Thursday, April 30, 2009


After twelve Muesli terror-plotting ‘university students’ had to be released in the U.K.for lack of evidence (they had been arrested too early because of the incompetence of a top cop – more used to receiving Downing Street plaudits for his peecee proclivities than for getting on with his job; and British courts do not accept police intercept evidence), authorities in Pakistan -- headed by a Clare College, Cambridge, graduate – said Britain declined to stop even the most egregious Pakiloons entering, not least because its High Commission to Pakistan had largely vacated to Abu Dhabi for fear of being blown up by Mueslis (Observer, 26 iv).


As the U.S. Supreme Court struggled with a case of a fire service using tests which did not yield enough affirmative racism in favour of minority applicants, Emeritus Professor Steven Goldberg of Sociology, CUNY, managed to squeeze a pro-testing letter past the ‘anti-racist’ censors of the New York Times (24 iv).


A handy-enough and reasonably impartial dictionary of the London School of recent years (though sadly omitting psychometrician-psychologist and eugenicist Ray Cattell) was published here


After two generations of social-environmentalist baloney about autism – that it was due to ‘refrigerator mothers’ with their heads in books and over-reporting the slightest social failures of their children to doctors – Nature reported genes accounting for some 15% of cases of the ‘sizothymic’ (vs ‘affectothymic’) condition (which the mighty personality tester Raymond Cattell had identified it as the most important primary human individual difference, accounting in his work for marginally more variance even than the g factor).


After twenty years of pointing to rising IQ in the West (whether because of better nutrition, a more stimulating home environment because of TV, or just test sophistication – as explained by psychologists back in 1948 and in The g Factor, 1996) and encouraging pie-eyed social-environmentalists to believe that Black IQ could thus one day catch up with that of Whites, Dunedin/Otago social scientist James Flynn announced that the Raven’s Matrices IQ of Britain’s 14-year-old schoolchildren had actually fallen by two points from 1980 to 2008 (J. Economics & Human Biology). {Cf. BRITAIN DUMBING DOWN, October 2008. The impact of Britain’s four million Black and Srindopakeshi immigrants in yielding this latest result was emphatically not considered.}


After losing thousands of pounds to niquab-veiled robbers, actually males carrying pepper spray, a Muesli-owned Glasgow jeweller’s shop (ATAA, run by the Sadiq family) banned veiling and insisted that genuine female Mueslie would-be customers should phone in advance so that female staff could be on hand to provide a complete body search (D.Telegraph, 28 iv).

{It would be light years before Britain’s traitorous political class of lying multicultiloons would allow such sensible measures to be used in the U.K.’s airports and railway stations.}


An interesting feature article on America’s two highest-IQ adults appeared in the Financial Times (10 iv) – albeit complete with the statutory attempts to pooh-pooh IQ that are de rigeur in MSM.


Ethnic tension was the suspected spark for gun attacks killing 26 in Karachi, Pakistan’s teeming port city with a volatile history (Sky News, 30 iv). Much of the hostility had been between the hard-fighting, Taliban-backing Pashtun population, who dominated the country's militant-infested northwest, and ethnic Urdu-speakers, who were descendants of migrants from India. The latter were in large part represented by the political party that ran the city, the Muttahida Quami Movement. The MQM had been outspoken against the Pashtun-dominated Taliban and had warned that the militants were gaining sway in Karachi, Pakistan's commercial hub. The Karachi violence was evidently a Taliban/Pashtun response to government forces’ attacks on Taliban who had been advancing to within 50 miles of the country’s tiny capital, Islamabad, in the far north-east.


The trial began in Paris of mainly-Muesli, mainly-immigrant-parented youths who had allegedly honey-trapped, kidnapped and tortured (with knives and lighted cigarettes) for three weeks a Jewish youth whose taped screams were hoped to yield a ransom and who, when his father declined to pay up, was set on fire and left to die by a railway line (Guardian, 30 iv). Although a main motivation was money, the youths also hated Jews (whom they held to be “stinking rich”) and shouted “Allah Akbar” (“God is Great”) as they were produced at court.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Recognizing that the ‘anti-racism’ and multiculturalism which it had long encouraged had done little but provide a cover for anti-Westernism, the U.S.A. (apparently with fresh confidence under the new management of mulatto Pres. Obarmy) withdrew from a United Nations ‘World Conference Against Racism’ being reconvened in Geneva and (to Israel’s discombobulation) allowing Iran’s Pres. Ahlasmadinnajacket of ravingly anti-SemitIc Iran to explain his sympathies for Hitler on the Fuehrer’s very birthday, 20th April.

The Dutch, whose own professions of ‘anti-racism’ had led their country to be Mohammedanized to the extent of Holland preparing to lock up its most popular politician, anti-Islamic Geert Wilders, also brought themselves to withdraw from the conference, apparently fearing that yet further onslaughts on ‘hate speech’ (i.e. truth speech) were being plotted by third-world U.N. goons (Associated Press, 19 iv); and Australia, Germany, Poland, Italy, New Zealand, Sweden and Canada [but not dimwit Britain, immersed in the exposed scandals of Pa Broon’s ludicrous Scotty sleaze-doctored tyranny from 10, Downing Street] followed the welcome – if temporary – U.S. lead (Reuters, 19 iv) despite pathetic U.N. boss BankiLoon demanding the mad ‘anti-racist’ multiculti 5-star Swiss holiday ooops ‘conference’ for pseudo-internationalist party-goers proceed (Classic FM, 20 iv).

In the event, most other Western countries walked out of ‘Durban II’ in latter-day protest as jaunty tieless TV-maintenance engineer Ahlasmadinnajacket expounded from the podium of the week-long shindig his thesis that religion-abusing Zionism (founded on “the pretext of Jewish sufferings”) was the most execrable surviving form of racism and that Western liberalism – having ignored alike the laws of man and God – was finished (Bloomberg, 20 iv). Other countries stayed to pick up their petrodollars.

{The ‘conference,’ showing no progress from the U.N. brouhaha of 2001 in Durban, perhaps marked the end of ‘anti-racism’ as a usable political construct. But it was certainly a shock to Jewry, provoking Israel to call Ahlasmadinnajacket a “racist” and withdraw its ambassador from Switzerland – famed for its centuries of well-organized and prosperous peacenikkery and for providing America’s only diplomatic representation in Iran.}

President Obarmy’s boycott of the U.N. jollifications infuriated America’s ‘human rights’ activists and the Black Caucus of the U.S. Congress (Daily Voice, 20 iv). U.N. high heidjun WankyLoon condemned Ahlasmadinnajacket’s excesses but did not give up his five-star accommodation near beautiful Lake Geneva where nifty topless maidens were wont to slink in their thongs along the beaches sipping Gewurztraminer.

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie Wiesel said Ahmadinejad's comments about Israel’s ‘genocide-practising’ “totally racist state” had brought shame "on the United Nations, world diplomacy and humanity as a whole." Hilariously, Jewish US attorney Alan Dershowitz was moved to say that Switzerland's president was supportive of "hate mongering" and that South Africa’s hero-worshipped anti-apartheid activist ex-Archbishop Desmond Tutu was a "racist and bigot". Just as witchcraft trials died out once all participants learned to call each other ‘Witch!’ perhaps the West’s obsession with racism was beginning to near the end of its natural life?...

The Nation, the top newspaper of America’s great ally {ho, ho!} Pakistan, denounced holy peecee America’s support for Israel as “extremely disappointing” (21 iv). The American Jewish Committee was especially shocked that ‘Israeli racism’ (against Palestinians) was singled out for condemnation in the final communiqué from the 140 countries which had attended the beano (21 iv). The conference had also agreed to seek to criminalize ‘religious hatred’ – another concession to the hypersensitives of Islam. The Vatican expressed ‘satisfaction’ with the communiqué. {Just when Leftist Jews would apologize for their 50-year long encouragement of ‘anti-racism,’ PeeCee and third-world immigration into the West and agree to channel their money into race realism remained to be seen….}


“It [is] no longer defensible to argue that race is meaningless, although it remain[s] possible to speculate that some unspecified subsamples might be biased by environmental effects.” Such was the daring offering of Southampton University’s human genetics expert Newton Morton, reviewing* a new edited volume Revisiting Race in a Genomic Age (Rutgers U. Press, with a contribution from arch-environmentaloon Richard ‘LoopyLoo’ Lewontin). Even though Morton felt obliged to deny (on the basis of a 1977 article) the claims of William Shockley and James Watson that there was a genes-based B-W racial difference in IQ, Morton countered the nihilism of social anthropologists about race and put boot to rump by concluding “genetics is advancing and anthropology isn’t.”

* 2009, American Journal of Human Genetics 84, 429–430, April 10, 429.


Although The Workers’ Paradise had long abandoned its ‘White Australia’ immigration policy and gone in for socialist governments, gang rapes of White girls by Mueslis, inter-Chinese nail-gunning and republicanism, it still had enough spark to list, denounce and publish the ludicrous modern right-on bullying and extravagance of its ever-increasingly peecee Motherland (The Australian, 21 iv). For example:

A 10-year-old child was arrested and brought before a judge [in England], for having allegedly called an 11-year-old boy a "Paki" and "bin Laden" during a playground argument at a primary school (the other boy had called him a skunk and a Teletubby). By the time it reached court, the case had cost taxpayers £25,000. The accused was so distressed that he had stopped attending school. The judge, Jonathan Finestein, said: "Have we really got to the stage where we are prosecuting 10-year-old boys because of political correctness? There are major crimes out there and the police don't bother to prosecute. This is nonsense."

….The Royal Navy has installed a satanist chapel in a warship to accommodate the proclivities of a satanist crew member. "What would Nelson have said?" is a British newspaper cliche about navy scandals, but in this case seems a legitimate question. Satanist paraphernalia is also supplied to prison inmates who need it.

This campaign seems to come from unelected or quasi-governmental bodies controlling various institutions, which are more or less unanswerable to electors, more than it does directly from the Government, although the Government helps drive it and condones it in a fudged and deniable manner.


Pres. Obarmy’s Clinton-selected ‘Portuguese water dog’ ‘Bo’ (equipped with webbed feet for fishing and a tight-curled black coat for symbolic value) turned out to be a thundering nuisance, deemed ‘slightly crazy’ by super-model fat-ass Michelle, avoided by Obarmy’s younger daughter, dragging Obarmy himself shamefully along, prone to chew shoes and waking up the White House in the middle of the night with over-excitement about its ball (Sun, 24 iv).

{By contrast, the Bush dog, ‘Barney’ had been under sufficient discipline and had its master’s interests at heart enough to be attacking journalists at the slightest opportunity (Torygraph, 9 i).}


A set of nine genes that cause mental retardation when jointly defective was identified on the X chromosome in the biggest genetic investigation of its kind yet conducted (Nature Genetics; Times, 20 iv; team led by Professor Mike Stratton, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, near Cambridge). That such epistasis (multiplicative gene x gene interaction) should be involved in determining intelligence levels had been suggested and explained in The g Factor (Chapter 3, pp. 106, 112) and helped account for why geneticists – already burdened by their left-wing biases and the need to keep government research monies flowing in – had been so slow in identifying genes for I.Q. The genetic package discovered by Stratton et al. would have been doubly hard to detect in that it would have found phenotypic expression only in boys (who have only a short Y chromosome with which to cover any damage on X). The researchers took advantage of automated large-scale DNA sequencing to analyse – in a simple but mammoth task -- the protein-coding regions of nearly every gene on the X chromosome (Genetic Future, 21 iv).


Two men of Papua New Guinea, famous for its apparently happy practice of avuncular paedophilia, took out a $10M defamation lawsuit in New York against the 71-year-old U.C.L.A. Polish-Jewish environmentaloon Jared Diamond (author of Guns, Germs and Steel) who had maintained – in the course of arguing that White superiority was accidental and temporary (just a by-product of good east-west communication – e. g. across the Himalayas and Gobi Desert [ho, ho!]) – that PNG males were a pretty murderous lot pro tem. (Google News, 22 iv). A New York female ‘arts & science’ museum director {presumably a social anthropologist*} had taken it upon herself to denounce Diamond’s claims as ‘stinky journalism’ (21 iv), giving hope to the PNG bushmen.

* See ‘The great soc. anth. Scam'.


A succinct analysis of the latter-day left’s “romance” with authoritarian but underdog-loving and unpatriotic Mohammedanism was given in National Review (Clifford May, 16 iv) – especially pointing out that leftists had provided major backing for the Ayatolla Khomeini’s 1979 overthrow of the Shah of Iran, only to find themselves dropped, denounced and defenestrated once the Muesli revolution was underway.


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Sunday, April 19, 2009


As Britain’s hospitals proved themselves daily to be full of filth and vastly overpaid Labour apparatchik bureaucrats, as its state schools proved themselves (after twelve years of Rev. Bliar’s ‘Education! Education! Education!’) the worst in Europe (and Cockney-accented teachers rebelled against the only remaining discipline on them, of American-style testing [whether of IQ or attainment no-one really knew]), as single-parent households multiplied, children like ‘Baby P’ died from Labour-arranged religion-defying neglect and cruelty under the noses of multi-visiting social workers and 10, Downing Street devoted itself to smearing the Opposition (it found out that Camerloon had a sexual health check as an undergrad….), lags at Ashwell Prison, Rutland, torched their 400 places in revenge for Labour’s failure to create enough jail places for the criminals it had nurtured into being (after twelve years of Blair’s catchy ‘Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime!’) (and failed to deploy as a Humanitarian Force for Africa where the criminals could have sunk or swum without £70K p.a. costs for each of them to the U.K. taxpayer) (Sun, 13 iv).

{For the only truth about NuLabour, as seen and published from the beginning in 1996/7, see The g Factor Newsletters here -- aficionados will relish the many references to Inquisitor Neil MacCormick.}


Contrary to all normal peecee practice, a French policeman managed to release to friends, and thus eventually to the internet, explicit CCTV footage of four mainly-Black thugs robbing and beating up a political science student on a late-night bus in Paris while mouthing racist expletives (AmRen, 18 iv).

{Sadly, the young man knew his peecee lines so well that he did not wish to talk to journalists about the incident, preferring no doubt to have a career in his chosen subject.}

Sunday, April 12, 2009


While British laws allowed Muesli agitators to hurl abuse with impunity at British troops returning from Iraq, the intelligent, good-humoured and ultra-brave race-realist (if anti-semitic) ‘Heretical Two’ outspeakers remained confined in California’s Santa Ana Jail as they sought refuge from British ‘justice’ – their names, Simon Sheppard and [Preston-born U.York graduate] Stephen Whittle (see below, July 2008), surfacing briefly in outback MSM only as Leeds Crown Court suspended their sentencing for ‘race hate’ internet publications to await the outcome of their asylum claim in America (Yorkshire Post, 30 iii; Yorkshire Evening Post, 31 iii).

{A full account of the pair’s trials and tribulations, with pretty full support for their freedom of speech and with comments on pathetic MSM neglect of the story, was available in OC Weekly, 28 iii. Bizarrely, the hounding of S & W had come as Jews themselves showed signs of admitting that their generation-long support for indiscriminate multiculturalism in the West (not, of course, in Israel) had been a mistake – see ‘Jews and Christians’ and ‘Act for America’, March.}


In its obituary for E.LU.’s (affable Glaswegian but Scottie nationalist) 67-year-old Regius Professor Sir Neil MacCormick, who had organized the 1996 Inquisition ooops Inquiry into my teaching (though no external examiner had complained in the 26 years of my E.LU. career), the Daily Telegraph (7 iv) recalled what happened after MacCormick had vindicated me and the ‘anti-racist’ left was searching for other ways to bring me down and discovered the new departmental committee lists drawn up for AY 1996/7:
MacCormick did his best to stay above academic infighting, but in 1996, in his capacity as provost of the faculty, he felt obliged to intervene with Professor Robert Grieve, head of the psychology department, when Chris Brand, a lecturer who called himself a "scientific racist", was given charge of the department's ethics committee.

No wonder Big Bob Grieve proved to be not much longer for this world, like several other of my persecutors and non-defenders! (Under the ferocious and shaming pressures applied to him, BBG quickly abandoned me and went on to be a star Tribunal witness against me. But he lost there, too, as I got him to reveal and describe drunken brawling on the floor of his Department between university professors – all of which was doubtless noted by the powers-that-were. He took early retirement in 2004 and died c. 2007, aged 63.)

MacCormick himself went on to decline to be called as a witness by me at my 1997 Tribunal, where he could have testified that, as he had told me, he had read The g Factor and found it “really rather good” and rehearsed the many tributes to my teaching, examining and collegiality that his Inquiry had heard. Alas, such support was denied me. For his loyalty to E. LU., he was allowed to take five years off as a Scotnat Euro M.P.; but his life of high achievement and marital happiness (in his second marriage) ended suddenly and prematurely with the diagnosis of cancer in 2008 – another apparent victim of The Curse of The g Factor.

{Next, one waits to hear what will befall the previous E.LU. Vice-Chancellor, by 2008 principal sherry-bearer to Prince Philip, Lady Stewart Sutherland of Houndstooth…. – Though Dame Stewart (as he then had been) did arrange for me to get around £40K for 18 months of no work, so I always thought it possible he was properly considered as being on the side of the angels.}


As grey chainsmoking U.S. President Barry-the-Half-Black (slogan for hysterical dimwit Democrat followers: “Change We Can Believe In”) (accompanied by his big-personality [and big-bottom] wife Michelle) announced Western surrender in Iraq, appealed largely in vain to NATO allies for more troops for Afghanistan, faced the collapse of the increasingly mad-Muesli-driven U.S. ally Pakistan, watched a North Korean rocket zooming across U.S. ally Japan, learned of his failure to revive the stock markets, was apprised that Holy South Africa would soon fall into the hands of barking Zulu tribalist, rapist and fraudster Shitzuma (song for ululating crowds: “Bring me my machine gun!”) and heard of a new American oil tanker being captured by Somalian pirates, press comment was as follows:

"And so it was that Barack Hussein Obama visited Europe. In London, he rescued the world economy. In Strasbourg, he healed the Nato alliance. In Prague, he rid the world of nuclear weapons. In Ankara, he reconciled Islam and the west. And on the seventh day, he got back on to Air Force One and disappeared into a cloudless sky. Was it all a dream? I fear so."
- Gideon Rachman in the Financial Times

"Europe listens with shining eyes, it mobs him in its thousands and claps and cheers – but when he says it's time they shared a bit more of the burden, they stare at their shoes."
- Janet Daley in the Daily Telegraph

More fun lay ahead as a flotilla of mightily armed U.S. ships assembled off the Horn of Africa to hold protracted boardroom discussions as to how and why they could not just blow the pirates out of the water because of the numberless ‘human rights’ awarded them by the West (in return for no duties whatsoever, let alone for corresponding subscription to human rights by Somalia and its pirates).


That the worldwide 2008/9/?10…. recession had originated with SackMaCack Clinton, the self-styled “first Black President of the U.S.A.,” and been fully continued by Rev. Dubya Bush (Church of the Latter-Day Latino-Loving Morons) was further testified in WorldNetDaily, 5 iv. Apparently, “In 2007 {alone}, the year before the crash, the ‘Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America’ {officered by the likes of Pres.-to-be Obarmy [himself busy at the similar shakedown outfit ACORN]} obtained $10 billion in bank commitments for its own loan commitments [to low-IQ minorities] with what the group admits were aggressive, hounding intimidation tactics.” And where the bullying began? “….compliance got tougher in 1995 when President Clinton upped the ante, forcing banks to demonstrate statistically they were making their quota of loans in low-income neighborhoods and encouraging community activist groups like NACA to file complaints against banks.”


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Sunday, April 05, 2009


Leicester, Britain’s most multicultural city (full of Hindus and Pakistanis undertaking paramilitary exercise in its public parks), announced it would hold a full week of festivities to celebrate St George’s Day (April 23rd) (also Shakespeare’s birthday) (Sun, 3 iv). Residents of Leicester and surrounds, as they – especially the Hindus among them – planned to put up a profusion of Union Jacks, were evidently determined that their city should not go down the same path as nearby Birmingham, where low-class Mueslis not uncommonly provided an atmosphere of menace (especially for women without headscarves).