Sunday, October 01, 2006


In the USA, a Northwestern University female professor was awarded half a million dollars to pursue her studies which showed (from MRI brain scanning) that it was mentally tiring for Whites to have to deal politely - as they so often do -- with Blacks of whose wayward behaviour and riskiness they were realistically aware (American Renaissance, 19 ix). Professor Jennifer Richeson proposed to explore `the complexities of bigotry'.. {Such psychophysiological work would doubtless improve the facilities for identifying `covert racism' in due course.}


After a decade of the media talking up the wonders of Asperger's Syndrome (in which autists do not have their usual low IQ), a Chichester McDonald's worker, Shane Freer, provided a visual aid to the downside of the condition as he plunged an 8-inch knife repeatedly into a manageress who had fired him for face-punching a customer who had flicked a small piece of carrot at the irascible employee. "She got me fired - she had to die," said unrepentant killer Freer, previously known to have hit a teacher and threatened with a knife a girl who had taunted him (Daily Telegraph, 21 ix).


At Ryerson University, Toronto, Finnish maths professor Ilkka Kokkarinen found himself in deep doodoo with femininnies for having said back in April on his blog that females weren't so hot at the more arcane forms of maths. Snooping Big Sister (in the form of IK's oh-so-alert students) demanded and received (at least after IK's head of department had proposed a re-education course for him) an apology and the taking down of Kokkarinen's internet material (22 ix) - but the good student-, pussy- and boss-whipped professor was not without the robust and/or sympathetic support of most of those who had followed his blog.

{I was lucky at the time of my own troubles with Edinburgh LUniversity, 1996-8, that I was not romantically involved; that -- together with my mortgage having been paid off and my having multi-millionaire Jim Woodhill behind me ready to thrown money at E.LU. -- gave me a happy freedom of action which IK has apparently lacked. The nineteenth-century system of obliging dons not to marry, at least for the first seven years of their college fellowships, plainly had something to be said for it.}


One of the oldest known sleep pattern differences, being a `lark' (early riser) or `owl' (late sleeper), was nailed down to genetic factors by scientists at Cold Spring Harbor (22 ix), America's original source of genetic and eugenic enthusiasm in the 1920s. At the same time, the ancestry of the black-haired and hard-fighting Celts of the British Isles was traced to Iberian fishermen of c. 5,000b.c. (Independent, 22, ix).

(By contrast, although the Romans ruled Britain from AD 43 until 410, they left only a tiny genetic footprint. For their first 200 years, Rome's occupying forces were forbidden from marrying locally.)


US and UK ally, former Spanish Prime Minister, Jose Maria Aznar, set another challenge to Muslim tolerance for free speech when he demanded a Muslim apology for 700 years of occupying Spain - not that he was optimistic of getting one, `It's us or them,' he declared (Basque EITB 24, 23 ix). (Meanwhile, Pakistan's main alliance of radical Muslims called for the Pope to be crucified for his noting that Christians might once have found Mohammedanism a teeny bit aggressive (Conservative Voice, 23 ix).) In Britain, pie-gobbling staff-abusing England-hater `Deputy Prime Minister' John Two-Shags Prescott prepared to apologize for Britain's part in the slave trade - even though Britain never had slaves and gave up the slave trade before anyone else (notably before the Blacks and Muslims who should surely have been called on as co-signatories in any such grovel - some Black countries were still sending envoys to plead with Britain in the twentieth century to restore the slave trade).


In the middle of European Russia, in the Volga Valley, 400 miles east of Moscow, the region of Ulyanovsk (pop. 1.5M) announced it would give a fridge and other household luxuries to women delivered of babies on June 12th - Russia's Independence Day (Daily Telegraph, 19 ix).


As the Western apologia for Islamic scholarship and rationality (at least of yore) got up steam in New York (International Herald Tribune, 24 ix) -- ignoring outright Muslim denial of responsibility for 9/11, Madrid, 7/7 et al. (and for the hundred of dead and maimed weekly in Baghdad's Muslim-on-Muslim strife, and for the 1,400 killed in the Lebanon as Hezbollah wilfully teased the Israeli tiger) -- Islam's intellectual mecca of the present, Egypt (Cairo has two bookshops!), gave its reply by banning issues of Le Figaro and Frankfurter Allgemeine which had dared to agree with the Pope in questioning whether Islam might not have a teeny tendency to violence in general and anti-Semitism in particular (Reuters, 24 ix). However, the Pope himself made no further complaint about Islam, telling Muesli ambassadors wimpishly that he sought `inter-faith understanding' without ever mentioning what the obstacles might be for Christianity in dealing with a religion which did not noticeably expect the Almighty to be reasonable, patient, good-mannered or even vaguely benevolent. The muddled pontiff who had appeared briefly and all too late in the War on Terror (i.e. Tenth Crusade) was apparently angling for an invitation to lecture and canap‚s at Cairo's top-of-the-range Al-Azhar University.. He was presumably unaware that he had been condemned as "arrogant," "stupid" and "criminal" on state-run Palestinian television (23 ix).


The writing appeared on the wall for Britain's feckless state-run socialist `universities' as brain-addled Harvard professors of education and kindred ignoracist `policy managers' began to question the vanishingly low graduation rates at some American `universities' (i.e. at those making their money by recruiting lots of `affirmative action' [i.e. Black] students) and to demand resignations from luni presidents who failed to sustain NYTwits' illusions by issuing Blacks with degrees at the same frequency as obtained for Whites (Allen Finder, 15 ix).


At the same time as grandly announcing `devolution of power from Whitehall' as the major theme in his bid to be crowned Labour successor to U.K. Prime Minister Rev. Bliar, Chancellor Grumpy Gordon Brown (the scion of a Kirkcaldy manse and once a good Edinburgh host in his flat off the Cowgate) moved to stop scaring socialist horses by declaring a move as draconian as it was pathetic: to compel kids to stay at school till 18 (even though he himself had left at 15 - fast-tracked into Edinburgh University). The nail-bitten one-eyed Dr Brown, a whiz at expanding state employment (by then accounting for 35% of jobs in Scotland and 50% in Northern Ireland), proclaimed he sought to imitate Rev Dubya Bush's `No Child Left Behind' initiative (which for five years had seen schools across America lowering their standards and cooking their books so as to appear to meet such ludicrous g-neglecting government targets). At least Mrs Cherie Blair was not fooled by Brown's verbiage, being overheard to remark at Labour's Manchester conference as Brown said `it had been a privilege for him to work with Tony Blair,' "Well, that's a lie," as she prepared for the dismal remains of her husband's broken-backed premiership (Bloomberg, 25 ix) - frank talking from the `Wicked Witch' that made a refreshing change from her husband's ludicrously messianic advice to his foul and failed party (Britain faced worse problems in 2006 than it had in 1997, said Bliar in an acdidental admission of his lamentable stewardship) that `Lo, I will be with you always.'


Berlin police - apparently preferring peecee work, as did their ever-more-Gestapo-like British counterparts -- advised and achieved the closure of Berlin's opera house before it could repeat a 2003-4 production of Mozart's `Idomeneo' which had its eponymous hero sever the heads of Mohammed (as well as of Jesus, Buddha and other illustrious figures). The `police' mercenaries of multiculturalism feared `incalculable risks to the public and employees' - the same excuse as had been used by fuzz in Edinburgh of 1996 so as to close down, when faced with Anti-Nazi League violence, debate at a computer cafe just off Princes Street between two London lefties (Marek Kohn and Kenan Malik) and myself.

But German Reichskanzlerin Angela Merkel refreshingly warned against bowing to fears of Islamic violence after Deutsche Oper cancelled its Mozart interpretation,* saying "Self-censorship out of fear is not tolerable" (27 ix). "I think the cancellation was a mistake. I think self-censorship does not help us against people who want to practise violence in the name of Islam," she added. "It makes no sense to retreat." Guardian correspondents mainly agreed (27 ix), e.g.: "If the Guardian would like to preserve Eeuropean liberal values, and sustain the culture that has flourished on top of them, then guess what? It needs to stop fannying about and work out which side it is on.

As I said on the Telegraph blog on this same subject this morning, this is YOUR fault. YOU have contributed to the culture of cowardice that feeds censorious impulses within and without Europe. The appeasement of bigots displayed during the cartoons row, the subsequent grovelling, the pleas to redefine free speech to exclude anything that upsets anyone... THAT is what has brought us to this. Now, show some bloody bottle -- this time and every time -- and start "guarding" what you're supposed to be guarding." Germany's Interior Minister, Wolfgang Sch„uble, called the closure decision (made by Oper manageress Kirsten Harms) "crazy and unacceptable."

* "Idomeneo" is the ancient story of the king of Crete's pact with the Greek god Poseidon to sacrifice his son. The production by Neuenfels, known for his controversial interpretations, is a meditation on enlightenment that shows the king lifting the severed heads of Poseidon, Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad to suggest that overreliance on religion can endanger the human spirit. There were walk-outs when the opera was first performed, but no calls for it to be banned.


As Britain's Labour Party at its annual `conference' wallowed in mendacious self-congratulation as to its pursuit of benevolence, equality, justice, mother love, sliced bread etc., it transpired that the arch-Muesli-loon of the minute, Home Secretary-banning Abu Izzadeen (see previously) was the proud beneficiary in Leytonstone not ony of a council house but also of œ700 per week in welfare support - and was further advertising for three more `wives' (though polygamy was still technically illegal in Leytonstone) (Sun, 27 ix).


After thirty years of shameless idealistic nonsense from popularity-seeking teachers, Education Secretary Alan Johnson announced that Briltain's General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) exams would no longer award marks for unsupervised coursework - long known to reflect help from candidates' parents, friends, computers etc. (Education Guardian, 27 ix). {However, ex-postman Johnson undermined any claim to more general realism when he announced in the same speech that he would like to provide compulsory Head Start-type programmes for Britain's two-year-olds on council estates, mimicking America's genes-ignoring lunacy.}


Further evidence arrived that masculinization was genetically linked to having a relatively long ring finger (as compared to the index finger) (a ratio known to be 70% heritable) and to athletic ability (especially at running), butch-lesbianism, hyperactivity and being a professional footballer (Sunday Times, 17 ix; BBC, 27 ix; Sunday Times (Australia), 27 ix; MSNBC, 27 ix; Independent, 28 ix; Scotsman, 28 ix; Times, 28 ix; Pravda, 29 ix; China Daily, 29 ix; People's Daily, 29 ix). Funnily, the story was not carried by the Guardian which had tried to get some fun out of it at my expense six years ago (31 iii 2000) - though the Guardian had carried a more `negative' report about masculinization in April to the effect that long-ring-fingered men were more easily `blinded by sexual arousal' (i.e. more accepting of `unfair play' in a competitive situation) (19 iv).


Preparing a pretend response to Islamicist advance (as one person in ten in London was found to be Muesli), Glaswegian Home Secretary `Dr' Reid declared there would be no `no go' areas for Mueslis (there never have been), no forced marriages (never legalized anyway) and some thought about `mass immigration' (which no mainstream politician had ever denied giving). This `initiative' was said to "hit the Tories from the right" (Daily Telegraph, 29 ix), so little had anyone expected from years of supine `Conservative' responses to the filling of Britain with unintegratable third-world riff-raff