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While Britain waited for America at long last to order its longstanding ally Pakistan to shoot significant numbers of Tallyho/BinLiner/AlcAnon supporters in tribal Waziyurdrinkistan, it gave the green light to its moderate Muesli allies in democratic Afghanistan to legislate to be able to starve their beburquaed wives to death if wives didn’t provide enough sex* – but not to pour acid down their throats or chop them up while conscious or grow opium poppies (Afghaniland’s only known industry).

Other good features of moderate Talibans were: only wearing small beards; only carrying small bombs; reading Guardian; liking G&T with pork scratchings; not committing suicide. Dealing moderately with these moderate Mueslis served to reconcile minority Shitites to democratic Supreme Fraudster Ali Kharsalesman and to show how outrageously and preposterously extreme it would be to deport ‘British’ Muslims urging the killing of British soldiers, Jews and women not wearing the burkini to the Gaza Strip. The new law also forbade Afghani wives to be employed without their husbands’ permission and gave custody of their children exclusively to fathers and grandfathers (BBC, 16 viii).

* Originally, the legislation had stipulated that sex should be supplied to beardies at least once every four days; but this specificity was dropped in deference to Western feminist sensibilities. Afghani men continued to be allowed to beat their wives and divorce them without any financial settlement.


Not content with sacking me in a hissy fit of antiracism and paedohysteria, and then destroying all records of its £100K exercise, the keen-on-forgetting LUniversity of Edinburgh, which had long emptied its grand Playfair Library (in its Old College) of its 30K books for its truth-seeking students, painted the once delightfully gold-brown-green-and-red library entirely white and inscribed it for the Edinburgh Festival with neonlight words from Nietzsche saying there was in fact no truth but just an ongoing creative process.

Next door, in its equally vast Talbot Rice art gallery, the LUni provided Aryan Papers, forgotten photos of women in seamed nylons trying unsuccessfully to remember the Holocaust which even the Jewish filmographer Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999) had thought it better to leave unpublished. (Kubrick had also wisely abandoned a film about Napoleon, on whom he had read 500 books, feeling he could not compete with Sergei Bondarchuk's 1968 epic but soon-to-be-forgotten film version of Count Leo Tolstoy's novel War and Peace (which Tolstoy himself had sagely denounced as too long and boring).)


As Bristol University researchers discovered that British professionals (doctors, bankers and lawyers) of 2009 but born in 1958 had had higher IQs as children than professionals born in 1970 (despite the secular rise in IQ scores), the most obvious interpretation was that the destruction of Britain’s grammar schools from 1975 had deprived higher-IQ children from modest backgrounds the opportunity to rise into higher education (and beyond) that had been available to kids born in 1958 (Daily Mail, 15 viii). Without the grammar schools, poor-but-bright kids’ natural places in the professions had been taken by gormless and chinless wonders born to parents able to buy them privilege.


Top Black British footballer John Barnes, who had once held a job as club manager, complained that the small number of Black soccer managers (two – since one had just been sacked) reflected a misguided belief that Blacks were on average deficient in intelligence (Daily Mail, 17 viii). Whether he would name the eminences holding this reasonable-sounding belief remained to be seen.


To the fury of Dawkinsians, Britain’s top young scientist Andrew Parker (of McQuarie U., Harvard, and lately Green-Templeton College, Oxford) published The Genesis Enigma, suggesting Genesis I provided as reasonable a general, metaphorical summary of the origins of the universe and life on earth as could be found. Parker’s line of argument was summarized at At the same time Parker defended Darwinian evolution against the ideas of (IQ-basher) Stephen Jay Gould that the sudden arrival of fossils in the Cambrian era meant that (politically convenient) talk of occasional ‘revolutions’ was necessary.

Talking to a packed house (or rather tent) at the Edinburgh Book Festival, the handsome though white-haired Parker, 42, by origin a marine biologist, asserted the unlikeliness of finding anything other than an intelligent God behind the almighty Big Bang with which Genesis began its story (just as scientists believe the explosion of 14B years ago provided all the energy for the universe): apparently, Fellows of the Royal Society, when asked the nature and origin of ‘energy,’ reply simply “No idea!”


Seeking to build on its electoral successes (= a million votes cast for it in 2009, and two MEPs resulting), the British National Party brought back to blogging status its genial and hyper-informed retired press officer (and firework manufacturer), ‘Phill Edwards,’ aka ‘The Doc’ (21 viii). A sample:
The Voice is an interesting read as to the state of mind of black people and details about them we usually don’t hear.

Perhaps the race equality industry should take into account the article in The Voice about chronic kidney disease (CKD). The Voice says, “In fact, Black African Caribbeans and South Asian groups are up to five times more likely to be at risk of CKD.”

How does that chime with the press, the Guardian and the BBC claiming that people of all the races are the same, and the nonsense peddled in school about “race doesn’t exist, it’s a social construct”?

Read more by clicking here.

Whilst I’m on the topic of race differences (and hence the racial inequalities which render artificially created multiracial societies problematic and unstable, to say the least), did anyone notice that all of the finalists in the Berlin 100m sprint were of black African origin?

Why is that? Is it due to the “racism” of wicked white people who have deliberately prevented these chaps from pursuing their preferred careers as rocket scientists, mathematicians and concert pianists? Or is it because they have evolved differently and with physiological attributes unlike those of white people?

According to Michael Hanlan writing in the Daily Mail (18/9/09) it can be better running shoes, better track etc. – but wouldn’t those apply to all?

[Eventually], he bites the bullet: “Finally, there is the racial factor. However squeamish it makes some commentators to talk about this, there is absolutely no doubt that race – or more accurately ethnicity – is a huge factor in the world of elite athletics”.

At least the debate has begun. Read the article by clicking here.

A good primer booklet on racial differences has been produced by Professor Phil Rushton – [summarizing his 1994 book] Race Evolution and Behavior -- and can be read by clicking here.

Phil’s book even got a mention from the Sun (22 viii) as it accused a few of the BNP’s 1,200 campers (in Codnor, Derbyshire) of burning a golliwog.

{But The Doc himself was soon re-fired for suggesting Blacks could benefit from a few White genes….} [Which is probably why the excerpt above seems to have been taken offline -- JR]


While Britain’s ‘Conservatives’ busied themselves condemning the grammar schools, private medicine, Trident and Enoch Powell (and Powell’s late-emerging defender, occasional Torygraph columnist Daniel Hannan MEP), Scotland’s far-left Jim Sillars came to the same analysis of the West’s losing war in Afghanistan as myself (Scotsman, 27 viii): “Wishful thinking will not beat the Taleban….Afghan is a territory of tribes, whose loyalties lie with the tribe, not with a nation….Nato has no chance of victory in Afghanistan; we should take the fight against al-Qaeda where the real threat lies – in Pakistan.”


Environmentobabblers were in shock as pretty Jaycey Dugard, 29, was discovered “alive and well” in a secret soundproofed garden shed in a ‘backyard within a backyard’ in Antioch, California together with two children, 11 and 15, fathered on her by her religious-nutcase abductor, internet blogger and convicted ‘child rapist’ (in a hotel room….; prison term 17 years), Phillip Garrido, 58, who had (together with his wife Nancy, 55) snatched her from her stepfather when she was 11 in 1991 (Sun, 28 viii).

Police had long kept formal tabs on Garrido, but were only really alerted when he got cocky and appeared for a parole meeting sporting the weenagers and Jaycee (whom he called Alissa). Garrido, who ran printing businesses, admitted he had initially been a bad man with Jaycee, but he insisted the public would find the resulting story “powerful and heart-warming,” that his life had been “straightened out” and that the story would lead to “the salvation of humanity.” (It would certainly be of great psychological interest, for the children had never seen a teacher or a doctor – so were thus grossly ‘deprived’ by socio-environmentalist standards.)

Helen Boyer, a 78-year-old neighbour, described the Garridos as friendly. "If I needed something, they would be the first I would call on," said Mrs Boyer, who cared for Mr Garrido's elderly demented mother. "They were real good neighbours," she said. "Real nice people." Jaycee readily admitted that she had “bonded” with Garrido in what was "something like a marriage."

Garrido, who believed he was channelling God’s voice, had made a series of visits to the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, where he gave an open-air lecture on his ideas in August, 2008. It was on a later visit to the campus, to hand out religious literature, that suspicions about him were aroused, leading to him being called in for a probation interview at which it emerged that Jaycee Lee Dugard was being kept in the Garridos’ garden. Jaycee and her children had been kept in a shack and two tents hidden behind a tree-lined, 6-foot-tall fence at the rear of the suspects' backyard – so Garrido’s ‘parole officer’ had never noticed the encampment (pictures).

{Californian ‘state services’ for the ‘supervision’ of the mad, sad, bad and dangerous were evidently well down to British levels. Neighbours had reported to police that strange children sometimes appeared in the Garridos’ backyard, yet no special action was taken to inquire into the paroled ‘rapist.’}


Thousands of concert goers (among a 60,000 crowd) booed muscle-bound multiple-adopter ‘iron lady’ Madonna as, on a visit to Bucharest, assisted by a gypsy string band from Russia, she criticized Eastern Europeans for giving gypsies a hard time. She made things worse with the crowd by also urging equal rights for homosexuals. Madonna’s interest the the ‘Roma’ (of which Romania had perhaps a million) triggered the question as to whether she would invite a few caravans of gypsies to park in one of her gated ivory towers (AmRen, 23 viii). Another AmRen correspondent wrote:
I have a neighbor who just got back from Hungary where there are a lot of gypsies. Among other horror stories, there is the extortion of gypsies by the gypsy mafia. Hungary has a welfare system. Virtually all the gypsies are on welfare whatever their other sources of income, theft, robbery, fraud, extortion, con games etc.

The gypsies get their welfare checks every month. As soon as the checks arrive, the gypsy mafia takes the money from the weaker gypsies. As a result the weaker gypsies are starving, malnourished, don’t have clothes for the winter cold and have an extremely high death rate, especially for young children and the elderly. Actually, only the alpha mafia gypsies live to their 50’s. The weaker gypsies die young due to malnurishment because the stronger gypsies extort the welfare money.

The Hungarian government t has built them many housing developments. They roll up the carpets, and remove kitchen and bathroom tiles, the appliances, bathroom fixtures, hot water heaters and furnaces, copper wire, light fixtures, circuit boxes, roofing and sell these things. I guess they never think they are tearing apart their own houses.

There is a reason for stereotypes.

Madonna’s caravan next moved on to Sofia, where the Bulgarian Orthodox Church condemned her for disrespecting Christian traditions.


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Some history.


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Contemplating the excellent Biblical advice to ‘love thy neighbour’ – not of course thy healthily-distanced enemy – I was intrigued to discover it came not originally from Jesus (though He especially insisted upon it – Matt. xxii, 36-40) but from the often-despised (as ‘Pharisaic’) book of Leviticus (xix 18). Casting around for other advice from the world’s first genes-respecting race (showing the first-ever mastery of artificial insemination (Genesis xxx 25-43), my eye lit on Lev. xix 15: “Do not pervert justice; do not show partiality to the poor or favouritism to the great, but judge your neighbour fairly.” Once more, good thinking from the scriptures of the people who – taking the forbidden (Lev. xix 18) revenge for the Holocaust which France, Britain, Australia and even Germany never attempted for their own calamitous losses in WWI – had sadly gone on to fuel the minority-advancing antics of the multicultural West.


Chinese police began crackdowns on illegal Nigerian (Ibo) immigrants arriving in Guangzhou to trade in ‘seconds’ from China’s vast rag trade (Toronto Star, 1 viii). Six hours of unrest resulted as one Black man chose to leap from the second floor of a shopping mall rather than be deported to his home country.


Intelligence in childhood and young adulthood was a more important predictor (negatively) of cardiovascular disease and death than were social scientists’ measures of poverty, reported a Glasgow team in a study of thousands of US veterans (The Heart, 15 vii).


Though usually berated by modern peecee lefties, IQ tests proved useful enough for the Guardian to report a 4-IQ-point inferiority (on the Wechsler) in New York 5-year-olds who had been exposed to air pollution since their mothers became pregnant with them (23 vii) (the study controlled for initial maternal levels of IQ). Columnist Janet Daley noted the past role of IQ in assisting British social mobility (the loss of which was hypocritically lamented by Blairite quangonian Alan Milburn (Daily Telegraph, 21 vii)). IQ tests gave patriotic satisfaction to Serbian Mensa’s Vice-President Fedor Munižaba, who estimated that Serbia had a substantially higher proportion of its population qualifying for Mensa than did other countries of south-east Europe (28 vii). IQ also served to predict suicide (in Lynn & Vanhanen’s international data) – presumably because the high-IQ are more successful at virtually anything they attempt. And Malaysia’s modernizing government announced it was introducing compulsory 1½-hour IQ testing for all six-year-olds – though apparently to ‘advise’ parents rather than to assist directly with the educational streaming which the country was practising anyway (Star, 2 viii).


A Liverpool High Court judge who, dealing with an illegal Jamaican immigrant dope dealer, complained of the “completely lax immigration policy in this country” found himself promptly referred by Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge (sic) to the ‘Office of Judicial Complaints’ – a previously unheard-of branch of NuLabour’s thought police (Sun, 5 viii).


A NuLabour spin doctor at the Ministry of Defence, charged with telling soldiers’ families that Snatch landrovers used in Afghanistan were reasonably bomb-proof, announced he would sue the human-rights-rich Government for the personal health consequence of all his lying: ‘stress-related angina’ (Sun, 5 viii).


After multi-trillion-dollar-expenditures since 9/11, Paki Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud, the leader of 20K mad Muesli fighters on the ‘tribal’ Af/Pak border, with a ransom of $5M on his head, was killed, along with his wife and father-in-law by an American drone (officially forbidden by Pakiland, but money talks). Whether this breakthrough would be accompanied by the deportation of treachery-talking Mueslis in the West to, say, the Gaza Strip remained to be seen; and as three British soldiers were blown up in Helmand Province, Britain’s July/August death toll reached one man per day in a ‘conflict’ in which NuLabour Home Secretary ‘Dr’ John Reid had forecast that scarcely a bullet would be fired.


Phoenix, Arizona, saw a 25 percent decline in the number of crimes during the first five months of 2009 compared to the same time period in 2007 when the U.S. economy began to slow. Violent crime in Phoenix was down 12 percent, according crime statistics from the Phoenix Police Department. The Mesa Police Department reported a 19 percent decrease in total crimes for the first half of 2009 versus the first half of 2007, including a 10 percent drop in violent crime. Tempe saw a 25 percent total drop. At the same time, the state’s illegal immigrant population decreased by as much as one-third thanks to the downturn in the U.S. economy, tougher enforcement polices by the federal government and Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, as well as the state’s ‘employer sanctions law’ which went after businesses who hired undocumented workers, said Steven Camarota, director of the Center for Immigration Studies. CIS estimates Arizona’s illegal immigrant population went from 579,000 in 2007 to 388,000 in 2009 – a 191,000-person drop.


Late-in-the-day evidence that the average mature dog was as bright as a 3-year-old child came from British Columbia’s dog-loving neuropsychologist (and researcher of handedness) Emeritus Professor Stanley Coren (Live Science, 8 viii), who also planned to report to the American Psychological Association (meeting in Toronto) that some pooches (sheepdogs) were more ‘intelligent’ than others (surprise, surprise: Afghan hounds, bulldogs).

{Just why Prof. Coren, b. 1942) had limited his research to symbol acquisition and counting and delayed even such sensational publication till safely in retirement remained unknown. Nor was it known whether Prof. Coren had ever heard of Galton, Spearman or the g factor, let alone of Harvard’s Konika Banerjee’s work on monkey intelligence (see June). Coren’s book “Why Do Dogs Have Wet Noses?” had been named as one of the top 10 Canadian children’s books of 2006 by the Ontario Library Association.}


Compelled by law to hold a General Election within a year, NuLabour’s ‘cohesion’ personnel began shovelling £45M away from undermining mad-dog Muesli groups (typically Labour-voting) to undermining ‘far right’ patriots (Sun, 10 viii).


As a few details – like the names – of the co-killers of Haringey’s 17-month-old ‘Baby Peter’ Connelly were graciously revealed by Britain’s peecee public ‘courts,’ it turned out that a full catalogue of child neglect, desertion, divorce, paedo’phile’ rings, grandmother-battery (to get her to change her will), internet porn, urine-soaked carpets, a pit bull terrier and a rottweiler, dead rats, pet snakes and chickens to feed them, bullying, violence, sex mania, lesbianism and vodka&coke consumption, presided over by a fleet of well-heeled social workers and police, was involved.

But so was IQ: while Baby P. was suffering 22 injuries including a broken spine, missing finger- and toenails and smashed ribs, one finger tip sliced off with a Stanley knife, all unnoticed by ‘British’ ‘experts’ (incl. a female Muesli ‘doctor’), Baby P’s wretched mother Tracey (having split up with Baby P’s father) was having the time of her distinctly sub-intellectual life getting laid by the sadistic Steven Barker, a lodger of IQ 60 (Guardian, 11 viii).

The entire bill for all this ongoing obscenity was of course picked up by the British taxpayer (£450 per month to Tracey alone, plus free council house plus expenses for clothes, holidays etc.) – who would also pay millions more over ensuing years to protect the three killers from other prisoners during their c. 5-year prison stretches and to provide them with subsequent identity changes and anonymity. A microcosm of twelve years of British ‘neo’socialism – leaving Sodom and Gomorrah quite in the shade!


As the American Supreme Court (mean age of judges 70+ thanks to living on nut cutlets and never encountering the real world – Steve Sailer, 27 ii 05) pressured California to cut its 150K jail population and to stop segregating prisoners by race and parental ancestry (the worst problems were those of Chinese and Japanese killing each other), an 11-hour prison race riot broke out in Chino, 40 miles east of Los Angeles, hospitalizing 55 and injuring 200 others as Blacks and Mexicans/Hispanics set fires and attacked each other with anything that came to hand (rubble torn from walls, metal ripped from cupboards, chairs, broken glass), causing millions of dollars of damage and making most of their dormitories uninhabitable while a hundred guards looked on benevolently at the human zoo that idealistic Washington DC ‘justice’ had created (New York Times, 10 viii; Los Angeles Times, 10 viii, 11 viii).

A 2005 U.S. Supreme Court decision had rejected California's practice of segregating its jail reception centers by race as a means of combatting violence among prison gangs like the Aryan Brotherhood, the Mexican Mafia (Southern California), La Nuestra Familia (Northern California) and the Black Guerrilla Family; and Chino had been one of the two more ‘advanced’ jails to implement the Court’s decision: the barracks involved in the rioting had been fully ‘integrated.’ As Chino rioted (despite already being on semi-lockdown thanks to warnings to guards), all Southern California’s prisons were put on total lockdown.

At Sierra Conservation Centre, where prisoners had been required to take the first available bunk bed, regardless of race, hundreds of white and Hispanic inmates had refused to work, eat or leave their cells for up to three days after integration began (Associated Press, 12 viii, ‘Calif. Struggles to desegregate its prison inmates’). Rules violations spiked fivefold. "To me, this is like using us like lab rats, to see if it works," said Glenn Brooks, a 44-year-old Black inmate from San Bernardino. "It ain't ever going to work. All it's going to do is get somebody hurt, get somebody killed."


Hi, Kevin! A pal just sent me your 'Pat Buchanan on Darwin' (Occidental Observer, vii) and I just want to congratulate you on your most succinct and IMHO correct summary of our current problems. To add a little grist to your mill, you might consider how Britain -- though headed up by Queen Victoria -- was led into anti-Germanism by its politicians after the German/Prussian victories of 1866-70.

Wars between cousins are indeed most ridiculous -- a problem which the Church had helped Europe sort out through the Middle Ages but the plot was then lost at the Reformation. One can only hope that the problem will remain worse among the Mueslis than among ourselves (or what is left of us).... (The shoot-outs of the last few days in Waziristan give some hope.) Anyway, I'll attach a review I have in draft for Mankind Quarterly which I think you'll see chimes passably with your own analysis and sentiments -- I would appreciate your comments/criticisms, which I still have time to incorporate before Roger Pearson and I agree the final version. Well done with your brave and scholarly stance over the years (how, actually, do you do it?). Best wishes, -- Chris (Brand).

P.S. You know my piece on Boas? -- See here.


The dominance of yags in Britain’s affairs – already indicated by the ascension of the Blair-Brown-(‘Lord’)Mandelson ‘band of brothers’ and their compelling b&b’s on the Isle of Skye to give double beds to f*ggots, university Christian unions to admit wooftahs and Christian adoption agencies to consign orphans for adoption by gay/lezzie couples – was confirmed as openly homo, so-called-libertarian (but actually bully-boy) ‘Conservative’ frontbencher Alan Duncan (Shadow Leader of the House of Commons, himself a prize claimant of MP expenses) condemned the Telegraph’s exposure of MP greed, complained that MPs were being treated like “sh**” and got off scot free, not even required by bullied druggie leader Daft Dave Cameron to take a period of rest and recuperation.

(Like Rev. Bliar, little Duncan was a product of St John’s College, Oxford. He had once ‘joked’ on TV that he might kill a Californian beauty queen who had condemned same-sex marriage. Duncan himself had a 'civil partner' as well as carte blanche from cowardly Cameron.)


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Some history.


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Jewish multiculturalist Denis McShane MP, given a slot in the Guardian (25 vii) to sound off about anti-Semitism (à propos the much-jailed Jew-baiters Sheppard and Whittle – see earlier), inadvertently came clean about the slimy key doctrine that the West’s peecee left had invented: “Like Voltaire, I will defend the right to say what is wrong save where it leads to violence and hate against my fellow citizens for being what they cannot change.” – Politely forgetting that Voltaire said no such thing, the dysgenic McShane Doctrine was good to protect Jews and yags? But didn’t it also protect the obese, the psychotic, the idiotic, the ugly, the senile, many religionists, most criminals, little liberals, labourites and conservatives, and of course paedophiles? McShane’s idea that all serious criticism of other people should be suspended might be ideal for achieving Western acceptance of Jews (a dozen of whose rabbis were arrested in New Jersey for major ‘charity’ fraud – joining Bernard Madoff-wid-all-de-$500M-lolly -- as McShane wrote); but it would equally ossify the West, preparing it only for crushing by the previously ossified but lately profit-motivated China (most recently allowing two-child families in 60M-strong Shanghai in a major modernizing concession to the kind of human freedom that McShane wished to eradicate).


Britain’s economists failed to explain the world economy’s bubble & crunch to the Queen (who had set them the challenge on a royal visit to the London School of Economics): they could not bring themselves to trace the problem to enforced multicultural lending mandated by vote-seeking Presidents Clinton and Bush; and they could only attribute their failure to spot the bubble to “a collective lack of imagination” – hardly the most remediable of problems.

Nothing daunted, the ‘economists’ began giving each other lessons in evolutionary genetics, rejoicing in the ‘out of Africa’ story of the 1980s which apparently meant “we are all Africans” (J. M. Ledgard, ‘Exodus’, Economist: Intelligent Life, Summer 2009). Needless to say, what might seem to some a discouraging message had to be backed up by speculation that the cold weather of Europe’s Ice Age would never have posed much of an intelligence-demanding challenge since there would have been plenty of reindeer and fish, a speculation itself supported (according to Nebraska-born ‘genographer’ Spencer Wells) by the well-known finding that there are “certainly no differences in general intelligence” between Blacks and Whites.

No, the biology lesson for economists did not actually mention IQ or race, preferring to let economists cheer themselves up with the idea of human equality just as their own now-plainly-failed ‘science’ had long gloried in human rationality and neglected that some people are power-mad and that others like to gamble. And it did not mention new evidence that ice ages allowed for human brain expansion by solving cooling problems (New Scientist, 29 vii).

A Financial Times leader (28 vii) joined with me in pooh-poohing the LSE’s imagination-deficient economists; and – like Freud, myself and most psychologists of the pre-PeeCee past – it deplored economists’s undue reliance on human rationality in their pathetic efforts to account for, let alone predict, economic behaviour. On 30 vii, the FT was joined by the Telegraph’s financial conlumnist, Edmund Conway, who said that economics had been “moribund for decades.”

{That ‘economics’ was a religious credo rather than a science had previously been explained in Nature (Eichner, 1985). Economics had long suffered from neglecting intelligence – shown to correlate .61 with earnings (across French départments – Lynn, 1980, Br.J.soc.clin.Psychol.).}


So hysterical (or compensation-seeking) had the NuLabour world become that prison officers reported to the Sun (26 vii) that they got too upset when hearing in sex therapy sessions dealing with the sexual perversions of prisoner-patients at my one-time stamping ground, HMP Grendon. Though unfamiliar with whatever might be the modern problems presented by coloured, irreligious and comprehensively miseducated pervs, I wrote to journalist Simon Hughes to offer some historical perspective: “For detail on the treatment of sexual perverts at HMP Grendon, you and readers might like to see 'Knickers Galore!' here (PDF. Allow a minute or three to download).”


The reluctance of psychologists to talk about race and sex was mentioned by star twin worker Tom Bouchard (U. Minnesota) as he gave a retirement interview (to Science’s Constance Holden), yielding a report in the New York Times (23 vii, Nicholas Wade). (The 100 or so comments served to confirm the taboo since only one (Steve Sailer’s) picked up what Bouchard and Holden had actually been primarily talking about — the crushing of James Watson and Larry Summers for their remarks about IQ. Everybody else rushed off to talk about global warming or Kuhn vs Lakatos or whatever else they hadn’t shoved down the memory hole.)


Ethnic violence flared once more (BBC, 22 ii 2000) in Nigeria as extreme Mueslis of the classically warlike northern Hausa tribe turned on police in Bauchi city (Family Security Matters, 28 vii; Washington Post, 28 vii). At least 150 died, 4,000 were displace and 2,000 were injured and/or arrested as Sharia law enthusiasts (favouring stonings, whippings, executions and amputations) demanded that the whole of 140M-strong Nigeria abandon ‘sinful’ Western education and restore the Sokoto Caliphate which had ruled till 1903 when its main cities, Kano and Sokoto, were sacked by colonialists.

By 29 vii (BBC), a further 100 had died in “heavy gunfire” as the Nigerian Army moved in force to take the 4km-long stronghold of the Muesli fanatics in the north-eastern city of Maiduguri where mobs had razed five churches. President Yar'Adua ordered the security forces to use all necessary means to control the situation after Boko Haram sect members (including quite a few disaffected lecturers and demanding total seclusion of women) armed themselves with machetes, knives, home-made hunting rifles and petrol bombs and went on the rampage attacking churches and government buildings. Sect members claimed to have taken several government personnel hostage, including two women, and to be planning a sustained campaign (Radio France Internationale, 29 vii)

Police revealed the leader of the ‘Nigerian Taleban,’ Mohammed Yusuf, was a 39-year-old preacher from Yobe state and described him as an inspirational character who had four wives and 12 children. The police said the group had been founded in the mid-1990s and several of its leading figures had been arrested and released.

{After being smoked out of a goatpen at a father-in-law’s house, soaked in urine, Yusuf gave away the sources of his weaponry then died in police custody 30 vii and perhaps 500 of his followers were killed; but his movement had rebuilt in five years after being crushed in 2004 and was thought to have wide appeal to the grindingly poor Muslims of Nigeria’s northern countryside. He had once told the BBC he did not believe the world was round.}

Muslim-related violence had typically claimed some 1,300 dead annually since the end of military rule in 1999. The latest violence was the deadliest since November 2008, when more than 300 people died in the central city of Jos during sectarian violence between Muslims and Christians. More recently, Yusuf’s thugs, some of whom were rumoured to have come from neighbouring Chad and Niger, had begun butchering Muslims who did not agree with them.

Nigeria should have been wealthy, with its copious oil reserves in the south, but widespread corruption and inefficiency had left most people impoverished. Despite promises of reform, President Yar'Adua's ‘democratic’ government, like its predecessors, had failed to deliver even basic services like piped water and electricity.

Most Muslims of the sub-Saharan area were long moderates; but inter-ethnic civil war in Nigeria had claimed a million dead in 1967-70.

The National (Abu Dhabi, 31 vii) sagely observed of Nigeria: “When countries are divided ethnically or religiously, a change in the leadership tends to mean that another crew gets to funnel money to their families, their clan or their coreligionists. The result is a state built on oil patronage, with many of the best-educated seeking their fortunes abroad.”


Fifteen years after Saint Nelson Mandela’s South Africa threw off the shackles of White rule, trade unions for wage-hike-wanting council workers brought some 150K Blacks on to the streets to upturn garbage cans and burn tyres while Black police fired at them with rubber bullets, water jets and tear gas canisters (Reuters, 28 vii). A strike by public transport workers, refuse collectors, gravediggers and licensing officers followed days of violent protests by residents of impoverished townships who had complained about lack of healthcare, water and electricity. Striking workers marched through the streets of Johannesburg's city centre, overturning garbage bins, chanting revolutionary songs and vowing not to return to work until their demands for a 15% pay increase were met. At least twelve Blacks were hospitalized and scores were arrested. Some wondered whether relaxation of the previous apartheid governments’ restrictions on alcohol might have led to the ‘trashing of the streets’ (which was condemned by union bosses). Despite the promises made for Black rule, unemployment stood at around 35%; and most Black males admitted in surveys to having raped at least once – usually girls in mid-adolescence.


As America discussed whether to go over to a taxpayer-funded national health service on the British model, it turned out that American oldies were considerably superior in cognitive functioning (memory and orientation) to British oldies – the average American 75-year-old performing like a British 65-year old (U.Michigan News Service, 24 vii). A likely explanation was that 50% of US oldies were teetotal, compared to only 15% of UK oldies.

{People need to drink more to survive socialism – as in the old USSR; and socialized medicine positively invites its dependents to take risks with their health, knowing that the taxpayer will step in to fix damage if the worst comes to the worst.}


While moderate Muslims took on Taleban forces in Pakistan and Nigeria, Britain’s baby-faced teen-mustachioed ‘Foreign Secretary’ David Milliband, having failed to divide and rule the warring ethnicities in Iraq and Afghanistan, announced that surrender and retreat would be important parts of his forthcoming ‘victory’ strategy.


The dysgenic horrors of NuLabour Britain were shockingly revealed as an ugly and doltish Luton ‘mother’, 36, headed for her 14th pregnancy, by an unemployed, tattooed and violent ‘partner,’ despite all her previous thirteen children (several blind or suffering low brain development) having been removed by social workers – at costs of millions of pounds to taxpayers – because she was deemed an incompetent parent even by Labour apparatchiks (Sun, 30 vii). Ex-Shadow Home Secretary Ann Widdecombe said: "It's scandalous this woman has had so many children. But what can you do? There is nothing the State can do to stop her." Fellow Tory MP Philip Davies said: "This is a totally outrageous case and clearly highlights the dependency culture that exists in this country." Mark Wallace, of the Taxpayers' Alliance, said: "It's unfair for this mum to simply keep having children in the full knowledge they will be taken into care."


On the very day that President Obarmy and White-traitor psychopathic sidekick Joe Biden took off their jackets for silent-film-style diverse diplomatic beers on the White House lawn with race-stirrers Prof. Gates and Sgt Crowley (see earlier), news flashed in that not all Boston cops were as saintly as race-profiling lecturer Crowley (First Post, 31 vii; The Star, 31 vii):

Addressing the press, Boston's police commissioner Ed Davis said he was 'disgusted' to have learned that Officer Justin Barrett, who had nothing to do with the arrest of Prof. Gates, had sent an e-mail to friends which read in part:

"His [Gates's] first priority effort should have been to get off the phone and comply with police, for if I was the officer he verbally assaulted like a banana-eating jungle monkey, I would have sprayed him in the face with OC [a brand of pepper spray] [for] his belligerent non-compliance..."

Barrett went on to use the racial slur three more times in the e-mail. But he later said: “I didn’t mean it in a racist way.”

Commissioner Davis said Officer Barrett had been stripped of his gun and badge, and placed on administrative leave pending a termination hearing. The Boston police department's internal affairs division was urgently investigating Barrett's history as a police officer.

….Larry Ellison, a spokesman for minority officers [in the Boston police force], said the incident reflected a subtly racist culture within the Boston police department. He pointed to two specific cases in the last year: a white officer who urinated in the water bottle of a black female officer and another who posted an article titled 'Slavery: Best Thing that Ever Happened to Blacks'.

Post-beer remarks by Sgt Crowley implied there would be further discussions ‘over iced tea’ between him and Harvard-elevated Gates. Perhaps a TV programme was planned, with a star part for ‘post-racial’ Obarmy? But OSambo had suffered significant poll damage by saying Boston cops had acted ‘stupidly’ -- 41% of Americans disapproved while only 29% approved; and he was called a ‘racist’ by commentator Glenn Beck on Fox News.


What happens to pretty White model girls who mess with Black footie-players was tragically illustrated by the case of delightful-looking if party-loving blonde Amy Leigh Barnes, 19 (Daily Mail, 28 vii). The murderer, Ricardo Morrison, 22 (the son of a Black policeworman), who had four previous convictions for violence and was doubtless suspicious of Amy’s relationships with other Blacks, was awarded 24 years jail custody at a likely cost of £2.5M plus a further lifetime of welfare dependency.


In a travesty of journalistic effort, the Atlantic (29 vii) published ‘The truth about IQ: the genius in all of us’ by David Shenk, worshipping at the shrines of Howie Gardner, Steve Ceci and Jim Flynn without even mentioning any pro-IQ psychologists since Terman, let alone the correlations among mental tests that validate IQ measures (gratuitously called measures of “academic achievement” by Shenk).


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