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The future of ‘diversity’ scams in US ‘universities’ was flagged up as a Black professor was allowed to complain (anonymously) to Inside Higher Education (13 vi) that he was fed up having always to worry that he had been selected not for his academic prowess but because of his skin colour – as he learned was often the case as he subsequently attended university committees. There should not be such embarrassing talk of ‘diversity’ he felt – the programme should be conducted more sensitively and sub rosa....


Blood was at last drawn from Britain’s interminable Levisohn Inquiry as Michael Gove (the only UK Cabinet Minister with any gumption – though not enough to bring back educational selection according to the g factor) complained that the drift of the year-long job Leviperson creation programme for lawyers was to stop journalists ever buying a drink for a copper or politico – thus depriving the public of most interesting news (Sunday Mail, 17 vi).

Lord Poobah-peecee Levisohn wrote to Downing Street to demand that witness Govey be gagged as injurious to the fabulously money-spinning soporific Inquiry – itself designed to show that Daft Dave was no more guilty of fawning on Chinese-wifed press baron Lupert Murdoch than had been Rev Tone Blair and Grumpy Gordon Brown, and to condemn Murdoch monopolism (when, in fact, the monopoly of Britain’s media was in the hands of the lib-left, compulsorily taxpayer-funded BBC, to which Murdoch had for thirty years provided the only serious opposition).


In Israel, plans were announced to build the biggest prison in the world, in the Sinai desert, to house African immigrants as they awaited deportation from the Holy Land (BBC World Service, 18 vi, 08:50BST). By contrast, in America, Jewish-funded President Obarmy legalized the 800K progeny of illegal Mexican immigrants and persisted with arranging more health handouts for (often unemployable, even when not criminal) Blacks.


After a year of the idea of fiscally separating the north and south of Western Europe achieving at least a dozen supportive comments from politicos (Geert Wilders), top commentators in the Telegraph and Mail and even some favourable mentions on the BBC and in the Guardian (see this blog over the last year), the UK’s top Conservative politician, the (elected) Mayor of London, vanquisher of ‘Red Ken’ Livingstone, Boris Johnson, weighed in with a favourable ajudication as the conclusion to his weekly Torygraph column (18 vi).

Even star-left Grauniadista Polly Toynbee speculated about a “northern league” and suggested German Reichskanzlerin Mutti Merkel would favour one – though Polly herself favoured the issue of ‘war bonds’ which the rich would be “coerced” to purchase (19 vi).

For the Mail, top historian Max Hastings said Greek corruption and tax evasion had disqualified the country from “northern Europe” (19 vi) and reckoned newly socialist-voting France would be better governed “by a cat” than by hen-pecked François Hollande.


The Muslims and Christians of Blacker-than-Black Mali (q.v.), unseparated due to years of political folly, turned on each other again – with a score of churches being arsoned and worshippers fried and with a few Mueslis stoned to death in their cars.


“A black kid asks his mom, ‘Mama, what’s a democracy?’

“‘Well, son, that be when white folks work every day so us po’ folks can get all our benefits.’

“‘But Mama, don’t the white folk get mad about that?’

“‘They sho do, son. They sho do. And that’s called racism.’”

Yes, this joke resulted in the resignation of its teller, Ms Inge Marler, not from the Bishops’ Conference of the Church of England but from her position on the steering committee of the Arkansas branch of the provenly ineffectual Tea Party – once hoped to furnish a passably right-wing GOP candidate for President but in fact most loyal, even in defeat, to its own cowardly ‘anti-racist’ protestations (AmRen, 19 vi).


The impressive (and pro-Empire) Oxford and Harvard historian Niall Ferguson correctly analysed the West’s current economic problems as consisting essentially in the vast and unsustainable borrowing from the younger generation in the form of pensions, health care and employment rights; and he properly teased his LSE (Libyan School of Economics) audience with the young actually backing these extravagances by voting (and ‘demonstrating’) for the left – if they took any interest in politics at all (BBC R4, 19 vi, 09:03-09:45; Telegraph, 19 vi).

But Ferguson declined to admit the role of eugenics (stimulated by Bible-reading, Protestantism, allowing priests to marry, discouraging nunneries and tolerating Huguenots and Jews) in the C16-and-subsequent rise of the West; or to admit the role of dysgenics in the West’s recent relative decline into illiteracy, unemployability drug dependency, criminality and a colossal increase in ill health.*

Equally, NF was blind to the need for a House of Lords involving people having grandchildren and thus an informed and healthy interest in the next generation; and, of course, despite the flagrant and ever-continuing backwardness of Africa, racial theories of national economic success were dismissed out of hand, and IQ was not once mentioned.

*Britain’s health problems of 1945 were projected to be largely eradicated within a few years by the socialists who created the National Health Service....


While Britain (properly) recalled the crucial wartime codebreaking achievements (at its intelligence HQ, Bletchley Park) of the homosexual computer genius Alan Turing (to suicide in 1953 after his mild perversion was discovered), reminding Brits of the contributions of splendidly contributing pederasts such as King James I, Shakespeare (some or all of whose plays – notably the anti-regicidal Macbeth, 1610 -- were possibly written by James, if not by the Earl of Oxford), Edward Lear, Oscar Wilde, J.M.Barrie, Benjamin Britten etc, there came a reminder of a less positive contribution of a yag/bisexual/exhibitionist {sadly the first grandchild of Victoria and Albert} to history (from a review of the new Bismarck: A Life, OUP):

"in 1888, the so-called Year of the Three Kaisers, the [German] Reich had three emperors, all within 100 days: Wilhelm I died at the age of almost 91 and was followed by his son Frederick III, who had represented England and liberalism, but who was terminally ill with cancer. Frederick’s death paved the way for the 29-year-old Kaiser William [Wilhelm] II, an immature and inexperienced youth who liked strutting around in fancy uniforms and was addressed as “darling” by his homosexual coterie.

The new Kaiser, whom Bismarck {Germany’s effective ruler from 1862} had referred to contemptuously to as “that silly boy,” did not want to stand in his prime minister’s shadow, so he fired Bismarck in March 1890. {It was called ‘dropping the pilot.’} The new Kaiser wanted to rule on his own, he wanted Germany to have “a place in the sun,” and he was completely out of his depth.The stage was set for the cataclysm of 1914–18."


Britain’s dedicated leftist educationists in the Civil ‘Service’ deliberately infuriated Nice Nick Clogg and his LibDims by leaking Education Minister Michael Gove’s preliminary plan to restore a two-tier exam system for 16-yr-olds (bringing back the old ‘O’Levels while retaining GCSEs for dummies ooops the differently abled).

NN promptly vetoed the idea, insisting that the egalitarian farce of state ‘education’ be maintained. A Liberal? A Democrat? Why not just ask the parents which stream they wished their kid to be in – as had standardly happened in Germany for the previous fifty years? – But then NNC had probably not read The g Factor (chapter 4).


As prosecutors and defenders in Norway ‘argued’ whether Labour-slaying Islam-hating Anders Breivik (q.v.) should receive luxury lifetime (probably 20 years) hospitalization or prisonization, the question of whether he was an arrogant and exhibitionistic homosexual who needed hanging, drawing and quartering and the funds of his relatives, friends and landlords sequestered in perpetuity to help recompense victims’ families was neatly avoided.

Also avoided in self-confessed Breivik’s eye-popping lawyer-funding one-year detention and ten-week trial was the question of whether – regardless of his mental disturbance, if any – Labour politicians themselves needed prosecuting as traitors for bringing needless Mueslis and their rapist, sexist and welfare-seeking ways to nifty Norway.


A surprising (but welcome) defence of Reichskanzlerin Mutti Merkel appeared (from the liberal Josef Joffe) in the Guardian (22 vi): “Merkel is right....: "It's the micro-economics, stupid!" It is not just consistent overspending that has brought the Piigs (and France) to their sorry state, but also frozen labour markets {since no-one could be sacked – except for racism}, lavish welfare benefits, short working lives {retirement age in France had been reduced to 60 – though briefly 62 under Sarkozy}, bubble-feeding cheap money, and costly sops to public-sector unions.”


It is not the general business of this blog to detail what Whites have to put up with from the liberal-left ‘anti-racism’ to which they have subjected themselves (hoping to cling on to their property and privileges for another 30 years, unconcerned for their children – often anyhow ripped from them by wymmin’s lib and its takeover of ‘law’). But the following ‘anti-racist’ effort does seem worth recording, as America’s University of Minnesota (Duluth) had its Chancellor endorse (by blessing a campus visit) the genocidal thinking of the Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson-crony, Jewish ‘poet’ Tim Wise (AmRen, 22 vi).

For all y’all rich folks, enjoy that champagne, or whatever fancy ass Scotch you drink.

And for y’all a bit lower on the economic scale, enjoy your Pabst Blue Ribbon, …

Whatever the case, and whatever your economic station, know this . . .

You need to drink up.

And quickly.

And heavily.

Because your time is limited. [ . . . ]

And in the pantheon of American history, old white people have pretty much always been the bad guys, the keepers of the hegemonic and reactionary flame, the folks unwilling to share the category of American with others on equal terms.

Fine, keep it up. It doesn’t matter.

Because you’re on the endangered list.

And unlike, say, the bald eagle or some exotic species of muskrat, you are not worth saving.


AmRen, 22 vi: Interracial marriage can be dangerous: Lynn Barkley Burnett and Jonathan Adler, the authors of a 2005 study on domestic violence in the United States, found that “the incidence of spousal homicide is 7.7 times higher in interracial marriages compared to intraracial marriages.” The chances of being killed by your spouse are small, to be sure, but an older study found that white men who married black women were 21.4 times more likely to be killed by their spouses than white men who married white women.

A white woman increased her risk of being killed 12.4 times by marrying a black man. [Fatal Violence Among Spouses in the United States, 1976-85, by James A. Mercy and Linda Saltzman, American Journal of Public Health, May, 1989.]


With breathtaking hypocrisy, Labour leader ‘Red’ Ed Miliband declared (Guardian, 23 vi) that to worry about immigration was *not* racist or “bigoted” (as former leader Grumpy Gordon had been caught muttering) and that he regreted it if Labour had ever given the wrong impression (as it certainly had, abetted by its countless friends in the Grauniad and the BBC). So what could Mililitre do about the 1,400 new East European EU citizens taking up jobs in Britain daily? Nothing – except to insist on their human rights, minimum wage levels etc, so as to make the new arrivals as uncompetitive as Brits.

And what would Milibean do about the steady stream of immigrants’ non-English-speaking wives and ‘dependents’ arriving ready to breed dysgenically with the disproportionate help of the NHS? Or about immigrants (and those of immigrant stock) who were criminal or chronically unemployed? Why, nothing at all, of course!


In a terminal twist before waltzing off to retirement in Cambridge, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Beardie-Weirdie Rowan Whatkinson, denounced the Coalition Government’s ‘Big Society’ plans (Observer, 24 vi, p.1). Properly implemented, these would have put new cash into the hands of churches so they could provide local supervision of and even employment for delinquents, single mothers, gypsies, alcies, druggies etc – as proposed in my reports of 1965-8 to the Prison Service.

But, instead of seizing the cash and taking the opportunity to rival Britain’s deskbound peecee police, sociologified ‘care’ workers, lazy doctors, lesbian nurses, incompetent councillors [think: Edinburgh trams] and egalitarialunatic teachers, Whatneyson preferred to play politics – more concerned to preserve the Welfare State than the Church of England.


The Scottish National Party’s plan for separatism suffered a reverse as support for it in Scotland (half of which was Anglo-Saxon or Viking) fell to 35%. Problems for separatists had been that the SNP leadership had recognized that an ‘independent’ Scotland would need to keep the Queen, the pound and an integrated transport and telecomms network – meaning that most key decisions would still be taken in London.

As for Scottie hopes to keep the country’s regiments and the job-creation programme of Trident after ‘independence’, these were dealt blows by new Westminster plans for Army cutbacks and by a Pembrokeshire town stepping forward to say it would be only too happy to strip Glasgow of Britain’s nuclear deterrent.

Increasingly frightened, the SNP even felt obliged to deny it was ‘nationalist’ – as one top German politician had remarked....


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An unusually fair summary of the history of eugenics was offered in the New York Times (and complemented by well-informed AmRen correspondents [who had quite often heard of Richard Lynn’s work and writing], 11 vi). It specially outlined the origin of eugenics in enlightened/progressive thought of the 1920s; and admitted use was so high that, by 2010, no less than 90% of parents conceiving a Down’s Syndrome foetus proceeded to abortion.


While, officially, West-beloved multiculti Ang Sang Who-She was taking over quasi-presidentially in dictatorial Burma, that country furnished a reminder of why it needed dictatorship. Muslims (not content with daily killings of Christians in Africa) unleashed terror and gang rape on Burma’s Buddhists – and were met with a robust response (surprising the cheery West-infatuated Daily Llama).

Chris Lewa of the Arakan Project told the Guardian (11 vi)) that, contrary to some media reports claiming calm had been restored, the situation was actually getting worse, particularly in Maungdaw, where thousands of soldiers had been deployed. Several parts of the western port of Shittwe, the state capital, had been set ablaze; and Lewa said that, with an equal ratio of Muslims to Buddhists in Sittwe, turmoil between ethnies there could dramatically escalate.

The conflict pitting ethnic Rakhine Buddhists against Rohingya Muslims (these latter regarded by the government as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh) left at least a dozen civilians dead and hundreds of homes destroyed and thousands displaced in the week since disturbances began in coastal Rakhine state (Guardian, 12 vi).


In a startling expansion of the UK’s nanny state, handouts of £10K to each of Britain’s 120K most ‘troubled’ families were announced by the once-trusted ‘right-winger,’ the portly bespectacled Eric Pickles (evidently feeling the need to soften his image to achieve greater acceptability at London dinner parties).

The fresh Coalition dosh would pay for extra social workers bringing Mars bars, mobile phones, soft porn videos etc. In addition, councils would each receive £3,900 if they achieved more than 85% attendance in schools and fewer than three school exclusions in troubled families, along with a 60% reduction in antisocial behaviour and cutting youth offending by a third.

If one adult in a problem family moved off benefits and into continuous work, the payment would be £4K (Guardian, 12 vi).

{Just whether alternatives like sterilization, imprisonment, monitoring devices, curfews, deportation, national service or the lash had been considered was not stated....}

{Similar ‘good works’ were being planned at the ‘Centre for Social Justice’ headed by once-rightish Government minister Ian Dunking Donut, whose wheeze was to spend billions tinkering with the benefits system so that working might become as attractive as shirking – by 2026!}


Although the Royal Navy had not been able to find enough ships in its ‘fleet’ for Brenda to review (for her Diamond Jubilee) and the Army announced a further 20% cut in its troops, ludicrous Foreign Secretary William Hague announced he would do his best to keep the ethnic civil war in Syria going by giving all possible guns to the Saudi-backed Solunnis as they fought (with al-Qaeda help) to overthrow the 40-year-established Russia-backed Allahlite-Shitite regime (which sympathized with Christians and Jews).

{Would multiculti-dominated Britain’s reluctance to identify ethnic fault lines and enforce them cost it trillion-pound expenditures to no effect as in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya? Very likely if the UK’s notoriously pro-Arab Foreign Office had its way!}

As Vogue took down from its website its article admiring President Assad’s pretty young London-based wife (and mother of Assad’s three known children), it turned out the piece had described her as “a rose in the desert.” "Asma al-Assad is glamorous, young and very chic -- the freshest and most magnetic of first ladies," Joan Juliet Buck began her profile of Syria's first lady in Vogue’s March 2011 issue (Sydney Morning Herald, 13 vi – with visual aid).


Good news about Britain – labouring under economic crisis as it was supposed to be! 30% of registered ‘unemployed’ (and thus benefit-taking) actually did have jobs – on the black market, and sufficiently lucrative that, when required to turn up for work on new government-mandated programmes, the cheats reckoned it best for them simply to stop claiming the dole (Sun, 13 vi).


Tunisia -- fawned on by the multicultiloony West for deposing its stability-maintaining dictator, Ben Ali (sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in absentia) -- descended into rioting and vehicle-burning as Salafi-Muslims resorted to petrol bombs on finding they did not like what they were told of the artworks in some unheard-of gallery (in an up-market area of capital Tunis not normally much frequented by religious loons).

An interior ministry official said 2,500 Salafis were still involved in clashes with police after a day of rock-throwing and arson. 162 people had been detained and 65 members of the security forces had been hurt. A night-time curfew was imposed on the capital and seven other areas after the interior minister, Ali Larayedh, told parliament he expected the riots to continue in the ensuing days, stretching security forces (Guardian, 13 vi).

Visual aids of the artwork could not be relayed by the Guardian, presumably for fear of British Mueslis; but Reuters said the work that appeared to have caused most fury spelt out the name of God using insects.

In Libya, some 60 were being killed by fellow Arabs daily; and just one day in Baghdad saw 84 Shi-ite worshippers killed and 200 injured – presumably by Sunnis (though the Western press found such ethnic hostility too non-peecee to mention). ‘Liberated’ Libyans attacked the British Ambassador’s car with a rocket-propelled grenade – he survived but his chauffeur and bodyguard were killed.


Blacks and Srindopakeshis were not much in evidence among the million Londoners who publicly celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (aka National Best-Loved Granny Final). As a gag at the Jubilee Concert, Black comedian Lenny Henry offered a throwaway line on TV: “Hands up if there are any black people here. Right, that’s three of us ...... let’s have a fight.” 26% of ‘Londoners’ were coloured by 2012; but only 1% of the televised crowds on Whitehall and the Mall.


A new IEA paper by Christopher Snowdon, Sock Puppets: How the Government Lobbies Itself and Why, painted a depressing picture of how the Blair government had corrupted charity. By 2009, some 27,000 charities had become dependent on the government for more than 75 per cent of their income and the “voluntary sector” received more money from the state than it received in actual voluntary donations, Snowdon explained (Telegraph, 11 vi).

{A chief occupation of many ‘charities’ was to lobby government for more dosh – so round and round they went in their virtuous circle of robbing the taxpayer so as to indulge in dysgenic spending and vote harvesting!} Peter Hitchens commented (Daily Mail, 13 vi): “Mr Snowdon has done us a valuable service.”


After it had taken Basildon council ten years and £18M to shift gypsies (a quarter of a mile) from a site they had occupied, a West Sussex farmer, elderly but hunky Dave Dawson, showed there was an easier way: as gypsies invaded a field of his at 6.45a.m. and put their own locks on his gates, he moved in with a bulldozing-capable digger and, brushing aside police threats to arrest him, ‘persuaded’ the gypsies to move (Daily Mail, 14 vi).

{Brits had been banned from gun ownership since 1919, so demand for diggers was likely to skyrocket – doubtless triggering ‘liberal’ demands to ban them too.}


A fine commemoration of Britain’s brilliant ‘racist’/pre-Friedmanite/pre-Thatcherite/anti-eurozone/pro-House of Lords politico-prophet Enoch Powell (b. 16 vi 2012) was provided by top columnist Simon Heffer (Daily Mail, 14 vi) – while not acknowledging Enoch’s difficulty in admitting the world had been run by America since Britain’s disastrous agreement with the French plan to fight Germany in 1914, and in appreciating that the problems for Whites in their homelands would come far more from low-IQ Blecks (and Mehicans, in the USA) than from Pekis.

{Nor did Simon acknowledge that he himself had been fired by the Torygraph for naughtiness: his own avoidance of outright racism had done him no more good than had Enoch’s.}


Standard-model paedohysteria took a knock as the Oz Army (aka Australian Defence Force) revealed (with extreme reluctance) to freedom-of-information inquirers that it had unearthed at least 770 cases of paedophilia/pederasty in its ranks – rather more than had been discovered in the Catholic churches of Ireland and America combined. The ADF suggested it had been ‘infiltrated’ by paedophiles in days going back to the 1950s when boys as young as 13 could sign up; but, notably, the ‘abuse’ had not yielded a single public complaint in 50 years (Sydney Morning Herald, 15 vi).

In England, a Malmesbury lance corporal in the Queen’s Household Cavalry went on trial (together with his wife) for the ‘rape’ (possibly ‘statutory’) of various minors and a dog (Sun, 15 vi).

Meantime, however, with their backsides covered by their tabloid-backed fulmination against paedophilia, Britain’s homosexuals (having already blackmailed politicians into granting them IVF reproduction and adoption rights – forcing Catholic adoption agencies out of business) pressed for yag marriage (which in turn would force all churches [most notably the Church of England] out of the marriage market for fear of being accused of breaching perverts’ ooman rights).

{If only the ADF findings had appeared earlier, perhaps the churches could have held a line that non-injurious ephebophilia was merely a Grade D sin – though still one disqualifying the practitioner from actually marrying his beloved. – Or beloveds, for to what would yag marriage lead on? To legally sanctioned polygamous perversity? To bestophile marriage? The churches would have been better to be realistic (if passably forgiving) about sodomy from the start!}


As Britain’s interminable Levisohn Commission dragged on (aiming to bash the Murdoch press – which gave po-faced MPs and the peecee BBC the only hard times they ever had), it turned out that the lolly-loving lawyers were happy to allow ‘I don’t remember/recall/recollect where/when/with whom I dined or what exactly was discussed.’

The new defence (offered under oath) reached a high point of frequency in the day-long* testimony by PM Daft Dave Cameron (another day off from sorting out the affairs of loony Euroland), giving rise to a newly named syndrome: Camentia – doubly suitable as it transpired that DDC and his wife Samantha had once driven off without their 8-yr daughter from their local Cotswold pub {contrary to Dubya’s policy of ‘No Child Left Behind’....}.

* A lawyer’s ‘day’ lasts five hours [including 1½-hr lunch break], the public learned.


The fond view of ‘anti-racists’ that Black children are somehow held back by White teachers took a knock from research in the University of Houston which found that schools’ percentages of Black teachers had no significant relation to the educational results of their Afro-American eighth graders (AmRen, 13 vi).


Ethnic conflict between the supporters of deaded Black trespasser (in Florida) Trayvvon Martin and his part-Jewish vigilante killer George Zimmerman (q.v.) looked ever more likely as state prosecutress Angela Corey, an Arab-American, put in a 40-minute telephone rant with the Dean of Harvard Law School, trying to get cancelled the academic freedom of Alan Dershowitz, the leading Jewish intellectual who had been defending Zimmerman (AmRen, 8 vi).

{Perhaps the case would bring to an end – in the autumn, as race riots got going – the ludicrous support of American Jewry for PeeCee and every ‘minority’ going?}

Another challenge to official Jewish affection for Blecks emerged as ‘Britain’s’ mega-stinking-rich Kate Goldsmith (née Rothschild) deserted her Jewish hubby (of nine years, with three children produced) for scruffy hooded, be-jeaned and plimsolled rapper ‘Jay Electronica’ (Daily Mail, 16 vi).


As aficionados {like me -- See here} celebrated the centenary of the birth of Enoch Powell, a Birmingham girl of Mid-Eastern origin (papa called Sultan), died of TB despite NINE visits to her NHS-supplied Srindopakeshi GP -- he failed to diagnose her condition.

Alina’s GP Dr Sharad Shripadrao Pandit — who was contacted more than FIFTY times by the girl’s worried parents — had suggested she should see a spiritual healer because she was “lovesick” (Sun, 16 vi). All this despite Alina having been diagnosed with TB a year previously and TB being well known to recur! Yet, as dictated by PeeCee, the wretched BBC could not manage to broadcast the name, photo, race or even sex of the incompetent ‘doctor.’


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Just after happily paedophilic (literally child-selling) Niger (q.v.) lost 20 in a Black-piloted air crash, and Ghana lost 10, neighbouring Nigeria (IQ 68) managed to kill 175 of its denizens as a plane from its capital city OboujaOdoudy overshot a runway and ploughed into civilians near the “Murtala Muhammed” airport of another of the country’s wretched cities (Lagos) (BBC, 4 vi).

‘Goodluck Jonathan,’ the hilariously-named president of the failed multiculti state, said the crash "has sadly plunged the nation into further sorrow on a day when Nigerians were already in grief over the loss of many other innocent lives in the church bombing in Bauchi state", referring to a mad-Muesli suicide bombing that killed 10 Blacks (Guardian, 4 vi).


In a nice sign that China may one day keep going the nicer features of the West (set to be spoiled in the White homeland by third-world immigration, imported wives, coloured overbreeding, corruption and crime), a south China upmarket estate literally had architects reproduce the charming Austrian alpine village of Hallstatt – complete with whitewashed churches, lakeside and mountains, large-eaved balconied houses etc (AmRen, 4 vi – including visual aid).


After fifty years of idiocy about its ‘ally’ state of Pakistan (which had cut off the Khyber Pass to Afghaniland), the US began to pound that pathetically corrupt and divided ‘country’ with 7,000 circulating drones (‘unmanned aerial vehicles’ as military speech had it) (run by some 50K nerds from desks in America) firing Hellfire missiles at anyone with a beard (killing dozens of Pekiloons monthly), yielding plenty of familial casualties and delightfully annoying Pekilend’s politicos – though potentially solving the latter’s worst problems by getting rid of the country’s madder thanatic Mueslis* (Guardian, 4 vi).

{Was it possible that President Barry was human after all and had got fed up with the impossibility and disloyalty of the Muesli world? On 4 vi, the world heard from Afghanilooniland’s President Khazi that he thanked *China* as his chief ally – so much for ten years of trillion-dollar US expenditures and 2K young Americans dead.

The Guardian, however, settled for reckoning Nobel Peace Prize winner Barry’s ‘punitivism’ was merely calculated to help win him the upcoming presidential election (in November) (5 vi). Either way, Barry had plainly lost many brownie points with the panty-twisted White idealists who had so keenly supported his 2008 election. – Still, it was entirely unlikely that these White wretches would ever bring themselves to VOTE MITT and thus associate themselves with historic Mormonic proclivities}

*Not that Peks in the ‘tribal areas’ were not themselves making a eugenic contribution! Just who were the young men selected by the weirdiebeardies to be suicide bombers? Most likely they were lower-IQ kids who found it easy to believe in Islam in general and Muslim heaven in particular – giving them the only chance they could ever have of a luxury life with 72 virgins.


Britain’s taxation-funded broadcaster, the ‘British’ Broadcasting Corp (though it unfailingly backed the EU, mass third-world immigration, homosexuality, ugly elderly females and PeeCee), received a drubbing from the press, and especially from celebrity comic homo Stephen Fry, for its pathetic coverage of the Diamond Jubiliee – in which more interest had been shown in the mums and dads of celebrities even more minor than Fry than in serious commentary or in Handel’s Water Music (Daiy Mail, 6 vi).

– The Beeb naturally took advantage of the Jubilee cover to release the even worse news that it would be appointing as Director General a Labour stooge quangocrat who had never even made a TV programme.


As do-gooders like the massive Bill Gates Foundation and the United Nations Populations Fund planned a conference in London (July 11 – by nice coincidence a hundred years after London’s First International Eugenics Conference, held in July, 1912, in commemoration of Galton’s 1911 death) to discuss world population problems {much exacerbated by the ceaseless flow of Western ‘aid’}, Gates director Melinda made a surprising admission (American Thinker, 6 vi): “Government leaders . . . are now beginning to understand that providing access to contraceptives is a cost-effective way to foster economic growth . . . Governments should provide all women with access to family planning tools that are safe and effective and meet the needs of all women.”

{Whether the worthies would long resist the likely hysteria of the Roman Catholic Church and the Muslim Brotherhood remained to be seen; but the RCs were in deep doodoo, with the Pope’s butler imprisoned in the Vatican, and the MBs were on the verge of being vilified for subverting the West’s beloved Arab Spring. Western experience was that voluntary contraceptive uptake was sadly higher among the high-IQ

– but Western bribes to retarded single mothers [benefits, ‘social’ housing, free skules’n’ospitaws] were mercifully not on offer in Efrica. So perhaps Melinda’s blind-obvious idea – straight out of the realistic 1960s – might get some purchase.}


A new anti-IQ, anti-White ‘anti-racist’ book, Beyond Human Nature, appeared from CUNY philosophy professor Jesse Prinz (Jewish, in the mainstream tradition of the anti-London-School left) and was efficiently shredded by reviewer Brenton Sanderson (Occidental Observer, vi) – who included a nice photo of Richard Lynn.

Needless to say, Prinz had not troubled to read Race, Evolution & Behavior, IQ &the Wealth of Nations or either version of The g Factor (1996/2000, 1998) so could not even begin to account for how the White-Black difference appeared all round the world, including in Black-run countries, and not just in the ‘racist’ conditions of wickid ol’ USA.


The West’s ‘leaders,’ who had turned out to be incapable of sustained speech (and presumably thought) about the supposedly important but certainly interminable crises of the eurozone (broken by subprime multiculti lending) and Syria (descended into civil war thanks to Western backing for Sunni Arabs) turned out to have full representation in Britain: during four days of Diamond Jubilee events for Good Queen Bess II, not a single academic was called upon to give a lecture, despite the UK having for a generation been well-stocked with TV-presentable historians like the loyalists David Starkey and lovely Lucy Worsley.

All that Britain’s ‘leaders’ could do was to arrange a straggle of clapped-out small boats on the Thames, a BBC non-commentary* on the muddle, several drenchings for all concerned, an ill-mannered pop concert (with Black ‘host’ Lenny Henry flagrantly interrupting Oz star Rolf Harris as he sang the touching ‘Two Little Boys’), a socialist/antiracist/antisexist sermon in St Paul’s by Beardie-Weirdie Rowan Atkinson and the usual string of dinners. The only imagination shown throughout the exercise was by Her Majesty, who supposedly wore discreet ear plugs for the Buck House pop concert (‘starring’ puffy Elton John and doubtless other nancy boys) – no wonder Prince Philip got himself a sick note!

*The BBC received 2,425 complaints about its “inane” (etc.) coverage. One ‘commentator’ (probably Black) had remarked that one lady’s hat resembled ‘the one worn by Nelson at Waterloo.’ The BBC bleeted that it had intended its coverage to be “informal” and “inclusive” (Sun, 7 vi). Never had the case for its privatization been stronger!


The treachery to taxpayers of Labour politicos went on display as Islington Council rented a bijou Georgian town house (worth £8K rent per month) to a clan of ten Somali down-and-outs for £1K per month – that money itself to be paid easily out of the family’s copious welfare benefits (Sun, 7 vi). Topman Mohammed, 55, told journalists he couldn’t understand how his family had got so lucky.


A plea to reclaim free speech was mounted in the Guardian by the moderate and informed – if unfailingly boring – Timothy Garton Ash (7 vi). He wanted Brits to be able to use language “likely” to offend such groups as homosexuals and Scientologists so long as no offence was “intended.” Whoopee! Lawyers would be able to earn billions arguing about that distinction.

Meantime TGA would continue Labour’s 1966/76 criminalization of ‘racist hate speech’ in which the faxalife about third-world minorities were publicly mentioned with the modest intent of encouraging arrest, welfare cessation, drafting and eventual repatriation.


Despite the uselessness of Europe’s leaders, a break-up of the eurozone – long favoured by the British right -- began to appeal even to Grauniadistas (8 vi), with one correspondent writing: “It needs to be broken up -- preferably by the creditors leaving so that France and the Club Med states can take over the European Central Bank, devalue and print money. But even a disorderly collapse in the South would be preferable to yet more of this fiasco -- because the longer it drags on, the worse the final disaster will be.”

{This was one of the first references in leftist prints to unloading the French which I had seen. Whoopee! – It was of course mainly excessive lending by French banks – themselves swindled by American selling on of supposedly AAA-rated subprime debt, making them think themselves rich -- which had got the PIGS into trouble.}


The Clinton- and French-led multiculti bubble&crunch yielded its inevitable result. Greece's huge immigrant population was bearing the brunt of the tidal wave of anger and despair that in May catapulted Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn Party) into parliament. A surge of attacks on migrants, particularly from Pakistan and Afghanistan, was blamed on the neo-fascist party. Immigrants were assaulted in their homes, on the streets, on trains and buses in and outside city centres, with most requiring intensive hospital care. Far-rightists were accused of an arson attack on a migrants' hostel in Athens.

Ourania Michaloliakou, the daughter of Golden Dawn's leader, was among six masked party cadres charged with conducting a motorcycle raid against Pakistani migrants although they were later released. The party's motto was that Greece should "rid itself of such filth." Immigrant organisations said the rise in attacks had prompted a growing number of migrants to return to their homelands.

Tension in Greece was fuelled as, on a TV chat show, a female socialist had water thrown at her after she had accused Golden Dawn of being likely to take Greece back by 500 years. Leaping to the defence of her socialist colleague, a female communist got slapped several times by a leading light in GD. {Yes, the results of politically enforced multiculturalist lending to ‘subprimes’ were coming home to roost.}


Western politicos and media enjoyed new taxpayer-funded piety as they wined, dined, discussed, planned and sent UN Secretarywallah Banky Loon to the microphones to urge the $5M-per-day ‘Syrian peace plan’ of Sophie Banana (the plan already being ‘policed’ – as killings escalated -- by 300 cosseted pacifist blue-helmeted flunkies) – rather than, at no expense at all, telling the Shitites and Solunnis of Syria and the rest of the wretched Middle East to separate themselves as fast as possible (the lesson which had been learned by the peoples of Cyprus, Northern Ireland and Yugoslavia as hopeless idealistic Western leadership had failed them). (Some 15,000 Syrians had already been killed in the course of the West-backed ‘Arab Spring.’)


Yet more UN ‘troops’ were called on by Muesli-run Ivory Coast (q.v.) to try to control renewed fighting as Christians loyal to ex-President Bagpuss tried to reclaim the homes from which they had been driven by Mueslis (Guardian, 8 vi). {The idea of using the UN’s 11K ‘peacekeepers’ in civil-warring IC to achieve settled separation of the different ethnies had no more occurred to West Africans than it had to the multiculti self-propagandized political loons of Europe.)


A motion was solemnly lodged for debate in Parliament (by the formerly unheard-of All Party Group on Body Image) to ban the use of the terms ‘fatty’ and ‘obese’ in personal exchanges and public discourse – arguing these terms were as hurtful/insensitive etc as such other terms as nigger, queer, old, crippled and froggie (BBC R4, 8 vi; Telegraph, 6 vi, Lord Tebbit of Chingford).

{‘Intelligent’, already widely abjured, was well on the way to criminalization. Doubtless ‘introvert’ [already mainly replaced by ‘autistic’] and ‘tender-minded’ would soon follow.}


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Monday, June 04, 2012


Britain’s Liberal Democrats, renowned for their leaders’ homosexuality, adultery, shit-eating, flagrant promise-breaking (on student fees) and failure to defend free speech (about race, religion, sex, IQ etc.) clocked themselves up a new problem as the (ugly and heavily-bespectacled but top-earning) economist wife of leadership-contender Chris Huhne, himself accused of speeding and perverting the course of justice, told a London court she had only agreed to lie to take his speeding points because {poor pathetic stinking-rich thing, 58} she had been “coerced” by her hubby (Daily Mail, 1 vi). {She resiled from her “coerced” agreement when discovering Huhne’s longstanding involvement with his bisexual press agent bag Ms Trimingham [q.v.].)


As the UK settled in to four days of royal entertainment – the highlight being the pageant flotilla of a thousand boats on the Thames {hopefully including the Dunkirk-serving converted lifeboat ‘Irene’ which I used to captain [under avuncular supervision, c.1953]} – splendid blasts against Britain’s useless monarchy {overseeing the country’s subservience to State-Welfarism, Euroland, PeeCee and Mohammedanism} were issued by socialist Polly Toynbee (Guardian, 1 vi) and libertarian Sean Gabb (Libertarian Alliance, 1 vi).

And it was true that Prince Philip had done me, myself, no conspicuous favour when I wrote to him in 1997, in his then capacity as Chancellor of LU.E, to complain of the LUniversity’s censoriousness.

But blasts (unless perhaps by al-Qaeda) and whines would have no effect while Her Maj ran a tight ship and put on a good show, attracting admiration for her dedication to heredity, dogs, horses [of which she was a professional breeder], a flutter and a gin&dubonnet, herself having had the same troubles with her children through years of lib-left ‘anti-elitist’ destruction of the family pater familias and the grammar schools as had the rest of her people.

Of course, she had been lucky enough to fall in love at 14 and to go on to devoted and successful marriage (children notwithstanding) with the dashing, realistic and good-humoured Prince Philip – even though he, poor man, had to be tied down for public appearances. {Yes, I have been with feet of HM on three occasions and can testify she does indeed have le peau royal – that remarkable lustre of the skin for which European monarchs were long famous.

Psychologically, she is extremely shy (low-extraversion) but dutiful (high-conscientiousness) [see Chap.1 of TgF]: she never wanted to be Queen, praying nightly as a girl for the arrival of a brother – doubtless this modesty, contrasting as it does with the shameless office-seeking of today’s callow politicians. Through the four years of Western subprime-lending-led economic travail, HM was the only person to ask the simple and proper question of her ‘experts’ – as she visited the Libyan School of Economics – and reflected on the loss of 25% of her £60B fortune: “Why did no-one see it coming?”}


Labour’s Shadow Foreign Office minister, Kerry McCarthy, tweeted (from a ghastly Britoid train): “Oaf on train drinking lager and playing techno music out loud. Everyone being very British about it and not complaining. Then he stood up and was wearing a ‘I F****d Your Girlfriend’ T-shirt. Should have killed him when we had the chance. Before he could breed.” (Sun, 27 v). (She later told critics that her remark had been intended only as “flippant.” But most lefties had been pretty keen eugenicists in the 1930s.)


As Pak-parented Baroness Warsi’s troubles were publicized [q.v.] after she had wagged a finger at the Muesli Rochdale rapists, the source of the attack on her quickly became clear. The one-time Conservative candidate, fellow Muslim Wafik Moustaffafaht, had not only received no rent from Warsi after she stayed for occasional nights in his Acton (London) home, but he had been rejected by the Conservatives when he tried to register his ‘Conservative Arab’ association. Sour grapes? Surely yes!


As Muslims followed their thanatic/fratricidal tradition of beating themselves up until controlled by a strongman (e.g. recently in Libya, Yemen and Syria), the pious multiculti West declined to offer and support territorial solutions to the mayhem (110 Solunnis hacked to death in a single night in Houla, Syria, where they had for months – believing in the ‘Arab Spring’ -- noisily jeered at their Shitite/Allahwite neighbours).

Indeed, even as al-Qaeda and Iranian forces rushed in to support their respective sides in Damascus (where arrival of the civil war was seriously anticipated – BBC World Service, 3 vi, 08:30), the sectarian divide could not be mentioned on mainstream BBC. As in the Eurocrisis, the only solution was not experts, lectures, books or policies (to separate the murderous – especially child-killing – Arabs), but just more UN-funded dinners plus the deployment of 300 boy scouts (under loopy Black UN idealist Kophie Banana) to ‘monitor’ the savagery in a country the size of England.


Any Frenchies who expected gratitude for their failure to rally to Marine Le Pen after the Toulouse murders (q.v.) got their answer from Mueslis. Around 150 Catholics attending a service in a church in the pretty, castellated southern city of Carcassonne had to take cover when they were attacked with stones. The local newspaper Midi Libre reported that four young north-African men burst into the Saint Joseph church one evening and started throwing stones at the congregation (AmRen, 30 v). {A foretaste of things to come in the ‘multicultural’ France that French socialists and Catholics had, between them, allowed to be created.}


Determined to ‘balance’ what had to be its passably enthusiastic and necessarily elitist celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, the BBC embarked on publicizing and ‘discussing’ the view of Labour ‘moderate’/Blairite ex-minister Alan Milburn that the middle classes were unfairly over-represented in the professions (Radio4, 30 v, 09:45). Allegedly, this over-representation was due to private education – though one discussant thought the over-privileging could be traced back to the earliest years....

{Any mention of intelligence or IQ? You must be joking! IQ had gone the way of race in British public discourse: it did not exist and certainly could not be mentioned. Most lefties – though sending their own kids to expensive private schools – could not manage to trace the decline in social mobility to the wicked closure of England’s grammar schools though it stared them in the face. – By contrast, Northern Ireland had retained its grammar schools (under the same German model advocated in Chapter 4 of TgF) and had the best academic attainments in the UK to show for it.}


The hypothesis that Norway’s Islam-hating Labourite-slayer Anders Breivik was a shirtlifter (q.v. – c. 17 iv, Perhaps he was homosexual) had been unmentionable in MSM – terrorized by the yag lobby and its peecee front – but was given wings by court evidence in Oslo from friends of Breivik: he was probably a closet homo, they believed, who was vain, obsessed with his appearance, powdered his face and told them that being metrosexual was the ‘in thing’ (Sun, 30 v). The friends’ testimony was given to the court anonymously, from a secret sealed room, presumably for fear they would be attacked by spearcarriers for the yag community.

Also working hard to re-establish the classic link between sexual perversion and psychopathy was baby-faced Canadian Luka Magnotta, 29, a gay porn star and bisexual who apparently chopped up a Chinese pal and certainly sent Chinese body parts to Canada’s political parties and teased police that they would never catch him as he embarked on a sustained exercise in cannibalism (Sun, 1 vi).

Another big effort was by a 27-yr yag who had brutally murdered a retired Heriot-Watt University lecturer, 64, who has suggested they have sado-masochistic sex and thus reminded the young yag of homosexual assaults on him as a teenager.


[This item may contain flash photography, dead bodies and groundnuts and be unsuitable for under-20s, archbishops, cognitive psychologists, university principals, niggalovers, Labourites and kindred peecee hysterics. Please press the red button on your screen or twitter the BBC if you wish to have a social worker rushed to you and/or wish to waste more public time in having us broadcast and re-broadcast warnings like this. For a repeat of the warning, press HASHTAG WHAT-HO – or LSDTAG WHAT-HO.]

A fine (if extreme) example of the Black primeval mind, exposed by LSD, was provided from Miami. A CRAZED druggie was shot dead after being found by cops chewing a man’s FACE off (Sun, 30 v). Up to 80 per cent of it had been eaten away by the time officers discovered the horrific scene next to a busy road. A cop fired one shot at naked Black Rudy Eugene but he kept on chewing so the officer fired several more times. Eugene’s ex-wife said he had a history of violence.The unnamed woman [presumably Black] said: “I wouldn’t say he had a mental problem but he always felt like people was against him.”


The reluctance of people to get too involved with others of a different ethnicity appeared in new American figures. In Florida, unmarried couples— both gay and straight—were twice as likely as married couples to be interracial. When including couples in which one partner was Hispanic, the percentage nearly doubled. About 20% households in Florida included an unmarried couple of different races or Hispanic origin—almost twice the 11% of married couples, according to figures released by the U.S. Census Bureau (AmRen, 30 v). (There were relatively few East Asians in Florida.)


The predictable results of Western ‘aid’ programmes, supporting hyperbreeding and resulting malnutrition and starvation, manifested themselves anew in the shithole Black country of Niger (L&V-estimated IQ 69). Child marriage had long been a fact of life for one-third of girls in Niger but Western aid lunatics admitted in 2012 that there had been a spike in families selling off daughters whom they could no longer afford to feed (Telegraph, 30 v, Damien McElroy).

Parents told aid activists that, while they were unhappy with selling their daughters – often as young as 7 -- to men for a price of a few goats or other livestock, the exhaustion of family food stocks meant they had no alternative.

{If America’s otherwise vacuous Mitt Romney were elected President, his Mormon* religion’s historic espousal of polygamy – along with racism, slavery and sexism – could inspire a worldwide shift in attitudes and alleviate Niger’s worst problems, at least finding passably affluent husbands for young girls....}

*Mormonism had its stranger features, e.g. maintaining that Jesus popped across the Atlantic to visit America; but the English too, in their unofficial national anthem ‘Jerusalem,’ liked to toy with the idea that Jesus did indeed “walk upon England’s mountains green.”


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