Sunday, May 31, 2009


Rumours continued to fly, fuelled by Noemi’s ex-boyfriend, that delightfully-reared Naples blonde model Noemi Letizia, 18, had been embarked for months on an affair with her Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, 72 (Guardian, 24 v). (Silvio was thus set to rival the late Arthur Miller and the extant Lucian Freud in having a babe more than fifty years younger than himself.)


After seeing a book review in lib-left Times Higher (23 v) lauding the merits of egalitarianism – promising that reducing income inequalities would lead to health, happiness, virtue etc. – I eventually found the answer to this nonsense:

“{Epidemiologists Richard Wilkinson [a longstanding equality campaigner, newly retired from U. Nottingham] and Kate Pickett use 200 international data sets – from advanced countries which supply reliable statistics to UNO, WHO etc.} to create a series of scatter-graphs whose patterns look nearly identical, yet which document the prevalence of a vast range of social ills. On almost every index of quality of life, or wellness, or deprivation, there is a gradient showing a strong correlation between a country's level of economic inequality and its social outcomes. Almost always, Japan and the Scandinavian countries are at the favourable "low" end, and almost always, the UK, the US and Portugal are at the unfavourable "high" end, with Canada, Australasia and continental European countries in between.

Lynsey HANLEY, 2009, Guardian, 14 iii, reviewing The Spirit Balance: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better (Allen Lane) {which apparently did not consider the contribution of ethnic minorities – e.g. Blacks and Pakistanis and Irish – to the larger inequalities observed in countries such as the U.S.A., the U.K. and Portugal}. [See here for another critique -- JR]


Oxford’s newly elected (by students) Professor of Poetry, mangy-looking poetess Ruth Padel, was forced out after revelations that she had assisted in smearing the name of her fellow competitor, poet Derek Walcott, 86, by alluding to twenty-year-old unproven allegations that Walcott had proposed hanky-panky to an American undergraduette (Guardian, 26 v). No doubt Padel and her feminazie accomplices had been inspired by feminasty Naomi Wolf having driven top Harvard litterateur Harold Bloom into hiding by making similar ‘harassment’ allegations about ancient minor gropings; but they made a mistake, for Walcott (who withdrew his name from the Oxford contest) eventually found he had plenty of support from O.U. illuminati since he was Black….


As Charles Murray helpfully produced a pro-streaming pamphlet for America, noting as many had done the failure of Rev. Dubya’s ‘No Child Left Behind’ policies, Steve Sailer noted that the country’s anti-g, anti-tracking atmosphere of unconfined educational romanticism was as bad as at any time in the previous fifteen years – e.g. NYTwits were given a review of the pamphlet with the ridiculous title ‘Just leave them behind’ (VDare, 24 v).


That there were at least some American Jews doubting their co-religionists’ tendency to accept Muslim and Latino immigration and multiculturalism in general was attested by the Southern Poverty Law Center (Summer, 2009) which managed to infiltrate a Baltimore conference of 70+ including “academic racists” [a new term on the block] and intended “to defend "America's Judeo-Christian heritage and European identity” and listening attentively to talks by Phil Rushton and others.”


Researchers found crows could manage a bit of tool use when in confined conditions (they don’t use tools in the wild), posing questions as to their possible intelligence (The Nation, Pakistan, 29 v). But the ignorant researchers, deprived of The g Factor, did not think to test their animals’ inspection time (see TgF, Chapter 2).


As Britain’s rage at its unaccountable politicians* bubbled along nicely, Times polling showed Conservatives 30%, UKIP 19%, Labour 16%, LibDims 12%, Greens 10% and BNP 5% -- so it appeared Lord Normotebbs’ advice was being taken. Though the Telegraph condemned the BNP as ‘racist, wicked and unChristian,’ it gave satisfaction in BNP circles by declaring the party was not neo-Nazi and finally offering its readers no definite advice as to which way to vote. (Columnist Simon Heffer, the standard bearer of Britain’s ignoracist ‘right’, urged voting for UKIP – said by the Torygraph leader to be full of ‘closet racists, cranks and nutters’….)

* The wretched government minister for immigration, one Stan Woolas, had chosen the moment of Britain’s rage (probably as much against third-world immigration, crime and the collapsed standards of schools and universities) to announce gaily that, after twelve years in office, Labour had no serious idea of how many legal or illegal immigrants were in the country.


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Sunday, May 24, 2009


After three decades of the left demonizing the right as ‘fascist’ and closing down all forms of race realism and pursuit of hight standards in universities, there were increasing signs of far right fightback, with blackshirted vigilantes appearing on the streets of Italy, with police in Madrid and Barcelona being given weekly targets for arresting illegal immigrants (for deportation to Morocco), with Romania deciding to segregate the education of gypsy from White children, with the nationalist right gaining ground in Holland, Belgium and Austria (New York Times, 21 v), with Australia slashing immigration by 40%, and with the British National Party expecting to win seats in the European Parliament (thanks to White disaffection with Pakistanis in north-west England) and even appearing occasionally if briefly on the BBC (Daily Telegraph, 16 v, 18 v; Daily Star, 18 v; Independent, 19 v).

Between them, the BNP and UKIP were each thought to be attracting some 5% of the UK vote – but more around Bunley and Barking where Britain’s multiculti experiment was further advanced, i.e. disintegrating, and with UKIP reaching 16% in a poll occurring after Lord Tebbit had advised voters not to choose any of the major parties (Labour, Conservative, Liberal) in forthcoming elections for the European Parliament.


With even more authority than before, thanks to new figures on American mortgage and foreclosure rates, Steve Sailer {q.v.} reinforced his already impressive account of the worldwide credit crunch and recession being principally attributable in recent years* to massive ‘subprime lending’ around 2005-6 to foreign-born Latinos in California – designed to buy votes for Republicans and enforced by a policy of hysterical but legally backed denial that increasingly risky loans were being made and that foreclosures were soaring among the new, poor-quality minority borrowers (VDare, 17 v).

* It had been begun remotely by Rev. Pres. Suckmacack Clinton of the Church of the Latter-Day Fornicators enforcing lending to Blacks in the 1990s.


Environmentalists of Auburn (just north of the Californian capital Sacramento) found themselves with a dilemma as their council accepted a $1M donation of 28 acres of rich primitive ‘Hansel and Gretel’ forest (full of coyotes, rattlesnakes etc. to delight environmentalist hearts) – only to find that the donors, Professor & Mrs William Shockley, had stipulated in their will that the resulting state park should be named after them (Sacramento Bee, 20 v).

{William Shockley was the Nobelist turned scientific racist who died in 1989 and found his latter-day work on IQ and race cited approvingly only by the London School.}


As Britain’s hysteria about its (sometimes just possibly criminal*) expense-account-diddling parliamentarians continued despite the semi-literate senescent Commons Speaker ‘Gorbals Mick’ Martin agreeing to shuffle off leisurely by late June, it appeared that there could be occurring a complete rejection of Britain’s entire ‘Lib-Lab-Con Trick’ political class which had begun its out-of-touch idealism by banning hanging in 1967 and gone on to inflict on the country’s more benighted areas not only released murderers but non-recompensing criminals of all kinds followed by hordes of Jamaicans, Pakistanis, Somalians, homosexuals** etc. while not allowing any escape of the brightest and best into selective or streamed schools. – In the first quarter of 2009, ‘asylum’ applications were up by 27% on 2008 as British politicians kowtowed to the ‘human rights’ of criminals, terrorists, unemployable foreigners and their many ‘wives,’ – in short, the rights of any but law-abiding Brits.

* By contrast, in India’s ‘democracy,’ 25% of election candidates already possessed criminal records (Financial Times, 19 v).

** The latest triumph for Britain’s yags, licensed virtually to kill by NuLabour so that Blair and Brown would have something to show for their terms of office, was a government announcement that churches would have to open all their posts to homosexuals even if their own religious teaching was that homosexuality was a sin (Daily Telegraph, 21 v).


For the second week running, the normally polite audience of the BBC’s ‘Question Time’ (the Beeb’s weekly flagship programme, chaired by establishment figure David Dimblebore) gave a government minister a hard time and called for half-blind nailbiting Stalinite Supreme Leader Brown to resign. Even the usually Labour-sycophantic and peecee Daily Mirror recorded (22 v):”Mr [Ben] Bradshaw [Health Minister] was frequently barracked and jeered on the hour-long programme as he tried to defend the Government's response to the [MPs’] expenses furore. A furious audience clapped loudly at calls for an immediate general election. One member of the audience drew long applause by criticising MPs for their condescending manner.” The audience was not even placated by offers from Bradshaw and ‘opposition’ frontbencher William Hague to throw several especially fraudulent MPs into jail. After years of NuLabour’s failed schools, failed hospitals, failed prisons, failed social ‘services,’ failed immigration ‘system,’ failed economy, failed wars (ooops, road building operations) and finally a failed Parliament (which had ceased to function except to collect expenses and provide an electoral college for Labour), the blood of Britons was evidently up.

The pre-revolutionary state of Britain was further indicated when, in an immediately subsequent BBC TV programme, Britain’s top historian, gay Tudor-loving David Starkey, complained that the Queen had apparently done nothing in the crisis (she could have demanded a General Election), and that, with its constitutional long-stop having failed, it was time for Britain to adopt the American constitution, with both Houses of Parliament elected and a directly elected Prime Minister (i.e. President). That such a proposal should be put forward just as Parliament was adjourning for the Whitsun recess (to be followed rapidly by a 4-month summer recess) was a sign of Britan’s desperate (if hardly serious) plight. {Some thought once-deaf Speccie editor, ‘buffoon,’ and London Mayor Boris Johnson (Balliol College) (who may himself have leaked the details of MPs’ expenses to the Torygraph), the BNP’s half-blind pugilist Nick Griffin (Downing College) or UKIP’s saloon-bar-humoured Nigel Farage (non-university Dulwich College) might emerge through the smoke as the hero/dictator in which general revolutionary upheavals invariably culminate; others noticed that only the Liberal Democrat’s Nick Clegg (Robinson College) was reliably able to tie his tie without showing his top shirt button (a mastery for which he perhaps had his distinguished Russian and Dutch ancestry or his Spanish wife to thank). But all these candidates denied the necessary racism, and also obliged their followers to deny it}

The BNP came third (and almost second, just behind the LibDems) in voting for a safe Labour council seat in ghastly Salford (near Manchester) – with more than double the UKIP vote (SkyNews, 22 v). The British National Party was the only one of the four main parties to increase its share of the vote and to also attract more actual votes -- no mean feat on a turn-out of just 17.5% which was 4% down on May 2008. (But the Guardian claimed from its own polling that the BNP was languishing nationally on just 1% (22 v)....)


Although scores (if not hundreds) of MPs had been exposed as expense-account exploiters, and though scores (if not hundreds) solutions had been proposed by columnists and correspondents to national newspapers, essentially Britain’s revealed pent-up anger was three-fold in nature and there were thus three key solutions.

1. Despite Labour’s colossal expenditures and borrowing (bankrupting Britain for years ahead), nothing had been achieved – except the expansion of Labour’s client state (of state employees and welfare-dependents).
2. Many freedoms (notably to free speech about key problems of third-world immigration, crime and low educational standards) had been restricted in order to make possible the multicultural slave labour society that was supposed to have generated enough money for Labour’s ‘social’ programme.
3. Even after 12 years of an increasingly unpopular government (and million-strong demonstrations against failed wars), there was simply nothing that could be done to remove either the Stalinite Government or the feather-bedded parliamentarians of Britain’s peecee ‘Lib-Lab-Con’ political class.

3. A Liberal-Conservative alliance (or at least electoral pact) needed to be forged to ensure Labour could not win the next election. An offer by the alliance of immediate introduction of proportional representation would ensure that no party could again achieve the ascendancy that Laboour had enjoyed in the previous 12 years. This long-standing Liberal demand would be paid for by Liberals agreeing to back 5% contraction of state expenditure in each of the next 5 years.
2. Stress would be placed on scrapping Labour legislation and intrusion (notably the Race Relations Acts) and guaranteeing British rights for English-speaking British & Commonwealth citizens and no other. Untrustworthy individuals would be deported, leaving a community of trust in which freedom would be practical.
1. ‘Social’ help would be provided by churches and kindred organizations of the like-minded. People would be gradually moved from dependence on the state to having their own insurance polices (for health, education, unemployment, old age, criminal reparations etc.) – often with the help of local church-style organisations (which could be state-assisted).



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Monday, May 18, 2009


After a generation of arranging ‘freedom of information,’ i.e. demanding damaging disclosure of records and trade secrets by firms and employers, the Labour Party fell victim to its own medicine as the Daily Telegraph published copious details of Labour and IRA MPs (aka PDs, i.e. Property Developers) enriching themselves by claiming every ‘expense’ of their lives (including bath plugs, silk scatter cushions, cleaners, saunas, nappies, tampons, cosmetics, women’s panty liners, glitter loo seats [2 for arch-illiterate, secretary-shagger and pie-scoffer ‘Deputy P.M.’ John Prescott], Kit-Kats, iced gem biscuits, moat cleaning, chandelier repair, wisteria pruning and second and third homes) from the taxpayer.

So great was the disjunction between reality and parliamentary postmodern ‘regulations’ for PDs that they could claim the same property as a ‘first home’ with the Inland Revenue (meaning they paid no capital gains tax on its sale) and simultaneously as a ‘second home’ with Parliament (allowing them to reclaim mortgage payments and the costs of maintenance – sometimes including more furniture than could possibly have been fitted into the ‘second home’); and, once they had furbished a ‘second home’ they could ‘flip’ to calling it a first home so that they could get taxpayer furbishment of another property.

The death of Britain’s traitorous peecee political class and its egalitarian and other fraudulent multicultural fantasies looked happily imminent: PDs’ milking of the expenses system and failing to reform it would provide British people with an excuse to vote BNP without ostensibly committing the dread latter-day sin of racism – Lord Tebbit quickly saw this point and urged votes for any but the Lib-Lab-Con parties at the forthcoming elections (BBC, 12 v).

{Top Times columnist David Aaronovitch expressed himself as mystified by the sudden hysteria about MPs’ expenses (12 v); and this was quite right in so far as the level of venality among MPs surely contrasted favourably with that in many other legislatures. But Aaronovitch arguably ignored the underlying wish of many White Britons to punish parliamentarians as a whole and their cowardly media hangers-on for presiding over Britain’s post-1945 slide into dumbed-down comprehensive schools and universities, single-parenting by low-IQ mothers, welfare dependence, the client state, filthy (though overfunded) hospitals where scarcely a word of English was spoken, multiculturalism, PeeCee, losing wars and finally a bill from NuLabour that would bankrupt the country for a decade.

As he wrote, and with elections due on June 4th, the Times reported a surge of support for the BNP – especially in the north-west of England where industrial jobs had first been handed to Pakistanis and then lost altogether.}

Alarm at the possible rise of the BNP was allowed an airing by Labour ex-minister Denis MacShane (a keen anti-anti-Semite) in the Torygraph (eager to cover its own behind against accusations of support for the BNP) (12 v): “Lord Tebbit's appeal to voters yesterday to shun his own Conservative Party, as well as Labour and the Lib Dems, in the forthcoming European elections is the most audacious intervention in British politics since Enoch Powell's call for a vote against the Conservative government in 1974 on the issue of Europe.”

In reply (ibid), Richard Clements observed: “Denis Matyjaszek (alias Denis MacShane {he had adopted his Irish mother’s maiden name when he went into journalism -- his father was surely a Polish Jew}) is a disgusting hypocrite. How dare he asperse all BNP supporters, members, and sypmathizers? The most notorious exponents of "thuggery" in British politics are the absurdly named "Unite Against Fascism" and the "Anti Nazi League", who, as every schoolboy knows are Trade Union funded Labour Party shock troops. Their interference in the democratic process is one of the great scandals of British political life.”

And an unusually coherent and good-natured discussion of the merits of voting UKIP or BNP was provided at a Telegraph blog (Ed West, 12 v) – though sadly without mention of the merits of national liberalism…. Even instinctive leftie, trendy and druggy columnist Will Self felt moved to volunteer (First Post, 13 v): “I hold no brief for [BNP leader Nick] Griffin and his pea-brained saddos -- he's a convicted Holocaust denier who's faced three trials for incitement to racial hatred in the past decade alone -- but nor do I support those who exploit fear of him so crudely.”

Labour’s major bully pulpit, the Daily Mirror, sprang into action – but so over-excitedly as to lose control of its always minimal grammar (14 v): “Some of our Westminster MPs may well have their snouts in the trough, but every BNP candidate has their mind and heart in the sewer.” {Such a grotesque lapse gave a reminder that male members of the British political class of the previous ten years, as seen nightly on TV, showed a sustained inability to tie up properly – often showing even the top buttons of their shirts. Likewise the female ‘politicians’ of Britain (sadly, and even excessively, including those of Scotland) were distinguished by sustained neglect of the wasp-waist principle [the ‘waist-hip ratio,’ aka WHR] which most White teenagers had mastered (rebelling against 1970s maxiskirt feminism/socialism, a little ahead of evopsychologists) by the early 1990s.}


Asked by supporters to a ‘take’ on Iraq etc., I give the same answer as always: race realism. – Iraq should have been divided into Kurd, Sunni and Shi-ite areas and stray persons shifted accordingly. Ditto Northern Ireland and Scotland. The West’s multiculti illusion that people who have hated each other for hundreds of years can quickly be made to do lion-and-lamb sit-downs was a dangerous illusion – which Pres. Obarmy seemed increasingly determined to foist on Israel in the ridiculous hope of getting Iran to abandon its quest for nuclear weapons.

Any alternative to race realism? Yes: called dictatorship (e.g. Saddam Hussein, who kept Iran down for years). America would soon be needing it as druggy, swine-flu-bearing and dangerous-driving Latinos of mean IQ 88 continued to stream in. (Probably it already had it, for the Republican Party had been effectively wiped out in 2008 and, even after Obarmy’s first 100 days, no American comedian dared make jokes about him. Evidently America hoped a mulatto president would, via his own person, solve the non-melting-pot problem which the country had generated for itself by failing to repatriate ex-slaves and others who were unemployable and frankly criminal in conditions of freedom.)


The mindset of a successful overpaid Negro was revealed as Black ‘England’ and Tottenham soccer star Ledley King turned up drunk at 2.30a.m. demanding entry to a London nightclub with low-slung jailbird trousers fully displaying his arse. After urinating in the street, boasting that he earned £83K per week and taking a swipe at the (Pakistani) bouncer, the tired and emotional footballer called the bouncer a “fat Paki cunt” and was promptly arrested by passing police for ‘racially aggravated assault’ and spent the next five hours unconscious in police cells (Sun, 11 v). Reports from fellow detainees at the Soho police station were of the grotesquely drunk Black star, once he awoke, alternately ranting and weeping and of his stinking of urine because he had wet himself (Sun, 12 v).

Another Black star, sometime ‘England’ cricketer Chris Lewis, 41, found himself on trial (together with a fellow Black netball artiste), for smuggling £140K of cocaine in re-welded fruit cans and of having rocks of cocaine at his Islington home.


Italian P.M. Silvio Berlusconi stepped up speedboat patrols hunting African would-be immigrants in the Mediterranean, saying Italy did not wish to become multi-ethnic. The interior minister, Roberto Maroni, who was a member of the Northern League party, part of the ruling coalition, hailed the return of boatloads invaders before they could reach Lampedusa as “historic.” He added that the “get-tough policy will continue as long as the boats set out” from the North African coast. The government also had plans to force doctors and teachers to go to the authorities if they suspected their patients or pupils were illegal immigrants.

By contrast, a National Post correspondent, commenting on ludicrous fat-arsed Jackboots Smith banning Michael Savage from Britain, noted (11 v): “England embraces radical imams who espouse violence and hatred towards Jews and Christians. They do it on a daily basis and England refuses to deport them; but if you dare say anything against those radical Islamists, England will punish you. Loopy leftwing logic has turned England into a socialist hell hole.”


After years of ‘advising’ HMG, retired head of the English schools inspectorate and ‘Ofsted’ penpusher Chris Woodhead, newly hired by private schools and suffering motor-neurone disease, delivered his verdict that parental genes were important to child IQ and that schoolchildren needed treating according to ability (Telegraph, 12 v). {Whether this latter-day realist had ever read The g Factor remained obscure. But, in his confessional dotage at Buckingham University, he remained savvy enough not to mention the dread topic of race.}


Muslim Paki Labour MP and Government ‘Minister’ Shahid Malik, who had spent most of his time campaigning against the British National Party and looking forward to a totally Islamified Britain, was revealed as the biggest swindler amongst all of Britain’s Telegraph-exposed traitorous multiculti ‘parliamentarians,’ ripping off taxpayers more than any other single MP. Just two hours after Malik had issued a ‘defence’ of himself, Downing Street confirmed the first major scalp of the expenses scandal (Sun, 15 v). Mr Brown's spokesman said the minister was being suspended over the alleged benefit of subsidised rent. Mr Malik, who incredibly was also Labour’s “Justice Minister” ‘resigned’ after being exposed as claiming thousands of pounds in taxpayer allowances on his second home while renting his main home at a heavily discounted rate. Mr Malik claimed £66,827 over three years on his house in London (£18,173 less than its original purchase price) while renting his main home in Dewsbury at a discounted rent of less than £100 a week.

In 2008, he claimed £23,083 from the taxpayer for his London town house, equivalent to £443 per week. Mr Malik’s arrangement meant he paid below-market rent for his main home while billing taxpayers thousands for his second home in London. The MP for Dewsbury also claimed for thousands of pounds’ worth of furniture and electrical equipment including £2,600 for a home cinema system -- which was cut in half by the Commons Fees Office -- and £730 for a massage chair. Other items Mr Malik claimed included a £671 fireplace, a leather daybed sofa and a £510 fitted wardrobe. He attempted to make claims for an iPod and portable DVD player but these were rejected by the fees office as outrageous even by its feeble standards.

Laughably, Mr Malik, who rejoiced in coordinated media smear-campaigning against the BNP, defended himself by blaming the Fees Office rules. “The expenses system is flawed,” Mr Malik said in his ‘defence’ – not admitting it was he and his ‘socialist’ ‘parliamentary’ ilk who had set up and sanctioned the dosh-dealing ‘system.’ “I have not broken any rules.” Mr Malik confirmed that he had put in a claim for a home cinema system costing £2,600. {Whether this Muesli-goon ‘Malik’ was related to intellectual ‘anti-racist’ neo-Marxist multicultiloon Kenan Malik (author of The Meaning of Race) -- confronted by me at the E’bro’ Book Festival, 2008 -- was not declared.}


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Some history.


Sunday, May 10, 2009


A devastated young mum told a British court how she was raped in Exeter by a Black illegal immigrant – simply because he enjoyed hurting White girls (News of the World, 5 v). Brave Sarah Douglas waived her right to anonymity to relive her terrifying ordeal at the hands of Amos Moobeng and stormed: “This racist should be shipped back home to rot in jail.” Sarah, 20, came forward after the South African was sentenced to nine years in prison for holding her hostage before raping her after she went to his flat with a pal. The judge told the court Moobeng, 35, “deliberately targeted two white females”.


Though afraid to mention IQ or race or to operate systematically, fairly or even-handedly, China – according to authorities such as Amnesty – was continuing to execute its criminals at a rate of some 10K p.a. (Daily Telegraph, 8 v).


As the Daily Telegraph began exposing the expense-account swindles of the Labour- and PeeCee-dominated (thus apparently holy) ‘House of Commons,’ senior Speccie political correspondent sensationally denounced the House (typically empty as M.P.’s enjoyed their pickings) as “a criminal club” (BBC Radio 4 UK, 9 v, 10:05a.m.). The Independent’s top columnist Steve Richards likewise called the affair a “catastrophe” and said “the BNP must be rubbing their hands with glee” (9 v).


As eight Scotsmen, all apparently homosexual and two working for gay rights with the Clottish Executive (one paid £40K p.a. for his ‘advice’), were convicted of raping and photographing the rapes of the baby boys of friends’ children, Irish child abuse expert Dr Ethel Quayle, 49, of Edinburgh LUniversity, ventured – as had anyone knowledgeable about paedophilia ten years ago -- that this type of remarkable ‘paedophile ring’ (as the newspapers had called it) was a distinctly modern phenomenon, reflecting the availability of unprecedented internet porn and men’s (well, homosexuals’) interest in competing with each other obsessionally to show they were masters of the new genre (Times, 9 v; Goldstein Report, 9 v).

{Classical paedophiles are narrowly focused on the ages around the onset of puberty, are kindly and are not especially prone to homosexuality. The modern paedosadists focus on much younger children and are indeed a relatively new phenomenon, unknown in British prisons of the 1960s.}


Dead Aid: Why Aid is Not Working and How There is Another Way for Africa (Dambisa Moyo, Penguin, 2009) did a good job of explaining how Western ‘aid’ (‘the West’s poor helping Africa’s rich’) had contributed to Africa’s endemic problem of corruption – but did not admit (or even mention) Africa’s deeper-seated problem of low IQ and intrinsic tendency to genial confabulation.


Some 14,000 British eminences had apparently converted to the disciplines of Islam (said ‘ReligionNewsBlog,’ 26 ii) -- apparently ignoring the great success of Chinese ConfucioCommunism in the previous ten years, let alone the longer-term success of Western science (tempered by kindliness) from which China’s high-IQ modern success story was mainly explained and explicitly derived (e.g. in its architecture and whiz-bang success in coming up with diagnostic techniques to identify Mexican [aka ‘swine’] flu). Still, at least Mueslis and Chinks agreed on the need to avoid descending to African levels of barbarity….

Taking excuse from ‘swine flu,’ semi-mad-Muesli Egyptian authorities moved to kill the country’s 250,000 pigs – and thus the livelihoods of the ancient Coptic Christians who farmed them (providing a handy means of rubbish disposal). By contrast, the Chinese were ahead of the West in banning flights from Mexico and – to filthy socialist drug-infested third-world Mexico’s annoyance -- quarantining Mexicans who happened to get through the ban.


As the rate of stopping and searching youths by British police returned to normal (Times, 1 v) (as anti-terrorist concerns prevailed over multicultural niceties), Indian-fathered M.P. Keith ‘Vaseline’ Vaz [named and shamed by the Torygraph for his extravagant expense claims] resumed his peecee caterwauling that Black youths were stopped eight times as frequently, per head of population, as White youths. But such eight-fold over-representation fitted well with crime frequency as adjudicated by courts and victims* (including Black victims). That there was no general bias against Blacks was illustrated by their non-over-representation in convictions for paedophilia (though Blacks were over-represented as perpetrators of violent child abuse).

* E.g. in America, although Blacks are 13% of the population and most violent crime is intra-racial, 54% of violence against Whites is victim-reported as being by Blacks – Minorities and Criminality, 1990; Encyclopaedia of Violence, Peace & Conflict, 1999.


The Speccie’s Rod Liddle did a good job of answering femiloon Labourite Harriet Harperson, pointing out that that the 20%-lower rates of pay for females in Britain obtained only after age 30, when – guess what – White women quite often chose to take a year out (as urged and funded by HMG) to have babies (29 iv).


Mulatto Times correspondent Sathnam Sanghera admitted (5 v) that Brixton, south-east London’s famed ‘multicultural’ area, to which he had moved with optimism in the 1990s, involved anything but racial integration or even co-operation (cf. Robert Putnam’s finding of ‘diversity’ being linked to ‘distrust,’ above):
"I realise now I was confusing coexistence with integration. Looking back, not only were my eight years there marked by a retrospectively bewildering number of terrifying incidents, such as the two times I was mugged on my doorstep, the one time a potential flatmate was mugged on the way to inspect my flat, the several times police officers suggested I move out (“If you saw what I see, you'd get out”), the one time I went to throw away rubbish and discovered a vagrant copulating with a local prostitute in the refuse area, the bombing, the mini-riot, the numerous anti-terrorism raids, the stabbings, kneecappings and murders, but also a complete failure to make friends with any local residents. Far from being a symbol of multicultural success, Brixton is an illustration of the opposite: that if you stick lots of people from different backgrounds in one place, they will have nothing to do with one another. Go there on a Saturday and you'll find white people shopping at Tesco for groceries while black people get what they need from the market; black kids hanging out in McDonald's while white kids queue up outside the Academy; with other drinking, eating and dancing venues dividing along racial lines, too.


Scientists at University College London discovered a gene which they reported as “important” in determining whether people would gamble (J. Neuroscience; Daily Telegraph, 5 v).


As America denied asylum to the good-humoured anti-Semites Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle (Jewish Chronicle, 20 iv; Selby Times, 23 iv), U.K. Home Secretary Jackboots Smith (whose partner charged his fruity videos to the taxpayer from the couple’s palatial taxpayer-funded ‘second home’) moved quickly to keep Britain ahead of the pack by announcing the names of some of the 100 extremists who had been banned from Britain (at an increased rate of 5 per month since October, 2008) lest they frighten the horses (Sun, 5 v). {Presumably, by this stage, the only first-world country where one could safely lambast Jews, Muslims, femininnies, yags, third-world immigrants and socialists was Japan.}

Irate American right-wing “conservative nationalist” radio blowhard shock-jock and DJ ‘Michael Savage’ (from the Bronx [of Russo-Italian-Jewish parentage, with M.A. degrees in anthropology and botany] but broadcasting his showmanly blasts against IslamoFascism, “anal rights,” feminism, affirmative racism etc. from San Francisco; 67; America’s third-most-popular radio personality, hosting ‘The Savage Nation’; real name Michael Weiner; apparently happy to envisage the decimation [by person or persons unknown] of worldwide Muslim numbers*; listed as banned by Jackboots) promptly announced he would sue the Home Office for defamation in comparing him to murderers who were Hamas militants or 20-year-jailed Russian racist skinheads (Sun, 6 v), saying he had never urged violence against Mueslis, yags, autistic children etc. Savage – who had never tried to enter Britain in the previous 20 years – called power-mad Smith a “lunatic” and "witch" in an audio clip and asked why six names on her list of 22 especially naughty boys weren't released (CNN, 6 v). He also questioned why North Korean leader Kim Jong Il and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez didn't make the list. Savage said he had seven attorneys working on a defamation lawsuit against Smith and encouraged his 10,000,000 listeners (weekly) to call off any travel plans to England and boycott all British products.

Other “undesirable” Americans were broadcaster Eric Glieb, who was accused by the Home Office of “provoking others to commit serious crime and fostering racial hatred,” and former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard Stephen Donald Black. Earlier in 2009, the Home Office had allowed Ibrahim Moussawi, linked with Hizbullah, to enter the country but banned Dutch legislator Geert Wilders, whose “Fitna” film against Muslim terrorism has angered the Arab world. Jackboots Spliff’s objective was to appease Mueslis, many of whose preachers needed locking up or banning because they did indeed aim to foment violence (not least against British troops, called “butchers” and “baby-killers” by Mueslis as they returned from duty in Iraq and Afghanistan).

A spokesman for P.M. Gordon ‘Saviour of the World’ Brown said: "Our general positition is that we do want to make a distinction between reasonable and moderate debate and actions that deliberately set out to create tensions." {So it was not just advocating violence or stirring it up or risking stirring it up that could get one banned from Britain and listed as a pariah – merely ‘setting out to create tensions’ was enough!}

Media lawyer Mark Stephens told Sky News (6 v): "Jacqui Smith is liable and there are lawyers around London who will be queuing around the block to take this case on a no-win, no-fee basis.” Jackboots’ pathetic popularity-seeking looked likely to cost the U.K. taxpayer nigh-on £1M in damages and legal costs – and hopefully at last to cost boob-flasher Jackboots her job. In response to the UK banning of Savage, fellow talk radio personality Rusty Humphries said, "Thank God we broke away from that cowardly country."

Despite Mr Savage's trenchant views, rival broadcasters lept to his defence and even civil libertarians (usually too cowardly to defend race realism) and the Council for American-Islamic Relations spoke out against the ban.

Michael Savage poked fun at British food and the state of British people's teeth: 'My first thought was, damn, there goes the summer trip where I planned to have my dental work done. 'My second thought was, darn, there goes my visit to the restaurants of England for their great cuisine,' he quipped (Daily Mail, 7 v).

The Irish Independent reckoned the sorry Jackboots would be sacked for her liberty-disrespecting populism before the first letters arrived at the Home Office from Savage’s lawyers (7 v).

Asked if he had a message for British people, Savage replied (Times, 7 v): “Shame on you. Shame that you’ve fallen to such a low level. It’s interesting to me that here I am, a talk show host who does not advocate violence, who advocates patriotic traditional values — borders, language, culture — who is now on a list banned in England. What does that say about the Government of England? It says more about them than it says about me.”

Clever-clever Hugo Rifkind delighted in telling Times readers that Britain was too civilized to allow free speech (8 v) – but just why xenophobic foulmouthings had to be policed by the Home Secretary rather than being naturally rejected by the civilized citizenry was not explained. First Amendment practitioner Savage’s right to free speech was staunchly defended in the Sun, 8 v (“The sooner Jacqui and her politically correct storm troopers are defeated the better”), and at WorldNetDaily, 8 v, and Townhall, 8 v.

Savage told the 10 million listeners who tune in to ‘The Savage Nation’ on one of the 250-odd radio stations where it was syndicated each weekday that Smith was a "lunatic", "witch", "monster", "Bolshevik", and "lowlife", as well as a "tin-pot dictator" and "beer-swilling mutt" (Independent, 9 v).

For its twelve years of mounting NuLabour peecee censoriousness, Britain was condemned as “the first modern soft totalitarian state” by top Australian writer and poet Hal G. P. Colebatch (awarded an Australian Centenary Medal in 2003) (BNP, 8 v).

{Savage’s lawyers would soon be amazed to discover the dismally low protection for academic free speech by non-leftists even in Britain’s ‘universities.’}

* On April 17, 2006, an anti-Muslim tirade by Savage had included: "Intelligent people, wealthy people … are very depressed by the weakness that America is showing to these psychotics in the Muslim world. They say, ‘Oh, there’s a billion of them.’ I said, ‘So, kill 100 million of them, then there’d be 900 million of them.’ I mean … would you rather us die than them?" {Savage’s only obvious defence for this far-out naughtiness would presumably have to be Einmals ist keinmals.} After years of leftism and writing about diets and the environment, Savage had turned right after his proposed book warning of immigrants’ diseases had failed to find a publisher.


Three Black African males (employed in mining) were convicted in northern Tanzania of luring a 13-year-old Black girl [race unstated] to spend the night with them and then forcing her to have sex with a dog (Sun, 7 v). In London, two Wood Green Black males were convicted of beating and raping a beautiful model and aspiring TV presenter whom they had met on Facebook – and of subsequently ensuring her lifetime ruin by dousing her face with acid, making tubefeeding an ongoing necessity (Daily Telegraph, 1 v).


Twelve years of NuLabour government had produced greater income inequality than since the 1960s, recorded the Guardian, 8 v – all that Labour’s overspending had done was to increase the size of the nanny state, encourage single-parenting (a high road to poverty for all concerned), staff the NHS with useless non-English-speaking immigrants, destroy the last vestiges of standards in schools and universities and thus buy votes for NuLabour. Labour could not manage the slightest equalization of incomes, let alone achieve the devout wish of its intellectual luminaries to equalize people in IQ.

Sunday, May 03, 2009


England’s top TV historian, the ‘controversial’ Tudor expert David Starkey refused to apologize when accused of flippancy, offensiveness and racism by describing Scotland as a “feeble” nation with a “boring” national poet (Robert Burns) and “awful” music (the bagpipes).

{D.S. was on a roll after an impressive TV series on Henry VIII and was inclined to delight in the English language and Empire, careless of James Boswell’s role as the henchman and chronicler of Doctor Johnson and of Scotland’s more general over-representative role in creating and running the Empire; but his long-known homosexuality as well as his historical expertise and personal flair gave him confidence to voice sentiments that few English eminences would have dared to express in peecee days.

He was also helped by Scotland’s historic reputation for financial canniness being destroyed by England having to bail out Scotland’s two biggest banks (the Bank of Scotland and the Royal Bank of Scotland – ruined by a Scot born in a wretchedly poor Glasgow council house estate [Ferguslie Park, Paisley], so much admired by Gordon Brown, Prince Philip, Alex Salmond et al. as he rose to head the world’s fifth-largest bank).

And, because of three centuries of Scots cultivating (inventing – The Invention of Scotland, Hugh Trevor Roper) a Gaelic image, Starkey had forgotten the Anglo-Saxon origins and practical and philosophical genius of a nation which had been likened to Ancient Greece by none less than Sir Winston Churchill – for all that the Union and Empire served to disperse Scottish brainpower far from Caledonia.}


Gordon Brown, who had been in the lead among Britain’s traitorous politicians who had presided over forty years of undiscriminating immigration by shirking scroungers, fizzing fanatics and dangerous dimwits, got a bloody nose from M.P.s (including some sixty of his own) as he tried to keep out of Britain loyal and brave Gurkhas who constituted one of the few third-world groups that Britons were entirely happy to accommodate (Sun, 1 v).

The magnificently dictioned and excellently-preserved up-market ‘Avenger’ actress, Empire daughter Joanna Lumley, having remarkably backed the principle of merit in days of tyrannous socialist egalitarianism and soggy ‘conservatism,’ found herself nominated by the newspapers for a seat in the House of Lords and even for the premiership


The New York Times (1 v) contained a full-length column by one David Brooks, titled ‘Genius: the Modern View.’ Apparently, the "now dominant view" of genius was as follows. "The latest research suggests a more prosaic, democratic, even puritanical view of the world. The key factor separating geniuses from the merely accomplished is not a divine spark. It's not IQ, a generally bad predictor of success, even in realms like chess. Instead, it's deliberate practice....The recent research has been conducted by people like K. Anders Ericsson, the late Benjamin Bloom and others. It's been summarized in two enjoyable new books: 'The Talent Code' by Daniel Coyle ; and 'Talent is Overrated' by Georff Colvin."

Any problem with this? Yes! Who would slave away mastering the harpsichord, factor analysis or the Higgs boson unless they found they were pretty good pretty quickly at such exercises? Any other problem? Yes, this point was made to environmentaloons by me as far back as 1995 (British Journal of Developmental Psychology 13, 2, 207-208) and rehearsed in The g Factor and at Amazon Books (v 2008, ‘The g in giftedness’). Any further problem? Yes! Practising at golf was Brooks’ main example of the high road to “genius.”


Contextual focus, community focus and conscientiousness: to explore and rediscover these East Asian characteristics – well-known to the London School and indeed to the humblest observer who finds the Chinese find it very hard to distinguish between ‘he’ and ‘she’ and have lived for thousands of years in a community of a billion people – netted U. Michigan Prof. Richard Nisbett generous grants and mainstream publication (Forbes Magazine, 11 v). The secret of being allowed such race realism? No mention of genes or I.Q. (except negatively)!


Flirting with infringement of the British principle of justice that discharged prisoners should not be hounded for spent convictions more than seven years ago (for sentences of 6 months), and risking bringing nearer revulsion at paedohysteria, the News of the World (3 v), resumed its persecution of pop paedophile Gary Glitter (jailed in Britain in 1999 for 4 months for downloading kiddieporn); and Channel 4 threw in its two pennorth by planning a docudrama to debate quite ludicrously whether Glitter deserved the death penalty (to which he had come close in Vietnam for ‘molesting’ two local girls of 10 and 11 whose injuries, if any, had never been made known).


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