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Though sometimes short of -- or reluctant to give -- evidence for his objections to third-world immigration, and altogether avoidant of IQ, Puta[tive]President Donald Trump was given support for his view that the government of Mexico was flagrantly encouraging that country’s underclass to leave for the USA as soon as possible. From historian Victor Davis Hanson (Stanford University) as he reflected generally on the invasion of the West by A/As whose families would never integrate (17 ix):

"Not long ago, the Mexican government printed comic-book-style manuals on how to enter the U.S. illegally. Apparently, Mexico does not want to retain its own citizens. It assumes that they cannot read and are in need of pictographic instruction. And it advises them to break its neighbor’s immigration laws. How else to ensure that an estimated $30 billion in remittances each year are sent home to Mexico from its expatriates?"


 As one of its contributions to MSM’s effort to make the West sympathetic to A/A pumigrants sweeping into Germany, the BBC focused its cameras preferentially on children – over-representing them twofold in its coverage (Breitbart, 17 ix).


 Apparently, HMG’s plans to cut out ‘extremist’ voices (see PEECEE POLICING, 20 ix) were to apply not only to Britain’s universities but also to the BBC. So, writing in the Guardian (21 ix), Beeb star broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby took the trouble to complain. In doing so, Dimblebore summarized handily the state of such UK censorship even before the proposed introduction of what the Home Secretary was calling a “pre-transmission regulatory regime.”

"In our troubled and insecure environment, Britain has accumulated laws which curtail freedom of expression – in the name of national security and territorial integrity; and to prevent public disorder and combat crime. Laws which also compromise freedom of expression to restrict what we now call “hate speech”.

    Take the Public Order Act, which makes it a criminal offence to use threatening or abusive language with the intention of causing “alarm or distress” to an individual or anybody else who hears it. It is a criminal offence to use language, or publish written material, intended to incite “racial hatred”. It is a criminal offence to incite “religious hatred” or “hatred” against individuals on the grounds of sexual orientation.

    But what is it to cause “alarm and distress”? What expression of “hatred” should merit criminal sanction?

    There is a critically important distinction – that the law seeks to protect – between causing “distress”, which may be a crime, and causing “offence”, which may not. The distinction is not easy for the layman to define, and the two are only too easy to elide. And this happens too often, not because of the laws against hate speech themselves, but because of the prevailing climate in which the law now operates. There is a growing number of people who believe that you should be able to say what you like, but only so long as they agree with you. This attitude is having a huge impact: on university campuses and in town halls, on radio and television, in theatres and art galleries."

As well as regretting that Sir Tim Hunt (q.v.) had been forced out of his UCL fellowship for joking about the problems that men like him had to ‘endure’ from having female scientists in their labs, JD said there were more plans for cutting out naughtiness from luniversities:

"On some campuses there are calls for “trigger warnings” to be inserted in books like The Great Gatsby (because it is misogynistic), Huckleberry Finn (racist), and The Merchant of Venice (antisemitic). How long before such books are removed from the shelves altogether to protect the vulnerable from being offended?"

{Yes, if HMG wanted an excuse for clamping down on free speech (rather than on mosques, burqas, niqabs, kaftans, halal meat and FGM), it had only to point to the latter-day self-righteous censoriousness of students and academics themselves – beginning with the insistence of left-dominated student unions since the 1970s that NO PLATFORM be provided for racists and (as they were often spelled) facists.}

JD’s article was an edited extract from the 2015 Prix Italia lecture to be delivered in Turin, 22 ix.


 As the A/A invasion of Europe threatened the unity and very survival of the EU – set up after WWII with the objective of ending further horror stories for the continent and the world – the West’s ignoramic and ignoracist idealists showed flickering signs of recognizing that Mueslis might be better kept in their own lands with perhaps a little Great Power and Red Cross supervision.

The UK’s Daily Telegraph (21 ix) allowed its Bonking Blond Boris MP to float the idea of establishing ‘safe zones’ (first of all in Syria) to which pumigrants could be returned – though how such (effectively) new countries would manage without the ethnic similarity and exclusivity of the successful Kurdic safe zone set up in Iraq was not specified.

And a Black Republican candidate for the US Presidency (one Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon) insisted that Muslims should at least be kept out of that high office – though such a plan would have seemed to require America to become officially Christian rather than just secular.

      Perhaps the answer was for the Western countries to accept only immigrants whose countries showed as much respect for Christianity (or any other major faiths) as the recipient country did for Islam – which would keep church-builders busy in the Middle East; or whose publication records demonstrated sustained efforts to change their Muesli hell-holes.

But more likely would be the arrival of 2K Russian troops (and scores of aircraft and helicopter gunships) to do the military and humanitarian job of which the enfeebled multiculti West had proved incapable in multiculti Syria -- of backing the Shitites and Allahwhites against AllNutCraap and the Solunni jiheadists of ISICK. (By 22 ix, twenty-eight Russian fighter and bomber planes had arrived in Syria; and the Russian embassy in Damascus took a hit.)
Realism about Islam was also on display in China, where an official showing UK Chancellor George Osborne the tight control that was kept of the Muslim capital of Urumqi explained that wearing the niqab was not mandated by the Koran and was in fact a proclamation of politically “extremist” views. An imminent ban seemed likely; and perhaps a UN vote by China to smash ISICK – a good return for Osborne’s kowtow.


  French police used tear gas, violence and a 10-tonne Volvo bulldozer to evict A/A pumigrants and destroy shelters created by 350 supposed ‘Syrian refugees’ in four separate camps across Calais (International Business Times, 22 ix). In morning raids, riot police forcibly evicted the predominantly Syrian, but also Eritrean and Sudanese, ‘refugees’ from a warehouse in an industrial estate in Calais at the Paul-Devot hangar and an adjoining garden, where they had set up camps.

Elsewhere in the port city, which had become home to roughly 4,000 migrants, riot police smashed the shelters of pumigrants living below a bridge and also evicted them from a church where some had been living for up to a year. Pie-eyed ‘concerned’ groups working in the area claimed at least one man was hospitalised in the ensuing police violence.

    Maya Konforti, from the idealistic pro-invasion group ‘L’Auberge des Migrants,’ said she deeply regretted the decision of the authorities to evict the pumigrants just as colder weather had set in {So why had the ‘Syrians’ left Syria?...}; and she railed against the heavy-handed police tactics. Konforti explained that the mix of pumigrants in living in the areas outside the area’s main ‘Jungle’ camp had permission to be there, with the exception of the garden.

She explained that those who had little to begin with had lost most of their belongings in the raids. But French officials said the evictions were necessary because of ‘health concerns’ – presumably thus alluding to the problems of fighting, thieving, raping and pimping of minors which were also quickly infecting the 2K ‘Syrian’ camps springing up in Germany and leading local social workers to describe pumigrant women as “wild game” in “the biggest brothel in Munich” (‘Syrian’ pimps charging a mere £7 for intercourse) and German mothers to insist their daughters stay home at nights and dress modestly for daytime outings “to avoid misunderstandings” (Breitbart, 22 ix).


 Some 720 ‘pilgrims’ died in a hysterical stampede at Mecca as two million Mohammedan devotees came together believing they must all throw rocks at an imaginary Satan in the same place at the same time. Shitite Iranians were quick to blame Solunni Saudi authorities whose ideas of safety had, for example, not included the provision of a single fire extinguisher at the Mecca mosque.

But the Saudis in turn blamed worshippers “of African nationalities” who had declined to follow the rules graciously promulgated by High Executioner King Faht. In the mayhem, a further thousand Mueslis were seriously injured by trampling and tearing; and the whole world was witness to the incompetence, viciousness and stupidity of A/As from which millions were desperately trying to escape to Europe. The carnage occurred just two weeks after a giant crane had toppled into Mecca’a Grand Mosque, killing 109.

    In the previous two decades, warning to Islam’s leaders had been given by the thousands of Mueslis who had perished at Mecca from stampedes, riots, hotel collapses, heat, disease and fires. The gross irresponsibility of annually bringing together millions of near-illiterate religious maniacs and encouraging excitement, if it had happened in the West, would have been punished by lawsuits that would have bankrupted the organizers and their countries.

Senior clerics in Iran – which had lost more than a hundred in the Mecca calamity -- called for the abdication and/or execution of the Saudi royal family, some of whose members were known to make obscene profits out of the annual shindig (aka ‘hajj’).


“Ben is a nice guy but . . . when you’re negotiating against China, and you’re negotiating against these Japanese guys that are going to come against you in waves . . . we need people that are really smart, that have tremendous deal-making skills and that have great, great energy.” Thus -- critiquing his Black putaPresidential opponent, Ben Carson – did The Donald come as near as was ever likely to admitting intelligence to America’s great debate (NBC News, 17 ix).


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Sunday, September 20, 2015


 After weeks of holier-than-thou Germany boasting that it would take a million or three escapees from Muesli-on-Muesli violence in Syria, M√ľnich found itself receiving 14K pumigrants by rail in a single day. That was enough! Germany smartly closed its line from Vienna and sent 20K guards to seal the border with Austria; and its Mutti Merkel planned for more dinners with the EUSSR’s insufficiently multiculti leaders – seven of whom were declining to accept ‘their share’ of the swarming ‘refugees’ and reinforcing their own countries’ borders.

{Whether British Labour’s new leader Comrade Corbinladen could realize his own faintly nationalistic wish to pull out of the EU seemed unlikely: his party had elected a deputy leader who was pro-EU; and Corbinliner’s jingoism did not extend to wanting membership of Nato, to wanting school playing fields protected from gypsies, or even to continued existence of a British army. But JezWeCan, 66, was quite unlikely to see the inside of 10 Downing Street before the carrot juice and hummus party for his retirement.}


What New Yorkers called ‘stop, question and frisk,’ the ‘controversial’ police practice for finding what youf were up to, had dramatically reduced murders as its use multiplied between 1994 and 2013. Used mainly (91%) on ethnic minorities (though only in proportion to their legally proven rates of killing), it had at its peak usage in 2011 involved 685K searches; and the 1994 murder rate of 2,250 dropped to a 2013 figure of only 330. Predictably, ‘liberal’ squeals for its suspension mounted, searches fell to 50K in 2014, and the Big Apple’s murder rate began showing an 8% annual increase (Daily Telegraph, 14 ix, ‘[Mayor] De Blasio blamed for rise in NY murder rate’).


As some 200 Russian marines and new military hardware appeared in Syria, President Vladimir Putin explained that the West would have a better chance of beating the jiheadists of ISICK if it backed their main opponent, President Basher Assad, rather than fooling around as it had done for two years (Daily Telegraph, 16 ix). Mr Putin also stuck by his view that the West could not succeed with its artificial distinction between homosexuality (to be promoted) and paedophilia (to be demonized) even when there was no evidence [as most lately in the case of Sir Cliff Richard]).

And he must have felt quietly satisfied with his own realism as the EUSSR let itself be inundated with an A/A Muesli invasion that could have been stopped in its tracks by showing the invaders that they would be repelled by military force.


 The gloomiest prognostications of those true liberals who had opposed UK socialism’s 1966 criminalization of  ‘race hate speech’ – followed by demonization of realism and jokes about wymmin, yags, religious fanatics and the handicapped – were fulfilled as HMG announced it would monitor the universities and ban speakers who spurned ‘British values’ or advocated ‘extreme’ or ‘radical views’ and declined to debate (Daily Mail, 17 ix).

PM Daft Dave Cameron (who sent the Royal Navy to assist A/As into Europe) and the Home Secretary, Theresa May (who could never manage to deport deranged Mueslis), defined extremism as “vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values”. It covered a range of activity not caught by current law as terrorism, incitement to violence, and stirring up hatred or abuse.

Apparently a government ‘unit’ had found seventy cases of universities “promoting rhetoric that aims to undermine core British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.” The unit named and shamed the worst offenders – Queen Mary, King’s College, SOAS (the School of Oriental and African Studies) and Kingston – all universities in London.

Just who would pay for the required monitoring, banning, lawsuits, imprisonment and deportation was not mentioned. Nor was the word Muslim, since all in Britain were to suffer equally the latest peecee assault on freedom.


 The increasingly dramatic flooding of Europe by supposedly desperate but mainly sturdy-looking A/As (especially Syrians) received the attention of Guillaume Faye (the Jared Taylor of France) (North American New Right, 15 ix, ‘The migratory invasion: a terrifying diagnosis’).

The “electric shock of migratory invasion” -- in the politically incorrect formula of Ivan Rioufol (Le Figaro, September 4, 2015) that would have been impossible to use only a short while ago in a major newspaper -- can perhaps lead to a revolt of European nations, but maybe not; and this could lead to fundamentally questioning the architecture and functioning of the European Union, that misguided idea, that solar ideal that has become a lunar utopia.

    In any case, if this migratory invasion, which started slowly in the 1970s and vertiginously accelerated (geometric progression) since then, continues for ten more years, the European nations of the West and North (including France and Germany), with their declining birth rates, will simply disappear in two or three generations, at the end of this century. Washed away by the relentless demographic law, overwhelmed by the sheer number of alien genes, evacuees from history.

    Currently, since 2011, between one and two million “immigrants” have entered Northern and Western Europe each year, under the most diverse headings: refugees, legal, and illegal. The majority are Muslim. They add to those already present, and their reproductive rate is more than double that of Europeans. A simple mathematical calculation can predict the future, if an urgent reversal is not carried out.


 Weeks of mounting leftist enthusiasm in Britain’s Labour Party culminated in disaster for it as new leader Comrade Corbyn, despite his known pacifist and isolationist views, declined the one vote-winning option available to him: that of leaving the EUSSR.

In this decision to do without the one plank of nationalism that he could have used, he weirdly ignored the conspicuous mess that everyone had seen the EU making of the eurozone and A/A immigration – though the latter problem might be solved by guns, tear gas and razor wire and by the West helping Russia restore order in the Middle East (starting with Syria but going on to a wider support for the Shitite cause in Islam’s civil war).

 Corbynladen thus doomed himself to ridicule – in which predicament his incoherent republican, homosexualist and Islamophilic sentiments would do him no conspicuous good at all (especially with the Ukip and Scot-Nationalist voters that he needed to win back to Labour).


As the Muesli invasion of Europe escalated, with displaced Shitites spending fortunes to people-smugglers and taxi drivers to get them away from the A/A world and into Germany, America’s Donald Trump was heard rehearsing his speculation that President Obarmy had been born an African Muslim and saying that the Trump machine would be considering what to do about the Muslim problem – a good idea since Europe’s multiculti-addled press and politicos had plainly no idea about what to do in the clash of civilizations that was plainly well underway.


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Monday, September 14, 2015


The nature-nurture question about psychopathy took a step nearer to resolution. British psychiatric reserarchers noted whether 5-week old babies looked more at a ball or at a human face. The former preference turned out to predict being rated low in empathy and guilt responses at 2 years – ratings which were themselves already known to predict later criminality and antisocial behaviour (Daily Mail, 7 ix; Biological Psychiatry).

The finding (on 231 random infants) was interpreted by the authors (in the Universities of London and Manchester) as implicating genetic factors – though the involvement of maternal sensitivity (at 29 weeks) as part of the picture could also have indicated a degree of environmental influence.


 With merry disregard for the multiculturalism that was official Jewish philosophy in the West and at UN meetings, Israel began building a fence along part of the country’s eastern border with Jordan as Syrian civil war refugees and other Muesli migrants fled their Islam-ravaged countries (AmRen, 9 ix).

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “We see today what happens when countries lose control of their borders.” He seemed to be referring to the massive influx of refugees from the war-torn Middle East and African migrants heading to Europe.

Netanyahu had earlier bemoaned the “human tragedy” of Syria’s civil war and said Israel had aided its victims. However, he said Israel was too small to take them. Israel had already built fences along its borders with Egypt to stop African migrants and in the Golan Heights bordering Syria and had done its best – contrary to PeeCee – to encourage Arabs to leave.


As the West persisted with the multiculturalism that had turned Iraq into a disaster, weakened Basher Assad’s Shitite/secular regime in Syria and led to the flight from Islamic extremism into the hopelessly disorganized EUSSR of 12K Syrians, Afghanis, Eritreans, Nigerians, Somalians, Pakistanis and Iraqis daily, it was a relief that Russia was helping Syria fight the Solunni jiheadists of ISIS – probably the only sensible way for Whites to deliver a calming ‘divide-and-rule’ balance in the Muslim world’s ethnic and sectarian civil war.

At last there was some prospect of the US and USSR ending on the same side and eliminating the Arabian ISICK menace – if not before a million or three refugees/pumigrants had streamed unhindered past Western border guards, police and soldiers to what they believed the utopias of Germany and Sweden.

That the first tidal wave of Mid-Eastern emigration would bring an IQ boost to Germany was acknowledged by immigration cheerleader Anish Kapoor, the Indian-Jewish ‘vagina’ sculptor, when he told the Guardian (11 ix, p.1) “Germany is welcoming a whole workforce of Syria’s intelligentsia”; but the Fourth Reich had made no arrangement for lower-IQ Mueslis who, if they could not themselves reach Aryan heaven, would turn on each other with ISICK-inspired savagery if not stopped by Russian imperialism.

The need for ethnicity-respecting imperialism was further illustrated as the Yemen’s continuing proxy war between Solunni Saudi and Shitite Iran resulted (according to a UN official) in half the country’s population not knowing where the next meal would come from. Weirdly, Steven Pinker, the uncrowned head of the London School of psychology (since he was allowed mainstream publication of hereditarian views), chose this moment to reinforce his thesis that the world was getting nicer (Guardian, 11 ix) – rather neglecting early death, upheaval, dislocation, displacement and starvation across the A/A world (problems made worse by lack of surveillance from non-Muslims).


 Crime was some 30% higher in men having low resting heart rate and blood pressure, reported researchers from Stockholm’s renowned Karolinska Institute (D.Telegraph, 10 ix). Dr Antti Latvala and colleagues’ data came from 710K Swedish military conscripts followed for 35 years after medical testing. Men with less than the normal 83 heartbeats per minute were 25% more likely to clock up common-or-garden crimes; and 39% more likely to be convicted of violent crime. Expert in psychopathy Adrian Raine (U.Pennsylvania) described the study as “exceptional.” Low resting heart rate had usually been viewed either as an indicator of chemically low level of psychological arousal – which could lead some to seek stimuilating experiences – or as a sign of weakened responses to stressful stimuli causing risk-taking.


 Dutch ‘far-right’ leader Geert Wilders called the wave of refugees crashing into Europe an “Islamic invasion” and Holland’s PM was sympathetic (Reuters, 10 ix). In a debate in Parliament a day after European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker appealed to EU members to share out refugees arriving on the bloc’s fringes, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said the EU should help the migrants by arranging camps closer to their country of origin, rather than in Europe. The Netherlands was thus the first EU country to agree with the immigration policy of Australian PM Tony Abbott, who dumped pumigrants in Pacific islands.

    Wilders, who was outside the government but whose party was the most popular in opinion polls, deplored the wave of refugees arriving on the EU’s Mediterranean shores and travelling north. “Masses of young men in their twenties, with beards, singing Allahu Akbar across Europe! It’s an invasion that threatens our prosperity, our security, our culture and identity,” he said.

    Rutte’s fragile coalition government had nearly split in April over asylum policy. The government planned to toughen its stance by cutting off food and shelter after a few weeks for those whose claims for refugee status were turned down. Roughly 54 percent of Dutch voters were opposed to letting into the country more than the roughly 2,000 refugees previously agreed with the EUSSR, a new poll showed. Under the latest proposals, that figure was seen as rising to more than 9,000 {though probably that would be a gross underestimate}.


Having introduced his Slovenian-American supermodel and superbusinesswoman wife (q.v., vi 2015) into his presidential campaign, megabillionaire Donald Trump found his approval rating among US Republicans reaching 32% -- far ahead of Jeb Bush, on just 9% (CNN, 10 ix). Moreover, 51% of Republican voters thought Trump was most likely to emerge as the GOP winner, well ahead of the 19% who thought Bush would top the party ticket.

Trump’s advance also came along with an increase in attention to the issue of illegal immigration. A majority of Republicans now called the issue extremely important to their vote for President -- 51% now called it extremely important, up from 39% in a June CNN/ORC poll.

    Reflecting on the immigration issue, columnist Peggy Noonan was allowed to write for the (usually pretty lame) Wall Street Journal (10 ix):

"Rules on immigration and refugees are made by safe people. These are the people who help run countries, who have nice homes in nice neighborhoods and are protected by their status. Those who live with the effects of immigration and asylum law are those who are less safe, who see a less beautiful face in it because they are daily confronted with a less beautiful reality–normal human roughness, human tensions. Decision-makers fear things like harsh words from the writers of editorials; normal human beings fear things like street crime. Decision-makers have the luxury of seeing life in the abstract. Normal people feel the implications of their decisions in the particular.

    The decision-makers feel disdain for the anxieties of normal people, and ascribe them to small-minded bigotries, often religious and racial, and ignorant antagonisms. But normal people prize order because they can’t buy their way out of disorder.

     People in gated communities of the mind, who glide by in Ubers, have bought their way out and are safe. Not to mention those in government-maintained mansions who glide by in SUVs followed by security details. Rulers can afford to see national-security threats as an abstraction -- yes, yes, we must better integrate our new populations. But the unprotected, the vulnerable, have a right and a reason to worry."

This admission of the blindingly obvious came as American Blacks were themselves coming to be recognized as opponents of Mexican immigration, as east-EU governments rejected the EU’s Brussels-Berlin-Paris axis in coming out against Muslim immigration, and as a royally appointed UK ‘Lord Lieutenant of the Midlands’ of Indian origin put the boot into Pakistani immigrants for “lack of common courtesy.”

The UK Labour Party’s extraordinary election of pacifist vegetarian short-trousered Marxist nationaliser ‘JezWeCan’ Corbyn could well move things a notch further towards xenophobia in so far as Comrade Corbyn had always been anti-EU and anti-US.


Feminazi lawyerette Charlotte Proudman, 27 and a Cambridge PhD student (on sabbatical from her chambers), provided much merriment at the Daily Mail (11 ix, 12 ix). A user of networking internet sites, Charlotte had gone public with complaints that a senior lawyer, Alexander Carter-Silk, 57, had “objectified” her and made her feel “uncomfortable” by his “unacceptable” and “misogygnistic” praise of her CV photo as “stunning”; AC-S had also sinned by calling his own daughter’s photo “stunning.”

But Mail sleuths quickly found Charlotte herself regularly commenting to young male networkers that they were “hot” and “oooo lala”; and on them to her female friends as “sexy” and “stunning.” Hypocritical and vindictive Charlotte had made a name for herself with some 35 articles (for the Grauniad and Indie) and appearances on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Woman’s Hour’ deploring the “repugnant” sexism that unfailingly occurred in largely-male workplaces; but whether any editor would let her add to her peecee oeuvre remained to be seen.

    A graduette of Keele University, Charlotte’s studies at Cambridge were in law and sociology. She had a longstanding gripe against men since her wealthy father, who died when she was four in 1992, had left his £330,000 estate to charity. Ms Proudman did receive some money in a trust fund when she turned 18, after her family challenged the will, but reportedly spurned her father's relatives despite their hope that they could maintain a relationship. Her great-grandmother had been a suffragette.

    A Mail correspondent wrote: Caught, young lady! You set him up. Devious but not particularly clever or smart. You don't deserve the publicity, but you've got it. Obvious social climber, and now people know you for what you are, and the trust is completely out the window; but then, I was always told, never trust a lawyer. You've brought dishonour to the whole profession, sad little girl.


 As Hungary’s railwaymen, police and government ministers complained of the lawbreaking and disobedience of the thousands of Mueslis pouring through their country, a fine, kind and fair rehearsal of the problems of Islam was provided by top columnist Charles Moore (Daily Telegraph, 12 ix). In an unusual departure from MSM’s peecee pussyfooting about ‘the religion of peace,’ the Catholic Moore admitted to being made increasingly “uneasy” over 25 years by Islam’s exclusion of women, hostility to Jews, intolerance, punitiveness, pushiness and murderousness.

While some British Muslims were good eggs, this was “not the norm”; and, whether foreign- or UK-funded, the religion was “much more dangerous” than other faiths and “the risks grow daily.”

{While CM did not choose to trace Islam’s problems to its encouragement of polygamy, prostitution and paedophilia – all of which kept down adultery but, in low-IQ hands, soured the family atmosphere with undue sibling competition – it was refreshing to see support for PM Viktor Orban’s alertness to the perils of Muesli immigration.

Happily, CM’s warning came at the same time as Labour’s proposals to foist a Muslim mayor on London and a Muslim-friendly prime minister on the country.}


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Sunday, September 06, 2015


The media’s Silly [Summer] Season ended appropriately enough. IQ made a substantial return to the BBC in a chat show (R4, 2 ix, 09:05-09:45). Acclaimed young psychologist Dr Stuart J. Ritchie, a product of the Brand-Anderson-Deary intelligence hothouse at E.LU. Psychology, was allowed to wind up parenting experts by saying that intelligence was 50% heritable and that parentally supplied environments made little difference to it.

As in his primer, Intelligence: All That Matters (2015, Hodder & Stoughton [John Murray Learning]), Ritchie was not interested in committing to racial differences being inherited or to streamed education being the best response to children’s g differences; but he was passably emphatic that g was more important than ‘multiple intelligences’ (and ‘emotional intelligence’) and that g was substantially correlated with inspection time – his own work having given an r of -46 (and a .78 r between IT and mental decline in people as they moved through their seventies) (Current Biology 2014).


As the Muesli invasion of Western Europe entered a new phase, with 200K disgruntled (and rather cocky, healthy and well-fed) Syrians trying to escape the hell-hole they had made for themselves (with special help of low-IQ compatriots [Syria 83], Islamopsychoticism, oil money and the strict jiheadists of ISIS), it transpired that the EUSSR’s diners ooops ‘leaders’ had given no thought to explaining that Europe had already got enough foreigners (with some 12% of the populations of France, Germany and the UK being foreign-born), to headlining the billions of pounds of aid given annually to such countries as Syria by Europe (with Britain in the lead, giving Syria alone £900M in 2014), to how to designate putative migrants (pumigrants?), to shooting or bribing people-smugglers, to requiring ‘refugees’ to indicate the publications with which they had offended their regimes, to requiring licences for bolt-cutters (used to cut through railway fencing), to arming and training putative immigrants so they could fight to re-take their godforsaken lands, to using drones to detect and destroy vessels under construction for crossing the Mediterranean, or to scrapping onerous ‘uman rights that made clandestine illegals so desirable to employers.

Understandably, Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orban (brought up a communist but later studying at Pembroke College, Oxford, which Doctor Johnson had attended), spoke of the danger of Europe losing its Christian heritage and called the EU’s immigration policy frankly “mad.” He told a public radio station: “The reality is that Europe is threatened by a mass inflow of people -- many tens of millions of people could come to Europe. Now we talk about hundreds of thousands but next year we will talk about millions and there is no end to this.”

Speccie editor Fraser Nelson warned the problem might last a century as the world got richer (thanks to free trade) and people had more money enabling them to fund hazardous emigration to escape from countries not living up to their dreams (D.Telegraph, 4 ix).


John Baker’s classic book Race (OUP, 1974) appeared anew after years of Western depublication, translated into Russian by Muscovite Vladimir Avdeyev – who evidently felt no peecee pressure to redact even the picture of the magnificently buttocked and sensationally pudendaed Hottentot Venus (who had been such a sensation when she had been brought to Paris and London in the early 100s) (Paca, p.405).

VA also supplied an admiring Foreword of his own; and a nice quote from Rousseau (Collected Works, p.320) urging attention to human individual and group differences. (For VA’s Rasologia, see ‘Race realism, Russian-style’, above, October, 2010. – “Like it or not, Raciology is a book that illustrates how free speech about Galtonian topics has sunk in the West – and resurfaced in Moscow (where Communism had formerly banned scientific racism).”)


 A combination of some nine genetic values was found to be massively associated with countries’ average estimated IQ differences (Psychological Comments, 3 ix) – probably because of national differences in racial composition. UCL researcher James Thompson wrote: “....factors extracted utilizing random SNPs exhibited very high correlations to the GWAS hits factors (r = .6 to .98) and similarly high correlations with country IQ distances.”


51% of Brits wanted to leave the European Union. Such was the novel result of a national opinion poll for the Mail on Sunday (6 ix) after years of polls finding clear majorities favouring UK membership of the EU. The result came after a week of tireless support in MSM for the Holy German Empire’s decision to welcome a million refugees from the Solunni vs Shitite vs secularist civil war in Syria which the West had ignorantly fomented by seeking to overthrow President Basher Assad.

Despite airwave-dominating idealistic sentiment as pumigrants streamed through Hungary, only 23% of Brits wanted to admit as many as the ten thousand Syrians which had become MSM’ favourite target – itself not a generous figure; and 29% wanted Britain to take in none at all. As at the General Election in May, Brits were proving markedly more nationalistic/realistic than MSM and peecee-addled politicos could credit. And support for the EU would drop to 40% “if the migrant crisis gets worse.”


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