe contraceptives are a sin. I didn’t want to upset them. And the Church itself means a lot to me. I attended Catholic schools. My great-aunt, the woman who taught me to read when I was a little girl, was a nun. My Catholic values have so much to do with the kind of person and mother I am, and I was reluctant to stir up controversy. But when Bill and I got married, his mother wrote us a letter that included a quotation from the Book of Luke: ‘For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.’ I have been given the privilege to travel extensively in developing countries, to learn what life is like for women and girls. {Reading books had not been enough for Melinda!}

Loopy environmento-besotted hubby Bill Gates cradles a {scheduled-to-be low-IQ} baby in Mozambique during a visit to a local hospital for the {mainly daft} ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’

I have seen teenage mothers with broken bodies because they had one baby after another (or, as one woman said to me, ‘a baby on the back and another inside’). I have heard women describe their desperate struggle to get birth control. The unlucky ones spend their meagre savings on counterfeit contraceptives sold by unscrupulous vendors. The lucky ones walk an entire day to get to a health clinic that may or may not have contraceptives in stock.” (Sunday Mail, 22 vii)

{Welcome to the modern world, Melinda – albeit too late, since the Black, Muesli and Hispanic hordes have already arrived and been accepted as non-expellable by vote-grubbing Western socialists and their cowardly ‘conservative’/corporatist allies!}


UK PM Daft Dave Cameron provided a convincing and surely terminal demonstration of the uselessness of his Blair-copying NuToryism as he declined to sack the HMG-employed ‘border guards’ who proposed to open the London Olympic Games by going on strike (thus making up-market visitors to Britain endure hours of queuing at Thiefrow Airport). Though only 11% of subscribers to the Public and Commercial ‘Services’ union had voted for ‘industrial action,’ DD had not have the bottle or the imagination to take them on -- though he would have had 80% of the UK public behind him had he done so, and 95% if he had coupled such drama with arresting a few dozen drug-money-laundering ‘bankers.’

As it was, his popularity fell behind that of ‘Red’ Ed Miliband for the first time in the two-year history of their contest (Daily Mail, 23 vii, Peter McKay). {Government lawyers did however find a technical flaw in the P&CS’s strike ballot, so the strike was called off without the ‘confrontation’ that DD had dreaded.}


As arrested Denver shooter James Holmes turned out to have been taking for eighteen months a cocktail of cannabis and Vicodin and quite possibly other ‘substances,’ he added compellingly to the evidence that the outstandingly ghastly crimes of the day (Breivik; Rausing) were being committed under the influence of drugs.

Explaining Vicodin, a friend of this blog kindly volunteered:
"Vicodin - aka "Hillbilly heroin" - is commonly abused by Americans, but is not part of the UK druggie pharmacopaeia (for now). It is a type of opiate analgesic used to treat cancer and chronic pain. It will make people 'comfortably numb' (as the song goes). Celebs and riff-raf use it.

This lad [Holmes] was probably pretty high IQ (lots of hard [boring] neuroscience in his background) but decompensated as the recreational substances sabotaged his performance and nihilism and subclinical mental health problems emerged. Wanna bet Aspergers spectrum? Like booze, drugs only bring out what is there to start with (if in potential). Perhaps they even help identify those with resilent nervous systems compared to those who haven't. You will recall brilliant satirist Chris Morris's observation:

"Luckily, the amount of heroin I use is harmless, I inject about once a month on a purely recreational basis. Fine. But what about other people less stable, less educated, less middle-class than me? Builders or blacks for example. If you're one of those, my advice is leave well alone."."


After £2M of HMG-funded research by social scientists (led by a Cambridge economist [a breed well known for knowing less about the future than the stock market]), the results came in – and were reckoned by both ‘experts’ and pundits to be quite incomprehensible (Daily Telegraph, 25 vii).

1 Most Brits reported themselves pretty happy. In fact this was entirely predictable from the traditional low neuroticism of Brits – a competent and confident seafaring people whose main unhappiness was simply with their politicians.

2 Middle-aged people were a bit less ‘happy’ than children and the elderly. Simple: lower intelligence makes people more prone to lying – partly because they miss the subtleties of questions.

3. The happiest people lived in the north of Scotland (a vast desert area, including the even happier Orkney and Shetland Isles, just north of the UK’s ‘unhappiest’ region – as for a century – Glasgow). And in other UK rural areas like Cumbria [Cumberland and Westmoreland], mid-Wales, Northern Ireland and the south-west of England! Now: what problems (hint: which racial groups?) had these lucky people been able to avoid?


Not content with the upheavals of Sharia-inviting Egypt, Tunisia and (almost) Libya, fratricidal death-wish ethnic-crazed Mueslis continued to slaughter scores of themselves daily (and destroy their major buildings, not to mention cars) in Syria and managed a death count of 115 in a single day in Iraq (‘liberated’ by Nato endeavour 2002-2011).

At the same time, in Euroland, Germany tried to chivvy ClubMed to stay in its Fourth Reich – rather than realizing that ditching the Latinos (including the once-more socialist Froggies) and forming a Nordic League would be the only way out.

{Of course, the West’s MSM did not dare mention such glaring ethnic differences. More particularly, Britain’s MSM did not dare to say where the problems of its “120K” “troublemaking ooops troubling ooops troubled” families came from. No need to say! Everyone by 2012 knew what had been academically identified as the problem by 1996 – see TgF.}


That IQ-denying capitalism (pretending that ‘training’ solved every workplace problem) was plumbing the same depths as the UK’s government ‘services’ was detailed in Private Eye’s account of how Britain’s ‘G4S’ (running four English prisons and employing 700K personnel worldwide) had failed to recruit 3.5K target ‘trainees’ from the dole queues to guard the London Olympics, apparently not realizing or at least (out of peecee hysteria) recognizing that many dole loafers were Black and/or had criminal records (27 vii).


February 2012: G4S wins “Security Company of the Year” at the Event production awards.

May: G4S wins Best International Recruitment Strategy, at the Recruiter’s Awards, for its “highly innovative and direct resourcing strategy” {i.e. recruiting directly from dole queues} which “enables G4S recruiters and hiring managers to recruit staff themselves without the use of third party intermediaries and at a fraction of the cost.” G4S’s group head of resourcing, Colin Minto, says: “Our ability to attract, recruit and retain the very best people enables us to provide excellence to our customers in industry sectors and territories around the world where the quality of workers and the speed in{sic} which we can recruit, train and deploy them is critically important.”

July: G4S cocks up its recruit hiring for the Olympics so badly it has to be bailed out by the army and police at huge expense {to taxpayers – for GS4 insisted it must keep its £57M ‘management’ fee}.


Greek officials expelled their champion triple jumperine, beaming blonde Voula Papachristou, from the London Olympics for her ‘offensive comments about African immigrants’ posted on the for-fun-only website Twitter.

Voula’s offence against now-international PeeCee? She had joked, of her own country {hugely invaded by Blacks streaming through Turkey since the non-taxpayers of Greece could not afford to man the borders}: “With so many Africans in Greece, at least the mosquitoes of the West Nile will eat homemade food.”

That ‘homophobism’ had also fully joined the ranks of suppressants of free speech was specially indicated as the Pope’s selected new Archbishop of Scotland (a monsignor from an Italian family) hinted that a fellow-Caff Labour MP who had died at 44 may have owed his early demise to his (flagrant) homosexuality – a hint instantly denounced by UK Labour leader Red Ed (D.Telegraph, 26 vii).


As ‘Team GB’, 50% of its runners composed of Blecks,* took the Olympic high road, a reminder of reality was provided as a Black brute, superficially named Julian Hughes-John, who had been a ‘British’ bobsleigh champ and, as a revered ‘athlete,’ had been on the verge of joining the GB Olympic squad, was jailed for twelve years for kidnapping and torturing (with an electric drill to the ankle), for money, an unsuspecting White who had made the mistake of living near the thug (D.Mail, 27 vii). The brute’s arrest had been enabled chiefly by Britain’s left-abhorred ‘sus’ (stop-and-search) laws, allowing police to make inquiries ad lib – especially into suspiciously parked vehicles with Bleck drivers.

* Official international peecee veneration of Blacks was symbolized by the chosen Olympic logo: five rings, none of them white, with a black ring central at the top. Any sign of Britain at the dull Quatar-style Olympic stadium and its nearby rubbish heap of Indian ‘architecture’ by InnitGimmeSomeMore? Think again!


The Mail’s gallant columnist Peter Hitchens (though not gallant enough to talk about IQ and race) succinctly nailed the West’s ongoing descent into totalitarian egalitarian religiosity (a descent begun by the LUniversity of Edinburgh in 1996) (27 vii).

{Of course, PH did not need to worry: left-chosen Islam would soon take over and put all Western lefties’ concerns for the ‘rights’ of Blecks, wymmin and yags into the shade.}

{The West’s only hope was that the fratricidal Mueslis would – as during the Crusades – spend more effort killing each other than in killing Christians. Syria gave hope of this – with the ‘idealistic’ West having decided to support full-blown civil war in which vast numbers of Solunnis with mere handguns were demakrazily pitched against a 40-yr regime headed by a nicely-wived London ophthalmologist and backed by Russian jets and the world’s largest stock of chemical weapons.}


In Oz, aboriginal employment rates slumped in the previous five years, despite unprecedented efforts by the public and private sectors to increase indigenous workforce participation (Sydney Morning Herald, 27 vii). Australia’s Bureau of Statistics estimated that just 46.4 per cent of adult Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders had a job when surveyed in 2011. The figures suggested that, despite federal government intervention, numerous programmes and private sector initiatives, ‘indigenous’ participation in the workforce since 2006 had shrunk, not grown. On these figures, for every 100 people added to the adult Aboriginal population in the past five years, only 22 had a job, while 78 were unemployed.


London’s hosting of the ‘Olympic’ non-Games (invented by A.Hitler and banning the naked boy athletes of the Greek original) got off to a duller start than anyone could have imagined, with a dreary 2-hour procession of drugged-up* musclebound ‘athletes’ (the wymmin unmammaried, the German team dressed in the none-too-German colours of pink and sky blue) around a stadium of empty seats (£2K was the loony price charged for the non-event) which had no connection with Britain, like the multi-million pile of ‘architectural’ rubbish erected outside it by an Indian gent, GimmeSomeMoreMoneyInnit.

The ‘spectacle’ (arranged by some Irish-American, Danny Boyo) was accompanied by tuneless and even rhythmless ‘pop’ muzak (with the usual incomprehensible diction) which no-one had previously heard or would ever want to hear again – chucking Purcell, von Holst, Vaughan Williams and William Walton into the bin.

Needless to say, the occasion was entirely peecee – with even countries like Estonia turning out to have Blecks to carry their flags; and there was no mention of the major theme of the last thousand years of British history, viz its kings, queens and Parliament saving Europe from the French,** the Spanish, Nazi-crazed Germans and the Pope. The fatuous exercise in polite leftism (‘celebrating’ Britain’s lesbianized and MRSA-prone non-English-speaking Black NHS)*** cost £27M – though this was just a fraction of the £13B which Britain had wantonly spent on the idiot ‘Games.’

(Still, at least Queensmen Mister Bean and Sir Tim Berners Lee OM had star spots; and some gals patriotically got their Brits out....; and it was amusing to see the republican-aspiring Ozzies chose to dress in green, reminding the world of their Irish-convict roots.

Remarkably, HMQ Brenda and her 91-yr hubby Philip [who had begun Britain’s no-academic-free-speech world in 1996/8 at the LUniversity of Embra] managed to stay awake till midnight (when Brenda made a mercifully short if hardly inspiring 4-second proclamation). – They must have been on drugs....)

* Even by the first day of the ‘Games,’ ten athletes had been sent home for substance abuse – the Beeb managing to mention that the more egregious cheats came from Albania, Algeria and Morocco. {Would this help the Germans to recognize the merits of a Nordic League?...}

** The undeniable satisfaction in Britain and its media was due basically to London having beaten Paris in the competiton to waste cash on ooops host the ‘Games.’ That Froggies were allowed to put their lingo first in the official Olympic pronouncements was apparently a small price to pay.

*** Conservative ‘naughty Nazi’ MP Aidan Burley (33, a product of Oxford’s St John’s College) properly denounced the ceremony as “leftie multicultural crap” (Birmingham Post, 28 vii). {A man to watch!}


Though the BBC remained largely preoccupied with its chosen ‘Arab Spring’ AlQaeda-backing war again Syria’s Shitite President Assad (his lovely wife long removed from view), its World Service found time (28 vii, 14:30) to mention that, in just a few days, 20K Ethiopians (though impeded by their own military) had streamed south into Kenya to escape their deadly tribal ooops multiculti African neighbours. Scores were also dying daily in ethnic rivalries in the Congo – prompting Britain astonishingly to suspend its multi-million pound annual grant to naughty troublemaking Rwanda (though India and Pakistan were allowed to keep their UK-donated billions towards their nuclear arsenals).


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A handy reference to (mainly) scientific racists and their websites of recent years (e.g. Richard Lynn, Phil Rushton, Linda Gottfredson, Kevin Macdonald, Marian van Court) turned out to have been provided (by “an American person of color”) at the ‘Cult Education Forum’ (See here). Personally, I was well pleased to have been credited with a Professorship in England and to have it acknowledged (which Edinbugger LUniversity could never admit) that I was “fired for writing a racist book.”


A three-month trial that recently ended in Liverpool, where nine Muslim men were found guilty of raping dozens of British children, revealed that police and social workers in northern England repeatedly refused to investigate Muslim pedophile gangs: they said they were afraid of being called racist.The disturbing details that emerged during the trial opened yet another chapter in a long-running debate about multiculturalism in Britain, where many had long said that political correctness had gone too far (FrontPage, 13 vii).


Though Israel was renowned worldwide (to all but Western multiculti-deluded Jews) for its robust nationalism and indeed racism, it turned out there was a n*ggah in de woodpile. Apparently the ancient Haredim people, 700K of them around Jerusalem, demanded to devote their lives to studying the Torah, to receiving welfare benefits, and to each having seven children (Observer, 15 vii).

They thought Arab aggression against Israel in the past had been deflected chiefly by their prayers. Anyhow, they declined to be conscripted – posing a major challenge to the Jewish state where young people were fed up with the likes of Arab and Haredim ‘citizens’ not doing their share of the defence against the country’s psychotic Muesli neighbours.


The ever-vain efforts of the European right to dissociate itself from smears of Fascism/Nazism – rather than get on with reminding the public of the left’s far more tangible links to the terrors of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, third-world immigration, single parenting, homosexuality, general dysgenics and national bankruptcy – reached a new peak of amusement as France’s Marine Le Pen took out a lawsuit against ageing husband-disobeying crotch-displaying popstar Kabalah maniac Madonna for portraying Marine with a swastika on her face (Guardian, 16 vii). At a 14vii concert in Paris, the American singer showed a video (previously used in Tel Aviv) in which Le Pen's face appeared with other well-known rightish figures including Pope Benedict, Chinese leader Hu Jintao and lively US Republican Sarah Palin. In the clip, shown on a giant screen to accompany the song Nobody Knows Me, Le Pen, 43, appeared with the Nazi symbol overlaid on her face, just before an image resembling Adolf Hitler (with whom Marine’s father had been passably sympathetic).


The Tory MP who was sacked by David Cameron for taking part in a Nazi-themed stag party started a relationship with a 24-year-old member of his staff, an Oxford graduette dubbed ‘Britain’s sexiest councillor.’ Aidan Burley, 33, who was being investigated by French police over his role in the celebration, told the Commons authorities that he was ‘seeing’ Jodie Jones, who worked in his Cannock Chase constituency office and sat as a local Conservative councillor.

Lissome Jodie was at the centre of controversy in 2010 after she was pictured on Facebook swigging from a champagne bottle and partying in a bikini (Daily Mail, 16 vii).


Genial Irish-Kiwi political scientist and leftist Jim Flynn reported that males and females were similar in general intelligence (Sunday Times, 15 vii, p. 1; Daily Telegraph, 16 vii, p.11). He thereby confirmed what Cyril Burt had observed exactly a century previously (see TgF, Ch.1) – though, to tease Richard Lynn (q.v.), he opined there might have been a slight late-C20 improvement in the scores of adult females {perhaps because of increasing test sophistication – TgF, Ch.4}.


The taxpayer-funded BBC, usually a leftish source of condemnation of rightish ‘money-grubbing,’ was exposed as paying scores of its (grossly overpaid – around £1Mpa) celebrities (such as Gary Lineker, Jeremy Clarkson, Jeremy Paxman and Fiona Bruce) by backdoor routes so that the celebs’ tax bills could be kept down and the Beeb itself could avoid full National Insurance contributions (Daily Mail, 17 vii).


The ludicrous idiocies of non-competing capitalist ‘giants’ (already seen in RBS and HBOS and in the endless harassing domestic telephone cold-calling of NatWest, Barclays etc) were dramatically illustrated as ‘G4S’, an employer of 700K worldwide and running several UK prisons (thus four times the size of UK armed forces), admitted it had not been able to fulfill its contract to guard the London Olympics {because its intended temporary employees, recruited from dole queues at short notice, half of them Black, could not themselves get security clearance}.

Thus, with two weeks to go before the international event, HMG had to draft in 3,500 extra troops and 1,000 extra police to search White grannies’ handbags in the required peecee manner. Orange-‘tanned’ CEO Nick Buckles nevertheless squealed that his company must retain its £57M ‘management fee’ for the botched £250M contract since G4S would still be delivering “significant numbers” of unemployable non-English-speakers to sleep through the Olympics (as they had been filmed doing while ‘guarding’ Wimbledon).

G4S even turned out to be employing illegal immigrants (from Pakiland) to ‘guard’ the Olympics, requiring removal by police (Sun, 19 vii).


Britain’s bankrupt Coalition government, supposedly run by austerity-backing liberals and conservatives though actually pouring money into nuclear-armed India and getting more bankrupt at a rate of £10K per minute, decided to lavish £.5B as a first instalment of new social workers for England’s 120,000 “troublesome families” (i.e. criminal, druggy, violent, disruptive, impossible and illiterate non-families) even though these multi-sprogged disaster zones had each had scores of thousands of pounds spent on them in housing, skuling, policing, doctoring, welfare and – yes – social work (BBCR4, 18 vii, 08:00, 08:10-25, 09:00; Guardian, 18 vii; largesse / job creation to be dispensed by handout tsarina, overweight and doubtless overpaid Louise Casey [presumably of Eirish origin] who made no mention of contraception,* sterilisation or transportation in the course of her lengthy top-slot interviews by the Beeb).

Apparently, faced with the prospect of the uneducated Casey, 47 (who had conducted a grand total of twelve interviews with disaster families), solving by 2015 problems that often went back generations, many local councils were quick to ‘step up to the plate’ to claim their share of the newly available cash going forward....

Apparently flush with cash from ‘quantitative easing,’ CamCo further announced it planned to spend £9B of money it did not have over several years (during which it would already have been slung out of office) in such footling schemes as electrifying the London-Sheffield railway connection, thereby cutting a grand 10 minutes off the 2hr10min journey time. {As if 21st-century commuters could not occupy themselves for 10 minutes with their iPods, YourTubes, flashbacks, cafe’ latte’s, MyFace, Kindles etc!}

* In fairness, Louise did at one point in her publicity bash say that ‘problem families’ had too many children; but she soon undermined herself by saying the kids would be OK if only they could be got to attend Britain’s {useless} skules.

Flaming disgrace

Fire-eating stripper ... at bankers' bash

BAILED-out but nicely BONUSED bankers entertained by fire-eating strippers at a champagne bash got a roasting from critics (Sun, 18 vii). More than 1,000 City wankstas ooops workers guzzled free bubbly as they watched acrobats, snake charmers, magicians and an all-girl dance group. ‘Bankers’ from RBS — given a £45billion bail-out by taxpayers — Barclays and Citigroup were at the Square Mile summer party at a trendy East London club.

Not to be outdone by the super-incompetent and mega-greedy gamblers at RBS and Barclays, HSBC admitted it had long been involved in laundering the criminal cash from Mexican drug cartels; and the longstanding Labour-loved drippy Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, 185, admitted that he had had no clue as to what was going on (as banks inflated their own creditworthiness, thus fraudulently manipulating the internationally used ‘Libor’ rate).

On Russia Today, savvy no-holds-barred commentator Max Keiser reckoned ‘the third world war’ had begun: between savers and speculators {MK’s surpisingly polite term for spivs – but MK had sagely noted that the West’s remorseless attack on free speech was a key item in eliminating criticism of the undeserving multicult elite which profited from worldwide slave labour and unchecked money transfers of ‘derivatives’ from their taxpayer-backed casinos as they showered cash on subprimes [aka Blacks and Hispanics] and sold on the loans, pretending they would ever be repaid}.

A Guardian correspondent provided the best-yet account of what had happened (18 vii) – only omitting to say that ‘subprime lending’ had been virtually compelled by those multiculti votegetters, Bill ‘I did not inhale / have sex with that woman’ Clinton and Yale-‘educated’ George ‘Dubya’ Bush:
The [bankers] sold crap mortgages and loans to whatever idiot they could find, knowing these people didn't have a hope of paying the debt off.

They then packaged up these mortgages and debts and sold them as cast iron investments to their clients and institutions

They then insured these crap products with AIG, knowing they would fail, and AIG willingly sold insurance on them to whoever wanted to buy, leaving AIG with billions in liabilities

They were making so much money by these fraudulent means that they created ever more crap CDO's to keep selling on to any mug who would buy them.

They leveraged themselves up to 30 times their assets just to keep lending.

The whole scam was a giant ponzi scheme.

The whole pack of cards inevitably crashed.

These bankers bankrupted their own companies, and every one of these criminals walked away with all their wealth intact and the world's economy in ruins

They all should be rotting in jail.

Understandably, the Guardian’s Charles Ferguson concluded (21 vii): “we need to recognise that over the past 30 years, banking has become criminalised in a way that threatens global stability. The time has come to use the same law enforcement tools that are used in fighting large-scale, organised crime.”


A considered presentation of (occasionally) rising national IQ scores was provided by Ron Unz (American Conservative, 18 vii). However, while firmly dissociating himself from the ‘anti-racist’ fraudulence of Stephen Jay Gould and acknowledging Richard Lynn’s scholarship, Unz did not seem to have read Ch.4 of The g Factor, which explained the (occasional) local influence of test sophistication and test-taking strategies on IQ test scores.


Not content with humanitarian moves to ban the ‘cruel’ practice of male circumcision (which induced weeks of sensitivity and deference in boys at a tender age), Germany moved to offer compassionate and sensible help to its wymmin. Spaces in a new car park in the Black Forest town of Triberg were arranged to come with male and female symbols (D.Telegraph, 11 vii). The spaces for women were wider and well lit, while those for men were close to concrete pillars and could only be reversed into. Explaining the policy, Mayor Gallus Strobel said it was “a natural decision because men are better at parking than women. In the new car park we found that two place were not rectangular, at an angle to the road and placed between walls and pillars; that makes parking difficult so we decided to allocate them to men," the 58 year-old mayor told Germany's Spiegel magazine. But, he added, that there were great women drivers, and all women were welcome to try and park in the men-only spaces.

Mr Strobel, who denies accusations of sexism, also pointed out that 10 spaces were reserved for women as opposed to just two for men. So far the mayor says he has received mostly positive feedback despite expecting some "humourless reactions from the political correct" and being accused by one angry female critic of exhibiting "male pig-headedness.


Dozens of traffic signs had been destroyed by prostitutes performing pole-dances in Auckland streets to attract clients, officials in New Zealand's biggest city revealed (D.Telegraph, 17 vii).

More than 40 poles had been bent, buckled or broken in the previous 18 months in one area of south Auckland, it was claimed. The signs, bearing legally required notices such as parking erections ooops restrictions, were thought to have cost ratepayers thousands of dollars to replace.

"Prostitutes use these street sign poles as dancing poles," complained misery-guts Donna Lee, an elected lesbian member of the city council's Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board. "The poles are part of their soliciting equipment and they often snap them.”

Traditionally ‘square’ Kiwis had gone for full-scale liberalization of prostitution under Labour in 2003.


That dark visible pigmentation (resulting from higher testosterone and melanocortin) was linked to higher aggression and lower sexuality not only across human races but within a wide range of animal species was helpfully summarized by Phil Rushton and Donald Templer (AmRen, 18 vii – citing Vdare, 17 vii and Personality & Individual Differences 53,1, vii).

When grouped data were used (reducing unreliability), several strong correlations (>.60) were reported. Links to extraversion, liveliness and sociability were also found; and an adoption study found pigmentation to be transmitted only by biological and not by adoptive parents.

A key 2008 paper by Anne-Lyse Ducrest and colleagues at Lucerne University, published in Trends in Ecology and Evolution, had remained unremarked by the West’s media for four years {perhaps mercifully for the continued employability of those concerned....}.


Attempts by elderly Cambridge economist Richard Layard to ‘measure’ “national happiness” (as a supplement to national economic prosperity) continued (Guardian, 21 vii) – but without the slightest regard to whether NH was a psychometrically unitary concept or whether, if so, it was at all distinct from psychology’s second-longest-running personality factor, the neuroticism factor (identified by Spearman and Burt around 1920, soon after the g factor).

(As was well known to philosophers, happiness was related to overcoming challenges and thus could never be permanent – but Layard knew as little philosophy or linguistic common sense as he knew psychology. Neuroticism, by contrast, involved memory overload and was thus pretty permanent – as explained in TgF, Ch.1, pp.48-9.)


Not content with having (accidentally) put the Shitites in charge of Iraq (at the cost of ongoing scores of dead per day), the unrealism-crazed West proceeded to back the Solunnis of Syria (and their Al-Qaeda allies) in trying to violently kick out Christian-protecting London ophthalmologist President Assad. Any possible beneficiaries of a wide Middle East ethnic war among Mueslis, jeopardizing Western oil supplies? Naturally Israel, which would beam geniously as Saudi implored it to do yet more damage (Stuxnet etc) to Iran’s nuclear weapon programme!


As Britain’s politicos went on holiday, leaving border chaos rather than legislate to stop public sector strikes called for by only 10% of the ‘work’force, at least the Olympic authorities showed realism by dishing out 150,000 condoms to the world’s athletes (a 50% increase on johnnies dispensed for the Peking Olympics) – aiming presumaby to prevent the spread of AIDS from Africa, and recognizing that there would be nothing eugenic about athletes interbreeding since g was not an important element in the athletic success of tiny-titted musclebound disabled lesbians.

The dispensation worked out at nearly 15 rubbers for each for the 10,500 competitors taking part in the ‘Games,’ with Durex ready to deliver more if the sports stars exhausted their ration. Sweaty sportspersons would, of course, be able to take a trip to the nearest chemist (using the elite ‘Zil’ road lanes provided across London) if they ran out.

If sexual appetites among them were as voracious as former Olympians had suggested, they were going to need every last one of the condoms provided. Wymmin's football goalkeeper, Hope Solo, told the Daily Mirror: “There's a lot of sex going on at the Olympics.”


Whatever was wrong with the crazed ‘Batman’ killer of Denver, neuroscience* postgrad James Holmes, and the LUniversity of Colorado which took him on board, there was a flicker of normality as it turned out Holmes was healthily obsessed with the Sun’s Page Three girl Keeley Hazell (22 vii):

Glamour girl ... the Keeley picture Holmes posed with

*Thank heavens it wasn’t psychology! – A subject now suppressed (along with its key variables of IQ, personality, race and heredity) in the headlong ‘postmodern’ rush to deny that people exist and are the main constituents of the universe.

{A happy ‘Summer’ Silly Season to all IQ&PC readers! Normal life in Britain will resume in November, when Her Majesty will be wheeled out to pretend that Her peecee Government has some plan of action for anything at all.}


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Contraception – called ‘the racial’ by pioneer Marie Stopes, since it would reduce the race problem – was put squarely on the cards for Africa by mega-benefactress Linda Gates and defended by her as maniacal Catholic groups (ignoring the fact that 85% of Western Catholics had come to use contraception – rather than bear the Mongol children with which church policy had lumbered them in the 1960s) attacked her charity.

In response to the religious backlash, Gates said the lack of birth control for 210 million people in the world was 'a crime' (Daily Mail, 9 vii). Hubby Bill Gates, one of the world’s richest men (worth $34B), said that, with the help of friends, he would be hoping to pump $4B into offering the world’s poorest women the option not to breed.

Britain’s Coalition government (uninhibited by Labour’s sensitivity to the Irish Catholics whose votes socialists had needed in Liverpool and Glasgow) announced it would chip in with £5M.

Melinda Gates, though herself a Catholic, said her contraception campaign (to which she said she would ‘devote her life’) had been inundated with support from Catholics, including nuns. Her objective was to reduce unwanted pregnancies in the ‘global south’ by 110Mpa – and she found support at a London launch not only from donors and begging-bowlers but especially from PM Daft Dave himself (taking a breather from hopelessly idealistic projects of handing the House of Lords over to LibDims and of imposing austerity on the French-led ClubMed – where bankrupt Spaniards were up in arms at the proposed withdrawal of taxpayer[if any]-provided ‘Christmas bonuses’) (Guardian, 12 vii).

{Gradually, painfully slowly, the West’s elite was beginning to agree with what every skulboy kno c.1960.


With considerable bravery, American Renaissance published a translation of the concluding speech at his trial of Norwegian Labour-slayer Anders Breivik (9 vii). The speech was overwhelmingly concerned with the rapid Islamization of countries in and around Europe, showed no sign of madness, and elicited a range of thoughtful comments from AmRen correspondents.

There was probably consensus that AB had been a disaster for normal race realism – handing the left (not least via its young martyrs) fresh ammunition. But, strangely, AB had shown no concern with race – or with the major phenomenon that the West’s problems with immigrants (illiteracy, unemployability, drug-addiction, crime, AIDS etc) were largely with Negroes whether of Christian (in the the UK) or Muslim (in France) religiosity.

Even Britain’s Pakistanis were no more trouble than Hindus or East Asians so long as they were shopkeepers (and not riffraff selected from Pak paupers to man Britain’s run-down north-west factories of the 1980s).

What should AB have done – especially since the Muslim tide looked irreversible by, say, 2005? Well, he could have moved to Eastern Europe where he would have found more sympathy for his views – though not of course for any latent or actual homosexuality (as mooted here previously). Or, as a cultural conservative, he could have reflected that Mueslis would help restore the family values and disciplines (including low taxation and avoidance of open drunkenness) that AB valued – replacing the West’s (sadly) clapped-out yaggified churches and making the same invigorating contribution to the West as Christianity had once done to the Roman Empire (yielding at least 150 years of Roman civilization after Constantine adopted the faith, and arguably 2,000 years of growing Western superiority).

In all human societies (not least Rome), fervent religiosity had kept the low-IQ in order; but, in its heartland of Europe, Christianity had lost much of its charm for the masses after participating in sacrificing millions of them in two World Wars and Communism. If Mohammedanism could be tamed – as throughout much of the Middle East till Western loons whipped up the Arab Spring – it might give the West the new start which Breivik plainly wanted. It would certainly end the multiculti nonsense!


To boos, heckling and restiveness among his audience (some of them trade unionists) at the august Royal Society of Edinburgh, historian Niall Ferguson (Glasgow, Oxford and Harvard) -- who had had no trouble with his Reith Lecture at the London School of Economics as he blamed socialists for selling the country’s future to fund their wheezes – explained that education was better when it was private (schools in the UK, universities in the USA [21 of the world’s top 30 universities were private American institutions]) (BBCR4, 10 vii, 09:03-09:45).

NF stoutly maintained* that selection and high-class parents were not necessary for the success of such schools (which he attributed largely to competition, enthusiasm and flexibility); but he did eventually annoy his Scottie-socialist audience further by saying selection could be tried, if not the traditional Scottish tawse, and pointing out that standards in English and Scottish state schools had dropped markedly [by Pisa criteria] through the previous fifteen years of lib-left control .

* NF referred to quite a bit of empirical evidence from the new English ‘academies’ and American ‘charter schools’; but he maybe underestimated the speed with which gentrification proceeded in areas where private schools were planned – Harlem being a case in point.


Apparently in final despair at England’s non-English-speaking pupil and gormless egalitarian ‘teachers’ which it had created, Labour announced it would retrain squaddies as teachers and send them into inner-city state schools to provide discipline, drills, exercise, parades, adventure outings (when not banned by elf’n’safety regulations....) etc (Sun, 10 vii).)


Hereditarian and race realist Lisbet Rausing (q.v. – a fan of biological classifier Linnaeus), herself fabulously rich and a generous donor to upmarket educational charities, received a reminder of the therapeutic ineffectiveness against drugs of prosperity, psychiatry, psychology, prayer and police work as her 48-yr sister-in-law was found dead and drugged in the stuccoed Chelsea home of her brother and his wife, and the brother arrested (Evening Standard, 10 vii).

Lisbet’s 20-yr-married brother and sister-in-law had long wrestled with drugs (especially crack cocaine) despite promises to courts that they would seek treatment. As one whose links with the Rausings stretched back many years said: ‘It’s that old chestnut, isn’t it? The 50-yr-married parents’ wealth can’t buy the family happiness.’

(It was thought that the brother, Hans-Kristian, a friend of Prince Charles, could only lose his inheritance under Swedish law from his Tetrapak-founding father if he were declared mentally ill. That H-K had left his wife’s body to rot for a week – while he apparently scoured low-life council ghettoes for drugs – made such a declaration a distinct possibility.

When police pulled in H-K for erratic driving, he proved speechless and was sent to hospital. Eva had been a close friend of Prince Andrew’s ‘wild child’ ex-wife, ‘Fergie.’)

At the same time, the failure of Labour’s 300 ‘Sure Start’ [cf. Head Start] centres to have any educational effect was admitted by the Department of Education. – OK: one effect. Parents said they were pleased to have free childminding.


While peecee Canada’s Edmonton moved to abjure calling homosexuality even a ‘disorder,’ the flag of differentiation was kept flying in a booklet for senior Italian police telling them they should be alert to all kinds of “degeneracy – such as homosexuality, necrophilia and bestiality” (BBC World Service, 11 vii, c.14:30).


The Muslim vs Christian fighting in Mali (q.v.) produced a rapid result as the Mueslis, heavily backed by Al Qaeda jihadists and well armed thanks to all the weapons available in Libya because of the West’s ‘Arab Spring,’ took over the whole of northern Mali (300,000 square miles – three times the size of Britain) and settled in to stoning adulterers, smashing ancient mausoleums deemed unKoranic, preparing to profit from a major drug route to Europe, seizing hundreds of military vehicles supplied by clueless America for the utterly disorganized Mali army, and preparing for troublemaking in Europe (perhaps pushing into Morocco, then on to Spain) (Daily Telegraph, 11 vii, David Blair). {So much for the West’s unthinking idealism in getting rid of Gadaffi!}

Lest the West be tempted to any more disruptive meddling, Russia despatched two destroyers and three amphibious landing craft stuffed with marines to the Syrian port of Tartus to help ophthalmologist President Assad snuff out the flames of civil war in his country.


Longer ring fingers (more common in males, caused by greater testosterone exposure in the womb, as in the work of Britain’s John Manning [q.v.]) were found in both sexes (in an MIT study) to be linked with navigational skills (i.e. to sense of direction) (PLoS One, vii; Daily Mail, 11 vii) – whereas people with shorter ring fingers much preferred to rely for route-finding on satnav.


My fellow-collegian at Queen’s, Vernon Bogdanor (subsequently tutor at Brasenose College to Daft Dave), found himself in trouble even with Guardian readers for saying Britain should have leapt in to bash the Serbs in 1995 – to stop them preventing their Christian compatriots being dominated by Bosniak Mueslis as Yugoslavia dissolved (13 vii).

Wow! It was not enough for the (strangely Jewish yet Muesli-defending) VB that the UK had backed UN intervention to help Mueslis (admittedly useless at Srebrenica thanks to Dutch pacifism, but the UK could not have known how far pacifism had infiltrated the Dutch ‘military’).

Rather, Britain (for whom Serbia had been a hard-fighting ally in two World Wars) should apparently have sold arms to the Mueslis – contrary to the normal leftist idea that Britain should never sell arms to anyone or indeed itself have any soldiers at all (though these were coming in handy to plug holes in arrangements for the London Olympics which Labour had contracted to a cheap-skate firm (‘GS4’) with insufficient supervision).

{My last political protest on the streets was in 1999 as I paraded (with mainly Chinese and Greek Orthodox folk, carrying the rear banner for the march) via E’bro city hall to the American Consulate to protest against U.S. bombing of Serbia (which had managed to demolish the Chinese embassy in Belgrade).

Little did I know at that time that the Mueslis would soon mount 9/11 and that America and Britain would respond with trillions-of-dollars-worth of incompetent failure to discipline their enemies! – Dumping America’s Sunni-crazed allies, Saudi and Pakiland, would have done the trick.}


Chelsea skipper (and sometimes England captain) John Terry was cleared of race hate speech by a London magistrates’ court (which could have fined him £2.5K and ruined his career). Terry readily admitted calling a Black footballer “a f*cking Black c*nt” but said he was only repeating, in jest, what the Black said he had once called the Black – and repeating it in reply to the Black impugning Terry’s sex life (which had involved an affair with a team-mate’s wife).

{Failing to allow free speech had cost the UK taxpayer in this case at least £1M in the nine-month preparation and one week holding of this trial – which was specially ludicrous since soccer stars notoriously foulmouthed each other at every opportunity, with accusations of ‘Blackness’ being by far the least rude of the jibes [which commonly – more imaginatively – referred to the syphilitic state of opponents’ sisters’ vaginas etc].

Generating more work for multiculti-mad censorious Britain’s lolly-loving ‘human rights’ lawyers, the Black accused another Black footie star who had defended Terry of being a “choc ice” – i.e. being a Black only on the outside, i.e. being a traitor to the Black cause (whatever it was – surely not ‘racist’!...) (Sun, 15 vii).}


The Army (in the form of 3,500 troops returning from Afghastliland, expecting well-deserved rest and recuperation from their political masters’s intent to have them blown up by roadside bombs lest they kill a Muesli) had to be drafted in to provide bag checking services for the London Olympics. G4S, the wretched firm which had won the security contract from Labour in 2008 and reckoned to make a 500% profit by supplying cheap labour from Britain’s dole queues, confessed that – with the ‘Games’ just two weeks away – it had been unable to raise the necessary manpower, almost certainly because it had found, as its late-in-the-day recruitment began, that many of the ‘jobseekers’ were Black, could not speak English, and/or had criminal records which were revealed as CRB checks began.

That even a big firm like G4S did not anticipate such problems provided a neat vignette of British peecee idealism, which did not admit that some groups had serious deepseated problems ooops issues. Interviewed (BBCR4, 14 vii, 08:30), the grossly overpaid bossman of G4S claimed he had simply no idea of what percentage of his security recruits for the Games could speak English. His firm would graciously cough up £40M for its illusions – which additionally would not be mentioned for fear of peecee hysteria, though filming showed 50% of the applicants to G4S for security jobs to be Black.


The fun that could be had outwith the confines of Western civilization was illustrated as savage tribesmen of Papua New Guinea (long identified as getting brain rot [kuru] from their cannibalism – by paedophile Nobelist Daniel Gajdusek) were discovered to have eaten the brains of seven of their own witch doctors. For good measure, the PNGers drank soup which they had made from the mashed testicles of their doctors, believing they would thereby attain supernatural powers (Daily Telegraph, 14 vii).


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Monday, July 09, 2012


The incompetence and/or treachery of English ‘politicians’ was exposed as the Sunday Mail found that, with a few weeks work, it could identify (with clear photos) the location (north-west France), leader (a Kurd) and methods (guns to keep French cops away) of just one human trafficking scheme bringing 20 illegal immigrants nightly in lorries across the Channel and fixing them with contacts, jobs, unemployment benefits and council houses within a month (1 vii). Payment? £2K basic; £6K for frills such as the lorry driver being paid to co-operate with the scam. How to avoid heat-seeking body-detection scans by state officials not paid by results? Simple: the aspirant invader was wrapped in wet blankets strewn with ice cubes and then secreted inside piles of Afghani carpets bound for cheap sale in London’s metroland.

Simples! – But beyond the ken of UK officials (more adept at bullying White airline passengers when not poring over X-ray photos of their genitalia). At least the officials had the excuse that they and their civil ‘service’ superiors had long been selected to achieve diversitarian and egalitarian objectives (and especially to avoid Oxbridgedon entrants). Their political masters did not have that excuse so were thus traitors.

Whenever the campaign of Mr & Ms Fish* for Scottish separatism was going badly, they would only have to display the opposition’s BETTER TOGETHER slogan along with a few pictures of multicultural Wood Green and Tottenham and reminders of how these multiculti hell-holes had got that way.

* First Minister Alex Salmon and sidekick Nickerless Sturgeon....


Despite promises that the Olympic ‘Games’ and their wasteful stadium, costing Britain £10B and counting, would provide valuable ‘work experience’ for East Londoners, it turned out that 40% of the selected workers on the ultra-boring project were actually foreign-born (Daily Mail, 2 vii). On the building site in Wapping ooops Tower Hamlets, signs for workers, like KEEP DOOR CLOSED AT ALL TIMES, were in Polish [DRAMYKANI DRZWIE PROWADZONICH PREZENT CARLY’S ASS], not English. Evidently, welfare-preferring Brits stayed abed.


While the censorious ‘liberal’-left busybodies of Cambridge University Student Union screamed for the sacking of Cambridge economics don Martin Sewell (q.v.), a defence of MS’s academic freedom (though not of his “questionable” and “reprehensible” views themselves) appeared from history undergraduate Tom Bailey (University College London) (Spiked, 2 vii).

Pointedly, the defence concluded: “Rather than trying to banish Sewell, these censorious students should have sufficient faith in their own views on race and sexual equality that they can win the argument with fellow students and dodgy dons alike.” {After 20 years of campus PeeCee, and fifteen years since my sacking, this was probably as much of a defence as MS could expect; but Richard Lynn sent his latest book on race and intelligence and I observed that the great Cambridge economist J.M.Keynes had himself been a keen eugenicist – as had many other progressive intellectuals (summarized in TgF, chap. 3).


After years of yags claiming to be holier than thou, and especially holier than paedophiles, San Francisco police arrested tubby ‘gay icon’ Larry Brinkin, 66, and seized child porn from the flat he shared with his b*mboy ‘husband’ (SFWeekly, 25 vi).

{Most male-role-taking yags were thought to have a preference for mid-adolescent boys (called ‘chicken’) – at least while still markedly sexually active. But the yag community had decided to join in with tabloid demonization of paedophilia so as to be allowed to pursue its chosen path to gay priesthood, same-sex ‘marriage’ and the suppression and penalization of all ‘homophobia.’}


Grumpy Black ‘Italian’ footballer, Mario Balotelli, shed tears, insulted his manager and threw tantrums in Kiev after Italy lost by a dramatic 4-0 to an all-White Spanish team (in the final of the Euro footie knees-up); but he professed to take consolation from his busty and berouged 24-yr-old White ex-girlfriend (who had dumped him for unfaithfulness – with a prostitute) phoning to announce she was carrying his child and that she would graciously agree to get back together with the 21-yr-old multi-millionaire (Sun, 3 vii).


With woeful but typical disregard for individual differences, Education Minister Michael Gove said he would make all English kids study English and Mathematics until they got a C-Grade – even if the pupils had to stay at school till age 19 to meet the target (Sun, 3 vii).

{The idea that ‘practice makes perfect’ was verily as rampant among Cameroonian ‘Conservatives’ as it was among the ill-informed goons of the ‘liberal’-left. For a corrective, see my review of CIBA’s The Origins and Development of High Ability.}


With the happy announcement from Geneva that the atom-smashing Large Hadron Collider (and two comparable devices – one in America) had found (p<.00001) a particle that must surely be the ‘goddam’ mass-giving boson envisaged on the basis of thought and reading alone by my cautious (but genial) auld pal Peter Higgs (for more and portrait, see i 2012), conventional intelligence seemed to have stolen a march on the fuzzy-haired [Jamaican-mothered] anti-IQ raver Malcolm Gladwell who had advised people to rely on their hunches and instincts (Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, 2005), had seen his ideas taken up enthusiastically by the ‘masters of the universe’ at Lehman Brothers (BBC R4, 4 vii, 09:10) and could thus claim a star role in the banking disaster of 2008-12 (as Gladwell gave ‘inspirational’ talks to the Bank of America and tieless wanksta spivs – secure in their gargantuan salaries, bonuses, pensions and retirement payoffs – passed Gladwell’s book from hand to grubby hand and readily agreed that gambling was indeed the best way to have fun [especially when taxpayers forked out for any disasters]).

The Cern laboratory’s announcement would surely lead on swiftly to a Nobel Prize for Peter, 83 (even the once-sceptical Stephen Hawkings agreed). So I would have had personal acquaintance with three Nobelists: biologist Niko Tinbergen (my first lecturer in Oxford Psychology, 1962); economist Jim Mirrlees (a colleague at Nuffield College, 1968-70); and now theoretical physicist Peter with whom I had enjoyed many drinks and dinners and much good humour in the 1970s Edinburgh University Staff Club (subsequently closed so that staff could concentrate on writing grant applications – a dreary business in which neither Peter or I participated, though Peter was always in favour of grants for others so they could test his ideas, so he was thus a tad socialistic by pragmatic calculation).

(Invited to boast about the LHC finding, the modest Peter wiped away a tear and said merely ‘this has been a massive experimental investigation and I congratulate those involved’ – Classic FM Radio, 4 vii, 11:00.)

The Times thought there could be some trouble with ‘Mr Universe’ (as some dubbed Peter) winning a Nobel Prize: this prize could not be awarded for the same work to more than three people, and some six physicists had played some part in the dreaming up of the Higgs boson (5 vii, pp.4-5).* But it saw no problem with him getting a knighthood; and it published a super cartoon in which the jowly Peter ‘explained the secret of the universe’ with the help of a blackboard covered with formulae while wanksta Bob Diamond (who had brought Barclays low) ‘explained the secret of banking’ by stuffing a wad of notes into his pocket.

The Times also had a nice picture of the celebrating scientists assembled in Geneva – with one guru in the front row sporting the traditional non-matching pair of socks. One physics professor (from U.Liverpool) said: “For physicists, this is the equivalent of Columbus discovering America.” Peter said he could imagine no ‘application’ of his boson – which had appeared and vanished within one trillionth of a second of the beginning of the universe.

* Peter had written the original 1964 article hypothesizing the boson. But his article had been rejected for publication. Six months later, Peter and five others [two now dead] got the theory published.


After fifty years of believing they could mimic and thus re-create human intelligence with their computers, experts in ‘A.I.’ came close to admitting defeat (American Scientist, 2012, no.4, Brian Hayes – citing a range of loons who had wasted their lives, and those of their students [though the whizkids of E.LU. like the ineffable Longuet-Higgins did not even get a mention]).

Apparently, what was remarkable was not any recreation of intelligence but the ability of computers to win at checkers (draughts) and to translate from French as well as a six-year-old despite having no general intelligence whatsoever.


Media delight broke out as rheumatologist Tim Spector, who had set up a nice big twin study at King’s College London, decided to cover his backside and keep his funding going by stressing ways in which identical twins sometimes differ (Sunday Times (Culture), 17 vi, spiritualist Brian Appleyard, reviewing Identically Different; New Scientist, 19 vi).

Apparently – like myself by 1990 (as I taught to classes of 100 students in Edinburgh) – Spector had noticed that monozygotes were not specially similar in their love- and sex-lives (e.g. partner-preference, homosexuality,* orgasmicity); and he had heard of the ‘epigenetic’/’interaction’ effects which had provided such a wondrous rescue for desperate environmentalist ‘developmental psychologists’ of the 1970s (but which were typically small – as explained in in Chapter 3 of TgF).

(Spector had, however, yet to discover how sibling competition for resources – beginning in the womb – drives MZs apart even in IQ, as also detailed in TgF Chapter 3.)

* Brand, C.R., 1993, Special Review of Hans Eysenck’s Decline and Fall of the Freudian Empire (1990), Behaviour Research & Therapy 31, 1, 129-131.


Researchers identified genetic markers that may influence whether a person finishes high school and goes on to college, according to a national longitudinal study of thousands of young Americans. The study was in the July issue of Developmental Psychology, a publication of the American Psychological Association (AmRen, 3 vii).

“Being able to show that specific genes are related in any way to academic achievement is a big step forward in understanding the developmental pathways among young people,” said the study’s lead author, Kevin Beaver, PhD, a professor at the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Florida State University [Glayde Whitney’s stamping ground].

The three genes identified in the study—DAT1, DRD2 and DRD4—had previously been linked to behaviors such as attention regulation, motivation, violence, cognitive skills and intelligence, according to the study. Previous research has explored the genetic underpinnings of intelligence but virtually none had examined genes that potentially contribute to educational attainment in community samples, said Beaver.


Reserves of Britain’s vaunted multicultural tolerance were found to be low in posh Kensington as renowned celebrity photographer, beautiful ivory-skinned Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury, delayed in a Tesco cattlequeue by a hijabed Mueslie who was slow uplifting the vast contents of her family shopping trolley for check-out, ‘offered to help.’ The Mueslie took offence and a catfight broke out in which both women tried to push each other to the floor (Cinammon succeeded, while allegedly calling the Mueslie a ‘terrorist,’ jobseeker etc), resulting in Cinnamon (who had eleven of her photos on display in the National Portrait Gallery) being hauled up by London’s peecee cops for trial in Isleworth Magistrates’ Court (Daily Mail, 5 vii).

There, after eight months of angst, a jury cleared Cinnamon of cops’ peecee charges in just fifteen minutes (Evening Standard [London], 6 vii) – with £200K going into the pockets of multiculti lawyers to sort out a dispute which a traditional primary school teacher could have dealt with in ten seconds flat.


While the West continued its abandonment of research into, teaching about and even mention of race, intelligence, personality and indeed psychology* itself – fearing any acknowledgment of deep-seated human differences – the Japanese were not so coy (Daily Telegraph, 6 vii). In a scathing report commissioned by the Japanese parliament into the 2011 nuclear meltdown of three reactors at Fukushima (after they were overwhelmed by a tsunami), the “fundamental causes” of the disaster were concluded to be found “in the ingrained conventions of Japanese culture: our reflexive obedience; our reluctance to question authority; our devotion to ‘sticking with the programme’; our groupism and our insularity” – traits long remarked and explained as the biological heritage of rice-growers by historian Hugh Thomas and myself.

* Meeting a star one-time undergraduette of mine outside E.LU.’s new Palace of Cognitive Computing, I learned that even E.LU. Psychology had few psychologists among its staff. Most begging-bowlers of 2012 were neurocognibabblers of some description without a discovery to their credit. (They were – I pointed out – likely soon to follow the current fashion of renaming themselves as ‘neuropsychoanalysts’ in order to keep female trade in the lecture halls.)


Instead of dumping the EUSSR’s PIIGS (and France) and proceeding to a Nordic League (q.v.), guilt-ridden Germany allowed the presidency of the EU to be taken by a Communist – Demetris Christopapapopadum, the ‘leader’ of divided Cyprus who said he would get more nice lending from Russia than from the EU.

Fed up with the idea of having to bail out ClubMed, the blonde Finnish Treasurer announced she would take Finland out of the eurozone rather than go along with Froggie plans to feed northern cash into gaping southern mouths.


Americans’ 4th July efforts to celebrate their 1776 separation from their motherland were marred not only by general world lack of interest but by the protests of the Blacks which the USA (against the advice of Presidents Jefferson and Lincoln) had madly declined to return to Africa. On Twitter, a Black woman from Cleveland wrote: “Yo, I got attacked by racist cops and attack dogs yesterday, cuz niggas wanted to start a riot at the fireworks. Lol.”

In Watts, California, a crowd of dozens of Blacks setting off fireworks at the Nickerson Gardens public housing project did not take kindly to police and firemen who showed up to stop them. During the incident, the suspects tossed rocks, bottles and live fireworks at Los Angeles police officers, according to City News Service. In Waco, Texas, 400 Blacks filled the streets of downtown following a fireworks show, throwing fireworks and destroying property.


There was fun as Scotland, which identified itself with footie but had long been unable to win international competitions and lately seen its top club, Glasgow Rangers (Protestant) go bankrupt, had to face the triumph of east-coast (hence Anglo-Saxon) Andy Murray in becoming the first Brit in 74 years to get through to a Wimbledon Final, making tennis (in even England, of 1960, considered as ‘women only’) the game at which a nation of fighters and drinkers best excelled. Could Scottieland accept its new status? Yes, probably – if Andy could only beat a few Englishmen!


Hitlery Clinton, backing Muslim ‘Lebensraum’ ooops Caliphate policy for the Middle East (she could have her own way speechifying since Barry didn’t know where the place was), happily turned a blind eye as Mueslis destroyed 85% of the historic mausoleums of Mali’s Timbuktu [the ‘Oxford of Africa’]. She also gave another $1B to Pakistan, plus an apology for America’s naughty drones, in order to get the Khyber Pass re-opened (initially to the hundreds of lorries which had waited for six months to re-supply US troops in Afghastliland with burgers and ketchup).

Meanwhile her ‘Arab Spring’ product in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mustafa Morefaht, talked freely of his intention to bring in full veiling (women), hand severance (thieves), cliff tossing (yags), taxation of Christians, and war with Jews.

{Having lost control of the Middle East in its 55 years of post-Suez stewardship, the USA was in full-blown appeasement mode – perhaps reckoning that Mueslis would make a better job of handling Blacks than had Americans. It thus left Russia and China and their Shitite allies in Iran and Iraq to keep a decent gush of oil onstream.}

{Submission to Islam was certainly an excellent policy for the Western right, which would thus achieve 90% of its classic moralistic objectives at a stroke. But why American Democrats should buy in was less clear – except in so far as the Western left sought tirelessly to destroy the chair in which it was sitting.}


After decades of Nigerians (mean IQ 69) breeding at a rate of six kids per man (twelve per man – by multiple wives -- in the case of northern Mueslis), the comically named President Goodluck Jonathan declared he would encourage contraception – used reliably by only 1% of Nigerian women (BBC R4, 7 vii, 11:45). {Likelihood of GJ succeeding against the preachments of both Islam and the Roman Catholic Church*? Zero!}

* The Pope’s anti-contraception blandishments had long been ignored by higher-IQ Westerners who knew that their states did not especially support responsible family life. But the disobedience of Western Catholics was in a context where the state appeared to provide passably well for old age (by compelling contributions from all young people) – thus breaking the historic primary argument for having children of one’s own. The likelihood that GJ would be able to introduce such a dependency culture for Nigeria was, again, zero. So the ethnic battle would continue – though surely to be won by the higher-breeding Mueslis.


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Monday, July 02, 2012


Just a week in northern Nigeria saw dozens more deaths as Muslim vs Christian fighting hotted up; in Syria, the weekly toll in the Solunni vs Shitite civil war (still thought by the goofy Western media to be a hippy protest love-in against a London ophthalmologist turned Genghis Khan) was estimated to have reached 700 (Sky News, 1 vi, 02:00). Yet instead of organizing the necessary segregation of the warring ethnies, UN ‘diplomats’ simply swanned from one dinner to another. 12 also died and 40 were injured in Muslim bomb attacks on two Kenyan churches near the Somali border (Observer, 1 vii).


The Dutch government said it would abandon the long-standing model of multiculturalism that had encouraged Muslim immigrants to create a parallel society within the Netherlands (AmRen, 24 vi). A new integration bill (covering letter and 15-page action plan), which Dutch Interior Minister Piet Hein Donner presented to parliament on June 16, read:

“The government shares the social dissatisfaction over the multicultural society model and plans to shift priority to the values of the Dutch people. In the new integration system, the values of the Dutch society play a central role. With this change, the government steps away from the model of a multicultural society.”

The minister promised that immigrants would be made to learn Dutch and to stop wearing the burqa.

This dramatic and welcome announcement was followed by Britain’s Home Secretary, the useless and appropriately named Theresa May (who gave sanctuary and welfare to hundreds of illegal and criminal ‘immigrants’ and their sizeable families) announcing that she might possibly, after years of discussion with Brussels, make new arrivals (not the millions in England already) learn the first verse of the National Anthem – though not the second (“Thy choicest gifts in store / On Her be pleased to pour / Long may She reign....”) since that was not known to even the average ‘patriotic’/eurosceptic Tory MP (BBC R4, 1 vii, 09:10).


Western idealists got the answer to their support for demakrazy in Egypt as Muesli fanatics took over what little government the country had and got ready to ban drink, cigs, female education, Christianity [to be taxed*], thieving [hands to be cut off], faggots [to be ‘thrown off the cliff’] and porn in rural areas (Guardian, 25 vi).

Mercifully, the Army – functioning as a good old-fashioned House of Lords -- insisted on retaining control of its own many businesses (the only Egyptian ‘economy’ outwith tourism) and of foreign policy (so there was a passable chance of peace with Israel being maintained as the Army wanted continued American largesse for its toys).

* When asked what he thought about many Christian Copts [12% of Egypt’s population under British and Army rule, though diminished as Islamic takeover loomed] coming out to vote for his secular opponent, Ahmed Shafiq, Mad Muesli leader Mohammed Morsi reportedly said, "They need to know that conquest is coming, and Egypt will be Islamic, and that they must pay jizya or emigrate." ...


The wheel was well and truly re-invented as Cambridge professor Per-Olof Wikstrom ‘discovered’ that much youth crime was committed by a small number of youf (50% by 4%) (Daily Mail, 25 vi). The result was dutifully hailed as a “breakthrough” by ignoramic ‘criminologists’ [or were they neurocognibabblers, or the latest ‘neuropsychoanalysts’?] in America, though the phenomenon had been well known even to academics by 1975 (e.g. in the work of Cambridge’s David Farrington).

Anyway, what was the answer? Delinquents should be “taught the difference between right and wrong,” thought Wikstrom, annual salary £90K, ‘research’ costs doubtless triple that. Had Wilkistroemerperson heard of chemical castration, the Humanitarian Task Force for Africa, proper policing, benefit withdrawal, solitary confinement, religious supervision or eugenic abortion and sterilization?

Alas, amidst the enthusiasm for Williewonka’s “breakthrough,” we could not be told. Any chance that Prof Wikilicky might read the voluminous work of his Cambridge predecessor, Nigel Walker (Nuffield College, Oxford; then Director of Cambridge’s Institute of Criminology), before wasting more taxpayer dosh? Some hope!


A Cambridge University economics researcher and mentor/supervisor (of 27 students) since 2009, Martin Sewell, 43, found his head called for by ‘anti-racist’ students (who dominated the CU Student Union and student newspaper) for saying Blacks had “lower intelligence” and higher impulsivity than Whites and that racism was “natural” (Independent, 24 vi; Huffington Post, 25 vi).

For good measure, Reading-born Dr Sewell (whose Ph.D was in the application of computer-science wizardry to finance, at University College London) had come to abandon early liberal-leftism, read evolutionary psychology and believe that feminism “harms women” and that it was time to “reconsider” eugenics (the study and belief synonymous with Hitler’s Nazi state – Huffpo).

In 2010, MS had written {as had been explained in Chapter 3 of TgF}: “Hitler gave eugenics a bad name. The modern objectives are actually highly desirable: eugenics can help eliminate genetic diseases, reduce personality disorders and increase intelligence via human biotechnology. Time to reconsider.”

His website also praised Holocaust-denying historian David Irving as “brilliant.” {In amusing tribute to the hysterical power of PeeCee to repress anything inconvenient, in his three years at Cambridge MS had heard nothing of my 1997 debate on race and intelligence, held at Gonville & Caius College.}


Top homosexual historian, the much televised David Starkey CBE, 67, moved to become Britain’s top racist {if not scientific racist....} as he was accused on TV by the New Statesman’s redheaded Laurie Penny (also writing for the Indie and Grauniad), 25, of being a “bigot,” a dinosaur and indeed a “racist.”

His crime? He had volunteered that the morals of the Rochdale Muesli pimps and rapists (q.v.) came “from the foothills of the Punjab” (Daily Mail, 27 vi; Times Higher, 28 vi). In return, Starkey, a born actor, woundingly accused Penny of her left-wing sin of having enjoyed a private school education [at Brighton College – linked with Abu Dhabi].

In 2011, after the Black rioting in Tottenham and other London shopping areas, Starkey had said that “parts” of Enoch Powell’s ‘rivers of blood’ speech had been right.


America’s Supreme Court – long dominated, like Euroland, by pig-swilling big-gummintz lefties – struck down most efforts by Arizona to limit Mexican immigration (Daily Mail, 27 vi), thereby exposing how far US ‘law’ had departed from democracy, and all to the immense profit of useless, time-wasting lawyers (who in Norway were taking a year to ‘try’ and sentence Labourite-slaying Anders Breivik even though Breivik had always admitted his crime and insisted on his full mental responsibility for it).

In the worst blow to states’ rights since America’s Civil War, US ‘justices’ voting in the majority -- Kennedy, Roberts, Ginsburg, Breyer, and Sotomayor -- decreed the very existence of the American states unconstitutional.

{So much for local/regional/national choice! Thus did ‘Democratic’ America bully its Whites – though it failed to make much mark on such hotspots as Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, Mali, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit etc. Still, the going was easy while cowardly ‘conservatives’ agreed to the leftist tyranny that they must not mention race.)


As the Queen was made by the UK Coalition gummint to wear green and manage some kind of brief handshake in Belfast with the IRA’s mass-murderous Martin McGuinness (once jailed in √Čire for having large amounts of ammunition and explosives in his car; since 2000 nicely salaried co-premier of the rigged province – itself forced to abandon democracy as part of a ‘peace process’ between Caffs and Prods), star Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins properly recorded the true situation which (failed by their politicians) the people of Ulster had had to create for themselves (28 vi) (often recorded here, q.v.):

"Each year, yet another incident of sectarian violence emanates – largely from young people educated wholly apart from half their fellow citizens. Far from being reconciled, most of Belfast has merely been segregated. As a result, Northern Ireland had, at the last count, 80 barriers and "peace walls" dividing its urban and suburban neighbourhoods, three times as many as at the time of the partial ceasefire in 1994."


Thanks to vigilance by US investors and regulators, rectification seemed possible of the scandal of taxpayer-guaranteed, multiculti ‘subprime’-stimulated casino gambling by ‘banks’ such as Barclays – whose boss ‘Bob’ [as he was known to the Labour Party’s REd Balls] Diamond agreed to abjure a multi-million bonus after his ‘bank’ was fined $400M by regulatory authorities and many [including newly-aroused Labour] called for him and other wankstas to face criminal prosecution [for having rigged markets to make it appear their banks could borrow at low interest and were thus trusted] (Daily Mail, 28 vi).

What was perhaps most damaging to Barclays was the ‘barrow boy’ language used by the unjacketed and untied traders at the centre of the business, with dealers calling each other ‘dude’ and ‘chicken’ and promising bottles of Bollinger for being let in on the scam.

The disclosures, of frauds which dated back to the Blairite days of 2005, served only to underline the view that ‘investment banks’ were no more than casinos gambling with other people’s money at little risk to anyone other than the taxpayer (if anything went wrong – which it quite soon did, in 2007-8). On the BBC, a uni type (probably an Oxbridge tutor) astonished listeners by saying students who had gone into banking were not the “brightest” [a rare public use of this term in peecee days] – just the “greediest.”

The jailing process was delayed as Diamond declined to admit guilt, instead blaming ‘some of’ his employees who had apparently hidden their market-fixing from him (BBC R4, 29 vi, 09:50). – This at least helped answer the question (asked on BBC 1, Question Time, 28 vi) of whether he was a fool or a knave: he was at least a self-confessed fool, was the provisional answer.


After twenty years of British politicos mindlessly and expensively expanding the country’s ‘universities,’ Higher Education statistics for England showed the scale of the disaster. More than 10,000 ‘graduates’ were in so-called “elementary occupations” (roadsweeper, lavatory cleaner) six months after they left university in 2011 — twice as many as in 2006-07.The figures also showed that more than 20,000 graduates — one in ten — were out of work altogether (Sun, 29 vi).

Edinburgh’s International Film Festival provided a suitable visual aid, with the film ‘Just As Is’ showing ‘educated’ 20-yr-olds sitting around morosely not knowing where the next video or job as a stationer’s assistant was coming from.

{But readers of this blog will prefer ‘The Invader’ in which a strapping Black immigrant in Belgium, though treated with fairness and kindness by Belgian Whites, gets over-excited when a skinny White art directress allows an hour of vigorous bonking. She then finds her flat stolen, herself harassed (despite paying off the Black) and her hubby murdered and tossed out of her bed to make room in it for said Black (who had incidentally murdered two of the guys – one White, one Black – who had brought him to Belgium).

The E’bro’ intellectual audience was stunned into silence – having evidently expected despite all the odds that ‘White racism’ would eventually prove to be to blame for the horrors.}


Racism is hardwired into the brain and operates to some extent unconsciously because areas (like the amygdala) that detect ethnicity and control emotion are closely connected, according to scientists. Researchers have explained that the same brain circuits that allow us to classify a person into an ethnic group overlap with other circuits that process emotion and make decisions, leading people to make unconscious decisions based on another’s race.

The latest study (by Elizabeth Phelps of New York University and published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, found that functional magnetic resonance imaging brain scans revealed that interactions between people from different racial groups trigger reactions that researchers think may be completely unknown to our conscious selves (Medical Daily, 26 vi).

{The research was likely to sink without trace unless it could be proved that Blacks were less prone to such racial prejudice than Whites....}


Despite national outrage (and the noisiest scenes in Parliament for years – 28 vi) at Britain’s bankstas having fiddled interest rates estimates so as to make their banks look good, and having continued to enjoy mega-salaries and ‘bonuses’ despite the economic crash (for some!) of 2008, Britain continued in its leisurely way – having the Queen kowtow to the IRA, planning to give the LibDims PR despite this having been rejected in the 2011 referendum, and declining to mount any obvious criminal investigation into or arrests of the wankstas.

(The bankstas had gone in four years from being ‘too big to fail’ to being ‘too big to jail.’ Just why London barrow-boy bankers could not be replaced by whizkids from Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo remained a mystery.)

Still more charmingly, it emerged that Islington Council had solemnly pondered and spent £4K on the possibility of flying one of its Black child charges to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to undergo exorcism (by starvation, beatings etc) as recommended by the boy’s Black relatives (Daily Telegraph, 24 vi). Yes, unable after years of idealistic liberal-leftism to assert itself in the smallest way (let alone in the bigger ways of jailing its hooligans, extraditing its bankstas to face jail, sodomization and all-round expropriation of assets in America, and educating its youngsters), Britain was falling back on the advanced behavioural programmes of the dirt-poor and lifespan-limited DRC (IQ 64)!

So laid-back was Britain itself that it even managed to lose the revered Olympic torch (and box of matches) as its barely-English-speaking, 15-yr-old “non-streetwise” Ethiopian bearer escaped at night from his four-star Jurys Hotel room in Nottingham (presumably to show the torch to his pals) – requiring a “major” police search (Sun, 30 vi).


The engaging evopsychologist Satoshi Kanazawa (Libyan School of Economics and Berkbecks College London) came out with a new book, The Intelligence Paradox: Why the Intelligent Choice Isn’t Always the Smart One (Wiley DePublisher), making the surprising claim that bright people did not excel at most of the really important tasks of life (Economist, 16 vi; Boise Weekly, 24 vi).

Taken in by the blip of modern medicine, democracy and welfare benefits, SK seemed to ignore the historic success of high-IQ partners and their grandchildren; and he remained entranced by the idea of male intellectual superiority which had not fared well when last aired (against Steve Blinkhorn) in Nature (2009, 3 xi, q.v.).

Nor did he take the point that human IQ differences were principally helpful to the setting up of dominance hierarches. Identifying human intelligence as chiefly concerned with the seeking of evolutionary novelty, SK remarkably claimed that high-IQ people smoked more cigarettes; and he obviously forgot the entirely obsessional, conservative and, indeed, racist thinking of the West’s greatest philosophical genius, Immanuel Kant.

And, believing that human intelligence remained largely stuck on the savannah, his failure to provide much systematic theorizing or compelling evidence about the more studiable period of the last century did not impress Times Higher reviewer Jelte Richerts (28 vi) – even though SK’s argie-bargies with Phil Rushton would normally have been guaranteed to get a TH reviewer on his side.


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