Sunday, April 28, 2013


While a million Bostonians joyously celebrated their release from house arrest by scores of thousands of cops who had failed to rid America of the fanatic-Muesli Tsarnaev brothers (so the Bostonians, having themselves given police the photos of the terrorists and the location [in a boat] of the one loon not already shot) were free to lament their 3 dead and 176 injured), and a hundred thousand Londoners turned out to watch a 'marathon' involving a women's wheelchair race and similar disabled delights, a group of 50 tourists from Shanghai was interviewed by the BBC (R4, 21 iv, 13:30).

What was their interest in coming to Britain? "History," was the unanimous reply. "People Shanghai velly blight," the Chinese tour guide explained. So bright - and hardworking - the programme said, that Cambridge University had introduced race quotas on its engineering courses, which would otherwise be 100% Chinese.

    Yes, enfeebled by its egalitarians, multiculturalists and 'conservative' collaborators (sadly including Mrs Thatcher) and their destruction of state education for the bright, the West was becoming history. Fortunately, the Chinese tourists were polite and appreciative, comparing Edinburgh Castle to the Great Wall of China and just loving the bijou Oxfordshire town of Bicester (which had developed from a quiet market and military town into discount-offering tourist trap since the days of the 1960s when I would motor-cycle through it most days on my 20-mile roaring commute to prison, pausing only for petrol and to renegotiate my 'never never' repayments on my Triumph and Beezer flying machines.

    The enfeeblement of multiculti 'feminist' America was exemplified as it turned out that the young White widow of bomber Tweedledum Sarni, the daughter of a Rhode Island casualty doctor, had been accepted as "an all-American girl" at her Boston school but had dropped everything, including her college place, to please Sandwich, adopt the hijab and produce a sprog for the medicable ineducable Muesli ("like an animal in the boxing ring") by age 21. While US troops were giving their lives to get beaten up in the Middle East, the privileged and not-unpretty Katherine was busy selling the pass at home (D.Mail, 22 iv).

    Unsurprisingly, Vladimir Putin chose the moment to warn the UK against its bizarre admission of Mueslis (notably his enemies from the Caucasus), saying these immigrants were making Britain "a ticking time-bomb."


As the BBC grudgingly admitted that its own polls showed 100K 'Romanians' would head for Britain in 2014, the Romanian prime minister acknowledged that there would be a crime problem from what - unlike Britain's pathetic peecee media - he frankly called "Roma gypsies" (D.Mail, 23 iv).

    In the village of Meriden, Warwickshire (West Midlands), there was jubilation as a court ordered Romanies/'travellers' to leave the filthy camp they had made for three years in a beauty spot. But the villagers' battle had involved a 24-hour vigil throughout the three years, £87K in legal fees, and constant abuse from the gypsies and threats to burn the villagers' homes. Undeterred by their defeat, the gypsies promptly moved on to Kettering, North Hampshire (D. Mail, 23 iv) to resume the taxpayer-funded assertion of their 'uman rights.


Violence flared between the Turkic Uighurs of China's Xinjiang Province and their Han masters as a search for 'terrorist' weapons near Kashgar was met with what may have been an ambush in which some 15 government police and officials were shot dead, 8 Uighurs killed and another 8 arrested. The last notable ethnic clash, in 2009 (q.v.), had yielded 200 dead (Washington Post, 24 iv).

{The ability of the madder Mueslis to get on with neighbours outside (and even within) their Arab heartlands had always been limited - though they had lately made progress in north Africa and been able to surprise France by bombing and seriously damaging the French embassy in Tripoli just as the French ambassador was to show up for a celebration of France's 'achievements.' Whether Blacks had more to gain from Islam than from Western and Chinese effort would prove the biggest question of the next decade.}


In a hilarious scene, exemplifying at once Muslim intranecine hostility and incompetence, Syrian Mueslis managed to destroy one of their country's iconic emblems. The minaret of the famed 11th-century Sunni mosque in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo was destroyed, leaving the once-soaring stone tower a pile of rubble and twisted metal scattered in the mosque's tiled courtyard.

President Bashar al-Assad's regime and anti-government 'activists' (backed by al-Qaeda) traded blame for the attack on the Umayyad mosque in the heart of Aleppo's walled Old City, a Unesco World Heritage site (Guardian, 25 iv).

Over the previous two years (helped by the loony Obarmy-led Americans, backed by deadbeat self-modernizing UK Foreign Secretary al-Hague), the Muesli-on-Muesli fighting had exacted a huge toll on Syria, killing 75,000 people, laying waste to cities, towns and villages and forcing three million people to flee their homes and seek refuge (often abroad).

{Thankfully, the Aleppo attack licensed the West itself to destroy minarets and indeed mosques in response to acts of Islamic barbarism - not that the West's cowardly 1930s-style politicians were likely to take the opportunity, preferring the supine multiculti 'internationalism' which had made them rich and/or got leftists votes from Muesli 'asylum seekers' while basic Western taxpayers fed the fraternally destroyed wretches of the Middle East (including four million 'Syrians' [average IQ 83 - Lynn & Vanhanen, 2006, IQ and Global Inequality]).}


Kiwi Kerry Bolton (author of The Psychotic Left, q.v.) provided a handy summary of the persecution of race realists (including William Shockley, Frank Ellis and myself) by 'universities' in modern times (The New Inquisitors: Heretical Scientists Purged from Academia, xii 2012).


Finland's Tatu Vanhanen (co-author with Richard Lynn of IQ and the Wealth of Nations) re-issued his handy 1999 summary of how 'ethnic' differences were genetic and resulted in violence when different groups were brought together - the international correlation between heterogeneity and conflict being .72 (Ethnic Conflicts: their Biological Basis in Ethnic Nepotism, Ulster Institute for Public Research). Writing for Derek Turner's Quarterly Review, race realist Robert Henderson summarized (18 iv):

"Professor Vanhanen's overall conclusion is a gloomy one:

The central message of this study is that ethnic conflict and violence, empowered by ethnic nepotism and the inevitable struggle for scarce resources, will not disappear from the world. It is more probable that the incidence of ethnic violence will increase in the more and more crowded world."

The moral of this book is beautifully simple: ethnically/racially heterogeneous societies are a recipe for discord and violence. That should give the propagandists of mass immigration pause for thought."


 Despite having got rid of me and my 'upsetting' of its pious 'anti-racist' kids, the University of Edinburgh hit new depths in a national survey of student satisfaction (Times Higher, 26 iv), dropping to 39th (from its 2012 position of 27th) -- behind all the main Scottish universities, not to mention Oxford and Cambridge (which came respectively 2nd and 4th).

{The LUniversity had already reached a UK rock bottom, position 125, in 2012 assessments of teaching quality (q.v.); but it was kept semi-afloat in satisfaction ratings by Edinburgh's beauty, convenience and bars. - The main student area of E'bro was about the size of Christ Church, Oxford, but additionally sported every kind of Indian restaurant and Italian takeaway.}


A 32-yr US academic learned the hard way about racial differences as, while birdwatching in Papua New Guinea, she was captured, stripped naked and raped for twenty minutes by nine aboriginal natives (who had previously tied up her guide and husband) (D.Mail, 21 iv).

    UK 'joy of diversity' was also on display for its aficionados as three Somalian Mueslis got a total of 28 years in jail for abducting a troubled London 13-yr-old girl to Ipswich, Sussex, drugging her (admittedly a process of which she had some experience), raping her repeatedly over four days and generally (said the Norwich Crown Court judge) "treating her like a piece of meat" (D.Mail, 27 iv).


'Anti-racist' religiosity, once the preserve of the AntiNazi League, found itself wheeled out to condemn UKIP politicians who had expressed doubts about violent 'Romanians' and illiterate Muslims; but now the witch-finders were wretched 'Conservatives' thinking to stop UKIP winning council seats at forthcoming local elections in England (Sun, 27 iv).

(Mrs Thatcher would have been so ashamed: even in the early 1990s, she told a (shocked!) Australian politico that Oz would need to control the immigration of illiterate Malaysians.}

{UKIP attitudes were proving pretty robust despite all members being required to avow their 'non-racism' when joining. One candidate, standing for the Isle of Wight, said he would have approved chemical castration for 'Mick' Philpott (q.v.) [who had arsoned his own house, killing six of his children, in the hope of being given bigger accommodation by his local socialist council]; another, standing for Leicester, endorsed the militant English Defence League and said "No more mosques in Britain"; and another, Anna-Maria Crampton, a candidate in East Sussex, had been expelled for former membership of the BNP. - D.Telegraph, 27 iv, p.2, 'Racism, hanging and Romanians: what the Ukip candidates think.')

UKIP was likely to win at least 20% of the votes on 2nd May - thus equalling the support for France's National Front at its peak. Conservatives faced wipe-out after three years of failing to provide 24-hr GP services, failing to plan for old age [when most people faced losing their homes to pay for grossly overpriced care in nursing homes], failing to provide high-quality education [e.g. via grammar schools or streaming], failing to expel, execute or even extract costs from criminals, and planning to admit half a million gypsies.

{Sadly, UKIP was not so sound on liberty. There were even press stories of UKIP seniors urging it to accept PeeCee for the sake of a quiet life.}


 Fanatics for female equality got their come-uppance as an obligingly batty egalitarian European Union Gender Directive forbade car insurance firms to take realistic account of the lower accident risks for women drivers - thus at once upping annual premiums for women across Europe by a whopping 20% (D.Mail, 27 iv). (Happily, gals could now actually reduce their premiums if they had included their father, husband or boyfriend on their license as 'second driver' - for male premiums went down thanks to feminoid anti-sexist efforts....)


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Sunday, April 21, 2013


 As Lady Thatcher’s body was taken through London streets, 18 iv (e.g. Fleet Street, which she had done much to modernize by blessing Rupert Murdoch in his stand against the barons of the press unions....) to a St Paul’s funeral attended by the Queen, Joan Collins, Kathryn Jenkins and Shirley Bassey, questions about the real achievements of herself and her NuLabour followers (questions aired here last week and by Will Hutton in the Observer, 14 iv, and by Peter Hitchens in the Sunday Mail, 14 iv, ‘Let’s remember Maggie for what she was – a tragic failure’) were set aside as all but the tiniest handful of leftie ignoramuses accepted she had been a great patriot who had given capitalism a try – and been fully endorsed in this no less than three times by the British electorate (as indeed was banker-liberating Rev Bliar after her). Nicely – since no-one could work out how to stop the wankstas going to their casinos backed by HMG – Bliar himself had popped up just before the funeral to say Daft Dave should continue with the work which he and Grumpy Gordon had inherited from Mrs T.

With protests at pathetic levels (especially as compared with Greece, Spain, Cyprus etc), Britain was sombrely united in recognizing that it had backed Thatcherism, and in enjoying the music and Scripture readings which Mrs T had thoughtfully organized. And at least the British Thatcher-haters were not as hysterical as the late Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, who had condemned one of his own opponents as “the Great Satan incarnate.”

    I was well pleased to find Oxford’s greatest historian, Norman Stone, agreeing with me that Mags had had a bit of a blind spot about modern Germany (Sunday Mail, 14 iv) (where Mutti Merkel and her eminent but mysterious [part-Algerian?] professor husband were entertaining Daft Dave and his whole family [3 kids] for what would hopefully prove a jolly Nordic weekend). Apparently, the German leader of Mags’ day, Helmuth Kohl, had no English; and M’s father in Grantham had helped look after an Austrian-Jewish girl who had provided lively accounts of Hitlerite atrocities in Vienna. But of course I agreed with NS: “Mistakes there were, but as the French say, bad-mouth away, bad-mouth away; something grand nevertheless remains.”


Diva Madonna learned the hard way about Blacks as, though she had adopted two ultra-lucky Malawian infants and promised to shower their country with money for education, she found that the first instalments she had supplied had mysteriously disappeared and that, when she complained (to the President’s sister) she was told she had not given enough and was stripped of VIP status at whatever in dirt-poor Malawi (socialistified by a Black E.LU. divinity graduate) passed for an airport (Observer, 14 iv, Barbara Ellen, ‘Too easy to make Madonna the scapegoat’).


Britain’s ludicrously strict libel laws (which I and others had been campaigning to relax) were put on display as it turned out that cleared ‘murderess’ Amanda Knox (whose killing of her flatmate Meredith Kercher – if any – had long been admitted by a Black) would be able to publish her memoir Waiting to be Heard (for which she had a $4M advance) in the USA but not Britain – lest her writing after her 5-year incarceration in Italy annoy Italian authorities (who wanted to re-try her) in its criticisms of Italian prison guards’ nosiness as to which sexual positions she preferred (Sunday Mail, 14 iv).


As the European Union was discovered pumping millions of pounds into trying to restrict press freedom and punish ‘abuses’ (a mission specially supported by a Dr ‘Crauford’ Smith, a staffer at wretched freedom-hating peecee E.LU.), it was given a robust answer by UKIP’s leader Nigel Farage: “The proposals emanating from Brussels make the Leveson Inquiry look like a Sunday afternoon picnic. The EU’s attempts to win positive coverage by state regulation is reminiscent of the days of Soviet Russia.” Apparently, the humourless, non-English speaking, economically incompetent bores of the EU were fed up that they were not given more appreciative coverage by the press (Sunday Telegraph, 14 iv; Daily Mail, 15 iv).


 ‘Idealistic’ France which believed its hopeless egalitarian republicanism could socialize Algerians, ‘Romanians’ and ‘Bulgarians’ (and thus provide it with political counterweight to German economic might) got its come-uppance as hundreds of gendarmes had to be deployed to try to protect Parisian tourist spots such as the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Versailles Palace from the ravages (aggressive pickpocketing etc) of gypsies and their Fagin-schooled offspring (Daily Mail, 15 iv).


Britain got a fine reminder of its useless 60-year support of the vagaries of American ‘policy’ (backing Egyptian nationalism, Jewish nukes, Pakistani nukes, Yugoslav Muslims, Saudi princelings, Afghani frauds, Qatari imperialists, Iraqi Shitites, Arab Spring, Syrian Solunnis and eventually al-Qaeda itself) as the USA snubbed the funeral of Lady Margaret Thatcher by declining to send anyone ever heard of (apart from the decrepit Henry Kissinger, famed for negotiating the USA’s mass bombing of Cambodia and surrender in Vietnam).

America got an even more direct reward for its tolerance of Mueslis as 3 died [including one cop shot later] and 176 were injured by bombs planted at the end of a ‘Boston marathon’ to savage runners struggling along in their underpants – dozens had their legs blown off by ball bearings in the first mass attack on American Whites since 9/11. {What was to be done? Why, nothing! The Muesli invasion of the West was too difficult for peecee politicos to reverse – let alone Muesli-fathered Brit-hating mulatto Barry Hussein Obarmy II who wasn’t even up for defending the Falkland Islands.}

    Fortunately, genes rang true and the finest passage of Baroness Thatcher’s glorious funeral at St Paul’s was provided by her 19-yr granddaughter Amanda Margaret (U. Richmond, Virginia, where she was captain of the girls’ athletics team and famed for her horse riding) who read immaculately to the assembled 2,300 dignitaries (and a worldwide audience of millions) from Ephesians in a light Texan accent (D. Mail, 17 iv). (Like other Thatcher girls presented for the occasion, she displayed singularly nifty pins – as had the Baronesss herself.) (Music for the occasion was entirely Nordic, featuring Elgar, Vaughan Williams, Parry, Brahms, Gabriel Fauré and Gustav von Holst.)


Whatever the miserable minor peccadilloes of its LibDim MPs (occasional shit eating, preference for LGBT ‘mistresses’, fibs about speeding, ten-year perversion of the course of justice), Britain at least had not the problems of France, where one President kept a whole secret second family, top socialist ‘chimpanzee’ DSK kept on philandering (paying for his ‘rapes’ as he went along), another President was found guilty of corruption and another was under investigation, and a socialist minister was found to have salted away £400K in a Swiss bank account to avoid taxation (Guardian, 16 iv). What could Mutti Merkel make of such goings-on?


The UK’s Coalition Government introduced a ‘cap’ on welfare benefits that would effectively bite a little on non-working single mothers having six children (limiting their largesse to the average post-tax national wage of £26Kpa). However, the Coalition did not care to accompany this mildly eugenic policy by providing part of the mothers’ weekly handouts in the form of Dutch caps – let alone by insisting on sterilization for unmarried mothers plainly en route to producing broods of six sprogs that could be supported only at state expense. {Would the ‘cap’ work? Of course not! Families of six kids would simply divide themselves into two and thus clock up the £52Kpa which they believed their entitlement.}


 A London clinical psychologist who had often provided court evidence found his assessment of a paedophile as ‘low risk’ dismissed by a judge as “unreliable” and “worthless.” Roy Shuttleworth had testified that a father who had served time for molestation of his young daughters would pose no serious risk if he were allowed contact with his son, but his expert view was dismissed out of hand – a novel development in the history of paedohysteria (London24, 15 iv).


 British witch-hunting of supposed paedophiles reached a new level of ridicule as hugely loved Australian musician, singer, painter and TV presenter Rolf Harris, 83, had his collar felt by cops having nothing better to do than explore charges of ancient minor molestations. In 2012, RH had painted a portrait of the Queen and sung for her at her Diamond Jubilee, being most appreciately received by Her Majesty and granted a CBE. RH is married with one child.


America was reminded of the costs of multiculturalism as photos of the backpack-, pressure-cooker-carrying suspects of the Boston marathon bombing showed both of them to be middle-Eastern/Muslim. However, the peecee media worked hard to conceal the brothers’ mad-Muesli affiliations (which at least one of them had brought to America from the terrorists’ supportive Chechen father in the north Caucasus). As criminological cognoscenti would expect, one brother (the eldest and most ‘Islamic’) had an arrest record for attacking his wife; the younger brother had been sacked from his job as a lifeguard at Harvard for poor timekeeping; the boys’ mother had been sacked for stealing from the Boston clothes shop where she worked; and the boys had maintained strong contacts with tumultuous Chechnya, sometimes visiting relatives for as long as six months.

Most likely it was one of these visits, seeing their outback-dwelling papa who had done little for his Islamist cause, that gave the boys the Oedipal idea of impressing their Chechen mother with their derring-do: such ‘compensation’ for paternal failure to back his own supposed cause was what had standardly happened in the case of German, Italian and Irish terrorists (who typically felt papa had let the side down) – and indeed of George Dubya Bush who unleashed the Iraq War and resulting useless horrors principally to show he could do a better job than his sensible dad (who had settled for liberating Kuwait).

    Amusingly, Vladimir Putin had warned the Americans of the danger posed by the Chechen boys; but the Americans preferred to concentrate on ‘liberating’ Egypt, Libya and Syria (announcing a £100M package of goodies for al-Qaeda, 20 iv).

    Hope had long been lost that the USA might get rid of significant numbers of Mueslis, Blecks or Spics (e.g. into a Humanitarian Army ooops Task Force for Africa). But did it have to keep on pretending that multiculturalism was a success – and that the likes of the Chechen brothers were part of ‘the American dream’?

That White Americans secede (and relocate away from) from the pretences of anti-racism was offered as the only hope at an American Renaissance conference (8 iv) – as this blog had concluded while Obarmy proceeded towards his presidential victory in 2012. And the ever-prescient John Derbyshire pointed out there was no hope that the once-‘transgressive’ young would take up racism any time soon while the religion of multiculturalism offered such nice and easy rewards at once of peecee piety and pyjama parties (Taki Mag, 18 iv).

(Partying* was quite a sport of the Chechen brothers, who impressed Massachusetts peers with their ‘sociability’ under marijuana – as taken by most Harvardians and students at nearby colleges who enjoyed 100% ignorance of where Chechenya was, let alone of its brutal wars of the 1990s with Russia.)

    Ironically, terrified and locked-down Boston had always been a big provider of support for the bombers of the IRA.

* The young Tsarnaev brother had gone partying within hours of his Marathon bombing which had killed two and injured 176.


While London cops busied themselves with agéd ‘paedophiles’ (q.v.), they let a gang of some 2-3 dozen Roma gypsies take over a plot of grassland at the junction of Marble Arch and luxurious Park Lane and devote themselves to aggressive begging, drinking and public toileting – scaring off tourists and showing what Britain’s insane peecee authorities would allow on a mass scale in 2014 (Daily Mail, 19 iv).


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Monday, April 15, 2013


Britain, which had of recent years developed a culture of secrecy around its courts, often demanding journalists not publish the names or other identifying features of those involved in (what were supposed to be) public trials, found its cops getting the idea and announcing they would no longer tell journalists even the names of people they had arrested.

Apparently they drew their inspiration from words in the multi-million-pound report by Lord Levisohn, set up by politicos to find ways of preventing reporting of MPs’ exorbitant expense claims (Sunday Mail, 7 iv).

Liberalism had been terminally wrecked by leftism – beginning at E.LU. in 1996; so who could blame the fuzz for wanting to move further towards a world in which nothing ‘abusive’, critical or risky dared be printed and only the authorities (in so far as they were any longer capable of intelligence) knew what was going on?

Padraig Reidy, news editor of Index On Censorship, a civil liberties organisation, said: ‘You can very quickly find yourself in a situation where you have secret arrests. We have a concept of open justice. 'What is being proposed is very scary because if you do not know who has been arrested or why, people can be taken off the streets without anyone knowing and the police would not be accountable or properly scrutinised.

‘This sort of thing happens in  other countries. People are arrested, they disappear and no one ever knows why.’Bob Satchwell, chairman of the Society of Editors, said the change would have a devastating effect on open justice and smacked of the kind of practices associated with ‘banana republics’.


Britain’s (non-)Labour Party was thrown into some confusion as polls showed voters wanted cuts in the country’s extravagant welfare budget (taking up a third of government expenditure, and having doubled the number of ‘disabled’ dependents during the thirteen years of Labour misrule).

{Not that LibCon plans to ‘make work pay’ were scheduled to do anything other than increase ‘welfare’ spending. The only way to decrease welfare waste was to put the budget in the charge of churches, schools and colleges (or whatever institution to which the handicapped claimed allegiance) and allow such bodies to demand labour in return for their dispensation of largesse to well-behaving claimants – thus bringing into being Daft Dave’s Big Society at a stroke.

But, in the absence of such sensible action (would UKIP pick up the gauntlet?), voters expected at least hard words from politicians in the aftermath of the nationally shaming Philpott Affair (q.v.) – hard words that Labour was ill-equipped to deliver to its client state.}

{Hopefully the heroic socialism-smashing Baroness Thatcher got the news of Labour’s disarray before her death on 8th April – R.I.P.}
By 9 iv, seven (non-)Labour MPs had been brave enough to squeak out that Labour should not risk being seen as the party for ‘welfare loungers’ (D.Mail). The LibCon Coalition also had its own divisions, with some ‘Liberals’ unhappy to abandon the social-welfarism which they had cultivated as a way of demonstrating their idealism.


 It turned out that Germany’s new political party, Alternative for Germany, led by a soft-spoken economics professor from Hamburg, but attracting a fast-growing membership and threatening to damage the slower-moving Mutti Merkel in the autumn election, wanted a separation of north and south Europe. Said the Sunday Telegraph (7 iv, Harriet Alexander and Jeevan Vasagar [Berlin]):

"[Bernd Lucke] is firm about the problems created by Europe, and convinced that in its current form, the EU is fostering disunity, not harmony. ....Is this a response to the northern European view that their work ethic is incompatible with that of the south? “Yes,” he said firmly."

    "As such, Mr Lucke advocates a progressive disssolution of the eurozone, with southern nations leaving forthwith. He also recommends the same fate for France, leaving a rump of financially prudent Nordic nations.... “They [France] should leave and then we would be left with a much smaller eurozone, which could then perhaps exist for a longer period of time,” he said."

{One of mighty union-smashing Maggie’s few big mistakes – along with increasing comprehensive education, letting third-world immigration and enforced multiculturalism rip, leaving the NHS and BBC “safe in our hands,” smashing the fisheries, selling out the Northern Irish Protestants, increasing welfarism, ending academic freedom and trying to push through the Poll Tax – was to be unfriendly to German reunification.

At an Academics for Peace and Freedom conference in Cambridge in 1990, I was shocked to hear that Mrs T – already renowned in Eastern Europe for her anti-communism – was not jumping at the chance to have West Germany [Britain’s most successful post-1945 creation] liberate 20M East Germans from police-state tyranny and poverty.}

{Mistakes that Mags did not make? Well, she did not inflate the economy by the American policy of lending to ‘subprimes’; nor deregulate the banks – that was left to her ‘New Labour’ followers, Messrs Blair and Brown.}


Historian Andrew Roberts (Wall Street Journal, 8 iv):

"Unlike too many politicians today, she had a visceral sense of politics—and of right and wrong. On the bicentenary of the fall of the Bastille, for example, her guts told her that it was wrong to join the French in celebrating a revolution that brought bloodshed, war and republicanism, so she forbade the British ambassador to attend, amid much grinding of teeth in the Foreign Office. Can one imagine any modern politician making such a magnificent gesture today?"

Columnist Peter Hitchens (Daily Mail, 8 iv):  "She didn’t ‘handbag’ Labour bruiser Denis Healey so much as kick him in the shins, using the language of her Lincolnshure childhood to tell him (to his horror) that he was “frit.”

Columnist Richard Littlejohn (D.Mail, 8 iv):

"Back in 1987, Mrs Thatcher was monstered over an interview in which she said: ‘There is no such thing as society.’ The Left seized on this remark as evidence of her heartless indifference to the plight of ordinary people.

    What she was actually doing was condemning the use of ‘society’ as a convenient shorthand excuse for individual deficiencies, disappointments and delinquency. A quarter of a century ago, as in some quarters today, there was a knee-jerk readiness to blame ‘society’ for everything from drug addiction to violent crime."


As Britain embarked on a week of mourning for Lady Thatcher, many remembered that her great national service of bringing the trade unions to heel had taken five years to achieve (1979-84) – plus a previous five years of columnising {thanks, Bernard Levin!} and planning.

So would Britain’s banks which (admittedly with encouragement from politicians of all stripes) had gambled away the national fortune by 2008 be under control (and preferably punished* and indeed bankrupted) by 2018? As Grandad Vincent Cable’s plan to cut the banks down to size seemed to have run into the sand, and Naughty Nigel Farage had no more of a plan than to wreck what was left of the UK economy by taking the country out of the EU, it was clear that a new moment for Thatcherite boldness had come.

Just as Mrs T had freed Britain from control by greedy and traitorous trade unionist crackpots by abandoning nationalization and kindred subsidization of failure, it was now time to smash the casino banks actually by accepting full-scale nationalization (with no compensation to lazy shareholders) and ruination of the spivs (like Glasgow’s schemie-originating RBS boss ‘Sir’ Fred the Shred – ‘retired’ on a £400Kpa pension) whose gross negligence (when not outright criminality) had gambled Brits’ monies on bubbles (the bankstas being assured of massive profits if they won and of protection by the UK taxpayer if they lost).

    Would this be theft?** Yes, and a proper response to the ten years of theft from which the bankstas each got millions, even when governmental and international commissions etc found them guilty. It was time to recognize that, in the modern affluent West, the custody of money was quite as important as were the mines, shipyards, steelworks, railways and post offices of the past and required a policy which certainly did not allow them and their ‘workers’ (often ignoramuses who did not understand the financial packages in which they were gambling) to hold Britain to ransom.

Who would rise to realism? Would it be the BNP – lately upstaged by the official non-racism of UKIP and the Jewish racism of the English Defence League? Taking over the banks and penalizing their failures would be massively popular, as was Maggie’s standing up to the bloated ‘beer and sandwiches’ union brigades of the unions. Watch this space!

* There was existing law which could be applied to culpable bank directors, but never had been. Section 174 of the 2006 Companies Act detailed the duties of the directors as follows:

“(1) A director of a company must exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence.”

One of the wretches, disgraced HBOS supremo‘Sir’ James Crosby [judged guilty of mismanagement so gross that his bank would have collapsed even without the general crash of 2008 – he had cost his bank £47B], suggested his knighthood might be removed – but Labour had made knighthoods and earldoms worthless anyhow, and he still kept a penson of £350Kpa (Sun, 10 iv).

(For more on Britain’s disgraced billions-losing wanksta b*st*rds, see Guardian, 10 iv, Aditya Chakrabortty. Lady Thatcher herself had been horrified to learn, c.2008, that competition had virtually vanished from Britain’s banking sector – with the top five banks being responsible for 80% of UK financial transactions (BBC World Service, 12 iv, 09:05)

** Whereas the unions of the seventies were simply threatening to ruin Britain by their insatiable greed, the bankstas of the noughties made sure to do their damage first (and arrange their lay-off payments and pension pots) before anyone noticed – except this blog, which always predicted that unsecured ‘subprime’ lending (to Blecks, Mecks, Micks and Peks) would end in tears.


 That LibCon Britain was still awash with Labour-style empire building (funded by inflation ooops ‘quantitative easing’ and maintaining the 40% of GNP spent on government which Mags had never been able to lower) was made clear as a newly-17-yr-old fat mascaraed blonde was appointed at £15Kpa to be a ‘youth crime commissioner’ for Kent (Guardian, 9 iv).

Jealous peecee enemies quickly revealed that the bizarrely named and soon tearful Paris Brown had ‘tweeted’ remarks indicating she sometimes felt racist, sexist and anti-yag sympathies [calling yags “fags”]; so she gave in a money-saving resignation – though her equally fat, though older bosspersonne gruppenfuehrerin, Ann Barnes, an elected ‘police commissioner’ (Lab.) on £85Kpa, said she would continue with the plan to ‘connect’ with Kent’s delinquent youf. {Why not just visit their pubs and clubs, or phone them?}


Baroness Thatcher’s personality and achievements were recalled and celebrated in a full day of kindly* and thoughtful debate in both houses of Parliament – an occasion made the sweeter by the absence of half the Labour MPs from the House of Commons in a mean-spirited display caught dramatically throughout the day on TV as cameras showed the empty Labour benches (with the number of (non-)Labour MPs in the chamber sometimes dropping as low as three.

    Yes, Parliament did a good job of representing the country – indeed over-representing the holders of ‘death parties’ in Glasgow etc who urged their sour sympathizers to sing the Wizard of Oz song, ‘Ding, Dong, the Witch is dead / The  wicked Witch is dead.’ The debate was also informative, e.g. bringing out that Mrs T had made her famous advance to Mr Gorbachev on the basis of advice from the UK Foreign Office (stereotypically regarded as suspect by Thatcherites) that Russia’s emerging Gorby was ‘a man with whom she could do business.’

*Though including such happy barbs as that from Thatcher soulmate Lord Tebbit that, resolved to nurse his wife (who had been grievously injured by the IRA’s Brighton bombing), he had felt obliged to leave government though, thus leaving Mrs T “to the mercy of her friends.”

Conservative traitors like Dominic Lawson and Michael Heseltine were conspicuous by their absence, and Lord Howe appeared to spend most of his time in the Lords asleep. {At least all this was entertaining and viewable, unlike the dreary card votes of the European ‘Parliament.}


The once-nice north-London borough of Enfield (bordering even-nicer Southgate,* where I simmered up) appeared to have discovered the meaning of multiculturalism as Black Obemipo Jaji, 18, went on trial at the Old Bailey accused of following an 11-yr schoolgirl he had seen on a bus, stuffing her mouth with one of her gloves as he stripped her naked in a deserted park (it was winter), and raping her for three hours – a repeat of a similar paedosadistic ravaging of a prepubescent (in that case silenced by having her tie thrust down her throat) which he had admitted the previous year (Daily Mail, 11 iv).

    Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary William Hague convened an assembly of 800 G8 diners ooops diplomats in London and had them pay each other to deplore sexual naughtiness and plan more dinners to exterminate the use of rape during war – a sport that was apparently especially popular in the Democratic Republic of Bongo ooops Congo (BBC World Service, 11 iv, 14:15; Guardian, 12 iv, ‘I raped 53 women, plus children’).

(This was not the triumphalism of advancing Russians of 1945, but just “for pleasure.” The retreating Bongolese army reached Minova and decided each man should rape ten women, since the soldiers had drink but no food.) Whether Hague’s gourmet talkshop effort would bring solace to multiculti-suffering Enfield remained to be seen.
Not that sex was invariably the motive of demented Black violence. In London, the ‘Hounslow Slasher,’ Sasha Masamba, 21, was jailed for eighteen years as his punishment for quite gratuitous late-night knifings of two girls (probably both Black) (Guardian, 12 iv). After one attack, Sambo had posted on his Facebook page: "I want to bite your ears off, pluck your eyes with chopsticks, cut your limbs with a breadknife and feed your insides to sewer rats."

{In the Levisohn-mandated absence of opportunities for hacking phones or bribing police, journalists had been unable to make progress unravelling this madness.}

*Sadly, on one of my last visits (perhaps 1996), a bloodied Turk (or was it Kurd or Azerbaijani?) expired on the steps of the police station (just by Southgate’s bijou listed tube station), pursued by other Turks/Kurds/Azerbaijanis from his nearby ‘college.’ No, the world’s problems are not all due to Blecks, but at least equally to daft Whites whose socialist-induced ‘White guilt’ has made them too frit to assert moral authority. Still, the Chinese would doubtless sort out the problem in the end....


Political admission of a way to start reducing the NHS’s burden on taxpayers arrived from Liberal quarters as leader Nice Nick said on his radio programme that drunks should be charged before being treated in Accident & Emergency hospital units (Daily Mail, 12 iv). {A next step would be to make special charges for the obese and those requiring translation services.}


A kind memoir of Art Jensen and Phil Rushton (q.v.) was offered by stalwart American Renaissance leader Jared Taylor, gently avoiding the London School’s failure to have the slightest educational influence since 1950 but including the interesting info that both scholars had died from complications of the rare but debilitating Addison’s Disease (of the adrenal glands, disrupting the production of corticosteroid hormones and having a wide variety of effects – not unlike the g factor to which both men had both devoted so much service).


 PeeCee got a slap in the face as bright Pittsburgh highschooler Suzy Weiss, finding her university applications rejected by several Ivy League colleges, including Princeton and Yale, published a sarcastic letter in the Wall Street Journal (5 iv) blaming her non-admission on her parents being White, Christian, middle-class Anglophones, saying that she should have pretended to be a Navajo {Red} Indian, and planning in future to invent a ‘project’ on disabled chimpanzees in Bongo ooops Congo (Times Higher, 11 iv; National Review, 22 iv).

Suzy was a victim of academics’ reverse racism (called “holistic” admissions procedures) designed to reduce the proportions of White and East Asian students and make teaching lower-level and thus manageable by computer. Happily, her spirited letter yielded a string of offers of jobs and internships.


It transpired that, on February 4th, 2013, Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, had apparently addressed the Duma (Russian Parliament), and given a speech about the tensions with minorities in Russia :  

"In Russia live Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Sharia Law, then we advise them to go to those places where that's the state law. Russia does not need minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires,  no matter how loud they yell 'discrimination'. We had better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation. Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of most minorities. When this honourable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the national interest first, observing that the minorities are not Russians."

According to MyFace, YourTube etc, politicians in the Duma gave Putin a standing ovation for five minutes.


As leftists had fun voting to boost ‘Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead’ towards the top of BBC pop music charts, they nicely illustrated the thesis of Kerry Bolton’s The Psychotic Left (q.v.)

* that hostility dominates the left-wing mind – even to the extent of disrespecting, in the week of Lady Thatcher’s funeral** at St Paul’s, the normally overwhelmingly accepted injunction that one does not speak ill of the dead. They also broke one of their own treasured precepts: for surely to call a woman a ‘witch’ was sexist, prejudicial and the worst kind of labelling? Rabid and ravaged retired lefty actress Glenda Jackson even went one step further, saying the Baroness’ legacy was “heinous” and that she was “not a woman – not in my terms.”

* From my 2013 Foreword to KB:

"....By 1954, to the immense aggravation of the British liberal-left elite (annoyance eventually costing him a knighthood), Eysenck began to maintain that the left and at least the Hitlerian right had much in common. In particular, in their materialism and readiness for violence, they were ‘tough-minded’ and lacking in the gentler ways of idealism and empathy.

    Although the left was shocked by this comparison, Eysenck went on to develop his understanding – becoming the first to demonstrate a genetic basis for the trait. Finally, Eysenck concluded that there was (as he had suspected back in 1947) a trait of Psychoticism which subsumed tough-mindedness and needed adding to his famous personality theory (long known for its main dimensions of Neuroticism and Extraversion – about which his students jokingly gave the sign of the Cross). By the 1990s, Eysenck wrote at length about Psychoticism (P) – linking it especially to criminality and paranoia, though also to creativity in the arts."

    What Kerry Bolton’s book does is to provide full and hilarious detail as to the correctness of Eysenck’s hard-worked psychometric-psychological understanding. Bolton’s highly entertaining survey uses the latest biographical information about such figures of the left as Marx, Marcuse, Manson, Maslow and Bader-Meinhof. Convincingly, it documents the horrors of the father- and family-hating horrors of leading leftists who agitated a whole generation while themselves suffering psychosis (most often ‘bipolar’, i.e. manic-depressive) or at least narcissistic psychopathy, and not uncommonly ending in suicide.

**On a personal note: yes, I came within inches of Mrs Thatcher on two occasions – at Edinburgh Airport and in a London club. My memory? She was strikingly small and deferential – indeed hunch-shouldered, not at all the ‘bossy bitch’ of legend. In particular she listened carefully to what Professor Richard Lynn had to say – and the next day came out with remarks to the media that the next big human job would be to improve the quality of the population.


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Monday, April 08, 2013


It is not the job of this blog to bore readers with the endless horror stories of Britain’s ongoing succumbing to PeeCee. But it does seem worth a mentioning the hilarity that the 31,000 jackbooted and taser-equipped officers (and officerettes) of London’s mighty (but normally invisible) Metropolitan ‘Police’ Force ooops Service turned out to be receiving lessons in rudiments of the 18 different ‘languages’ most commonly spoken by 21st-century denizens of the capital. As the Sun’s editorial put it (31 iii): Instead of tackling crime, cops will be in classrooms learning umpteen different ways of saying “this way to the benefits office”.


 You thought third-world immigation was masterminded by greedy businessmen (and Mrs Thatcher) wanting cheap deferential labour, and by desperate socialists wanting the votes of the new underclass (including its bullied postal-voting Pek wives)? Think again! The European Union has also played a major role in destroying the ethnic integrity of its member states – thereby to strengthen its own ‘central’ authority.

   As spring came, Brussels launched a ferocious counterattack against David Cameron over immigration, saying his talk of ‘benefit tourism’ and a ‘something-for-nothing culture’ among EU migrants was unintelligent {getting carried away there!} and risked stoking "knee-jerk xenophobia". Responding to a Cameron speech in which Britain’s faux PM pledged to restrict access to housing benefits and the NHS for those coming to the UK under EU free-movement rules, the European commissioner for employment, social affairs and inclusion, the unheard-of László Andor, told the Observer that Duvet Dave’s claims were misleading and very unfortunate.


‘Welfare’-state Britain took a step towards health as three years of Coalition government reduced the numbers of ‘disabled’ punters by 878K. How so? Disability benefit claimants were told they would have to face a thorough medical checkup (into their self-reported problems of blisters, acne, sprains, strains etc) – at which 878K spongers (a third of all claimants) decided to abandon their pretence (Sun, 1 iv). Only 12.5% of the 1.7M ‘disabled’ tested by docs in 2011-12 were deemed so handicapped as to be unable for any kind of work at all.


 As all but Britain’s Euro-avoidant  polititicians pondered the German dominance of Europe that had brought mega-gambling Cyprus to heel, and kept the euro strong while the pound sank, the Guardian offered (31 iii, Stuart Jeffries [while stressing that Britain provided the cultural capital of Europe]):

"What a shame we don't get more German culture here. After all, the British and Germans are -- one world cup and two world wars notwithstanding -- simpatico. Germanophile 19th-century historian Thomas Carlyle wrote of Germany "speaking the same old Saxon tongue and thinking in the same old Saxon spirit with ourselves", while George Orwell wrote that during the first world war "the English working class were in contact with foreigners to an extent that is rarely possible. The sole result was that they brought back a hatred of all Europeans -- except the Germans, whose courage they admired."

And the Telegraph  threw in (1 iv, Mats Persson):

"....the North-South stand-off has been further entrenched. Germany will need far stronger controls over how the eurozone is governed to avoid another Cypriot or Greek debacle...."

{Unfortunately, Daft Dave was no longer a promising partner for Mutti Merkiavelli since his ‘modernizing’ antiracism, NHS-devotion, educational nonselectiveness, welfarism [more than 50% were on state benefits by 2013] and yagophilia had lost about 40% of the Tory vote in England to UKIP – and the rest of the UK [its Celtic fringe] had no Tories anyway.}


As Britain’s libcon Coalition non-Government embarked on modest reforms to the welfare state (limiting benefits to £26Kpa per household and disallowing spare rooms in council houses – assuming it might ever work out how to achieve these objectives), help arrived for its beleagured champion Iain Dunkin’ Donut (who had madly told journalists he would be able to live on £53 in benefits per week – not remembering to say he would need to deal in drugs, breed dangerous dogs and go to friends for cocktails, dinners and broadband connections).

Sex-mad ex-con ‘Mick’ Philpott, 56, was found guilty (along with wife ‘Mairead,’ 31, and friend Max ooops Paul Mosley) of killing six of his 17 known children (by five women) (all bred to claim welfare) in a fire set to burn his house down (thus claiming another, hopefully larger, residence from leftist Derby/Nottingham council), blaming the arson on a disobedient mistress, and play-acting that he was “heartbroken” at the conflagration (Guardian, 3 iv).

Philpott, notoriously violent to the lone girls he enticed into his disciplined regime, had been on lifetime socialist support and – when not intimidating, beating and knifing his women – spent his drugged-up days playing snooker in a room he had had built on to his council house and watching TV.

He clocked in some £55K of taxpayer dosh every year. {Yes, this was how the UK’s once-high-minded ‘welfare state’ had ended (cf. A.N.Wilson, Daily Mail, 3 iv).

In line with left-feminoid government policy, all the five mothers worked – but 100% of their earnings and benefits were delivered straight to violent control-freak Philpott, who drove them to and from work and did not allow them housekeys. Philpott had sung Elvis at karaoke within hours of the blaze and cashed in by selling the teddy bears left by well-wishers.} {Sentence: LIFE – with a minimum of 15 years inside.}
As the Philpott-triggered ‘welfare war’ broke out, Labour rushed to say it do something to link benefits to contributions – for polls showed some 70% thought that 50% of benefit claimants were undeserving.


 As France wrestled with the idiotic sex affairs and rapes of its politicians (cuckolded socialist Pres. Hollande and ‘chimpanzee’ socialist leader-to-have-been DSK) and its previous president (Bruni-equipped Sarkozy) being charged with illicit receipt of massive donations from a millionairess senile dement, further fine scandal emerged as Hollande’s top financial adviser, one Jerome Cahuzac, was revealed by journalists to have been using taxfree secret foreign accounts (in Switzerland and Singapore) containing £500K despite scores of denials over a four-year period of mounting suspicion: “unforgivable” said Hollande (as was either his own naivety or duplicity) (Guardian, 4 iv).


As ‘sociological experts’ from the LSE and a score of other international quasi-academic outfits announced Britain (and the West) had not three social classes (Owners, Managers, Workers) or four (adding Charles Murray’s Underclass) or five (as in classic British research from 1914, distinguishing Non-Manual from Manual Workers)) or six (adding an ‘Unknown’ class) but seven (one apparently for postgraduate shelfstackers) (Elite, English, Energetic, Ever-hopefuls, Eee-bah-gums, Eccentrics, Expendables), not even the Guardian (4 iv) or Independent could be troubled to spell out how (if at all) the new scheme had been empirically derived.

Was there still a basically linear hierarchy (with deviations for special groups like soldiers, farmers, women [who really needed classifying via their husbands] and academics)? Was there still a main, central, unitary factor of ‘class’, recognizing NOBS, PLEBS and NOBODIES?

(Anyway, what was wrong with the classic American system where ‘socio-economic status’ (SES) was calculated simply by Wealth x Education?) No, British broadsheet readers could not be told. {No wonder they could also not be told – as for the past twenty years -- about that most central ingredient of social class, the g factor!}

{Amusingly, none of the ‘experts’ hailed from Nuffield College, Oxford – historically Britain’s top (if lefty) centre for the empirical study of class and social mobility. Modern sociologists apparently preferred the armchair and iPhoney/YourFace/MyTube twitters as their chief source of inspiration.} {For realism – and jokes --on class, see ‘Quotations about Social Class’ here*


"[Lenin] followed [Marx and Engels] in expressing unabashed admiration for Jacobin terror - both for the wholesale executions and mass drownings of condemned prisoners. He used to say that "terror renews a country", and made no secret of the fact that he was following Babeuf's injunction that the conquered classes must be completely destroyed....

It was during the time of the French Revolution that violence came to be meted out according to class allegiance. Both in name and structure the "revolutionary tribunals" and even the "extraordinary commissions" (know as "Cheka" in Soviet times from the Russian abbreviation of this phrase) are based on Jacobin models."

Alexander SOLZHENITSYN, 1980, The Mortal Danger. London : Bodley Head.

"We are not waging war against individual persons. We are exterminating the bourgeoisie as a class. During the investigation, do not look for evidence that the accused acted in deed or word against soviet power. The first questions to put are:

To what class does he belong?
What is his origin?
What is his education or profession?

And it is these questions that ought to determine the fate of the accused. In this lies the significance and essence of the Red Terror."

LATSIS (Chairman of the eastern front of Lenin's Cheka), 1918.
Cited by G.Hosking, 1987, A History of the Soviet Union. Harmondsworth : Penguin.


A few (ten-year-belated) words of realism appeared in the Torygraph (4 iv, Sue Cameron):

"[Tony Blair] railroaded through the invasion of Iraq without regard to ethnic and religious divisions. Insiders say he didn’t bother to read the background papers put up to him. Indeed, both he and the Americans acted as if they didn’t even know there was a difference between Shias and Sunnis."


 Britain’s peecee-propagandized cops took a new step forward in tyranny as they proposed (in Manchester) to treat as ‘hate crimes’ – and thus specially culpable -- any abuse of or assaults on new darling minorities such as goths, punk rockers, heavy metal fanatics and emos [sad basket cases] – some of whose flagrant exhibitionism had attracted the scorn of working-class ooops ‘expendable’ lads (Daily Mail, 5 iv).

Free speech? Forgeddit! Any special protection for old age pensioners, girls showing the knickers, Etonians, boy racers on pavements, men in ties, Liverpuddlians, people carrying Tesco bags? You must be joking, pro tem! – Though, eventually, the peecee cops and politicos will find themselves moved to ‘protect’ the entire population from ‘abuse’, allowing only robbers and burglars to enjoy an easy life.


 As the stalwarts of American Renaissance battled to keep the fanatical antiracists of the Southern Poverty Law Centre from disrupting their annual conference, held this year in Tennessee, AmRen published a nice summary of how American public discourse (about crime, guns, education, health, welfare etc) had been wrecked by the demands of PeeCee (accepted by ‘conservative’ cowards) that the truth of the centrality of race to America’s problems should never be spoken (5 iv).

The article sadly found no space for IQ or the efforts of the London School; but it nicely quoted Britain’s right-realist prison doctor and Speccie columnist, Theodore Dalrymple: “A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.”


 Probably even sadder than the mass cases of race unrealism were the ‘graduates’ who had been misled by politicians of the 1990s to seek their futures via higher education (even when they could hardly spell a word, let alone manage subjunctives, apostrophes or brackets). The Telegraph  explained (2 iv, Allister Heath):

Research from the US government, which without doubt applies equally to Britain, suggests that just one out of the top nine occupations expected to create the most jobs this decade requires a university degree.

    "The picture is truly dire for the army of university graduates: only five of the top 30 fastest-growing occupations expected to create the most jobs by 2020 require an undergraduate degree (or an additional post-graduate qualification) – nursing, teachers in higher education, primary school teachers, accountants and medical doctors – and 10 of the top 30 don’t require any kind of qualification at all.

    Among the top 10 fastest-growing professions are retail sales staff; food preparation (including fast-food restaurant jobs); customer service reps; labourers and freight, stock, and material movers; lorry and van drivers; and various healthcare aides, related to the ageing population. This is the semi-secret, and devastating, story that far too few people in government want to talk about."


 While British politicians fooled around introducing or allowing ever more restrictions on free speech, the story of the great 2008 bubble & crunch – due to markets getting liftoff from Suckmacack Clinton injecting lending to Blacks (and Dubya Bush following up by showering Hispanics with money) – remained largely untold {except in this blog} and its ‘banker’ facilitators unpunished. Nick Cohen summed up in the Observer (7 iv):

"Banks that were too big to fail and had to be bailed out by taxpayers in 2008 are still too big to fail in 2013.

    Grasp this point, and the complaints about "banker bashing" turn from the ridiculous into something more sinister. The banking lobby is so unscathed – so unbashed, unbattered and unbruised – it has the muscle to prevent an urgent and necessary reform and can act as if the crisis never happened."

And Cohen added the nice touch:

"Hugh Tomlinson QC, the chairman of Hacked Off, a malign organisation [fronted by Hugh Grant and funded by Max Mosley] that dumb liberals think is on their side, fought for months to stop the public knowing that [RBS boss] Fred Goodwin was having an affair at the very moment when his bank was hurtling toward ruin."


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Monday, April 01, 2013


British PM ‘Call me Dave’ Cameron (aka Mr Slippery) was awarded a new nickname, DUVET DAVE, as it emerged he had literally slept right through his treacherous 2.30am betrayal of the last shreds of free speech in the UK (introducing a press-regulating ‘Royal Charter,’ to international hilarity, q.v.), leaving it to giggling Conservative leftist Oliver Letwin, chomping on a sloppy Domino pizza, to finalize the surrender (Peter Hitchens,Mail on Sunday, 24 iii). The Sun’s top political correspondent gave his own detail on Britain’s disgrace (25 iii):

"At no point.... was the Prime Minister in command of events which [were] already unravelling in his hands. It was all over the moment he sent sleepy Oliver Letwin into a pre-dawn ambush by the Axis powers — Labour, Lib Dems and Hacked Off. Letwin, remember, is the whinnying clown who once invited burglars into his home in the middle of the night to use his loo, later to discover they had robbed him blind.

He did it again last week, looking away as a gang of vengeance-seeking Hacked Off obsessives, who could not believe their luck, walked away with 300 years of precious Press freedom. Letwin is a notorious hand-wringing compromiser who can be relied upon to mess most things up. But if anyone is to blame for this shambles it is, from start to finish, Cameron himself.  The pig’s ear he has made out of a key pillar of a functioning democracy will hang round his neck for the rest of his life."

{Sadly, the gents of the press had been risking this outcome for twenty years as they succumbed to peecee demands that they never mention race (especially the race of criminals [Bleck] – and other miscreants like sex-mad ‘doctors’ [Pek]) and failed to defend The g Factor.

Their own cowardice about race had opened the floodgates for peecee religious maniacs to demand wide control of the press – probably starting with ‘page three girls’ (themselves a model of modesty by internet standards)!}


As a womyn was given a taxpayer-funded £10K boob-boosting job on the NHS to help her become a model, and state school pupils were issued with sterilized razor blades so they could self-harm safely, intelligence got a rare mention in Britain’s largely peecee-cleansed press as the Sun (26 iii) called the state-paid functionaries of such schemes “numpties” – an old Scottish word meaning stupid.

{The over-reliance of both government and business on ‘training’ – rather than selection by IQ – was set out in TgF. By 2013, British ‘business’ was so incompetent that it thought I was ‘Jonathan Scott’ [quite unknown to me, but supposedly ‘The Occupier’ of the flat where I have lived for 33 years] and owed some ridiculously named firm ‘e.on’ £1,200 in gas bills; and a firm calling itself UPS could not manage to deliver a parcel [containing The Psychotic Left, to which I had provided a Foreword] although the ordinary postman brought mail successfully to my door every day. (Whatever its difficulties in straitened times of internet competition, the Post Office / Royal Mail still used IQ tests in selection.)}


Six years after convicting her for murder in the course of sex games, and two years after acquitting her, the Italian ‘justice’ system decided to try to haul pretty American Amanda Knox back from Seattle into a re-trial (Guardian, 26 iii). Were the euro-bankrupt Italians (with 30% youth unemployment) made of money? No: they were just run by greedy lawyers – like Britain.


As Foreign Secretary, ex-Tory leader and Arab Spring enthusiast William Hague visited the strife-torn Democratic Republic of Congo (along with his new young friend, Angelina Jolie), he said bankrupt but still barmily idealistic Britain would slush out £180M to ‘help’ the victims of Congolese rape (whose attackers could never be found, let alone punished) (Guardian, 27 iii).


Even the (distinguished) Eurofanatic historian-columnist Timothy Garton Ash admitted to his Guardian readers (28 iii):

"Hitler-Merkel" said a banner carried by young Cypriot protesters earlier this week. Next to those words there was an image of the European flag, its yellow stars on a blue background now angrily crossed out in red. Sweeping negative generalisations are heard about "north" and "south" Europeans, almost as if these were two different species. Yet what historian could seriously maintain that Milan has more in common with Nicosia than it does with Nice or Geneva? Even highly educated pro-Europeans say things in public about other nations that a decade ago they would not even have thought, let alone expressed. As parts of Europe became more anti-German so parts of Germany became more anti-European. A vicious spiral looms into view, like a twister on a rural highway in the American midwest."

In the Mail, eminent military historian and once Torygraph editor Max Hastings added (28 iii):

"It always appeared absurd for the Germans, who — like the British — obey rules, pay taxes and tell the truth in financial documents, to form a financial union with the southern Europeans, who do none of those things, and are never likely to."

There is a real prospect that Silvio Berlusconi [Bunga-Bunga Man, pictured] will be able to form a new Italian coalition government, even though a string of court verdicts has found him to be a major criminal with a repulsive record of sexual behaviour.  How can the rest of Europe do serious business with a country that wilfully chooses to be led by such a man? Many Italians find this acceptable, and somehow make it work. But the Italian way, like the Cypriot and Greek way, is not our way. The Germans, by trying to pretend otherwise, are defying gravity."


As a delightfully WHR-d 14-yr-old, Jade Lomas Anderson, was savaged to death by five ferocious dogs in a Wigan council house which she had visited, misguidedly carrying a meat pie which she declined to share, it transpired that the British ‘welfare’ state would do everything it could to protect the ‘mother’ of the household (where she lived on benefits, having fallen out with her husband, children and parents, and was using her dogs to sell their pups as future lethal aggression machines for pals [local drug dealers?]).

Apparently the fat slob ‘mother’ had committed no crime – ‘uman rights lawyers would maintain (at public expense, doubtless taking three years for their efforts). Such was the ‘freedom’ of 21st-century Britain – even though no-one (not even the Daily Mail) dared breathe a word about race (Mail, 29 iii).

{The sparing of this socially incompetent, cheating and murderous ‘mother’ who couldn’t even bother to walk, feed, train or control the dogs who provided her illicit income supplement, was announced on the West’s holiest day, Good Friday, on which Jesus had been scourged, vilified and crucified in Jerusalem for overturning the tables of a few Jewish temple moneychangers. – Assuming the Jews and Romans arrested the right man (and were not misled by Judas’ kiss...).}

Ditto, the social workers of Wakefield moved heaven and earth to defend two “caring” yags who had adopted a boy who later accused the bumboys of abusing him – though finally the faggots were each jailed for 30 months, with a court slamming the antisocial ‘workers’ for “folly and gross misjudgment” (Mail, 29 iii).


Three ‘British’ Pakistani girls travelling through (West-‘liberated’) Libya to help fellow mad Mueslis in the Gaza strip found themselves being raped in front of the eyes of the father of two of them (sisters) by uniformed Libyan soldiers (Sun, 30 iii). {‘Religion of Peace’ in action!...}


 There was good news for Nords as top columnist Simon Heffer said the eurozone’s happy days were over, Germany having grown disillusioned with forking out for corrupt and inefficient ClubMed and its leader, France (Daily Mail, 30 iii):

"....since François Hollande became French president last May, the intimate Franco-German axis has broken down. Merkel despises Hollande’s refusal to cut public spending in France, and his insistence on trying to raise taxes, and has little but contempt for him as a politician.

    For his part, Mr Hollande wants a devalued euro which would be cheaper on the foreign exchanges and thus encourage exports — something the Germans simply will not countenance.  There can be no meeting of minds, and so Germany is now going its own way."


While American lefties and pathetic White-guilt ‘Republicans’ were stampeding all over themselves to pander to Mexico and adopt mass illegal alien amnesty schemes, and the Mexican government lobbied for ever-more “humane” treatment of illegal border-crossers from their murderously criminal drug-fuelled country into the USA, Mexico remained entirely restrictionist toward “undesirable” foreigners who broke their laws or ‘threatened their security’ (CNS News, 27 iii). Despite widely touted immigration “reforms” adopted in 2011, Mexico still put Mexico first—as any country that is serious about protecting its sovereignty should and would.
Article 33 of Mexico’s constitution gave the President of the godforsaken country the right to detain and deport “any foreigner” and prohibited foreigners from participating “in any way” in the political affairs of the nation. Article 32 of Mexico’s constitution unapologetically banned non-native born residents from holding sensitive jobs and joining the country’s military. Preference was given unabashedly to Mexicans over foreigners.
{Compare and contrast the ceaseless push by America’s ‘open-borders’ groups of traitorous Marxists to secure illegal alien “rights” to American jobs, American military assignments, American driver’s licences, discounted U.S. college tuition and Obamacare!}


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